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Magnetic Fortress

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King Gangan of Marutha land dreams to form Muthra Empire, annexing all the thousands of petty principalities in Hindustan. For the stability of the vast empire, he plans to preserve the thousands of states under the personal administration of the offsprings of his own blood. To reap the bumber harvest of thousands of children, his teacher advises him to dump thousand beautiful damsels in his zenana. To hoist the flag of victory, he conducts damsel hunting expeditions in the neighbouring states. This starts conflicts of lust and supremacy in that area beyond the levels of imagination.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Forest Nymph Santra

On one auspicious day in the spring season of fifteenth century A.D, the morning sun peeped in the eastern horizon to illuminate the world, spreading his millions of light rays in all directions of the universe. The activeness of the sun infected the peasants of Marutha Land, who started their routine works, like convoys of birds flying to collect daily food. They worked sincerely to accumulate wealth in their domiciles, like hives of honeybees roaming flower to flower to collector nectar.

Marutha Land was a vast expanse of fertile land with grey dots and greenish spots on the southern bank of river Ponni. Mallai was the capital of the Marutha Land, which functioned like human brain, in coordinating the principalities for harmonious development. The capital city Mallai spread fame as a centre of learning, with splendid structural buildings and charming slim damsels. There was a high spread of educational institutions and temples in Mallai to earn the epithet Nalantha University of the South.

Gangan was the young king of Marutha Land known for his handsome, bravery and cruelty. He had a hard stony heart and pity was a word unknown to his dictionary. His notoriousness crossed the barriers of Marutha Land, as an embodiment of cruelty. Even the crying children would close their mouth immediately, if his name was uttered. A negative concept that rooted throughout his nerves was that Marutha Land was his own ancestral property for his personal comforts. He had a strong claim on all beautiful objects of perfect quality, whether they are animate or inanimate.

A white horse rushed along the wide royal road of Mallai at high speed, like a streak of lighting. King Gangan was on the horse upright as an embodiment of proudness, like the hunter of the whole world. He was followed by a brigade of cavalry constituted by hundred horsemen, selected from his army on the criterion of roughness. A huge hast eagle was on flight before him at lower altitude, like his personal guide to unearth the wonders of the world.

The eagle was tiny when hatched from egg, like chicks of ordinary hen. King Gangan gave few drops of the magic medicine Milajit daily from childhood under his personal supervision, to grow it to this enormous size. The monstrous eagle was trained well to lift his enemies at times of emergencies. With lapse of time, the appearance of the giant eagle in the sky indicated the marching of king Gangan around the area, like the ringing sound of bell signifying the follow of an elephant.

When King Gangan entered on the royal road from his palace, the giant eagle flew above the palaces of the lords, fluttering its huge wings like magnified fans fabricated from peacock feathers. The movement of the dark shadow of the eagle sowed fear seeds in the minds of citizens, like the sudden outburst of a heavy storm. The scattered people rearranged on the sides of the road, and bowed with folded hands, joining the palms together to show their respect. At the same time, a strong event occurred as a black mark to his notorious character. All beautiful damsels around the area rushed to their houses to hide for the safety of their chastity, like rabbits running for preservation of life from chasing hunters.

After stirring the royal road like a storm, the brigade of king Gangan entered into a side road. There occurred arrays of horse radish trees on both sides of the road each carrying milky white flower bunches, like chains of pearls. Countless long tender drumsticks hanged on the trees to attract the attention of visitors, like long whips on the hands of circus masters to control lions. The bed of white flowers were scattered around by the feet of horses, like sparkling drops of mercury.

The giant eagle flew above the wide spread of a green blanket of paddy fields. When the brigade of cavalry crossed the road in the midst of the paddy field, a large convoy of white cranes flew in a uniform pattern, like the fluttering of white flags of universal peace in a current of wind. The eagle chased the convoy of cranes, and caught a crane in air like an expert hunter. It flew fast to sit on the branch of a tree for tasting the warm flesh of the crane, like a greedy glutton.

Next the brigade of cavalry crossed a shallow and wide stream, stirring the current of water to spray water droplets, like a fountain dancing under high pressure. The disturbed fishes in the stream bounced in different trajectories of semi circles, like the appearance of mini rainbows. The laburnum trees on both sides of the stream waved their long hanging bunches of blue flowers, like dancing damsels to welcome the king of Marutha Land. When the giant eagle penetrated through the space between the branches of opposite laburnum trees, the air current stirred the inflorescence of flowers, causing a shower of flower petals like a rainfall. This shower of flowers grew wings of imagination to king Gangan, like the welcome spray of flowers by a bevy of beautiful damsels.

After a tedious journey, the brigade of cavalry reached the vicinity of a huge temple with five sky high towers, four at the corners and one at the middle. The walls of the towers were well decorated with mini statues of dancing girls in different postures. The whole area around the temple was kept clean without pollution like the palace of god in the paradise. During their directional motion, huge cotton bundle resembling clouds embraced the apex of towers, like angels of heaven attracting the eyes of the spectators to wonder.

The giant eagle revolved around the towers of the temple, as a prayer to god for a shower of blessings on the head of his master. A large mass of devotees emerged from the temple to show their respect to the king, like a current of water when the sluice of a storage tank was opened suddenly. At that instant, his guru Kanakan was on deep meditation before the dancing statue of Lord Siva. The clever eagle flew downward towards him to attract his attention. The wafts of air current caused by the fluttering wings of eagle, diverted his attention reminding the urgency of the moment.

Guru Kanakan emerged from the temple, and bowed his head with folded hands, to show reverence to the king. Gangan jumped to the ground and greeted his guru with lowered head, to show obedience like a meek lamb. “Hearty salutation of your obedient disciple. I need your guidance to transform my virtual dreams to real wonders. Your advices should flow towards me like warm ocean current to pave the way to climb on the peak of victory” appealed king Gangan airily.

“King, my help will accompany you like your own shadow. My whole concentration is focused on the expansion of Marutha Land to transform it to the biggest empire of the world.” blessed Guru Kanakan, keeping his right hand on his head as a mode of benediction.

“As per your instructions, I completed the construction of a huge fort to stir the wonders of the world. In the midst of the fort, a colossal place of high grandeur was established for the residence of the king. In addition, thousand identical castles were also fabricated artistically inside the fort to sing the song of our fame. In short, I gave perfect shape to your imaginative dream. The magnetic fortress is a real wonder formed by the sublimation of vapors of our dreams,” cheered king Gangan, a gleam of achievement illuminating his face like a sparkling crystal of diamond.

“Student, I advised to construct such a huge fortress to raise the wonders of the world. Can you guess any special motive behind the completion of such a dream project?” dazed Guru Kanakan deftly.

“Sir, you words are holy sermons for me. I never tried to study the depth of your verses. Your crystal clear philanthropic mind will dream only the progress of Marutha Land”

“Thank you very much for your purity of words. You honored your guru by your dreams, words and deeds”

“Sir, we shall discuss the matter elaborately inside the magnetic fortress. We shall draft perfect plans for the expansion of our Kingdom” ensured king Gangan emphatically.

Guru Kanakan clapped his hands aloud to produce noise as a signal of call to his black horse, which was at rest under the shade of a tree. His signal activated the horse to move towards him like a child running for the call of his mother. The giant eagle started the flight towards the magnetic fortress like an experienced tourist guide of modern age. King Gangan accelerated the horse fast towards the magnetic fortress and others followed his foot prints like a thread following the escaping kite.

Guru Kanakan analyzed the beauty of the huge eagle on a wavy zigzag path, like a drunkard on imaginative mirth. He increased the speed of his horse to run parallel to the royal white horse. “Majestic King, your monstrous eagle is the first wonder of the world. I never heard about an eagle as cleaver and gigantic as our eagle. Where did you catch this strange eagle which earned fame as a symbol of our king?” asked Guru Kanakan, gazing the mind catching somersaults made by the eagle in the sky.

“The eagle was tiny like ordinary chick at tender age. The gluttonous eating habit transformed it into a monster. The eagle gives me more security than the brigade of cavalry behind me” fascinated king Gangan fabulously. A secret locked in the heart of only one person would preserve its nature of confidentiality. A small leakage might grow wings to fly throughout the whole world. That was why King Gangan voluntarily spread an iron curtain around him.

At that instant, a sudden twist of event occurred to push everyone into wonder. The air around the area began to vibrate violently, as if a cyclone was originating. They saw a spiral whirl wind blowing towards king Gangan at high speed. The giant eagle saw the spiraling storm first moving towards his master like the whirligig of time. The eagle began to chase the whirl - blast, as an effort to stop the peril away from its master.

Fortunately King Gangan saw the spiraling wind, approaching him sidewise at a distance and drew his long sword to give a tough resistance. He pierced the whirl wind, which split into two parts and crossed him. Guru Kanakan and all soldiers pulled their swords to wage a war against the whirl wind. After a displacement of long distance, the two parts of the whirl wind combined in to one mass. The rearranged whirl wind changed direction and drifted towards the face of King Gangan.

At a distance of about one metre from King Gangan, the whirl wind abruptly transformed into a charming forest nymph called Santra. She was a slim, Sandal colored beautiful girl of about six feet high. She stood steadily in air at the level of King Gangan and waved her sword firmly towards his chest. King Gangan bounced to stand on his horse and brandished his sword like an expert warrior. All the soldiers aimed their arrows to shoot the forest nymph.

“Soldiers stop your aims. Don’t shoot the arrows. A slight slippage in your aim may hurt our king” gnarled Guru Kanakan glaringly.

The sword fight continued indefinitely. Forest nymph Santra fought ferociously rebounding to all sides of king Gangan. The two swords bombarded violently causing loud noise like rolling thunders. The sparks of the swords caused by the friction of collision resembled rumbling lightning. King Gangan rotated on his horse like a spinning top to give a skillful opposition to I forest nymph Santra.

To stop the weary sword fight, the eagle flew fast towards them, lifted Santra in a flash like a dry straw. “Aha! What a clever eagle! He will drop the cruel forest nymph on a rock to crush her to death” hailed king Gangan, gazing the eagle with bloomed face.

“Majestic King, our eagle is the best bodyguard of a king ever known to the world history. The brilliance of this eagle should be carved on rocks to sing the praise of the holy bird in future” idolized Guru Kanakan implicitly.

The eagle flew to high altitude in the sky and dropped forest nymph Santra above a rock. Santra moved towards the rock with increasing speed. Little above the rock, two large wings of matching colors appeared to her sides and she flew towards the forest, fluttering her wings slowly. With the satisfaction of saving the master, the eagle flew towards his master to continue its security function efficiently.

The procession continued its journey towards the magnetic fortress, neglecting the hindrance in the midst like the occurrence of a spiny ant eater. After a span of time, they saw a vast stretch of a horizontal plane, without any vegetation. The distant view of the sky high magnetic fortress appeared, as if constructed by piling vertically large number high Palmyra’s trees. Guru Kanakan noticed the magnetic fortress with a wonder struck face as the best monument of the word. When they approached the vicinity of the fort, his mirth flew sky high as if on wings. The fortress was constructed piling identical huge rectangular blocks of granite one over the other. The technology of piling the identical rock blocks without a gap stirred his wonder beyond the limits of imagination.

The magnetic fortress stood in mystery like an array of giants. “Master, The fort is very wide enough for the march of five arrays of armies on the top. There are numerous mechanical devices behind the fortress to launch projectiles like huge spherical stones, burning bundles of clothes, spherical calorimeters containing boiling oils and sharpened tremendous spears. Those mechanical devices can be raised at emergencies for our convenience. Even if the force of the whole world assembled before our magnetic fortress, the fruit of victory is above their reach” jollified king Gangan judiciously

“Even the most stable elephant will stumble into pits covered by dry leaves. We must be always alert to defeat the bewitching ghosts. During this technologically advanced age, there is a possibility for the diffuse of terror through the sky” grumbled guru Kanakan, twisting his face grotesquely.

“Poisonous gas will shiver to leak into our fortress. I fabricated numerous safety devices to protect the life of the people inside the magnetic fortress. Even the angels of heaven won’t penetrate into my fortress” lauded king Gangan, singing the song of his own praise.

Guru Kanakan analyzed the worthiness of the wide and deep moat, a defensive trench around the fortress. He was surprised to see large number of mini crocodiles roaming in the stream, with wide opened mouths to swallow the falling preys. He shifted towards the King Gangan, holding the darkness of dissatisfaction on his face.

“Majestic King, Generally huge alligators are grown in moats of large forts. On the contrary little crocodiles play in our trench, like cracks to the safety of our fortress. We can’t expect high skill from these small crocodiles.” mortified Guru Kanakan like the hooting of an owl on fright.

“Master, These little species of crocodiles will attack enemies like an army of blood thirsty ghosts. Even a bird won’t escape from its iron clutches. No one can believe the worthiness of the words of my mouth. Often reality is stranger than fiction. I shall demonstrate the skill of these crocodiles by a real experiment” negotiated King Gangan nattily.

At that instant, the door of the magnetic fortress was opened with a continuous crackling noise. A brigade of cavalry emerged from the magnetic fortess and collected on the outer bank of the moat like the arrays of trees on the borders of royal roads. Vindan, the captain of the cavalry shifted towards the king, and exposed his salutation of reverence with bowed head. “Majestic King, Every arrangement is made to prove the strength of our magnetic fortress. It will play miracles to stir the spectators in to the depth of mirth” perorated captain Vindan, spraying words of praise like a garland of rose flowers.

“Guru, our magnetic fortress stands as a brave monster around our living space. No weapon can intrude our privacy, even through sky. Be ready to glance the skill of our magnetic fortress” quacked king Gangan, waving his hand as a symbol to start the feast of wonder.

Two soldiers on the magnetic fortress stroke the royal drum as a signal to commence the game of wonder. Thousands of horsemen shot arrows that penetrated through the air at high speed in phase like spears accelerated by well designed mechanical engines. When the arrows approached the vicinity of the magnetic fortress, an abrupt deviation occurred in the path of the arrows due to the high magnetic field of the fortress. To stir everyone in to the depth of surprise, all arrows deviated towards the fortress and sticks to the edge of the magnetic fortress, where the intensity of the magnetic field is the strongest.

