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Day 12- Remembering

~Just thinking about those times.

Though they were short.

Brings me the greatest amount

of happiness.

Even though you're gone now.~

I find myself in a circle of remembering. I remember clearly. My past is an open book and I'm reading it out loud to Luke.

I tell him that mother used to make strawberry pies and that she used to sprinkle cinnamon on top as it was a favorite of ours and grew in our backyard in the garden behind the house.

"And the strawberries would be so ripe and so sweet. When they got too sweet, too ripe, too soft, we made them into pies together. Me and my sisters. That is. It was a lovely time."

"It sounds lovely."

"When we were even younger, I used to fight with my oldest sister. Because she was always bossing us around and telling us to clean up after ourselves and wash our hands. I never used to listen to her at all."

"I bet," Luke laughs. "That reminds me of my older sister. She was the same way. Always telling us what to do."

"I miss them," I sighed. "They died years ago. About a thousand years ago when I turned twelve and was taken here to this castle to be the wife of the vampire Drake."

"I see."

I don't know what it was that made me feel so comfortable with Luke but I was glad that I could talk to him. Despite the circumstances and the hunger and the ridiculous situation they were in, it made me feel better knowing Luke was here with me too and was listening to what I had to say.

"As I sit here," I continue," remembering the past, I feel as though I'm there again. In those large fields and thinking about the world as if it were a mystery and simple place to live."

"Do you believe in karma," Luke asked me.

"I do."

"Then know this. Drake will get what he deserves for what he did to us. He will surely be punished for what he has done. When we get out of here there will only be large wide fields and life will be mysterious yet simple once again."

"Thank you, Luke."

My eyes are watering and I realize I am crying. I am so upset I can't stop sobbing. I cry into my hands and my stomach growls and I am hungry and upset and not the least bit happy right now.

I cry and cry and cry and cry.

Remembering my past.
What was the point.

But at the same time.

It kept me grounded to remember.

And gave me hope for the future. That this time would one day just be a past nightmare and the future, a dream come true.

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