Magnetic Fortress

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March of the Flying Eels

Vanathi emerged form the backside of a huge Margosa tree, like the stretching of a streak of lightning from a pregnant cloud. She fluttered her eyebrows like the wings of a sparrow to expel a dust that irritated her eyes. Impressed by her dazzling beauty, a gentle breezed blew towards her to have a warm hug. The breeze vibrated the free edge of her saree like flapping of wings of the bird osteodontronis the bird with longest wing span. The rising sun focused his pink rays on her smooth face of polished white marble to enhance her glamour.

Painted by the red rays of sun, the clouds in the eastern sky flew, as if on the hands of flame. At the early dawn of brightness, Vanathi moved towards a pond, to enjoy the opening of the petals of lotus flowers to welcome the rising sun. She witnessed a convoy of milky white flamingo birds, on penance on one leg at shallow water in the border area of pond, as an effort to capture lazy fishes. Some birds fluttered their wings, misunderstanding her eyes as new type of tasty fishes. Some lotus flowers waved towards her, as an effort to glance her magnetic beauty. She witnessed the flight of birds towards the eastern horizon in the regular pattern of a rainbow, like a constellation of twinkling stars.

Vanathi walked towards the lake with uniform speed like a swan, a peacock dancing on the platform of her mind. She enjoyed the presence of milky white lily flowers in the midst of lotus, like angels of heaven. Those lily flowers stirred her memory to remind about mischievous lad Kuttuvan, before a long span of ten years. She sat on the last step of the bathing ghat. As usual, she adorned wings of imagination, and flew through the vast expanse of the sky with the hero of her heart, like a couple of love birds.

Unlike all other lakes of Neyythal Land, that particular lake had a strange novelty. The lake had large shoals of eel fishes. To the wonder of all, other varieties of fishes were totally absent in the lake. Vanathi was crazy to watch the wavy movements of eel fishes in the form of transverse waves with crests and troughs. She had the habit of visiting the lake at early morning everyday to feed then with popcorn or coconut cake. On that day of significance, she brought a basket of popcorn to supply food to the abundant eel fishes. She sprayed the popcorn on the surface of water, in small quantities. A large shoal of eel fishes swam around the area to catch the food. The concentration of Vanathi was focused on the wonderful scene of rhythmical dancing styles of the eel fishes.

At that instant of her deep involvement, she was abruptly disturbed by a change in intensity of light. She suddenly shifted her head with a bloomed face of a lotus, as if the hero of her heart appeared to bath her in shower of love. She witnessed a handsome youth, with a catching smile like an angel of heaven. She stared him sharply, floating on the sea of wonder. “Vanathi, Don’t shiver by fear. I am a student from the residential university of your father. My friends sang the song of your fame to the level of my excitement. I traveled a large distance to glance your dazzling beauty. Thousand poets are not enough to glorify your charm of perfect ness” recited the youth radiantly.

The youth appeared to be an offspring of an affluent society of luxury. With a height of about six feet, his lean strong structure and golden color gave him the appearance of the cupid prince of love. His magnetic smile would capture any damsel at first sight. But to the eyes of Vanathi, all youths were just glow worms in front of the rising sun. “Sir, I have no merits like your friends flatter. I am just an ordinary girl on pavement. My dad won’t like our meeting. Hearty thanks for your appreciation. Let us depart as good friends” solicited Vanathi, shifting her eyes to enjoy the wavy swim of the eel fishes.

“Vanathi, kindly don’t show negligence. I am not a bravo on the street. I am Gangan, the royal Prince of Marutha Land. I arrived to fetch your attention to the throne of Marutha Land. The crown of the queen of Maruthal Land is waiting to decorate your head” truckled prince Gangan, sitting on the step to captivate her towards his love web.

Vanathi analyzed him from toe to the hair to estimate his handsome structure. She noticed all the qualities favorable for the king of a state in his outward appearance. The structural style of prince Gangan had capacity to attract even the angels of heaven. She had no balance to weigh the worthiness of his inner mind. The throne of her heart was already occupied by Kuttuvan, the prince of Neyythal Land. Even the treasure of the whole world won’t shift her from his heart, by the thickness of a nail. She wished to remain around him for all generations to smell the fragrance of his sweat.

“Gangan, I wish to enjoy the song of silence to fly on the wings of imagination. Kindly don’t disturb me form my world of splendid dreams. Your teacher is waiting to educate you as the most successful student of his university” urged Vanathi, a shade of rage growing at the edge of her eyes.

“Vanathi, I will adorn you as the queen of Marutha Land. I will heap all the treasures of the world at your feet. I will attack the kingdom of heaven to fetch ambrosia to preserve your sparkling beauty and mind catching virtuousness” ventilated prince Gangan voluptuously. His Sharp eyes penetrated the screen of her shawl to suffocate by the spark of her curvatures. He stretched his right hand towards her waist of burning charm, like the elongation of the tongue of a chameleon to trap a butterfly. His hand moved along the smooth slope of her waist.

“Dog, don’t touch on the sacred skin of my temple. I won’t allow demons to tarnish my skin of holiness. I will kill you like a lightning stroke, if you disturb my privacy,” whooped Vanathi, standing on the edge of explosion due to boiling wrath.

“Hahahaha! Do you assume me as a stag in your garden? I am a crouching tiger capable to hunt any flesh of my choice. I want to play a hot game with this doll of sparkling glamour” yelped prince Gangan, like a wild dog dingo under the influence of excessive rut.

He suddenly pulled her shawl to push her in the shiver of shame. She rolled on the spot like a spinning top and stumbled into the ice cold water like a root cut tree. The scattered water splashed on his face like the army of the damsel in distress. The water surface of the lake glittered in sun light like molten gold. The ripples formed on the water surface by the fall of Vanathi, grew into enormous concentric circular waves like magnified form of the multiple gold rings that oscillated on the ears of Vanathi. The eel fishes that danced rhythmically in water like damsels of glamour, rushed into different direction like accelerated arrows.

Vanathi boiled by the hotness of anger. The external chillness of water failed miserably to cool her nerves to the temperature of the surrounding. She raised her head above water surface like the expanded hood of a cobra on rage. “Prince Gangan, I respect you as the future king of Marutha Land. Kindly don’t cross the limits of your power. I am not a meek whore on the street, to dance behind you according to your tunes. No tiger is born on this earth to ravish Vanathi tigress” alerted Vanathi, bouncing on the shore with high expertise like a crafty frog.

Prince Gangan stared her from top to bottom. The wet dress stuck to her body and exhibited a hot feast to his hungry eyes. “Vanathi, The imagination of your nudity put flames into my nerves. Your breasts appear to be more charming than lotus buds. Why should you hide your glamorous body behind the screen of your dress? Let me watch the perfect curvatures of your body structure to glorify you as the most beautiful damsel of the earth” bothered prince Gangan basely.

“Prince Gangan, Kindly allow me to preserve the purity of a virtuous damsel. The struggle between us may elongate into the eruption of a war between our countries. I don’t want bloodshed of millions of innocent people of our countries, on this silly reason,” craved Vanathi like a devotee to her deity with folded hands and oozing eyes.

“Wow! What a glamorous posture. I enjoy hunting deer in forests. The chasing process itself will thrill my senses to the joy of heaven. This is a golden chance to experience the hotness of chasing game” derogated Prince Gangan deplorably. He tore off the front portion of her blouse abruptly, with the speed of lightning. Vanathi crossed her chest with her both hands as a screen to stop his penetrating eyes and moved backwards to escape from his snare.

“Stupid Vanathi, No roe can escape from the sharp clutches of this tiger. Run fast to escape from the ravishment of your honor” exasperated prince Gangan with a sneering laugh.

At the moment of scorching emergency, the face of her father appeared in her brain like a beam of a light house. “Child, this world is filled with flesh craving beasts. The first technique they follow to capture damsels is pulling the dress to make her shiver in the shame of nudity. No muscle in our body has special significance at the time of danger. A tigress needs no dress to preserve the purity of her soul. Jump into action to climb on the platform of victory. Chastity is not sticking in the skin, but it dwells in the mind.” The smiling face of her father rushed through her nerves as an energy current to the seeds of confidence in her senses. She pulled her hands from the chest, climbing on the imagination as a new born child.

“Wow! What a scene of burning hotness. Why should you preserve the lower screen? Remove the skirt to see you as a doll of perfect craftsmanship” flouted prince Gangan, expanding his eyes to swallow her whole beauty without wastage.

Vanathi rolled her eyes to search for a weapon to pulverize his heart. The eyes of prince Gangan stared the downward sloping of her abdomen with a flare of hotness, flying on the imagination of the shape junction. “This virgin body of virtues is preserved for the hero of my heart. I won’t allow stain on my body of holiness by a ghost. Kindly run away towards your university to avoid hot consequences” gnarled Vanathi, stretching her right hand towards the direction of the university.

“Are you a ripe fruit bitten by a squirrel? Who is that robber standing as an obstacle against the joy of the hero of Marutha Land?” harassed prince Gangan haughtily. He spread his wings of imagination throughout the vast stretches of the sky for an efflux of time. His face bloomed abruptly, as if he dug a treasure of gold by fluke.

“I identified that jackal who tasted the damsel of my heart. There is only one coward in Neyythal land, artful enough to trap the only daughter of Sukran. Are you a concubine of prince Kuttuvan?” interrogated prince Gangan insultingly. He searched for an opportunity to pull her inner wears easily, like peeling of the skin of an orange fruit.

His criticisms pierced her heart like an array of accelerated arrows. She felt that only noblemen could cultivate the crops of virtues in the field of their hearts. The sluices of a gutter won’t expel crystal clear water of purity. At that moment of unstable equilibrium of Vanathi, prince Gangan stretched his right hand to catch her bra to add fuel to his flame of hotness. She slipped from his clutch like her pet eel fishes in the pond. She moved backward to distance, her sharp vision on alertness to observe his slightest movement. Suddenly, she sprang into the sky towards him like a projectile accelerated to high velocity by a mechanical engine. She folded her body in to a ball like a porcupine at emergency. She spinned in the sky like a rubber ball kicked with high force.

Prince Gangan bounced high upwards in the sky to catch her legs. She crossed him skillfully like a swift, and landed safely on the surface of the earth at a distance from the vicinity of Prince Gangan. She grasped her shawl on the ground with perfect aim and ran forward to escape from the clutches of Prince Gangan. During the process of running, she teared off her shawl longitudinally into two parts. She stretched the one part of the shawl around her chest and put a strong knot at the left side.

Prince Gangan never expected such a twist in his damsel hunting process. He had high expertise and experience in victorious damsel hunting expeditions. So he chased her like a lion of forest running to hunt variety of beasts. On the path of forward march of Vanathi, a broad stream stood as a supporter to the wickedness of Prince Gangan. He slowed his speed of chasing floating on imagination that Vanathi would fall on his lap as a prey of hotness. To his surprise Vanathi sprang into the sky like a flying squirrel, the long shawl on her right hand, fluttering in joy like the national flag of Neyythal Land.

At that instant of haunting failure, Prince Gangan noticed a narrow wooden bridge across the stream at a distance. He ran towards the bridge to cross the stream and to continue the hunting till his climb on the peak of victory. During this time gap, Vanathi wound the second part of the shawl around the junction and put a strong knot at the waist. She noticed a live fence with array of thorny cactus. The thrones of the broad stemmed cocti stood like sharp needles. The scene of the live fence sowed the seeds of confidence in the heart of Vanathi. At the same time, prince Gangan floated on the ocean of joy, thinking that she had no route to escape from his games of lust.

Vanathi waited with folded palms, as if to beg for his mercy. He moved forward with a sneering laugh, to vibrate her in scorching fear of the consequences of cruel hunting process. At that moment of dancing mirth of prince Gangan, a sudden twist of event occurred to push him into a ditch of failure. Vanathi sprang towards his face, with stretched fingers of right hand. She stroke his face with heavy force, her sharp chastity nails pulling a portion of flesh in his face. She crossed him like a skillful bat and landed on the surface of the earth with perfect stability.

Prince Gangan stood in unstable equilibrium, with burning pain. At that moment of shiver, he remembered the nick name of Vanathi as a human tigress. Before he reached the stability from the hunting waves of pain, Vanathi jumped towards him and kicked violently, causing a loud noise like the eruption of a thunder. Prince Gangan flew to a large distance, and bombarded on the hard crust of earth, like a projectile launched towards the enemy camp during a war. He skidded on the floor to a large distance, like a horse slipped on a wet road of clay. He never experienced such a bloody failure throughout his career of twenty long years. Most of the girls cooperated for his hot games on bed, like play dolls of children. To harvest other girls, he utilized little force of a crafty hunter of high talents.

Prince Gangan got up with boiling anger. He rushed towards Vanathi by respected bounces like a rubber ball thrown on the plane surface of a rock. Vanathi pulled a coctus plant with the force of both hands. She ran towards him fast and hit on his chest with heavy pressure. He yelped harshly like a dog bitten by a tiger. Vanathi raised her coctus weapon for a second attack with fire of wrath on her face. He noticed the expression of rage on her face of high glamour. She witnessed high stamina of a hunting tigress in her movement. His brain warned him to evaporate from the scene of high risk. So he deviated from his path to run for safety, like the refraction of a ray of light when passing from one medium to the other.

Prince Gangan turned direction and ran fast, like a current of flood blowing from level to lower level. Vanathi chased him with high velocity, and bombarded her coctus weapon on his back, like the collision of a huge meteorite. He staggered for a distance, with the exhaustion of energy, and hunting waves of pain. He diffused towards the area of highest safety, floating on imagination for a golden opportunity to hunt Vanathi for the second time. “Bloody Rascal, he assumed all girls as weaker sex of frailty. I gave a warning lesson to the jackal of Marutha land. He will refine his character to respect girls as his own sisters,” jeered Vanathi, floating on the imagination on the stepping of virtues of paradise to the surface of the earth.

On that day of excessive tension to the heart of Vanathi, her father Prof Sukran didn’t visit their cottage at night. It was his habit to star in the university campus, at the times of emergency. Due to the presence of a servant maid in the cottage to look after the domestic words, Vanathi never worried for the absence of her father at nights. She expected her father would be on the urgent duty to treat the ailment his favorite student prince Gangan. Her judgment proved to be perfect by the absence of her father to the home.

At the dawn of the next day Vanathi waited in the garden for the arrival of her father, focusing the vision of her eyes on the path towards the cottage. She saw the horse of her father at infinite distance like a doll of pony. Fired by the eager to know about the health prince Gangan, she ran towards him, like a calf towards its mother cow. She grasped the bag containing medicinal plants from his hands. “Dad, I waited for your arrival throughout the night with disturbed sleep. Your affection on me is one the waning phase. You give more importance to your students than this poor girl. I am roaming around this area like an orphan on the streets” laced Vanathi lethargically.

“Baby, I preserve this soul only to serve for your joyous life of safety. At the same time, I have my own responsibilities to work for the uplift of the society, as a good citizen of Neyythal Land. How can I breath the fresh air of the world, keeping my abilities blessed by our deity idle, like a worthless miser?” modulated Prof Sukran modestly.

“Dad, Today the usual brightness of charming smile is missing in your face. Is there any unrest of students in your university? May I share some of your responsibilities in your university, to lower the weight of your burden?” nettled Vanathi, to pull the secrets locked in his inner heart.

“A fuming volcano is waiting at the door of our country. At any time that dormant volcano may explode, putting flame to the peacefulness of our country. Only the grace of our deity should evaporate the problem into Vacuum” obfuscated Prof Sukran oddly.

“Don’t try to write mysterious story on my brain. Do any of our student fall into death by an accident? Are you a deity to pull souls from the grasp of death?”

“Don’t prattle like a child without the knowledge of reality. Prince Gangan of Marutha Land is the best student of our university. I treated his for the whole night to ull form the verge of death”

“What happened to Prince Gangan Dad? Did he stumble down from his horse? Was he on the intoxication of wine?”

“Vanathi, Don’t use indifferent words against the prince of Marutha Land. Prince Gangan is a matchless warrior. He was thrashed merciessly with coctus having strong spines. This heavy torture inflicted on Prince Gangan may lead to a war between the two countries”

“Do that lazy lizard comparable to our prince Kuttuvan in valour? Why should that coward show his skin for the attack of coctus?”

