Magnetic Fortress

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Army of Monsters

The natural catastrophe played countless havoc around the area of the series of waterfalls. The terrifying hands of earth quake, land slide, flood and tsunami combined together for the debut of a scene of horror in that area, beyond the level of description of mortals. The family of Vanathi was trapped on the top of the rock mountain. The crafty hands of the natural calamity slaughtered more than half the strength of the army of king Gangan. The army that escaped from the devastating hands of the natural disaster entered into the magnetic fortress of higher safety. Birdman Subban flew to large distances daily to collect the articles of consumption for the family of Vanathi.

“Vanmathi, I am on the attack of worry for the safety of our pet lion sooryan. Start a searching operation to trace his residence of safety”, pestered Vanathi, with a spread of darkness of melancholy on her face.

“The soldiers of magnetic fortress may be locked in different hideouts by the natural catastrophe. They may attack at any moment at any place. I won’t allow mom alone for a searching process”, quelled Myna quarrelsomely.

“Kindly don’t worry about the safety of Vanmathi mom. I shall go with her as her personal security officer. Please give us permission to trace the hide out of Sooryan”, recited Junior Kuttuvan, gazing her eagerly for her change of mind.

“I wish to be always around mom at dangerous moments. We together can start the searching process to identify Sooryan. We like to live or die together”, smattered Myna slavishly.

Junior Kuttuvan turned to the side of Sheeja to gather the opinion of Jinnee. She vibrated her head as a signal of acceptance for the security service of his two mothers. Bird woman Vanmathi started her journey, fluttering her wings at low frequency. Myna ran on the slope of the rock and sprang forward to stabilize her position on the back of Vanmathi. Unfortunately, due little carelessness she slipped downwards from her back towards the cavern of death. Jinnee escaped from the body of Sheeja in invisible form, jumped to the high depth of the floor, and waited to capture Myna safely.

“Child, I will be behind you to lift you to my warm hug. I won’t breathe without your warmth”, trilled Vanmathi, moving vertically downward swiftly with folded wings. Though the distance gap between them diminished rapidly, Vanmathi lost her all hope to lift her child to the ground of safety. At that critical time, invisible Jinnee stretched his both hands and held Myna safely just above the surface of a rock. Vanmathi jumped on the rock and pulled her a warm hug.

“Dear, only the mercy of gold pulled us from the lap of death. You should stop your stupid craziness to spring on the back of your mom”, urged Vanmathi urgently.

“Mom, don’t waste your tear drops unnecessarily. Death is a natural phenomenon of life. Let us march forward to identify Sooryan”, vamped Myna by a captivating smile, like the brightness of a Christmas sparkler.

Vanmathi preserved her in the tight embracement and fluttered her wings to start the flight. She flew at low altitude of the sky to minimize the risk, in case of an accident. Jinnee transformed into Vanmathi and followed her in invisible form. “Mom, I wish to study the destructive effects of the natural catastrophe. Kindly drop me on your back for clear field of view. If you locked my freedom of vision, I will commit suicide stopping my breath”, warned Myna warily. Vanmathi seized her right hand by the strong grip of her fingers, oscillated her to and fro twice, and threw her into the height of the sky. She flew forward quickly and held Myna on her back with high skill.

During their flight, they watched the devastations caused by the heavy turbulence of the natural catastrophe. They noticed vast pool of stagnant water as the remains of the flood. The high speed flood pulled off many trees from the soil. They remained in the pool of water half immersed like corpses exposing their tap root systems. At elevated areas without the spread of water, they noticed long and wide fissures, like direct path to the darkness of the hell. Countless corpses floated on the water surface like the planks of ships destroyed in a storm.

They reached the stage of exhaustion of energy, after a laborious searching operation “Child, I can’t bear your load for a long period of time. There is a huge banyan tree in the middle of the pool of water. Let us take rest for a period of time on a branch of the banyan tree for evaporating our tiresome”, yelped Vanmathi, changing her direction of flight towards the banyan tree. When they approached vicinity of the tree, they heard meek roaring sound of Sooryan very close to the area. Myna jumped on a branch of the tree and focused her eyes to search Sooryan around the area of perfect silence of vacuum. She bounced to different branches of the tree and focused her eyes to search Sooryan under the foliage of the tree. Vanmathi flew slowly around the tree, the sharp vision of her eyes penetrating through the branches of the tree to trace Sooryan.

During the second round of revolution, Vanmathi identified Sooryan on a lower branch of the tree. “Alas! Our Sooryan is lying on a branch of the tree in a state of weariness. The boy might have dropped in the turbulence of the flood. By the grace of god, he climbed on the tree to save his life”, affirmed Vanmathi acutely.

She stepped down on the branch of the tree and rubbed the face of Sooryan to energize him by the love torch. Myna jumped repeatedly on different branches of the tree and reached their nearness. She analyzed the eyes and estimated the pulse rate of Sooryan to reach a conclusion. “Mom, Sooryan is on heavy starvation. We have to supply fresh flesh immediately to boost his health. He will die of starvation, if we neglect him in this hungry state for one more day”, bawled Myna, in tone of shiver.

Vanmathi focused her eyes to distance areas to identify the presence of any source of flesh to feed the starving Sooryan. After a trial for a span of time, she identified a sand mound in the middle of a vast stretch of water. The blurred vision of her eyes identified movement of a stag on the sand dune. “Baby, a stag is locked on a sand dune. I shall pull the stag to energize our Sooryan”, crackled Vanmathi cheerily.

“I wish to swim in water for little time. Kindly drop me on the sand dune”, dandled Myna, climbing on her shoulder for a joyous swimming experience. Unable to throw the burden, Vanmathi flapped her wing to fly towards the sand dune. When she approached the nearness of the sand dune, Myna jumped down to enjoy swimming. Vanmathi seized the tail of the stage and flew swiftly towards the banyan tree. Myna once roamed around the sand dune to enjoy the wide spread of water surface like a ocean without waves. She jumped into the water happily to prove her talent in different techniques of swimming.

When she swam to a distance, she witnessed a cat struggling hard to escape from the suffocating water at a large distance. The stream of love in her heart, pushed her towards the cat to pull it to the ground of safety. She flapped her limbs at high frequency to increase the speed of the swim. When she reached the vicinity of the cat, she was shocked heavily to the level of bursting of her heart. A black panther raised its head and growled violently to freeze her nerves. She swam quickly towards the sand dune to save her skin. The panther chased her to quench his hunger by tasting her fatty flesh. “Mom, a growling panther is chasing me to tear my flesh. Kindly fly fast to hug on the warmth of your chest”, entertained Myna expeditiously.

At that instant of time, Vanmathi was highly involved in feeding Sooryan, cutting the limbs of the stag little by little with her sword. The chasing drama between Myna and the panther continued for a period of time and Myna succeeded in climbing on the sand dune. The panther too stepped victoriously on the sand dune to elongate the hunting process. The panther growled at high intensity and sprang towards Myna to catch her head. She bounced to higher height, and stabilized her position skillfully on the panther during her descent. The panther jumped repeatedly in boiling wrath to roll her down. She nullified all the efforts of the panther by her expertise in bouncing and stabilization. At last the panther learnt a new technique to push her to the dark side of failure.

The artful panther rolled on the sand surface. Myna slipped down and bounced to stability near the water surface. The panther growled with burning wrath and sprang towards her to tear off her flesh. Jinnee identified that time as the golden time to stretch his helping hand towards Myna. He appeared in visible form of Vanmathi and seized the tail of panther in air. He rotated the panther thrice above his head and threw the panther away with high force. The panther pierced through the layers of the atmosphere and dropped on water at a large distance, splashing a heavy shower of water around the area. “Mom, you are excellent, beyond the prowess of the tigress of Neyythal Land. I have no worry as long as you are around me as a security officer. I am not ready to loss the joy of swimming”, fondled Myna, presenting a warm kiss on her forehead.

She jumped again into water and began to enjoy the techniques of swimming. Jinnee transformed into invisible form and waited on the sand dune to discharge his function as an ideal bodyguard. She evaporated the earlier burning experience of the panther from her memory and swam joyfully in an inverted position keeping her face towards the height of the sky. At that moment of her climb to the height of joy, another twist of event occurred to give her higher hot experience, when she was at large distance from the sand dune. A flying crocodile that escaped from the moat of the magnetic fortress began to chase her on the water surface. The crocodile chased her with wide opened jaws and tried to catch her legs. Due to the vibration of her legs and the speed of her swimming, the crocodile failed in its attempts.

During the fifth trial of the crocodile to seize her legs, the upper jaw of the crocodile touched the left foot of Myna. She turned her eyes along the direction and noticed the chasing crocodile. Waves of shiver penetrated through her nervous system. The absence of Vanmathi mom on the sand dune lowered her energy level rapidly towards higher amplitude of trembling. She dipped into the water and pierced through the layers of water like a high speed shark in ocean. Inspite of chasing her under water, the crocodile spread its wide wings and began to fly in air. It flew around the area, keeping its eyes keenly on the water surface for appearance of the conglomeration of human flesh.

The process of underwater swimming of Myna continued for a span of time, till she reached the stage of total suffocation. She turned to confirm the absence of the crocodile in water and stretched her head above water surface. She dropped into the field of view of the flying crocodiles at a large distance. The flying crocodile flew swiftly towards her, its eyes shining like two clusters of glow worms in the darkness of night. Fortunately Myna watched the flying trap of death at the right time. Jinnee in the invisible form of Vanmathi enjoyed the chasing drama and wanted to elongate the drama of high thrill. After three such attempts to catch Myna flying in air, the crocodile noticed Myna swimming on the surface of water. It jumped into water and chased to taste the hot flesh. Due to the exhaustion of energy of Myna, the distance gap between the crocodile and Myna diminished rapidly.

Jinnee learnt the critical state of Myna. He transformed instantly to visible form and pulled small lance from his back, which grew rapidly in size. He flew swiftly towards the area of the chasing drama and inserted the huge spear into the body of the swimming crocodile. He threw the flying crocodile with the spear to large distance. “Mom, you proved your ability as the best mother of the world. I will crown you as the most powerful woman of the universe”, glossed Myna genially.

Jinnee saw Vanmathi flying towards the sand dune at infinite distance. Myna began to swim towards the sand dune. He vanished into invisible form to enjoy more thrilling scenes of real life drama. Vanmathi jumped on the sand dune and waited calmly for the approach of Myna. Soon Myna climbed on the sand dune, exposing a gleam of happiness on her glamorous face, as an appreciation of the high talents of her Vanmathi mother. “Mom, we shall fly to the cave house after the lapse of a period of time. I wish to dry my dress in sun light before starting the journey”, hailed Myna, pulling her to sit on the sand blanket.

Myna sat on her opposite side, slanting her back on the back side of her mother. She floated on imagination about the strange technique used by her to trap Vanmathi as a permanent member of her family. The brightness of her face increased rapidly to show the joy of her mind. At that moment of her flight in the fairy land of wonders, another turning point occurred to push her into a realm of terror. A monster octopus grown by king Gangan entered into the area along the tsunami waves. That monster octopus stretched its one tentacle above water surface. Myna stared the movement of the tentacle above water surface with increasing sensation of wonder. The tentacle oscillated around the area above water surface to push Myna to the height of higher joy.

When Myna was at the peak of strangeness, another tentacle of the octopus moved slowly towards Myna along the surface of the sand. The edge of the tentacle wound around the right leg of Myna and began to pull her towards water. “Mom, your baby is in danger. A ghost pulls me towards the tortures of Hell. Stretch your helping hand to lift me to your chest of love”, instilled Myna intensely.

Vanmathi turned in sudden shock and ran behind Myna to save her child from the grasp of the tentacle. She seized both hands of Myna and pulled her to the shore with force. A tug of war started between the octopus and Vanmathi. In the process of the tug of war, bird woman Vanmathi dropped into the black side of failure. She was pulled easily into the pool of water by the monster octopus. Unable bear the dangerous condition of Vanmathi, Myna detached her hands by a sudden Jerk. “Mom, fly away from this area of danger. I shall wait for your arrival at the golden gate of the paradise”, jeopardized Myna, by her warning signal to save her loving mother.

At that time the monstrous octopus appeared on the water surface, and raised Myna to the height of the sky in a vertical position. Jinnee identified that time as the ideal to elongate the game to his higher happiness. He merged with the body of Vanmathi and brought her to his complete control. Vanmathi flew swiftly towards Myna to pull her to the ground of safety. She prickled the tentacle with a long sharp needle. The octopus threw Myna to the height of the sky and pulled its tentacle inside the water cover. Vanmathi flew rapidly to embrace Myna on the warmth of her chest. As a more talented competitor to the skill of Vanmathi, another tentacle moved quickly towards Myna. During the downward movement of Myna the tentacle coiled around her both legs keeping her in a vertical position. The tentacle pulled Myna towards the water surface. Vanmathi flew at high speed towards the octopus and prickled the tentacle with the same needle at higher pressure. The octopus once again threw Myna to the height of the sky.

The octopus utilized its two tentacles as legs to stabilize its position, and the other six tentacles as hands to catch the prey. Jinnee enjoyed the game of joy for five trials of the five tentacles. When the sixth tentacle threw Myna to the height of the sky, he seized Myna safely and put her on the back of Vanmathi. He detached himself from the body of Vanmathi and followed them in invisible form. “The octopus monster tortured my child beyond the level of forgiveness. I won’t allow the ghost to live longer”, hissed Vanmathi, pulling her to warm embracement.

“Mom, this giant octopus appears to be a rare creation of god. God permitted all creatures to hunt for their consumption. Kindly allow the giant octopus to live a joyous life of its own with its family”, lured Myna leniently.

The instruction of Myna changed the mind of Vanmathi to show mercy on the octopus. She flew towards the cave house of Vanathi to study its suitability as a dwelling, after the attack of the natural catastrophe. After crossing half the distance, Myna saw a kingfisher flying towards them at infinite distance. As the distance of the kingfisher lowered, its apparent size increased rapidly to sow waves of wonder in the heart of Myna. “Mom, a gigantic kingfisher is flying towards us. The multicolored monster kingfisher attracts me better than a huge rainbow. I wish to travel on this huge kingfisher to a short distance. Kindly fly above the kingfisher for my easy jump”, minced Myna in a commanding voice, like a queen on throne.

“This is the monster kingfisher grown by king Gangan by feeding the magic medicine milajit. That magic medicine has power to modify the food habit of organisms. Kindly don’t pay for your own peril”, nagged Vanmathi nervously.

Myna stuck to her craziness like a little lass. “Don’t you know the stubborn character your child? If she says that a rabbit has only three legs, you should accept her words. Why did you loss your child, neglecting her little desire?” objurgated Myna jumping on her back as a warning signal.