“Wow! What a miraculous achievement! No one can imagine such a strange wonder even in heaven. The fame our king climbed the heights of mount Everest” recited Guru Kanakan, which enchanted king Gangan better than the sweet chorus song of hundreds of musicians.

“Majestic King, I heard the name magnetic fortress often from your holy mouth like the fragrance of flowers. I never associated magnetic attractive power to the fortress. How did you acquire such wonderful magnetic stones?” solicited Guru Kanakan, the gleam of wonder still illuminating his face like a torch.

“Master you will float on the sea of surprise, if I unlock the secret of magnetic rock. Two years back, I penetrated into the depth of forest, while chasing a tiger during one of my hunting expeditions. When I entered the vicinity of a huge rock, the spear in my hand was pulled with heavy force. The spear flew towards the rock, as if on wings and stuck strongly with the rock surface” thundered king Gangan with spread of brightness of wonder on his face. There was a tint of happiness in his tone like the shrill tintinnabulation in the midst of the music of joy.

“I can’t believe the existence of a huge magnetic rock on the surface of the earth. Do Majestic King, has any idea about the origin of such a strange magnetic rock? I find no apt word to sing the praise of Majestic King, for his discovery of magnetic rock.” venerated Guru Kanakan veraciously.

“I roamed around the forest for a number of days and experienced a bitter encounter with the forest nymph Santra. That is why she is often chasing me to suck my blood to energize her strength” whispered king Gangan, thinking deeply about the consequences of exposition of the hidden secret in his heart like a tiny cobra sleeping inside a fragrant flower.

“Every hero of the world will salute our Majestic King, for your extreme bravery. The wrath of the forest nymph Santra is just a bite of mosquito in our path of progress. Did you research further to study the source for the origin of the magnetic rock in the midst of the forest?” appealed guru Kanakan, a gleam of curiosity dancing on the edge of his eyes like the golden threads of decoration in the border design of silk sarees.

“One day, while the forest nymph was chasing me with a sword to suck my blood, I saw a hermit penancing on the midst of a lake. He was standing on the surface of water miraculously on left foot, folding his right foot touching his left knee. I ran along the bank of the lake shouting repeatedly for help to attract his attention” babbled king Gangan, to stir the curiosity of his teacher to the altitude of the highest layer of atmosphere.

“Wow! The brilliance of our Majestic King crossed the heights of heaven. I am extremely happy to hear the achievements of our king” glossed guru Kanakan, for speedy revelation of the secrets of novelty.

“The saint opened his eyes and called me to his vicinity, waving his right hand towards me like a flag. Due to his strength of the spell, I ran towards him on the surface of water, without causing even ripples, as if on the surface of the earth. Forest nymph also chased me on the surface of water. The saint showed his right hand towards the forest nymph. Streaks of white light emanated from his hand and pushed Santra to the shore”

“Did Santra try again to catch you from the hermit?”

“She exerted repeatedly with enlarged vigor to approach me. But to my wonder, when she put her leg on the surface of water, there was a bursting spark of fire around that area. Repeated failure of her endeavors diminished her vigor and she vanished from the scene like the diffusion of a puff of smoke”

“Our saints are highly powerful, even to influence god to oscillate on their palms like a dancing doll. I wish to transform into such a saint in future by penance on the peak of Himalayas”

“Master, My support is behind you as your shadow for your movement towards the higher strata of life. After the vanish of the forest nymph, the saint blessed me showering droplets of holy water from his jar on my head”

“Majestic King, Did the saint expose the secret of the Magnetic rock?”

“The saint knew the reason behind my searching process without my exposition. His highness enlightened me by unlocking the golden secret behind the magnetic rock. It was the remainder of the explosion of a comet in the sky.”

“Aha! Even the blessing of God works favorable to our Majestic King, for his endless march towards victory. We should sing the praise of almighty daily for his shower of blessings”

At that moment, Vindan, the captain of cavalry of Martutha Land moved towards them with salutation. “Honorable Majestic King, the competitors of the running race are ready for their exertion. We expect the permission of our lord to begin the competition” declared captain Vindan deftly.

“Master, this running race is organized not only to prove the talent of youths of our country, but also to exhibit the sharpness of our crocodiles. You can’t witness such a bloody competition throughout the whole universe,” feigned King Gangan, like a humble hermit studied the wonders of the world.

“Guru, There are ten participants in this horrible running race. The pavements on both sides of the moat are slightly higher than the water level in the moat. The ten competitors run on the pavements, five youths per pavement. The youth who reach the other end of the moat first will be welcomed with a prize of ten gold coins,” grinned captain Vindan with a shaky voice, as if at the edge of the fear of his own death.

“Vindan, why did you shiver, as if chased by forest nymph? Is there any mystery behind this ordinary running race to denote as horrible?” heckled guru Kanakan humorously.

“Master, The general of our cavalry is not a coward to shudder in fear. At the same time, I can’t hide the heart of mercy” idealized captain Vindan, with a low intense tone of turbulence.

Ten youths were ready on the pavements of the moat to catch the victory flag of the running race. All competitors were selected on the basis of merits, through a variety of valor rivalries. All of them stood straight with expanded chests like undefeatable tigers. King Gangan approached the vicinity of the youngsters to study their comparative worthiness. Impressed by the physique of the competitors, king Gangan waved his right hand towards the soldiers on the magnetic fortress. The two soldiers on the fortress beat the drum to emit the signal for the initiation of the running race.

The youths darted on the payment like spears accelerated to high velocity by a high efficient mechanical engine. All of them rushed forward with equal velocity to raise the curiosity of the spectators to sky high. Attracted by the flavor of their flesh, the crocodiles began to swim in the water of the moat along their direction of movement. The sound of disturbed water put fire into their heart about the danger of chasing crocodiles in the moat. So the youths put their maximum energy to escape from the teeth of the crocodiles.

The crocodiles pierced through the layers of water at increased speeds like arrows shot by an expert archer. The distance between the runners and the leading crocodile decreased fast. At that instant of heaviest turbulence, a sudden twist of event occurred like the sudden rumbling thunder in the clear sky. The crocodiles started to fly in air, fluttering their webbed wings like bats. The first flying crocodile suddenly bit the right hand of the competitor lagging behind, and sprang into water at a distance, with a part of the hand under the grip of its sharp teeth.

The cry of that youth froze the blood of all other competitors and sowed fear waves in their nervous system, above the level of imagination. That evaporated their energy level and imposed uncontrollable shivering in their body. The next flying crocodile bombarded on his back with heavy force to engulf his succulent flesh. The force of impact and the pain of penetration of its teeth pushed the youth into the moat. There occurred a heavy competition between other crocodiles to chew majority portion of his healthy body like mankind masticating tender cucumber.

As the running race advanced, there was continuous attack of flying crocodiles, like a convoy of vultures piercing corpses to taste the flesh. The number of youths on the terrifying running race decreased slowly and stabilized at only one. Only one youth escaped from the clutches of flying crocodiles, bounced skillfully between the two edges of the moat, like the rebounding of a rubber ball between two parallel walls. He practiced the repeated rebounding technique of running, after the first attack of the flying crocodile. He stood on the victory platform with a faded face like a withered gerbera flower, tear drops falling down his eyes like a leaky tap.

The spectators of the running race stood motionless, like iron statues attacked by shock waves of horror. They never imagined the debut of such a terrible blood boiling event. Gurun Kanakan stood froze as an ice doll, as if thrown on the ice caps of Antarctica. “Majestic King, The horrible running race crossed the limits of imagination. The flying crocodiles added another feather to your cap of victory” kindled Kanakan knavishly.

“King, I never heard such miraculous flying crocodiles even in mythology. Did you fetch these flying crocodiles from any foreign planet?” lured guru Kanakan, showing the height of his wonder.

“Sir, your assumption appears to be true. The same hermit showed these blood thirsty vampires in a pond near to the magnetic rock,” malingered king Gangan hiding the truth, as if covering a mountain by a screen.

“I can’t imagine the origin of a flying crocodile in a pond. This strange event is against the concept of scientific outlook.”

“You are right sir. These flying crocodiles might be common in that particular magnetic comet. They might have approached the earth with the broken pieces of the comet.”

“Our magnetic fort is a wonder of the world. Our moat with flying crocodiles adds colors to its fame” exalted guru Kanakan, gazing the structure of the magnetic fortress floating on the heights imagination. “Majestic King, I find no apt words to sing your praise for constructing such a huge fortress only with blocks of magnetic rocks”

“Sir, magnetic rock blocks are used only in the top, middle and bottom rows of the fortress. These three rows of magnetic rock blocks are enough to attract iron weapon of any shape towards the fortress with high force” notified King Gangan nimbly.

“Majestic King, The sharpness of your brain crossed the heights of heaven. This is the first symptom to illuminate your fame as the emperor of future united Hindustan” opiated Guru Kanakan, by a shower of excessive praises.

At that instant of imaginative joy, the attention of guru Kanakan diverted towards the youth standing on the victory platform, like Alexander the great, the world famous King of Macedonia. His mind compelled him to sing a short version as praise for his sky high heroism. He shifted towards the youth, like the diffusion of air from higher pressure to lower pressure.

“Son, your skill crossed the barriers of imagination. Your climb on the ladder of victory begins today. One day your glory will be reflected to the nooks and corners of the Marutha Land” praised guru Kanakan, gazing his face sharply to study his future like a necromancer of high expertise.

“Thank you very much for your positive comments. I am ashamed for this victory raised on the blood of nine innocent youths. Your king mercilessly crushed the dreams of nine fragrant Sandal plants”.

“Withering of flowers is a common phenomenon of nature. Magic medicines can’t be prepared without experimentation on human lives”

“This heartless atrocity is worst than human sacrifice on the altar. King Gangan should answer for this unnecessary blood shed at the golden gate of paradise”

“Sssh! shut up your mouth to breathe longer. You are only a moth before our mighty king! Sssh! “queered guru Kanakan, hissing like a dancing cobra with expanded hood.

“An ideal king is the affectionate father of his citizens. A real father won’t crucify his sons to fly his fame like worthless kites” raved the youth rashly.

“Don’t pay for you own death. I pity you for your stupidity”

Guru Kanakan saw the movement of captain Vindan towards them, watching their lips movements keenly to absorb the significance of their conversation. Only the high merits of the youth softened his wrath, like the sublimation of large vapors of camphor into tiny solid. “Vindan, This hero of today is worth for the prize announced by our king. Such youths are the real live crowns for the progress of our country. The prize will attain high honor on the hand of this youth of talents,” soughed Guru Kanakan sunnily.

“Young man, your talents impressed us beyond the limits. You have a bright future in our cavalry. You visit tomorrow morning to join in our cavalry as a soldier.” thrilled captain Vindan, shaking his right hand as an appreciation of his achievement.

“Thank you very much Sir, for giving me a golden opportunity to prove my ability.” venerated the youth with bloomed face for the shower of praise sprayed on his head.

“Soldier, we are happy to greet you with a prize of ten gold coins. Our best wishes are behind you for wining more laurels in your future career” wished Vindan, giving a money purse of ten gold coins.

“This gold is the first earning of my sweat. I wish to preserve this as a blessing of god” acted the youth, accepting the purse as his own wealth.

At that instant of large showers of praise, an unexpected turning point occurred to shift the calm atmosphere to the turbulence of a cyclone. King Gangan directed his white horse towards the youth and he jumped to the ground as an effort to appreciate the youth for his great achievement. “Friend, you played wonders in the midst of flying vampires. Your marvelous accomplishment established a milestone in the history of Marutha Land” bemused king Gangan patting softly on the shoulder of the youth as a signal of appreciation.

“Thank you very much for your words of praise. I will preserve your words of encouragement in my heart, as if etched on gold plate” commented the youth courteously.

“Soldier, we are ready to accept your service in our cavalry. You will be paid higher remuneration comparable to your worth. I am extremely happy to bless you with my personal prize” dignified king Gangan, wearing his long dollar chain to the youth as a garland of appreciation.

When King Gangan raised his eyes to study the face of the youth, a sudden spark of light occurred in his brain. A fire of anger spread on his face like a streak of lightning. “Who are you? Are you a foreigner?” exploded king Gangan like a lion on rage.

The high intense shout of the king focused the attention of all towards the area, as if attacked by a ferocious tiger. The personal guards of the king started movement towards them, like the sudden origin of a strong cyclone. At that instant, king Gangan remembered the face of the youth like a flash of light. “Alas! You are Kuttuvan! You are the prince of Neyythal Land,” frowned King Gangan with high pitch like a tiger on wrath.

Prince Kuttuvan sprinkled the gold coins on his right palm and threw with them with force on the face of king Gangan. He ran fast towards the white horse of king Gangan like a cheetah and sprang on his horse skillfully like a gymnastic champion. King Gangan bounced on the horse of a guard and chased him like a blood thirsty tiger rushing to hunt a stag. He was accompanied by his hundred black cats and Vindan, the captain of the cavalry. Hundreds of accelerated arrows hissed towards prince Kuttuvan like showers of a hailstone.

The white horse of prince Kuttuvan penetrated through a dense forest of Gulmohar trees popularly known as flame of the forest. The dense spread of red flowers on the tree tops showed the apparent view of a forest fire. “Vindan, prince Kuttuvan is permanent obstacle in our path of progress. The death of Kuttuvan will glorify this day as the most auspicious day in the history of Marutha Land. This is a golden chance for us to climb on the ladder of victory” goaded king Gangan frantically.

“Majestic King, This is the bitter day of blood shed in the life history of prince Kuttuvan. This vast stretch of forest ends in ocean. There is no possibility for his escape from our strong network of soldiers. We shall pay him heavily for his treacherous penetration into our privacy” gaggled captain Vindan speaking favorable words for the growth of the confidence level of king Gangan.

