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~I'm not joking.

I'm sorry for thinking time was finite.

As you can see.

It is not.

For I am


My rebirth is infinite and forever.~

I was reborn on October 20th, 2016. I felt like I had a second chance in life. I got to finish school and begin college. My parents were kind and good to me and my new brother and sister were sweet and timid and younger than me.

My new name is Angelina Cross and I am a good Christian girl.

I didn't remember my past life until I was 18. Before that was a whirl of homework and extracuricular activities. I had friends and a sweet sixteen birthday party and some other fun things happen that I don't feel much like thinking about now that I remember.

Then it hit me. The nightmare. On the night of my nineteenth birthday.

I am trapped in a tower with Luke and Drake beckons me with his finger from the doorway as I am chained to the wall just like Luke is as well. "Remember Angela. Remember me. Remember your past." A dead rat sits between me and Luke. A spiral in the dirt.

The conspiracy to make me go mad.
How could I forget.

I wake up screaming. I live in the college dormitory. I am screaming and I can't stop. What was I doing this whole time. How could I forget. The past.



It haunts me.

How could I forget and what was I supposed to be doing this whole time. The bargain with the Devil. Luke. Luke. My dearest. My love. I missed him. How could I forget him? How could I go all these years without seeing him again.

This was my rebirth. I knew that now. I could remember my past perfectly. It was so clear to me now. I was a cursed child that had lived as a vampiress for a thousand years and the good little college girl was dead. Angelina no longer was real.

Now there was only Angela. The reborn Vampiress that had something she needed to do.

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