Magnetic Fortress

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Hunting of Spies by Wood Peckers

Prince Kuttuvan ordered Vanmathi to bring the royal chariot for conducting the procession of slaves, on the model of the procession of hunted damsels exhibited by king Gangan. After the departure of Vanmathi with a friend, prince Kuttuvan shifted his attention to the other eight damsels of Neyythal Land. “Sisters, I find no apt words to praise your capability in the art of warfare, exceeding the warriors of Neyythal Land. After my coronation as the king of Neyythal Land, you all will be raised to the position of cabinet ministers, to lock after the varieties of developmental programs of women community of Neyythal Land. Watch the spies with maximum alertness to stop their leakage from our hands” adverted prince Kuttuvan, turning his attention towards the face of Vanathi to analyze the dense shade of mirth dancing her face.

He spread a catching smile on his bloomed face, as an image of his inner mind of happiness. “Vanathi, Let us move near to the mouth of the waterfall. We shall witness the wonders of the dancing styles of nature. The serene beauty of nature will oscillate before our eyes to lift us to the joy of leaves. This is a rare chance for us to fly in the sky of imagination, like an intimate couple of parrots,” beseeched prince Kuttuvan blithely.

Prince Kuttuvan walked forward towards the waterfall, enjoying the vast stretch of varieties of natural scenes. Vanathi followed silently behind him as his own shadow. She turned her eyes slowly to study the gleaming beauty of surrounding scenes. Satisfied by the absence of obstacles to her freedom, she swiftly moved towards him like a gentle breeze. “Darling, you rejected me in the midst of a dense forest. You have no spring of love in your inner heart. There won’t be blooms of love in your heart of torrid desert” castigated Vanathi in his right ear, in a tone of concentrated love.

He spread his left palm on the rump of Vanathi and pulled her slowly towards his chest, expecting a resistance from her. Absence of opposing force, encouraged him to embrace her on his chest. Due to sexomagnetic induction, thrills of hot waves bombarded their nervous systems like the bombardment of water current during a flood. “Vanathi, I love to dip into your hotness. But the safety of our mother land is my prime importance. I find no alternative, except trapping king Gangan to death like a single man army, to save the honor of our damsels” debilitated prince Kuttuvan, sucking her lips like a honey drop oozing honey-comb. His right hand moved on the crests and troughs of her body like a transverse wave.

“Darling, searching for hotness inside water will be a good experience for lifelong remembrance. Let us jump into the depth of water to measure degree of hotness of libidinous” elated Vanathi, loosening the tightness of the embrace, for the free entry of his hand into her skirt. Knowing the golden opportunity to induce higher hotness, he enhanced the frictional force on her soft skin by his artful games of rubbing.

“Sweety, this is a not the right location for the hot games of the prince of Neyythal Land. God will soon bless us with good chance to swim in the sea of sensuous mirth, after the death of king Gangan. We should be best models to the youths of Neyythal Land” filliped prince Kuttuvan by his instruction of morality.

“Kindly separate your personal affairs from the public life. I can’t breathe for a short period of time without floating on your memory. Kindly keep me around you, if you wish to see the brightness of mirth on my face” gratified Vanathi, gazing him with a catchy smile to intoxicate him by her sexomagenetic lines of force.

Suddenly the scene of his first meeting with forest nymph Santra flashed in to his memory. Even the imagination of his first hot experience with Santra activated his nerves to the state of erection. A short review of the artful steps followed by the talented girl of prowess Vimala to trap him to her love web sprayed higher hotness into his nervous system. The scene of the bitter death of Vimala sucked the illumination of happiness in his mind like the explosion of an air bubble. “Santra, I hate you like the poison of a cobra. I can’t forgive you for killing that perennial banana plant mercilessly, with a purpose to break my heart. I won’t forget your warning to avoid hug with my lady love Vanathi inside forest area. Who are you to block my freedom in the forest area? I will refuse to share my warmth with you in coming the days of future” hiccoughed prince, as a response to stop his flight into the depth of imagination.

Vanathi noticed the change of colors on his face and the stabilization of darkness, as if painted with lamp black. “Darling, May I know your latest problem that is scorching your joy? A short analysis of the multi corners of the difficulty will illuminate us with a proper solution. I shall help you to solve the problem within a short spell of an eye wink” implored Vanathi intently.

Prince Kuttuvan erased the blackish shade of hatred on his face like the diffusion of a puff of smoke. He spread artificial brightness on his face like the weaving process of cobweb by a spider.

“Vanathi, we have to decide the nature of punishment to be inflicted to the beasts of Marutha Land. I wish to hear your idea to give a warning signal to king Gangan. Can you imagine a latest technique of novelty to put fire into the hard heart of King Gangan” licensed prince Kuttuvan like a latitudinarian giving freedom to suggest her ideas about the nature of punishment to be imposed on the spies as a warning signal to the king of Marutha Land.

Vanathi flew into the vast width of the sky of imagination for a short period of time. A brightness of mirth spread on her face, making the face comparable to the shining full moon. “Darling, the punishment should be imposed in open space in the midst of large crowd of audience. Our past history suggests three methods of chastisements for such criminals of cruelty. The first technique is throwing the criminal on an array of strong spears from a height. The pointed edges of the vertical spears will pierce through the heart of the criminal, confirming his instant death. The second method of famous punishment is sending the outlaw to the guillotine to cut off his head. The third strategy is burning the offender fixing to a stake” mesmerized Vanathi meritoriously. At the end of her explanation she exploded in to a soft laughter. That charm captivated his mind, like the shrill music produced by gently striking the surface of water taken in a series of gold bowls with a gold spoon.

During the conversation, the lips of Vanathi moved like the vibrations of the petals of a fresh pink rose blossom. He floated on the waves of wonder, thinking her as an angel of heaven appeared on the earth surface, with a purpose to bath him in the sea of mirth. The seed of love dropped on the field of their mind as friendship at the tender age of childhood. The roll of the wheel of time transformed that tiny love seed into a tremendous banyan tree to give shade to millions of poor. “Darling, are you floating on a dream world? Kindly give me a chance to fly with you into the realm of fairy land. If you neglect me alone in the midst of forest once again, the treacherous hands of king Gangan will pull me into his magnetic fort of burning worries.” negotiated Vanathi, vibrating her eyelashes like the petals of a dahlia flower in wind.

“Don’t shiver in fear, seeing your own shadow. If you don’t put obstacles in my free flow towards Marutha Land, a fine day will bloom soon without the poisonous breathing of that monstrous king Gangan” osculated prince Kuttuvan, staring her glamorous face like a beetle revolving around a fresh blossom.

“We suffer for the fear of ghosts only in darkness. But I shiver for king Gangan even in the brightness of noon. The only solution to escape from this hunting delirium is the chillness of your shadow. Kindly don’t allow King Gangan to separate me from your fragrance”

“Sweety, No ghost is born on the surface of the earth to isolate us”

“Darling, Let us throw the spies into the waterfall, after piercing their hearts with spears. Why should we labor a let to drag them to our capital? Do you have any sympathy on those beasts?”

“I have no spring in my heart to show mercy on the heads of cruelty. They will experience a horrible death of strangeness”

“Dear, what is the purpose behind the horrible death of strangeness?”

“The death of spies should sow fear seeds in the heart of king Gangan. He should fall in vibrations of shiver to spell the name of our mother land”

“How is it possible darling? What do you mean by horrible death of strangeness?”

“I have a plan to conduct a hunting process by woodpeckers as a warning to the damsel hunting expeditions of king Gangan”

“Sorry Darling I can’t imagine any significance in your hunting process by woodpeckers”

“Sweety, Don’t remark without knowing the depth of my character. I have a stock of five giant woodpeckers”

“I reared them feeding insects soaked in our magical medicine milajit from the first day of their hatch from eggs. I mixed human flesh cut in the shape of insects with their feed. I slowly reduced the percentage of insects in their feed. Now they learned to eat only human flesh soaked in Silajit. They grew to tremendous size greater than a mammoth of Africa. Their size is gigantic enough to consider a human as a tiny worm”

“Wow! What a strange news to sing the praise of the discovery of my father! You achieved high on the theoretical concepts of my dad. Generally a woodpecker will climb on the trunk of trees and peck the bark to catch insects. How can they play major role in your spy hunting process?”

“To my monstrous woodpeckers each man appears as an insect. They easily catch the insects and swallow them, tearing the bodies into fragments by pecking with their sharp beaks”

“Darling, your imagination crossed the heights of clouds in the sky. Our hunting process will give the spies higher tortures than hell. Kindly give me a chance to me to enjoy the game of hunting by the woodpeckers pleaded Vanathi profusely.”

“My heart compels me to give a hot prize for your Himalayan achievement.” proclaimed she, a gleam of mischief spreading on her face like a solar flare. She pulled him towards her chest and presented a lips locking kiss of long duration for the free flow of waves of sexomagnetic induction through their nervous system.

“Sweety, There is one more participant in our hunting game to increase its horror to sky high”

“That is superb. The spies should experience shiver of death before their last breathe. Who is that new player to boost the bewilderment of the hunting game?”

“The second hunter of strangeness is a monstrous cobra grown to gigantic size feeding with its favorite food items mixed with milajit”

“Wow! You imparted honor the discovery of my father. My father will be very happy for the utilization of his discovery for the safety of our mother land”

“Vanathi, There is one more remarkable characteristic for my woodpecker hunters. They catch only tiny preys between their peaks. To hunt larger preys they apply an entirely different technique.”

“I can’t imagine a different technique used by birds to capture preys. Do they use the clutches of toes to lift the prey like an eagle?”

“Sweety, they pierce the pray by the strong hit with its peak. Then they fly to high altitude in the sky with raised head”

“Marvelous. I shall imagine the remaining portion of the hunting process. The wood pecker hunter drops the prey from high altitude. Then the woodpecker hunter will fly to the ground to eat the flesh. Am I correct darling?”

“You are perfect. How is my sharpness of brain for planning such a strange hunting process?”

“Darling, your hunting process is a positive approach to the utility of magic medicine milajit. But king Gangan has the advantages of another magic medicine wilajit. So we should be very careful to inflict a heavy defeat on him”

“We are fighting for establishment the rule of justice on the surface of the earth. So the helping hands of god will be behind us to ensure our certain success”

They wandered around the area to enjoy the dancing beauty of nature. The scene of the stream of water spreading into a wide waterfall impressed them to the joy of heaven. They wondered about the occurrence of a long lasting rainbow of charms in the vicinity of the waterfall, where there was a spray of water droplets like a drizzle. They gazed with mirth about the talents of fishes swimming against the water current to escape from the danger of waterfall.

“Vanathi, look at the efforts of the fishes near the mouth of the waterfall. Our expected future struggle reminds me of the tireless endeavors of these fishes to escape from the clutches of waterfall. Those fishes will escape swimming against the water current by their ceaseless exertion. Likewise, our labor will yield sweet fruits of sure victory” rationalized prince Kuttuvan robustly.

“Darling, I have a sudden outburst of doubt. Do our woodpeckers have sharpness of brain? Do they differentiate between strangers and our own people?”

“All living beings have their own brain to differentiate the flavors of different objects. I utilized this ability of woodpeckers to identify strangers”

“How is it possible? How can you instruct the woodpeckers to identify the spies”

“That instruction is an easy joke. The woodpeckers will hunt only men with the flavor of milajit. So I will feed milajit to the spies and pour milajit on their heads”

“Wow! What a remarkable idea! The depth of your brain is beyond the reach of my imagination”

“I have one more idea for your assessment. At the end of our hunting process, one spy will be given a chance to escape. He will describe the terror of out hunting process to the king of Marutha Land. Repelled by the horror of our hunting technique, king Gangan would hesitate to extend his damsel hunting expedition into the territory of Neyythal Land” specified prince Kuttuvan spicily. He watched her eyes sharply to study the intensity of glare of happiness on her face.

“Darling, you proved your worthiness as a prince of Neyythal Land. I wonder about the sharpness of your brain, for your superior ideas of novelty. I am eagerly waiting for the gracious day of our wedding, to enjoy the safety of your shadow,” tuned Vanathi, pulling him to a warm hug and showing her cheek for an affectionate kiss.

“Sweety, The woodpecker hunting process will occur in the reserved forest area behind the palace. The giant cobra is in a portion of portion of the forest isolated by high walls. The woodpeckers are preserved in cages in another narrow long region separated by a gate. I expect your presence in the area at early dawn. We too will support our hunters for the perfect victory of the hunting process,” vivified Prince Kuttuvan, giving a sweet kiss on her cheek as a symbol of his deep love.

At that last phase of their conversation, they heard the loud noise of marching of a cavalry. They instantly climbed on the top of a nearby rock and witnessed a chariot driven by twelve horses, followed by about fifty horsemen. The chariot was stopped on the plane surface at the foot of the mountain and the soldiers climbed on the slope of the mountain towards the spies. They locked all the seventeen spies in a long stout iron chain and pulled them downwards towards the royal chariot. They connected one end of the long chain to a beam at the backside of the chariot. The soldiers formed two arrays on both sides of the spies locked on a chain. The nine damsels aligned behind the spies like the points on a straight line parallel to the procession.

Prince Kuttuvan climbed on the vehicle as charioteer, with a long whip on his right hand. Vanathi was on her horse to the side of the front horse of the chariot, holding a similar whip on her right hand. Prince Kuttuvan started the procession by a lash to the horse close to him. Vanathi accelerated the speed of procession slashing the front horse. At the initial stage of low speed of the chariot, the spies were successful to run behind the chariot. When the chariot was accelerated to high speed by repeated slashes to the horses, the spies stumbled to the ground losing their stability, and they were dragged on the ground without any shade of mercy. The frictional force of the rough surface of the earth exerted the tortures of hell for their experience.

The spies were locked in a special prison favorable for the woodpecker hunting process. They were supplied with ample amount of palm wine mixed with Silajit, with an instruction to strengthen their energy drinking excess of palm wine. On the early dawn of next morning, the sun peeped through the eastern horizon with full brightness, like a well decorated bridge groom. The millions of sharp light rays of the sun painted the roaming clouds in the Easter sky to pink shades by the process of coherent scattering. As an effort to witness the hunting techniques of prince Kuttuvan, a gale blew towards the area at high speed.

The preliminary arrangements for the woodpecker hunting process were completed perfectly, without a shade of flaw. There was a narrow and long pavement formed by high stone walls on both sides resembling the Great Wall of China. The walls are well polished so that even an iguana won’t climb on them. Behind the left wall, there were five tremendous cages. To the front portion of the cages, the stone wall was removed to make the bird’s easy access to the pavement. As a continuation of the pavement, there was a vast stretch of dense Forrest with a spread of gigantic trees. The two walls on the sides were elongated to form the compound of the reserved forest area.

Near the entrance of the pavements, the seventeen slaves in chain were arranged on a straight line, perpendicular to the length of the pavement. Seventeen soldiers of Neyythal land stood behind the spies with strong whips on their hands. There was a brigade of infantry of hundred warriors with bow and arrows to avoid security breach. To the front of the chain of spies, prince Kuttuvan appeared on his white horse with a long sword, like Hector the greatest of the Trojan warriors. To the left side of prince Kuttuvan Vanathi was on a white horse with five daggers inserted under her waist belt, like Diana, the roman goddess of hunting. There was an array of soldiers on the walls with bow and arrows ready to pierce the heart of the spies. There was a collection seventeen small clay pots containing magic medicine milajit at one side.

Prince Kuttuvan rolled his eyes to study any loophole in the preliminary arrangements for the woodpeckers hunting process. Satisfied with the perfect ness of the set up, he alerted Vanathi by a smile of contentment. Then prince Kuttuvan turned towards his soldiers, keeping his face hard like granite. “Soldiers, pour the energy tonic Milajit on the head of soldiers. You should do your duty with perfect alertness to avoid, the spray of Milajit on your dress” accentuated prince Kuttuvan alertly.

The whip soldiers executed his orders perfectly to the full satisfaction of prince Kuttuvan. “Warriors! Release the spies from their waist ring” barked Prince Kuttuvan, watching the spies sharply to observe any cunning vibration of difference towards the efforts of escape. As per the order of their prince, the whip soldiers released the spies from waist rings.

