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~Have a heart.

They're delicious.

After all.~

I bring the heart from my second victim to The Devil. We meet in the woods once more and once more the woods transforms before my eyes into a cave of red brimstone and fiery flames.

It's hot.

I hand him the heart, which is not wrapped this time. There is still blood over my mouth and hands as I did not bother to clean myself up after the murder and feast that came with it.

"Despicable girl," The Devil spoke. "All that murder. All that killing just to see a man who no longer exists. Who are you to take a life? Who are you to find happiness by stealing it from another? Who the hell do you think you are?!"

"What do you mean?" I ask frantically, tears welling up in my eyes. "Is it not the heart of my truest friend? Is it not good enough for you. Speak Devil. Speak you creature of mishap. Why the hell is nothing ever good enough for you?"

"True friendship is what I seek, murderer. Now go. You get one third and last chance to find me the heart of a victim that is your truest and most dearest friend. Not some bitch you met that you don't even appreciate her love for philosophy. Not some homeless person you met on the street. Not some prostitute by the side of the road. Try harder idiot. One last chance to fulfill the bargain. Or else you go to hell instead of Drake and you can forget about ever seeing Luke again"

He snaps his fingers and the fires fade away, along with his dark form and the cave of fire and ash.

One last chance.

One last murder.

Or else I go to hell instead of Drake.

I cried into my bloodied hands as I stalked the woods unsteadily over weak legs. I am an idiot for sure. For sure now.

I cried louder and louder as I walked. Why was I doing this to myself. Why was I doing this to Luke? Why was I killing just to find happiness. And goddamnit why was happiness always so far away and hard to find for her.

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