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~Would you be angry?

My dearest friend.

If I killed you right now

and took your heart to the Devil.

I just want to see Luke again.~

I am uncertain. I don't want to become a killer and murder my roommate. To be honest we met in college and she was very nice to me. She was classy and had a good sense of humor and knew how to make me laugh.

At least that was how it used to be. But that was in the past and this was now. Now I was devastated. Surely the Devil meant for me to kill this woman now and I was thinking about it.

I stood up from my bed. My roommate was fast asleep and I had had another nightmare about the Devil, who asked for my dearest friend's heart. I wasn't sure that my roommate was my dearest friend but it wasn't impossible. After all we had a good connection and like I said, we made each other smile. She helped me with my homework and I would help her with her art projects, as she was a fine arts major.

Surely the Devil would be ever gracious for the gift of her heart. Surely.



I don't know.

I'm sad now. I don't want to be a murderer but if I wanted to see Luke again I would have to. I would have to kill my roommate.

I thought about my roommate, who's name was Shawna. I was going to have to kill her. I had to. After all. I couldn't guarantee that if she were in as similar situation she wouldn't do the same to me.

She would kill me and I would kill her. And that was that.

With my bare hands, I walked up to Shawna and began to strangle her. I strangled her until there was no life left in her body and then I cut out her heart and took it with me off the college grounds to the woods where the Devil was waiting for me.

Waiting for me.

The devil.


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