Magnetic Fortress

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Damsel Hunting Expedition

During next day early morning, the sun appeared in the eastern horizon like a red hot fire ball. The sky was gloomy, owing to the anguish for the expectation of heavy blood shed in Kurinchi Land. The dark rain bearing clouds lowered their speed of swim in the ocean of the sky, and began to shower drizzle as tear droplets for the expected turbulence of the innocent souls of Kurinchi Land. The choir of thunder and lightning entered the border areas to launch obstacles to the free movement of the special hunting cavalry of King Gangan. The convoy of birds at rest on tree branches chirped aloud and flew randomly like arrows shot by untrained archers. Even the wild animals in the forest, began to run away from the area, as if chased by their mighty foes. The innocent Kurinchi people started running randomly, like a hive of bees stoned by a heartless hunter.

Captain Vindan, the general of cavalry of Marutha Land, formed a special hunter brigade of cavalry, selecting thousand ruffians from his army. That hunter brigade of cavalry entered into the outskirt of Kurinchi Land like a series of roaring tsunami waves. The giant eagle of King Gangan flew in the sky in front of the army, fluttering its enormous wings like a guide for the swift marching of the army. The high frequency vibrations of huge wings of the eagle perturbed the air around the area, causing the origin of the turbulence of a storm.

King Gangan, the king of Marutha Land, was at the head of the hunter cavalry. He was accompanied by captain Vindan, the captain of the cavalry, followed by the brigade of thousand selected stone hearted horsemen. The cavalry galloped through the villages, like a heavy flood formed by the abrupt eruption of a huge water storage dam. Majority of soldiers kept long sharp spears as weapon and others carried swords, bow and arrows or chains with iron spheres at the end as tools of slaughter.

The debut of bloody damsel hunting process started in Kurinchi land to cause blood stains in the golden pages of the ancient history of Hindustan. The ruffians of the cavalry slaughtered the innocent people of Kurinchi land mercilessly, without distinction between young and old, men and women or children and youths. Only colorful slim damsels of beauty were preserved for future utilization as queens of Marutha land. The selected damsels were locked in waist rings and tied to a huge long iron chain, stretched between two tremendous tamarind trees.

The cavalry of Marutha Land penetrated the villages of Kurinchi Land like a cyclone of high velocity. The hard stone hearted ruffians fired all the huts on their way, as a step to destroy the acclaimed civilization of Kurinchi Land. The lamb like innocent people rushed outside to escape from the scorching flames of fire. The rogues pierced them with their long spears and threw them away like projectiles of war. The people those escaped from the sharp edges of the spears were chased by the brutal with swords, and cut off like tender banana plants without a tint of mercy.

The youths who showed resistance were surrounded by the hunters with chains attached to iron spheres. The soft flesh of the poor Kurinchi citizens were teared off by the heavy bombardment of hard iron spheres, like the rose garlands on the hands of a monkey on wrath. The amplitude of tortures inflicted on the youths crossed the sufferings of sinners in the hell. The high impulse of collision of iron spheres crushed the head of those youths, like tender coconuts under the feet of elephants on rut. Some active children diffused briskly under the horses, as an effort to escape from the clutches of death. The horsemen chased them without pity and pierced their hearts, shooting sharp arrows. Thus the special hunter cavalry of King Gangan spread horror in the fertile villages of Kurinchi Land, turning them into deserts of corpses.

The giant eagle of King Gangan too acted as an agent of death, supporting for the victory of his damsel hunting expedition. During the flight, it suddenly flew downwards and lifted the people as prey, who escaped from the sharp eyes of the hunters. The eagle shifted innocent people to high altitude and dropped the load, without slightest shade of pity. The cries of the prey under its strong grasp enchanted it like a sweet music of rhythm. It enjoyed the collision of the prey with the rough surface of the earth and the spray of blood blossoms as a sky high achievement of talent. In a nutshell, the annihilation caused by cyclone of King Gangan crossed the limits of imagination, exceeding the destruction that would be inflicted by the penetration of thousands of hungry tigers into a remote hamlet. The special hunting brigade of cavalry of King Gangan proved without doubt that learned greedy human rogues were the real weeds to the growth of crops of civilization.

During his blow as a devastating tornado, King Gangan witnessed the existence of a beautiful villa, in the midst of a flower garden. That villa appeared to him as the residence of a beautiful angel of the earth. The closed front door of the mini castle stood as an obstacle to his freedom of migration. The soldiers took torches to put the villa into the flames of fire. “Captain, I expect a wonderful damsel inside this villa. Don’t try to scorch that angel by the hotness of fire. I wish to wear her as a fresh blossom in my heart. Better break the door without disturbing the softness of her skin” ordered king Gangan arduously.

A soldier broke the door completely with a large axe. King Gangan stepped down from the horse and entered into the villa, keeping his sword ready for self defense. He was followed by captain Vindan and five other soldiers as body guards. When they crossed the reception hall, a middle aged couple appeared to stop their free motion as a breeze.

“Who are you? Who gave you right to step into my house?” fermented the man with a loud voice of wrath. King Gangan stared him without a shade of reverence like a worm rolling in foul smelling stagnant water of a gutter.

“I am King Gangan, the famous king of Marutha Land. I am a cyclone with enormous power to penetrate into the privacy of any house” hissed King Gangan, focusing his eyes to the next room to trace the appearance of a damsel of sparkling beauty.

“This is the temple of a holy angel. Vampires have no permission to breathe pure air of fragrance of this temple. Kindly help to preserve the purity of this villa” implored the man impatiently.

“I want the angel of this temple. I will declare her as the queen of Marutha Land” jibbed King Gangan, staring him to study the color of his face.

“No ghost of Kurinchi Land will accept to live as the queen of a vampire,” leered the man without any shade of fear on his face.

“Your tongue crossed the limits of hospitality. Do you know the fruit of sin?”

“Cowards die daily, men of prowess die only once”.

“I bless you with the fruit of your valor” menaced King Gangan malignantly. He pulled the hand of the man with heavy wrath and kicked him violently behind. A soldier penetrated his spear into the heart of that innocent man and threw him away with strong force. The man bombarded violently with a wall and scattered on the floor, like a withered wreath of lotus petals.

“Alas! God! These beasts are killed my innocent husband. Let lightning burn these rascals! Let snake bite these rogues! Let flood wash these thugs into the hell of death” nudged the women nauseously. She drew a dagger from her waist dress and bounced towards him to pierce his heart, like a ferocious tiger in action. King Gangan escaped from her dagger by a skillful twist. The soldiers surrounded her quickly for the defense of their king.

“Vindan! Look at these women of chastity. She will evaporate us by her curse of virtue. Be careful to escape from her wizardry dagger” offended King Gangan, bursting into a sneering laughter. All the soldiers enjoyed the joke with exploding laughter of mirth.

King Gangan gave little time for the shivering action of the courageous women on tears. She sprang around the area repeatedly like a blood thirsty ghost to kill King Gangan. Realising the importance of time, king Gangan cut off her head with a single blow of heavy force. “Vindan, for me the blood of Kurinchi Land is cheaper than the water of Marutha Land. Let us convert hamlets of Kurinchi into lakes of blood. Let us float the corpses of Kurinchi citizens on the blood lakes like boats for our speedy travel” panicked King Gangan perniciously.

At that instant Karpagam, the only daughter of the dead couple, rushed into the scene like a flash of lightning, pointing her sword towards the heart of King Gangan to penetrate it instantly. He escaped within a narrow gap of a hair by a sudden bounce and her sword pierced the heart of a soldiers stood behind him. She pulled the sword quickly and bounced again towards King Gangan, to chop off of his head. King Gangan proved his skill in warfare by his brilliant defense techniques. The soldiers of King Gangan surrounded her with stretched spears to drill pores in her body. “Soldiers, I like this angel of valor. She is the best selection as the brave future queen of Marutha Land. Kindly catch her without any marks on her soft skin of glamour” quailed King Gangan, rebounding around the area like a rubber ball to escape from her repeated efforts to insert the sword into his heart.

“Autocrat, I will revenge you for the death of my parents. No god can save you from my blood thirsty sword. I won’t adorn your Zenana in any generation of my birth. I value death higher than surrendering my virginity to a vampire” retorted Karpagam riotously. All the endeavors of Karpagam went fruitless. The soldiers surrounded her on all sides, pressed spear edges on her skin and arrested her in chain.

During his damsel hunting expedition, King Gangan noticed the movement of a shadow behind a house. The shadow attracted his attention as a damsel of extraordinary charm. “Vindan, a beautiful damsel is hiding behind that house. Let us trap her into our custody to transform that angel into future queen of Marutha Land. I expect her to be a good mother of my brave children” snarled King Gangan shrewdly.

They deviated their path of motion towards that area of disturbance with ten more soldiers. They saw a beautiful damsel running towards a horse on the shade of a tree at a distance. “Soldiers, don’t allow the girl to escape from our hunting operation. All of you rush forward along both sides to form a fort behind her to stop her forward motion. I wish to study the fitness of this girl as future queen of Neyythal Land” twittered King Gangan, stretching his right hand towards her. The ten horsemen accelerated their horses along the sides and stood as a shield to block her escape from that area.

The girl bounced on the horse with high expertise and rushed towards King Gangan, aiming a spear towards his heart for perfect penetration. King Gangan challenged her with a sneering smile on his face. She used the spear as a sword and charged him from different directions. The spear on his hand played games for self defense. The continuous futile efforts threw fire of anger into the heart of the damsel and she changed the mode of attack to break the head of King Gangan.

“Angel, you are very beautiful. I shall decorate you as the queen of Marutha Land. I shall oscillate you on the swing of joy. I shall surrender all the luxuries of the world under your feet. Kindly accept the shower of honor on your head from the king of magnetic fortess” urged King Gangan uxoriously.

“Demon, kurinchi la nd is my mother country. You insulted my mother beyond the limits of forgiveness. I won’t allow you to breathe more fresh air of Kurinchi Land” vilified the girl virulently. She pulled a dagger from her waist and charged King Gangan with high force. King Gangan changed direction of flight of the dagger by the bombardment of his spear. The dagger which failed to hit the forget, pierced the trunk of a nearby tree and lost its energy.

“Wow! Your aim of the target is perfect. You are the best angel to sit on the throne of Marutha Land. I shall decorate you from toe to hair with gold jewels of sparkling beauty. Our Marutha Land is waiting to welcome you with a spread of red rose carpets” wheedled King Gangan wistfully.

“I love my mother land. Patriotism is my breathing air. Chastity is my soul. I won’t surrender my virginity to a vampire” yelled the girl, bursting into a sneering laughter.

The spark emitting bombardments of the spears continued for a definite period of time. Both of them rolled around the area like two whirl winds to pluck the fruit of victory. “King, Let me kill this cyclone piercing with arrows. She can’t be tamed into an obedient citizen of magnetic fortress. Death is the only remedy for the stupidity of this belle” altercate captain Vindan antagonistically.

“This angel reminds me of the tigress of Neyythal Land. This angel will give birth to mighty children. She will grow our children into prowess heroes of Marutha Land. You pierce the heart of her horse with your spear” bellowed King Gangan brutally.

Captain Vindan projected his spear towards the neck of the horse of that belle. The spear sharply penetrated the trachea of the horse. The horse staggered for a short moment to indicate its journey towards the gate of death. The girl jumped down to the ground from her horse to continue her tough fight with the villain of her heart. The ten horsemen blocked her in spear edges and put a waist ring to lock her in a long stout chain.

The news of slaughter of citizens of Kurinchi Land by King Gangan flew to distant hamlets as on wings. As an effort to save their intimate offsprings from the cruelty of the special hunting cavalry of King Gangan, some parents compelled their youths to diffuse into nearest forests. Majority of beautiful damsels were also on the run to escape from the lifelong tortures on the hands of the monster King Gangan. Though the heartless annihilation process of King Gangan continued indefinitely, the rate of capture of damsels decreased very rapidly to his surprise. At that instant of weariness, he saw a bevy of hundreds of beautiful damsels running fast like a fold of sheep chased by a band of robbers.

“Vindan, Hundreds of beautiful peacocks fly towards the plateau to bamboozle our eyes. Divert our cavalry to catch all the damsels without even a bruise on their skin,” clamored king Gangan chivalrously.

Selvan blew a trumpet aloud to attract the attention of the soldiers on harsh hunting process around the area. There was a huge flow of cavalry towards them like a whirl wind of high velocity. “Soldiers, bring all the damsels into our custody. No girl should be permitted to diffuse into the forest.” directed Captain Vindan, deftly.

The damsels rushed forward with utmost efforts to escape from the horrible clutches of the cavalry of King Gangan. All of them ran towards a suicide point, to jump into a deep cavern of sure death. The damsels bounced in to deep den of horrible death, continuously like a shower of blossoms. The soldiers succeeded in catching only two damsels into their safe custody.

“Alas! What a horrible scene of pity! I can’t imagine the withering of hundreds of fragrant flowers by their mere stupidity. Their ignorance crossed the frontiers of hell,” extemporized King Gangan exasperatingly.

The mass suicide attempt of the beauty angels of Kurinchi Land boiled the senses of King Gangan beyond the limits of control. He roamed around the area like a rabid dog and reaped the human crops, without slightest mercy on their tenderness.

When he was at the height of hotness, he witnessed the diffusion of a slim waist damsel of charm behind trees. “Aha! What a sparking glamour of heaven! No other girl melted my heart as a spark of lighting like this angel of charm. This is the best damsel to illuminate my Zenana to the dazzling beauty of heaven” fumbled King Gangan, diverting his horse swiftly towards her orientation. Ten soldiers rushed behind him to capture the parrot of wonder to lock in the golden cage of the Marutha Land harem.

To the surprise of King Gangan, the damsel of charm escaped from the eyes of King Gangan, like the diffusion of a puff of smoke. King Gangan wandered around the area of dense forest to trace her with burning wrath. At that instant, the girl pounced on his horse behind him from the branch of a tree. She kicked him violently on his back with high pressure. That unexpected blow of heavy force pushed him into the ground like a lumbered log of wood. The sword in his hand flew to a distance and stood straight perpendicular to the ground, its sharp edge piercing the soil to a depth.

She jumped near to the sword like an expert acrobat of high skill. She pulled the sword quickly, and sprang towards King Gangan very fast like a flash of lighting. She lowered the sword with tremendous impulse to drill pore in his heart. At that critical time of turbulence, the heartless hands of fate stretched towards King Gangan to support his human harvesting process for another thirty years. Vindan, the captain of the cavalry, approached the area of perturbation followed by ten soldiers. The spear on his hand penetrated the damsel dislocating her aim, to save the Satan from the clutches of death. The pure soul of the damsel flew towards the paradise to enjoy the everlasting joy, leaving her fragrant body like a withered garland of rose flowers.