When prince Kuttuvan crossed the forest, the sandy region of Shore retarded his fast movement. Due to the resistive force of the sand, the distance gap of his chasers shortened very narrowly within the range of hit of arrows. So another set of arrows flew towards him to pierce his heart. Prince Kuttuvan bounced skillfully on the shore, ran fast towards the sea and sprang with heavy force towards the depth of the sea. King Gangan jumped down from his horse and walked to a distance in the shallow water of the sea. All soldiers followed his foot prints and sharpened their eyes to locate prince Kuttuvan floating on waves of the ocean. Their efforts fetched no fruits.

“Majestic King, A man is rowing a boat on the sea at distance. A huge ship appears at infinite distance. Prince Kuttuvan will reach the boat, swimming inside water like a crafty dolphin,” harangued captain Vindan, stretching his right hand in the direction of the boat.

“Soldiers, All of you jump into the sea to search the intruder in the sea. You topple the boat to immerse it into the depth of the ocean. You kill mercilessly all intruders on your path of progress,” instructed king Gangan imperiously.

The black cats obeyed his orders and started the searching operation sincerely. Though they failed in their mission to locate prince Kuttuvan, they successfully immersed the boat into the depth of the ocean. They pierced the heart of the boatman with a sharp dagger and threw him on the surface of the ocean like a bundle of straw.

At that instant, prince Kuttuvan sprang high into the sky like an artful dolphin. During his return journey, the sharp dagger in his hand penetrated through the heart of a soldier on the ocean surface. Blood sprayed from the wound of the soldier like a fountain of red paint. He disappeared into the depth of ocean, causing a spread of red color on the ocean surface. This unexpected action of Prince Kuttuvan flared the wrath of black cats to sky high level. They accelerated the process of hunting operation like a storm to avenge for the death of their friend.

After a span of time, Prince Kuttuvan bounced again above the ocean surface at another spot and pierced the neck of another black cat, like the stroke of a lightning flash. This process of hunting operation continued for a period of time, resulting in the bitter death of five black cats. After causing heavy peril to the black cats of King Gangan, Prince Kuttuvan vanished from the area like the diffusion of a gas in the vast blanket of the atmosphere.

“The Neyythal Land prince Kuttuvan escaped from our network of soldiers. God will bless us with another golden opportunity to crush him like a snail” jerked captain Vindan jaggedly.

“Impossible. I won’t allow that rascal to escape from my trap. Let us apply our octopus army to hunt prince Kuttuvan on the vast surface of the ocean. Our octopus army has high capacity to topple the ships like the shell of an egg” limned king Gangan with gritted teeth.

“Majestic King, our idea is great beyond the imagination of mortals. But I can’t hide a fear haunting my heart like ghosts. Will the octopuses return to our lake, neglecting their freedom to roam along the vast stretches of the ocean?” mumbled captain Vindan, staring the face of the king sharply to clarify his burning doubt.

“Vindan, our octopuses are accustomed to the special type of food with the flavor of the magic medicine Milajit. We supplied that special food from tender age to grow them to giants. The effect of the magic medicine Milajit transformed them into sea monsters twice bigger than the sea monster Kraken. The length of their tentacles exceeded hundred metres. They have capacity to drill holes on the planks of the ship. The human flavor in the ship will tempt them to topple the ship to catch the prey,” notified king Gangan, with a bloomed face of heavenly happiness.

“Majestic King, octopus army is a wonder, adding fame to Marutha Land. Is there any special significance to our octopus army?” persuaded captain Vindan to clarify his doubts, since the king kept everything as a secret behind the iron curtain.

“Our octopuses belong to a highly venomous variety called blue - ringed octopus, which are deadly to human. I constructed a huge deep lake to rear this strange army of octopuses. God blessed me with a golden opportunity to utilize my army of wonder to kill my only enemy prince Kuttuvan,” quacked king Gangan, proving sharpness to sing the song of his own praise.

The black cats of king Gangan stopped their mission with blood shed and climbed on the shore. “Soldiers, I have a plan to launch our octopus army to hunt our courageous enemy. Let us shift towards our artificial lake of sea water to launch our octopus army for action” roared King Gangan, bouncing on his white horse quickly like a skillful gorilla.

They rushed towards the artificial lake like a current of high speed avalanche, a huge mass of ice drifting suddenly on the downward slope of a mountain.

“Majestic King, I heard some peculiar characters of octopuses. Our huge octopus monsters will have the same characteristics in higher amplitude to attack enemies. Our octopus army is enough to destroy the ship of the Neyythal land Prince Kuttuvan. So certainly the ocean will be the graveyard of stupid Prince Kuttuvan,” simmered captain Vindan snappily.

“Octopuses have numerous strategies for defending themselves against predators, including the expulsion of ink, the use of camouflage and deimatic displays, their ability to jet quickly through water and their ability to hide. Jet propulsion is their fastest means of locomotion, followed by swimming and walking. They usually inject the prey with paralyzing saliva, before dismembering it into small pieces with their beaks. They feed on shelled mollusks drilling a hole in the shell, injecting a secretion into the hole and then extracting the soft body of the mollusk” transfixed King Gangan, showing his depth of knowledge about the general characteristics of the ordinary octopuses.

The brigade of cavalry under King Gangan reached the artificial lake, after an efflux of time. The wide spread of the lake was separated from the roaring ocean by embark with large number of sluices to stop the free movement of octopuses into the ocean from the lake. The sluices were closed by large planks of teak wood, connected to a long cylindrical beam attached to a huge wheel at one end. Though water level remained in the lake to the same level of water in the sea, the roaring waved were absent in the lake. On the contrary the waves on the ocean attacked the embankment of the lake repeatedly.

“Soldiers, Ten of you rotate the wheel in clockwise direction to open the shutters of the sluices. The octopus monsters my stretch their tentacles to pull you into the lake as a prey. You should be cautious to escape from the attack of the octopus monsters.” urged King Gangan, staring the lake sharply to locate the movement of octopuses.

Ten soldiers put their heavy efforts to rotate the wheel. After the application of a strong force, the beam began to rotate slowly with a crackling noise. They rotated the wheel till the doors of the sluices were raised to vertical position. After a period of time, they noticed heavy turbulence on the surface of the lake. An octopus monster appeared very close to them to spread waves of terror in their minds.

“Alas! What a huge octopus of miracle! This is much bigger than our biggest royal elephant. This octopus appears to have capacity to swallow two men at a time in one gulp” vociferated captain Vindan vacillatingly. They witnessed five such giant octopuses in their field of vision.

Suddenly an unexpected turning point occurred, which pushed all of them to terror. A huge tentacle stretched towards them, wound on the leg of a soldier and pulled towards the lake with tremendous force. The soldier cried aloud in horror for help. Fortunately the soldier slipped from the clutch of the tentacle and dropped on the lake at a large distance. The octopus monster swam towards him rapidly with their arms trailing behind. It swam by expelling a jet of water from a contractile mantle and aiming it via a muscular siphon.

The brigade of soldiers on the ground began to aim their arrows to kill the antagonistic octopus. “Soldiers, Don’t shoot the octopus. I exercised heavy efforts for two years to grow this octopus army. I shall sacrifice even my own life for the health of one octopus.” whooped King Gangan in explosive anger.

“Friends watch keenly the mode of attack of the octopus. That will help you to improve your skill in warfare. Actually variety of experiences will create a warrior of high talents” accentuated captain Vindan alertly. The soldiers stopped their plan to kill the giant octopus and watched the hunting technique of the octopus carefully.

The soldier swam fast towards the bund and climbed skillfully on the bund, grasping an iron measurement scale fixed vertically. He saw six tentacles of the octopus stretching behind him, like proboscises of elephants, using the remaining two tentacles as legs. Hunted by the terror of death, the soldier began to run on the embankment in the opposite direction with high velocity like a stag chased by a cheetah. However, the speed of the octopus exceeded the velocity of the soldier, and a tentacle was successful to wound around his waist like a tremendous mountain python. The octopus drew the soldier into water and injected him a paralyzing saliva to stop his vibrations.

At the same time, the other octopuses approached the sluice for diffusion into the vast stretch of the ocean. They found the size of their bodies much bigger than the width of the sluice. They inserted their beaks into the sluices and squeezed their bodies to penetrate through the sluices of the embark. In this way ten octopus giants entered into the ocean by their squeezing technique of high talents. They swam joyfully in the ocean water, with their arms trailing behind.

During their joyous game in the ocean, two octopus giants approached the ship of Prince Kuttuvan, and began to chase the ship smelling the human flavour. One octopus penetrated the side of the ship inside water with its two tentacles, which several them as two legs. Then it stretched its six tentacle hands into the ship to trap preys. At that instant, Prince Kuttuvan was on the other side of the ship with his five assistants, watching the acrobatic games of two dancing dolphins. A tentacle of an octopus migrated towards them, wound tightly on the leg of an assistant, and drew him rapidly in to the sea. The cry of horror of the man, startled others to run fast to escape from the strong grip of the octopus monsters.

The five other men on the board of the ship bounced hither and thither like giant frogs to escape from the grip of the tentacles. At that critical time of bewitching climate, the six tentacles of the second octopus monster started the hunting process, remaining in the vicinity of his friend. The hue and cry of the soldiers went fruitless, and the twelve long tentacles pulled them into the ocean one by one. At last, the Neyythal Land Prince Kuttuvan climbed on the flag mast to escape from the clutches of the tentacles. A long tentacle of the first octopus started to rub the mast upwards from the bottom. Prince Kuttuvan climbed on the top of the mast and stood like a toy at stable equilibrium.

The tentacle of the octopus climbed on the mast up to its middle and stopped climbing due to shortage of its length. Then the tentacle wound around the mast like a spiral spring and began to pull the mast with heavy force. A tentacle of the second octopus climbed on the mast, wound on the mast a little below the tentacle of the first octopus and supported the pulling process of the first octopus. After a struggle of a span of time, the mast broke at its lower edge with a crackling noise. The octopuses pulled their tentacles quickly, as if a burning splinter was rubbed on their tentacles. The mast dropped on the ship, causing a loud noise like a rolling thunder.

The heavy bombardment of the mast on the ship caused cracks in the ship and water began to rush to the ship to immerse it into the depth of the ocean. Fortunately the tip of the mast crossed the edge of the ship. So Prince Kuttuvan was scattered away into the ocean like a projectile launched with heavy force. He splashed into the ocean, causing a heavy noise like the fall of a roots cut coconut tree. The two octopuses rushed towards him to catch him as a prey.

Sensing the fast approaching danger, Prince Kuttuvan started to swim fast, fluttering his arms like the fins of a blue whale. At that time of highest emergency, there was a strange formation of a huge vortex of about hundred metres radius and fifty metre depth, due to the meeting of two internal ocean water currents. By the influence of the vortex, a cloud in the sky above the vortex started to rotate and a similar vortex of wonder was formed in the sky.

Prince Kuttuvan swam fast to escape from the clutches of the two chasing octopus monsters. Unfortunately Prince Kuttuvan was trapped into the outer spiral hands of the vortex. He revolved at high speed in circular paths of decreasing radius towards the centre of the vertex at huge depth. The vortex current rotated him like a twig floating on the surface of water current and sucked him into its heart eagerly like a nymphomaniac women crazy on boys.

A spiral of air current approached towards that area and shifted towards the centre of the vortex. The whirl wind plunged into the vortex and emerged from the ocean surface, far away from the centre of the vortex. The narrow cyclone migrated towards the shore and transformed into beautiful forest nymph Santra. The Neyythal Land Prince Kuttuvan was on her shoulder in a state of unconsciousness like a garland of roses.

Santra created a bed of jasmine flowers on the shade of a huge tree by her spell and stretched him on the bed of blossoms. “You are the ruler of my heart. You are the only youth successful in dissolving my love brimming heart. I have been waiting for such a golden chance for a long period of time. Let us start our family life today itself,” buzzed forest nymph Santra like a hive of bees.

“Dear, I studied thoroughly your virtuous character. Your craziness on Vanathi is the only tool for the success of my life. Let us start our hot games today itself” chuckled forest nymph Santra, transforming suddenly into Vanathi, a slim waist damsel of sky high glamour.

Santra lay on the jasmine flower bed close to Prince Kuttuvan and embraced him on her chest. She moved her right hand on his chest to induce hotness into his nervous system. Her hand moved artfully towards his abdomen and roamed around the junction for a span of time. The eyes of Prince Kuttuvan opened slowly like the holy door of paradise. He gazed her with blooming face of wonder. “Vanathi, how did you accompany me to heaven? Did god permit us to live together?” deranged Prince Kuttuvan, fluttering his eyelashes like the wings of a humming bird.

“Darling, you died dipping into the vortex of water currents. My heart busted hearing your tragedy. From today, we have no barriers for our joyous life in the paradise. Let us fly freely throughout the heaven like a couple of love birds” enticed Santra, patting the bulging of his pant causing further expansion.

“Vanathi, you are a soft damsel of excessive shyness on the surface of the earth. In paradise, you appear to be an artful angel of excessive beauty. What happened to your exuberant coyness?” flattered Prince Kuttuvan fervently.

“Darling, The stupidity of shyness is totally prohibited inside heaven. Time management is a significant concept in the holy heaven. We should appear in the assembly of god, after our first night” intoxicated Santra, locking their lips to cause spark of hotness in his body.

“Sweety, my dress is fully soaked in water. Chill cold pierce my skin like tiny needles. How can I experience the warmth of heaven with wet cloth?” lamented Prince Kuttuvan leeringly.

“Darling, every wish will be blessed spontaneously in heaven. I shall prove you the wonder of paradise by an experiment. God, bless my darling with a new dry dress” masqueraded forest nymph Sandra by a sparkling smile.

The dresses of Prince Kuttuvan pulled one by one, making him stark naked. With blush of shyness, he tried to cover his junction with a spread of his palms. “Wow! What a handsome sight! Darling, a long pole can’t be closed by a tiny basket” perked forest nymph Santra prodigiously.

“Vanathi, I am ashamed for my nudity. Kindly pray immediately for a dress” quavered Prince Kuttuvan, quarrelsomely.

“Darling, the angels of heaven may be searching for a good dress to match your magnetic style. I wish to study your palms to analyze our future by the art of palmistry” rustled forest nymph Santra, pulling his both hands to have a clear view of his structure.