“Vanathi, I warn you for your words of stupidity. Prince Gangan is a good soldier, parallel to our prince in prowess. He has capacity to defeat a file of ten soldiers within a fraction of a span of time”

“Dad, your arguments appears to be baseless. Why should he accept spines on his body, if he is a real hero? I suppose he dramatizes as a brave warrior to earn your respect”

They approached the vicinity of the cottage brutally. “Vanathi, I am in a mood to elongate the argument with you. Prince Gangan was brutally attacked by a band of robbers in the midst of a forest abruptly, when he was watching the dance of a peacock”

“Prince Gangan has craziness on damsel peahens. That hot punishment is worth for Prince Gangan for his misbehavior with future mothers. I find no apt words to sing the praise of that band of robbers”

Prof Sukran entered into the cottage, and lay on the cot to take a deep sleep. She pulled a chair to his side and sat on the chair conveniently to continue the conversation. “Dad, why did a band of robbers use coctus as weapon of attack? Did all of them lost their weapons during the treasure hunting process? The argument appears to have no roots” protested Vanathi prudentially.

“Baby, The wounds are deep. I took one whole night to pull the broken spines from his body. Atleast one month of bed rest will be required for his complete recovery. Kindly pray god to stop the eruption of a war between Marutha Land and Neyythal Land” quavered Prof Sukran, closing his eyes to dip into the depth of an higher imagination sleep.

Vanathi stared his face with glaring doubt. Did her father guess the culprit behind the screen of the torture of prince Gangan? What would happen after his return to normalcy? “God, kindly solve this problem without blood shed of millions of innocent people. Please don’t push me into the ravishment of that lust thirsty ghost. I shall jump into the sacrificial pyre at your feet, after receiving the hot embracement of my darling atleast once” requested Vanathi to her deity parasakthi to solve the problem without the blood shed of the innocent mass.

Vanathi loitered in her garden, thinking deeply about the possible consequences of the problem. She would need an iron mind to bear the hotness of the problem, without the tears of shiver. She wished to preserve her body and mind as virgin of purity for the first sharing of the hotness of prince Kuttuvan. After two hours, Sukran awakened from the depth of sleep, searched Vanathi to alert for her safety. He saw Vanathi wandering in the garden in zigzag path without a purpose. He diffused towards her to issue a warning signal.

“Why do you roam hither and thither, as if on the waves of nervousness? Are you on turbulence, flying on the wings of imagination about the severe retaliation process of Prince Gangan? Why did you forget to look before you leap?” scalped Prof Sukran slavishly.

“Dad, why should I shiver for the suffering of a coward? He might have paid for his pains. The fruit to the sin at the forenoon will be ripe at the afternoon of the same day”

“Child, I noticed some strangeness in the behavior of Prince Gangan. He wailed in unconsciousness, as if suffering from hypochondria. I have bubbling doubts on his abnormal behavior”

“Dad, did you identify any remarkable news from his babble of childishness? The minds of boys will fly always in the wing of imagination with their girl friends. Why should you give significance to those prattle of love?”

“I heard words of revenge from his mouth. The sinners should be ready to face the consequences. He won’t sleep peacefully before hunting the band of robbers”

“Let him dance according to his own whims and fancies. You keep your mind calm without worry, like water surface of lakes without waves”

“I can’t grasp the inner meaning of the words in his champ. He wished to chase them in nudity in the midst of his people. He also spoke about violent group rape to death”

“Dad, one’s words illuminate the nature of his heart. The group leader of the band of robbers may be a girl. Here after, don’t sing the song of prince Gangan as a deity of virtues. The torture of group ravishment is fit for that woman, for choosing nasty robbery as her profession” taunted Vanathi, to divert the shade of suspicion of the crime from her side.

“Vanathi, Prince Gangan pronounced the name of a damsel frequently in the midst of his moans of pain. I can’t imagine the significance for his blabber.”

“Dad, A prince like Gangan would have many concubines under his control. Such whores may have danced in his memory”

“Stupid, my child is not a harlot on the street. She is an angel of purity. Why did he dream about my baby of virtues?”

“Alas! Prince Gangan floating on the imagination of Vanathi is a shame” screeched Vanathi sonorously.

“Dad, I warned you, not to speak high about me to your students. Prince Gangan may be on dream to imprison me by matrimony”

“This appears to be good news. Why did you shiver in bitterness to adorn the throne of Marutha Land as a glamorous queen?”

“Don’t try to push me into a nasty gutter”

“Don’t speak like a brainless ghost. The status as queen with supreme powers is the zenith of achievement for a damsel like you”

“This is the first and last warning of Vanathi. Don’t try to plan about the marriage of Vanathi. If you cross her wish, you will lose her permanently”

“Do you have any plan to wander along forests as a hermit on penance?”

“No Dad. This fresh blossom is waiting for the worship of a deity”

“Child, many blooms may wait to decorate the feet of an angel. Man proposes, but god disposes. Take clever decision to avoid the tears of frustration” ushered Sukran, tear drops growing in his eyes like the dew droplets rolling on the leaves of lotus.

Prof Sukran left to the university with a bleached face, like a faded white rose. Vanathi fell on her bed and floated on the troubled waters of her imagination. She once learnt about a special type of cobra, which had a habit to search the enemy till death, to the revenge him with blaring vengeance. Prince Gangan would be such a crafty cobra, who won’t remain idle, up to the retribution of his challenge of extreme cruelty. The mind of prince Gangan was a barren desert, without the shade of love of an oasis. He would put utmost efforts to pluck the fruit of his choice. If the attracting fruit is beyond the reach of his grasp, he won’t hesitate to cut off the tree to the ground to pull the fruit. He might bit the fruit a little, like a squirrel to enjoy the taste of freshness. He had a stony heart to throw the fruit into dustbin as a waste, to learn the difference in tastes of new varieties of fruits.

The inner mind of Vanathi warned her to be careful to escape from the snare of prince Gangan. After his recovery from the wounds of penetrated spines, he would focus his attention towards her direction, to pull her into his web of boiling tortures. Though her Saree fell on piercing thorns, or penetrating thorns dropped on Saree, the net effect will be the destruction of her saree. That tiny struggle should not amplify tremendously to ignite a world war to scorch millions of innocent people to the flames of suffering. She was on continuous thinking to trace ideal solution to tackle the situation with less friction. Inspite of her continuous efforts to climb on the peak of fearlessness, her inner mind oscillated between safety and peril, like the vertical vibrations of a loaded spring.

On next night, Prof Sukran tried to drop a thunder on her head to create ripples of worry in her heart. “Baby, I have decided to give a heavy shock to our prince Kuttuvan. He boasts sky high about his administrative ability, like an effort to scale Mount Everest. The poets of our country sing songs of praise to our country as a paradise on earth with out the shadow of robbers. I wish to register a complaint to prince Kuttuvan to locate the robbers who attacked the prince of Marutha Land,” vented Prof Sukran veraciously.

Vanathi was shocked heavily, as if a meteorite was fast approaching towards her to bombard directly on her head. If prince Kuttuvan heard the news of the plunderers, he would focus his government machinery to hunt them to enhance the safety of the citizens. The imaginary thieves won’t fall into the net of soldiers. According to the inherent character of prince Kuttuvan, he would directly jump into action to harvest the thorny growth of robbers in the midst high yielding crops of Neyythal Land citizens. The results of searching operations and inquiries would illuminate the path towards the real culprit. An unwanted chance would arise to watch the sufferings of the deity of her heart in the vortex of life currents. Her beloved father Prof Sukran would shed tears to the limit of dissolving her into the depth of ocean of grief.

“Don’t throw stone into calm water. We never heard about the penetration of robbers into our territory of the rule of righteousness. The story written by Prince Gangan may be fictitious, the brain child of that cunning youth of fraud. If any of our citizen is robbed, let them report the matter to our prince. This is the order Vanathi, your only child of virtues” wooed Vanathi, drawing his hands with pressure to change his idea.

“Baby, what happened to your calm approach of cleverness? Why did the color of your face change by tension? Did you commit any mistake against the wish of your father?” asked Prof Sukran, pulling her to a warm hug and giving an affectionate kiss on her forehead.

“Dad, prince Gangan is a cruel vampire. He tried to pull your child of purity to molestation. He snatched my shawl, and teared my outer garments. He commented my structure with unbearable words of vulgarity. He chased me to trap me to ravishment. I taught him a hot lesson using the coctus as my weapon to preserve my virginity” blubbered Vanathi, tear drops rolling down her cheeks like rainfall.

“Baby, Don’t worry, flying on the imaginations of hot consequences of your right action. I am proud of you, to claim such a tigress of Neyythal Land as my own daughter. You will climb high into the heights of victory” consoled Prof Sukran, tear drops growing in his eyes like pearls.

“Dad, I am sorry. I gave large time to prince Gangan for his refinement. He crossed the limits of my tolerance by repeated tortures. I displayed such excessive forbearance to avoid ignition of a war between our countries to push innocent citizens of both countries to limitless sufferings,” deplored Vanathi, her lower jaw vibrating in worry.

“Dear child, you never crossed the limits of justice. Keep your mind calm and alert to retaliate for another attack from prince Gangan. The god will be on the side of virtues to sow the seeds of righteousness on the surface of earth. Prince Gangan won’t leak the matter outside, since the news about the punishment on the hands of a damsel will turn to be a black mark, for his whole career as king on the throne of Marutha land” elated Prof Sukran encouragingly

Vanathi illuminated her face with the brightness of higher confidence level. “Baby, you proved the worthiness of the seed. You will climb the steps of victory and reach the throne of Neyythal Land at a golden time. The hearty blessings of your father is behind you to push upwards along the steps of success” felicitated Sukran, to energize her heart to explode the bubbles of uncertainty scorching her senses Vanathi flew in the vast space of the imaginative sky to search for the angel of her heart, encouraged by the indirect blessings of her dearest father of concentrated love.

The wheel of life rolled smoothly, the dream of a dormant volcano squeezing her heart occasionally with heavy pressure. Vanathi thought that the population of Mongoose would be necessary to maintain the equilibrium of food chain, by killing the excessive spread of poisonous snakes. If the population explosion of the army of snakes occurred, there would be heavy threat to the progress of the mankind as a whole. Till the evaporation of the whole population of rats from the surface of the earth, cats should be reared as pets in houses to minimize the wastage of grains during storage. Similarly crooked minded human beasts should be hunted without mercy for the flourish of the human civilization. Heroes of undiminished bravery bloom on the surface of the earth, by the blessings of god. Vanathi imagined prince Kuttuvan as such a hero of prowess to wage a war against the terrorists of human civilization.

That day dawned with perfect brightness to vibrate Vanathi beyond the critical amplitude of explosion. At the moment of his movement to the university, Prof Sukran put fire to the calmness of her heart. “Vanathi, Gangan refined into a man of virtues. His farewell function is to be celebrated at tomorrow morning. He will depart from the university at noon. He invited us for his coronation function as the king of Marutha Land in next week. The terrible explosion expected by us, fortunately diffused into fumes. The grace of god is behind us to bless us with a bright future” glorified Sukran gleefully.

“Child, The wounds of Prince Gangan vanished completely without dark mark, as if by wizardry owing to the effect of my magic medicine Silajit. He is very happy for his high level learning in our university. He proved the refinement of his character by his words, deeds and imaginations. He will be a king of philanthropy for the progress of mankind of Hindustan” hailed Sukran with high confidence level, raising him to a status equal to equal to Prince Kuttuvan.

Vanathi smiled in joy like a lotus flower at sun rise. “Baby, prince Gangan proved his merits by his display of high respect towards us. He presented me a heavy gold chain as a prize for your marriage. I shall bring the chain at today evening to push you in to a world of wonder” inflated Prof Sukran intently.

“Dad, I have less attraction on gold jewels. The smile of virtues is enough for the adornment of my face. I hate to accept a prize from that worthless vampire. Kindly return the gold chain to preserve the honor of your daughter” justified Vanathi, moving to the back of the cottage to trace an enchanting cuckoo.

“Returning a prize is a great insult at the higher stratum of society. Your father can’t misbehave like a dunce on the street. If you are not interested in gold ornaments, I shall utilize the wealth for the improvement of my research programmes” lulled Sukran lucidly. He bounced on his horse and galloped away towards his university to inaugurate the farewell function.

Vanathi roamed through the garden to enjoy the dancing flowers in the current of wind. She experienced diminished weight of her body, as if floated in the ocean of mirth. After the departure of prince Gangan from Neyythal Land, she won’t immerse in the depth scorching worries. She could breathe leisurely for the present time, evaporating the burden of turmoil pressing her heart like a ghoul. Prince Gangan would wait for a favorable time to bite her like a round snake inside the wreath of roses. She wished to climb to the topmost level of Neyythal land, at the time of penetration of King Gangan into the green carpets of Neyythal land. The hands of that crooked vampire won’t reach her heights, to pull her to the waves of torture.

The residential university of Prof Sukran was decorated like a paradise, with garlands of chrysanthemum flowers for the celebration of farewell function of prince Gangan. More stress was given in the university for the subjects, warfare and medicine. The university accommodated only hundred students from affluent section of the society. Prince Gangan was in a favorable status, as the royal heir to the throne of Marutha Land. He ranked first in the batch of students by his expertise in all the lessons taught in the university. Prof Sukran, the chancellor of the university, exposed no color change for his efforts to pull his only daughter to ravishment. A small slippage of his tongue would be enough to add fuel to the fire covered by a thin layer of ash. So he acted ignorance of a milk sucking child and showed artificial smile of joy on his face. Prince Gangan believed firmly that his dark side was known to no bird.

At the auspicious time of the farewell day, Prof Sukaran greeted his student Prince Gangan, wearing a garland of roses. “Dear students! The grace of god blessed me with a golden chance to educate the royal prince of Marutha land. He learnt the lessons sincerely to rise to the pinnacle of distinction as the best student of our university. He excelled in the science of medicine and the arts of warfare. The roll of time will prove him as the best administrator of Marutha Land. This fame as the best king will fly throughout the nook and corners of Hindustan. Let us pray whole heartedly for the progress of Marutha Land in all fields, under the philanthropic rule of honorable king Gangan. May our best wishes be behind him as a catalyst to push him upwards on the steps of the ladder of victory” maximized Prof Sukran blessings, like the sudden eruption of a rainfall.

“Honorable teacher! Dear friends! I thank you all for the blessings showered on me. I will walk on the path of righteousness to climb on the peak of fame. I will be an ever yielding fruit tree in the midst of village to the citizens of the world. I will be a perennial spring into the torrid zone of desert to evaporate the misery of starvation people. I invite you all to my coronation function as the king of Marutha Land. You all will be received with open heart into the prestigious palace of Marutha land. You shall expect courteous hospitality in Marutha Land as the angels of heaven” notified Prince Gangan nicely.

At that instant of vibrant memories, the fate entered into the lips of Prof Sukran like a demon to put fire into the hearts of innocent people. That fate induced energy into his heart to boast his own achievements. “Dear students, As a talented medical researcher, I discovered hundreds of medicines to cure almost all diseases harming the people. The most important magic medicine is Silajit a cure to variety of diseases. My second wonder medicine is Milajit. There is a strange property to this medicine in concentrated from if used for a long period from, early childhood. The medicine has capacity to stimulate the muscles to cause gigantism. So we shall transform normal mankind into a species of monsters. This is a secret known only to my daughter Vanathi and prince Kuttuvan. I take this opportunity to enlighten you with the possible miracles of medical research” oozed Prof Sukran, a gleam of skyhigh achievement brightening his face.

All students gazed him with an elation. The news of wonder illuminate the brain of Prince Gangan into a negative side of life. “Wow! A great news to annex all the neighboring countries with Marutha Land. If the formula of Milajit is known, I shall form an army of monsters to conquer adjacent states. This appears to be a golden opportunity to raise my status as an emperor of a vast empire” perked Prince Gangan, flying in the vast space of the sky on the wings of imagination.

Climbing on the imaginative heights, prince Gangan raised a question to clarify his doubts. “Sir, Is the Milajit effective only for humans?”

“No. It will cause miracles in all living beings”

“Sir, suppose we produce a gigantic cow. May we expect higher yield of milk from that monstrous cow?”

“This is a topic of further research.”

“If we mix high concentration of Milajit to a pond, what be its influence on the fish population in the pond? Do the fishes grow into tremendous size?”