The fury of King Gangan for human slaughter infected his pet eagle and it crossed its master in the thirst for human blood. It pulled human blossoms to the higher altitudes of sky, with its strong iron clutches. At upper atmosphere of the sky, the eagle removed its grip to enjoy the consequences of the bombardment of the body with the hard crust of the earth. The rut of the eagle for human hunting increased at higher rate to due to the applauses received from the cavalry of Marutha Land.

The horrible damsel hunting process of King Gangan stirred unbearable worry in the heart of the sun. As a consequence of his weariness, he began to pull off his millions of light rays that energized the organisms of the earth. The sun painted the western sky with spectacular displays of red shades of light.

“Majestic King, The sun is on the verge of disappearing in the western horizon. This is the right time for our return journey. The darkness of night may put many hurdles in the path of progress of our expedition” glossed Captain Vindan gallantly.

“Vindan! A full moon night is approaching very fast. Our soldiers are on heavy fatigue due to excessive toil. Let us select a plane area for our camp. We shall start our return journey of victory at tomorrow dawn” hailed King Gangan, focusing his sharp vision forward to a distance to study the nature of movements. Selvan diverted his attention in that direction with a glare in his face.

“Majestic King, A belle is running in the midst of a colonnade of trees. I expect a convoy of doves around the area. This is a rare chance for us to stop our harvest of today with a joyous victory” illumined Selvan imploringly.

“Wow! Let us divert our hunters to that area of wonderful blooms.” Jarred King Gangan accelerating his horse forward like a projectile launched with high velocity.

During their efforts for survival, five damsels saw a heavy heap of piled slices of fuel wood in the open ground of a wood merchant. “Friends, what is the use of running as an orphan to save our useless lives? Why should we live a lonely life of tragedy without our parents, brothers and sisters?” lamented a girl loathingly.

“Ravishment on the hands of that vampire will be a horrible experience. My nerves shiver by the fear of King Gangan.” mourned another girl melancholically.

“Chastity is a blessing for women. Harlots have no permission of entry in to the holiness of heaven. I hate to experience the tortures of hell,” nattered a damsel nervously.

“I wish to enter into the virtuous rule of god as a pure damsel of virginity. A scorching life in the midst of human beats without the shade of our parents will be a bitter experience of bloody tortures. Is there any shortcut method to evade from the misery of fate?” ostracized a girl, tear drops rolling down from her eyes like crystals of diamond.

“Wow! Here occurs a nice chance for our direct entry into the heaven as angels of holiness. Let us convert that pile of wood into a huge funeral pyre for human sacrifice of virgins of Kurinchi Land” proselytized first girl perilously.

“Aha! This is an attractive idea for a happy life with our parents. The mercy of god crossed the limits of the sky for inspiring us with a wonderful idea of merits. Let us put fire into stake of fuel wood,” quacked a damsel, by her words of high worthiness, with a bloomed face like a lotus at sunrise.

After a span of time, a huge flame of funeral pyre was prepared. “Friends, the galloping sounds of cavalry approach at high speed. Let us start our effort for direct entry into the joy of heaven. Our parents will be ready with smiling faces to bless us with a warm welcome” ratified a damsel by her sparkling smile of lightning streaks. From a large distance, she ran like a roe and jumped into the flame, assuming the funeral fire as a swimming pool.

At that moment of highest perturbation, King Gangan entered into the scene of greatest horror. “Alas! Wonderful blossoms of beauty are on efforts to burn themselves into the bed of flames. Stop them from total destruction to decorate our harem with fresh flowers of charm” simmered king Gangan snappily. A number of horsemen rushed to the area to stop the process of voluntary sacrifice of damsels. All the damsels conducted a running race to catch the first prize of the competition. They sprang into the flame one by one successfully, escaping from the iron clutches of the tyranny of the king of Marutha Land.

At that instant of boiling tension of King Gangan, a sudden twist of hot event occurred like an abrupt explosion of a dormant volcano. A large number of girls appeared from the cluster of trees and diffused towards the funeral pyre at the speed of lightning stoke. They penetrated the cavalry of King Gangan swiftly like accelerated spears by mechanical devices. Instead of the efforts of horsemen to catch the damsels alive, all of them bounced into the flame bravely like live blooms for the adornment of heaven.

“Worthless girls are not lucky enough to enjoy the joyous life of luxury in the world famous magnetic fortress of maximum security. The charming damsels of treasures charred voluntarily on the basis of their false imagination. I pity the girls for their harvest of ignorance” tattled King Gangan tremblingly.

“Majestic King, we have a collection of two hundred damsels locked in a long chain, stretched between two tamarind trees. It is wise to arrange our camp around the area for the safety of our damsels” ushered captain Vindan urgently.

“Soldiers, make perfect arrangement for our one night stay around our damsels. Every one should be on alert vigilance for the safety of the girls locked in chains” vitalized King Gangan, waving his hand as a symbol of warning.

All the soldiers evaporated from the location briskly to complete their assigned duty of importance to perfection. During their return journey, captain Vindan exposed his heart to enter into good books of the king. “Majestic King, The long duration of night will be dull like a life in a dungeon at low pressure of air. May I arrange for a dance performance of damsels to spend the leisure with brimming joy?” wooed Selvan warily.

“Idiot, The collection of damsels are future queens of Marutha Land. Compelling them to dance in the midst of soldiers is a sin, eligible for death sentence. Do you wish freedom from your service to our country?” yawled King Gangan due to excessive pressure of wrath.

“Sorry Majestic King. I wish to serve for the expansion of our country into a vast kingdom of Marutha Empire annexing all the principalities of Hindustan” adjured captain Vindan with a faded face, hiding the shade of shiver in his tone.

“Do you have any idea to transport the hunted damsels into our magnetic fortress?” bawled King Gangan, staring his face to analyze the worthiness of his exposition.

“Majestic King, we are your obedient servants to discharge your orders efficiently. We expect your guidance for transportation of damsels,” cringed captain Vindan cannily.

“Don’t you have brain to take a sharp decision? How can you serve the country for the formation of Marutha Empire without sharpness of mind?”

“Our Majestic king is a rising sun with infinite energy. I am a full moon glittering on the energy of the sun.”

“You knew better to impress me by songs of praise. Do you have any chariot for the safety journey of the damsels?”

“Majestic King, we brought only one royal chariot pulled by twelve horses”

“Better you tie the long chain of locked damsels behind the chariot.”

“The horses can’t pull such a heavy load, if the damsels apply resistance”

“Idiot, It is your duty to supervise them without the application of opposing force. Don’t you have capacity to make necessary arrangements?”

“Certainly sir, I shall put two arrays of soldiers on both sides of the damsels. They will take care of damsels without the application of force of pull.”

“You should give a clear warning to the damsels. Don’t forget to issue instruction of alertness to our soldiers for strict vigilance”

Thus the damsel hunting process of Marutha Land King Gangan completed on that particular day. Ten hamlets of Kurinji Land were destroyed utterly, as if attacked by combined coalition of typhoon and earth quake. Human corpses were scattered throughout the villages like teared petals of flowers. Burnt houses gave the appearance of a vast crematorium. There was a continuous cry of little children, for want of milk feeding. Thousands of vultures from surrounding villages stormed to the hamlets to taste the human flesh. Wild dogs and wolves roamed throughout the area as a competitor to eagles to taste hot flesh of live children.

The next day dawned to witness more terrible scenes of sufferings of the captured damsels of Kurinchi Land. As an effort to show his grief, the sun peeped in the eastern horizon, causing a spectacular display of shades of red color in the sky. “Majestic King, every arrangements were completed perfectly for our return journey with products of our hunting. Our cavalry is waiting for your orders to start the travel” deified captain Vindan devotionally.

“Vindan, what is the net harvest of our first day damsel hunting process?” enquired King Gangan, with a tone of curiosity.

“Our first day damsel hunting is a grand success. We have a bevy of two hundred girls. Nearly equal number of girls committed suicide due to their stupidity.” fascinated captain Vindan faintly.

Those bitches are unlucky to enjoy the luxury of Marutha Land Zenana. The cruel arms of fate won’t permit beggars to ascend on the throne of royalty. Let the worthless harlots fly to the hell. What is the nature of our thousand ruffian cavalry?” glared King Gangan, a shade of insult darkening his face like a stain of lamp black.

“Our cavalry is celebrating victory joyfully. We lost only five soldiers of our mighty cavalry as victims in the hands of terrorists”

“What can we do to complete the bumper harvest of thousand damsels?”

“We shall organize more hunting campaigns in different villages of Kurinchi Land.”

“Vindan, what shall we do, if we find scarcity of damsels in Kurinchi Land due to mass suicide?”

“Majestic King, we shall divert our attention to Neyyathal land to catch damsels of our choice.”

“Neyythal Land has a well-organized army under the leadership of Prince Kuttuvan. The process of diffusion into his dominion is a risky task”

“No barking dog can stand before a roaring Lion. We have enough strength to scatter the organizations of prince Kuttuvan like a drove of cattle.” howled captain Vindan hysterically.

King Gangan immersed into the depth of ocean of imaginations. Neyythal land was a hurdle in the north, against his free blow throughout Hindustan to form a vast empire, uniting all the princely states. He heard all the rumors about prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land that focused him as a mighty hero of indomitable talents. To step on the ladder of success of his mission, he should penetrate the mighty shield of prince Kuttuvan like a spear accelerated with infinite velocity. He finalized to target his hunting expedition on Neyythal Land to prove his worth to the eyes of other petty rulers of Hindustan.

“Captain! Put strong iron rings around the waists of all the harvested damsels. Connect all the waist rings to a strong long iron chain used for fixing elephants to stout trees. Tie one end of the long chain to the beam at the backside of our royal chariot driven by twelve horses” instructed King Gangan imperiously.

“We lifted those damsels from the starvation of street to the luxury of palace. They should taste all the tortures of misery before their entry into the harem of comforts. They should learn hotness of scorching sun to assess the merits of shades. So you should drive the chariot very fast to drag the damsels on ground like bitches on starvation” jarred King Gangan, with gritted teeth.

The Kurinchi Land was very famous for milky white damsels. Even the angels of heaven envy for the dazzling glamour of damsels of Kurinchi Land. Such beauty queens were in a state of drowning in the ocean of worries. They were in the depth of exhaustion, as if the whole worry of the world was pushed into their hearts. The massacre of parents at the speed of flash of lightning froze their heart beyond the level of tolerance. Their blood was in a state of boiling, like the magma inside the crust of a volcano. The horrible scenes of abrupt death of their intimate relatives vibrated their minds towards mass suicide.

They confirmed that the easiest route for the escape of tortures of the hell in the real world would be the freedom from the clutches of King Gangan, the heartless autocrat of Marutha Land. “Blood for blood. God, kindly give me a chance to taste the blood of Marutha Land. I am not a blossom of Kurinchi garden, if I fail to avenge for the slaughter of my relatives” screamed the girl Karpagam with teared clothes and bloods stains of violent capture.

“My brothers and sisters are playing games with parents in heaven. I am suffering in the flames of burning hell. God! Kindly lift me to the joy of heaven to live joyfully with my loving parents. I hate all the treasures of the earth like the poison of cobra” prayed another girl, for the blessings of god to escape from the desert of misery.

As per the instruction of King Gangan all the damsels were locked in waist rings and connected to a long chain. The one end of the strong chain was clamped to the back side of the royal chariot connected with twelve horses. There were horsemen with whips on both sides of the pulling horses to accelerate the speed of the horses. The cavalry of King Gangan was on guard at both sides and behind the damsels on chain. The horse of King Gangan was at the head of the procession of damsels, and captain Vindan was on the chariot as its driver with a strong whip on his hand.

The beauty angels of Kurinchi land were on excessive weariness, like pulled plantlets of sunflower. The burning of worry painted their faces with shades of black. With teared garments, blood stained bodies, and scattered hairs they appeared like garland of withered roses. The confidence level of their mind diminished below the level of normalcy, like the decrease of ground water level in scorching summer.

To add fuel to the flame, the whip on the hands of captain Vindan danced in air like a flying snake, with hissing noise of a cobra. Owing to the harsh pain of the strokes of the whip, the horses rushed forward, as if somebody put fire to their tails. The horsemen on both sides of the horses pulling the chariot whipped them violently to accelerate their speed. The horses ran fast, crossing the speed of imagination of King Gangan.

The damsels on chain began to run with the speed of chariot to avoid dragging on the ground. Inspite of their heavy efforts, some damsels rolled on the ground to be dragged to the stage of oozing blood from the scratches caused by the rough surface of the road. The pet eagle of King Gangan flew above the damsels on suffering, like a spectator of growing enthusiasm. At that tragic instant of severe turbulence, the debut of a horrible incident occurred to the heart freezing terror of every one on the scene.

A damsel suddenly inserted her right leg into the space between the front legs of a horse. This unexpected hurdle caused the stumble of the horse to the floor raising a horrible winy. The soldier staggered on the horse and slipped on the ground like a root cut tree in a storm. That damsel pulled the dagger in the waist of soldier and inserted it into her chest with the speed of lighting. She fell down on the ground like a petal of a withered rose. The next girl on the chain drew the dagger quickly and pierced her chest with force.

The horsemen on parade saw that abrupt incident of terror and screeched aloud in heavy shock. On hearing that harsh cry, King Gangan diverted his horse towards that locality of turbulence. Even the eagle in the sky began to fly towards the area of perturbation. During this short time interval, five damsels committed suicide, one after another, pulling the same dagger. The sixth girl of prowess Karpagam drew the dagger, and projected it with high force towards the chest of King Gangan. Fortunately King Gangan observed the flying dagger in air with the hissing noise of a cobra. He escaped the target of the dagger by a crafty sprang to another horse. The dagger continued its journey and penetrated the heart of another soldier, pushing his soul instantly into the tortures of the hell.

King Gangan escaped from the clutches of death narrowly by the width of a hair. His eyes searched for the girl of prowess, who had infinite courage to avenge for the cruelty imposed on her race. Her eyes faced him steadily with a glow, like the eyes of a tigress in darkness. Captain Vindan aimed his spear to pierce the heart of that damsel of Valour, a boiling wrath of cruelty dancing on his face.

