Magnetic Fortress

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Princes Aruna

Junior Kuttuvan entered into the wizardry laboratory of witch Lyla to identify an ideal strategy to evaporate the wizardry powers of witch Lysa, and satanic Lucifer from greenish blanket of Green Island. He wanted to save all the hundred innocent damsels from her wizardry hands of devastation, before their slaughter as a sacrifice to satisfy Lucifer, the agent of satan on the auspicious day of solar eclipse. By the supports of forest nymph Santra, Junior Kuttuvan crossed successfully the first three traps of witch Lysa. Miniature Jinnee and his girl friend Sheeja were safely inside his shirt pocket, to enjoy the novelty of a series of mysteries inside wizardry laboratory of witch Lysa.

After their narrow escape from the destructive effect of a series of huge rolling rocks, they reached the vicinity of a long open platform with a series of hundreds of small holes along a straight line “Junior! This area appears to be the next trap to push us to the tortures of hell. I shall study the nature of the peril waiting to immerse us into the ocean of sufferings. You should wait here at static equilibrium with out slightest movement”, truckled forest nymph Santra tautly.

When she moved forward to a short distance, a sudden twist of event occurred, like a heavy torrent at the time of the hottest Summer Narrow fountains of water escaped through the pores at varying pressures, dramatizing the wonderful scene of a dancing miracle. “Wow! What a wonderful dancing fountain! Witch Lysa accepted her failure. She exhibits this strange dancing style to give us a warm welcome”, uttered Junior Kuttuvan, running forward to enjoy the shower of ice cold water.

“Witch Lysa is not a stupid like you to welcome her foes. You proved yourself as an ignorant sandalwood tree irrigated by three mothers. Run backwards to stand at the spot fixed by me”, vociferated forest nymph Santra vexingly. When she turned her right palm towards junior Kuttuvan, the beam of blue light emitted pushed him backwards to the spot of safety, and locked his both legs strongly to the ground by two iron rings.

Suddenly the mystery behind the welcome of dancing fountain showed its real color to boil the heart of Junior Kuttuvan into turbulence. The shower of cold water of the dancing fountain was replaced by hot liquid wax. Due to the boiling of the flesh of forest nymph Santra, white vapors escaped from her skin. Owing to the uniform deposition of liquid wax on the body of forest nymph Santra, the size of her body began to magnify at uniform rate. “Santra mom, run away from the shower of hot liquid wax. I can’t tolerate your suffering beyond the tortures of the hell. If you breathe your last in this wizardry laboratory, my heart will burst into pieces to follow you in the form of useless soul”, wailed junior Kuttuvan, vibrating his right hand violently to accelerate her speed.

Forest nymph Santra walked forward at uniform speed in the midst of hot liquid wax shower, neglecting acceleration process of Junior Kuttuvan as a deaf and dumb. When she crossed the area of the dancing fountain, her structure magnified comparable to the size of monster Jinnee. After a deep thinking for a span of time, she vibrated each portion of her body in succession. The thick layer of wax deposited on her body dropped down in the form of fragments, like the petals of a withered white rose flower.

Forest nymph Santra utilized the blue beam of light emitted form her right palm to close the pores of the fountains, one after another by the process of fusion. Finally she freed Junior Kuttuvan from her own wizardry spell, by focusing a high intensity beam of blue light. “The mercy of god is great, beyond the level of measurement. You proved the worthiness of your supernatural power higher than the wizardry powers of witch Lysa. I am just a glow worm before this fullmoon”, yelled Junior Kuttuvan yawningly.

“Master, I am on the weariness of laziness. Kindly permit me to enjoy the craftiness of the wizardry hands of witch Lysa. I expect more chances to serve you in better amplitude,” adjured Jinnee, bouncing quickly on the surface the earth from the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan. “Darling, I too wish to enjoy a life of adventure. Kindly keep me always with you, to serve our master as an ideal couple bonded by pure love” buzzed Sheeja breezily. After climbing to the edge of the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan, she jumped towards Jinnee, hoping maximum security from his hands of dense love. As per her highest expectation, the right palm of Jinnee moved swiftly towards her, and held her safely on his palm of high strength. By the application of wizardry spell of Jinnee both of them transformed into normal human size.

The team of researchers moved forward at slow pace, expecting mysterious perils at any instant of time. After of the laborious walk through a labyrinth of tunnels, they reached the most important area of the wizardry laboratory of witch Lysa. They noticed the gigantic statue of Lucifer, the deity of witch Lysa. There was a circular sacrificial pit in front of the monstrous statue of Lucifer. To the left of the statue, there was an elevated platform with altar. They watched varieties of large butchery knives hanging on a stand very chose to the altar. “Santra mom, Lucifer appears to be a monstrous man with huge wings. He resembles an angel of heaven in appearance. Why should such an angel help to the cruelty of witch Lysa? Why can’t an angel pray god to gain higher powers and longer life time?” clattered Junior Kuttuvan, the usual gleam on his face diminishing rapidly.

“Angels are depicted in milky white color to denote the purity of peace. The black color of this Lucifer denotes his association with the darkness of sufferings throughout the universe. The agents of Satan are entirely different from the agents of god”, divulged forest nymph Santra devoutly.

“Why should Satan earn hatred of people by spreading darkness of sufferings? Why can’t he gain the love of people by changing his policy towards spreading the brightness of joy? Why can’t he earn the fame as the second god of the cosmos?” enquired junior Kuttuvan, with a faded mind of wavering confusion.

“Even on the surface of the earth, some sadists has crooked mind to enjoy sufferings of innocent people. King Gangan of Marutha Land is such an agent of Satan. In future the agents of Satan will spread throughout the nook and corners of the world, in the name of terrorists to mar the powers of god. A golden time will arrive on one day, when a series of supermen will arrive to the surface of the earth from other planets to annihilate the roots of terrorism”, flashed forest nymph Santra fabulously.

At that instant of highest silence, forest nymph Santra noticed slight vibration on the tremendous statue of Lucifer. The amplitude of vibrations increased at rapid rate, without slightest emission of sound. Suddenly the gigantic statue of Lucifer slipped towards them losing the stability of the static equilibrium. Forest nymph Santra acted at lightning speed to save Junior Kuttuvan, and the damsel Sheeja from the bombardment of the gigantic statue of Lucifer. She pulled both of them to the strong grip of her hands, and threw them backwards to save from the collision of the tremendous statue of Lucifer.

The gigantic statue of Lucifer collided on the hard crust of the floor and scattered into hundreds of little fragments. Forest nymph Santra and Jinnee were crushed by the heavy force of the bombardment. “Santra mom, did you sacrifice your life to save this useless Junior from the clutches of terrible death? How can I breathe on this mysterious world of burning hotness without the shower your love? Kindly call me for a life of everlasting joy in your shade of enduring love”, groaned junior Kuttuvan, removing the fragments of the statue to trace the remains of forest nymph Santra.

“Darling, I wished to live a life of novelty with varieties of mysterious experiences with you. Why did you reject me as a waste in the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan? How can I live a lonely life of an orphan, without seeing your magnetic face of highest charm?” heckled Sheeja haphazardly. She tried to remove the fragments of the broken statue from the crushed body of Jinnee.

At that time of the highest worry of Junior Kuttuvan, another turning point occurred in the area of the tragedy, to push them to the heights of wonder. The scattered pieces of the gigantic statue moved swiftly towards the head of the statue. As the debut of a scene of highest wonder in a nightmare, the fragments combine to form the original statue, without a trace of slightest defect. At the twist of the next moment, another strange event happened to freeze Junior Kuttuvan to the heights of the greatest strangeness. The monstrous statue of Lucifer lifted automatically to vertical position, and displaced to a distance to stabilize on its elevated platform.

While Junior Kuttuvan was staring the erect statue of Lucifer, tear drops still oozing from his eyes like a spring in summer, the spiral arm of a whirl wind revolved around him thrice. The spiral arm of the whirl wind transformed into forest nymph Santra a bright smile illuminating her face like the brightness of the fullmoon. “Santra mom, you showered milk into the heart of Junior Kuttuvan. Without the support your energy, I can’t survive against the wizardry powers of witch Lysa. Kindly bless life to Jinnee to wipe the tears of my sister Sheeja”, incited Junior Kuttuvan, stretching his right hand towards the crushed body of Jinnee.

“Jinnee, this is the time for our return journey from the wizardry Laboratory of witch Lysa. Jump quickly to the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan. I am not ready to stand in this wizardry Laboratory to fall into another series of wizardry traps”, jiggled forest nymph Santra jokingly. The soul of Jinnee gained energy by a revolution around forest nymph Santra and entered into his crushed body. The body of Jinnee regained shape and energy as a miracle caused by the blessing of heaven. When he stood up like a youth of brimming energy, Sheeja ran towards him to share her love by an embracement.

By the spell of Jinnee, both of them transformed into miniature size, and jumped into the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan for their safe dwelling. Forest nymph Santra transformed immediately into the spiral arm of a whirl wind. She pulled Junior Kuttuvan into her spiral arm, and blew swiftly towards the entrance on the wizardry laboratory. When the spiral arm of the whirl wind crossed the entrance of wizardry laboratory the two parts of the door glided towards each other to close the entrance. The spiral arm of the whirl wind continued its journey towards the castle and transformed into forest nymph Santra on the terrace, preserving Junior Kuttuvan still in her warm hug.

Forest nymph Santra sat conveniently on the parapet of the terrace, to plan an ideal strategy to trap witch Lysa in the claws of death. Jinnee and Sheeja jumped down from the pocket of junior Kuttuvan, and regained their human structure quickly like the scene of a magic show. Forest nymph Santra applied her wizardry power to produce an artistically designed table and four adorned chairs on the terrace. When she occupied the first chair, others sat on the remaining chairs to participate in the discussion process. “Witch Lysa will complete the collection of hundred damsels on today. The day after tomorrow is the most auspicious day of solar eclipse. At late night of tomorrow, we will start our strategic plan of attack to push witch Lysa to the dark side of failure. I expect the accurate cooperation of all of you to complete our mission to perfection without a minor flaw”, keyed forest nymph Santra, gazing the face of Junior Kuttuvan to increase his concentration in the preliminary planning process.

“I am waiting to obey your orders. We should lift all the hundred damsels to the platform of safety, without a mark of stain on their glamorous skin. The day of solar eclipse should be the last day in the wizardry history of witch Lysa. The darkness spreading Lucifer should dip into the depth of hell on the fine day of solar eclipse”, lured junior Kuttuvan luminously.

“The first step in our plan of approach is replacing the magic wand of witch Lysa by another identical fake magic wand. This will help me to oscillate her on my palm, according to my own whims and fancies. To complete the task of high worthiness in our plan of action, I need the whole hearted support of Jinnee”, mumbled forest nymph Santra, focusing her attention towards Jinnee to study the color of his heart.

“I can sense the elements of risk in the work. I shall try my best to execute my duty with perfection. If I fall into the mysterious trap of witch Lysa, it is the responsibility of Junior Kuttuvan to take care of my sweety Sheeja”, negotiated Ginnee nervously.

“I will transform witch Lysa into a beautiful damsel, and arrange her first in the row of hundred damsels to be slaughtered on the altar to satisfy the satanic Lucifer. I wish to select the apt person to chop off the head of witch Lysa in one blow. Who is the most eligible person to perform such most important task of the sacrificial function?” obsecrated forest nymph Santra, oscillating her stare between the faces of the three persons before her.

“Santra mom, I wish to take the charge of this prime duty in the sacrificial process. Kindly give me an opportunity to prove my merits”.

“Your mind may shiver in pity at the critical moment. Princes Radha will be the most perfect choice for the execution of such a job of high importance. She had a hard mind and good experience in the art of warfare. I will transform princes Radha into witch Lysa, and give the charge of the sacrificial function”

“Do you plan to keep me idle, behind the screen as a worthless coward? My moms won’t accept a coward as their only son”

“Don’t worry Junior. The main responsibility of the programme is concentrated on the strength of your hands. I expect the personal presence of Lucifer on the occasion of the ceremony, to reap the harvest of the sacrifice of hundred damsels. He should stop his last breathe on your hands of high prowess”

“Thank you mom, thank you very much for your kindness. I shall discharge my allotted duties, exactly according to your instructions”.

“Lucifer is the highest powerful satanic agent. You should freeze his senses at the first blow itself. You won’t give him a chance for retaliation”.

“Yes mom. I have enough experience in such a task. Once I killed a monster cyclop following the instructions of Myna mom. I shall follow the same technique to evaporate the powers of Lucifer from the surface of the earth”

“You should choose the heart of Lucifer as the target of first attack. No organism can breathe for longer time with destroyed heart”

“The exact location of the heart can’t be judged by naked eyes. The brain will be the better target to freeze his senses by the single strike of only one arrow”

“The presence of cranium will hinder the accuracy of your aim. Hence the heart of Lucifer will be the better target to put an end to his atrocities immediately”

“The brain of Lucifer can be destroyed easily by an arrow through his eyes”

Forest nymph flew on the wings of imagination for a span of time. A red shade of anger spread on her face at slow rate. She bit her lips to control the growth of wrath in her mind. She put hard efforts to soften the hardness of her tone. “Lucifer is not a lazy lizard like monster cyclop. He will act at the speed of lightning to evaporate his enemies into vacuum. A little time lag in your action will char your body to ash. There is no power in this world to dry the oozing tears in the eyes of your mothers”, protested forest nymph Santra pugnaciously.

“Sorry mom. I shall act quickly according to your instruction. I won’t allow a lapse in the accuracy of my aim. You shall believe my words as your own words”, quavered junior Kuttuvan, to enter into the love blooming heart of forest nymph Santra.

“I shall show you the exact location of the heart of Lucifer. You should aim the arrow on your hand accurately to stop his breathe at the first strike”

“Certainly mom. I have a burning doubt in my heart. May I ask for a solution for the clearance of doubt?”

“Why not? I am happy to clear your doubts at any time”

“We noticed the statue of Lucifer in the form of a monster with huge wings. Is it the real structure of Lucifer?”

“Lucifer exists in that structure around this locality. He may take other structures in other areas”

“What will happen to the soul of Lucifer after his death in Green Island?”

“His soul may take other forms to spread darkness of suffering in other areas”

“Does the power of Lucifer exist like the power of god, till the end of the universe?”

“The rapidly spreading roots of terrorism prove such a concept. The destructive powers of satan, Leviathan and Lucifer may exist till the end of the universe”

By spell of forest nymph Santra, the table and the chairs on the terrace vanished, like a flash of light. She transformed Junior Kuttuvan into a stone statue and shifted him to his original location. She rolled her eyes between the faces of Jinnee and Sheeja. After thinking for a span of time, she reached a stage of final decision. “Jinnee, Sheeja is an innocent girl, not knowing the nature of your twisting mind. She believes you as an ideal life partner. You are responsible to foster her as your sweetheart. I won’t allow you to live a joyous life, if you reject her by your crafty plans of treachery”, roistered forest nymph Santra ruthlessly.

“I love Sheeja without a shade of deception. I will preserve her as my own heart. You shall believe my words as the words of angels of heaven” solaced Jinnee in a love mixed tone of certainty.

“Sheeja, we shall meet again at midnight tomorrow. You are permitted to utilize the magic room to start your family life. You don’t allow Jinnee to touch your skin in magnified structure. If he tried to scorch you in enlarged form, call me for your safety”, tweeted forest nymph Santra tenderly. She transformed immediately into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, and escaped swiftly from the atmosphere of Green Island.

“May we enter into the privacy of the magic room to enjoy the hot waves of libidinous? I shall obey the instructions of Santra mom sincerely”, urged Jinnee with a catchy smile of Lewdness.

“I understood my mistake in the selection of my life partner. You will lose the love of your sweety permanently, if you try to play any mischief on my skin. Be careful to avoid loss in your whole life”, ventilated Sheeja veraciously. They diffused through the magic wall into the bedroom, and vanished from the terrace of the castle for one whole day.

Forest nymph Santra appeared on the same terrace at midnight of the next day. As it was a fullmoon night, she could witness the slightest movements of even tiny creatures like moths in the atmosphere of Green Island, by the brightness of full moon night she waited calmly for the arrival of Jinnee and Sheeja. As per her expectation, Jinnee diffused through the magic wall and stood before forest nymph Santra with bowed head and folded hands. “Mom, I am ready to serve you as an obedient servant. Kindly pass orders to remind my duties” urged Jinnee in a soft voice of concentrated reverence.