“Soldiers, observe my instructions carefully. After crossing the pavement, I will strike the bell at the other end. On hearing the sound of the bell, you should impart a heavy blow with your whip to the spy in front of you. The spy will run fast, screaming by the waves of pain. After a slight forward displacement of the spies, the left whip soldier should press the lever to open the doors of the bird cages” commanded prince Kuttuvan composedly.

There was pin drop silence around the area. Every one kept their eyes and ears sharp to avoid the possibility of missing his instructions. Even the gale escaped silently from the area to avoid a clash with prince Kuttuvan on rage. Few spies were ready to run fast to escape into the forest before the ring of the bell. Knowing the reason behind the change of colors of the faces of the spies, prince Kuttuvan gave the warning signal. “Spies of Marutha land! Listen my instruction carefully, if you wish to save your life. Don’t try to run before the starting bell of the competition. There are hundred warriors with bow and arrows behind you to shoot the breachers of the rules of this rivalry.”

At this time, Vanathi turned her attention towards the spies. “Spies! The crime on your head is the support to king Gangan, the embodiment of atrocity. You have to reap the yield of the seeds sown by you. The salary of sin is sure death. This is a competition, as the victorious persons will win your own life as a valuable prize. You have to run forward to cross the dense forest as the continuation of this pavement. Your ability will help you to jump into the ponni river for your easy escape” daunted Vanathi deftly.

“Sweety, let us start the hunting process. This success will sing the song of our power. This achievement will live in the sheets of history as a glory of Neyythal Land” elated prince Kuttuvan like the song of a poet.

Prince Kuttuvan accelerated his horse along the pavement towards the bell. The black horse of Vanathi followed him as his shadow. When they crossed half the pavement, three spies ran fast to escape from the troubles of the hunting process. When they crossed a short distance, the soldiers behind them aimed their spears to teach them a hot lesson. The bowmen on the walls also oriented towards them, ready for a shoot. The three spies rushed towards the forest in the form of repeated bounces along zigzag paths. As the first effort, one soldiers projected his spear with perfect aim, which pierced through the heart of the spy running behind. Another soldier targeted the second spy and threw his spear with utmost care. The spear penetrated through air like a humming bird and hit the target with tremendous force, completing its mission with perfection.

The death of his two friends threw fear waves into the nervous system of the third spy. Attacked by shiver, he turned his trajectory into more wavy form. Considering the higher distance of the third spy, the remaining soldiers hurled their spears towards him. Those spears travelled along parabolic paths towards the spy like a shower of hailstone. Two spears penetrated the spy, who fell down like a root cut palmyra tree. All the fourteen remaining spies were froze beyond limits, by the debut of a scene of terror before their eyes. At that instant of burning horror, prince Kuttuvan stroke the huge circular plate of bronze with an iron hammer. The high pitch sound penetrated through the space in all directions in the form of longitudinal waves.

The whip soldiers hit the spies with tremendous force. All spies ran forward with high speed like arrows accelerated by a machine simultaneously. At that moment of high turbulence, a soldier pushed the liver connecting all the five bird cages. Five gigantic multi colored woodpeckers peeped outside to watch the characters of live drama. The flavor of the fourteen spies running like cheetah attracted their attention to high degree. At the same time, the bowmen on the two walls aimed the spies to push them into the sufferings of hell. They waited for a period of time, to give prime importance to the woodpecker hunters.

Activated by the force of hunger, the woodpeckers flew towards the spies, increasing their speed of flight gradually. They hit the spies with high speed behind them and their long sharp beaks penetrated throw the spies. They raised their beaks to avoid slippage of the preys and flew to higher altitudes of the sky. They crossed the reserved forest area of the giant cobra and dropped the preys on a chain of rock mountains. Then the gigantic woodpeckers flew down towards the rock and started to enjoy the taste of their product of hunting. The abrupt capture of their five friends by never heard monstrous woodpeckers threw fire into the nervous system of the remaining nine spies. They witnessed the array of bowmen of the top of the walls on both sides of the pavement. They learnt that only their skill would save them from the scorching hands of the death.

The nine spies rebounded forward between the two walls like multiple reflection of a ray of light between two parallel plane mirrors. The bowmen shot arrows continuously like the showers of the monsoon rainfall. Inspite of the active expertise of the spies, the arrows started to strike them like a hive of stinging wasps. The arrows continued their penetration process till four spies fell into the ground dead like withered bunches of gladiolus flowers. By the mercy of god, five spies escaped from the hunting process in the pavement and they diffused into the reserved forest area to experience higher hotness of death.

“Vanathi, five spies penetrated into the reserved forest. There are three hunters in the forest-Kuttuvan, Vanathi, and giant cobra. Let us organize a competition between us. I will give a prize to the victorious person who kills greater number of spies. Are you ready to accept my bet?” foisted prince Kuttuvan a wager to increase the energy level of Vanathi.

“Darling, The tigress of Neyythal Land never lag behind in valour competitions. I will climb on the stage of victory, pushing atleast three spies into the hell of Death. Be ready to glorify my talents with a hot prize,” grinned Vanathi gaily.

“Sweety, let us deviate different directions to prove our merits. You should be very careful about the monstrous cobra. It is a glutton with capacity to swallow five persons at a time. High alertness is essential to escape from the vast area of quick sand. Don’t put your life into risk for just a hot prize” heralded prince Kuttuvan with a rough tone as a warning signal.

They diffused into the depth of the reserved forest in different directions. While penetrating through the space between the trees on her black horse, she heard a different intense crawling sound on the bed of dry leaves. She shifted her eyes in the direction of that strange sound, to watch the source of that peculiar sound. To her heavy shock, she witnessed a gigantic cobra crawling towards her. Hunted by harsh waves of fear, she kicked her horse to increase its speed. The horse galloped forward with high speed, understanding the danger chasing them. After lapse of a period of time, Vanathi understood from the approaching crawling noise, that there was only a short distance gap for fall into the mouth of the giant cobra as a prey.

At that instant of boiling worry, a twist of event occurred like a sudden eruption of thunder from a clear sky. The gigantic cobra advanced forward, leaving her to trail behind. She slowed her horse and focused her eyes sharply on the cobra to analyze the purpose behind the rapid movement of the giant cobra. Her sharp eyes formed the image of a spy, running fast like an accelerated spear to escape from the poison of the dangerous cobra, on the retina of her eyes. She watched curiously to study the end of the running and chasing drama. Suddenly, the cobra swallowed the spy in one gulp. At that instant of sublimation of the rapours of anguish, she saw another spy running at a distance and shifted her attention in that direction to put a trial to kill that spy.

Vanathi accelerated her horse towards that direction to climb on the stage of victory. When she reached the locality of her attention, she found nothing but the vast spread of a gigantic blackberry tree. She spread her eyes around the area to pull the spy into her field of view. The crafty hands of fate showed her another spy climbing on the prop root of a banyan tree. She turned her black horse along the new orientation and pushed it to higher velocity. Her eyes were on full alertness on the spy to trap him into her snare. Unfortunately the spread of quick sand was in the area of her travel, try leaves covering the spot perfectly like a pit to trap elephants. The galloping horse sprang to the centre of the quicksand area, and plunged into it to drown into death.

Vanathi pulled her legs from the quick sand, and climbed on the horse to trace a technique to escape from the sucking power of the quick sand. Though she had high capacity to bounce to great distance, she rejected the method as useless, since the extent of the quicksand was unpredictable. She calculated her standing at the edge of death, as her horse was in the process of continuous sinking. She hated to cry for the help of prince Kuttuvan, which would lower her status as the tigress of Neyythal Land. A sudden idea flashed into her brain, like a streak of lightning.

She undressed her saree, and drew a dagger from her waist belt. She tied one end of her saree tightly to the dagger. She threw the dagger towards the branch of a distant tree, with accurate calculation of the purpose. The dagger obeyed her objective and wound the saree around that branch. She wished to aim another dagger to strengthen the hold of the saree on the branch. She projected the second dagger with utmost force towards that branch. That dagger pierced deep into the branch of the tree, locking the saree tightly with the branch, blessing her with a golden opportunity for a clear escape from the danger of quicksand. The horse slowly dipped into the quicksand and vanished completely from sight. She oscillated on the saree towards the shore, keeping her eyes sharp on the ground to locate the area of hard crust.

She slowly increased the amplitude of her simple harmonic oscillation for a safety landing. During that time of unsettled breathing, a blackberry fruit bombarded her head like the collision of a stone projectile. By the pain of the bombardment, she raised her eyes upward, which expanded in mirth. She saw a spy crouching on another higher branch of the same tree. Her face bloomed instantly like a lotus at sunrise. She drew the third dagger from her waist belt, increasing the frequency of oscillation. At a favourable position of oscillation, she charged the dagger at high force along a slanting path. The dagger penetrated exactly the neck of the spy, who fell down on the quick sand, like a ripe jack fruit.

Vanathi oscillated on the saree and sprang to distance on the hard crust of the earth. She felt her uncomfortable condition of half nudity, without her saree. She bounced higher to catch the lower edge of the branch and climbed on the branch of the tree like a talented gorilla. She took her saree and the two daggers safe carefully. She reached the surface of the earth safely, traveling along the same route of the branch. After wearing the saree, she was ready to continue the hunting process of the spies. The wood peckers returned to start the second spell of hunting operation, after swallowing their first prey completely. They penetrated the space between the trees to search the prey with the flavor of milajit.

“Aaha! A journey on the monstrous woodpecker will be a nice experience for life long remembrance. My darling will wide open his mouth in sky high wonder to see my Himalayan achievement. Why can’t I try for such a strange miracle?” instigated Vanathi her own mind to climb on the peak of victory. She stabilized her mind to put an effort to study her own merit. She climbed to the top of a tree and waited for a good chance to bounce on a wood pecker, as a trail for verification her own merits.

She stood on the tree for a favorable time to climb on the mount of success, like a crane penancing in shallow water to catch fleshy fishes. At that instant of high expectation of Vanathi, a giant woodpecker flew towards her vicinity. She sprang towards the woodpecker and stabilized on the huge bird at stable equilibrium. The bird considered her as a light weight twig and flew in a horizontal plane, keeping its eyes on the ground for another catch. During her travel of a monstrous woodpecker, the eyes of Vanathi penetrated the branches of trees to identify the presence of a spy behind the dense leaves. The spies would have climbed on trees to escape from the clutches of the giant cobra.

Vanathi noticed a strange behavior of the woodpecker. The bird repeatedly revolved around a particular tree. Vibrated by a feeling of doubt, Vanathi turned her attention towards the tree, to verify any shade of difference in the tree. Abruptly, her face bloomed in joy, as her eyes successfully focused the presence of a spy in the branch of the tree. She pulled a dagger from her waist belt, and charged him at high speed, with perfect aim. The dagger pierced through the neck of the spy and he staggered on the branch of the tree, losing his capacity to stand with stability on the branch.

When the spy slipped from the tree branch dry like leaf from a coconut tree, the woodpecker flew towards him at high speed and penetrated its beak through his chest. Vanathi felt that instant as the best time for her favorable escape and grasped a branch of the tree cleverly. The woodpecker raised its head to hold the spy on his beak and began to fly towards the rocky region to experience the taste of the warm flesh. Vanathi stepped downward on the branches of the tree and jumped on the ground victoriously from a lower branch, her imaginative bird flew in the depth of the sky, thinking about the nature of hot prize expected from prince Kuttuvan.

Prince Kuttuvan, the organizer of the human hunting process by gigantic woodpeckers, wandered throughout the reserve forest area in search of the spies of Marutha Land. Unfortunately, his efforts went fruitless for a long span of time. If Vanathi won his prize by the dint of her valour, the talk would remain throughout his life as a black spot. So he should wanted hunt more number of spies to prove his merits to his sweetheart. He ran throughout the forest restlessly, like an elephant on the rut of cohabitation. After a long period mind boiling futile efforts, he witnessed the fast crawl of the giant cobra along the northern direction.

He rushed behind the giant cobra and rebounded suddenly to climb on it. According to his imagination, a cobra would have sharp sense of smell to detect the location of the spies. Hence he decided to seek the help of cobra to hunt atleast two spies. To climb on the peak of victory, his position near the head of the cobra seemed to be ideal. So he ran swiftly along the body of the cobra and selected a position on near to its hood, as the ideal for a perfect hunting process. So he stabilized his position on the head of the cobra and rolled his head to watch the surrounding area carefully to locate the movement of spies.

At that instant of his highest expectation, he saw a spy running fast to escape from the clutches of the giant cobra. Prince Kuttuvan calculated roughly the speed, orientation and distance of the spy. He curled his sword towards the spy, with accurate aim. As per his calculation, his sword successfully cut off the head of the spy. The cobra turned its direction and sucked the trunk of the spy into its mouth like a gigantic frog, before its fall to the ground. Prince Kuttuvan jumped safely on the ground and began his searching program for another hunt.

After pushing two spies to the tortures of hell, Vanathi lowered her speed in the hunting process. If her darling knew about her real talents, he won’t show interest to give importance to her safety. Her wish to remain around him always, would shatter to fragments like a mirror thrown on a rock. At the same time, there might be a scanty possibility to reject her, if he calculated her to be a feeble coward. So she decided to choose a middle path between prowess and cowardice. When Vanathi was roaming in the forest, floating on imagination about the nature of affinity bond with prince Kuttuvan, she saw a spy diffusing towards the ponni river in the northern border of the reserve forest. She calculated him to be the last spy to breath the air of Neyythal Land. According to the estimation of Prince Kuttuvan, he should be left free to explain the talents of prince Kuttuvan. So Vanathi showed no interest to trap that spy into the tortures of death.

At the same time prince Kuttuvan observed the escaping efforts of that spy. Flared by anger, be rushed towards the area like a whirl wind without eyes. On the way the spy fell into the grasp of the tigress of Neyythal Land like a feeble stag. “Darling, Haste will make more waste. Already four spies were trapped within the area of the reserve forest. You beheaded one, I pierced one, cobra suck one and a woodpecker lifted one. This is the last spy to gather news to crafty king King Gangan” illumined Vanathi, winking her eyes for a hot prize.

The last spy climbed on a tree close to the high wall and he plunged into the Ponni River for a certain escape, as instructed by prince Kuttuvan.

“Darling, The brutal King Gangan sent twenty spies to collect secret news from Neyythal Land. Nineteen spies met bitter deaths on our hands. Even the escaped spy got no opportunity to collect any important news about Neyythal Land. The shiver of failure will compel him to stop the damsel hunting expedition in the frontiers of Neyythal Land,” jingled Vanathi with a twisted smile, stretching her lips for a hot prize.

“Wow! Our woodpecker hunting endeavor is a grand success. Our skyhigh victory will raise a barrier to the progress of further damsel hunting expedition of king Gangan. Only your limitless valor will help me, to reap the harvest of my planning” lauded prince Kuttuvan, staring the peaks of her chest libidinously.

“Darling, don’t try to ravish me by your penetrative eyes. Why did you shiver to pluck the fruits of your own garden? Strengthen your mind to ascend on the tree to enjoy flavor of your own fruits” mesmerized Vanathi by her sweet voice of a humming bee.

“Vanathi, today your beauty crossed the barrier of the sky. My nerves compel me to break the fortress of morality. My responsibility as the prince of Neyythal land controls me to preserve my merits” neutralized prince Kuttuvan numbly.

“Darling, I can understand your mind of wavering sensations. You need a catalyst to boost your energy level. I shall voluntarily rob the hot prize guaranteed by me” ogled Vanathi with a catchy magnetic smile. She moved very close to him to pull him into her feminine attractive field. She pressed her bosoms on his chest and rubbed her wet lips on his face to spray warmth into his nervous system. The degree of hotness began to climb to the heights of boiling. The chain of control in his mind slowly elongated for the entry of sensuous thieves. He stretched his left hand to her buttock and pulled her to an air tight embracement.

Knowing the shifting of climate to the favorable direction, she started the process of robbing her hot prize by continuous lips locking kisses. The heavy rush of sensational waves through his nerves system, gave his right hand power to climb upwards from knee towards the cupid mound to study its softness. After roaming around the area for a short period of time playing games with the clitoris it moved along the polished slope of abdomen to play such crafty games with her erected nipples. At that instant of boiling libidinous games, Vanathi saw the gigantic cobra crawling towards them at tremendous speed.