“Selvan, Don’t try to kill that damsel. She will be a good mother for my brave children. Such damsels of courage are the need of the time to have wise offsprings of indomitable prowess to form a united Marutha Empire of my dream” keyed King Gangan, with a gleam of confidence on his face, like the illumination of a Christmas sparkler.

“Eddy currents are normal phenomena in the turbulent motion of life. Let us move forward on the ladder of victory, neglecting the hotness of losses as a warning lesson for the progressive future” limbered King Gangan laconically.

“Soldiers, Remove the waist rings of the five corpses from the long chain of damsels and discard them aside like faded flowers. If possible we shall hunt five more fresh damsels during the return journey to our magnetic fortress, and fill the vacant rings to climb on the steps of victory,” mollified King Gangan magnanimously. The soldiers executed his orders with perfect obedience, and threw the dry blossoms away without a shade of commotion.

At the same time, another twist of event occurred like the splitting of distributaries from the stream of main river. When the special hunting cavalry of King Gangan entered into the hamlets of Kurinchi Land like a devastating army of vampires, the news of slaughter diffused into the surrounding villages like huge leakages in the storage reservoirs of water. Majority of the parents took apt decision to save their grown offsprings. “Dear child, King Gangan is a blood thirsty beast. He will torture you in the Zenana like an elephant on severe rut. Run fast into the dense forest to preserve you honor of chastity” nestled affectionate mothers, spraying tear drops like ice crystals of hailstone.

Though majority of girls decided to share tortures of violent death with their parents, a part of the beautiful damsel population were inspired by the honey soaked words of their parents. They ran for hours together in search of hideouts. During their process of running for safety, they met other girls and formed two bevies of damsels at two locations in the dense forest. At this instant of heavy turbulence, they organized an open discussion among them selves to clarify their scorching doubts. “Why should we run like street bitches chased by dogs on dreams of lust? Who is in the forest to share love brimming hearts with us? What is the use in running in the midst of hunting worries, without the love shade of our parents?” oscillated a damsel, at the verge of exhaustion of all trust on a joyous life.

Similar questions reflected in the hearts of almost all damsels. At this instant of evaporation of all hopes of survival, the galloping sound of cavalry of King Gangan bombarded their hearts like rumbling thunders. “Alas! Damsel hunters are fastly approaching us to crush over dreams of joyous life into dust. Dad, why did you reject your affectionate child alone in the forest of wolves? Kindly come fast to hold your child on the arms of love as a fresh blossom” pleaded a damsel, running blindly with stretched hands towards her imaginary father.

“Friends, God blessed us with a golden opportunity to join with our own family of heart dissolving love. There is a suicide point only at short distance from us. You run fast to jump in to the joy of heaven. Follow me quickly to escape from the tortures of the vampire.” quavered a girl, flying forward like a humming bird exceeding the speed of sound.

The special hunter cavalry of King Gangan saw the bevy of damsels running for safety. They accelerated their speed to catch the butterflies of charm. When the distance gap of the breeze of charm decreased to a very narrow gap of safety capture, all the damsels sprang into the deep cavern of death one by one, creating the appearance of flying butterflies to long distance vision. “Alas! All the angels of the earth flew towards heaven like a convoy of swifts. Let their soul be at rest with their own family of love. God won’t reserve a seat even in hell to this heartless hunter of damsels” repented captain Vindan, tear drops growing at the edges of his eyes like the formation of pearls inside oyster.

Due to the compulsion of their parents, some adolescent youth also diffused into the forests in search of a location of safety. “Son, Brilliant youths are the foundation blocks for the establishment of a mighty empire of Kurinchi Land in future. You should survive for a long period of time to contribute the share of our family for establishment of a strong Kurinchi land in future, to destroy the powers of magnetic fortress. Youths like you should combine to organize a mighty army to scatter the dreams of King Gangan to expand his roots of despotism throughout Hindustan” stimulated a father to his son strategically.

“Baby, the rich cultural heritage of our family won’t vanish with the death of your parents. You should be a live example to stabilize the fame earned by your parents, like the prop roots of a banyan tree. Each and every moment of youth full life is worth for enjoyment, like the sweetness of honey drops. Kindly run into the forest to escape from the annihilation of King Gangan” tuned his mother, tear drops dripping from her eyes like a rainfall.

“Mom, I can’t leave you alone to fall into swords of King Gangan. I will put maximum efforts to save my parents from the hunters of autocrat Gangan. They won’t touch your skin, till the sword exists in my iron hand,” uttered the youth pragmatically, rolling the muscles of his hand to show his stamina.

At that moment of unworthy stability, the father shot his last flower arrow of prince cupid to melt the granite heart of his son. “Son, A large number of beautiful damsels ran into the forest to escape from the horrible ravishment of King Gangan. I pity for those innocent girls of softness. No youth is in the forest to protect those angels from the attack of wild animals. At this time of bloodshed, the boy in the forest will be blessed with a bevy of fresh blossoms” ventilated the father to weaken the strong bond of affection in the mind of his son.

The craftiness of those parents caused a shower of blessing on their heads. They died peacefully in the cruel hands of the special cavalry of hunters, flying on the hope of safety for their only sons. Unfortunately, the youths diffused into the forest were not blessed with garlands of fresh flowers. During the penetration process into the depth of dense forest, they met other youths one by one and their strength increased to a rival group of twenty patriots.

In the diffused light of full moon, they sat on a rock and shared their bitter experiences. “I witnessed the mass suicide of angels at suicide point with my open eyes. They ran swiftly like a herd of Zebras and bounced into the cavern without slightest hesitation. My dearest younger sister is one among those angels. She lost her trust on my power to protect her chastity. I breath to prove my worthiness to my dear sister in heaven” wailed an youth, his lips vibrating in excessive worry like the strings of a tuned guitar.

“I saw the mass suicide of hundreds of damsels of charm in the flames of fire. They ran fast by repeated bounces and sprang on the flame like the competitors of a swimming contest in a lake. Even my dearest girl friend jumped into the flame, neglecting me as a trash in the forest. I will approach her vicinity in heaven after proving my prowess” yawped another youth, biting his teeth violently to cause a cracking noise.

“Vampire King Gangan slaughtered my whole family mercilessly with his own hands of cruelty. I escaped running like a stupid coward stag to save my skin with a strong motivation. That blood thirsty monster should die before he return to the magnetic fortress, to stop his strong clutches of ravishment on the damsels of Kurinchi Land. I won’t breath longer to hear the stories of his victory” agitated another youth like a rabid dog.

They indulged in a hot discussion to trace a favorable strategy of attack to put an end to the hunting operations of atrocity. “Let us transform into an army of suicide warriors to evaporate the sublimation of cruelty from the surface of the earth. We should penetrate into the residential camp of King Gangan and insert our daggers into his stone heart to push his soul to hell instantly. He can’t breathe against the attack of a brigade of twenty suicide warriors” blazed a warrior biliously.

“The camp of King Gangan is surrounded by the hunter cavalry of nearly thousand monsters. Even vultures can’t penetrate the live fort of those cavalry ruffians. In addition, his pet eagle is on an alert vigilance in the sky to lift the intruders of the privacy of his master. Only a gas can diffuse into his camp with such thick human wall” croaked another youth, blocking their efforts to kill King Gangan in his residential camp of sky high security.

“Let us divide into five member groups. We shall walk along the road favorable for the return journey of King Gangan, and choose different techniques of attack to kill that lust craving giant. Though our main target of attack is the heart of King Gangan, we should kill atleast one ruffian per head to gain warm welcome of our parents in heaven.” dignified a youngster as the best plan for the forward march of the infantry of suicide warriors.

“The death of King Gangan will evaporate his dreams of annexation of princely states of Hindustan into vacuum. The horrible damsel hunting expeditions of King Gangan will be written as black spots in the history of Kurinchi Land. Our names will fly on the wings of fame throughout Kurinchi land as the real heroes of the world,” elated a rival, to boost the energy level of others for deep involvement in their task.

The suicide warriors divided into four groups of five members each and started their journey on the probable road of travel of the special hunter cavalry of King Gangan. During their forward march, a group of youths observed thick spread of withered leaves of deciduous trees on the road. “Friends, this place appears to me as the correct location to push King Gangan into the dungeon of death. We shall collect the dry leaves at one side of the road into a long heap and hide inside to pierce the heart of that blood thirsty vampire” fascinated a suicide warrior with his idea of perfect target to climb on the steps of victory.

The other members of the group accepted the idea as the best suicide attempt to reach the goal. They collected the dry leaves around the area into a long pile and inserted their body in the lump of leaves at regular spacing. They kept sharp daggers ready to penetrate into the heart of King Gangan, stretching their head outside to breath like giant tortoises. They waited with throbbing hearts for the arrival of the most auspicious time of sudden attack, like five streaks of lightning.

The procession of hunter cavalry approached the area like a current of water. The suicide warriors pulled their heads inside the heap of leaves and waited for the correct time of sharp attack like a flash of light. When King Gangan entered into the range of perfect aim, they sprang towards King Gangan like spears at high speed accelerated by mechanical devices. During their process of bouncing, the disturbed dry leaves raised noise of alarm to alert the crafty brain of King Gangan. The long spear on the hand of King Gangan pierced through one warrior and threw him into the sky like a broken branch of a tree. The dagger of one warrior penetrated through the ribs of the horse of King Gangan and he bombarded on the ground to the other side of the procession like the lumbered trunk of a tree.

The dagger of the third warrior passed through the neck of a soldier, as if through the stem of a banana plant. The fourth warrior escaped the target and collided on the trunk of a tree on the other side of the road, causing intense noise of a sudden thunder bolt from a clear sky. Sensing the turbulence around his master, the eagle flew swiftly towards the area and caught the fifth warrior in air as a prey. The eagle lifted the youth to high altitude of the sky and dropped him on a rock. Three soldiers of King Gangan rushed towards the area, lifted the three warriors in the edge of spears and threw them away like unwanted twigs. That blocked the success march of the first team of suicide warriors.

The second group of five suicide warriors witnessed a colonnade of colossal trees on one side of the same road after a long span of distance. They selected the shade of those huge trees as the best location for their attack to trap their mighty foe into the mystery world of death. To strengthen their efforts to spray blood blossoms of their enemy with the cunningness of thousand foxes, there was abundant growth of strong creepers like thick cords of coconut fibres. They cut the creepers and wound three creepers together to enhance the strength of the cords. They tied one end of their knitted ropes to the branches of adjacent trees and waited spreading on the branches for the golden chance to expel King Gangan from the green planet, like crouching tigers to hunt a herd of cattle.

When the head of the procession of cavalry approached that location of hiding mystery, the suicide warriors flew towards King Gangan, hanging on the cords like abrupt eruption of five arms of a whirl wind. After the first effort of attack against his safety, King Gangan strengthened his position by a strong screen of horsemen around him. The sharp daggers in the hands of suicide warriors pierced through five horsemen, who skidded to the ground like compressed cotton balls kicked with heavy force. The suicide warriors rolled on the road like logs of timber kicked by mammoths on rage. The ruffians on horses around the area inserted their sharp spear edges into the chest of the youths and threw them as unwanted trash to clear the hurdles on the path of their progress.

The third team of five suicide warriors discovered a broad shallow stream crossing the path of forward motion. They identified that locality as the perfect spot for the victorious execution of the harvesting process. They cut off a special type of thin bamboo grass with central pores for under water breathing. They stepped into the water and waited curiously to climb on the steps of ladder of victory, stretching their heads outside water surface, like rattle snakes safely in their burrows to hunt preys of their choice. They had sharp long swords to chop off the head of the enemy like a bunch of banana. They preserved a huge spacing between them to prevent the bombardment of the swords among themselves.

They heard the sound of galloping of horses very closer like the combined noise of beating of hundreds of drums simultaneously. They saw the progress of a dust cloud in the sky like the sand storm of Sahara desert. The suicide warriors dipped their heads inside water, maintaining the breathing process utilizing the straws of bamboo grass. The procession of cavalry entered into water and moved forward swiftly to cross the stream. The suicide warriors inside estimated the location of the enemy force by the turbulence of water, and suddenly sprang into the sky with high force like the sudden outburst of an array of five fountains.

The sharp sword on the hand of the first warrior penetrated through the neck of a horseman like the easy slicing of knife through a cake. The warrior skillfully crossed the shield of cavalry, fell into the stream of water on the opposite side and disappeared from the scene of tragedy. The other four suicide warriors bounced in to the sky with stretched swords, after a time lag. The sharp spear edges of the horsemen of King Gangan penetrated them in air and scattered away to large distances to paint water surface with a shade of red color. The procession of the cavalry of King Gangan continued without any distortion in their uniform flow of progress.

The fourth team of suicide warriors was inspired by a huge storage dam of water. “Friends, this is the best locality to kill the whole hunter cavalry of magnetic fortress. No human force can survive against the heavy current of water. If we break the dam when the procession of King Gangan crosses the vicinity of this dam, the whole hunter cavalry of King Gangan will be washed away by the heavy force of the flood of water current,” grunted a youth like a pig, a gleam of mirth dancing on his face.

“Aha! This is the best method of mass destruction. I doubt about the feasibility of such attack abruptly without falling into the eyes of the cavalry. Is it possible to break such a strong dam with little efforts of five squirrels?” hampered a youth with a faded face of lower energy.

“Let us dig the dam up to the lower level of water surface in the storage dam, leaving a narrow portion of the dam as a bund for last moment eruption. The land surface slopes downward for a long distance from the dam. So we shall easily break the bund, within a short period of time, after the cavalry enter the lower valley crossing the dam. The whole army will be washed swifly into the deep waterfall like withered wreath of jasmine flowers” impressed another youth inimically.

“The plan appears to be good. Unfortunately a bevy of about two hundred damsels of Kurinchi land will be suffocated to death by the water currents. Why should we annihilate future mothers of Kurinchi Land heartlessly without a proper purpose?” jangled another youth, to focus the flaw in their strategy of approach.

“Our principal motivation is the annihilation of prime foe of human crops. The death of two hundred damsels is a minor incident comparable to the death of few moths in the flames of illumination. Let us move forward to execute the plan with perfect accuracy, without any slip between the cup and the lips” kindled a warrior to boost the forward journey towards victory.

“Friends, our damsels are migrating not to bloom as blossoms of fragrance in a rose garden. Their blow into the horrible magnetic fortress of mystery will inflict horrible misery beyond the tortures of hell. The sudden death will lift them to the heaven of joy, beyond the reach of the iron clutches of the rascal King Gangan”, lured a youth laconically.

