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~There's a piece of me inside.

In a place I no longer hide.

that longs for something more.

Even more than being his little whore.

Hear me for once I say.

From beginning to end.

From night to day.

That time can be long

and life can be endless.

But more than that.

Do I hope for forgiveness.~

"Dearest," I soothe sarcastically to my vampire husband as he lays across my lap. We are seated on the burgundy velvet couch in a room painted in black and white and red. A golden framed mirror hangs behind us on the wall and on the coffee table sits a vase filled with black roses.

"What is it wench?" he asks me.

I drop a grape into his mouth, wishing it were poisoned.

"Shouldn't you be out and about feeding on the locals. Children perhaps? Puppies? Innocent women?"

"Bite your tongue whore. Your narcissism improves dramatically over the years. Do you really think you're that much better than me?"

"Ouch. My feelings are hurt."

"And yes. I shall go out feeding. And yes you can stay here and starve for all I care."

He sits up, adjusting his tuxedo bowtie and pulling himself up from the couch. "Your bitchy sense of humor is the last thing I want to hear before dinner."

"And your notorious attitude towards me has me fed up for the last time," I snap. "Once again, and I've said this before, I wish to leave this castle and never return."

"Ha!" He laughs. "As if I'd ever let you leave."

"I wish to leave!!!" I say even louder. "Allow me to leave or I will drain every drop of lifeless blood from your body."

"I dare you to try." He jabbed a finger at the wall, his shadow quivering. "Slaves," He summoned. "Send her to her room and do not let her leave." She shall stay there and she will not have a drop of blood to drink all night." The shadows on the painted wall danced and twisted until out emerged several shadow forms that rushed jerkily toward her and grabbed each arm of hers while she still lay on the couch.

"Leave me be," I hissed. "I will not be treated this way. I will not." I crash the grape bowl against the coffee table, shattering the bowl and stab a shard dead center into one of the shadow creature's chests. More surround me and they grab me kicking and screaming and drag me up the staircase to the bedroom where they throw me in and lock the door.

I scream and scream and shriek from the inside of the dark room, slamming my foot against the floor and pounding on the inside of the door with my fist. "You bastard. You murderer. You killed my family and I'll never forgive you. Never. I do not love you and I never will!"

Tears rush to my eyes and I curl to the floor in front of the closed door. I cry. Tears rush down my face and over my black lace gown. I tear off gothic ruffles around the bottom of my skirt and sleeves and throw them across the room, pressing a hand over my damp face.

Damn it all to hell.

I just wanted to leave.

I just wanted to be free.

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