“Certainly. Such fishes can’t survive in the shallow water of the pond”

“Sir, your medicine is miraculous. We shall use Milajit to wipe away starvation from the surface of the earth.”

“You are perfectly correct. There may be scanty probability for the conversion of such flesh into a poison due to excessive accumulation of the medicine in the muscles. This also needs the extension research to study the safety factor”

“Due you expect any other effects of the magic medicine Milajit?”

“Due to the excessive concentration of the medicine in muscles of artificial gigantic organism, the flesh itself may act as a dose of Milajit, causing gigantism. The use of Milajit may distort the normal life pattern of mankind”

“Sir, The use of Milajit as a magic medicine of gigantism appears to be waste”

“Certainly not. We shall use the property of gigantism of Milajit in selected fields. I shall extend the research to locate the favorable fields of its utility”

“Thank you very much for giving such high inspiration on the importance of scientific research. I decided to utilize a part of my leisure to research for the discovery of new medicine. Can you enlighten me by your latest research sir?”

Sukran floated on thinking for a span of time. A brightness of mirth spread on his face like the luminous spot of a fire fly. The crafty hands of fate pushed him forward to untie the knots of mystery in his latest research of miraculous medicine Wilajit.

“My latest wonder medicine of high importance is Wilajit. It will transform mankind into another super species, comparable to the angel of heaven enhancing his capacity for speedy travel”

“The name Wilajit indicates that the new medicine is closely related to your earlier medicine Silajit. Is it synthesized by adding new components to Silajit sir?”

“I find no apt words to praise the sharpness of your brain. You are perfectly correct. The strength of Silajit is enhanced by a adding juices of new medicinal plants to prepare wonder medicine Wilajit. Can you judge the special characteristic of latest medicine?”

“Sir, Is it a modified form of ambrosia, the divine nectar of paradise? Is it preserves our glamorous youthhood, annihilating the symptoms old age and death?”

“The Wilajit will open new dimension to the life cycle of mankind. It will make him to fly like birds in the sky”

“How is it possible to fly in the sky without wings? Many scientists tried to fly like birds, jumping from mountain peaks and tree tops with artificial wings attached to their hands. All of their efforts turned into fatal.”

“Dear, The concept of Wilajit is entirely different from artificial wings. The magic effect of Wilajit will induce the growth of natural wings like birds. Then we shall fly swift like sparrows”

“Wow! What an imaginative medicine! With natural wings, we shall cross the frontiers of nations, without any obstacle like free birds. The whole world will shrink closer for the spread of uniform cultural heritage. What a wonderful discovery to add laurels of victory on the cap of our master” quacked prince Gangan quintessentially.

There was a heavy shower of applauses form all the students, like rumbling thunder. Each and every student floated on imagination to utilize the two magic medicines to enhance their comforts and conveniences. To their eyes, their master appeared to be an incarnation of the superior god. They wished to catch a good position in the heart of their master, by their excessive services and the display of artificial love. They began to analyze comparative worthiness of various techniques to dissolve the heart of their master by the solvent of love.

Prince Gangan reached his residence, thinking about the possible routes to approach the formula of the two magic medicines Milajit and Wilajit. He sat on chair with closed eyes, and swam into the depths of imagination to catch the fish of his choice. “What wonderful medicines to fly in the sky of victory with less effort! I find no time to brainwash master to diminish the distance gap between our hearts. The most probable locations for the preservation of the formulas of magic medicines were his personal room in the robbery in the darkness of the night” rabbled prince Gangan rapaciously.

Prince Gangan confirmed his plan of action to fulfill his objective. He visited the personal quarters of his master to show his last moment reverence. “Gangan, my blessings are always behind you to show light to your path towards victory. May almighty shower everlasting health, wealth and mirth in your future as king of Marutha land” showered Prof Sukran, blessings without the shade of darkness on his face.

“Sir, I wish to ask permission for one more day star inside campus of the university. I am sick with diminished stamina for a long distance journey. I shall regain energy by a rest of one day. I will vacate the campus at early dawn of tomorrow” truckled prince Gangan softly like a lamb under starvation.

“We are happy to serve you for any long span of time in the university campus. May the blessings of the god be behind you to enhance your energy to high level. This short period of rest will inspire you with better ideas to transform Marutha Land as a paradise on the earth” uttered Prof Sukran, without any shade of doubt on his face.

He took rest in his room till midnight. Then he diffused into the blanket of darkness of towards the room of Prof Sukran, with a hammer on his hand. When he struck the lock of the door with the hammer, mouths of the lock opened like a dead crocodile. He searched the nooks and corners of the room and located the five secret files of palmyra leaves in the drawer of table. He opened an ornament box containing thousands of fire flies under his custody. The glow worms flew randomly inside the room, displaying the scene of twinkling stars in the sky. In the diffused light of the glow worms, he identified the two files of his aim. “Dear glow worms, you illuminated my life like shooting stars of the sky. I will reserve a sanctuary in Marutha Land for the joy of your kith and kin. May god bless you with long life” validated Prince Gangan, showing a shade of love at the corner of his heart.

Prince Gangan blew towards his residence with joy like a sea breeze, embracing the secret files on his chest like his own children. He vacated his dwelling at early dawn before sunrise and galloped his horse towards the cottage of Vanathi with two prime motives. His first significant aim was to capture the stock of wonder Wilajit preserved as a highly valuable treasure in the cottage, the second important objective is to enjoy the fragrance of the fresh bloom Vanathi. He hid the files inside a bush for safety, left his horse near his treasure like a watch dog. He diffused through the shades of tree towards the cottage of Vanathi, as if she pulled him with high force of like a magnet attracting iron fragments.

Prince Gangan boiled into excessive turbulence by the attack of waves of hatred. He wished to teach her a hot lesson for her life long remembrance of the pain. Vanathi was not a meek deer, to trap her easily with his crafty plans of cob webs. She was a ferocious tigress mighty enough to pierce through his trap of iron nets. She was not a humble damsel to shiver in shame, even if he drew her dress to push her towards nudity. At the same time, he should paint her face with the mud of ravishment before his climb to the throne as the king of Marutha Land. Her dark should face illuminate his path for march towards the heights of fame. That should be his first laurel to decorate his crown as a torch for his future victories.

He planned to penetrate into the cottage of Vanathi, after the departure of her father to the university. So he waited calmly behind a huge banyan tree to notice the galloping of the horse of his former master. During that time interval, the bird of his imagination flew into the depth of sensational mirth. He would pull the dress of Vanathi one by one to complete nudity, like the process of peeling of the skin of a banana fruit. He had perfect plan to play hot games with Vanathi, like the process of hunting of a deer by a starved Lion. After the exhaustion of his whole energy, he should push his dagger into her heart to give a holy place in the paradise. His flight in the depth of imagination put fire into his senses and he began to climb on the peak of hotness.

At the same time, Vanathi vibrated her eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly. The pleasant memory of prince Kuttuvan locked in her heart grew continuously like a pearl inside live oyster. Prince Kuttuvan occupied her whole heart, leaving no space for the entry of another youth. Her heart was in a state of wither, expecting the shower of love from the face of prince Kuttuvan. When she was starving for the blow of love nutrients from prince Kuttuvan, prince Gangan was on trial to put fire into her heart. Vanathi decided to burn the thorn on her path of travel for a safety journey towards her goal.

Vanathi expected the damsel hunting expedition of prince Gangan on that day, at any time after the farewell function. He would chase her like a lion to trap her into ravishment. The narrow space of her cottage appeared to be an impediment to retaliate prince Gangan, for her climb on the platform of safety. The vast expanse of a open space would give her more opportunity to escape from the cruelty of prince Gangan. After dinner, Vanathi walked towards her lotus pond, hiding a sharp dagger in her waist under dress.

In the lotus pond, a large number of lotus flowers waved towards her in wind, as if on jealousy for her sparkling charm. The white lily flowers danced in wind like maid servants of lotus queens. With the elapse of time, the lotus flowers began to lose their charm of mirth due to air tight huge of the hands of the sun. On the steps of bathing ghat, young ladies collected to take bath in scanty dress. The eel fishes pushed their heads frequently above the water surface, to glance the beauty spots of bathing ladies. Vanathi sat on the edge of the pond, waving her legs inside water to attract the eel fishes. Due to the regular feeding habit of Vanathi, the eel fishes maintained a cordial relation with Vanathi, like the members of the same family. A shoal of eel fishes swam towards her, to oscillate her in the waves of mirth.

Vanathi waited on the bank of the pond, keeping her eyes and ears sharp to locate the shadow of prince Gangan around the area. The time flew like a bird fluttering wings rapidly. The sun began to hide into western horizon to illuminate the dark side of the globe. Due to the higher rate of scattering of red shades of solar rays the clouds in the western sky were painted red color on their faces. In order to support lust hunters, the blanket of darkness began to permeate the space like a black blanket.

The imaginative bird of Vanathi flew towards the palace of Neyythal Land. “Alas! What can I do, if prince Kuttuvan renounced the kingship to become a holy hermit? If the leakage of gossip turned to be real, I too will transform into a hermit and wander throughout the world on the shade of the ruler of my heart. I will escape from the Gangan hound to take rest in the love spring of my darling” wailed Vanathi her face glittering like a full moon in the joy of her imagination.

Suddenly the affectionate face of her father appeared before her eyes. At that time, he would be in the depth of worry, searching her around the area of the cottage like a shepherded for the lost sheep. Vanathi stepped up from the bank of the lotus pond like a newly bloomed lotus flower at sunrise. When she approached the vicinity of the cottage, she saw her servant maid Malini, was waiting for her at the front of the cottage, like withered paddy crop looking the sky for the shower of a rain.

“Malani, did my father enquire about me?” asked Vanathi, to learn the latest development in the affairs with prince Gangan.

“Yes Mom. I informed your presence around our lotus pond”

“Did he put cross questions to collect more details?”

“No mom. Master found no time to raise more questions. A spy came from palace with an urgent message from our prince for discussion. Master left the cottage immediately”

“Do you know any information about the topic of urgent discussion?”

“Sorry mom. I have no intimation from master”

Vanathi emitted a long out breath of satisfaction. She expected the penetration of prince Gangan into the cottage in the screen of darkness. The absence of her father would help her a lot to inflict hot lessons to prince Gangan to raise the level of status of ladies of Neyythal Land.

“Malini, Do you find any stranger around the area?”

“I observed no new smell around our cottage. I searched for your fragrance around the whole area. I located you only at evening near the lotus pond. What did you do near the pond for one complete day?”

“I was on a research about the characteristics of Lotus. The sun trapped whole lotus damsels as his girl friends. But no angel approached me with a love torch”

“Mom, prince Kuttuvan is a perfect match for you. Both of you are equal in glamour and talents. Why don’t you trap the prince by your love web?”

“Malini, I too have such an idea to catch the prince of my mind. But I found no opportunity to approach to his nearness. He runs away from me for the past ten years”

“I pity for you mom. Our prince is always repulsive to damsels. If his aversion continues, our kingdom won’t have heir in future”

“I won’t leave our country without a heir Malini. Will you please take my love message to our prince?”

“Alas! Better kill me than giving such a dangerous duty.”

Prince Kuttuvan had a heavy fort of friends, always around him due to his strict orders. They won’t allow the diffusion of damsels to his nearness. All her efforts to sit on the lap of prince Kuttuvan failed utterly, like a glass castle thrown with a stone. She waited for a golden opportunity to diffuse into his heart as a current of love. When she was oscillating on the waves of true love, prince Gangan flew into her life circle like a devastating whirl wind.

“Malini, I need little time to plan for choosing the best strategy to penetrate into the heart of prince Kuttuvan. You serve my supper and go for sleep. Best wishes for sweet dreams” bargained Vanathi briskly.

She expected the appearance of prince Gangan at any time, like a Lion of starvation to hunt her flesh up to death. There was a flame of alertness in her heart that warned her to watch the arrival of prince Gangan, like a crawling poisonous snake to inject venom into her holy blood stream. Prince Gangan would diffuse through the darkness of night, like a streak of lightning, to char her chastity by his hunger of lewdness. She kept a large Bronze doll lamp at the centre of the front courtyard of the cottage, poured castor oil in the bowls, put five cotton wicks in the oil and lighted the wicks to illuminate the surrounding area.

Vanathi consumed her supper, roaming around the doll lamp, her eyes penetrating the depths of darkness to trace the arrival of the mind boiling foe. The flame girls dancing on the wicks slowly diminished their brightness, as the level of oil in the bowls lowered. After the complete extinction of flames of the bronze lamp, Vanathi stood in darkness for a span of time, keeping her ears sharp to detect any change in intensity of sound. Then she climbed on a tree at the left side of the cottage, her head revolving around the area to locate any moving shadow within the blanket of darkness.

A portion of waxing moon appeared in the sky, in the shape of the eye brows of damsels. The moon was on the first day of its waxing phase, as an effort to expel the darkness on the surface of the earth. Few stars appeared in the vast space of the sky, as friends to support the moon in its illumination process. Those stars twinkled to energize the moon for its rapid growth. At that instant of scorching worries of Vanathi, thousands of fire flies flew towards the area from distant corners. They roamed around her along sinusoidal curves to illuminate her heart with the inspiration of the love torch of prince Kuttuvan. The torturing fear waves about prince Gangan evaporated into unknown vacuum. She flew in the sky of imagination with the robber of her heart like a couple of love birds. The wheel of time rolled smoothly, without the vibration of frictional force, floating her in the sea of mirth. Though her eyes were completely open without the vibration of eyelashes, her eyes actually lost the sharpness of vision, supporting mind to elope with the angel of her heart on the horse of imagination.

Vanathi waited on the tree branch without closing her eyes, like a nocturnal owl. The cool breeze sang a faint song of lullaby to push her to the depth of sleep. On that night of highest turbulence, the whirl wind prince Gangan failed to blow towards her, to push her into the pain of ravishment. She opened her eyes only after experiencing the hotness of the rays of the sun. She jumped to the ground from the tree branch, completed the morning urgencies and peeped outside through the window. A faint sound of distant hoofs of a horse stroke her heart like a hammer with perfect aim. Waves of fear penetrated through her nerves like streaks of lightning. The galloping sound of the horse abruptly disappeared, pushing her into the higher level of alertness.

“Alas! Prince Gangan is marching for damsel hunting. He mightily have stopped the horse at a distance to avoid the warning signal of his horse. He may attack me suddenly like a blood thirsty vampire. God! Kindly bless me with a chance to experience the warmth of my hearty angel, atleast once with purity of virginity” cringed Vanathi, lips vibrating like the eyebrows of a Kathakali dancer.

She ran swiftly to diffuse behind the trees towards her lotus pond. The sun increased the rate of emission of infrared rays to scorch all the living beings on the surface of the earth. The population of wavy eels hid inside the crevices in the side walls of the lotus pond. On the steps of bathing ghat, the waves of feminine glamour decreased to a lower level. She shifted her attention towards the lotus flower to study their mirth. To her eyes, the lotus flowers appeared to in a stage of fading, unable to bear the burning arms of their lover. Vanathi waited eagerly to experience the tortures of her hearty angel.

At that moment of her imagination of joy, prince Gangan stood before the closed door of her cottage. He pushed the door with pressure, avoiding carefully the birth of any noise. He studied without doubt that the door was locked inside. He deviated towards the back side of the cottage slowly, without making the slightest noise of a soft footed rabbit. To his shock, the backside door too was locked inside, as if his penetration was expected earlier. He moved again towards the front like the flight of a peacock feather in a current of air. He shifted the window screen slightly and focused his vision into the cottage. He observed the movement of an young girl inside the cottage. His face bloomed instantly like a Christmas sparkler. He knocked the front door softly, like the meeting of intimate lips of lovers. He witnessed the face of the servant maid Malini. He assumed the presence of Vanathi inside the cottage, to share the hotness of flesh on her soft silk cotton mattress.

“Who are you? What you want?” The sonorous sound of that girl stroke his ears, like the vibrations of a drum.

