Magnetic Fortress

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Sprouting of Human Seeds

After the departure of Jinnee from the underground prison, Junior Kuttuvan spread his eyes to study the structure of the hall. To distant view the prison appeared to be a large rectangular hall occupied by nothing, but air. He extended his field of view throughout the room once, to identify the presence of any mystery inside the room. The ground was covered by a thick layer of straw. He noticed no other special strangeness, except the unnaturally high and thick side walls. He witnessed an elevated platform at one side of the hall similar to a cot. He walked slowly towards the evaluation, and lay on it to take rest for a period of time. He closed his eyelashes air tight, and fluttered his wings of imagination to fly in the width of the sky. Princess Aruna appeared in the field his imagination to make him joy, with her sparkling face similar to a lotus flower at sun rise. “Darling, do you feel the boredom of loneliness in the underground prison? May I approach your nearness to evaporate your weariness?” cadged princess Aruna, winking her eyes like the twinkling of a star.

“I will fly in joy, as if ambrosia of heaven dropped into my mouth at the time of highest starvation. I will sing a sweet lullaby to enchant you like your own mother”, dazzled Junior Kuttuvan devouringly.

“I want a higher prize to fuse my nerves to maximum hotness. Are you ready to present me such a gift of highest excitement?”

“I too wait for such a golden chance. Rush fast to embrace me on your bosoms”.

“A sudden doubt freezes my nerves like ice cubes. Do you capable to give correct explanation to boil my nerves again?”

“Certainly. I shall erase any stains instantly, as if by a magic”.

“You are in the transformation of princes Radha. How can you originate sexomagnetic induction in my nerves?”

“Alas! Stupid Jinnee deceived me to freeze me in chillness. Kindly arrive to kill the time by elongating the conversation to plan for our joyous future”.

“Princess Ratha is a competitor to share the love of my darling. I hate to see her face of libidinous”.

“Alas! You too proved your worthlessness as a lust crazy ghost”.

Princess Aruna suddenly vanished from the field of view of his imagination, like the diffusion of a puff of a smoke. After a period of time, Junior Kuttuvan heard a high intensity kissing sound, as if air escape from a nozzle at high pressure. He turned to that side to identify the strangeness behind that noise. He witnessed the escape of a spiral of white fumes from an orifice at the foot of one wall. To his wonder the length and radius of the spiral fume magnified at slow rate, without slightest diffusion into the surrounding air. Junior Kuttuvan gazed the strange spiral fumes with expanding eyes of wonder.

At that instant of his climb to the peak of wonder, a twist of event occurred to explode his heart in the pressure of highest shock. The white fumes rearranged its spiral arms, and transformed into a monster demon cateahudra. It was an abnormal form of a blood sucking vampire. It has the body of a lean long cat with human head, limbs of an eagle, and long wide wings of a dragonfly, holding a short exe on his right front limb. Though it stood upright on hind legs like mankind, the oscillating tail increased its strangeness. The first sight of the vampire sowed seeds of terror into his nervous system. He rolled his eyes to select the direction to run fast from the sharp axe on the hand of the vampire cateachudra.

At that time of his highest turbulence, the vampire fluttered its huge wings to move towards him, raising his axe to cut off the head of Junior Kuttuvan. The strange vampire has the peculiar habit of cutting off the head of human at first strike. It used to suck the blood from the head, and then from the trunk, till the last drop of blood was absorbed. Junior Kuttuvan knew about such a strange variety of vampire, from the mythological literature of Neyythal Land. Knowing the high intensity of the impeding danger, he bounced to a distance swiftly, and ran fast in the form of repeated rebounding, like a stage chased by a blood thirsty panther. At his first step, his right foot knocked off a human skull, under the thick blanket of straw. His next step kicked off a full human skeleton. The process of scattering of skulls and skeletons along his path of his running continued like the process of splashing of water while running in a stream.

Broken pieces of bones pierced through his both feet, causing dripping of blood drops, like the oozing of milky white latex from the trunk of a tapped rubber tree. The vampire chased him at high speed, increasing the frequency of vibration of its enormous wings. At each instances when the distance gap narrowed, the vampire tried to cut off the head of Junior Kuttuvan at the speed of lightning. In order to escape from the penetration of human bone pieces, junior Kuttuvan began to run on the wall with high expertise, frequently jumping down to the floor for stability. The running chasing drama continued indefinitely to push the vampire to the tiredness of exhaustion.

To put an end to the running chasing drama of high weariness, the vampire jumped on the floor to climb on the peak of victory. He arranged the position of the axe on his right hand to perfect aim, and charged Junior Kuttuvan with utmost force. Junior Kuttuvan sprang to the height of the sky, and grasped the handle of the axe perfectly in his right hand. He jumped on the floor, without slightest fear, keeping the axe ready for a sudden attack. “Who are you? Why did you try to kill innocent human without a purpose?” exploded Junior Kuttuvan, staring him with a flame of fire in his eyes.

“I am vampire cateahudra, associated with this underground prison. I have a practice of using the criminals dropped in this dungeon as my prey”, flashed the vampire flatulently.

“What is the objective behind your bloody atrocity?

“King Gangan keeps me always in starvation by his wizardry spell”.

“Why did you chase me keeping the axe always ready for attack?”

“I have a practice to cut off the head of mankind at first. This will help me to suck the whole blood without slightest difficulty”.

“Alas! What a stark cruelty! Won’t you have fear of retaliation by the prisoners?”

“The dense blanket of darkness helped me earlier to cut off the heads in one strike. Your friend Jinnee sucked the darkness in the prison to save you from the sharpness my axe”.

“I wish you to lead the refined life of a man of virtues. What do you want as a substitute for your refinement?”

“You have a tasty faminine blood with masculine flavor. This is a rare variety of blood that attracts my senses better than the elixir of heaven. I have a long cherished dream to drink this type of blood of wonderful taste of novelty. I shall promise to lead a refined life, after quenching my hunger by your blood of high strangeness”.

“You are just a play toy on the hands of fate. No one has power to pull you from the mouth of death. Get ready for a journey towards the tortures of hell”.

“No god has power to kill this supernatural vampire”.

“Junior Kuttuvan is an expert in all art of warfare. No ghost has energy to escape from the crafty hands of Junior Kuttuvan”.

He raised his right hand to chop off the head of the vampire. Due to the attack of waves of fear, the vampire flapped its wings at high frequency, to fly fast from the axe in his hand of high skill. Junior Kuttuvan chased the blood thirsty vampire with raised axe to murder it mercilessly. Knowing the extraordinary talents of Junior Kuttuvan, the vampire decided to escape from the scene of sure death. The vampire changed its direction of flight towards higher layer of the atmosphere, to escape from the prison without a roof. Junior Kuttuvan studied the intention of the vampire perfectly, and finalized to kill him mercilessly to save the future generation of mankind from its clutches. He sprang to the height of the sky, and chopped off the head of the vampire. The trunk and the head of the vampire scattered in different directions on the floor of the underground prison.

Junior Kuttuvan walked towards the elevated platform, with inspiration to take little sleep. When he crossed half the distance towards the elevated platform, his high sensitive ears heard the sound of crawling of something on the bed of dry straw. When he turned towards the direction of the noise, he witnessed a strange scene of highest wonder. The cut off head of the vampire moved on the bed of straw and joined with its trunk to gain the strength of life. The vampire fluttered its wings to fly towards the higher layer of the atmosphere along an inclined path. Junior Kuttuvan rushed towards the vampire at the speed of a lightning stroke, in the form of repeated bounces. He sprang suddenly towards the flying vampire and cut off his head in single strike. He transferred the axe to his left hand, and seized the head of the vampire by his skillful right hand.

After stabilizing his feet on the surface of the floor, he spun on the spot to rise to higher layer of the atmosphere. He threw the head of the vampire towards the moat at maximum speed. As per his tactful aim, the head of the vampire dropped in the moat. Captivated by the flavor of the vampire head, flying crocodiles rushed to the area from both sides, creating a heavy turbulence in water. To confirm the sure death of the vampire, Junior Kuttuvan spun to height, and threw the corpse of the vampire in another area of the moat.

After the murder of cateachudra, Junior Kuttuvan dropped down the axe from his hand, and slept on the elevated platform. He slipped into the depth of a deep sleep for a long period of time. His wings of imagination raised him to the height of the fairy land, packed with scenes of wonder. In the wonder land, he met princess Radha as a fairy of sparkling beauty. She invited him to the castle of sensuous mirth, by winking her eyes like the twinkling of stars in the sky. He dropped into a sea of intoxication, and swam throughout the sea with princess Radha like a couple of sharks. The strange waves of hotness penetrated his nervous system to lift his imagination to higher levels of skin contact.

When junior Kuttuvan was swimming in an imaginary sea of thrill, a portion of the wall of the underground prison exploded into fragments. A monster Jikininki entered into the prison, and the fragments of the wall retraced their paths to reconstruct the wall, without a slightest flaw. The monster jikininki began to walk towards Junior Kuttuvan. Jinkininki was human flesh eating ghost. He was the spirit of a cursed individual, who was greedy in life. He looked like a huge skeletal framework of a monster, covered by a thin layer of flesh and skin.

Jikininki used to roam in secret areas with a torch of burning hunger in their stomach. He generally sucked the live human body with the air around the area. Inside the skeletal framework of the Jikininki, the flesh of human body would tear off little by little, to stick to its skeleton to exhibit him the shape of a monstrous man. When a human was digested inside in the framework of skeleton of Jikininki, he would look like decomposing corpse with sharp claws and glowing eyes.

The noise caused by the explosion of the wall, attacked the eardrums of Junior Kuttuvan like a rolling thunder. The entry of the monstrous Jikininki into the calm atmosphere of the underground prison bombarded his nervous system by waves of shiver, like the abrupt attack of a series of tsunami waves. The sharpness of his brain warned to strengthen his mind, to evaporate perils in the shape of strangeness. By the hardest efforts of his mind, he controlled his nervousness. He rose from the bed with a vision of research, and sat on the edge of the bed, staring the gigantic skeletal structure with penetrative eyes. “Monster, you appear to be the skeleton of an ogre. Who are you?” grunted Junior Kuttuvan in a tone of explosive anger.

“I am Jikininki, a ghost used to suck human body as a whole”, hustled Jikininki hysterically. His coarse voice of high intensity penetrated his ears like arrows of high sharpness.

“Why did you enter into my area of privacy?”

“This prison is my field to harvest human crops”.

“Why did you commit such heinous sin to enter into the tortures of the hell? Why don’t you lead a virtuous life based on the moral codes of justice?”

“I used to suck human body as a whole. The assimilation of their bones will give strength to my framework of skeleton. The human flesh will supply energy to the tendons to bind the bones together”.

“Why don’t you hunt beasts in the forest to meet your purpose?”

“Impossible. I have to suck at least one human for one week to maintain the stability of my skeletal framework. You are my first harvest of this week”.

“I have the love of three mothers. I wish to serve them to transform their dreams into reality. Two princesses are behind me, seeking my hands of security. Kindly leave me alone to lead a life of my own choice”.

“I have no heart to show mercy on a glamorous belle like you”.

“In reality, I am not a female. I am a youth of high talents, in the transformation a women. Why don’t you shower sympathy on the head of this innocent soul?”

“I remind you once again. I have no heart to love you as my child. I find no difference between male and female”.

“Do you have brain to coordinate the functions of different parts of your skeletal structure?”

“Certainly. The brain is the most important organ of any living organism”.

“This is important news for my victory. Thank you very much Jikininki”.

“I don’t want to waste my precious time, elongating a useless conservation with you. Get ready to supply your whole energy to this Jikininki”.

Jikininki stretched his lips forwards, and blew air at high speed to creature turbulence of air current in the underground prison. He turned direction to spread the air current throughout the vast dimension of the huge rectangular hall. The total air accumulated in the vicinity of the walls, and transformed into a vortex of air current. Junior Kuttuvan was lifted by the air current, like a soft feather of dove. He dropped into rotational motion of the vortex of air, losing his total power to control his own motion.

At that movement of exhausting trust on his own energy, Jikininki changed his policy of creating the vortex of air current. He suddenly began to suck air. One end of the circular air current entered into his mouth, pulling the whole length of the circular air current into his mouth. There occurred a short time gap of few microseconds between his two policies of creating air currents. Junior Kuttuvan utilized that gap of microseconds to escape from the strong grip of the air current. By his strenuous efforts, he dropped on the surface of the floor and rolled on the floor towards Jikininki at high speed, bearing the pain of piercing fragments of bones.

During the rolling motion, his sharp eyes were on constant trial to identify the axe lost by cateachudra. His fingers grasped the blanket of dry straw, to identify the weapon at the critical time of urgency. At that instant of fast approaching peril, the prayers of his three mothers were behind him to push him to the height of safety. His right hand grasped a long strong human thigh bone femur. He rebounded to stand with stability at the center of the hall, where the speed of air current is the lowest. He sprang towards Jikininki at high speed, and bombarded the femur on his chest violently, like the impact of a rock mountain.

To the skyhigh wonder of Junior Kuttuvan, the heavy force of the bombardment scattered the skeletal framework of Jikininki into thousands of fragments, the intact head rebounding on the floor, like a rubber ball of high elasticity. The air current collapsed into countless striations and lost the stability. Junior Kuttuvan stood froze like an ice doll, staring the rolling head of Jikininki with increased brightness of his face. At that instant of increasing joy, another twist of event occurred to dip him into depth of the ocean of peril.

The scattered pieces of bone bounced in small steps towards the head of Jikininki, and combined to reassemble him in perfect shape, without a slightest defect. “Hahahha! No human has power to escape my network of high craftiness. At the same time, I have enough strength to absorb the energy of all mankind”, incensed Jikininki, by his high intensity laughter of mirth.

“I am junior Kuttuvan, the only son of three mothers of high prowess. I won’t allow you to suck more human souls. You will breathe your last puff of fresh air immediately”, jarred Junior Kuttuvan jerkily. Jikiniki blew air at higher pressure rotating slowly on the spot, to stir the air into higher amplitude turbulence. As a consequence of the pushing power of the air current, Junior Kuttuvan bombarded on the wall of the hall at high force, and dropped on the floor like a root cut tree. Due to the higher force of the air current the blanket of straws was scattered in different directions, and joined in the vortex of air current, exposing the axe on the floor very close to the wall.

At that time of increasing illumination on the face of Junior Kuttuvan, Jikininki started to suck the arm of the vortex of air current. During the shortest time interval between the processes of blowing of air current and the sucking of air current, Junior Kuttuvan rolled on the floor and grasped the axe in his right hand. When he stood up from the floor, he dropped into the high speed sucking arm of air current. He moved swiftly towards the mouth of Jikininki with the high speed air current. He kept the axe ready for attack, the blunt side of the axe towards the giant.

Jikininki increased the sucking force to capture Junior Kuttuvan at the earliest time. When he approached the nearness of the monster, he bombarded the blunt edge of the axe on the chest of Jikininki. His bone framework scattered into thousands of pieces in different directions, his head rolling on the floor towards the wall, like a wheel detached from a chariot running at high speed. The vortex of air current collapsed into uniform distribution of air. Junior Kuttuvan was dropped on the floor and rolled swiftly towards the head of Jikininki. Using the sharp edge of the axe, he cut off the head of Jinkininki into two fragments. Then he utilized the blunt end of the axe to crush the parts of brain on both halves of the head.

At that time of destruction of the sharp brain of Jikininki, the pieces of bones bounced to combine to form his skeletal frame. The two halves of his head also jumped to complete the structure of Jikininki. Unfortunately, due to the death of the brain, the framework of bones lost the coordination of the bone fragments. Hence the skeletal structure of bones collapsed losing their stability, like the dropping of withered petals of a garland of rose flowers. Thus monstrous Jikininki breathed his last on the valorous hands of Junior Kuttuvan.

The two hot experiences of Junior Kuttuvan inside the underground prison in the campus of the magnetic fortress, warned him to be alert to preserve his health. At first he decided to minimize the opposing force that stood as hindrance for his free movement. He collected the total straw and bones scattered in the hall at the center to form a large heap. He carefully hid the axe inside the straw, in a position convenient for easy grasp. He walked slowly along the foot of the wall for one round, to identify the presence of cracks or pores on the wall. He noticed only one hole on the wall, through which cateachudra entered into the calmness of the hall. He identified a bone of suitable sized by a thorough research, and inserted the bone into the bore to close it air tight.

Then he analyzed the nature of the vast area of the floor of the prison, moving along the area at slow pace. To his shock he noticed a series of ten small pores on the floor near a corner. As such thin bones were not available in the heap of wastes Junior Kuttuvan crushed some bones using his axe as a hammer. He sprayed the tiny pieces of bones to close the series of small holes of varying diameters. Fully satisfied by his own cleverness, he lays his body on the elevated platform to immerse into the depth of a sweet dream. He flew on the wings of imagination to the dwelling of his three mothers, to oscillate on the swing of their concentrated love.

Myna mom was the first to observe his smiling face of a fresh blossom at a distance. She ran towards him and welcomed him with a warm hug, followed by a prize of a chain of affectionate kisses. “Child, where is our newly harvested princess? Is she more charming than princess Radha?” lured Myna, siphoning concentrated love in her tone of high mirth.