“Where is Sheeja? Lock her at the original seat in the transformation stone statue, removing the real stone statue imposed by you. This is the first order of forest nymph Santra”, wooed forest nymph Santra whisperingly.

During that right time, Sheeja diffused outside through the magic wall. She illuminated her face with a charming smile, a brightness of coyness spreading on her face like a streak of lightning. By the spell of Jinnee the real stone statue imposed by him on the step vanished like a puff of smoke. When Sheeja filled the vacancy, she was petrified into a stone statue like other damsels. “Jinnee, this is the duplicate magic wand. You have to fetch the original magic wand of witch Lysa, keeping this fake magic wand in its place”, yenned forest nymph Santra yearningly.

Jinnee received the duplicate magic wand from the hand of forest nymph Santra. He entered into the castle of witch Lysa, diffusing through the front door. He moved in slow steps to the rooms of the castle, without making the slightest noise, like the blow of a breeze from region of higher pressure to a region of lower pressure. After a laborious research throughout the rooms in the castle, he identified the bedroom of witch Lysa. He scanned the nook and corner of the room by the sharp vision of his eyes. Finally he identified the original magic wand of witch Lysa, under the mattress. By the application of the power of his spell, he pulled the magic wand of witch Lysa, without disturbing her depth of the sleep. He compared the external structure of the two magic wands and was satisfied fully by the identical shape of the two magic wands. He inserted the fake magic wand in the place of the original magic wand, and left the bedroom of witch Lysa with a glare of full satisfaction on his face.

Jinnee in normal human size reached the terrace of the building, after diffusing through the front door of the castle. Forest nymph Santra accepted the magic wand of witch Lysa with a bloomed face like a fresh pink dahlia flower. She inserted the magic wand of witch Lysa safely in her waist belt. “Jinnee, you have major role in the process to trap Lucifer, after the sacrifice of witch Lysa on the altar. You send princes Radha to the terrace and occupy her vacancy on the step in the transformation stone statue of princes Radha. While moving towards the wizardry laboratory of witch Lysa, you should be in the transformation of princes Radha. If you deviated from my instruction by your carelessness, I will detach your girl friend Sheeja permanently from your life. This is the last warning of forest nymph Santra”, accentuated forest nymph Santra, with a flare of wrath on her face of high glamour.

Jinnee walked downwards on the steps of the staircase, and finally reached the step occupied by princes Radha. He flew on the wings of imagination for a span of time, and harvested the final favorable decision. “Princes Radar, you are wanted by forest nymph Santra. I noticed her in a mood of anger. Be careful to avoid falling on her hot tongue”, bewildered Jinnee biliously. As he failed to transform the stone statue of princes Radha to human form due to his carelessness, princes Radha suffered a lot to the cross the steps of the staircase in the form of repeated rebounds. Jinnee filled the vacancy created by princes Radha as per the advice given by forest nymph Santra.

Forest nymph Santra noticed the suffering of princes Radha with a flame of fire in her heart. She transformed the statue of princes Radha into human form, focusing a blue beam of light from her palm. To evaporate her anger, she turned the blue beam of light towards Jinnee. The blue beam of light pushed Jinnee to roll on the steps of the staircase, till he reached the last step. He understood his mistake instantly, and rebounded upwards with difficulty to reach his step.

When princes Radha reached the terrace, forest nymph Santra pulled her for a warm hug. “Child, tomorrow is the day of solar eclipse. The whole responsibility of the sacrificial function is vested on your hands. You will be in the transformation of witch Lysa inside the wizardry Laboratory. Witch Lysa will be in your transformation, and placed first in the queue of damsels to be sacrificed on the altar. It is your responsibility to maintain sacrificial fire and recital of hymns praising Lucifer”, coerced forest nymph Santra, presenting a warm kiss on her forehead as a token of love.

“Yes mom. I shall discharge my assigned duty perfectly, without any flaw. I expect the presence of you and my darling around me to boost my energy level” declared princes Radha deftly.

“Don’t worry my child. Junior, me and Jinnee will be behind witch Lysa. The responsibility to kill satanic Lucifer is vested in the hands of Junior Kuttuvan. We should be behind Junior Kuttuvan to boost his energy at times of critical emergency”, elated forest nymph Santra, by her clear explanations of perfectly planned strategy of attack.

“Your good planning will certainly fetch the fruits of sure success. The roots of terrorism will be annihilated completely from the greenish blanket of Green Island.”

“You diffuse into our magic room to take rest for a short period of time. I shall call you at the right time of requirement”

“May I take my darling with me?”

“Naughty girl, you are always crazy on the hotness of Junior Kuttuvan”

“Don’t ridicule me beyond the limits. I shiver in shyness”

“I don’t like to stand as a hindrance for your joy. Don’t push Junior Kuttuvan into the depth to waste his energy at this critical time”

“Yes mom. I will remember your instruction of high merits. Thank you very much for your blessings”

Forest nymph Santra transformed the statue of Junior Kuttuvan into human form by a gentle touch of her right palm on his head. “Junior, the time for the sacrificial function is fast approaching. Every arrangement is fully completed to my perfect satisfaction. You wait for my call in our magic room with princes Radha. May god bless you with a nice time for your climb to the peak of victory”, felicitated forest nymph Santra flagrantly.

After a short period of time, she transformed into Junior Kuttuvan, with the spread of a captivating smile on his face. After stabilizing her position and orientation to perfection, she petrified herself to the stone statue of Junior Kuttuvan. She waited patiently for the arrival of witch Lysa to start the sacrificial ceremony. At the early dawn before sun rise, witch Lysa diffused through the front door, keeping the duplicate magic wand on her right hand. She walked towards the statue of Junior Kuttuvan with a gleam of happiness on her face. “Kuttuvan, I will regain my youthhood at the age of twenty within a span of time. I will give you first opportunity to share the warmth of my glamorous body. We shall swim in the depth of libidinous ocean like a young couple of sharks”, glorified witch Lysa, embracing him tightly on her chest.

Forest nymph Santra in the transformation of stone statue of Junior Kuttuvan, regained her original shape immediately like a flash of light. She utilized that fine opportunity to transform witch Lysa first to princes Radha, and then to petrify her to a stone statue, by a gentle touch of her right palm on her head. “Radar, the time for the sacrificial function is fast approaching. You both diffuse on the terrace to share my burden. Witch Lysa is locked by the strength of my spell”, hawked forest nymph Santra hysterically.

Junior Kuttuvan and princes Radha reached the vicinity of forest nymph Santra on the terrace, after diffusing quickly through the magic wall. Forest nymph Santra transformed princes Radha into witch Lysa, by a gentle touch of her right palm on her head. “Witch Lysa, you walk at uniform speed towards the wizardry laboratory, to start the sacrificial ceremony. All the hundred damsels will follow you in a uniform queue”, instructed forest nymph Santra, to start the procession of the damsels towards the altar.

Next moment she turned her attention towards witch Lysa in the transformation of princes Radha “You are under the strong spell of forest nymph Santra. You should remember your identity only as princes Radha. You walk behind witch Lysa towards the wizardry laboratory”, jarred forest nymph Santra jerkily.

She transmuted Junior Kuttuvan into a beautiful damsel and sent behind witch Lysa to the wizardry laboratory. By her instruction Jinnee in the transformation of princes Radha followed Junior Kuttuvan. She transformed first ninety seven statues on the steps of staircase into damsels one after another, and asked them to complete the queue. She transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind mod blew swiftly to occupy the place between Junior Kuttuvan and Jinnee, thus completing the procession of hundred damsels. Since all the damsels were under the spell of forest nymph Santra, they walked silently like wax dolls controlled by a magician. The head of the procession of damsels reached the vicinity of the altar. “Damsels, this is the most auspicious time to pray for the blessing of our god Lucifer. All damsels are permitted to start silent prayers to satisfy Lord Lucifer. Your sincere prayer has power to lift all of you directly to the joy of heaven”, kindled princes Radha, staring the eyes of gigantic statue of satanic Lucifer to study any movement.

She noticed a huge circular plate of bronze hung between two tusks of an elephant fitted on a stand. She used an iron hammer on the stand to strike the bronze plate to create the ring tone, as a signal to start the sacrificial process. She added little ghee on the sandalwood slices spread on the sacrificial pit, and grew the flame sacrificial pyre. She enchanted some hymns of rig veda to impress lord Lucifer. She raised the intensity of her voice with each verse of rig veda and soon the pitch of her sound reached maximum, comparable to the trumpets of elephants. “Lord Lucifer! Witch Lysa prays for your blessing to regain youthhood at the age of twenty. I beg you to accept my harvest of hundred beautiful damsels to enhance your intelligence, energy and life period. I expect your shower of blessing at the end of the sacrificial function”, lauded princes Radha liberally.

At that critical time to start the sacrifice of the first damsel, the eyes of Lucifer rolled to activate the sacrificial process. Lucifer waved his wings to show his high enthusiasm to accept the sacrificed damsels. Princes Radha selected a long butchery knife on her right hand. The brightness of a sparkling smile spread on her face, to demonstrate the growth of joy in her heart, for her climb towards the peak of victory. She pushed witch Lysa to the projection of the altar, with the pressure of her left hand, and cut off the head of witch Lysa in single blow.

At that instant of prime importance in the process of sacrificial ceremony, a sudden twist of event occurred to push all the spectators into the atmosphere of a wonderland. Lucifer appeared in person to accept the fruits of the sacrifices in the same size and shape of the statue. When he sucked air along the direction of the head of witch Lysa on the ground, her brain pulled off from her head through the cut portion of the neck, and entered into his mouth to add his intelligence. At that time of highest twist, the soul of witch Lysa escaped from her body as a glassy shadow. When Lucifer sucked the air, the soul of witch Lysa moved slowly towards him, and merged with his body to energize him and to enhance his life period.

Suddenly the blue beam of light emitted from the palm of forest nymph Santra illuminated the heart of Lucifer, at the centre of his chest between his breasts. Junior Kuttuvan regained his original shape, and identified an artistically designed bow in his left hand. He arranged the position of the arrow for accurate aim of the heart of Lucifer, and shot the arrow at high tension. The high speed arrow pierced through the layers of air, towards the heart of Lucifer, like a singing wasp. Unfortunately Lucifer noticed the blue beam of light illuminating the location of his heart. Expecting the eruption of a high peril, he abruptly transformed into a monster roc, and fluttered his gigantic wings to escape from the area of impending danger.

Forest nymph Santra transformed swiftly into a flying hexapolis, and flapped her wings to chase the roc. Junior Kuttuvan ran behind flying hexapolis, and stabilized his position on its back, by a successful sprang at the speed of lightning. To add fuel to the flame of fire, Jinnee ran behind them in human form by means of repeated rebounds, like a rubber ball having high elasticity. The chasing drama continued beyond the land frontiers of Green Island, above the blue blanket of the ocean surface. By repeated rebounds of high velocity on the ocean surface, Jinnee approached the vicinity of the roc, crossing the flying hexapolis. Suddenly, he magnified his figure to monstrous size, stretching his right hand towards the roc to catch it unfortunately his legs suddenly dipped into the depth of the ocean to lower his height. Through he chased the roc, running on the land surface under the ocean, his distance gap increased gradually from the roc.

The flying hexapolis flew at a lower level than the roc. At the elapse of time, the distance gap of the roc gradually decreased from the flying hexapolis. The blue beam of light emitted from the eyes of the hexapolis illuminated the location of the heart of the monstrous bird. Junior Kuttuvan shot the arrow at high tension, which pierced through the heart of the roc. He shot the second and third arrows with accurate aim in succession at different inclinations. All the three arrows penetrated the heart of the roc through different locations, thus evaporating the capacity of Lucifer for breathing. During the journey of the roc towards the lap of death, it slipped downwards to dip into the depth of the ocean.

The flying hexapolis deviated its direction of flight towards Green Island. After landing on the terrace of the castle of witch Lysa, the flying hexapolis transformed into forest nymph Santra, still keeping Junior Kuttuvan on her warm hug. “Junior, you proved your worthiness as the seed of prince Kuttuvan. The best wishes of this mother are always behind you to energize your health. You are permitted to start your expedition towards the magnetic fortress. You have to take your own decision about the safe destination of princess Radha”, maximized forest nymph Santra, giving a warm kiss on his forehead as a token of her dense love.

At that instance the three statues of damsels on the steps of the staircase dropped in her eyes, like irritating twigs. She walked downward on the staircase swiftly, and transformed them into damsels of high charms. All the damsels in the wizardry laboratory arrived safely to the area of the scene. The highly intimate couple Jinnee and Sheeja followed them, to decide their next destination in the journey of real life drama. There was a short discussion session to choose the next plane of action.

“Junior, I shall transfer princes Radha to the safe custody of your mothers on the mountain top. You start your journey to the magnetic fortress to reap the second harvest, according to the instructions of your mothers. The energy of forest nymph Santra will be behind you to push you to the peak of victory. You are permitted to use one boat vehicle up to the royal road leading to the magnetic fortress”, narrated forest nymph Santra nimbly. After a warm farewell hug with princess Radha, Junior Kuttuvan climbed on a boat vehicle to start the journey. Jinnee first diminished Sheeja to finger size, and dropped her into the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan. He then diminished himself to miniature form and sprang skillfully into his pocket. Junior Kuttuvan rowed the paddles rhythmically to enter into the mystery of the magnetic fortress.

Forest nymph Santra turned her attention towards the damsels. She understood her responsibility to transfer them to the safety hands of their parents. After a deep thinking for a span of time, she opened her merciful mouth to give them proper instruction. “Dear damsels! This green island is a good picnic spot for joyous stay for few days. You better enjoy the nice climatic condition of Green Island, utilizing the castle of witch Lysa for your safe dwelling. The two boat vehicle will return for your convenient transportation around this area. You have full freedom to choose the destination of your own choice for your happy future”, oriented forest nymph Santra, waving her hand as a last moment farewell signal. When forest nymph Santra stepped in the boat vehicle, princess Radha began to row paddles to start their journey.

The first boat vehicle reached the royal road of Marutha Land at noon. The sun at the zenith of the sky was on trial to burn the living organisms on the surface of the earth by millions of vertical solar rays. As a consequence of the high temperature of the soil, the movement of the pedestrians were completely absent on the royal road. Horsemen of the magnetic fortress rarely penetrated through the hot air, like lances accelerated to high velocities. Junior Kuttuvan felt the highest boredom of the season, to walk alone in the scorching climatic condition. As an effort to lower the speed of his journey, princess Radha danced on the platform of his mind with bloomed face of magnetic smile, often winking her eyes like streaks of lightning.

After a laborious walking in the burning solar rays along the royal road of Marutha Land, Junior Kuttuvan reached the area of a mango grove. He observed clusters of mangoes hanging from the branches, like bats painted to green, yellow and red colors. He noticed a vast spread of ripe fruits under a mango tree, like a blanket of yellow color. Attracted by the flavor of the mango fruits, Junior Kuttuvan walked towards the mango tree. When the approached the vicinity of the mango tree, he identified a bullock cart under the shadow of the tree, and a spread of nearly hundred empty baskets. When he lifted his eyes upwards, he witnessed an old man on the higher branch of the tree. He utilized a long bamboo stick fixed with a small net at the end, to pluck the ripe fruits.

He sat under the cart, and began to taste the sweetness of the flesh of a ripe mango fruit. “Master, your two servants are inside your pocket in scorching starvation. Kindly don’t forget the fact that we too have hungry stomachs”, puzzled Jinnee prudentially. By his blessing a small knife appeared on the palm of Junior Kuttuvan.

“I am sorry for my selfishness. I have forgotten you completely due to the worry of boredom. Kindly forget the incident as the first and last mistake of Junior Kuttuvan”, quailed junior Kuttuvan, dropping a piece of mango into his pocket. After his first carelessness, he first put two pieces of mango into his pocket and then ate one similar piece of mango. While he was eating the third mango, an unexpected event occurred to shift him towards the mystery of the magnetic fortress.

A branch of the mango tree broke off suddenly and the old man on the tree dropped on the ground, like a ripe jack fruit. Junior Kuttuvan ran towards the oldman and found him in a state of unconsciousness. The spring of love in his heart compelled him to save the oldman from the clutches of death. “Jinnee, this old man appears to be my grandfather prof Sukran. I wish to save him from this scorching pain. My Vanathi mom preserves magic medicine silajit in tiny bottles. Do you have capacity to pull a bottle of Silajit to save this old man?” relegated junior Kuttuvan repentantly.