“Your dress is also completely wet. God, bless my honey with a new dry dress” solicited Prince Kuttuvan, raising his both hands towards the sky. The dress of Santra drew one by one automatically by her spell, illuminating her like a well polished wax doll.

“Aha! What a beauty like an angel of heaven! I have never seen such a glittering beauty on the surface of the earth,” tweeted Prince Kuttuvan, staring her charm with wide opened eyes.

“Darling, do you have experience in analyzing the naked bodies of hundreds of damsels? How can you praise the structure of my body?”

“Sorry, honey. I am a virgin soil seen no crop. You are the first damsel to sow hotness in to the field of my heart”

“Darling, I knew your purity of innocence. Why do you stare the buds on my chest? Do you wish to verify their softness?”

“Have I right to press your bosoms?”

“You are the only owner of my body and soul. You have enough privilege to handle my body like a garland of roses”

Prince Kuttuvan stood up and pulled her on his chest. He squeezed her nipples to experience the shooting hotness in her body. Then his right palm slipped lower to verify the spongy nature of her breast. She rubbed her nipples with his lips to accelerate the waves of hotness. His hand hungrily roamed through the lower slippery slopes of her abdomen. “Darling, who do you stare the lower bulging like a thirsty dog? I have no objection for your thirsty tasting” urged Santra, separating her legs apart slowly.

Prince Kuttuvan pressed the plateau region to study the softness and climbed on the peak of hotness. Then he added oil into the flame of hotness, by repeated artful rubbing of the clitoris on erection. She moved her hand on the slopes of the abdomen of Prince Kuttuvan and the storm of her game concentrated at the cock.

“Darling, I can’t bear the hotness. Playing on the bed is the better posture for the beginners like us. Kindly continue the game without the shiver of guilty consciousness” vitalized forest nymph Santra voluptuously. She stretched on the bed and pulled him into her warm embracement. They rolled on the bed of jasmine flowers like a couple of young serpents. The game continued indefinitely, till both of them drowned into the weariness of exhaustion.

At that instant of highest mirth, Santra heard faint noise of crow of a cock. Suddenly she stood up and pulled him on her soft breasts. When she separated from him, both of them were blessed with usual dress, by her spell. “Sweety, I love his joyous life in heaven. We should live inseparable always like jasmine flower and its fragrance” wheedled Prince Kuttuvan, gazing her face eagerly, like a beetle revolving around a newly bloomed blossom.

“Darling, The intimacy between jasmine flower and its fragrance is only transitory. The jasmine flower will fade with passing time and lose its fragrance. We shall live together merrily till the end of the universe like a couple of angels under the service of god” yodeled forest nymph Santra yawningly.

The intensity of crow of the cock increased slowly, showing the approach of the harsh noise towards them. “Sweety, I wonder about the harsh crow of a cock at this noon. The strange noise of high intensity appears to be produced by a monster. I never heard such an unpleasant loud noise before. Do you know about a beast that emit such a horrible noise of strangeness?” asked Prince Kuttuvan, trying to penetrate the colonnade of trees around the area of the forest with his sharp eyes.

“Darling, This high intense noise appears to be the cry of a cockatrice, a giant dragon with roosters head. We have no need to worry for this giant flying serpent with two big legs of cock and dragon wings” blinked forest nymph Santra blithely.

“Alas! A monstrous cockatrice! It is a cross of dragon and rooster. I never heard about such a flying serpent even in mythological fables” clattered Prince Kuttuvan churlishly.

“A cockatrice is new to this area. A cockatrice is an agent of Satan to disturb the peaceful life of humanity. It has the ability to turn people to stone with a glance or kill with a touch” dismayed forest nymph Santra, by the description of the horrible nature of the cockatrice.

The huge tail end of the cockatrice approached them from behind to trap them into its clutch. The faint crawling sound of the tail end of the cockatrice alerted Santra to jump into quick action. “Darling the cockatrice is behind us. Run forward fast to escape from its stare. This is not a proper time to wage a war against the highly powerful cockatrice to prove our prowess” expedited forest nymph Santra, starting to run fast pulling him on her grasp.

They ran forward fast like a gold medalist of Olympic running competition. After a long displacement, he turned slightly to watch the movement of the cockatrice. He saw the tremendous cockatrice chasing behind him on land exactly like a huge dinosaur. That fraction of a span of time was enough for the cockatrice to launch its strategy of attack. A dense ray of green light emerged from its right eye to freeze him to a stone statue. Fortunately Prince Kuttuvan shifted his face abruptly and sprang forward like a skillful Kangaroo of Australia. The weapon of the cockatrice missed target and penetrated through the air like an accelerated spear.

Next moment the cockatrice changed its strategy of attack. It rotated its serpentine tail end swiftly and a heavy blow fell on his back and pushed him on the surface of the earth, imparting a rolling motion like a wheel detached from a running chariot. The serpentine tail end of the cockatrice again stretched towards him fast and injected a poison on his chest. Prince Kuttuvan bounced on the ground and ran forward swiftly like a lightning streak. After a short displacement, his speed of running slowed automatically and he stood at rest, unable to pull his legs.

Forest nymph rushed backwards towards him and embraced him tightly on her chest. “Darling, The cockatrice injected paralyzing poison into your blood stream. You are transforming slowly into a stone statue from your legs. Don’t worry. Stand static without any vibration. I will pull you from this peril, surrendering my soul to the feet of almighty” filliped forest nymph Santra firmly.

The cockatrice contracted its body to a dwarf and began to fly towards Santra at high speed. Santra ran fast to escape from the monster and the ocean crossed on her path of progress. The distance between Santra and the cockatrice diminished fast to push her into the vibration of anguish. Suddenly matching colored wings developed behind her hands and a long sharp sword appeared on her right hand. She flew swiftly towards the cockatrice and waved her sword skillfully to cut off the wings of the cockatrice. The sudden growth of wings to Santra and the long sword on her hand sowed waves of fear into the heart of the cockatrice. It transmitted green ray of light towards Santra to freeze her into a stone statue. Santra sprang efficiently from the point of its target and escaped narrowly. The cockatrice put the trial thrice repeatedly to freeze Santra. All its trials went fruitless.

The cockatrice decided to change the strategy of attack to gain certain victory. So it flew back and landed on the floor, within the clear field of view of Prince Kuttuvan, whose body was lapidified up to his shoulder. Santra chased the cockatrice and saw its body enlarging at high rate. To her wonder, the snake tail of the cockatrice shifted towards her at rapid speed to attack her severely. She bounced around the area at each attack of the cockatrice and saved her skin with high talent. She witnessed Prince Kuttuvan was lapidified into stone up to his ears. Knowing the urgency of the moment, she flew fast and sliced the tail of the cockatrice in one strong blow. To her mirth, the cockatrice understood its involvement with a most dangerous enemy, and flew away from the area in the form of a dwarf to preserve its health.

When Santra landed on the ground, her wings and sword vanished instantly as a miracle. She put her right hand on the head of Prince Kuttuvan and applied her spell to evaporate the spell of the cockatrice. The lapidified portion of his body slowly regained normalcy from the top. Santra embraced him tightly on her chest and gave him a warm kiss on his forehead. “Ghost, who are you? Why did you deceive me by a love web?” gritted Prince Kuttuvan, staring her wonderful structure with a glow of hatred.

“Darling, kindly you don’t hate me for my misbehavior. I am forest nymph Santra. I have been following you for the past five years with a love torch. Only today god gave me a golden chance to trap you and to surrender my virginity for your happiness”

“Santra, why did you trap me in the transformation of Vanathi?”

“Darling, I approached you a number of times in my own structure and in the transformation of other beautiful damsels. To my shock, you showed repulsion on girls”

“How did you learn my intimacy with Vanathi?”

“God blessed me with a golden opportunity to witness your first meeting with Vanathi. As a miracle I watched twists of events that occurred during your second meeting also. I confirmed the orientation of your heart towards Vanathi”

“Santra, this is the first and last warning of the prince of Neyythal land. Don’t try to disturb me in the transformation of Vanathi”

“Darling, don’t worry. I shall approach you in my own shape”

“Santra, I hate illegal sex. Kindly allow me to lead a virtuous life”

“Darling, Let us legalize the sex by wedlock”

“I selected Vanathi as the future queen of Neyythal Land”

“Darling, don’t push me to the level of a murderer”

“Santra, kindly forget your crave on lust. Behave like a nice forest nymph.”

“Darling, if you reject my love, I will take a decision of terror. I will murder Vanathi and approach you in the transformation of Vanathi.”

“Alas! What a heartless devil! Vanathi is a virtuous girl of character. I shall ask her permission to accept your love”

“Darling, don’t forget my name. You call me at critical times for help”

“Santra, you saved my life in danger. You gave me a thrilling maiden experience. I will remember you for ever. Don’t try to disturb my sweet heart”

The face of Santra bloomed instantly like a lotus flower at Sun rise. She bounced on the lower branch of a tree and began to execute vertical oscillations like a loaded spring. Her imagination flew towards the first meeting of the prince kuttuvan and Vanathi.

Neyythal Land was a vast spread of landmass like a green blanket on the northern side of the Ponni River. There was dense forest called Mullaivanam on the northern bank of the perennial Ponni River. In the midst of the Mullaivanam, a well structured bamboo cottage attracted the attention of pedestrians like a paradise of Neyythal Land. The cottage was situated in the middle of a plot surrounded by a rectangular bamboo fence. The walls of the cottage were constructed by piling uniform bamboo trunks perpendicular to the ground. The roof of the cottage was fabricated by a spread of woven coconut leaves. A convoy of white doves twittered around the area like a choir of singers.

That cottage was the residence of Prof Sukran, the famous physician of Neyythal Land. He was worshipped by the citizens of Neyythal Land as a wizard capable to control even god. He was a renowned medical scientist with many laurels on his cap, for the discovery of wonderful medicines for curing variety of diseases. The best magic medicine, which sang his fame was Silajit, a cure for almost all diseases. He established a residential university at a distance of about two kilometers from his residence. His curriculum laid more stress to medicine and the arts of warfare. To add feather to his cap, he was the chief general of Neyythal army.

A beautiful damsel emerged from the cottage, to push the newly bloomed blossoms to the disease of jealousy. She was Vanathi, the only offspring of prof Sukran, the gift of Neyythal Land. Prof Sukran taught her all arts to transform her as a girl of prowess from childhood. As per his expectation, the fame of Vanathi crossed the frontiers of Neyythal Land as a tigress of Neyythal land. There was a rumor that, if there occurred a competition between prof Sukran and Vanathi, the victory would surrender the feet of Vanathi.

Vanathi roamed through the garden for a span of time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Impressed by her glittering beauty, two doves flew towards her and sat on her shoulders to chirp her praise. The dancing Gerbera flowers in gentle breeze sowed abundant seeds of joy in the field of her mind.

“Wow! The dancing flowers enchant me to fly like a butterfly. I wonder, as if the colors on a rainbow is scattered into flowers in my garden. The cottage of my dad appears to me a paradise on the surface of the earth” hailed Vanathi, hugging a dove on her chest assuming it as the robber of her heart.

“Prince, I am waiting for your embracement for the past ten years. When will you appear before me, like a rising sun for the blooming of this Vanathi lotus? Kindly blow towards me like a gentle breeze to rob the fragrance of my virginity” incited Vanathi impishly.

Vanathi was a milky white damsel like double giant daisy flower. Her high structure was adorned by her thin waist with lower and upper fertility. Her training in variety of skills added to her a strait posture of fearlessness. The sandal wood colored silk skirt, blouse and half saree helped a lot to illuminate her charms. She wore only one pearl chain to boost her glamorous style. The pearl bangles on her hands and the anklets on her legs reflected the purity of her mind.

Two tufts of hairs crossed her both ears, and oscillated like two light weight springs, giving the appearance of two beetles roaming around a newly bloomed lotus, searching for honey drops. The spirals of dark hairs vibrated in breeze like dancing cobras. In a nutshell, she looked like the most beautiful angel of heaven, for distant vision.

Vanathi saw a cotton shoulder bag, hanging on the branch of a tree. She drew the bag carefully, and hung on her left shoulder, for the collection of varieties of medicinal plants for the manufacture of magic medicines. She bounced on her black horse and accelerated it through the midst of colonnades of trees. Her eyes were on constant rotation for the search of medicinal plants of her choice, like a brood of chicks wandering for scattered grains.

After a span of time, Vanathi glanced the sprend of a rare medicinal plant in a meadow. She stopped her horse by a pull and jumped to the floor like a skillful squirrel. She drew the greenish plants with its fibrous root system and preserved in her shoulder bag like a treasure of diamonds. When she shifted towards her horse, a sweet fragrance penetrated her nostrils and attracted her attention in that direction. She saw the vast spread of a jack tree, like a green monster with hundreds of hands. The central trunk of the tree penetrated the sky like a Palmyra tree.

Vanathi saw clusters of jack fruits hanging from the branches of the tree like hanging baskets painted green. A squirrel was penetrating the thick skin of a ripe jack fruit to taste the fleshy pulp. She had enough experience in eating that rare variety of sweet jack fruit, which exceeded the taste of ambrosia of heaven mixed with honey drops. The fragrance of the jack fruit attracted her attention like a huge magnet pulling an iron doll. The process of salivation in her mouth diverted her mind towards her intimate father. The juicy pulp of that special jack fruit was on the top in the list of favorable dishes of her loving father. “Aha! What a rare chance to see the blooming face of my dad! I will feed juicy jack fruit fragments into the mouth of my dad with my own hands to glance the mirth on his face. What a golden opportunity to serve my dad as his own mother!” jollified Vanathi, gazing the ripe jackfruit as a gift of God.

Vanathi had high interest to win valor competitions. She wished to feed her father with a portion of the jack fruit for the joy of both of them. Since her mother died at child birth, she transformed into a pet of her father, worshipping him as a living god. She had a love brimming heart, ready to die thousands of times, for a little happiness of her father. So Vanathi decided o pluck the jack fruit, assuming the endeavor as a participation in a prowess rivalry.

