Magnetic Fortress

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Witch Lyla

King Gangan of Maruthaland planned to produce an army of birdmen to destroy Prince Kuttuvan He selected a team of ten horsemen for conversion into birdmen and shifted them into the stone fortress inside the campus of his magnetic fortress. He mixed Wilajit, a magic medicine powerful to sprout wings to living organisms, with the drinking water preserved for them. He opened a conversation with the soldiers to explain the strange idea in the depth of his brain.

“Prince Kuttuvan is the mighty hero of Neyythal Land. The tigress of Neyythal land is always around him as a shield to protect him. Do you have power to kill prince Kuttuvan,?” harassed king Gangan, with lowering trust in his tone.

“We have enough energy to crush prince Kuttuvan like a bed bug, within a short time of an eye wink. Our combined energy is huge to kill prince Kuttuvan with less effort. Kindly preserve hundred percent trust on our victory,” informed Subban instantaneously.

“Words of mouth require only little efforts for origination. The process of crossing the hurdles to climb on the peak of victory needs sky high skills. There is heavy water current of Ponni River between Marutha Land and Neyythal Land to act as a hindrance for your endeavor.”

“Is there any mysterious difficulty in crossing Ponni River Majestic King?”

“The Ponni River can be crossed with less effort. However, there is heavy patrol on the opposite bank of Ponni River by the soldiers and citizens of Neyythal Land. They will catch you easily to feed as food to their monster wood peckers”.

“Alas! This appears to be a dangerous situation beyond our capacity to evaporate the power of prince Kuttuvan into vacuum. How can we escape from their high network of security?”

“I have a strange idea to cross the snare of prince Kuttuvan. Are you ready to co-operate me with whole heart?”

“We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the success of our dream project to from united Mathura Empire. Kindly focus maximum trust on our worthiness to achieve what you preach.”

King Gangan spread a treachery network to murder prince Kuttuvan, like dropping a hook containing an earth worm to catch a fish from river. The team of ten soldiers fell into his snare, like insects that trapped in the cobweb of a spider. If he moved the dice carefully, the moths would try to kiss the flame of fire to breathe their last puff of air.

“You should fly like swift to cross the security patrol of prince Kuttuvan easily.”

“How can we fly without wings? We have capacity to fly in the sky only on the wings of imagination.”

“The crocodiles in our moat have wings. Did you hear flying crocodiles earlier?”

“No Majestic King. The strange flying crocodiles added a lot to our fame.”

“I can bless you with wings. You shall achieve miracles with a pair of real wings.”

“Wow! What a strange idea! It will be a wonder to fly in the sky with wings.”

“Do you imagine the height of your energy level with wings like birds?”

“Certainly. If we are blessed with wings, we shall easily cross the security shield of prince Kuttuvan. We shall kill him easily, cutting into fragments of flesh.”

King Gangan climbed on the top of the tree of happiness. He believed certainly that the combined efforts of ten flying soldiers would put an end to the haughtiness of prince Kuttuvan, the mightiest hero of Neyythal land. The evaporation of the obstacle on his path of progress would energize him first for the damsel hunting expedition in the hamlets of Neyythal Land. Even a slight imagination about the beauty angels of Neyythal land magnified the libido in the nervous system of his body. The glamorous structure of Vanathi flashed repeatedly in his mind to sow seeds of everlasting hotness into his nervous system.

At the same time, there was a warning bell in his mind that kept him always in the shadow of alertness. “The brain of the drove of cattle should be kept inert. A deep thinking may illuminate the dark side of this project of novelty. My efforts of high ambition won’t be wasted like soft water irrigated to the growth of weeds,” jabbered king Gangan with in his mind jejunely.

“Soldiers, a life as birdman is a wonderful experience of joy. You shall enjoy the thrills of fairyland, as per your whims and fancies. My helping hand is always behind you to push towards high levels of enjoyments,” lauded king Gangan laconically.

“You indicated about the sprouting of wings to us to boost our energy level. We are highly interested to know the technique to be used by Majestic King, for blessing us with a pair of wings like birds. Kindly informs us the secret key for opening the door of wonder for our journey towards the joy of heaven” mobilized Subban, folding his hands as prayer for his blessings.

“Soldiers, you will get raw food items once per week. I appoint Subban as the leader of the group of birdmen. You should improve your ability by continuous exercises for two months, under the guidance of Subban. Drink only one cup of grape wine only once per day,” necessitated king Gangan, putting a fence of control for their freedom.

In the crowd of the herd of ignorant sheep, Subban was a cunning fox in the skin of a man. Limitless numbers of doubts germinated in his mind like the prop roots of a banyan tree. “King, did you add wing sprouting medicine to our grape wine? May we know the name of the magic medicine used for sprouting wings?” paralyzed Subban by his unexpected question of heavy shock.

There won’t be any problem till the seed of doubt fell in the field of the heart, to vibrate the stability about their hope on a bright future. If a tiny seed of a banyan tree was allowed carelessly on a strong fortress, it would germinate to grow into a huge tree in future shaking the stability of the fortress beyond repair. The trial to hide a huge pumpkin inside crystal clear water won’t yield fruits of sweetness. Hence, king Gangan finalized to expose the secret behind the story of wings.

“Soldiers, a portion of magic medicine Wilajit is mixed with grape wine in the urn. You will transform into birdmen within a period of fifty days. During the transformation stage, you may experience little body pain. You have to bear the pain to avoid negative reactions. After the growth of wings to maturity, you put should practice the art of flight to the level of perfection,” quoted king Gangan querulously.

The soldiers were thrilled by the announcement of king Gangan, dreaming about their fast flight in the height of the sky like gigantic birds. A life with wings like birds appeared to them as a wonderful experience, beyond the levels of imagination. They allowed their mind to fly into the vast stretches of the sky, like angels of heaven with wings of matching color. “I have a warning to limit your excessive enthusiasm to cross the stone fortress before my order. I will open the door of stone fortress exactly after sixty days. There is a strong patrol of horsemen with bow and arrows around the stone fortress. Don’t try to fly at higher altitude of air to stir curiosity of strangeness in the heart of the guards. Don’t involve in exertions to escape from the stone fortress, on the basis of negative imaginations. Your alertness will help to avoid the penetration of sharp arrows into your heart/ to push your soul into the tortures of hell” rammed king Gangan, focusing sensations of wrath on his face as a warning signal.

Waves of shiver attacked the nervous system of the soldiers, as if pushed abruptly to the coldest region of Antarctica. They closed their lips airtight, like the doors of a precious treasure, to preserve the breath from the disturbance of death. When king Gangan began his return journey, Subban raised a question to vibrate his heart to the level of boiling. “Majestic King, we shall write the concluding scenes to the life story of prince Kuttuvan in the form of birdmen with high energy. After hoisting victory flag, may we wither our wings to lead the normal life of an ordinary soldier?” stuttered Subban, as a consequence of the impact of variety of negative imaginations.

Next moment, king Gangan focused flames of anger on his face. His lips vibrated as a consequence of excessive anger. His eyebrows expanded by the burning hotness of his mind. “Stupid, you are just a moth around the flame of the magnetic fortress. I have capacity to burn you into ash, within a short spell of a wink. Don’t buy death by the pearls of your mouth,” trumpeted king Gangan threateningly.

After a short displacement towards the outer gate of the stone fortress, the speed of his motion diminished towards zero. The beauty angels of Neyythal land pulled his attention backwards. The birdmen would help him a lot for his joyous future in a flower garden of beauty queens. Another most important aspect that pulled his interest backwards was his dream project to form an united Marutha Empire, annexing all the states of Hindustan. King Gangan controlled his wrath to the level of freezing point of ice. He grew love crops on his face to hide the darkness of hatred in his inner heart. “Friends, don’t lose energy by excessive imaginations of turbulence of boiling. I preserve anti wing medicine to wither your wings at unwanted times. A single dose of medicine is enough to detach your wings in a short period of five days”, vowed king Gangan, changing the reddish shades of flare on his face to milky white softness.

All the other soldiers were fully satisfied by the explanation of king Gangan. But the hotness of different forms of doubts began to vibrate the heart of Subban to increasing amplitudes. The soldiers observed the closure of the door of the stone fortress and a shadow of fear began to fill their hearts. “Friends, the life as a birdman will give us splendid experiences of strangeness. After the completion of our mission we shall fly into the vast stretch of the sky to enjoy the varieties of green blankets of the earth. If we experienced any boredom in the new life of novelty, we shall return to the magnetic fortress to wither our wings to lead the normal life of a soldier,” whizzed Subban whimsically.

“Wow! The idea of Subban is marvelous. A world tour as a bird will be a mind catching experience. The company of variety of birds will be an added advantage for our world tour. Let us preserve a portion of the medicated wine to seek the company of bird women” adjured a soldier, enjoying his own comment as a miracle of heaven.

Saplings planted in a regular pattern with uniform spacing to form parallel arrays, will transform that area into an attractive flower garden. If mixed seeds were sown in an irregular pattern, they would form an alliance with thorny shrubs to form dense forests, to prevent the easy entry of mankind. In a similar manner, king Gangan grew into a selfish brute, who wished to taste every best object that fell into the focus of his greedy eyes. That was why poets recommended to cutoff a thorny tree while it was young. If allowed to grow hard, the thorny tree will impart pain to the hands of the lumberer.

The process of imposing death sentence on the head of a wicked man by a ruler is like removing weeds competing for nutrients with high yielding crops. However, if the ruler himself is a ruthless brute, who has capacity to tie a warning bell to such a wicked cat? One day the most powerful god will drop stone of punishment on the head of selfish jackals like king Gangan. This type of imaginary dream would be the only relief of common man, who roam on the surface of the earth like worms living in the dirty water of a gutter.

At the end of the period of two months, king Gangan wished to reap the harvest of his master plan to produce a team of birdmen. At the same time, he remembered the proverb man proposes, but god disposes. What would be the ultimatum, if god inverted his plan upside down to show him the dark side of failure? Who had capacity to stop the most powerful birdmen, if they formed an alliance among themselves to rob the sparkling crown on his head?

There was a glow of red light in his brain that warned him to be alert. The proverb ‘As you sow, so you reap’ flashed in his mind repeatedly, like the twinkling of a star. Hence he decided to shift his every steps forward with caution. He invited his three army captains, ready for a tough war with armors. They visited him with perfect preparations to face the consequences of a sudden outburst of a war. King Gangan was happy to watch them in full armor with swords to tackle an abrupt attack.

“I invited you to show a team of strange warriors. They are energized by me to this higher level of wonder. They will clear the obstacle on our path of progress for damsel hunting expeditions in Neyythal land,” bellowed king Gangan bewilderingly.

“Majestic King, your all imaginations are world wonder for our little brains. We are eagerly waiting to witness your latest honorable achievement of sky high merits,” chuckled captain Vindan, spreading the joy brightness of a fresh rainbow on his face.

“Prince Kuttuvan is a hindrance to our dream for the formation of an united Marutha Empire. I decided to pulverize the obstacle on our path of forward march towards success in our imaginative plan. For the victory of our wonderful dreams, I fabricated a team of ten flying men with wings,” depicted king Gangan deftly.

“Birdmen? The concept of birdmen is a strange world wonder. Is there a community of birdmen exists in our world? Where did you capture the team of birdmen for our utility?” exploded captain Murugan, shades of different colors illuminating his face.

“The species of flying crocodiles is unknown outside Marutha Land. At the same time, flying crocodiles swim in the moat of our magnetic fortress. Similarly birdmen belong to a latest species living only in the campus of magnetic fortress,” flaunted king Gangan flatulently.

The three captains floated on the waves of wonder to the height of suffocation. They accumulated a torch of joy on their faces. They swam in the ocean of wonder, for the sky high achievements of their king. The waves of eager pushed them to higher energy levels to glance the strange birdmen immediately.

“The existence of flying crocodiles was showed by a hermit. Did the same hermit identify the team of birdmen? Did the birdmen an alien species of a foreign planet?” grunted captain Vannan genially.

“The birdmen were not identified by the hermit. He taught me the technology to transform ordinary men to birdmen with wings.”

“A technique to transmute ordinary men to birdmen is a wonder. This technique is beyond the imagination of ordinary mankind.”

“This world is filled with thousands of wonders. The latest species of birdmen is one special item of higher strangeness. Captain Vindan submitted a team of ten soldiers before two months. Do you remember them Vindan?”

“I preserve the event in my memory, like a nail stroke into the trunk of a live tree. All of them are bachelor youths, experts in the arts of warfare.”

“I converted the team of ten soldiers into birdmen. They will cross the Ponni River and kill prince Kuttuvan within a short span of two days. Select another special hunter cavalry to start our damsel hunting expeditions in the hamlets of Neyythal Land.”

“Aha! This is a remarkable idea of certain victory. Our dreams of imagination will soon bloom to blossoms of reality.”

“After the death of prince Kuttuvan, the citizens of Neyythal land will fall into hopelessness of exhaustion, as if there is sporadic attack of plague. That will be the best time for our damsel hunting expeditions into the fertile villages of Neyythal Land. We shall conduct our procession of victory, with three hundred beauty angels of Neyythal Land, on the corpses of the country.”

The detailed explanation of king Gangan expanded their dream into a fairy land of wonders. They swam on the conclusion that their honorable king was an expert in plucking many mangoes with only one strike of a stone. They firmly believed that the production of birdmen would be written in golden letters on the pages of modern history of Marutha Land. The fame of king Gangan would be sung for thousands of years in Marutha Land, like a verse carved on the polished surface of a hard granite. The team of birdmen would add much to the development of Marutha Land along variety of channels.

Firstly, an opportunity would arise to fill the three hundred castles that remained vacant in the campus of magnetic fortress, by the beauty queens of Neyythal Land. Secondly the annexation of Neyythal Land with Marutha Land would increase the strength of Marutha Land to higher level beyond the level of imagination by others. Thirdly, conquer of Neyythal Land pave the easy path for the progress of the sacred horse of Asvametha ritual. All the petty kings of tiny states in Hindustan would shiver in energy loss to stop the forward march of the sacred horse. Hence the dream to form a stable Mathura Empire including all the principalities in Hindustan would bloom at the least expenditure of time, energy, men, and materials.

“Captains, Let us visit the stone fortress to enjoy the talents of wonderful birdmen. They would have developed high expertise in martial arts, while flying. They would have surpassed the vultures in their speed of flight. Their combined energy is enough to kill prince Kuttuvan in the time of a blink,” hummed king Gangan, the song of his own praise like a wasp.

He walked towards the stone fortress, his high enthusiasm to study the worthiness of the birdmen. The three captains ran behind him like the tail of a fox. When they approached the vicinity of the stone fortress, king Gangan gave the key of the door to captain Selvan. He opened the lock, and the door was pushed to one side by the combined effort to all of them. They witnessed the team of birdmen on a training programme of sword fight, flying in the sky like gigantic birds, fluttering their huge wings at low frequency.

“Captains, be ready for a war. The birdmen may attack us to capture the throne. Their excessive energy may have sown seeds of treachery into their brain,” innervated king Gangan inimically.

“They are group leaders of our cavalry. They won’t move even a straw against us. We shall believe them more than our own imaginations,” lauded captain Vindan to cool down the tension of king Gangan.

“The birdmen have higher energy than ordinary men. Their crooked mind may induce them a hunger on the taste of power. They may wish to decorate the head of one of them with the royal crown. So we must be alert to safeguard ourselves,” mobilized king Gangan, as the reason for his warning signal.

“Friends, the argument of our king appears to be real. We can’t judge the nature of snake inside the anthill. Both of you get ready for defense,” neighed captain Vindan nervously.

Next moment the three captains drew their swords from sheaths. The birdmen flying in the sky appeared to them like gigantic bats piercing through the layers of the atmosphere. They observed feathers in the wings of birdmen like birds. “Majestic King, the birdmen have feathers on their wings unlike the flying crocodiles swimming in the moat. As the crocodiles living in water, their webbed wings without feathers are favorable for their flight. If they have feathers on their wings, they will experience some difficulties in flying,” opined captain Vindan, with a sensation of satisfaction on his face.

“Did your brain grow beyond the normal limit abruptly? Did a tail of courage develop behind you to utter worthless words? Do you want a prize for the elongation of your tongue?” objurgated king Gangan, a color of flare spreading on his space like flame.

“Kindly excuse me for my stupidity. Will you please permit me to utter only one idea that is bubbling in my mind?”