Vanmathi changed the orientation of her flight to the opposite direction, and flew upwards along an inclined path at higher velocity. After a long interval of time, she reached the atmospheric layer higher than the monster kingfisher. She arranged her position favorable for the jump of Myna on the monster kingfisher. When Myna jumped towards the monster kingfisher, a sudden twist occurred to sow waves of terror into her nervous system. The kingfisher noticed a huge shark swimming in the water. It flew swiftly downwards to catch the shark as a prey. When the monster kingfisher approached the vicinity of the water surface, the shark dipped into the depth of water to escape from the hunter.

Myna lost the chance to stabilize her position on the monster kingfisher. She moved downwards fast to suffocate inside the depth of water. Vanmathi dived downwards quickly to lift her child to her back of highest safety. Jinnee transformed into visible form and flew at the speed of sound to save the dearest mother of his master. He easily crossed Vanmathi and held Myna safely on his back. He scanned the movement of monster kingfisher inside water. The monster bird chased the shark to large distance inside water and finally successfully seized the shark between its beaks and emerged from the water surface. Jinnee chased the monster bird at a higher layer of the atmosphere. “Jump baby Jump. I will be behind you to assure your safety”, persuaded Jinnee piously. Myna jumbled without a shade of nervousness and stood on the back of the monster kingfisher with perfect stability, like a statue at static equilibrium. The king fisher swallowed the shark and flew at constant velocity, its sharp eyes searching keenly for another prey.

Myna noticed an osteodontornis, a seabird with longest wing span of about eight metres flying in the sky at a distance. The grey colored wings of the osteodontornis was marked by a broad white band from one tip to the other at the centre. The long red colored beak added more beauty to that wonderful bird. Myna watched the splendid bird with growing desire for journey on that rarest bird. The monstrous kingfisher too was attracted by the stylish flight of the bird of charm. Wishing to enjoy the new taste of the bird, it began to chase the bird of highest strangeness. Myna enjoyed the chasing drama like a joyous life in heaven. “Mom, I have climbing desire to travel on the osteodontornis. Kindly fly fast to give me an experience of high novelty”, quelled Myna, quickening the movement by gentle strikes of her right foot.

Jinnee was highly impressed by her childishness. Deciding to help for her little happiness, he flew swiftly towards the osteodontonis and merged into its body to control the movements. Then the osteodontornis rearranged its position at a lower level for the easy jump of Myna. As expected by Jinnee, Myna jumped on the osteodontornis quickly and stabilized her position on the bird with high expertise. The appearance of Myna on the bird of strangeness magnified the interest of the monster kingfisher to hunt the bird of wonder with the human flesh. So it increased the speed of the chasing process. Bird woman Vanmathi felt the dangerous condition of her child and finalized to put her maximum exertion. She increased her speed of flight rapidly and jumped on the back of the monster kingfisher. She drew her sword from her back under the dress, and hit the gigantic bird with the shard tip of the sword at moderate force. When she hit the bird thrice repeatedly, the bird stopped its chasing programme and shifted its energy to escape from the latest enemy.

The monster kingfisher folded its wings and dived in an inclined path like an accelerated spear. Vanmathi lost her stability and dropped down like a ripe jack fruit. After a downward travel for a distance, she flapped her wings to stabilize her position in the sky. The monster kingfisher calculated that area as region of impending danger, and flew swiftly away from the area to avoid the burning problems. Vanmathi flew towards the osteodontornis to pull her child to the ground of safety. When she reached a favorable position, Myna jumped on her back to minimize the worry of her intimate mother. Vanmathi flew fast towards the cave and stepped down on the ground, preserving Myna in her warm hug. Jinnee detached himself from the body of the osteodontornis and flew fast towards the cave in the visible transformation of Vanmathi. When Jinnee stepped down in front of them in his original human structure, they gazed him in a glare of wonder.

“I am Jinnee, a wizardry servant of Junior Kuttuvan. Master deputed me as a security officer for service of his mothers. May I know the reason for your standing before the mystery of the cave?” relegated Jinnee reluctantly.

“Once this cave was the residence of Vanathi we arrived to verify the suitability of the cave at present for our dwelling”, submitted Vanmathi suavely.

“I shall smell some mystery inside the cave. Kindly keep yourself away from the danger of the cave. I shall search the nature of the peril hiding inside the cave”, testified Jinnee, the darkness of worry spreading on his face like a veil. His highly sensitive ears heard a scanty whistling noise similar to the hissing sound of a cobra. He lifted Vanmathi and Myna on his both palms and bounced to the height of the sky. A shower of arrows rushed towards them from the cave to pierce through the hearts of Vanmathi and Myna. They escaped narrowly within the gap of a hair from the shower of arrows, by the blessing of wizardry Jinnee.

“There are twenty warriors of magnetic fortress hiding inside the cave. We shall apply a strange technique to expel them from the cave. I solicit your whole hearted support for the success of the strategy”, ushered Jinnee uniquely.

“Why don’t we cooperate with Jinnee for our own safety? We are ready to act according to your order”, ventilated Vanmathi, still standing on the palms of Jinnee with growing feeling of strangeness.

Jinnee put them on the edge of the rock just above the entrance of the cave. He blessed them with two artistically designed bows, and two quivers filled with arrows. “I shall push the soldiers in the cave to the open space. You shoot the arrows to pierce their heart without the slightest mercy”, warranted Jinnee whisperingly.

Vanmathi and Myna rearranged their positions at a distance gap and fixed arrows on the bows for perfect shooting. Jinnee climbed to the higher level of the rock, and jumped safety into cave through the crevice. He sat conveniently on the flat surface of the rock and blew air at high speed towards the wall of the cave. A current of high speed air was formed inside the cave. The air current circulated around him for a span of time. A spiral arm of the whirl wind blew towards the entrance of the cave, and pushed the soldiers outside the cave one after another. The arrows shot by the women of valor penetrated through their hearts. The corpses of the soldiers dropped on the ground like Palmyra trees pulled by a storm.

After the elapse of ten days, the family of Vanathi changed their residence to the area of the cave. They constructed three cottages on three nearest trees and utilized them for their residence. The biggest cottage with three bedrooms was reserved for Vanathi and her children, the second cottage with two bedrooms was allotted for the family of birdman Subban and the smaller cottage with single bedroom was booked for the family of Jinnee.

On one early morning, the memory of the smiling face of Prince Kuttuvan flashed repeatedly on the mind screen of Vanathi. The wings of imagination carried her to all dark corners of life. The structure of the gigantic statue of mother parasakthi appeared in her mind screen up to the knees. There occurred a sudden flow of joy in her mind. “Vanmathi, the human seeds sown by my dad germinated. Kindly take me immediately to the Neyythal square. I wished to dance in front of mother parasakthi to celebrate her blessings”, yelled Vanathi, the brightness of her face exceeding the shining of the fullmoon.

“I like to dance on the head of parasakthi for her shower of cruelty on the head of the innocent citizens of Neyythal Land. She won’t align again behind heartless vampires like king Gangan”, alarmed Myna acutely.

“A dance at middle age won’t look nice. I shall dance for Vanathi mom”, bemused princes Ratha in a sweet voice of a cuckoo.

“I will dance on the head of parasakthi on behalf of Myna mom. Vanmathi mom will help me to ascent on the head of parasakthi”, cheered princess Aruna charmingly.

“Mom can’t transport Vanathi to Neyythal square, leaving her baby alone in the hut. We all are highly interested to visit Neyythal square to meet prince Kuttuvan as an incarnation”, deprecated Myna in a high intensity tone of certainty.

“Yes we all are on boiling desire to see our hero of Neyythal Land”, entreated Junior Kuttuvan, princess Ratha and Princess Aruna in chorous.

“Mom, I have a better idea for easy transportation of all of us to Neyythal square. I shall pull the two boat vehicles in Green Island for our safety journey”, fostered Jinnee flagrantly.

“The idea of Jinnee appears to be the best. All of you get ready for a joyous journey towards Neyythal square”, glorified Junior Kuttuvan, as an effort to satisfy all the members of the family. By the spell of wizardry Jinnee, the two boat vehicles of witch Lyla stepped down in the cottage of Vanmathi. Vanathi, Myna and Sheeja climbed on one boat vehicle, and Junior Kuttuvan, princess Ratha and princess Aruna climbed on the second boat vehicle. Wizardry Jinnee transformed into two identical figures and rowed to operate the boat vehicles towards the Neyythal square. Birdman Subban and birdwoman Vanmathi followed the boat vehicles, flapping their wings at low frequency.

When the boat vehicles crossed the Ponni River, they noticed the movement of youths around the area. The current of happiness that bombarded the nervous system of Vanathi froze her into an ice doll. “Aha! My long period of suffering blessed me with a heavy shower of love blossoms. The hero of my heart sprouted again to oscillate me on the swing of love. My darling will suffocate in joy seeing the seedling of our intimate love”, hypothesized Vanathi within her mind haughtily.

The boat vehicles stepped down on Neyythal square in front of the statue of mother parasakthi. A large gathering of youths ran towards that area from different directions. They were extremely happy to welcome Vanathi as the queen of Neyythal kingdom. They assumed Junior Kuttuvan as their king Kuttuvan, as they were exactly identical as an object and its mirror image.

“Victory to king Kuttuvan, Victory to queen Vanathi”, inflated the youths impulsively. The youth divided into two groups on the basis of gender, leaving pavement at the middle for the walk of their honorable king and queen.

“Welcome to king Kuttuvan! Welcome to queen Vanathi”, jollified the youths by their welcome address. A group of women began to enchant a welcome song, showering soft flowers on the pavement to celebrate the arrival of their queen. The meaning of the slogan prickled the mind of Vanathi, like the piercing of thousands of sharp needles. Her face lost the brightness instantly like a rose flower thrown to the radiation of solar light.

Myna understood the meaning of the slogan instantly. She ran towards the statue of mother parasakthi, and dropped on her knees, like a root cut off plantain tree. “Alas! My son will soon identify his original mother. He will reject me as a mere servant maid. How can I breathe without the love of my only son?” knelled Myna before statue of parasakthi, her eyes showing tear drops like monsoon rainfall.

Vanmathi lifted Myna to her chest, presented a warm kiss on her forehead “child! Don’t cry for the little loss. Junior Kuttuvan is the future king of Neyythal kingdom. He can’t roam around us always. I will be always with you as your own soul”, lilted Vanmathi logically.

“Mom, my heart will burst into pieces, if our son rejected me as a servant maid. You should accompany me to the Heaven, to preserve me always in your hug of deepest love”, mystified Myna, weeping bitterly to as if to vibrate the gigantic statue of mother parasakthi.

“Baby, I shall drop you on the head of the statue of parasakthi. You dance on her head to evaporate your heart filled melancholy. When you return to the surface of the earth, you should smile like an angel of the Heaven”, notified Vanmathi neatly. She lifted Myna to the height of the sky and dropped her on the head of the statue of parasakthi. Myna sat on the head of the statue of parasakthi, and sobbed bitterly dropping tear drops, as if to melt the statue of parasakthi completely in the shower of her tears.

While moving with the procession towards king Kuttuvan, princess Ratha watched the strange behavior of Myna. She pulled the hands of Princess Aruna towards the Neyythal square “Myna mom is an innocent child. I saw collection of tear like a lake in her both eyes. I value the love of Myna mom more than the gold treasure of the magnetic fortress. Let us wipe her tears to see lightning smile on that face of embodiment of real love”, obsecrated princess Ratha, wiping the wetness of her eyes in the edge of her shawl.

“The magnetic fortress is just a desert without a shower of love. For the first time in our life, I swam in the stream of love in the family of our hero. I hate to lose the love of Vanmathi mom and Myna mom”, prattled princess Aruna proficiently. They walked rapidly towards the statue of mother parasakthi and analyzed the climatic color of the environment.

“Vanmathi mom, drop us on the shoulders of parasakthi statue. We shall put our maximum exertion to soften the worry of Myna mom”, quickened princess Ratha, waving her hand towards Myna as an effort to shift her mind towards the brighter side of life. Vanmathi lifted princess Ratha to the right shoulder of parasakthi and Subban raised princess Aruna to the left shoulder of parasakthi.

“Myna mom, we honor you as our own mother. We will preserve you always with us. You shall believe our words as the words of Vanmathi mom. Kindly step down to enjoy the meeting of our heroine with her hero after a long period of twenty years”, roistered princess Aruna resourcefully.

The welcome song of the youths assuming him as prince Kuttuvan oscillated the mind of Junior Kuttuvan between the dark corners of suspicion. His deep thinking failed to fetch the real reason behind such a bitter confusion. He turned to study the reason for such an aberration of his fear to the height of the sky. The disappearance of princess Ratha and princess Aruna added fuel to the fire of his bewilderment. He leaked away from the crowd on cheer and walked towards the Neyythal square. He was shocked heavily to see his Myna mom on the head of the statue of parasakthi and his two wives on her two shoulders.

“Vanmathi mom, what is wrong with you? Why did you reject your son in the crowd of strangers?” shouted Junior Kuttuvan, like the explosion of a mustard seed thrown in boiling oil.

“My baby has an imaginary fever. Only your shower of love has power to evaporate her fever”.

“What can I do to console Myna mom? May I die to heal her wound?”

“Alas! Don’t speak harsh words to burst our hearts. She fears about your rejection, when you see prince Kuttuvan”.

“How can that wonder happen, if my three mothers keep their mouths shut?”

“You are identical with prince Kuttuvan. Any blind can identify you as the son of prince Kuttuvan”.

“How can such a twist affect the relationship between us?”

“You will identify Vanathi as your blood related mother. You will reject us as two paid servant maids”.

“Hahaha! This is the greatest joke of the year. I already knew the reality. Forest nymph Santra exposed the secret before a long period of time”, testified Junior Kuttuvan tenderly.

“I too learnt the news from Santra mom, while I was locked in the green island by witch Lysa. I will honor my three moms at equal level”, ushered princess Ratha, pronouncing each word clearly like the ringing sound of a bell.

“I too studied the real fact, when I hear the name Junior Kuttuvan from the mouth of wizardry Jinnee. Myna mom, we consider you as our deity. Don’t shiver by baseless imaginary fear”, vamped princess Aruna vivaciously.

The face of Myna bloomed instantly like a lotus flower at sunrise. A sparkling smile of joy spread on her face like the brightness of a twinkling star. “You all should follow me immediately. If I failed to find you in my vicinity, I won’t call prince Kuttuvan as my dad”, warbled Junior Kuttuvan, waving his right hand as a warning signal.

He ran swiftly towards the procession, and filled the vacancy created by his absence. Soon the procession approached the nearness of a beautiful castle constructed by wooden planks. Disturbed by the uproar of the youths, king Kuttuvan appeared before the castle like a rising sun, followed by queen Vimala. The eyes of Vanathi met the eyes of king Kuttuvan like the bombardment of two sharp swords on the hands of two mighty warriors. To the eyes of king Kuttuvan, Vanathi appeared as his middle aged mother. The eyes of Vanathi focused king Kuttuvan as her own son Junior Kuttuvan. They stared each other, without the growth of bubbling joy in their minds.