Vanathi sprang high into the sky from her horse, like a tigress on action. She caught the branch of the jack tree like an expert acrobat and bounced of the adjacent branches like an experienced squirrel. By repeated rebounds, she reached the branch of the tree with that ripe jack fruit. She walked carefully on the branch of the tree and approached victoriously to the vicinity of the jack fruit.

At that instant, Vanathi focused her vision to the surface of the earth. To her shock the floor appeared to be at infinite deep from her, like a mysterious Netherland. Her eye sight blurred instantly and she fell into the influence of giddiness. There was a flash of mirage in her brain, as if the jack tree rotates in a vertical direction, like the wheel of a cart. She stretched on the branch of the tree and grasped it tightly like the strong clutch of an iguana.

Vanathi remained static for a span of time, with closed eyes and frozen thinking. She felt the rise of confidence level in her mind, like the circulation of blood through the capillaries. She was a damsel of indomitable willpower, who hated to shift her legs behind, even if her future was in a labyrinth of risks. She learnt the technique of moving forward towards the target, breaking the intruding obstacles courageously from the experiences of her father.

The sensory nerves of her eyes conducted only the vision of the ripe jack fruit to her brain. She stretched her right hand downward towards the jack fruit and grasped its stalk to pluck the fruit from the tree. When she pulled to catch the fruit, it slipped from her hand like a rattle snake. The fruit bombarded with the hard crust of the earth with a loud noise and burst to scatter in to pieces around the area.

The wizardry fate decided to push her into the anguish of turmoil. The branch of the tree broke suddenly due to her weight. She moved downwards breaking a number of tiny branches, like a beautiful angel jumped from the sky to snatch the jack fruit. The broken edge of a branch penetrated the upper edge of her shawl and established a brake to her swift downward movement. Since the lower edge of her shawl was attached with the belt of her skirt by a hook, she oscillated in the midst of the sky, like a swing. She raised her both hands up and held the shawl tight for increasing safety.

During this time, a white horse galloped through the forest. Prince Kuttuvan, the prince of Neyythal Land, sat on the horse upright graciously, like the great Indian Emperor Asoka. Prince Kuttuvan was a youth of age around twenty and height above six feet, with a pale yellow color complexion. His lean structure resembled the enlarged form of a uniform bamboo trunk without nodes. Though his hands appeared like sugarcane, they were the most powerful to handle weapons of war. He had a strong mind to take instant decisions, behind the glamorous face of a damsel. The spread of innocence on his face was the influence of his depth of learning of world knowledge and strength of training in all arts of warfare. There was a blow of a spiral wind behind him at a distance, like his own shadow.

Vanathi heard the galloping sound of the horse approaching her fast like a streak of lightning. Her face bloomed instantly like a lotus flower at sun rise. “Aha! God send the angel of my heart to lift me into the joy of heaven. Prince Kuttuvan! Rush fast to embrace me tightly on your chest” lamented Vanathi lewdly.

When he reached the shade of the jack tree, he noticed Vanathi floating in air like a gleaming angel. Her dress shifted at important locations and exposed treasures of beauty to the joy of his eyes. His eyes crossed his control to rob the beauty of the flesh doll.

“Angel, your sparkling beauty tries to blind my eyes. Your oscillation in the sky vibrates my senses to a fairy land. Kindly illuminate Neyythal Land by your gracious appearance on the surface of the earth” motivated Prince Kuttuvan, expanding his eyes in wonder.

“Prince, I am hanging in the sky to bless you with victory. Why don’t you give me a space on your shoulder?” negotiated Vanathi with a burst of laugher, like the color display of a sparkler.

A shade of happiness illuminated his face instantly. His joy pushed his imagination into the breadth of the sky, as if on wings. The tensions that boiled his mind till then cooled spontaneously, as if there was a shower of ice cold droplets of water. The familiarity of his name to the angel of heaven sowed seeds of thrill into his nervous system. He floated on the waves of proudness, for the crossing his fame through the borders of heaven, to the level of an angel asking a seat on his shoulder. At that instant, Vanathi heard the sharp sound of tearing of her shawl. At any time, she might fall on the ground to scatter into fragments exactly like the ripe jack fruit.

“Angel, I will construct a temple of adornment in my heart for your dwelling. I regard this golden opportunity to lift you on my shoulder as a blessing of god” owed Prince Kuttuvan, jumping down from his horse garishly.

“Devotee, don’t waste time. Rush to receive the grace of your angel” persuaded Vanathi pathetically. The last thread of her shawl teared off and pushed Vanathi towards the earth like an unwanted burden. Prince Kuttuvan jumped on the floor and held Vanathi on his shoulder, like a garland of orchid flowers. Prince kuttuvan stood froze like an ice doll, carrying Vanathi on his shoulder, forgetting the lapse of time. The whirl wind that followed prince reached the branch of another tree and transformed into forest nymph Santra.

“Prince, Do I weigh heavily to crush your nerves?”

“No angel. You are soft like peacock feather”

“Prince, Do you feel suffocation to carry me?”

“No angel. I float in the sky of joy.”

“Prince. I am crazy to travel on your shoulder. Will me warm my heart, carrying me to a distance?”

“It is a lucky treasure to carry you on my shoulder. I am ready to carry you in my heart to the edge of the world”

“How much time you can bear my weight prince?”

“I can embrace you for my whole life time”

“Are you sure prince? Can I believe your words?”

“I won’t breach my words. You can believe my words, as if carved on stone”

Prince Kuttuvan walked to a distance, carrying Vanathi on his shoulder, like a bundle of uncompressed cotton.

“Thank you very much for your service. I will remember this joyous journey as the best experience of my life” quantified Vanathi quietly.

Vanathi lifted her right leg from his shoulder, twisted her body to face him, grasped his neck tactfully with both hands and glided down slowly, keeping her body in close contact with his chest. Her wet lips rubbed his right cheek, and her erect nipples pressed his chest, originating hot waves throughout his nervous system. Prince Kuttuvan stared her bulges with a torch of hotness. Vanathi witnessed the spark in his face and the intensity of flame in his stare. She studied clearly the direction of orientation of his eyes and spread shades of shyness on her face.

“Which attracts your attention like a storm?” relegated Vanathi, vibrating her eyelashes like the fluttering of the wings of a butterfly. She bit her lips softly as a hot call to share her warmth.

“Angel, I am on imagination about the time of blooming of both lotus buds”

“Those are magic buds having no blooming”

“Angel, the flower buds are wonderful. The plant as a whole is mind catching”

“Alas! The holy mouth of Prince Kuttuvan sings sexy song. I can’t believe my own ears”

“Angel, Prince Kuttuvan is not a stone statue to stand inert. My eyes are lucky today to see such an accumulated form of beauty”

“The prince of Neyythal Land is famous for universal brotherhood. All the damsels of Neyythal Land respect him as their own brother”

“Do you want the respect of a brother from this prince? Where do I search an angel for decorating the throne as future queen?”

“Prince, you are an universal hero like the rising sun. I am just a glowworm, showing illumination only in darkness”

The word glowworm produced spark in his heart. That was a word used often by his childhood girl friend Vanathi. The shoulder bag with medicinal plants on her horse proved the identity of the angel, without any bubble of doubt.

“Angel, a glow worm is sufficient to drive the darkness in the heart of this prince. Our meeting of wonder pushed my joy beyond the level of heaven”

“How do we cross the vast status gap between us?”

“Prince Kuttuvan is an adamant youth. No barriers can stand on his path of progress. Angel of the Earth! I understood your identity. I am happy for this joyous meeting after a span of ten years”

“Have you seen this poor girl earlier?”

“No. I have heard about your fame”

“You saw a coward hanging in the sky, unable to pluck even a jack fruit for her father. Am I correct prince?”

“Vanathi, you are a miracle to the citizens of Neyythal Land. Your fame flies on wings as the best physician of Neyythal land”

“That name doesn’t erase my failure as a coward”

“I heard our citizens singing your praise as a tigress of Neyythal Land. According to them you are the only soldier on the surface of the earth to give tough resistance to Prince Kuttuvan”

“I stand in shame in front of you as a dastard. Do you refer me as a tigress?”

“Vanathi, I knew your valor as a tigress of Neyythal land.”

“Don’t you forget my name till now? How did you neglect me for the past ten years?” surprised Vanathi, tear drops rolling down her eyes like sparkling pearls.

“Vanathi, kindly don’t remind our bitter past. Let us fly forward like a happy couple of love birds” truckled Prince Kuttuvan with tear oozing wet eyes.

“Prince, will you please accept a favour from this poor girl?”

“I am ready to swallow even poison on your golden hand”

“I am not that little lass of innocence. I am a virgin ready to serve you a hot feast.”

Suddenly Vanathi pulled him and embraced him on her chest. She gave a warm kiss on his forehead. “Prince, you have freedom to taste this ripe fruit as per your convenience” urged Vanathi, rubbing his face with her wet lips to originate waves of sexomagnetic Induction.

“Vanathi, kindly excuse me for the misbehavior of that lad. I have no energy to touch you before our marriage.”

“Prince, I am ready to serve you a warm bath. Kindly accept me without guilty consciousness of the past”

Prince Kuttuvan folded his both hands backwards to avoid unworthy games. Sensing his artificial inertness, Vanathi gave a hot lip to lip kiss. Then she took a jack fruit pulp, removed the seed and fed a portion of the juicy flesh into his mouth, adding her deep love to enhance it taste. “Sweety, I love you very much. We are a perfect match for the progress of our Neyythal Land. I shall consult our king for our early marriage” vitalized prince Kuttuvan, pulling her to his chest with love.

“Darling, kindly don’t fly on the wings of doubt for my open heartedness. I am a real virgin and promise to preserve chastity till my death, physically and mentally” witched Vanathi, sucking skillfully a portion of chewed jack flesh, from his mouth by the spread of her tongue.

“Sweety, we shall meet frequently to share our hearts. Almighty will shower his blessings on us to live a joyous united life for hundred years” annunciated prince Kuttuvan amorously. He bounced on the horse quickly like a crafty tiger and his horse galloped away from her like a flash of lightning.

Vanathi collected good pulps of Jack fruit in her shoulder bag to enlighten her father. She rebounded on her horse and pushed it towards her cottage. Her imagination flew fast towards the palace of Neyythal Land to share her love with the prince of her heart.

The magnetic fortress stood like an undefeatable monster of indomitable strength. The bright full moon light illuminated the fortress to enhance its grandeur to push all spectators to a wonderland. In the middle of the campus of magnetic fortress, the royal palace of the king sparkled with sky high embellishment like the palace of god in heaven. The architectural adornment of the palace sowed seeds of wonder in the hearts of the spectators. There was a long row of thousand identical castles with artful adornments.

Inside the royal palace, there was a special assembly for the discussion of urgent confidential matters. The interior wall of the assembly was well decorated by the installation of statues of dancing girls with well developed sensitive spots. The statues were arranged as a row on the wall at a depth with square border projections. Such an artistic emblazon enhanced the dazzling brilliance of the assembly beyond description. King Gangan planned to use the hall for spending his leisure, enjoying variety of artistic performance of dancing girls.

There was a large circular teak wood table in the middle of the assembly. There was a throne at one side of the circular table of splendor and nine more chairs of lower dignity. Exactly opposite to the throne, there was a stage with an array of variety of musical instruments at the back. Generally King Gangan was interested to look dancing girls in scanty dresses, during discussion of minor issues.

The penetration of Prince Kuttuvan into the inauguration function caused heavy turbulence in the campus of the magnetic fortress. King Gangan firmly believed that their chasing efforts ended in the pitiable death of Prince Kuttuvan, dipping into the vortex of water currents. “Majestic King, our bitter enemy died in the depth of the ocean. There is no chance for his escape. We shall arrange for advance celebration for our victory over Neyythal Land. This is the right time to establish our supremacy on Neyythal Land” bemused captain Vindan balmily.

“Vindan, Prince Kuttuvan is not a meek lamb to die in suffocation. He is the best disciple of Prof Sukran, the famous wizard of Neyythal Land. He may have trained Prince Kuttuvan in magic skills to escape from any danger” circulated King Gangan, lowering the confidence level of captain Vindan.

“Majestic King, we enhanced our strength to the limit of heaven. No king on this earth has power to besiege our magnetic fortress. You are the mightiest king in Hindustan” divulged captain Vindan to rise into the good book of dictator King Gangan.

When King Gangan returned to the magnetic fortress, his teacher Guru Kanakan waited to hear the news of his victory. “I hope positive result in your expedition. Do we expect more hindrance from the prince of Neyythal Land?” emphasized Guru Kanakan emphatically.

“Sir, I can’t believe the death of Prince Kuttuvan as an easy joke. He may germinate at a critical moments with increased vigor. We should be alert always to give him a tough resistance” fumed King Gangan frantically.

When they entered into the magnetic fort, King Kangan saw soldiers were on vigilance on the fort, with bow and arrows or sharp spears, like an array of active ants. “King, our soldiers on the fortress use weapons without the risk of attraction of the magnetic fortress. Is there any secret behind this occurrence of strangeness?” grilled Guru Kanakan gingerly.

“Sir, generally soldiers use iron weapons of warfare. Strong magnets have high capacity to attract iron articles. Our soldiers on the fortress use tools fabricated by nonmagnetic materials” hailed King Gangan, with a tone of pride for his achievement of great wisdom.

“Majestic King, I find no apt words to sing the praise of your sharpness of mind. I should see you on the throne as the emperor of united Hindustan. We shall discuss about the preliminary arrangements required for the establishment of such a stable empire under one royal umbrella” idealized Kanakan intently.

“Master, I am on boiling eager to know the mystery behind the construction of thousand identical castles inside the campus of magnetic fortress. I constructed a well designed amusement auditorium inside the royal palace for secret discussions. We shall analyze the merits of your idea of novelty, in the midst of artistic dance of girls of charm” jollified King Gangan, diverting his motion towards the royal palace of wonderful adornment.

