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Day 6- Cursed

~Hush little baby

Don't you cry.

Tonight's the night.

we lay down and die.~

The conversation degrades as we fall apart.

Our brains are becoming sick with delirium and I am dizzy as I speak.

"A good fuck," he used to call me, I slur, thinking this might be the end of me even as I speak the word. I am hungry and I want the blood.


"A good wife and a good fuck and a good thing to have around the house. As if I were a mop. A broom. A dish."

"I bet you liked that," he muttered. "You whore. When he touched you. Did that make you feel good. Did that make you feel sexy. When he fucked you like a whore."

"I thought no such thing," I replied indignantly. "I hated Drake. Every second he laid hands on me I was miserable. It was like nails on a chalkboard listening to his fucking pants as he sexed me and called me his wife. His voice. Now that's a nightmare. I hated his voice. It drove me mad. Hearing him speak to me pissed me off to no end!!!!"

"You let this man abuse you," Luke laughed, getting hysterical. "You let him touch you. You let him fuck you. You let him do these things to you."

"Luke, If you're going to get all mean I'm speaking to you anymore," I said with a sigh.

I was concerned that Luke was becoming as insane with hunger as I was and I was starting to feel badly about our situation beyond what I thought was possible.


The criminal.

If he were here.

If he were here I swear to God I would kill him myself. I couldn't stand him. His disgusting paws all over me. "The man disgusts me. No need to be jealous or angry, Luke," I spat.

"I can't help it. All I can see is his disgusting naked body over you doing whatever the hell he wants to you. I WILL NOT DIE. I WILL NOT LET HIM WIN. I WILL NOT LET HIM HAVE YOU."

"Darling, please calm down. Drake will never have me. Either your friends will break in and come save us or we will save ourselves and summon a fire when the full moon comes out. It's a simple enough plan that comes with two parts. What could possible go wrong."

"I suppose you're right. Just promise me this Angela. If I die here, promise me you'll curse the Vampire Drake in the way he cursed us here."

"I will. I will curse his soul. His name. His heart. His death. I will curse that damned Drake."

"Thank you, my Angel. Just promise me," he said. "That he will never have your heart. In the way I have your heart. Promise you'll love me forever."

"I do. I promise to love you forever."

"Then allow us to live out this curse in pure and utter peace and love and faith in God. That he is real. That he does love us. That he is in fact watching over us even as we speak."

"Yes let's."

"Then let's pray together." Luke spoke quietly.

"Dear God.

Please don't forget we're here.
Even when I have nothing to offer you.

But my undying need for mercy."

"Amen." we say together.

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