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~Apathy is my worst enemy

I'm afraid of myself at times.

If you were a vampire too.

What would you do to make it hurt less?~

"My name is Luke," he said to me, his voice deep and strong. "What is your name?"
"My name is Angela," I replied.
"Then I guess you're my angel," he said.
I smile. "You're very kind." He showed no fear of me. Even though I'm a vampiress. Even though I could drink his blood and end his life right then and there. It was times like this that I didn't feel so bad. Didn't feel so much like a monster.

"I'm sorry for my intrusion. Is there anyway out of this castle?"

"I don't believe so."
"Can I try?"
"I guess," I say.
He heads to the window and I join him. He tries to break the window with his hand and is jolted by a shock of electricity.

"There is a barrier," I explained to him. "It surrounds the castle and keeps us sealed in. If I could break it I would."
"I see," Luke replied. "This reminds of a werewolf's lair I visited years back. I was trapped for days living only on the dead werewolf's flesh."

"Is that bad luck to eat a werewolf?"

"I have a little elf blood in my veins. Way back from the ancient days. Or so they say. So I can handle a bit of werewolf meat. I'm a little stronger than most and lightly telepathic. I can see the future and I can read your mind."
"What do you see in my future."

"I see a happy woman dancing in a field of flowers. That's what I see."

I smile. "I think I would really like that." I ask. "How did you get out of the werewolf's layer."

"I spoke telepathically to a friend of mine. He is pure elf. He showed me how to access a secret passageway to a labyrinth of corridors underground that led me to freedom."

"Freedom," I say, smiling warmly at the thought of it. It must've been a fine feeling to find freedom. I was pretty sure it must've been one of the best feelings in the world.
"Yes, freedom." Luke slams his fist against the window again and a swarm of bats release from the walls without warning.
The surprising number of bats surround us, scratching us with their claws, biting us with their fangs, and their wings make skittering sounds as they crashed against the ceiling and walls.
A figure manifests from the air and drops down to the floor, taking the shape of a man and I realize it is Drake. He is the image of terrifying, blood streaked across his face. His fangs bared and his bats hovering over his head. "What are you two doing?" he hissed. He stared at us with red eyes and we stared back at him in pure silence.
"Nothing at all," I reply nonchalantly. "Why do you ask."

Drake speaks again, his voice calmer. "I see you two haven't killed each other yet."

"Not just yet."
"That's a shame. Because I was planning on having the two for dinner once I dragged your dead corpses out of the room." He smiled at last, laughing loudly at his own joke. "I jest I jest." he said finally.
"Why are you here?" I ask.
"Just to forewarn you two." He smiled. A little more darkly this time. "You both suffer from the same biological disorder, after all. Call me, Love," he said. "Call me when you two get... HUNGRY."
"Hungry?" I repeat under my breath.
I stare at Drake. Then at Luke. Would I do that? Would I kill Luke out of hunger? I didn't want to think it. After all Luke was kind of my friend now and I wanted to think I loved him in a way.
When Drake was gone, disappeared into thin air along with his bats, I turned to Luke and asked. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am fine." He said. "I do not have the skill and knowledge to fight a Level 1 vampire as I believe him to be. I will have to consult a friend telepathically to see if I can gather any information."

"You think you can get out?" I ask astonished.
"Yes. And potentially slay this demon. Does that bother you?"

"Not at all. I have been held captive by this man for a thousand years. I do not care if he lives or dies or rots at sea. He is evil and I hate him."
"Then I will kill him for sure. Just mark my words. He will fall by my hand."

"Can you..." I begin, not quite believing myself what I am about to say. "Can you take me with you?"

"And yes, my dear friend. I will take you with me."

I smile at him. "Thank you."

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