“I am a student from university. I wish to give a secret message to our master. Kindly open the door”

“Master is absent in the house. He had gone to the royal castle to meet prince Kuttuvan”

“The message is very important. Atleast call Vanathi for a short conversation”

“Vanathi too is out of station”

“Slave girl, open the door”

“I am not your slave. I won’t open the door. Run away from this area”

“Open the door immediately. This is the order of Gangan, the prince of Marutha Land”

“I honour only our prince Kuttuvan. I won’t respect other ghosts”

“I will break the door, if you deny my command”

“Don’t touch the door. You will be thrown into underground prison for life imprisonment, if you play tricky games. Thief! No gold is in this cottage for your robbery”

Prince Gangan moved backwards for a distance, and then ran forward to bombard on the door with force. The neem wood door exploded into two parts. “Rascal, I won’t allow burglary in this house. I will kill you, if you violate the rule of justice in Neyythal land” detested Malini, like the sudden eruption of a dormant volcano. She lifted a pestle swiftly and tried to charge him to death. He shielded her blow cleverly with his left hand. Her all trials to smash the head of prince Gangan went fruitless. Atlast, he sprang towards her and kicked on her chest with high thrust. Malini flew backwards with high speed, collided violently on the wall and scattered the wall to fragments. She fell on the floor of the next room, like a crushed garland of roses by a monkey.

Prince Gangan rushed towards her with the speed of lightning, pulled the sharp dagger hid behind his waist belt, and pierced her heart with force. He rotated the dagger twice to damage her heart, pulled the dagger from her heart and cleaned the blood stain in her dress. He inserted the dagger inside his waist belt, and moved to the next room to trace the wonder medicine Wilajit. “Vanathi, I won’t allow you to live peacefully with prince Kuttuvan. I will hunt you, chasing in nudity. No god can save you from my hunting process” exploded prince Gangan, running through the rooms of the cottage to search for hiding Vanathi.

At the last moment of exhaustion, prince Gangan saw a hanging basket in the store room. A jar of a dark liquid in the hanging basket attracted him like a treasure. He pulled a chair from the next room and kept it below the hanging basket. He stepped on the chair carefully to avoid skidding and cut off basket with jar containing the wonder medicine Wilajit, the wing growing magic medicine.

“Wow! The wings sprouting Wilajit fall on my palm, like the ambrosia of paradise. I will use this magic medicine to trap all, who show resistance against me. The hero of prowess prince Kuttuvan will fly around me like a huge bird to cringe of my forgiveness. He will renounce his Neyythal Land in shame and wander in the midst of dense forest to escape from the ridicule of his citizen” flouted prince Gangan, a streak of mirth reflected from his face like a beam of light reflected from the surface of a plane mirror.

When he migrated towards his horse, the fury to avenge Vanathi put fire into his senses to the level of boiling. He wished to thrash Vanathi, using the cactus as weapon of attack, chasing her around the lotus pond in birth dress. He would enjoy her cry of terror as a lullaby of heaven. He planned to erase her virginity by piercing into her soft skin, at the time of her exhaustion of energy, drowning in the depth of weariness. “Tit for tat! Blood for blood! Sensuous pleasure as an additional income,” giggled prince Gangan gibingly.

He bounced on the horse with explosive joy, and embraced the basket on his chest, imagining the basket as a transformation of Vanathi. He accelerated the horse towards the lotus pond, to speed up the process of damsel hunting. The galloping sound of the horse bombarded her heart, like the blows of a whip. She stood up to watch the horse, the waves of horror passing through her nerves, like high speed tsunami waves.

If her attack of violence turned into the fatal end of prince Gangan, the high power army of Marutha Land would penetrate the borders of Neyythal Land, like devastating forest fire. She won’t bear the terrible incident of turning innocent citizens of Neyythal Land into ashes. If she witnessed a drop of tear in the eyes of the angel of her heart, her heart would bust into pieces, pushing her soul towards tortures of hell. She won’t withstand the separation of her soul from prince Kuttuvan. The repeated process of addition and subtraction, shifted her mind towards a strange decision of novelty. She reached the final confirmation that it would be better to lose her life, than killing prince Gangan to prove her prowess.

Prince Gangan saw Vanathi on the bank of lotus pond, the brightness of a smile spreading on her face, like the sparkling of a diamond. By the attack of sensuous waves of joy, his face bloomed like a fresh sunflower. “Vanathi, I am happy for your warm welcome. I expect fomentation of the wounds caused by the strokes of coctus with your wet lips. We shall reach a compromise, if you favour me by such a prize” haggled prince Gangan hysterically.

“Prince, I am happy to see you with regained energy. Let us first play a run and chase game. If you succeed in touching my skin, we shall play a hot game starting from lips to lips kiss. Are a ready to take the bet?” instigated Vanathi, a screen of worry spreading on her face like a rain bearing cloud.

“Wow! What a nice challenge without a shade of pain! I am ready to jump into the arena of competition. I have only one flaring doubt. Do you have twisting tongue Vanathi?”

“No prince. I am steady to stand on the wager firmly. My tongue won’t roll from stability. I promise you on the head of the angel of my heart”

Prince Gangan placed the basket of treasure on a step of the bathing ghat. Vanathi began to run towards the breadth of the lotus pond. It was an artificial lack of about two hundred metre length and hundred metre breadth. There were five stone pillars in the middle of the pond at equal spacing along its length, the top edges just projecting from the surface of water. During her process of fast running, she sprang into the sky towards the first pillar. She put her left foot on the first pillar, bounced again to the sky and kept her right foot on the second pillar. She rebounded into the sky without loss of energy like a rubber ball and landed her left foot on the third pillar with high expertise of long practice. She rebounded repeatedly towards the shore and stabilized on the surface of land on both feet. Prince Gangan stood froze like an ice doll at the initial point of the bank.

“Prince, Don’t lose heart. You try your level best to win the hot prize. No one can scale Mount Everest without tireless endeavor. The failure in this simple bet will darken your fame as the mighty king of Marutha Land” jollified Vanathi, waving her hand, like the fluttering of the edge of her saree in the current of wind.

The heart of prince Gangan boiled in wrath, attacked by the abrupt twist towards failure. He ran towards her along the bank in clockwise direction. As an effort to boost his energy level, Vanathi waited there for his arrival to her vicinity. Then she began to run along the bank, giving him a chance for victory in the run and chase game. When she reached initial point of the competition, she skillfully crossed the lotus pond by repeated bounces, using the stone pillars as stepping stones. Knowing the certainty of failure, prince Gangan moved backwards for a distance. He then ran forward at a high speed, like a hunting lion on rage. He sprang fast towards the first pillar to cross the lotus pond by repeated rebounds.

Unfortunately, prince Gangan dropped into the water in the midst, unable to cross the huge distant between the bank and the first pillar. Vanathi ran along the bank to his nearness in excessive mirth like a rabbit won in a running competition with a tortoise. “Wow! What a wonderful dive! Let us play a similar swim and chase game in water. I accept all the conditions of run and chase competition to this new game of novelty” kindled Vanathi, illuminating her face with a sparkling smile.

“A hot game inside the chillness of water is a rare experience of wonder. Plunge into water to prove your merits in the art of swimming. I am waiting to receive you as an angel of heaven” louted prince Gangan, hoisting an artificial smile on his face.

Vanathi jumped into water and swam away from prince Gangan like the wavy motion of eel fishes. Prince Gangan began to chase her to pull her to his clutches of lust. She played wonderful games in water like a dolphin magician. First she pulled his pant by a sudden force, rolled it into a sphere and buried inside mud. “Vanathi, Don’t touch on my dress. I will kill you inside water, pushing you into suffocation. Don’t assume me like a stag running behind roes with love tunes” menaced prince Gangan maliciously.

“Gangan, your wrath can’t pull even a hair from my skin. Once you pulled my outer dresses and chased me in half nudity. I wish to inflict the same punishment to push you into the shame of disgrace” nauseated Vanathi, spraying water from her mouth like a drizzle to enjoy the formation of a small rainbow.

They played the swim and chase game for some more time. Prince Gangan soon dropped into the clutches of weariness. He felt his dropping into the depth of failure. To excite his wrath to the upper limit of the sky, Vanathi took a dagger and tore his shirt from the top to the bottom. Prince Gangan swam fast inside water to save his skin from that artful dolphin. Vanathi chased behind him and skillfully pulled his shirt. She cut off the shirt into pieces and floated on the water surface like suffocating fishes.

The swim and chose competition continued for a span of time. She tore his under wear, inserting her dagger into it. After two tearing above his both thighs, his underwear went to her hand, like her own pet. At that instant of boiling anger of prince Gangan, a bevy of damsels appeared on the shore to practice swimming in the pond. A lass with the damsels lifted the basket containing the jar of magic medicine Wilajit. “This is the best time for your running race on the shore. A bevy of girls are waiting to appreciate the glamour of your nudity. Swim fast to the shore to exhibit a rare show to attract the eyes of those damsels” offended Vanathi, with a laugh like an expert jester.

On the turbulence to save the super medicine, Gangan penetrated through water towards the shore, like an accelerated spear inside water. He sprang swiftly above water on a step. The damsels froze in shock on seeing the sudden appearance of the nudity of a handsome youth. The lass dropped the basket, by the attack of waves of fear. The jar broke into two fragments and the magic medicine Wilajit mixed with the water of the lotus pond.

Prince Gangan drew a saree worn by a damsel, folded it into two and tied around his waist. The damsel rotated like a top by the force of reaction and slipped into the pond, to scatter water around the area. Prince Gangan stared the lass in burning anger and kicked at her buttock with heavy force. By the force of bombardment, the lass flew towards the pond, waving her hands in fear like the wings of a bird. He rushed towards the horse and galloped away, growing hatred crops against Vanathi. The lass was guided to safety, by the helping hands of Vanathi, the tigress of Neyythal Land.

On the same day morning, Prof Sukran discovered the formulas of his magic medicines robbed. By a short inquiry, he identified Prince Gangan as the real culprit behind the theft. But prince Gangan was sky high above the reach of his hands. On the same night, he identified the murder of his servant maid. After the cremation of the corpse of the servant maid, Prof Sukran questioned Vanathi to trace the culprit of the cruel murder.

“Dad, I have no idea about the murderer. I have gone to the lotus pond for swimming practice. I saw the corpse only at afternoon” perjured Vanathi pensively.

“Vanathi, I can’t allow the culprit to escape from the rule of justice. I will report the matter to prince Kuttuvan. He will push the heartless murderer into the sharp edges of guillotine,” quelled Prof Sukran, his eyes glowing like burning charcoal.

“Don’t be haste. Let us first prepare the list of missing items. Then we shall decide about the process of further action”

“Let us make a through search throughout the cottage to trace missing items. The motive of robbery may the reason behind the bloody murder”

“Do you store any valuables of our university in this cottage?”

“No baby. I have no practice to preserve the wealth of the university in our house for personal use. I hate misappropriation of wealth of the society”

“What did you hoard inside basket that hanged from the roof of our store room?”

“Child, it is Wilajit, a magic medicine of my research”

Prof Sukran rushed towards the store room and discovered the disappearance of the hanging basket, with his magical medicine Wilajit. He stood in turbulence of heavy shock, like a tree vibrated by the devastating hands of a cyclone.

“Who cut off my hanging basket? Where is the jar containing the magic medicine?” roared Prof Sukran ruddily.

“Dad, why do you grunt like a bear? The killer might have robbed your treasure. I shall order hundreds of hanging baskets for your utility,” clamored Vanathi, with a shade of mockery in her tone.

“Stupid girl, Are you joking at the face of the greatest scientist of Neyythal Land? You should breathe hundred years to climb to my height”

“Dad, Kindly don’t disturb me. I never drank your magic medicine of bitter taste”

“Vanathi, That magic medicine is the result of my labour for two long years”

“Dad, what is the wonderful effect of your magic medicine? Will it evaporate all ailments swiftly like a magic?”

“The diseases won’t fly, but the person who consumed the medicine can fly like birds. This is the greatest discovery of your father, capable to lift the status of mankind to the level of god. You will gain fame as the only daughter of the greatest scientist of Neyythal Land”.

“Do you add any wizardry power to the medicine to enhance its energy? Did you learn the science of black magic?”

“Baby, I have no wings of wizardry. I detected a special component in the blood of birds. I synthesized the same components from the juices of some rare medicinal plants. I mixed that component to our Silajit to enhance its power. That Wilajit has capacity to sprout wings to mankind. My magic medicine Wilajit will help man to fly in sky like birds”

Vanathi observed silence like a deaf and dumb. Her imagination flew on wings in different direction for a span of time. Her eyes stared his face without any sensational colors. As a result of deep thinking, she harvested corns of pearls. “Dad, I pity for your stupidity. You wasted your youthhood in unnecessary research. The success of your research will impose the sufferings of hell on the head of innocent mass” throttled Vanathi by her remarks of negative impacts.

“Baby, kindly don’t put fire into my heart. The fruits of my laborious work won’t react against the progress of mankind.”

“I shall illustrate the impact of Wilajit on mankind. Let us assume myself as an example. What happen if I drink your new magic medicine?”

“You will be blessed with two enormous wings matching the colour of your skin. You can fly in the sky like an angel of heaven”

“Is a bird enough for you as your daughter? May I get a chance to grow as the prime minister of Neyythal Land? May I climb on the throne as the queen of Neyythal land?”

“Child, I can’t grasp the significance in your argument. Who will give Wilajit to my own daughter?”

“Why should you conduct a research with more negative impacts, without my knowledge? Do you wish to see your daughter with wings of shame? Do you like to exhibit your daughter as an object of strangeness?”

The face of Prof Sukran faded like a corpe. He found no words to support his wisdom. He bowed his head, by the attack of waves of shiver. “Dad, your Wilajit reached the crafty hands of prince Gangan. His crooked mind will discover latest technologies to inflict tortures of hell on the heads of innocent people. The sin of the discovery will fall on the head of your child” chaffed Vanathi, keeping her face hard like granite.

“Vanathi, Don’t hit my heart indirectly by your comments of stupidity. As a scientific researcher, my discoveries are aimed to improve the life style of human. The duty of the people is use the benefits of discoveries favorably to improve their comforts and conveniences. A scientist can’t give prime importance to the minor negatives of his discovery. Do you try to evacuate air currents, fearing about the devastating power of a whirl wind?” urged Prof Sukran unflinchingly.

Vanathi finalized to stop further research on the subject. She wished to destroy the formula for the manufacture of Wilajit. After a careful analysis of the situation, she took a final decision to pull her father from the production of Wilajit. “Dad, you ruined the future of your own child. Prince Gangan robbed your magic medicine Wilajit in your hanging basket. He poured half of your super Wilajit into the mouth of your baby by compulsion. You shall use your only daughter for your extension of research like a giant guinea pig. May god shower blessings on you to fly to the heights of victory” victimized Vanathi, elongating the mockery by a bursting laughter.

“Baby, kindly don’t push your father to the dark side of failure by writing fictitious stories. Please illuminate my heart by your babble of truth” winced Prof Sukran, drops of tears peeping the edges of his eyes like twinkling stars.

“Dad, your magic medicine will help wicked men higher extent to sow the seeds of misery. The hands of time will teach you a warning lesson. Your bird daughter will fly around you as a fruit of your research” yarned Vanathi, standing steady on her drama of craftiness.

There was an abrupt eruption in his brain, like the explosion of a dormant volcano. Till then, he calculated only the shower of fame as the result of the victory of his research. He failed miserably to estimate the multi facetsof the consequences of his magic medicines. “Flying like birds is certainly a real achievement of wonder. Will wings add to the total joyous life of mankind? May I give wings to all human at a time?” advocated Prof Sukran, floating on the waves of dilemma about the worthiness of his discovery.

“Dad, Heavy dose of such a wonder medicine may have some negative effects! Have you conduct wide research to study the reflection of your magic medicine? May I know the implication of your findings?” barracked Vanathi, hitting him with a series of question, like projectiles launched with perfect aim.

“Sorry Baby. I neglected that aspect as a minor deviation. The magic medicine will diminish the fertility rate of the consumer.” Innocent dad! Your bird daughter lost the possibility of an offspring. Your lineage reached the end with this bird girl. Your hard labor worked for the destruction of your own heritage”

“Child, you are an intelligent girl from childhood. Your sharpness of your mind is extraordinary, beyond the reach of ordinary men. My fate compelled me to hide the nature of research from the eyes of my baby. I reject the discovery with negative impacts. I preserved the file describing the formula for the manufacture of Milajit and Wilajit in the almirah kept in our store room. Kindly burn the file completely to forget the discovery of those magic medicines”

“How can you forget Wilajit, while a bird girl is revolving around you?”

