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Day 20- Crazy

~Deepest oceans

swimming away from you

when it swallowed you up.

I thought the sorrow would kill me.~

I am crazy.


I am.

I laugh.

But that's just fine by me.

To be a crazy vampiress.


scratch that.

A crazy woman.

Who knows nothing of the world other than to suffer and to lose sight of herself.

I am crazy.
I am.

I give up.

Why try.
I doubt we will make it to the 25th day of this diseased month and I doubt we'll survive.

Luke is dying.

Which is implied by now. His face is swollen and his skin green and he is sick looking. His hands are cold to the touch.

I am crazy.

I am.

And I fear that my insanity is contageous because Luke is crazy now too. He gnaws on my hands and I think he thinks he is eating me which i let him.

I nibble on his thumb but that is not the point.

No blood can be drawn. Just pus.

I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about how crazy I am.

I am crazy.

I am.

Forgive me Luke.

I feel as though this is all my fault somehow.

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