Magnetic Fortress

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Twisting Serpent Leviathan

Prince Kuttuvan was transformed into a blossom, and fixed to the branch of a dahlia plant in the green island, by forest nymph Santra. She endeavored to dramatize that crazy activity to save the lover of her heart from the expected natural calamity in Neyythal Land. She waited on a tree in the transmutation of a white peacock to assure the safety of prince Kuttuvan. The sun was on the western horizon, as an effort to create the scene of apparent sunset. Forest nymph Santra saw the boat vehicle of old witch Lyla in the lower level of the sky at a distance, like picture of natural scene drawn by an expert artist. When the distance gap between them lowered at rapid rate, forest nymph Santra observed the face of old witch clearly. To her shock, the face of the old witch Lyla showed the innocence of highly trained old women of a royal family.

The boat vehicle of witch Lyla flew very close to forest nymph, like the scene of appearance of an apparition in a dream. She witnessed an unconscious damsel on the boat, the latest catch of witch Lyla to put on the altar for the regain of her youth hood at the age of twenty. When the boat plane crossed her to a distance, forest nymph Santra transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, and traveled in a semicircular path to reach the tree close to the magic dahlia plants. She immediately transformed into a white peacock, and hid behind the dense leaves of the tree to escape from the devastating eyes of witch Lyla.

The boat plane of witch Lyla landed on the terrace of the castle. Witch Lyla took an artistic jar at the corner of the terrace, and sprayed few droplets of water on the face of the damsel in unconscious state. After a short range of time, the damsel fluttered her eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly. Witch Lyla touched the tip of her magic wand on the head of the damsel to transform her into a dahlia flower. She locked the fresh blossom to the branch of a dahlia plant, and gazed the collection of flowers with a bloomed face. She enjoyed the wonderful charm of the dancing batch of dahlia flowers, with a gleaming face of mirth, not sensing the elapse of time.

At that time forest nymph Santra saw another boat plane approaching the green island, like a strange chariot of heaven. She noticed witch Lysa rowing the boat plane towards the terrace, with a catch of another damsel of dazzling beauty. She landed her boat plane near the vehicle of her mother. “Mother, our capture of damsels increased to ninety three. The next full moon night is fast approaching. We shall supply next damsel to our deity Leviathan on that day at sunrise, for his celebration at full moon night. When we completed the target of hundred damsels, you will be blessed with youthfulness at the age of twenty.”

“Lysa! After my victory to regain youth hood, we shall focus our attention to regain your lost charm. We shall roam around the world like twin sisters to trap handsome youngsters around the area. We shall live a happy life more joyous than our deity, changing the companions often to experience the thrill of novelty” bleated witch Lyla, flying on the heights of imaginative joy.

“Mother, king Gangan is notorious as a man with highest libido. I have a dream to trap him for one day game. I need your assistance to turn my dream into reality” cringed witch Lyla clumsily.

“Baby, My help is always behind you as your own shadow. I am crazy on the innocence of prince Kuttuvan. He is praised as the most virtuous youth of Neyythal Land. The embracement of such a fresh boy will give new nerve boiling thrill. My first center of focus after regaining youth hood is prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land” declared old witch Lyla dartingly.

“Sly! I won’t allow you to adulterate the body of my darling of purity. I will pierce your eyes, if they turn in the direction of the darling of my heart. The autocrat Gangan is the best match to roll on your crafty hands, like a play toy of less stability” excoriated forest nymph Santra, in the transformation of white peacock, fluttering her wings at high frequency.

The noise of fluttering of the wings of white peacock attracted the attention of the witches along that direction “Mother, A white peacock on the tree is watching us with curiosity. Do you imagine any disturbance by this white peacock for our plan to regain youth hood?” flustered witch Lysa, by her question of fading confidence level.

“Lysa! I find no reason for your worry. White peacocks are common around the coasts of Neyythal Land. No one has power to pull even a hair from our heads. Let us lock your latest harvest of damsel on the dahlia plant. We shall stop the damsel hunting process after completing a harvest of hundred damsels.” haggled witch Lyla gibingly.

Witch Lyla used her magic wand to transform the last hunt of damsel into a dahlia blossom. She fixed the flower on the branch of a plant. They moved towards their respective bedroom to take rest. Forest nymph Santra, on the tree in the transform of white peacock, waited for the sunrise to push the darling of her heart into the libidinous attraction of ninety three damsels. She discovered that crafty technique to lock the robber of her heart in the green island, to confirm his safety from the expected natural disaster of Neyythal Land.

The dark blanket of night covered the green island, to dip forest nymph Santra into the ocean of worry. She waited on the tree bearing the tortures of her own mind, which warned her even not to blink her eyes sowing the seeds of fear, about the safety of the hero of her heart. To stop her long endurance of tortures, the sparkling face of sun appeared in the eastern horizon. Millions of sharp rays of sun began to penetrate the atmosphere of the earth like tiny arrows. The white peacock rolled her eyes between rising sun and the boat planes on the terrace of the castle, with growing terror in his heart. At that instant of burning worry of forest nymph Santra, the rays of sun embraced the dahlia plants like a shower of blessing from the heaven. Like the sudden debut of a miracle prince Kuttuvan in the state of blossom transformed into his original structure. He rolled his eyes with a spread of feeling of strangeness to study the novelty in the climate condition of the surrounding area.

“Darling, why do you stand inert like a stone statue to fall into the snare of the witches? You run fast to escape from their scorching wizardry powers. A bevy of mind catching damsels of charm is waiting to bath you in the joy of heaven” hallooed forest nymph Santra to warn him of the horror of impending danger. Though prince Kuttuvan observed the fluttering of the wings of the white peacock and its terrifying cry, he neglected the events as the worthless signals of nature.

Boiled with the attack excessive worry, forest nymph Santra transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, and pushed him towards the wall with a force. He diffused through the wall like the debut of a miracle, and rolled on the bed of highest softness. The whirl wind too penetrated through the same wall and appeared before him in the form of forest nymph Santra with magnetic beauty.

“Darling, I am sorry for my misbehavior. The boat planes on the terrace signify the presence of witches in the castle. If you fell in their Wizardry eyes, the citizens of Neyythal Land will lose such a hero of talents. I applied force against my own spring of love to draw you safely from the clutches of the impending natural calamity.” illuminated forest nymph Santra, giving a warm kiss on his forehead as a token of her bursting love.

“Santra, I knew your heart of bursting love. I noticed only one difference between forest nymph Santra and tigress of Neyythal Land Vanathi. My sweety Vanathi has a heart of brimming love, without a tint of hatred” jeered prince Kuttuvan jejunely.

“Darling, I am sorry. I killed your girl friend mercilessly by the growth of jealously in my stony heart. I promise you to refine my heart to the level of highest mercy” lamented forest nymph Santra laconically.

“Santra, Vimala is a talented girl of Neyythal Land with equal capacity in the arts of warfare to Vanathi. She would have added her energy to strengthen my efforts to stop the damsel hunting expeditions of autocrat Gangan. She would have remained around me as my own shadow like Vanathi. She approached me with a love torch given by my sweetheart Vanathi,” muttered prince Kuttuvan in a shaky voice with wet eyes.

“Darling, my heart too vibrates by guilty consciousness. I decided to lead a refined life like Vanathi. I take this golden opportunity to instruct you about the importance of maintaining cordial relationship with the ninety three damsels trapped by the witches of Green Island” negotiated forest nymph Santra nimbly.

“I shall manage them for one day. I shall involve them in dance competitions to kill the time. Such dancing competitions will evaporate my worry about the separation from Vanathi. Kindly give information of my safety to Vanathi”.

“I shall advise Vanathi to stay around the area for one more day for your return journey.”

“That will be nice for the health of Vanathi. Santra, do you know any news about those damsels locked as flowers?”