Jinnee jumped to the ground from his pocket. When he stretched his palm towards Junior Kuttuvan, the bottle of Silajit appeared on his palm. “Jinnee, I wonder about the strength of your wizardry powers. Do you have power to collect the mango fruits scattered on the floor in the baskets within a span of time? I wish to verify the limits of your wizardry powers”, solicited junior Kuttuvan, grasping the bottle of Silajit from his palm.

“I have capacity to pluck all the ripe fruits in the tree, in addition to the duty assigned by you within a span of time. Don’t blink your eyes to enjoy the debut of a scene of wonder”, spluttered Jinnee strategically. By the strength of his spell, the mango fruits on the ground rolled towards the basket one after another, and jumped spontaneously into the baskets. After collecting all the mango fruits in the baskets, Jinnee raised his eyes to stare the mango fruits hanging on the branches. The ripe mango fruits pulled from the stalks, and reached the basket one by one. Then he shifted his penetrative eyes to the filled baskets. They moved towards the cart one after another, and jumped to file uniformly on the cart.

“Jinnee, your wizardry power is great, beyond the level of my imagination. I am extremely happy to gain your friendship”, titivated junior Kuttuvan, with a bloomed face of increasing wonder. Jinnee rebounded towards him and suddenly sprang to his pocket. Junior Kuttuvan opened the jaws of the old man by the application of little force, and poured the silajit into his mouth. He waited calmly under the cart for a period of time, expecting the revival of the health of the old man, within a short efflux of time. According to his expectation, slight movement occurred in the body of the old man. After a short period of time, his eyes opened like the screen of a stage drama. Then he rolled his eyes to study the nature of the surrounding. Unable to believe the color of the scenes shown by his eyes, he vibrated his eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly.

Junior Kuttuvan approached the nearness of the old man, and stored the brightness of sympathy on his handsome face. “Grandma, how is your health? Are you quite okay?” urged Junior Kuttuvan uniquely. The old man was highly impressed by the love brimming voice of Junior Kuttuvan when the old man tried to get up, Junior Kuttuvan stretched his helping hand for a little walk. “I experience only little pain. I escaped narrowly from the clutch of death. Surviving without wounds from the fall at such heavy altitude appears to be a miracle” vaunted the old man, gazing his face with increasing interest.

“The mercy of god is always behind laborious men like you”

“Who are you son? Who collected all these mangoes in baskets?”

“I am junior, an unemployed youth from a distant village. I am on the way to the magnetic fortress to search a job”.

“You appear to be a highly talented youth. How did you achieve such a heavy task, within a short interval of time?”

“Grandfa, you are unconscious for one whole day. I utilized that long period of time to collect all the mangoes”.

“Any how, I wonder about your dedication in the unpaid work. If you are interested, you shall work as my assistant, till you find a better job”

“I am happy to earn experience under your service. Do you own the mango grove?”

“No son. I have a contract with the owner of the grove to take the yield for one season”

Thus Junior Kuttuvan found a technique to enter into the mystery of the magnetic fortress. He had no more worry to earn a job to feed his crying stomach. So he willingly accepted the offer of the old man to work as an assistant businessman. They started the journey towards the magnetic fortress on the bullock cart. When they approached the entrance of the magnetic fortress, the guards on horsed stopped them for an enquiry.

“Who is the new chap on your cart? Why did you bring a stranger to the magnetic fortress?” whooped a guard wolfishly. He stared Junior Kuttuvan with growing doubt. Junior Kuttuvan posed the innocence of illiteracy on his face. He bowed his head with folded palms to show his reverence.

“The boy is my grandson in the village. I took him to gain experience as a businessman”

“This boy looks like a good warrior. I can’t allow him in the campus of the magnetic fortress”

“He came to seek a job in our cavalry. Captain vindan permitted to bring him for his personal verification. He will work as my assistant, till he gain offer from captain Vindan”

“You should keep this boy under your strict control. He is not permitted to wander around the castles to impress the princes of the magnetic fortress”

“Sure sir. He won’t breach the rules of the magnetic fortress.

“Be careful. If he played any crazy game, both of you will be pushed into moat to play with flying crocodiles”

“Thank you sir. I shall guarantee for the virtuous behavior of my grandson. He won’t cross the line drawn by me”

Atlast the guards allowed them to enter into the magnetic fortress, at the end of long hesitating arguments for a period of time. After crossing a long distance along the royal road, they directly entered in the market, heaped with varieties of commodities of different colors for sale. Junior Kuttuvan observed a thick crowd of dense mass of people inside the market. He unloaded the fruit baskets conveniently according to the instruction of his master. Soon a crowd of both gender surrounded them to bargain the price of the mango fruits. The speed of the business accelerated momentum, and the stock of mangoes lowered to less than half the quantity, before the approach of the sun in western horizon.

“I require a little time to settle my debts. You sell the fruits at the rate fixed by me. Preserve patience to avoid conflicts with the guards of the magnetic fortress”, alerted the owner advertently. Then he vacated the area to look after his personal affairs, preserving the bag containing the collection with him. Junior Kuttuvan continued the sale on the basis of his personal experience. At that instant, a twist of event occurred to lower his amplitude of patience. Captain Sekar approached him on his horse. He threw a cotton sack indifferently on his face. Junior Kuttuvan stared his face with growing anger.

“Stupid! Why are you standing like an inert donkey? Fill the bag with best quality fruits”, barked captain Sekar, like a hound on a hunting expedition. A feeling of wrath bombarded the nervous system of Junior Kuttuvan to retaliate for the high intensity insult. The faces of his three mothers flashed into his mind one after another, to sublimate the fumes of his anger. He remembered his responsibility to adopt high forbearance to catch the heart of princess of Kurinchi Land. He controlled his emotions, and filled the sack with ripe mangoes. As there was more space in the sake, he added the last two unripe mangoes into the sack.

“Idiot, don’t you have any sense of brain? Does your father come to lift the sack on my horse? Worthless dog, knowing nothing but to eat”, cumbered captain Sekhar contemptuously. When the amplitude of wrath reached the level of explosion, he experienced the angry vibration of Jinnee in his pocket. He calmed Jinnee by the gentle touch of his right hand. He lifted the sack with little effort, and kept on the horse to the front of captain Sekar for his easy grasp. Captain Sekar analyzed the quality of the fruits and took those two unripe mangoes in his hand.

“Brainless ghost, don’t you have wisdom to identify unripe mangoes? Am I beggar on the street to eat sour mangoes?” denigrated captain Sekhar, throwing the two unripe mangoes on his chest with force.

Junior Kuttuvan stood like an ice doll, froze by a heavy snow fall. Excessive wrath vibrated his senses, unable to select the proper course of action. During that time gap, captain Sekhar turned his horse, and moved to a distance. Junior Kuttuvan ran behind him and stopped the horse pulling its tail. “Captain, the price of the mango fruits is two gold coins. Kindly settle the amount, before leaving the place”, excoriated Junior Kuttuvan expeditiously.

“Rascal, who gave you gut to beg for money from the captain of magnetic fortress? I will throw you into the moat, if you try to insult me next time” fizzled captain Sekhar, kicking violently on the chest of Junior Kuttuvan. The force of the kick pushed Junior Kuttuvan on the ground. Due to higher sloping of the land, he rolled downwards on the ground. Jinnee escaped from the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan in the form of fume and chased captain Sekar. He suddenly transformed into Junior Kuttuvan floating in air at the level of captain Sekar. He slapped with force on both sides of the face of captain Sekhar and vanished from the area like a miracle. Boiled by high intensity waves of wrath, captain Sekar returned to the market to study the condition of Junior Kuttuvan. He witnessed the youth still rolling on the slope of the land surface, and princess Aruna running towards him to stretch her helping hand. Without strength to believe his own eyes, he rubbed his burning cheeks to identify the truth behind the miracle. His hand experienced the swelling of five finger mark on his face.

The horse of princess Aruna reached the market behind captain Sekhar. He was not on the good book of princess Aruna, since she identified another vampire in his rough behavior of increasing arrogance. There was a sudden outburst of the spring of sympathy in her heart on the youth of high innocence. At the same time, the total cowardice of the youth grew hatred crops in the field of her heart.

Through the whole mass of people around the area grew a heart of compassion on the innocence of the rural youth, the usual haughtiness in the character of captain Sekhar compelled them to act inertness, as if no change in the current of breeze occurred around the area. Knowing the basic reason behind the lack of helping tendency in the hearts of the citizens, princess Aruna ran behind him to pull him to the land of safety.

She stretched her right leg forward to the maximum extend, slipped on the slope towards the youth at high speed. Junior Kuttuvan was impressed highly by her sparkling face of perfect beauty, blackened by the shadow of anger. As an effort to cultivate sympathy of love in the field of her heart, he acted inability of cowardice. By the application of force of his hands, he changed his rolling motion into a gliding movement, and stretched his right hand for a grasp of the hand of that angel. As per his expectation of growing imagination, she stretched her hand to pull him to the strong grip of her hand of high safety. Though she partially succeeded in her effort to seize his hand her endeavor to lift him to the ground of stability failed utterly.

Both of them dropped into a cavern of high depth. While moving downward to the lap of death, Junior Kuttuvan used the golden opportunity to analyze the softness of the fresh blossom. He pulled her to a warm hug and rubbed his mango slice lips on her orange pulp lips. His hand moved on the slope of her back craftily from neck to the rump. The downward movement towards the hard rock on the bed of the cavern appeared to Junior Kuttuvan as a journey from the sufferings of the earth to the joy of heaven. As per his expectation, Jinnee appeared on the rock in invisible form and held them safely on his both hands. Junior Kuttuvan utilized the final chance to give a wet kiss on her cheek, and acted perfect unconsciousness. Jinnee laid them on the flat surface of the rock, turning his master down.

Princess Aruna flew to the heights of wonder. All events appeared to her as scenes of a dream in a fairyland. The youth of high cowardice appeared to be on a deep sleep, without even a drop of bloodshed. She felt her position as a garland of fresh roses on the warm chest of the youth of magnetic charm. Her safe position on the chest of the youth, and the grasp of his hand around her soft skin, originated a current of warmth in her nervous system. She waited in that position on his body for a span of time, to enjoy the strangeness of the penetrating waves of hotness. She opened the grasp of his both hands by the application of little force. She slowly rolled from his body, and gazed him in growing wonder.

“Aha! What a handsome youth like an angel of heaven! I can’t hate this angel for his cowardice. I wish to teach all the arts of warfare to transform him, as the future hero of the magnetic fortress”, gratified princes Aruna gaily. She raised her head to trace a technique to escape from the cavern of high depth. Unable to identify a strategy to climb to the platform of safety, she wandered around the area keeping her eyes wide open. At that instant of evaporating hope, she saw the dropping of a strong cord from the top of the cavern. A brightness of joy spread on her face, like the bursting of flames in the area of swamps. She verified the strength of the rope first by a strong pull, and then by hanging to apply her whole weight.

Satisfied by the strength of the cord, princess Aruna decided to lift the youth of handsome to the top of the cavern. She struck the cheeks of Junior Kuttuvan gently, to wake him from the depth of unconsciousness. Sensing her good intention of brimming love, he opened his eyes slowly like the shutter of a sluice. “Angel! I dropped into the torture of a hell. Kindly lift me to the joy of heaven. I will serve you as your obedient servant, if you bless me with life”, heralded junior Kuttuvan, moaning bitterly to dramatize pain as the consequence of the fall.

“I am princess Aruna of the magnetic fortress. I too dropped into this cavern of death due to your cowardice. I shall try my best to lift you safely to the top of the cavern. You should cling to my body without slippage”, implored princess Aruna implicitly.

By the application of high amplitude of force, she pulled his hands to her shoulder, keeping his chest on her back. “You seize my shoulders by the grip of your fingers. You won’t drop down during our ascent on the rope. Be careful to avoid accident”, jollified princess Aruna, putting effort to pull him on his back. He dropped down without energy to hold her shoulder. After repeated trails of failures, she decided to tie him with her body to avoid slippage. During her next trial, he climbed on her waist along the front. The frictional force of his skin induced waves of hotness in her nervous system. She enjoyed the spread of new type of warmth in her nervous system.

Assuming high level innocence in the behavior of Junior Kuttuvan, she decided to ascend on the rope, preserving him on the safety custody of her chest. She used her shawl to tie him around her waist. Then she began to ascend on the rope, displacing the grip of her feet on the projections and crevices in the wall of the cavern. He grasped her shoulder firmly by the strong grip of his fingers. He lowered his eyes to enjoy the vibrations of her young conical bosoms. At favorable circumstances, he purposely pressed his chest on her bosoms, to accelerate the speed of the waves of hotness bombarding his nervous system.

“Brother! Did you foget the presence of your sister Sheeja inside your pocket? Don’t crush me on the breast of your friend”, knelled Sheeja keenly. He was shocked beyond the limits, by the scanty moaning sound of sheeja. So he changed his strategy of attack on the nervous system of princess Aruna. He rubbed his wet lips on her cheeks, at times of her changes of position.

Princess Aruna identified diminished frictional force on her erect nipples. She wondered about the diminishing rate of current of libidinous in her nervous system. “Don’t fall down by the loss of your grip on my body. You cling tightly to my body to prevent slippage”, lisped princess Aruna, pushing him towards her chest by the pressure of her left hand.

Though Junior Kuttuvan rejected her instruction, he showed higher interest to press his lips on her face. The game reached the end phase, when they reached the top of the cavern. They were pulled to safer area by a crowd of spectators. Junior Kuttuvan acted another swoon to catch the sympathy of princess Aruna. “Junior is my grandson. Kindly help me to carry him to my cottage at the north side of the market. Princess Aruna, thank you very much for lifting Junior from the cavern of death”, mobilized Ameer modestly.

Junior Kuttuvan was carried to the cottage of merchant Ameer, and spread safely on a cot. Princess Aruna watched unconscious Junior Kuttuvan with growing sympathy for a span of time. “Take care of this chap, neglecting your business, till his complete recovery of health. I shall send a physician to give the best medicine available in the dispensary of our king”, notified princess Aruna, pressing his cheeks to study the body temperature. “Amber, this chap appears to be a worthless coward. Might is right is the rule of the modern world. A dastard can’t lead a decent life in the society. So he must be inducted to a training programme to learn the arts of warfare”

“Sorry mom. I never expected such cowardice, behind the activeness of my grandson. Kindly help me to transform him to a good warrior of high prowess. On one day he should rise to the pinnacle of distinction as the captain of our cavalry”, obsecrated Ameer, a colorful smile spreading on his face like a rainbow.

“I shall meet him at tomorrow evening. I wish to study his interest on the warfare training programme. If he display any willingness to develop his own talents, I shall induct him in the training camp of the magnetic fortress”, perked princess Aruna prodigiously. Her mind compelled to remain around the youth, till his complete recovery of health. Inspite of the strange turbulence of her mind, the sharpness of her brain warned to discharge her responsibilities, to the best satisfaction of the king. She vacated the cottage immediately to avoid a friction with her father.

King Gangan roamed inside his harem with a disturbed mind of restlessness. He imagined a coalition of his most powerful enemies under the leadership of Vanathi, the tigress of Neyythal Land. The bird women Vanmathi had high capacity to play miracles in the battle field, against his powers in the magnetic fortress. He expected the support of birdman Subban to the alliance, as an effort to evaporate his dominance in the magnetic fortress. Though prince Kuttuvan vanished from the arena of competition, he was substituted by Junior Kuttuvan, the young hero of matchless valor. King Gangan confirmed that only the destruction of the confederation of his foes would enhance his joyous life period.

King Gangan convened his special assembly to discuss about the suppression of the latest growing problem. The assembly was attended by Prime Minister Rajan, captain Vindan, captain Murugan, captain Vannan and captain Sekhar. “Friends, I have latest boiling news for your immediate action. The tigress of Neyythal land escaped narrowly from the destructive hands of sand rain. She is on collection process of an army in the middle of forests, to annihilate the powers of magnetic fortress. This is the right time to burn the whole atmosphere surrounding Vanathi”, quashed king Gangan, the red shade of anger on his face increasing at rapid rate.

“Vanathi has less energy to play miracles, without the support of prince Kuttuvan. We shall send a team of horsemen to the forest to hunt the enemy alliance. No power should survive on the surface of the earth to vibrate against the powers of our magnetic fortress”, roared captain Vindan rebelliously.