“Don’t run into tension by the stock of your ideas. Even if I refuse permission, you won’t sleep peacefully, without unloading your hotness on my head. So emit whatever the stupidity boiling in your mind.”

“All the birdmen produced by us happened to be masculine. It would create better climate, if we produce ten bird women. If we succeed in such an effort, there will be a species of mankind with wings in future. You will be worshipped as a second god,” prevised captain Vindan, with a gleam of smile on his face as an effort to catch the attention of king Gangan.

Influenced by the extreme imagination of captain Vindan, king Gangan exploded into laugher of joy, like the sound emitted by rolling gold coins on the slope of a rock. His face illumined by happiness, as if the rays of rising sun were converged on his face. He floated on the waves of imagination for a short period of time, to fetch fruits of sweet taste that would add higher fame to his career. “Captain, your brain is sharp enough to catch my mind. Your words of extol will be a guiding force for my further walk along the track of research. My next effort will be towards the production of bird women. I have a plan to create a new species of flying mankind, allowing them to live a family life under controlled conditions inside the campus of the stone fortress,” quacked king Gangan, allowing his mind to roam along the vast space of imagination.

The birdmen were on a training programme to boost their skill in brandishing swords, for killing the foe within a short time interval like the attack of a streak of lightning. The sudden appearance of their king and army captains in the campus of the stone fortress spread the torch of happiness on their face. They fluttered their huge wings rhythmically at low frequency to reach their vicinity and jumped before them like angels of heaven. “Honorable king, respected captains, the team of birdmen is ready to launch a lightning attack on prince Kuttuvan. Our capacity to fly in the sky like birds of prey will help us lot to kill prince Kuttuvan with less efforts. We shall hoist the flag of victory at our first trial,” radiated the team leader Subban, bowing his head as a symbol of respect. The other birdmen also stood with folded hands and bowed heads to show their reverence.

“Soldiers, you transformed into new type of mankind with enormous wings to support your higher weight. Your new generation gives you higher status as angels on the surface of the earth. You are the foundation stones for the establishment of Marutha Empire,” showered king Gangan words of praise, like the droplets of a drizzle.

“Majestic King, our transformation into birdmen excites our nerves to the joy of heaven,”

“Do you find any difficulty to fly in the sky? Do you feel the shiver of fear, while flying in the higher altitudes of the sky?”

“We experienced some hardship at the initial stages of flight. We took great training in the art of flight for long period of time daily. Now we find the process of flying in the higher altitudes of the sky, an easy task like walking on the surface of the Earth. We are on the sea of thrill for such joyous experience of novelty.”

“Do you experience any obstacle in waving sword, balancing at the height of the sky?”

“We have enough power to fly in the sky without a shade of tension. We are able to stabilize in the sky easily like a dragon fly. We have higher energy to turn and rotate in the sky to practice the arts of warfare.”

The burden of tension that loaded the heart of king Gangan till then vanished into vacuum like a puff of smoke. There was lower amplitude of shiver in his nerves, owing to the calm behavior of the birdmen. He confirmed that the birdmen failed to imagine the consequences of the wings on their future streamlined family life. If they dipped higher into the depth of imagination, they would reap the bitter corns of wings. If they learnt the hindrance of wings on their joyous life of future, they would return with higher energy to wage a war against his craftiness.

King Gangan expected a twist in future against his concept of the production of birdmen. That was the basic reason behind the screen for his utterance about a magic medicine to wither unwanted wings. He had a stock of cobra poison to silence the expected uproar of birdmen against his strategy to kill his only strong foe prince Kuttuvan. He finalized to remove the birdmen from the surface of the earth after their climb on the peak of victory, giving cobra poison as the magic medicine to detach wings. The cremation of the corpses of the birdmen on a stake of fuel wood would stop the tragic story of the birdmen with wings.

King Gangan flew in the vast space of imagination, dreaming about a series of damsel hunting expeditions on the surface of Neyythal Land. The birdmen floated on wonder, enjoying the change of colors on his face like the shades of colors of a rainbow. They were on penance to hear the orders of guidance from the golden mouth of their hero of Marutha Land.

“Soldiers, how can you identify prince Kuttuvan in Neyythal Land? Do any of you remember the face of prince Kuttuvan to launch selective attack of perfect aim?” twittered king Gangan, raising questions like sharp penetrative arrows.

“I am sorry. We have no idea about the appearance of prince Kuttuvan. We will suffocate to identify prince Kuttuvan in Neyythal Land. We can’t mingle with people in the form of birdmen to locate prince Kuttuvan by the process of inquiry,” vocalized birdman Subban vacillatingly.

“Don’t fly in the shiver of terror. We have a portrait of prince Kuttuvan painted by an expert artist. Before your journey to fetch the fruits of victory, you use the picture to preserve the features of prince Kuttuvan in your memory. Your endeavor won’t slip into the dark side of failure,” warned king Gangan, showing the rolled picture on the hand of captain Vindan. He gave the painting drawn on white china silk to birdman Subban. He opened the roll and analyzed the structure of prince Kuttuvan. All the ten birdmen studied the portrait repeatedly to stabilize in the memory area of their brains. They grew high trust crop in the field of their minds to identify prince Kuttuvan in the midst of a crowd of citizens of Neyythal Land.

“Soldiers, you start your journey today towards Neyythal Land after sunset. A stud of ten horses will be waiting for you, under a banyan tree to the north of our magnetic fortress. You fly to the banyan tree, without falling into the suspecting eyes of the soldiers on the magnetic fortress. You use the horses to travel to the southern bank of Ponni River. After sunset, you fly to the royal palace of Neyythal Land and finish the story of prince Kuttuvan before sunrise. I expect your return to magnetic fortress as heroes of Marutha Land to receive our warm welcome,” articulated king Gangan avariciously.

“We assure the death of prince Kuttuvan before the sunrise of day after tomorrow. We will cross Ponni River before the spread of the news of the tragedy in Neyythal land. This is the oath of the first batch of birdmen of Neyythal Land,” blazed birdman Subban, with high energy for their sure success.

“Best wishes for a splendid victory. Countless praises and prizes will wait in the campus of magnetic fortress for the heroes of victory,” conveyed king Gangan congruously.

Full moon in the sky tried to illuminate the surface of the earth to its level best, to remove the blanket of darkness. Millions of stars twinkled in the sky as a support to moon to drive away the darkness monsters. Due to the thrill of embracement of lunar rays, white flowers began to spread their petals. Attracted by the fragrance of flowers, beetles roamed around them in search of nectar. Thousands of fire flies entered the area to show light to the honey robbers.

“Friends, our prime objective is the death of prince Kuttuvan. Our achievement will give us better opportunities for a joyous future. So our focused concentration should be on the process of killing prince Kuttuvan at the first strike,” declared birdman Subban decisively.

“We can’t climb on the peak of victory, if all of us behave as individual islands. We should select a group leader based on experience, strength and sharpness of mind. All of us should act as one entity, under the guidance of the group leader,” expressed another birdman in a tone of compulsion.

“The team leader should be wise enough to take a good decision about our future life. We shall start a world tour after the death of prince Kuttuvan. Another option is to wither wings to lead the normal life of a soldier. The leader should be able to choose the best option,” formulated birdman Subban flagrantly.

“The group leader should be the best warrior of the group. Let us decide our leader by a valor competition,” grunted one birdman gallantly.

“Our king suggested Subban as our group leader. He is a good warrior. He has higher sharpness of mind. He has better leadership qualities. He has adorable communication skill. Let us confirm Subban as our group leader,” hailed the first birdman hectically.

“Hi! Subban is the first group leader of the army of birdmen. Victory to Subban! Victory to all birdmen!” adored another birdman, singing the slogans of their own praise.

The roars of applauses and acclamations filled the area with joy. “Friends, I accept your offer for our sure victory. My inner minds warn me about a lot of problems against our progress towards victory. Let us tackle the obstacles with indomitable strength and tireless valor,” inspired birdman Subban, fluttering his huge wings to fly towards northern direction like a huge bat. All other birdmen followed him as his own disciples. They crossed the magnetic fortress that stood like a monster. Their eyes were on curious search to locate the horses indicated by the king.

After a search for a long period of time, they discovered the vast spread of a banyan tree with hundreds of prop roots. “Friends, I expect the horses under that banyan tree. Let us step on the branches of the banyan tree to explore any peril around the area” lured birdman Subban, flying towards the banyan tree swiftly.

The birdmen descended on the neighboring branches of the banyan tree, folding their huge wings. The banyan tree appeared to be a huge umbrella painted green to shield the earth from intense solar radiation. The numerous prop roots sowed fear waves into their hearts like huge pythons. As the spread of the lunar rays were stopped by the dense leaves of the banyan tree, there was a heavy rule of darkness under banyan tree. “Friends, The banyan tree may be the hideout of a band of robbers, the dangers of the sky. All of you wait a little to verify the conditions of safety. I shall hear the breathing sound of horses under the banyan tree. The ten horses may be tied to different prop roots of the banyan tree. First I shall fetch a horse. You may follow my foot steps after the confirmation of safety,” mediated birdman Subban magnanimously.

Birdman Subban carefully stepped down from the branch of the banyan tree to the ground. He witnessed dense spread of darkness around the area like a black blanket. After a short period of time, his eyes gained power to penetrate the darkness and illuminated the presence of ten horses at different locations of the darkness. He untied a horse from the prop root and bounced on the horse to start the journey. “Friends, I predict safe atmosphere around this area. Jump on the ground, to fetch the horse for our safe journey. The horses will help us for a speedy travel to march towards the peak of victory,” notified birdman Subban naively.

All the nine birdmen diffused into the blanket of darkness under the banyan tree, and returned with horses ready for their safe journey. Birdman Subban observed dense growth of trees in the forest like the population explosion in rural families. Due to dense growth of tree, there occurred a competition for sunlight between trees. As a consequence of the tough rivalry, some trees grow with bends of distortion like the minds of outlaws. He noticed a narrow path along the northern direction that appeared as a thick rope for distant vision. When he accelerated his horse along that narrow path in the midst of the forest, the other horses followed him, like an array of ants retaining the track of the leading ant.

The slow speed travel on horse, bathing in the silvery light of full moon was a nice experience of joy. The gentle breeze embraced the sensitive centers in the body to remind the warmth of their girl friends. After sunrise, the solar rays started to play hot games on their skin. Millions of sweat glands in their skin took active role to ooze sweat like water rushing through the sluices of a storage dam. Their energy levels diminished slowly, pulling them towards exhaustion. They recharged energy to their body, eating nutritious fruits at different locations of plenty.

The birdmen reached the southern bank of Ponni, after a long journey of two days. The Ponni damsel danced in joy, creating many beautiful vortices of water current on her face. In the milky white rays of moon, the water surface glittered like mercury. Tiny fishes bounced above water surface like shooting stars in the sky. A cold breeze carried the fragrance of fresh flowers to donate joy to the mankind like philanthropists of high merits. The birdmen witnessed colonnades of coconut trees on the northern bank of Ponni River.

“Leader, the capital of Neyythal Land, is at short distance beyond the clumps of coconut trees. We are uncertain about the direction and distance of the royal palace of prince Kuttuvan. Success of our effort lies on the identification of the royal palace with less efforts at the shortest time. Do you have any good idea to locate the royal palace of Neyythal Land?” puzzled a birdman plausibly.

“We should avoid flight in the sky of Neyythal Land as a team. There is heavy risk to fall into the eyes of the citizens of Neyythal Land during our flight. That may push us to the dark side of failure. Hence we must put each step carefully with alertness to save our skin,” quavered a birdman, in a tone of shiver to show the dark side of their endeavor.

“Captain, you should focus light on the path of our progress. We hate to fall into the trap of prince Kuttuvan. Perfect planning is required for climbing on the height of victory,” revealed a birdman as a warning signal to catch the sweet fruits of sure victory.

“Friends, Haste makes waste. Let us think deep to research the accurate solution without a loophole. Kindly take rest for a short period of time. I will diffuse into the capital to identify the palace of prince Kuttuvan,” sobered birdman Subban solicitously.

“Leader, your idea is the best. Don’t fly openly in the sky. You should be very careful to deceive the eyes of Neyythal Land. Return within short interval of time carrying good news favorable for our victory. We should cross Ponni River before tomorrow sunrise, after killing prince Kuttuvan,” titivated a birdman, shade of fear spreading on his face like a smoke screen.

“Our duty is to put utmost efforts to win our aim. The process of shifting the results of our endeavor to the bright side of victory is the will of god. Prince Kuttuvan is a virtuous man of refined characters. Prince Kuttuvan and king Gangan are opposite poles of the same magnet. It is our bad luck to kill a friend of mankind to support the enemy of human race,” vexed birdman Suban in a tone of universal love, tear drops growing at the edges of his eyes.

“Captain, At this instant you pronounced no meaningful word. We heard no words of praise about prince Kuttuvan. We like to hear no word of criticism of our king from your mouth,” warbled a birdman Suban woefully.

Suddenly captain Subban spread his huge wings and fluttered them rhythmically to fly into the height of the sky. Within a short period of time, he crossed the Ponni River and the clumps of greenish coconut trees. He then saw a dense forest area, with varieties of trees signifying price Kuttuvan’s concept of unity in diversity. Then he witnessed rural hamlets of Neyythal Land. There was a vast spread of paddy fields like green carpets. He noticed countless cottages, constructed in uniform pattern of rows and columns. Isolated from the colony of cottages, there were some brick houses of village heads.

After a span of time, castles of urban areas attracted the attention of birdman Subban. Sparkling castles sowed seeds of wonder in the heart of Subban. In the urban areas the whole shadows of cottages were completely absent. The streets were designed wide like the width of the heart of love of prince Kuttuvan. On both sides of broad road, skyscrapers stood like the colonnades of sky high coconut trees. His wonder crossed the heights of the sky, when he witnessed cotton bundles like clouds rested on the top of towers of the palaces. Beams of light emerged from different sides of the castles, giving them remarkable appearance of rising sun. Millions of fire flies roamed around the castles to illuminate the beauty damsels of Neyythal land with a life of everlasting joy.

Water currents of all rivers of the world at last merge with the mother ocean. Similarly Subban noticed the entry of the four broad streets into the campus of the fortress of Neyythal Land. There was a huge artistically crafted palace at the centre of the fortress. There were four highly decorated towers to the palace of adornment, one tower at the centroid and the other three towers at the vertices of an equilateral triangle. The palace appeared to be an improved form of architectural style of Burma. Birdman Subban confirmed that prince Kuttuvan would be sleeping in any one of the four towers.

Different shapes of artistically designed lamps illuminated the rooms of the palaces to transform the night into the brightness of a day. The tedious process of searching prince Kuttuvan in the four towers would eat much time up to sunrise. So avoiding wastage of time in preliminary researches, he returned quickly to the southern bank of Ponni River to energize his friends.

“Friends, I successfully discovered the royal residential palace of Neyythal Land. The palace consisted of four towers. Majority of windows remained open to enhance air circulation. There is brightness of torches throughout the palace like a day. We shall easily identify the residence of prince Kuttuvan, if we migrate from the top to bottom of all the towers,” avouched bad man Subban acutely.

“Captain, let us assume that we identified the residence of prince Kuttuvan. Prince Kuttuvan will be sleeping in a closed room under the alert guard of security officers. How can we approach the vicinity of prince Kuttuvan to pierce his heart by sharp daggers?” bewildered a birdman, sowing seeds of suspicion into the hearts of other birdmen.

“The windows in the palace were fully open to enhance air circulation. At the same time, strong iron rods are inserted closely into the frames parallel to their length”.

“Is it possible to break the rods, unnoticed by others?”

“The trial to break the rods will take much time. We can’t rely on this method to approach prince Kuttuvan.”

“Do you analyze the strength of doors? Is it possible to break the doors, without making any noise?”

“The doors were fabricated from thick planks of best quality teak wood. Even elephants can’t win to break the doors without the emission of noise.”

“How can we kill prince Kuttuvan before sunrise? If we fail in our endeavor, king will bury us alive in the depth of soil.”

“Don’t fly into haste. Spread your imagination to all corners of reality to select the best solution. If you have sharpness of brain, the apt solution will sparkle like a twinkling star.”

All birdmen closed their lips air tight, even shivering to breathe leisurely. The time vanished slowly like dissolving of salt crystals added to water in a pot. All the birdman stared each other with increasing shiver in their nervous system. There was no spark of idea in the brain of any birdman. At that instant of highest turbulence, the density of darkness in their brain increased at rapid rate.