King Kuttuvan was the first to emerge from the shock of the crude reality. “Sweety, I was on sincere penance for your safe arrival. The throne of Neyythal kingdom is waiting for your ascent as a queen”, accentuated king Kuttuvan admirably. He pulled Vanathi for a warm hug and presented a love kiss on her forehead. At that instant, he noticed Junior Kuttuvan as his own mirror image. Vanathi witnessed the direction of the movement of the eyes of her hero.

“Darling, this is junior Kuttuvan, our only son. He has thrice the skills of his mother”, bragged Vanathi, pulling Junior Kuttuvan to the front.

“I am extremely happy to receive my son, as my own twin. I expect him to prove his worthiness as the son of the tigress of Neyythal Land”, charmed King Kuttuvan confidently. He embraced Junior Kuttuvan on his chest, and issued him a warm kiss on his forehead.

At that moment princess Ratha and princess Aruna dropped in his field of view as two angels of heaven. She pulled princess Ratha to the front and sang a song to introduce her to the hero of her heart. “This is our first daughter in law. He was rescued by our son from Green Island ruled by witch Lysa. She was the most prowess princes of the magnetic fortress, belonging to the clan of Marutha Land”, dignified Vanathi, by her explanation of high merits. Princes Ratha bowed her head in reverence, with spread of a sparkling smile on her glamorous face.

Then Vanathi pushed princess Aruna to the front to oscillate him in higher wonder. “This is princess Aruna, our second daughter-in-law. She was selected as the heir to the royal throne of Marutha Empire by a series of valor competitions. She belongs to the clan of Kurinchi Land. Our son trapped her into his love web inside the campus of the magnetic fortress” enticed Vanmathi energetically.

At that moment of time, the youth shouted joyfully to energize their royal family. “Long live king Kuttuvan! Long Live queen Vanathi! Long live queen Vimala!” fluttered the youths, shouting slogans for the emergence of a powerful Neyythal kingdom.

The third part of the slogan sowed seeds of higher curiosity in the mind of Vanathi. She focused her eyes to search queen Vimala, remembering her thickest friend Vimala, like a repeating nightmare. Studying her process of research, queen Vimala appeared like the glittering fullmoon in the sky. “I am Vimala, selected by our king under the compulsion of his citizens. He selected only the name without seeing my face, in the memory of your thickest friend Vimala. The royal throne is reserved for your ascent at the coronation function, after the formation of Neyythal kingdom”, glorified queen Vimala glossily.

“Vimala, you are very fair like an angel of Heaven. I am happy to accept you as my fourth child. I will be behind you as a source of energy in all joys and sufferings”, harangued Vanathi, pulling her to a warm hug. She presented a warm kiss on the forehead of Vimala as a token of love.

“I invite my family to our castle. You all have full freedom in the castle as your own residence”, invited king Kuttuvan immaculately. Vanathi put her first step inside the castle, as the first step to ascent on the royal throne of Neyythal kingdom. At the same time, Junior Kuttuvan remained static like a stone statue, keeping his face inert.

“Child, this is your castle. We shall construct more rooms to enhance your convenience”, justified king Kuttuvan, siphoning dense brightness on his face.

“Dad our family has three more members. Without their energy I am just vacuum. I respect them more than my Vanathi mom”, keyed Junior Kuttuvan keenly.

He pushed the three strange members of his family to the front. “This is Vanmathi mom, the first bird woman of the world. This is Myna mom, the most prowess woman of the world. This is Subban, the first birdman of the world. You should reserve the best bedroom in this castle for their residence”.

King Kuttuvan started Vanmathi and birdman Subban for a span of time successively and turned to Vanathi to study the color of her mind. She preserved her face completely inert, without slightest change of illumination. “Son, this is your own castle. You shall take your own decision according to the whims and fancies of your mind”, lilted king Kuttuvan, winking his eyes as a signal of acceptance.

During the night king Kuttuvan convened a special assembly of his family members for a group discussion. “Our Neyythal Land has a deficiency of very scanty population. When they spread throughout the vast area of Neyythal Land, the population density will diminish to very low level. The process of reconstruction of Neyythal land into Neyythal kingdom seems to be very tedious. I afraid that my whole life time is not sufficient for the formation of Neyythal Kingdom of my dream”, muffled king Kuttuvan mournfully. All other members of the assembly preserved perfect silence, as if dipped into the depth of a deep penance. They had no courage to look the face of king Kuttuvan, since their minds are completely blank without the light of a good idea.

“Junior, this is a group discussion session to plan for our march towards the formation of Neyythal kingdom. I expect your strategy of importance as a first step for our future victory. Keeping your mouth locked tightly won’t pave the way for our progress”, nagged king Kuttuvan naughtily.

“Dad, I am just a puppet on the hands my three mothers. I shall perform any miracle, if a mom passed an order. My two wives are highly talented to pluck the fruit of my dream”, ossified Junior Kuttuvan raising the intensity of his tone.

“Darling, I moved coins with perfect planning for the formation Neyythal kingdom. We shall combine Kurinchi Land, Marutha Land and Neyythal land together to form Neyythal Empire, keeping the magnetic fortress as our capital”, pacified Vanathi paradoxically.

“Are you floating in a dream land of miracles? Baseless dreams won’t ripe to tasty fruits. Be realistic on the basis of scientific outlook”.

“My dreams will certainly bloom to blossoms of fragrance. I have a well planned strategy to realize what I imagined. The strategy of attack is the brain child of twenty years of deep thinking”.

“Are you sure about out victory? If so you explain your strategy elaborately in steps”.

“The Kurinchi Land is now in a bitter state of chaos. Princess Aruna is a seed of Kurinchi Land. I will send our son Junior Kuttuvan with princess Aruna to Kurinchi Land. They will support the Kurinchi citizens to ameliorate their living conditions. In due course, they will collect a huge army in kurinchi land to suppress the powers of the magnetic fortress”.

“Aha! This is very excellent idea beyond the level of my imagination. Your sharpness of mind boosts my energy level to the height of heaven”

“Princess Ratha has fame throughout Marutha Land as the most prowess woman and an embodiment of virtues. The autocratic rule of king Gangan pushed the citizens of Marutha Land into the tortures of the Hell. They are on heavy suffocation, expecting a golden chance to breathe freely”.

“I agree with your explanation. How can you divert the energy of the suffering mass to energize us?”

“At the second stage of our plan, I will diffuse into the areas of Marutha Land with princess Ratha to help the citizens to solve their problems. Birdman Subban and bird woman Vanmathi will be behind us as security officers to lift us to safety at critical moments. We will organize the riotous groups working against the tyranny of king Gangan and send them to Neyythal Land to increase our population. We shall utilize them as weapons of war, when we declare a battle against the magnetic fortress. We shall destroy the powers of the magnetic fortress, attacking at two sides by the armies of Kurinchi Land and Neyythal Land”.

“Wow! What a perfect strategy for our sure victory! I will honor you as the deity of Neyythal Land”.

“There is a third stage in our strategy of high significance. Vanmathi sowed the seeds of patriotism in the damsels of Neyythal Land at the time of damsel hunting expedition of king Gangan. So we have mass support inside the campus of the magnetic fortress from the seeds of the Neyythal Land and princess Ratha commands comparable support from the seeds of Marutha Land. Similarly princess Aruna will influence a proportion of the seeds of Kurinchi Land. These resistive forces will certainly minimize the energy of king Gangan”.

“Sweety, you bathed me in a shower of milk. I will decorate you with the royal crown of Neyythal Empire. A spring season will bloom soon in our life to rejoice us with the sweet fragrance of blossoms”, qualified king Kuttuvan, dreaming about his easy ascent on the throne of Neyythal kingdom.

The description of the strategy of high significance by Vanathi rejoiced the members of the assembly, as if a shower of ambrosia entered directly in to their mouths. The value of Vanathi climbed to the height of mother parasakthi in the assembly. They all gazed Vanathi as an angel of Heaven, appeared on the surface of the earth to lift the citizens of all the three countries to the joy of paradise.

“We shall start our efforts to implement the ideal strategy of Vanathi on tomorrow morning. Junior Kuttuvan and princess Aruna should start their journey to kurinchi Land at early dawn in their boat vehicle”, rustled king Kuttuvan ruthlessly.

The members of the assembly approved his announcement with a heavy shower of applauses. Myna kept her faded face hard as the hardest granite. “I won’t accept this crooked plan that separates mothers from the love shade of their children. I shall suggest a rearranged plan for our sure victory”, scotched Myna, in sonorous ringing sound of a bell.

“Who is the stupid lady who cries against the order of king Kuttuvan? I will cut off her tongue to stop her worthless words”, twittered king Kuttuvan tyrannously.

“Darling, Myna is the most dominant personality in our family. She is the adopted child of Vanmathi and adopted mother of Junior Kuttuvan. Even princess Ratha and princess Aruna will dance according to her tunes. She locked us in virtual chains of dense love. Let us modify our plan on the basis of her suggestion”, urged Vanathi, her eyes cringing bitterly for his blessing.

King Kuttuvan stared her with burning eyes. Myna neglected him as a worthless citizen at lower dignity. “I select Vanmathi mom as the group lender to her four children. After completing our mission in Kurinchi Land, we shall focus our attention to Marutha Land. Our king Kuttuvan should try to attract the citizens of Marutha Land with the support of Vanathi at the border areas of Neyythal Land”, ventilated Myna venturesomely.

“Four children of Vanmathi, Who are those idiots?” wigged king Kuttuvan, like a wyvern on wrath.

“Those four idiots are Myna, Junior Kuttuvan, princess Ratha and princess Aruna. No god has power to stop birdman subban, Jinnee and Sheeja from this team. Myna will dramatize to any extreme to reap her goal. We have no other alternative, except accepting her crafty plan”, yapped Vanathi yieldingly.

King Kuttuvan closed his lips air tight, as if pasted together by a strong adhesive. However, his heart continued to boil to higher extent, owing to the magnifying intensity of the wrath. At the same instant of time, the artful heart of Myna planned to push her son on the honorable throne of Neyythal Empire. Prince Kuttuvan oscillated on a swing of confusion to harvest a final decision of his own.

The eight member team started their journey towards Kurinchi Land, on the boat vehicle of witch Lysa at early morning of next day. Jinnee rowed the oars of the boat vehicle to ensure a uniform journey. When the boat vehicle crossed the Ponni River, the lion Sooryan noticed his masters on the boat vehicle and ran behind them as the ninth member of the team. After crossing the vast stretch of the forest area, the boat vehicle entered into the outskirts of Kurinchi Land. “Master, Turn your attention to the south. There is a castle on the mountain top. This mountain appears to be the best location for our residence. Let us study the suitability of this area for our dwelling”, advocated Jinnee, stretching his right hand towards the castle.

“This appears to be a haunted palace without human smell. Jinnee has high power to drive away the ghosts from the palace. We shall reside in the palace without fear about the spirits”, cheered junior Kuttuvan candidly.

Jinnee stepped down from the boat vehicle at the courtyard of the castle. The outer land area of the castle was perfectly clean, as if swept daily with broom. Junior Kuttuvan expected human presence in the castle. So he knocked the door repeatedly to attract the attention of the occupants of the castle.

“Jinnee will open this castle by his wizardry spell. Let us enter into the castle to study the internal conditions. After a thorough analysis of the internal structure, we shall deicide about the suitability of the castle for our residence”, depicted Junior Kuttuvan, winking his eyes as his permission to open the castle.

“Jinnee, wait a little. We shall first try to gain the permission of the owner of this palace. Encroachment of the property of others by force is a heinous crime. I shall search the presence of servants behind this castle to identify the owner”, emphasized princess Ratha earnestly. She began to walk along the left side of the castle, pulling princess Aruna with her as a companion. When they reached the backside of the castle, they watched a cottage at a distance form the palace.

They walked towards the cottage to identify the servants of the castle. When they reached the vicinity of the hut, an old couple appeared from the cottage. “Mom, we are travelers from Neyythal Land. We wish to meet the owner of this castle. Kindly help us, giving the correct information about the ownership”, fawned princess Ratha, in a soft tone of dense respect.

The old couple stared them for a span of time. The brightness on their faces slowly increased to expose the color of their inner mind. “You both appear to be the seedlings of a royal family. We are happy to help you, for your little joy. This is the summer castle of princess Amutha”, greeted the old women generously.

“Please instruct us the residential address of princess Amutha. We wish to meet her in person. We like to pray for her permission to stay in the castle for a short period of time. We are capable to pay huge amount of gold coins as rent”, haggled princess Aruna, as an effort to melt the heart of that servant maid to higher extent.

“Princess Amutha was captured by king Gangan before a long spell of twenty years during his damsel hunting expeditions at the royal palace of Kurinchi Land. He slaughtered all other members of the royal family without mercy. He burnt Kurinchi land into a cremation ground. Only few youths escaped from his hunting operations, hiding inside dense forests”, illuminated the old man impassively.

“This summer castle is on a remote mountain top for away from the capital of Kurinchi Land. That is why this castle escaped from the greedy eyes of the soldiers of king Gangan. We preserve this castle as a treasure, waiting for the arrival of our princess Amutha at a spring season” jerked the old man, the darkness of melancholy spreading on his face like a shadow.

The face of princess Aruna bloomed instantly like a fresh dahlia flower. Her face turned towards the old couple, like a sunflower preserving its orientation always towards the sun. “God blessed us by your service mindedness. You shall search princess Amutha on my face. I am princess Aruna, the only daughter of princess Amutha. I arrived with my family to work for the amelioration of the citizens of Kurinchi Land”, keyed Princess Aruna keenly.

The old couple stared the face of princess Aruna for a span of time. The gleam of their faces slowly increased, to oscillate them on a swing of joy. They successfully identified princess Amutha on the face of princess Aruna. “God claimed his honor, by blessing the royal family of Kurinchi Land. Our service for a long period of twenty years harvested the expected crops of joy”, lauded the old man, pulling princess Aruna for a warm hug. The old woman blessed Princess Aruna, by a love kiss on her forehead.

“Kindly transfer the keys of the castle to my hand. We wish to utilize the castle for our own residence. Kindly spread the purpose of our arrival to the citizens of Kurinchi Land”, messaged princess Aruna magnanimously.

The old couple presented a bunch of keys to princess Aruna, exposing high respect. They opened the castle with increase of confidence level, and are fully satisfied by the conveniences of the castle. “Jinnee, we need gold coins for the maintenance of comfortable life in this castle. How can we earn money in this poverty stricken area?” negotiated Junior Kuttuvan, as the first effort to satisfy the basic needs of the family.

“The treasury of the magnetic fortress has a heavy stock of gold coins. Our princess Ratha and princess Aruna has ownership on a percentage of that gold stock. So I shall fill a drum in our store room with the gold coins of the magnetic fortress by the power of my wizardry spell”, offered Jinnee oddly.