They entered into the pastime auditorium and occupied favorable seats for a long discussion. A bevy of slim waist girls appeared on the art stage. Five girls took different types of music instruments and began to tune enchanting music. Five girls stood on a row and started to sing a sweet song, stressing more importance to strange intermittent humming. Ten slim girls executed rhythmic wavy dance, giving more importance to the vibration of sensitive areas of bulges.

“Sir, kindly open the golden gate of secret behind the construction of thousand identical mini castles inside the campus of magnetic fortress” kindled King Gangan, watching the symmetric movements of the dancing girls on the stage.

“Majestic King, once you instigated your willingness to form a consolidated Hindustan Empire, uniting all the thousands of scattered petty states into one mass. I advised you to construct thousand identical castles as a first step to bring your dream to reality”

“Sir, I can’t imagine a relationship between my dream project of united Hindustan Empire and thousand castles inside the magnetic fortress”

“Certainly there exists an inner relationship sir. Can you suggest a strategy to win all the petty rulers of thousands of principalities of Hindustan?”

“We shall organize a horse sacrificial ceremony and drive the horse to cross all the states in Hindustan. No petty king has power to hinder the journey of our horse, since our vast army is behind the horse as its tail. Even if a king try to stop our horse, we shall easily defeat him and annexe his state with our kingdom”

“Majestic King, our idea for the formation of an united Kingdom seems to be ideal. But we can’t control the fissiparous forces that develop in different states. Our united kingdom will scatter into more fragments like a conglomeration of gooseberry”

“Sir, How can we establish a stable government with mutual cohesive force between different states? I wish to form a strong empire united by same blood”

“There is only one possibility to crystalize your dream into reality. All states should be kept under the administration of your own offspring. The total power of administration of the confederation should be on your hands”

“Alas! A king with thousands of children is a fantasy not heard even in mythology. Sir, how can you fabricate your imagination into reality?”

“Majestic King, There may be showers of criticisms on the path of our progress. Striking stones are common for a tree with ripe mangoes”

“Sir, I can’t imagine the depth of your idea. Kindly illuminate the details of your strategy of novelty”

“Though my Idea appears to be ridiculous, you will pluck sweet fruits of success”

“Sir, I believe your worth. We shall implement your plans with strenuous efforts. Don’t hesitate to expose your talent to limelight”

“We shall select thousand beautiful damsels as our queens. We shall use the thousand castles inside the magnetic fortress for the residence of our queens.”

“Sir, your idea appears to be good. We shall conduct the horse sacrificial ceremony after the growth of my children. This is the best idea for the establishment of a strong united Hindustan Empire. Your fame will reach the heights of heaven as the best teacher of Marutha Land” lauded King Gangan, flying into the height of the sky in exploding joy.

“Aha! What a sweet idea to taste the honey drops of fresh blooms! If I execute this plan with little craftiness of my brain, there will be continuous showers of fresh damsels into my Zenana” masked King Gangan within his heart, gazing with a glow in his outer eyes.

“The first step in our implementation programme for the formation of Hindustan Empire is the collection of thousand meritorious damsels to act as our queens. This appears to be the most difficult task in our strategy of approach. The successful completion of this stage may require much time, energy and resources” notified Kanakan nimbly.

“Sir, take your own time for the collection process. I have only one condition to give significant stress. The selected damsels should intoxicate me at first sight like a powerful palm wine. I can’t allow ugly ghosts into my Zenana” obligated King Gangan, with a determined voice of stability.

“Majestic King, Don’t worry. I shall select thousand angels on the earth with perfect complexion and structure to your wonder” promised captain Vindan precisely.

“Sir, kindly implement the strategy with perfect planning to avoid internal disturbances. Use the force of the government only at emergency” quothed King Gangan, flying on the wings of imagination to assess the possible outgrowth of the collection process.

“King, we shall summon our special assembly consisting of our army chiefs at today night for a thorough discussion of the issue. We will chart out clear steps to complete the collection process with perfect efficiency” remarked Captain Vindan, with a spread of excessive mirth on his face.

As per the instruction of the Prime Minister Kanakan, the special assembly of Marutha Land convened at night. The cavalry captain Vindan. infantry chief Murukan and Elephant army general Vannan entered the assembly hall in time. Only after a long span of time, King Gangan and the Prime Minister Kanakan appeared in the assembly like two twin stars in the sky.

“Army chiefs, our king wishes to unite all tiny states in Hindustan with our Marutha Land to form a vast Marutha Empire. He expects your whole hearted guidance and endeavors for the establishment of such a united Marutha Empire” summarized Kanakan, staring their faces sharply to study the colors of their inner minds.

“The expansion of the Marutha Land is the most urgent need of the time. Our fame should cross the frontiers of Hindustan as the most valorous clan of the word. We are ready to sacrifice our body, resources and soul to bring the whole world under the royal umbrella of our prestigious king” tuned captain Vindan to divert the attention of the king in a favorable direction.

“Our king wishes to conduct a horse sacrificial ceremony, after a period of time. He wants to annex all the petty states crossed by the sacred horse with our state. He likes to transfer the administrative power of the states to his own blood related children. This procedure requires large number of children born on his own blood” ushered captain Vindan uniquely.

“Captains, thousand castles were constructed inside the magnetic fortress for the residence of thousand queens. Our urgent need of this time is collections of thousand beautiful damsels. This is the first step in our plan to expand Marutha Land into Marutha Empire” validated King Gangan, to energize their mind against their turbulences in the implementation process of the tedious scheme.

The faces of the three captains were completely inert, like hard stone statues, without any display of shades of colors in their inner mind. A slightest negative emission would be fatal to their health. Realizing the critical emergency, they slowly spread brightness on their faces, like glowworms in the depth of darkness. “Vindan, we wish to hear your ideas about the pros and cons of our scheme for the formation of a stable Marutha Empire” whispered Guru Kanakan wistfully.

Captain Vindan was shocked heavily. He illuminated his face with an artificial light of mirth, like a good actor on the stage of a live drama. “Sir, your wonderful idea of formation of an united Marutha Empire is a gift of God. This will help to sing the song of our praise, till the universe exists. Your superb idea will cause miracles in the political history of the world,” yarned captain Vindan yawningly.

“Murugan, what is your opinion about selecting thousand queens to Marutha Land for its future expansion? Can you guess any defect in our strategy of approach?” asked King Gangan, with a soft tone of a hermit to attract him to expose his heart.

“Aha! This is the best idea to be printed in golden letters in the annals of history. Our numerous offsprings will help a lot to stabilize the Marutha Empire. The blessings of god will be behind us like our own shadow to realize our sky high aim” blandished captain Murugan, arranging selected words like a wreath of fragrant flowers.

“Vannan, we convened the assembly to discuss the merits and demerits of our plan to establish a united Marutha Empire, which will endure for hundreds of years against the devastating currents of ages. So kindly expose the fissiparous forces existing against our glorious dream,” cumbered Guru Kanakan charily.

“Sir, The process of sending a sacrificial horse to establish our supremacy is the best concept adopted by our ancestors. Stabilizing the annexed principalities by the able administration of our offspring is the latest idea of novelty. I can’t imagine any loophole in such of system of perfect craftiness.” declared captain Vannan to escape from the horrible grasp of danger.

The face of King Gangan bloomed instantly in happiness like the bursting of a tourbillion in the sky. His imagination flew into the vast spread of the sky like a kite. During that short spell of time, his brain discovered a latest technology for the continuous showering of fresh flowers, removing the withered old ones from his flower garden of magnetic fortress. Sharp silence ruled the place for span of time like a crowd of ghosts in darkness.

“Majestic King, our three captains lauded the worthiness of our plan for the establishment of a Marutha Empire. As a first step, we have to search a formula for the collection of thousand beautiful damsels. In this regard, we expect a good idea from the sharp brain of captain Vindan” elaborated Guru Kanakan, emitting words like a spark of fire.

The three captains shivered in terror, as if standing before blood thirsty tigers in a dense forest, without any weapon for defense. Captain Selvan sat with faded face, immersed in the depth of silence, as if his lips were joined together by a strong adhesive. His face tilted down, expecting a sudden thunder from the clear sky. “Collection of thousand virtuous damsels is a real tedious process. I expect captain Vindan to untie the labyrinth of knots to solve the problem. If you remain idle, keeping your mouth tightly closed, you won’t find another opportunity to speak” fired Guru Kanakan, with a bursting laughter.

A guillotine appeared in the imagination of captain Vindan like an abrupt lightning stroke. He stood like a toy in unstable equilibrium. When he opened his mouth to explain his idea, words refused to originate. He drowned into the depth of a false sensation, as if his head was expanding rapidly for a sudden explosion. “Vindan, Be ready for a running competition on the pavement of the moat around our magnetic fortress” gnawed Guru Kanakan, staring him sharply in boiling anger.

“Sir, millions of our damsels will on queue to marry our honourble king” hailed captain Vindan heroically.

“Aha! Very good idea! We shall select thousand glamorous damsels from our own country” inflated guru Kanakan ingeniously.

“Vindan, Don’t fly on imagination. Let us chart out a plan of action for the collection of damsels of our expectation. Don’t use coercion in the selection of damsels from our own country” jingled Guru Kanakan, smiling like a greedy beetle.

“Majestic King, we shall follow democratic procedures for the selection of damsels of our taste. Sporadic uproar is unavoidable when a scheme of novelty is implemented” keyed captain Vindan kittenishly.

“You use beadles to announce the selection procedures of queens throughout our kingdom. Display the news only to ten villages daily to avoid stampede due to overcrowding. Pass orders to assemble the damsels in front of our magnetic fortress. The selection process should continue for ten days” legalized King Gangan, with a smile of happiness due to increased confidence level on the success of their plan.

“Vindan, The whole responsibility of the selection of queens is vested on your head. You depute your cavalry to spread the news to the nook and corners of Marutha Land. Any type of resistance should be crushed immediately with iron hands. Our three captains should work united for the success of our plan to the Zenith of perfection” mediated Guru Kanakan, floating on the imagination of a stable Marutha Empire.

“Captains, penetration of any defect in your selection process will shift you on the stage of scorching troubles. The selection process must stress equal weightage to purity and beauty. A tart won’t enter into my palace in the disguise of a virgin” necessitated King Gangan noxiously.

King Gangan left the assembly like a swift, giving them freedom for choosing the selection procedures. After his complete disappearance, the three captains got relief from the worry of immediate death. “Sir, how can we judge the virginity of a girl by a mere glance? Sharp daggers are waiting to pierce our hearts at any moment” obstructed captain Vindan, with a tone of turbulence.

“Don’t shiver like a coward. No dagger is on aim to suck your soul. Certainly hungry flying crocodiles are waiting to taste your juicy flesh” panicked Guru Kanakan predominantly.

“Sir, No one can always remain on the good book of an autocrat. One day, the climate will change against you. Don’t insult us like beggars on the street” quipped captain Murugan, staring with a flare of anger on his face.

“Sir, you added oil to the flame to roast the innocent people in the misery of continuous war. Certainly god will direct the hotness of sin to your chest” raved captain Vannan, waving his right hand as a symbol of warning.

“Dear friends, kindly don’t fly in horror. I just sprayed words as a joke, on the trust of tight friendship between us. To a flimsy heart shivering in the waves of fear, all dark corners appear to be the domiciles of vampires” scalped Guru Kanakan, with a gleam of smile on his face.

“Sorry sir. What can we do to identify virgin girls of purity?”

“Vindan, Give a sharp warning announcement to filter the virgin girls of sky high glamour.”

“How can we frame such a warning signal sir?”

“Are you a milk sucking child? Stress a condition for the entry into the selection campus”

“Only virgin girls of sharp intelligence and high beauty will be allowed for interview. Deceptive girls will be thrown to the moat as food to the flying crocodiles. Is this announcement enough for the flow of virgin girls?’

“Certainly such an announcement will diminish our work load of selection procedure”

“Inspite of our strict filtration process, some experienced girls may escape our eyes by their excessive glamour and cunningness. What can we do to isolate such girls with sharpness of mind?”

“Don’t worry about such a girl of high craftiness. She will catch the eyes of our king as the best damsel of merits” tittered Guru Kanakan treacherously.

On the next day morning, the royal announcement penetrated the atmosphere of Marutha Land like a whirl wind. There occurred strong roar of protests against the selection of thousand queens to their mother Land. The spread of the idea of formation of united Marutha Empire diminished the strength of fissiparous forces. The people on the street were slaughtered mercilessly by the royal forces like a fold of sheep hunted by a pack of hounds. The roars that stirred the atmosphere of Marutha Land like the sudden eruption of a cylone vanished completely like a puff of smoke.

A temporary pavilion was constructed near the magnetic fortress as a Venu for the selection of damsels. The pavement to the pavilion was well decorated with artistical cuttings of tender coconut leaves and garlands of fragrant flowers. The interior of the pavilion was emblazoned with wreaths of orchid flowers in vases. There was an elevated stage at one side with four chairs of embellishment. To add grandeur to the stage of selection committee, four glamorous bronze statues of dancing girls were arranged at the four corners of the stage. The long desk before the set of four chairs was covered by a beautiful silk shawl with artistic embroidery designs. Ten identical flower vases with bunches of giant vanda flowers of different colours were arranged on the desk on a row.

Serial numbers of the thousand castles were written at the right corners inside a circle. The wardrobes of the palace were filled with costly clothes and jewels of latest designs, sufficient for the adornment of a queen. The store rooms of the castles were dumped with variety of food grains and vegetables. An educated servant maid was ready in all castles to welcome the new queen. To avoid the diffusion of gents around the area of the castles, women guards were on parade on horses, some with sharp spears and the others with bow and arrows.

Two arrays of young ladies in milky white uniform waited on both sides of the pavement to the pavilion to welcome the damsels. Five such ladies were on service inside the pavilion. Hundred chairs were arranged in ten rows to receive the damsels to the interview. The three captains of the army entered into the hall, under the leadership of Guru Kanakan, the prestigious prime minister of Marutha Land. When the judges of the selection committee occupied their seats on the stage, two servant maids kept a wooden box full of gold coins at a corner of the stage.

