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~How much longer.

These precious moments

Will they last

with us together.

I love you

Please don’t disappear.

Because when you live forever,

an eternity is like a second

and a memory like a dream.~

As Luke once again tried to gain a telepathic signal from his place on the floor, I stared out the window. Night had fallen and the sky had turned a dark inky blue and the stars were out. It was so beautiful.

There was buzzing over the flowers. And I looked down. What I saw were faeries dancing in the flower fields. They were spinning, their arms raised to the sky like ballerinas as they twirled around the flowers. One flew toward the window and looked at me, dressed in a vibrant aquamarine gown and her giant blue eyes blinking at me. She flew away. Then she flew back returning with several friends.

“Luke,” I called gently.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Come here and see the faeries. They’re out tonight.”

He stood up, pulling off his gray hood and walking toward me. He stood beside me and we watched the faeries as they spun and danced in front of the window. They would stop every so often to blink at us and then they continued to dance. They were magical to watch.

Luke pulled closer to me as we watched them, hanging an arm over my shoulders and pulling me closer. I blushed as I felt the side of his body push up against mine. I rested my head against his shoulder and he tightened the embrace.

We were in tune to one another and I could feel that. I felt happy when he was around and I felt like love was possible and real and a good thing and should exist.

He was the manifestation of something like a dream come true for me. He was like a prince on a white horse. A knight coming to save the damsel in distress. He was like a soulmate that one searches all eternity for and never finds.

But I did find him.

He was here and he was real and I did feel like this could be love.

I am by nature, an existentialistically hating woman. I do feel like our existence is a true and utter paradox. I used to believe we came to this Earth born alone and then we died alone. That was what I used to think. Without warning, explanation, mercy, are we brought to this world and fated to live out our lives as puppets of destiny. But now I don’t feel so convinced of such.

I feel like life could be an intricate circuit of meeting one another. We meet people for the first time and then they become a part of our universe of memories. I can no longer refer to the world in the way I used to before I met Luke. I am now forever in remembrance and reference to him.

I am happy.

That is my point.

Why are we here and why do we wish so much to be free? I think the truth is clear now. We wish for freedom in the way that we wish to find love. It’s clearly the search for happiness that makes us want to find these things and cherish them so much. I am endeared towards happiness.

I used to be afraid I’d never be able to be happy again. But now I don’t feel that way. I feel hopeful and glad and like things could get better and better forever from now on. I’m glad. I really am. And my universal existentialism has grown to the point of pure optimism. Perhaps for the first time in my life do I now consider myself an optimist. Things will get better. I know they will. Luke will save us and we will be happy.


We watch the faeries as they dance.

“I can hear them singing,” Luke says finally, in reference to his telepathy.

“Do you mind if I hear as well?” I ask.

“I will let you hear too,” he agrees. He turns on his telepathic smoke of vibrant colors and soon we are surrounded by dancing holograms of faeries and their twilight beautiful singing surrounds us entirely.

They sing to us.

"As we cherish our love together.

Did you think it would last forever.

In the way I sought your kindest soul.

Did you know it. Did you know.

That I will love you endlessly.

Even when we cease to be.

And even though you're far away.

In my heart you'll always stay."

The music is delightful and engrossing. The images dance in front of us and the source of the images, the faeries outside dance as well.

The verse continues.

"How much longer.

These precious moments

Will they last

with us together.

I love you

Please don’t disappear.

Because when you live forever,

an eternity is like a second

and a memory like a dream."

As Luke and I lean into one another, I wonder what will become of us in the future. Surely we will succeed in escaping.
Won't we?

Won't we?

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