All the members of the family moved to the store room and found the empty drum stated by wizardry Jinnee. He stretched his right hand towards the ceiling, exactly above the drum. The ceiling burst into pieces and a circular hole was formed. After a short interval of time, gold coins were dropped from the fissure like a water fall. The shower of gold coins continued till the drum was filled to the brim. Next movement the broken pieces of the ceiling flew towards the crevice, and closed it perfectly without slightest trace for its occurrence.

“Myna mom, take Ratha and Aruna with you to the market to purchase the essential commodities for the maintenance of our family. I wish to travel to long distance to study the problem of the citizens of Kurinchi Land. I will return before sunset”, prevised Junior Kuttuvan, focusing his eyes on the face of Vanmathi for her permission. She nodded her head as a symbol for her blessing.

Junior Kuttuvan and Jinnee left to the hamlet of Kurinchi Land for their research work to study the life style of the citizens, Myna enquired the caretaker couple about the location of the market. She observed a sudden shock on their faces, as if burnt by a flame of fire. “A camp of soldiers of Marutha kingdom is very close to the market. They are crazy on beautiful ladies more than gold treasure. There is high life risk for these princes, if they go out of this castle. I shall dump all essential commodities in the store room of our castle, if you give enough money” quivered the caretaker women quixotically.

“We appeared to reorganize Kurinchi Land into a mighty kingdom. I can’t ascent on the throne of Kurinchi Kingdom, if I shiver by the fear of Marutha Land moths. You just inform the direction of the market. We have power to defend our health”, roared princess Aruna like a lioness at rage.

“When you step down to the foot of this mountain, you will find a straight road extending towards the east. You shall reach the markets if you walk along the road. Bullock carts will be available in the market for your return journey. Be careful to escape from the hands of the soldiers of the vampire”, submitted the caretaker women stringently.

After a laborious walk for long period of time, they reached the market. Their sudden appearance in the market changed the climatic condition of the environment immediately, as if two fullmoon emerged simultaneously in the sky. All the eyes of the market turned swiftly towards them, as if two angels of heaven appeared to bless them. Five middle aged women ran towards them from different directions. “This area is highly dangerous for beauty angels like you. We shall supply all articles at lowest price at your residence. Kindly escape from this area of high peril”, terrified women clapping her hands to call a bullock cart at the corner of the market.

Impressed by the philanthropic minds of the women, Myna presented ten gold coins to the women “Friends! Keep this amount as the advance for your supply. We dwell in the summer palace of princess Amutha at the mountain top. Kindly supply essential items today itself”, urged Myna uniquely.

“Who are you? How did the caretakers allow you to stay in the castle of our princes?” vilified a woman in tension like a virago.

“I am princess Aruna, the only daughter of your late princess Amutha. We arrived to establish a new Kurinchi kingdom. We guarantee to all our citizens a prosperous life of joy”, witched princess Aruna wistfully.

“Wow! What joyous news? We shall supply all commodities to our child at free of cost”, yelled the women, giving back the gold coins. She shouted slogans to welcome the heir to their royal throne. “Victory to princess Aruna, victory to Kurinchi Land! Long live princess Aruna!”

Those slogans were repeated by the other women at higher intensity like rolling thunders. Captivated by the beauty angels and reverberation of the slogans, the whole market began to move towards that centre of attraction. Attracted by the two beauty angels, a mahout drove his elephant towards the area.

Princess Aruna snatched the bag containing gold coins from the hands of Myna, ran swiftly towards the elephant with a blooming face of joy, and bounced quickly on the elephant with high expertise. She scattered the gold coins in all directions, like the process of sowing of paddy seeds on refined soil. After the completion of the collection process of the gold coins by the spectators, princess Aruna started her first oration in the frontier of Kurinchi Land.

“Dear brothers, dear sisters! I am princess Aruna. You shall identify me as the mirror image of your late princess Amutha. I appeared to organize a new Kurinchi kingdom based on the moral codes of life. I shall promise you the joy of heaven on the surface of the earth”, avouched princess Aruna affectionately.

“Princes, I have a warning for your safe escape from this area of highest peril. When you entered into the market, a soldier of the nearest army camp watched both of you. He will arrive soon with a gang of soldiers to hunt both of you for their recreation in the camp”, brawled a man in a tone of concentrated sympathy.

“Friends, kindly spread the news about our arrival to the nooks and corners of Kurinchi Land. All of you deviate away from this area of highest hotness. I shall show you mind catching scenes of real life drama, if you assemble around the edges of this market”, cajoled princess Aruna candidly.

The galloping sound of horses sowed seeds of fear in the area of the market and a team of fifty horsemen fast approached the market. The crowd scatted away from the area of highest turbulence, and gathered along the border area of the market, praying sincerely for the safety of their princess Aruna.

Princess Aruna jumped down from the elephant, to assure the safety of the mahout. He drove his elephant away from that area of expected tragedy. After a short interval of time, the horsemen surrounded them with raised swords.

“Who are you? We suspect you as the spies of Neyythal Land. You should come to our army camp for an enquiry”, dominated a soldier, jumping down on the ground with a long iron chain to arrest her.

“We are in an urgency to purchase many articles of consumption. You shall make your enquiry at this location. We are not ready to come to the army camp”, extemporized princess Aruna excitingly.

“Our captain pulikesi ordered to arrest you. If you try to escape from us, we will kill you without slightest mercy”, flared the soldier, moving towards princess Aruna to lock her in chain. At that moment of time, another soldier stepped down to arrest princess Ratha.

“Soldiers, keep you away from my children. Don’t lose your life unnecessarily for a flimsy reason”, gnarled Myna glaringly. The soldiers assumed her warning signal as mere mewl of a kitten. They moved forward to arrest the two princes. Myna pulled two daggers from her waist belt, and charged them one after another at the speed of a lighting stroke. The sharp tip of the daggers penetrated the hearts of the soldiers, causing their immediate death.

Princess Ratha transferred the long iron chain to her shoulder and seized the legs of the corpse of one soldier by the strength of her both hands. She rotated at the point at high frequency and threw the corpse of the soldier at force to bombard on a soldier on his horse. The heavy force of the collision pushed the soldier to the ground with the corpse of his friend. At the same instant of time, princess Aruna, inserted her right leg under the second corpse, and threw his body at high speed towards another soldier on his horse. The heavy force of impact, pushed the soldier to a large distance, like an accelerated projectile in a battle field.

Princess Ratha ran towards a horse like a rebounding rubber ball, and bounced on one horse with high skill. She seized one end of the long iron chain by the strong grip of her right hand, and rotated the iron chain above her head. She lashed the soldiers one after another at maximum pressure. The soldiers dropped on the ground like broken branches of a tree.

Princess Aruna ran towards a soldier on the ground, grasped his sword firmly in her right hand and inserted the sharp tip of the sword into his heart. She again ran towards a vacant horse without a load, sprang towards the horse at high velocity, and stood on the horse static with perfect stability, hitting the horse at its rump. The horse moved swiftly towards the soldiers in action. She sprang quickly towards another horse, the sharp tip of her sword penetrating through the body of the soldier. She kicked the soldiers from the horse and stabilized her feet safely on the horse. She diverted her attention to another soldier and a heavy sword fight started between them, to oscillate the spectators on a swing of wonder. In the midst of the sword fight, she suddenly sprang towards the soldier, the sharp tip of her sword penetrating through the heart of the soldier. She kicked the soldier to a distance and stood on the horse at static equilibrium. Another soldier accelerated his horse towards her to experience the tortures of the hell within a short interval of time. Thus princess Aruna played miracles in the battlefield to diminish the strength of the team of soldiers of Marutha Land.

During that time interval, Myna performed violent dance styles on the surface of the land. She snatched a sword from a soldier dropped from the horse by the heavy lashes of princess Ratha. She killed him instantly, by cutting off his trachea. Then she opened sword fight with another soldier. At the climax of the sword fight, her left hand seized the tip of the sword on the hand of the opponent, and the force of the right hand inserted the tip of her sword into his heart. She wore a glove on her left hand, specially designed by pasting together three skins of tiger to seize the swords of enemies in action. Utilizing such a crafty strategy, she killed all soldiers lashed down by princess Ratha. After the roll of the wheel of time, the strength of enemy soldiers lowered rapidly to one. The last soldier accelerated his horse to high speed to escape from the area of highest hotness. Myna chased him in the form of skillful springs up to the edge of the market, and killed him by the charge of her third dagger.

The huge gathering of spectators applauded their victory by a heavy shower of applauses. They surrounded the heroines in the form of a circular human fortress of high thickness. “Victory to princess Aruna! Victory to Kurinchi Land!” hailed the crowd, repeatedly like the trumpet of hundreds of elephants.

“Friends, we need more warriors to organize an army of our own. Those who have courage to work as soldiers in the army of Kurinchi Kingdom are permitted to claim the ownership of one horse, out of these forty seven horses”, impelled princess Aruna imperiously. Myna bounced swiftly on a horse and called her children by hand movement. The three member team of tigresses accelerated their horses towards the summer castle on the mountain top.

When they entered into the calmness of the summer castle, they were welcomed by Junior Kuttuvan with a face of sparkling smile. After a long period of time, the cooking utensils and the essential commodities for human consumption arrived in two bullock carts. The team of five women transported all the items from the foot of the mountain to the store room of the castle. “Mom, we shall supply fresh items daily according to your orders at low cost. You should give the order one day prior to the day of requirement”, jollified a woman, by her attitude of high helping mindedness.

“We are impressed by the philanthropic views of our citizens. Do you know the strength of soldiers in the nearest army camp?” louted princess Aruna luminously.

“There must be about five hundred soldiers in the enemy camp. You shall expect their sudden attack at early morning tomorrow. Be careful with perfect planning to prove your merits. If you succeeded in evacuating the army camp, your fame will fly throughout the areas of Kurinchi Land”, motivated a woman for their climb to the height of ambition.

After the departure of the merchant women, they organized a discussion session, to solve the problem of scorching hotness. “I have a good idea to hoist the victory flag with less effort. Our Vanmathi mom and uncle Subban should spray oil and put fire to the tents of the army camp. We will surround the enemy camp at the time of their struggle for survival, and slaughter the soldiers mercilessly to sing their story of highest tragedy”, narrated princess Aruna naughtily.

Myna rolled her eyes towards the face of her Vanmathi mom to study the color of her mind. The inertness of the face of Vanmathi sang the story of the rejection of the idea illuminated by princess Aruna.

“I reject the clever idea told by princess Aruna as worthless in our context. We plan to establish a rule of righteousness on the surface of the earth. We are only permitted to fight for our defense by our honorable Almighty. This locality appears to be the best to our Vanmathi mom for our sure victory”, opined Myna, as a final verdict for their strategy of attack.

“I accept the plan of Vanmathi mom as the ideal success formula. Let us study the features of the mountain slopes for our easy climb to the peak of victory”, pealed princess Ratha predominantly.

All the members of the family roamed around the edge of the mountain to identify the features of the land sloping favorable for their success. The lion Sooryan followed Myna as her own pet dog.

“I shall accept the surveillance of the castle at night. Our Sooryan will work as a watch dog for our safety. You all are permitted to enjoy a deep sleep, till you hear the high intensity roar of Sooryan”, quibbled Jinee, as an effort to evaporate the tension in their minds like a puff of smoke.

After midnight Jinnee wandered around the castle, thinking deeply about a good technique to help his master to vanquish his enemies. In the fullmoon light, his wizardry eyes penetrated long distance through the blanket of air. The sharp vision of his eyes focused a huge pile of logs, each of about one metre radius and three metre length. A brightness of happiness spread on his face like the spot of illumination of a glow worm. He moved once again on the mountain top, and identified the area of the mountain slope favorable for easy ascent. By the application of his wizardry powers, he pulled all the logs to the mountain top. The logs moved quickly like accelerated spears along an inclined path from the foot of the mountain, and piled uniformly without causing any unwanted noise.

Jinnee sat on the pile of huge logs and dipped into the depth of imagination to trace a good strategy to pull all the members of the family of his master to the heights of victory without slightest injury. A perfect idea sparkled in his mind like the twinkling of a star. He transformed suddenly into a huge peacock and flew towards the enemy camp with increasing happiness. He stepped down on a skyhigh flag mast at the center of the camp, and danced for a little time spreading his wings to celebrate his idea of novelty. He then transformed into his original structure.

“Arrows, all arrows in this camp are under the wizardry spell of Jinnee. All of you fly swiftly to pile on my right palm”, raved Jinnee rapaciously.

All the arrows in the enemy camp escaped from the quivers and flew swiftly toward Jinnee, as if accelerated by a wizardry machine. The size of his palm enlarged to hold the heavy collection of arrows. After throwing the huge pile of arrows into a nearby lake, Jinnee again transformed into the same peacock, and flew happily towards the summer castle at the mountain top. He again sat on the pile of logs, allowing his mind to oscillate on a swing of joy. At early dawn before sunrise, the soldiers of the enemy camp got ready for attack. Due to the disappearance of arrows, all the soldiers resorted to swords as their weapons of the war.

“The enemy warriors will ascent on the mountain slope with swords. The family of my master will be in a better position to vanquish the foes shooting arrows at perfect aim. The deity of victory will wait in the sky to sing the song of success to my master,” solaced Jinnee, focusing the sharp vision of his eyes towards the enemy camp. He noticed the alignment of the soldiers on their horses to start the hunting process. He kicked on the rump of the lion Sooryan with high force, to give a warning signal to his master. Sooryan turned towards him in wrath and roared at high intensity in exploding anger. Crafty Jinnee activated the wrath of Sooriyan, striking him with a stone. Sooryan sprang towards him to tear off his flesh immediately.

Jinnee ran swiftly to add fuel to the fire of Sooryan. He chased Jinnee at high speed in the form of repeated springs, without knowing the wizardry powers of Jinnee. During the elongation of the chasing process, Jinnee ran at the speed of lightning, and sprang quickly to stabilize his position on Sooryan, after completing one round of running around the castle. As he stood on Sooryan in the structure of light weight, Sooryan completed one more round of the chasing process. The high intensity roar of Sooryan stirred all the members of the family to immediate action. Bird women Vanmathi pulled a long sword and flew swiftly toward the slope of the mountain and sat on the branch of a tree for a sudden attack. Birdman Subban flew in the opposite direction, and stabilized his position on the branch of another tree.

Myna, Junior Kuttuvan, princess Ratha and princess Aruna selected bow and arrows as the weapon of war and waited at the edges of the mountain, approximately at the vertices of a square. Sooryan was still on a searching process to identify Jinnee, who sat on the pile of logs in an invisible form. The army of king Gangan approached the area of the battle field. Once they revolved around the mountain to finalize the mode of attack. “Soldiers, only less than ten foes dwell in the summer palace. Climb on the mountain slope at different locations. Kill them mercilessly to prove our power”, thundered captain pulikesi tyrannously.