“Majority of those damsels are the natives of Neyythal Land. Your high virtues may be known to them. So they may try to maintain a cordial relationship with their future king. Kindly don’t scorch them by your penetrative eyes of domination”

“Don’t worry Santra. I shall act as a common youth”

“Darling, one or two girls may ask a prize as a taken for your memory. Don’t hesitate to give the prize on the basis of flimsy reasons”

“I don’t preserve any valuable article to present as gifts to the damsels. Anyhow I shall show the torch of love to evaporate their worry”

“My best wishes for joyous experiences in Green Island”

Forest nymph Santra inserted her head through the wall and observed the disappearance of the boat vehicles of the witches. She pulled her head and turned towards him with a spread of sparkling smile on her face “Darling, This is the best time for your wonderful experiences. Don’t involve yourself in a tug of war with the damsels to fall into the snare of the witches. There is no stain of vulgarity in mutual transfer of love”

Forest nymph Santra diffused through the wall and sat on the same branch of the tree in the transformation of white peacock to witness the strange experiences of the hero of her heart. Prince Kuttuvan waited for a period of time, and diffused through the wall to take part in the games of sky high novelty. He walked towards the series of ten dahlia plants in pots and stared the flowers of captivating charm, stabilizing his mind to jump into the sea of wonders. Forest nymph Santra on the branch of a tree in the transformation of white peacock, changed her orientation in a direction favorable to glance the change of colours on his face.

Prince Kuttuvan slowly shifted his hand towards the most charming flower and rubbed his forefinger on its petal to study the softness. After a short research on the softness of the petals of the dahlia flower, he transferred his finger to the stigma of the blossom, like a curious research scholar of talents. He squeezed the head of the stigma of the flower softly between the thump and forefinger of his right hand. Suddenly a twist of event occurred beyond the instruction of forest nymph Santra. To his mind catching wonder, the flower transformed into fumes, revolved around him thrice, and transformed into a beautiful slim waist girl with perfect curvatures. The girl of charm floated in air just above the surface of the earth like an apparition with supernatural powers.

“Prince, Thank you very much for your arrival to Green Island to lift me from the wizardry hands of witch Lyla. But you are late by twenty nine days. I am happy to meet prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land, atleast in the state of a ghost” perplexed the apparition pathetically.

“Angel, you are a bewitching beauty. I can’t imagine you as a lifeless apparition. Who inflicted such a torture on the head of the angel of Neyythal land to transform into a ghost?” quavered prince Kuttuvan, staring her glamour with faded face of melancholy.

“My beauty acted as my own enemy, attracting the attention of witch Lyla. She captured me by her wizardry and supplied to the twisting serpent Leviathan as a play toy.”

“Who is that wizard? Who gave him right to play games with the damsel of my mother land? Did the witch behead you on the altar to supply your soul to the deity of her choice?”

“No prince. Witch Lyla uses no altar for her sacrifices. There is a long projection towards the sea at the back side of this castle. She uses that platform of extension as the sacrificial altar”

“Using the elongation of the castle as altar appears to be strange. How did she use the projection for her sacrificial functions?”

“Leviathan is the deity of witch Lyla. There appears to be an agreement between Leviathan and witch Lyla. According to their contract, witch Lyla has to supply him one beautiful damsel on the dawn of full moon day, for continuous hundred full moon days. As a prize, he will bless her with youth hood at the age of twenty”

“Alas! This appears to be the contract of Satan, the foe of our god. Who is that Leviathan? Is he a wizard with higher wizardry powers than witch Lysa?”

“Prince, Leviathan is a long gigantic twisting serpent of the ocean. Leviathan has high powers in sea, land and sky. Leviathan is the third powerful organism after god and Satan. He has an artistic palace in Netherland under the sea. He has extraordinary powers to transform to any form.”

“Leviathan appears to be a wonderful creation of god. His negative characters pushed him to the status as the agent of Satan.”

“Prince, I wished to become the lifelong companion of a prince like you. But the hands of witch Lysa pushed me to the ravishment of Satanic Leviathan”

“Ravishment? Is Leviathan a human brutal like king Gangan of Marutha Land?”

“Prince, That is a mysterious story like a fairy tale. I shall explain the story in detail, if you bless me with a little happiness.”

“I don’t believe the scorching games of ghosts. So I am happy to shower a little mercy on your head”

“Let us sit on the parapet of the terrace to elongate our conversation”

The apparition pulled prince Kuttuvan towards the parapet with a glittering smile. Her clutch had no pressure, like a light weight peacock feather. Prince Kuttuvan voluntarily moved with her and sat conveniently on the parapet. To his shock, she took the privilege to sit on his lap.

“Prince, I am sorry. This is the little happiness expected from you. If you give me a kiss in addition I will be much happy,” rambled the apparition rapaciously.

Prince Kuttuvan sat for a short interval of time with faded face. “A kiss has different significance at variety of situations. The soul of a child begs for kiss to her brother before her journey to the fairy land of heaven. What is wrong in blessing her with a kiss of love?” scanned prince Kuttuvan, spreading his wings of imagination to trace the consequences of such a prize. He compromised his mind in a direction favorable to the apparition and blessed her with a warm kiss on her forehead.

“Thank you very much prince. Your kiss of pure love evaporated all my sins on the surface of the earth. I expect an honorable seat in heaven in the vicinity of god. I shall explain my encounters with satanic Leviathan with slightest details” tickled the apparition tangibly.

“Prince, witch Lyla called me to the projection to enjoy the serene beauty of dancing ocean. Really the view of ocean surface was a mind catching scene of wonder. While I was fully immersed in the beauty of nature, she kicked on my back with high force.”

“Alas! Heartless bitch! How did she dare to push this beauty angel to the waves of ocean? I will teach her a hot lesson for her heartlessness”

“I was terrified by the fall towards the ocean of death, at infinite depth below the projection. When I approached the surface of the ocean, a twist of event occurred to terrify my heart to the level of explosion”

“I pity for your pathetic condition angel. I am ashamed for my inability to stretch my helping hand towards you, at the time of your high turbulence”

The apparition explained all the twists of her life on the clutch of the elusive twisting serpent Leviathan. Prince Kuttuvan heard her tragic story with wet eyes. “Prince, the twisting serpent took me to a Netherland. He transformed into a handsome youth inside the Netherland, and ravished me dramatizing artificial love till the next full moon. The last night before next full moon, he transmuted suddenly to the monstrous twisting serpent and ate me raw like a tender cucumber. As he chewed the head first, a experienced only little tortures of death,” uttered the apparition, with a spread of artificial smile on her glamorous face.

“Baby, how did you transform into a blossom after death?”

“Witch Lyla pulled my spirit towards her by her spell. She transformed me into a flower and locked me in the artificial dahlia plant”

“Baby, do you know the nature of other blossoms”

“Yes. Three of them are real damsels with life. Kindly save them from the wizardry hands of witch Lyla.”

“It is my duty to save the girls, as the prince of Neyythal Land. Baby, do you know the stories of other apparitions locked as flowers?’

“Their experiences match with my life. So only wastage of time to hear their life stories”

“Baby, do you want any other gift from my hands?”

“Prince, you showered love in the heart of this ghost without a stain of bitterness. During the next generation I wish to take birth as your child to play on your lap. Dad! I love you very much” ventilated the apparition venerably. She stepped down from the lap of prince Kuttuvan with a sparkling smile, and gave him an affectionate kiss on his cheek, as his own girl child. Next moment a twist of event occurred to push him into the wonder of fairy land. The apparition transformed into fumes and moved upwards in a slanting path towards heaven in the form of a spiral of smoke.

Next moment forest nymph Santra appeared before him with a spread of wrath on her face. Prince Kuttuvan gazed her with an innocent face of a child. “Darling! Apparitions of damsels imagine them only as adolescent girls. If you wish to give kisses, you should transfer them on their lips or bosoms. If you release all apparitions to the joy of heaven, witch Lyla will identify your presence easily and trap you into the danger of death” warned forest nymph Santra whisperingly.

She gazed his face for a span of time, brightness of a strange smile growing at slow rate on her bewitching face. “Darling, you have a huge stock of kisses on reserve. Kindly spare me only one kiss to energize me for your own health” allured forest nymph Santra, twisting her gleaming face towards him for receiving the prize of the darling of her heart.

