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~You're always there to make me happy.

I'm glad we met.

You're the one that makes my life feel worth living.

You're the best ~

I usually only drink rat blood. Sometimes pigeon, goose, chicken will do. I don't prefer human blood as it makes me queasy and I don't do domesticated pets or ghouls out of courtesy. Unless its an emergency of course.

I do prefer seafood dinners as I am only a type B Vampiress (my husband is type A) and can digest food and drink like a human as long as I get my liter a blood of week. But it is of course optional to eat and something of a delicacy to do so and I enjoy it very much once a month to have a real meal. Makes me think of home. Back when I was young. A thousand years ago. It makes me think of my youth as a human being when I eat normal food.

I am bored.
Being a vampiress is boring.

And to be honest. Having nothing at all to do is driving me mad.

I'm still locked in my room. It has been another three days and the cat is so dry of blood that it has begun to shrivel and resemble that of a shrunken head so I'm thinking that maybe I need another source of food.

I'm used to being abused.

My husband Drake likes to torment me. He has his ways. He is mean to me. That's a simple and nice way to put it. He's very mean to me.

This isn't the first time Drake has used starvation against me. Once he left me for months without food when I usually like to eat once or twice a week.

And we don't die. A vampire's life is eternal. We can suffer, yes. We can go mad with hunger. We can go completely insane and see red and turn into monsters that must in fact drink blood to feel comfortable. But we don't die. Death is human. Death is something I am not privileged to be bound by. I LIVE FOREVER BECAUSE I AM IMMORTAL.

By the time he was through with me I was starved, skinny, pale and weak and had no thoughts other than pure hatred for Drake, my husband who I despised more than anyone else in existence.

The door to my room opened and I shrieked, interrupting my thoughts.

"Hello Dear," Drake called out, a man was sprawled in his arms, the hood of his coat covering his face. "I brought dinner."

"Leave me be," I hissed. "I'd rather starve. I don't do human blood."

"Then starve or don't starve," Drake muttered. "Just don't complain anymore." He dropped the man off on the floor. "I'm tired of your complaining. You could go an eternity never speaking again and I wouldn't complain you overzealous wench."

He turned around and shut the door. "He'll make a fine dog if you wish. Much better than a cat since you're allergic, apparently." Hysterical laughter sounded from the other side of the door. "Dog, I say a dog..."

I could hear his laughter and ridiculous dog joke from the foot of my bed in my room.

The man on the floor groaned and I felt bad for him because he was apparently still alive. I made my way cautiously toward him. I pulled the hood from his face carefully. I gasped. He was young and handsome and I was upset that he was here. "Hello?" I asked gently. "Are you okay?"

He groaned again and turned to look at me, his bright green eyes opening and looking right into my blue eyes. He was cute. Very cute. I felt bad for thinking it and took a step back.

He replied finally. "I'm fine thank you. Where am I?"

"You're in a Vampire's lair."

"Vampire you say, how horrific." He sat up, shaking his head. He pulled his hood off and scratched at his hair. "And who are you?"

"I am the beloved wife of the head of the household," I replied bitterly. "Beloved. To the end. Forever he says. And you? Who might you be?"

"I'm a werewolf hunter." He looked at me again and smiled. "Good thing you're not a werewolf. Or I'd have to kill you."

"For what purpose do you hunt?" I ask, mystified by his reply.

"I bring the head to the police. They pay me a hefty fee. A million dollars per kill. That's what they pay me. It's kind of like bounty hunting. Once a werewolf kills a citizen, we put a bounty on their head and hunt them for money."

"How interesting. Then surely there are vampire hunters as well these days." I gesture around the room. "As you can see I don't go out much. I've been a prisoner of this castle for a thousand years now. Would you believe that? A thousand years as the wife of this idiot. Do you know of any? Vampire hunters that is?"

"Yes there are ma'am. Why do you ask? Are you afraid I'll turn you in?"

"Yes perhaps."

"Well, do not be afraid of me. I would never hurt such a beautiful woman. You are truly safe with me. I promise you that."

I smile. Somewhat sincerely. "Thank you sir. I appreciate that."

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