“Alas! The monstrous cobra is crawling towards us to disturb our privacy. Let us run away from this area to a place of safety” screened Vanathi salaciously. She pulled herself instantly from his tight embracement, as if seen a fire emitting vampire.

“Sweety, Don’t run riot on the fear of my pet child. He will swallow only food with fresh flavor of milajit. Don’t dance on the spot without tunes” placated prince Kuttuvan, his magical eyes swallowing the glamorous spots of her flower garden.

The gigantic cobra crossed them without showing any slightest difference, for their presence around the area. After the giant cobra disappeared completely from their sight, Vanathi returned to prince Kuttuvan to boil him to a higher degree of hotness. When she tried to start the frictional games of the four wet lips, prince Kuttuvan showed a change of colors on his face. “Vanathi, our soldiers are waiting for our safety. If they noticed us in this state of lewdness, the hard earned fame of prince Kuttuvan will bust into fumes. Let us reserve the higher games for our first night after marriage,” remonstrated prince Kuttuvan rashly.

“Darling, Kindly don’t insult me like a childish little girl. I wish to see your face daily, atleast once. Will you show your face at my medical centre? Or may I wait for you at evenings near the foot of the waterfall?” tucked Vanathi vibrating her eye lashes like the wings of a butterfly to trap him into her web of love.

“Sweety, I am not a street loafer to run for the hotness of love. As a prince of Neyythal land like the wings of a butterfly to trop him into. I have lot of responsibilities to discharge at appropriate times. We shall meet at times blessed by god,” uttered prince Kuttuvan, by his words of negligence.

“Kindly don’t treat me like a louse on your head. Once you will accept me as your soul. My energy will boost you to higher levels to inflict a crushing defeat to king Gangan” sobbed Vanathi, tear drops rolling on her cheeks like drops of water rolling on lotus leaves.

“Sweety, I am sorry. Really you are the force behind me. Without you, I am just an air bubble. I am really on jealously for your sky high talents. I knew no apt words to sing the song of your praise” urged prince Kuttuvan uxoriously. He pulled her to a warm huge and dried her tears by his lips.

“Darling, I love you more than the whole world. Kindly keep me around you for our joy. I shall give my soul for your safety” vivified Vanathi voluptuously, her eyes still dropping tear drops due to excessive happiness.

The stiff viscous clayey soil is useless for the cultivation of nutritious cereals. A talented potter uses the same clayey soil to fabricate pots of artistical designs. Similarly for climbing on the heights of victory, in addition to the sharpness of brain, the guidance of an expert is essential.

The rain drops fall on the surface of the earth as pure as the transparent ice crystals of ice of a hailstone. When the same rain drops combine to blow as a current of water, it loses its natural characteristics to acquire the color and nature of the soil. When king Gangan was a child, he was as innocent as newly extracted milk. When he fell into the education of crooked minded Guru Kanakan, his mind distorted towards perfect selfishness. The color change of his character instructed him to climb on the peak of victory by hook or crook, assuming the perils of others as his stepping stones.

The King Gangan joined the residential university of prof. Sukran for his higher studies. He had inborn genius to learn any art to perfection, like the flames of fire consuming everything around its vicinity. He learnt all the arts and sciences of that period perfectly, under the dedicated guidance of Guru Sukran and raised to the first rank holder of the university by his talents. At the same time, his belief on shortcut methods to rise into the heights of victory, grew rapidly like bamboo shoots. He stole the secret formulas for the manufacture of the magic medicines milajit and wilajit from the research laboratory of Guru Sukran. Further researches on the utilities of the two magic medicines opened new avenues for him to fly into the imaginative heights of the sky.

The construction of the wonderful magnetic fortress spread his fame beyond the frontiers of Marutha land. The crafty idea of Guru Kanakan to form a united Hindustan added fuel to his hunger on craziness to accumulate world power on his hands. The concept of thousand beauty queens thrilled his senses to the joy of heaven. His higher libido instructed him a latest technique to replace the withered blooms from his rose garden to smell the flavor of freshness always.

King Gangan, the autocrat of Marutha Land, loitered in his special assembly hall, experiencing the tortures of unsettled mind. He began his march on the steps of success, as per the instruction of his former Guru and the latest Prime Minister Kanakan. During his progress on the road of victory, prince Kuttuvan stood as a strong wall of hindrance. He won’t imagine the stop of shower of beauty blossoms into his rose garden. He sent twenty most talented spies of his epionage department to expose the weaknesses in the administrative system of Neyythal Land. The problem that scorched him beyond the boiling point was the disappearance of his expert spies into the hollow of vacuum. He finalized to pulverize all the obstacles on his path towards the procession of victory.

“Sir, The elapse of time eats my nerves like white ants. Our twenty spies vanished into an unknown nether land. Can you identify any reason for their abrupt disappearance like the smoke of our kitchen?” accentuated King Gangan ardently.

“King, The process fetching pearls from the depth of ocean involves some risks. The life of a spy is a vibration between life and death. Our spies are well trained experts, learning all the secret techniques of espionage. They will diffuse into the width of Neyythal Land after crossing the ponni river, like its own distributaries. They will return with all information to support our damsel hunting expedition in Neyythal Land” bewitched Guru Kanakan by his strong words of certainty, energized by a smile of mirth.

“Guru, our three hundred castles remain vacant in our campus of magnetic fortress. We struggle hard to achieve our first goal in our imaginary project to create a stable Marutha Empire. I am on the attack of waves of turbulence of worry, as if our whole programme evaporated into the nothingness of vacuum.” commented king Gangan cloudily.

“Student, don’t allow your mind to leap from one tree to the other tree along a colonnade of trees like orangutan of East Indies. Only concentrated efforts to pluck the fruits of our aim will lift us to the heights of victory. Keep you mind with maximum stability like a crowbar struck into the hard crust of the ear” drawled Guru Kanakan, staring the efforts of a spider to repair its cobweb broken by a sparrow.

The color of brightness began to fade on the face of king Gangan. He plunged into the ocean of worry as if flame of fire fell into his own heart. A depth of thinking sowed seeds of fear into his mind like a haunted house occupied by a family of ogres. “Alas! I imagine the collapse of my dream Marutha Empire like the bursting of a water bubble. The imagination about the beauty of angels of Neyythal Land intoxicates me, as if swimming in an ocean of wine. The magnetic fortress will appear dry like a barren desert, without the sparking angels of Neyythal Land” embarrassed king Gangan eccentrically. According to him, a life without the fragrance of fresh blooms of Neyythal land, will be a suffocation inside a dungeon of rarefied air.

“Sir, The fame of prince Kuttuvan is diffusing throughout Marutha Land like a poisonous gas. Shall we defeat that crouching tiger by our policy of direct attack?”

“Prince Kuttuvan is just the tiny fruit of a basil plant. Even a mouse will crush the fruit.”

“Sir, what happened to our band of twenty spies sent to crush that fragile basil fruit?”

“I expect good news immediately to cool our ears”

“I weigh your words as the blessings of heaven”

There occurred a sudden twist of event to lower the confidence level of king Gangan to the depth of hell. A spy entered into the assembly hall at the lowest level of exhaustion of energy, like a stag teared by a roaring lion. The spy staggered like a baroque vibrated by the violent arms of a cyclone the ground unconsciously, like a palmyra tree pulled by water currents of a heavy flood. His pitiable condition with blood stains and teared cloths grew waves of sympathy even in the stony heart of king Gangan.

At that instant, two slave girls were on duty to wave air for his comfort, using fans fabricated with thousand peacock feathers. “Maids, This spy may have brought important news from Neyythal Land. Spray cold water on his face to energize him. Ordered king Gangan, turning his attention towards Guru Kanakan to hear the light of his remarks. But Guru Kanakan avoided the penetration of his eyes, acting meditation with closed eyes.

As per the order of the king, one servant maid gave the peacock fan with thousand eyes to the other maid. She fetched a gold jar containing water from a table on one corner and showered cold water droplets on the face of the spy lying unconsciously on the floor. After a short period of time, the eyes of the spy opened slowly like the first fluttering of the wings of a chick. Knowing the importance of the surrounding atmosphere, he stood up briskly and greeted with folded hands and bowed head. “Majestic King, Good morning. I am a spy in the twenty member team sent to Neyythal land by our espionage department to gather information about the political organizations of prince Kuttuvan.” panted the spy pathetically.

“Idiot, Are you a worthless coward? Why did you return with wounds of failure? I hate to see your face of shame” rampaged king Gangan relentlessly.

“King, I am not a dastard to run for saving my useless skin. I crossed all obstacles on my path only to perform my most important duty to the perfect satisfaction our honourable king. I am ready to accept any punishment imposed by our Majestic King, on the head of this duty conscious spy”

“Thigh shivering ghost! What is that horrible thunder that fall on your head?”

“While crossing the ponni river on a boat, we fall into the sight of a rabid bitch. That witch is an expert in handling daggers. Her hands played miracles and killed two of us in the time of a flash”

“Alas! You are unlucky to meet the tigress of Neyythal Land. She is a phantasm of extraordinary prowess. By the grace of god, eighteen of you escaped from her spread of the net of treachery”

“Our story of tragedy elongated further for a large distance. We climbed on the waterfall mountain to diffuse into the hamlets of Neyythal Land. To the wonder of every one of us, that devastating storm chased us and charged with a sword like a wild tigress of forests, killing a spy on the spot”.

“Is Vanathi such a brave damsel? We should capture Vanathi to become the best queen of Marutha Land. She will the best master to train my children in the arts of warfare. We shall launch a series of damsel hunting expeditions to Neyythal Land within a short interval of time. Stupid spy! What significant event occurred on the mountain top?”

“That witch killed one more of us on the mountain top. Suddenly nine more damsels diffused into the area like angels of heaven. They locked us into iron handcuffs”

“Ha! I can’t believe the falling of seventeen well trained spies into the trap of ten fragile girls. Do you try to share warmth from the beauty angels?’

“No Majestic King,. All the ten girls were highly talented warriors with the advantage of swords we were bare handed without the support of weapons. Naturally we lagged behind them in valor. In addition, prince Kuttuvan appeared on the scene to boost their energy to the height of the sky”

“Don’t speak high about that robber. Did he lock our spies in underground prisons? How did you escape from the strong nails of Neyythal Land?”

“They locked us on a long chain and tied us behind a chariot pulled by twelve horses. They dragged us on the road exactly like our victory processions of damsels during damsel hunting expeditions”

“Do prince Kuttuvan has such courage to ridicule my damsel hunting process? I will teach him a hot lesson for his life long remembrance. What happened next to isolate you from your other friends?’

“Prince Kuttuvan subjected us into a spy hunting process on the same basis of our damsel hunting expeditions. He has a monstrous army including five giant woodpeckers and a gigantic cobra. The only remainder of his hunting process is myself. I climbed to the top of a tree and plunged into ponni river to give the information to our king”

The news shattered his dream plan to form a united Marutha Empire, annexing all the princely states of Hindustan into one unit, into tiny fragment. His face faded instantly losing the brightness of joy. He trembled like a root cut tree in a tremor. He fell into the feeling of exhaustion, as if his dream palace in the sky exploded to pieces. “Spy! Stop your bitter story of tragedy. I want information for planning to launch damsel hunting expeditions on Neyythal Land in future” squawked king Gangan superciliously.

“Majestic King, Neyythal Land is on maximum alertness, expecting our damsel hunting expedition. A crash training program is on progress throughout the hamlets of Neyythal Land to boost the talents of youths in martial arts. The women population of Neyythal Land has equal participation in all the training programmes of warfare. So this is not the proper time to conduct our damsel hunting expeditions on Neyythal Land” whimpered the spy wearily.

“Spy, I will cut off your head without mercy. Who gave you power to spray advice to the king of magnetic fortress?” victimized king Gangan, a flare of wrath painting red shade on his face. He sucked a huge buff of air into his lung to expand his chest girth, as a consequence of his outburst of anger. Words exploded from his lips like rumbling thunder. As a consequence of attack of waves of fear on his nervous system, the spy shivered like a lad o altar for a sacrifice to a deity.

The Prime Minister Kankan noticed the change of colors of the climate towards negative side of darkness. That time appeared to be the right moment to shift the climate to a favorable direction by his interference of wisdom. “Majestic King, Kindly preserve tolerance at this most critical time of emergency. Only one spy escaped from the clutches of Prince Kuttuvan to expose us the startling secrets of Neyythal Land. Kindly don’t try to throw darkness into our dream to establish united Marutha Empire in Hindustan” adjured Guru Kanakan, bowing his head as a prayer for blessing.

Guru Kanakan concentrated the gleam of love on his face. He moved to the vicinity of the spy and patted gently on his shoulder as a symbol of love. “Friend, you achieved a Himalayan task for the victory of our mother land. You will be lifted to a higher post in our espionage department to honor your service to Marutha Land” bewitched Kanakan by his shower of praise.

The spy floated on the waves of joy. He strengthened his heart to bear any tortures for the benefit of his country. “Friend, There may be little possibility for the survival of some of our spies in Neyythal Land. It is our responsibility to save our friends locked in the prison of Neyythal Land. So I want clear explanation of your experiences after crossing the ponni river” cuddled Kanakan to expel the hidden secrets in the heart of the spy.

“Sir, There is no hope for the survival of another spy. Before the starting of the hunting operation by woodpeckers, prince Kuttuvan stated his idea to leave one spy free to explain the news to our king. That is why my trial of escape achieved victory. I shall explain clearly the nature of deaths of all the nineteen friends with their exact names” deranged the spy dolefully. As per his statement, he explained each and every twists in their journey to collect information about the political organizations of Neyythal land. The spy completed his explanation with a shuddering voice, his eyes showering tear drops like a rainfall.

“Friend, Even if we cry for thousand years, those vanished friends can’t emerge to share our heart brimming love. Your will be honored by a good prize for your service to the progress of Marutha Land. Your need of the time is a long rest. You go to drink a pot of palm wine and fall into a deep sleep to regain your lost energy” elated Kanakan equitably.

After the departure of the spy, Guru Kanakan turned his attention towards king Gangan. “Lord! The climatic condition of Neyythal Land is now not favorable for our damsel hunting expedition. Let us shift our attention to the training programmes of already captured queens under our stock. We shall begin our damsel hunting expedition at a golden time favorable for our victory” fawned Guru Kanakan to cool his mind against scorching waves of failure.

“Guru, I can’t bear the hotness of our utter failure. Let us declare indirect war on Neyythal Land to kill prince Kuttuvan. Kindly send hundred ablest warriors into Neyythal land to kill prince Kuttuvan. The soldiers should diffuse into Netyythal Land in pairs to remove prince Kuttuvan from the surface of the earth.” gnarled king Gangan gingerly.

“Majestic King, your idea is the best to catch the sweet fruits of success. If we are victorious in evacuating prince Kuttuvan from Neyythal Land, we shall capture enough number of damsels of charm from the hamlets of Neyythal Land. Then we shall realize our dream to form united Marutha a

King Gangan imagined the appearance of brightness of a torch at a distance. But that dream would bloom to a blossom of reality only after a long span of time. He wanted to swim on the ocean of mirth immediately to forget the scorching nails of failure.” I will kill prince Kuttuvan! I will kill prince Kuttuvan! I will kill prince Kuttuvan!” Jumped king Gangan jaggedly.

“King, failures are stepping stones of success. Our Indomitable efforts will shift us to the heights of Mount Everest. Control your tension to preserve your health for our future victory” lured Kanakan to strengthen his mind like the tape root system of a tree.

Inspite of his continuous efforts to boost the energy level of king Ganagan, he remained in unstable equilibrium on the prattle of childishness. His continuous efforts of encouragement failed utterly to fetch the fruits of trust. The flame of fire in his mind might burn his confidence level for future victory. He finalized to divert the hotness in his mind to a different channel to cool him to the temperature of the surrounding. “Dear kindly jump down from the peak of your wrath. Flying on the height of imagination may spoil the normalcy of your brain, by the generation of excessive heat. Kindly keep your mind calm like a lake without bombarding waves” mediated Kanakan magically.

“I can’t put bridle to control the horse of my imagination. May I fall into a long sleep by the intoxication of palm wine?”