“Friends, don’t urinate in fear. I have a good idea to climb on the peak of victory.”

“Kindly energize us by your idea of novelty. Let us experiment the flow of energy into our brain.”

“We shall try to kill prince Kuttuvan throwing daggers through windows.”

“Is it possible to charge daggers with high force to pierce the heart of prince Kuttuvan, through the space between iron rods in windows?”

“Prince Kuttuvan is a virtuous hero. The bombardment of the dagger with hard crust of the floor will disturb his sleep. He won’t seek the immediate help of soldiers of the palace. He will diffuse outside certainly to give us a tough resistance. We shall use that golden opportunity to kill prince Kuttuvan by our combined efforts.”

“Wow! Very good idea for sure victory”

There occurred a sudden spread of brightness of happiness on the faces of the birdmen. They confirmed that they would kill prince Kuttuvan like a meek stag to receive prizes and praises from their king of sky high talents. Birdman Subban learnt the direction of flight of the imaginative birds of his friends, He decided to swim in the direction of life current to escape from the hunting trials of prince Kuttuvan. A sharp pulse of shiver penetrated his nervous system, as if a ditch of quick sand was waiting to drag him into its depth.

“Do you have sharp daggers to penetrate the heart of Prince Kuttuvan?” craved birdman Subban courteously.

“We have two sharp daggers per head in our waist belt. We have a long sword per head in the sheath. Those weapons will serve us for our sure victory.”

“The golden time approached for our climb on the ladder of victory. All of you strengthen your minds to jump into the arena of toughest fight.”

Birdman Subban spread his huge wings and fluttered them to fly in the width of the sky like a gigantic bird of prey. Other birdmen followed him with higher level of trust, like a pet puppy running behind its master. Those birdmen flew towards the palace of prince Kuttuvan at high spread, increasing the frequency of vibration of their wings to high value. When they crossed high distance, the four gigantic towers of the palace attracted their attention like four sky high mountain peaks. As per the instruction of group leader Subban, three teams of two members flew towards the outer towers to locate prince Kuttuvan on sleep. The remaining four members, including the team leader Subban, flew swiftly towards the central tower.

Birdman Subban reached the top of the central tower and finalized the strategy of the searching process. He revolved around the tower in a spiral path, his eyes penetrating sharply into the tower through the windows. The other birdman modified their examination on the line of the searching operation of birdmen Subban. Their efforts failed to grow any useful crop, like water irrigated to the growth of weeds. Their confidence level for the plucking of fruits of success slowly lowered, like the level of water in a pot with holes of cracks. The angry face of king Gangan flashed in their minds to insert splinters of fire into their hearts.

At that instant of evaporating hope, a birdman tuned a sweet song that dropped in his ears like a shower of rain at the time of heavy hotness of summer. “Leader, The precious treasure of our laborious search stumbled in our feet. Prince Kuttuvan is sleeping on the cot. This is the right time to hoist the flag of our victory,” dramatized the birdman, stretching his right hand towards the cot.

A wave of thrill penetrated the nervous system of birdman Subban like a shower of honey drops directly into his mouth. He flew towards the area swiftly and focused his eyes to glance the treasure of mirth. “Prince Kuttuvan, your story of heroism will reach the tragic end today. May god reserve a honorable seat for you in happiness of heaven,” exalted birdman Subban eccentrically.

“Dear, follow my instruction perfectly. I shall wait behind the door. You charge prince Kuttuvan with your sharp dagger at high force. The dagger will bombard with the floor and bark like a beaten dog. Prince Kuttuvan will rush out to study the reason behind the occurrence of strangeness. That short interval of time is enough for me to penetrate his heart,” filliped birdman Subban, to speed up action of his friend to pull prince Kuttuvan towards the edge of sure death.

“Leader, I shall aim the first dagger to his chest. If prince Kuttuvan escaped from my target, I shall use the second dagger to penetrate his eyes. When prince Kuttuvan escaped from the bed, I shall rush towards you for your support like a tiger in action” guaranteed that birdman gallantly. He pulled the first dagger from his waist belt to pierce the heart of prince Kuttuvan. Due to the fixing of parallel iron rods in the window, he found it difficult to throw the dagger with high force. The dagger hit on the edge of the cot, dropped on the floor like a coward with less energy, and made noise like the howling of a jackal.

At that time of terrifying danger, prince Kuttuvan floated on the sky of a dream. Vanathi was on trial to pull him into her hot sexomagnetic induction, by decreasing the distance gap between them. He was on exploding eager to explore the rain shadow regions of her body of bewitching beauty. He was on high dilemma whether to climb on the peaks first or to travel along the slope to the plateau region. After a thorough analysis of the merits and demerits of the issue, he decided to breach the rules of morality. At that instant of his boiling hotness, the second dagger projected by the birdman, penetrated through the mosquito net and sat on his abdomen like a competitor of less energy.

“Aha! I appreciate your courage to start the game. I am ready to jump on the arena for a tough competition. Today I will push you to the upper limit of sensuous mirth,” hustled prince Kuttuvan, closing his eyes air tight to swim in the depth of imagination. He began to rub the dagger, assuming it as her banana finger. When he rubbed for the second time, the sharp edge of the dagger bit his skin like the sting of a wasp.

“Your chastity nail is very sharp like the edge of a knife. Only one stare of your eye is enough to pierce my heart for my fall into the lake of your love. Kindly come to fly in the width of the sky without barriers, like an intimate couple of love birds,” implored prince Kuttuvan impishly.

Suddenly there occurred a spark of danger signal in his brain. “Alas! A dagger thrown to kill prince Kuttuvan! Who is the agent of satan in the palace of Neyythal Land?” jerked prince Kuttuvan jumping on the floor, like a lion on boiling wrath. There was an array of differently shaped swords on a stand fixed to the wall very close to his cot, like lizards sticking to the wall to hunt insects flying around the area. He quickly drew a long sharp sword from the stand, and focused his field of view towards the window. He noticed the vibration of a shadow behind the window like a dissolving ghost.

Prince Kuttuvan ran towards the door at high speed like a streak of lightning. When he put his right hand on the knob to open the door, there was a glow of red warning signal in his brain. Prince Kuttuvan grew crops of imagination for a short efflux of time, pulled the knob of the door at slow rate, and hid behind the partially opened door, like a crouching tiger. The birdmen were not ready to fall into the strong clutches of prince Kuttuvan like stupid stags. So they waited at both sides of the door for the approach of golden time to kill the hero of Neyythal Land. Bored by the inertness of the static atmosphere, prince Kuttuvan rushed outside like the sudden burst of a lightning. Stabilizing feet on the floor like the tap root system of a dicotyledonous plant, prince Kuttuvan waved his sword skillfully to slice the flesh of the enemies. The sword on his hand played miracles, piercing through the air with the speed lightning.

The appearance of soldiers with wings vibrated the heart of prince Kuttuvan to the state of heavy turbulence. The news about the magic medicine wilajit discovered by his teacher prof Sukran flashed into the memory of his mind. No time was taken by him, for his identification of the force behind the production of birdmen as king Gangan. The autocrat Gangan would have utilized the magic medicine wilajit to transform his soldiers into birdmen, with a special purpose to kill other kings, who had capacity to block his imaginary project to form Marutha Empire.

Next moment the bombardment of swords produced heavy noise of rolling thunders. The friction of collision of swords caused sparks of light, reminding the sudden occurrence of lightning in a clear sky. Stirred by the noise of bombardment of swords, the other eight birdmen flew to the area to suck the life of prince Kuttuvan. The disturbance of the silence of night fetched the attention of soldiers around the area. They rushed to the scene with variety of weapons of war, like the blow of heavy flood from the higher slopes of mountainous regions to the lower slopes of valleys.

The birdmen fought ferociously with high energy, bouncing skillfully from floor to the sky. The weapons of war of the soldiers of Neyythal Land failed miserably to hit the targets. At the same time, the talents of the birdmen pushed many soldiers into the gate of death. The noise of bombardments of swords and the cry of wounded soldiers created the horrible atmosphere of hell around the area. The noise of a pandemonium disturbed the deep sleep of Vanathi. When she peeped through the gap in the screen of a window, the debut of terror put fire into her senses.

The strange warriors with huge wings pushed her mind into boiling, beyond the level of evaporation. The magic medicine wilajit was the sweet fruit of the laborious research of her father for a long period of time of two years. The researcher gained no penny for his tedious research of wizardry. At the same time a heartless thief utilized the brain child of her father cleverly to climb on the peak of him ambition. The speedy roll of the wheel of time, appeared to be favorable to king Gangan to destroy the purity of the atmosphere of the innocent souls.

Vanathi acted swiftly like a cyclone. She pulled five sharp daggers from the stand fixed to a wall and inserted them in her waist belt to pierce the heart of the enemies like fire emitting dragons. She drew a long sharp sword that could cause tortures to enemies like flying snakes. She rushed to the scene of turbulence on her black horse, like an angel of heaven wagging war against the agents of Satan. Waving the sword cleverly with left hand to organize a fortress of safety around her, she used her right hand to throw daggers to penetrate the hearts of birdmen. To her boiling worry, the birdmen escaped with high talent from all her charges.

The arrival of Vanathi to the scene of disturbance, inspired prince Kuttuvan to high energy, as if the combined strength of thousand elephants entered into his body. He emitted a smile of joy towards her, with the bloomed face of a rising sun. He waved the sword with increased energy, forgetting completely his bitter state of exhaustion. “Darling, it appears to be difficult to kill birdman by straight war of moral codes. Those birdmen have higher energy than ordinary soldiers. They have great sharpness of mind. They will fight ferociously till the last breath. I have a good idea to stop their breathe,” lured Vanathi lingeringly.

“Expose the idea for our speedy victory.”

“Let us run to the nearest forest.”

“I am not a coward to run for life.”

“Don’t mistake me darling. I advise to change the policy of attack like a crouching tiger.”

“Death may come at six or sixty. Prowess is my only policy.”

“Darling, while running towards the forest, we shall open the cages of our monster woodpeckers.”

“Your idea is worthless. Our giant woodpeckers won’t hunt human without the flavor of the magic medicine Wilajit.”

“Darling, The wings sprouting magic medicine Wilajit is prepared by adding certain other components to the medium of Wilajit. Hence the birdmen have the concentrated flavor of Milajit in their body.”

Vanathi explained the concept of her idea to prince Kuttuvan, while fighting with birdmen, keeping herself around him.

“Darling, the birdmen are very tiny compared to the gigantic structure of woodpeckers. The gigantic woodpeckers will consider birdmen only as insects with wings. Hence they will hunt birdmen with increased vigor.”

Prince Kuttuvan stared her with less interest. Vanathi thought that her darling would have some strange type of complex to accept her clever idea. She finalized to put more efforts to twist the mind of her darling.

“Darling, my plan is perfect for our sure success.”

“I have no trust on your idea of stupidity.”

“In forest, we have the help of another friend.”

“Who is that stupid unknown to me?”

“Monster Cobra will launch the attack of third phase.”

“Our soldiers will consider me as a worthless coward. How can I loss the dignity of my hard earned fame as a prince of valor?”

“I value my darling more than any treasure. How can you push me to the hands of bitter death?”

“I too weigh you more that my breathing air.”

“Let us run to the forest to turn the end of war in a direction favorable to our victory.”

Vanathi grasped his left hand strongly, like the clutches of an iguana. She ran quickly towards the forest, dragging prince Kuttuvan behind her. Though prince Kuttuvan offered resistance for a span of time, his energy weakened before the dissolving love of his sweet heart. Vanathi ran fast, like the high speed water current passing through the sluice of a huge storage dam.

The birdmen never expected such a sudden twist in the behavior of prince Kuttuvan, the well known hero of Neyythal Land. They chased them in the sky, floating on the imagination of half success in their endeavor. During her forward motion, like a shivering roe chased by a blood thirsty tiger, vanathi tactfully pressed the lever that would open all the cages of the monster woodpeckers. The highly experienced woodpeckers smelt the flavor of their interest, and observed the flying insects of their choice of taste. They flew towards the birdmen with high velocity, like spears accelerated by a mechanical engines.

Before the realization of the fast approaching danger in the form monster wood peckers by the birdmen, the sharp beaks of five wood peckers pierce through the body of five birdmen. The woodpeckers lifted their heads upward to carry their prey without slippage to the rock mountain behind the dense forest. The sudden death of their five friends like a horrible of explosion attacked the remaining five birdmen towards the shiver of death.

“Friends, the woodpecker monsters will return to catch us, like flying insects. Act fast to kill prince Kuttuvan to escape from the next the attack of woodpeckers. Only the speed of our action will give us an opportunity to save our skin, from the sharp beaks of the woodpeckers,” menaced birdmen Subban maliciously.

“Leader, we wondered about the talents of our king. He had only one eagle monster to act as his bodyguard. This prince Kuttuvan preserves five gigantic wood peckers to hunt his foes. He appears to be highly talented than our king of extraordinary brain,” nauseated a birdman, singing song of praise to garland the skill of prince Kuttuvan.

“Prince Kuttuvan is not only a man of talents, but also he is a man of generosity. Shower of god will bless that man of morality,”

“Have you trust for our escape from this hell of death,”

“Victory or valorous death should be the motto of warriors.”

“Leader, our flight in the sky is not safe for our survival. Let us jump to the ground to trap prince Kuttuvan to death.”

“Our motion on the surface of earth will bring us more danger. The tigress of Neyythal land is an expert shooter of dagger. She even killed our eagle monster in the sky.”

“The damsels of Neyythal Land are not weaker sex. They excel the gents in extraordinary prowess. Karpagam, the damsel who played miracles before her death was a close friend of this damsel of valor.” paralyzed birdman Subban, revealing about the high talents of Vanathi as a warning signal for their safety.

“Prince Kuttuvan and Vanathi are not found around this area. They may be hiding under bushes to shoot daggers to pierce our hearts for a Sudden death. At this time of unexpected danger in any form, the sky will be safe for our survival,” recited a birdman rancorously.

“Friends, The woodpecker monsters have high speed and talents to hunt the preys of their taste. We should expect their second attack at any time. Everyone should be maximum alertness to escape from their multi corner attacks,” snubbed birdman Subban snappily.

The five birdmen flew in the sky just above the level of the tip of the trees in the forest. At that instant of heavy shiver of birdmen, prince Kuttuvan and Vanathi were behind the trunk of tremendous tree to evaporate their weariness. “Sweety, your sharpness of mind is extraordinary. By your idea of wisdom, the tension that boiled my heart vaporized into fumes,” tickled prince Kuttuvan, by his songs of alluring praises.

“Your words of praise have lower influence on my nerves. Why don’t you give a better prize for my service?”

“I shall dance according to your tunes. You say the prize of your own choice.”

“I wish a permanent throne in your heart.”

“That is already reserved for your residence.”

“I want to share your bed.”

“I am ever ready to boil in your hotness”.

He pulled Vanathi towards him and embraced her on this chest. Their lips rubbed each other and started variety of games to initiate hot waves into their nervous systems.

“You are a naughty play boy. You are crazy on hot kisses.”

“Myself? Your remark is ridiculous. It is you who asked a share in my bed.”

“Yes. I asked a permanent license to share your bed.”

“Do you mean the legalization of sex by a wedding?”

“Yes. A wedding ceremony is the urgency of this time. I expect diminish of your mischievous games at night.”

“Are you sure sweety? When did I compel you to tortures of sex?”

“You always peep into my dreams to boil my nerves.”

“Did I disturb you like this Vanathi?” asked prince Kuttuvan, pressing the bosoms, with the spread of a catching smile on his face.

“You are a tender child. You don’t know to suck mild”

“Do you have lactation sweety? Will you give me a chance to taste the sweetness of your milk?”

“Chee! I shiver in shyness.”

Prince Kuttuvan spread dense love on his face. He gave her an affectionate kiss on her forehead. There occurred an explosion of love in her heart. By the impulse of the excessive love, she gave long chain of kisses at all spots on his face, as if the sluice of her love dam was opened. At that time of heavy shower of love on the face of prince Kuttuvan, the woodpecker monsters returned for the second round of attack. The lower level flight of birdmen to save life from the giant woodpeckers induced sympathy in the heart of Vanathi, like the oozing of water in the Artisian Springs.