“Mom, I selected princess Aruna as the new member of our family. She is an angel on the surface of the earth. Princess Radha is only a pebble in front of the glamour of princess Aruna, a sparkling diamond”, mesmerized Junior Kuttuvan magnificently. A sudden twist of event occurred to push Junior Kuttuvan to the depth of suffocation. Princess Radha pulled Myna to her back and stared him with accumulated fire of hotness in her piercing eyes.

“Who is a pebble in front of a sparkling diamond?” noosed princes Radha, by her hot question of high craftiness.

“Princess Aruna is just a pebble in front of the sparkling diamond princess Radha”.

“Don’t somersault like an acrobat. Am I lack glamour like a faded rose?”

“Which blind will remark you as a faded rose? You are the only angel on the surface of the earth”.

“I don’t believe the words of your twisting tongue”.

“Your darling is a straight forward youth of high virtues. You shall believe him next to god”.

“Did you succeed in trapping innocent princess Aruna into your love web?”

“The only fullmoon in the mind screen of junior Kuttuvan is princess Radha. The other girls are just shooting stars in his love brimming heart”.

“I don’t believe your words of worthlessness, like love verses written on the surface of water. You are a chameleon changing color according to the climatic condition of the environment. I hate you as a beetle roaming from flower to flower”.

“Radha, kindly believe my words. I love you as my breathing air”.

“I hate you as a drop of cobra poison. I am not ready to share my darling with another girl”.

“I too decided to refine my character. Only princess Radha has residence in my love brimming heart”.

“I won’t believe your dramatization. I rejected Junior Kuttuvan from my heart of sublimated love”.

Princess Radha kicked on his rump with heavy force. The heavy force of bombardment pushed him down along the stream of the waterfall, for a violent collision on the surface of a rock, at the foot of the waterfall.

“Mom, princess Radha kicked me on the rock of sure death. Kindly pull me to your lap of real love”, obsecrated Junior Kuttuvan obstinately. As a consequence of the scorching dream, he rolled on his bed towards its edge, and dropped on the floor to experience the penetrating waves of pain. When he realized the reality of his scorching dream, a sudden twist of event occurred to push him to the height of wonder.

The series of pores closed by him burst mildly, one after another expelling the bone fragments like a fountain of rice flour. That was followed by a series of water fountains, like flower pot sparklers. To his highest wonder the water droplets floated in air, without falling on the floor. The process of collection of water droplets in air continued for a longer period of time. Then the water droplets moved to form a long vertical spiral spring that rotated along a clockwise direction. Suddenly the spiral spring of water transformed into a young beautiful women, having a glamorous face of enhanced by a sparkling smile.

Junior Kuttuvan stood froze like a stone statue, without slightest vibration. He gazed her from toes to hairs with wonder struck eyes. His eyelashes refused to vibrate in the fear to loss such a beautiful sight of magnetic charm. The beauty angel walked towards him slowly, as to pull him into her sexomagnetic field. “I was attracted by the masculine smell of a genuine youth. I hate to see girls around my dwelling, as a competitor to my crafty games. Who are you to intrude into my privacy?” panicked the women, staring him with penetrating eyes of growing hatred.

“I am Junior Kuttuvan, in the transformation of princess Aruna”.

“Aha! Your masculine flavor is highly catchy. I wish to enjoy your structural style.”

“I have no wizardry power for transmutation”.

“Don’t worry. I shall transform you into Junior Kuttuvan with higher handsome. Kindly embrace me on your chest. The hotness of my body will transform you into Junior Kuttuvan. I shall teach you the latest postures of sex life”

“Chee! Keep yourself away from my skin”.

“Alas! What is wrong with you? Are you a useless impotent ghost?”

“I am the son of three love brimming mothers. They advised me to trap only two damsels into my love web. I achieved my target. There is no vacancy in my heart for another girl”.

“Stupid! Why did you lose such a golden chance to share the thrill of a beauty angel?”

“I was taught to consider all women at the level of my mothers. Don’t try to ravish me by force”.

“I am not ready to renounce the excitement of a fresh youth of high libido. Come closer to fall into my field of sexomagnetic induction”.

She stretched her both hands towards him, spreading a magnetic smile on her glamorous face. She pulled him to a tight embracement of boiling lust. She originated bombarding waves of libidinous into his nervous system, moving her right hand crazily on his chest. She pulled him into a lips locking kiss, moving her tongue craftily to ignite his nerves. She rubbed her breasts on his chest, and magnified frictional force by rhythmic vibrations. Dissolving in the waves of bombarding waves of sensuousness, Junior Kuttuvan clung to her soft skin, as if pasted by a strong adhesive.

At that moment of high immersion to the ocean of lewdness, the women applied her spell to transform Junior Kuttuvan into his original form. The woman was more impressed by bubbling handsome of Junior Kuttuvan. Her right hand moved craftily on his thighs to originate hot libidinous waves around the area. Her right hand moved upwards slowly and began to caress the bud of his penis. Suddenly the angry face of his three mothers flashed on the screen of his mind to invert his behavior upside down. “Don’t touch my skin. I wish to live ever as the virtuous child of my mothers. I am not ready to swim on the libidinous ocean of sin”, quashed Junior Kuttuvan querulously.

“Junior Kuttuvan, I am not an angel of heaven to leave you safe. I won’t stop my hunting process till catching the fruit of success. If you cooperate with me, you shall enjoy the thrill of sensuous mirth, before your bitter death”, revolted the women, waving her right hand as a warning signal.

“What do you mean by bitter death after the thrill of sensuous mirth?”

“I will suck your blood at orgasm. I am a modified form of black widow”.

“What can you do, if I reject to share your hotness?”

“I will pull you for forceful ravishment. During such violent coition, my nails will grow into claws and my canines into hooked tuskers. I will tear off your flesh to show the tortures of hell after orgasm. I will suck your whole blood”.

“Alas! What a cruelty beyond the level of imagination! Are you a monster demon in the transformation of a belle to trap fresh youths?”

“I am cohupybat, a ghost of monstrous size I have an enormous cobra head, trunk of a huge human, six python tails and a pair of gigantic bat wings. Any human will shiver to death, if he saw my original structure to his nearness”.

“I am not a feeble minded lad to die in horror, on seeing the silly structure of a cohupybat”.

“I shall give you an opportunity to prove your merits”.

Junior Kuttuvan lost the control of his five senses and rose to the height of wrath. He pushed her aside like a light weight bat. He sprang towards her at high velocity, and kicked on her chest at high force. Due to the violent bombardment of the heavy force, she was pushed towards the nearest wall, like a projectile accelerated by a mechanical engine. After a violent collision on the surface of the wall, she dropped on the floor, like garland of jasmine flowers crushed by the gigantic feet of a mammoth. She rebounded immediately, a flame of wrath burning in her eyes. “Impotent Impostor, you insulted this angel of hell beyond the limit of forgiveness. I will teach you the extremes of sufferings before your death. Be ready to cry in burning pain, as a fruit for your harsh behavior of stupidity”, screeched the belle scurrilously.

She transformed into the horrible monster demon cohupybat immediately. Her gigantic cobra head hissed with exploding wrath, to vibrate the air around the area into the turbulence of a strong tornado. Her six python tails waved in air in different directions like hanging snake guards, waiting for a golden opportunity to crush him to the clutch of death. She fluttered her bat wings at high frequency, to approach him at the speed of lighting.

Junior Kuttuvan ran fast to escape from the charge of the cohupybat. The cobra head of the monster demon tried her level best to inject poison into his blood stream. He escaped thrice from the cobra bite very narrowly, within the gap of a hair. The six python tails moved swiftly towards him in different directions, sometimes crossing the cobra head. Unable to bear the entry of different types of demons into the atmosphere of the underground prison, Junior Kuttuvan decided to escape completely from tortures of that hell. He planned a good strategy of attack to climb on the peak of victory. He ran fast on the inner circumference of the hall, keeping sharp focus of his eyes on the heap of straw and bones.

At that instant of critical time, the distance gap of the cobra head of cocupybat diminished, lower than the limit of shortest distance for escape. In order to escape from the bite of cobra head, Junior Kuttuvan dropped immediately on the floor, and rolled fast towards the hidden axe inside the heap of wastes. He succeeded in pulling the axe from the heap to the grip of his right hand but a python tail wound on his right leg like a thick rope. The flying cohupybat dragged him on the floor for some distance, and rose to higher altitude for the easy grasp of her remaining five tails. The other python tails moved swiftly towards Junior Kuttuvan to crush him to death.

Junior Kuttuvan studied his dangerous movement towards the lap of death. As a last effort to escape from the clutch of death, he jumped higher to rearrange his orientation with his head towards the trunk of the demon. At that moment, the python tails wound on his body, and began to tighten their windings to squeeze his body. Fortunately he preserved his right hand containing the axe above the windings of the python tails. He tolerated the burning pain of the crushing force of the python tails, and cut off the tails one after another. The monster demon cohupybat screeched bitterly, to save her head from the axe on the hand of Junior Kuttuvan.

When the last python tail of cohupybat was cut off, he dropped on the floor losing stability. He pulled the dead python tail one after another from his body by the application of heavy force, and threw them away from the underground prison. He noticed the cocupyat still flying in the atmosphere of the prison. To his highest scorching worry, he identified the growth of the python tails rapidly, beyond the level of imagination. In order to avoid elongation of the peril, he decided to apply another strategy to escape from the death trap of the mysterious demons. He chased behind her at high speed holding the axe ready for attack, and sprang to her back. By another similar sprang of more skill, he stabilized his feet on the broad skyhigh wall of the underground prison, packed with a series of mysteries.

During that time interval, the monster demon completed the growth process of python tails. Strengthened by the renewal of energy, the cohupybat flew towards him, to bite for injecting the poison of death. To escape from the death trap of the monster demon, Junior Kuttuvan ran swiftly on the wall, in the form of repeated bounces. The running chasing drama once again started on the wall of high altitude. After three rounds of the running chasing drama, the distance gap of the cahubybat minimized very narrowly. Junior Kuttuvan lay on the wall abruptly to escape from the poison of the snake bite.

Due to inertia of the high speed motion and lack of attention, the monster demon crossed him to a distance. He used that golden chance for his successful climb to the peak of victory. Junior Kuttuvan ran behind the monster, and sprang with high velocity to stabilize his feet on the monster. He cut off the cobra head of the monster at the speed of a lightning stroke. He jumped on the wall at a favorable location, and kicked the cobra head at high force towards the moat. The high speed cobra head crossed the magnetic fortress and dropped in the moat. The flying crocodiles moved fast to the area to start a tough competition to share the flesh of the cobra head. The monster demon cohupybat struggled a lot to survive, and finally dropped on the floor as a corpse.

Junior Kuttuvan turned his field of view towards the surface of the earth outside the underground prison. The floor appeared to be at huge distance from the top of the wall like the hell. He studied the possibility of damage to his legs by a jump from such a high altitude. While he was standing on the wall with a wavering mind of instability, he noticed the movement of the free end of a rope towards him. He grasped the free end of the cord and verified its strength by the application of a pulling force. The other end of the rope was tied to the top branch of a tall tree. He seized the rope by the strong grip of his both hands, and oscillated to reach the surface of the earth swiftly. After crossing a large distance by single oscillation, he jumped safely in front of the cottage of Ameer. He was welcomed warmly by Jinnee in human size.

“I suffered a lot inside the underground prison. You rejected me in the tortures of that mysterious hell. I lost the trust on the help of others” teased Junior Kuttuvan, concentrating shades of hatred in his attractive face.

“Self help is the best help. Only hot experiences will boost one’s confidence level. You participated in the best training camp, as the first step for your future ascend on the steps of the ladder of victory”, ushered Jinnee unkindly.

“Where is sister Sheeja? I wish to report her about the barren nature of your heart”.

“Sheeja is with princess Radha to serve our three mothers”.

“Thank you very much for your kindness. Did king Gangan put trial to intrude into the privacy of our mothers?”

“King Gangan reached our domicile on a flying horse. He dropped cobra poison on the stream to pollute the drinking water”.

“Alas! What a cruel mind to kill the five innocent souls! Did you instruct the matter to our mothers?”

“There is no need for worry. I succeeded in collecting the poison safely. I disposed the poison far away from our atmosphere”.

“I find no apt words to appreciate your achievement”.

“We expect more perils from the hands of king Gangan. We are always on alertness to tackle dangers in any form at any time”.

“Is princess Radha happy in the new atmosphere, without the comforts of luxury?”

“She is suffocating in the love showers of our three mothers. She is waiting eagerly for the safe arrival of the darling of her heart”.

Their conversation was obstructed by the rhythmical sound of the royal drum. As a consequence of the call of the drum, they witnessed the movement of the citizens of the campus of the magnetic fortress towards the art stage, like the heavy water current of monsoon flood. Induced by the interest to know the latest news, Junior Kuttuvan and Jinnee also mixed with the current of mankind that moved towards the art stage.

“This is the royal announcement of the supreme king of the magnetic fortress. The valor competitions for the selection of heir to the throne will start on tomorrow morning and completed in four days. The total selection process will be based on four of rivalries. The first one is the accuracy of projecting lances. The second competition is used to measure the accuracy of shooting arrows. The third competition is sword fight as a soldier of cavalry. On the basis of first three competitions, three offspring will be selected. The final competition is a ride on the monster kingfishers. The offspring who return first will be chosen as the next royal heir to the magnetic fortress” ventilated the soldier virulently.

The valor competition turned as the hot topic for the talk of the town on that day. Crowds of people assembled in different areas to discuss about the possible results of the valor competitions. Majority of the people supported princess Aruna as the heir to the royal crown. Prince Velan gained second rank and prince Sankar secured third rank in terms of mass support. “Princess Aruna will be the best ruler in the history of our magnetic fortress. She has strong belief on the moral codes of life. Liberty, equality and fraternity are the corner stones of her character. Under her rule on the basis of democratic principles, the whole Marutha kingdom will turn into a paradise on the surface of the earth”, worshipped a queen of the magnetic fortress, in a high intensity tone of strong trust. There was heavy applause from the mass around the area as praise for the accurate comments of the queen.

Junior Kuttuvan finalized to meet princes Aruna on that day at night to strengthen her mind for her sure victory. He sought the help of Jinnee for his safe entry into the bedroom of princess Aruna. “Master, the campus of the magnetic fortress is under the strong surveillance of the infantry. It is not an easy joke to enter into the privacy of a castle at this critical time. A flight along the sky appears to be less dangerous. Kindly suggest the name of a bird of your choice”, allured Jinnee arbitrarily.

“I love a parrot for its attractive green color”, jabbered Junior Kuttuvan, a color of joy spreading on his space, like appearance of a rainbow in the sky.

“I shall transform into a live vehicle of your own choice. You climb on my back for a safe speedy travel”, circulated Jinnee charmingly.

Suddenly he transformed into parrot of a normal size. “Master, this is the best time for our journey. Sit on my back quickly without wasting time, for a speedy travel”, directed Jinnee in a shrill voice of low intensity.

“How can I sit on this tiny bird? Magnify the parrot comparable to my size” entreated junior Kuttuvan endearingly.

“A monster parrot may attract the attention of the horsemen. Diminishing the size of Junior Kuttuvan will be the better choice to deceive the eyes of the guards”, fascinated Jinnee, diminishing his size comparable to the size of the parrot. Junior Kuttuvan moved backwards to a distance and ran swiftly towards the parrot. By a high speed sprang, he reached the top of the parrot, and occupied his seat in a convenient position.

The parrot fluttered its wings in a uniform pattern, to start the journey towards the castle of princess Aruna. The parrot selected a deviated path along the forest to escape from the sharp eyes of the soldiers. After reaching the terrace of the castle, Jinnee transformed both of them into normal human size. Jinnee entered into the castle opening all the doors on his path, by the strength of his wizardry spell. When he successfully opened door of the bedroom of princess Aruna, Junior pulled him away sidewise and inserted his head into the room to study the climatic condition of the room. He noticed princess Aruna sitting on the bed with a faded face, like tender dahlia seedling thrown to the solar radiation.

The sudden appearance of the gleaming face of Junior Kuttuvan energized her like the sunrise to a lotus bud. Her glamorous face bloomed instantly, as if a heavy shower of rain occurred on the dahlia plant in a withering stage. She rushed towards the door to lock it for privacy and pulled him to a warm hug. She sprayed a series of chain kisses on the whole area of his face, the shower of her eyes soaking him completely wet. “Darling, I am waiting for you, keeping my eyes on the path of your arrival. Why did you reject me to drown in the mystery of the magnetic fortress? If you neglect my love, I will suffocate to breathe the last”, groaned princess Aruna grudgingly.

“Sorry Aruna. I fall into a trap spread by your father. Only by your prayers, I detached from the cobweb of mystery”.

“Sorry for your suffering. Daddy removed Radha from our circle of love”.

“What happened to Radha?”

“Daddy pushed Radha into the underground prisons on the charge of a worthless suspicion. No one arrived safe till now from that death trap”.

“Are you happy for her removal from my life cycle?”

