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Day 8- Nightmare

~If there were a way out of here.

I'd fly you out on a golden chariot

and sacrifice myself for you.

My life

for you

I give up, my love~

It has been a week and I have gone mad.

I am hungry.

So hungry.

And blood is a beautiful thing to me now. Something I took for granted. Something I truly needed right now and I couldn't even have one drop. Not even one.

I stare at the floor. Why was I doing this to myself.

I needed blood and I needed it now.

I crawl to my feet unsteadily. I break the chain that holds me easily by tearing it from the wall with my vampiress strength. Then I limp over to Luke is sleeping.

"I love you," I say gently, whispering into his ear. I pull him closer. I kiss his face and neck and mouth. Then our clothes come off and we have sex.

We make love and I am entranced. Luke. I love you so much. Please. Give me your blood.

I lean forward as we fuck and I bite my vampiress teeth down onto his neck. Then I drain the blood from his body, lapping it up with my tongue. How delicious. How wonderful. Luke's blood. It was enticing. It was enchanting. It was delightful.



I drain his blood.

I drain and drain and drain it until there is nothing left but skin and bone.

I drop his mutilated corpse to the floor and cry to myself, howling out in despair. Goodbye Luke. Goodbye.

I blink. A nightmare. I must've fallen asleep without realizing it.

I look over at Luke who is fine and sleeping on the floor. He is still sick but he is alive and well and I feel badly for the nightmare I had about him.

"Luke," I call out gently.

"What is it, Angel?"

"Nothing," I mumble. "Nothing at all." I Lay back down and fall back asleep.

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