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~He looks at me but I dare not look back.

He smiles at me and I can not smile too.

When he looks away at last. I wonder.

Does he love me too? ~

I don't know what love is or if I've ever felt it before. I used to think I'd like to get to know someone a little better when I was younger. Someone who could keep me company when I got older. But I never found that person.

I'm not normally the type to blush but when Luke speaks I blush. I find myself gazing down at his hands as he has them setting on his lap, his eyes closed in a telepathic conversation. I can't help but wonder what it would feel like to hold his hands in my own.

A kiss.

An embrace.

Love and affection.

What would it feel like to feel those things for Luke.

I had no idea and I was afraid of the thought.

I was convinced there was such a thing as karma. Karma says that what goes around comes around and I think that maybe the world was finally getting Drake back for his crimes against humanity. The heavens and stars had sent Luke to save her from this madness. It was a thought she liked and it made her smile to herself.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked him.

"Nothing important," he replied. "Just strategizing and finishing up my conversation with Phillip, a vampire hunter I know. He says he can get a witch to aid us in our attempt to assassinate Drake."

"I see," I say. "Is there anything I can do to help.

"Yes, you can." he says. I will allow you to join the conversation and we can telepathically communicate with my friend Phillip." He gestures with his beautiful hands for me to sit in front of him and I do. Then he takes my hands into his own and a gorgeous aura of pastel blues and greens and pink hues appear above our joined hands.

I pull back in surprise. "A... amazing," I say.

"Yes." He says. "It is. It is a power that has been passed from generation to generation in my family. Do you care to continue?"

"Yes, please," I reply immediately, anxious to see the power again.

He holds my hands in his own in front of us as we face each other on carpeted floor. The lights swirl above us and around us again and a hologram of a face appears in the center of it all. "Luke," the voice resounds from the aura and the face speaks to us. "Can you hear me?"

"I can hear you, friend," he says aloud.

"We're surrounding the perimeter of the castle. Our hawks are scouting the upper levels. There doesn't appear to be any opening into the castle."

A picture of a flying hawk appeared in the colorful fog. "Master, the air is also shielded. I cannot break the shield myself," The hawk spoke as well, quite to my astonishment.

"The witch is now here as well," spoke Phillip.

An enchantress of a woman appeared in the fog, her blinding red eyes and red hair was striking against her pale skin. "I rarely help hunters," she said, her voice barely a whisper, " but in your case I will make an exception. For the money, of course. What you will require is to wait till the moon is full. On the full moon. You will start a fire. The fire will engulf the castle and the shield will fall. That's all I can tell you." The witch's eyes closed and she vanished, the face of Phillip reappearing. "Did you get that."

"Yes Phillip," Luke replied. "I got it." The fog began to wane and the conversation became more and more fragmented. "Are you still there?"

"I ... The sound.... Breaking up. You are breaking up," Phillip spoke, his face beginning to pixelate in the smoke. "I can't hear you anymore. I'll try and contact you later. But whatever you do just don't...."

"Don't what?"

The smoke waned and faded and soon the aura was gone and the visible energy had entirely disappeared. The voices had disappeared.

My palms were sweating and I felt frightened and hopeful and happy all at the same time. I pulled my hands back, feeling shy all of a sudden and wiped my palms against my gown.

"Really wish I would've heard the last part," Luke sighed, pulling himself to his feet. "The full moon's not for another 25 days," he continued. "We should be fine as long as we have each other."

Each other.

I pull myself up to my feet as well and sit myself on the bed. He was enchanting to be around. I felt my heart skip yet another beat and I smiled to myself. Was it possible? Was I happy?


What was love?

Was I in love with Luke?

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