“Don’t assume Vanathi as a moth to fall voluntarily on flame blossoms. The sharpness of her brain exceeds the speed of flash of a lightning. A little carelessness might burn our dreams into total annihilation”, scared king Gangan, his eyes glowing like burning splinters.

“Let us select hundred best horsemen from our cavalry. We shall split them into ten teams of ten members each. The ten teams of horsemen should be sent in different directions in the dense forest area to detect the camp of Vanathi. We shall select a good strategy of attack after detection of the enemy camp”, tolled Prime Minister Rajan turgidly.

“The idea of our prime Minister appears to have merits. Vindan! Make necessary arrangements to implement the idea of our prime Minister into practice. Announce a high prize of thousand gold coins to the successful team in the identification process”, ushered king Gangan, a growing confidence increasing the intensity of his voice.

“Let us celebrate our victory in advance. Dancing girls! This is the nice time for your dancing performance. You select the best dancing style, with high amplitude vibrations, to generate hot waves in this auditorium”, vociferated Prime Minister Rajan volubly. A team of fifteen slim waist damsels appeared on the stage. A group of five girls began to tune different types of music instruments, second group of five girls started to enchant a rhythmic song and the last group of five girls danced with high amplitude vibrations of sensational centers.

On the next morning, ten teams of horsemen diffused into the adjacent forest area in different directions to trace the residential camp of Vanathi. During their laborious research in the midst of the dense forest, the boat vehicle of witch Lysa dropped in the eyes of a warrior. “Wow! What a strange scene of skyhigh wonder! A boat is flying in the sky without wings. This appears to be a wizardry vehicle of a witch”, wondered the soldier, whistling aloud to attract the attention of his team members. He ran behind the boat vehicle to identify the mystery behind the scene. Attracted by the whistle, his team members participated in the chasing programme.

The boat vehicle of witch Lysa was occupied by forest nymph Santra and princes Radha. The increasing restlessness of princes Radha compelled forest nymph Santra, to give some orientation instructions to release the tension of her mind. “The three mothers of Junior Kuttuvan are embodiments of sublimated love. They will oscillate you on the love swing of their hearts. You shall approach them without any vibration of fear”, yodeled forest nymph Santra yieldingly.

“I grow as a slave in the terror of control of magnetic fortress. I had no opportunity to enjoy the color of real motherly love. The love of three mothers will bath me in the joy of heaven. I wish to repay for their depth of love, as an ideal daughter of the family. Give me instruction to earn the affection of the three mothers simultaneously”, aspired princess Radha, in a tone of increasing stress.

Forest nymph Santra started her eyes keenly, as an effort to penetrate into her heart. The brightness of a smile spread on her face, like the spectacular display of shade of pink colors in the eastern horizon at sun rise. Her lips vibrated gently, like the dancing of the petals of a pink rose flower in a breeze. “I shall give you three instructions to ascend on the throne of the family of Junior Kuttuvan. At first, you don’t try to identify the real mother of Junior Kuttuvan. Even at critical times, you don’t try to deviate towards one side on the basis of higher family status”, barricaded forest nymph Santra beneficently.

“Yes mom. I won’t forget to show equal respect to the three moms. I learnt their family background from Junior. I will move the coins of the family with perfect planning”, bustled princess Radha breezily.

“Myna is the youngest mother in the family. Through she appears like a child, the master key of the family is on her hand. You should handle her carefully. If you show little love on her, she will dance according to your tunes”, cheered forest nymph Santra, like a child on the victory point of a game.

“I shall prove my merits as the first rank princes of the magnetic fortress. I know the strength of love as a weapon to catch human minds”, deigned princess Radha decisively.

“There is a strong knot of controversy in the relationship between the members of the family. Bird women Vanmathi adopted Myna as her daughter. In order to preserve Vanmathi always with her, Myna trapped her as the second wife of birdman Subban. Thus the mother and daughter are the wives of the same husband”, exclaimed forest nymph Santra, a color of ridicule spreading on her face like the smoke associated with some flames.

“I am proud for the merits of my family. The strong family bond is formed by the adhesive force of real love. In the magnetic fortress, we have only weak family bond joined by the forces of fear and lust”, fermented princess Radha frankly.

“I don’t like to meet Vanathi at this critical junction. Kindly give me farewell at this point. Please broaden your mind on the model of your Myna mom. Princess Aruna will arrive soon to lift you to higher levels of love. This event will occur due to the order of his mothers for some political gains”, heralded forest nymph Santra hesitantly. She transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, and vanished quickly from the area, like a flash of lightning. The glamorous face of princess Radha faded instantly, like a plucked rose flower irradiated by solar rays.

The boat vehicle approached the nearness of a series of waterfalls. To the distant view, the mountain appeared to be huge cow. The waterfall showed the apparent view of a shower of milk from the nipples of the cow. The beautiful dancing style of nature captivated the mind of princess Radha, evaporating the irritation in her mind immediately. Her eyes wandered in joy, like fire flies penetrating the blanket of darkness. According to the spell of forest nymph Santra, the boat vehicle moved towards the mouth of the waterfall.

Vanathi was the first to witness the boat vehicle of witch Lysa at a distance in the sky, like the gigantic eagle of king Gangan. Attacked by waves of fear, she ran swiftly towards her cottage constructed on a tree, and pulled a quiver of arrows and a bow. “The boat vehicle of witch Lysa is fastly approaching us, for avenging the death of her mother witch Lyla. Get ready for a tough fight against the wizardry powers of witch Lysa. Be ready to fight till the end to save our son from the wizardry hands of witch Lysa”, infused Vanathi running forward like a streak of lightning.

“Mom, fly fast to cross the speed of Vanathi. Witch Lysa should kill us first to touch the skin of Vanathi”, jerked Myna jaggedly. Vanmathi grasped a long sword on her right hand, and fluttered her huge wings to fly towards the mouth of the waterfall. Myna snatched a quiver of arrows and a bow at the high speed of a lightning streak. She ran behind Vanmathi quickly, and sprang forward to stabilize her position on the back of Vanmathi. They easily crossed the speed of Vanathi, and stood before Vanathi to block her from the attack of the enemy. Myna arranged the position of the arrow on the bow and increased the tension of the string to pierce the heart of witch Lysa.

Princess Radha was highly impressed by the swift action of the three mothers. She pulled the white flag tied to a long pole by the strength of her both hands, and bounced on the elevated seat to increase the visibility of the white flag of peace. She waved the flag to and fro to catch the attention of the three mothers. The sparkling smile of princess Radha froze the minds of three mothers, like a sudden shower of ice granules. The accumulated craziness in their inner mind for the love of a daughter exploded into Christmas sparklers. “Aha! God blessed us with an angel as our daughter. Mom! Run fast to bath our daughter by the shower of our love”, lured Myna, bouncing forward towards princess Radha, like a storm at high speed.

She sprang on the edge of the boat vehicle, and pulled princess Radha for a warm hug. “Child, you appear to be an angel of heaven. We accept you as our dearest daughter. We are ready to oscillate you on the swing of our love. Kindly visit our cottage to accept our service”, mesmerized Myna magically.

Myna gave a shower of kisses on the face of princess Radha, tear drops of joy dripping down her cheeks like a shower of rain.

“Myna mom, I love you very much. I arrived to immerse my three moms in the ocean of my love. Vanathi mom! Are you not willing to accept this angel as your child? Vanmathi mom! Are you satisfied with Myna mom as your only daughter?” negotiated princess Radha naughtily.

The debut of the scene of highest strangeness pushed the minds of Vanathi and Vanmathi to the height of wonder. They stared princess Radha as an angel of heaven, the intensity of gleam on their faces growing at rapid rate, to cross the height of the heaven. Princess Radha ran towards them and pulled both of them simultaneously to her warm embracement. Captivated by her love brimming words Myna joined voluntarily in the embracement of concentrated love.

“Who are you? Who deputed you to our residence? Who gave you permission to travel on the boat vehicle of witch Lysa?” oppressed Vanathi by a series of questions.

“I am princess Radha of magnetic fortress. I am a girl friend of your son Junior Kuttuvan. He deputed me for your service”

“Wow! What joyous news that sprays honey drops into our mouths. Junior Kuttuvan proved his merits as the son of three mothers. We are happy to receive princess Radha as an angel of our family”, plumed Vanathi, presenting an affectionate kiss on her forehead.

“I wonder about the beauty of this serene atmosphere. A life on the lap of nature is a joyous experience for life long remembrance. Such a mind catching dancing form of nature will boost our mental health and elongate the life period”, quoted Princess Radha quixotically.

“Child, we are highly captivated by the words from your mouth, accustomed to the tastes of luxury of the magnetic fortress. You are the highest prize blessed by the mercy of god”, rollicked Vanmathi rapturously.

Suddenly Myna pulled princess Radha to her side. She stared her with a face of growing doubt. “I am the real mother of junior Kuttuvan. I expect higher respect and service from you. You should obey my orders as the commands of god”, snarled Myna, keeping her face hard as the hardest granite.

Princess Radha turned towards Myna with a growing sparkling smile on her face. “Myna Mom, I honor Junior as the son of three mothers. I value three of you as a mother with one soul and three bodies. I hate to give higher respect to any one of you”, testified princess Radha tautly.

The reply of princess Ratha impressed all of them to the height of the sky. They realized that princess Radha was well trained by their son, for smooth adjustment to the color of the family. “Let us first enter into our cottage. Then we shall discuss about the circumstances that strengthened the love bond between you and our son”, urged Vanmathi, giving a warm kiss on her forehead as a token of her growing intimacy.

“The cavalry of my father is roaming around this area of the forest. I expect a sudden attack from them at any time. Be careful for our defense”, venerated princess Radha veraciously.

“Don’t worry. We are waiting for such an attack from king Gangan. We have enough power to defend ourselves”, wheezed Myna, bursting into a sneering laugh.

“About ten warriors are at this area. About hundred soldiers are around the area at little distance. It is better to prepare for a tough retaliation”

“The sides of the mountain are very steep. Even the most talented monkey can’t climb the top of the mountain with less effort”

“Is there sloping landscape at any side of this mountain?”

“Only a small inclined area at the backside of this mountain”.

“That area needs higher protection. Let us act swiftly to stop intruders beyond our frontiers”.

“Child, wait for us safely in the cottage. We shall approach you, after inflicting a crushing defeat on the force of our enemy”

“Mom, I am well trained warrior. I rank first in valor among the offspring of king Gangan. Kindly give me an opportunity to prove my merits”, yammered princess Radha yearningly.

Vanathi rolled her eyes to study the opinion of the other two mothers. He observed no darkening of opposition on their glamorous faces of glittering smile. Satisfied by the color of their hearts, she took the honor to announce their decision for granting princess Radha an opportunity to share the responsibility of their self defense. “Vanmathi, I lay the safety of our child on your hands. You should be always behind her as a shield to protect her at critical times”, allured Vanathi, focusing her eyes sharply to a distance to analyze the nature of a shadow.

As per her expectation, the shadow magnified in size and transformed into birdman Subban. Near the vicinity of the waterfall, he lowered the frequency of vibration of his wings. He jumped in front of them, like an angel of heaven. He gazed princess Radha with a bloomed face of growing wonder. Princess Radha understood his identity instantly. “Uncle, I am princess Radha of the magnetic fortress. I am a new addition to your family. Kindly bless me for a long prosperous future”, bowed princess Radha blithely.

“Child, you are the best evidence for the magnetic personality of our Junior Kuttuvan. My hearty wishes are always behind you to lift you to the joy of heaven. Your arrival added to the intensity of light in our home”, cajoled birdman Subban cannily. “Vanmathi, ten horsemen of king Gangan are at the foot of the waterfall. They have a plan to climb to the mountain top to murder the enemies of King Gangan”

“We are ready to defend the attack of our foes. Kindly don’t consider princess Radha as a citizen of the magnetic fortress. We accepted her as a member of our family in our struggle to capture the throne of Marutha Land”, dominated bird woman Vanmathi, by her high intensity tone of order. Birdman Subban flew swiftly towards the cottage, and fetched two sets of bows and quivers. He transferred one set of bow and quiver of arrows to the hand of princess Radha and flew towards the backside to plan for the attack of sure victory.

The batch of ten warriors of king Kangan reached the foot of the waterfall. They noticed the movement of shadows on the mountain top. They analyzed the structure of the mountain to reach the top, to identify the residents of the mountain. They confirmed the difficulty to climb on the mountain with vertical sides. “Friends, we observed the presence of mankind on the mountain top. Let us return to the magnetic fortress to report the matter to our honorable king. He will depute his cavalry to hunt the terrorists to total destruction”, expostulated a horseman elusively.

“Our expedition not reached the stage of completion. The people on the mountain top may be tribes of this area. We have whole responsibility to identify the people on the mountain top. We will be acclaimed with prizes, if we destroy them completely from the surface of the earth. We have to trace a route to reach the mountain top to complete our mission to perfection”, fired another soldier, in a tone of high determination to climb on the height of victory.

The team of ten horsemen finalized to climb on the mountain top, as an effort to study the background of the mankind on the mountain of high mystery. So they accelerated their horses around the mountain to trace favorable route to reach the mountain top. After one complete revolution around the mountain, they finalized a slanting region having low slope, as the ideal location for their easy ascent. In the middle another team of ten horsemen joined with them to increase their energy. “Friends, rock projections are abundant in this area up to the top. So we shall easily climb to the top of the mountain, hiding behind the rocks projections one after another. The only one difficulty in our path of progress is that our horses will find difficulty to climb on the sloping area. So we have to hide our horses behind trees at the foot of the mountain”, gratified the first soldier gleefully.

After selecting the area of easy ascent, they tactfully hid their horses behind trees, one horse per tree. Then they moved upwards on the slope of the mountain, preserving pin drop silence around the area. They observed even no bird to chirp against their forwards march. They easily crossed the area with rock projections and reached the area of plane slope. “Aha! The fruit of victory is at the stretch of our hands. We should attack the terrorists at unexpected time, and slaughter them mercilessly like a flash of lightning. Our king will shower gold treasures on our heads to appreciate our achievements”, hustled another warrior, flying on the wings of high imagination

“Friends, the plane area without trees and rock projection is will be of high risk for our health. If the enemy has sharpness of brain, he will crush us to death, rolling huge stones on the slope. Let as spread lengthwise with a spacing of at least hundred metres between individuals. Then we shall move upward to start an abrupt lightning attack”, insisted the group leader intensely.

The group of twenty warriors acted swiftly according to his instruction, holding their sharp swords for sudden attack. To increase the grip on the slope of the rock, they climbed on four foots like beasts. The three member team of the most prowess women of the area-Vanathi, Myna and Princes Radar waited for that golden opportunity to prove the sharpness of their brains. There was a series seven huge mechanical engines at the edge of the mountain top, six of them being identical in structure, and the central one entirely different in shape. They peeped outside to study the position of the enemies. Vanathi pushed the liver of the first two mechanical engines one after another, Myna operated the third and fourth mechanical engines, and princess Radha worked the sixth and seventh mechanical engines, with little time gap.

The mechanical engines launched huge spherical rocks one after another at high velocity in parabolic paths. First three spherical stones collided on the slope of the rock mountain, and rebounded on the chest of three soldiers with violent force, pushing their souls directly to the tortures of the hell. The other three spherical stones bombarded directly on the heads of three soldiers to scatter them into thousands of fragments of flesh. The sudden shower of stone projectiles evaporated the confidence level of the other soldiers towards the lowest level of zero. Losing the power to take sharp decision of wisdom, they scattered into different directions, like a convoy of crows in the region of explosion of crackers, some of them moving upwards and others rolling downwards.

At that time of highest turbulence of the warriors of king Gangan, another higher twist of event occurred, like a sudden acid rain from a clear sky. Birdman Subban and bird woman Vanmathi appeared behind them at low altitude of the sky with aimed bows and arrows. They shot their arrows pulling the metal strings to high tension. They charged only the soldiers moving downwards to escape from the tragedy of death. The high speed arrows pierced through the neck of the warriors, the corpses of four soldiers dropped on the rock, like withered petals of dahlia flowers. Those corpses rolled on the slope of the mountain, like roots cut off banana plants.

The sudden debut of the scene of horror on the slope of the mountain, penetrate waves of terror in the nervous system of the soldiers of Marutha Land. In order to escape from the penetrating arrows of the human birds, they moved swiftly upwards like four footed animals. A gigantic spherical rock connected to an iron chain was kept at the extreme left edge of the mountain. Vanathi waited for a span of time, for the reach of the soldiers to the vicinity of the marking of a semicircle on the mountain slope, using white powder of chalk. When she operated the liver, the huge spherical rock moved fast along the trajectory of the semi circle, crushing the four soldiers on the mark to immediate death. Out of the six soldiers escaped narrowly from the trap of death, three soldiers moved upwards and three rolled downwards on the slope of the rock mountain.

