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Day 15- Magic

~Do you believe in me?

Because I believe in you.

And in the magic of your love.~

It had been a day since the rat meal and Luke continued to try and contact his friends who had been impossible to reach lately. When he successfully made contact with them, he held my hands and used his magic to talk to them out loud with me.

"We're trapped here and starving," he explained to them. "We need rations and to fight him."

The witches beautiful face appeared in the fog in the air, speaking to me and Luke quickly. "Drake has a weakness. It's water. He can only die by the means of a hollow wooden dagger filled with holy water."

"I see," I breathed.

"Once he is murdered," the witch continued, "you can break the shield with fire and leave the castle without him coming after you again as he will be dead forever and in the realm of the afterworld."

"Where will we get the holy water from?" Luke asked me.

"I can summon some water and you can bless it," I replied.

"Then I will hollow out this dagger with my own pocket knife and we will fill it with holy water," Luke explained. "It won't hurt you, will it, love?"

"I don't believe so. I am actually only murderable as a type 2 vampiress by being buried beneath blessed earth can I die."

"What about sunlight?"

"Yes sunlight used to be the worst enemy of vampires but now that the times have changed we have evolved with immunities to such things as sunlight. It no longer harms us."

"I see. Then we'll have no problem living in town with my family once we're free of this place."

"Of course."

Luke smiled. "I'm actually kind of excited. This is the first time in awhile I've felt kind of hopeful. Do you believe in me?"

"I do. I believe in you forever."

"Then believe me when I say everything will be okay, my Angel."

"I do. I believe you."

Luke's magic was turned off and we sat there holding hands for a moment and smiling at each other. We can come no closer because the chains hold us apart but I am happy and hopeful as well for once.

I'm thinking that maybe magic is the pure source of all our delusional thinking that we will be happy forever someday. I laugh to myself, thinking that I'm glad I'm just a little crazy and believing in magic right now. The hope feels wonderful and I need it to clear my mind and feel normal again.

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