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Part 3: Hell's journey: Chapter 1: The Bargain

~Even in death
I'll follow you love.
You'd do the same.
Wouldn't you?~

Voices spoke to me.
"Little girl that darkness follows. what brings you to the Devil's cave?"
I'm falling. My body is falling and the sky is red and the floor never reaches me. There are blood red mountains of stone and dirt surrounding me. "Where am I?" I mumble.
"Why you're in hell, of course."
"What am I doing here?" I ask.
"Here to bring your old lover back to life."
"How do I do that?"

"Make a bargain with me, little vampire girl."
"What kind of bargain."
"A bargain that you will bring me the heart of your one truest friend on Earth. Should you succeed I will bring you and Luke back to life and you will have the ideal life. You can get married even. Wouldn't you like that little vampire girl. Wouldn't you?"
"I would. I would be so happy," I murmured, still falling.
"Then go. Be reincarnated. And should you meet your truest friend, be she male or female, I shall have their heart and you will find Luke waiting for you on the marriage alter."
"Yes, my master."


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