At that critical time of shame to the soldiers of the magnetic fortress, Vanathi-Myna-Radha alliance appeared on the edge of the rock mountain, like three most powerful angels of heaven, with aimed bows and arrows on their hands. They projected the arrows at high velocity towards the three soldiers of Marutha Land. Those three arrows penetrated through the hearts of the three soldiers, ascending on the slope of the rock mountain. They rolled downwards on the slop of the rock mountain, like wheels cut off from running chariot. The human birds chased the two live soldiers rolling downwards on the slope of the rock mountain. The sharp arrows on their hands killed two soldiers mercilessly like bed bugs that suck blood of innocent children. Only one soldier was allowed to escape from the area of tragedy, to convey the news of bloodshed to their heartless vampire king Gangan.

The physician recommended by princess Aruna attended junior Kuttuvan at the time of the sunset. He first enquired Ameer about the nature of the accident met by the youth. He analyzed the health condition of Junior Kuttuvan, and noticed no symptoms of such a heavy accident on the handsome body of the youth. “Amber, your assistant is highly lucky. No soul that fell into that cavern escaped the hands of death. This youth escaped the claws of death as a miracle. He proved to be the best son of god, earning his highest mercy”, jollified the physician jealously.

Junior Kuttuvan spent the major time of the night in analyzing the significant events in his life in chronological order. Princess Aruna appeared to him as a pole star in the sky of his life. He remembered the instruction of his Vanathi mom to trap two princes of the magnetic fortress into his love web. Fortunately he climbed to half height of victory, by earning the love of princess Radha, belonging to the clan of Marutha land. The basic aim behind his visit to the magnetic fortress was trapping other princesses of Kurinji Land in to his love web. He finalized to decrease the distance gap of Aruna from him, if she belonged to the clan of Kurinchi land. He decided to collect the news from his master Ameer at early morning.

At early dawn of next day, he was ready to start the work of the day. “Master, I require a favor from your highness. I shall take the responsibility of collection and transportation of ripe mangoes from the grove. Better you take the duty of selling the fruits in the evening market. I hate to involve in struggles in the market”, lingered Junior Kuttuvan, gazing the face of his master with little hesitation.

“Attacking waves are common in the ocean. Little struggles will refine our life. Learn to live joyfully in a battle field”, mesmerized Ameer meritoriously.

“Princess Aruna criticized me as a coward. I wish to join in a training programme to strengthen my body and mind”

“Don’t believe the words of damsels of higher stratum. Their words are weaker than air bubbles”.

“I weigh her as an angel of heaven. I expect her at evening to induct me in to a training programme”.

“If she really stuck to her words, I shall give permission at evening”

“Is Aruna a fraud master?”

“Aruna is a meritorious princess of magnetic fortress with a character of virtues. She is the first rank holder in valor competitions, after the missing of princess Radha”

“Is there any prince in the campus of magnetic fortress with abilities comparable to princess Aruna?”

“About two thousand prince and princes are in the campus of the magnetic fortress. All of them are equally talented. However princes Aruna was top in the list due to some special skills”

“Two thousand Junior vampires. The future world will suffocate by their high pressure”

“Don’t speak like that Junior. All the offspring of our king are flawless gems with virtuous characters. They are mirror images of their mothers”

“I can’t believe my own ears. What happened to his idea to form united Marutha Empire?”

“The planning process for the horse ritual is fast approaching towards the stage of completion. A series of valor competitions will be held during next month to choose next heir to the throne the Marutha Empire”

“This is aremarkable news. Do you expect princess Aruna to win in the prowess competitions?”

“If princess Radha arrive in time, she will be the winner. Prince Velan too has some chance of victory. The support of our king may push prince Velan to the top”

“Why did he show such a partiality on the basis of gender?”

“Generally he considers women as play toys on bed. In addition, prince Velan belongs to his own clan of Marutha Land. But princess Aruna belongs to a lower clan of Kurinchi Land”

“Aha! This news gives me joy, like a shower of ambrosia to my mouth from the Heaven”

Junior Kuttuvan went to the mango grove on the bullock cart to harvest ripe mangoes from the trees. After taking ample of rest in the shadow of the trees, he reached the market at evening at usual time for the sale of mangoes. His master Ameer waited in the market to pay him a warm welcome. After unloading the baskets of mangoes on the allotted area of the market, they started the sale of the mangoes. The business gained momentum and major load of mangoes sold at nominal prince within a span of time.

During that time interval, princess Aruna approached the cottage to invite Junior Kuttuvan for the training programme. As she found the door of the cottage was locked, she searched Junior Kuttuvan around the area of the cottage. With a faded face of diminished glamour, she accelerated her horse towards the market. Junior Kuttuvan watched princess Aruna on the galloping horse at a distance like Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. “Princess Aruna is fast approaching to call me for the training programme. I don’t like to suffocate in the shame of cowardice in future. Kindly give me permission to grow my abilities in martial arts”, nettled Junior Kuttuvan, siphoning the sensations of innocence on his face.

“Keep the shadows of offspring of king Gangan away from your skin. No person can help you, if you put your fingers voluntarily into the hotness of flame. Don’t expect the springs of love in the heart of the offspring of the magnetic fortress”, ossified Ameer obdurately. Junior Kuttuvan assumed the warning signals of his master Ameer as the blessings of his three mothers. He walked towards princess Aruna with a bloomed face, expecting new experiences of high novelty form her hands of highest mercy.

He welcomed princess Aruna with bowed head and joined palms. “Yesterday you risked your own life to save this poor boy from the cavern of death. Today you arrived to bless this coward inducting into the martial art training scheme. I will remember your benevolence till my last breath”, perked Junior Kuttuvan, dramatizing the innocence of an illiterate lad.

“The campus of our magnetic fortress is a center of learning and prowess. An illiterate coward can’t survive longer in the campus of the magnetic fortress. I decided to give you warfare training at first and then literacy teaching. You should follow my instructions with full dedication”, quacked princes Aruna quaintly. He waved his head up and down like a thanjavur dancing doll as a symbol of acceptance of her advices. She jumped down from the horse to walk with him, like his shadow which follows him in times of joy and sorrow.

“The royal academy refused to admit you in the training programme. The royal academy is meant only for the skill development of the offspring of the king. So I decided to give you the required training on my own interest. The training ground will be completely vacant at late evening. We shall utilize the arena for our skill development scheme”, ratified princess Aruna, focusing high amplitude of trust in her tone.

“I assume your friendship as a gift of god. I have high interest to work as a warrior in the cavalry of the magnetic fortress. Your training scheme should help me to pass the selection process of the magnetic fortress”, solicited Junior Kuttuvan strategically.

After a span of time, they reached the vast area of a flat training ground, which was completely free without a slightest human shadow, like a newly harvested paddy field. Junior Kuttuvan was highly impressed by loneliness of the area, as there was no ghost to intrude into their privacy of intimacy. He decided to trap princess Aruna into his love web, within a shortest time period, as an effort to share the dense love of his three mothers. “Today I shall teach you first the method to hold the sword on your right hand. The second step in the training programme is the technique of brandishing the sword. The third stage in sword fighting is the leg movements to push the enemy backwards to the side of failure”, titivated princess Aruna, like thrilling song of a nightingale.

Princess Aruna demonstrated the three preliminary techniques of sword fighting in order. She repeated the demonstration process thrice and transferred the sword to his right hand. He grasped the sword at wrong position in loose grip, and waved the sword in an irregular pattern, like the stick on the hand of a ring master in a circus. His leg movement imitated the dancing styles of a drunkard on heavy intoxication. Unable to bear his ridiculous behavior of stupidity, she stretched his right hand fingers, kept the handle of the sword on his palm, and rearranged the grip of his fingers for an ideal grasp. She went behind him and began to oscillate his hand in a uniform pattern. As she penetrated into the field of mutual sexomagnetic induction, the strange waves of sensuousness began to bombard their nervous systems. The thrill of waves of libidinous compelled princes Aruna to narrow down the distance gap between them. Similarly the magnifying amplitude of waves of lust in his nervous system, forced Junior Kuttuvan to dramatize higher extent of ignorance in the arts of warfare.

When they were highly involved in the training programme, the horse of captain Sekhar approached the area in slow steps without making noise, like the diffusion of a poisonous gas into the atmosphere of highest purity. He stepped down from the horse at the highest silence, and stabilized his position at a range of perfect vision. The intimacy of the training programme sowed seeds of hotness into his nervous system. The crooked mind of captain Sekhar assumed princess Aruna as a lust crazy nymphet. “Princess Aruna, what is happening here to destroy the fame of magnetic fortress? I am ashamed of you for your involvement in a sex scandal. Flying crocodiles are waiting in starvation to taste your flesh of highest softness”, ushered captain Sekhar ulcerously.

The sudden explosive tone of Sekhar attacked the heart of princes Aruna severely, like the eruption of a volcano in her own head. The waves of lewdness that bombarded her nervous system vanished instantly into distant corners. Due to the shiver of fear her tongue stuck with her upper palate, and lost capacity of vibration to originate sound. Her lips vibrated at high amplitude losing her whole control, as if she dropped into the influence of high fever. Due to the freezing of the sharpness of her brain, princess Aruna stood like a deaf and dumb.

During the short time interval, captain Sekhar planned a perfect strategy to trap princess Aruna into his love web. Princess Aruna would rise to the pinnacle of distinction in future, as the empress of united Marutha Empire. If he spread a crafty network of treachery with a well planned strategy, the future empress would dance on his palm as a toy, according to the rhythm of his tunes. For his successful climb to the height of victory, the annihilation of the boy friend of princess Aruna seemed to be the first step.

Captain Sekhar pulled princess Aruna aside, like a weightless play toy of children. He kicked on the chest of Junior Kuttuvan with heavy force. The impact of the tremendous pressure pushed Junior Kuttuvan into a large distance. His body bombarded on the hard crust of the earth surface, and rolled to a large distance like an empty drum fabricated by wooden slices. Jinnee sprang from his pocket and stood behind princess Aruna as her security officer in invisible form. Captain Sekar pulled his sword quickly, and ran behind Junior Kuttuvan with increasing wrath.

Captain Sekar vibrated his sword repeatedly to cut off the head of Junior Kuttuvan, who escaped skillfully by his rolling in different directions. Princess Aruna gazed the occurrence in expanding wonder. She threw the sword in her hand towards Junior Kuttuvan for his self defense, along a parabolic trajectory of high height to avoid the possibility of injury to Junior Kuttuvan. He sprang swiftly to the height of the sky to grasp the sword, crossing the highest level of her wonder. After pulling the sword to the strong clutch of his grip, he jumped on the ground to perfect stability, like a highly skilled hero of heaven. However her expectation slipped to the black side of darkness, when she witnessed his behavior of highest cowardice. Inspite of putting effort for retaliation, he ran around her to save his skin from the sharp edge of the sword. The sword on the hand of captain Sekar hissed repeatedly, like a flying cobra to bite Junior Kuttuvan, to push his soul to the tortures of death.

Princess Aruna ran towards captain Sekar along a crossed path and dropped on his feet like a root cut tree. She grasped both legs of captain Sekar by her energetic clutch of both hands, like the strong grasp of an iguana. Captain Sekar pulled her on the rough surface of the earth towards junior Kuttuvan to long distance, and finally reached a state of rest. “Captain, Junior is highly innocent like a newborn baby. I accept the crime of sin on my head. I am ready to run on the pavement of the moat of the magnetic fortress at tomorrow morning. Kindly allows Junior to escape from the magnetic fortress before my death”, vociferated princess Aruna, like a mother seeing her only child at the verge of death.

The words of princess Aruna penetrated the nervous system of captain Sekhar, like the flame of a Christmas sparkler. The gleam of his face magnified instantly like the increase in energy of organisms at sunrise. He stopped movement to enjoy the waves of thrill bombarding his nervous system. He stretched his right hand towards her, to pull her towards his chest for a tight embracement of the highest excitement. Princess Aruna grasped his hand with a caution and rose to stabilize her feet on the ground, avoiding a slippage on his heart of the highest treachery. “Junior, I won’t allow anyone to touch your skin. This captain Sekhar is just a fox before this lioness. Only for your safety, I bear all these insults. You move to your cottage to have a deep sleep at night. At the dawn of tomorrow, you escape from the mystery of the magnetic fortress, on the pretention of plucking mango fruits. I shall wait for your arrival in paradise”, wailed princess Aruna woefully.

Captain Sekar stopped his efforts of attack to murder Junior Kuttuvan. He gazed the curvatures of princess Aruna with growing glow in his eyes. “Brother! My darling Jinnee is behind princess Aruna to assure her safety. Let us move to our cottage to avoid the elongation of the problem. If we provide opportunity for the expansion of the struggle further, no one can stop the drop princess Aruna into the moat of the magnetic fortress”, yodeled Sheeja, striking his chest repeatedly to soften his mind for a favorable decision.

Junior Kuttuvan spread his wings of imagination to the width and height of the sky to fetch the pearl of solution. He finalized to obey the idea of Sheeja to satisfy the orders of his three mothers, without any element of friction. As the second powerful personality of the magnetic fortress, princes Anitha could play miracles to escape from the crafty hands of captain Sekhar. Further the wizardry energy of Jinnee was behind princess Aruna to boost her power at critical times. To maintain his image as a coward in the eyes of princess Aruna, he walked slowly towards his cottage.

The glamorous structural style of princess Aruna pushed captain Sekhar to the heights of imagination. He was not ready to kill the goose that lay golden eggs. “I shall leave Junior to escape safely, if you agree to my stipulations. If you danced without rhythm against my conditions, I will pierce the heart of Junior with my dagger, before kicking him to the moat as a food for flying crocodiles”, alarmed captain sekhar aggressively.

“Kindly don’t take negative decisions. I shall accept your dominance. Please guarantee the safety of my friend Junior”, bargained princess Aruna, her wet eyes begging bitterly for his blessing.

“I shall visit you in your castle at midnight. Keep the doors closed without locking. We shall discuss the conditions of the treaty on your bed”.

“On bed? Impossible. I value chastity as a treasure of my body”.

“Don’t worry. The question of loss of chastity won’t occur at any time. We shall regularize our relationship by wedlock in future at the right time”,

“My father will kill both of us instantly, on the leakage of this illegal contact”

“We shall preserve the secret till his death. We shall marry only after his decay”

“Impossible. Junior already penetrated into my heart. I won’t allow other ghosts to tarnish my skin.”

“If you reject me, your Junior will die at midnight”

“Captain Escher, kindly allow this innocent girl to live a pure life of virtuousness”

“You have no right to speak about purity. An innocent girl won’t surrender her body to the embracement of a demon on the first day of their meeting”

“The hands of fate twisted my mind towards the hotness of love. Kindly provide me an opportunity for my refinement”.

“I shall supply higher hotness of love to your body of highest softness. Kindly accept me as your life partner”

“I preserve this garland of fresh blossoms for the service of Junior”

“I hate to elongate this argument further. Assume this as my last words of warning. Keep the doors of your castle closed without locking, for my easy entry into the privacy of your bedroom. After completing a hot game on the bed, we shall discuss the other conditions to reach an amicable settlement”

“I shall bath you with all the treasures of the magnetic fortress. Kindly leave me alone without a stain of adulteration”

“I have a sharp brain to analyze the reality of the world. When you roll on my lap, all the riches of the magnetic fortress spontaneously surrender to my feet”

“Won’t you leave this fresh blossom to beautify this campus of magnetic fortress?”

“I wish to preserve this flower of charm on my heart for its permanent fragrance. If I find the doors of your castle locked at midnight, I will move to the cottage of Junior with a team of soldiers to stop his breath”, crackled captain Sekhar cruelly.

Captain sekar vanished from her sight completely, like the diffusion of a poisonous gas into the rarefied atmosphere of higher altitude. But the impact created by the bombardment of his hot words of highest hardness appeared to last in her nerves for an indefinite period of time, inducing the oozing of tear drops, like a spring at the foot of a mountain. She stood on the same spot, losing her mind to the depth of the deepest turbulence, till the galloping sound of the horse of captain Sekar stopped completely to strike her eardrums. She walked slowly towards her castle, with a blurred view of partial darkness. A sudden eruption of guilty consciousness began to boil her senses, at the expense of the energy of her mind. She tilted her head towards the surface of the earth, to hide the darkening of her face from other eyes of purity.