“If King Gangan escaped from the attack of the three groups of our friends, his death is certain at this spot of heavy flood. There is a sky high water fall little below this reservoir. The waterfall will write the tragic story of King Gangan and his hunter brigade of cavalry,” mesmerized a suicide warrior with a tone of certain success of their mission.

They collected three spades and two crowbars from a nearby banana plantation and started the excavation work at favorable location for easy bursting of the embankment. They dug the bund outside for about ten metre in length, leaving only a narrow portion for the last moment explosion. They threw the excavated soil into the water to minimize the danger of witness. When their work was nearing completion, they heard the galloping sound of the special hunter cavalry of King Gangan. The waves of terror rushed through their nerves, warning about their movement towards the valley of certain death.

“Our Satan is fast approaching the valley of death. If we stand on the dam, we may be observed by our enemies as a warning signal to the eruption of danger. Let us hide inside water to catch the sweet fruit of sure success,” notified the leader of the group to climb on the peak of victory.

“How can we break the remaining narrow portion of the bund, remaining inside water? Is it risky to break the bank from inside immersing in the depth of water?” objected a suicide warrior, with a shade of shiver in his tone.

“Death is certain for a suicide warrior. Why should we live in this scorching world of misery, without the love torch of our parents? This is the best chance for us to serve the world to wipe the tears of millions of innocent people. Our parents will be waiting in the paradise to receive us with a warm welcome as heroes of the earth” provoked the group leader prudentially.

“If we dip in the tank, how can we judge the location of movement of the hunter cavalry? Let us lie on the embankment to escape from the eyes of the cavalry at a large distance. After they cross the region of safety, we shall break the bund jumping inside water. This appears to be the best strategy of sure victory,” quothed a suicide warrior quietly.

“Friends, All of you lie on the floor of the bund as dead corpses. I shall emit signal to start our next endeavor at the favorable time of light. Kindly pray for the blessings of god for the sure success of our efforts” roared the group leader, falling on the ground instantaneously like a tree pulled by flood.

All the members of the suicide warrior group lay on the floor and kept their ears with maximum alertness to study any shift in the movement of the hostile cavalry. The group leader raised his head slightly like a tortoise on the vigilance of a danger. The hunter cavalry crossed the embankment and entered into the lower valley of direct hit. “Friends, this is the most auspicious time for heavy action. Let us plunge into the water to continue the digging process from inside. God is great to support our efforts as weedicides” stressed the group leader stylishly.

He sprang into the water swift with a crowbar and accelerated the work of corroding the bund like a crafty crab of high activeness. All the group members follow him as a model and worked hard to lower the thickness of the bund of the water reservoir. They plucked the fruit of success by hard labor, to sacrifice their life to the heavy current of water. The bund of the reservoir erupted abruptly and the heavy current of water rushed towards the lower valley with enormous force, pulling the suicide warriors like cut off leaves of banana plants.

The heavy current of flood attacked the hunter cavalry of King Gangan at the backside like an army of tsunami waves. The destructive arms of flood vibrated the soldiers and horses without slightest difference like the eddy currents of vortex motion. The monstrous arms of turbulent motion of running water rotated the garland of damsels locked in long chain mercilessly like the festoon of flowers on the proboscis of a mammoth on the rage of rut. The soldiers on the horses were scattered into different directions and drifted towards the world’s highest waterfall, like an array of black ants. Majority of horses and soldiers were washed by the mighty water current to push them directly into the hell through the iron clutches of the waterfall. Only a scanty proportion of them were in a favorable position to struggle hard to climb on the shore of safety.

The water current danced violently without mercy to teach the autocrat the hot lessons of misery. He was pushed towards the waterfall to inflict the tortures of hell. But the Satan stretched his hands of sin to use him as an agent of death to spread horror in the future world. To the favor of that genocide, the water current divided into two channels leaving a narrow land surface in between. As a helping hand, there was a thorny tree on that island portion of the land. King Gangan lifted his hand and bounced upwards to snatch the branch of that satanic tree of supporter to genocide.

The turbulence of current of water agitated to pulverize the long garland of damsels like a starved puma grinding a stag with its molars. King Gangan climbed skillfully on the branch of the tree, moved towards the trunk with splendid expertise, and jumped on the floor to observe the fate of the hunted damsels. The chariot dropped into the waterfall and pulled the garland of damsels in to the misery of death. King Gangan watched the movement of the hunted damsels of beauty from his grip of lust to the hell of sudden death. He gazed the instant scene of terror with tear oozing eyes and violently vibrating lips.

At that instant of uncontrollable horror, the debut of a twist of event occurred like the appearance of a sudden thunder bolt from a clear sky. A spiraling arm of a whirl wind blew towards the area and emerged as the highly charm forest nymph Santra on a rock. She bounced repeatedly on the water current and sprang to the edge of the waterfall. She threw the sword on her hand with force towards the chariot focusing perfect aim. The sword flew exactly on the trajectory of her projection and cut off the chain from the chariot as swiftly as a lighting stroke.

At that time of highest shivering of King Gangan, the other end of the garland of damsels reached the mouth of the waterfall to inflict a heavy terror of death. Forest nymph Santra captured the edge of the chain, and oscillated towards the left to remove the damsels from the heavy flow of waterfall. She pulled the chain to a distance and put around the tree to stop their downward movement towards the valley of horrible death.

“Santra, you appeared as an angel of heaven to save our damsels in distress. I will build a temple for this Santra deity as a centre of worship. Thank you very much for your blessings,” twittered King Gangan folding his palms together as a symbol of worship.

“King Gangan, your atrocity crossed the barriers of hell. You are a beast unfit to live on the surface of the earth. I expect you to reborn on the earth as a philanthropist with a torch of love.” ushered forest nymph Santra, raising her right leg to kick his chest to pulverize his heart for instant death.

King Gangan grasped her leg with both hands like the strong clutches of an iguana. He rotated with high angular frequency like a top. The forest nymph Santra revolved in a circular path around him, losing energy to control her motion. King Gangan threw her towards the water fall, exercising his maximum stamina. Santra crossed the waterfall and drifted downwards due to the pull of acceleration due to gravity. After crossing half the depth of the waterfall, she suddenly transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind and blew towards him swiftly at rapid velocity.

King Gangan waited for the appearance of the forest nymph with renewed vigor. He was ready to retaliate for the attack of forest nymph Santra to push her towards the dark side of failure. “Santra, This is the last warning for you. Don’t try to put obstacles in my path of progress. I will apply my wizardry powers against you to evaporate you completely from the surface of the earth. I will put fire to the whole forest area to expel you from your residences” vilified King Gangan shaking his right hand as a warning signal.

“King Gangan, Today is the last day of your breathing. Your accumulated sin grew to a monster to swallow you raw in one gulp. Get ready to purify your body and mind by a dip in the holy water of this waterfall,” warned Santra waspishly.

She jumped on the ground like an arrogant ghost of high wrath, and rushed towards him to impart another kick on his chest. He broke a branch of the tree and attacked her with high vigor. Forest nymph Santra bounced around the area like a rebounding rubber ball and exerted maximum efforts to push him into the deep waterfall. During her endeavor, she ran skillfully on the current water and sprang towards his chest like a high speed hawk. Due to the high impulse bombardment of her right leg on his chest, King Gangan was pushed into the depth of waterfall like a drum of elastic material.

Satisfied by her victory, Santra transformed into a whirl wind and vacated that location of maximum turbulence. The hard granite hearted autocrat King Gangan fell into the deep portion of the stream beyond the waterfall and escaped narrowly from the gateway of death. He witnessed the scene of washing away of large number of corpses of his soldiers and horses. To illuminate the darkness of his heart of agony, he saw equal number of hunters stepping on the shore safely.

At that moment of exhaustion of energy, King Gangan noticed a large broken part of the chariot moving on the current of water, within the reach of his crafty hands. He swam towards the chariot swiftly, working his both hands as paddles. He grasped the chariot and stretched on it to minimize the utility of energy for the process of safe swimming. After a span of time, he saw the revolution of his pet eagle at low altitude above the water surface. “Baby, I am safe on the broken fragment of our chariot. Kindly fly towards me to lift me to a place of safety.” yelled King Gangan yawningly.

After three revolutions, the eagle noticed his master, struggling to stand on the fragment of the chariot. The wise eagle flew towards King Gangan to lift him to a location of safety. When the eagle approached the vicinity, King Gangan bounced to the sky with high expertise and seized its leg strongly. During his flight towards safety, he witnessed the sufferings of the garland of damsels with exhaustion of energy towards the valley of suffocation of death.

“Baby, our damsels are at the verge of death. It is our duty to pull them from this cavern of terror. Kindly fly upwards to the mouth of the waterfall” activated King Gangan, trying to climb on the eagle to experience the higher pleasure of flight on the gigantic eagle. During his efforts for higher achievement at the time of maximum weariness, he slipped down like a ripe jack fruit falling from the tree.

The crafty eagle experienced the downfall of his master towards the valley of death. It twisted its direction of motion instantly and flew in an downward inclined path and stabilised its position below the path of movement of its master. King Gangan stepped on the eagle and strengthened his position to stand upright on the eagle like an expert in the art of gymnastics. When the eagle approached the nearness of the tree, he jumped down like a hero of heaven, forgetting completely about the earlier heart breaking turmoil.

During the abrupt eruption of flood, about hundred soldiers escaped in the upper stream, before the sucking arms of the waterfall. One among them was Vindan, the caption of the cavalry of Marutha Land. At that moment, the force of water current was on a waning phase. So they jumped on the stream and swam towards the island portion to render their service to their favorite king of sky high bravery. “Soldiers, put your utmost efforts to pull our damsels carefully to safety. Even one damsel won’t die due to your inefficient operation of lifting process” brayed King Gangan breathlessly.

The long garland of damsels was lifted slowly in steps to the floor of safety. They found about fifty withered blossoms in the garland of damsels. “Soldiers, Remove the corpses in the chain of damsels. Throw those withered roses into the waterfall to become food for large shoals of fishes” connoted King Gangan composedly.

The soldiers counted about fifty corpses in the wreath of damsels. “Majestic King, All the keys of the waist rings were preserved in the chariot. They were lost in the waves of water current. Our only option at this moment for the detachment of corpses is breaking the locks” depicted caption Vindan with a tone of shiver.

“Damsels, I am sorry to show you another scene of horror. Kindly all of you close your eyes tightly to escape from the debut of the scene of cruelty” entreated King Gangan equitably.

“Soldiers, Two of you combine together to use your sword like a saw tooth. You slice the waists of the corpses by the sword and threw the fragments into the river” forced King Gangan to remove the corpses within a short interval of time. His soldiers discharged his orders efficiently, without shifting their attention towards the live damsels of high glamour.

“Majestic King, our damsels are not energetic to continue the travel on foot. It is our duty to supply nutrients to boost their strength eligible for a long journey.” goaded captain Vindan to illuminate their critical situation to the knowledge of the king.

“Soldiers, Two of you rush towards our magnetic fortress to order for a supportive cavalry with edibles for our safety. There are abundance of plantation forms and clumps of coconut trees around this area. Ten soldiers diffuse into the area to fetch tender coconuts and banana fruits” heralded King Gangan haughtily.

A supportive cavalry of thousand soldiers reached the area before sunset. A population of about four hundred soldiers escaped in the lower stream also diffused to that area of safety. At the early dawn of next day, the cavalry of King Gangan began journey towards the magnetic fortress with diminished energy.

At night he opened a hot discussion with his Prime Minister Kanakan, the master brain behind the horrible process of damsel hunting. “Sir, Even during the first day of damsel hunting process, I experienced countless burning problems, exceeding the tortures of hell. I can’t bear such boiling difficulties for a long period of time to march towards the annexation of all the princely states in Hindustan to from a strong Marutha Empire” invoked King Gangan intensely.

“Majestic King, No king of the world can hoist victory flags in the laziness of cowardice. History never repeat itself if we have perfect plan to block the dark sides of negative impacts. Failures are stepping stones of success. Let us march forward towards the peak of victory, learning warning lessons from the slips between the cups and the lips” jollified Prime Minister Kanakan, describing the success formula to cross the scorching problems of life.

“Sir, we have only a bevy of hundred and forty five damsels captured from Kurinji Land. Already we have a collection of two hundred damsels of Marutha Land. I suppose these three hundred and forty five damsels are enough for our forward march towards the formation of Marutha Empire of our imagination” knelled King Gangan knavishly.

“Majestic King, A compromise in our plan of perfection will mark the first loophole to our downfall. We should fill all the thousand castles constructed in the magnetic fortress for the residence of queens of Marutha Land,” lured Guru Kanakan, focusing the dark side of failure as the fruit of compromise.

“Sir, A moral fear hunts my heart like an army of ghosts. Once in future, there will be a huge crowd of old women with shrunken faces around me. I hate to imagine such a hell inside magnetic fortress” molested King Gangan, showing his dried heart without the spring of love.

“Majestic King, God blessed us with a sharp brain to climb on the heights of the sky. We shall replace unwanted queens by fresh eye catching blossoms. Our flying crocodiles are on starvation to taste the flesh of unwanted queens of magnetic fortress” nixed Kanakan to catch the crooked mind of King Gangan.

“Sir, that appears to be an idea of extreme novelty. A joyous life in the midst of thousand fragrant flowers is superb. The magnetic fortress will become a paradise on the surface of the earth. I find no apt words to sing the song of your praise, for suggesting such a wonderful idea to convert magnetic fortress into my heaven of joy” owed King Gangan oddly.

“King, we shall organize the second stage of damsel hunting process after a time lapse of ten days. During this time period, you will regain the lost energy. With renewed vigor, you can cause miracles beyond the imagination level of the cowards of Kurinchi land.” preached Kanagan, his eyes shining like the eyes of nocturnal owl.

“I will be alert always to stop the suicide attempts of damsels. No human soul of Kurinchi Land should escape into the darkness of dense forests to plan for the attack of revenge. The hamlets of Kurinchi Land should be burnt to cremation yards. We shall blow throughout Kurinchi land like an array of repeating tsunami waves of terror” quacked King Gangan to revenge the youths of Kurinchi land for the loss inflicted on his head beyond imagination.

King Gangan conducted the process of damsel hunting within the frontiers of Kurinchi Land for four more times. As a result of his victorious marches, he filled five hundred castles of magnetic fortress with the damsels of Kurinchi land.