Higher level of thinking contracted the heart of Vanathi to higher density than the hardest type of granite. “Alas! Those ruffians are shot by that vampire to suck the innocent blood of my darling. Even only one birdman won’t live longer to breathe the fresh air of Neyythal Land,” agitated the inner mind of Vanathi to accelerate the hunting process to trap the birdmen.

“Darling, we should occupy the major share in the annihilation process of the army of birdmen sent by autocrat Gangan. We should kill at least one birdman with the strength of our own hands,” boomed Vanathi, staring sharply the directions of movement of the birdmen.

“Sweety, you are a reflection of my heart. What I imagined in my mind is exposed by your words. Let us jump into quick action to lower the responsibility of our army of woodpeckers,” commemorated prince Kuttuvan congruously.

“Prince, It is enough, if we cut a portion of their wings. They will fall into the mouth of our giant cobra, losing their capacity to fly to the height of the sky”.

“Your idea appears to be good. What is your plan to punish the birdmen?”

“I will decide the strategy of attack, based on the color of the opportunity.”

“There is no match in the whole world for your skill in shooting daggers.”

“I will prove the skill of my eyes by catching you into my love web.”

“I am already on the chain of your love as a slave. There is no more need to prove your skill.”

“Darling, the birdmen entered into the dense forest. This is the time for our quick action.”

“Are you sure Vanathi? Don’t you have more hotness to share?”

“Don’t you have other thinking, even during the times of emergency?”

“I am thirsty. My tongue is dry.”

“Drink water to quench your thirst.”

“Don’t you have a stock of milk sweety?”

“Darling, first give me a child. Then I shall bath you in a shower of my milk.”

“I agree for your stipulation. May I start the trial immediately?”

“There is a smell of lust in your words. Kindly wash your mouth.”

“I hate you Vanathi. You always speak opposite to my mind.”

“Don’t drop tears. I shall give the prize of your choice, after the completion of our adventure.”

Vanathi acted artificial anger to attract prince Kuttuvan deeper into her love web, and entered into the dense forest to start the hunting operation. Prince Kuttuvan ran behind her like a calf chasing its mother cow. They noticed the movement of woodpeckers in the sky. Even a faint shadow of birdmen were absent around the area. They roamed throughout the forest, like hungry tigers searching for warm flesh. The birdmen strangely disappeared from the field of vision, like the evaporation of water in a bowl kept in sunlight.

“Vanathi, The birdmen escaped from our eyes. It is a black mark to our future.”

“You lost your target, wasting your precious time, unnecessarily on the search of the source of milk.”

“Covered objects induce higher attraction. It is your mistake to divert my attention.”

“You have courage to study the softness. Why can’t you walk on the higher steps of research?”

“Now I realized my mistakes. I am ready to climb on the peak.”

“Alas! This is not the right time to start a hot game.”

“Hot or cold, the game is worth playing to escape from the scorching waves of failure.”

“I shall give you one more chance for your victory. Do you have power to pull me for seduction by compulsion?”

“Wow! This is a golden opportunity for me. I will win the game easily like cracking a joke.”

“The tigress of Neyythal Land is not a meek lamb to fall into the hands of ravishment.”

“Let us prove our relative worthiness.”

Vanathi began to run like a tigress of the jungle. Prince Kuttuvan chased her like an elephant on rut. He approached her by repeated bounces of high talent. He pulled her to a tight embracement, his right hand playing on her front curvatures like a crafty player of hot games. Suddenly the eyes of Vanathi sparkled like twinkling stars. She saw the vast spread of a huge banyan tree, like the unlimited growth of the greed of king Gangan. She noticed thousands of black bats hanging like baskets from the branches of the banyan tree. The bats began to flutter around the area, as if disturbed suddenly by an intruder.

“Darling, do you see the strange behavior of the bats?”

“Aha! Your eyes are waving like bats. They try to hook me like fish hunters.”

“Prince, the bats are flying on the fear of a stranger.”

“The bats are fluttering to give you a warm welcome. None can escape from the hook of your catching eyes.”

“Don’t act stupidity darling. The birdmen are hiding in the foliage of the banyan tree. That is why the bats are fluttering with hue and cry.”

“Let the birdmen be safe in the banyan tree. They have no gut to disturb our game.”

“Kindly bend like a bow.”

“You crouch like a tigress. That will be a better posture.”

“Don’t fly always for hotness. Bend without arguments.”

The tone of order in the voice of Vanathi compelled prince Kuttuvan to obey her command. He crouched like a horse on four feet. She bounced on his back quickly and aimed her dagger to bring the target to the focus. She threw the dagger with high force in the direction of her target. Her dagger flew towards the chest of a birdman on a branch of the banyan tree, and hit on his chest with force to penetrate his heart. The birdman flew to a distance fluttering his huge wings slowly, and emitting harsh cry due to the scorching pain. The frequency of flutter of the wings decreased slowly to zero and the corpse bombarded with the hard crust of the earth with heavy force, causing dust storm around the area.

“A birdman breathed his bitter end. I won’t remain idle, till I drive one more birdmen into the tortures of the hell,” drawled Vanathi, jumping on the ground, like a toad leaping to the ground from the branch of a tree.

“Darling, excuse me for my misbehavior. There was a branch of the tree as an obstacle between the birdman and the path of my dagger. In order to bring birdman in the straight line path of the dagger, I climbed to the height of your back.”

“I expected something different. You deceived me a lot.”

“I shall give you even my soul for your simple joy. You are satisfied with your words of magic. You never put efforts to climb higher.”

“Do you consider me as a dastard unable to fly to the heights?”

“Darling, you know the color of my heart. Why did you shoot word arrows to pierce my innocent heart?”

“Your color changes frequently, according to the climate of the surrounding. That is why I shiver to fly to higher altitudes.”

“The key of perseverance will unlock the door to the joy of paradise surely on one day.”

“You are a queen of achievements. My literacy is not sufficient to sing the song of your praise. I am always in the depth of jealousy for your sky high merits. You are the better choice to sit on the throne of Neyythal Land. Do you accept the prestigious crown of Neyythal Land?”

The face of Vanathi lost the freshness of color instantly. Her soft spongy fingers closed his lips. There occurred growth of tear drops at the edges of her eyes. “Darling, don’t break my heart with your word arrows. I want only the throne of your heart. I hate the presence of even ambrosia between us,” forced Vanathi, tear drops falling down from her eyes like beads of silver.

At that time, two woodpecker monsters chased a birdman in the sky to hunt him as a prey. The distance gap between the birdman and woodpeckers slowly lowered to push the birdman into the shiver of death. The birdman understood his pitiable position between the penetrating beaks of two woodpeckers. In order to escape from the horrible pain of death, the birdman entered into the dense branches of a tree. The gigantic wings of the woodpeckers prevented them from entry into the dense branches of the tree. So they began to revolve around the tree in the sky, to catch the birdmen, inspired by the good flavor of the birdmen.

The appearance of the second birdman in the sky sowed seeds of happiness in the hearts of prince Kuttuvan and Vanathi. They hid behind another adjacent tree with focused eyes and waited for the favorable time to launch a sudden attack. At the same time the birdman on the branch of the tree, turned his eyes to locate any peril around the area. His eyes failed to focus the presence of two dangers very close to him, as they were out of straight line vision of the birdman. Hence the birdman flew to the ground to search a path for escaping from that area of highest danger.

Prince Kuttuvan studied the change of climatic condition of the area, in a direction favorable to launch his attack. He ran towards the birdman with raised sword to chop off his head like a bunch of tender coconuts. The birdman observed the efforts of prince Kuttuvan and he entered into the arena of fight to give a tough resistance to him. He shifted positions continuously to escape from the piercing daggers of Vanathi.

Vanathi was on strong concentration to shoot daggers to pierce the heart of the birdman. At that critical moment, her hand shivered to stop the trial, on the calculation of a scanty probability of injuring the darling of her heart. At that time of maximum turbulence, Vanathi saw the approach of the gigantic cobra towards prince Kuttuvan. “Dear, careful. The monster cobra is crawling swiftly towards us in the speed of lightning,” gobbled Vanathi gingerly.

Prince Kuttuvan bounced repeatedly towards the birdman, keeping his sword in a raised position to cut off his head. Owing to the trial of the birdman to escape from the blow of the sword, his aim missed by a narrow span of distance. The sharp sword of prince Kuttuvan sliced a portion of the right wing of the birdman. He cried bitterly in pain, blood droplets dropping like red crystals of ruby. The birdman ran forward without lowering his speed and fluttered his huge wings to fly in the sky. His all endeavors to fly in the sky went futile.

The wounded birdman fell into the direct sight of the gigantic cobra. Inspired by the flavor of birdman, the cobra changed its path of motion towards the wounded birdman. The cobra chased the birdman at high speed, with the repeated emission of horrible hissing sound of high intensity, greater than the roaring forties. After a long period of chasing drama, the cobra swallowed the birdman in one gulp. Prince Kuttuvan returned to Vanathi in excessive weariness.

“Sweety, there are three more birdmen ready to murder us like worms. They won’t return to Marutha Land before our death. Their life is at the risk of death, if they returned to Marutha Land with negative news of failure,” hooted prince Kuttuvan to soften the waves of vibration in the lake of her mind.

“The birdmen won’t escape from our three cornered attacks. They will be in any hideout, within the limits of this reserved forest, like rabbits inside deep burrows. If they take shelter in earth, our cobra friend will detect them by his sharp sense of smell. If the birdmen try to hide in space, our woodpeckers will identify them by their flavor of magic medicine wilajit. They will fall into our snare, within a short period of time” interposed Vanathi to explain the reality of the occurrence, as an effort to boost his energy level.

“That is very nice. Let us use the time gap to warm our nerves,” jollified prince Kuttuvan, winking his eyes as a call for a hot game.

“Cocks in our houses are less mischievous,”

“Do cocks are dastards to ask permission like me?”

“You are a little baby, not known to suck milk, when nipple is inserted into your mouth,”

“Sweety, kindly teach me practically the art of sucking milk,”

“Do you give me a child as a prize for my training?”

“I am ready Vanathi. Let us not waste our precious time without a purpose,”

Prince Kuttuvan embraced Vanathi on his chest. His right hand entered into the lower gap between them and began to draw graphs on her abdomen. The waves of hotness rushed at rapid speed through her nerves.

“Prince, what are you searching at the slope?”

“I am on dilemma, whether to move up or down.”

“Be careful. My saree will slip down.”

“I shall pull the saree completely. Then there won’t be worry for the slippage of the saree.”

“Your tongue has higher valor than your hands.”

“May I prove my prowess in boxing game?”

“You are a prowess hero of flattery.”

At that instant of joyous game of mockery, a sudden twist occurred to push them into higher level of joy. Two birdmen hiding within the dense foliage of a Neem tree, started to fly towards the Ponni Rivers to escape from the woodpecker hunting process of prince Kuttuvan.

“Sweety, Don’t allow the birdmen to escape to Mathura land. This is the apt time to prove your merits” lamented prince Kuttuvan lugubriously. He began to run towards the birdmen at high speed, increasing the velocity by repeated bounces.

Vanathi rolled her eyes to choose the best strategy of attack at that critical time of emergency. There occurred a sudden burst of joy on her face, seeing her white horse. She pulled a bow and arrow from the carrier of the horse and rebounded on it like an expert gymnastic champion. She accelerated the horse behind prince Kuttuvan and stood on the horse in stable equilibrium. When the horse approached the vicinity of the wall, she bounced towards the wall with high speed. She put her left foot on the top of the wall and sprang into the heights of the sky towards Ponni River, at an angle of about forty five degrees to the horizontal.

Vanathi travelled in a parabolic elliptical trajectory like a projectile shot by a mechanical machine during a war. The velocity of her motion slightly decreased to zero and she turned direction to fall downward under the action of gravitational pull. At that instant of her most stability, she rearranged her bow and arrow to aim a birdman. The arrow shot by Vanathi pierced through the blanket of air and hit a birdman at higher altitude on the chest, exactly at the location of the heart. Vanathi fall into the water current of Ponni River. The corpse of that birdman dropped at a distance, like a garland of withered jasmine flowers.

At the same time, there was a competition between the five woodpeckers in the sky. They chased the fourth birdman for his favorable flavor and one woodpecker succeeded in piercing his body by its sharp peak like the edge of a spear. The successful woodpecker was chased by the other four woodpeckers for a share of the flesh. During this endless drama, the corpse of that birdman dropped into the current of water and was lost out of sight into the depth of water.

Vanathi swam in a slanting path along the water current and stepped up on the northern bank of the river at a distance. She ran towards the wall and sprang on the wall with high skill. She whistled at high intensity to call her horse. When the horse galloped towards her, she bounced on it with high expertise. Prince Kuttuvan ran towards her to give her a warm welcome for her herculean task. “Vanathi, your talent crossed the heights of Himalaya. I can’t imagine such a wonderful skill even in my dreams. You added to the fame of the women community of the whole world. No one has right to refer women as weaker sex,” mesmerized prince Kuttuvan by his praises like a shower of fragrant flowers.

The last birdman Subban was hiding in a tree with dense foliage. He witnessed the terrible death of his nine friends with his own eyes. At the moment of lost hope for survival, he remembered two golden verses of the poet Thiruvalluvar. As ones shadow finds dwelling abode to his heels, evil deeds will afflict the perpetrator. As sun burns boneless creatures, so does virtue scorches loveless man. He confirmed firmly that the failure of death embraced by his friends were not the fruits for their lack of efficiency. The shift of the attention of the angel of victory to the side of virtues might have played miracles.

The reason behind his failure flashed into his mind like letters carved the surface of a hard stone. More trials to kill the virtuous man of character won’t fetch any sweet fruit of success. Inspite, involvement in further efforts to hunt prince Kuttuvan would turn to pay for his own death. As a true warrior of Marutha Land, it would be his duty to convey the news of their utter failure to the king of Marutha Land. Hence he decided to run away from the battle field to preserve his life for further service to his mother Land. He finalized that fear to the power of righteousness would be an ornament for a warrior to add to his fame.

After a thorough analysis of the situation, he selected a strategy to escape safely from the battle field. The only obstacle that stood on his path of progress to suck his warm blood was the arrow on the crafty hand of vanathi. If god shifted her attention away from his road of escape, there would be more possibility for his safety. Birdman Subban flew from his hideout and saw the woodpecker monsters roaming the sky around the area. To escape from the eyes of the woodpeckers, birdman Subban jumped to the ground and started to run towards the wall at high speed. During the motion, he fell in the eyes of prince Kuttuvan, who followed him raising the sword, ready for a hit of death, like a seal chasing an octopus in the depth of a sea.

At that instant of the highest terror of birdman Subban, another twist of event occurred to vibrate him to the heights of horror. He falls into the sharp smell of gigantic cobra, which shifted its direction of motion towards Subban. Vanathi studied the direction of movement of the cobra on the surface of the earth and, the flight of woodpeckers in the width of the sky. She ran behind prince Kuttuvan, and grasped his hand to impose a sudden brake.

“Darling, where do you run, leaving me alone in the midst of the dense forest? The cobra and woodpeckers will write the end story of the last birdman. Let us discuss the story of our own life,” negotiated Vanathi nimbly. She spread a magnetic smile on her lotus face to catch him into her love web. Influenced by her sparkling smile, prince Kuttuvan stopped his endeavor to satisfy his sweet heart. Impressed by her extraordinary skill, he hesitated to move the coin against her wish.

“Darling, our woodpecker army is in the sky ready to organize another round of attack on the last birdman. Let him escape to give news of their downfall to king Ganagan, if he has extreme sharpness of brain to escape from his mightiest enemies. Let us enjoy the live drama of real life before our eyes,” puzzled Vanathi, penetrating his eyes to freeze his senses.

As per her expectation, birdman Subban fluttered his wings to escape from the monster cobra and flew towards the Ponni River at high speed. The cobra stretched its head higher to suck him into his stomach. Fortunately birdman Subban escaped narrowly from the mouth of the crafty cobra.

”The last birdman escaped from the monster cobra. He crossed the wall and entered into the sky above Ponni River. You showed sympathy on the unworthy agent of Satan,” quelled prince Kuttuvan quarrelsomely.

“Wow! What a wonderful scene in the sky. Our five woodpeckers are chasing the birdman. This is a golden chance for us to the witness the intelligence of a birdman. He proved his worthiness as a wise member of human race” rejoiced Vanathi, with a gleaming smile.

“Let us put a wager on the wisdom of the birdman. Are you ready to participate in the bet for a hot prize?” stimulated Vanathi, sedulously.