After reaching her bedroom, she wished to dip herself into the darkness of shame, to avoid the penetration of her heart by other eyes of high virtuousness. She pushed her face behind a bundle of pillows, and sobbed bitterly to vibrate the pillows like the consequence of a high amplitude earthquake. Her both eyes showered tear drops to float the pillows in the ocean of melancholy. Jinnee followed her in an invisible form from the training ground to her bedroom, after a transformation into human size. His hardest heart was dissolved by the high level melancholy of princes Aruna. As a consequence of dilution of the hardness of his heart, he decided to shower some soft words to evaporate her growing worry.

“Princess Aruna, keep your mind calm and happy. Junior Kuttuvan will visit you at midnight to evaporate your all worries. He has high capacity to untie all the knots of highest mystery” dignified Jinnee, concentrating highest certainty in his tone. The voice of Jinnee failed to extinguish the flame of fire in her senses. After a long span of time, a sudden spark occurred in her mind to stop the oozing of her tears. The name “Junior Kuttuvan” pushed her mind towards the hero of Neyythal Land, who was dipped into the depth of sand rain. A current of joy spread into her nervous system, illuminating her face to the brightness of a fullmoon. The skyhigh sprang of Junior to catch the sword like a highly skilled warrior, flashed repeatedly in her mind to lift her to the height of joy.

“Wow! God blessed me with his highest mercy. I will believe Junior as the son of the tigress of Neyythal Land. I won’t try to verify the truth in this concept. This one belief is sufficient to oscillate me on the swing of happiness till my last breathe”, exclaimed princes Aruna enthusiastically. She took a hot bath and waited for the arrival of Junior, like a lotus bud on penance for the sunrise.

At the same instant of time, captain Sekhar was on a planning process to select an ideal strategy, for his climb on the steps of ladder of sure victory. Junior appeared as an obstacle on his path of progress towards the throne of future Marutha kingdom. He finalized to remove the thorns on his route towards the pinnacle of distinction. He organized a short secret discussion session on the top of the magnetic fortress, with ten of his subordinates in the surveillance service of the campus magnetic fortress. “Soldiers, a spy of Kurinchi Land penetrated into the calm atmosphere in the campus of magnetic fortress, with a plan to abduct our most glamorous princess Aruna, to avenge for the damsel hunting expeditions of our king”, falsified captain Sekar to trap Junior to the clutch of death, like a crafty jackal of highest selfishness.

The news pushed the guards to the hotness of a furnace. If the news of diffusion of a spy entered into the ears of the king, death sentence would be certain for them on the charge of inefficiency of service. In the unwritten dictionary of magnetic fortress, the punishment of death sentence meant dropping the culprit into the moat, as food for flying crocodiles. “Captain, by the mercy of god, we learnt the possibility of sudden eruption of the consequences of news in advance. We should remove the source of the expected explosion immediately from the campus of the magnetic fortress”, gobbled a soldier gingerly.

“The spy entered as an assistant of businessman Ameer”.

“If so we should evaporate both of them simultaneously”.

“The service of Ameer is a must for our campus. Our king may order for a searching process to trace the reason behind his missing. So let us avoid development of further problems in this issue.”

“What will happen captain, if Ameer charge us with killing of an innocent youth? Do we have any evidence to claim innocence?”

“In such a case, we shall charge Ameer with the crime of abduction of princess Radha. Ameer will suffer the tortures of the hell in this campus of the magnetic fortress. No god can prove the innocence of Ameer in the abduction case of princess Radha”

“Vary good idea to safeguard our skin from the tortures of the flying crocodiles”

“Take long lances to pierce the heart of Junior without an enquiry. We shall take the corpse of Junior to the back side of the magnetic fortress through the darkness of night. We shall use a ladder to climb on the magnetic fortress. The corpse can be easily thrown into the moat from the top of the magnetic fortress”

“Best idea to launch with perfection. When will we start the hunting operation?”

“Lapse of time may push us to the trap of death. Let us start the endeavor immediately. You should surround the cottage along different directions. I shall approach the cottage along the front”

As an effort to evaporate Junior Kuttuvan, captain Sekhar and ten of his subordinates diffused through the darkness, towards the cottage of businessman Ameer. Expecting a danger from the crooked mind of captain Sekhar, Jinnee followed him in invisible form. Captain Sekhar struck the door of the cottage violently with heavy force, as if to break the door instantly to prove his strength. He then moved backward to a favorable position, for a sudden attack to penetrate the long spear into the heart of Junior Kuttuvan. As per his expectation Junior Kuttuvan opened the door, with a sparkling smile on his face. He saw captain Sekhar aiming his sharp lance towards his heart.

Junior Kuttuvan stepped outside the cottage without a fade of color on his face, and stabilized his position on the surface of the open space. Captain Sekhar projected the spear at high force towards the chest of Junior Kuttuvan. The spear moved forward towards Junior Kuttuvan at the speed of lightning. At that instant of highest joy of captain Sekhar, his ten subordinates surrounded Junior Kuttuvan from backside, and sprang towards him at high speed with stretched spears to penetrate his heart. Junior Kuttuvan displayed a glittering smile on his face, and spun at high frequency to rise to the height of the sky. Two soldiers died on the spot instantly, penetrated by the spears on the hands of their colleagues.

After stabilizing his feet on the surface of the earth, Junior Kuttuvan pulled a lance from the hand of a soldier, and rotated at high angular velocity to teach them a hot lesson, stretching the spear to maximum distance. By the heavy bombardment of the spear, the soldiers scattered into different directions, like the withered petals of a rose flower vibrated by the spiral arm of a whirl wind. “Spy, a spy of Kurinchi Land penetrated into the campus of Magnetic fortress! Kill the traitor mercilessly to save the campus of our magnetic fortress”, howled captain Sekhar at high intensity, to attract the attention of other soldiers in the campus of the magnetic fortress.

More soldiers ran to the area of highest turbulence to strengthen the hands of Captain Sekhar. By his wizardry spell, Jinnee hanged a series of strong cords on the colonnade of trees in the area. Oscillating on the series of ropes, Junior Kuttuvan played games of miracles. A shower of spears flew towards him like a hive of stinging wasps. He escaped skillfully from the sharp tips of the piercing lances. At the same time the spear on his hand played havoc, penetrating the hearts of a detachment of soldiers. The corpses of the soldiers scattered on the surface of the earth like dropped ripe fruits from mango trees.

Jinnee imagined the fast approach of the iron hands of the law of the magnetic fortress towards the chest of junior Kuttvan. By the powerful wizardry spell of Jinnee, the corpse on the ground vanished one after another, and dropped in the moat at different locations. Jinnee flew into the width of the sky on wings of imagination for a period of time, and snatched an ideal solution to lift Junior Kuttuvan to peak of safety. He prayed forest nymph Santra for a span of time and turned his right palm towards Junior Kuttuvan. A blue beam of light emitted from his palm transformed Junior Kuttuvan instantly into princess Radha, while he was behind the trunk of a gigantic tree. When princess Radha appeared in the open space, all the soldiers stopped fighting, as if froze in joy.

Jinnee suddenly diffused in to the cottage like a spiral of fumes. He transformed to king Gangan, emitting an explosive laughter. A streak of lightning that occurred in the sky reached his right hand in the form of a long sharp sword. He kicked on the wall of the cottage with tremendous force. The wall exploded into hundreds of fragments, and scattered around the area like a wreath of jasmine flowers on the hands of a mischievous monkey. The sudden appearance of king Gangan on the scene of a pandemonium sowed waves of terror into the nervous system of the soldiers of the magnetic fortress. They divided into two arrays to arrange on the two sides of royal road. They stood with bowed heads, folded hands, and shivering legs.

“Captain Sekar! You are charged with treason for the abduction of princess Radha. Treachery to the holiness of the magnetic fortress is the highest crime. You should surrender your fatty flesh for your heinous deception”, inveighed king Gangan irrevocably. He sprang at high speed towards captain Sekar, and kicked on his chest with heavy force, breaking his high level ambition to climb on the pinnacle of distinction. The high impact of the bombardment glided him on the royal road like a skate on the surface of ice.

The nerves of captain Sekar trembled like a tree at the time of a high intensity earthquake. With heavy efforts of his shivering limbs, captain Sekar succeeded to stand on the surface of the earth. Jinnee slashed on his back with the tip of the sward to draw blood curves, like an expert cartographer. Captain Sekar ran forward at high speed with cue and cry, to escape from the burning pain caused the sharp sword that acted like a hissing cobra. Jinnee chased behind him increasing the frequency of the slashes to accelerate the speed.

The news about the horrible punishment procedure of king Gangan spread throughout the campus of the magnetic fortress, like light hands of the sun in the eastern horizon. All the queens and the offspring of king Gangan collected in front of their respective castles to witness the debut of the scene of horror. Some princess of the magnetic fortress ran towards the cottage under the leadership of princess Aruna to provide a warm welcome to princess Radha. “I am waiting eagerly to witness your skyhigh heroism on the arena of valor competitions. I invite you to stay with me in our castle for your higher safety”, jibbed princess Aruna, pulling her for a warm embracement. Warmed by the growing sensational thrill of the waves of sexomagnetic induction, Junior Kuttuvan tightened the hug for a long period of time.

Captain Sekhar experienced the tortures of the hell in the campus of magnetic fortress, by the artful hands of Jinnee. During the chase and slash process of horrible punishment, they entered the nearness of the royal castle. Disturbed by the repetition of thunderous noises of high pitch, king Gangan reached the art stage to study the reason behind the eruption of the confusion at the time of attack of a series of tsunami waves. The scene of terror that flashed on his retina oscillated him on a swing of wonder. Waves of wrath grew fast in his nervous system to punish the culprit behind the wizardry scene. A spark of alertness erupted in the brain of Jinnee to warn him about the scientific mind of king Gangan. He vanished instantly from the area of the scene and appeared behind king Gangan in invisible form.

Jinnee merged into the body of king Gangan, to oscillate him under the craftiness of his spell, like a toy in a puppet show. Then the real king Gangan rushed towards captain Sekar to continue to the chase and slash programme of punishment. At the entrance of the magnetic fortress, he kicked him with heavy force on his rump. Captain Sekar flew towards the moat rapidly without wings, and rolled on the bank of the moat, like a log launched by a mechanical engine. Jinnee ran towards him without diminish in wrath and kicked on his chest violently to pulverize his heart. The body of captain Sekar rolled towards the edge of the moat, and dropped into the water with the emission of a splashing sound.

The crocodiles from the surrounding area of the moat were attracted by the tasty flavor of the fatty flesh of captain Sekhar. They flew fast towards the area to tear off the flesh, from his body of highest deception. There occurred a high level competition inside the moat to snatch the major share of the tasty flesh. Jinnee escaped from the body of king Gangan, in an invisible form, a gleam of happiness brightening his face, like the halo around the head of god. King Gangan stood froze like an ice doll for a span of time, unable to judge the reason behind the debut of the scene of horror.

Junior Kuttuvan, in the transformation of princess Radha, entered into the bedroom of princess Aruna with her. The luxurious fittings of the room pushed him to the heights of sky. He rebounded on the bed for a period of time to study the softness of refined silk cotton mattress. Princess Aruna stood as a stone statue, gazing her with increasing brightness. “I was trapped by witch Lysa into her boat vehicle. I was carried to the green island to petrify into a stone statue. By the spell of magic lantern, she utilized me as a guard to protect the green island from the hands of trespassers. I labored a lot to escape from the wizardry powers of witch Lysa. I am on the lap of excessive weariness. Kindly spread on the bed to embrace me on your chest to share the warmth of love”, kindled Junior Kuttuvan kittenishly.

Princess Aruna sat on the edge of the cot with little hesitation. She swam on the ocean of imagination for a period of time. She stared the face of princess Radha with growing admiration for her talents to escape from the wizardry network of witch Lysa. “Only your talents fetched the fruits of success against the wizardry powers of witch Lysa. Your position as the first ranker still exists in the campus of the magnetic fortress. You shall stabilize your status at the next valor competition”, lisped princess Aruna, presenting a warm kiss on her forehead as a symbol of her love.

“Aruna, I wish to share with you about my hot experiences in the atmosphere of Green Island. Step up on the bed for a warm hug”

“The next room is reserved for your convenient stay. Kindly go to the next room to evaporate you weariness”

“Why did you show such high curiosity to push me away from your nearness Aruna?”

“Won’t you know the reason behind the screen?”

“How can I predict secrete hidden in your heart?”

“Radar, don’t dramatize like the innocence of a milk sucking child. Lesbianism is the easiest charge to push the queens and princes to the trap of death”

“What do you mean by lesbianism? I never heard such a word from my three mothers”

“Three mothers? Did you drop into the lap of lunacy?”

“No. I am fully normal. Why can’t you demonstrate Lesbianism?”

“I am already on the edge of a trap. My eccentricity may have leaked into the ears of our father”

“What do you mean by eccentricity Aruna?”

“I dropped into the love web of an illiterate rural youth of high cowardice”

“Why did you feel guilty for your love? You better teach the boy literacy and warfare training”

“Alas! Such an effort ended into the heavy tragedy of captain Sekhar. Another similar trap is waiting above my head. I expect my fall into the moat as food for the flying crocodiles on tomorrow morning”.

“Did the boy pull you for ravishment?”

“He appears to be a nice boy of virtuous characters. His nearness melts me like a hot flame”.

“Don’t speak rubbish. Preserve the stability of your mind, keeping yourself away from the vicinity of that hot guy”.

“I lost my trust on the honor of virginity. If junior approach me with a love flame, I won’t hesitate to immerse him in the ocean of libidinous”.

“Majority of girls grow chastity nails, only to fall on the lap of a youth of her own choice. While I was in Green Island, a robber entered into the serene atmosphere of the island, to attract me for ravishment by his magnetic smile”.

“Don’t you feel guilty consciousness for falling into the ditch of sensuousness?”

“A current of thrill bombards my nerves, for just an imagination of the sequence of that hot experience”.

“Wow! Just a word of explanation vibrates my nerves towards excitement. I will swim in the ocean of lust with my hearty Junior, for my joyous remembrance after death”

“Hearty wishes for your successful climb on the peak of victory”.

Junior Kuttuvan left that bed room of princess Aruna under her repeated words compulsion, without little mind to escape from the field of sexomagnetic induction around her. He spread on the bed of the neighboring room to fly on the wings of imagination to plan the different stages in the drama at midnight. When his imagination crossed the heights of the sky, the hotness of his nerves also magnified many times. “Darling the most auspicious time of midnight is fast approaching. Princess Aruna is waiting for Junior with burning nerves. Kindly send Junior to her tight embracement to accelerate the flames of fire in their nerves. I can’t bear the tortures of my cringing nerves. Arrive fast to enter into the hotness of my flesh”, mesmerized Sheeja melodiously.

Jinnee applied his wizardry power to transform princess Radha into Junior Kuttuvan. As he waited for such a golden time, he left the room instantly to fall into the sexomagnetic induction of princess Aruna. At that instant of time, Jinnee and Sheeja were under the cot on tight hug inside the same room in invisible form of human size. At the next moment of the departure of Junior Kuttuvan from the room, Sheeja ran towards the door to lock the door from inside. By the wizardry spell of Jinnee both of them transformed into human form. When Sheeja pulled him for lips locking kisses, the crafty fingers of Jinnee played artful games on her curvatures to accelerate the hot waves of lewdness into their nervous systems.

Princess Aruna waited on the edge of her cot, her eyes gazing the door keenly without slightest vibration. After the elapse of little period of time, her nervousness magnified rapidly, as if her own father was pulling her towards the tortures of the flying crocodiles. She was certain that her father identified her craziness on lust, against the moral codes of the magnetic fortress. Her guilty consciousness sprouted thousand of wings of imagination to scorch her own nerves. Though she suspected the news of arrival of Junior Kuttuvan at midnight as a hallucination of her mind, she was highly interested to serve a hot feast to the paramour of her heart. She identified no meaning in serving her virginity to the cruel flying crocodiles in the moat.