The soldiers scattered in different directions and started their climbing process, with complete trust on sure victory. While climbing on the mountain slope up to the middle, their energy level was on increasing phase. When they crossed the middle portion, Vanmathi flew rapidly like a vulture at high speed. The sharp tip of her sword penetrated through the tracheas of soldiers on the path of her flight. Birdman Subban played similar miracles on the opposite side of the mountain, causing a shower of blood blossoms.

The four children of Vanmathi mom shot arrows continuously like the showers of monsoon rainfall. The corpses of soldiers rolled on the slopes of the mountain like a series of logs. Inspite of the perfect plan of the family of Junior Kuttuvan, some soldiers of the enemy camp reached the mountain top. Sooryan chased them on burning rage, sprang towards them at high velocity, and crushed their cranium by the pressure of his jaws for immediate death.

The soldiers of the enemy camp noticed perfect sloping at a location, without rock projections, thorny bushes and the spread of trees. About fifty soldiers selected that location as the best for journey towards the peak of victory. They started to climb on the slope of that area, and their happiness increased rapidly till they reach the edge of victory. Jinnee identified that instant of time as the best for his explosive action. He rolled the huge logs towards the mountain slope, one after another. The shower of rapidly rolling logs crushed all the soldiers to immediate death. The family of Junior Kuttuvan hoisted the flag of victory, with less efforts at the shortest period of time. Captain pulikesi fled from the battle field to preserve his life, with a stain of cowardice on his face. Junior Kuttuvan collected all the abandoned horses as vehicles for the future army of Kurinchi kingdom.

The joyous news about the appearance of Princess Aruna began to fly on wings, like a high speed vulture. The youths on starvation migrated towards the summer castle of princess Aruna, assuming her as a light house for their life ship. The responsibility to register the named of the youths was given to princess Ratha. She collected complete information of the youths, with special reference to their education, experiences, skills, aspirations and occupational structure of their native hamlets. She was assisted by Sheeja with utmost enthusiasm. The healthy males were sent to the army camp of captain pulikesi. A new residential camp was opened for women warriors at the foot of the mountain. Junior Kuttuvan was appointed as the training officer of the male camp and Myna was selected as the training officer of the women camp.

During the registration process, princess Ratha prepared two more lists with utmost care. First list indicated other locations of army campus, and the second list noted the names of villainous characters in different hamlets. The family of Junior Kuttuvan assembled for a discussion session to select best strategy to gather mass attraction. “There are nine more army camps of king Gangan in different hamlets of Kurinchi Land. The soldiers of king Gangan act as weeds for the prosperity of human crops. Let us first destroy all the enemy camps to boost the confidence level of common man”, ushered princess Aruna to open arguments in the discussion session.

“Among the villainous characters in the hamlets of Kurinchi Land, a damsel tops our list in the amplitude of high cruelty. She preserves a huge gang of about thousand youths as slaves. She traps many youths daily in the chain of slavery, by her crafty plan in the name of a valor competition”, voiced princess Ratha vacillatingly. That news of high strangeness stirred all members of the discussion group, beyond the level of imagination. To them the news appeared to be a knitted story of a fiction writer, with a purpose to deviate their attention. All of them wished to study the mystery behind such a story writer.

“Who is that damsel of mystery? How did she trap youths into the chain of slavery? Did you enquire the news in detail?” appealed Junior Kuttuvan, with diminishing trust on the words of princess Ratha.

“The damsel is Roja. She appears to be very beautiful young women with a crooked mind of extreme cruelty. She conquered a huge island very close to Kurinchi Land and constructed a splendid castle near the coastal area of that brown island”.

“Roja appears to be a witch like witch Lyla and witch Lysa. They trapped damsels to earn the blessings of agents of satan to gain their youthhood. This witch Roja traps youths for some other purpose”.

“No darling. Roja traps youths to work in her farms without remuneration”.

“The idea of Roja appears to be strange. How did she attract youths to the island?”

“There is an advertisement board at coastal area of Kurinchi Land to announce a valor competition”.

“What are the prizes announced by Roja to the victorious youth?”

“Thousand gold coins and the most beautiful damsel of the world”.

“Who is that most beautiful damsel?”

“The most beautiful damsel of the world is none other than Roja. She pasted her picture on the advertisement board”.

“A treasure of thousand gold coins and a beautiful damsel will be sufficient to attract any youth. How did the mystery about the slavery of the youths leaked outside?”

“All the youths went for the valor competition disappeared completely into the mystery of the island. The relative of the youths are on tears”.

Why don’t the relatives conduct a searching operation in the brown island?”

“According to the news many teams started their journey towards the brown island in catamarans. But all of them disappeared into vacuum to increase the darkness of the mystery”.

All the members of the discussion session froze by the highest mystery of the news about the valor competition. All of them wished to diffuse the darkness of the mystery behind the artful damsel Roja. She appeared to Junior Kuttuvan as a feminine vampire, comparable to king Gangan of the magnetic fortress, in the amplitude of spreading cruelty to the human crops. He finalized to give first priority to cut off the mystery hands of artful Roja to stop the spread of misery around the brown island.

“Sweety, I have one more flaring doubt. How did the competitors reach the brown island? Is there any boat service for transportation of competitors to the brown island?” bothered Junior Kuttuvan blatantly.

“A boat of artful Roja, with two women rowers, will wait near the advertisement board at daily morning to fetch the competitors to the brown island”, consoled princess Ratha, by her clear explanation of brilliance.

“Darling, Give me permission to vanquish the artful Roja. I shall uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the youths in Brown Island. If they are really trapped in brown island as slaves, I shall fetch them safely to Kurinchi Land”, declared princess Aruna, like a hero of high talents.

All other members of the discussion session turned their attention towards Junior Kuttuvan to study to change in color of his face. “Aruna is the most eligible person to cut off the mystery hands of artful Roja. But only gents are allowed in the valor competition by artful Roja. So I shall take the responsibility to evaporate the mystery in Brown Island”, elaborated Junior Kuttuvan expeditiously.

“Darling, Accept me as a companion to lower your boredom. I will be of immense use to you at critical times”, fawned princess Aruna, to enjoy a joyous journey with the hero of her heart.

“We decided to focus princess Aruna as the centre of mass attraction. So you should be around this area to organize the support of the citizens of Kurinchi Land”, glossed Junior Kuttuvan gingerly.

At early morning of next day, Junior Kuttuvan and Jinnee started their journey towards Brown Island on two horses. They noticed the symptoms of poverty and melancholy on the faces of the people of Kurinchi land. Most of the land remained barren due to lack of irrigation facility, deficiency of human efforts, and shortage of the government support. Junior Kuttuvan decided to improve the life conditions of the people, by his establishment of a philanthropic rule in Kurinchi Land. When they reached the costal area nearest to the brown island, the object that first attracted their attention was the advertisement board of artful Roja. The picture pasted on the advertisement board focused Roja as a damsel of sparkling beauty. The magnetic charm of Roja transformed the youths into greedy moths that roam around fire blossoms.

“Wow! What a mind catching beauty! The whole world treasure is not a match for her one sparkling smile. Just one warm hug of this beauty angel is sufficient to gain the joy of heaven”, hailed a youth, acting to fly in a dream world of imaginary happiness.

“A world beauty as the prize of the valor competition, and thousand gold coins as the bonus for a prosperous future. If fluke shows little mercy, even a coward can win a fragile damsel”, improvised another youth idiotically.

The words of praise sprayed by the two youths acted as drops of a dense intoxicant on the brain of other youths. The hidden greedy inherent in their inner mind was amplified to trap them into the snare of artful Roja. Junior Kuttuvan noticed the same two youths singing the praise of Roja repeatedly to the new entrants, arrived to read the advertisement board. “Master, the two youths appear to be the advertisement agents of artful Roja. They use the same songs of praise as food on hook to trap the greedy human fishes”, jeered Jinnee, brightness of a sneering smile spreading on his face.

At that instant of time, they saw a boat moving towards the shore. The boat was rowed by two slim waist beautiful girls. “Aha! Even the servant maids appear to be the beauty queens of the Magnetic Fortress. We can judge the high charm of Roja from the glamour of these girls. This valor competition is a golden chance to gain the love of a beauty angel”, lauded the first youth libidinously.

“A prize of thousand gold coins is a treasure. Just a valor competition with a meek damsel will bless a coward with this shower of luxury. The shower of mercy of god may turn towards any dunce at any time”, mesmerized the second youth as an effort to add fuel to the fire of avaricious.

The boat reached the vicinity of the shore. The gang of about twenty youths ran towards the boat, with full hope to win the competitions. “You are invited to Brown Island to win the beauty angel and the treasure of thousand gold coins. Our princess Roja accepts only five competitors daily. I shall select five youths on the basis of strength and handsome”, notified a servant maid notoriously. As per her announcement she selected five youths for the valor competition of that particular day. Though Junior Kuttuvan was selected as the first youth, Jinnee was neglected as unfit for the valor competition of that day. After the climb of the five youths on the boat, the servant maids rowed the paddles to start the journey towards the brown island. Jinnee transformed into invisible form, ran on the ocean surface towards the boat, and jumped on the boat to occupy the nearest seat to Junior Kuttuvan.

“Master, I shall be with you always, to lift you from unexpected perils. You should participate in the valor competition without fear about the crafty plans of artful Roja. No power has capacity to win my master even by plans of treachery”, oriented Jinnee to the bright side of sure success. When they reached the brown island of artful Roja, the dazzling brilliance of a castle attracted the competitors like a virtual palace of a wizard. They moved behind the servant maids floating on the waves of wonder. After crossing the space between two colonnades of pillars, they reached a wide reception hall provided with a series of five artistically designed teak wood chairs.

“Competitors, you are invited to sit on the chairs. Our princes will call you for the valor competition at the time of her convenience. Be ready to work as slave in green island till your death”, preached a servant maid piercingly. Jinnee followed the servant maid to analyze the real purpose behind the conduction of continual valor competitions by artful Roja.

Roja waited eagerly in the harem for the arrival of the servant maids. “How is the worthiness of our captives of today? Is there any useful gem in the midst of pebbles?” questioned artful Roja with a sarcastic laughter.

“A handsome youth is in our gang of slaves today. The soft youth appears to be a perfect match for our princes”.

“A match for this beauty angel? I consider boys only as moths revolving around flame blossoms”.

“This youth appears to be a prince with virtuous characters. You shall select him as the future king of this green island”.

“A black widow has no permanent husband. Is he eligible for one day game?”

“Mom, I beg you for one favor. Kindly don’t kill the youth at tomorrow morning”

“Chandra, do you love that stupid boy?”

“Yes mom. He appears to be my own brother once killed by you”.

“This princess Roja has no respect on sentiments. I hate the leakage of my secrets. I wish to continue my searching process for variety of experiences. Let me study the eligibility of the youth as a one day life partner”, roistered princess Roja ruggedly. She shifted the screen on the nearest window and studied the structure of the five competitors of that day. As she was highly impressed by the magnetic appearance of Junior Kuttuvan, she stared him sharply for a span of time, flying on the wings of imagination about the thrill of a hot night with him.

“The highly handsome youth impressed me at first sight. The youth appears to have high libido. I hate to waste my energy by a tough fight with this tender boy. Call him for a compromise settlement”, notified Roja, staring Junior Kuttuvan in rising hotness.

The Servant maid walked at slow pace towards Junior Kuttuvan, a darkness of worry spreading on her face like a rain bearing cloud. “Master, you are wanted by our princes for an enquiry. Kindly follow me to the harem”, oriented the servant maid Chandra obligingly. Junior Kuttuvan hesitated for a short period of time, gazing the other four competitors with little guilty consciousness. When reached the harem, he noticed a beautiful young women sitting on the edge of a cot of high adornment. He rolled his eyes to study her glamorous structure. Though she was not comparable to princess Ratha or princess Aruna in beauty, he noticed a special type of attraction in her piercing eyes.

“You appear to be the son of a royal family. Who are you? What is the motive behind your arrival to Brown Island?” pleaded Roja in a shrill voice like the song of a nightingale.

“I am Junior, a peasant of Kurinchi Land. I reached Brown Island searching a good opportunity to prove my talents in martial arts”, quacked Junior Kuttuvan quietly.

“You attract me by your magnetic smile. I shall bath you with a shower of gold coins. I am ready to surrender my glamour on you feet. Are you ready to accept my compromise formula?”

“I already have two beautiful wives. My three mothers advised me to respect all other women as mothers. I can’t disobey the orders of my loving mothers”.

Jinnee wished to take the advantage of moment to study the secrets behind the mystery of the brown island. He merged with the body of Junior Kuttuvan and controlled his behavior by his wizardry spell. A sudden change occurred in the behavioral style of Junior Kuttuvan. He sat on the same cot very close to artful Roja, staring her fertile curvatures with a glare. “Roja, you are a beauty queen. Just your smile is sufficient to boil my nerves. I am ready to accept your compromise formula”.

“I can’t believe my own ears. You rejected my offer a little earlier. May I know the reason for your sudden twist of mind?”

“Honey, I just dramatized to study the color change of your glamorous face”.

“We shall start our family life today itself. If you are highly interested, you shall compete in the valor competition at tomorrow morning to prove your skills”.

“In reality, I am a true virgin boy. I have never seen a beauty angel like you. We shall start our family life at night”.

“Is there any special reason for wasting our precious time?”

“The thrill of family life depends on the strength the love bond between the intimate couple”.

“You are perfectly correct. What can we do to strengthen the love bond?”

“We should keep our minds crystal clear. There won’t be any secrets between our hearts”.

“What can we do to make our minds completely transparent?”

“I will ask some questions. You should expose the true answers”.

Artful Roja spread her wings of imagination for a short span of time. “Don’t expose the secrets of your inner mind. Don’t use your own tongue to write the story of your tragedy”, repelled the sharpness of her mind, to climb on higher steps of victory in future.

“This junior will breathe his last at sunrise. He won’t find a chance to vibrate his tongue against me to a stranger. What is wrong in giving him little happiness by slight illumination?” soothed Roja slavishly. She waved her head up and down as an acceptance to his stipulations.

“Is there any punishment for failure in the valor competition?”

“Life long slavery is the fruit of failure”.

“What is the nature of work assigned to the slaves?”

“A salve has to work in gold mines till his death”.

“Is there heavy collection of gold coins in this castle?”

“No. The gold is weekly transported to the magnetic fortress”.

“Your face has little resemblance with captain pulikesi. May I know your relationship with him?”

“I am the younger sister of captain pulikesi. We both are government officers of Marutha kingdom”.

“Honey, Excuse me for my high eagerness. I wish to raise one more question”.

“You are permitted to ask only one question”.

“I learnt that no competitor escaped from the brown island? May I know the reason behind such a Mystery?”

“The slaves are under the surveillance of two mysterious guards. If a slave put his foot inside water to escape from Brown Island, he will be killed mercilessly”.

“Wow! What a brilliant security measures! You appear to be a deity with high merits. I am happy to gain your love”, tolled Jinnee tenderly.