The ladies on service inside the pavilion moved towards the stage to greet the judges. “Sir, Every arrangements are completed perfectly, for the commencement of the interview. The damsels are waiting outside the hall on a queue. We are waiting for further orders” urged a lady, with a sweet voice of a cuckoo.

“Send only hundred damsels into the interview hall, one by one in order. Two maids should be inside the pavilion to maintain order” ventilated captain Vindan voluntarily.

The damsels were allowed one by one inside the interview hall. The four judges on the stage watched sharply the slightest movement of the damsels. The ladies on uniform guided the damsels on the chairs in order. The chairs were allotted number from one to hundred, for easy identification of the damsels.

Captain Vindan stood up slowly and studied the girls one by one. All of them appeared to be the blooms of starvation. “Girls, we are happy to welcome you on behalf of our king. The queens of Marutha Land must be talented to study all forms of arts. They should have strong mind to learn all types of warfare. Inefficient feeble minded girls will be summarily rejected,” whooped captain Vindan wildly.

“Stupid Girls, All of you stand up. You all appear to be inefficient cowards, fit for nothing. Why did you come for interview to waste our precious time?” warned Guru Kanakan, with a fire of anger in his tone.

Girls stood up at different rates and with different color shades on their faces. The four judges analyzed their behavioral pattern carefully. “Useless bitches, permission granted to only eligible girls to take the seats” yelled captain Vindan, vibrating his right hand as a warning signal. The girls occupied the seats one by one at different speed, immersed in the depth of thoughts.

After a span of time, Guru Kanakan stood up and stared the girls from first to the last. “Girls, The most important character of a queen is purity in word, mind and deed. Only virgin girls will be permitted for entry in to the campus of the magnetic fortress. The others will be pushed into the moat with blood thirsty flying crocodiles” admonished Guru Kanakan abusively. He took a time interval to study the changing pattern of sensations on the face of damsels.

“Girls, our next programme is a special type of virginity test. You have to run around the pavilion at slow pace for three rounds. Red carpet is spread on the path of your running. Our guide will run first as a model for the running race. You should follow her according to the order assigned to you. Red paint will stick to the feet of girls who lost virginity” bellowed captain Vindan biliously.

One maid on uniform began the running race. She ran slowly like a deer on a trip of joy. The damsels accompanied on her path. After returning to the seats, two girls shifted their legs to study the sticking of red color on their feet. Their faces gleamed on the absence of red color. The four judges watched all the movements and color changes of the damsels keenly. They conducted a short discussion session to finalize the result.

“Dear girls, kindly excuse us for the harsh words spoken by us. They are used with a purpose to study your behavioral pattern. From this session of the interview, we selected five damsels to act as future queens of Marutha Land. They are damsels on chairs 5, 24, 48, 82 and 97. The other damsels are blessed with a prize of one gold coin per head” conveyed captain Vindan, eyes shining like glow worms in excessive mirth.

The ladies on uniform distributed the gold coins to the unselected damsels as per the order of captain Vindan. “Damsels, our best wishes are always with you as a guiding force. Hearty greetings for a prosperous future” enticed captain Vindan earnestly. The unselected damsels were sent out of the pavilion through another gate.

Captain Vindan turned to the selected girls with bloomed face of victory. “Dear angels, you are selected as the queens of Marutha land. One castle with all amenities is allotted for each queen inside the magnetic fortress. You have a wonderful collection of fabrics. You should boost your glamour by limiting eating habits and doing strenuous physical exercises. The process of interview will continuous for ten days. After the completion of selection process, you will be given literacy education, warfare training and exposure to variety of arts. Marks will be allotted according to your merits. On the basis of your rank of achievement, you will be introduced to our king. Only your increased abilities will help to shorten the distance between you and the king. So you should utilize your time positively to enhance your worth” flabbergasted captain Vindan, to focus the attention of the selected damsels to the streamlined flow of life as queens of Marutha Land.

Those beautiful girls emerged from the lower strata of poverty, like the blooming of charming Lotus on dirty water. Realizing their climb on the steps of the ladder of victory, they smiled in joy like fresh gerbera flowers. Captain Vindan called two ladies on duty, by a soft clap of his hands.

“Maids, from today these five damsels are honorable queens of Marutha Land. Kindly allot them castles on the basis of their seat number to avoid confusion. Instruct the servant maids in the castles to help the queens to transform all their desires into reality” gingered captain Vindan genuinely.

The selection process continued till sun set. On the first day, the selection committee was successful in the identification of only nineteen damsels, with all the qualities demanded by King Gangan. The process of the interview continued for ten days and the team of judges was successful in the selection of two hundred damsels of merits.

On the tenth day night, the special assembly gathered to analyze the possibility of collection of thousand damsels to fill the castles in the campus of the glorious magnetic fortress. The three captains of the army entered the assembly earlier and waited for the arrival of the king with excessive nervousness, as if on a hot furnace. They expected the approach of a danger to push them into the shiver of worry, like the sudden attack of a roaring tsunami wave.

After an efflux of time, King Gangan entered into the assembly hall like a gentle breeze. As per their expectation, Prime Minister Kanakan followed him like his humble shadow. To vibrate their nerves in higher worry, the shadow shifted to the front to activate the breeze into a whirl storm. After formal greeting, the discussion gained towards the central topic of hotness. “Friends, Do we gain enough energy to fill our castles with damsels? What is the level of achievement in our selection process?” heckled King Gangan, shifting his glance from captain Vindan to captain Vannan to study the color of sensation on their faces.

“Majestic King, our first effort to collect thousand damsels failed to hit the targets. Only two hundred damsels diffused through our screening test. We have to rely on some other crafty strategy to climb on the peak of victory” interpreted for his failure captain Vindan, displaying grief on his face to show melancholy.

“Honorable king, only girls from lower strata of poverty attended our selection camp. The girls from affluent society completely neglected our order. This exposes the black side of our scheme” justified captain Vannan judiciously. Fortunately, due to his deep involvement in excessive thinking for a favorable solution, King Gangan failed to notice the last portion of his remark. Guru Kanakan focused his burning eyes on the face of captain Vindan as a hot warning signal.

“Vindan, A drop in our planned efforts will be a black mark of failure to our future. I am on strong motivation to form a stable Marutha Empire. It is your duty to transform my dreams of imagination into reality of victory. Let us choose another strategy to collect the remaining damsels’ lectured King Gangan languidly.

“Let us pull beautiful damsels of aristocratic families by force. No stag has power to penetrate the strength of our magnetic fortress” messed Guru Kanakan, without thinking about the consequences of violent encroachment on human rights.

“Majestic King, A deviation from righteousness is not good for the prosperity of our country. A state built on the hatred of citizens will collapse like a structure built on sandy soil without strong foundation. No king can reach the joy of paradise walking on the corpse of his slaughtered citizens” nixed Captain Vindan naturalistically.

“Majestic King, Let us assume this opportunity as a challenge to prove our valor. We shall collect the remaining damsels from our neighboring countries. This is the best option to establish our supremacy” obtruded Guru Kanakan to show his orientation to form a stable Marutha Empire.

“Sir, The army of Neyythal Land is well organized under the leadership of Prince Kuttuvan. We will be victorious to capture damsels only after heavy blood shed. Even the death of Prince Kuttuvan is not confirmed by our espionage department. Why should we take such heavy risk for a minor objective?” placated captain Murugan, glancing the face of others to gather their opinions.

“Majestic King, The Kurinji Land is on chaos of turmoil due to the internal conflicts of supremacy between two princes of the state. This is the right time to launch our programme of damsel hunting on Kurinji land to win our goal with less efforts’ quibbled captain Murugan queerly.

“Wow! Kurinji land is a paradise on the earth filled with angels of sparkling beauty. Thousand eyes are not sufficient to enjoy the charms of the bevy of angels. Thousand tongues are required to sing the song of their glamour” roistered captain Vannan to push the senses of King Gangan towards the imagination of a fairyland.

“Vindan, Kurinji Land is the best choice for our expedition of damsel hunting. Select thousand ruffians from your cavalry. We shall launch the operation on day after tomorrow, under my own leadership. We should adopt gorilla warfare to catch the preys of our choice. We should enter into the frontiers of Kurinji land like a sudden cyclone, slaughtering all lives mercilessly without distinction of gender and age. We shall return swiftly with a catch of fair damsels” stressed King Gangan sternly.

The benevolence of god blessed Vanathi with another golden chance to meet Prince Kuttuvan in privacy, after a roll of one week. She roamed in the vast stretch of the sky, grasping the hand of Prince Kuttuvan with love, on the wings of imagination. Her body was at rest on the easy chair of her father, in the reception hall of her cottage. At first she worried a lot for their meeting after a long span of ten years at a critical time of failure. The happiness of her mind shrunk, like the leaves of a disturbed touch me not plant, Myosotis. The depth of higher thinking lifted her to the joy of heaven. The sensational mirth was sprinkled in her heart continuously like a fountain of an artesian spring.

Her mind danced in joy like a peacock experiencing the first shower of the monsoon. Contrary to her worry, the love seed sown in the heart of the Prince Kuttuvan didn’t decay into a waste. Inspite of the seed of love grew to a hard tree during the past ten years of isolation. That feeling of joy illuminated her mind like the glittering of thousands of fire flies in darkness. The worry of failures slowly faded away in the sensuous mirth, like the fate of darkness at sunrise.

After a period of time, her mind again inverted to the negative side of darkness. She was ashamed for her rolling on the safety hands of Prince Kuttuvan, as a result of failure to pluck a jack fruit. How could she prove her worthiness to share the responsibilities of the government of Neyythal land? How could she accept to dance on the hands of male chauvinists like a puppet? “God, I am not ready to live like a domestic servant, behind the iron curtain of the government. Kindly bless me with a golden opportunity to prove my sharpness of mind and undefeatable prowess” truckled Vanathi, tear drops falling down her eyes like crystals of diamond.

The weather conditions of the surrounding began to change, as if infected by her worry. A strong gale whistled through the branches of trees, as an effort to mourn for her depth of sorrow. Lightning streaks passed from one cloud to the other, as an effort to participate in the melancholy of Vanathi. Suddenly a rumbling thunder cried aloud to add intensity to the waves of grief.

Vanathi was in the depth of waves of turbulence. Suddenly few ice cold drops of water fell on her face to pull her to the world of reality. She stared the ceiling and glanced the shifting of two mats of coconut leaves. The leakage of water increased gradually, changing the reception hall into a pool of crystal clear water Vanathi checked the roofs of other rooms and detected no flaw in the roof. Vanathi stared the deceptive coconut leaf mats like outlaws disturbing her privacy. “God, don’t disturb our calm life, activating your agents of atrocity. The streamlined routine life of my dad will be troubled, if your drama continued for a span of time to collapse our cottage” urged Vanathi, peeping outside through window to study the dancing style of nature.

She saw a ladder slanting on a tree at a distance from the cottage. She decided to rearrange the displaced coconut mats on the roof to stop the leakage of water. She pulled her shawl and tied around her waist to give strength to her endeavor. She went outside in the heavy shower of rain, lifted the ladder carefully on her shoulder and walked on the stream of water towards the cottage. She put the foot of the ladder on the ground, tilted the ladder towards the roof, and stabilized in a slanting position. She climbed on the ladder with expertise like a squirrel ascending on a tree.

Vanathi shifted to the roof of the cottage and balanced on the roof like a trained gymnastic champion. She slowly moved towards the point of leakage, and sat on the roof, stretching her legs conveniently. She pulled the deceptive mats and rearranged in their original position to stop the leakage of water. When she was on the effort to descend down, an unexpected slip occurred to push her on the hands of fate. She rolled downwards on the slanting roof of the cottage like a log pulled by current of water.

In the life cycle of Homo sapiens the occurrence of strange events are not beyond imagination. The life boat of Vanathi was lifted to the Zenith by an unexpected twist, to continue the journey at a higher level. The waves of blessings of god blew towards her in the form of Prince Kuttuvan. He saw Vanathi rolling downwards on the slanting roof of the cottage, like a flash of light. He accelerated his horse to high speed and sprang towards the cottage like a streak of lightning. He grasped her skillfully at her waist, and landed on the surface of the earth, like a superman of great talents. The natural world of scorching worries vanished from his senses instantly, and he embraced her on his chest like a soft pillow of silk cotton.

Vanathi forgot the pain of the accident instantly and enjoyed the warmth of growing sensational thrill attacking her nerves. “Darling, Are you in the depth of a dream?” vocalized Vanathi, like a note of heart with melting sweetness.

“Sweety, I am flying in the sky of sensuous mirth.”

“Prince, why don’t you seek the company poor girl Vanathi for your higher happiness?”

“My honey is always with me like my own shadow.”

“Darling, Do you permit this jasmine climber to spread on you to merge into one body?”

“That is a pleasure to the height of heaven.”

Vanathi tightened her embracement to accelerate the waves of wonder in his body. She rubbed her wet lips on his face to add fuel to the fire.

“Vanathi, I can’t bear the hotness of the two towers?”

“Do you like to play with them?”

“I am afraid for your burning eyes.”

“My eyes won’t repeat the childhood behavior again. You are permitted to show all your energy.”

“Vanathi, you are very beautiful. You attract me like an angel of heaven.”

“You have full freedom to play with the beauty of this toy.”

Prince Kuttuvan shifted her from his chest and stared her body to study her perfect curvatures. “Aha! What a wonderful structure of sky high glamour. There is no match to this embodiment of beauty in the whole universe. I am the luckiest man to share the love of this damsel of wonder” wreathed Prince Kuttuvan, with a gleam of happiness on his face. At that instant of highest concentration on mutual sensuous warmth, the spiral arm of a whirl wind approached the area and, transformed into beautiful forest nymph Santra behind the trunk of a tremendous tree.

“Darling, don’t try to eat me raw” yawned Vanathi, gazing his face to note the direction of movement of his eyes. To her shyness, his eyes roamed throughout her body and stabilized at the plateau region of the junction.

“Wow! Vanathi, you are wonderful. Your soaked dress serves me a feast.”

“Darling, the feast will be tastier, if you pull the dress.”

“Beauty behind the screen has more pulling power.”