“Baby, The brain of your father is very sharp. He can discover another magic medicine to nullify the effects of Wilajit”

“How much period of time is essential for the full growth of wings?”

“A time period of about fifty days is essential for the full growth of wings”

Vanathi identified the file for the manufacture of Wilajit. She memorized the formula completely, on the assumption that it would help her one day to defeat the ideas of prince Gangan. From that day Prof Sukran rejected his teaching profession in his residential university. He left the university under the charge of his old students. He remained always around Vanathi to study the slightest changes in her structure or behavior.

“Dad, I want freedom of movement. Don’t lock me in the prison of your love. I just dramatized a game to divert you from the manufacture of Wilajit. I shall give you a dozen of children for your play at old age”

“Baby, I am not a child to believe your artful games. I wish to asses your behavior changes to discover the wings withering medicine”

Prof Sukran fabricated a wonderful swing on the branch of the tree at the front of his cottage. He oscillated her on the swing assuming as a lass. To impress her to the heights of happiness, he sang a sweet lullaby, while waving her on the swing. Her joy pushed him to the heights of heaven. Soon he turned into a good poet, with sky high imagination. He composed new lullaby songs daily and sang them with mind catching rhythm. Vanathi enjoyed the life always with her father like a little child. Prince Kuttuvan often hunted her mind with arrows of love.

The intimacy of her father reached the waning phase, after a period of fifty days. The thorny growth of fear in his heart began to evaporate slowly. “Dad, I am sorry your discovery of magic medicine Wilajit gave me a golden opportunity to taste the depth of your extreme love. Kindly don’t remember the formula of Wilajit for further research” conjured Vanathi, giving an affectionate kiss on his forehead.

Exactly after two months, Prof Sukran assumed the responsibilities as the chancellor of his residential university. On that day, Vanathi walked towards her lotus pond. She witnessed a heavy crowd around the lotus pond, like the coronation function of a prince. She penetrated through the mass of spectators and approached the vicinity of the lotus pond. She observed a strange scene, as if all the angels of the paradise roamed around her. She observed hundreds of eel fishes flying in the sky above water surface, waving their webbed wings, without feathers.

“Wow! The super Wilajith of my dad climbed on the throne of victory, as the best medicine of the world. Your sharpness of brain reached the heights of heaven. Kindly excuse me dad, for inverting your discovery into black side of failure” dignified Vanathi devoutly. She sat on the step, spreading her eyes towards the lotus pond.

Suddenly a miraculous event occurred, to push her into the wonder of a fairy land. First an eel fish flew towards her to show its familiarly. It encircled around Vanathi with the strange noise like the twitter of a sparrow. That chirp attracted the attention of other flying eels towards her. They flew towards her like a streak of lightning. After a span of time, Vanathi noticed the flight of an army of flying eels moving in a broad inclined elliptical path, with her head at one focuss of the ellipse, one vertex above her head and the other vertex on the surface of water.

She observed a striking feature in the elliptical path of the flying eels. Actually the eels bounced above the water surface at the lower vertex, flew along the same elliptical path and plunged into water after one orbit. The continues flight of large number of eels produced the apparent view of a stationary ellipse.

Vanathi ran to her house to share the news of the miracle with her father. She waiter eagerly for the arrival pf her father, like a saint penancing for salvation on the tip of a needle. Hearing the galloping sound of the horse, she ran towards her father to greet him for the wonderful discovery of super Silajit. “Dad, your magic medicine climbed the peak of victory. Hearty congratulations for your wonderful discovery” extolled Vanathi, her words of praise, showering in his heart like fragrant jasmine flowers.

“Baby, how do you estimate the worthiness of my discovery?”

“Dad, the eel fishes in our lotus pond are flying like birds.”

“Wow! This is a wonderful news to sing the success story of my discovery. Who poured the Wilajit into the lotus pond?”

“Prince Gangan slipped into the pond by accident. Our Wilajit mixed with the waters of the lotus pond. I am happy for the success of your laborious research. I will sing the praise of my dad for his sky high victory like an enchanting Cuckoo”

“Baby, I rejected the fruits of my research, considering its negative impacts. I have no idea to revive the research to fall into the ditch of mental pressure. Do you destroy the formula for the manufacture of that super medicine?”

“Yes dad. I memorized the formula into my brain, as a remembrance for the high talents of my father. I shall reproduce the formula, even after hundred years.”

“That is very good. I find no words to praise your depth of love on your father.”

“Dad, The Wilajit escaped from the crafty hands of prince Gangan. We won’t worry for the negative impacts of our super medicine. The danger of our magic medicine escaped completely from the surface of the earth”

“Your imagination has only short life baby. Prince Gangan stole the formula for the manufacture of Milajit and Wilajit from the research laboratory. So there is a chance for the reappearance of Wilajit in an enriched form”

“Alas! This news is a thunder to fall directly on my head only god has power to save innocent people from the crafty hands of Prince Gangan”

Vanathi described the nature of her struggle with Prince Gangan to her boy friend Prince Kuttuvan. She explained King Gangan as a storm waiting to attack her at a favorable moment. “Dear, King Gangan is a stone hearted Vampire. He won’t sleep peacefully until he torture me to death. He will orient his damsel hunting expedition in my direction to experience the taste of my flesh. My life floating on troubled water with exhausted energy. You are the only oasis for my joyous life. That is why I am crazy for your warm hug” fondled Vanathi, with wet eyes and vibrating lips.

“Sweety, I can’t bear your tears. You entered into my heart when you are a lass before ten years. I waited for your arrival, at your own interest. Due to the guilty consciousness of my offence, I hesitated to face the flare in your eyes. I shall love you as the light of my heart” glorified Prince Kuttuvan, gazing her face with glaring joy.

“Darling, King Gangan is a poisonous Cobra, waiting for a golden opportunity to inject venom into my blood stream. He has a sharp brain to achieve, what he desire. I breath safely only on the strength of your shade. Kindly don’t push me into the scorching fire” haggled Vanathi hectically.

“Sweety, we have a strong espionage department our spies diffused around the area of magnetic fortress. There is a convoy of well trained doves for speedy transportation of messages. Our youths are roaming around the border areas like watch dogs. King Gangan can’t approach the angel of my heart.”

Prince Kuttuvan stared the face of Vanathi, blooming like the spread of petals of a lotus flower at sunrise. He was ashamed for his misbehavior with Vanathi before a long span of ten years. That minor mistake created a large gap between their hearts. He wished to maintain a cordial relationship with Vanathi, raised on the strong foundation of intimate love. At that instant, the idea of Wilajit sprouted into his mind like a flash of light.

“Vanathi, King Gangan learnt the technique of manufacturing Milajit and Wilajit. I witnessed terrible flying crocodiles in the moat of magnetic fortress. Only by the grace of god, I escaped narrowly from those vampires. All the other nine competitors of the running race were chewed like tender cucumber by those flying vampires.”

“Alas! What a cruel heart, like the Satan of hell. God is great to save the king of my heart. My prayer fetched the fruits of my aim.”

“Sweety, I wonder about the sharpness of the brain of King Gangan. He has an army of giant octopuses. My story of survival from the tentacles of the monstrous octopuses is a miracle. The army of giant octopuses is another evidence for the sharp brain of King Gangan” inflated prince Kuttuvan, a definite screen of jealousy spreading on his face like smoke screen.

“The god distorted the lifelong research of my poor father into unauthorized channel, to irrigate for the growth of a thorny tree. He will utilize the labor of my father to annex the all the states of Hindustan to his Marutha Empire. He will utilize his strange armies at the time of his horse sacrifice to form a united Hindustan.”

“Sweety, I expect your blessing to learn the formula for the manufacture of Wilajit”

“Sorry darling. Father burnt the formula for the production of Wilajit. You are familiar with the formula of Milajit. You may use Milajit to form a strong army of your choice. I will be behind you to strengthen your hands.”

“Sweety, Milajit has slow rate of reaction. A long period of more than ten years will be essential to grow a child to monster. This technique won’t help us to face the multi cornered attack of King Gangan. We can save our country only by trapping King Gangan to death.”

“Darling, your idea is just imaginary, like virtual image in a plane mirror, that can’t be focused on a screen. Kindly don’t plunge into the ocean of danger, believing your novelty idea as a boat. King Gangan is far beyond the reach of your innocent hands”

“Vanathi, Don’t try to divert me from the focused plane of perfection. I decided to visit the training camps in Neyythal land. If you are interested, you shall accompany me up to the border area of our country. I will diffuse alone into the Marutha land to write the tragic story of King Gangan. Be ready for the journey on tomorrow morning”.

Vanathi accepted his plane, with maximum trust on her ability to pull him from the clutches of danger. In the darkness of night, she collected ten damsels from the high stratum of the society. All the damsels were well trained warriors, studied with her in the residential university of her father. They were ready to share any risk with Vanathi to save prince Kuttuvan to safety. She selected Vanmathi as the group leader of the small brigade of damsel cavalry. Vanmathi was a very talented damsel, equal to Vanathi in all respects. There was two more damsel called Karpagam and Vimala in the university, to challenge Vanathi in all abilities. The close friendship between Vanathi Vanmathi-Karpagam-Vimala was known in the university as ‘Tetrahedron of angels’. Unfortunately, Karpagam was a citizen of Kurinji land.

“We won’t hesitate to sacrifice our life for the safety of prince Kuttuvan. The future of our Neyythal land lies on his hands. There may be teeth of death waiting for us at the nook and corners of Marutha land. I permit you to use any type of weapon to pull our prince to safety” Vanathi, winking her eye like a twinkling star.

“Are you sure Vanathi? Will you allow me in your harem to live in the shade of our prince?”

“I am ready to accept even Karpagam into my Zenana to maintain our friendship as a tetrahedron of angels. Unfortunately Karpagam may have fall as a victim to the damsel hunting expedition of king Gangan. I find no source to stretch a helping hand to Karpagam” knelled Vanathi, closing her eyes to dream about her happiest moment with Karpagam.

“Vanathi, we need better planning to climb on the heights of victory. You assign us the duty with clear explanation.”

“Vanmathi, you have a sharp brain to take decisions according to changing circumstances. I i will be with prince Kuttuvan. You should follow us at a large distance gap, just enough to hear a faint noise of our galloping horses. Our other friends should be behind you at enough distance to identify the sound of your horse. If we follow this technique, there is less possibility for the prince to detect ten supporters behind him. All of you should gather together to support prince Kuttuvan during an emergency”

“How can we penetrate the hamlets of Marutha land without falling into the eyes of soldiers of King Gangan. There may be high security throughout Marutha land”

“Such a high vigilance is not possible throughout Marutha land. King Gangan may have given high stress to the safety of magnetic fort. So we shall diffuse easily into Marutha land up to the magnetic fortress. I hope our prince has a plan to trap King Gangan outside the magnetic fortress.”

“You are correct Vanathi. There will be strong security measures inside the magnetic fortress. The process of crossing the security fences will be a herculean task. We shall try to pull back our prince into the forest region surrounding the magnetic fortress. At the junction of danger, the feminine attractive force will be of high utility to divert our prince to safety.”

“Vanmathi, I can imagine the nature of such a critical situation. That is why I advised you indirectly to influence our prince by the attraction of feminine flavor”

“Vanathi, I have a burning doubt, hunting my heart like a ghoul. Will you give me the privileges offered to others friends?”

“All of you are equal before my honest eyes. Our prince is not a crazy cock to swim in all ponds of libidinous. You should be careful before approaching our prince with love web” leered Vanathi laconically..

The faces of all the ten damsels showed a transitory gleam like the sparkling of glow worms in the darkness of night. They spent majority of time of the night to beatify their skin. They even saved the public hairs in the hidden parts of the body to enhance their total glamour. They took bath in hot water, using a homogenous mixture of sandal powder and turmeric powder to add shining color to their skin. They reached the medical centre of Vanathi earlier than the allotted time. Vanathi stood in wonder for a fraction of a span of time, as if ten angels of heaven landed in her dispensary to illuminate the area with happiness. The color of her face faded for an efflux of time, and regained abruptly like a sparkler of a Christmas eve.

“Friends, I wonder about your high density of friendship with me. In simple dress without the adornment of ornaments, you all appear as village girls of perfect beauty. I transfer the safety of the darling of my heart on your hands of grace. You all appear to be deities arrived to save my heart from the mysterious snare of king Gangan,” mediated Vanathi, the corners of her eyes shrinking slightly to hide the tremor in her heart.

“Vanathi, Our prince will arrive soon for the expedition. Let us hide behind this building to escape from his catching eyes. As per your plan, we shall discharge our duties perfectly to your best satisfaction. You shall assume us as suicide angels born to save our prince from any tornado of high turbulence” nestled Vanmathi naively.

When prince Kuttuvan arrived on his white horse, Vanathi was ready for the journey on her black horse, in front of her medical center. He stared her curvatures with wonder, like an expert artist to store her structure into the memory of his eyes. “Vanathi, you glitter like a gold statue casted by an expert sculptor, with perfect craftsmanship. My mind dances in joy like a peacock at the first drizzle of the monsoon season. I wished to wander through dense forests with you, for the whole life time, forgetting the tortures of the real world” ogled prince Kuttuvan obscenely. He turned his horse towards the south, in the direction of Marutha land, with less speed to continue the twittering of love

“Darling, I wish to remain always around you. God blessed me with a golden chance to bath in the showers of your love. I won’t miss this opportunity to oscillate you in the swing of my heart” perked Vanathi pruriently.

“Vanathi, I have a plan to analyze the spots of treasures in the body of a damsel. Before a long spell of ten years, you put fire into my heart for my trial of little game. I won’t expect such hot words from your honey dripping lips of softness at this time of brimming love” quibbled prince Kuttuvan, staring her vibrating bosoms with a flare of libidinous in his eyes.

The face of Vanmathi bloomed instantly like a giant Vanda flower. The waves of sensuousness rushed through her nerves like high speed water current. She gazed his face through the edges of her eyes, a blush of shyness spreading on her face like a spectacular display of aurora borealis. “Vanathi, your extreme glamour hunts my nerves like tsunami waves. Will you please give me a hot kiss to fly in the height of sensational mirth?” requested prince Kuttuvan, lowering his eyes along the slope of her abdomen.

“Darling, I am ready to cool your boiling nerves. May I bounce on your horse to continue our journey, sharing the warmth of the game?” signalized Vanathi, her magical eyes inviting him for a heavy feast.

Prince Kuttuvan stepped down from his horse and stretched his both hands towards her as an invitation. She jumped to the ground immediately and rushed towards him to fall into his hug. He embraced her on his chest and gave a warm kiss on her forehead, his left hand moving downwards from her shoulder to the rump to play a hot game around the area. His right hand pressed her front curvatures and sowed hot waves into her nervous system. “This area has less privacy. We need a closed place to escape from the eyes of rumor mongers. May I search for a best location favorable for our hot games?” thrilled prince Kuttuvan, his right hand pressing her bosom to study its softness.

“Darling, I shall accompany you to identify the best spot. Let us climb to higher hotness before searching for a bed” ushered Vanathi, pressing her wet lips on his face to hasten the process of sexomagnetic Induction.

“Sweety, your idea seems to be hot. Let ready for a hot game. I shall add fire into your body” vivified prince Kuttuvan, his right hand moving downward on the slope of her abdomen to climb on her cupid mound at the junction.

“This hotness without any source of fire appears to be strange. Kindly add more warmth to my body to the level of boiling” winked Vanathi, sharing a lips locking hot kiss. Her right hand moved on his chest, slipping downwards like a eel fish.

“Sweety, This much of hotness is enough in this open space. Let us search to locate a safety place to swim in the ocean of mirth, without the hindrance of jealousy eyes. You move along the right to explore good hideout for our jolly game. I shall move along the left to trace a place of safety we shall meet at this point after a short period of time” yawned prince Kuttuvan, bouncing on his horse to start the searching operation.

Vanathi stood there in dilemma for a short period of time, and walked towards the right, pulling her horse with her. After a short walk, she found a tree that spread the edges of lower branches to the floor like a tent. She peeped into the shade formed by the tree branches and satisfied by the plane surface of the area, without any thorny growth of shrubs. She selected the shade under the tree branches as the best place for their sensational games. From that location, she could glance clearly the spot, where they separated. So she waited there with throbbing heart to climb on sensational fire, expecting the speedy arrival of the prince of her heart.

