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Happy Ending

~I'm so blessed.
I really am.
Who knew that what I was preparing for this entire time.
Was a happy ending.~

Liam, or should I say Luke's reincarnated self, appears at my door of my dormitory at the college, just as promised by God. I open the door and find him standing there with a bouquet of roses. "Hello, my Angel."

I cry out loudly, happy to see him. "Do you remember me now darling."

"Yes. I remember all of it," he replied. "I remember Drake locking us in the tower. I remember our terrible suffering. But most of all, I remember falling in love with you, Angel."

"Luke. I love you so much."

"Yes. Angela. I love you too." He smiles at me, wrapping me in a hug. "I'm so glad to have my memories back. So, Then let's get married like we promised."

"Yes, Let's get married Luke."

"This is our happy ending."

"And we lived happily ever after, the end," she finished, tears in eyes.

And as the night fell, we found ourselves dancing in the field of flowers outside the college grounds, spinning and turning, our hands together as we danced as one.

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