“I really suffocate in the exhaustion of half of my energy. I dreamt to share our responsibilities to oscillate you on the swing of our love. I will drown in the ocean of worries, as if I lost my right hand”.

“May I believe you Aruna? Did your words originate from the depth of your heart?”

“You can stress hundred percent trust on the words of my mouth”.

“Then I shall energize your mind by good news. Princes Radha is safe with my three mothers”.

“Wow! What lovely news! I enjoy the news as a shower of honey drops directly on my tongue”

Junior Kuttuvan sat on the edge of the cot, to elongate the conversation to different corners of their life. Princess Aruna took her own privilege to sit on his lap, giving it more weightage than the throne of the magnetic fortress. They drowned in perfect calmness for a short period of time, allowing their eyes to penetrate into the heart of the other. “Darling, a series of valor competitions for the selection of heir to the royal throne was announced today. I wish your presence around the area, within the range of my view, to energize my nerves. Kindly avoid all other duties on the days of prowess rivalry”, harped princess Aruna, dropping her shawl to expose the tapering towers.

“Do you have craziness on the powers of a queen on throne?”

“No Darling. I wish to live a calm life on the lap of nature, in the company of the hero of my heart”.

“Why did you give such an importance to the valor competition?”

“My first ambition is to prove my merits comparable to the tigress of Neyythal Land”.

“Is that tigress gigantic with high wizardry powers?”

“She is just an ordinary woman with high skill in martial arts”.

“Don’t you have more objectives in your life?”

“I wish to remain around you always, as a shield to protect your health”.

“Though I am a coward in warfare, I have high skill to climb on trees to collect fruits. Also I have talent in hunting fishing and agriculture.”

“That is enough for our joyous life without starvation. You once proved your skill in fusing my nerves by your violent technique. Do you have more stock to bombard my nerves by waves of higher hotness?”

“I hate to exhaust your energy before valor competitions”.

“My mind begs for another attack on my nerves immediately. Did you lose your libido in just only one trial?”

“You are permitted to verify your doubt by an experiment”.

Princess Aruna started the preliminary arrangements for the experiment with a lips locking kiss. She pulled her dresses one after another. She vibrated her most sensitive nerve centers in a rhythmic pattern. The waves of sensuousness generated in his body attacked most important nerve centers, like a series of tsunami waves at high speed. The dam of control raised in his mind erupted abruptly, and he was washed into the ocean of lewdness. He utilized his inherent talents of swimming to stir the ocean.

The responsibility for the conduction of the valor competition was assigned to captain Vindan. The border of the training ground was under the strict surveillance of hundred members of the cavalry. Thirty long arecanut trees were cut off at both ends to form poles of equal length. On the upper end of the poles medium size pumpkins were fixed, one pumpkin per pole. The poles were planted at the middle of the training ground, in three rows of ten each. Care was taken to plant the poles that, the first row of pumpkins was at lower level, the second row of pumpkins was at little higher level, and the third row of pumpkins was at more higher level, the height difference between the rows being the same.

There was a heavy collection of identical lances, on a series of tables at right side of the arena. A line of projection was drawn parallel to the rows of poles at a distance of about hundred metres. The competitors were called in batches of ten, according to the assigned numbers, based on the castle number of their dwelling. No spectators were allowed in and around the arena. Junior Kuttuvan mixed with the soldiers in their uniform, Jinnee being inside his shirt pocket as a dwarf of finger size. The first batch of ten competitors arrived to the arena, without differentiation of gender, under the security of ten soldiers.

“Competitors, this contest aims to verify your stamina and accuracy of aim. You will be given only one chance to launch the lance. A competitor will be announced successful, if his spear strikes at least one pumpkin”, instructed captain Vindan invitingly.

The ten competitors aligned on the straight line, marked as the line of projection. After selecting one pumpkin as the target, they rearranged their position, and the orientation of their lances for perfect attack. They projected the lances one after another with high confidence levels. Only four contestants were successful in the first batch of ten competitors.

The damaged pumpkins were replaced and the second batch of ten competitors is called to exhibit their abilities. The process of the contest continued to indefinite period of time. Princess Aruna approached the arena only at afternoon to demonstrate her ability. She squatted on the line of projection and brought three pumpkins collinear with the spear edge. While raising her position to a vertical direction, she launched the spear in the aligned direction with utmost force. The spear pierced through the layers of the atmosphere in her aimed direction, and penetrated through the three pumpkins at different levels in its path.

Inspired by the high talents of princess Aruna, Junior Kuttuvan clapped his hands repeatedly at high intensity. Princess Aruna was appreciated highly by other soldiers with a heavy shower of applauses. “Aha! What an accuracy of aim! Princess Aruna created a world record in launching lances. My best wishes are behind princess Aruna for her selection as the royal heir of Marutha Empire”, jollified captain Vindan, clapping his hands in explosive happiness. The competition elongated up to sunset and hundred contestants were declared victorious.

On the second day of the rivalry, captain Vindan planned to verify the talents of competitors in the art of archery. The stock of lances on the series of tables to the right side of the arena was replaced by artistically designed bows and arrows. The same marked line of projection was used for the archery competition. A soldier held a small cage containing ten parrots at the position of the arecanut poles. First batch of ten competitions were called to show their skills in the art of archery. “Contestants, the archery competition required higher skill to emerge with flying colors. As the targets change positions with time, you have to be very careful to shoot the arrow for your sure victory. Only one chance will be given to prove your merits”, lilted captain Vindan loftily.

A soldier stroke the bell as a signal to start the competition. The second soldier inside the area opened the shutter of the bird cage, and raised the cage above his head. The parrots escaped from the cage one after another, and flew in different directions. The competitors rearranged the position of the arrows and shot them at high tensions. In their curious trials, only one arrow pierced through a parrot to earn victory to that competitor. The other competitors were called in batches of ten to demonstrate their talents.

When princess Aruna was on the line of projection for the arrow shooting competition, a sudden twist of event occurred to push her to the dark side of failure. The parrots were released in the sky from the bird cage, and they flew upwards into higher altitudes of the sky. At that instant a vulture entered into the area, and began to chase the parrots. In order to escape from the attack of the vultures, the parrots turned their direction of flight towards lower layers of atmosphere. Princess Aruna stood froze for a short span of time, to identify a bird as her target.

Suddenly she rotated at the spot at high frequency like a spinning top. She raised to higher altitude, and shot the arrow at high speed. The arrow first pierced through the vulture, and then penetrated through the parrot of her choice. All the soldiers celebrated her victory with repeated applauses, like a rolling thunder. “Wow! Princess Aruna crossed the skill of Arjuna, the hero of the epic Mahabhradham. Her name will be written in the annals of Mathura Empire as the best ruler. Our best wishes are behind Aruna to win more laurels”, marveled Junior Kuttuvan merrily.

On the second day of valor competition, only twenty contestants climbed on the platform of victory. The first rank holder princess Aruna was a seed of Kurinji Land and the second rank holder prince Velan belonged to a clan of Martha Land. He had high craziness on the power of the throne of the Magnetic Fortress. He calculated only less probability for his success in the valor rivalry. So he decided to choose a short cut method to catch the fruit of sure victory.

He noticed that out of the twenty successful contestants on the second day of prowess rivalry, ten were offspring of the queens of Marutha Land. If he established an alignment between the offspring of Marutha Land, he would ascent on the throne as the emperor of Marutha Empire. When he left his castle to meet them individually in person, he received an urgent call from captain Vindan. When he reached the secret discussion hall of captain Vindan in his castle, he was raised to the peak of joy, as if the fruit of victory dropped spontaneously into his mouth. The other nine Mathura Land competitors were on a hot discussion with captain Vindan.

“Children, Magnetic Fortress is the wealth of the offspring of Marutha Land. Now all the powerful administrative posts of the Mathura kingdom are on the hands of citizens of Maruthland. If Princess Aruna is selected as the heir to the royal throne, our future status will be degraded to the level of mere servants. Are you satisfied to live a life of lower status without dignity?” negotiated captain Vindan naughtily.

The seeds of poison sown by captain Vindan in the minds of the youths started the processes of germination. They utilized their eyes as the sources of communication among themselves. The sharpness of their minds assessed the reality in the statement of captain Vindan. They realized that princess Aruna should fail in the valor competition, to guarantee them a prestigious future. But their imagination focused no light for their climb to the height of higher dignity. They identified only complete darkness around them, as if dropped in the middle of a dense forest, in the darkness of night.

“Captain, princess Aruna is highly talented in all forms of warfare. She will be easily defeated, if princess Radha competed in the prowess rivalry. She is a true offspring of Maratha land”, opined a princes, in a low intensity voice of evaporating confidence level.

“Don’t dream about impossible occurrences. Princess Ratha can enter into the security of the magnetic fortress only in the form of a ghost. Her citizenship is erased completely from the records of the magnetic fortress”, propagated captain Vindan pugnaciously.

“In the darkness of night we shall push Aruna into the moat, to stop her last breathe. The absence of princess Aruna in the roll of competition will help an offspring of Marutha Land to hoist the flag of victory”, quibbled Prince Velan quietly.

“Don’t pay for our own death. We should select an ideal strategy of attack to avoid the stain of crime on our face. Give work to your brain to identify a better idea”, retorted captain Vindan in a tone of warning.

“We shall send a team of warriors wearing mask to cut off her one limb. This will block her all chances of victory. Her dream to ascend on the throne will collapse like an air bubble”, spluttered prince Velan surreptitiously.

“God may stretch his helping hand towards virtuous souls. Seeds of sin may harvest higher corns of punishment. Let us move our coins along the path of righteousness to climb on the peak of victory”, trilled captain Vindan, a shade darkness spreading on his face like a black veil.

“Garland of words won’t fetch fruits of sweet taste. Let us wind this useless discussion session”.

“Prince, I have a sudden spark of an idea. The correct execution of this plan will hoist the flag of victory on the tower of our castle”.

“Are you sure captain? If so, illuminate us with your spark”.

“The specialty of this competition is sword fight on horse as a member of our cavalry. This is an open rivalry between the twenty competitors. The contestant who survives to the last without major injury will be declared successful”.

“We all knew the rules of the contest. How can we defeat princess Aruna?”

“You ten competitors divide into five groups of two each and dramatize tough fight among yourself. You avoid princess Aruna till she defeated the other nine competitors. At that time princess Aruna will be on the lap of suffocation due excessive tiresome. You utilize that golden time to reap the corn of victory by combined attack”.

“Wow! This is the best idea to pluck the fruit of sweet taste”.

“I select Prince Velan as our team leader. After the defeat of Princess Aruna, our nine contestants should withdraw from the competition one after another to give the chance of wearing the victory crown to Prince Velan”.

“Captain Vindan! Prince Velan will be declared as future king of the Marutha Empire. What will be our fate in future?”

“You all will be blessed with higher posts in the machinery of central government”.

“Velan, can you guarantee anything for our prosperous future?”

“Certainly. Friends, we ten shall share equally all the responsibilities of the union government. This is the oath of prince Velan on his own head”, ushered Prince Velan ultimately.

King Gangan visited the arena in person to witness the achievements of his offspring in the third part of the valor competition on the next day. A stage was constructed at one side of the arena and well decorated by garlands of fragrant flowers. As per the order of the majestic king, two thrones were put on the stage. King Gangan visited the arena with his latest young queen in a chariot pulled by two horses. After the king and the queen occupied their respective thrones, soldier stroke the bronze bell with an iron hammer. The high intensity ringing sound of the bell pierced through the layers of the atmosphere. The competitors entered into the arena, one after another on horses, keeping long swords as the weapon of attack. There was high security around the border of the arena by the warriors of the Magnetic Fortress.

Junior Kuttuvan was in the middle of security officers, wearing their uniform. His friend Jinnee was very close to him in human size, but in invisible form. The competitors were on a test run around the arena. When Princess Aruna approached the vicinity of Junior Kuttuvan, he attracted her attention by a low intensity whistle. She responded to his signal by a sparkling smile. The soldier stroke the bell as a signal to start the valor competition. The twenty competitors divided into ten pairs and started the tough duels. The sword on the hand of princess Aruna twirled like the spiral arm of a whirl wind to play games of miracle in the arena. Her sword penetrated through air like streaks of lightning. She aimed only on the right hand of the contestant that held the sword. In the midst of high pressure bombardments with the swords of the opponents, her sword moved downwards swiftly to wound the finger that held the sword in their strong grasp. Due to the loss of strength to hold the sword, one contestant was eliminated from the competition.

In another pair of competitors, during the course of a tough sword fight, one contestant scattered the sword of his opponent. That contestant was eliminated by captain Vindan as a case of failure. Then a heavy fight was organized between Princess Aruna and the victorious contestant. In that fight too princess Aruna proved her merits by a climb to the peak of victory. As a consequence of elongation of the contest, the nine competitors were completely eliminated from the arena one after another.

Junior Kuttuvan clapped his hands as an effort to appreciate the achievements of Princess Aruna. A shower of applauses followed to lift Princess Aruna to the heights of joy. At that instant of growing happiness of Princess Aruna, the ten offspring of Marutha Land focused their whole attention towards the death of Princess Aruna. They surrounded her as a team in all directions and brandished their swords with a purpose to kill her mercilessly. Two contestants on he left sides waved their swords with concentrated objective to cut off her left leg and left hand. Another pair of contestants on her right side focused their attention to cut off her right hand and right leg. Three competitors were behind her to cut off her head like a bunch of banana fruits. The last three competitors at her front were on heavy trial to insert the sharp tip of the sword into her heart and eyes.

Princess Aruna learnt the objective behind the violent attacks of the ten opponents, breaching all the rules of the competition. In order to save her skin from the high frequency vibration of ten swords, she stood of on the horse and rotated like a spinning top to stop the ten swords at a distance away from her skin. The spectators acclaimed the skill of princess Aruna by a shower of applauses. “Jinnee, Princess Aruna is on a death trap. She can’t survive for long time against such a violent attack focused to kill her. Kindly supply your energy for her emergence in flying colors”, vivified Junior Kuttuvan in a tone of strong order.

Jinnee ran towards Princess Aruna in invisible form and merged into her body to add high energy to her actions. The next moment, the climatic condition of the competition shifted in a direction favorable to Princess Aruna. With increased frequency of spin, she bounced high into the sky. During her return motion, she moved towards an opponent swiftly, her sword bombarding with sword of the opponent with tremendous force, breaking it into two fragments. Her right foot collided on the chest of the opponent with heavy force, beyond the level of imagination by mortals. As the consequence of the high impulse impact, the opponent flew to a long distance without wings, and dropped on the surface of the ground like a root cut off tree. Princess Aruna rebounded miraculously towards her horse and continued her fight, exposing a sparkling smile on her fullmoon face, without a slightest shade of tension. There was high intensity uproar in the border area of the arena as praise for the miraculous performance of Princess Aruna.

The continuation of the prowess rivalry supplied wonderful experiences to the joy of the spectators. Princess Aruna continued the sword fight, kicking off the competitors one after another away from the arena at regular time interval. The different techniques of bombardment adopted by Princess Aruna for eliminating the contestants from the competition appeared to be a series of miracles to the eyes of the spectators. Each kick of Princess Aruna painted higher intensity of darkness on the face of captain Vindan. The strength of the contestants in the arena lowered rapidly and reached the lowest number three. Only Princess Aruna, Prince Velan and Prince Sankar were active inside the arena.

For the organization of the fourth competition, at least three contestants were required to escape from the punishment of king Gangan. So captain Vindan ran towards to the bell and struck the bell with heavy force to terminate the prowess rivalry of that day. The imaginative bird of Princess Aruna flew towards a fairy land of joy, unable to believe her own display of wonderful skills beyond the level of her imagination. “Aruna, you proved your skill as a pet child of the supreme king of the magnetic fortress. I wonder about your high talents in all arts of warfare. Under your rule, the kingdoms of the whole word will accept our dominance”, wheedled king Gangan willingly.

Junior Kuttuvan met Princess Aruna in her castle at midnight “Sweety, you displayed wonderful talents in the prowess rivalry beyond the levels of my dream. You acted swiftly like a wizard with supernatural powers. Your high performance appears to me even now as a magic scene in a dream. You are a living goddess before the eyes of this coward” yarned Junior Kuttuvan, giving a warm kiss on her forehead as a token of his high density love.

“My display of supreme skill in the valor competitions appears to me as a nightmare. I am certain that I have no such supernatural powers. My daddy may have supplied his wizardry powers to defeat the combined efforts of my brothers and sisters to evaporate me totally from the campus of the magnetic fortress”, admired princess Aruna absurdly.

“This lazy lizard has no sharpness of mind to identify the truth behind your display of high skills. Your skyhigh skill will support for your victory in the fourth competition. However I am certain about one concept. As an embodiment of cowardice, I am not eligible to stand around you as your spouse”, belittled Junior Kuttuvan, staring her face to study the slightest changes of color on her glamorous face.

“Don’t worry darling. I value you as my breathing air. Already Princess Ratha is with your three mothers. Your four member family requires one more prowess women like me for protection at critical times”.

“Are you really ready to accept this coward as your spouse?”

“Only a coward will require the support of a woman of prowess for his safety”.