“Even too much of ambrosia is good for nothing. May I inspire you with a good idea to relieve your tension?”

Light of brightness spread on the face of king Gangan, as if illuminated by a streak of lightning. His face bloomed like a fresh rose flower. The darkness of tension began to vanish from his face. “Sir, I know your sharpness of mind. Kindly mesmerize my mind by your idea of novelty to evaporate the pressure in my mind” nestled king Gangan, happiness illuminating his face like the burning of a sparkler.

“King, The ability to give excitement to all our five senses is not on palm wine. But a beautiful damsel has capacity to mesmerize even the sixth sense. I shall send the most beautiful angel of Kurinchi Land to your harem. I game with that damsel will lift you to the joy of heaven. Such sex game is the best tonic to energize human mind”

“Sir, sex games have only short duration. I should forget the flight of time till my complete exhaustion. At the end a deep sleep must embrace my eyes”

“Student, I am ashamed of you for your innocence. The duration of the game can be elongated to infinite time by a technique of novelty. You assume the girl as an innocent deer and you as a tiger on rut. You start a hunting process in the wide area of your harem. The process of pulling the dresses one after another and the stages of ravishment will give you maximum sensational excitement”

“Wow! This is the best method for killing time to dissolve the scorching effects of tension. But majority of damsels easily undress and yield for copulation. What can I do to extend the duration of the hunting game sir?”

“Don’t ask questions like a new born child. Keep a whip on your hand to organize the best hunting game”

The face of king Gangan gleamed like a twinkling star. The idea suggested by his guru began to generate hot wave in his nervous system. His mind flew into the happiness of sky, as if there was a heavy shower of gold flowers in the campus of his magnetic fortress. “Sir, your idea is superb. Waves of hotness began to penetrate my nervous system before glancing the belle. The tension lost its weight and started to fly like weightless bunches of cotton” ogled king Gangan, flying on imagination about the drama of orgy.

After a span of time, Karpagam entered into the Zenana like a beautiful garland of fresh roses. The jingling sound of the tintinnabulum fixed to her anklets attracted the attention of king Gangan as a lullaby of angels of heaven. The turmeric cream coated foots of Karpagam embraced the artistically decorated floor like the soft petals of a yellow double dahlia flower. Her eyes rolled like fire flies in darkness. She vibrated her eyelashes like the fluttering of wings of a butterfly. When she stepped in to the Zenana, the fragrance of Jasmine flowers attracted her attention. Karpakam rolled her eyes with the mirth of novelty, like a lass at her first entry into a flower garden of dancing flowers of different colors.

The eyes of Karpagam expanded in wonder, on seeing the rich interior decoration of the wide square bedroom of the Zenana. A ray of special brightness spread on her face, watching the array of jasmine flower garlands hanged from the frame of an artistically carved teak cot. A shade of doubt penetrated her brain, as if she entered into the luxury of heaven. The artistically designed chandelier with hundred bulbs was hung from the centre of the ceiling. The cluster of lamp fabricated completely in Yellow metal, except the glass bulbs, glittered like a cluster of glow worms in darkness. Exactly below the cluster light miniature gold doll lights were arranged in a cluster to form a circular shape. The collection of doll lamps in nudity showed the appearance of the besiege of the Zenana by an army of damsels in birth dress.

“Wow! What a wonderful embellishment of the bedroom! No youth can escape induction of libidinous inside this room of dazzling beauty. The force behind all the deviations of king Gangan appears to be Guru Kanakan. He is a demon in the disguise of a hermit” oscillated Karpagam on the swing on imagination.

The highly adorned teakwood cot attracted her attention, like a strong magnet pulling iron fragments. She verified the softness of the thick silk cotton mattress, by gentle pressing with her right hand fingers. The silk cotton mattress proved its worthiness by its compression and regaining like the bosoms of a damsel. When she turned her eyes towards the wall, her eyes expanded to show her magnitude of wonder. Beautiful dolls of dancing girls carved in Ivory were fitted to the centre of the four walls between gold plate borders to enhance the grandeur of the room. All the interior decorations of the room stood as examples for his craziness on sex.

Karpagam stood like a motionless stone stature for a short period of time, her imaginative wings flying in all directions in the depth of the sky to assess the worthiness of the decision taken by her. She stretched on the cot in a sexy posture to attract the attention of king Gangan at the first sight she disturbed her dress at catching spots to sow imaginations in the lewd heart of king Gangan. She spread a magnetic smile on her face and vibrated her eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly to enhance the charm of her face. The golden time of her sky high expectation appeared for her climb on the peak of victory. The door sang a shrill low intense song to warn the diffusion of king Gangan into the room like a robber cat. The fragrance of rose deodorant used by king Gangan penetrated into her nostrils, like the ringing sound of a bell before the arrival of an elephant.

When king Gangan approached the vicinity of the cot, he witnessed a gold statue on the cot with a catchy smile. Her closed eyes gave him more strength to study the charm of partially covered beauty spots. The best fleshy beauty doll designed by the universal sculptor god fired sensational thrills into his nervous system. The sharp erect peaks pierced his heart like an accelerated spear tip. He sat on the edge of the cot softly, without causing vibration and pressed the bulging of the chest to study its effects. A current of sensational waves rushed through his nerves like high speed whirl wind.

The hot eyes of king Gangan moved downwards, and stabilized on the navel depression that appeared as a vortex of water current to trap him for a dip in the ocean of mirth. The polished downward sloping of the abdomen induced joyous imagination about the shape of hidden plateau region. The uniform tapering of her thighs from the waist to the knees reminded him of a plantain trunk in inverted position. King Gangan put his right hand on her right knee and stared her face to note any resistive force. Kindled by the absence of opposing force, his hand slowly moved upwards on her thigh like a crafty crab. When he pressed the central bulging, her eyes opened like the wings of a silk moth. Her silk cotton fingers arrested his fingers, inducing further hotness into his nervous system.

“Sssh! Sensational hotness kills me raw. Sssh! Let us swim into the ocean of joy sssh!” smirked Karpagam, biting her lips with a spread of intoxication of lust on her face. She focused the brightness of libidinous in her eyes to catch him into a sensuous game.

“Angel, Today I wish to play a long duration game of novelty with you. I will chase you as a tiger on rut. You should run fast like a deer to escape from ravishment. Do you understand the nature of drama planned by me?” perorated king Gangan, staring her face to study her acceptance.

“Wow! What a crazy game! I like this chasing hunting game of joy. This game will give us higher opportunity for a long duration play. I shall focus high interest for the success of this hot game of joy,” qualified Karpagam queerly.

“You are an intelligent girl. The selection of my Guru appears to be the best. How did you guess my intention to play a hunting game today?”

“The Prime Minister Kanakan is the best pimp of the world. He informed me about the depth of such chasing to hunt game. I too like such a game of hotness”

King Gangan pulled her to get up from the bed. She watched clearly to note all twists in his behavior to sacrifice his life for the amelioration of all the innocent souls of Hindustan. “Angel! Let us start our game to enjoy the hotness of mirth. You begin the same by your run at low speed. You are permitted to change the speed according to the climate condition of the game” recapitulated king Gangan, staring her wonderful structure with climbing hotness.

Karpagam began the game of novelty by running at low speed. King Gangan ran behind her to tear her dress one by one. She increased her speed to escape from his stretched hand. The free end of her saree fluttered in air like the wings of vulture in flight. King Gangan succeeded in catching the tip of her saree, and the saree abandoned her from its security, to show the gleaming beauty of her skin. King Gangan rolled the saree into a ball, and soaked in the fuel oil in a lamp. He put the saree at the corner of the room and threw a wick with flame on the saree to consume it into ash. He again started the hunting process to pull her other dresses.

Karpagam ran at uniform speed, without falling into the attack of shiver. King Gangan accelerated his speed to his maximum energy. He successfully tore her petticoat and burnt in flame to ash. He again continued his hunting process with increased vigor and climbed to the peak of victory by pulling her blouse in the form of fragments.

“Karpagam, This experience of rare hunting is a joy beyond the limits of sky. At the same time, my energy level is lowering at rapid speed. Kindly minimize the speed of your running to boost the depth of mirth” screeched King Gangan, watching her structural beauty in the scanty dress of bra and panty. He wished to climb on higher hotness of the game to enjoy the beauty of her front structure.

“In real life situation, no deer listen the advice of the hunter to fall into the trap. It is your responsibility to prove your ability in the hunting process to hoist the flag of victory. If you fail to prove your capability, I won’t hesistate to take the leading role in the hunting process” teased karpagan tantalizingly.

Suddenly King Gangan pulled a whip preserved on a stand fixed to a wall. He chased her at rapid speed and lashed her back violently with heavy force. “Karpagam, you lower your speed for my easy pulling of inner wears. The hunting process in nudity will be a hot experience to enjoy.” uttered king Gangan, whipping her back with high pressure.

The waves of pain penetrated her nerves beyond the limits of toleration. The degree of hotness of her wrath climbed to the height of peak. She turned abruptly and grasped the whip to her strong grip. The whip surrendered to the strength of pull of Karpagam, like the sticking of a harlot to a person of wealth. “Stupid all girls are not play toys on your bed. Why don’t you enjoy the nudity of your own mother, flapping, her with a whip to run?” vituperated Karpagam, like a flame of fire.

“Are you a vampire to suck the blood of thousand of damsels? Let us invert our hunting process. You are a bison chased by a tigress. Run King Gangan run! Run fast to save your skin,” warned Karpagam wildly. The whip on her hand embraced his chest with high force and drew red curves of artistical shape like an expert cartographer.

“Karpagam, I am the mighty king of Marutha Land. Let us continue our hunting process on the bed. I order you to lie on the bed for a hot game” yelled King Gangan yawningly. Infuriated by his order of compulsion, Karpagam rose to the heights of anger. The whip on her hand hissed in air like a flying cobra and bit his chest with force to mark a long blood stain. The scorching pain activated him to run fast to escape from the whip. Karpagam chased him with accelerated speed and whipped him continuously to teach him a hot lesson.

“Worthless vampire, Karpagam came to the harem not to float you into sensuous hotness. I flew to hunt you like a rabid street dog. This is the story of revenge of a blossom of Kurinchi Land on the vampire of Marutha Land. This is the fiction of the transformation of flower into a storm” abused Karpagam abhorrently. She sprang towards him and kicked on his chest violently with tremendous force. King Gangan scattered away and rolled on the floor toward like a log of palmyra tree.

“Heartless monster, you slaughtered lakhs of innocent people mercilessly during your damsel hunting expeditions. You converted our fertile Kurinchi Land into a cremation ground. Your primary aim behind your damsel hunting expedition is only swimming in the sea of sensuousness. I will crush your testicles to destroy your whole worthless dreams. Your vampire heredity should vanish with you.” barracked karpagam biliously. She bounced towards him and kicked at his junction with a heavy force. He screeched horribly by the attack of heavy pain, like a monkey prickled with a glowing splinter.

King Gangan was on heavy shock, sensing the debut of horrible scenes of a real drama of unpredictable mystery. He suffered a lot to believe the attack of a lamb without horns like a ferocious ram. When she raised her leg for a second kick, he kept his both hands above the junction to shield her second kick. He successfully pushed her leg upwards with maximum thrust. Karpagam flew in air like a bat without stability and bombarded with the wall with an explosive noise. After a slight rolling on the floor, she rebounded to stability and was ready for another fresh charge with higher energy.

Suddenly the attack of Vanathi with spiny coctus flashed into his memory like the scenes of a real drama. The style of attack of Karpagam reminded him about the talents of Vanathi. Karpagam might be a tigress from Kurinchi Land trained by the same master. He realized that only by alertness, he would survive to taste the beauty treasures of the world. “The quality of wall is important to paint the scenes of beauty. Similarly the health of body is important to smell the treasures of beauty. The victory of my life depends on my wisdom to preserve the health of my body” imagined King Gangan implicitly.

“Do you enjoy the hot scenes of your hunting game? Do you lie on the bed showing your nudity for my joyous game? I shall teach you a new type of hot game on the bed” barked Karpakam, charging his chest by the whip.

“Karpagam, I accept your ability as a warrior. Let us come to a compromise. What is the use in organizing a struggle to prove our supremacy? I shall bath you on the wealth of the whole world”

“King Gangan, can you bless me with my Dad and mom to bath me in the shower of real love?”

“I have no power to pull souls from heaven. Expose your wishes of possibility”

“Your life is the most precious prize for me king Gangan will you bless my wish?”

“I shall accept your compromise formula on one condition. Let us first complete our game on bed. Then you shall take my life”

“This appears to be a good option. On which hope, you risk your life for a single opportunity of sex King Gangan?”

“My talents in games will certainly bemuse you”

“This is the greatest joke of the year. What happened to your efforts to captivate Vanathi, the tigress of Neyythal Land?”

The reference of Vanathi germinated seedlings of shiver in his mind. A dark shade of shame spread on his face, as if painted with deposit of chimney smoke. “Vanathi? Who is that stupid girl? Do you refer the only daughter of prof Sukran?” clattered King Gangan clumsily.

“Don’t act like an innocent idiot. Vanathi is my thickest friend”.

“This is strange news for me. You are a coward friend of a brave warrior.”

“King Gangan! Don’t oscillate on the swing of joy. I have my own merits parallel to Vanathi.”

“Karpagam, I shall give you a chance to prove your talents. I am sorry. Get ready for your journey towards the joy of heaven”

Suddenly king Gangan drew a long sword preserved in a clamp under the cot. He bounced towards Karpagam with high speed to cut off her head. Though failed to expect such an abrupt twist, she managed to escape from the target of the swords by a talented bending in the shape of a bow. She began to run fast to escape from his chasing. During her running process she sprang to the middle of the wall and continued running on the wall at the same height to a large distance, as if by the miracle of magic. She bounced between wall and floor like a rubber ball under a spell. By the attack of waves of wonder, King Gangan lowered his speed, keeping himself alert to pierce her heart at the second round of miraculous running between wall and floor.

Expecting his charging at a particular location, she sprang towards him before the arrival of that spot of danger. The unexpected heavy impulse of bombardment of her right leg rolled him on the floor like a kicked rubber ball. “King Gangan, The sharp sword on your hand has less worthiness than a stick on the hand of a lad. Get ready for a journey towards the tortures of hell” dismayed Karpagam by an explosive sneering laughter.

The combined effects of utter failure of efforts and the killing pain of bombardment hunted his nerves like a band of goals. He lost the balance of mind and put several efforts to cut her into fragments. She escaped skillfully from all his attacks, pushing him into the height of turbulence of emotions. At that movement of his highest wrath, she again began to run on the wall with expertise. King Gangan chased behind her, brandishing his sword repeatedly to cut off her limbs.

During his journey towards the depth of exhaustion, Karpagam sprang on the cot like a flash of lightning. She drew a dagger under a pillow and projected it towards his junction at huge force. Her dagger hit the target perfectly and penetrated into the pelvis to sing the song of her victory. King Gangan howled like a jackal in terror and fell on the ground like a lumbered coconut tree. The sword on his hand rebounded towards the corner of the room and raised cue and cry, as if an elephant entered into the market of bronze vessels. Karpagam rushed towards the sword by repeated bounces. She pulled the sword swifty, and ran towards King Gangan with tremendous speed like a galloping horse.

At that moment of hottest action of Karpagam to climb on the peak of victory, there was a heavy eruption of noise outside the harem. She sensed the growth of an obstacle against her endeavor to kill the blood sucking vampire. She raised her sword swiftly to a favorable position and sprang towards him to pierce his heart for an instant death. Unfortunately satan entered into the scene in the form of captain Vindan to save the unworthy ghoul. The sword on his hand hit her sword to deviate the aim to the span of a finger. The sword pierced through the ribs of king Gangan, spraying, blood drops around the area like a fountain.

Karpagam pulled the sword for a second attack to penetrate the stony heart of the monster King Gangan. Before her climb into the height of success, captain Vindan scattered her sword by a heavy blow with his sword. Next moment she was locked between the edges of spears on the hands of ten warriors.