“Our woodpecker army will hunt the birdman. I observe no possibility for his escape. Be ready to present me a hot prize.”

“Darling, don’t float on dream without considering the sharpness of human brain. He can escape from the clutches of the woodpeckers, if he plunged into the Ponni River.”

“Sweety, let us wait and see the fruit of the result. He can’t escape from the clutches of five woodpeckers.”

Birdman Subban tried a lot to escape from the beaks of the five woodpeckers. Experiencing the high percentage probability of death, he suddenly plunged into the current of river water. Prince Kuttuvan and Vanathi bounced on the wall to enjoy the chasing drama of the woodpeckers.

“Aha! The birdman is not a stupid like ordinary soldiers. The sharpness of his brain will bless him with the sweet fruits of sure victory. May god bless him.”

“Idiot, the birdman can’t remain larger time inside water. He has to come to the water surface to breathe fresh air. The woodpeckers will continue to fly in the sky to lift him at the favorable time”.

As expected birdman Subban stretched his head above the surface of water to breathe fresh air. The woodpecker army flew towards him from different directions to lift him as a prey. Birdman Subban cleverly escaped from their attack by pulling his head into the depth of water. The woodpeckers returned to the sky and continued to fly around the area for another fresh trial. After some futile trials, their trust for victory evaporated and they decided to return to their cage for a calm rest.

“The woodpeckers abandoned their efforts to trap the last birdman. I succeeded in our bet. Kindly give me the hot prize guaranteed by our agreement.”

“What happened to the sharpness of your brain? Why did you show mercy to the birdman come to kill your darling? Do your brain inverted to lunacy?”

“I am sorry. Kindly excuse me. God sowed seeds of pity into my heart. Let that birdman live longer to serve the society.”

“I can’t excuse your eccentricity. I will reject your love, if you fail to give atleast one argument favorable to your stupidity.”

“I saw him as the sublimation of the effort of my father. That birdman will serve for the progress of our generation. This is an intuition of god.”

“Nonsense. I won’t accept your baseless arguments”.

Prince Kuttuvan spread a flare of anger on his face. The stare of hatred in his eyes pierced her heart. His lips vibrated as a consequence of excessive wrath. “I hate you. I reject your artificial love,” screamed prince Kuttuvan saucily.

He began to walk at high speed towards the palace. Vanathi ran behind him to pull into her warm hug. Unfortunately her right leg stroke on the extension of a rock and she slipped down like a rootless tree. A spike pierced her chest, causing severe waves of pain. She lifted her head and observed a thorn penetrating her chest just above the breasts. Stains of blood began to collect around the area. “Darling I am at the edge of death. Kindly save me,” spluttered Vanathi sonorously.

Attracted by the loud cry of Vanathi, prince Kuttuvan turned back and observed her on the floor. The boiling anger in his heart pushed him forward, neglecting her as a trash on the surface of the earth. Vanathi planned to trap him to by the spread of her love web. She decided to dramatize artificial unconsciousness. She spread on the floor with stretched limbs and closed eyes. She waited calmly for the arrival of the robber of her heart. The seed of fear sown by her in the heart of prince Kuttuvan began to germinate after a span of time. His heart started to beat at higher rate beyond his control, in the waves of fear about the health of Vanathi. Due to the attack of unbearable restlessness, he ran towards the area of the reserved forest to see the health condition of his sweet heart.

When he reached the location, he observed Vanathi lying flat on the same place. He shifted her to his chest and cleaned the blood stains on the edge of her saree. He drew the thorn that pierced into her chest and embraced her on his chest like a wreath a roses “sweety, I love you very much. Kindly excuse me for my heartless behavior. I believe that you won’t involve in any endeavor without strong reasons,” tattled prince Kuttuvan, his lips rubbing her face like petals of a fresh rose flower.

“You are my breathing air. Without your strength, I can’t live as the hero of Neyythal land. Kindly forgive me for all my mistakes” wailed prince Kuttuvan woefully. Tear drops rolled down from his eyes like the shower of monsoon rainfall.

“I lost your deep love. I hate to live like a widow lonely in this scorching world. Kindly allow me to commit suicide to escape the tortures of this world” ushered Vanathi urgently.

Prince Kuttuvan sat on a short pillar and pulled her to his lap “You are better than the angels of heaven mentioned in our mythology. I won’t find fault on your actions of philanthropy. I am ready to dance according to your tunes,” amused prince Kuttuvan, moving his right hand upward on the slope of her thigh.

“You showered tear like a waterfall. Your hand shivers to climb higher. Kindly evaporate your worry about my death. I will be always behind you as a catalyst to energize your strength.”

“Thank you very much for your generosity. Give me a genuine advice for my refinement.”

“Let us forget the bitter experiences of the past. Let us move forward to enjoy the novelties of life. Your hands should be always active like ants to tune the instruments of thrill.”

“My hands shiver to spoil the virgin instrument.”

“Every blossom will wither one day, losing its fragrance spontaneously. Neglecting the flavor of the fresh flower for permanent preservation is a stupidity.”

“You are perfectly correct. My hands are capable to play hot games utilizing earlier experiences.”

“Earlier experience? I can’t believe my ears.”

“I am not a virgin boy. Two damsels compelled me for ravishment, after our first two meetings. Do you like to hear the details of the two seduction processes?”

“No. I hate you.”

Prince Kuttuvan introduced his right hand into her skirt and started to climb upward on her thigh. She separated her legs for his easy climb on the cupid mound, with a catchy smile. “Sweety, you have full freedom to reject this sour milk. Why should you admit this crafty hand to adulterate your purity?” beseeched prince Kuttuvan, playing hot games with the lower lips of the plateau region.

“Darling, I can’t hate you for flimsy reasons. I won’t identify stains on the face of rising sun.”

Unable to bear the mounting hotness in her nervous system, she pulled his hand with less force, and placed on her peak for further games. His hand moved on her curvatures like an expert dancer. “Sweety, I have a burning doubt. You whispered as ‘I hate you’. But I find no resistance in your behavior. May I know the reason behind your inertness?” craved prince Kuttuvan, squeezing a nipple to induce fire into her nervous system.

“I hate to hear the secrets of your heart. A source of fire can’t be polluted by damsels.”

“Thank you very much sweety. I will remember your kindness for ever” suddenly Vanathi grasped his right hand and gave him a hot kiss. “Prince, my father is an expert palmist. I too learnt the science of palmistry in depth. I am a good necromancer like my father. I wish to study the certainty of our marriage from the marks of lines on your palms.” declared Vanathi deftly.

With a shade of shyness on her face, like a glittering thread of pure gold, she analyzed the lines of marks on his palm carefully for a span of time. The glow of happiness on her face slowly diminished, like the fading of color of a duplicate painting in sunlight. A shade of darkness spread on her face as if a rain bearing dark cloud spread on her face. The tear drops that collected at the edges of her eyes dropped down like beads of frozen water. “Darling, do you have power to leave me alone in a desert of sufferings? I can’t breathe without your shade,” sobbed Vanathi, beating on her chest violently for immediate death.

“Stupid, palmistry is a fraud, formulated by selfish men to earn for their livelihood. I can’t reject you in the wild forest for the attack of burning worries. Vanathi will be always with prince Kuttuvan as his queen on throne,” felicitated prince Kuttuvan grasping her right hand with the strong clutch of an iguana.

She jumped from his lap quickly, as if a burning splinter was kept under her rump. She pulled him to her tight embracement and shared a lips locking kiss. “Darling, kindly arrange for our marriage immediately. I am on heavy boredom. I hate to live an isolated life away from your hotness,” gammoned Vanathi like a melting candle by the hotness of the flame.

“Don’t worry sweety. I shall speak to our king at today night. We shall marry after solving the problems of king Gangan relating to his damsel hunting expedition. This is a promise of prince Kuttuvan, stronger than the words carved on stone.”

“I can’t bear the hotness for longer time. You should wear the chain of matrimony today itself.”

“Don’t speak like an eccentric. The marriage of prince Kuttuvan is not a game on bed for sudden occurrence. The marriage ceremony involves a variety of functions atleast for a period of one month planning.”

“If so, let us start our family life today itself. I can’t wait long for a child of your blood.”

“Don’t behave like a harlot on streets. Prince Kuttuvan can’t jump to lower levels of a gutter losing his higher status of dignity.”

“Kindly smell this fresh blossom with fragrance of purity. I shall perform a special type of dance with two pieces of glassy dress to push you to the height of sexomagnetic induction,” harassed Vanathi, pulling the saree.

Prince Kuttuvan gazed the glamor of erect towers, on trial to pierce the blouse. His eyes moved on the lower slopes, flying on imagination of the gleaming structural style of different parts of her body. Hot waves of libidinous began to flow through his nervous system, with speed increasing at rapid rate. At the same time, there was a glow of warning signal in his brain, which acted as an inhibitor to the flow of waves of lewdness.

Vanathi watched the direction of movement his eyes and the centre of expansion of his nerves. She opened the hooks of her blouse, which fall to the ground like petals of a withered sunflower. She pulled him to a tight embracement and rubbed her wet lips on his face. Her right hand moved downwards from his chest and loitered around his junction to increase the quantity and quality of the hot waves of sensuousness. “Sssh! I can’t bear the burning hotness. Sssh! Kindly eat me raw to quench the flame of fire. Sssh!” ignited Vanathi, pulling the knot of her bra.

Vanathi again pulled him to a tight embracement and increased the friction between their chests by her crafty rhythmic movements. Unable to tolerate his inertness, she pulled his right hand and put on the bulge of her chest. He pressed the erect nipples and analyzed the change of sensational colors on her face. “Darling, I will melt into liquid state by your hotness. Kindly suck my nipples to cool the hotness,” jolted Vanathi to burn his senses in the flame of libidinous.

“Vanathi, you have a wonderful body structure. Why don’t you remove the lower part of the screen that covers the most beautiful spot of your glamour?” lilted prince Kuttuvan lewdly.

“I am happy to serve you better. At the same time, my mind shivers by shyness. Why don’t you pull the lower dress by your own hand?” negotiated Vanathi to give him higher involvement in the life drama.

“You are not merely a girl friend for me. You are the deity of my heart. I won’t deny due respect to my angel”

“I hate to act as an angel. I wish to be a good mother of your children. I will commit suicide, if you preserve me as an angel away from your bed.”

“I know the depth of your heart. I have scientific outlook. I don’t believe in palmistry or astrology. I love you as the mother of Neyythal Land. First you wear you dresses. Then we shall discuss the matters that vibrate your mind in detail”

Prince Kuttuvan pulled her to a warm hug and issued an affectionate kiss on her forehead. He adorned her with dresses one by one. “You don’t shiver by flying on the imagination of my sudden death. We will live for at least hundred years, as an ideal couple of Neyythal Land. I guarantee you a dozen of children of our own blood,” pacified prince Kuttuvan plausibly.

“My mind is not in a position to accept your baseless arguments. You better leave the place, after cooling the fire in my body,” quizzed Vanathi, pulling him closer for another sexomagnetic induction.

Prince Kutttuvan spread artificial hatred on his face. He pushed her away with force and slapped on her face with flaring eyes. “Bitch! I assumed you as a holy angel. You proved yourself as a sex crazy randy. I won’t allow such a nymphomaniac on the holy throne of Neyythal Land,” ragged prince Kuttuvan, spitting on her face with a stare of burning wrath.

Prince Kuttuvan left the place like a whirl wind at high velocity. The harsh blow on her face froze her heart to a motionless stone statue. The droplets of saliva that showered on her face like a drizzle acted as a catalyst to accelerate the process of freezing. The explosion of sparks in her brain induced a hallucination, as if the whole world was spinning like a top. The pain of the heart activated her lacrimal glands to cause tear drops like a shower of rain fall. The function of her brain froze and initiated an illumination of fantasy that she was standing as an ice doll on the same spot, without motion for many generations.

“Alas! The streamlined motion of my life current began to evaporate by the difference of opinion between our hearts. Is the evaporated vapor cool to retain the vigor of my life current? I will change the orientation of my strategy to pull my darling into the lines of my sexomagnetic flux,” slurred Vanathi surreptitiously.

Vanathi began to walk aimlessly like a lunatic without any purpose, with frozen mind that lost imaginative power. The legs of Vanathi pushed her to far off frontiers, like the transportation of a feather of dove in the air current of a storm. During her weary motion towards the edge of the world, like a patient suffering from sleeping sickness, she witnessed the gigantic statue of deity parasakthi. That was the open roof Parasakthi temple raised by her father, with a sky high statue of deity Parasakthi on a platform. The statue of Parasakthi was the highest statue of Hindustan at that period of time. That statue was higher than the highest coconut tree of Neyythal Land.

The temple had a vast spread of plane area, covered with fine layer of coastal sand. Her father was on service as a priest of that temple till then, conducting daily morning and evening prayers, showering flowers at the feet of the deity like a shower of rainfall. Vanathi worshiped holy mother parasakthi with folded hands, keeping her palms together like a lotus bud. She stood before mother deity with closed eyes, for a long span of time, losing sensitiveness about the elapse of time. Tear drops continuously dripped from the edges of her eyes, like a natural spring just above the foot of a mountain. The tear drops fell on the saree screen of her chest, and converted it to transparent glass to illuminate the fertility of her bosoms.

The sun was on the western horizon on a state of weariness, as an effort to disappear from sight, due to tiresome of the excessive laborious work of the day. The milky white clouds that wandered in the sky around the western horizon scattered the solar light to cause spectacular display of different shades of pinks color. Numerous conveys of birds that departed at early dawn for collecting daily food, were on return journey to their domiciles. A pair of doves on isolation till then, started to play preliminary stages of a love game in open air. Their twittering sound scattered in different directions like the whispering sound of two intimate lovers.

The rhythmic chirp of the doves disturbed Vanathi like the enchanting music of heaven. She opened her eyes like the eyes of a panda after hibernation of freezing winter. The jolly games of the doves attracted her attention and induced the oozing of springs of tears in her eyes. She sobbed bitterly like a child abandoned by her mother, and ran to fall on the feet of mother deity like a withered leaf from a palmyra tree.

“Holy Mother! For the first time in life, I beg for your blessings. Kindly take my body and soul for your service. Please show mercy to leave prince Kuttuvan to save the damsels of Neyythal land from the lust thirsty vampire of Marutha Land. Kindly add my life period to the longevity of prince Kuttuvan to safeguard the culture of Neyytal Land,” tolled Vanathi, her lips shivering as a consequence of excessive bombarding worries.

Birdman Subban swam along the water current of Ponni River and stepped on the southern bank, after a long displacement. Influenced by the fear of wild animals in the forest, he spread his huge wings to fly in the sky, like the huge bird roc. During his laborious flight for long period of time, he rolled the wheels of imagination to bring all the significant events of his life cycle, like a real drama on stage. The most important twist in his life, the transformation into a birdman, appeared to be an imaginary dream. The loss of his nine intimate friends in one day, like a flash of light, boiled his mind beyond the level of normalcy.

The faces of prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land and the tigress of Neyythal Land induced fire in the field of his mind. “Tit for tat! I will kill Kuttuvan! I will kill Vanathi! Victory to king Gangan! Victory to Marutha Land,” whooped birdman Subban wolfishly.

After the disappearance of the sun, the rule of the moon started in the sky. In order to drive away the darkness ghosts, the moon spread millions of light hands towards the earth. The billions of stars in the vast space of the sky twinkled brightly as a support to moon to remove the dark blanket covering the surface of the earth. As a competitor to twinkling stars, lakhs of glow worms roamed through the clumps of trees to diffuse the density of the dark blanket that covered the surface of the earth. A current of breeze rushed to the area to extinguish the torch of light hold by the glow worms.

In the field of imagination of birdman Subban, a slim waist damsel danced like an expert bharathanatyam dancer. She was a damsel at the age of sweet sixteen with higher structural style. She was a sparkling beauty like an angel of heaven. Her sandal wood color with slight red shade, showed her the glossy appearance of a gold stature, designed by an expert goldsmith. Her habit of using turmeric powder as bathing soap, gave her face a dazzling glamour, like a newly bloomed light yellow dahlia flower. Her grapes fruit eyes would roam around the area like a beetle to trap weak hearts of boys. Her dark hair resembles rain bearing cloud at the top of a temple tower, and the rolls of hairs near her ears would dance like vertical oscillations of loaded springs. Her faded dresses of poverty too played a major role to boost her relative beauty. In a nutshell, Myna was a fresh lotus flower born in dirty water.