He stared her piercingly for a period of time, as if bemused by her structural style. He pressed her cheeks with little pressure, as an effort to study the softness of her skin. He rubbed his fore finger of right hand on her wet lips to pull her concentration towards sensuousness. When he moved his hand towards her bosoms, a spark occurred in his brain as a warning signal. “Darling, Junior Kuttuvan is the tender branch of a tree of virtuousness. Don’t use his body of morality for your naughty games. The heart of your sweetheart will burst into fragments, if you touched the skin of another woman to satisfy your craziness on lust”, craved Sheeja, tear drops growing at the edges of her eyes like pearls.

Jinnee pulled his hand, as if touched a red hot iron rod. He kept his right palm on her head and applied sleep inducing spell. Artful Roja spread on the bed, and dipped into the depth of a deep sleep. Jinnee escape from the body of Junior Kutuvan and applied the same sleeping spell on his head. He lifted his master on his both hands and rolled him under the same cot for a safe sleep. Then he transformed to Junior Kuttuvan and slept on the same cot, pulling artful Roja to his tight embracement. The eyes of Roja opened at early dawn before sunrise and detached her body from his warm hug.

She walked upwards on the steps of the staircase and reached the top of the central tower of the castle. She emitted high intensity whistles thrice, as a signal to seek the help of her first guard of highest mystery. The first guard of the brown island was a monster cobra, grown by feeding magic medicine milajit. The dwelling of the giant cobra was a broad and deep circular well. The whistle produced by artful Roja worked as a signal for immediate action to the monster cobra. It crossed the height of the deep well with high skill, and crawled towards the bedroom of Roja at the speed of a lightning stroke.

The monster cobra broke the outer wall of the bedroom by a sudden knock of high pressure. The cobra inserted its head into the room and sucked Jinnee in to its stomach like a frog. The monster python pulled its head from the bedroom of Roja and began to crawl towards its dwelling with full satisfaction. At that critical instant of time, Jinnee understood his pitiable condition inside the stomach of the monster cobra. He struck the cobra repeatedly with the high force of his right hand. Due to the pain of the bombardment, the monster cobra vibrated around the area, as if on fire. He tried his best to tear off the stomach of the monster cobra.

Wizardry Jinnee elongated his nails like the claws of tiger. He inserted his claws into the inner wall of the stomach of the monster cobra and pulled with force to split the alimentary canal of the monster cobra for his safe escape from that live dungeon of scorching terror. The stomach wall acted as a high quality rubber and pushed him to the dark side of failure. After a deep thinking for a long period of time, he changed his policy of attack for his safe escape. He moved through the alimentary canal of the monster cobra and escaped cleverly to the external environment. The gigantic cobra expanded its hood and kissed at exploding wrath to inject poison into his blood stream. Jinnee ran to escape from the attack of the monster cobra, transformed his structure into a giant and pulled a tree with its tap root system by the strength of his both hands. He used the tree to strike the gigantic cobra to death. All his efforts to crush to cobra to the darkness of death went fruitless.

As a last effort to kill the gigantic cobra, Jinnee kicked at middle body of the cobra with the high force of his right leg, towards the vast blue blanket of the ocean. The cobra moved rapidly along a parabolic path in the shape of a rainbow and dropped on the wavy ocean surface at large distance from the shore. Wizardry Jinnee expected the tragic end of the monster cobra and began to move towards the castle of artful Roja, after a transmutation to junior Kuttuvan of normal size. Contrary to the expectation of wizardry Jinnee, the monster cobra stretched its expanded hood above the ocean surface and kissed repeatedly at high intensity. The monster cobra began to swim towards Brown Island at high speed.

The twisting swim of the cobra dropped on the sharp eyes of a blue whale. Inspired by the wavy nature of the giant cobra, the blue whale planned to play a game. The blue whale began to chase the gigantic cobra, to crush its tail by the force of its jaws. The monster cobra learnt the climate of peril and swam at high speed to escape from the jaws of the blue whale. The chasing drama elongated for a long period of time, and the tail of the giant cobra was trapped between the jaws of the blue whale. Owing to the bombarding waves of high pain, the cobra turned its enormous hood towards the blue whale. The cobra hissed thrice at exploding anger and bit the blue whale to stop its crafty game of pain. The scorching pain of the circulation of poison evaporated the interest of the blue whale on the chasing drama.

The monster cobra swam at high speed towards the shore. The high intensity hissing sound of the cobra attracted the attention of Jinnee towards the shore. He ran towards the shore and sprang to the height of the sky. After completing a parabolic trajectory, Jinnee dropped the hood of the cobra with perfect stability. The cobra agitated up and down at high speed to drop him from the hood, as an effort to inject poison into his blood stream. At each vibration of the hood of the cobra, Jinnee rebounded to the height of the sky and dropped on the hood at stable equilibrium.

Then Jinnee ran on the body of the cobra in the form of repeated bounces towards the tail of the cobra. He jumped on the floor swiftly and transformed into monster Jinnee. He grasped the tail end of the cobra by the strong grip of his both hands and rotated the cobra above his head. After three rotations, he threw the cobra towards its huge well dwelling. He ran towards a huge mound of soil at a distance from the well and applied his wizardry spell to blow the soil towards the well. A large stream of soil blew towards the well to bury the live monster cobra. Wizardry Jinnee expected sure death of the monster cobra by suffocation inside the soil dune.

At that instant of time, a sudden twist of event occurred beyond level of his imagination. The soil dropped by him inside the well, spilled outside continuously like a fountain of water. Jinnee jumped on the circular wall of the well and noticed the giant hood of the cobra pushing the soil outside. After a short period of time, the cobra raised its head above the well and hissed repeatedly at high intensity to show its bursting anger. Jinnee pushed the cobra inside the well by striking the hood with the force of his right palm. As the process repeated countless times, Jinnee rolled his eyes around the area to identify another better strategy to kill the monster cobra.

The sharp vision of his eyes focused a heap of logs at a large distance. He applied his wizardry spell to draw the logs to the well. When the cobra stretched its head above the well, a log dropped on its head at high force and pushed it inside the well. This process continued for a span of time till the pile of log was exhausted completely. Then Jinnee spread flames of fire inside the well by his wizardry spell. Owing to the presence of dry logs inside the well, the intensity of the flame magnified at rapid rate. Unable to bear the burning hotness, the monster cobra tried its level best to escape from the well. Jinnee pushed the cobra inside flame by violent kicks of his right foot. That process was repeated by wizardry Jinnee till the monster cobra was burnt into ash.

Wizardry Jinnee transformed into Junior Kuttuvan and walked towards the harem of artful Roja, a gleam of joy illuminating his face as a consequence of vanquishing the first guard of the brown island. He merged with the body of Junior Kuttuvan sleeping on the floor under the cot. Roja assumed the sure death of Junior by the poison of the monster cobra. By her order a servant maid approached the competitors. “Get ready for the valor competition. Our princess wishes to fight with all of you at a time. This will help her to save precious time”, drawled the servant maid despotically.

Junior Kuttuvan reached the area with a sleepy face of dullness. The face of the servant maid Chandra bloomed instantly like a fresh rose flower. She moved swiftly towards him and presented a warm kiss on his cheek. “Brother! By the mercy of god you escaped from the first trap. May god bless you with success. Be alert to escape from the second trap of highest mystery”, enlightened the servant maid in a tone of bubbling love.

At the allotted time of the valor competition, a team of five servant maids approached the reception hall. “The area of the valor competition is the terrace stadium of this castle. All are invited to the arena of the valor competition”, fondled a servant maid, in a soft tone of an innocent girl. Jinnee, in invisible form identified her as a cactus that will ooze poisonous milk. All the five competitors followed the servant maids as her shadows, and reached the arena of the castle.

At the side of the auditorium, the competitors noticed five swords arranged on a table. They seized one sword per hand and waited for the entry of artful Roja to the arena. There was a circular elevated stage at the centre of the auditorium with four chairs put at the ends of two perpendicular diameters. The whole floor of the auditorium was fabricated in thick teak planks. A huge drum was preserved on a table at the centre of the stage.

The team of servant maids walked to the stage at slow pace like the swim of swans on the calm water surface of a lake. Four servant maids occupied the chairs on the stage and the fifth servant stood at the centre of the stage to strike the drum as a signal to start the valor competition. After a long period of time, Roja entered into the auditorium, a brightness of joy dancing on her face, like the sparkling of a polished diamond. The long thick sword in her hand glittered like mirror in sunlight. She turned her eyes towards the competitors to analyze the stamina of their structural styles. When the magnetic face of Junior Kuttuvan dropped in her field of view, her face faded like a low quality cloth bleached at the first wash. She stared the face of Junior Kuttuvan with increasing fear, forgetting even to blink her eyes.

As an effort to amplify her nervousness, the servant maid struck the drum thrice to start the valor competition. Roja brandished her sword at high speed to pierce through the layers of atmosphere, like streaks of lightning. The friction of the sword with layers of air caused the emission of hissing sound of thousands of cobras. All the four competitors, except Junior Kuttuvan, entered into the arena and began to attack Roja at four sides. Junior Kuttuvan remained in the same point at stable equilibrium, without slightest vigor to take part in the valor competition. His strange behavior appeared to Roja as a consequence of his high amplitude of cowardice.

“Junior? Why did you keep yourself aloof from the arena of valor competition? I expect more talents from you for a victory. Jump into the area to gain this angel as a prize”, greeted Roja gibingly.

“I am not ready to fight with a woman, as a member of a team of soldiers. I wish to compete with you only as a duel. Give me first preference in the competition, as I have on urgency to leave the brown island”, hampered Junior Kuttuvan, imitating her sword brandishing style.

Artful Roja flew in the sky of imagination for a short period of time. “This Junior learnt my secret sex life. He escaped even from the poison of the first guard of the brown island by the mercy of god. Only his death will elongate my joyous future life. I should use this golden opportunity to kill this impotent coward”, imbued Roja imperceptibly.

“Friends, a good opportunity is waiting for you to enjoy a duel. Kindly assume this duel as a demonstration in your training scheme” joked Roja, a smile of sneer spreading on her face like the brightness of a fire fly.

The sword in the hand of Junior Kuttuvan played miracles to prove his skill in martial arts. His sword moved swiftly towards Roja along unexpected directions to immerse her in an ocean of worry. Roja waved her sword with perfect alertness, and moved backwards at little steps, as an effort for self defense. After movement for certain distance, she stabilized her feet at a particular location, and brandished her sword skillfully to stop the sword of Junior Kuttuvan at a span of distance away from her skin. Junior Kuttuvan revolved around her and tried his best to insert the sword tip into her heart of expanding cruelty. Roja rotated at the spot like a spinning top to scatter the sword of Junior Kuttuvan towards the dark side of failure.

When Junior Kuttuvan was in the depth of involvement in sword fighting, a servant maid on the stage exactly opposite to him pressed a lever under her right foot. A large circular section of the arena dipped downward suddenly, like a scene of a magic show. Junior Kuttuvan lost stability and rolled downward on the shutter in slanting position. There was a bevy of ten women on the floor of the underground room to trap the dropped competitors into the arms of slavery. Four of them waited with a spread of a square net to catch the competitors without injury, four of them with long spears to block their efforts to escape and the other two women with handcuffs to lock the competitors in slavery. The bevy of damsels noticed the fall of Junior Kuttuvan into trap of high craftiness and aligned to welcome him as a bonded labor to the gold mines of king Gangan.

At that critical time of emergency, wizardry Jinnee was behind Junior Kuttuvan in invisible form with high vigilance. He jumped quickly into the opening and stabilized his feet on the net spread by the damsels. He utilized the power of his two palms to push the feet of Junior Kuttuvan upwards with force. Junior Kuttuvan moved upwards piercing the screen of treachery of Roja like a rising sun. Frozen by the waves shock, Roja stood like an ice doll. Junior Kuttuvan stabilized his feet on the arena in front of her and waved his sword at high speed to produce high intensity hissing sound in air. Roja suffered a lot to control her trembling nerves and began her efforts to repulse the sword of Junior Kuttuvan away from her skin.

Wizardry Jinnee climbed on the stage in invisible form and pressed the right legs of the other three servant maids one after another with force. Three more shutters dipped downwards to expose the four traps of Roja on the arena. Activated by boiling anger, the four other competitors ran towards Roja with raised swords. The sudden twist exhausted the energy of Roja below the normal level and she ran fast along the edge of the arena to escape from the sharpness of the five swords. After chasing for half the circumference of the arena, Junior Kuttuvan stopped the chasing process, by the growth of a feeling of mercy. The fifth servant maid at the centra of the stage took a trumpet and blew at high pressure to produce a high intensity whistle.

Jinnee assumed the whistle as a signal to call a supportive force to lift Roja from the arms of scorching death. So he focused his attention towards the entrance of the arena. At that instant of time, another unexpected twist occurred to push him towards the dark side of failure. A flying dragon appeared abruptly in the scene and lifted Junior Kuttuvan in the clutches of its claws. The carnivorous flying dragon flew swiftly towards a mountain to enjoy the taste of the fatty flesh of Junior Kuttuvan. Wizardry Jinnee witnessed the scene of the tragedy only after the flying dragon crossed a large distance. He ran towards Roja at high speed in the form of repeated leaps and transformed into his original structure of human size. He kicked on the rump of Roja at utmost force. The high pressure of the bombardment rebounded Sheeja to the upper layer of the atmosphere. During her free fall under the action of gravity, she dropped on the head of a long coconut tree.

Jinnee sprang towards the coconut tree, and kicked at the middle trunk of the tree with high force. The reaction of the applied force vibrated the tree to high amplitude and scattered Roja away from its head. The fibrous root system of the tree lost its strength and the coconut tree pulled off from the strong hold of the soil. The stout coconut tree followed Roja as her own disciple. When Roja dropped on the surface of the earth, the coconut tree bombarded her with heavy force and crushed her soft glamorous body beyond recognition. Thus the treacherous story of artful Roja reached a tragic end.

Jinnee transformed into monstrous size and began to chase the flying dragon at high speed, keeping a big axe in his right hand. “Master, don’t worry. Your Jinnee is behind you to lift his master to a platform of safety”, lilted Jinnee laudably. Encouraged by the consoling words of Jinnee, the attractive face of Junior Kuttuvan exposed a magnetic smile instantly. Running behind the flying dragon, Jinnee tried his best to cut off the head of the flying dragon. His first five trials went futile. The flying dragon learnt its dangerous condition and started to fly towards higher layer of the atmosphere. Jinnee jumped high and cut off the head of the flying dragon in one endeavor. The claws of the flying dragon last strength and dropped Junior Kuttuvan from its grasp.

Jinnee transformed into a brown flying horse and held Junior Kuttuvan safely on his back. The flying horse flew towards the castle of Roja and stepped down on the arena. Jinnee transformed to human form of normal size, preserving his master Junior Kuttuvan safely in his warm hug. The bevy of fifteen servant maids of artful Roja moved towards them and genuflected to show their reverence. “Master, kindly excuse us for the crime for serving artful Roja. We beg for your blessing to accept as your obedient servants”, muffled a damsel, in a tone of increasing shiver.

