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~For you see

you are the epitome

of the nightmare

of my life.~

The nightmares kept coming. One at a time. Over and over again. The terror of the tower. The hunger. Luke sick. Losing Luke. His death. Killing Drake. The past memories kept flooding back to me in waves like that of the ocean.

The last dream came, beckoning to me. Taunting me. Holding me down. The devil.

The Devil spoke to me in the nightmare, detailed in fire and brimstone.

"Bring me the heart of your dearest friend and you and Luke will be reunited."

A castle loomed in front of me.

"And Drake will go straight to hell. Where he belongs for what he did to you two."

The nightmare tortures me. I scream out loud as I wake up. My roommate stares at me, sitting up and asks if I am feeling all right. "Are you okay, Angelina."

I nod. "I'm fine," I croak. But I'm not. I'm really not. I have to bring the heart of my dearest friend to the Devil if I ever want to see my sweet Luke ever again. And then Drake would go to hell where he belonged for all eternity.

"You've been having nightmares," she continues, laying back down in bed. "I've been worried about you. You haven't been eating much and you barely talk anymore. It's been two weeks since you started acting so strangely."

"I see," Angela replied. She stopped. Staring at the her lap in bed. what was she supposed to do. The heart of her dearest friend? What the hell was she supposed to do?

Would her roommate count as the perfect sacrifice? Was that the heart that the Devil sought?

I glanced at my roommate, who was going back to sleep. It would be so easy to just kill her and end this whole thing but could she? Could she do that to her roommate?

Luke was so precious to her. She truly wanted to see him again. All she could see in her mind was the tower and the memory of being so hungry she couldn't take it. How could she make it hurt less? How could she make it all go away?

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