Myna was a neighbor of Subban. As her mother died during childbirth, she grew in the diffused shadow of her negligent father, who had illegal contacts with many ladies. As she had no experience on the taste of motherly affection, she developed craziness on mothers. As a consequence, she maintained a cordial relationship with the mother of subban. Her frequent visits to his house caused the growth of an affinity bond between them. Her attainment of puberty established a distance gap between them, due to the wall of control laid by the parents. At the same time, the affinity bond between them grew at higher rate like the moon in its waxing phase.

At that time of flourishing love, he was selected as a member of hunter birdmen team, to put an end to the growing power of prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land. Subban wished to meet Myna before the starting of the training programme. Fortunately god blessed him with a golden opportunity for the establishment of a strong bond of love between them. The news about his departure to a new expedition reached her ear at the right time. She ran along the only route of travel to the magnetic fortress and grasped his hand in a grove of mongo trees. “Did you forget this poor girl of your next door? Did I commit any huge mistake for your negligence?” vilified Myna vexingly.

“I will remember you in all generations as the angel of my heart. Your smile penetrates like lightning in all nerves of my body,” witched Subban by his words of praise.

“You are leaving for your latest expedition without my knowledge. Is this signifies your deepest love on me? You consider me only as a bitch waiting to serve you in future,” yelled myna yawningly.

“I am sorry Mynah. Our king assigned the duty only at yesterday evening and ordered to report to duty at today evening. I searched you sincerely around the area to seek your blessing for the success of my expedition. Unfortunately, you escaped from my eyes to push my heart to burning worry,” apologized Subban, patting her soft spongy cheek as a symbol of his deep love.

“By the grace of god, I got an opportunity to watch your magnetic face before your departure. Only my true love on you blessed me with such a nice chance for my joy. Subban, how is my appearance today in new dress?”

“You are simply shining like full moon in the sky. The beauty of the dress is enhanced many times, after it covered your superb structural style,”

“Do you want any prize for your remembrance, while at Neyythal Land?”

“Who has capacity to deny a prize from an angel like you? I wish a variety of prizes from my honey. May I close my eyes to minimize your shyness?”

“Watching the colors of shyness on the face of our partner in bright light will bath us in more joy,” Myna turned her head slowly around the area to study the presence of any hindrance. The absence of human obstacles around the area boosted her energy to higher level to honor him by a prize. She went very close to him with widened legs and pressed her body with his structure like a soft garland of rose petals. She presented him a lips locking kiss of long duration as a prize. “Subban, I shall give one more prize under a condition. Are you ready to obey my stipulation?” bemused Myna, whispering the secret message in his ear, the vibration of her lips accelerating the speed of sensational waves induced earlier in his nervous system.

“Honey, I am ready to dance according to your song. You enlighten me by your blessing,”

“I heard that majority of damsels in Neyythal Land are beauty queens. You should control your mind and escape from the love web of damsels of Neyythal Land,”

“My eyes will find joy only on the glamour of Myna. Even the angels of heaven won’t attract my eyes towards them,”

“Are you sure Subban? If you shall stick to my stipulation, you are permitted to share little hotness from my fresh body,”

Subban embraced her on his chest and waited a span of time for the spread of mounting hotness. Then he started a session of kiss lessons at different sensitive centers of her body. “Honey, my hands are on the struggle of restlessness. May I give them little freedom to them for a simple game of short duration?” coaxed Subban cannily.

“Don’t try to undress me in open space. You are given a little right to analyze the structure of the spots of your interest,” dignified Myna, biting her lips with a spread of catchy smile to boil his nerves.

The declaration of independence gave his hands enough strength to start hot games of craftiness. His left hand moved on her back from her neck to knees to locate the centers of higher sensation. His right hands moved on the slopes of her front and loitered around the lower bulge for more period of time to ignite the source of higher hotness. When his hand tried to enter into her skirt, she pulled it by a strong grasp. “Subban, this much of experience is enough for this time. You shall fly into the hotness of imagination, till you return with the prize of victory,” enchanted Mynah effeminately.

With that joyous memory of imagination, Subban joined as the team leader of the group of suicide warriors. The soldiers were transformed into a convoy of birdmen by the crafty plans of king Gangan, expecting certain victory. Unlike their expectation, prince Kuttuvan climbed on the peak of victory, with energy of the wonderful tigress of Neyythal Land. Out of the convoy of ten newly created birdmen, nine slipped into the hell of death, leaving only Subban as a slag to suffer the tortures of king Gangan.

Birdman Subban spent one whole night on the branch of a huge tree, immersed in the depth of the ocean of melancholy. The imagination of the depth of love of Myna pushed him to higher level of the sky, to fly with Myna as a pair of love birds. At early sunrise, he started his search for the ten horses tied to the lower branches of a tamarind tree. After a tedious endeavor, he located the horses. He untied nine horses and left them free to earn their living. “Dear friends, you all have total freedom from today. You are permitted to select the life of your own choice. My best wishes are always behind you,” felicitated birdman Subban flatulently.

Then birdman Subban started his journey in the sky towards the famous magnetic fortress. He continued the journey in slow phase, enjoying the dancing beauty of nature. He took rest at regular intervals at different favorable locations to fill his stomach to energize him. On the third morning he observed the splendid magnetic fortress as a dream structure at a distance.

He sat conveniently on the branch of a tree and spread his wings of imagination in all directions to decide about his future career. He identified many advantages in the life of a birdman. The life as a birdman would give ample of opportunities to fly through the nook and corners of the world to enjoy the wonders of the word. The long lasting fame as the first birdman of the world would oscillate him in a swing of joy. There would be more chances for a joyous life of achievement, without the interference of external factors. If there was any rivalry, he could climb on the steps of victory by his indomitable energy and abilities.

A doubt always burnt in his brain like an ever enduring Olympic torch. Would Myna continue to grow love crops in her mind to accept the first birdman of the world as her life partner? Would she develop capacity to bear the mockery of the world to introduce her husband as a birdman? Many more related questions vibrated his mind like the state of magma inside the interior of a fuming volcano. Birdman Subban imagined a series of hard knots to be untied for the establishment of a life of mirth.

As a final solution to cool the turbulence of his mind in unstable equilibrium, he decided to meet Myna to gather the ideas of her mind. He wished to climb on a final decision, after analyzing the merits and demerits of the opinion of his sweet heart Myna. So he flew to the mango grove to share the warmth of her love and to collect the guidance of her love brimming heart. He selected a tree in the vicinity of the path and sat on the branch of the tree, keeping his eyes on sharp focus on the path of arrival of Myna. One whole day of waiting went fruitless, and the second day sunrise appeared to sow the seeds of twist in his future life.

Birdman Subban saw Myna at a distance, walking like a dancing doll. Waves of joy began to bombard his nervous system, and his face bloomed like a dahlia flower at sunrise. He rolled his eyes to analyze the presence of any other human around the area. Encouraged by the absence of human shadows, he spread his enormous wings and flapped them at low frequency to fly to the nearness of his hearty love Myna. At that instant of sharp turning point, Myna was on the depth of imagination about the boiling hotness shared by her boy friend during their earlier meeting. Just an imagination of the elongation of the earlier love game began to accelerate a current of sensational mirth in her nervous system.

At that moment of sensuous excitement of Myna, the huge wings of birdman Subban appeared before her eyes like a blood sucking vampire. “Alas! ghost! ghost!” gaggled Myna, running rapidly like a horse burnt at the tail.

By the attack of heavy shock waves, birdman Subban stood static as if frozen to a stone statue. He energized his mind and flew swiftly towards her at the speed of whirl wind. “Myna, I am your boy friend Subban with wings. Don’t run aghast” hooted birdman Subban, like the cry of an owl, under the shiver of the unexpected twist.

Myna was not in a normal state to identify the meanings of his words. She rejected his words as the warning signals of the ghost with wings. The waves of fear compelled her to run fast, exceeding the speed of sound. Finding no alternate technique to attract the attention of Myna towards him, birdman Subban fluttered his wings at faster rate to increase the speed of his flight. Suddenly, he jumped before Myna with spread wings to create an obstacle to stop her forward motion. “Myna, don’t shiver by fear. I am your lover Subban with wings,” importuned birdman Subban imploringly.

The most familiar tone of Subban increased her energy to higher level and she raised her head to study the face that boiled her senses in the nearest past. The glamorous face of Subban pushed away her fear ghost, like the diffusion of dirt of clothes while washing. However, the presence of strange wings vibrated her mind like tsunami waves of sure destruction. She stared his total structure, keeping her mind safely behind the screen of doubt.

“Myna, don’t shiver in the turbulence of doubt. I am none other than the dearest boy friend of your heart. Our king gave me a magic medicine to sprout wings, as an effort to energize me to kill prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land,” justified birdman Subban for his present status as the first birdman of Neyythal Land.

“I find hard to believe your strange explanation. You contact our king to detach your false wings. I can’t accept the love of a birdman,” kindled Myna knavishly.

“There are many advantages in the life as a birdman. I wish to preserve a record of achievements as the first birdman of the world. Kindly give me permission to serve our motherland in a better way to the wonder of mankind.”

“You have your own freedom to live according to your own whims and fancies. I hate to see you again. I don’t want to live as an article of novelty to the mockery of others. These are the first and the last binding words of Myna.”

“Myna, I love you as my life. I can’t live without your love.”

“I still love my Subban. I hate birdman with wings.”

“I shall wither wings to gain your love. I expect the support of our king for detaching my wings.”

“You take your own decision. I am not an obstacle for your prosperous future.”

“A long spell of time of about two months is required for the withering process of wings. Let us share a little warmth before our isolation. That hot experience will boost my energy to fly on the wings of imagination for a long period of time,” lured birdman Subban libidinously. Suddenly he pulled her into a tight embracement, his dry lips on trial to catch her mango slice like juicy lips.

“Stupid, don’t stain my skin by your dirt. Keep your ugly body away from my purity,” mortified Myna, flaring like the flame of a fire. The intensity of hatred in her tone froze his heart to lower the rate of heart beat. The sharpness of the words spoken by her penetrated his nervous system like an array of spears accelerated to high velocity.

“Myna, did you forget the happiest times of our life in this mango grove? I have enhanced energy to oscillate you on the swing of sensuous joy,” nabbed birdman Subban , dripping drops of tears like a cloud cooled by sudden climatic change.

“I am a human girl. I shall live happily only with a youth of mankind.”

“Myna, I shall return again without wings. Kindly give me a kiss for my memory.”

“I can’t share kiss with a birdman.”

“I wish to give a kiss as a token of my love. Please show kindness to accept my prize.”

“Impossible. I hate the smell of a birdman.”

Birdman Subban shivered, as if the whole world evaporated away from his sight. He imaged himself floating in the midst of the sky, without grip to stabilize his position. He dreamed about the horrible nature of isolated life in the midst of a dark blanket of hell. At that moment of his maximum turbulence due to exhaustion of energy, Myna shot more word arrows to pierce his heart.

“Subban, I hesitate to accept your love even without wings.”

“Do I commit any mistake to gain your hatred?”

“I lost my mother at child birth. I value love of a mother more than the elixir of heaven. Do you have capacity to give me a mother, who can love me as her own child?”

“Why not? My mother will love and care you as her own child.”

“I am sorry Subban. Your mother died by the infection of cholera. I have done all functions relating to her cremations like my own mother”.

“Alas! My mom neglected me in the darkness of suffering. I became an orphan roaming on streets. How can I breathe in the vacuum of misery?” perturbed birdman Subban prodigiously.

The collection of tear drops around his eyes marred his vision for a span of time. When he regained the sharpness of his vision, he watched Myna as a shaky miniature shadow at a large distance. Birdman Subban spread his wide wings and fluttered them to fly in the width of the sky. He imagined vast spread of blanket of darkness around him, even during that time of noon, when the sun is on trial to burn the earth with his high intensity infrared rays.

A spiral arm of a whirl wind penetrated through the width of the dense forest to a large distance and transformed into the glamorous forest nymph Santra on the branch of a banyan tree. She loitered around the area of the forest in Neyythal Land to search for the second opportunity to meet prince Kuttuvan in privacy. Though her imagination flew towards the royal palace of Neyythal Land, she had no power to cross beyond the forest regions of Hindustan. Since she lost her mind to the heroism of prince Kuttuvan, to her eyes all other youths appeared to be just pebbles around a sparkling diamond.

Forest nymph Santra wished to roam around the width of the forest with prince Kuttuvan, like a couple of love parrots. So she decided to select a strategy of to pull prince Kuttuvan into the forest. She flew on wings of imagination into the depth of mythology of different religious denominations. After a heavy struggle for a long period of time, a spark occurred in her brain to oscillate her on a swing of imagination.

The strange shape of a typical hexapolis flashed in her brain, like a streak of lightning. The hexopolis appeared like a magnified form of a lizard with some typical differences. The hexapolis had a tail resembling the tail portion of a huge crocodile after its hind legs. The limbs of the hexapolis appeared like the clutches of a huge eagle. The strange animal had four horns on its head in two rows. The two horns in the second row were branched in the shape of the horns of an old elk deer. It had two long whip like strong hairs on the outer surface of the upper jaw, one per side, like the moustache hairs of a cat or the proboscis of a butterfly. There was an array of sharp teeth on its lower jaw, the teeth at both ends being larger is length. The upper jaw of the hexapolis had an array of teeth, the central larger three teeth being bend in different direction to sow fear into the heart of the spectators. In short, the total appearance of the hexapolis was terrible than a growling tiger.

Forest nymph Santra decided to attract the attention of prince Kuttuvan in the shape of strange mythological animal hexapolis. She transformed into a whirl wind, and pierced through the forest swiftly at the rapid speed of a cyclone. After a journey of long distance, forest nymph Santra saw a batch of about hundred youths on the martial art training programme. She finalized to attack the youths to creat fear storms throughout Neyythal Land. She suddenly transmuted into the strange hexapolis, the mythological creature of terror based on her memory. She tried to recollect the harsh cry of a hexapolis for a short efflux of time. Her efforts failed bitterly to fetch fruits of sweet taste. So she decided to use the growl of a tiger on wrath as the cry of a hexapolis.

Forest nymph Santra moved swiftly towards the border of the forest in the form of spiral arm of a whirl wind. She witnessed a team of about hundred youths involved in different types of training on martial art at the outer edge of a vast stretch of plane area. During her movement in the form of the spiral arm of a whirl wind, she suddenly transformed into a hexapolis and continued to move towards them in the form of repeated bounces. During her forward motion, she realized that with the supports of the stock of armaments, the soldiers could easily push her to death. So she magnified her structure at uniform rate, till her size reached the largest dinosaur. She growled at high intensity to cause terror waves around the area.

Hearing the growl of an angry tiger, the warriors turned towards the direction of the noise, by the shiver of fear. The appearance of the monster strange animal unknown to their knowledge, sowed fear waves into their nervous system. By the turbulence of horror, they scattered into different directions like a hive of honey bees kept near a flame of fire. While chasing the warriors to the shiver of death, forest nymph Santra identified the drawback in her strategy of attack. With her selected mode of attack, she could easily kill any number of warriors, piercing with her horn. She hesitated to slaughter innocent youths unnecessarily, just to attract the attention of prince Kuttuvan, the hero of her heart. So she decided to modify her strategy of attack to a milder form, just enough to sow fear waves into their hearts.

During her chasing process, the hexapolis suddenly grew enormous wings, and began to fly at lower altitude just above the ground. She grasped four youths at her four set of toes and began to fly at higher altitude. Calculating the danger, the warriors chased the hexapoils on the ground, selecting the weapons of their choice. A shower of spear was projected by the warriors to kill the beast of danger which chased her like a shower of rainfall. To escape from the shower of spears, the hexapolis changed its trajectory into a sinusoidal wave form.

When the stock of spears was exhausted, the warriors resorted to bow and arrows to climb on the victory. A heavy shower of arrows chased the hexapolis like a large hive of stinging wasps. Though some arrows succeeded in hitting the skin of the hexapolis, they failed to pierce the skin, owing to the hard and thick nature of the skin. The arrows that bombarded on the skin of the hexapolis lost energy and dropped down like the petals of withered rose flowers. The flying hexapolis with four warriors on its clutches, retraced its direction of motion towards Ponni River, and dropped them on its water current. Those four soldiers were successful to swim across the river and climbed on the northern bank of the river safely.