The golden time for the harvest of a bumper crop approached, for her spontaneous climb to the height of hotness. At first the door of the room vibrated slightly to generate a current of sensuousness in her nervous system. She stood up with vibrating nerves, and stared the movement of the door with oscillating hope. Junior Kuttuvan entered into the room, like a rising sun in the eastern horizon. The sparkling smile on his face acted like a streak of lightning on her nerves. His ultra modern structure identical to the picture of prince Kuttuvan in the laboratory of her father vibrated her nerves to the height of wonder. Due to the attack of high intensity waves of greatest joy, her nervous system lost the stability of control. The shawl that covered her erect bosoms slipped down, inviting the eyes of Junior Kuttuvan to eat the most glamorous structural style.

As princess Aruna lost the control of her crying nervous system, she vibrated slightly to slip down on the ground. Junior Kuttuvan utilized that fine chance to pull that fresh garland of jasmine to his tight embracement. “Darling, tune my nerves like the strings of guitar. Burn my flesh by the hotness of your high libido. My soul should melt by your hotness to diffuse into your body”, nuzzled princess Aruna, moving her nose craftily on the sensational centers of his face. Her erect nipples were on trial to enter directly into his heart to oscillate him on a swing of lust. Excited by her movement of instability, the right hand of Junior Kuttuvan entered into her dresses like an art full snake to analyze the degree of softness of her bulgy regions.

I don’t want to die on the cruel hands of my own father. Kindly tear off my dresses like petals of a fresh rose. You ravish me violently without slightest shade of mercy. I expect your penetration into the depth of hotness of my flesh for my immediate death”, ordered princess Aruna obscenely. Junior Kuttuvan hardened his mind, harder than the hardest granite on the surface of the earth. He followed her instructions accurately and subjected her to a violent ravishment. Princess Aruna gasped in the suffocation of exhaustion, imagining the movement of her soul towards the joy of heaven.

Next day she noticed no movements against her inside the campus of the magnetic fortress. She reaped the same love and respect, from all the citizens of the magnetic fortress, without any diminish in magnitude. Scorching pain of her nerves twisted her mind to an opposite orientation. She grew hatred crops in the field of her mind and harvested boiling anger. “Naughty vampire, you hunted my virginity like a wild beast in the midst of a dense forest. You blocked the bright side of real love from my vision. I hate you demon as a beetle, roaming from flower to flower”, pondered princess Aruna, searching more reasons to reject Junior from her heart of brimming love.

She even prevented to meet princess Radha to avoid a discussion on her maiden experience. After the complete evaporation of the scorching pain of her nerves, another twist occurred in the thinking of her mind. “Aha! What a nice boy with high libido! He bombarded my flesh like rolling thunders. He penetrated my nerves like lighting streaks. I Thank god for blessing me with such a nice spouse with high energy”, quoted princess Aruna quixotically.

She searched Junior Kuttuvan first in the cottage, and then throughout the campus of the magnetic fortress. All her repeated efforts to trace him went fruitless. As a last effort, she diffused into privacy of the next room, to conduct an inquiry session with princess Radha, about the existence of Junior Kuttuvan.

“My junior disappeared strangely from my sight. I realized his worthiness as a youth of virtues I wish to maintain a thick relationship with that youth of high talents. Do you know any information about his present domicile?” relegated princess Aruna, eagerness to watch his blooming face growing rapidly, like the pressure of air in the whirl arm of a cyclone.

“You rejected the love torch of that youth of high libido. Knowing his skills in variety of games, I accepted him as my life long boy friend. I pity for your loss, beyond the level of compensation”, scalped princess Radha salaciously.

“I am badly in need of Junior to squeeze my nerves. Kindly transfer him to my custody. I shall take care of him as my own child”

“You better erase Junior from your memory. I am not ready to loss the dense love of such a nice youth”

“Kindly show little mercy on your own sister”

“If you are highly crazy on his love, I shall suggest a good idea for the benefit of both of us”

“I am ready to accept the consequences of my own stupidity. To me love and lust appears to be the two sides of the same coin”

“Why don’t we share the love brimming heart of Junior as two intimate sisters?”

“Chee! This is the worthless idea of stupidity. I feel a vomiting sensation by the words of your smelling mouth”.

“Sharing the love of a woman by five brothers is not an idea of strangeness in the annals of Hindustan”.

“My life is not an open book to register the comments of all ghosts”.

“Aruna, assume us as one soul with two bodies. Why don’t we establish a three cornered love bond with Junior?”

“Close your nasty mouth. Preserve my darling for some period to quench your fire, and surrender him safely to my hands of accumulated love”.

“Better you preserve him for some day to lower your passion. I shall wait patiently for his arrival”.

“I won’t allow you to touch the skin of my darling”.

“Let us settle this issue on the edges of swords in a valor competition”.

Princess Aruna stared her face with piercing eyes of high hotness. She left the room with unsettled mind of growing turbulence. She spread on the bed with stretched limbs to release the tension of her mind. Her bird of imagination flew in different directions to the farthest corners of the sky, to identify an ideal solution to the scorching problem. With the elapse of time, her energy level diminished gradually, twisting her ideas to the ground level at early morning. She paid a visit to the next room for an amicable settlement on the issue between them.

“Radar, a union between us will increase our combined strength. I accept to form a single family, preserving Junior on the throne of the family”.

“I am happy for your refined mind. There are more problems in the family of Junior Kuttuvan. Are you ready to bear the difficulties with strong mind?”

“Sure. How can I avoid swimming, after jumping into the depth of ocean?”

“The family of Junior Kuttuvan is roaming inside a dense forest, like gypsies. Can you accept such as adventurous life with less comforts and conveniences?”

“An alignment behind Junior Kuttuvan is sufficient for my satisfaction”.

“Our hero has three mothers. He respects all his three mothers at the same level. Do you have broadness of mind to serve them with the display of equal dignity?”

“How can child has three mothers? This appears to be a joke to laugh and forget”.

“You are not fit to live as a member of that virtuous family of high dignity”.

“I am sorry. I shall dance according to your tunes to gain the love of my darling.”

“There is a warning from Junior Kuttuvan. He won’t hesitate to reject you from the family, if you try to identify his real mother”.

“I shall accept all your stupid conditions. Kindly show the magnetic face of Junior Kuttuvan, at least once to evaporate my weariness”.

“I don’t hide him under my panty to show you immediately. Wait for his arrival at midnight”.

Princess Aruna waited for the arrival of Junior Kuttuvan in her bedroom, with a mind of boiling eagerness. The wheel of time rolled continuously without showing the glamorous face of Junior Kuttuvan with a catchy smile. The energy of princess Aruna lowered gradually to push her to the depth of weariness. Waiting with diminished hope appeared to be a life in the tortures of hell. She prayed god bitterly, with lost hope for gaining the love brimming heart of junior Kuttuvan. At the last moment, her repeated prayers reached the ears of almighty, to shower his blessings towards princess Aruna. Junior Kuttuvan entered into the room with a bloomed face of attractive smile.

Princess Aruna welcomed him with a warm greeting. “Darling, I suffocated a lot without the warmth of your love. You visited as an angel of heaven to bath me in a shower of joy. Kindly show mercy not to push me again in the scorching loneliness”, tomahawked princes Aruna, pulling him to a tight embracement up to the level of suffocation.

Junior Kuttuvan presented an affectionate kiss on her forehead, and detached his body tactfully from her warm hug. He sat on the edge of the cot, and stared her to study the change of colors in her behavior. She took voluntary privilege to occupy a seat on his lap. “Why did you show negligence to my love for a long span of time? Your drop on the love web of princess Radha induces blood drops in my heart. I shall bath you on the showers of my love. Why don’t you reject the worthless lust of princess Radha?” urged princess Aruna urgently.

“Radha is a structural beauty, highly active on bed. A hot youth like me won’t hesitate to renounce the whole treasures of the earth for such an embodiment of love”.

“I too shall act violently according to your tunes. Kindly reject her as a faded blossom”.

“Radha is a fresh flower with dripping honey drops. If you are not interested in my love, you have your own freedom to detach from our love bond”.

“On the first day, you crushed my nerves by your violent ravishment”.

“You are blessed with, what you prayed”.

“Today I wish to enjoy the depth of real love. Love has high lasting power than lust”.

Junior Kuttuvan closed his eyes tightly, and dipped in to the depth of the ocean of imagination, to fetch oysters containing perfect pearls. “Aha! You are the angel of my heart. Your presence on my lap lifts me to the joy of heaven. You are the highest gift of god for my happy future. I love you Aruna, I love you very much”, voiced Junior Kuttuvan, presenting a chain of kisses on her face.

Princess Aruna floated on the shower of praises, her mind flying to the height of the sky in joy. “My darling transformed into poet on this midnight. I enjoy your each word as a lullaby of my mother. If you continue to oscillate me on the swing of your love like this, I will be the luckiest woman on the surface of this vast area of the earth”, weaved princess Aruna wittingly. She repaid for his words of praises and shower of kisses on his own coins of words and kisses. The time flew swiftly, as if on wings. He escaped from the scene before dawn, leaving her in state of unsettled mind. Her nerves appeared to cringe something different from the darling of her love. She decided to choose a middle path between love and lust to enjoy the real thrill of life.

King Gangan rolled on his bed in restlessness. His efforts to identify the reality behind the tragedy of captain Sekhar went fruitless. He hated to conduct a thorough enquiry to blacken his own fame. Though he heard about an youth called Junior, his efforts to meet him in person, collapsed like an air bubble. Even the businessman Ameer vanished from the atmosphere of the campus of the magnetic fortress, to escape from the jaws of the flying crocodiles. Princess Radha acted ignorance of a child, as if under the strong spell of a skillful wizard. For the first time in his life period, he was oscillated by waves of turbulences, evaporating his energy towards a lower level. Following advises of captain Vindan, he selected a brave warrior Sundar from his cavalry as the new captain of the magnetic fortress.

The tigress of Neyythal Land frequently oscillated the stability of his mind. The alignment behind the craftiness of Vanathi appeared to be a strong force to vibrate the stability of the magnetic fortress. The realization of his dream project of united Mathura Empire would be possible only on the corpse of the tigress of Neyythal Land. After the identification of the camp of Vanathi, he should decide a strategy of lightning attack, to crush Vanathi and the worms behind her. He waited eagerly for the arrival of the teams of soldiers sent by him to locate the dwelling of Vanathi.

After a long period of two days, a soldier approached him in a strained state of blood stains. The first sight of the tragic state of the soldier narrated the dark side of failure. Hiding the expanding roots of wrath behind the screen of his mind, he sharpened his ears to hear the blackish fallen story of his teams of soldiers. “Honorable king, we identified our enemy camp. It is at the top of a mountain, originating a series of waterfalls. All of them dwell in cottages on the huge trees”, yarned the soldier, giving a break to study the impact of their dwell in a cottage on a huge tree”, yarned the soldier, giving a break to study the impact of their failure on the mental color of king Gangan.

“Did you count the strength of the terrorists in the campus? Can you describe the appearance of the members of the terrorist group?” asked king Gangan absorbedly.

“Two of them were glamorous middle aged women. The third one is a woman with wings. The fourth one is birdman Subban. The fifth one is a beautiful damsel of high mystery”.

“Mystery? Why did you use the word mystery to denote that bellee?”

“She appeared exactly like our princess Radha”.

“Alas! This appears to be the greatest mystery. Really princess Radha is inside the campus of the magnetic fortress. Explain the scenes of tragedy, behind the failure story of your team”.

“Majestic King! The sides of the rainfall mountain were highly steep. We identified a slanting slope behind the waterfalls. At that locality a second team of ten soldiers joined with us. Some of them argued the camp as a dwelling of tribes. To identify the truth in the idea, we ascended on the slope of the mountain”.

“Your efforts appear to be good. How did the tragedy entered into the scene? What happened to the fate of the other nineteen soldiers?”

“When we reached vicinity of the mountain top, there occurred a sudden shower of six huge spherical stones that crushed six of our soldiers to instant death”.

“Ha! This appears to a miracle. Who carved such huge spherical stones at the mountain top? Who operated the mechanical engines to launch the projectiles?”

“Princess Radha and the two ladies operated the mechanical engines. There was a seventh mechanical engine that rolled a tremendous spherical stone fixed to a huge chain on the slope of the mountain along a semicircular path, killing four soldiers within the time of a wink”

“Alas! This appears to be a wizardry war of witches”.

“At this time of highest turbulence, the birdman and bird women appeared in the sky behind us. The arrows on their hand pierced through the neck of six soldiers, who tried to escape from the area of mystery”.

“What happened to the other three worthless cowards?”

“The arrows shot by the three women on the mountain top killed them mercilessly. They left me safely to reveal the fate of our soldiers to the majestic king”.

“I shall identify another better strategy to kill the terrorist group on the mountain top. You consult our royal physician for a medical treatment”.

King Gangan wished to identify the mystery behind princess Radha. He convened the special assembly for a short discussion on the issues related to the mystery of princes Radha. “The only solution to solve the bad effects of the mystery appears to be the death of princes Radha. Let us gang her in open space on the charge of treason”, bawled king Gangan, strengthening the red color of anger on his face. The members of the special assembly were disturbed greatly by the hard words expelled from the mouth of their king, like the flames of fire emitted by some mysterious dragons.

Princes Radha was a twinkling star in the campus of the magnetic fortress. She was not only a damsel of prowess, but also a breeze of generosity. She was respected by all citizens of the magnetic fortress as an angel of love. The extinction of such a lamp of love from the campus of the magnetic fortress would elongate the period of darkness for many future generations. So they wished to kindle the torch of love for the spread of light of joy in the campus of magnetic fortress. “Majestic king, Princess Radha is a fullmoon in our sky. The mystery around her will vanish soon, like the dark cloud that obscures the fullmoon in the sky. Her murder may lead to the downfall of the power of our magnetic fortress in future. We should think hundred times, before taking stern action against our princes”, canvassed captain Vindan charily.

“I have thousands of mighty offspring. I have no need to depend on the power this little girl”

“Princess Radha was loved by all queens as their own elder child. The death of princess Radha will create a storm against the throne”.

“I consider the queens only as live puppets on my bed. I have no need to dance according to the storms of their mind”.

“The murder of princes Radha may generate a wave of resistance in the campus of the magnetic fortress. The opposing wave may align our offspring against the powers of the crown”.

“What can we do at this critical time of highest mystery?”

“Let us surrender princess Radha to the court of justice for a thorough enquiry”.

“Impossible. The mystery behind the murder of captain Sekhar will blacken my fame”.

“Let us preserve princess Radha in a prison temporarily for a certain period of time”.

“This idea appears to be good. Let us throw her into the underground prison to experience the tortures of hell. We shall release her after one month, if she survived against the torments of that wizardry hell”, dominated king Gangan in a rough tone without a tint of sympathy.

The hint given by king Gangan about the wizardry hell inside the underground prison sprayed seeds of shiver into their nervous system. They hated to imagine princess Radha suffocating in any peril. They never identified any spring of love in the stony heart of king Gangan. Any how, captain Vindan finalized to put an effort to minimize the sufferings of princess Radha, inside the underground prison filled with highest mysteries. “Majestic king, the high density darkness inside the prison is enough to torment our child. Kindly lock our wizardry demons to save our child from the clutches of death. We love princess Radha as our own child”, entreated captain Vindan, tear drops rolling on his cheeks like glass shots.

“I will push princess Radha into the darkness of the underground prison. We shall release her from the prison exactly after one month, if she is alive. If any one of you love her as your child, you are permitted to give company to share her sufferings”, frowned king Gangan frigidly.

All the members of the special assembly preserved perfect silence, closing their lips airtight, as if pasted together by a strong adhesive. They followed king Gangan to the castle of princess Aruna, like lambs dragged by a butcher to the altar. They suddenly entered into the calm atmosphere of the castle, like a devastating storm. King Gangan kicked violently on the door of the bedroom allotted to princess Radha. As per his expectation the door opened suddenly, unable to bear the heavy force of bombardment of the leg of king Gangan.

Junior Kuttuvan, in the transformation of princess Radha, stood up in heavy shock. King Gangan stared her from toe to hair for a period of time with magnifying feeling of suspicion. He abruptly slapped with heavy force on the face of Junior Kuttuvan.

“Who are you? Who abducted you from the campus of the magnetic fortress?” grunted king Gangan slapping with force on his face.

“I am princess Radha. Witch Lysa abducted me on her boat vehicle, while I was enjoying the beauty of nature outside the magnetic fortress”

“Why did she kidnap you?”

“She has craziness on the throne of our magnetic fortress”

“What is the objective of witch Lysa behind your abduction?”

“She asked me details about the wizardry powers of my father”

“Did you expose any secret news about me?”