King Gangan convened the special assembly at night for the discussion of further steps to be implemented for his march towards the formation of united Hindustan under the rule of one royal umbrella. The three army captains Vindan, Murugan and Vannan reached the assembly hall earlier in time. “Dear friends, we expect your worthy ideas for our forward march towards victory. Seven hundred castles inside magnetic fortress were filled with selected beautiful damsels. What can we do to fill the remaining three hundred castles with virgin girls of remarkable beauty?” relegated King Gangan restlessly. He gazed captain Vindan keenly to hear the exposition of his brain for the elongation of damsel hunting process.

“Honorable Majestic King, our northern neighbor is Neyythal Land. The girls of Neyythal are embodiment of extraordinary beauty. Owing to the remarkable sparkling beauty of Neyythal land, the country is famous as ‘Land of Angels’. Only one day hunting operation is enough to capture three hundred damsels from Neyythal land” suggested captain Vindan, hiding the hindrance in Neyythal land against the damsel hunting expedition.

“I knew well about the beauty angels of Neyythal land. They are famous not only for beauty, but also for prowess. I was a student for five long years in the residential university of Prof Sukran. He is the greatest living scientist, wizard and necromancer of Hindustan” testified King Gangan, flying on the memory of his hot experiences in the land of angels.

“King, Neyythal Land is a mighty country with military training to all the citizens. It is stated that a woman of Neyythal Land is as ferocious as a wild tigress in swift action of valor. So we should plan perfectly to catch the sweet fruit of success, before launching a programme to capture damsels of Neyythal Land” urged Murugan, the captain of infantry to remind the proverb look before you leap.

“Most of the princely states of Hindustan stretches to the north beyond Neyythal land. The Neyythal Land stands as an obstacle to hinder our progress towards the formation of united Hindustan. It is our responsibility to evaporate the strength of Neyythal Land to hoist our dream flag of victory. This damsel hunting expedition will help as a first step to analyse the strength and weaknesses of Neyythal Land” vivified Prime Minister Kanakan as the most important research for the success plans of future.

“Majestic King, Let us send a team of twenty spies to gather information about the political organization of Neyythal land. Let the spies travel together up to our northern border. After crossing the Ponni River, the team should split into individual spies to penetrate into the hamlets of Neyythal Land to study feasibility of success of our motivated expedition,” wrangled captain Vannan to attack the attention of the king of Marutha Land.

“Let us assign the responsibility of collecting news about the political organizations of Neyythal Land to our espionage department. The prince of Neyythal Land Kuttuvan is a crafty jackal with sky high skills to diffuse all our efforts towards the dungeon of failure. I can’t imagine his ability to escape from the clutches of our army of flying crocodiles and the army of octopus monsters. Our espionage department should be instructed clearly about the depth of cunningness of prince Kuttuvan in advance to escape from the bitterness of failures” yammered King Gangan by a detail explanation of remarkable qualities of prince Kuttuvan.

“Majestic King, Let us send twenty spies of our espionage department to Neyythal land at tomorrow morning. We shall decide the date and Venu of our damsel hunting expedition based on the collection of detailed data” advised Kanakan affably.

All the members of the special assembly accepted the proposal unanimously. Then their topic of discussion turned to the induction process of the harvested damsels into the harem of the magnetic fortress. “Majestic King, an intensive training programme will be started from today to educate the queens in literacy, warfare, and art forms. The training programme will be continued indefinitely to impart talents to our queens to administer a province independently by their own capacity” bustled Kanakan cogently.

“Sir, your idea of the training programs appear to be good. When will you introduce the queens to the king? That is the most important question of the time. Is it ideal to conduct the parliament, keeping the throne of the queen vacant?” distracted King Gangan to clear the darkness of doubt fuming in his heart.

“Sir, after one month training program the queens can be ranked according to their merits. Then the queens can be introduced to the king, daily one on the order of merits”

“This appears to be an idea of stupidity. This process of introduction will continue for years. The production of capable offsprings appears to be an imaginary dream. Our heavy efforts to collect damsels will turn to be a mirage”

“Majestic King, haste makes waste. During the one month period we shall take indirect steps to locate the girls, who lost the purity of virginity. The chastity lost girls should be pushed to the moat roaming with flying crocodiles, to teach a warning lesson to the other girls about the importance of chastity” enticed Kanakan enthusiastically.

“The responsibility of training program of the queens is vested on the head of our prime minister. I can’t imagine any significance in the postponement of the induction of the queens to the Zenana of magnetic fortress. The process of preserving honey drops on the palm without licking to enjoy the sweetness is a mere stupidity” flayed King Gangan fastidiously.

There was a sharp silence in the assembly, as if the whole air was exhausted to stop the propagation of longitudinal waves. The Prime Minister Kanakan was the first to disturb the rule of calmness around the area. “Majestic King, your idea is the best to pluck the flowers of our dream within a short span of time. Let us conduct the induction function of the queens at tomorrow evening to hoist the flag of victory at the earthiest” gratified Kanakan to avoid the tension of a tug of war with the king of supreme powers.

“Sir, we shall make the necessary arrangements luxuriously for the celebration of the induction function to be written in golden letters on the pages of history. Let us pray god to transform our king as the emperor of united Hindustan within short efflux of time” hustled captain Vindan, rising on the good books of King Gangan to a location of safety.

The campus of magnetic fortress vibrated with the acclamation of joy like a church on Christmas eve. The art stage was well decorated with garlands of fragrant flowers. The vast area of arena was also perfectly adorned hanging the artistical cuttings of tender coconut leaves. At the centre of the stage, two identical tiger shaped thrones with sparkling embellishment were arranged to attract the eyes of the spectators. King Gangan occupied the right throne with the adornments of a king and wearing a gold crown on his head. The left throne was vacant for the arrival of the queen of honor.

There was another row of four chairs behind the thrones of luxurious decoration. Those four seats were engaged by the Prime Minister Kanakan, the captain of cavalry Vindan, the general of infantry Murugan and the captain of the army of elephants Vannan. The king Gangan sat on the throne upright in a dominative posture of superiority like the emperor of the whole universe. The king was the disciple of Kanakan from childhood. Hence the influence of guru Kanakan dominated in the deviated character of the tyrant King Gangan. Though Kanakan appeared to be a soft lamb, he was the sublimed form of cruelty like the ruler of hell. Though the three captains sat with inert face without the color of any sensation, their minds were on vibration expecting the fall of a thunder at any time from the craftiness of King Gangan.

The vast stretch of plane area in the front of the art stage was divided into three parts lengthwise by two temporary fences of bamboo slices. The narrower central portion was reserved for pavement for the free movement of the spectators. To the right side of the platform, two hundred chairs were arranged uniformly in rows and columns for the damsels of Marutha Land.

To the left side of the platform, five hundred chairs were reserved in a regular pattern for the queens of Kurinchi land. To the right side of the art stage, a huge circular plate of bronze was hanged on a stand to be used as a bell of high intensity. There was a parade of women cavalry around the platform as a security measure to filter intruders. On the magnetic fortress, there occurred movement of soldiers with long spears as weapons of security.

A servant maid stroke the bronze bell with an iron hammer. The high intensity ringing sound of the bell propagated through the air medium in the form of longitudinal waves. Alerted by the ringing sound of the bell, the damsels migrated forward from the first seven hundred castles of the magnetic fortress like two uniform arrays of active ants. After the occupation of all the seats by the queens, Prime Minister Kanakan stood up to give instructions to the queens for proper behavior of virtues. “My hearty wishes to the future emperor of Hindustan. Our King is the best ruler of Hindustan, next in order of merits to the ruler of heaven. I am extremely happy to work under our honorable king of superiority. I utilize this golden opportunity to welcome the future queens of Marutha land. Our damsels glitter like angels of heaven by the combined effects of their beauty and virtues. My best wishes are always behind them for their joyous life of heaven. We expect their hearty cooperation for the formation of united Marutha Empire, including all the princely states in Hindustan”.

He shifted his eyes slowly from one damsel to the other along the order of rows. There was perfect silence around the area, as if inside the depth of ocean. He noticed the brightness of fresh blossoms on the side of damsels of Marutha land. At the same time, he observed the darkness of rain bearing clouds on the face of damsels of Kurinchi land. Their hearts were in a state of boiling to high pressure, ready for explosion at any time, like a fuming volcano. They stared Kanakan with burning eyes, as if he was real source for all their tortures of hell.

“God, bless me with a golden opportunity to kill this human beast first. Even within hard granite, there exists possibility of a source of moisture. This old fox has no trace of spring of love in his heart. If this blood thirsty vampire is evaporated from the surface of the earth, millions of innocent souls will breathe the air of love” invoked Karpagam irreverently. She was a beautiful damsel from Kurinchi land, who had tough fight with King Gangan directly, during his damsels hunting process. She was an intimate friend of Vanathi, the tigress of Neyythal Land, during her education in the residential university of Prof Sukran.

“Honorable queens of Marutha land! I am extremely happy to announce the most significant event of our magnetic fortress for your exploding joy. The introduction of queens to our Majestic king is to be inaugurated during this most auspicious function. To the eyes of our king, all queens have equal weightage, irrespective of nativity. For the adornment of the throne of glory for the celebration of today, our honorable king will select a queen on the basis of his own ideas. The selected queen will be permitted to serve the king for one whole day. The queen will be replaced by another queen at tomorrow morning,” justified Kanakan judiciously. The attention of all the damsels shifted instantly towards King Gangan, as if attracted by sunrise.

The Marutha land King Gangan stood up with an illumination of joy on his face. He rolled his eyes like an eagle to study the changing colors of sensation on the faces of the live flowers. He observed the hotness of fire in the eyes of some damsels of Kurinchi land. At the same time, he noticed exactly opposite sensational mirth on the face of the blooms of Marutha land. “Poor buds of Kurinchi land! I pity for your stupid attachment on chastity. To your eyes, I appear to be a life absorbing poison. I expect your crafty techniques to kill me. But I am not a stupid stag to fall into your love nets” languished King Gangan lewdly.

“Angels of sparkling beauty! Your presence in the campus of magnetic fortress excites me beyond the heights of the sky, as if I am on the throne of heaven. You are the fire flies born to illuminate my heart of burning worries. I extend you a warm welcome to glorify our magnetic fortress as the wonder of the world. As an effort to appreciate the striking charm of the damsels of Kurinchi land, I wish to give the first opportunity to a damsel of Kurinchi land to decorate the throne of Marutha land. Kindly raise your hand, if you like to share my love today” messaged King Gangan merrily.

More than hundred damsels of Kurinji land raised the hands with bloomed faces, like fresh lotus flowers at sunrise. In order to attract his attention, some damsels waved their hands like the fluttering of flags in breeze. As an effort to study the inner color of their hearts, King Gangan stared them sharply with explosive joy. “Majestic King, there may be snakes inside the fragrance of garlands of roses. Kindly look before you leap. A wise king should put his every step with a caution” neutralized Kanakan nimbly.

A current of fear waves passed swiftly through his central nervous system. He focused a faded brightness on his face, as a result of his heavy efforts. “Angels of Kurinchi land! I am extremely thankful for your kind cooperation with bloomed faces. I find very hard to select one angel from this large bevy of beauty queens. I call the queen residing in castle number hundreds to honor the throne of magnetic fortress today,” ordered King Gangan, by his love brimming tone of sharp ringing bell.

At the next moment of climbing curiosity, a slim waist milky white damsel stood up with a blooming face, like the rise of full moon in the vast space of the sky. That damsel wore sandal wood color saree and matching blouse to enhance her glittering charm. A long gold chain with a locket, two bangles per hand, eardrops of multiple rings and a broad gold waist belt enhanced her charm beyond the praise of poets. When she walked slowly towards the stage, the tiny bells attached with her anklets rang rhythmically to sow the seeds of joy in the heart of King Gangan. The first sight of the damsel of magnetic beauty vibrated the heart of King Gangan to dance like a peacock at the first drizzle of the monsoon season.

The damsel of striking charm moved forward towards the stage like a swan, swimming joyfully on the silent water of a lake. She stepped on the stage, with the sweet music of ringing sound of the tintinnabula of her anklets. That enchanting music of tintinnabulation vibrated the heart of King Gangan like the thrilling lullaby of his own mother.

The damsel stepped softly on the stage, and greeted the king with folded hands and shivering nerves, as if froze by hallucination. She suddenly fell on his feet as an effort to genuflect the king to show her reverence. At that moment of her turbulence, Kankan stepped forward to stretch her a helping hand to cross the barrier of nervousness. “Dear queen, you achieved the honor as the first queen on the throne of this most auspicious day. I request your revelation of heart felt sensations for your honor as the first queen of Marutha land. We expect few words of remark about the achievement of our king of sky high talents,” proclaimed Kanakan like a grandiloquent tinny putting a Gordian knot to the illiterate girl to untie with shivering nerves.

The damsel stood like an ice doll, her energy evaporating into vacuum. She felt the dizziness of a hissing cobra, bombarded by a thunder bolt. Her lips refused to vibrate as if pasted together by a strong adhesive. Her tongue fell into the depth of inertness, losing energy to originate meaningful words. At the edged of her eyes, tear drops began to grow like shining pearls.

“For me, our king is a living god. I lost my both parents last year to the attack of plague. I was at the verge of starvation death, as if in a torrid forest without the spring of love. Our king stretched his hands of love to lift me to the paradise of magnetic fortress. I wish to surrender my body and soul to the service of our living god. I will bear any scorching pain to become the mother of large number of worthy children of prowess. I will dedicate my children to the formation of stable Marutha Empire” quavered the damsel, tear drops falling down her eyes like twin waterfalls to illustrate her excessive mirth.

The damsel lost equilibrium and vibrated to fall on the ground, like a replanted tree in fertile alluvial soil, plucking from hard laterite soil. King Gangan noticed her behavior of difference sharply from the first, with a glare of sensational excitement. He expected blackening of his fame, due to her stumbling like a root cut banana plant. He had no sensational attachment to women community. He considered girls only as play dolls on bed, to quench the hunger of lust and to kill the times of leisure. At the same time, he wished to rise on the good books of the new queens, by his clever act of dramatization of a scene of love.

The king endeavored to pluck the fruit of his imagination immediately. He moved forward swiftly to embrace the queen on his chest, as an intimate husband of flawless brimming love. “Sweety, you are the beautiful angel of my heart. I respect women as the embodiment of love and sacrifice. All women are mothers to illuminate the homes with torch of love. I love you very much as my own heart” recited King Gangan radiantly. He gave her a warm kiss on her forehead, acting her as his own child. He embraced her and guided to the throne as the first queen of Marutha land. He decorated her head with a small crown of sparkling diamonds

Impressed by the live drama of King Gangan, there was a heavy furor of acclamation from the side of the queens of Marutha land. “Victory to the emperor of Marutha . Victory to the queens of Marutha Empire” screeched a queen, to penetrate through all ears inside the campus of magnetic fortress. Her huzza was reflected by all the two hundred queens, who flew voluntarily into the magnetic fortress from the nook and corners of hamlets of Marutha land.