“I am Junior Kuttuvan, the prince of Neyythal Land I assign the responsibility of administration of the brown island on your hands. You should select a group leader to increase the efficiency of administration”, notified Junior Kuttuvan nicely.

The eyes of the Jinnee searched the presence of Chandra in the group of servant maids and identified her at the backside of the group. “Chandra is a damsel with virtuous character. I select Chandra as the head of the administrative system in the brown island. Chandra is permitted to appoint required number of administrative staff and laborers at nominal remuneration for the normal function of the mines”, ordered Jinnee in a high intensity tone, like the trumpet of an elephant.

The announcement of honor, bombarded the nervous system of the damsel Chandra, like a shower of the sky at the time of scorching summer. Her face bloomed instantly like a fresh dahlia flower. She moved forward towards Junior Kuttuvan and stabilized before him with bowed head and folded hands. “Brother, I am Chandra, a bloom of downtrodden section of society. You gave me wings of power to serve the poor like an angel of the earth”, perked Chandra plenteously. Tear drops of joy rolled on her cheeks like sparkling crystals of diamond.

“The net income of the brown island should reach the hands of princes Aruna at the summer castle of former princess Amutha. Princes Aruna is the only daughter of king Gangan and Queen Amutha couple. She is also an intimate wife of this Junior Kuttuvan”, quoted Junior Kuttuvan in a voice of high pride.

“Chandra! We expect huge gold treasure hidden in this castle. You expose the gold coins to our eyes. We wish to distribute the gold coins to the bonded laborers working in the gold mines of the Brown Island for their Joyous future”, ranted Jinnee radiantly.

Chandra opened the door of a room at the ground level of the castle. A huge heap of gold coins captivated their eyes, and pushed them to the wonder of a fairy land. “Chandra! There is a huge spread of fertile land, without ownership in Neyythal Land. We require lakhs of youths to maintain the fertility of the soil redeeming the process of cultivation. Thousands of talented youths are locked in this green island as slaves. I want all of them as owners of the farms in Neyythal Land” sketched Junior Kuttuvan, as an effort to strengthen the hands of his own father.

“The idea of our master appears to be good. We shall send our workers to earn a life of luxury in Neyythal Land. There is ample of labor force in Marutha Land to work in our gold mines”, testified Chandra tersely.

“Distribute the stock of gold coins under our custody to the youths at the rate of thousand coins per head. There is only one condition to the youths to live as a landlord in Neyythal Land”, ushered Jinnee, keeping his face hard without the illumination of a smile.

“Our youths will dance in joy, praising our prince as a god of Neyythal Land. Your condition won’t block their freedom. They may value freedom as a blessing of god”, vouched Chandra venerably.

“Each youth should bring atleast hundred human resources with him More importance should be given to virgin women force”, witched Jinnee by his condition of positive motivation, to boost the population of Neyythal Land in geometric progression.

“The greed of gold treasure may captivate the youths to accept the condition. What can we do, if the youths hide their faces of deception from us, after gaining the heavy prize from this brown island?” yapped Chandra yieldingly.

“Make a written agreement with the youths individually before the distribution of the gold coins. We have a large army of wizardry Jinnee behind us. Just an imagination of deception will stop their last breathe on the surface of the earth”, affirmed Jinnee in a tone of high stress as a signal of warning.

“Our family may be on tension, praying for my safety. This is the best time for our journey towards the summer palace of Kurinchi Land”, bellowed Junior Kuttuvan breezily.

Jinnee began to walk towards the terrace of the castle. Junior Kuttuvan and the bevy of damsels followed him as his shadow. After reaching the terrace of the castle, Jinnee transformed into a brown flying horse and flew at low speed. Junior Kuttuvan ran behind him to a distance and sprang at high velocity to stabilize his feet on the flying horse. When Junior Kuttuvan sat conveniently on the flying horse, Jinnee accelerated his speed towards their destination.

The wheel of time rolled at usual speed. The scientific outlook of princess Aruna stretched to the nook and corner of Kurinchi Land and transformed it into a fertile region of green blanket. The word poverty vanished from the tongues of the citizens of Kurinchi Land. Two spring seasons of fragrant flowers bloomed and withered to prove the uncertainty of life. Princess Aruna earned the fame as the queen of Kurinchi Land without crown. The programme of compulsory martial training of prince Kuttuvan gained momentum in Kurinchi Land. The poverty stricken beauty angels on starvation in the southern states Marutha Land diffused in to Kurinchi Land and established a gender balance. Encouraged by the supports of the government machinery to the artists of different streams the beauty angels of neighboring states accumulated around the castle of princess Aruna. Though princess Aruna was respected as the queen of Kurinchi Land without a throne, Myna remained as the most powerful force behind the screen in all government policies of Kurinchi Land.

During that long period of two years, Neyythal Land transformed in to paradise on the surface of the earth. Attracted by the security measures, presentation of land ownership, high dignity to women folk and wide spread of recreational facilities, large population on starvation in dry areas of northern states of Hindustan migrated towards Neyythal Land. Prince Kuttuvan transformed into a powerful king on the throne of Neyythal kingdom with rapidly increasing population density. Queen Vanathi preserved high unwritten powers on her hand and her helping hands stretched throughout the Neyythal kingdom.

According to the instructions of Vanathi, the combined forces of Neyythal kingdom and Kurinchi Land besieged the magnetic fortress on one fine morning. Myna gave special advice to birdman Subban and bird woman Vanmathi at the last moment before the commencement of the battle. “The power of wizardry Jinnee will save our son Junior Kuttuvan from any peril. Princess Ratha and princess Aruna are most important personalities for the establishment of a stable Neyythal Empire. You both should be behind them to lift from any danger. I will commit suicide if you fail in your mission”, coerced Myna, waving her right hand as a warning signal.

At the same instant of time a portion of the infantry of Marutha kingdom was arranged on the top of the magnetic fortress. Another portion of the infantry approached the series of mechanical engines fixed at the foot of the magnetic fortress. The cavalry of king Gangan was organized in the form of three columns behind the gate of the magnetic fortress. King Gangan paid his personal visit to study the worthiness of arrangements of his army. He walked on the magnetic fortress to a span of distance to study the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy force. A long row of mechanical engines dropped in his field of view to vibrate the stability of his mind. The huge strength of the enemy force prickled his heart like a series of sharp needles. As he lost his majority of cavalry in the natural catastrophe around the dwelling of Vanathi, the strength of his cavalry appeared to be very scanty in comparison to the strength of the cavalry of king Kuttuvan.

He turned his attention towards his son captain Velan, the royal heir to the future Mathura Empire. “Captain Velan! Pull off our force of cavalry behind our royal palace. Arrange our monster army in two columns behind the gate of the magnetic fortress. This will help us to gain sure victory at the end of the battle with less energy”, dominated king Gangan dartingly. The pulling process of the cavalry of the magnetic fortress started immediately. The hundred member monster army was divided into two parts of equal strength and arranged behind the gate of the magnetic fortress in the forms of two arrays. The monsters preserved huge spears in their hands to attack the enemy force.

At that critical time, king Kuttuvan ordered to beat the royal drums as signal to start the war. A series of ten huge royal drums were stroke one after another to energize his own army and to spray terror in the nerves of the enemy force. He moved towards the array of the mechanical engines to analyze the effectiveness of their arrangement. “Launch the stone projectiles with accurate aim. Our spherical stones should bombard the top edge of the magnetic fortress to kill the enemy soldiers around the area and to scatter the strength of the magnetic fortress”, expedited king Kuttuvan, as an effort to initiate the war without time lag.

The order of king Kuttuvan was executed immediately. A series of huge stone spheres collided on the top edge of the magnetic fortress one after another and scattered the block of stones around the area. The soldiers on the top of the magnetic fortress were pushed to the width of the sky like pieces of straw on the spiral arm of a whirl wind. Twenty such stones bombarded the magnetic fortress successively at different areas. To the wonder of king Kuttuvan, the soldiers of the magnetic fortress remained idle, without launching any resistive projectiles. “Fill our twenty mechanical engines with another set of stone projectiles. Launch the projectiles towards the royal palace of king Gangan, to destroy the palace beyond recognition”, filliped Vanathi frantically.

The soldiers of Neyythal kingdom loaded the twenty mechanical engine with a spherical stones and pushed the engine forward to a distance for perfect aim of the tower of the castle. When the first projectile started its journey, the soldiers inside the campus of the magnetic fortress calculated the correct direction of orientation of the spherical stone projectile. They launched a stone projectile in the shape of a huge lance. The two projectiles bombarded with violent force above the area of the moat. The two projectiles exploded in to thousands of fragments and crushed the soldiers of Neyythal kingdom like a shower of meteorites from the sky. Large number of soldiers dropped to the ground like withered flowers from a laburnum tree.

With little hesitation, the soldiers of Neyythal kingdom launched the second stone projectile. The same fate occurred to the second projectile, causing higher destruction to the soldiers of Neyythal kingdom. So they stopped the process of launching such projectiles to minimize their own sufferings. The soldiers of the magnetic fortress utilized that golden opportunity to exhibit the high scientific brain of their king. Two spherical stone projectiles were launched from both sides of the entrance of the magnetic fortress. They bombarded in the sky above the area of the army of king Kuttuvan and exploded into a shower of stone fragments. Five such explosions occurred above the army of king Kuttuvan at different locations pushing the army of king Kuttuvan to the tortures of the hell.

During that time interval, castor oil was boiled in huge urns near ten launching vehicles. Ten enormous burnt clay pots with narrow mouths were dropped in to the boiling oil, and immersed into the oil using long poles. First two oil filled pots were lifted by winding ropes around the neck of the pots. These pots were stabilized on the launching pads of the mechanical engines. Four soldiers wearing armors to escape from the hotness of oil spill operated two launching vehicles. The oil filled pots bombarded in the sky above the army of Neyythal Kingdom and burst to spray boiling oil on the army of king Kuttuvans. Five such explosions occurred at different areas in the sky to inflict sufferings of death on the head of the soldiers of Neyythal kingdom.

When the soldiers of Neyythal kingdom were at the height of turbulence, the debut of another event occurred to tear their flesh into fragments. Twenty members of the giant army of king Gangan bounced on the magnetic fortress one after another, and began to walk on the top of the wall to some distance to originate waves of shiver into the nervous system of the soldiers of Neyythal kingdom. They suddenly jumped to the outer ground of the magnetic fortress and lifted the twenty spherical stone projectiles launched by the soldiers of Neyythal kingdom. They threw the stones on the enemy force at highest force, beyond the limit of imagination. Wizardry Jinnee bounced to the front and grasped a stone, which pushed him to a large distance, scattering the soldiers on its straight line path. The other nineteen projectiles crushed the soldiers on their path like a herd of sheep kicked by a mammoth.

At that time of evaporating hope of the army of Neyythal kingdom, the broad gate of the magnetic fortress opened slowly, emitting continuous high intensity noise. The two arrays of the giant army moved forward to spray higher shiver of fear into the nervous systems of the soldiers of Neyythal kingdom. They jumped to cross the moat and arranged as a row with large gap on the edge of the moat. The former twenty giant soldiers, who threw stone projectiles, also crossed the moat and elongated the row of the giant army.

The monster soldiers ran towards the battle field like spiral arms of whirl wind. They scattered the mechanical engines on their path into pieces by heavy blows of the gigantic lances on their hands. They kicked the warriors on their path to fly like birds without wings. Those soldiers bombarded on the hard crust of the earth and breathed their last. The monster soldiers inserted the tip of their spears into the horses on their path of progress and threw them away like accelerated projectiles. They grasped the proboscises of elephants, rotated once around them with less effort and threw them away like play toys of children.

Wizardry Jinnee transformed into a monster and opened a tough struggle with a giant warrior. At the same time he noticed king Kuttuvan, queen Vanathi, Myna, Princess Ratha, and Princess Aruna were on heavy struggle to insert their swords into the hearts of different monster warriors. Birdman Subban and Bird woman Vanmathi flew in the sky around two monster soldiers and put their maximum efforts to penetrate their sword into the eyes of the monsters. Jinnee tried his level best to smash the heart of his opponent. The fight dragged on indefinitely to boil his wrath.

A spiral arm of whirl wind approached the battle field, pulled king Kuttuvan into its spiral arm, and left the battle field at high velocity. Bird woman Vanmathi studied the movement of the battle towards negative side, lifted princess Ratha into her warm hug and flew away swiftly from the battle field. Birdman Subban flew rapidly towards Princess Aruna, pulled her safely to his back and escaped from the area of the highest peril. A monster warrior seized the hand of Vanathi and threw her into the height of the sky. Myna ran behind her and stretched her hands to hold Vanathi safely. As per her expectation Vanathi dropped on the cradle of her hands in a state of unconsciousness. Myna dropped her affectionately on her shoulder and ran from the battle field of scorching danger.

Jinnee noticed the dangerous struggle of his master Junior Kuttuvan with a monster warrior, rebounding hither thither like a rubber ball. In order save his master to the platform of safety, Jinnee wished to stop his struggle with monster warriors. He touched his right hand on the head of the monster soldier and applied his wizardry spell to transform him to a man of normal size. He kicked him on the rump toward the magnetic fortress. The warrior bombarded with three soldiers on the magnetic fortress and pushed them to the ground to experience higher pain of collision.

Jinnee transformed into a brown flying horse, flew swiftly towards Junior Kuttuvan and inserted his head between the thighs of Junior Kuttuvan. The flying horse flew skillfully along the gap between the monster soldiers and escaped from the battle field of the boiling peril. The live soldiers of Neyythal kingdom ran in different directions to save their skin from the area of sure death. Thus the king Gangan hoisted the victory flag in the battle of magnetic fortress with little efforts.

The long cherished dream of Vanathi to form a Neyythal Empire combining the total area of Neyythal kingdom, Marutha kingdom and Kurinchi kingdom burst like an air bubble. Her worthless imagination robbed the lives of a large population of innocent soldiers and supported to the spread the fame of king Gangan throughout the width of Hindustan. The victory in the battle of the magnetic fortress with very little effort boosted his energy to start horse ritual to conquer all the princely states in Hindustan. He confirmed that no principality in Hindustan would endeavor to oppose his army of monsters.

“My twenty years of sincere penance yielded only sufferings of a torrid desert to my kith and kin. The powers of the vampire of magnetic fortress crossed the energy of the satan of the hell. I am ashamed to breathe more to live a worthless life as a symbol of failure”, grieved Vanathi, with shivering lips and leaking eyes.

“Failures are stepping stones of success. Kindly don’t boil in tension to lose your trust on a bright future” hushed Vanmathi humbly.

“I am not ready to sacrifice more blossoms of our garden to the altar of king Gangan. I learnt that the seeds of dreams won’t germinate to give us groves of cool shadow”, interposed Vanathi, in a shivering tone of evaporated hope.