“The force of sex attraction between our nerves will diminish within a period of time. The attractive bond of love will weaken to dissociate us in different directions on the charge of my cowardice”.

“Junior, let us live together to verify the truth in your concept. My craziness on this youth of high cowardice magnifies daily like the brightness of a waxing moon. I won’t allow a chance for the weakening of the love bond with this coward”, crackled Princess Aruna craftily.

Princess Aruna identified him as Junior Kuttuvan, the only son of Vanathi, the tigress of Neyythal Land. Princess Ratha, the most prowess offspring of the magnetic fortress, won’t run behind a coward, leaving all the treasures of the magnetic fortress. No coward had power to diffuse easily into the security network of the magnetic fortress, to meet his girl friend without slightest fear. She imagined him as a superman with extraordinary skill to climb on the towers of victory. She waited eagerly for the blooming of a fragrant time to expose his real color.

“My best wishes for your victory in the fourth stage of the prowess rivalry. Don’t forget this worthless coward, after you are declared as the heir to the royal throne. I am ready to serve you as an obedient servant”, declared Junior Kuttuvan, pulling her to warm hug.

“Darling, a boiling doubt is hunting my mind continuously from the time of announcement of the valor competition. Daddy has a stock of three kingfishers grown to monstrous size, feeding a magic medicine”.

“Don’t waste your energy floating on the ocean of suspicions. Every event will shift in a direction favorable for your victory. My hearty blessings are always behind you to boost your energy”.

“When the kingfishers are released from the cages, I shall run behind one kingfisher and climb on it by a skillful bounce. I shall try my best for a successful stabilization on the monster kingfisher”.

“You have no more responsibility. You just imagine the kingfisher as your own darling of love with closed eyes. You shall enjoy the journey as a hot game on your bed. After a short flight the king fisher will return to its cage, to push you on the thrown of victory”.

“The kingfishers are untrained. The may wish to enjoy the newly gained freedom. They may hate to return to the cage to loss their chance of a free life”

“Your imagination appears to fly in the right direction. I shall teach you a wizardry slogan to enchant at critical time. Under the influence of the wizardry spell, the kingfisher will return to the cage”.

“A wizardry slogan to control a kingfisher appears to be strange”.

“Some times truth is stranger than fiction”.

“I believe the words of this illiterate coward. Kindly enlighten me by your wizardry slogan. At this critical time, even a straw may be useful to construct a nest for our joyous future”.

“The wizardry slogan is ‘Jinnee’ you should cry the word thrice in high intensity with real emotion. Your problem will be solved immediately”.

“Why didn’t you use the wizardry slogan, when you dropped into the cavern of death?”

“An angel was behind me to save my life. She mesmerized me by her sparkling beauty”.

“Though you are illiterate the words of your tongue raises you to the status of a poet”.

“Thank you very much for your comments. My acquaintance with men of letters is the reason for my proficiency in communication skill”.

“I imagine high honor behind this junior. Two most prowess Princes of the magnetic fortress align behind this junior. This appears to be the first stage in the process for his ascent on the throne of Mathura Empire”.

“Sweety, don’t crack worthless jokes to criticize this dastard”.

“Let us stop the elongation of useless conversation. I wish to take strenuous exercise for the success of the ride at tomorrow morning”.

The next morning dawned with much brighter solar light. The entertainment auditorium in the campus of the magnetic fortress was selected as the Venu of the fourth prowess rivalry. It was an open auditorium rectangular in shape. When the three contestants entered into the auditorium the seats on the both sides of the auditorium were fully occupied by the queens of the magnetic fortress. The elevated wide stage at the entrance of the auditorium was adorned with two thrones at the front. There was another row of ten VIP chairs behind the thrones. King Gangan entered into the auditorium with his latest young queen. He was followed by the team of Prime Ministers and captains of his different divisions of the army. After the completion of initial salutations, king Gangan began to elaborate the conditions of the fourth stage of the valor competition.

“Dear queens, children of my love! I invite all of you to enjoy the final stage of the prowess contest. On the basis of achievements in the first three competitions Princess Aruna ranks the first, Prince Velan ranks the second and Prince Sankar ranks the third. In this final stage of the competition, three monster kingfishers will be released from their cages, one after another. The competitors should utilize their talents to climb on a kingfisher in the order of their merits. The competitor who return safely with the kingfisher will be declared as the heir to the royal throne”, elaborated king Gangan emphatically.

The huge bird cages were under the elevated stage. A long straight line was drawn at a distance parallel to the front side of the stage utilizing chalk powder. Three small circles were drawn on the straight line to fix the positions of the competitors. As per the earlier instructions, the three contestants occupied their locations to display their readiness to take active part in the rivalry. There was a huge bronze bell suspended from two vertical stands at the left front corner of the huge stage. A soldier stroke the bell with an iron hammer at high force as a warning signal to start the contest. The competitors rearranged their positions for a sudden action, to catch the fruit of victory.

At that moment of keen interest of the spectators, king Gangan pressed the lever of the first bird cage. The doors of the cages were fabricated by inserting parallel iron rods in vertical direction in teakwood frames. The door of the first cage glided to the right to open the cage. A monster kingfisher peeped outside to study the climatic condition for its clear escape. Encouraged by the presence of a favorable atmosphere, it walked forward to a distance and fluttered its huge wings to start a joyous flight. Princess Aruna took that fine opportunity to her favor and ran behind the kingfisher to certain distance. Before the rise of the monster kingfisher to the higher altitude of the sky, she sprang swiftly to stabilize her position on the back of the beautiful kingfisher. Inspired by the skyhigh achievement of Princess Aruna the queens of the magnetic fortress celebrated the joyous occasion by a heavy shower of applauses.

When king Gangan pressed the lever of the second bird cage, the second kingfisher escaped from the cage to seek freedom of movement. Prince Velan chased behind the bird and bounced successfully to climb on its back. When the bird rose to higher altitude of the sky to avoid bombardment with nearby trees, he dropped down losing the stability of his position. He pierced through the tiny branches of the tree and dropped on the ground like a broken branch of the tree. He was lifted by some soldiers to the medical center of the magnetic fortress for treatment.

After witnessing the twist of the event in the final stage of the competition, king Gangan pressed the lever of the third bird cage. Prince Sankar chased the third monster kingfisher and sprang towards the bird for a victorious climb. Unfortunately, he slipped down from the monster kingfisher and rolled on the ground like a wheel detached from a running cart. The third monster king fisher flew fast to escape from the area of lifelong slavery. The utter failure of his two sons boiled the mind of king Gangan to the height of wrath. “Idiots, because of the inefficiency of these cowards, I lost the love of my two pet children. I will teach them hot lessons by a severe training programme. They should improve their efficiency or meet a valorous death”, flashed king Gangan, as if his whole dream project vibrated to lose stability.

Princess Aruna enjoyed her journey on the monster kingfisher. To the distance view the surface of the earth appeared to be the spread of a wide green carpet. The vast spread of gigantic trees exhibited the growth of mushrooms painted green. She imagined the surface of the earth as the stage of a puppet show, in which man kinds were mere puppets oscillating under the varying tension of the string on the holy hands of god. She watched sharply the slightest change in the movement of the kingfisher to stabilize her position on the bird for a safe journey. As the monster kingfisher flew at constant speed in a particular direction, Princess Aruna felt no difficulty in stabilizing her position on its back. She rolled head slowly to enjoy the dancing styles of nature.

When Princess Aruna was highly involved in enjoying the serene beauty of nature, a sudden turning point occurred to push her to the black side of failure. The monster kingfisher suddenly changed its orientation along an inclined path towards the surface of the earth.

The abrupt downward flight of the monster kingfisher pushed Princess Aruna towards the head of the monster bird with high force. To escape from the destructive effect of a fall, Princess Aruna sat conveniently on the bird at its neck. She stabilized her position by a strong grasp of her hands around the neck of the gigantic bird. She focused the vision of her eyes towards the surface of the earth to study the reason behind the change of orientation of the bird. She witnessed vast spread of a lake in the direction of movement of the huge kingfisher. When the gigantic bird approached the vicinity of the water surface of the lake, Princess Aruna noticed a huge dolphin fish swimming in the lake like a boat on a pleasure trip.

Hunted by the waves of terror by the sudden appearance of the monster bird to its nearness, the dolphin dipped into the water to escape from the strong beaks of the bird. However, the monster Kingfisher chased the dolphin inside water. After a long chasing drama, the monster kingfisher claimed victory in the process to catch the huge dolphin fish. Unable to bear suffocation, princess Aruna loosened her grip slightly to fall into an unstable equilibrium. At that instant of her highest turbulence, the monster kingfisher escaped from the water surface and began to fly upward in the sky in an inclined path. Princess Aruna rolled backwards on the monster bird and dropped down from the bird. Activated by the sharpness of her mind, the right hand of Princess Aruna seized a quill at the tail of the bird. She hanged at the tail end of the bird like a monkey oscillating on the branch of a tree.

After a short period of time, the quill plucked from the body of the monster bird, pulled by the weight of her body. The monster bird escaped from the area of the scene, holding the dolphin till between its beaks. Princess Aruna dropped on the water surface of the lake, with evaporated hope of victory in the valor competition. After a dip into the depth of water, she floated on the water surface of the lake on imagination whether to survive with a face of shame blackened by the darkness of failure. Suddenly the smiling face of Junior glittered in the screen of her mind like a sunrise in the darkness of utter confusion. Though she remembered the wizardry slogan ushered by him, her mind reacted against the usage of such a worthless slogan to invert her failure.

Princess Aruna finalized to save her life to search the domicile of the mothers of Junior on the mountain top. She was certain to identify the series of waterfalls for safe entry into their cottage. After deciding her target of reach, she swam slowly towards the bank of the lake. After a laborious swim for a span of time, Princess Aruna heard the splashing sound of disturbed water. When she turned back to study the reason behind the turbulence, she was heavily shocked by a scene of horror. She witnessed a huge lake monster ogopogo chasing her to chew her as a tender cucumber. The lake monster hissed repeatedly with high intensity noise like an army of king cobras. It was about fifty metre long, with a long neck stretched outside water like a monster giraffe. Though the head of the lake monster resembled that of a crocodile with sharp jaws, it’s body was polished like a hippopotamus.

Attacked by the waves of terror, Princess Aruna swam fast flapping her four limps at high frequency. The strange ogopogo tried to catch her several times, stretching its neck towards her. At each trial Princess Aruna escaped narrowly, by her high skilled sprang outside water. The chasing drama continued indefinitely to evaporate her whole energy towards ground level. The mercy of god showered on her in the form of a tree floating on the surface of water. She climbed on a branch of the tree and ran across the trunk of the tree to reach safely on the bank of the lake. After running on the tap root system of the tree, she jumped on the surface of the earth to breathe the fresh air leisurely.

Princess Aruna expanded her field of view, to study the nature of the surrounding. She noticed dense spread of trees to infinite distance. When she twisted her head towards the east, her face bloomed instantly like a lotus flower at sunrise. The distant view of a cascade of waterfalls attracted her mind like a treasure of sparkling diamonds. A current of new energy bombarded her nervous system like the first shower of a monsoon season. By the pulling force of the series of water falls, her legs began to walk towards the east, dreaming to oscillate on the love swing of three mothers. After a uniform walk for a span of time floating in the depth of imagination, she was disturbed by the wheezing sound of the lake monster ogopogo very close to her ear. She leaped forward swiftly to escape from the terrifying jaws of the ogopogo.

The chasing drama continued on the surface the earth for a definite period of time. Inspite of her repeated forward leaps at high speed, the monster ogopogo was very close her on trial to lock her between the pressure of its sharp jaws. “Jinnee, Jinnee! Jinnee! Save me”, gaggled Princess Aruna grotesquely. She continued the process of leaping forward, evaporating her trust on survival at rapid rate. At that instant of her highest turbulence, she saw the flying horse of her father fast approaching from the opposite direction. Floating on the waves of wonder, she focused the vision of her eyes towards the flying horse. She noticed a strange bald headed man on the flying horse of her father.

“Princess Aruna, I am Jinnee, a close friend of Junior. Kindly stretch your hand upwards to escape from the jaws of death of monster ogopogo”, haggled Jinnee, stretching his right hand towards her for an easy grasp.

The appearance of Jinnee at the time of her highest terror boosted the energy level of Aruna to the height of the sky. She sprang towards him raising her right hand. Jinnee pulled her safely to sit on the flying horse to his front. The flying horse flew at low altitude at uniform velocity. The abrupt twist of the event boiled the wrath of ogopogo to higher degree. It chased the flying horse, jumping repeatedly to catch it as a prey. “Jinnee, the ogopogo is on trial to swallow us in one gulp. Kindly raise the flying horse to higher altitude to escape from the jaws of the ogopogo”, invoked Princess Aruna, in a tone of increasing terror.

The flying horse shifted its motion along an inclined path to reach the higher altitude of the sky. “I hate to enter into the campus of the magnetic Fortress with a shame of failure. Kindly drop me near the dwelling of Junior. The dense love of his three mothers will heal my wounds of failure”, jiggled Princess Aruna to hide the scorching influence of the waves of failure.

“The monster kingfisher is around us, at the stretch of our hands. The goddess of victory is waiting in the magnetic fortress to bless you with a victory crown”, keyed Jinnee kindly.

After the elapse of a short period of time, Princess Aruna noticed the same kingfisher flying at low altitude of the sky at a distance. “Aha! I imagine a shower of victory blossoms on my head. Kindly accelerate the flying horse to diminish the distance gap from the monster kingfisher. I shall put a trial to stabilize my position on the kingfisher”, louted Princess Aruna, a gleam of joy illuminating her face like the glow of a constellation of stars.

She stood up on the flying horse with stretched hands for easy stabilization. When the flying horse approached the vicinity of the monster kingfisher, she leaped forward quickly to stabilize her foot on it. She observed that the bird continued to fly in a direction away from the magnetic fortress. “Jinnee, I find no technique to change the orientation of the kingfisher towards the magnetic fortress. Please apply your wizardry spell to turn the kingfisher in the direction of our aim”, messaged Princess Aruna manifestly.

Jinnee ran on the invisible layer of the sky towards the monster kingfisher and merged with the body of the kingfisher to lock it in his complete control. The kingfisher turned its flight swiftly along a semicircle and flew fast towards the magnetic fortress. At the same time king Gangan was waiting eagerly in the entertainment auditorium for the arrival of his monster kingfisher. The roll of a large period of time, without a favorable light, evaporated his hope for the successful return of the gigantic bird. “Alas! My worthless valor competition separated my most prowess child from the campus of the magnetic fortress. Once upon a time Princess Radha sparkled in the campus of the magnetic fortress like a twinkling star. After her mysterious disappearance, I focused my trust on the valor of Princess Aruna. If she escaped form my binding force, my whole dream project may scatter to fragments”, noodled king Gangan, analyzing the different consequences of her unexpected loss.

With evaporating hope for the formation of a united Marutha Empire, king Gangan stood up from his throne and walked towards the entrance of the auditorium of entertainment. All the spectators followed his foot steps with faded faces of diminishing brightness. At that time of heart vibrating worry, the monster kingfisher entered into the field of vision of a queen. “Victory! Victory to Princes Aruna! Victory to the magnetic fortress! Princes Aruna returned safely to wear the crown of victory!” oscillated the queen ostentatiously.

The monster kingfisher landed on the platform before the elevated stage. Princes Aruna stepped down on the floor from the back of the monster kingfisher as a hero of heaven. King Gangan moved towards her with a bloomed face of high brightness, pulled her to a warm hug and blessed her with a love brimming kiss on her forehead. “Child, you proved your worthiness as the most prowess offspring of the magnetic fortress. My best wishes will be always behind you for winning many more laurels in your future career. You will be crowned as the heir to the royal throne of the magnetic fortress on tomorrow morning. May god shower his blessing on you for a prosperous future”, petrified king Gangan, by his words of blessing like a monsoon shower.

At night Junior Kuttuvan opened a short discussion with his friend Jinnee to assess the status of his success to complete the order of his Vanathi mother. “Jinnee, I missed badly the dense love of my three mothers. My mind compels me to enjoy the love brimming faces of my three mothers. I hate to roam behind Princess Aruna always holding a love torch on my face”, queered Junior Kuttuvan quixotically.

“Your three mothers are safe and happy under the service of Princess Radha and Sheeja. They expect high achievement from their only son. Their heart will break, if you return with a blackened face of failure. Kindly think deeply about all corners of the problem, before you reach a final decision”.

“This must be our last night in the campus of the magnetic fortress. I have a clear plan to vacate this area of highest mystery with Princess Aruna. I expect your whole hearted cooperation to execute my strategic plan perfectly without a slippage”.

“I am waiting to breathe for increasing your energy. I have inherent capacity to execute any strategy accurately without slightest aberration”.

“King Gangan has high honor on his motherland. He has only negative regard on Kurinchi land or Neyythal land. We should use this concept to separate Princess Aruna from his love circle”.

“This is very good idea to sow the seeds of antagonism between father and daughter”.

“In the campus of the magnetic fortress, there is a tight force of cohesion between the offspring of Marutha Land, Kurinchi Land and Neyythal Land. We should break the affinity bond of the three clans inside the campus of magnetic fortress”.

