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Day 13- Dreams


I'm thinking.

I'd have them if it weren't for you, Drake.~

Drake made an appearance that day of the thirteenth evening without food.
We crawled toward him, clawing at the leg of his pants and begging him to free us. "Please Drake," let us leave," I pleaded. "Let us go. Do not murder us. Let us leave. We're hungry. Too hungry. You must let us leave, Drake."
Drake replied. "Dearest Angela. You've only brought this upon yourself with your sharp tongue and moody days. I've had it up to here with your attitude towards me and let's just say this, I've moved on. I'm over you Angela. I am no longer interested in staying married to a miserable brat such as yourself."

"Let us go then," Angela cried. "Let us go," she said again and again. "Why won't you just let us leave."

Frowning, Drake shakes Angela off of his leg and walks up to Luke, Kicking him in the face. "And as for you, you can just sit here and rot for all I care." He turned to Angela. "You could always drink his blood. You know? If you're so hungry, what's keeping you from doing it. Just kill him. Why aren't you doing what you feel like? What keeps you from killing this man? Is it love? Is it chaos? Why do you keep from resorting to your natural instinct to kill just to survive." He sighed. "I'll never understand you. Not at all. Not even for a second, Angela. Not one."
"Or you," he said, turning back to Luke. "What keeps you from killing her. You're a hunter after all. Surely you could kill her too. You're strong enough. Why don't you kill her and eat her. What keeps you from following your most basic instinct to kill? What?"

He drops a dagger to the center of the floor. "Here. I thought you might appreciate a weapon. You can use it to kill him Angela. To get to his blood. Or you, werewolf hunter, you can use this dagger to kill this vampiress. One of you better kill someone is all I know because I'm getting impatient. And when you're both dead, I'll drink both your blood myself and turn you into my favorite meal."
"Let us go," Angela whispered again. "Please Drake. Give us a chance to survive."

Drake replied. "In your dreams."

Then he turned around and left. And I don't believe Luke ever saw him again, a story I'll save for yet another day, but as for the rest of this day, we spent it together and weeping and waiting for the day that the full moon would rise and our only hope for survival, the fire to break the shield, to be a plan put into action.
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