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Day 10- Spiral

~Life is a hurricane.

The world is a tornado.

Fate is the eye of the storm.

please don't let go of me.

Even when the wind blows us away.~

I feel as thought I have gone insane. As if everything I've ever worked toward has been swept away into the nothingness.

That's how I feel.

There is a spiral on the floor.



It is in the dirt and dust and swirled up from Luke's magic from days before, from the beautiful phantom imagery he had conjured up with his telepathic powers.

I stare at the spiral on the floor and say aloud. "Luke. There is a spiral. Come see the spiral."

He looks at it. "Yes. A spiral," he repeats quietly.

His stomach growls and mine does too.

The spiral glares at me and speaks to me as well. "Come one, come all," it says. "For the greatest show in the universe."

I find myself smiling and I am transformed into a tiny faerie that dances and spins and twirls in the spiral manifested in the dust. I dance along the edges of the spiral and spin and jump and twist. The spiral floor is my stage and Luke is the audience and the sun from outside is my stage lights, shining down on me.

I dance and dance and dance and Luke is in my arms and we dance together as he joins me.

When I blink and look again I am still sitting on the floor by the wall, chained up and not a faerie and not dancing and not real at all as I had thought I was.

I move just a little bit, crawling toward the spiral in the dust in the center of the floor. My bones are sore. My stomach hurts. My mouth is dry. My lips are cracked. My breathing is heavy. I am thinner than before and my dress hangs off of me.

I swipe my hand over the dirt and kill the spiral. It is gone and I begin to cry, my tears falling over the stone floor.


Just like that.

The spiral is gone.

And I have nothing left to stare at.

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