After the entry of king Gangan into the bed room of the Zenana, captain Vindan decided to give security to his honorable king, as he had personal experience on the character of Karpagam. He arranged a heavy log of tamarind tree to break the door of the Zenana during emergency, and put the log to the charge of five soldiers. He personally waited behind the door with ten more able warriors to jump into action during emergency. They heard the harsh cry of the king Gangan, when he was charged with the dagger. The soldiers bombarded the teak wood door with the heavy log to break the door. Thus captain Vindan succeeded in saving the life of king Gangan.

Karpagam was locked in an iron chain. “Captain, Don’t fly on the wings of imagination. I castrated this bull reared for the purpose of breeding. He will roam as an important ram unable to ravish a damsel. Your whole dream for the formation of united Marutha Empire will explode into fragments” roared Karpagam with an explosive laughter of mirth.

“Soldiers, Drag this ghost to the underground dungeon and lock her for a short time imprisonment. After the recovery of health of our king, she will be sentenced to a death of cruelty. A running competition along the pavement of the moat with some other criminals will impart her terrible tortures of death.” ordered captain Vindan obnoxiously.

“Vindan, Karpagam is a future queen of Marutha Empire. Her matchless talents must be useful for the progress of Marutha Land. Give her enough freedom to reside in her own allotted castle. I have a simple problem with Karpagam to reach a suitable settlement” moaned King Gangan mysteriously. To dignify the order of their honorable king, all the soldiers lowed their spears and shifted backward to a distance. That event reminded Karpagam of the phenomenon of pushing of the greenish carpet of algae spread on the water surface of a lake to the sides by the blow of a gale.

Karpagam spread her roots of imagination in different directions of the space to identify the consequences of her efforts. The expert physicians of Marutha Land might save his life and sensuousness by their careful treatment. King Gangan himself was a talented physician, the first rank holder of the residential university of professor Sukran. He had great capacity to suggest the method of his own treatment. A light dose of the medicine silajit had wonderful power to cure a variety of ailments. Karpagam would need another opportunity to put end to the terrible atrocities of the vampire king Gangan. She decided to act a soft refined character of a lamb to deceive the external word around her.

“Respected Queen, This is the last chance for your breathing. Kindly refine your character favorable to the service of Marutha Land. We can’t tolerate more deviated behaviors from you. You will be thrown into the moat roaming with flying crocodiles without any warning, if we note any abnormalities in your behavior,” extemporized captain Vindan, a flare of wrath strengthening the intensity of his tone.

Karpagam controlled her vibrating nerves and spread inertness on her face. She left the Zenana calmly and walked towards her castle, her mind flying into high altitudes of the sky to launch another successful attempt to push King Gangan directly to the hell.

“Where is guru Kanakan? Call him for the treatment of my wounds. Pass order to assemble all the best physicians of Marutha Land in the campus of magnetic fortress” flared King Gangan fiercely.

At that instant of emergency, Guru Kanakan entered into the harem. King Gangan was shifted to the bed in the same room. The medical treatment was started immediately as per the instructions of king Gangan. He was kept under the service of five queens selected from Marutha Land. As they were lifted by King Gangan from the streets of starvation, they were ready to sacrifice their lives for little joy of their king. Due to effects of magic medicines and by the perfect care of the queens, he recovered from the wound perfectly beyond normalcy. Due to the excessive utilization of hormone inducing medicinal plants, his libido increased to the level beyond imagination. So he ordered two queens for his vigilance service. He deputed twenty soldiers for his service as body guards outside the harem, with permission to leak into the room for the slightest disturbance.

After his perfect recovery of health, king Gangan called Karpagam for a short discussion. She was on heavy perturbation for her failure to catch the fruit of victory. She expected another chance to push him to the tortures of hell. She entered into the harem with a strong mind to face any burning hotness of life. When she entered into the bedroom, king Gangan welcomed her with a bloomed face. “Karpagam, Today you look very beautiful like an angel of heaven. Your sparkling beauty put fire into my nerves. Let us forget our past bitter experiences to swim in the ocean of libidinous” greeted king Gangan, pulling her to his lap.

“Dear, I am sorry for my misbehavior. I refined my character to accept you my savior. From today, I will be a virtuous angel to bath you in the showers of joy” hoaxed Karpagam pulling him to a warm hug.

“That is very nice. I wish to play variety of sensuous games with you for the whole night today. Do you have any objection honey?”

“No Majestic King,. I heard about your talents from other queens. My nerves boil to share your hotness”

“Now I shall show just a sample. At night we shall immerse into the depths to explore the hidden secrets”

“I am ashamed for my stupidity. By the grace of god, I realized your worthiness. I am happy to share a sample of hotness at this time of bright sunlight”

King Gangan pulled her for a tight embracement. He enjoyed the spread of hot waves into his nervous system like a flood of water current. His hand moved on the curvatures of her body for a span of time, his eyes watching perfectly her face to study the change of colors. He noticed carefully the slightest movement of her eye in a negative direction. He shifted her to a distance from the cot and pulled her dress one by one, staring her perfect structure to enjoy the twists and knots of her glamorous body. He confirmed the absence of even the smallest hidden weapon in her body. Then he pulled her to a warm hug, his fingers playing crafty games on her hot spots. After warming the body to the height of boiling, he pushed her on the bed and entered into her flesh of highest hotness. She waited for a chance to push him into the tortures of hell, rejecting his penetration into her skin as a mosquito bite.

“Honey, did you enjoy the hotness of sensuous games?” inquired King Gangan impishly.

“Wow! What a sky high thrill! I never imagined such a nervous melting excitement.”

“Wait till night. I will take you to the higher altitudes of thrills.”

“Even your words spread sensational waves into my nervous system. I found no apt words to sing your praise.”

“Karpagam! Get ready for the most joyous function today. You are expected to inaugurate a live drama to the enjoyment of thousands of spectators. You are the chief guest of the celebration of the day.”

“A live drama, what do you mean by a live drama?”

“Words for explanation won’t clarify your doubts. Get ready to experience the thrill in person.”

Karpagam wore her dress to the perfect satisfaction of king Gangan. She polished her face and modified the hair style to enhance her glamour. She sprayed jasmine flavor deodorant oil to boost modified fragrance around her. “Karpagam, The live drama of today will give you hot experience for your high prowess” jumbled King Gangan, with burst of a sneering laugh.

“Thank you for your highness. It is my pleasure for participating in the real life drama.”

Karpagam followed king Gangan to the huge open auditorium behind the row of thousand castles in the campus of the magnetic fortress. When they entered into the auditorium, she witnessed all the queens of Marutha Land on the seats of the auditorium to enjoy the live drama. The auditorium was rectangular in shape with length of about two hundred metres and breadth of about fifty metre. There was a sky high five storied tower with circular cross section at the centre of the auditorium. The platform of the auditorium was at lower level than the wooden balcony separated by a brick wall. At the entrance of the auditorium, there was a high level stage adorned by hanging garlands of yellow chrysanthemum flowers. At the centre of the stage, there were two dazzling thrones of great embellishments.

When Karpagam entered into the auditorium with King Gangan, the queens of Marutha Land stood up to show their reverence to the king. King Gangan waved his right hand as a symbol of acceptance of their respect. When he sat on the throne, all the queens occupied their original seats and there were ready to witness the hot live drama. “Karpagam, you are the queen of this auspicious day for the live drama. You look at the basket hanging in the middle of the platform at about five metre from the stage. That basket contains fragrant blossoms for a flower shower. This process is the formal method of the magnetic fortress to give a warm welcome to our queens. Kindly move to stand under the hanging basket” lured King Gangan in a soft tone of captivating love.

A sudden spark flashed through her brain as a warning signal. She stood like a stone statue without vibration, for a span of time. Then she controlled her mind and stepped down to the platform to move towards the hanging basket. When she entered the location a woman in the stage shot an arrow towards the hanging baskets. The arrow pierced through the hanging basket and a shower of green liquid soaked her into wet. She identified the liquid as the dense form of magic medicine Milajit. She turned towards King Gangan with a flare of wrath on her face.

At that moment of greatest anger of Karpagam, king Gangan pressed a lever under his right feet. The large wide iron grill under the stage glided down to expose the opening of a huge cave. “Karpagam, you are the real actor of the hot love drama today. We are the joyous spectators to enjoy your horrible death. The dramatists are a pack of wolf grown to gigantic size by feeding the magic medicine Milajit. Run fast to save your flesh” menaced King Gangan maliciously.

Without believing her own eyes, Karpagam turned her attention towards king Gangan to study the truth in his words. At that moment she saw a pack of three identical wolves escaping out from the cave under the stage. The pack of three identical wolfs were gigantic, exceeding the size of the biggest elephant. The special flavor of the magic medicine Milajit mesmerized them to the height of excitement.

They raised their heads towards the sky and howled with high intense noise to deafen the ears of Karpagam. After the completion of the chorus howling, they stared her penetrative to taste her flesh. Expecting a sudden attack of the wolves, Karpagam began to run fast in the form of repeated bounces towards the end of the platform. The compulsory infliction of starvation for the past five day accelerated the pack of wolves forward to taste her flesh with their familiar catchy flavor.

After reaching the end of the platform she waited little to choose a good strategy of attack to escape from the sharp teeth of the pack of wolves. At that instant of highest turbulence, she observed a strong rope hanging from the top needle edge of the minaret, at the top of the fifth story of the tower. She decided the best approach to escape temporarily from the attack of the gigantic wolves. She ran towards the wolves at high speed with maximum effort. She sprang quickly into the heights of the sky, and crossed the huge wolves victoriously, like a hero of sky high skill. She ran fastly to on the vertical wall of the tower to certain height with high expertise, and seized the rope to the strong grasp of her right hand.

She applied horizontal force to the vertical wall of the tower with her feet and began to revolve around the wall like a skillful acrobat. During her motion of revolution along circular path, she wisely shortened the length of the rope between the clamp on the tope of the tower and the crafty grasp. She revolved along circular paths of lowering radii and finally jumped victoriously on the floor of the fifth stage terrace. All of the spectators gazed her with open eyes of wonder, bewitched by her extraordinary talents. King Gangan compared the high skill of Karpagam with the supreme talents of Vanathi and floated on dilemma, unable to rank them according to their merit.

To escape from that burning problem, king Gangan waved his right hand toward the female archers on both sides of the tower. Five women archers stood up in each side and they aimed the chest of Karpagam. Sharp arrows whistled towards her like a showers of rainfall. To the wonder of all spectators on the gallery, Karpagam bounced around the fifth floor in elliptical paths and escaped from the shower of arrows. She tactfully seized two arrows on both hands. Once again she revolved around the tower, pulling the rope on the grasp of her right hand. She released the rope slowly at uniform rate and finally jumped safely on the ground she pulled the arrows from her waist belt, and ran towards the stage with high speed and inserted them in her waist belt like a streak of lightning. The pack of three wolves chased her with boiling wrath to quench their burning hunger.

At that instant of terror, a sudden twist of event occurred to push Karpagam beyond level of imagination. She observed some queens of Marutha Land rebounding on the both side walls towards king Gangan with raised daggers. She focused her concentrated attention on the chest of King Gangan and ran swiftly towards King Gangan like a cheetah at its highest speed. King Gangan estimated a heavy danger and he stood up quickly to escape from the scene of horror. Karpagam sprang towards King Gangan and inserted the arrow in her right hand into his chest. She rebounded higher into the sky and stabilized on the stage for a second trial to pierce his heart from behind.

When Karpagam raised her left hand to penetrate the heart of King Gangan with the arrow, three Marutha Land queens of King Gangan inserted their dagger simultaneously into her heart. Another queen kicked with heavy force on the abdomen of Karpagam, the tigress of Kurinchi Land. She bombarded on the backside wall and scattered on the ground like a garland of withered roses. Another set of three queens lifted king Gangan and embraced them on their chest tear drops dropping from their eyes like a shower of rainfall. A gathering of queens pulled them aside and carried king Gangan to the harem to give him the best treatment. Fortunately the crafty blessings of Satan flew towards King Gangan and displaced the charge of the arrow on the hand of Karpagam to a narrow space away from his heart, comparable to the thickness of a hair. By the love and care of the queens of Marutha Land and by the influence of powerful medicines, king Gangan retained his vigor within a short period of two weeks.

The sharp cunning brain of prince Kuttuvan spread his imagination in all directions to find a technique to build a dam to stop the damsel hunting expeditions of King Gangan in the hamlets of his mother land. The spider of his mind was on tireless efforts to knit a cobweb, to catch King Gangan for the amelioration of the innocent mass of Hindustan. The white horse of prince Kuttuvan galloped along the narrow path in the midst of a dense forest at the speed of a storm. His mind oscillated like a ship on shallow water without the support of an anchor.

At that instance of significance, Vanathi waited on the bank of Ponni river for the arrival of prince Kuttuvan, like a love dove. She observed her darling at a large distance on an elevated road, sitting on his white horse like an angel flying on a white crane. That catching scene sowed the seeds of joy in the field of her heart. A sudden spring of mirth originated in her heart to make her face bloom like a lotus flower at sunrise.

“Sweety, you appeared like a new drizzle in the sky. I shall imagine the multi colors of a rainbow on your face. My mind oscillates to dance like a peacock at the outburst of first rainfall” elevated prince Kuttuvan, gazing her sharp eyes that penetrated his heart like two parallel spears.

“Dear, I am waiting for your arrival from early morning like a lotus bud to spread its petals at sun rise. You approached me like the sudden appearance of god for direct blessing. Thank you very much for your kindness on this poor girl” fondled Vanathi foppishly.

“Vanathi, I am sorry. I had lot of responsibilities to accelerate the government machinery along proper orientations. That process ate lot of my precious time. Now I have a plan to visit the hamlets of Neyythal Land to speed up the process martial training. Are you ready to spare your precious time to gear up the training programme?” gleamed prince Kuttuvan, winking his right eye as a special invitation.

“Darling, without seeing your gleaming face for a long spell of two days, my eyes withered to lose its usual brightness. Why don’t you come to the ground to impart joy to my cringing eyes?” heckled Vanathi humorously. She jumped to the ground and invited him for a hot feast by her eye wink like a flash of spark.

The warmth of induction penetrated his nervous system spontaneously as a miracle. He stepped down from the horse and pulled her rump for a tight embracement. When he lifted his eyes to enjoy the blush of pink color on her face, the four eyes locked into unison, accelerating hot waves throughout their nervous systems. “Sweety, I can’t bear the weariness of your eating eyes. Kindly allow me to boost the energy level of your eyes by a hot kiss” imprisoned prince Kuttuvan intently, moving his left hand around the area of her buttock.

My eyes are eagerly waiting for your hot prize. Don’t stop with a single award” jubilated Vanathi judiciously.

Prince Kuttuvan presented two warm kisses to her cringing eyes. When he lowered his eyes her sharp cones were ready for a tough fight. “Sweety, I am sorry. Your bosoms shrunk due despair of aloofness. Let me activate them to normal size” lured prince Kuttuvan libidinously. He practiced what he preached by pressing the tips of the cones to generate hot waves of lust.

“Darling, don’t show partiality to your friends. They may expect equal share for enthusiastic function” mesmerized Vanathi, boiling his senses by a magnetic smile.

Prince Kuttuvan spared two wet kisses to her bosoms to increase their stiffness “Alas! Your cupid mount flattened for want of warm rubbing. I shall expand the mystery spot by a tonic” nestled prince Kuttuvan naughtily. He put his right into her skirt and rubbed the bulging lovingly. Then his fingers activated her lower lips by variety of games. By the impulse of the attack of hot waves of libidinous, Vanathi embraced him tightly and gave lips locking kisses of hotness.

“Darling, you have sky high desire for my warmth. At the same time, you neglect me like a garland of withered roses. Why did you dramatize to keep me away from your vicinity?” perturbed Vanathi by a series of questions to twist his heart in a favorable direction.

“Vanathi, I am the responsible prince Neyythal Land. Our king handed all his powers on my head. I don’t find time to run behind damsels.”

“Better consult your own heart. Am I an ordinary girl on the street? Is our king order to neglect your own soul?”

“Sorry Vanathi, I roam through our hamlets to strengthen the security measures. The special hunter cavalry of King Gangan should be stopped away from our frontiers. King Gangan should shiver to conduct a damsel hunting expedition in Neyythal Land.”