“Santra, you don’t worry. I can understand the significance of your words. I have no hesitation to dance according to your tune. At this time Vanathi will be on the vibration of tears. Kindly energize Vanathi by the news of my safety in green island” buzzed prince Kuttuvan beseechingly. Forest nymph Santra nodded her head as a symbol of her agreement to his proposal. She abruptly transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind and disappeared from the frontiers of the green island.

Prince Kuttuvan transformed all the blossoms into human form. He identified the three live damsels by the embracement of their feet with the surface of earth. He gazed the huge bevy of beautiful girls around him with a wonder struck face. He found it very difficult to identify real damsels from the apparitions by a superficial glance at a distance. While he was oscillating on the waves of strangeness, a problem erupted like the sudden explosion of a volcano. “Prince! Please give me a kiss” cadged an apparition at his front, vibrating her eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly. Such requests were repeated by all apparitions one by one, taking care to avoid overlapping of their voices.

“Prince! Give my share on my lips” coaxed an apparition clownishly. “Prince! Give my kisses on my bosoms,” cringed another apparition cravingly.

Prince Kuttuvan lost control to stabilize his mind, against the weakening forces of vibration. He began to run along the area of Green Island like an air current on turbulence. The apparitions took the turning point as a merry game of enjoyment and they chased him to prove their ability to trap him. The three real damsels stood calmly to watch the twist in the game, a ray of gleam growing on their faces like a streak of lightning.

When prince Kuttuvan completed one revolution around the edge of the green island, all the apparitions surrounded him on all sides, like a strong fortress blocking his free movement. “Prince! I want a kiss on my lips” cumbered one apparition crazily. Other apparitions echoed her request like the rumbling effect of a thunder. “Prince! Give me a kiss on my bosoms,” coquetted an apparition covetously. Her request was repeated by other apparitions like the spread of concentric ripples on the surface of water.

“Angels, our game lacks the thrill of uniformity. I shall describe another game involving higher excitement. This game is called touch me wavy race. I will run fast with repeated bounces like the Kangaroo of Australia. You should chase me to touch my skin. But there is only one condition for increasing the thrill of the game.” declared prince Kuttuvan deafly.

“We are ready to play any game with our prince. You should give a kiss as a prize to the successful person. This is our condition for the game” elaborated an apparition, floating around him with oscillations of her hands like the wings of a bird.

“First all of you form a queue with the three live damsels at the tail end. Then you should chase me in the form of a wave. If any one disturbs the symmetry of the wave, she will be eliminated from my company. You should preserve the order of the wave, till the end of the game. I will present a kiss as a prize the first person in the wave who touch my skin” flashed prince Kuttuvan, a strategy to escape from the tortures for a kiss of the damsels.

The apparitions rearranged to form a long uniform straight line, the three live damsels extending the straight line at the last. The straight line rearranged to form a horizontal transverse wave. “Let us start the game. One, two, three!” growled prince Kuttuvan to start the touch me wavy race. He ran forward at high speed to escape from the tortures of the spirits. Due to the imposition of wave nature, the distance gap between prince Kuttuvan and the wave slowly increased with elapse of time. That initiated a warning signal in the heart of the beautiful damsel Sheela at the tail end of the wave motion. At the completion of the first round, Sheela detached herself from the wave motion, and climbed the steps to reach the terrace, where the ten magic plants were fabricated.

Sheela stood on the terrace for a span of time, watching the artificial dahlia plants. Then she turned her attention to the surrounding area to store the slightest detail in her sharp brain. The bewitching smile of prince Kuttuvan bemused her mind to play a game to harvest the hotness of a rare experience. She diffused through the wall to the bedroom reserved for the shelter of prince Kuttuvan by forest nymph Santra, and waited for his arrival eagerly under the cot. As per her expectation, prince Kuttuvan accelerated his speed of running and elongated his distance from the wavy motion of the apparitions.

Towards the completion of the second round of running, he noticed a rope stretched between a vertical clamp on the top of the tower of the castle and a branch of a nearby tree. He ran fast to climb on the trunk of the tree with expertise and walked on the branch of the tree to untie the knot of the rope. He oscillated towards the magic wall at high speed, pulling the free end of the rope. He diffused directly through the magic wall, like a ray of light penetrating through a transparent sheet of glass. He spread on the soft mattress of the cot and closed his eyes to enjoy his strange technique to escape from the fermentation of the apparitions.

At that time of his highest satisfaction, the shrill voice of Sheela disturbed him like a sweet song of a Cuckoo. “Prince, I am waiting to serve you to evaporate your weariness. Kindly give me an opportunity to enlighten my prince before my death. Just a kiss of my prince blessed the joy of heaven to an apparition. I too wish to enter into the joy of heaven soon to share the love of my parents dwelling around our god,” haggled damsel Sheela hysterically.

“Stupid, how did you enter into this magic room? What is the purpose behind your crafty intrusion into my privacy?” interpolated prince Kuttuvan, with spread of reddish shade of wrath on his face.

“Prince, don’t burn me by the fire in your eyes. I identified the presence of this magic room from the instruction of your girl friend Santra. I have no purpose expect service motivation” joggled Sheela, wiping sweat droplets on his face on the edge of her shawl.

The rhythmic vibrations of her chest towers locked his mind, like a hook catching live fishes. Her slim waist between the upper and lower fertile regions attracted his eyes like a highly polished white marble surface. His imagination penetrated through her dress veil to assess the structure of inner organs. “Idiot, I don’t want your service to wipe my tiresome. You immediately get out of this room. I will kill you, if you try to disturb my privacy” lashed prince Kuttuvan libelously.

“Prince! Dying on your golden hands is the best blessing of god. If I diffuse outside through the magic wall, the apparitions will identify your hideout. Then your condition will be bitter, beyond the level of toleration. Kindly allow me atleast to wipe the dripping drops of sweat on your body” muzzled Sheela, by her words of warning to escape from the heart burning disturbances of the apparitions.

She drew the shawl completely from her body, folded it into the form of a uniform square, and began to rub on his neck to absorb the drops of sweat. “Prince, you shirt is completely soaked in sweat. Kindly allow me to dry your chest to avoid infection of fever. I shall complete the cleaning process carefully without touching your skin” perjured Sheela prodigiously. She climbed on the mattress without a shade of hesitation and kneeled very close to him in a favorable position to accelerate the process of sexomagnetic induction. She inserted her folded shawl into his shirt and moved along his chest cunningly to dry the sweat droplets. For her each rub, he climbed on higher steps of sensuous hotness.

“Prince, I witness a blush of coyness on your face to expose the innocence of a lass. Kindly assume me as your girlfriend Vanathi for a short interval of time. You will feel better to accept my service as a routine process. Let me open your shirt to dry the sides of your chest” quipped Sheela, bursting in to laughter of shyness. She untied the knots and spread his shirt sidewise. She continued her drying process, applying higher pressure purposely at some nerve centers. Waves of libidinous began to bombard his nervous system like tsunami waves.

“Sssh! The climate is hot today. The sweat scorches me beyond toleration. Let me wither some dresses to escape from the torture of the hotness.” riddled Sheela, pulling her blouse like the process peeling of the skin by a snake. She jumped down from the cot and drew her skirt to stand with only two pieces of inner dresses. She stretched her legs apart and twisted her arms to an attractive dancing posture. Her smooth shining skin, well designed structural style and proper bulges of sensitive centers captivated his mind beyond the level of control. The morality concept stored in his mind diffused into distant corner. He waited with a gleam to fall into her trap of love web.

“With scanty dress, the scorching effects of the hot climate lowered. The evaporation of sweat gives me soothing effects of chillness. Am I comparable to your girl friend Vanathi in beauty?” startled Sheela by her catchy question. She twisted her body to another magnetic posture to catch his mind into her sensuous hook.