Forest nymph Santra again transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind and penetrated through the forest in another direction. After a journey for a period of time, she witnessed a group of about eighty damsels on sincere training in the middle of a plane surface of huge area. While shifting forward in the form of an arm of a cyclone, she transmuted into a hexapolis of normal size, and continued the journey by repeated bounces. While on rapid motion, she enlarged her size to a monster. She growled at high pitch to push the damsels to the shiver of fear. Those damsels scattered in different directions and ran fast to preserve their breathing.

Forest nymph Santra selected two damsels running along the same direction as targets of her game. In the midst of the chasing process, two tremendous wings grew to the hexaplis to accelerate its speed of motion. While flying at the lower layer of the troposphere, two proboscises of the hexapolis rolled around the waist of two damsels. The hexapolis lifted two damsels into the height of the sky and started its flight towards the Ponni River. First a shower of spears was projected to kill the beast of wonder. The spears were followed by a shower of arrows. Imposing an artful zigzag motion, the flying hexapolis escaped easily from the targets of the damsels. The hexapolis flew towards the Ponni River and dropped the damsels on its current to struggle for an escape.

After the completion of a joyous game for the day, forest nymph Santra sat on the branch of a banyan tree to identify a better technique, to stir the people to higher level of turbulence on the next day. She swam in the depth of imaginative mirth, thinking about a technique to trap prince Kuttuvan into her sexomagnetic induction. She expected the arrival of Vanathi, the tigress of Neyythal Land, with the hero of her heart. She wished to fabricate a plan to isolate Vanathi from the vicinity of prince Kuttuvan to play hot games in privacy. She confirmed to adopt a rolling plan to match the changing color of the external climate.

While floating on the dream of imagination, forest nymph Santra saw the crossing of a hermit along the road, towards a vast lake, within the limit of her eye range. She instantly identified the face of the hermit as the saint, who revealed the secret of the magnetic rock to king Gangan. Influenced by a flaring doubt, forest nymph Santra focused her sight towards the direction of movement of the saint. To her wonder, the hermit stepped on the water surface of the lake and walked towards the centre of the lake, without causing slightest ripples.

Forest nymph Santra transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind and followed the saint. After a travel for a short span of time, she watched another hermit standing on one leg at the centre of the lake, folding the left foot at the knee as a mode of penance for the blessings of god. As the distance gap between the two saints lowered, a wave of fear attacked her nervous system as a warning signal to the avoid curse from the most powerful saints. To avoid a clash with extremely dangerous saints, forest nymph Santra merged with the body of the walking saint. When the second saint approached the vicinity of the saint on penance, his eyes opened slowly like an oyster with a pearl.

“Welcome to saint vyas. I am waiting eagerly for your arrival. Let us start our journey to preach ignorant people about the ways to reach the heaven filled with everlasting joy,” tickled saint Agasthiar, with a bloomed face illuminated by his depth of wisdom.

“Saint Agasthiar, I am happy to stand before you as your disciple. It is the apt time to start our journey to preach the messages of god for the refined life of people. Let us first visit the capital of Neyythal Land to study the administrative abilities of prince Kuttuvan. His experiences will be a guiding lesson to other kings to rule the citizens as their own children,” venerated saint vyas, bowing his head to show his reverence.

“Vyas, this is not the right time to pay a visit to Neyythal Land. I see a blanket of darkness in Neyythal Land. Destructive forces are fast approaching the frontiers of Neyythal Land”.

“Alas! What a prosperous country! The citizens of Neyythal land are virtuous gods. Prince Kuttuvan is an embodiment of morality. He should live longer for the progress of downtrodden sections of society.”

“Prince Kuttuvan is on the clutch of satan. Only his isolation from the capital of Neyythal Land will save his life.”

“What a heart breaking tragedy! Prince Kuttuvan is the light of the poor in the darkness of starvation. He has capacity to lift millions of poor to the joy of prosperity. Fate is blind to distinguish the good from bad.”

“Vyas! During my penance, the total annihilation of Neyythal Land appeared like a flash of light. I have no words to remark against the rule of fate.”

“Saint Agasthiar! May I take risk to warn prince Kuttuvan about the impending danger? May we isolate prince Kuttuvan to Kurinchi land to save his life?”

“Prince Kuttuvan has no faith on fate and superstitions. He loves to die with his subjects than isolation. Let us don’t waste our precious time in fruitless trials. All are equal before our eyes. Let us keep our mouth always closed”

A shade of darkness spread on the face of saint vyas. Drops of tears dripped from his eyes like beads of ice. “Prince Kuttuvan is a gem of person. Millions of people are under his shade of safety. I am a mere waste on the surface of the earth, like a poisonous snake. Let god take my soul for the safety of prince Kuttuvan,” sobbed saint vyas with a shaky voice of shivering lips.

“At this time of scorching tragedy, Marutha land is the safest place for our preaching. Let us migrate into Marutha Land to extend our penance,” wheezed saint Agasthiar whimsically.

“The land of vampires is the safest residence for ghosts like us. Let god sleep in heaven to transform the whole world into a vast hell.”

After a short efflux of time, the two hermits walked on the surface of the lake, without producing ripples. After they stepped on the surface of land, forest nymph Santra escaped from the body of saint vyas. She travelled in the form of spiral arm of a whirl wind and sat on the branch of the same banyan tree. She spread her imaginative wings in all directions to search a strategy to save prince Kuttuvan from the fast approaching danger, her eyes dropping tear droplets like a shower of rainfall.

“O God! What can I do to preserve my darling closest to my heart always? May I petrify my darling into a stone statue and hide him in a cave of a Netherland? What happen to the life of my darling, if I die accidentally before his transformation to human form?” wrangled forest nymph Santra whisperingly.

Forest nymph Santra dipped into the depth of exhaustion, unknowing a method to isolate prince Kuttuvan from the capital of Neyythal Land. She finalized to save his life from the risk of burning clutches, atleast by the sacrifice of her own life. During her state of waiting for a sudden twist to climb into the height of victory, a turning point occurred to oscillate her mind in a swing of joy.

To her climb on the height of wonder, forest nymb Santra saw a narrow boat travelling in air at a height of about five metre above the surface of the earth. That boat appeared to be carved from a single log of length about twice the ordinary boats. A old women with milky white hairs sat conveniently on a horizontal bar connected to the two sides perpendicular to its length. She rowed a broad, thin and long paddle on both sides consecutively without strain to drive the boat. The strange boat pierced through the layers of atmosphere at higher velocity than the ordinary boats on the surface of water. She was witch Lyla, on penance to regain her lost youthhood by human sacrifice. Forest nymph Santra transformed into the spiraling arm of a whirl wind and blew fast above the boat to study the content of the boat.

Forest nymph Santra observed a beautiful damsel sleeping on the boat with her face upwards. Stirred by the strangeness of novelty, forest nymph Santra wished to study the mystery behind the old woman. An ordinary woman won’t paddle a boat in air to travel with such a high velocity. In addition, the unconscious damsel on the boat added fuel to the fire of her suspicion. She felt that she might be a witch with higher wizardry powers than the scientific powers of king Gangan. She wished to utilize the sky high wizardry powers of the witch to trap prince Kuttuvan away from Neyythal Land to pull him safely from the crafty hands of fate.

Forest nymph Santra shifted her spiral motion below the boat to escape from the bewitching eyes of the sibyl. The boat began to move with constant velocity in the direction of the water current of Ponni River. The time appeared to move slowly like a lazy lass. After the elapse of an indefinite interval of time, Santra observed the attack of ocean waves on the shore, like the lashes of a lewd wife on the skin of her husband. The boat continued to travel above the surface of the ocean at constant velocity, towards the wide spread of greenish island at a distance in the sea, like the fertile land of heaven.

The boat of strangeness penetrated the space between the branches of tremendous trees that stood like green monsters on the fertile soil of the green island. At that moment of expanding wonder, forest nymph Santra watched a highly adorned palace, with artistic cone shaped towers based on the architectural style of Rangoon. The strange boat tilted upwards towards the vast area of rectangular terrace between two towers. To escape from the wizardry eyes of the Sibyl, forest nymph Santra shifted direction of her motion towards a nearby tree, and sat on the top branch of the tree in human form.

The boat vehicle landed on the flat surface of the terrace softly. A women of age around fifty stepped down from the external staircase to the terrace. I am impressed by your success of today. The girl is very beautiful like an angel of heaven. Our deity will accept joyfully such a sacrifice of charm,” acclaimed the women with a bloomed face of sparkling smile.

“Baby, including our latest catch, our harvest of damsels increased to ninety one. After a harvest of nine more girls, we shall conduct the final sacrificial ceremony to satisfy our deity. He will bless me with everlasting youthhood at the age of twenty. Thereafter, I don’t have the wrinkle of skin, greying of hair and the exhaustion of death” bawled the witch Lyla breezily.

“Mother, I too wish to gain the libido of youthfulness. After your victory, you should help me to sacrifice hundred glamorous damsels to the twisting serpent Leviathan. As per your procedure of sacrifice, we shall present damsels on each full moon nights and preserve their souls for the final prayer,” cachinnated the daughter witch Lysa, vibrating her eyelashes in excessive joy.

At that instant the girl in the boat opened her eyes slowly, like the doors of a treasure. To restore the sharpness of vision, she fluttered her eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly. Unable to identify the natural scenes of the surrounding, she got up to analyze her safety factor.

“Mother, the damsel is awake from unconsciousness. This is the best time to lock her as a flower to avoid a struggle,” drawled sibyl Lysa derisively.

“Angel, don’t shiver in imaginative fear. A prince kidnapped you to show the wonders of the world,” elucidated witch Lyla to catch the fish in the hook of treachery.

“The deep love of my parents is the greatest wonder for me. They will show me the greatest miracles of the world. Kindly leave me alone near my home” forced the girl, as if to shatter their long term plan to acquire everlasting youthhood.

“You sparkle like an angel of paradise. Your sky high beauty impressed the young prince of extraordinary handsome. He identified you as his wife in earlier generations by the help of a magic mirror,” galvanized Sibyl Lysa, narrating a story of baseless fiction.

“Are you sure? I suppose you are the servant maids of the prince. May I meet the prince in person? I wish to seek the permission of my parents to marry the prince,” haggled the damsel hoarsely.

“Mother, this is the right time to show the damsel our flower garden. Angel! Our prince preserves a large flower garden to spend his leisure joyfully with you. A sample of ten plants is maintained in pots on this terrace. You will be excited to watch the beauty of the flowers,” inspired Sibyl Lysa, by her catchy words impregnated with honey droplets.

Sibyl Lysa showed her right hand to the damsel to use as support to get out from the boat vehicle. They took her to the western border of the terrace containing the row of ten flowering plants. She saw ten big artistically designed pots arranged to form a row. The girl observed giant type of dahlia plants with beautiful flowers. “Mother, we have a collection of ninety one dahlia flowers. We need only nine more flowers to start our final prayer function. Five more days will be enough to claim our victory,” jolted Sibyl Lysa jubilantly.

“Damsel, how is the sample flower garden of our prince? Do you like these flowers of wonderful beauty? In the midst of these charming dahlia flowers, you glitters with more beauty like a rare flower of paradise,” lauded witch Lyla, with a glare of wickedness at the edges of her eyes.

“Thank you very much for your words of praise. My mind compels me to meet the prince immediately. Kindly arrange for that golden chance at the earliest,” motivated the girl madly.

Witch Lyla drew her magic wand from her waist and touched its edge on her head. “May god bless you with beauty and fragrance” notified witch Lyla with a sneering laugh. Suddenly a miracle occurred to the wonder of forest nymph Santra on the branch of a tree. The girl of charm transformed into a flower and flew to a plant to stick to a branch to show the appearance of a natural flower.

Forest nymph Santra transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind and evacuated the green island to continue her work in the transformation of the strange animal hexapolis. She decided to trap prince Kuttuvan in the green island in the midst of ninety one damsels of charms. The company of such a large bevy of girls would influence prince Kuttuvan to stay in the green island, till expected eruption of mishap in Neyythal land stop its cruel hands of devastation.

She continued her efforts to disturb the innocent citizens of Neyythal Land, in the transformation of hexaplois for two more days to attract the attention of prince Kuttuvan. As planned by forest nymph Santra, the news about the appearance of the beast of terror spread throughout the nook and corner of Neyythal Land. The village heads sent letters of appeal to prince Kuttuvan to save the people from the scorching fear of the strange animal. Prince Kuttuvan started his journey on his white horse to hunt the wild beast that continued to disturb the routine life of citizens. Vanathi collected the news of strangeness from her father, and followed him on her black horse as a supportive force to assure his safety. Prince Kuttuvan lost energy to show resistance against her enthusiasm to remain in his shadow. So the two member army diffused into the forest to start the hunting process with sky high skills.

During the process of elongation of the journey, they opened a hot discussion to solve the existing mystery. In the forest area of the residence of the strange animal, they observed a high rock mountain. “Darling, this mountain peak appears to be the best location to watch the movements of the strange animal. From the mountain top, we shall watch large area of the surrounding with perfect clarity. This will be of immense help to us to analyze the truth in the shifting nature of the beast,” pattered Vanathi patronizingly.

“Sweety, your idea appears to be better, but its net result will be bitter. There is a possibility to study the strange transformational characteristic of the beast, remaining on the mountain tap. How can we hunt the animal on the plane surface, keeping ourselves on the mountain top?” questioned prince Kuttuvan, a light of sneer brightening his face.

“We shall watch the direction of movements of the animal, remaining safely on the mountain top. We shall plan a strategy of attack on the basis of our observations. Then we shall step down to start the hunting process as per our plane to achieve victory,” relaxed Vanathi, by her explanation of strategic importance.

“Sweety, your plan of perfection proves your merits. But your plan will consume more time to complete our mission. I shall suggest a better idea to trap the beast. Better you climb to the top of the rock mountain to study the movements of the beast. I will be on the plane surface to launch a sudden attack to stop the sufferings of people around this area.”

“The beast starts the attack in the form of ordinary hexapolis. Then it magnifies its figure into a monster. Finally it sprouts wings to fly in the sky like birds. So the beast appears to be the transformation of a dangerous wizard. I can’t allow you alone to fall into the trap of a wizard.”

“Sweety, Don’t fly too much into the world of imagination. I will prove my worthiness by killing the beast easily, like breaking an air bubble.”

“The beast shows a useless behavior. It pulls the youths on training programme and drops them safely in river. Do you imagine any purpose for this strange behavior of the beast?”

Prince Kuttuvan flew on the wings of imagination for a spell of time. Vanathi witnessed slow brightening of his face, like the diffusion of darkness at early dawn. “Sweety, I understood the reason behind the disturbing behavior of the beast. Exhaustion of enthusiasm of the youths on the training programme may be the purpose of the attacks. This endeavor may be aimed to weaken the opposing force against the damsel hunting expeditions of king Gangan”.

“Impossible. If the wizardry power tries to weaken the opposing force against the damsel hunting expedition, it won’t show mercy on our youths. The only purpose of the strange beast appears to attract the attention of prince Kuttuvan.”

There was a sudden spark of light in the brain of prince Kuttuvan. His imagination flew towards forest nymph Santra. She might be the force behind the mischief of the mysterious animal hexapolis. “Santra, Don’t try to disturb my sweety. I shall meet you in person, after diverting her attention to somewhere. Wait a little for a game,” ruminated prince Kuttuvan, reprehensively.

Vanathi noted the color change on the face of prince Kuttuvan. She learnt that he was satisfied with her explanations. At the same time, there was growing fear in her heart about the safety of her darling. She wished to remain around him as his own shadow to assure him the perfect security.

Forest nymph Santra stood on the top of the rock mountain, waiting for the arrival of the darling of her heart. The galloping sound of a pair of horses at a distance attracted her mind in that direction like a suspended bar magnet orienting along the magnetic meridian of the earth. Her face bloomed instantly like a milk sucking child seeing his mother at the verge of starvation. Her next attempt would be isolating her darling from the adhesive force of the love web of the tigress of Neyythal Land.

Forest nymph Santra transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, and blew rapidly towards the plane surface of opposite side of the rock mountain. During her motion, she transformed into hexapolis of normal size just above the land surface. Suddenly a set of wide wings sprouted and she fluttered her wings at low frequency to stabilize in the sky. She emitted a high intensity harsh noise similar to the growling sound of a tiger on wrath.