The autocrat King Gangan turned his face towards the side of damsels of Marutha land. He witnessed the brightness of devotees in heaven on their faces. There occurred the rule of perfect silence, as if even the dropping of a straw will vibrate the eardrums like a rumbling thunder. He shifted his vision towards the assembly of hunted damsels of Kurinchi land, as an effort to compare their dazzling beauty. He observed their faces inert like wax dolls fabricated by an expert sculptor. In reality, they had boiling hearts of volcano filled with hot magma. They learnt the reality that the focusing of the real colors of their inner heart to their external face would push them into the hot currents of suffering. So they controlled the hotness of their hearts behind the screens of innocence of rabbits.

Guru Kanakan followed the movements of the eyes of his master and studied the perfect changing colors of his heart. “Majestic King, The turbulences of boiling water will calm down with roll of wheel of time. Boiling water will radiate the hotness to the surrounding, if the source of heat is removed. Similarly, the damsels of Kurinji land will return to normalcy, by the softening process of luxury inside the campus of our magnetic fortress. The wheel of time is the best educator to sublime the fumes of hatred. After an efflux of time, there will be heavy competition between the damsels of Kurinchi land to earn your hearty love” tantalized Guru Kanakan, by a shower of words like a spray of wine drops.

“Sir, I believe your words as the blessing of god. Let us travel forward along the path of progress, neglecting waves of hurdles along our forward march towards the fort of victory. There should be only brightness of success in our life. The darkness of failures should suffocate to vanish from our vicinity to infinity beyond the reach of our eyes” uttered King Gangan unflinchingly.

The three captains of the army sat silently without slightest vibration, like scarecrows exhibited in ripe maize fields to drive away birds. “Captain, The responsibility to give moral instructions to our queens is vested on your head. Why should you remain idle on the wings of imagination, forgetting your duty as the chief of cavalry?” vituperated King Gangan, staring his face keenly to induce the spirit of responsibility into his heart.

Induced by the instruction of guru Kanakan, the captain of the force of cavalry Vindan shifted forward to the front, to give proper advice to the queens for a successful life. “Honorable queens of Marutha land, we welcome you all to the campus of magnetic fortress. The most important characteristics of the queens is chastity. The most hateful crime of a queen is adultery of her body or mind. Such harlots will be pushed into the moat to be chewed like tender cucumber by flying crocodiles” wigged captain Vindan, projecting words like arrows with poisoned tips.

Captain Vindan experienced the vibrations of resistance in the midst of the queens. The idea shot by captain Vindan was not a new concept of novelty to the ears of the damsels. They hated such a direct strike of hotness as an insult to their virginity. From the disturbance of harmony, captain Vindan judged the slight slippage of his tongue.

“Honorable queens, I wish to convey my hearty respect to the queens of Marutha land. A queen is the virtuous mother of the citizens of the state. The queens should lead a life of holiness as a best model to her citizens. The queens should work for the progress of the citizens, assuming them as their own children. They should be ready to sacrifice their lives for the amelioration of the inhabitants of the state” yelped captain Vindan, raising the status of the queens to the dignified level of a live mother.

King Gangan was highly impressed by the instructions of captain Vindan. As an effort to appreciate his knitted words as a garland of roses, he clapped his hands with an explosive smile. The queens exhibited their joy by a chain of applauses like a rumbling thunder.

“A crash training program will start from tomorrow for enhancing the talents of queens. Literacy, warfare trainings, and fine arts will be taught to the queens by selected experts of the state. Their boosted talents will help them to grow the children into wise virtuous youths of matchless prowess. Such golden youths of high valor will form the building blocks of a united Hindustan under the royal umbrella of our Mathura Empire” acclaimed captain Vindan admirably.

The prognostications inspired the queens, causing illumination of their faces like the brightness of full moon. Even on the faces of the damsels of Kurinchi land, the intensity of darkness diminished and the sparks of scintillations occurred, as if by magic. At that moment of twist, the captain blinked by the exhaustion of the stocks for extending his oration. The Prime Minister Kanakan stepped forward to solve the dilemma.

“Respected queens, the progress of Marutha land lies on your hands of honor. Time is gold. Kindly don’t waste time in spreading useless gossips. Please utilize your golden time for strengthening your talents. Now you shall blow towards your castle to plan for your future climb on the peak of victory” buzzed Kanakan, to motivate the queens towards the path of their objective. Two arrays of damsels moved towards the castles, as an effort to show the wide gap between the two types of queens of Marutha land.

“Sweety, Let us move towards our Zenana to extend rule throughout the frontiers of Marutha land. Our harem is a paradise for your joyous life. There are numerous servants in the palace to bath you with all the articles of your dream. You have no other duty, except bathing me with your deep love. Let us move into the wonderland of magnetic fortress” coaxed King Gangan, inviting her to a joyous world of heaven with stretched hands.

The queen pulled his hands, as a sacred gift of god. She kissed on his hands to show her respect, tear drops of joy falling on his hands like cool crystals of ice.

“Darling, you are the living god for my life. I will live for your service in both joy and sorrow as your shadow. My only aim of life is the realization of year imaginative dream. I will pray god always for your health and penance for the emergence of mighty Marutha Empire of your dream” dandled the damsel, a patch of light spreading on her milky white face of magnetic charm.

Infinite number of waves of thinking bombarded the heart of Vanathi like repeated tsunami waves. She tried her level best to control the turbulence of her heart, like an engineer on trial to raise an embarkment against water current of a wild stream. Vanathi, a virtual damsel of purity, lived an isolated life away from human beetles, like an uninhabited island in the midst of the vast ocean. Vanathi flew on the wings of imagination to analyze the deviations in her behavior at the two instances of her meeting with prince Kuttuvan. She felt her behaviour exactly like a harlot on the stree to allure prince Kuttuvan to her lap by a spread of love web.

Vanathi accepted prince Kuttuvan as a hero of worship, when she was innocent lass. She preserved his picture in her memory as a little angel of heaven. A sudden twist of event in her life scattered them into two distance corners. Her heart withered like a tree in a torrid zone, for ten long years, praying for a shower of love from the heart of prince Kuttuvan. He appeared before him like rising sun in polar region. Her heart danced like a white peacock seeing the symptoms of a shower. She lowered her level to a crafty spider to swim on the stream of love.

The natural behavior of a spider would be waiting to trap insects, spreading an artful cobweb. A butterfly carelessly fell into the snare of the spider. It was the pity that the butterfly loitering around the area to fall into the same trap again for permanent life long imprisonment. Unfortunately the spider wound the web from the sight of the butterfly. The tiny butterfly preserved the hotness of his mischief in its heart and slowly grew to a damsel of sparkling beauty. Vanathi bit her rose petals like pink colored lips with her rows of pearl teeth. Prince Kuttuvan produced continuous ripples in the ocean of her heart by his active swim, waving his hands like the fluttering of wings of a love dove.

During that period of time, Vanathi was a lass around the age of ten years. Vanathi had high taste to roam around gardens to enjoy dancing flowers, like a butterfly without the barriers of control. She was the only offspring of Prof Sukran, the renowned educationist, scientist, necromancer, physicist and astrologer of Neyythal Land. He had high level contact with the palace, by the influence of his sky high talents. He predicted the high level climb of his daughter in future. To introduce the aristocratic cultures of palaces, he used to draw Vanathi with him to the royal palace of Neyythal Land. When Prof Sukran was involved in his duty, Vanathi used to wander through the palace to study the nature of different types of interior decorations of the palace.

The lass Vanathi had great admiration on prince Kuttuvan, who was only senior by two years. She witnessed prince Kuttuvan on the adornment of luxurious dresses and sparkling ornaments like the little emperor of the universe. She maintained a cordial friendly relationship with prince Kuttuvan and was crazy to offer little services to him to climb on his good book. During each day of her visit to the palace, she wished to watch the blooming face of that little angel. On that day of significance, she conducted a searching expedition throughout the palace to illuminate her heart, with a sight of that bright little star of her imagination.

As a last effort to pluck the success fruit, she flew towards the garden. She saw prince Kuttuvan on a step near bourn in the midst of the garden. “Vanathi, I am waiting for this butterfly. I expected the flight of the butterfly towards the garden to smell the fragrance of dancing flowers. Before your sparkling beauty, the real flowers of the garden lost the brightness of charm,” elated prince Kuttuvan, singing a version of praise like an expert poet beyond his age.

“Prince, how do you expect me in the garden? It would be a fruitless endeavor, if I neglected your presence around the garden. Do you have any purpose for your waiting lonely for my arrival?” forced Vanathi flatulently.

“Vanathi, I noticed your slightest movements around the palace. You never failed to smile at my face like a twinkling star, during your visits to the palace with your father. When you see me, your face will bloom like a lotus at sunrise. Can you refute to my glare of joy, Vanathi?” grumbled prince Kuttuvan, drawing her hands affectionately like a play toy.

‘Prince, you attract me like an angel of heaven. I am impressed by your sparkling smile. You donate alms to the needy poor. You speak softly without the arrogance of a prince. You are our future king of safety. That is why I look you as a god’ heralded Vanathi, pulling her hands from his grasp of softness of silk cotton.

“Vanathi, you too looks like little nymph of blossoms. Our guru too lauded your talents to sky high. Two horns are in bulging stage on your chest to boost your beauty like an angel of heaven” intimated prince Kuttuvan, a glare spreading on his face like a weightless veil.

“ Naughty prince, I never expected such a mind of vulgarity behind this childlike face of innocence. I hate to maintain friendship with naughty boys like you” Jawed Vanathi jaggedly.

An artificial waterfall was fabricated at one side of the stream. There was continuous shower of water from the waterfall like liquid silver. A swift wind scattered the shower like a spray of fine droplets of milk. The waterfall raised shrill music like the whispering music of a belle as a call to the appearance of her lover. In the glassy stream of shallow water, multicolored ornamental fishes swam in zigzag paths randomly, exhibiting the color of a diffusing rainbow. On both sides of the stream dense gazania flowers danced in breeze like the multicolored butterflies in a wildlife sanctuary.

“Sorry Vanathi. My tongue slipped a little on seeing a stag in our garden, kindly excuse me only once,” kneeled prince Kuttuvan, folding his palms together as a symbol of prayer.

“Prince, This is my first and last warning. Neyythal Land expects high quality from our prince. You should beam a universal brotherhood to protect the morality of all girls of Neyythal Land” lectured Vanathi, her eyes flying in the sky of imagination.

“Vanathi, why are you aloof at a distance? Come closer to push the darkness in my heart by your light of advice. Kindly sit on the step to have a lengthy conversation.” melted prince Kuttuvan, stretching his hand towards her as a call to diminish the distance gap between them.

“Prince, You are the future king of Neyythal Land. I am the daughter of a poor teacher. It is my responsibility to give you due respect” negated Vanathi nattily.

“No ghost will be around this garden at this time of hotness. Let us forget the status difference between us” objugated prince Kuttuvan, pulling her hand towards him.

Vanathi slipped on his lap. “Alas! I will die, if any one see me in this naughtiness with prince! Don’t cross the barriers of morality” preached Vanathi, trying to step down from his lap of prickling sensation.

“Vanathi, this appears to be a good experience and a strange warmth spreads through the nerves. Kindly control yourself for a span of time” quibbled prince Kuttuvan, stretching his right hand around her waist to stop her escape.

Vanathi pulled from his grasp violently by her iron clutches. She shivered, as if bathed in ice water. Prince Kuttuvan glanced her with melting sympathy, seeing her trembling like a chick chased by a vulture.

“Vanathi, Did I commit any mistake?”

“Yes, I believed you as a good angel”

“Do you expose my misbehavior to your father?”

“You are the prince of the state. No one will be ready to rebuke you. The whole darkness of blame will fall on my head”.

“Vanathi, I have a burning doubt in my heart. Will you please help me to clear the fumes?”

“Don’t worry prince. I can help to whom, except you. Kindly ask without any shade of guilty consciousness”

’Vanathi, don’t you expose the secret to others?”

“I assure you hundred percent guarantee.”

“Vanathi, my friends are speaking high about kiss. I wish to study the impacts of a kiss. Will you please give me only one kiss?”

“ You proved a mind of vulgarity once again. I hate to preserve your friendship further.”

“Vanathi! Only one kiss is enough to experience the warmth”.

“Alas! My nerves shiver in shyness”.

Vanathi acted false hatred and diffused towards the area of higher safety. Her speed of walk lost energy slowly, reaching static equilibrium. She turned slowly to watch the status of the prince. She glanced him sitting on the same location, like a green tender plant stirred by the arms of a whirl wind. She found tear drops at the edge of his eyes like dew droplets on the blades of grass. The spring of sympathy compelled her to wipe his tears of worry.

She shifted towards him like a robber kitten. “Dear prince, I can’t bear tear drops on your eyes of innocence. Kindly cheer up to play joyfully with your friends,” requested Vanathi reprovingly. She stretched her face towards him and gave an affectionate wet kiss on his cheek.

“Vanathi! thank you very much for your kindness. When will our lips meet?” stalemated prince Kuttuvan, gazing her with a sparkling glare.

Prince Kuttuvan exposed a magnetic smile like the sun at the early dawn. Vanathi winked her eyes like twinkling stars, a blush of shyness spreading on her face like aurora borealis. Next moment she ran from the area of allurement, like a humming bird on mirth.

After reaching the residence, Vanathi ruminated the incident to analyze reflections of the incident on the streamlined flow of her life current. Her guilty conscious mind prickled continuously as a warning lesson to escape from the drowning pit of quicksand. That age of tenderness would be the prime period in the life cycle of a loss to learn the skills of literacy, techniques of warfare and the aesthetic taste on art forms. She finalized to erase the picture of prince Kuttuvan from her memory to climb on the steps of the ladder of victory. She evaporated the dark stain put by prince Kutuuvan in her life of purity. She avoided to visit the palace with her father, inspite of his repeated requests to make cordial relationship with the family of the king.

When Sukran had an idea to visit the palace, Vanathi would smell the flavor earlier. She used to run before him, as if on wings. She was the brightness of lightning before the nuisance of thunder. Sukran wondered about her aversion towards the palace of splendor. However the roll of the wheel of time inverted her ideas upside down, as if by black magic.