“Superb. You are a world beauty. A bevy of hundreds of Vanathi can’t stand before you in glamour,” tittered Prince Kuttuvan, using the garland of words like an intoxicant.

“Thank you very much for your kindness. I knew my worthiness as a damsel of beauty. No damsel of Neyythal Land can stand before Vanathi in perfect glamour” ushered Sheela, climbing on the cot to trap him in higher hotness.

“If you lower the weight of your dress, you will enjoy higher convenience. Let me drew your outer dresses to evaporate your weariness at higher speed. This is the best time to open a game to cool our hotness” vivified Sheeja, biting her lips voluptuously. He acted ignorance of a newborn child to enjoy her actions of higher craftiness.

She rolled him slightly on the mattress, drew his shirt with little force, and spread it at lower frame of the cot for drying. She then endeavored to loosen his waist belt and took larger time acting difficulty. Before she opened the grip of the belt, her finger rubbed his lower bulging thrice to accelerate waves of libidinous into his nervous system. Then she pulled his pant and spread it near his shirt to push into a drying process.

She walked on the mattress towards the face of prince Kuttuvan, and squatted on the mattress very close to his eyes, to sow seeds of lust in the field of his mind. “Prince, I am reserved by witch Lyla to push into the ravishment of monster Leviathan on the fast approaching full moon night. I wish a kiss as a prize for my service from your love brimming lips. Will you bless me with a kiss to honor my virginity?” wailed Sheela wantonly.

“Sheela, Don’t worry. I shall save you from the tortures of this green Island. Santra will arrive soon with conveyance for our speedy escape” assured prince Kuttuvan, patting her soft cheek with exploding love.

“Prince, I watched sharply the changing colors on the face of Santra, while she was on conversation with you. According to my judgment, she will appear again only after a lapse of long period of time, to fetch you back to Neyythal Land” booed Sheela bewilderingly.

“Sheela, don’t push me to laughter by your jokes of craziness. Santra loves me more than her own life. She can’t imagine anything against my health” culminated prince Kuttuvan chivalrously.

“Prince, I am certain about my theory. She assumed the ninety three blossoms as real damsels. She wished to lock you in the green island for a period of time, under the libidinous influence of the bevy of damsels”.

“Sheela, you are fit to earn fame as a poet, for your sky high imagination. No women will endeavor to trap her lover to the lust waves of other damsels”

“A blossom can be transformed to a damsel by a mere masculine touch. She advised to kindle the clitoris of damsels with this special purpose in mind. One more point is adding strength to my imagination”

“You appear to be a fairy in wonderland. You spread your cobweb of higher strength to trap me in to your fairy land”

“Don’t insult me on the basis of my little craziness on your flavor. Don’t you remember her instruction to spare kisses to the damsels on their lips or bosoms?”

“Your argument appears to have some merits. I can’t imagine any reason behind the deviated behavior of Santra”

“Prince. I girl don’t hesitate to move to the extreme end of imagination to save her lover from danger. According to my imagination, Santra won’t allow you to escape from this green island, till hundredth damsel will be captured by witch Lyla. She will be around this area for your security”

Prince Kuttuvan closed his eyes and flew in the width of the sky of imagination to trace the truth in the explanation of Sheela. He gasped in weariness without capturing any pearls of imagination. Sheela pulled him back to the real world by her shrill tune of captivating words “Prince! I begged for a prize to the purity of my virginity. Don’t you have mercy to bless the last wish of this innocent damsel?” despised Sheela, dropping tear droplets like beads of transparent glass.

“I am sorry. You are permitted to grasp any prize of your choice from me” elated prince Kuttuvan elegantly.

Sheela stretched her head towards his face and gave a warm kiss on his forehead. Then she lowered her wet lips and rubbed on his cheeks repeatedly to identify the action of a resistive force. The absence of opposing force encouraged her to step on higher levels of the game. She climbed on his chest, and pulled his lips to a lips locking kiss of long duration, her right hand entering into his underwear to put fire into his senses. By the tremendous bombardment of boiling waves of sensuousness, prince Kuttuvan started his preliminary adjustments for a hot journey towards the depth of the soft flesh of highest imaginary warmth.

After a long period of time, Sheela pulled herself from the tight embracement of prince Kuttuvan. She decorated with her dress and turned towards him with a spread of mind catching smile on her face. “Prince, this is the right time for our appearance before the wavy motion of the apparitions. Let as diffuse through the magic wall to study the climate condition outside. We should watch carefully to identify the arrival of the witches to escape from their snare,” flattered Sheela, staring the energy of his handsome body fastidiously.

When prince Kuttuvan stepped down from the bed, she helped him to wear his dresses. “Prince! I dramatized like a harlot on the street to trap you into lust. I am ashamed for my own misbehavior. Will you please bless me with a kiss as a token of your love?” gingered Sheela, a glare of excessive shyness illuminating her face of charm.

“Sheela, you inspired me by a hot experience. Kindly don’t darken my fame by spreading gossips. I just accepted your voluntary donation of mirth” higgled prince Kuttuvan, pulling her for a warm kiss on her forehead.

They diffused through the magic wall and reached the vicinity of the magic dahlia plants on the terrace. “Prince, Look in the northern direction. Still the apparitions are on the wavy motion. The grace of god blessed us with a hot experience of joy” invigorated Sheela intimately.

Prince Kuttuvan waved his right hand towards the apparitions on wavy motion. They noticed him instantly and shifted their direction of motion towards him. At that time the highest twist, Sheela focused the vision of her eyes beyond the green island, and identified the movement of a boat vehicle in the lower altitude like a streak of light. “Prince! Witch Lyla is fast approaching us. Speed up the apparitions to lock them in the magic dahlia plants. If witch Lyla traced the reason behind the wavy motion of the apparitions, she will lock you permanently into their spell” jarred Sheela jaggedly.

“Friends, Run fast to receive my hot kiss. The first angel will be blessed with five hot kisses at the place of their choice” lamented prince Kuttuvan loudly.

The apparitions scattered their uniformity in arrangement swiftly and rised to the higher layer of air in level with the terrace. They rushed towards prince Kuttuvan along different directions to win the prize of prince Kuttuvan. The two real damsels ran fast towards the staircase to reach the vicinity of prince Kuttuvan.

“Prince, witch Lyla has sharp eyesight with power for long distance focus. This is the safest time for your transformation” muttered Sheela, pulling his right hand towards a dahlia plant. When she touched his finger on the branch of a dahlia plant, he transformed into a flower and fixed with the plant by the spell of witch Lyla.

“Darling, I love you very much. If I escape from the clutches of the monster Leviathan before my ravishment, I will come to the royal palace of Neyythal Land to work as a servant maid to increase your comforts. Kindly show mercy on this poor girl to accept as a servant maid to the tigress of Neyythal Land” nuzzled Sheela, her wet lips on the flower as a symbol of her love. She transformed into a dahlia flower very close to prince Kuttuvan by a gentle touch of her finger on the dahlia branch. All the apparitions and damsels reached the terrace one by one to share hot prizes from him. Understanding the emergency of the time, all of them locked themselves in the plants in the form of blossoms.

Total silence ruled the area like the calmness of an ocean bed. Even the breeze feared to vibrate the leaves of the dahlia plants. Even the birds on tree branches stopped the twitter, as if feared by the wizardry powers of the witch Lyla. The boat vehicle of witch Lyla penetrated through the space between trees and landed on the terrace of the castle, to push her attention towards the strange blooms. Witch Lyla stepped down from her boat plane, with a shade of darkness of failure on her face. Harvest of a fair damsel capable to mesmerize the mind of leviathan, would fall in her trap only rarely, after a laborious searching process for few days. Her requirement of capture was only one damsel per full moon day. She used to store the excess capture in the form of a flower, for future utility at the time of scarcity.