“Why don’t you utilize my abilities to discharge your duties with more efficiency? Why did you forget about the worthiness of your own shade?”

“A shadow loses significance in the darkness of night.”

“Darling, don’t try to avoid me purposely with negative motivation. I proved my merits to the perfect satisfaction of your mind. How can you consider me as a coward useless for the service of our motherland?”

“Vanathi, don’t drop fire flowers into my heart. I wish you to be a fresh bloom to give fragrance to our country after my decay.”

“No. Don’t show trust on imaginary events. I can’t breath without your shadow” quivered Vanathi, growing tear drops in both eyes like crystals of white sugar.

“Sweety, don’t try to dissolve me in your river tears. I must preserve our health for the safety of Neyythal Land. Without the survival of atleast one of us, Neyythal Land can’t exist against the damsel hunting expeditions of Vampire King Gangan” reprimanded prince Kuttuvan ruthlessly.

“Dear, I don’t want to fall in to the cruel ravishment of the monster. Kindly keep me around your shadow. We shall share our strengths for mutual benefit.”

“Stupid, don’t try to bend my iron mind. Are you crazy on the hotness of my body?”

“Yes. I love your hotness. You actually robbed my virginity avoiding penetration into the hotness of flesh. I learnt to sing the song of your praise. Why should you reject me as a trash?”

“Vanathi, I am the only prince of Neyythal Land with responsibility to save my citizens from scorching clutches of King Gangan. Kindly don’t lock me in your love chain and roll under you dissolving feet. I wish to act as a free hero of Neyythal Land” snapped prince Kuttuvan, the flame of fire on his face vibrating his lips to hinder the correct pronunciation of words.

Drops of tears started to drop from the eyes of Vanathi like rainfall. Weeping bitterly to dissolve the hardest granite, she ran towards him like a little child. “Darling, This Vanathi is not an iron chain for your freedom. I will remove the thorn on your path of progress. I will commit suicide immediately if you leave me alone once again in the darkness of a forest. My soul will be always around you, praying for your health and happiness. How can you drive spirit away from your nearness?” throttled Vanathi, pulling him to a tight embracement of limitless love. She soaked his face with tear drops and cooled him to the coldness of ice crystals imparting continuous chain kisses.

Her depth of her love evaporated the floating slag in his heart instantly. The feeling of hardness deposited on the walls of his heart melted to invert his imaginations. There occurred a heavy current of love in his nervous system that dissolved the black spots in his brain. “Sweety, The hardness of jealously in my heart sublimed into fumes. I accept you as my own heart and brain. I permit you to remain around me as my own shadow” urged prince Kuttuvan uxoriously.

“Thank you darling, thank you very much. I will prove my merits at critical times. You are the living god of my heart. I breathe only to serve for your joyous life” venerated Vanathi veraciously.

“Vanathi, I am sorry. I love you very much. Kindly forget my hard words as a dream” vivified prince Kuttuvan, his fingers moving on the curvatures of her body to ignite fire into their nervous systems.

“Sweety, you dissolved into my senses. Our body and soul should serve for the progress of our mother land. We should annihilate the powers of King Gangan to establish the joy of paradise on the surface of Neyythal Land”

“Certainly darling. Our only aim in life is pushing the shadow of suffering away from Neyythal Land I will be with you in joy and sorrow to strength your energy level.”

“You should convert my dreams of imagination into achievements of reality. You should remember my aims even in the depth of sleep.”

“Sure prince. I will give structure to your dreams. My brain will turn in the direction of your eyes. I will evaporate the tongues vibrating against your forward march.”

“I ordered for military training throughout the village of Neyythal Land. I wish to study the progress of the martial training programmes. It is our duty to give encouragement and guidance to the training scheme. Are you ready to assist me sweety?”

“It is my joy to remain around your fragrance. I will act as a shield for your safety” winkled Vanathi, to push his confidence level to the height of the sky.

Prince Kuttuvan bounced on his white horse and accelerated towards the nearest hamlet. Vanathi followed him as his shadow, her imagination flying in the heights of the sky like two love parrots with thickest intimacy. After a short range of time, their horses galloped fast like two parallel spears accelerated by a mechanical device simultaneously. Soon they entered into a narrow path in the middle of a dense forest and Vanathi slowed her horse to lag behind him by a short distance. During the progress of their journey, she saw a family of elephants with their young ones. She wondered about the strength of love bonds between animals having only five senses. At the verge of crossing the limit of the thick forest area, she witnessed a flock of about hundred Zebras chased by a ferocious tiger. The proverb ‘Union is Strength’ flashes into her mind like a streak of lightning. United we stand, divided we fall.

Vanathi noticed a multicolored parrot flying from one tree to the other at a distance. That scene appeared to her imagination as the formation of a beautiful rainbow between the edges of the two trees. A pair of Cuckoo birds sang sweet songs as a welcome address for their arrival. Their journey prolonged along the bank of a lake. In morning solar rays, the water surface of the lake glittered like liquid gold. There was a vast spread of wide greenish leaves of lotus. When breeze vibrated the leaves, the water droplets on them rolled like glass beads. The rhythmic dance of the pink lotus flowers in breeze, reminded the beautiful tulip gardens of Kashmir.

When they crossed a short distance, they saw arrays of small cottages with roofs fabricated by coconut leaf mats. They observed only one villa at vast distance from the cottages, like a Gulmohar tree with abundance of red flowers in the midst of foliage trees in a dense forest. There were lines of citizens on both sides of the road like balustrades of pillars, to give them a warm welcome. At the initial stage the village head and his wife waited with a huge rose garland of about six feet height. Prince Kuttuvan jumped to the ground to receive their hearty welcome. The couple greeted them with smiling faces and decorated prince Kuttuvan with the long garland of roses.

“Honorable prince! Good morning. This hamlet is extremely happy to welcome our live god. We are waiting to walk along the road laid by our prince. We expect the guidance of our prince to escape from the misery of the damsel hunting expeditions of King Gangan’ adored the village head appealingly.

“Victory to our prince! Victory to Neyythal Land! Long live prince Kuttuvan! Long live future queen Vanathi!” applauded the crowd arduously. Impressed by the Huzza of the mass, a sparkling smile spread on her face like the vanishing colors of a rainbow. She was extremely happy for the rapid spread of rumors about her relationship with prince Kuttuvan. She jumped down to the ground from her horse to show her involvement in the training programmes.

“Hamlet head, we wish to assess the worthiness of the training programme. Kindly shows us the path towards the training arena. At the critical time of emergency, our pride depends on the merits of the martial arts training scheme. Each and every citizens of Neyythal Land should be expert warriors to save our self-respect” blared Vanathi, staring forward to locate the training ground.

“Mom, the playground is at short distance from this area. There are separate playgrounds for boys and girls, with a short distance gap between them. Crash training course is on a stage of progress. Let us move forward to study the worthiness of the training scheme’ cajoled the village head, moving forward to show the effectiveness of the training program.

Next moment, prince Kuttuvan began to walk along the direction indicated by the village head. All the gathering followed him like the procession of devotees behind their deity of worship. After a short forward displacement, The observed the two training grounds on opposite sides of the road. Like the natural scenes of a good painting. The trainees on both sides of the road saw the prayers of the strange procession and diffused towards the road to study the novelty behind the gathering, like the spectators of a magic show. The sudden appearance of prince Kuttuvan to the scene like the rising sun, inspired them a lot causing blooming of their faces beyond the limits. “Victory to prince Kuttuvan! Long live prince Kuttuvan!” shouted the youth hurrah to praise their prince, Which penetrated through the space like rumbling thunder.

“Dear brothers and sisters, your body and mind should be energized by continuous warfare training. You should grow your strength to penetrate the hearts of enemies at the times of emergency. Every youth should struggle to the last breath to save the honor of our motherland. You should remember that the honor of our sisters is the greatest gift to be preserved than our own life. Live with honor or die with valor” clamored prince Kuttuvan, to put fire into the patriotic feelings of the youngsters.

“Victory or valorous death. We will fight till the last breath. We will cut off the head of the damsel hunters! We will pierce the hearts of Marutha Land brutals! Let us preserve the honor of our damsels” exploded the youths, by the pressure of feelings of the patriotism.

“Let us destroy the mystery of magnetic fortress. Let us annihilate vampire King Gangan. Let us strike royal drum to declare war on King Gangan. Let us organize patrol in border areas. Struggle hard to catch the fruits of victory. Victory to Neyythal Land” fired Prince Kuttuvan to infuse self respect into the circulatory system of Neyythal Land.” Victory! Victory to Prince Kuttuvan! Victory to Neyythal Land” growled the youths glaringly.

“Warriors! Strengthen the patrol along the northern bank of Ponni River. Penetrate the hearts of beasts of Marutha Land with arrows. Keep our damsels under your shield of prowess. Our enemies should shiver in fear by our indomitable valor. Victory should be the only focus of our mind. Victory to Neyythal Land! Victory to Neyythal Land! Victory to Neyythal Land’ hailed Vanathi, bursting on the pressure of wrath.

The damsels of Neyythal Land observed the intensity of wrath in the explosive voice of Vanathi. They watched vibrations of her lips in excessive feelings of wonder. They witnessed the reddening of her eyes, like red hot iron balls as a consequence of insults to the feminine community. Already the fame of Vanathi flew to the nooks and corners of Neyythal land as the tigress of Neyythal Land. Induced by her roar of prowess, the damsels sang the praise of Vanathi like trumpet of a forest of elephants. “Victory to future queen of Neyythal Land. Long live tigress of Neyythal Land.”

Vanathi illuminated her face with a charming smile. She grew love crops on her face. She mixed the sweetness of honey droplets in her soft tone of love. “Friends, thank you very much for your blessings. I promise to serve as a mother to the citizens of Neyythal Land. My helping hands will stretch towards you at critical times to lift you from, distress. The best plans to oscillate you in the swings of happiness will tap your door. We all should combine together to strengthen the iron hands of our prince. I wish to live with our prince his own shadow to wipe the tears of citizens of Neyythal Land. The most auspicious day of death of vampire King Gangan is fast approaching to bath you in joy” idealized Vanathi followed by a heavy shower of applauses.

Prince Kuttuvan observed the slightest movements of Vanathi accurately. He understood that Vanathi would dominate him in all dimensions of the political sphere, if she was given an opportunity to flourish. A jealousy of stirred water filled his heart, vibrating him to exhaustion. After a span of time, the mud of negative impressions settled at the bottom, making the water crystal clear to expose the purity of Vanathi. Then Vanathi appeared to him as a perfect transparent glass. Even if that glass of purity was silvered at one side, it would show the ideal image of only prince Kuttuvan.

“The most important concept of this critical time is the prosperous safety life of the citizens of Neyythal Land. Vanathi has higher capacity to serve the public in better amplitude. I will assume Kuttuvan and Vanathi as two bodies with one soul. So I can’t predict slightest difference between us. This will put an end to the distortions in my mind” soliloquized Prince Kuttuvan sagaciously.

“Friends, we wish to encourage the training program of women. Do you show the location of their training ground in this village?” interrogated prince Kuttuvan to a youth intently.

“Prince, The training centre of girls is in the northern direction of the same road. May we follow you to show the locality?” asked an youth for an opportunity to help them.

“Friend, don’t waste your precious time in unnecessary movements. Your training program should continue indefinitely, till the death of vampire King Gangan” instructed prince Kutuvan, waving his hand as a warm farewell. Then they bounced on their horses and started forward journey to locate the training ground of women. Prince Kuttuvan dipped into the depth of an imagination to assess the possible consequences of the training schemes. Vanathi opened a conservation to pull him from the world of imagination to the world of reality.

“Darling, are you floating on imagination to besiege the magnetic fortress of Neyythal Land” questioned Vanathi, gazing him with a magnetic smile.

“The heart of my sweety is the strongest fort of world. No man can penetrate into that port, except prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land. Am I sure Vanathi?”

“Certainly, The Vanathi fortress is waiting for the permanent residence of prince Kuttuvan.”

“Why did prince Kuttuvan refuse to use the fort for permanent dwelling?”

“I don’t know. But the prince is crazy for temporary hotness”

“Did you guarantee any prize to prince Kuttuvan as a bribe?”

“I promised hundred hot kisses per day.”

“This prize is superb. Prince Kuttuvan will surrender to the feet of Vanathi, if she issues such a heavy hot prize.”

“Vanathi hate to lock prince into a chain. She asks only a seat on his lap.”

“That is very nice. First give the hundred hot kisses. Then you shall find the seat on the lap of prince Kuttuvan.”

“Chee! Giving hundred kisses in open space! I will melt in shyness.”

At that instant, they saw a large ground, where hundreds of women were on sincere warfare training of different types. Varieties of training program such as sword fighting, arrow shooting and usage of spears were organized at different areas of the ground. All the women showed high involvement to grow their abilities in different arts of warfare. They strengthened their minds to face the damsel hunting expeditions of Marutha Land King King Gangan. Some of them realized the glamorous appearance of prince Kuttuvan like an angel of heaven. They murmured among themselves to identify Vanathi as the tigress of Neyythal Land. When prince Kuttuvan and Vanathi stepped down on the surface of the ground, they shifted swiftly towards them with bloomed faces like fresh gerbera flower.

“Prince of Neyythal Land! Tigress of Neyythal Land! Hearty welcome by the women of Neyythal Land. Thank you very much for your kindness to visit our hamlet” bowed them with folded hands to show their excessive reverence. The mode of respect shown by them reminded the devotion of pious women to their deity of honor. Their wet appearance soaked in sweat proved their depth of sincerity in the training program in the arts of warfare.

At that moment five middle aged trainees bent on knees to worship prince Kuttuvan as a symbol of their excessive reverence. “Honourable prince, we are glorified by your visit to our hamlet. All the ladies of Neyythal Land accepted you as the elder brother of our family. We are ready to sacrifice ourselves for the safety of our mother land. We all of us wish to prove our prowess to cruel Gangan as tigresses of Neyythal land, like our Vanathi mom” sword a trainee bowing her head towards Vanathi with wet tears.

This infected the senses of all the damsels on the training programme, causing them to fall on their feet like the most dedicated devotees of living gods. Prince Kuttuvan pulled his legs immediately, as if on the flames of fire. A darkness of shame spared on his face like a transparent veil. “Dear sisters, I hate the custom of sisters to genuflect their own brother. You have own rights to put any demand to your own brother. I will consider your claims as a honor,” truckled prince Kuttuvan tersely.

“Brother, may I ask a question to clarify a doubt?” wooed a trainee, gazing him with unsettled mind of wavering sensations.

“I am responsible to clear all the doubts of millions of sisters in Neyythal Land.”

“Brother, we are partially trained teachers will little efficiency to train others into tigress of Neyythal Land.”

“Sister, sowing the seeds of confidence in the hearts of damsels is more important than physical training. Millions of little shrimps together can sink the mightiest ship. You are enough to drive away King Gangan with your winnows.”

“Thank you brother, we shall energize all ladies to form a strong combined force.”

We have a tigress in Neyythal land. She had high capacity to defeat any hero of the world. A combined force of thousands such tigresses can destroy the whole army of King Gangan within a flash of time.”

“Brother, we shall put our maximum efforts to produce more than thousand tigresses throughout Neyythal Land.

“Sisters, our Vanathi has a large bevy of highly talented damsels. I shall send one such tigress to all the hamlets of Neyythal Land. You should use them perfectly to develop your talents.”

“Wow! This is the best idea of merits. Our damsels will block the damsel hunting expeditions of King Gangan inside the borders of Neyythal Land.”

“Very good, the sweat fruits of victory will be on the hands of damsels of Neyythal Land. Long live the damsels of Neyythal Land.”

The instructions of prince Kuttuvan showed seeds of fruits in the hearts of damsel. Their faces sparkled like hundreds of full moons in night. The explosive intensity of their applauses crossed the heights of the sky like a series of rumbling thunders. The brightness of their faces glittered, as if illuminated by thousands of candles.

“Friends, damsels are the eyes of Neyythal Land. We are the offsprings of women, who drove tigers with their winnows. Be ready to prove your higher prowess to the heroes of Neyythal Land. The jackal King Gangan is planning to cross the frontiers of Neyythal Land for damsel hunting expedition. Be ready to burn King Gangan into ash. Victory or death is our motto” warbled Vanathi witchingly. The whole crowd reflected her slogans at high intensity like roaring waves of tsunami, “victory! victory! victory!”