A corner of her mind revolted against her ideas of virtues. “Vanathi, you gave thousands of kisses to your father and mother as a token of love. What is wrong in giving only one kiss to the prince of Neythal Land? Why won’t you consider the kiss as an adhesive to strengthen the bond of friendship with prince Kuttuvan?” twittered Vanathi, her temper rising to the higher layers of mirth.

Her imaginative mind climbed to higher level, and transformed the black stain as a white spot of purity. She finalized that the process of donation of a kiss is a natural phenomenon, like a shower of rain from cooled clouds. If she refused for a flimsy kiss, it would have corroded her mind to inflict everlasting pain of a wound. She imagined that the prince Kuttuvan would be on the starvation of worry, searching her face like a banyan tree growing in a torrid zone, gasping for a shower. The prince Kuttuvan must be a tremendous flourishing banyan tree to give shade to millions of poor. She felt strongly that it would be her duty to irrigate the withering plant to serve for the amelioration of the society. She wished to see the smile of Christmas sparkler on the face of prince Kuttuvan.

“Dad, exactly one month rolled, after my last visit to the palace. May I accompany you to the castle on tomorrow morning?” urged Vanathi to her father, with a shrill whispering voice of a cuckoo.

“Vanathi, No one is waiting for you in the palace. Why don’t you use the precious time for your study? Only learning will lift you higher on the step of success”.

“Dad, I wished to visit the palace frequently to prove my merits. Otherwise, the royal family will erase me from their memory”.

“Child, why should you worry about their remembrance?”

“The castle should know about my learning and skills”.

“Do you expect any benefit from their knowledge about you?”

“Why not? I wish to become the prime minister of future Neyythal Land”.

“There is no hint for a women prime minister in the history of Neyythal Land”.

“Let us correct the history. Women is not inferior to men in any stream of life”.

Sukran gazed his daughter with a glare on his face. He felt that she was not speaking like a child playing games with a toy. He witnessed the trust of growing crop on her face. He finalized to train her as the best administrator of the political machinery of a government. “Baby, your wish will climb on the tower of victory. Be ready to sharpen your mind to pluck the fruit of success. I will teach you all the techniques of political science to emerge as the ablest prime minister of Neyythal Land’ vivified Prof Sukran vivaciously.

On next day, Vanathi wandered throughout the palace to locate prince Kuttuvan. She even searched the royal garden to maintain cordial relationship with prince Kuttuvan. She started the second round of her searching operation to hunt prince Kuttuvan in the castle. Prince Kuttuvan noticed the searching operation of Vanathi, hiding behind a pillar. He hated to appear before her like a lightning spark, for her negligence for a long period of time. At that moment of gasping search, she glanced the movement of his shadow, when he shifted from one pillar to the other. She wished to deceive his eyes to start a hide and seek game with him. She pushed a nearby door to escape from his direct vision along a straight line.

The pressure of her fingers compelled the door to open, like the heart of a greedy miser exhibited with a gold coin. Vanathi entered swiftly into the room and closed the door instantly to escape from the sharp eyes of prince Kuttuvan. A stout rope hanging behind the door appeared to her eyes like a poisonous snake. “Alas! Snake! Snake” whooped Vanathi, rushing downwards on the steps in diffused light of partial darkness.

After a shift of time, she stopped her motion abruptly. She observed darkness everywhere, as if charcoal powder was sprayed in air. Without knowing the direction of motion, she shivered with throbbing heart, sweat oozing like waterfall from millions of tiny pores in her skin. She stretched her right leg to locate the favorable path for her movement. She trembled by the attack of waves of fear, as if standing on a narrow edge in the midst of a deep cavern of death.

At that instant of maximum terror, a faint noise attacked her heart like the howl of a ghoul from the depth of a well. The waves of hunting fear passed through her nerves at the speed of lightning. She sharpened her ears to locate the direction of emergence of the sound of energy. After a long span of silence of death, she heard the soothing voice very close to her, which added energy tonic to her nervous system. “Vanathi, I am prince Kuttuvan, emerged to stretch you a helping hand. Don’t faint by the evaporation of the confidence level. Stabilize on that location without the shiver of imaginary ghost” yelled the tone of prince Kuttuvan amazingly.

“Prince, I am on the shiver of terror. Kindly come fast to lift me to safety”.

“Vanathi, you carelessly entered into the tunnel of a secret passage. Only a narrow column of steps is available to cross this Netherland of the greatest mystery. No one has gut to enter into this underworld with out a torch”

“Alas! My energy level diminishes towards Zero. Kindly help me to escape from mystery of this dungeon”.

“Only one person can walk on this step of scanty width. May I seize you to escape from this hunting darkness?”

“Won’t you play mischievous games to push me into ocean of worries?”

“Don’t worry Vanathi. I will behave decently like a puppy on your lap”.

He grasped her right hand strongly like the clutch of an iguana. They slowly moved upward on the steps. Vanathi lifted her legs slowly with maximum alertness. “Vanathi, This process of migration is risky to our lives. If you slipped from the step, both of us will stumble down into the darkness of the cavern. Let me strengthen the clutch on you’ zipped prince Kuttuvan, putting trial to move behind her.

He put his right hand behind her rump and pulled her towards his chest. “Vanathi, Don’t vibrate in imaginary fear. I am on endeavor to move behind you. If you vibrate, both of us will fly towards hell” alerted prince Kuttuvan, his hot breath brushing her face like the soft edge of a peacock feather.

Prince kuttuvan slowly shifted to her back, after a long period of efforts. The sensational nerve centers of her body woke up and warm waves rushed through her body like hot waves of strangeness. At that moment of different shiver, he stretched his both hands on her waist. “Vanathi, this is the right position for our safety travel. Please walk carefully with maximum alertness to avoid accident” beguiled prince Kuttuvan, moving his right hand purposely on her abdomen. Without knowing a cunning strategy to escape from his mischief, she pulled his hands higher on her stomach.

After crossing three steps, his right hand moved craftily towards higher level and centered on her bulges to study the quantity of development. Due to the attack of wrath, she pushed his hands aside and crossed two steps forward to escape from his mischief of warmth. When she put her leg on the third step, she slipped down into the darkness of cavern, by the loss of stability. Fortunately, prince Kuttuvan stretched his hand downwards and seized her hand to lift her to the step of safety. When he pulled her higher, her skirt fell on the grip of a sharp edge and they heard the shrill sound of tearing off the skirt.

Prince Kuttuvan lifted Vanathi safely to a step. He experienced the shiver of her body, by the hunting waves of terror.

“Vanathi, you reached the platform of stability. Kindly evaporate the hunting waves of horror. I will be behind you to add energy to your heart” conciliated prince Kuttuvan, pulling her to a warm hug to smoothen her shiver.

“Prince, my skirt is torn from the top to the bottom. How can I glance my dad with this spoiled skirt? Can you suggest any idea to escape from the flare of my loving dad?” deplored Vanathi droopingly.

’We shall find perfect solution to any scorching problem on the surface of this earth. Let me study the condition of your torn cloth” embezzled prince Kuttuvan, moving his right hand on the skirt to analyze the nature of the split in the skirt. During the process, his hand pressed her thigh to sense the softness of her skin. Vanathi bit her lips tightly by her teeth to bear his mischief, as a consequence of her earlier bitter experience.

His hand moved upwards on her thigh and roamed on the silky smooth slope of her abdomen like a crafty crab. Then his fingers pressed her cupid mound and fondled the lower lips. Abruptly he pulled her to tight embracement and sucked her lips to a violent French kiss. She struggled hard to escape from his torture. “Prince, you are a worthless lust loving womanizer. I hate you like a killing poison. I don’t like to see the darkness on your face. Kindly fly away from my vicinity” flared Vanathi, hitting his chest with her hand by explosive anger, tear drops rolling on her cheeks like mercury pellets. Prince Kuttuvan pulled her to the top step and left her alone in darkness. After an efflux of time, he returned with a skirt on his hand and threw it on her face as a symbol of breaking of their friendship. She changed her skirt and slowly opened the door to escape from the area of lewdness. Unfortunately, she noticed the reddish eyes of her father, staring with the flame of hatred.

That incidence of breach of morality shifted her mind to the distant corner, far away from the shade of libidinous. She focused her whole energy to the skill development programs. A long span of ten years rolled away, like the process of blooming and withering of flowers in a garden. Her father completely avoided her visits to the royal castle. Her efforts to grow perennial hatred crops on prince Kuttuvan failed without harvest.

Her inner nerves were always awake to sing the tunes of prince Kuttuvan. The arms of puberty carved her body to a fine structure of an angel of heaven. The cupid prince of love shot her heart continuously with the arrows of love. Her father raised a huge wall against her free blow towards the castle by his flame of eyes like the Great Wall of China.

Vanathi tried her level best to open a conversation with the cupid prince of her heart. Her penance on the sides of the royal roads like a street beggar on starvation put no flame to her love torch. Prince Kuttuvan neglected her completely like the spread of a vacuum structure. He accelerated his horse away from the nearness of all damsels, neglecting them like trashes on street. At that instant of her fruitless efforts, a gossip diffused throughout the Neyythal Land like the leakage of a poisonous gas. Prince Kuttuvan lost affinity on girls and he had a plan to renounce world pleasures to attain nirvana as a hermit of honor.

At the same time, his fame crossed the frontiers of Neyythal Land as universal brother of damsels in distress. He had a strong organization of paid youths in all hamlets of Neyythal Land to stretch his helping hands of charity. A portion of the fund of his treasury blew towards the hamlets for the amelioration of the women community.

Vanathi planned to pull him into the ocean of domestic life by hook or crook. She waited for a golden opportunity to trap him into the pit of lust. She wished to foster at least an offspring of his blood on her lap to sing the lullaby of her love. “Alas! I committed a heavy blunder without brain to loss the love of my darling. Prince committed a minor mistake to explore the novelty of nudity. I crossed the boundaries of love to inflict a hot punishment. How shall I gain the prize of his love brimming heart?” gabbled Vanathi siphoning her whole energy in the form of tear drops.

Her nerves cried for another fresh tuning by his hands of love. “Ten long years flew waste. If I showed little broad mind on the prince of my heart, my life would be an oasis in the midst of dry desert. We would have enjoyed the brightness of life like a couple of free love birds. A premarital life of love without breaching the rules of morality is the bloom of heaven on the surface of the earth” hammered Vanathi, planning a good strategy to pull the emperor of her heart in to the sexo magnetic field around her.

By the grace of almighty, Vanathi climbed on the platform of victory spreading her love web perfectly to trap her darling. she waited for another opportunity to pull him into her flesh of hotness for the germination of the seed of his offspring.

The news about the damsel hunting expeditions of King Gangan crossed the barriers of the Kurinchi Land, and spread throughout the principalities in Hindustan, like a devastating forest fire. Prince Kuttuvan ordered for assemble of the parliament of Neyythal Land, to discuss about the emergency measures to be taken to block the army of Marutha land beyond the borders of Neyythal Land. The village heads of Neyythal Land started their journey on horses towards Mallai, the capital of Neyythal land. As Prof Sukran took charge as the prime minister of Neyythal Land, the family of Vanathi shifted to a small castle inside the fortress of Mallai Nagar. Vanathi opened a medical centre outside the fortress, and assumed charge as the head physician of the center, to prove his worthiness as a standard physician.

At the early dawn of the day, there was a large queue of patients in the medical centre of Vanathi, inspired by her talents in the field of medical science. Vanathi began treatment with the assistance of two more lady physicians. At the moment of maximum involvement in her duty, a nurse brought the most important news to her ears. “Mom, all the village chiefs arrived the headquarters to discuss about the implementation of emergency laws. The horse of our prince is galloping towards the parliament. This is the right time for your entry into the parliament as the leader of damsels of Neyythal Land” instilled the nurse impressively.

Vanathi turned her attention towards her assistants to catch their helping hands. “Friends, our prince will expect me at this time of emergency to strengthen his hands. It is my responsibility to boost his energy to choose the best strategy of attack to inflict a hot lesson of failure to the rabid hound King Gangan. Kindly prescribe the best medicine to the poor, after proper assessment of the ailments. You should save my name as the best physician of Neyythal Land” jibbed Vanathi, as a warning signal with a high pitch voice of command.

Vanathi rushed towards the parliament swiftly on her new black horse. Her mind flew towards prince Kuttuvan rapidly at the speed lightning, to glance his face of magnetic handsome. She decided to use that opportunity to orient his heart towards her direction. She firmly believed that the eruption of emergency would give her more chance to roam around him to strengthen the love bond between them. When stepped into the parliament, she observed majority of the seats filled by the village heads. To her surprise, she was venerated by the representatives of the parliament with folded palms and bowed heads. She advanced forward on the pavement between the rows of seats on both sides. when she reached the front row of seats, the village heads on the row greeted her with bloomed faces. “Honorable future queen of Neyythal Land, God showered his grace on us to meet our angel in person. Kindly honor us, assuming this seat as the throne of adornment” louted a gentleman.

The mind of Vanathi flew into height of the sky of mirth. She climbed on the peak of wonder, thinking about the high speed of gossips, exceeding the speed of birds with wings. At that instant of expanding strangeness, the screen of the stage shifted sidewise. A band of musicians tuned their instruments to produce a rhythmic music. A team of five girls of charm appeared on the stage and sang a song of patriotism. A bevy of ten damsels danced in wavy form according to the rhyme of the song. The last version of the song ended with a warm welcome to the future king and queen of Neyythal Land.

At the moment of completion of the dance performance, prince Kuttuvan appeared on the stage like the sudden sunrise in the eastern horizon. All members of the parliament stood up to show their veneration, and waved their hands like the fluttering of their national flag in the current of a breeze. “Victory to prince Kuttuvan! Victory to Neyythal Land! Long live prince Kuttuvan!” melodized the mass, which reverberated throughout the auditorium like high pitch rumbling thunder.

“Dear citizens, the atrocity of the autocrat King Gangan crossed the limits of forgiveness. He plans to conduct damsel hunting expedition on our mother land. The time of emergency to protect our citizens as our own children is fastly approaching. I convened the parliament to proclaim emergency laws to protect our motherland from the clutches of the blood thirsty hunter” negotiated prince Kuttuvan with burning eyes and vibrating moustache.

The members of parliament already heard the merciless slaughter of King Gangan in the hamlets of Kurinji Land to hunt beautiful damsels. If the special hunter cavalry of King Gangan penetrated into the hamlets of Neyythal Land, the annihilation of the culture of Neythal Land would be certain, beyond the level of imagination of the mortals. Before the stretching of the hands of terror of flood, strong embankments should be constructed to stop the destructive effects of the flood. The citizens of Neyythal Land had maximum trust on the skill of their prince and were ready to align behind him to stop the special hunter cavalry of King Gangan beyond the borders of Neyythal Land.