During that interval of time, the horse of prince Kuttuvan penetrated through the forest at high speed. He cunningly escaped from her clutches of love. “Vanathi, kindly excuse me for my abandonment of your sincere love. I am involved in a life risky expedition. I can’t throw you into ditch of death. You should be alive to march Neyythal land towards the road of success in my absence. If I departed from you during my efforts I shall wait in the heaven for you to give you a warm welcome,” apologized prince Kuttuvan amorously.

He accelerated his horse to high speed, exceeding the speed of sound towards the direction of Marutha land. The cool air current knocked on his face, like a wreath of rose petals. Yellow leaves withered from deciduous trees exhibited spectacular motion, falling into the whirl arms of a mild harmless current of storm. The tree appeared to run fast backwards, as if seen a terrible demon on horse. Some sparrows on the branches of trees chirped rhythmically, as if to extend a warm welcome to the prince of Neyythal land. A squirrel sprang along the branches of trees, screaming aloud as a warning signal to friends, to escape from the danger on horse.

At that instant of calmness, a sudden strange event occurred to the wonder of prince Kuttuvan. First a harsh cry was heard, comparable to the trumpeting sound of an elephant. Similar terrifying oases were erupted behind the enormous trees around the area. Those horrible sounds bombarded his ears violently and originated terror waves into his nervous system. He pulled his sword and held it vertical, ready to attack the demon with the high speed of lightning. He rolled his eyes carefully to note sharply the slightest change of shade around the area. His heart beat increased at high rate, vibrating his nerves to higher amplitudes.

At that time of increasing nervousness, a bursting flame of fire appeared behind a tree. Such explosive flames of fire occurred behind ten trees around the area. He stabilized his mind to face any obstacle on his path of progress. “Alas! Demos that spit fire! There are ten such demons around this area. How can I tackle ten such demons at a time? If these demons swallow me alive, what will be the fate of citizens of Neyythal land? There is a possibility for the diffusion of Vanathi around this area, searching for the prince of her heart. How can I allow these demons to ravish my sweet heart?” bellowed prince Kuttuvan biliously.

At this moment of his highest unstable equilibrium, a demon appeared to his direct vision. He estimated the demon to be about a height of ten feet with proportional body structure. He had a long spear on his hand. He wore only a long shirt, which hung up to the floor. He had a waist belt that gave shape to his appearance.

“Boy, we are demons of this area. We have craze on the taste of young flesh. You are surrounded by ten blood sucking demons with sharp spears to pierce your heart,” challenged the giant, pointing his spear towards the chest of prince Kuttuvan.

He turned around and saw ten such giants around him. “These ten giants are less dangerous than one crafty King Gangan. How will you trap clever King Gangan, if you shiver before theses brainless giants? Jump to the heights of action to climb on the peak of victory” debated his inner mind to boost his confidence level to the heights of the sky.

At that instant of unsettled wavering, the giant directly before him projected his spear towards him at high speed. The spear penetrated the layers of air towards him, whittling like the sound of fluttering of wings of a wasp. Prince Kuttuvan expected such flying spears on all sides and sprang into the heights of the sky and grasped a branch of the tree. The spear missed the target and penetrated into the trunk of a tree. Thus one giant lost his spear. Knowing the importance of the weapon of attack, he rushed towards the tree and put trial to pull the spear. Wondered by the sky high skill of prince Kuttuvan, the other giants aimed their spears towards prince Kuttuvan. He oscillated like the bob of a simple pendulum and sprang to the branch of a nearby tree. At that time of unsettled climate, two other giants launched their projectiles, which bombarded in the sky at the original position of prince Kuttuvan. The spears dissipated their energy in collision and dropped on the ground like withered leaves of a coconut tree.

The giants ran behind prince Kuttuvan and aimed to kill him, with perfect planning. To push them into failure, prince Kuttuvan began to execute simple horn oscillations like as wing. When two of them hurled their projectiles, prince Kuttuvan rebounded to the branch of another tree. In this way prince Kuttuvan played gymnastic game in the sky which perfect expertise. Prince Kuttuvan jumped to the ground and began to run forward to escape from the grasp of the giants. The giants started to chase him to trap him in their snare.

At that time of maximum turbulence, a sudden turning point occurred, like the abrupt fall of a thunder bolt from a clear sky. A horse galloped to the area like a flash of lightning. A beautiful slim damsel on the horse sprang towards a giant and kicked on his chest with heavy force. To the bursting wonder of prince Kuttuvan, the giant scattered into two ordinary men. They teared away the unwanted cloths and appeared as two individuals.

The damsel of high glamour stabilized on the ground with perfection. She rebounded repeatedly towards a spear on the ground, like a rubber ball thrown on the ground with a force. She fetched the spear, spinned in the spot like a top, whirling the spear towards the fake giant. The spear penetrated through the chest of the lower man. The giant staggered around the area and stumbled on the ground like a palmyra tree without roots. The second man stood on the shoulder of the first man, tore the common cloth and appeared as an individual ready for a tough fight to save his skin.

“These hugs are no demons. They acted as huge giants, one standing on the shoulder of the other. They sprayed oil in their mouth and put the spray into fire, to acts as fire emitting demons. They are cannibals feeding on the flesh of human. They used this artful technique to trap the travelers for human flesh. Kill them mercilessly to save the innocent people from harsh slaughter,” expedited Vimala entreatingly.

“Thank you very much for your kindness. I wonder about your sky high powers. I will construct a temple to this deity to pray for my citizens. I will satisfy all the wishes of this angel” flattered prince Kuttuvan by a shower of praises..

“Prince, I am Vimala, just a mirror image of the tigress of Neyythal land. She sent her ten intimate friends as bodyguards to pull prince from perils. I expect a heavy prize from you for my good service, as a token of your remembrance. Kindly don’t dance in the battle field. Please cut these cannibals into fragments to prove your worthiness as the prince of Neyythal land” gobbled Vimala gallantly.

Prince Kuttuvan turned his attention towards the artificial ghosts. All of them teared of the outer clothes and stood as nineteen individual men, one among them being dead by the penetration of the spear, thrown by Vimala. Prince Kuttuvan ran towards them, raising his sword ready for slaughter. At that instant, another twist of event occurred to push him into the higher level of strangeness. The nineteen cannibals folded their limbs and bounced rapidly on the floor on four limbs towards adjacent trees with high skill, like a band of mischievous monkeys. They climbed on the trees and scattered into different directions, jumping from one tree to the other by their high expertise.

“Prince, Kindly don’t allow these cannibals to breathe the fresh air of Neyythal land. If we allow them to escape by mercy, the roots of cannibals will spread throughout the forests of Neyythal land. Let us kill them, or allow them to kill us’ hissed Vimala heroically.

“Our efforts may not be effective, to trap these human monkeys at the top of trees. What can I do to destroy the roots of cannibalism?” inquired prince Kuttuvan insistently.

“Prince, I shall help you to kill all those cannibals. During the endeavor, there is a possibility for my death. So I request your guarantee of prize in advance”

“I shall bless you with the prize of your choice, if it is affordable.”

“Prince, Embrace me tightly on your chest and give me a lips locking kiss”

“Alas! I promised my father to treat all damsels as my own sisters. I can’t break my oath”

“Prince, If you waste time all cannibals will scatter away from this area. Imagine me as your sweet heart Vanathi, and bless me with your prize.”

“Are you ready to destroy the sanctity of your friendship?”

“Prince, I am ready to sacrifice anything for just a hot kiss from the prince of my heart”

Finding no other alternative, prince Kuttuvan pulled her to his chest and shared a hot kiss of her choice. “Prince, I love you very much. I shall dedicate my life for the joy of prince Kuttuvan. May god bless us with a long life of intimacy” jabbered Vimala, giving a warm kiss on his forehead as a token of her deep love.

Vimala drew a bow and a quiver containing twenty arrows from her horse. “Prince, I learnt the songs of praise for your sky high talents in the art of archery. That poem compared your skill to Arjuna, the epic hero of Mahabharata. This is the right time to prove your expertise in archery to this damsel. If you succeed in killing more than a dozen cannibals, I will give the best prize for your life long memory” kindled Vimala humming an enchants tune as an effort to energize him to hoist victory flag.

“Vimala, I shall prove my merits as the best hero of Neyythal land. As the royal prince of Neyythal land, I have my own responsibility to cut off the wings of cannibalism into wonderland. Witness my skill in archery exceeding that of Arjuna” lilted prince Kuttuvan luminously.

He ran towards a cannibal sitting on the top branch of a tree. He selected an arrow from the quiver and projected it at high tension of the string. The arrow not only pierced the brain of the cannibal, but also penetrated through the branch of the tree behind his head. “Wow! What a wonderful skill! I wish to show the talent of my friend Vanathi for your appreciation. I learnt this technique of throwing spears like shooting arrows from my the tigress of Neyythal Land.” minced Vimala merrily. At that instant the dead cannibal bombarded on the ground and splashed blood droplets on their dresses.

Vimala grasped the blunt end of the spear on her right hand. She began to spin like a top, the speed of rotation increasing at rapid rate. She bounced high into the sky, the sharp end of the spear slightly tilting upwards. At the correct range of perfect target, she projected the spear at high speed. The sharp end of the spear penetrated through the heart of a cannibal on another tree. The corpse of the cannibal collided on the hard crust of the earth, bursting into blossoms of blood. “Aha! Super. I never imagined such a talent in the feeble hands of Vanathi. I find no words to sing your praise. Your skill crossed the heights my imagination” negotiated prince Kuttuvan by words of sky high praise, pulling her for a warm hug.

The hunting process of cannibals continued, till all the nineteen cannibals were slaughtered. Vimala utilized the same spear repeatedly, drawing from the corpses on the ground. Prince Kuttuvan killed twelve cannibals and Vimala murdered seven cannibals. The aim of Vimala never failed to hit the target, but prince Kuttuvan lost eight arrows in the hunting process. “Prince, our dresses are stained with droplets of blood. I noticed a lake with crystal clear water very close to this area. We shall wash the clothes to remove the ugly stains. A bath in fresh water will give us more energy to elongate our travel towards Marutha land. I will be of immense help to you at times of emergency. I am a tough competitor to the wonderful talents of Vanathi. There are two more damsels around Vanathi with comparable skills. They are Vanmathi and Karpagam” opined Vimala obligingly.

“Vimala, the blood stains are highly sticky to the clothes. The process of removing blood stains from clothes is a tedious task. Don’t waste time in worthless labor” pattered prince Kuttuvan, staring her captivating pink lips resembling mango slices.

“Prince, We four are best physicians of Neyythal land, at a rank next to our guru Prof Sukran. We knew a medicinal plant capable to dissolve blood stains. I discovered abundant growth of that common plant around the lake. Let us move towards the lake to gain freshness of dress, body and mind” quickened Vimala, staring his bulging at the junction with the corner vision of her eyes. She grasped his hand and pulled him towards the lake, slowly decreasing the distance gap between them, to initiate sensational waves in their nervous system. The horses followed them with frequent emission of sharp neighs, to remind their masters about their presence around the area of their high intimacy.

They reached the bank of a vast lake, with glassy water. There were steps piled with rectangular stones at the bathing ghat. There was a flat broad square rock supported on a short pillar to use as a washing pad. “Prince, first I shall wash your dress to the purity of whiteness. Kindly give your dresses without giving me much trouble” recited Vimala, trying to open the buttons of her shirt, she kept her soft glamerous body very close to his chest, her hot breath warming his face like the fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers. She opened the buttons and pulled his shirt easily like the process of peeling off the skin of a banana fruit.

Then she shifted her attention to draw his pant. She put her right hand to open the hook of his pant, her last finger pressing his front bulging softly. “Vimala, Kindly don’t show haste. I shall undress all my clothes. Please wait a little” scotched prince Kuttuvan shrewdly. He crossed the steps, slipped into water and undressed his inner wears. He rolled them into a sphere and threw them towards her. She soaked her dresses in water, and stroke them one by one on the washing stone with less force. Then she plucked a handful of leaves of special variety of medicinal plant, crushed them on the washing stone and spread the juice of the medicinal plant on the clothes and pressed them on the washing stone for a span of time. Then she rinsed the clothes thrice in water and spread the washed clothes on a rope stretched between two coconut trees.

Then the occurrences shifted towards the side of sensuous hotness. She undressed all the outer garments and began to wash them. Prince Kuttuvan stared her glamorous body structure, forgetting even to blink his eyes. The inner sensuous hotness of his body jumped the level of explosion. She spread her dress on the same rope for the process of drying. Then her behavior crossed the levels of his abstinence. She undressed her inner wears and started the process of washing, pressing the clothes on her hands, keeping her full front view towards him. Her cone shaped bosoms vibrated rhythmically, as an invitation for a hot feast. Her perfect body curvature merged with the bulging of the cupid mound. The total front view of the glamorous structure of the damsel, threw hotness of fire in to his nervous system. To avoid the explosion of his nerves by cubical expansion of uncontrollable sensuous hotness, he turned his body to the opposite side. As his mind flew in the realm of imaginative height his expansion climbed to higher level though inside the chill water.

“Trespassers may penetrate this area to pull me for ravishment. Kindly turn my side to watch the surroundings. It is your responsibility to guarantee safety to the closest friend of Vanathi,” twittered Vimala to add more hotness into his nervous system.

Prince Kuttuvan turned towards her, to give a tough resistance to the army of attacking waves of libido. At that time of boiling senses, Vimala started to walk towards to him to take bath in the lake. The wavy movement of the sensitive regions of her body lifted him to the wonderland of sensuousness. The rhythmic sound produced by disturbed water acted as music to remind him about the approach of a hot source to activate his libido to the level of eruption.

At that instant of maximum bursting hotness, Vimala staggered to fall into a ditch of water. “Alas! Prince, I stumbled into a cavern of death. Kindly lift me to safety” urged Vimala, stretching her right hand above water.

Prince Kuttuvan moved swiftly towards her and pulled her hands to safety. She utilized that golden chance perfectly to intoxicate him to the waves of lust. She dropped on his chest and acted shiver, adjusting her posture to favorable position. Tips of her bosoms kindled his chest and her lower bulging rubbed the bud of his erection. “Prince, you saved my life from danger. Thank you very much for your help. I wished to give you hot prize” vamped Vimala, moving her juicy lips on his face and massaging his abdomen using her right hand. She gave lips locking french kiss, her hand playing games with his bud.

Prince Kuttuvan lost control and exploded into action. They stirred the water around the area like a couple of bison on the rage of rut. Then they played higher games on the spread of her dress on the shore. Vimala washed her dresses once again and they decorated them with their dresses. At that moment of highest exhaustion, sudden twist of event occurred to spray the hotness of real fire into their nervous system.

A whirl wind crossed the lake from the other end of the lake and appeared on the washing stone as the forest nymph Santra. The face of prince Kuttuvan bloomed instantly like a fresh Gerbera flower. Vimala stood in wonder, rolling her eyes between prince Kuttuvan and forest nymph Santra. “Darling, who is this girl standing like an angel of heaven? Who gave her to right to adulterate my darling of virtues?” whooped forest nymph Santra, raising questions of exploding rage.

“Vimala is a friend of Vanathi. She is a good girl beyond the crime of lewdness. I trapped her into the depth of libidinous ocean. Kindly excuse me for my mistake” yarned prince Kuttuvan, his tongue shivering in the worry of shame.

“Darling, you rejected me completely after our first meeting. Am I not charming like this silly girl or your tigress of Neyythal land?”

“Santra, you are more glamorous than those two girls.”

“Don’t dance for wrong tunes. You lost your fame as prince of virtues.”

“Santra, you pushed your nipples into my mouth. You robbed my virginity. Because of you, I lost control on my senses”

“Darling, I surrendered my virginity for your joy. I roamed throughout the forest area in search of you. Don’t forget to visit me atleast once in a month in the forest”

“I have lot of responsibilities to discharge at apt times as the prince of Neyythal land. I can’t wander through the jungles to play hot games with you. I give only less weightage to lust”

“Darling, I can’t bear this insult. You honour your relationship with Vanathi as pure love. You weigh the friendship with Santra as worthless lust. Why should you show such huge partiality between Vanathi and Santra?”

