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Day 25 - The Final Meal.

~This final meal.
I give to you.
So that you can know.
I never loved you.
Goodbye Luke.~

Luke is dead.
That's all I can think about.
I summon the holy water and put it into the dagger, closing it with a cork that Luke made from the rat's fur. I hold the dagger tight in my skinny hand.
When Drake enters the room. I lunge at him. I stab the dagger straight into Drake's chest. Then I partake of his blood. I dig my fangs into his neck and drink up. I am so thirsty and insane I can barely think.
When I am done with drinking Drake's blood. I summon fire and break the shield surrounding the castle, using the light of the full moon for power, just like Luke and I had planned.

I take Luke with me. I carry him over my shoulders, his dead body, and I leave the castle for the first time in a thousand years. I carry Luke out of the castle and walk through a field of flowers while faeries fly away in swarms, startled by my appearance. I carry him out of the fields and to the place where his friends are waiting for us.
"Luke," his friend cries. "Oh no."

"He's dead," I sob, setting him into his friend's arms.

"How awful."

I stare at the friend of Luke's. "Will you.... Will you bury me under the earth with him. I wish to lay in his coffin with him and die with him."

"I couldn't," his friend cries.
"I beg of you," I insist loudly.
"Speak with the witch," he says instead. "She may be able to help you."

The witch is standing furthest from them and I beg her to help me. "Luke is dead," I cry. "I want to die too. Can you help me?"

"I can give you a poison to kill yourself with," the witch explains. "It's something of a devil's potion so be prepared. It may even grant a wish if you wish hard enough." She summoned a vial of potion and handed it to her. "here drink this."

"Thank you." I do drink the potion and the last thing I remember seeing was the dirt being thrown over us and Luke and I are buried together in the dirt.

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