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Day 14- Sustanence

~I'm starting to think that

after all I ever went through.

And there's only one real point to life.

And that point is.


The rat scurried across the floor. I stared at it in wonder. All I could think of was one word.


I grabbed for the dagger Drake had left behind so that Luke and I could kill each other or potentially ourselves with it. Then I stabbed at the rat, right down the center, through it's back and to its torso. Blood. Precious blood spilled from its body, I brought it to my lips without even thinking about it.

I lapped up the blood, draining the rat until it was almost dry. When I was done, I tossed the dead rat to Luke, who gratefully gobbled down the chunks of meat of the dried up rat.

Thank god.


So this was what it felt like to value something so simple it was often taken for granted. So this is what it felt like to find value in sustenance.



I am certain now that I was greedy as I got more blood than Luke got meat but I couldn't think about that right now. I was too relieved by the sensation of vitamins and enzymes coursing through my body. I sighed, leaning back against the wall and smiling lightly at Luke. I was still hungry but the small amount of blood had made me feel a little better and I was glad for it.

Ignoring the remaining pinches of hunger, I turned to Luke who was sucking on the tail, his eyes glancing over at me. "Mmm, rat. Haven't had rat since I fought Blork the Werewolf rat. Half rat, half wolf. He was, how can I put this, delicious."

"Sounds disgusting."

"It was a little. But I had been trapped over sea and there was nothing to eat but him."

"How terrible."

He smiled. "It was." He crawled toward me, grasping my hand and pecking a kiss over it. "I feel strengthened," said. "Let me try to contact my friend again. I can use my telepathy now that I'm revitalized."

"Yes," I said enthusiastically. "Please do."

He puts his hands together and begins to summon his telepathic powers to contact his friends.

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