Witch Lyla walked towards the artificial dahlia plants and gazed the flowers with a bloomed face, her imagination flying on wings throughout the width of a fairly land. She presented ninety damsels as a sacrifice to her deity Leviathan. She had an excess capture of three fair damsels to be utilized as a stock for future emergency. A harvest of seven more damsels would complete the requirement of Leviathan to bless her with everlasting youth hood. After the regain of bubbling youth hood, she would divert her attention to attract handsome heroes to play games of mirth. Just an imagination of her future success pushed her into the dream of a joyous life in wonderland.

When she was in the depth of imaginative mirth, the boat plane of witch Lysa entered into the territory of green Land. She observed some changes in the nature of climatic conditions of the green island. She smelled some strange adulteration in the fragrance of the breeze. The doubt that fell in the field of her heart like a tiny seed of banyan tree, germinated to grow into a monster banyan tree, with thousands of prop roots. She sharpened her eyes and nose to identify the exact deviations by a band of trespassers. With a flare of warning signal in her brain, the boat plane of witch Lysa landed on the terrace.

“Mother! A band of intruders are hiding inside our green island. To gather the blessings of our deity as per our plane of action, we should be alert to annihilate them from the lap of Green Island. You will reap the bitter fruits for your carelessness” objurgated witch Lysa ominously.

“Lysa! Don’t try to write fictitious stories by your imagination. No one can diffuse through the sea to the green island, crossing the vigilant rule of deity Leviathan in the sea. No human has aircrafts to travel in the sky, except us” puzzled witch Lyla, bursting into a sneering laughter.

“Mother, The brain of men grows daily beyond our imagination. King Gangan preserves flying crocodiles in the moat of magnetic fortress. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. There is a leakage of news about an army of birdmen under the control of king Gangan of Marutha Land” quoted witch Lysa querulously.

“Lysa, Don’t argue without any foundation stone. You can’t fabricate a castle in air without strong foundation. Real fishes can’t be hunted with your nets of mere imagination” reviled witch Lyla riotously.

“Mother, I noticed human foot prints in our island. I can smell masculine flavor around this area. Let us count the number of blossoms on the dahlia plants to verity the reality” sniffled witch Lysa to identify the diffusion of a new fragrance in air.

“Lysa, I already counted the blossoms. There is a total count of ninety three flowers in all the ten plants. The number matches perfectly with our total harvest. I locked all the spirits of damsels supplied to our deity to verify the count. After the sacrifice of hundred damsels, we should pray to our deity Leviathan for the blessing of youth hood,” tittered witch Lyla tersely.

“Mother, I smell a masculine fragrance around this area. I will prove my argument by an experiment. Be ready to appreciate my higher talents, by a comparison with the depth of your ignorance” vilified witch Lysa, drawing the magic wand from her waist. She approached the vicinity of the flowers and started her research to identify the masculine flower by smell. During the fifth trial, there occurred a sudden spread of happiness on her face, like a streak of lightning.

“Mother, I identified the masculine blossom. Let us identify the crafty man, who entered into our world of secrets. He is locked in the dahlia plant in the transformation of a blossom. So there must be a wizardry power behind this man,” winced witch Lysa, to gather support of her mother to move forward in her experimentation.

“Lysa, Don’t dramatize to play a game. If you are certain in your judgment, transform the masculine flower into a man. Let us study the worthiness of the man, who escaped the powerful eyes of our deity” yelped witch Lyla yawningly.

Witch Lysa touched the masculine flower with the tip of the magic wand. Prince Kuttuvan appeared with a catching smile, faded by no shade of worry. “Mother, This handsome youth is prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land. He is a superman with enormous powers. The most dangerous tigress Vanathi will accompany him to cause havoc to our wizardry powers. Let me freeze him to a stone statue to trace a better strategy to use him for our amelioration” accentuated witch Lysa, transforming prince Kuttuvan into a stone statue instantly by the touch of her magic wand.

“Aha! God blessed us with a fine chance. Prince Kuttuvan is the dream boy of damsels of Neyythal Land. A hot game with such a fresh boy of high libido is a golden opportunity. Let us trap him in Green Island for few months. I wish to utilize him for hot games, after my regain of the energy of youth hood” blinked witch Lyla, to display her highest mirth.

“Mother, your idea is remarkable. But Vanathi will penetrate soon into our green island like a whirl wind to save the hero of her heart. She is not a common girl to consider as a weaker sex. We should be alert to trap her into our highest wizardry powers,” crystallized witch Lysa, giving warning signal to take precautionary measures to prevent diffusion of Vanathi into the calmness of their green island.

“Let the bitch diffuse into the purity of our green island with burning hotness to embrace her paramour. I will freeze her into a stone statue and dip into the depth of ocean for life imprisonment. I will occupy the throne of Neyythal Land in the transformation that stupid girl”

“Mother, The life as queen on throne is a wonderful experience. You should transfer the throne to me after my regain of youth hood. This is an unwritten agreement by our mutual consent”

“Lysa, Don’t move along a zigzag path that may terminate into a gutter, with the smell of rotten eggs. Kindly don’t try to breach the morality principles of mankind. Please evaporate the naughty dream in your mind about prince Kuttuvan if you wish to call me as your mother in future”

“Mother, I am sorry. I don’t wish to turn into a competitor of my own mother. There are numerous youths in this world with higher libido. I shall adopt a rolling plan to trap youths of my own choice” depicted witch Lysa, a shade of darkness spreading on her face like a rain bearing cloud.

After the entry of the two witches into the palace, the spiral arm of a whirl wind approached the area swiftly, and transformed into the most glamorous forest nymph Santra. She shivered heavily by shock of seeing the darling of her heart in the form of a stone statue. “Darling, I missed your sparkling smile by my own stupidity. I will use my all powers to transform you again into normal form. I selected Green Island as your temporary residence for a short period of time, on the imagination of the company of ninety three damsels of glittering charm. I am sorry for your inability to enjoy the splendid curvatures of these beauty queens,” extemporized forest nymph Santra eccentrically.

She hugged the statue of prince Kuttuvan and gave a warm kiss on his forehead as a token of her brimming love. Tear drops began to grow on the edges of her eyes like the growth of dew droplets on the leaves of water lily. She sobbed bitterly, tear drops falling on the chest of the statue of prince Kuttuvan, as if to dissolve his by heart her liquefied love. At that time of her highest exhaustion into the depth of ocean of tears, a star twinkled in her brain to invert her imaginative wings.

“Darling, God blessed me by transforming you into a stone statue. This transmutation appears to be the safest for your health. Kindly spend time flying on the imagination of the sensitive spots these beauty queens. The witches don’t disturb you before their regain of youth hood. After the eruption of natural calamity on Neyythal Land, I shall transform you again into your original form” fondled forest nymph Santra, giving a warm kiss on the lips of the statue of prince Kuttuvan.

In the brain of forest nymph Santra another sudden spark occurred like a flash of light. “Sheela, I want your helping hand to assure the safety of prince Kuttuvan. Kindly show your acceptance by a vibration of higher amplitude. Prince will give you one more opportunity for a hot game” greeted forest nymph Santra, watching the state of the flowers keenly to identify the movement of petals.

Sheela in the form of blossom was impressed by the call for a hot feast. She vibrated a petal rhythmically to attract the attention of the forest nymph Santra. As per her expectation, forest nymph Santra observed the rhythmic vibrations of a flower. She transformed that particular blossom into human form by a gentle touch of her forefinger of right hand. Sheela appeared as a belle of catching beauty. “Thank you very much for your kindness. I am ready to sacrifice my life for the safety of prince Kuttuvan. Kindly pass order to assign my duty,” heralded Sheela hastily.

“Sheela, kindly answer my question showing truth to your own heart. Which organism on the surface of the earth impresses you to high extent?” interrogated forest nymph Santra, gazing her face eagerly to analyze the worthiness of her thinking.

“Butterflies inspire me to dance in mirth for two reasons. First one is their wonderful color combination. The second reason is their strange style of flight”

“Sheela, you are under my spell. At any time, you can transform into a colorful butterfly”

“Wow! A flight in the form of a butterfly will be a thrilling experience. Thank you Very much Santra for blessing with such a nice power”

“I assign you two responsibilities. First duty is watching the location of the magic wand of witch Lyla.”