“No. I dramatized lunacy to escape from her wizardry hands”

“How did you enter into the campus of magnetic fortress?”

“She dropped me down from her boat vehicle at low altitude”

“You are a cheat. I don’t believe your dramatization. I order imprisonment for you, inside the darkness of underground jail, till the refinement of your mind”, hissed king Gangan haughtily. He pressed his right palm on the back neck of princess Radha, and pushed her outside of the room with tremendous force. She collided on the frame of the door, and rebounded outside to drop on the feet of captain vindan, like a root cut tree vibrated by the spiral arms of a cyclone. Captain Vindan lifted her like a soft peacock feather, with the sympathy of an ideal mother of accumulated love.

At that instant of highest insult of Junior Kuttuvan, his friends Jinnee and Sheeja were at the corner of the room in invisible form. Aggravated by the high level atrocity of king Gangan, Jinnee rose to the height of anger to inflict a heavy punishment on his head. “Darling, this is not the right time to disturb the atmosphere of the magnetic fortress. Let us wait for a favorable time, like a crane on penance in shallow water of a lake to hunt fishes. Our patience at this critical time will fetch us sweet fruits of sure success”, intruded Sheeja, pulling his hand backwards tactfully.

King Gangan pushed princes Radha repeatedly towards the mysterious underground prison, behind the stone fortress in the campus of the magnetic fortress. When the procession approached the nearness of the underground prison, the four guards on service holding lances opened the doors of the prison. There was dense spread of darkness inside the prison, like a thick black blanket. The procession stopped in front of the prison in a state of puzzle, stirred by the mysterious wall of darkness.

Suddenly king Gangan kicked on the rump of princess Radha towards the wall of darkness with heavy force. The force of bombardment pushed her forward like a projectile with high velocity, and she pierced through the three dimensional blanket of darkness, to enter into the mystery of the underground prison.

After penetration for a long distance, princess Radha dropped on a plane surface and rolled downwards on a series of infinite number of steps. Jinnee and Sheeja in invisible glassy form, diffused into the darkness to stretch their helping hands to junior Kuttuvan in a state of turbulence. Even their eyes suffered a lot to receive scanty view of their master. The door of the dungeon was closed to increase the density of darkness. “Master, kindly grow your confidence level. Your obedient servant Jinnee is behind you to push you on the platform of safety. The high density darkness blocks my approach to your vicinity. Let me suck the darkness to enhance the rate of visibility”, jarred jinnee jerkily.

He vibrated his right hand in a circular path along a downward inclined direction. He increased the frequency of rotation rapidly, exceeding the frequency of rotation of the wheel of a chariot moving at high speed. After a span of time, the dense darkness in the dungeon began to rotate in the direction of the hand movement of Jinnee. When he continued to rotate his right hand in a clockwise direction, the darkness condensed to form a thick revolving rope, with interwoven threads like a cord fabricated from coconut fibers. A diffused light spread in the area helped them to identify princess Radha, on a platform at the end of the staircase of infinite number of steps. Jinnee magnified his body to his normal monster size and pushed the ceiling of the dungeon away to maintain free air circulation when he sucked the air with huge open mouth, the whole length of dark cord entered into his mouth, spreading brightness of noon around the area.

“Jinnee, I hate to live alone for a long period of time in this prison. Kindly take me to my mothers to oscillate on the swing of their love. I also wish to play games with my brother Sooryan, the king of the forest”, keyed junior Kuttuvan, allowing his bird of imagination to fly through the vast space of the sky with princess Radha like a couple love birds.

“If you bear little suffering for another short period, we shall snatch the sweet fruit of sure success. Your elongation of patience for a short period will present the heart of princess Aruna as a prize. Forbearance is deeper than the challenger deep of pacific ocean”

“Why should I wait alone in this underground prison of high boredom? Princess Aruna will accept my offer of love even now whole heartedly”

“Princess Aruna lives a life of luxury, floating on the joy of comforts and conveniences. In our residence in the midst of wild forest, she has to experience the starvation of poverty and lack of conveniences. Her mind may begin to question the reality of her own absurdity. Why should we supply an opportunity for the instability of our own family?”

“You never originated such negative ideas in the case of princes Radha. Is she unhappy in our residence?”

“You lifted princess Radha from the lap of death. She is responsible to dance according to your tunes. The story of princess Aruna is entirely different”

“What can I do to catch the full cooperation of princess Aruna?”

“You better remain safely in the idleness of this prison for one month. I expect a sudden twist in the atmosphere of the magnetic fortress shortly. During the climate of unbearable hotness, princess Aruna will jump on your lap whole heartedly for permanent residence”.

“Are you sure Jinnee? What happen if such a golden opportunity never occurs in the campus of the magnetic fortress?”

“Jinnee necromancer is behind Junior Kuttuvan to trap princes Aruna on his lap of love”.

“Prince Aruna will search for me at midnights. What can I do to console her?”

“Allow her to suffer a little for the refinement of her heart. The period of separation will strengthen the love bond”.

“Jinnee, I have a prickling sensation in my heart. King Gangan may have identified the dwelling of my mothers. Can you do anything to protect my mothers?”

“Why not master? I am under your service. It is my responsibility to assure the safety of your family. Kindly call me at critical times of emergency”

Jinnee transformed to invisible man of human size. By the wizardry spell of Jinnee, both of them diffused outside through the door of the under ground prison suddenly Sheeja pulled Jinnee for a tight embracement and shared a lips locking kiss. “Darling, I hate to roam always behind junior Kuttuvan for his service. We have to construct a cottage of our own around the dwelling of the three mothers. I shall depute myself to the service of the three mothers. We shall enjoy the thrills of life at leisure times”, lilted Sheeja libidinously.

While he was under the sensational hug of Sheeja, the sharp vision of his eyes noticed the movement of king Gangan towards the stone fortress, holding a glass jar containing a dark liquid on the embracement of his chest. While Sheeja was deeply involved in generating waves of sensuousness in their nervous system, Jinnee watched the movement of king Gangan carefully to study the purpose behind his behavior of strangeness.

As per his expectation king Gangan entered into the atmosphere his stable, watching keenly around the area stealthily, like an experienced robber of high alertness. Abruptly Jinnee pushed Sheeja aside like an offensive smelling flower and sprang on the wall of the stone fortress to watch the scene of strangeness inside the stable. To his highest wonder, he noticed a black horse flying at low altitude around the stable, fluttering its huge wings at constant low frequency. “Darling, Lift me to the wall of the stone fortress. I too wished to enjoy the scenes of wonder inside the stable”, motivated Sheeja, rebounding repeatedly towards him, like a rubber ball of high elasticity.

King Gangan ran behind the flying horse, and bounced high into the sky to stabilize his feet on the horse. He sat conveniently on the horse and slowed its speed pulling the bridle. The flying horse turned its direction of motion towards the entrance, and escaped from the stable, like the spiral arm of a whirl wind. Jinnee jumped down from the wall of the stone fortress and chased the flying horse, bouncing at low amplitude repeatedly. He suddenly sprang towards the flying horse and successfully grasped the tail.

“Don’t leave me alone in the mystery of the magnetic fortress. Show mercy to keep me on the warmth of your lap. I won’t breathe without your energy”, notified Sheeja naively. She ran behind the flying horse with maximum speed and sprang towards it with utmost effort. She reached her target perfectly by the grace of god, and seized the right leg of Jinnee with the strong grip of her hands.

The flying horse began to fly along an inclined path, to stabilize its motion at higher altitude above the level of tree tops. King Gangan focused his eyes downwards towards the surface of the earth to study the beauty spots of nature. He enjoyed the apparent backward movements of the green blanket of the earth. The flow of a stream attracted his attention like a twisting serpent. The vast spread of green trees appeared to be the umbrellas of mother earth, utilized to protect her soft skin from the scorching solar rays. Terrified by the unnatural flight of a horse in the high altitude of the sky, convey of cranes scattered in different direction, like the fragments of a volcano explosion. The sudden appearance of a multicolored rainbow in the sky followed by a drizzle, enlightened him as a welcome arch to appreciate his latest idea of highest novelty.

“Vanathi, I won’t allow your generation to flourish on the surface of the earth. I will mix this snake poison to the water source of your dwelling. Your whole family will breathe the last. Your long cherished dream to conquer my magnetic fortress will explode in to fumes”, objurgated king Gangan, his mind flying in the higher altitude of the imaginative sky.

After a short period of time, the wonderful scene of the cascade of water falls dropped in his eyes, like the miraculous beauty spot of heaven. He lowered his horse along an inclined path towards the mouth of the waterfall. His horse flew at lower altitude, against the direction of the stream. He noticed the cottage of Vanathi constructed in the middle of a tree. After crossing the cottage, he raised his horse to higher altitude of the sky. He kept the jar containing the cobra poison on the back of the horse safely and, began trial to open the cork of the jar. Jinnee left the grasp of his hands on the tail of the horse and started to move downwards towards the surface of the earth. During his downward his movement, Jinnee raised Sheeja to the safety of his shoulders.

After stabilizing his feet on the surface of the earth, Jinnee stretched his right hand along a horizontal direction. A beautiful jar appeared on his palm by his wizardry spell. At that instant of time, king Gangan poured the poison in his jar on the stream of water. The shower of poison moved downward quickly towards the surface of the stream. Just above the surface of the stream, the shower of poison rearranged to form a narrow stream, deviated its path towards the jar. After the complete entry of the stream of poison into the jar, a cork flew to the area to close the jar tightly. Jinnee threw the jar upward high into the sky, at a velocity higher than the escape velocity of the earth. The jar pierced through the layers of the atmosphere, and continued its journey in the interstellar space. Sheeja stepped down on the floor and transformed into her original visible structure.

During his return journey on the mountain top, king Gangan noticed a belle standing near the mouth of the series of water falls. The backside view was sufficient for him to identify her as princes Radha. He lowered his horse to run on the ground. Distracted by the galloping sound of the horse, princes Aruna turned back to study the source the sound. The contact of the penetrative eyes of her own father sprayed heavy shiver in to her nervous system.

“Daddy, I am extremely happy for your arrival to our residence. Kindly, honor us by a visit to the calmness of our cottage”, pleaded princess Radha politely.

“I am ashamed for your stupidity. Why did you wander in the sufferings of this wild forest, leaving the luxuries of the magnetic fortress?” queried king Gangan, staring her in growing anger.

“I enjoy the shower of love in this area. The serene beauty of nature sings lullaby to sooth my heart. I smell the flavor of justice in this campus”

“How did you reach the dwelling of Vanathi? Who abducted you to this forest with terrifying wild animals?”

“Witch Lysa kidnapped me in her boat vehicle to Green Island. Junior Kuttuvan saved me from her wizardry network. His three mothers accepted me as their daughter in law”

“You are the bravest child of king Gangan. The crown of Mathura Empire is waiting to adorn your head”.

“The deep love of the three mothers appears to me tastier than the elixir of the paradise”.

“Stupid! I arrived to release you from the treacherous hands of Junior Kuttuvan. This is the right time for the refinement of your mind”.

“Dad, what is really needed is the refinement of your mind to a man of virtuousness. Kindly realign magnetic fortress on the basis of moral codes of life”.

“I can’t bear your association with my only enemy Vanathi. Bounce on my horse to escape from the tortures of this tribal area”.

“The campus of Junior Kuttuvan is the only paradise on the surface of the earth. I hate to jump to the barbarous campus of the magnetic fortress from this joyous heaven”.

“Your tongue crossed the limits of forgiveness. You should taste the bitter fruits of your own harvest”.

“I have urgent duties to perform. May god bless you always with victory”.

Princes Radha crossed him, and walked fast towards the cottage to prevent hot arguments with her heartless father. King Gangen turned in her direction and stared her with magnifying hatred. Suddenly he acceralated the flying horse towards her at low altitude of the sky. His right hand stretched towards her swiftly, and grasped a tuft of hairs by the firm grip of his fingers. After flying a short span of forward distance, the horse changed its path towards the mouth of the cascade of waterfalls. After crossing the waterfall, he oscillated her twice to and fro, and threw her high into the height of the sky. The tedious trials of princes Radha to escape from his strong clutch went fruitless. After reaching certain height along a parabolic path, she began to move downwards due to her own weight.

Sheeja watched the cruel behavior of king Gangan only at the last moment. “Darling, Princess Aruna is in danger. Kindly supply energy to pull her to the ground of highest safety”, rustled Sheeja rigorously. She ran towards princess Radha at high speed, like a roe chased by a tiger on starvation. After reaching the edge of the waterfall, she sprang swiftly towards princess Radha to pull her to the platform of highest safety. Invisible Jinnee moved quickly towards her at the speed of a lightning stroke, and combined with her body to give her higher energy to complete her adventure victoriously. She grasped princess Radha before the bombardment of her body with the hard crust of the earth. By the wizardry spell of Jinnee, both of them rotated like spinning top, and moved upwards to land on the mountain top near the mouth of the waterfall. “Hay, I welcome Sheeja to the calm atmosphere of Junior Kuttuvan. Thank you very much for your arrival at the right time to lift me from the jaws of death”, scintillated princess Radha, as an external exposure of internal joy.

“Junior Kuttuvan sent me for the security of his mothers. My darling Jinnee is behind me to give higher energy. Keep the presence of Jinnee at the mountain top as a secret”, tuned Sheeja resplendently.

“I expect more teams of soldiers from magnetic fortress to crush us like worms. Last time the spherical stone projectiles helped a lot for our victory. There are no more such stones to support us in emergency. Have you energy to lift them back to the mountain top?” urged princess Radha, in a tone of increasing trust.

“How did the five member group achieve the high task of producing seven such huge spherical stones in a short period of time? The magnitude of their laborious work is beyond imagination”, vivified Sheeja veraciously.

“This mountain top was once the dwelling of a family of cyclops. They might have carved stones to spherical shape for their own security. The mechanical devices were constructed by our family members by their joint efforts”

“First let me see the size of the stone balls. Then I shall try my best to pull the spherical stones to the launching vehicles”

They walked towards the launchers on the mountain top, above the slanting side of the mountain. First Sheeja studied the fourth launch vehicle and the spherical ball fixed to the chain. The stone was at rest at the farthest end of the circular path. Sheeja showed her right hand towards the farthest end of the semicircular path, and moved towards the nearest end. The huge spherical stone moved along the circular path and dropped into static equilibrium at the nearest end of the semicircular path. “Wow! The wizardry power of Jinnee is superb. You are highly lucky to gain the love of that superman”, wheedled princes Radha, exploding into a laughter of mirth.

The garland of praises of princess Radha boosted the energy level of Jinnee to the height of the sky. Sheeja focused her eyes to a large distance towards the foot of the mountain. She identified the six spherical stones half submerged in soil that appeared small like glass shots of good polish. Sheeja showed her right hand towards the first ball, revolved her right hand along a circular path of low radius, and pulled towards the first launch vehicle. First a spinning motion is imposed on the ball, then a translational motion towards the first launch vehicle, and arranged perfectly on the launching pad.

“Aaha! What an achievement of skyhigh wonder! I have never imagined such a miracle from Jinnee. His fame will cross the frontiers of heaven, within a short interval of time”, yawned princes Radha yieldingly.

Sheeja succeeded in lifting all the six spherical stones to the respective launching pads. Princess Radha took her to the cottage of Vanathi for an introduction. At that instant of time the three mothers were inside the cottage, discussing about the next possible nature of attack of king Gangan to evaporate them completely from the surface of the earth. Princess Radha was not in a favorable mood to speak about the black side of her own father. Sheeja was not ready to expose the identity of Jinnee to them. So they paid no importance to the arrival of King Gangan, with a negative motivation to kill the family.

“This is Sheeja, a friend in Green Island. She wishes to stay with us to strengthen our energy. May I give permission for her stay with us?” adjured princess Radha, gazing the face of Vanathi to study the sensational color of her inner mind. Vanathi stared Sheeja from toe to hair to analyze the strength, and weakness in her character. Satisfied by the innocence on the face of Sheeja, Vanathi turned to Vanmathi and Myna to analyze the sensational colors of their hearts. She witnessed no shade of negative opinion on their faces.

“Vanmathi, I expect early arrival of Junior Kuttuvan with one more member of family. So Sheeja has no vacancy in this cottage you ask Subban to construct the third cottage for the residence of Sheeja. Clearly instruct Subban to treat Sheeja as our own child”, bloomed Vanathi breezily, “Sheeja! You are permitted to stay with me in this cottage till the construction of the third cottage. Your friendship will help to soothe the mind of Radha”.

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