The high intensity growling noise of the hexapolis penetrated their ears, like sudden eruption of a thunder. “Sweety, the source of the growling noise appears to be on the opposite side of the rock mountain. Today we should write the end to the story of this torturing animal of strangeness. Let us trap the beast from both sides. This is a rare chance for prince Kuttuvan to prove his valor against the tigress of Neyythal Land,” snickered prince Kuttuvan, to push her spirit into an arena of competition. Induced by his sneering laugh, Vanathi accelerated her horse towards the left to show her merits.

The hexapolis identified the direction of movement of Vanathi perfectly, and began to fly in the opposite direction swiftly, influenced by the eager to share the depth of love of prince Kuttuvan. Prince Kuttuvan witnessed the flight of the strange beast at a distance, and waved his right hand towards the dragon of wonder with a bloomed face, like the flapping of the national flag of his own country in a breeze. The hexapolis lowered its velocity at his vicinity and pulled him to its back using the proboscis. Prince Kuttuvan sat conveniently on the back of the dragon, avoiding disturbance for its free flight.

“Santra, I am happy for the second golden opportunity to share your warmth of love. The poor girl vanathi will roam around the area in turbulence with oozing eyes. You should allow me to return to this area within the shortest interval of time,” tattled prince Kuttuvan tangibly.

“Thank you for your remembrance. I am impressed by your sharpness of mind. I created this golden opportunity with a well planned strategy. I invite you into another wonderful world of bewitching beauty,” vowed forest nymph Santra in the transformation of flying hexapolis.

“Thank you very much Santra. I love you very much, next to Vanathi. She is a precious gift awarded by the god of heaven. I will serve him for all my generations for blessing me with such a wonderful prize,” whizzed prince Kuttuvan witchingly.

“Darling, forest nymph Santra is identical to Vanathi in purity, valor and wisdom. Kindly try to give me equal weightage in your heart of highest benevolence,” yearned the hexapolis, stirred by his words of praise on the worthiness of Vanathi.

“Santra, I shall try my best to obey your orders. Kindly don’t shower obstacles on the path of progress of that girl of innocence. From today onwards I shall give you the first rank in my heart of love,” assured prince Kuttuvan avariciously.

Forest nymph Santra diverted her direction of flight towards Ponni River. At that time of sudden twist, Vanathi saw prince Kuttuvan travelling on a flying dragon. She turned her horse towards the flying hexapolis, by the attack of waves of terror. The water current stood as an obstacle, against her chasing programme behind the dragon, to save the hero of her heart. During that time of piercing worry of Vanathi, the flying hexapolis turned its direction of flight, and started to fly in a direction parallel to the current of water.

Stirred by waves of horror, Vanathi accelerated her horse on the bank of the river, keeping an eye on the hero of her heart. Prince Kuttuvan identified her condition of terror, and encouraged her by waving his right hand with a spread of magnetic smile on his glamorous face. “Vanathi, Don’t melt by shiver. This flying dragon is my latest friend. I shall meet you soon with renewed vigor. Remain around the area till my arrival” bellowed prince Kuttuvan aloud to dilute the boiling worry of his sweety.

Vanathi stopped her chasing programme and returned towards the rock mountain, flying on imagination about the nature of bond between the hero of her heart and the strange dragon with wings. Her efforts to identify the dark side of prince Kuttuvan went fruitless. She tied her horse on the lower branch of a tree and put her maximum efforts to climb on the rock mountain. By her hardest endeavor, she reached the top of the rock mountain. When she focused her eyes in the direction of water current of Ponni River, she saw the flying dragon at a large distance above the bluish surface of the ocean, like a small sparrow on flight.

Prince Kuttuvan waited patiently on the flying hexapolis, to witness the world of wonder mentioned by forest nymph Santra. The elongation of the time of flight to infinity sowed a feeling of restlessness in his heart. “Santra, I have a number of urgent duties to be performed. I don’t wish to waste my precious time in an illegal honey moon trip. I should use this critical time of emergency with utmost care to strengthen the training programmes in Neyythal land kindly drop me near the mountain,” cadged prince Kuttuvan candidly.

“Kindly erase Neyythal land from your memory for a short period of time. Neyythal land will be safe always under the virtual rule of god. King Gangan already finalized to stop the future damsel hunting expeditions in Neyythal Land,” diddled forest nymph Santra, with a well planned strategy to isolate him from Neyythal land till the end of the expected catastrophe.

“Santra, I am not a dangler to believe your baseless arguments. Why should you take me to the other end of the world for just a sensuous game? I like real love of mind higher than the lust of flesh,” exploded prince Kuttuvan explicitly.

“Don’t insult me by your burning words. I won’t hesitate to turn your wrath on the head of the innocent girl Vanathi. Kindly avoid to scorch your own sweet heart by the excessive elongation of your tongue,” fermented forest nymph Santra, with a sneering laugh to paste his lips tight.

Prince Kuttuvan closed not only his mouth, but also his eyes, and acted deep sleep to avoid turbulence in the streamlined life of his sweetheart. After a short efflux of time, the greenish scene of an island attracted his attention like a green carpet of nature. The dragon flew towards the island in a slanting path, slowly lowering its altitude. Forest nymph Santra landed on the surface of the green island, keeping prince Kuttuvan on her warm hug. She gave him an affectionate kiss on his forehead and left him free to act according to his own pleasure.

“I adopted a negative approach to introduce my love. My stupidity created a long distance gap between our hearts. Kindly instruct me a technique for minimizing the distance gap between our hearts,” flirted forest nymph Santra, staring his eyes to catch the fish of her choice in the hook of her love.

“Today you are a captivating beauty. I wish to evaporate in the hotness of your glamour. Don’t keep me in boiling state for long period of time to deteriorate my health condition.” gesticulated prince Kuttuvan, holding artificial gleam on his face for his early escape from her love web.

Forest nymph Santra understood his dramatization to get speedy freedom from her grasp. If she tried to prove her merits, he would escape completely from her love circle. She wished to maintain a close relationship with him, even if he considered her as a vamp. “I love you very much. Let us share hotness of our senses for our future remembrance. This will help us to relieve the worldly worries of our life,” hankered forest nymph Santra, pulling him to a warm hug.

Her left hand played games on his back and lips on his face, causing slow sexomagnetic induction into his nervous system. The artificial brake in his mind lost control, and his right hand climbed on her peak, to start crafty games to accelerate the waves of hotness to higher velocity. Forest nymph Santra added fuel to the flames by moving her right hand around his junction. The pressure of hotness in the nervous system of prince Kuttuvan reached the critical point of explosion. He pulled her to a tight embracement, his lips sucking her juicy lips and fingers of right hand playing hot games around the cupid mound.

Due to excessive cubical expansion of hotness, he tried to pierce through her flesh. “Haste makes waste. If you eat slowly, you can eat higher quantity. Let us play the game leisurely, to swim for larger time in the ocean of sensuous mirth,” implored Santra implicitly.

Forest nymph Santra detached her body from his grasp and produced an adorned cot in the shade a tree by her spell. She saw clusters of milky white jasmine flowers in a jasmine climber wound on a huge tree. She stared the flowers and applied her spell by rolling her eyes. All fresh flowers detached from the stalks and moved swifly towards the bed. They spread on the cot to form a thick cover of flower bed.

“A soft bed was ready for our game. Let us analyze the sensational mirth of our nerves centers. No human soul is around this area during this time to disturb our privacy,” jingled forest nymph Santra like the tintinnabulation of a bell.

Forest nymph Santra sat on the edge of the cot and drew him to her lap. “You are the real gate to the wonder world of paradise. I want your hotness in all generations. Will you preserve chastity to serve me a hot feast of purity?” lisped prince Kuttuvan, pressing her bosoms to analyze the change in flexibility.

“Certainly darling, I won’t allow any other ghost to penetrate into my heart. I shall preserve youthfulness of my body fresh for your thrill. I have inborn capacity to identify you in any shape,” mesmerized forest nymph Santra, showering words like a spray of energizing toxic.

Prince Kuttuvan rolled her on the bed and began games of sensational mirth. The hotness of the game evaporated the memory of his sweet heart Vanathi, who was at that time immersed in the depth of ocean of worry. She wandered around the area of the rock mountain with boiling mind and leaky eyes.

After the completion of the game on bed to the satisfaction of both parties, prince Kuttuvan turned his attention to the artistic palace of embellishment. That castle impressed him beyond the castle of his imagination in the virtual world of fairyland. “Wow! What a wonderful castle with sky high adornments! This dazzling palace looks like the architectural style of an angel of heaven. Santra! Do you inspire me by the stories of heroisms of the king of this palace of adornment?” nobbled prince Kuttuvan, raising questions to expose the secrets hidden in the depth of her heart.

“This palace of emblazon belongs to the old witch Lyla. She is notorious for using a boat and oar as the vehicle for transportation in the sky. She is comparable to king Gangan of Marutha Land for her greedy to consume the best articles of the world,” obfuscated forest nymph Santra obscenely.

“I can’t imagine an old witch with the stone heart of king Gangan. I expect more light to understand the depth of meaning of your of words of mystery,” pestered prince Kuttuvan arranging words like a garland of roses.

“Witch Lyla is on penance to a deity to gain permanent youthhood at the age of twenty. She was on a collection process of hundred beautiful damsels to offer the deity as a gift. She had already a harvest of ninety one damsels to satisfy the deity of her choice”.

“Alas! What a cruelty of a motherly woman! After the gain of libido, that vamp will stretch love web to trap young chaps. Such a witch won’t live on the surface of our holy earth to breathe fresh air of purity. She should be pushed immediately to the hell to experience burning tortures of different types.”

“Your idea is correct. The process of killing the most powerful witch involves a series of problems beyond our capacity. We shall make a detailed study before deciding the strategy of attack. The principal duty at this critical time is to extend a helping hand to save the bevy of damsels from the destructive hands of witch Lyla”.

“Santra, you are great beyond my imagination. Kindly show me the bevy of damsels. We shall choose a technique to free the damsels, based on the color of the climate.”

“You will fly into the width of wonderland, if you know the novelty technology invented by witch Lyla to lock the damsels safely into her custody. She had a series of ten artificially fabricated stout dahlia plants with numerous branches. She converted the damsels into dahlia flowers and fixed to the plants to deceive the eyes of the world.”

“Aha! What a sharpness of brain! If she focused her energy along a straight line path of virtue, she would have won the world. The crooked mind is similar to knife sharpened at both edges. It will write the story for the tragic end of the master. I feel pity for the soul. God would have already reserved a seat for her in the tortures of hell.”

“Witch Lyla had a daughter called Lysa of about fifty years of age. They have a practice of going out to enjoy the serene beauty of dancing nature. They used to collect edibles and damsels during their return journey. We should be very alert to escape from their eyes of wizardry.”

“Let us explore the secrets of the palace first. As a second step, we shall enjoy the beauty of the array of magical dahlia plants. The final step will be our efforts to rescue the damsels from the wizardry hands of witch Lyla”.

Forest nymph Santra waved her head sidewise as a symbol to accept his plane of action. She pulled him towards the castle, winding her right hand on his waist. When they approached the vicinity of the palace, they observed a long staircase with hundred steps to the terrace. When they stepped on the plane surface of the terrace, forest nymph Santra stretched her right hand to show the array of gigantic dahlia plants.

“Wow! What a beautiful collection of dahlia plants! I have never enjoyed such a wonderful feast of dahlia flowers. I find no apt word to praise the aesthetic sense of witch Lyla. Let god shower his blessings on that Sibyl to lead the refined life of a saint,” quoted prince Kuttuvan, showing his broad mind filled with generosity.

“You should follow my advice with utmost care to release these damsels to safety. I slight slip in my plan will fetch the danger of death to our head. After sunrise, the two witches will start travel in their boat vehicles. Then you shall transform the flowers into damsels by the key of my secret words. You are expected to spend time in the company of damsels till my arrival,” reiterated forest nymph Santra remorsefully.

“What happen to my life, if the witches arrive before your visit?”

“There is a safety factor to escape from their clutches. You shall see the movement of the boats in the sky at a large distance. In such a critical situation, you all should run towards the dahlia plants. At the moment you touch the dahlia plants, you all will fix to the plant in the form of blossoms”.

“Aha! This is a nice idea for our safety. Better we all should escape from this hell on tomorrow. I expect your arrival at the right time with vehicles for our escape.”

“Certainly darling, you shall believe my words as the blessing of god.”

“Today I will be locked in the dahlia plant in the form of a flower. How can I transform into my original shape at tomorrow morning? This appears to be an obstacle in the execution of our plan of high novelty.”

“Don’t worry darling, the first ray of sunlight will transform you from flower state to prince Kuttuvan.”

“I have one more doubt. How can I escape from the clutches of the witches, if sunlight fell on me in flower state before the departure of the witches?”

Forest nymph Santra floated on the waves of imagination for a range of time. She turned her head to and fro sidewise as an effort to research a solution to the clever question of the darling of her heart. The sharp vision of her eyes scanned the area to identify a solution to that heart burning problem. Suddenly her face painted the shade of pink color of the eastern sky at sunrise. Her eyes glittered like the fluorescence of glow worms. “Darling, your query is the best at this critical time of emergency. Kindly enjoy the dazzling beauty of dancing blossoms for a short lapse of time. Don’t touch the flowers with your hands of libidinous,” sermonized forest nymph Santra sardonically.

Prince Kuttuvan concentrated flame of wrath on his face. “Santra, I am a youth of virtues respected by all damsels of Neyythal land as their own brother. You dipped me twice into the gutter of lewdness. I will teach you a warning lesson, immersing you into the ocean of lust to the level of your suffocation,” taunted prince Kuttuvan temerariously. Next moment he flew into a world of wonder, as a mere negative imagination to avenge forest nymph Santra bombarded his nervous system with a wave of libidinous, causing a sudden erection at the speed of lightning.

As an effort to oscillate prince Kuttuvan on a swing of strangeness, forest nymph Santra diffused through the wall of the castle very close to the terrace like a flash of light penetrating through a transparent medium. She entered into a well furnished room with a soft bed on an artistically carved rosewood cot. Satisfied by good adornment of the room, she drew an imaginary vertical straight line at the centre of the door, with the forefinger of her right hand. A vertical iron bar fixed the door with the wall. When she marked a horizontal straight line at the centre of door, another identical horizontal iron bar fixed the door with the walls. She confirmed that no witch could have power to open the door for entry into that bedroom reserved for the hero of her heart.

Forest nymph Santra diffused through the same wall once again, to escape outside from the bedroom of high decoration. She magnified her structure into a gigantic form and drew frame of a door covering the whole are of the wall. She again diminished to normal size with spread of a catchy smile on her face. “Darling, at an emergency, you shall diffuse through this wall in to a fully furnished bed room. You are also permitted to sleep in the bedroom, if you hate a transformation in the form of a flower. If you are afraid to sleep alone in the wizardry palace, you shall seek the company of a girl. You should utilize only one girl at a time to avoid the origin of suspicion in the heart of the witches,” vented forest nymph Santra voluptuously. As she shifted her face sidewise, he failed to notice the illumination of a sneering laugh on her face of magnetic beauty.

“Santra, I wish to learn the technique to give life to the damsels in the transformation of blossoms. I wish to bless all the ninety one damsels with the transformation to their original structure. I expect your sincere support to transport these girls to their native hamlets.”

“The genital organs of the damsels are in the form of stigma of flowers. You just rub the stigma heads of the flowers with your fingers. The masculine touching sensation will induce waves of libidinous into the organs of the flowers. They will transmute spontaneously into damsels of original shape wearing their original dresses.”

“Wow! What a sky high technology behind the transformation of a flower! I wonder about the rule of science even in the world of wizardry.”

“You should handle every twist with utmost care. Your sharpness of brain should be always alert to escape from the snare of the witches.”

“Don’t worry Santra. I shall handle the situation with perfect accuracy. I will remember your philanthropic attitude to stretch helping hand to the damsels in distress.”

“May I expect a voluntary prize from your love brimming heart?”

“Sure Santra. I respect you as an angel of heaven for your excessive benevolence.”

Prince Kuttuvan drew her towards his chest for a warm hug and waited a span of time for the penetration of waves of warmth into their nerves system. He spared a warm kiss on her forehead as a token of his love. She transformed him into a blossom by a gentle touch on his head with her right palm. She fixed the flower at a vacant spot on the branch of a dahlia plant.

Forest nymph Santra suddenly transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, and blew rapidly towards the edge of the green island. During her swift movement, she transformed into a white peacock and sat on the branch of a tree as security officer to safeguard the lord of her heart.

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