“Why should we neglect the magic wand of witch Lysa? Does her magic wand has low power?”

“Stupid, don’t ask useless questions. Both of them have only one magic wand for common use. That wand was presented to witch Lyla by satanic Leviathan to trap damsels for his feast”

“Alas! Twisting serpent Leviathan is the ghost behind the sufferings of damsels. A hero will appear on one day to give him a warning lesson of death”

“Sheela! No hero is around this area at higher level than our prince Kuttuvan. Unfortunately he is on the edge of darkness”

“Santra! I shall sacrifice my life to pull our hero from darkness”

“My efforts are oriented in that direction. The tigress of Neyythal Land roams around the rock mountain, showering tear like rainfall. I expect her penetration into Green Island at any time to scatter all my endeavors”

“Santra, The blessings of god will lift our hero from the lap of troubles. My first duty is to identify the location of the magic wand. What is my second duty?”

“The second duty is the safety of prince Kuttuvan”

“Santra, I am not interested in your silly jokes. How can a tiny butterfly safeguard the hero of Neyythal Land?”

“Sheela! You are blessed with extraordinary powers. Your size and energy will magnify tremendously at your request. You will get power to lift not only magic wand, but also prince Kuttuvan at critical times”.

“Wow! What a wonder idea! Santra, May I verify the strength of your spell?”

“Why not? There is only one condition. My spell will be effective only inside the atmosphere of Green Island”

Sheela wished to verify the strength of the spell of forest nymph Santra. She prayed for the blessing of Santra for a transmutation into a beautiful butterfly of charming color shades. To her wonder, she transformed into a multicolored butterfly of normal size. By the attack of waves of wonder, she fluttered her wings joyfully to stabilize her position in the sky. Then she flew towards the statue of prince Kuttuvan and sat on his chest to share the warmth of his love. “Santra I wish to lift the darling of my heart to a distance as a symbol of my love. Kindly energize me to sky high, capable to draw him like a twig” jabbered Sheela jovially.

The whole structure of the butterfly began to enlarge at uniform rate, till it attained a monster size, as if a miracle in the depth of a dream. The gigantic multicolored butterfly lifted the stone statue of prince Kuttuvan easily like a straw. “Sheela, don’t pay for your own danger. Your life will be in peril, if the wizardry eyes of the witches watch you. Kindly put prince Kuttuvan exactly at his original position in the same orientation. I will push you into the ravishment of Leviathan, if you disobey my order” libeled forest nymph Santra, shaking her right hand as a warning signal.

After enjoying flight for short distance, the gigantic butterfly returned to the terrace and struggled to put the statue of prince Kuttuvan at its original position. Forest nymph Santra rushed to the area to render her helping hand to stabilize the statue of prince Kuttuvan on the terrace, exactly at his initial location.

“Santra, my mind dances in joy by your debut of colorful miracles. I Shall transform into blossom after a splendid journey around the green island. Kindly don’t construct a fence to hinder my joyous flight” miffed Sheela, by her curiosity to invite the scorching hands of fate.

Sheela in the transformation of the gigantic butterfly flapped her enormous wings to enjoy the joyous experience of her first journey on wings. Forest nymph Santra stood on the same location for a span of time, with a boiling mind on the flame of anger. After a long period of time, she transformed in to the spiral arm of a whirl wind and began a searching operation to safeguard Sheela from her blind journey of limitless curiosity. The gigantic butterfly rose to the upper layer of the sky, above the tree tops to enhance the clarity of distance view.

The crafty hands of fate decided to subject Sheela to a hot game of bursting tension. Witch Lysa saw the monstrous butterfly flapping its tremendous wings like two adjacent rainbows through the window of her bedroom. The extraordinary size of the butterfly put fire of doubt into her mind. “Mothers, A giant butterfly is flying around our castle to explore our secrets. Kindly give your magic wand to transform in into a moth. The dancing flame of a lamp is enough to burn the moth to ashes,” neighed witch Lysa like a horse.

Witch Lyla rushed to the area with a glare of strangeness on her face. She watched the gigantic butterfly through the window, floating on waves of imagination to trace the origin of such a tremendous butterfly of wonder. “Lysa! This butterfly appears to be a strange creation of king Gangan, using his magic medicine. He may send the butterfly as a spy to collect news about the bevy of damsels with us. If he learns the news about Leviathan, he will capture our green island to earn the blessings of our deity. Every mortal will dream to regain the lost youth hood” obstructed witch Lyla by her explanation, without hint to the correct course of action to escape from the trap.

“Mother, suggest the exact technique of attack to destroy the treachery web of king Gangan. I shall follow your instructions exactly to trap this giant butterfly” pleaded witch Lysa persistently.

“Lysa! An arrow is enough to pierce through the heart of this butterfly. Take our bow and arrows to shoot that butterfly. To get better aim, go to the top of the tower of this castle” quickened witch Lyla to hunt the wrongly assumed insect spy of king Gangan. Witch Lysa fetched the large artistically designed bow hanged on a stand fixed on a wall. She hanged the bow on her left shoulder and inserted five long arrows under her waist belt. She rotated at the foot of the tower like a spinning top and bounced to the tip of a vertical clamp at the top of the tower like the vertical motion of a whirl wind. She rotated once on the platform to study the direction of the monstrous butterfly. She arranged the bow and arrow for a perfect aim and shot the arrow, flying on the imagination that one arrow would be enough to kill the giant butterfly.

The arrow pierced through the layers of air towards her target. The distance between the arrow and the butterfly lowered at rapid rate towards zero. At that critical time of emergency, the spiral arm of the whirl wind bombarded the butterfly from below to raise it to higher level. The arrow lost its target, pierced through the air for long distance, and plunged into the ocean losing its energy. With explosive wrath, witch Lysa shot another arrow with higher tension. When the arrow approached the vicinity of the butterfly, the spiral arm of the whirl wind pushed the butterfly from above to lower level. The arrow shot by witch Lysa failed to harvest the corn expected by the master. In this way witch Lysa lost all the five arrows under her custody and climbed to the heights of anger.

She rotated like a top to land on the terrace of the castle. She ran towards her mother swiftly to snatch her magic wand. “Mother, a wizardry storm pushes the butterfly to the level of safety. We can’t hunt the monstrous butterfly without the help of the magic wand. Kindly bless me with the magic wand to trap the butterfly and the helping force of whirl wind” roared witch Lysa, pulling the magic wand from the waist of her mother.

During this time interval, the giant butterfly diminished its gigantic figure to normal size. Forest nymph Santra sucked the butterfly into her spiral arm and rushed towards the terrace at the speed of lightning. She fixed Sheela to the branch of the dahlia plant in the form of a blossom.

“Sheela, this bitter lesson will teach you a warning lesson to obey the elders. Don’t jump into the lap of danger by your stupid curiosity to gain novel experiences. There is very short span of distance between life and death” scolded forest nymph Santra scornfully.

When witch Lysa reached the top of the tower, neither the giant butterfly nor the whirl wind, were visible around the area of the green island. She shifted the focus of her eyes from the castle to far off distance above the blue blanket of the ocean surface. She rotated on the tower top to trace the presence of the giant butterfly, within the limit of her eye range. All her efforts went futile without any harvest of significance. She returned to her mother to open a detailed discussion on the topic of boiling importance.

“Mother, the gigantic butterfly vanished into vacuum like a miracle in fairy land. I can’t imagine a hideout in our green island for such a huge butterfly. The sudden disappearance of the monstrous butterfly indicates the penetration of a wizardry power into the atmosphere of our green island. The wizard may be in the transformation of the spiral arm of the whirl wind” transfixed witch Lysa by her detailed explanation.

“Lysa! We shall trace the origin of the giant butterfly. Do you observe any other color change in the atmosphere of Green Island?”

“One blossom is missing in our wizardry plants. In its position prince Kuttuvan was locked in the transmutation of a flower. Won’t you identify the presence of a supernatural power behind the scene?”