“Don’t compare forest nymph Santra with the purest blossom Vanathi”

“If you show further negligence on me, I will kill Vanathi and trap you in the forest to keep you always around me”

“Alas! Santra I can’t live without Vanathi. Don’t lose your darling by your act of stupidity”

“Vanathi is a good girl. Only her deep love on you gave me idea to grasp you into my love web. You have only two sweet hearts, Vanathi for the urban area and Santra for the jungle”

“Vanathi is alone in the midst of the forest. Kindly keep your eyes on her. I don’t want Vanathi to follow me.”

“Darling, I won’t allow the hot game of a girl more than once with you. Don’t try to trap other girls into your crafty love web. This is the first and last warning of forest nymph Santra” arraigned forest nymph Santra, keeping her tone, soft like the music of a nightingale.

Suddenly Santra transformed in the spiral arm of a whirl wind and lifted Vimala into the height of the sky, like a peacock feather. The whirl wind once revolved around the lake and plunged into the water abruptly. Next moment a high fountain of water bounced from that spot. At the tip of the fountain, Vimala rotated in a horizontal plane, with her glamorous face up toward the blue blanket of the sky. After a span of time, the mountain of water disappeared suddenly, and a stout spear rose vertically, as if by the influence of a high wizardry power. Vimala dropped on the spear, which penetrated through her chest. Prince Kuttuvan on the shore watched that tragedy with shiver, his eyes dropping tear drops, like the drops of latex from a tapped rubber tree.

Vanathi waited for prince Kuttuvan in the midst of the forest, floating on the imagination of the first sensuous game with the robber of her heart. The elapse of a large spell of time vibrated her heart with limitless worry. The roll of the wheel of time taught her hard lessons about the story of deception of her forest and ran away from me to fall as prey on the hands of King Gangan. You deceived me by you bogus love torch. Due to my true solicitude, I deputed ten friends to pull you from danger, giving permission use lust as a weapon of trap at critical time. Your love is just the glow of a fire fly in front of my love of full moon” boiled Vanathi, her eyes penetrating the trees to search the arrival of Prince Kuttuvan.

She bounced on her horse swiftly and kicked the horse to evaporate the pain of her failure. The shrill song of a cuckoo bird reflected in her heart as her own lamentation. A hive of swine assumed her as a dangerous hunter and scattered in different directions like accelerated arrows. The hoof of the horse kicked away mercilessly a cobra, dancing gracefully with expanded hood. A whirl wind blew towards her, revolved once around her and left away like a flash of light. Vanathi turned with a bloom of wonder on her face, and watched the migration of the whirl wind till its disappearance at distance.

At that instant of boiling strangeness of Vanathi, the screech of a girl penetrated her ears. She rotated her head to trace the source of that notorious scream of a girl in the midst of the dense forest. Suddenly, she remembered the faces her ten friends like a sudden eruption thunder. “Alas! A friend of mine appears to fall into the trap of a danger. It is my duty to pull her to safety. The safety of my friend has more significance than the craziness of my heart on love” argued her heart arduously.

Vanathi kept her ears sharp to locate the direction of the cry. She heard the harsh screech once again from the northern direction, but little fainter. She oriented her horse along the northern direction and accelerated the horse to high velocity. After a short displacement, she noticed the vast stretch of a swampy area. She witnessed a greenish island in the middle of the swamp. To her wonder, there was a tremendous tree spreading throughout the island like green monster with thousand hands. She identified that the source of piercing noise should be on that island of mystery. She directed the horse along the edge of the swamp to locate a route to approach the green island. She saw floating corpse of three girls on the swamp during her searching operation to locate a path to the green island. She took no time to estimate the presence of some dangerous criminals on the mysterious island.

When she moved further, she saw a boat oscillating on water and connected to a clamp anchored to the surface of the island. She confirmed that the boat would be the vehicle of transportation for crossing the swamp. “The boat appears to be the perfect transport to approach the mysterious island. What can I do to pull the boat? Do a bow and arrow help me to climb on the ladder of victory?” confabulated Vanathi with a by a series of doubtful questions. She drew a bow and arrow from the saree tied around the horse. She also pulled a strong and thin cord and tied one end of the cord to the arrow. She wound the other end of the cord around her waist and shot the arrow towards the boat. Unfortunately, the length of the cord was not sufficient to trap the boat.

At the same time, as an effort to appreciate the skill of Vanathi, the arrow pierced through a gigantic fish in the swamp. By the scorching pain of the arrow, the fish rushed hither and thither antagonistically to her into the swamp. Vanathi didn’t want to lose the chord, which will be of immense use for her future endeavors. So she struggled hard to pull the fish to the short. Her strenuous efforts of tug of war finally yielded her fruits of sweet taste. She pulled the giant fish to the shore. She cut off the cord with her dagger, grasped the arrow on the other side of the fish. That fish experienced its freedom and sprang into the water, using its large fins like wings. It pierced through the surface of water surface like a modern boat with a propellant.

Vanathi spread her wings of imagination in all directions to fetch a better method to fly in the sky of victory. At that instant a sudden idea flashed into her mind like the sudden appearance of a shooting star in the height of the sky. Her brain illuminated a tremendous tree on the shore, its horizontal branch at huge height crossing half the distance of the swamp between the shore and the island. The face boomed instantaneously like a Christmas sparkler.

She again tied the cut end of the cord to the blunt end of the arrow. She wound the cord on her waist and inserted the arrow to the back side of her skirt. She drew the bow through her left hand and hanged it on her left shoulder. She climbed on the tree, grasping strongly with both hands, like a talented iguana. She migrated to the horizontal portion of the selected branch, and stood straight without slightest vibration, like a stone statue.

Vanathi loosened the cord from her waist, held the bow in her left hand and grappled the arrow on her right hand. She ran on the branch of the tree upto the end and sprang into the height of the sky towards the tremendous tree on the island. She traveled along a parabolic trajectory and her velocity gradually diminished zero. Before her downward movement due to gravity, she arranged the positions of her bow and arrow, and selected a branch of the tree for her climb. She shot the arrow at high tension with accurate aim. The arrow pierced through the branch of her target, and proved its worthiness by penetrating through another nearby branch. Vanathi oscillated on the cord and jumped on a lower branch of the gigantic tree on the island.

She focused her eyes downward and witnessed the outgrowth of shrubs and the accumulated dust of withered leaves. There was a heavy spread of huge roots of the tree above the soil. To her high surprise, she saw ten thugs of different shade of colors sitting on three benches. Her mind slipped into the knots of mystery, when she saw a silk cotton mattress spread on the floor. Further rolling of her head evaporated the dark side of her doubt, showing two beautiful damsels, connected to the roots by thin iron chains at their ankles. Her mind melted in mercy finding tear falls on their cheeks. As an effort to throw more fire into her heart, the ten thugs opened a conversation to settle the conflict of ideas between them.

“Friends, let us give the first chance of the game to the luckiest person of our group. Let us follow a lottery system to choose the person for tasting the virginity of the girl. After the complete exhaustion of the first ranker, we shall select the second ranker by another draw” divulged a thug deftly.

“Fixing the rank of a rapist by a system of lot is the best method to avoid conflict between us. This will give us more chance of excitement, enjoying the raping scene as a live drama. After the completion of the first round, if she is alive, we shall start the second round of the same game. After the loss of interest, we shall throw the girl into the swamp, to be used as food by the millions of fishes in the swamp,” enlightened the second hoodlum exquisitely.

The third ruffian took ten small sheets of dry palmyara leaf. He wrote the ten names on them, with a needle edged scribe. He took them to a distance and inverted them on a short plank of wood. He moved toward his friends with the arranged lot system. “Friends, the lottery system is ready for the first draw. Any of you can choose a sheet to select the first lucky chap of our group. A drawn sheet is not permitted to replace. If we try to breach the rules of the lottery system, the unity of friendship between us may collapse, like a puff of smoke” filliped that ruffian flatulently.

The fourth rogue drew a sheet from the lot and gave it to the organizer of the lot. He read the name on the sheet aloud as Sekar. “Wow! Sekar is the luckiest person of our draw today. He has the best chance of robbing the virginity of a beautiful damsel. God gained fame, by blessing the best opportunity to the most handsome youth of our group” greeted the organizer, a shade of jealously spreading on his face like a veil.

Sekar jumped around the area in joy, for his golden opportunity, like a hound on rut. He then rushed towards the girls in chain and released one girl to start his hot game. The damsel learnt her pitiable condition and ran forward swiftly to escape from the clutches of ravishment. The nine spectators shifted the three benches to three corners of the island, and occupied the seats conveniently to watch the hottest drama of life. Sekar chased the damsel enthusiastically and succeeded in pulling her shawl. The applauses of the spectators activated him to high energy and he ran behind her like a tiger hunting a roe. He victoriously teared the back side of her blouse to heavy shower of applauses of his friends.

Vanathi studied the limitless atrocity of the outlaws with boiling heart. She finalized that the thugs had the cruel practice of abducting innocent girls from the outskirts of Neyythal land for their group ravishment. “Alas! These outlaws are weeds to the growth of human crops. These thorns should be burnt mercilessly from the path of progress of the culture of Neyythal land. O god! Kindly bless me with energy enough to pull the teeth of adulteration” prayed Vanathi to god whole heartedly, glancing hotly Sekar pulling the skirt of the shivering damsel with high expertise.

She grasped her dagger in his right hand and ran on the tree branch skillfully like a squirrel. She jumped on the floor abruptly behind Sekar, her dagger piercing through central portion of his head like a highly accelerated spear. Sekar gibbered like an ape at the verge of death. She threw him into the swamp, bombarding a heavy kick at his rump. The thugs stood froze like ice dolls in heavy shock for a fraction of a span of time. Then they boiled to the level of Magma by anger, and ran towards the edge of the island to fetch bludgeons to attack Vanathi to death.

They rushed towards Vanathi burning on the fuel of wrath like a file of troops. Vanathi migrated swiftly towards the tree by repeated bounces, and ran on the trunk of the tree to a height of about ten metres, and sprang backward into the sky. She folded her body like a spiny anteater and stabilized on the ground behind the outlaws, after the completion of three somersaults in the sky. Her crafty dagger penetrated through the heart of an outlaw, who turned to inflict a heavy knock on her head. She bounced into the sky and kicked his chest with tremendous force. The outlaw pierced through the air and fell on the water surface of the swamp, producing a splashing sound by the bombardment on the surface of water.

Vanathi acted at extraordinary rapidity, far beyond the level of imagination of the thugs she pushed all the ten outlaws into the swamp one after another for their direct entry into the tortures of the hell. Her speed of the display of the skill of martial art exceeded the outburst of a thunder. “Wow! What a sky high talent to hunt the rapists of annihilation. This mom appears to be an angel of heaven sent by god to pull us from the ruination of ravishment” hailed one girl to the other, a smile of joy spreading on her face, as if a candle is lighted in darkness.

“Friend, don’t you hear about the tigress of Neyythal land? This is Vanathi, future queen the Neyythal land. She is the real mother for helpless girls in distress. She is an embodiment of kindness to lift damsels from the ocean of tears,” informed the second girl intelligently. The girls genuflected to Vanathi to show their highest respect and gratitude.

“Children, training in martial arts is essential for all girls to preserve their self respect, without dependence on others. There is a burning rumor about the damsel hunting expeditions of King Gangan. Dignity or death must be our sole motto. We won’t be cattle behind a shepherd,” justified Vanathi, pulling them to her chest for a warm hug.

“Mom, our bitter experiences taught us a hot lesson we will assume the tigress of Neyythal land as our role model. We assure you mom, we will focus our whole efforts to learn the arts of warfare. We will prove our merits to the ruffians of our village, within a short period of time” louted the girls loyally.

They crossed the swamp, rowing the boat. “Friends, I am on an urgent mission to assist our prince. May god bless you for a bright future. Only hard labor combined with higher ability will fetch you the sweetest fruits of success. First grow your skill to climb on the peak of victory” muffled Vanathi, waving her right hand as signal for departure.

She searched her horse around the area and failed to observe her vehicle of transportation. She raised a shrill whistle to attract the attention of the horse. Her familiar whistle of sharpness succeeded in its objective. Her horse appeared out from a clump of trees and emitted a low intense neigh to show his presence around the area. The horse galloped towards Vanathi like her own child. She bounced on the horse and accelerated its speed towards the north. The horse penetrated the space between colonnades of trees, like an arrow shot at high speed. Her eyes rolled throughout the area like a dragon fly to detect the presence of prince Kuttuvan, the robber of her heart. She kept her ears alert, to identify the galloping sound of another horse around that locality, as an effort to trap him.

A long efflux of time vanished swiftly, without focusing any special scene of her interest. Soon she heard the lullaby of a waterfall, as sweet as the song of cuckoo, but lower in intensity. After the elapse of a short period of time, she witnessed the dazzling beauty of a dancing waterfall. To distant vision, the waterfall appeared as a heavy stream of milk, emanating directly from the mammary glands of a series of clouds. Vanathi spread her eyes wide, to drink the beauty of the waterfall, like a glutton on the clutches of starvation. Without willingness to depart from that location of mind catching styles of nature, she stood for a period of time at that location, keeping her mind free to dance like a peacock in mirth. Compelled by the urgency to locate prince Kuttuvan, she accelerated her horse to the forward direction to fetch the fruit of her journey. After crossing a short range of distance, she heard the sharp tunes of water current of Ponni River. She expected prince Kuttuvan to cross Ponni River to diffuse into the Marutha land to trap king Gangan, as an effort to eradicate the future miseries of the innocent people of the vast stretches of Hindustan. So she accelerated her horse towards Ponni River, keeping her eyes sharp to observe any movement on the water current of the river.

Suddenly a glare of strangeness spread on her face, and her eyes showed the glow of a twinkling star. A thrill of mystery posed through her nervous system, like the flow of water through the sluices of a storage tank. She hid her horse behind a spread of bamboo and sprang behind the trunk of a huge tree on the bank very close to the river. She sharpened her eyes to study the nature of the scene that captivated her eyes. She observed a boat on the opposite side of the river, like the natural scenes in the painting of a highly talented artist Vanathi focused her eyes accurately to analyze the nature of the men climbing on the boat. She counted them from one to twenty one, all of them appeared to be well trained warriors.

The seed of doubt that fell into the field of her mind germinated to a plantlet and began to grow fast into a huge banyan tree, with hundreds of prop roots. A sudden enlightenment occurred in her brain connecting the strangers to the espionage department of Marutha land. “Alas! These rogues appear to be the spies of Marutha land. They may have deputed to gather news regarding the strengths and weakness of Neyythal land. The collection of data may be the first step in the damsel hunting expeditions of King Gangan” notified Vanathi, fear waves rushing through her nervous system like the pain of a snake bite.

The laurel tree on the fertile alluvial soil stood as a green monster with multitude of branches. Approximately half the number of branches of the tree stretched above the water level of the Ponni River. Vanmathi climbed on the tree with the expertise of a gibbon, and moved on a branch to its end, grasping the higher branch for safety. She sat on the branch of laurel tree conveniently, and waited silently for the arrival of the spies of Marutha land, to teach them a hot lesson. The boat loaded with the twenty spies of Marutha land crossed the middle of the Ponni River. They soon entered into the range of direct target of Vanathi

“By the grace of god, no soul of Neyythal land is around this area. We should utilize this best chance to reap the corn of our victory. A branch of the laurel tree is just above the water surface. There is heavy spread of long and stout grass near the shore. The best method to reach Neyythal land is climbing on the tree branch to jump on the land surface. Do any of you suggest better technique to cross the bush of grasses?” consecrated one stranger, watching the faces the of others to note the bloom of an idea of novelty.

“Your idea appears to be the best. The Neyythal land is famous for the abundance of damsels with sparkling beauty like angels of heaven. This is a golden opportunity for us to watch their flawless glamour, before our damsel hunting operation” perorated a spy piquantly.

“Those holy angels are our future queens. If you stare them with negative motivation, our king will insert red hot iron rods into your eyes. If you gossip about them, he will cut off your tongue to throw you as a dumb” quailed a third spy quarrelsomely.

