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The Tales of Twilight Heart: Heal the Heart

By Cyndi Douglas All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Things are starting to heat up. With new lead on the girl from his past Nooriya decides to look further into it, but all is put on halt when an CSOG assassin Perez, threatens to revive the Dark O’vivi Darkyn. With Perez’s ability to use one’s subconscious thoughts and fears against them, Noori will have to accept a truth from the past that he wasn’t ready to face. Another new threat arises., the anti Government Guilds. They aim to destroy both the CSOG and the MLC by using an old war spell that could potentially bring mass destruction. Twilight Heart will to put their trusts in new friends and overcome their fears if they hope to heal the hearts of those who have lost their way.


She stood on the edge of the cliff looking out to the starry sky above and her cloak floating in the late winter breeze. The hood of cloak covered her eyes so she was unrecognisable by one’s view. She sighed heavily. She watched the purple skies most evenings and she noticed that the air slowly began to warm up, even the had melted away. Time was moving forward; it had been ages since she had been around the ones she loved. Not that she ever really minded. Matters of the heart became pointless; after the horrors she had witnessed.

“Miss we have big trouble” one of her disciples yelled running up to her. He was an older man with black hair and glasses. He was one of the lower ranks of the Starlight Warriors. “Someone is preparing to perform resurrection magic”

“Oh…” She turned to him but her expression did not change, “Is that so, I thought the magic in the air seemed strange”

“If we hurry we might make it back in time to help!” the underling said nervously, “only issue is we don’t know what kind of O’viri we’ll be against”

“I have a vague idea” she said walking away from the cliff, “I’ve been expecting this to happen, I just didn’t realise it was happening so soon”

“I don’t understand; how can you be so calm, this situation is extremely dangerous” the man exclaimed, “we should hurry, we wont make it in time if we don’t”

“No… were not going to do anything” she claimed as she walked past him.

“But why?!” he yelled nervously turning to face her again, “Your strength is our only hope! If the information I have gathered is correct he could be trying to resurrect the Dark O’viri Darkyn or worse, the Dark Shadow himself! If we don’t do something…”

“I’m aware of the situation at hand, but I’ve decided to become a witness instead of being involved,” she turned to him once more, “I want to see just how well the world of light can deal with this disaster”

Her disciple looked at her with surprised. He then bowed with a sigh, “If that is what you wish”

“Lets go…” she claimed walking away.

Everything became more interesting. As winter was coming to an end a new era was about to begin. She wondered if the light or the darkness would prevail. She wondered if they would be able to stop the resurrection threat.

“Who do you think this guy will try to revive?” her disciple asked, “I’ve heard that it is most likely going to be Darkyn”

“Who knows… resurrection magic is unpredictable. Which mean he might not revive the person he wished to t” she said as a wicked smile spread across her face, “I wonder…Just who will he end up resurrecting”

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1. Prologue
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