“Lysa! Do you expect any danger to our progress by the wizard?”

“Mother, our whole plan to regain youth hood will vanish like a puff of smoke, if we are careless. The fairy in the form of whirl wind should be locked in a flask and buried deep into the surface of the earth to escape from its mischiefs. Let us consult our deity to trap the fairy”

“Baby, Don’t dance without rhythm for this simple problem. We shall untie the knot, by our own efforts. If we seek the help of our deity for such scanty shadows, he will intrude into our personal life. Let us start our search to find our own solution, after a thorough study on the nature of the problem”

“Mother, we have excess harvest of damsels. Let us stop damsel hunting expeditions for a short period of time. This will give us more opportunity to capture the intruders of our privacy”

“Your idea seems to be good. Your talent is more than sufficient to lock the enemy into a trap. I shall give the magic wand to boost your energy to higher level. I shall stop the damsel hunting programme, after a catch of hundred damsels. We have to supply a damsel on all full moon days, without any discontinuity. If we fail to supply a damsel for one full moon day, our whole programmes to regain youth hood will collapse like a stoned glass house”

“You are correct mother. I shall handle any supernatural power, if the magic wand is available on my hand. I shall lock the whirl wind at the next arrival. In the absence of the support of the whirl wind, one arrow will be enough to kill the giant butterfly.” vaunted witch Lysa venomously.

At that critical time of secret discussion of the witches, Vanathi roamed along the northern bank of river Ponni as an effort to trace the hero of her heart. The lapse of time sowed the seeds of melancholy in the field of her heart. Her confidence level lowered slowly to push her into high turbulence, like the horrible attack of tsunami waves. Her memory of identification of a long cut in the life line on the palm of prince Kuttuvan drained the spring of hope in her mind. She wandered along the bank of Ponni River with lost hope and exhausted energy in search of the hero of her heart.

When her eye sight reached the stage of blur a strange event casted faint image on the retina of her eyes. She noticed a long narrow boat moving in the sky above the water surface of Ponni River. The image messaged warning signal to her brain as the arrival of a supernatural element. She hid behind the trunk of a huge tree to study the nature of flying boat in air, like a bird without wings. She identified an old woman on a horizontal beam, rowing the boat with a thin broad paddle. The old woman was characterized by dense milky white hairs that hanged like a bundle of fresh cotton threads.

The strange boat vehicle crossed the river ponni and penetrated through the dense trees, without slightest vibration. There was a sudden glow in the brain of Vanathi, which illuminated her face like a beam of white light. “Vanathi! This is the best time for your quick action. Your hero might be under the trap of that old witch. Be ready for a sudden attack to pull your darling to safety from the clutches of the witch.” wrangled her inner mind wolfishly.

Vanathi drew a roll of thin strong cord from the carrier of her horse. She tied one end of the chord to an arrow and the other end of the cord around her waist. She waited on the path of travel of the witch, to trap her on during her return journey. She hid under a bush to escape from the snare of the witch, keeping her arrow on aim to shoot at sight. After a long wait with evaporated hopes, she witnessed the arrival of the boat vehicle at a distance. She shot the arrow when the vehicle was vertically above her head. As per her aim, the arrow penetrated through the boat, behind the seat of the witch and dropped on the boat like a dead garden Lizard. Vanathi began her journey towards the green island at the speed of the boat plane. She stabilized her position by grasping the thick knot on the cord, specially fabricated for the purpose.

Forest nymph Santra approached the area in the form of spiral arm of a whirl wind. She noticed the hanging of Vanathi below the boat vehicle. She wished to put hindrance on the path of progress of Vanathi for two reasons. Firstly the safety of prince Kuttuvan from the devastating hands of the natural calamity marching towards the capital of Neyythal Land. Secondly the safety of Vanathi herself, from the wizardry clutches of two heartless witches. She calculated maximum probability for the fall of Vanathi into the sharp eyes of the witches in that unfavorable mode of travel.

Forest nymph Santra migrated swiftly towards the boat vehicle and burnt the cord by her wizardry spell. Due to the abrupt burning of the cord, Vanathi dropped towards the water current of Ponni River. Forest nymph Santra pulled Vanathi fast into her spiral arm and blew towards the northern bank of the Ponni River. She transformed into forest nymph Santra, keeping Vanathi under her embracement.

“Who are you? Who gave you right to stop my journey? Do your treachery hands involved in the abduction of my darling?” accused Vanathi abusively.

“I am forest nymph Santra. Hanging below the boat vehicle of witch Lyla is a life risk. Her daughter witch Lysa may be waiting on Green Island to welcome her mother. You can’t escape from the wizardry net of two most cruel witches” barracked forest nymph Santra bewilderingly.

“I don’t care about my death. You answer my third question. Do you trap my darling by your love web?”

“Vanathi, Kindly listen to me calmly. I heard that a natural disaster is fast approaching to destroy Neyythal Land. For saving our darling from the hands of death, I preserved him in Green Island”

“I am not a dastard to believe your knitted stories. A large number of handsome youths are roaming throughout Neyythal Land. You trap them for your lust games. There is a rumor that king Gangan of Martha Land has the highest libido. Go to him for quenching your crave on last”

“Vanathi, I am not a harlot on street. Kindly don’t burn me alive”

“Santra! Prove your worthiness, by surrendering my darling. He is the treasure of Neyythal Land”

“Kindly don’t pull prince Kuttuvan from my hand of pure love to give as a prize to the crafty hands of death”

“Santra, I am the tigress of Neyythal Land. I will kill you if you disobey my orders.” coerced Vanathi, drawing the right hand of Santra into the strong grasp of her left hand. She pulled a dagger from her waist belt immediately and pressed its sharp edge on the chest of forest nymph Santra.

“Vanathi, Don’t try to play childish game with forest nymph Santra. I have extraordinary wizardry powers to crush you like a house fly, within the short time of a wink” daunted forest nymph Santra, bursting into laughter like the explosion of a series of crackers.

Vanathi shifted the edge of the dagger towards her chest. “Santra, I will commit suicide, if you refuse to surrender my darling. You will stand before prince Kuttuvan as a criminal to face the enquiry. He will reject your friendship, assuming you as a worthless ghost” embroiled Vanathi eloquently.

“Vanathi! Don’t you believe my words? Why should you push our darling to the lap of death? Let us preserve him in safe custody till the danger vanishes” fascinated Santra fervently. She snatched the dagger from her hand and inserted safely into her waist belt.

“I predicted his short life period from palmistry. We want to be with our parents till death.”

“Stupid! This is the last opportunity to save our hero”

“Santra! I knew the mind of prince Kuttuvan from childhood. His heart will burst into thousands of pieces at the moment he see the destruction of Neyythal Land. Kindly allow us to live peacefully atleast for a short period of time”

“Vanathi, in green island prince Kuttuvan is in the midst of a labyrinth of problems. We should plan a strategy to pull him from the crafty hands of the witches”

“Are you a coward to leave my darling on the lap of witchcraft? I am ashamed to stand before you”

“I am interested only on the safety of prince Kuttuvan. I preserved him safely in the form of a stone statue. The witches will serve him as twin security officers”

“Santra, I won’t believe your words. Kindly narrate the story after your capture of my darling from the blanket of my love”.

Forest nymph Santra explained all the events, in the form of a story with twists of mystery. “Santra, we shall put our maximum efforts to solve all the problems in the mysterious green island. Our first task should be the release of the apparitions and three damsels. Our second effort should focus towards the murder of the two witches. Our final attempt should be concentrated to kill the sea monster Leviathan” gratified Vanathi gallantly.

“Why did we make a bombardment with the witches with high wizardry? Let us escape from Green Island with our hero!”