“Do you wish to press the bulging at junction to study its softness?”

“Naughty girl, won’t you forget my childhood mischief?”

“I am waiting on hotness for your fresh tuning of the two sensitive spots.”

“Vanathi, Kindly don’t insult me longer, reminding the childhood mischief.”

“Sorry Darling, I committed a heavy blunder for your little game. Due to my silly mistake, I lost your love for a long period of ten years. The history should not repeat again. That is why I am acting like a hot harlot ready to share everything.”

“Vanathi, Don’t worry. I know about your trust on chastity. God will bless us to have a happy married life.”

They floated on the joy of imagination for a short efflux of time. As an effort to share their joy of silence, the chorus music of storm, rain, lightning and thunder stopped abruptly. A cool breeze embraced them to pull them to the world of reality.

“Prince, your dress is completely wet with water. Kindly show mercy on this poor girl to enter into our cottage to change the wet dress.”

“Vanathi, do you preserve a pair of dress suitable for my size?”

“The dress of my dad will help a little for emergency.”

“Keeping a cotton bundle to the vicinity of fire in privacy is dangerous.”

“Darling, This cotton bundle is ready to burn for the strength of the fire.”

“Craziness on lust is a shame for the dignity of the prince of Neyythal Land.”

“No one will peep into our privacy in the darkness of the cottage.”

“Vanathi, I love you very much. At the same time, I hate to walk on the path of illegal lust.”

They saw a stag playing games with a deer. After a period of time, they began the initial stages of the game of coition. Vanathi gazed him keenly, a shade of shyness dancing on her face.

“Vanathi, may I carry you on my shoulder like an angel of heaven?”

“A prince carrying a poor girl on his shoulder is a shame to Neyythal Land.”

“Once I carried this damsel on my shoulder.”

“On that day you carried me on the assumption of an angel.”

“Today also I shall imagine you as an angel.”

At that instant, the beast lovers were at the Zenith of active coition. The sight threw hotness of fire into their bodies. Prince Kuttuvan squeezed her buttocks and pulled her towards his chest.

“Vanathi, look at the stag. How actively they play sex games. May I put a trial to defeat the stage in activeness?”

“I shall greet you with a warm welcome address.”

“Do you hate me Vanathi, for my craziness?”

“No chance. The feast is waiting to bath you in happiness.”

“The fire of hotness in your eyes on that day burns me still.”

“Darling, don’t ejaculate by shiver. I decided to ravish you to drive away the ghost of fear” articulated Vanathi with a bursting laughter. She pulled him towards the cottage to teach him a hot lesson. They heard a low intense galloping sound of a fast approaching horse, at a distance beyond the range of human eyesight.

“Prince, My dad is moving swiftly towards us. This is not the proper time for our sex game. Kindly you wait here. I shall change my wet dress.” beseeched Vanathi briskly. She vanished into the cottage instantly. Prince Kuttuvan waited there eagerly for the arrival of his teacher in the university of learning.

Prof Sukran was a healthy well structured gentleman of age around seventy, with bleached white hairs like garlands of jasmine flowers. His moustache combined with beard to give him the appearance of a hermit. The shining skin without marks of shrinkage, teak pestle like limbs and sharp penetrating eyes added reverence to his structure. Pure milky white dress remained as a symbol of that well known medical scientist. Vanathi was a feminine mirror image of Prof Sukran at youth hood. He was the best orator of Neyythal land with sharp tone like the ringing sound of a flawless bell.

When Sukran approached his vicinity, Prince Kuttuvan greeted him with folded palms and bowed head. “My hearty greetings for a nice day. I brought a message of urgency from our king. We are waiting for your blessing” communicated Prince Kuttuvan cheerily.

“Prince, you appear to take complete bath in the showers of the sky. Water drops are dripping down your hair like drops of honey from a comb” deplored Prof Sukran with a color of sympathy on his face.

At that moment, Vanathi showed her sparkling face of charm. “Vanathi, our future king is before our cottage like an orphan soaked fully in rain. We are his citizens, responsible to serve him as slaves. Why should you forget your duty as a citizen of Neyythal Land?” excoriated Prof Sukran, staring harshly to remind her negligence of responsibility.

“Sorry dad. Kindly excuse me for my carelessness. I shall avoid such stupidity in future,” flashed Vanathi, glancing Prince Kuttuvan with a faded face of worry. She rushed to the interior of the cottage to fetch a towel to wipe his hair.

“Prince, we are happy to invite you into my palace. Kindly honor us, stepping your prestigious feet into my cottage” grinned Sukran, pulling his right hand as a warm welcome. Prince kuttuvan followed his master, like a thread running behind a stitching needle.

There was an array of bamboo chairs in the reception hall. Prince Kuttuvan sat on a chair without any hesitation for the pool of rain water in the hall. “Prince Kuttuvan, I am sorry to immerse you into the depth of the stagnant rain water. We shall move to another room for a safety conversation” hallowed Prof Sukran humbly.

They shifted to the next room and sat conveniently on two chairs. At that instant, Vanathi approached them with a magnetic smile. She squatted in front of Prince Kuttuvan and began to clean his legs with a white towel like a slave maid. “Prince, kindly excuse me for my breach of responsibility. I shall refine my character like an ideal citizen of Neyythal land” implored Vanathi, with wet eyes of growing tear drops. Prince Kuttuvan pulled his legs quickly, as if on the hotness of a fire.

Vanathi took another towel from her shoulder and began to wipe his wet hair. Prince Kuttuvan tried to snatch the towel. Vanathi cunningly lifted her hand to save the towel from his clutches. “Vanathi, kindly give the towel. I shall wipe my hair perfectly dry’ jangled Prince Kuttuvan jejunely.

“Prince, Vanathi is not a little loss, unknown to serve our prince efficiently. Your health is the wealth of damsels of Neyythal land” lifted Vanathi, continuing the process of drying his hair like an expert wife of brimming love.

“I have never heard an ideal prince like Prince Kuttuvan. He lives in the hearts of damsels of Neyythal land as their own brother” mediated Prof Sukran melodiously.

“Generally boys treat girls as a play toys on bed. Prince Kuttuvan is a shining gold in the midst of duplicates. He loves all women as his own mother and sisters” notified Vanathi with a heavy shower of praises to the level of suffocation of Prince Kuttuvan.

Prof Sukran approved the comment of Vanathi about the worthiness of Prince Kuttuvan with a gleaming smile of exultation. Impressed by the blooming face of Prof Sukran, Vanathi planned to travel to a higher level on the same path of progress. “Dad, our prince has millions of sisters to pray for his health. I wish to serve him for the comforts of this Prince of honor. Kindly help me to get an appointment in the royal palace as a servant maid” opted Vanathi, vibrating her eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly.

“No vacancy of a servant maid in our palace. But you have eligibility to try for a higher post in our castle’ pealed Prince Kuttuvan, with an illumination of mirth on his face.

“May I know the nature of that vacancy?”

“My parents are on a search for a queen. But, they have a condition for appointment.”

“I can imagine the type of stipulation. The post is reserved for princes of royal families. Am I correct prince?”

“That is not strange to the wisdom of educated citizens.”

Vanathi turned to her father with a hardened face of a stone statue. Prince Kuttuvan stared her face sharply to study the motives shifting in her inner minds. “Dad, you collect all your students to form a huge army. This is the most urgent work at this time of deception’ queered Vanathi, tear drops peeping at the edges of her eyes.

“Vanathi, I can’t imagine your sudden shift in mood. Kindly inspire me with more details.”

“Dad, you should become the king of a state. That will boost my status to the level of a princess.”

Prof Sukran watched the face of Vanathi with a glare of wonder. He shifted his eyes to the face of Prince Kuttuvan to study the significant changes on his face as the result of the strange request of Vanathi. He found their eyes were static, as if arrested for life imprisonment. He understood the infection of his daughter instantly. Prince Kuttuvan was a beetle intoxicated by the fragrance of Vanathi flower.

“Child, don’t worry. I am behind you to push you upward on the peak of victory.”

“Thanks dad. Only death can divert me to another path.”

“The blessings of your dad will be always behind you to boost the sublimation of your dream into reality.”

“Daddy is great beyond the blessing of god.”

At that instant, a cuckoo on a tree in the garden sang a sweet song as a blessing to the auspicious time of joy. They heard the sound of rumbling thunder like the music of an orchestra band of the ceremonious function. A swift wind vibrated the shutter of the windows and penetrated the space between them like a crafty intruder of their privacy. The eyes of Prince Kuttuvan roamed around the face of Vanathi like a beetle.

“Prince, kindly convey our reverence to the Majestic King, of honor. I am waiting for the urgent message of our king” recited Prof Sukran realistically. Those sudden words disturbed the lovers from their imaginative world of fairy land like a sudden explosion.

“Sir, The vacancy of the prime minister exists for the past two months. Our king wants to adorn the seat with an able philanthropist. You are the fittest person of virtues for the decoration of the post. Our king wishes you to take charge as prime minister of Neyythal land on tomorrow morning” solicited Prince Kuttuvan to crystallize the wish of his father to reality.

“Prince, Hundreds of patients will wait for my treatment. How can I leave the poor in the midst of death to serve in the palace of luxury? Kindly search for another more capable person to adorn the post of prime minister” tolled Prof Sukran to dilute the strong intention of the prince.

“Sir, Our country is at the verge of danger, like a stake of straw before a burning splinter. The autocrat King Gangan of Marutha land has an idea to form an united Marutha Empire. Our Neyythal land is the first country on the way of his expedition. We expect a sudden destructive attack from him at any time like an explosive spark of lightning. You are the most capable person to guide us with apt strategic plan to lift millions of poor people from devastation,” ululated Prince Kuttuvan urgently.

“Prince, we obey your order as the command of God. My father is ready to work for the service of Neyythal land. I shall bring him to the palace at dawn of tomorrow. You report the good news to our honorable king and make necessary arrangements to give the charge as prime minister to my dad” veered Vanathi, breaking the problem like a nutcracker of worthiness.

“How can I abandon poor patients to the scorching fire of distress?” wailed Sukran wearingly.

“Don’t oscillate between the ocean and the earth. A golden chance waits for you to serve millions of people at a time. You will find enough time to continue your medical research. I shall utilize my whole time and energy for the treatment of the sick” yelled Vanathi, striking his hand as an affirmation of oath.

“Prince, I have no word against the wish of my child. She has capacity to cure all ailments with a single dose of medicine. You have to appoint some assistants for her safety” appealed Prof Sukran arduously.

“Sir, I shall reserve a castle close to the royal palace for the residence and treatment of Vanathi. I shall arrange five damsels to help her in the treatment of patients. I expect a heavy flow of patients to gain the blessings of this angel.” blandished Prince Kuttuvan, wondering about the confidence level of Vanathi as a skillful physician.

“Prince, I will prove my worthiness as a physician within a short period of time. God will bless me with a good opportunity to prove my valor as a warrior” cajoled Vanathi charmingly.

“Prince, I have to make some important arrangements for the effective function of our curriculum of learning. If god permits, I shall assume power as the prime minister of Neyythal Land on tomorrow morning. King Gangan should shiver in fear to penetrate our frontier, hearing our technological skill” declared Prof Sukran decisively.

He emerged out from the cottage, bounced on his horse skillfully like a orangutan, and galloped away from them. The eyes of price Prince Kuttuvan wandered around the glamorous magnetic face of Vanathi, like a honey bee flying around a newly bloomed rose flower.

“Darling, what are you searching inside my blouse?”

“I am on imagination about the splendor of the painting behind the screen”

“Do you wish to see its dazzling beauty removing the screen?”

“That will be a nice experience. But that will be a breach of moral codes”

“Does the painting intoxicate you to climb on the peak?”

“I have no courage to cross the boundaries”

“You have crazy for experiences of novelty. But you have a shiver to melt in hotness”

“I wish to preserve your virginity like all damsels of Neyythal Land up to our marriage”

“You won’t like to, suck even if honey drops fall into your mouth”

“Vanathi, Don’t criticize me beyond the limits. Morality consciousness prickles my heart like thousands of needles”

“Prince, There is a stain sticking on your face. Kindly allow me clear the smear”

Vanathi approached very close to him and began to clean his face tactfully. Her charming breasts were very close to his eyes, attracting his sense like magnetic lines of forces. Her nearness caused spontaneous sexomagnetic induction in his body and accelerated waves of thrill throughout his body like the attack of sudden outburst of a flood.

“Darling, No one is in the cottage to intrude our privacy. Let us enter into my bedroom. We shall play hot games of novelty.”

“Alas! I tremble in hotness. The dam of control will collapse.”

“Darling, we shall construct a new dam of more strength.”

Vanathi suddenly sat on his lap to boil him to the hotness of a Volcano. Unable to control the flow of warmth throughout his nerves, Prince Kuttuvan put a break by folding his both hands behind.

“Darling, May I increase the warmth to a higher level?”

“Alas! I will evaporate by the increase of boiling hotness.”

“Darling, Let us experience the thrill of evaporation,” intoxicated Vanathi, giving a long lips locking kiss of boiling hotness.

“Vanathi, somebody will watch us at the Zenith of sensuousness. It will spoil my fame as an universal brother of damsels.”

“To the mind of feeble heart, all dark corners appear to be ghosts. Kindly hold light of strength in your mind.”

“Vanathi, I climbed on the peak of virtues only by continuous penance for ten years. Kindly don’t try to pull me into the mud of lust.”

“Are you sure prince? Can you neglect this love brimming Vanathi blossom?”

“Vanathi, I knew your real color of virtues. You don’t dramatize to melt my heart to dissolve the imaginary slag in my heart. Really my childhood love on you grew thousands of time greater, on the foundation stone of your morality. I wish you to climb on the platform of matrimony as a virgin to honour holiness of our dynasty.”

Vanathi jumped down from his lap quickly as if fire on his lap. “Kindly excuse me for all my mistakes. I executed ten year plans of maturity to trap you into the ocean of my love. My heart will burst into fumes, if you assume me as a sex crazy nymphomaniac” embarrassed Vanathi, tear drops growing at the edges of her eyes like shining flawless pearls.

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