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~I smile.


You'd forgive me wouldn't you.

If you knew what happened?

After all.

You're both the same person anyhow.~

The Devil appears, laughing hysterically. "So the little girl finally has some morals. The murderer is a murderer no longer. How kind of you to finally turn around in the name of love."

"I'll do it. I'll go to hell," I declare loudly. "I will not kill Liam. It is clear to me now. He was the true friend you meant and I will not kill Liam no matter what. I can not take his life. Even if it did mean seeing Luke again, who I still love with all my heart."

"Then you have passed the test."

I blink. "Test? What test?"

"It would be better if God explained it, dear."

I turn and see an angel taking the form of my first mother standing behind me. She wraps arms around me and hugs me tightly.

"Dearest Angela," The goddess angel speaks. "I understand your journey has been hard. As all journeys are hard in their own way. But I have a present for you. That was a test of nobility and you passed. You should never take a loved one's life, no matter what you are promised with in return."

A test. I repeat slowly.

"Yes. And you shall find Luke. Because you will be happy to know that Liam is actually the reincarnation of Luke. It is good that you did not kill your beloved. You can be together forever now. I have returned his memories to him, as he had forgotten his past. He will come to you in the morning once his memories have been returned by his dreams."

"Liam is Luke," I exclaim in shock. "I thought he looked familiar. And he will remember me, will he?"

I am happy. Liam was Luke and I did not kill Liam which meant I did not kill Luke. I had found Luke again after all and now his memories would be returned to him.

I am so glad. I could not believe it. Fate had been on my side after all and I had found Luke again in this life. We both had been reborn and meant to find each other once again. I in fact did not cheat on Luke after all. Instead, I had fallen in love with the same man twice.

"Thank you God," I cry.

"You're welcome," he says, disappearing into the night.

When he is gone, I am left with nothing but my disbelief and the woods surrounding me.

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