“How is it possible master?”

“My dad Prince Kuttuvan, Vanathi mom and Vanmathi mom command high respect on the queens from Neyythal Land. Princess Ratha has capacity to split a part of queens from Marutha Land to our side. I expect a good mass of followers to Princess Aruna from the queen of Kurinchi Land. In a nutshell, if we plan a good strategy of attack, we shall divide the citizen of magnetic fortress into two rival groups”.

“Wow! What a wonderful idea to break the dream palace of king Gangan into pieces!”

“You are the master key to unlock the doors in the path of our forward march”.

“Master, first pass the orders. Your jinnee will push you to the peak of sure victory”.

“First you should twist the tongue of Princess Aruna a little in favor of her mother land Kurinchi at the time of coronation function. Those words will act as a fuming volcano to explode the unity bond of the magnetic fortress”.

“I shall complete the task easily, like lifting a peacock feather”.

“At that moment of the highest turbulence, I will expose myself as Prince Kuttuvan, the hero of Neyythal Land. You should remove my makeup completely to focus me as Prince Kuttuvan”.

“That is an easy job like cracking a sex joke”.

“Princess Radha should appear in the scene, to catch the hearts of the offspring of Marutha Land”.

“This is an excellent plan to break the heart of king Gangan. I shall bring Princes Radha at critical time”.

“Don’t drop Princess Ratha in a death trap. Better you transform into Princess Radha at the time of emergency”.

“This appears to be a better idea to avoid life risk. Princess Ratha will approach on the flying horse of king Gangan at the peak time”.

“Jinnee, my victory depends completely on your sharpness of brain”.

“Master, be ready to taste the sweet fruit of sure victory”.

Junior Kuttuvan waited eagerly for the dawn of next morning to break the dream castle of King Gangan. The shower of blessing of god shifted direction towards Junior Kuttuvan to establish a rule of righteousness in Hindustan. Jinnee was a gift presented by god for his climb successfully on the throne of the magnetic fortress. The crafty hands of nature had already planned to bless Junior Kuttuvan to supply higher energy for his movement towards the royal crown of the magnetic fortress.

The whole citizens of the campus of the magnetic fortress assembled collected in the forms of rows and columns in front of the art stage. The whole area of the art stage was well adorned by garlands of flowers. There were three rows of chairs on the art stage. The first row of three thrones was decorated respectively by king Gangan, a young queen and Princess Aruna. The other two rows of chairs were occupied by captains of different denomination of army and the high officials of the government machinery. A servant maid stroke the bronze bell with an iron hammer as a signal for the initiation of the coronation ceremony. Captain Vindan reached front of the stage to give instructions to the citizens of the magnetic fortress.

“Majestic King! Honorable queens! Respected offspring of the magnetic fortress! The coronation ceremony of today is the most auspicious day in the history of our magnetic fortress. Our Princess Aruna stood first in all the four stages of our valor competition. We are very happy to declare Princess Aruna as the heir to the royal throne of the magnetic fortress. She had high trust on the moral codes of life. Under her philanthropic rule based on democratic principles, the fame of Marutha Empire will climb to the height of the sky”, ranted captain Vindan rapturously.

“Victory to Princess Aruna, long live princess Aruna, advance welcome for the future virtuous rule of princess Aruna!” surpassed a queen, by her words of blessings like a shower of heaven. The crowd acclaimed heavily by continuous applauses for a long span of time.

Captain Vindan was replaced by king Gangan to extol the high achievement of Princess Aruna. “Respected queens, dear children, Princess Aruna proved her merits in the valor competition as the best heir to the royal throne. Even the tigress of the Neyythal Land shiver to stand before Princess Aruna in prowess I am proud as the father of such a highly talented damsel. I take this golden opportunity to praise the achievement of my daughter by my own personal prize”, tolled King Gangan torrentially. He decorated Princess Aruna with his own dollar chain and presented a warm kiss on her forehead as a token of his dense love.

“Dear citizens of the magnetic fortress! My dream project is the formation of a strong Marutha Empire, annexing all the princely states in Hindustan. All the preliminary arrangements were completed perfectly to launch the horse ritual on tomorrow. I will assign the responsibility of the government machinery to a team of high level officials under the leadership of Princess Aruna. I will follow the horse with our all our denominations of army. Thousand offspring were selected as the second level heir to the newly conquered states. They also accompany me to take the responsibility of the rules of the new states. Within a period of one year, the whole area of Hindustan will fall into our rule. From today our kingdom of Marutha land will be called as Marutha Empire”, ushered king Gangan, waving his hand as a symbol of sure victory.

“Victory to Marutha Empire, victory to Marutha Empire, long live Emperor Gang an, long live Princess Aruna!” vocalized the crowd vehemently. King Gangan changed the waving pattern of his hand to stop the heavy uproar of the audience.

At that instant of highest joy of the citizens of the magnetic fortress, Junior Kuttuvan was in the middle of the offspring of the magnetic fortress Jinnee was inside his pocket as a finger size dwarf. “Jinnee, this is the right time for your sudden action. You stand behind princess Aruna in invisible form to twist her tongue slightly. I won’t breathe to live, if you pushed me into the dungeon of failure”, warned Junior Kuttuvan in a whistling tone of whisper.

Jinnee jumped down quickly from the shirt pocket of Junior Kuttuvan, transforming immediately into invisible form at human size. He walked towards the art stage along the space between the columns of the spectators. He climbed on the art stage and merged with the body of princess Aruna to twist her tongue at critical time. After the establishment of perfect silence in and around the art stage, king Gangan continued his announcement to reach the last phase of the coronation ceremony. “I take the privilege of this auspicious occasion to crown princess Aruna as the future empress of Mathura Empire. She will lift the fame of Marutha Empire as the mighty kingdom of the world. My best efforts will be behind her to train in all the arts of statecraft. The support of my all offspring should strengthen her energy to maintain the unity of the Mathura Empire. The patriotic affinity should elongate for infinite time to preserve the unity of Mathura Empire for thousands of years”, yelled king Gangan yawningly.

He took the sparkling diamond crown on a table and analyzed the craftsmanship in the construction of the crown. Impressed by the structural style of the crown, he adorned the head of princess Aruna with the crown, a gleam of joy brightening his face like a cluster of thousands of glow worms. The joy of princess Aruna flew to the higher limit of sky for the high shower of honor on her on that auspicious day. She walked slowly towards the front of the stage to say vote of thanks for the heavy shower of blessings on that joyous day. She rolled her eyes to search the hero of her heart in the middle of the crowd. At last he dropped in the field of view of her eyes with a glittering smile, like a highly handsome angel of heaven. He winked his eyes like a lightning stroke, to penetrate into her heart through the path of her nervous system.

“Firstly I thank the god for blessing me with a birth as the offspring of the magnetic fortress. Secondly I thank my dad emperor Gangan for his depth of love and highly planned training programmes. At the last, I extend my hearty thanks to all citizens of the magnetic fortress for their dense love and cooperation”, announced princess Aruna, rolling her eyes along the rows and columns of the crowd to study the sensational colors on their bloomed faces.

“Victory to Marutha Empire, Victory to Emperor Gangan! Victory to Kurinchi Land!” barked princess Aruna disparagingly. The color of brightness on the face of king Gangan began to diminish at fast rate. A shade of darkness spread on his face like a black veil. A fire of wrath started to grow in the field of his heart. “Aruna, your slogans of greeting impressed your father to the height of heaven. I wish to hear the sweetness of your voice as a lullaby of my own mother. Kindly raise the slogan once again to captivate the heart of your father”, cadged king Gangan, controlling the turbulence in his heart as a consequence of his boiling nerves.

“Victory to Marutha Empire, Victory to Emperor Ganagn! Victory to Kurinchi Land”, dazzled princess Aruna deftly. She gave higher stress to the slogan ‘victory to Kurinchi Land’ in a sonorous sound, diminishing the intensity of other slogans to just a whisper. The intensity difference in her tone added fuel to the fire of wrath fumed in his heart. By the internal high pressure of the fumes, the dormant volcano exploded suddenly in the sky of his imagination. His right hand lifted spontaneously towards her face and slapped violently with explosive wrath. By the force of the bombardment of his palm on the soft face of princess Aruna, the crown on her head slipped down. King Gangan kicked the crown at heavy thrust, which flew towards Junior Kuttuvan. He seized the crown of honor in the grip of his right hand and threw it towards princess Aruna at high force. The crown moved swiftly in air towards princess Aruna and adorned her head, softly like a peacock feather by the spell of wizardry Jinnee.

That unexpected twist boiled king Gangan to the height of the sky. The whole audience stood froze by the attack of sudden shock. “This is the final declaration of emperor Gangan. Princess Aruna is not my offspring. She has higher respect on her mother land. If power concentrated on her crafty hands, she will form Kurinchi Empire at the destruction of Marutha Empire. I charge her with the crime of treason and declare death penalty to princess Aruna. I order captain Vindan to drop her into the moat for immediate death”, exploded king Gangan, kicking princess Aruna at her chest with heavy force. Princess Aruna flew to a distance towards three queens of Kurinchi blood. They stretched their hands jointly to catch her as a garland of roses. They embraced princess Aruna on their chests and energized her by blessing with warm kisses as a token of their concentrated love. At that moment of sudden twist, Jinnee escaped from the body of princess Aruna to accelerate the speed of the changing events in the campus of the magnetic fortress.

The unexpected turning point sowed seeds of happiness in the heart of captain Vindan. He struck the bell continuously as a warning signal for declaration of emergency in the campus of the magnetic fortress. The cavalry on the security service of magnetic fortress moved towards the area of turbulence like a series of high speed tsunami waves. Princess Aruna remembered the magnetic smile of Junior Kuttuvan at that instant of critical emergency. She finalized to struggle sincerely to earn a joyous life with the hero of her heart.

As a safety measure to preserve their own health, the mass of spectators deviated to both sides of the arena. The first horseman stretched the lance to pierce the heart of princess Aruna. She acted swiftly at the speed of a lightning stroke. She pulled the spear from the hand of that horseman and inserted it into his heart. She lifted the horseman at the edge of the spear and threw him on the fast approaching soldiers. By the force of bombardment of the corpse, five soldiers stumbled down on the floor from their respective horses. Princess Aruna ran swiftly towards a horse of her choice and bounced on it to give a tough resistance to the fast approaching cavalry of the magnetic fortress. Hundreds of warriors moved towards the area of the turbulence to obey the order of their honorable king.

Captain Vindan planned a treacherous idea to annihilate the power of Kurinchi Land completely from the campus of the magnetic fortress. He projected a lance at high velocity towards princess Aruna to pierce her soft heart of excessive magnetic love. Watching the fast movement of the lance towards the heart of princess Aruna, Junior Kuttuvan ran towards her at maximum speed. He sprang into the height of the sky quickly and seized the lance by the strong grasp of his right hand. He threw the lance to towards captain Vindan, which penetrated through two more soldiers, in addition to the piercing of the heart of captain Vindan.

A heavy fight started between princess Aruna and the cavalry of the magnetic fortress. As a supportive force to princess Aruna, Junior Kuttuvan played games of miracle to oscillate the citizens of the magnetic fortress on a swing of wonder. The spear on his hand acted as an agent of death. He rebounded repeatedly on different horses, the spear on his hand piercing and throwing the warriors of the magnetic fortress like the dropping of flower from a jasmine climber. “Victory to prince Kuttuvan, Victory to Neyythal Land!” fermented Junior Kuttuvan ferociously. His slogans pierced the layers of the atmosphere like a forest fire. The slogan penetrated the nervous system of the offspring of Neyythal Land like streaks of lightning. The sparkling faces of Prince Kuttuvan, Vanathi and Vanmathi flashed in the minds of the queens from Neyythal Land. The seeds of patriotism sown by Vanmathi sprouted instantly to activate them beyond their own control. “Victory to prince Kittuvan, Victory to Neyythal Land”, glorified a queen from Neyythal Land gallantly. The same slogans were repeatedly by majority of queens from Neyythal Land. The intensity of the slogans infected the blood streams of the offspring of Neyythal Land to cause heavy uproar in the campus of the Magnetic Fortress. After a span of time the intensity of the slogan diminished slowly towards zero.

While continuing the process of slaughtering the soldiers of the magnetic fortress, Junior Kuttuvan originated another set of slogans to put fire to fuse the unity bond grown in the minds of the citizens of the magnetic fortress. “Victory to princess Aruna, Victory to Kurinchi Land”, hailed Junior Kuttuvan heroically. First the slogans were emitted as echo by the lips of only one queen from Kurinchi Land. The echo increased in quality and quantity from the lips of other queens from Kurinchi Land and then from the lips of their offspring.

At that moment of highest vibration in the atmosphere of magnetic fortress, another twist of event occurred to weaken the unity bond imagined by king Gangan to maximum extent. The black flying horse of king Gangan approached the battle field, carrying princess Ratha as a heroine of heaven. The horse flew around the battle field at low altitude at low velocity. The long sword on the hand of princess Ratha danced in air like a flying cobra. Human heads dropped continuously along the path of the flying horse, like the fall of ripe fruits from palmyra trees. Junior Kuttuvan ran on the horses miraculously with high expertise, throwing corpses of soldiers along his path like a shower of hailstone. Encouraged by the high talents of two supporters, princess Aruna accelerated her profession of human harvest.

Junior Kuttuvan stopped his satanic work for a short period time to put more fire into the heart of king Gangan. “Victory to princess Ratha, Victory to Marutha Land”, instigated Junior Kuttuvan intensely. The latest slogans also gained supporters to add fuel to the fire in the heart of king Gangan. He imagined the shattering of his dream project for the formation of united Marutha Empire. Vibrated by the fury of wrath, he jumped into action to kill Junior Kuttuvan, the latest obstacle from his path of progress. After a head on collision with king Gangan for an efflux of time, Junior Kuttuvan sprang toward his chest with high expertise. He kicked violently on the chest of king Gangan with high pressure and rebounded skillfully to stabilize his position on his horse. King Gangan penetrated through the layers of the atmosphere to a large distance and bombarded on the hard crust of the earth like a root cut off tree.

Junior Kuttuvan turned his horse towards the back side of the magnetic fortress. Hundreds of horsemen chased him to murder him mercilessly. When he reached the nearness of the magnetic fortress, he emitted a high intensity whistle to attract the attention of his lion brother Sooryan. He waited eagerly for the appearance of Sooryan in his field of view. As Sooryan was out of sight for a period of time, he produced another whistle at higher intensity. The third whistle reached the sensitive years of Sooryan, which sprang into action to serve his brother. He crossed the wide moat in a jump and reached the top of the magnetic fortress in another sprang. When Junior Kuttuvan bounced safely on the back of Sooryan, he roared at high intensity to clear the path for his forward march. The soldiers who chased Junior Kuttuvan divided into two to pave the way for the progress of the lion.

Obeying the instruction of Junior Kuttuvan, Sooryan leaped forward towards the art stage at high speed. Near the vicinity of the art stage, Sooryan roared continuously at highest intensity to sow seeds of fear into the nervous systems of the soldiers of the magnetic fortress. By the shiver caused by the fear of the ferocious lion, the soldiers stopped fighting to deviate to both sides, leaving a broad path at the centre. Princess Aruna stared him, floating on the highest wave of surprise. “Sweety, this is the nice time for our safe escape from the mystery of the magnetic fortress. Jump to my warm embracement for our joyous future. My three mothers are waiting to oscillate you on the swing of their dense love”, jollified Junior Kuttuvan, stretching his both hands of love towards her. Princess Aruna jumped instantly to his stretched hands for a warm hug.

After the completion of a soft hug, princess Aruna occupied the seat on the huge lion, in front of the hero of her heart. The lion Sooryan leaped forward swiftly towards the entrance of the magnetic fortress. The soldiers rotated the wheels on both sides of the entrance to lift the wooden bridge on the moat. The wide bridge moved upwards fast to close the entrance of the magnetic fortress. Sooryan climbed skillfully on the slanting bridge and sprang forward to cross the width of the moat successfully. Thousands of arrows shot at high velocity by the soldiers on the magnetic fortress approached them like a heavy shower of hailstone. Sooryan sprang to the height of the sky to save them from the shower of arrows. The flying horse deviated it path of travel towards the back side of the magnetic fortress. It flew to higher altitude of the sky along an inclined bath and escaped completely form the field of view of soldiers on the magnetic fortress.

Though Princess Aruna sat on the lion calmly, she was on the attack of heavy shock by the unexpected twist of events at the time of her coronation function. The emergence of the hero of her heart Junior Kuttuvan at critical time appeared to her as a miracle of the Heaven. She hated her latest status as a foe of her own father. At the same time, she felt that the crafty hands of fate pushed her to a family of virtues to live a joyous life with the hero of her heart. “Darling, I never expected such a bitter situation in my life to enter into the hit list of my own father. Only by your mercy I breathe fresh air now. I shall align behind you to capture the throne of Marutha Empire”, louted Princess Aruna lucidly.