Prince Kuttuvan and Vanathi started their journey to the next hamlet to sow the seeds of patriotism in the mind of the people. Suddenly there was a spread of dark rain bearing clouds on the western horizon to lower the intensity of light. Streaks of lightning passed from one cloud to the other, as an effort to induce pregnancy of rainfall. The thunder roared repeatedly like a competition of beating drums. The rain drops showered like the tear drops of a teenage girl deceived by her lover. A gale entered into the region vibrating the branches of trees as an effort to blow trumpets. Thus there occurred debut of a music competition of nature around the area.

At the initial stage, the rain showered as a drizzle. At the elapse of time, the mirth of nature increased to accelerate the speed of the dancing performance. Big drops of water stroke the surface of the earth like huge spheres of glass. The current of water rushed from higher level to lower level towards the ocean like the poor people searching for the shades of the rich. As the joy of gale crossed the limits, it whistled through the colonnade of trees from higher pressure to lower pressure to disturb the calmness of human population.

The shower of rain soaked her dress completely to wet, which stuck her body like a tissue paper. The glamorous spots of her body originated a magnetic storm around the area to attract his eyes towards her. Vanathi fell into the attack of waves of shyness, observing his stare to penetrate into her dress like a ruminating bull. Her nervous vibrated to cross the limit of control of shame, flying on the imagination that her darling would soon pull her to a hot embracement. ’Vanathi, in the shower of rain, you are sparkling like a beautiful angel of heaven. I have never seen such a bewitching charm” admired prince Kuttuvan with a heart melting smile.

“Your penetrative stare illuminates the inside of your dissolving heart. Don’t try to eat me raw.”

“You are a mischievous girl. You intoxicated me by partial exposure of hidden treasures.”

“Are you interested to explore the covered secrets?”

“Am I a hermit on penance to cut off my wings of imagination?”

“Why don’t you put a chain of matrimony to keep me always on your lap?”

“I shall speak to my father at today night. You will be locked in a family cart as early as possible.”

“You shall discover the remaining secrets after our wedding.”

“Sweety, let us take shelter under the shade of that palmyra tree”

“Do you wish to explore the depth of hotness?”

“Alas! I shall dive to fetch pearls at the most auspicious time.”

Vanathi noted the sudden change of climate of the surrounding. The dark rain bearing clouds that roamed in the sky vanished into vacuum. The shower of rain drops that bombarded the surface of the earth like angry ghosts disappeared into oblivion. The continuous war of thunder and lightning pushed them into excessive weary to take rest. The gale that vibrated that area shifted its attention to another locality for the extension of its games of mirth. At that transformed climatic color of the surrounding, the roots of the thinking of Vanathi twisted to a different orientation.

“Darling, gossips are faster than birds. They stretched their millions of hands in all directions faster than forest fires. The velocity of spread of rumor is comparable to the speed of our imagination” buzzed Vanathi like a honeybee searching for pollen grains. The fire put by Vanathi failed to spread into flame, as expected by her. In spite that fire extinguished in the form of fumes.

“No one can stop fumes at a place, where there is fire. The hot relationship between us is a fire that produces gossips as fumes. Our people acclaim Vanathi as the match to their prince. This will fetch the sweet fruits of victory for our love” cajoled prince Kuttuvan, ejecting words of praise to crown the rumors. His song of appreciation to the wings of gossips cooled her mind beyond the limits, as if thousand pots of ice cold water was poured on her head.

“Darling, you loaded the responsibility of training the women folk in marital arts on my head. How can I breath with your fragrance?” debilitated Vanathi growing tear drops at the edges of her eyes.

“Fragrant blossoms won’t bloom without irrigation and manuring. Hard work is the part and parcel of a victorious life.”

“Words are easy for oration. Practicing what we preach is much difficult”

“Short period separations are unavoidable for high level social workers.”

“Darling, I shall depute my friends to support the training programmes. This will give me more time for the supervision of the training scheme.’

“That is the best idea. Our Neyythal Land expects much from us.”

Vanathi gazed prince Kuttuvan in mirth, spreading her imaginations to the width of the sky. She experienced the joy of paradise around the shade of prince Kuttuvan. She finalized to diminish his burdens of responsibilities, by voluntary sharing of his toughest duties to the perfect satisfaction of the citizens of Neyythal Land. She planned to form a framework for the execution of her works to the level of perfection.

“Darling, I don’t like to die like an ordinary house wife, carrying only the load of domestic duties on my head. We should live as a model couple to our citizens. We should live together as one soul, sharing the duties of the crown. For that I should become the captain of the whole army of our state’ entreated Vanathi effeminately.

“Don’t play childish games. Don’t float in imaginative sky. Try to walk on the ground of reality’

“Why don’t I become the captain? Do you consider women as a weaker sex?”

“Waves of opposition will try to boil us. I can’t imagine such a stupidity.”

“You organize valor competitions, intelligent tests and aptitude tests to select the captain of our army. I shall prove my merits, winning all the competitions.”

Prince Kuttuvan flew on the wings of imagination for a period of time. Exposition of negative opinions might spread dark clouds on her glamorous face. Her withered face would drive his calmness of mind to the far frontiers of delirium. Hence he decided to sow the seeds of transformation into her heart by a slow process. To harvest the crop of success, he was ready to renounce some of his privileges.

“Slowly we shall organize a new section of army constituted by women. I shall proclaim you as the captain of the army of tigresses. Are you satisfied with is proposal of sky high novelty?” flattered Prince Kuttuvan like a grandiloquent jinnee.

The sharpness of her mind instructed about his twisting mind of a flibbertigibbet. She hesitated to stir his mind of calmness to cause tormenting ripples. So she acted perfect satisfaction for his idea of zero worthiness. “Thank you prince, I am sorry for putting stress on your heart. All occurrences are for our joyous life of future. Let us continue our journey for our forward march towards victory” grumbled Vanathi gaily.

They traveled the far and near corners of Neyythal Land to ignite the fire of patriotism into the minds of citizens of Neyythal Land. Their efforts mesmerized the minds of the citizens of Neyythal Land to align into one team to inflict crushing defeat on the damsel hunting expeditions of King King Gangan. The flood of human supports oscillated prince Kuttuvan on a swing of everlasting happiness.

After the orientation of warfare training programs of countless hamlets, prince Kuttuvan began his return journey towards the capital, floating on imagination about the schemes of implementation of future ameliorative program of the state. The black horse of Vanathi ran parallel to the white horse of prince Kuttuvan at equal speed, her black berry eyes staring his mango slice lips like crazy flying squirrels. Though her physical presence was on the black horse, her spiritual mind flew with prince Kuttuvan like a pair of love doves in the vast stretch of the sky. The love birds flew continuously for indefinite period of time in the large volume of the sky, without sensation about the roll of the wheel of time.

At that instant of deep imagination of Vanathi, the galloping sounds of a horse stroke her eardrums like a hammer. At that moment of deep thinking, even the sound of a rumbling thunder would fail to induce the sensation of noise in their ears. After a short period of time, the backside view of a horseman penetrated their eyes like a bat at high speed. The bombardment of swift air on her skin and, the movement of a huge shadow on the floor diverted her attention to the word of reality. When Vanathi tilted her eyes up, she was shocked to see the flight of a tremendous eagle in higher altitude of the sky.

“Prince, a horseman is galloping fast, neglecting our presence as mere inert trees in the midst of a dense forest. How does a soldier show indifference to the future rulers of Neyythal Land? I can’t digest the impact of this lack of anxiety as a phenomenon of natural occurrence’ harped Vanathi, with a sense of warning in her tone.

“Sweety, don’t stare every event with a glare of doubt. The soldier may have failed to watch us due to some duty of urgency. The lack of concentration at critical times is a common phenomenon. Don’t try to peep into the personal affairs of others” inculpated prince Kuttuvan insipidly.

“Look in the northern direction. A gigantic eagle is flying in the sky. The man on the horse is none other than king Gangan. Only haughty King Gangan can neglect prince Kuttuvan as a trash on the street” jarred Vanathi, stretching her right hand towards the monstrous eagle flying in the sky.

Prince Kuttuvan tilted his eyes towards the north and witnessed the tremendous eagle vibrating the upper atmosphere. He studied the soldier sifting on the horse upright like a vibration less stone statue. A spark of memory flashed into his mind to illuminate the structure of king Gangan. “Vanathi, The sharpness of your eyes is superb. He may have penetrated Neyythal Land to peep into our secrets as a preliminary analysis of the feasibility of his damsel hunting expeditions.”

“This is a golden chance for us, by the blessing of god. Kindly kill that vampire mercilessly. The death of this one brutal will save millions of families from the tortures of hell.”

“I will hunt this rogue today itself. This is the best opportunity to prove my valor to my sweety. You should give me a hot kiss to celebrate our victory.”

“King Gangan is not a country mouse to hunt like a game. He is a crafty crook. You should be careful to climb on the ladder of victory. I will bath you into higher mirth for your success.”

“Sweety, kindly don’t interfere with my endeavour to push me to the dark sides of failure”

’I have better chance to kill this ghoul. The dagger in my hand will play miracles. Our combined efforts will fetch sweeter fruits.”

“I have trust on my own prowess. You take passive role as a keen spectator to enjoy my talents.”

Prince Kuttuvan accelerated the speed of his horse to approach King Gangan within a short interval of time. King King Gangan sensed the increase in the speed of the horses behind, by the stepping up of the frequency of the galloping sounds of the horses. To avoid a heavy contest on the surface of foreign land, he too accelerated the speed of his horse to maximum. When the image of Vanathi was focused in his eyes like a spark of light, the highest ability of Vanathi to handle daggers with perfect aim of wonder, flashed into memory like dreams of terror. In order to escape from her range of projection of dagger, he tried his level best to escape from her eyes.

Though King Gangan failed to make face to face contact with prince Kuttuvan, he took less time to guess the presence of prince Kuttuvan around Vanathi. He had personal experience to learn the talents of prince Kuttuvan on the most auspicious day of inauguration of his magnetic fortress. He imagined that even the angels of heaven won’t stand before the combined talents of prince Kuttuvan and tigress of Neyythal Land Vanathi. He never expected such a headon collision with them. In order to escape from the hotness of failure, king Gangan rused forward, as if seen a couple of ogre.

At that instant of high perturbation of king Gangan, the distance gap of prince Kuttuvan slowly narrowed towards zero. Suddenly prince Kuttuvan stood before him with his stretched sword to block his forward movement towards a state of security. The sword of King moved swiftly through air, emitting the kissing sound of a cobra. Next moment, a terrible sword fight started between prince Kuttuvan and King King Gangan, vibrating the heart of Vanathi to a state of unrest. The repeated bombardments of the two swords caused the eruption of terrible noise of rolling thunders and sparks of light of rumbling lightning. As time elapsed without the fruits of success to both parties, the vigor of the sword fights gradually increased towards the limit of explosion.

Suddenly prince Kuttuvan sprang towards King Gangan at high speed to pierce his heart to push him to the tortures of hell. King Gangan too bounced towards prince Kuttuvan with higher speed to climb on the peak of victory at first. The two swords on the hands of highly talented warriors bombarded in the sky violently like the terrific collision of a meteorite with a comet. As a consequence of the high pressure of the impact, the two swords scattered into fragments. Prince Kuttuvan tactfully imported a heavy kick on the chest of King Gangan, who rebounded into a large distance and bombarded with the hard surface of the earth like a lumbered tree.

“Darling, don’t leave the damsel hunter to breath the fresh air of Neyythal Land. Pulverize his heart by a shower of high pressure kicks” pealed Vanathi petulantly. Prince Kuttuvan ran towards him at high speed to crush his heart to stop his breath. King King Gangan rebounded immediately like a rubber ball, thrown on the rough surface of the earth. They fell into a tough fight utilizing their hands and legs as weapons of war. Vanathi watched the terrifying fight with bewilderment, unable to finalize her role. To her imagination of shiver, the fight appeared to occur on the top of a steep wall, separating a dark region of failure from a bright area of victory. She won’t breath long, if her darling dropped into the shame of failure.

At that time of boiling shiver of Vanathi, a sudden twist of event occurred to push her into the tortures of hell. The gigantic eagle of King Gangan flew towards the area like a whirl wind of tremendous speed.

“Alas! Darling! The eagle is flying fastly towards you. Be careful to escape from its piercing nails” screeched Vanathi, running towards him like a tigress in action. Before her warning signal penetrate into his brain, the eagle lifted prince Kuttuvan in its strong clutches, within a short interval of an eye wing. Prince Kuttuvan fell into snare of the eagle like a fish pecked by a king fisher from the surface of water.

King Gangan blocked her forward motion and seized her by his strong grasp of an iguana. “Vanathi, your sparkling beauty bewitches my heart. You should be a full moon in the campus of magnetic fortress. I will crown you as the queen of Marutha empire” prognosticated king Gangan, assuming her as a fish waiting to catch the pray on the hook.

“Ghost! The daggers in my waist can play miracles at the speed a flash of light. If you open your mouth to speak one more word, my first dagger will penetrate your mouth and second dagger will pierce your worthiness heart. The request of my prince stops my hand’

“Hahahaha! Did Kuttuvan the squirrel that tasted the mango fruit? He is a lucky chap. Do you allow me to taste the mango fruit atleast once?”

“Nasty dog! Are you not satisfied with seven hundred fleshy bones in your magnetic fortress? Did you penetrate into Neyythal Land to lose your life?”

Vanathi detached her hand from his grasp by a sudden pull and slapped on his face like a lightning stroke. She bounced into the sky and kicked on his chest with heavy force. King Kanagan bombarded with the hard crust of the earth like a lizard dropped from the wall, while on trial to capture a moth.

Vanathi shifted her attention towards the eagle, flying towards the mouth of the waterfall, where she once captured the spies of Marutha Land with the support of her friends. She ran swiftly on the bank of stream towards the mouth of the waterfall. She noticed the flight of the eagle above the middle of the wide spread of the stream. Her mind carefully assessed the possibility to capture the eagle during its flight, to pull her darling from the clutches of death. That appeared to be the final effort between the narrow edge of life and death. The spread of rocky regions in the midst of the stream grew her confidence level to pull her darling to the bright side of safety. When she rushed forward by repeated bounces on the rocks towards the mouth of the waterfall, she was encouraged by the presence of a rock between mouths of the cascade of waterfalls.

“Sweety, stop your fruitless trial. You should survive for the safety of Neyythal Land. Only you can save our Neyythal Land from the damsel hunting expeditions of King Gangan” reprimanded prince Kuttuvan rabidly.

“I can’t breath without you. I will be with you in life or death. No god has capacity to separate Vanathi from Kuttuvan”, shrieked Vanathi saucily. She sprang towards the edge of the waterfall with sky high velocity, and rebounded into the sky towards the eagle with focused aim, neglecting the negative consequences of her trial as less important.

That waterfall was one of the highest waterfalls of the world. After crossing the waterfall, the eagle lowered its altitude of flight to stabilize the height at normal level. This helped Vanathi to climb on the eagle like the heroes who scaled Mount Everest. The eagle understood the reason for the sudden increase in weight on his body. To topple her down, the eagle began to tilt its body by an abrupt downward movement. To stabilize her position for her safety, Vanathi sat on the eagle near its necks, stretching her legs on both sides.

“Vanathi, Be careful. The eagle is on trial to tumble you down. The eagle is searching for a huge rock to drop me to death. Atleast you should survive to pull Neyythal Land to safety” twittered prince Kuttuvan tyrannously. Vanathi rolled her eyes to study the nature of the surrounding area. She witnessed only vast stretch of water around the area. No rocky region irritated her eyes to vibrate her nerves to impart the waves of worry. Her face bloomed when her eyes focused the view of the flow of Ponni River at a distance. “Darling there is no rocky region around this area. There is a large spread of rock on the opposite bank of Ponni River. I expect the eagle to cross Ponni river to drop us on the rock for our sure death. This will give us a golden opportunity for our escape” vociferated Vanathi vindictively.