“King Gangan is a blood thirsty vampire. He should be killed within the frontiers of his country, before he organizes another damsel hunting operation. I decided to diffuse into his country with a band of ten warriors to suck his blood. I expect the blessings of my citizens to start the endeavor immediately to push King Gangan to the tortures of the hell,” obsecrated prince Kuttuvan, attacked by the waves of rage on the horrible damsel hunting expeditions of King Gangan.

Vanathi had depth of understanding about the damsel hunting process of King Gangan. She had a harsh blood boiling encounter with him, while he was a student in the residential university of her father. She learnt the selfish stony hearted characteristics of King Gangan by her personal experiences. No one could approach the vicinity of his hard heart by a torch of love. She thought that the sudden decision taken by prince Kuttuvan at the moment of excitement won’t fetch fruits of sweet taste. So she decided to stand behind him as a fortress to pull him to safety. Vanathi stepped on the stage and stood close to him to attract the attention of the audience towards her.

“Dear kith and kins, Hearty morning greetings to all of you. I am the only daughter of Prof Sukran, the prime minister of Neyythal Land. I am on the charge of the medical center originated by my dad. I wish to explain the damsel hunting process of King Gangan, the king of Marutha Land, for your knowledge” pealed Vanathi pungently.

Vanathi shifted her eyes from one corner to the other corner of the auditorium to study the curiosity of the members of the parliament. To her satisfaction, they observed her keenly, preserving pin drop silence. “Respected leaders king Gangan has an imaginary greed to from a united Marutha Empire, annexing all the thousands of states in Hindustan. He wishes to give the responsibility of administration of different provinces to the children of his own blood. For the achievement of his aim, he needs thousands of children. He was instructed by his guru Kanakan to marry thousand damsels to get abundance of children needed for the establishment of a united Marutha Empire. Thus the criminal brain of guru Kanakan is the force behind the screen for the destructive damsel hunting expeditions of the tyrant King Gangan” quibbled Vanathi by her sharp explanation, the reasons behind the deviated brain of King Gangan. All of the members of the parliament waited silently, to hear about the success plan to put an end to the tortures of King Gangan, the most important agent of Satan.

All the members of the parliament understood the horrible plan of King Gangan to cause the flow of rivers of blood throughout the vast area of Hindustan. The unrest of the struggle would scorch the people like repetition of tremendous waves of tsunami for hundreds of years. They expected the spread of iron hands of their prince, to burn the thorny growth at the early stage of tenderness. To focus light into their shade of doubts, Vanathi continued her explanation, words flowing with perfect clarity, like the streamline flight of projectiles in battle fields with perfect aim.

“King Gangan constructed him dream fortress, popularly known as magnetic fortress. He established thousand castles inside the campus of his magnetic fortress of limitless mystery. He filled the first two hundred castles by damsels selected from his Marutha Land by voluntary agreement. He conducted damsel hunting expeditions for five days throughout the hamlets of Kurinji Land and captured five hundred damsels from Kurinchi Land. During his hunting operations, he slaughtered mercilessly the whole mankind of the Kurinchi Land, without the distinction of age or gender. His next targets to reap the harvest of damsels to fill his three hundred vacant castles will be our Neyythal Land” roared Vanathi, flame of wrath exploding from her mouth in the form of words.

“The special hunting cavalry of King Gangan destroyed the whole Kurinchi Land beyond repair. The soil of Kurinchi land turned into red by the smear of human blood. The Kurinchi land turned into a wild forest for the roaming of vultures and carnivorous animals. There was a sporadic outburst of epidemic diseases to scorch the escaped innocent people to the tragedy of death. The five hundred damsels of Kurinchi land were dragged to the magnetic fortress in chain like street dogs. The whole Kurinchi land turned into a cremation ground” shrieked Vanthi, tear drops falling from her eyes like beads of glass.

The outspoken words of fire, froze the senses of the assembly members like the frozen ocean of the Antarctica circle. “Dear friends, The Marutha land gibbon is on rut for the greed of a vast empire. If the monster is allowed to breathe fresh air, he will walk on the chest of human civilization. His death is the only solution to preserve the culture of Hindustan. I wish to penetrate into his country as a single man army to pierce his heart with my dagger of sure death” thundered prince Kuttuvan like a roaring lion of forest, changing his earlier announcement of diffusing into Marutha Land with a band of ten warriors.

“Atrocity! Cruelty! Wickedness! King Gangan is a vampire living on the blood of innocent people. I will revenge King Gangan for the sake of all damsels on the surface of the earth. I will diffuse into Marutha Land with our prince to chop the head of the Vampire. You should bless us to start the expedition today itself” ululated Vanathi like a starved tigress, with an inner motive to pull prince Kuttuvan back from the danger of sure death.

“Impossible. I won’t transfer my responsibility to kill the genocide to a tender damsel. Our lasses are fragile climber plants that need the help of a support for their safety. I will pass prohibitive order to stop women from dangerous hunting expeditions” vaunted prince Kuttuvan with a sneering laugh.

“Am I a climber plant with tendrils to vibrate in a breeze? Let us settle our dispute by a valor competition on the edges of swords. I will prove the worthiness of women community as sample from the large population” whooped Vanathi, pulling a sword from the wall for a tight duel.

The representatives of the parliament never witnessed such a tug of war in the past history of Neyythal Land. Majority of them knew the multi cornered talents of Vanathi. If she climbed on the platform of victory, the whole progress of Neyythal land will shatter to fumes like the sudden attack of a devastating earthquake. The destruction of the castle of fame would turn prince Kuttuvan into a hermit, wandering in the darkness of forests. A senior citizen decides to nib the thorny growth in the bud. “Prince, In our country men and women live in equal status with the torch of love. Our king has the whole responsibility to protect his citizens. Where is he at this time of emergency?” altercated the senior citizen arduously.

“Sir, our king is on bed rest, owing to a severe ailment. He assigned the responsibility of administration of our country to my hands. I am not a match for the sharpness of Vanathi. If I fail in the hunting operation on King Gangan, Vanathi will be the best ruler to march our country towards the path of progress. To detach her from my alignment of death, I used such silly words of an idiot” baulked prince Kuttuvan, bowing his head in shame.

“Prince, we knew your soft heart of purity. Even Vanathi, would have cried for a valor competition to pull you to safety. She would be the best queen on the throne of Neyythal land, in our vast history of glory” cajoled the senior citizens cannily.

“Kill King Gangan to save our heredity! Kill King Gangan to save our damsels of purity! Kill King Gangan to foster our country towards prosperity” damned a damsel in the midst of the assembly.

The fire of patriotism penetrated the hearts of all members of the parliament, like a whirl wind of high speed. The spirit of valor bombarded their nerves like a heavy current of flood. The impulse to run fast to protect their own family spread on their faces, like a thin transparent veil. “All the citizens of Neyythal land should penetrate into the Marutha land to slaughter the poisonous snakes of Marutha land. No worm on the soil of Marutha land should be alive to breathe fresh air. The annihilation process should be perfect to stop further growth of vampires like King Gangan from the soil of Marutha land” exploded an youth aloud, to catch the attention of the parliament.

The furore shifted the calm color of the assembly into the turbulence of a sudden eruption of a dormant volcano. The roars of wraths twisted the parliament into a pandemonium of hounds. The mixture of high intense noises irritated the senses of prince Kuttuvan, as if fuel oil was added to the flames of fire. He exploded into anger like mustard seeds dropped into boiling oil. “Why are you barking waste like dogs around a bandicoot? Are you inside a fish market to bargain? Behave properly as good member of parliament” frowned prince Kuttuvan feverishly.

Next moment, all the parliament members closed their mouths air tight. There occurred perfect pin drop silence like the deadly silence of a burial ground in the darkness of midnight. “King Gangan won’t put his feet on the sacred soil of Neyythal land. His both legs should be cut off, before he cross the boundary of our country. There should be alert vigilance along the border to stop the diffusion of his spies into our area” galvanized prince Kuttuvan with a tone of warning signal to the lazy lizards of Neyythal land. His words of flare penetrated their ears like thunder bolt from a clear sky.

“This is the order of prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal land. Training camps should be organized in every villages of Neyythal land to train our citizens in the art of warfare. Women should be given equal importance in the training programmes. All the citizens of Neyythal land in the age group ten to sixty should participate in the training camp whole heartedly. Cowards have no right to breathe the fresh air of Neyythal land. The village heads who showed inefficiency in the training program will be sent to the guillotine to harvest their heads like thorny growths of Neyythal land,” horrified prince Kuttuvan hectically.

The citizens of Neyythal land had skyhigh respect on prince Kuttuvan. The youths of Neyythal land were ready to plunge into the darkness of risks, if he ordered for the completion of risky tasks. They would bring bottles of coconut oil, in addition to bunches of coconuts, if he ask for a coconut. The damsels of Neyythal land worshipped him as their own brother, with a stress of more importance to him. He achieved that intimacy of wonder by his tint of service at the times of scorching worries. Prince Kuttuvan had no attachment on the luxuries of the palace. He cultivated pleasure in wandering throughout the hamlets of the country. Generally he would be found in the midst of the youths of that locality. His policy of sharing meals from the cottages of the youths raised the intimacy of the downtrodden section to the heights of the sky. He never experienced opposing views from his citizens.

“The borders of Neyythal land should be guarded perfectly by our youths by the allotment of rolling duties. A giant eagle will fly in the sky, like a spy of terror before King Gangan. The eagle is a warning signal about the diffusion of King Gangan around the area. The whole population should rush towards the area to give a tough resistance to stop his penetration into our country. Our army is on alertness at different localities of the state to slaughter the hunting cavalry of King Gangan” infuriated prince Kuttuvan, like a roaring lion ready to attack a forest of tigers.

At that moment hot instructions, Vanathi entered into to warning process to support her darling to share his responsibilities. “Dear leaders, all of you rush towards your village to construct a live wall to stop the damsel hunting expedition of King Gangan. Every individual should transform into a single man army. Every damsel should transmute into a crouching tigress to suck the blood of the autocrat. Your weapons should bombard the head of King Gangan like the thunders of the sky. We should preserve the prestige of our nation by our own sacrifice” jarred Vanathi with the intensity of a thunder.

The density of the human population began to diminish inside the parliament, due to their departure towards their villages to strengthen the training process. The diffusion of air from higher pressure to lower process won’t continue up to the attainment of vacuum. Unlike the diffusion process of air, the parliament became empty within a short span of time. Only Vanathi waited at a corner to open a hot discussion with the hero of her heart. When a lake dry completely due to the evaporation of water in the long spell of summer the water birds of the lake would fly away in search of other reservoirs of water with abundant fishes. At the same time, the lotus plants remain with the lake as a companion in joy and sorrow, to enjoy the mirth of growth during the next rainfall. Like wise, Vanathi loved to be around the hero of her heart to provide the chillness of a snowfall at the scorching times of hotness.

“Darling, boiling flames of worry won’t disturb a wise man with strength of mind. He considers the brightness of day and the darkness of night equally important for his march towards the route of victory. Even a band of hundreds of King Gangans, can’t pull the hairs of our damsels. Our literature describes the valor of a damsel, who drove away a ferocious tiger with her winnow, used to separate chaff from grains of paddy” kindled Vanathi, winking her eyes as an invitation for a hot feast.

“The hunter army of King Gangan was formed by heartless monsters. They crave for a game of football, utilizing human heads as balls. They have no spring of love in their heart. King Gangan may penetrate into our territory at any time at any location. Their direction of flow must be judged in advance to inflict a heavy destruction to the rabid dogs of King Gangan,” laced prince Kuttuvan ludicrously.

“Dear, the dark clouds of war began to blow in the sky above our heads. The Vanathi lotus blooms daily to watch the appearance of the magnetic face of her prince like rising sun. Kindly don’t allow this lotus to wither, starving for his love water,” mystified Vanathi, tear drops growing on the edges of her eyes like the crystallization of common salt.

“Vanathi, Don’t shiver by imaginary worry. I won’t forget your sparkling face, even if I fail to breath. I will live to bath you in a shower of love for hundreds of years.”

“Darling, do you protect me from the rut of King Gangan? Do you allow my holy body of virginity for the ravishment of that lust craving monster?”

“Don’t act like a breast feeding child. Our master Prof Sukran taught us all the techniques of easy death. No monster can touch your skin for ravishment”.

“Darling, I hate your arguments of negligence. As a damsel in your shade, I expect your protection to preserve my chastity. Can you put efforts to preserve me like your own heart?”

“Vanathi, Kindly don’t vibrate me unnecessarily by your words of hotness. I shall preserve you in my heart as my own soul”

“Dear, I wish a permanent seat on your lap. I should be always with you as your shadow. Then only I will breath for your health and happiness”

“Vanathi, why should you waste my precious time by worthless arguments? Kindly live according to your own fancies and allow me to live for the service of the country”

Vanathi slowly shifted towards him to diminish the distance gap between them. Her warm breathing air rubbed his face to expose the mystery of life. He fell within the range of sexomagnetic induction of her body. “Darling, fear waves hunt me like ghosts. Don’t allow King Gangan to separate me from your lap. I wish to live with you with thickest intimacy for hundred years like jasmine flowers and their fragrance” notified Vanathi into his ears, the tips of her cone shaped buds pushing his chest to originate waves of fire into his nerves.

“Vanathi, Kindly preserve the stability of your love brimming heart. I won’t allow any dog to touch your shadow. Even if the sun rose in the west, I won’t permit King Gangan to smell your flavor. I will be a strong iron fortress around you to oscillate you on the swing of my love”, osculated prince Kuttuvan, falling into field of sensuous attack of Vanathi.

“I had direct bombardment with prince Gangan before one your, when he was a student of the residential university of my father. He challenged directly to kill me by repeated brutal ravishments. He will march towards me with his hunting cavalry to complete his wager.” paralyzed Vanathi, rubbing her wet laps on his face to accelerate the flow of the current of lust throughout his body.

“Sweety! I will cut off the cock of King Gangan, if he stare you with rut. You are my wealth. I won’t allow others to diffuse into your vicinity”

“Darling, our life boat is on oscillation in the waves of danger. We won’t get another golden chance to taste the hotness of sensational joy. Kindly give me a hot kiss” quickened Vanathi with a catching smile. She pulled him into a tight embracement and exchanged a hot lips locking kiss.

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