“I am sorry Aruna. The throne of the Mathura Empire is your ancestral property. At the same time, I can’t disobey the order of my moms against your dreams”, notified Junior Kuttuvan, in a tone of increasing guilty consciousness.

“Don’t worry dear. Princess Aruna was killed mercilessly by her father. I am just an orphan girl adopted by the family of Junior Kuttuvan for their service”.

“I am sorry to warn you repeatedly. You should give equal respect to my three mothers. I won’t see tear drops in the eyes of Myna mom”.

“I knew the color of your heart. I respect you as an angel sent by god to lift me from the sufferings of hell. I am ready to dance according to the tunes of your mind”.

“First you should know the reality. On one fine day, my mothers will activate me to destroy the powers of the satan in the magnetic fortress. You should refine your mind to utilize whole energy for my climb to the peak of victory”.

“Princess Ratha and princess Aruna will be behind you to boost your energy level. We shall forget our identity as the princes of the magnetic fortress. We shall avoid conflicts between us for your service, as per the choice of your mind”.

“Vanmathi mom and Myna mom are wives of same birdman Subban. I never noticed a clash between them. You both should learn the true meaning of real love from them”.

“Believe us darling. We will show you higher density of love”.

At that instant of time, the flying horse approached them at a distance. Princess Aruna gazed princess Ratha with increasing glare of happiness on her glamorous face. “Darling, I have a burning doubt in my heart. At the critical time of highest turbulence in the campus of the magnetic fortress, princess Ratha appeared as an angel of heaven for my support. I wish to know the reasons behind that miracle”, negotiated princess Aruna nimbly.

“The appearance of princess Ratha was just a drama acted by my friend Jinnee. Princess Ratha was mere transformation of Jinnee”.

“Is there any special motive behind such a dramatization?”

“Breaking the bond of unity between the offspring of the magnetic fortress is the motivation behind the debut of such a high skill drama. Did I achieve a little in my aim?”

“It is a wonderful drama with high harvest. When we declare a war against the magnetic fortress, there will be heavy mass to welcome us to the royal throne”.

“Do you consider my strategy of attack as a plan of treachery?”

“I consider the dramatization as a fruit of your sharpness of brain. Such talents will support for your easy ascent on the royal throne of the magnetic fortress”.

“Thank you Aruna, thank you very much for your shower of love”.

The flying horse stepped down on the surface of the earth. Princess Radha instantly transformed into Jinnee and bowed his head to show his reverence to the master. Junior Kuttuvan accepted his respect exposing a magnetic smile on his face. Princess Aruna rolled her eyes between the faces of Junior Kuttuvan and wizardry Jinnee to study the nature of the bond between them. “Master, our latest residence is at the top of a mountain. This flying horse will be a better vehicle of transportation for your easy climb to our cottage. Sooryan will reach the destination by his own talents”, obsecrated Jinnee, as an effort to assure the safe journey of his master.

“Does the flying horse obey my orders? What can I do if the flying horse took us again to the sufferings of the magnetic fortress?”

“Don’t worry master I shall merge with the body of the flying horse to control its motion. You shall believe me as your own mother of sublimated love”.

“Thank you Jinnee. You are the force behind me for my climb to the peak of victory”.

Jinnee transformed into invisible form and merged into the body of the flying horse like a beam of light. Junior Kuttuvan and princess Aruna climbed on the flying horse eagerly to enjoy a journey of high strangeness. The flying horse started its flight towards the dwelling of the family of Junior Kuttuvan. “Jinnee, we wish to enjoy the wonderful scenes of the dancing nature. Kindly limit the speed of travel to minimum to give us more time to rejoice the treasures of nature”, postulated Junior Kuttuvan profusely. The flying horse minimized the frequency of flapping of the wings to fly at low speed. Junior Kuttuvan focused his eyes to the width and depth of the sky to swallow the beauty scenes of nature.

After a short period of time, the series of water falls attracted their eyes like a beauty spot of paradise. “Wow! What a mind captivating scene of high beauty! I have never seen such a scene of wonder in my life. Two eyes are not sufficient to enjoy this spot of flashing beauty”, quibbled princess Aruna, gazing the cascade of waterfall without vibrating her eyelashes.

“This beauty spot is our residence. You will enjoy a life of brimming love in this location of high natural charm. You should transform your mind to that of an innocent child to experience the real warmth of the love hug of my three mothers”, rejoiced Junior Kuttuvan robustly.

The flying horse flew upwards in a inclined towards the mouth of the waterfall and landed down on the flat surface at its side. Vanmathi was the first to witness the arrival of the young couple towards their domicile. “Myna, our son appeared with princess Aruna. Be ready to give them a warm welcome” screeched Vanmathi, fluttering her wings to fly towards them. Activated by the high energy voice of her mother, Myna ran behind her towards the edge of the cottage and sprang at high speed to stabilize her position on her.

The face of Vanathi bloomed instantly like a full moon. “Ratha, Junior Kuttuvan appeared to oscillate you in the love swing of his heart. Let us move down to give them a joyous welcome”, thrilled Vanathi tenderly. She began to step down to see the face of her son, after a long period of time. Princess Ratha and Sheeja followed her swiftly to share the love of their hearts with the spouse of their own choice.

“Aruna, my Vanmathi mom and Myna mom are fast approaching to receive us with a warm love. Kindly transform your heart to that of their child. Myna mom won’t bear your little negligence”, urged Junior Kuttuvan, jumping down from the flying horse to fall into the love hug of Myna mom. Princess Aruna also stepped down to the ground to taste the joy of the dense love of a good mother. Jinnee emerged from the body of the flying horse and transformed to normal human size to spread waves of love to energize the heart of Sheeja. The flying horse flew towards the magnetic fortress to celebrate its freedom from the wizardry hands of Jinnee.

Myna jumped quickly from the back of her Vanmathi mom and ran swiftly towards new member of their family. “Child, we are happy to welcome you as the new child of our family. You will get ample of opportunities to exhibit your talents as a woman of high prowess”, vivified Myna venerably. She pulled Aruna for a warm hug and presented a chain of kisses on her face as a token of her dense love. At that instant of time, Vanathi approached the area of brimming love. The three mothers joined together to pull the children for their tight embracement of dense love.

The sudden twist of events during the coronation function of princes Aruna froze the heart of king Gangan beyond repair. He was bombarded repeatedly by waves of failure, as if his dream project to form united Mathura Empire exploded into fragments. The mystery hands of fate pushed the two most prowess princes of the magnetic fortress to the mighty hands of the tigress of Neyythal Land. Junior Kuttuvan gained power to split a portion of his own children to open the doors of the magnetic fortress for his victorious entry. He confirmed firmly that after the collapse of his health, no power would survive to stop the ascent of Junior Kuttuvan on the throne of the magnetic fortress.

King Gangan flew on the wings of imagination throughout the whole night to search an ideal solution to escape from the impending danger. He finalized to hunt the family of Vanathi before the conduction of the horse ritual function. At early dawn of the next day, he called the captains of his army denominations for a short group discussion. “Captain, we are now in a critical situation to labor hard for our own self defense. Our two most valorous princesses- princess Ratha and princess Aruna- dropped into the love web of Junior Kuttuvan. He will conquer our magnetic fortress, by the energy of our own princesses, while we roam behind the sacred horse to annex the princely states of Hindustan. We should revise our whole strategy to safeguard our future”, wailed king Gangan, in a tone of high stress.

“The crafty hands of fate removed our ablest warrior captain Vindan from us. It is better to convene this special assembly session, after the appointment of another talented captain to our force of cavalry”, appealed Prime Minister Selvan ardently.

“I appointed prince Velan as the new captain to our cavalry. He is on an induction function with the assistant captains of our cavalry. He is ready to accept the decision taken in this special Assembly session”, bellowed king Gangan, giving permission to elongate the discussion session in the absence of the new captain of cavalry.

“Honorable King, your decision is the binding force on our energy. Kindly expose your order to solve our haunting problem. We are waiting to align behind you to transform your dreams into reality”, connoted captain Murukan cannily.

“I cancel the planned horse ritual temporarily. Our prime duty at this critical time is complete destruction of our enemy force organized under the leadership of the tigress of Neyythal Land. Let us divert our whole army into the forest on tomorrow morning to annihilate our foes, including princess Ratha and princess Aruna”.

“Is it possible for the easy identification of the domicile of our rival force?”

“The seven member force of Vanathi is on the top of a mountain with steep sides. Arrange our force of infantry with trained iguana army at the front. Thousands of warriors should ascent on the mountain simultaneously along all sides, preserving bows and arrows to pierce the heart of our enemies”.

“Wow! This is the best strategy to annihilate our enemy force within the time of a wink”.

“Our enemy force has some advantages. So we must be very careful to put each and every step of our forward march. They have a heavy stock of stone projectiles above the sloping area of the mountain. So we should avoid our ascent along the sloping area of the mountain. At the same time, our enemies may try to utilize the slanting area to escape from our hands. So we should arrange a strong army in that area, beyond the reach of the stone projectiles”.

“Aha! This is the best idea for our sure victory”.

“There is a birdman and a bird woman in the family of Vanathi. They will try to transport the other five family members to places of safety. Our sure success will depend on our wisdom to block their efforts”.

“Alas! Two human birds! How can we defeat their crafty planes of high intelligence?”

“Our archers should be ready on all tree branches to shoot our enemies at the first sight. Atleast twenty archers should be reserved for each tree to gain sure victory”.

“Wow! This is a very good cobweb to trap our enemies to sure death”.

“There is one more trap to hunt our enemies to death. Our whole cavalry should surround the mountain as a thick live wall. No ghost has power to diffuse through the high density wall of our cavalry”.

“Honorable king, this is very good idea for our easy climb to the peak of victory”.

“There is one more advantage in our strategic plan. I will fly above the mountain top on my flying horse to identify the direction of movement of each and every members of the family of enemies I will orient our army according to the shift in color of the battle field to pluck the fruit of sweet taste”.

All the members of the special assembly were highly impressed by perfect plan of their king of highest intelligence. They confirmed the annihilation of the mighty members of their enemy family. King Gangan utilized the whole time of the day to assess the worthiness of his plane. He analysed the loopholes in each stage of his strategy and refined his plane to complete perfection. He noticed no possibility for the diffusion of his foes through his well planned three stage network of soldiers. He finalized to organize the horse ritual after the complete destruction of his enemy force.

During the next dawn, the march of the army of the magnetic fortress started under the leadership of king Gangan. The flying horse carrying king Gangan flew at low altitude, at low velocity towards the domicile of the family of Vanathi. He was followed on the surface of the earth firstly by the infantry and secondly by the cavalry. Ten thousand warriors carried trained Iguanas on their shoulders for their easy climb to the top of the mountain with steep sides. They preserved a roll of thin strong cord on the same shoulder, one end of which is connected to the body of the iguanas. They hanged the bows on their right shoulders and the quiver containing arrows on their waists. Owing to the guidance of the flying horse along the path of the shortest distance, the army approached the vicinity of the mountain at the shortest time with less effort.

While involved in the food collection process in the forest, birdman Subban first saw the flying horse carrying king Gangan at low altitude of the sky. In order to escape from the penetrating eyes of king Gangan, be hid himself behind the dense foliage of a tree. At that critical time, he noticed the match of the huge army of king Gangan. He felt his responsibility to drop the news immediately to the ear of Vanathi. He waited for a little time, for the movement of the flying horse away from his nearness. Then be spread his enormous wings and vibrated at high frequency to escape from the snare of king Gangan. Unfortunately he dropped in the field of view of king Gangan. The face of king Gangan bloomed instantly, and he took that golden opportunity to kill birdman Subban. He chased birdman Subban with a mind of growing enthusiasm, and shot arrows repeatedly to murder him. Birdman Subban flew along a zigzag path to escape from the sharp arrows of king Gangan A shower of arrows chased him like a hive of stinging wasps.

At that time of the highest peril of birdman Subban, Junior Kuttuvan was playing chase to touch game with his friends Princess Ratha and Princess Aruna at the front area of his cottage. His sharp eyes scanned the dangerous condition of birdman Subban. He pulled a bow and a quiver of arrows from a stand, and ran towards the mouth of the waterfall in the form of repeated bounces. Princess Ratha and Princess Aruna followed his model, and rushed towards the area of turbulence like two spiral arms of a whirl wind. Three arrows escaped from their bows at high velocities simultaneously. To escape from the shower of arrows, king Gangan accelerated his horse away from the mountain. The sharp eyes of Junior Kuttuvan noticed a little difference in the direction of movement of the three set of arrows. The arrow shot by him moved towards the heart of king Gangan, while the arrows shot by his wives aimed only the eyes of the flying horse.

Birdman Subban landed safely in their cottage. He noticed Vanathi, Vanmathi and Myna were in the depth of a joyous conversation “Vanathi, a heavy danger is fast approaching us in the form of king Gangan. We have to vacate this mountain top immediately to save our life”, daunted birdman Subban, in a tone of increasing shiver.

“First sit on the chair conveniently to soften the shiver of your mind. We shall search solution to the problem, after a through analysis of the nature of the problem”, ensured Vanathi endearingly.

“King Gangan is revolving around our mountain on a flying horse. The whole army of Marutha Kingdom marches towards the area of the mountain. The only possibility for our survival is running to another safe abode immediately”, flared birdman Subban, waving his right hand as a warning signal. At that instant of time, Junior Kuttuvan entered into the cottage with his two wives, and kept himself aloof from the conversation.

“A sudden transportation may have its own risks. I am rot ready to jump into a cavern of danger, without a through analysis of the situation”, gaggled Vanathi gingerly. “Vanmathi, I assign the responsibility to save our family on your mighty hands. Kindly revolve once around the mountain to study the accurate nature of the peril. You are permitted to take your own decision”.

“Subban, the safety of our three children is very important at this critical time of emergency. You should be always with them to assure their security”, heralded Vanathi, staring harshly to stress the importance of her order.

Vanmathi went outside of the cottage, thinking deeply to complete the mission without a peril, and started flight vibrating her wings at low frequency. “Mom, I can’t live alone with out your love. Kindly take me with you”, implored Myna intently.

She ran behind Vanmathi and sprang towards her to stabilize her feet on her back. Vanmathi grasped her right hand tightly and dropped her on the surface of the earth. “Mummy, I will commit suicide before your last breathe. Give more importance to your safety than for the security of your own child”, jabbered Myna, running behind Vanmathi for another successful sprang.

Vanmathi increased the frequency of vibration of her wings to accelerate her speed of flight and escaped quickly from the grasp of Myna as an effort to assure her safety. She stood at the mouth of the waterfall, staring the flight of her mother, tear drops dripping from her eyes like shinning pearls.

“Myna mom, don’t cry like a little lass. Your son Junior Kuttuvan is behind you to wipe your tears. I shall take necessary arrangement to assure the safety of Vanmathi mom”, lulled Junior Kuttuvan luminously.

“How can you enlighten the mind of your mom?”

“I have a wizardry Jinnee behind me to render service at critical times.”

“What do you mean by wizardry Jinnee?”

“I shall show you by a demonstration”,

“Jinnee, Jinnee! Jinnee!” muttered Junior Kuttuvan melodiously. Next moment Jinnee stood before him with bowed head and folded hands.

“Jinnee, Vanmathi mom is moving towards danger. You transform into another Vanmathi mom and fly around her as a security officer. You should catch all arrows shot by king Gangan towards Vanmathi mom”, notified Junior Kuttuvan, in a sharp tone of high command.

Jinnee transformed instantly in to bird woman Vanmathi and flew fast towards her. He flew around her keeping his eyes sharp to seize the arrows shot by king Gangan. Vanmathi climbed to the height of wonder, seeing her own mirror image around her. Unable to bear the climbing wonder, she decided to soften her bubbling doubts.

“Who are you intruder? Why did you roam in my transformation?”

“I am Jinnee, a slave of your son Junior Kuttuvan. He deputed me to act as your security officer for your safety”.

“Are you the wizardry Jinnee described in the story of Alauddins magic lamp?”

“Yes mom. Now I am on the security service of Junior Kuttuvan”.

King Gangan observed woman Vanmathi at a distance in the sky and he turned his flying horse in her direction. At the nearness of Vanmathi, he dropped into the ocean of wonder, seeing her as identical twins. He pulled the bow to high tension and shot the arrows at high velocity. To his higher wonder to the height of the sky, one Vanmathi seized all arrows with high expertise. Encouraged by the presence of wizardry Jinnee around her Vanmathi revolved around the mountain to study the nature of the environmental conditions. She noticed many archers climbing on the branches of all trees at the foot of mountain. She witnessed a broad wall of horsemen surrounding the mountain in all directions like a wide ring of large radius of curvature.

“Mom, the whole army of the magnetic fortress is accumulated around this mountain with a well planned strategy of attack. We have high risk in transporting our family over the strong shield of warriors”, opined Jinnee obligingly.

At that instant of time, Vanmathi saw thousands of soldiers running towards the mountain. The presence of iguana and coil of cord on their shoulders inspired her about their strategy of attack. Bird women Vanmathi once revolved around the mountain to estimate the approximate number of soldiers on trial to climb the mountain. She returned to their cottage with a faded face of diminished brightness.