As per her expectation, the eagle started to fly above Ponni river. Vanathi pulled a dagger from her waist and ready for a sudden action. “Darling, Get ready for a swim on the current of Ponni River. This is the chance for our safety escape. Unfortunately crafty King Gangan escaped from our hands. God will bless us with another opportunity to pierce his stony heart” whispered Vanathi, piercing the neck of the eagle with her sharp dagger.

The grasp of the eagle on prince Kuttuvan lost strength and he dropped on the water surface. Vanathi jumped on the current of water and swam towards her darling for a warm hug. The eagle breathed its last in air and fell on Ponni River like a huge garland of withered rose flowers. Prince Kuttuvan pulled Vanathi for a tight embracement to experience her hotness in the cold water current of Ponni River. They forgot their responsibilities for a span of time, driving deep into the stream of sensuous mirth.

King Gangan rolled on the thick silk cotton mattress, his bird of imagination flying in the higher altitude of the sky. His efforts of initial stage to crystallize the dream of forming a united Mathura Empire failed to fetch sweet fruits, due to the prowess of prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land. His administrative ability put a heavy hindrance to his damsel hunting expeditions. If prince Kuttuvan survived with retained energy, he won’t drive his sacrificial horse to the northern states to annex them into his Marutha Land. His whole dream to unite all the principalities of Hindustan into a united Marutha Empire would remain only as a mirage, if Neyythal Land flourished in strength. He won’t climb on the peak of victory, if Prince Kuttuvan survived to breathe fresh air to a longer period of time.

Three glamorous queens of Marutha Land waved peacock feather fans with thousand eyes to cool his mind favorable for sensuous games. The partial nudity of the three queens failed to catch his attention to cause sexomagnetic induction. “Lord, we are on the attack of worry for your unrest. May we massage your body smoothly to remove your weariness?” asked a queen, penetrating his eyes with a catchy smile.

“A special type of tension is pressing my nerves. I don’t know a technique to evaporate the weight of the tension” blinked king Gangan staring the vibrations of chest bulges with a glare on his face. Another queen noticed the direction of orientation his eyes and the change of colors on his face.

“Majestic King, may I dance rhythmically in birth dress to generate hot waves in your senses?” captivated the second queen cajolingly.

“Your hot dance may push me into higher level of exhaustion. I need to think deep to search a solution for my scorching problem. You three should observe perfect silence not to interrupt my immersion into the depth of thinking” debarred king Gangan, allowing his mind to fly freely in the realm of imagination.

When he rolled his eyes aimlessly, a jar in the almyrah attracted his attention like a treasure of gold. A gleam of happiness illuminated his face instantly, as if the Alauddin’s magic lamp was on his hands. He sprang from the bed quickly and ran towards the almyrah and embraced the jar on his chest like his own pet child. He opened the jar to verify the content and a brightness of joy spread on his face. “Wow! A jar full of Wilajit! This magic medicine will be of immense use to kill Prince Kuttuvan. The goddess of victory will surrender on my feet for my supreme brain’ eulogized king Gangan explicitly.

“Queens! I have an urgent work to be completed without lapse of time. A shall call you a little later. Send message to captain Vindan for an urgent discussion” forced King Gangan with a magnetic smile of sure victory.

Captain Vindan met him, after a short interval of time. “Majestic King, I am ready for your service. Kindly assign the duty to be completed. May almighty bless us always with the joy of victory’ greeted captain Vindan glossily.

“Vindan, our stone fort in the backside of our campus of magnetic fortress remains idle without utility. You take immediate steps clean the interior of the stone fortress. Fill the fort with all amenities for the stay of ten soldiers for a period of two months” hastened King Gangan, still floating on imagination about the consequences of his latest efforts.

Captain Vindan gazed him with a question mark of doubt on his face. Neglecting his expectations fully, king Gangan put his next order to complete the mission. “Vindan! Select ten best young warriors from our cavalry immediately. Bring all of them to our general assembly for a short group discussion. They all should be energetic, capable to fight individually with Prince Kuttuvan. They should be lean, high and strong like Prince Kuttuvan instructed King Gangan intangibly.

“Majestic King, already we diffused fifty soldiers into Neyythal Land in different directions to kill Prince Kutuvan. After the lapse of one whole month, no one returned safety with positive news about the demise of Prince Kuttuvan. I expect all of them breathed their last buff of air in Neyythal Land. One more trial in that direction will be an attempt of suicide” limned captain Vindan, with a shade of sympathy on his face for the lost souls.

“Captain, no ghost has power to load ideas on my head. Do or die is my policy. If I noticed any defect in your selection, you will suffocate to breathe fresh air” maligned king Gangan, mercilessly. Sharply at evening of that day, captain Vindan met King Gangan with ten selected soldiers of his cavalry. He stared the ten warriors from toe to the hair to study their worthiness to open a head on collision with Prince Kuttuvan. All the ten warriors appeared identical like Prince Kuttuvan in structure style, and strength, with only one difference for distance vision. In facial expression they differed entirely like islands in different oceans. Captain Vindan breathed easily without tension, seeing the light of satisfaction on the face of king Gangan.

“Captain, your selection appears to be the best for my strategy of attack. You selected our warriors keeping the structural style of Prince Kuttuvan on your mind. They will lie the foundation stone for the establishment of united Mathura Empire, annexing all the states of Hindustan’ notified King Gangan, patting gently on his shoulder as an appreciation for his duty consciousness.

Captain Vindan won’t imagine the idea that sparkled in the brain of king Gangan. At the same time, he won’t raise questions to clarify the doubt that boiled in his inner mind. So he illuminated his face with a gleam of innocence of a new born child. King Gangan never cared to study the orientation of the mind of others. He had only concentration on the completion of his dreams for his own comports, conveniences and joyous experiences.

“Captain, I want a good portrait of Prince Kuttuvan. Make necessary arrangements for drawing a magnified image of Prince Kuttuvan. Such a painting is very important for our latest mission” ordered King Gangan ostentatiously.

’Majestic King, that appears to be a tedious task. No artist can draw the picture of Prince Kuttuvan in his absence”

“Nothing is impossible in my imagination. There may be artist in Marutha Land, who is familiar with prince Kuttuvan.”

“What can I do lord, if no such artist is available?”

“Send some of our artists to Neyythal Land meet prince Kuttuvan”

“They will be stopped at the border by the army of Neyythal Land”

“If so, assign the work to an artist of Neyythal Land moving beyond the frontiers of Neyythal land. They will complete the portrait with perfection. By hook or crook, the portrait should be on my hands within one month”

Captain Vindan waved his head hither and thither with closed mouth, as a symbol of acceptance of the assigned duty. He knew the nature of prize, for refusal of the orders of king Gangan. In a world ruled by an autocrat like king Gangan, a birth as a deaf and dumb would be better. He should risk his own life to fetch a portrait of Prince Kuttuvan, within the period specified by the King Gangan.

“Vindan, the duty to be assigned to our warriors is highly meritorious. To honour their service to our motherland, supply a prize of thousand gold coins to each family of these warriors. They have a tough training progarmme for duration of two months in our stone fortress. After the enhancement of their capability, they will be sent to Neyythal Land for their endeavor to kill prince Kuttuvan” paltered king Gangan, fixing a high prize of thousand gold coins for the life of a soldier. The announcement of a high prize of thousand gold coins spread waves of happiness in the nervous system of the soldiers, like a sudden shower of rain at the time of torrid summer.

“Dear, I expect your whole hearted support for the formation of Marutha Empire. I award a prize of thousand gold coins to your family, for their prosperous future. You should involve in the training program sincerely to increase your energy level. Your names will be written in golden letters in the history of Mathura Empire. You wait for me outside the stone fortress. I will personally present to explain the depth of our latest technique to kill Prince Kuttuvan” rustled King Gangan ravenously.

The band of ten warriors walked towards the stone fort, as if on a journey towards the joy of heaven. They hold mirth of a new flower on their face, as if the wick of a dim lamp in darkness is kindled adding more fuel oil. They imagined that the prize of thousand gold coins would cause a current of prosperity in their family. In future they would oscillate in a swing of joy, without slightest worry to earn for a living.

“The fortune for building the first step for the formation of Mathura Empire fell on our heads. Just an imagination thrills my senses to the joy of heaven. I am happy, as if our king put a crown on my head’ smattered a warrior, expanding his chest girth, inhaling a huge puff of air in pride.

“Our parents on the lap of starvation are lucky enough to receive a treasure of thousand gold coins. In future, our parent won’t taste bitterness even in the form of medicines. Our offsprings will live a life of luxury of lords like the hereditary kings of principalities’ tattled another soldier tactfully.

“Our king will boost our energy level by a scheme of rigorous training. With this higher energy level, we shall crush Prince Kuttuvan easily like a water snake. In future we will be remembered as super heroes of Marutha Empire” ushered a third soldier, bouncing around the area like a young chick fluttering its wings to fly.

Empty vessels made the greatest noise. Nine soldiers hold sparks of joy on their faces, like the change of intensity of a torch with respect to the behavior of air currents. Only one soldier walked with constant speed, keeping his face inert like a stone statue. All the other soldiers stared him like an alien from a foreign` planet. He was Subban an orphan soldier, who had no story about the survival of his parents.

“Subban, our king blessed with a treasure of thousand gold coins. Our hearts jump in joy for such a heavy prize. You are inert like a hermit on a long duration penance. May we know the reason behind your lack of involvement?” vilified a soldier vigorously.

“I have no family of my own to float on luxury. I shall claim the prize, after victory. I have my own doubts and fears.”

“Stupid, fear should fly away from the heroes of prowess. Cowards die daily, but man of valor will die only once.”

“Friends, our king plans to give us a risky work. He fixed a prize of thousand gold coins for our life. I judge rare chance for our return to normal life.”

“All dark corners appear as ghosts to a man on fear.”

Beyond the words of mouth, there occurred sparks of warning in their brains. Their imaginative birds flew in all directions to search the color of truth. Within a short period of time, their sharpness of the brain emitted danger pulses. “Prince Kuttuvan is not a stag to be hunted easily by a lion. He is under the shadow of the tigress of Neyythal Land. No lion of Marutha Land can touch the skin of Prince Kuttuvan” wrangled Subban woefully.

Bewitching waves of fear penetrated their nervous systems. Their flight on the wings of imagination in the sky of victory, exploded into fumes like the collapse of air bubbles. Subban imagined the movement of clouds of darkness on their faces. “Friends, we are paid government servants of Mathura land. We are responsible to obey the orders of the king, irrespective of the nature of risk in the work. For executing work from his servants, the king has no need to announce such a heavy prize. Hence I expected some dangerous mystery in the training program” yarned Subban to sow high yielding seeds of fear into their mind.

At that instant of growing crops of shiver, the gigantic stone fortress attracted their attention like a monstrous ghoul. The stone fortress was constructed by piling huge rectangular blocks of rocks, which appeared in size like the great wall of chine. The front gate of the fortress was closed by a huge teak wood door, strengthened by iron bars at the four edges, one bar along horizontal in the middle and another bar along vertical in the middle. The door of the stone fortress was closed air tight and a huge lock hanged to assure the security.

The soldiers approached the vicinity of the door, and immersed in prayers with closed eyes, like deep devotees of god. The fear waves scattered their concentration into different corners, like a brood of chicks uncared by their mother. At that period of diversified concentration of the soldiers, Subban opened his mouth to preach the principles of his life. “Friends, as warriors of Marutha Land, we have responsibility to fetch the sweet fruits of victory for our mother land. Life and death are uncertain in a war. The strategy of attack and guidance of the captain play major role in victory. The strength of the rival and his sharpness of brain are the major deciding factors in success of a war. Let us play with trust till our breath to hoist the flag of victory” activated Subban authoritatively.

The instructions of Subban acted as a catalyst to boost the energy level of the soldiers. The fissiparous forces in their mind lost strength and the duty consciousness grew to high levels. The vibrations in their hearts slowly vanished, like the process of settling of tiny particles in the coarse suspension of lime water.

“Let us move forward, breaking the obstacles on our path of progress. Let us pluck the sweet fruits of victory by our strenuous efforts. Let us lie the first step for the formation of a united Marutha Empire” blared a soldier to increase the enthusiasm of his friends for their forward march towards success.

The roar of the soldier boosted the energy of other soldiers to higher level. The feeling of patriotism that remained dormant in their inner mind was activated to the stage of explosion. “Victory! Victory! Victory to Marutha Empire” cheered the soldiers congruously.

At that right time of expanding patriotism, they witnessed king Gangan approaching them, with a clay pot embraced to his chest by his left hand, like his own child of love. They noticed a big key oscillating in an iron ring, in the strong grasp of his right hand. The soldiers showed their respect to the king, by standing with folded hands and bowed heads. King Gangan observed the dance of trust on their bloomed faces that motivated him to climb on the higher steps of his endeavor of novelty. “Hearty greetings to the emperor of Marutha.. We are ready to act according to the guidance of our honorable Majestic King,. We expect your immediate order to climb on the steps towards our success. We shall prove our merits by our high level achievement within a short interval of time” dignified Subban to hear the master plan crystallized in the crooked brain of king Gangan.

King Gangan spread a magnetic smile on his face to attract the hearts of the soldiers, like an earthworm on the edge of a hook to catch harmless fishes. The soldiers were inspired to higher levels of enthusiasm by the friendly smile of king Gangan. “Let us annex whole Hindustan into our Marutha Empire! Let us expand our powers to the world beyond Himalays. Let us sing songs to praise the heroism of our King!” enchanted a soldier emphatically. The face of King Gangan bloomed to higher intensity, as if there was a shower of ice cold water to cool the hotness of failure in his heart.

“Dear soldiers, open the door of our stone fortress. We shall discuss the most novelty plan of the world inside the stone fortress. No one in the whole world can imagine such a strange plan of sure success. The idea of novelty will boost your energy level to the heights of the sky and will give strength to fly in the sky like birds of prey’ flattered king Gangan, with burst of a laugh of mirth.

The door of the stone fortress was opened like the cave in which Alaudin’s magic lamp was preserved. At first King Gangan put his right foot into the fortress. Other soldiers entered into the fortress with eagerness, floating on imagination like their first entry into the joy of paradise. They witnessed a huge auditorium at the centre of the fortress, supported on three balustrades of huge pillars. That was an open auditorium without wall, favorable for free flow of air current.

The team entered into the auditorium to study the favorable conditions for the residence for a long time period of months. They noticed of cereals and pulses piled at the left side of the spring auditorium. Different varieties of vegetables were heaped separately, enough for a period of one week. There was an array of cooking utensils of clay. They observed a huge clay urn closed by an iron plate. When king Gangan opened the plate of the urn, the sweet flavor of grapes wine penetrated their nostrils. King Gangan added the complete amount of the magic medicine super Wilajit to the wine and kept the plate in its original position. The scene of the struggle between his birdmen and prince Kuttuvan flashed in his mind to lift him to the height of heaven.

The soldiers noticed the slightest movement of King Gangan carefully, dreaming him as the incarnation of god. There occurred an adorned chair at the centre of that spring auditorium. King Gangan moved fast towards the chair like a whirl wind. He sat on the chair upright with pride like the king of heaven. The soldiers stood before him, in the form of two rows of five members each, with the expression of obedient servants. They were ready to hear the ideas of novelty of their strange training programmes without defects.

“Soldiers, you all are good warriors, with great expertise in the arts of warfare. We have a dream to transform our kingdom into Marutha Empire, annexing all the principalities in Hindustan. Prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land stood as a hindrance in the middle for our forward march towards the north. Our aim is to remove the thorny grow in the path of our progress. To remove the obstacle, I seek the helping hands of heroes like you” gulled King Gangan, using words of praise as spears to pierce their heart for orienting them along the direction of his aim.

The words of praise of king Gangan succeeded in their objective to catch the hearts of the soldiers, to pledge their life in the dangerous endeavor. The eyes of the soldiers glittered in pride like the twinkling stars in the sky. Prince Kuttuvan was a rising sun in the arena of politics. A victory over Prince Kuttuvan would boost their names to the level of rising sun in the eastern sky. In addition to their treasure of gold coins, the fame of victory against Prince Kuttuvan would spread their names throughout Marutha Land like a lantern on the top of a mountain peak. Such imaginations pushed them upwards towards the trap of death.

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