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Devil's game

~We dance in circles for all eternity
and I find myself crying.
Why did I ever agree to play.
The Devils' Game.~

The devil looks at me, smiling. He is dressed in a black suit and looks like a normal man with pale skin and black hair.
"Welcome to my lair," he says, waving a hand and the forest scene transforms into a fiery castle surrounded by red and black stones, just like her nightmares, just like her dream when she had first died. "What can I help you with?"

I hand him a heart wrapped in a pillowcase and he examines it. "I brought you this. The heart of my roommate from my college."

"Yes yes let's see the baby." He takes the heart and examines it. "I see. A shame really. A true waste of a life. For you see, this is not the heart of true friendship. This is more like the heart of an associate. It is not full of love enzymes. It will not suffice as a meaningful way to bring Luke back to you." He throws the heart back at me and laughs loudly. "A shame really. That you've become a murderer for all the wrong reasons. And you didn't even succeed."

"Can I have another chance," I plead, walking toward him and finding even more distance has displaced us. "I must see Luke," I beg. "I must."
"Then try again and bring me the heart of true friendship. Should you be able to do so I will forgive you and allow you to become an ideal human with the ideal life and to become ideally wed to Luke, who you shall see again. For now. I leave you. And look in the mirror. It would do you some good."

I head back to my room and look in the mirror. There is no reflection. Gasping, I feel my face and realize there are fangs growing from my mouth. I have reverted back to my vampiress self. I am no longer a human being.

I cannot think about it for long.
There is too much to do.

I carry my roommate's dead body from my room and bury her in the woods so that no one will find her. Then I head back to my room and clean up the blood. Blood. I'm not thirsty yet but I will be.

I am a vampiress once more. And where there are vampires surely there will be hunters.
And that would mean a war between me and the humans. I cry to myself. Why did darkness always follow me so tenaciously.
Why did I always find myself playing the Devil's Game.

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