“What is the result of your analysis about the strength of our enemies? Do you identify any favorable technique for easy escape from this mountain top?” pleaded Vanathi, keeping her face inert without a color of fear.

“There is a vast spread of cavalry of Marutha Kingdom around the mountain. All the tree branches are filled with archers. There is heavy risk in a trial to transport our family members to distant corners”.

“Why did you shiver by fear? What happened to your technique of high experience in carrying Myna to large distances? Don’t you have capacity to save atleast our three children?”

“There are two heavy dangers in such an effort. Firstly we can’t fly at high altitudes with such heavy loads. Secondly we can’t fly large range of distance with the load of love with scorching nervousness. The horsemen will chase to kill our children”.

“Then let us remain safely on the mountain top. We shall stop the ascent of soldiers on the sloping side of the mountain with little efforts”.

“Due to the earlier hot experience, there is no trial of soldiers to climb on the mountain slope. If thousands of soldiers combined together to put such a trial, we can’t stop their victory”.

“Then what is the peril fast approaching to trap us?”

“There are about ten thousand soldiers on trial to climb mountain along all sides with iguanas and coils of ropes”.

“Alas! We are trapped in a terrible danger! Let us fight till our last breathe”.

Vanathi snatched a bow and quiver and bounced towards the mouth of the waterfall. Vanmathi, Myna, and Subban ran behind her to strengthen her energy. Junior Kuttuvan took that opportunity to seek the help of Jinnee to solve the burning problem. “Jinnee, do you have enough power to help us at this critical time? Do you have energy to save all of us at a time?” questioned Junior Kuttuvan quintessentially.

“We are surrounded by lakhs of warriors. I can’t close their eyes by my wizardry spell. Even if I magnify my size into a monster, I can’t imagine the defeat of this heavy flow of soldiers”.

“Kindly think deep to trace a wise idea for our safe escape”.

“I shall transmute all of you, one by one into parrots we shall fly for our easy escape from this area of highest turbulence”.

“Please identify a better method for our survival”.

“I shall transform all of you into fishes to swim on the stream. I shall bless you with original shape, after the departure of king Gangan with his army with a blackened face of failure”.

“Vanathi mom won’t accept such plans of perfect cowardice. She will value valorous death better than the shame of cowardice”.

“Master, you give me better idea. I shall stretch my helping hands to shift all of you to a platform of safety”.

“Let me fly to the width of the sky on the wings of imagination to identify a better strategy to escape from this fast approaching danger”.

Junior Kuttuvan pulled a bow and a quiver of arrows from the stand, stepped down from the cottage, and walked towards the backside of the cottage to identify the safest location to fight with the soldiers of king Gangan. Princess Ratha and princess Aruna followed the hero of their hearts with the same weapons.

“Sheeja, all the members of this family are highly talented warriors. You have no training to display such skills. So I decided to energize you by my strength. You will soon gain words of praise from the mouth of the tigress of Neyythal Land”, radiated Jinnee, winking his eyes like a twinkling of a star. He merged into the body of Sheeja to enhance her energy level.

After walking for a span of time, Junior Kuttuvan identified the projection of a rock nearly at the centre of the mountain. When he climbed to the top of the rock, his mind instructed the superiority of that location for their defense for longer period of time. Suddenly the memory of forest nymph Santra flashed in his mind like a flash of lightning. “Santra mom, your family is on the top of high danger. Blow towards me to stretch your helping hand. Without your support, we will soon breathe the last”, solicited Junior Kuttuvan sonorously.

After a period of time, the spiral arm of a whirl wind approached him and transformed into the most glamorous forest nymph Santra. She pulled Junior Kuttuvan, princess Ratha and princess Aruna to a warm hug simultaneously. She presented warm kisses on their foreheads individually. “Dear children! This rock is the best spot for your climb towards the ladder of victory. You stabilize Sheeja at the centre of the rock. You three arrange your position at the vertices of an equilateral triangle, keeping Sheeja at the centroid. You three should shoot arrows to pierce through the hearts of the intruders of your privacy”, theorized forest nymph Santra, captivating them by the sparkling smile on her face of high charm.

“Kindly identify the most favorable locations for the other four members of our family for elongating the time period of our defense”, urged Junior Kuttuvan urgently.

“They should surround you at the four corners of a square, with Sheeja at its centre. They should use strong shields and long swords as the weapon of war”.

“May we succeed in slaughtering all the ten thousand soldiers of Mathura kingdom with this scanty force?”

“The nature will soon dance violently to scorch the organisms around this area. You don’t try to get down from this rock at the time of the catastrophe. No god can save you, if you breach my instructions of love”, voiced forest nymph Santra, preserving her face hard without slightest brightness of a smile. She transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind and vacated the location of highest peril immediately.

“Darling, our stock of arrows will exhaust within a short period of time. How can we survive against the shower of arrows from ten thousand soldiers?” warned princess Ratha wearily.

“Don’t worry. I shall pull the quavers of the dead soldiers by my wizardry spell to supply you arrows continuously without exhaustion”, yodeled Sheeja to add energy to their nervous system.

“Let us call our mothers to this location for the safety of our whole family. We shall believe the words of forest nymph Santra as the real words of god”, adjured Sheeja acutely.

“Sheeja, I know the color of the hearts my three mothers. They will soon arrive this location to assure the safety of their children. You pull shields and four swords from our cottage to supply them as weapons of war”, busted Junior Kuttuvan, boasting the high density of the love of his three mothers.

At that instant of time, the enemy soldiers began to climb on the top of the mountain one after another, at different locations. Vanathi, Vanmathi and Subban aimed their arrows and waited for the appearance of heads of enemy soldiers above the edge of mountain. They shot their arrows, when the heads of soldiers appeared within the range of their direct hit. Their high speed arrows pierced through the faces of the agents of the vampire. The soldiers dropped into the depth of the valley, like withered jasmine flowers. “Mom, how can you kill all the ten thousand soldiers, standing at the mouth of the waterfall? Our children are in heavy danger. Let us give love shade to our children, at least upto our last breathe”, conjured Myna cogently. She pulled Vanmathi towards the cottage with heavy force.

All of them understand the truth in her words and ran behind her to safeguard their children. After a thorough searching operation inside the cottage, Myna ran towards the rock to locate their children. Junior Kuttuvan attracted their attention by clapping his hand repeatedly.

“Mom, Santra mom approached this area. She suggested a strategy of attack to escape from the impending peril. According to her suggestion Sheeja should be at the centre of this rock. She has high wizardry power to supply us arrows without exhaustion. Your three children will surround her with bows and arrows to slaughter the approaching foes. You four should surround us with shields and swords to stop the arrows of our enemies and to vanquish their attack with swords”, dazed Junior Kuttuvan by his explanation of high merits.

“Aha! Forest nymph Santra appears to be an expert in the techniques of warfare. No ghost will get power to touch the skin of our children. We won’t get a chance to see the sufferings of our children in this ideal strategy of planning”, enticed Myna expeditiously.

“Santra mom expects the sudden occurrence of a natural calamity at any time. According to her, this rock is the safest spot for our survival. She warned us not to invite death by stepping down from this rock”, forced Junior Kuttuvan, showing the shields and sword arranged on the surface of the rock. Vanathi exposed her acceptance to the strategy of attack of forest nymph Santra by a sparkling smile. The repeated trials of forest nymph Santra to save prince Kuttuvan from the showers of the sand rain flashed on the screen of her mind. She accepted her plan to save Junior Kuttuvan from the crafty hands of death without a second thinking.

The soldiers of the Marutha kingdom reached the mountain top one after another. They first searched the members of their enemy family in the three cottages. Then they extended their searching operation throughout the vast area of the mountain top. Finally they identified all their targets on a rock projection. They surrounded the rock at a distance and shot arrows with smiling faces of high trust. Majority of the arrows were scattered by the shields in the hands of the outer circle of four warriors. The inner circle of three soldiers preserved their health from the arrows that escaped the shields, by skillful bounces at appropriate times. The three young soldiers on the inner circle shot arrows at high velocity with perfect aim. Those arrows pierced through the heart of enemy soldiers. Their corpses dropped on the ground like roots cut off banana trees.

Sheeja pulled the quivers of corpses by her wizardry spell and filled the quivers of her three friends by the arrows. A low percentage of enemy soldiers wished to demonstrate their high talents to the enemy family. They pulled the swords hidden under their shirts at the backsides and bounced towards the rock to chop off the heads of the fragile women. Due to the entry of error in their calculation, they lost their heads, as if cut off by the flash of a lightning. Due to the continuous dropping of corpses, a thick circular wall was formed around the family of Junior Kuttuvan. New batches of soldiers rushed to the area of highest turbulence continuously like a monsoon shower. They bounced on the circular wall of corpses and shot arrows at high hope to kill their enemies. Unfortunately they helped to increase height and width of the circular wall beyond the limit of imagination.

The time of the battle elongated to sow fear seeds in the heart of king Gangan. He waited for a long period of time to hear the news of victory. He noticed no soldier at the edge of the mountain to enlighten him with the news of success by waving his hand. “Captain Velan! Send a second batch of ten thousand soldiers to ascent on the mountain. The army of iguanas still remains on the edge of the mountain. Pass order to our soldiers to use the same rope to climb on the mountain top. We won’t return to the magnetic fortress before the death of all members of our enemy family”, galvanized king Gangan greedily.

Another batch of ten thousand soldiers began to climb on the steep sides of the mountain. Unable bear the torture of the boiling mind, king Gangan decided to take little risk to study the nature of the battle field in person. He accelerated his flying horse along an inclined path towards the mountain top. After reaching the mountain top, he directed the horse to fly horizontally at low altitude and witnessed the terror of the battle field with his own eyes. He observed Junior Kuttuvan and his two wives as three agents of death. His boiling feeling of wrath increased rapidly to the level of explosion. He pulled three sharp arrows from his quiver and aimed to pierce their hearts instantly. He pulled the string of the bow to maximum tension and shot them towards his targets with perfect aim. The set of three arrows pierced through the layers of atmosphere swiftly towards the targets like a convoy of sparrows.

The high speed arrows dropped in the field of view of Sheeja she jumped to the height of the sky by a spinning motion, seized the three arrows by one oscillation of her right hand, and returned to her original seat without slightest change of color on her face. Junior Kuttuvan and his wives saw king Gangan pulling another set of three arrows for another trial. They turned their aim in his direction and shot the arrows one after another. They continued to shoot the arrows in the same direction with increased tension. The arrows flew towards him one after another along a straight line of large length. King Gangan understood the risk in elongating the war for more time and he accelerated his horse towards the valley for his own safety.

The family of Junior Kuttuvan continued their work of slaughtering for a span of time. There occurred a sudden twist of event to sow seeds of fear into the nervous system of all warriors on the battle field. The natural calamity first originated as a small vibration of the crust of the earth. The amplitude of vibration increased at slow rate and transformed into a devastating earth quake. The dark rain bearing clouds lowered their velocity of movement and discharge of accumulated electric charges occurred to produce streaks of lightning in the sky. Due to formation of high temperature, clouds expanded and contracted to cause high intensity noise of rolling thunders.

The large concentration of charges on the clouds originated electric discharge between the clouds and the surface of the earth. Owing to the height of human heads above the crest of the earth, more lightning streaks attacked the soldiers of king Gangan on the valley and on the mountain top. The fleshy bodies of hundreds of warriors were charred, like buds of flowers thrown on fire. The destructive effect of the high amplitude earth quake was amplified by a heavy shower of rainfall. The bunds of some lakes in the valley burst to cause heavy flood in the area. The torrents of flood washed away a major percentage of army of king Gangan on the valley.

“Captains, all of you run away from the battle field to places of safety. At this critical moment of natural calamity, our health is more important than our victory. May God stretch his helping hand to pull all of you to the safety campus of the magnetic fortress”, hurried king Gangan, pulling prince Velan safely on his flying horse. To save his masters from the destructive hands of the catastrophe, the horse flew swiftly towards the magnetic fortress.

To escape from the high speed torrents of water, the soldiers ran towards elevated areas. At that instant of time, the amplitude of vibration of the earthquake crossed the tolerance level of the earth. Due to the violent vibrations of the crust of the earth, wide crevices were developed on the crust of the earth. Huge trees slipped into the fissures and disappeared from the field of vision of the human. To add fuel to the fire to the spread of the tragedy, the innocent soldiers taking shelter at mounds dropped into the expanding clefts to breathe the last puff of air.

At the same instant of time, the violence of the catastrophe crossed the limits of imagination of human. The amplitude of vibration of the earth increased to heavy turbulence. Large cracks were formed at soil regions of the mountain. The small fissures magnified into horrible land slides. The chain of land slides around the central rock pushed the soil on the mountain downwards carrying a large number of soldiers to the caverns of death. Those soldiers were buried alive inside the huge mass of land slide. In order to increase the power of torture of the natural calamity, the shower of heavy rain combined with the water current of the stream to form a mighty flood. The stream of heavy water current changed direction and washed away the remaining portion of the army of soldiers.

“The battle came to an abrupt end, by the support of the natural calamity. All of you come to sit around me to take rest for a long period of time. This rock projection appears to be the extension of a huge rock, under the paste of soil and broken pieces of stones. Santra mom saved her own family by her wizardry powers of necromancy”, inspired Junior Kuttuvan, singing song as a praise of forest nymph Santra. As an approval for his tunes, Vanathi spread a sparkling smile on her motherly face of high density love.

As a consequence of a high intensity tremor of the earthquake inside the ocean bed, high amplitude tsunami waves were originated in Bay of Bengal. The amplitude of the tsunami waves multiplied rapidly with time and attacked the coastal lines with tremendous force, causing havoc to human life and property. The houses close to the coastal lines were destroyed beyond repair, like play toys dropped under the feet of an army of thousands of elephants. The fishing boats on the shore and the ships anchored at the ports were scattered into petals of withered flowers, which oscillated on the waves of ocean like black ants. The innocent people who lost their kith and kin cried bitterly, as to melt the hardest stone.

A fraction of the series of tsunami waves entered into the Ponni River, and attacked Neyythal square at high force. The high speed tsunami waves washed away the top layer of sand blanket that covered the Neyythal square. Large series of tsunami waves bombarded the Neyythal squares continuously to diminish the thickness of the sand blanket. The human youth petrified by the blessings of mother parasakthi, according to the dedicated prayers of Prof Sukran were exposed to solar radiation. The human seeds sown by Prof Sukran on the surface of the earth remained dormant under the thick sand cover for twenty long years without losing their powers for germination.

After a long period of time, the tsunami waves lost energy gradually and stopped the violent dances completely. At that instant of time, another twist of event occurred to spread uprising of joy around the area. A green beam of light was emitted from both eyes of the gigantic parasakthi statue and spread on the complete area of the Neyythal Square. The petrified human seeds germinated to breathe fresh air. “Victory to prince Kuttuvan, Victory to prince Kuttuvan!” jingled a damsel joyfully. The slogan was reverberated at higher intensity by all the germinated youths of Neyythal Land.

At that time of highest joy, the spy of Marutha Land dropped in the field of view of a damsel. “Spy! Spy of vampire Gangan!” keyed the damsel, striking on the face of the spy with force. The spy of king Gangan reached the pavement between the rows of gents and ladies, and began to run fast to save his life. Prince Kuttuvan chased the spy on his white horse, pulled a spear from the hand of an youth and threw at high speed to penetrate his heart.

“Kill Gangan to save our damsels! Kill Gangan to save our damsels!” laced another damsel loudly. Prince Kuttuvan accelerated his horse to high speed. All the youths on the Neyythal square followed him to push king Gangan to the tortures of the hell. At that instant of time, the sparkling face of Vanathi flashed on screen of his mind. He remembered the sand rain like a flash of lightning “sweety! Where are you? Did you dip into the sand cover outside Neyythal Square?” moaned prince Kuttuvan, tear drops dripping down from his eyes like a waterfall. All the youths remembered instantly the devastating hands of sand rain and showered tear drops such an amount to form a new stream as a tributary to Ponni River.

Prince Kuttuvan remembered his master Prof.Sukran. “Master, you succeeded in your efforts to sow human seeds. Are you taking rest inside the soil cover at the feet of mother parasakthi? You may be enjoying the joy of heaven with your loving child Vanathi. Why did you reject me in the tortures of hell without my sweet heart?” negotiated prince Kuttuvan nervously.

The love sublimated faces of his parents flashed into his memory. “Honorable father! Dear mother! Are you still alive, moaning for your lost son? I will approach you immediately to oscillate you on the swing of my love. We shall establish a righteous rule to produce a paradise in Neyythal Land”, oscillated princes Kuttuvan between the two extremes of melancholy and joy. He accelerated the horse at high speed towards his palace. The appearance of only the upper portions of the towers of the royal palace above the sand cover froze his senses in terror. He stood motionless like an ice doll for a span of time, tear drops dropping down from his eyes like glittering pearls.

After a long period of time, his eyelashes vibrated like the wings of a honeybee. “Dear dad! Dear mom! You rejected your only son to the sufferings of earthly hell. I wish to dance on the energy of your love. Keep my sweety Vanathi safely with you. I will reach you immediately to enjoy the shower of your love”, prattled prince Kuttuvan prodigiously.

