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~I lost my guard.

I don't know how

But it crept up on me.

I think I love you.~

Luke sat on the floor of my bed and I sat on my bed staring at him. He was speaking in his mind with a vampire slayer friend of his and he told me that help would be coming.

I turned to look out the window at the field of flowers below the outside of my room and the horizon of starry night sky above it. I felt sad. When I was little, I used to share nights like these with my sisters. We would be laying in the grass in front of our small home and stare at the stars, pointing out constellations and making up our own.

Mother would come out and tell us to come in because it was time for bed.

I used to sit and think about things like stars. Were the heavens in the stars. Is that where they hid? And if there were heavens in the stars then what did one have to do to be able to see such a beautiful place. I used to dream that everyone would be allowed to go to such a place someday even if just for a second.

My mother and sisters... were they in heaven now? In the stars right now. Perhaps they were.


The airline to heaven is beautiful.
Surreal even.

When mother gets there.

Perhaps she'll make pie the way she used to.

My thought process is interrupted by Luke. He sighs unhappily. "I'm afraid my men cannot enter. The barrier is too strong and too vast. It's going to take them even longer to figure out a way around the castle's shield than they suspected."

"I see."

"But don't give up," he said, turning to smile at me. "We'll definitely get out of here. That is my promise to you. I promise we'll get out of here for sure."

His handsome smile makes me feel something I never felt before. I'm thinking that maybe he has triggered something warm in my heart that I hadn't felt since I was a human being.

"Thank you Luke." I say, smiling as well. This time it is a nervous smile. Because my heart is beating and my cold cheeks are heating up. I clear my throat.

"I'm going to try using my telepathy again," he said, unaware of my nervousness from what I could tell. "I'm going to try communicating with a witch to see if she can help."

"Yes. By all means." I reply.

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