“Friends, our king ordered to identify the residence of a tigress of Neyythal land. Is it a tamed tiger in Neyythal land? Does that tiger has any special characteristic to attract the attention of our king?” roistered a fourth spy, to evaporate the darkness of mystery filled in his heart like a devil dwelling dungeon

“Stupid, The tigress of Neyythal land is the nick name given to the most prowess damsel of Neyythal land. The heart of our king is vibrating to dissolve in the love of that charming girl of Neyythal land. Her name is Vanathi, the only daughter of the acting prime minister of Neyythal land’ screamed the third spy scurrilously.

“Due to her exceptional valor, this Vanathi will rise to the first rank in future, as the chief queen of Marutha land. Our king will find no time to execute the developmental programmes of Marutha land, as he has to foster thousand wives. Due to the confusion in time management, the whole power of Marutha Land will shift to the hands of this tigress.” splattered the fourth spy stiffly.

“Don’t try to radiate hot words about our king. If you stretch your tongue beyond the limits, a time will come to taste your flesh by the killer flying crocodiles in the moat of the magnetic fortress. Kindly measure the hardness of your words, before you expel them out of your mouth” taunted the third spy, to pull his from the jaws of bitter death.

All the remarks of the spies penetrated the heart of Vanathi like sparks of fire. Her wrath expanded gradually reaching the bursting level, within a short span of time. She pulled two daggers from her waist and targeted two spies with perfect aim. Her daggers penetrated through the layers of air at high speed like two stinging wasps. They pierced easily through the hearts of two spies, like two needles through two ripe tomato fruits. The spies expelled their last cry and slipped into the current of water like cut off bunches of unripe plantain. The boat vibrated like a cottage, under the influence of a devastating earth quake.

“Alas! We fall into the clutches of tigress of Neyythal land. She may have more stock of sharp daggers. All of you lie on the boat to escape from the dagger shower of Vanathi. The water current may shift our boat away from her range of target” ushered a spy urgently. All the men, attacked by the fear of daggers, lay on the boat instantly, to escape from the life sucking weapons of Vanathi.

Unfortunately, Vanathi had no further stock of daggers to supply more souls to the tortures of the hell. At that instant of unsatisfied worries, a sudden twist of event occurred to push her into the realm of agony. Due to her weight, the tender branch of the tree broke with the emission of a crackling noise. Vanathi dropped on the water surface with a splashing sound, embracing the branch as an intimate friend. “This is the best opportunity to kill the ferocious tigress. Knock on her head with the paddle, exercising your utmost force. This is rare chance blessed by god to break her head” vented a spy vacillatingly.

The rower on the front of the boat her raised the paddle and lowered it at high pressure towards her head. Fortunately the position of the head of Vanathi slipped to a slight distance due to the force of the water current and the hard portion of the tree branch occupied the location of her head. So the paddle bombarded with the tree branch, with heavy pressure and broke into two fragments. Vanathi dipped her head into the depth of water to escape from their attack. The speed of water current drifted her to a large distance, away from the reach of the craftly hands of the spies of Marutha land.

“Friends, life is uncertain like a rainbow in the sky. Let us forget about our loss at present. We shall move forward hopefully to climb on the peak of victory” whispered the leader of the group of spies, with a flare of warning on his face.

They pulled a tree branch, climbed on the tree one by one, and reached the shore safely. “Boatman, you hide the boat safely inside the bush. You wait around the area for our arrival. We expect to collect all the necessary data within to two days. In case of any emergency, we may need more time. It is your duty to wait for us till our successful return” activated the leader of the spies acutely.

They walked forward like a band of robbers with an idea to diffuse into different directions near to vicinity of the urban limit. “God blessed us with a golden chance to kill the tigress of Neyythal land, like a token victory of our expedition. Our king will praise us with heavy shower of prizes, if we narrated a favorable story to boost our talents. We will be lifted to higher positions of our espionage department, for our greatest achievement in killing Vanathi in a tough contest” bragged a spy, flying in the sky of imagination like a sparrow.

“Idiot, Our king may have boiling craziness on the smartness of that angel of Neyythal land. He will push you into the moat to be a tasty food for his flying crocodiles, if you touched the skin of Vanathi. We can’t judge the nature of snake hiding inside an anthill. Don’t vibrate your lips to speak about Vanathi if you wish to breathe longer” castigated the leader of the spies cautiously.

Swimming into the depth of the words of the group leader, they realized the truth in his words like the occurrence of pearls inside some oysters. After a displacement of a large distance, they witnessed the vast stretch of a cascade of waterfalls, flowing from a rocky mountain at a huge height. To the distance vision, the series of waterfalls appeared to be the offsprings of the milky white clouds that embraced the mountain top.

“Friends, once upon a time, before a long period of five years, I visited this area on a secret mission. If we climb this mountain, we shall easily approach Mallai, the capital city of Neyythal land unnoticed by others” delineated the oldest spy of the group, a gleam of pride illuminating his face like the glow of a twinkling star.

’This idea appears to be the best for penetrating into the capital of Neyythal land. Let us move forward along the right side of this stream formed by the waterfall. After reaching the top of the waterfall, we shall decide about our scattering into different directions. We should assemble at the river bank for our return journey. The maximum time allowed for gathering new is two days”. elucidated the group leader of the spies earnestly.

They walked along the right bank of the stream and reached the foot of the waterfall. They observed steps slanting path carved on the rock. “Friends, the steps appear to be narrow and steep, without any support for a safety grasp. All of you should be very careful to climb safely to the mountain top. A slight slip due to lapse of concentration may crack your cranium beyond the level of repair’ fostered the leader of spies, instructing with the soft tone like the shrill music of a damsel.

At that time of progress of the spies of Marutha land towards the completion of their mission, Vanathi was rolled by the high water current like a lifeless log of wood. Knowing her inability to swim against the current of water, she moved along the flow of water. She carefully shifted towards the coast of the river, avoiding direct bombardment with high speed water current. She took a long period of time to climb on the shore. “God, kindly bless me to stop the spies, before their entry into the town. If they succeed in collecting required secret data, no one can stop the destructive damsel expeditions of King Gangan. He will burn all the hamlets of Neyythal land to ash, in the absence of prince Kuttuvan. Kindly take me as a substitute for the safety of innocent damsels of Neyythal land” groaned Vanathi, her eyes penetrating through the clumps of trees to trace the movement of the spies.

Vanathi allowed her bird of imagination to fly in different directions to locate the possible route of motion of the spies. A short analyze of the merits and demerits of different orientations, she finalized the favorable path of the march of the spies. After running for a distance along the coast of river ponni towards the laurel tree, she produced a loud whistle to attract the attention of her horse. Her idea fetched the fruits of her expectation. Her horse heard her call and galloped towards her like her own child. She sprang towards the horse, and stood on it with perfect stability, owing to her high practice. The well trained horse understood her urgency and accelerated its speed to bath her in mirth. She sat on the horse conveniently, and directed it along the right side of the stream towards the waterfall.

When Vanathi approached the vicinity of the foot of the waterfall, she saw the band of spies climbing on the top of the rock mountain, she realized that a short period of time would be enough for the spies to vanish from the sharp eyes of her, allowing the secret agents of king Gangan to discharge their mission efficiently would spell the annihilation of Neyythal land. She noticed a curved path of large distance to approach the narrow step to climb on the rock mountain. She witnessed numerous wide pits of water on the direct path between the land surface and the rock mountain. Her eyes didn’t fail to observe the growth of two dwarf trees on the cracks of the rock, one above the other. The first tamarind tree was at a height of about twenty five metres from the foot of the mountain. The second tree appeared to be at an equal altitude from the tamarind tree. She identified the second tree as a banyan tree, since a prop root stretched downwards to half distance. If she was successful to cross the two trees, her talent would aid her to crawl on the mountain, grasping the rough surface of the rock like a garden lizard.

“Darling, I planned to cross the steep mountain. A brave dies only once in life, but a coward will shiver on the fear of death daily. Kindly don’t shed tears on my memory, if I die in my hardest endeavor. There are thousand of damsels of charm in Neyythal land to bath you in a shower of joy” hankered Vanathi, flying on imagination choose the best strategy to climb on the ladder of victory.

The best idea to cross the barriers on the way of her forward march, flashed into her mind like a spark of fire in the furnace of blacksmith. Vanathi roughly calculated the length of pits if water between the projections of rock in her mind. She bounced forward towards the mountain, and put her left foot on the first protrusion of the rock. Her high expertise helped her to leap forward to pass the second pond of water and keep her right foot on the second vertical elongation of the rock. By her repeated bounces, she reached the foot the rock mountain, within a short period of time.

She began to rotate in clockwise direction like a spinning top and increased her angular velocity gradually. When her frequency of rotation crossed the maximum limit, she sprang up vertically with rapid speed. When she reached the vicinity of the dwarf tamarind tree, she stretched her right hand upwards like the tongue of a komado dragan to trap insects. Her right hand successfully seized a branch of tamarind tree, as a evidence for her skill. He pushed her left hand upwards towards the tree and grasped the same branch of the tree, planning for the execution next effort to climb on the tree.

Vanathi oscillated on the branch of the tree like the simple harmonic motion of a swing. She gradually increased her velocity of oscillation and bounced on the tree branch like an expert acrobat. She jumped higher with sharp accuracy and pulled the edge of the prop root into her strong clutches. She climbed on the prop root of the banyan tree like a skillful rope dancer using the prop root as a rope ladder. She stabilized on the banyan tree, and studied the nature of the surface of the rock mountain, to extend her efforts to climb on the top of victory.

To her heavy shock, Vanathi noticed no crevice or protrusion on the smooth vertical surface of the rock. Only lizards and squirrels could scale that mini mount Everest. She tilted her eyes downwards to assess the possibility of stepping down from the rock mountain. She learnt her position close to the hell of burning tortures. For the first time in her carrier, her efforts shifted towards the dark side of failure. “God, I won’t live with this shameful stain of failure. I wish to stop the spies in the form of a spirit. Kindly transform me into a ghost with strength. I will roam around Neyythal land to serve for its safety and prosperity. I wish to enter the paradise with the spirit of the hero of my heart” implored Vanathi to god, tear drops dropping from her eyes like the adjacent waterfall

She finalized to jump on the rock surface of the foot of the mountain, in an inverted position for the bombardment of her head on the rock to cause certain death. She prepared to climb on the steps of sure death to serve for the uplift of the damsels of Neyythal land. At that time of her highest exhaustion, she observed a strange scene to pull her attention in that direction. She witnessed the spiral arm of a whirl wind progressing towards the mountain top at a short distance. A rumor about the strange whirl wind illuminated her brain like a streak of lightning. Such a whirl wind saved some damsels in distress.

Without wasting a fraction of a span of time, Vanathi sprang towards the spiral wind, stretching her right hand for a strong grasp. To her wonder to the height of heaven, the whirl wind pulled her quickly into its arm. Though she won’t see any strange scene, she experienced the warmth of the embracement of her own mother. “Vanathi, Don’t consider me as your competitor. Kindly assume me as your own shadow. This will minimize the friction between us in future. My hearty wishes are behind you for your climb into the height of fame,” forest nymph Santra, to boost the energy level of Vanathi towards the peak of victory.

Though the she won’t see the structure forest nymph Santra, she felt her presence through the voice of charm. “Mystery, I heard about your service to a lot of damsels at critical times. May I know about your identify?” entreated Vanathi exuberantly.

“Vanathi, I hate to roll on the tongues of rumor mongers. Any how I can’t reject your interest as worthless, since you are the exemplary damsel of Neyythal land. I am forest nymph Santra, a close friend of prince of Kuttuvan. You are permitted to call me at the times of your emergency. May god bless you with strength to trap the spies of Marutha land” jollified Santra, changing her direction of motion towards the band of spies with a speed equal to the velocity of sound.

Forest nymph Santra left Vanathi on the top of the rock mountain behind the spies, and blew away from the area in the form of a whirl wind. Vanathi leaped towards the spies with raised right hand to impart heavy blow to the spy lagging behind. At that time of significance in the career of Vanathi, a long sharp sword appeared on the right hand of Vanathi, by the blessing of forest nymph Santra. The leader of the group of spies noticed Vanathi with a sword to attack them at that correct instant of threat for their safety. “Friends, the tigress of Neyythal land is crouching behind us ready for a sudden attack. Run fast to escape from her sword! Our efforts for retaliation will lower our strength further to crop as prey to her hand” knelled the group leader of the spies, jumping higher to cross a bush of thorns on his path of progress

All the spies scattered into different directions, like a shoal of fishes seen a crane flying just above the water surface. Vanathi sprang into the sky and landed at a distance from a spy in freezing state. The sword on her hand of Vanathi acted swiftly and pierced through the heart of a spy. The high pitch cry of the spy vibrated the area like the trumpet of an elephant. She pulled her sword to insert it into the heart of another spy, to drive him with his other friends to experience the sufferings of the hell. At that instant of emergency to taap all the spies of Marutha land, she heard the galloping sound of a small brigade of cavalry. That noise attracted her attention like a sweet song of a choir. Her nine friends, sent as bodyguard to the safety of prince Kuttuvan, approached the area like the angels of heaven.

“Vanmathi, these thugs are the spies of the monster Gangan. They penetrated into our territory like a band of apparitions to gather data favorable for the damsel hunting expeditions of king Gangan. Bring all of them into the sharp edges of your swords and lock them in chains. I shall show them the hotness of our judgment after a through process of inquiry,” laced Vanathi, watching the movements of the spies sharply to avoid any failure in their trapping process.

They divided into two five member teams and trapped them one by one with their sky high expertise in brandishing swords. Their efforts of struggle with daggers as scattered individuals fetched no sweet fruits of success. The bevy of damsels tied their hands and legs and rolled on the ground like sacks of paddy when they reached the stage of completion of the drama of locking the spies, prince Kuttuvan entered into the scene to take the responsibility of inflicting severe punishment to the culprits.

“Vanathi, you proved your merits beyond the shade of doubt. Your friends too are equal to you in bravery. Our country will march forward towards victory by the volour of damsels like you,” lauded prince Kuttuvan loftily.

Prince Kuttuvan then turned towards the friends of Vanathi, and stared them one by one to preserve their faces in his memory. All of them appeared to him as selected angels of charm from the nook and corners of Neyythal land. Their sparkling beauty reminded him of fresh flowers of different varieties. Tear drops collected at the edges of his eyes on the sudden remembrance of Vimala, the structure of talents and craftiness. “Sweety, I wonder about the swiftness of your friend Vimala. She saved me from the death trap of a batch of twenty cannibals. I am ashamed for my inability to save the deity from the cruel clutches of death” mourned prince Kuttuvan, his tone vibrating under the influence of melancholy of the loss.

“Darling, Vimala is the best representative of our valor group. We are happy for her sacrifice to the service of our mother land. May her soul be at peace in the joy of Heaven. We shall fill the gap in our group by the selection of another prowess damsel” placated Vanathi paradoxically.

“Vimala told about the prowess of Vanmathi. May I know the damsel Vanmathi? Is the ability of Vanmathi comparable to the skill Vimala?” questioned prince Kuttuvan, rolling his eyes to locate Vanmathi from the gleam on her face. He identified the bloomed face of Vanmathi within a short efflux of time.

“Vanathi, Do your friend Vanmathi skillful to accept responsibility? May I assign a duty to the hands of vanmathi?”

“Darling, Vanmathi is an exemplary girl with craziness on children. She will be an ideal mother even to the prince of Neyythal land. At the same time, in the realm of abilities, she will surpass me by her speed of action.”

“Aaha! The news is mind catching. I am happy to learn about the presence of more human tigresses in my motherland. My best wishes for the prosperous future of these tigresses”

Vanmathi showed her respect to the prince by a bow of her head. “Honorable prince, thank you very much for your blessings. I shall discharge the assigned duty to the full satisfaction of our future Majestic King,. Kindly pass golden order to the service of my country” rustled Vanmathi, gazing his face with a spark of inner imagination.

“Vanmathi, Did you hear the terror caused in the damsel hunting expeditions of king Gangan? He locked hundreds of hunted damsels in a long chain and connected the chain to a chariot pulled by twelve horses. He dragged those damsels on the ground to show them the sufferings of the hell. I wish to give such a hot lesson to these brutal of Marutha land. You travel to our royal castle with one of your friends and order the soldiers to make necessary arrangements for the tragic procession of the spies “snarled prince Kuttuvan sophistically.

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