Prince Kuttuvan turned his horse towards the Neyythal square with exhausted hope for survival. Leaving his horse outside the area of the Neyythal square, he sat on the spread of the sand in front of the statue of mother parasakthi. The other thousands of youths also sat on the sand, expecting his instruction to elongate their life. He sat like a stone statue without slightest vibration of his nerves, his eyes staring the statue of mother parasakthi with magnifying wrath. The sun disappeared in the western horizon and darkness diffused into the area like a dark veil. Prince Kuttuvan slipped on the blanket of sand and dipped into the depth of a sleep. All the youths and damsels followed his model to decide about their future life.

When the rising sun peeped in the eastern horizon, prince Kuttuvan opened his eyes to study the color of the real world. The sharpness of his brain spread its wings of imagination in all directions of the sky to search the fruits of sweet taste. “Live long to give joyous life to the ten thousand youth behind you, live long to preserve the culture of Neyythal Land as dreamt by you master Prof Sukran. Live long to reconstruct Neyythal Land as the most powerful kingdom of Hindustan!” quarreled his mind, inducing him for a trial to climb to the peak of victory.

New energy penetrated into his nerves system like high speed water current. Prince Kuttuvan stood towards his followers with a bloomed face. “Friends, I see a shower of joy in our future. I decided to renovate our Neyythal Land on the basis of latest technology. You should be behind me as a supportive force to give shape to my dreams of imaginations. We should utilize the scientific outlook propagated by Prof Sukran to establish a virtuous rule on the foundation of moral codes of life”, roared prince Kuttuvan resourcefully.

“Long live prince Kuttuvan! Victory to Neyythal kingdom! Victory to Prince Kuttuvan!” shrilled a damsel, at high intensity like the sound of bell.

“Friends, some hamlets of Neyythal Land might have escaped from the attack of the sand rain. We have to collect complete details about all hamlets in Neyythal Land. I give you permission to visit your native hamlets. I expect your return with men and materials for the reconstruction of Neyythal kingdom”, thundered Prince Kuttuvan tenaciously.

“Prince, collection and transportation of materials will take more time and energy. First we shall gather human resources for our renovation work. After perfect planning, we shall collect materials for the construction of castles”, uttered a youth, in a tone of hesitation.

“You are perfectly correct. First we shall plan the structure of the towns. We shall divide the area into broad streets and plots for the construction of houses. First we shall plant fruit trees at the three sides of all plots. You bring atleast seeds and saplings of fruit trees with you”, vented prince Kuttuvan vivaciously.

“At first we shall construct small huts for our temporary residence. Then we shall turn our focus to improve the agriculture processes to abolish starvation from the surface of Neyythal kingdom. After attaining self sufficiency in the production of essential commodities for human consumption, we shall turn our attention to the process of town construction”, wooed a damsel, in a sweet tone like the song of a nightingale.

“I respect all of you as my own brothers and sisters. Return at the earliest time to supply energy to my life. I can’t establish Neyythal kingdom without your support. I permit you to form family of your own, selecting a spouse of your own choice, from the list of my sisters and brothers”, accentuated prince Kuttuvan admirably.

The crowd welcomed the announcement of prince Kuttuvan with a heavy shower of applauses. Their eyes began to move hither and thither to select a spouse of their own choice.

“Friends, I shall understand the color of your mind. Let us stay around this area for two more days to complete the selection process. After the formation of joyous family bonds, we shall start works to glorify our motherland”, bellowed prince Kuttuvan, waving his right hand as a signal for his permission.

“Honorable prince, we can’t indulge in love affairs, keeping our lord in the boredom of loneliness. You should accept a damsel from us as your spouse, to escape the weariness of dryness”, cadged a damsel cannily.

“I am waiting for the arrival the tigress of Neyythal Land. I won’t accept another girl into my life”.

“There is only rare chance for the survival of Vanathi mom. Polygamy is not a strange phenomenon in the royal family of Neyythal Land. So we shall accept Vanathi mom as the queen to the royal throne”.

“Impossible. I won’t accept your offer, atleast before a wait for one year”.

“Then we are not ready to form families of our own”.

“Our prince should be a model to his citizens. We are not ready to work for the amelioration of Neyythal kingdom, preserving the throne of the queen vacant”, demoralized a youth by his oration of high impact.

“We want a queen! We want a queen! We won’t eat, if we are not blessed with a queen!” ensnared another youth expeditiously. “We want a queen! We want a queen!” fluttered the mass repeatedly at high intensity like a rolling thunder.

At that critical time, suddenly the face of crafty girl of prowess Vimala flashed in the mind of prince Kuttuvan. Next moment the smiling face of Sheela sparkled in his mind screen. “I shall accept Vimala or Sheela as my wife” gabbled prince Kuttuvan genially. “Vimala! Sheela! Raise your hand to accept the honor waiting to lift you to the throne of Neyythal Kingdom”, hailed a youth, in a high intensity sonorous sound. “Vimala! Sheela!” infested the crowd imploringly.

A long slim waist milky white damsel with higher and lower fertility raised her hand with a spread of magnetic smile on her face. “Aha! My intimate friend Vimala is highly eligible as a queen of Neyythal Kingdom. She is a highly educated damsel with expert warfare training. She is the beauty queen of our hamlet. She is comparable to the tigress of Neyythal Land in prowess”, jarred a damsel, jumping up and down repeatedly to attract the attention of the crowd.

“Vimala, move forward, if you are interested to serve our country as a mother. You shall accept the matrimonial offer, only if you are eligible to sit on the royal throne as a queen”, lighted prince Kuttuvan lingeringly.

The crowd divided into two, allowing broad pavement for the walk of Vimala. She moved forward at slow steps, smiling like an angle of heaven. “Vimala, are you really interested to serve the citizens of Neyythal kingdom as a mother? You have full freedom to express your opinion without a shade fear”, maximized prince Kuttuvan to expose the color of her heart with open mindedness.

“I consider this blessing as a golden chance to serve my country. I will oscillate my lord on a love swing as my own child” notified Vimala nattily. She moved into his range of sexomagnetic induction and spread on his chest like a jasmine climber. She exposed brimming love of her heart by a warm kiss. “Lord! I am on your love trap from the days of my puberty. Kindly enlighten me by a tight embracement”, osculated Vimala, rubbing her wet lips on his face.

“I have a good name as a symbol of purity. Kindly don’t paint my face with a stain of lewdness”, perplexed prince Kuttuvna pertinaciously. He pushed her aside by the application of little force.

The sparkling color of her face diminished like a lotus flower at sunset. The sharp vision of her eyes tried to pierce into his heart through the sensory nerves of his eyes. Prince Kuttuvan rotated his face sidewise to escape from her boiling eyes. “Darling, the night is fast approaching to push you into my love snare. I will utilize my whole expertise to lock you into the depth of libidinous”, quashed Vimala her momentary reactions, with a perfect plane of dramatization at night.

“Victory to king Kuttuvan! Victory to queen Vimala! Victory to Neyythal Kingdom!” roared the crowd rapturously. “Long live king Kuttuvan! Long live queen Vimala!” solicited the mass sonorously.

Prince Kuttuvan waited for a period of time for the establishment of silence around the area. The instinct of hunger began to burn him alive. He studied the pain of hunting starvation on their faces. “Dear friends! All are on the attack of heavy hunger. There may coconut trees along the bank of rivers. The seeds dispersed by birds, and water current might have grown into fruit yielding trees. Tubers and honey may be found at favorable locations. You scatter in different directions to quench your hunger. Kindly share your edibles collected with our sisters in your group. We shall search our own food”, trumpeted king Kuttuvan, as the first order of the king of Neyythal kingdom.

“You are our honorable king. It is our responsibility to feed you first. Kindly wait around this area for a span of time playing joyfully with our queen”, urged a youth uxoriously.

“Hunt animals to energize our nerves at faster rate. Even birds and bats will serve our purpose. Don’t forget about the abundance of huge fishes in the Ponni River”, vitalized queen Vimala, in a high pitch tone of order.

The youngsters divided into batches and scattered in different directions for the food collection process. King Kuttuvan and queen Vimala were left alone to elongate conversation. “Darling, the blessing of god lifted this common girl to the throne of Neyythal Kingdom. May I know to the reason behind your high attachment with the name Vimala?” whispered Vimala willingly.

“Vimala is a thick friend of Vanathi in the residential university of Prof Sukran. She was a highly skillful damsel like the tigress of Neyythal Land. She once saved me from a team of twenty cannibals in the depth of a dense forest. I promised a good prize for her service. I utilized this opportunity to complete the guarantee”, annunciated king Kuttuvan amorously.

Vimala observed the color of dense love in the brightness of the blooming face of King Kuttuvan. She finalized to increase the density of love by her display of sincere service and deep affection. “Darling, I will work hard to earn the honor of original Vimala in your love brimming heart. I have talents in music and dance styles. May I dance a little to evaporate the weariness in your heart?” bewitched Vimala, winding her shawl around her waist to increase her structural glamour.

The greedy eyes of king Kuttuvan stared her eagerly from her head to toes. “Aha! What a beautiful structure like an angel of heaven! The god proved his highest talents as the best sculptor of the world, by designing this beauty queen. He proved his merits by adding fertility at upper and lower areas and poverty in the middle region. Her magnetic smile only is enough to trap all the kings of the world to her feet. The whole world treasure is not a match to this beauty treasure”, chanted his mind cheerily.

Vimala calculated accurately the growth of hunger in his eyes and the circulation of current of lust in his mind. She planned a good strategy to capture the highest place of Vanathi in his heart. “Lord! You appear to be in a state of fatigue owing to the lack of proper blood circulation. Kindly do little exercise to increase your blood circulation to energize your body and mind”, dramatized Vimala, winking her eyes like a lightning streak. She bit her lips in a strange fashion, vibrated her bosoms in a dancing style and exposed a sparkling smile to catch him in her love web. Waves of sensuousness bombarded his nervous system and warmed his body towards the boiling point.

“Vimala, I am sorry. I am not in a mood to do such exercises. My mind cries for the loss of my Sweety. I can’t accept your services before knowing about her health and happiness”.

“Lord, I am ready to dance according to your tunes. We shall search Vanathi mom together by our joint efforts. We shall pray god for her early approach to our camp”.

“Thank you Vimala, thank you very much for your kindness”.

“Your health is most important factor for the formation of Neyythal Kingdom. Permit to serve better for our victorious march towards our aim”.

“I shall accept your service with some limitations”.

“I shall first energize your muscles by the latest technique of massage”.

“Massage? Kindly don’t try to dissolve me in your love ocean. I shall accept your crafty techniques of massage after hearing good news about Vanathi. I can’t accept your lewd feast on the grave of my sweety”.

King Kuttuvan turned his face away from her to avoid bitter arguments on the hot topic. Vimala stabilized her mind to move in his direction to trap him on her lap before the arrival of Vanathi. She was not ready to waste the precious time blessed by god to slip into the dark side of failure. She waited calmly like an artful spider to trap him in her love web. She watched eagerly for his weak moment to pull him into the lake of sensuousness.

After a span of time, the youngsters began to return one batch after another. The first batch presented a bunch of banana fruits to the royal couple. Vimala peeled off the skin of banana fruits one after another and fed to the mouth of the king Kuttuvan in steps of bits. She too tasted bits of fruits in the middle of the feeding process. The second batch of youths supplied two roasted tapioca tubers. King Kuttuvan consumed one tuber, while Vimala ate the second tuber. The third batch of citizens gave the meat of a roasted rabbit. Vimala tore off the meat little with her teeth and fed into his mouth, as a token of her love. King Kuttuvan accepted her service without any shade of hesitation.

When the fourth batch approached them with their products of hunting, Vimala rejected the offer with a joyous smile. “Dear brothers and sisters! We filled our stomachs to the brim. Kindly remember one important truth. Unity should be our prime concept. You share your catch with your friends, learning the concept of hospitality from the convoy of crows. Please spread the message of queen Vimala to all our citizens”, elated queen Vimala effeminately.

The sun disappeared in the western horizon and fullmoon appeared in the sky like a huge circular disc of shining silver. In diffused moonlight queen Vimala noticed a joyous scene. She witnessed a large number of couples on jolly conversation at different locations. She walked along the area to study the real scene of the life drama. All the couples stood up in reverence and greeted her for her blessing. During her roaming, she watched a heavy crowd of boys at another area. “Dear brothers! God will bless you all soon with good spouses for your joyous future. It is our responsibility to give protection to the new couples. Kindly identify a distant area for your sleep at night. Our Prince will inflict death punishment to the culprits, who disturb the privacy of the new couples”, felicitated queen Vimala, waving her right hand as a warning signal.

She walked at slow steps towards king Kuttuvan, thinking deeply about a new technique to pull him into her sexomagnetic induction. When she reached his vicinity, she found him acting deep sleep. She assumed that time as the best season for harvesting the crop of her choice. She preserved the perfect silence of vacuum around the area and dropped slowly on the sand cover. By the artful technique of rolling, she approached nearness of King Kuttuvan to the intimate position of skin contact. She waited for a span of time to study the emergence of any repulsive force. Encouraged by the absence of aversion, she moved her hand slowly on his chest to originate waves of lewdness in his nervous system. When her crafty hand moved downward towards his abdomen to sow seeds of higher hotness into his nervous system, the left hand of king Kuttuvan moved swiftly towards the area and seized her hand by its strong grip. He pulled her hand towards the area of his chest and locked the two palms together to stop her efforts of sexomagnetic induction process.

Queen Vimala waited patiently for a ripe time and tried to pull her hand from the strong grasp of her hero. She increased the pulling force slowly to maximum and failed to pluck the fruits of sweet taste. She stopped her efforts to pull the right hand and stretched her right leg on his legs softly without a force. After a calm wait for a short period of time, her leg started crafty games to induce hot waves of sensuousness in his nervous system. After enjoying the climbing thrill of hotness for an efflux of time, king Kuttuvan locked her right leg between his both legs. She waited calmly, thinking deeply to identify a better strategy to dissolve the strong bond of attachment with Vanathi. Suddenly brightness illuminated her face like the fluorescence of a glowworm.

“Alas! A centipede entered into my blouse along back side. Save me from the pain of stinging of the centipede,” galled queen Vimala grotesquely.

King Kuttuvan released her immediately from his grasp and he moved his left hand along her back to identify the thickening of the centipede inside her blouse. “Ha! The centipede moved to the chest along the side. Kindly pull the centipede to save me from its poison. I can’t tolerate the killing pain of the sting of the centipede”, haggled queen Vimala, agitating her body to attack his nervous system. The rhythmic vibrations of her lotus buds bemused him to study the softness. He introduced his right hand into the blouse and started the searching process to trace the movement of the centipede. The touching sensation of soft skin of her bosoms originated waves of high excitement in his nervous system.

“Alas! The cruel centipede injected poison into my nipple. Kindly squeeze the nipple to relieve the pain. I can’t breathe longer with this burning pain”, importuned queen Vimala imploringly.

King Kuttuvan squeezed a nipple softly for a span of time. She enjoyed the bombardment of waves of libidinous with growing thrill. “Alas! The centipede stunk on the other nipple. You are wasting your energy, fighting with the innocent nipple. The scorching waves of pain kills me raw”, jolted queen Vimala, giving no time to king Kuttuvan for the utilization of his thinking capacity. King Kuttuvan started his work on the other nipple to ignite her to higher level.

“You open the blouse to trap the centipede immediately. Don’t allow it to sting at other areas of higher sensitiveness. Kindly save me from the pain of death”, knelt queen Vimala kittenishly. He opened her blouse and stared the vertical cones with growing hotness. He moved his hand on the soft skin of her chest for higher growth of hotness.

“Darling, your penetrating stare won’t lower the climbing pain. Kindly suck the poison to minimize the scorching pain”, lamented queen Vimala vibrating her bosoms to put fire into his senses. King Kuttuvan started the sucking process, squeezing her bulges for easy release of the poison.

“Alas! The centipede entered into my skirt. It crawls downward along my abdomen. The crawling sensation irritates me beyond the level of the tolerance. Kindly catch the insect to save me from the misery of pain”, menaced queen Vimal mendaciously. He inserted his hand into her skirt and slipped slowly on the smooth sloping of her abdomen, rising to the higher levels of hotness. After climbing the venus mound, his fingers roamed around the area, giving time to accelerate the bombarding waves of high hotness.

“Darling, don’t shiver by artificial fear. Use your fingers skillfully to trace the hideout of the centipede. If needed don’t hesitate to pull my lower dress”, nettled queen Vimala, stretching her legs to a favorable posture.

When king Kuttuvan rubbed the clitoris for a short period of time, she climbed the Zenith of hotness. He also reached the highest state of erection to the level of explosion. She suddenly pulled him to her chest and paved the way for his entry into the highest depth of hotness.

After the loss of his tautness, she celebrated her victory, presenting a warm kiss on his forehead. “Darling, I weigh Vanathi mom as a deity of heaven. I dream her survival at a mystery spot. We shall reserve the royal throne for her ascent. Kindly permit me to spread on your chest like a fresh garland of fragrant jasmine flowers”, osculated queen Vimala optimistically.

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