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Day 5- Hungry

~I am by nature

a selfish person.

I just want to be happy.~

"I'm too hungry darling," Luke admits. "I can't take it I'm so hungry."

"Please try to hold on. It's just a little longer. We only have 20 days left till the full moon. Then we can make a fire and break the shield and get out of here."

"I can't hold on. I think I am sick," he said, groaning. His hood is pulled over his head and he is hidden in his clothing. He barely says a word as he throws up onto the bare floor beside him.

I feel badly for him.

I'm hungry too.

The hunger is driving me crazy.

I try to block it out but it comes back.

It creeps up my tummy, past my neck and into my throat. It's bothering me. Taking over my brain. I feel sick too. My stomach is growling. I need blood. I need blood. I need blood.


Luke's blood.

I must have it. Like my pet cat I killed out of starvation. Would I? Could I do that to Luke? To end his hunger and my own? Would I? Could I?

Would I?


"Your eyes are red, Angel," he speaks gently to me from the other side of the room.

I blink.

No I wouldn't.

No, I couldn't.

I'm thinking that I am naturally a selfish woman that wants to be happy. I am inherently evil. Just like Drake. Just like the man I hated who put me here, I would take a life to survive????



But the question remained. Why was I doing this to myself? Why couldn't I just give up and take all I could take of Luke's delicious blood and not give a damn that he was dead.

Because I felt love.

Love. You cursed word.

How you betray me.

Why God, did you put me with my love while I was in a situation such as this.

To be perfectly honest.

I'm starving and I can't take it.

I try to think of something else.

"Darling, forgive me. I am becoming delirious."

"Delirium is a drug," Luke mumbles. "Embrace it. Enjoy it. It might make the hunger hurt a little less."

"Yes, my darling," I reply quietly.


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