“The main obstacle for our victory is the monster army of king Gangan. Why can’t we form a monster army of double the strength to defeat king Gangan?”

“A minimum period of ten years will be required to grow a lad into a monster. If we start such a trial, King Gangan may produce more monsters to teach us another hot lesson”.

“Then let us search a technology to kill the whole monster army without the knowledge of king Gangan”.

“Wow! This appears to be good idea. How can we transform our dream into reality?”

“The residential camp of the monster army is the stone fortress. I shall fly to the stone fortress in the darkness of a new moon to add poison to their drinking water”.

“Your plan appears to be good. But it has high magnitude of risk factor. Myna will try to kill me, if I involved you in such a work of high peril”.

“We can’t approach the stone fortress along land route. Think deep to utilize sky as our medium of transport to annihilate the monster army of king Gangan”, justified bird woman Vanmathi judiciously.

Vanathi flew on wings of imagination in the width of the sky to select a good technology to vanquish the terror spreading monster army of king Gangan. After a long period of dip into the depth of the ocean of imagination, she snatched the glittering pearls of her endeavor. “Aha! God blessed me with an excellent idea for our climb to the peak of victory. I still remember the formula to manufacture wilajit. I shall produce a flying army of thousand members to burn the monster army of king Gangan”, laminated Vanathi, as an effort to wipe the stain of failure from the face of king Kuttuvan.

“Your idea is a sparkling diamond to decorate the crown of future Neyythal Empire. Let us choose five hundred teenage boys and five hundred teenage girls from lower stratum of society. They can be transformed into a flying army within a short period of three months”, maximized bird woman Vanmathi meritoriously.

“I like to see our Sooryan flying in the sky, as the first flying lion of the world. Kindly include Sooryan as a member of our flying army”, negotiated Myna with high stress in her tone.

According to the instruction of Vanathi, a team of youths wandered throughout the area of the Neyythal kingdom to collect all the medicinal plants in the list prepared by Vanathi in required quantity. The medicinal plants were washed to remove the dirt, and crushed separately in huge mortars utilizing large pestles. The pounded medicinal plants were pressed in thin cotton shawls and juices were collected in different bowls. Vanathi mixed the juices in a huge bowl in correct proportion stated by Prof Sukran in the formula for the preparation of wilajit. The dilute form of wilajit was boiled on a furnace for long period of time to evaporate the water content, till the magic medicine wilajit attain the required concentration.

Two stone fortresses were established as campuses for the production of flying army, one for flying men and the other flying women. Five hundred teenage boys and five hundred teenage girls were collected on voluntary basis and transferred to the respective stone fortresses to induct them to the influence of the magic medicine. The responsibility to study the stages of growth of wings, and to conduct the training programme for skill development were laid on birdman Subban and bird women Vanmathi. Myna preserved the duty to feed magic medicine wilajit to Sooryan on her hand.

The expected fullmoon day arrived to roast king Gangan in the burning hotness of failure. Before that most auspicious day in the history of Neyythal kingdom, slices of fuel wood were preserved in heaps in dense forest at short distance from the magnetic fortress. Highly inflammable fuel oil was also reserved in jars. The family of king Kutuvan and the flying army reached the area to start the attack. They hid inside the blanket of darkness till midnight. Vanathi stepped on a rock after midnight, keeping a torch in her right hand. All the members of the group surrounded the rock to listen the last moment instruction of their honorable queen.

“I select our king as the leader of the team of flying soldiers. He will fly on our Sooryan to show you the correct path to the stone fortress. He will be followed by birdman Subban and bird woman Vanmathi. Our king will revolve around the stone fortress in the sky to give you last moment instructions at critical times”, ordered queen Vanathi officially.

There was perfect silence of vacuum in that area. All the eyes were focused on the face of queen Vanathi, in the fear to miss most significant words of her idea. At that moment of high importance, Myna was in the depth of a deep thinking, her eyes wandering between the faces of king Kuttuvan and Junior Kuttuvan. Then she focused the vision of her eyes on princess Ratha and princess Aruna and her eyes refused to move from their faces of high glamour.

“I divided our warriors into four groups. The first group of eight hundred warriors should carry a bundle of dry wood soaked in fuel oil to drop inside the stone fortress. The second group of hundred warriors should take torches to add fire to the stone fortress. The third group of fifty soldiers should carry jars of fuel oil to spray on the royal palace of king Gangan. The fourth group of fifty warriors should carry torches to throw on the castle of King Gangan. Our king will take final decision according to the climatic condition in the campus of the magnetic fortress”, pealed queen Vanathi, the hardness of power spreading on her face like a thick blanket.

Vanathi had high trust on the success of her plan of perfection. So she prepared two scripts of instruction on two silk shawls. “The coronation function of king Kuttuvan will be conducted in the royal assembly of the magnetic fortress on tomorrow morning. From tomorrow the consolidated area of Marutha kingdom, Kurinchi kingdom and Neyythal kingdom will be called as Neyythal Empire. Be ready to welcome your emperor to enjoy the freedom and progress of a righteous rule”. She laid the responsibility to drop the two scripts of instruction in the campus of the magnetic fortress to birdman Subban.

Vanathi originated a high intensity whistle as a signal to start the flight towards the mystery of the magnetic fortress. Sooryan remained idle for a span of time without grasping the significance of the whistle. The artful mind of Myna planned to utilize that golden opportunity to push her three children to the zenith of power in future Neyythal Empire.

“Junior Kuttuvan is the hero blessed by god to vanqish the vampire of the magnetic fortress. Even Sooryan waits for the ascent of his honorable brother to work as his vehicle of victory”, quelled Myna quixotically. She pulled Junior Kuttuvan towards Sooryan by the application of heavy force and lifted him to the back of Sooriyan in front of king Kuttuvan she grasped the right hand of king Kuttuvan by the strong grip of her right hand and pulled him to step down from the back of Sooryan. That sudden twist of event originated hot waves for the dissipation of the affinity bond between the members of the family.

King Kuttuvan stared Myna with eyes of burning hotness. The face of Vanathi faded instantly like a plucked lotus flower preserved in solar radiation. At the same instant of time, brightness spread on the faces of princess Ratha and princess Aruna, as if illuminated by thousands of fire flies. As an effort to support the plan of her child, bird woman Vanmathi spread her wings, and produced another whistle of higher intensity to accelerate Sooryan towards their destination. She fluttered her wings at low frequency to start the journey of the flying army towards the magnetic fortress. Birdman Subban followed Vanmathi with higher energy. The flying lion Sooryan spread his huge wings and followed them to push his brother to the height of glory.

Wizardry Jinnee transformed in to a brown flying horse and flew at low velocity at low altitude. Myna ran behind the flying horse to certain distance and sprang towards it at high speed. She reached the target of her aim with perfection and sat conveniently on the flying horse to supply her energy to her son at critical time. The army of eight hundred soldiers followed them swiftly, carrying bundles of fuel wood slices soaked in fuel oil. An army of fifty flying soldiers carrying fuel oil jars started their journey towards the mystery of the magnetic fortress. They were followed by a team of one hundred and fifty warriors holding the torches in a safety position. Bird woman Vanmathi and birdman Subban stepped down in front of the entrance of the stone fortress. They locked the door perfectly and joined Junior Kuttuvan and Myna to enjoy the scene of destruction of the roots of cruelty of king Ganagn.

The eight hundred member flying army flew in the sky above the stone fortress at low velocity. The second team of hundred flying warriors holding the torches put fire to the bundles of fuel wood. The burning fuel wood bundles were dropped inside stone fortress at different locations. A rising jet of flame spread rapidly throughout the whole area of the stone fortress. The huge flame of fire consumed every trash that dropped in its trap, while the giant army of king Gangan was under the depth of a deep sleep. No member of the giant army escaped from the burning hunger of the monster flame.

The remaining hundred members of the flying army flew towards the royal palace of king Gangan. The group of fifty flying warriors sprayed fuel oil on the royal palace fabricated from the first quality teakwood. The fourth group of fifty flying soldiers dropped torches on the castle to be consumed by the flame of fire. The greedy arms of flame spread throughout the palace at rapid speed to scorch the stone heart of king Gangan.

At that instant of spreading flame, king Gangan was immersed in the depth of ocean of sleep. The burning hotness of the environment pulled king Gangan to the peak of alertness. He peeped outside through a window and studied his pitiable condition in the middle of spreading flames of fire at high speed. He ran at fast rate toward the stable at the back side of his royal palace. He bounced swiftly on his black flying horse, and accelerated it to escape from the flames of charring hotness.

“Today should be the last day in the life history of the vampire of the magnetic fortress. Junior! Chase him to stop his last breathe. The whole women community of Hindustan will praise you as the best hero of the world”, raved Myna, as an effort to push Junior Kuttuvan to the height of victory. The flying lion Sooryan emitted high intensity roars repeatedly to create violent turbulence of a heavy storm around the area in the sky. Sooryan flew at higher speed crossing velocity of sound and appeared before king Gangan to show his brother Junior Kuttuvan as an angel of heaven.

The sudden appearance of the roaring lion within the range of easy attack spread waves of fear in the nervous system of the flying horse of king Gangan. As a consequence of loss of hope to resist the ferocious lion, the flying horse turned direction to escape from the sharp claws of the lion. After a short chasing competition between the flying lion and the flying horse, bird women Vanmathi appeared at the front of the flying horse to teach a hot lesson to her foe king Gangan.

“I appeared to write your life history as a story of tragedy. Today morning our Neyythal Empire will emerge in the campus of your magnetic fortress. You shall watch the coronation function of our emperor, while enjoying the tortures of hell”, scoffed birdman Vanmathi sarcastically. She pulled a sword from her back and flew towards king Gangan at high speed to pierce his heart by the heavy pressure of her hand. To her shock, he also drew a sword from his back as a last effort to save his life from the darkness of failure. A tough sword fight started between them to snatch the fruit of victory.

“Mom, don’t waste our precious time by playing like a dancer on a stage drama. Act at lightning speed to pierce the heart of the vampire”, terrified Myna, aiming an arrow to drill a hole in the heart of king Gangan. Bird woman Vanmathi pulled a dagger from her waist belt and threw it at high force towards the heart of king Gangan. The sharp tip of the high speed dagger penetrated the heart of king Gangan to push his soul to the sufferings of the hell. After a span of time, the corpse of king Gangan dropped on the royal road in the campus of the magnetic fortress, like a withered garland of jasmine flowers

“Wow! The life long dream of my mother emerged into a blossom of victory. The matchless prowess of my mom will be written in golden letters on the pages of history of the world”, ushered Myna uniquely. Birdman Subban dropped the two scripts of instruction on the royal road very close to the crushed corpse of king Gangan. The successful flying army of king Kuttuvan flew back to the forest to celebrate the blooming of Neyythal Empire.

As per the plan of Vanathi, procession of the retinue of king Kuttuvan began towards the magnetic fortress. When the procession approached the vicinity of the magnetic fortress, the thousand members of the flying army of Neyythal Empire spread in the sky above the campus of the magnetic fortress to start a sudden attack if there was explosion of any opposing force. At that auspicious instant of time, a series of conches were blown at the top of the magnetic fortress, as a signal to welcome the future Emperor of the Neyythal Empire. A convoy of milky white doves was allowed to fly from the top of the Magnetic Fortress as a symbol of international peace. A huge white flag was hoisted by prince Velan, at the entrance of the magnetic fortress to symbolize the establishment of a reign of peace inside the campus of the magnetic fortress.

The broad wooden bridge was lowered on the moat for the easy entry of their emperor Kuttuvan and his followers. When they stepped their feet into the campus of the magnetic fortress, they noticed two arrays of the queens of king Gangan on both sides of the royal road. They welcomed their emperor with a shower of fragrant flowers. There was a thick spread of blossoms on the royal road up to the royal throne inside the general assembly, of the magnetic fortress. When king Kuttuvan entered into royal assembly the audience welcomed him with a bloomed face of highest joy. “Victory to Emperor Kuttuvan! Long live Emperor Kuttuvan! Glory to Emperor Kuttuvan!” venerated the welcome team of the general assembly, raising slogans of praise like the reverberation of a rolling thunder.

When they stepped into the assembly hall, the high level government officials on the rows of seats at both sides of the assembly stood up, and bowed their heads to show their reverence to the new emperor. A highly decorated royal throne was at the centre of a wide elevated platform at back side of the assembly. A diamond crown and a diamond scepter were kept on a table at the left side of the royal throne. There were three rows of thrones of lower dignity behind the royal throne. All the family members of Vanathi occupied the thrones to enjoy the coronation function.

After a period of perfect silence inside the general assembly, the royal priest of the magnetic fortress stood up to conduct the coronation ceremony. A servant maid stroke the royal bell thrice as a signal to start the most auspicious function of the magnetic fortress. At that critical time of highest significance, Myna moved towards the royal throne, preserving a sharp dagger on her right hand. “Priest, sit down on your honorable seat, if you wish to live for more time. I shall act as the priest for the coronation function”, warned Myna, like a high intensity ringing sound of a bell.

The attention of the whole audience of the general assembly shifted towards the direction of Myna. King Kuttuvan stared her with burning eyes. Myna neglected the opposing forces as ripples on the surface of a lake. She pulled two more thrones on a line with the royal throne. She turned her face towards the members of her family and aimed the sharp tip of the dagger towards her heart. All the members of the royal family expected a sudden twist, as a consequence of her high level dramatization. She turned swiftly towards the audience to analyze their degree of attention.

“Dear citizens, princess Ratha and princess Aruna are the most prowess offspring of King Gangan. Princess Aruna was selected as the heir to the royal throne by king Gangan by a series of valor competitions. The power of the magnetic fortress should transfer to the offspring of our princesses in future. So I select Junior Kuttuvan as the emperor of the Neyythal Empire”, announced Myna ardently. Her sonorous sound attacked all members the general assembly like a sudden lightning stroke.

Myna pulled Junior Kuttuvan by the force of her right hand and pushed him on the royal throne, neglecting his opposing force as insignificant weight of a toy. She decorated the head of Junior Kuttuvan with the royal crown and pressed the royal scepter in his right hand. “I appoint prince Kuttuvan as the general of all denominations of army in Neyythal Empire and Vanathi as the chief Minister of the empire. I appoint birdman Subban as the captain of our flying army”, barked Myna, to focus herself as the most powerful member of the royal family.

Vanathi controlled her heavy shock caused by the high level dramatization of Myna. Her tongue lost power to pronounce even single word against the twisted game of Myna. After a long hesitation for a span of time, she stood up to expose an artificial smile on her face. She pulled princess Ratha and princes Aruna from their seats and blessed them with the royal thrones of the queens of the Neyythal Empire. “Victory to emperor Junior Kuttuvan! Victory to Neyythal Empire! Long live the royal couple!” cheered Myna chivalrously. The audience reflected her slogans at higher intensity in exploding joy.

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