“Those witches are more dangerous to damsels than king Gangan of Marutha land. We should pierce their heart, before they think to apply their wizardry powers”

“Vanathi, Leviathan has high power comparable to our god. I find no meaning in wasting our energy in futile attempts”

“To me the name Leviathan appears to be a wizard, under the service of Satan”

“Impossible. Leviathan is an immortal like the angels of heaven. He is referred even in bible. Even the god has no power to kill Leviathan”

“I don’t believe this written story. The name Leviathan may stand to refer a clan of sea monsters. They rule the Netherland in the same name Leviathan. So Leviathan is a mortal like ordinary mankind. I will kill Leviathan to stop his crave on damsels of Neyythal Land” gritted Vanathi grotesquely.

Forest nymph Santra wondered for the high confidence level of Vanathi. She finalized her mind to support the efforts of Vanathi to destroy the roots of weeds that suck the energy of mankind. Forest nymph Santra grew trust crop in her mind to annihilate the powers of Satanic Leviathan by their combined efforts. She decided to divert the energy of Vanathi towards the magnetic fortress to burn the poisonous weed, which plan to pollute the whole atmosphere of Hindustan. The evaporation of king Gangan from the surface of Hindustan would lift millions of innocent people from the tortures of continuous war for hundreds of years.

“Vanathi, you are at the lowest energy level by weariness. You need more energy to make a tough fight with sea monster Leviathan. Kindly allow me to energize you by my spell. Higher energy level will activate you to stabilize against the attack of the elusive twisting serpent Leviathan” heralded forest nymph Santra humbly. She blessed Vanathi sincerely by her spell, keeping her right hand on the head of Vanathi. A part of energy in her body blew to the head of Vanathi in the form of a blue beam of light, and spread through out her body along her nervous system. Vanathi felt the gain of energy instantaneously, and her tiredness of exhaustion vanished to unknown frontiers.

“Santra! Really you are great beyond my imagination. I have strength of hundreds of elephants. This is the right time for our journey towards Green Island. We shall draft a perfect plan of attack, after a through analysis of the climate conditions of Green Island. How can we cross the water bodies to land on the surface of Green Island?” interrogated Vanathi intently.

“Are you ready to travel on a strange flying dragon?”

“Santra! I still remember my darling on a flying Hexapolis. I hope that the flying Hexapolis is nothing but your another crafty transformation”

“Prince Kuttuvan traveled on my back by mutual agreement. I trapped him only for his safety.”

“Don’t worry Santra. I believe your benevolence”

Suddenly forest nymph Santra transformed into flying hexapolis. Wishing to verify the merits of Vanathi, she flew fast towards the Ponni River. Understanding twisted mind of forest nymph Santra, Vanathi ran behind the flying hexapolis with increasing speed, and sprang towards her like an accelerated arrow to climb on the flying hexapolis. She won in her effort with perfect aim, and stood on the flying hexapolis with stability beyond imagination. The hexapolis flew in a zigzag path to topple down Vanathi. To the wonder of forest nymph Santra, Vanathi proved her worthiness by establishing her stable position on the flying hexapolis.

After the disappearance of evening sun in the western horizon, the rule of darkness giants spread on the earth around the area. As that night was only one day prior to full moon night, the moon was successful partially to drive away the darkness monsters. In the diffused light of waxing moon, the hexapolis landed on the terrace of the castle of the witches. As Vanathi witnessed the statue of prince Kuttuvan at a distance, she jumped on the terrace immediately to show her depth of love on him.

“Darling, you neglected me alone in the midst of wild forest without any information. I wandered around the area, searching you in utter starvation for two whole days. While I was crying for your health, you played sex games with another girl. I hate you darling, I hate you very much for your fake love” jabbered Vanathi jaggedly. She embraced the stone statue of prince Kuttuvan on her chest and presented chain of kisses on his forehead, tear drops falling on the face of prince Kuttuvan like ice cold mercury drops.

“Santra, kindly transform my darling by your spell. I wish to expose my love brimming heart to my hero. I can’t breathe without seeing the sparkling smile on the face of my prince” lamented Vanathi, patting the cheek of Santra gently for a favor.

“Impossible. The statue form is a safety factor for my darling. If I bless him with a transformation, he will jump into action to kill the witches and the sea monster Leviathan. I am not ready to lose my darling for your little pleasure” messed forest nymph Santra, blocking the freedom to share her love with the hero of her heart.

“Santra! I appreciate your dedication on the safety of our prince. What will happen to my darling, if both of us die in our encounter with the most powerful Leviathan?”

“Don’t worry. There is another girl around this area to share warmth with prince Kuttuvan. She knew the technique to transform prince Kuttuvan into normal form”

“Santra, Thank you very much for relieving the tension that accumulated in my heart like a heavy burden. Kindly suggest a strategy to reach the vicinity of the twisting serpent Leviathan”

“Sheela is reserved as the next prey to the sea monster Leviathan by the witches. I shall transform you into a flower and lock you in the place of Sheela. Tomorrow is the full moon night. As per the agreement between the witches and Leviathan, they will push you into the ocean at tomorrow sun rise. I shall accompany you as a bodyguard to help at critical times”

“What happen if they identify my face?”

“I shall create a temporary illusion to deceive their eyes. Your face will appear as the face of Sheela, till they push you into the ocean from the projection”

“Santra! May I watch the face of Sheela only once?”

“Don’t worry Vanathi. Sheela won’t stand as a hindrance to block your pure love.”

“I don’t care about the glow worms that enter into the life of my darling. The life time of their artificial love is very short. I wish to meet her for another purpose.”

Forest nymph Santra touched a flower on the last magic dahlia plant. Sheela stood before them instantly with a mind catching smile. “Wow! The tigress of Neyythal Land! Advance congratulations for your victory against the wizardry powers. The prayers of the damsels of Neyythal Land are behind you as a magic lantern for your climb on the ladder of victory” narrated Sheela with a bloomed face of a white Lilly.

“Sheela, I leave prince Kuttuvan under your service. If I die in on duty, kindly transform him to human form. Remember this responsibility as a service to the whole citizens of Neyythal Land” osculated Vanathi with a worm hug.

“Don’t worry mom. I shall assure the safety of our prince. You should be very careful to fight with wizardry powers. The support of forest nymph Santra will boost your energy to win the wizardry battle” pealed Sheela persuasively.

“Sheela, Do you have any special news about the behavior of Leviathan? Your idea may help us to select a good strategy of attack to pierce through his wizardry web. Did you open conversation with apparitions?” quizzed forest nymph Santra with a gleam of mockery on his face.

“Sorry Santra. I used majority of the time for the service of prince Kuttuvan. I know nothing about the special character of Leviathan kindly ask an apparition for higher details” responded Sheela, tilting her head downward in shyness.

Forest nymph Santra touched another flower to collect information about sea monster Leviathan. An apparition floated before them in a bowed posture to show her respect. “Sheela, I am satisfied by your service to prince Kuttuvan. I shall offer you another chance for higher service.” satirized forest nymph Santra, keeping her face hard as the hardest granite. She transformed her into a blossom and locked on the plant in the position of the apparition.

“Apparition, kindly explain your experiences with sea monster Leviathan”

“Santra! When witch Lyla pushed me into the ocean from the projection of the castle, I fall on a gigantic twisting serpent. I sat conveniently on his back, stretching my legs to both sides. He swam for one whole day to show me the dancing styles of nature. After the rise of full moon in the sky, he suddenly entered into a Netherland without water. Inside the Netherland, he transformed into a handsome youth like our prince Kuttuvan. Then he pulled me for games on bed. I lost the control of my nerves, as if immersed in the depth of his spell.”

“How is your life inside Netherland?”

“I experienced the joy of heaven inside the Netherland. He showed me the life of a newly married couple on a honeymoon trip. We wandered throughout the vast area of Netherland filled with miracles”

“How did you transform into an apparition?”

“On the night before the next full moon night, he transformed into the original tremendous twisting serpent. He sucked me into his mouth with the air around the area. When he started mastication of my flesh, I escaped from his mouth as an apparition”

“Alas! What a tragedy! I will kill that heartless brutal to show the pain of death” thundered Vanathi turbulently.

“Apparition! Thank you very much for your service. I bless you with freedom from the wizardry hands of the witches. A golden seat is waiting for you in the joyous atmosphere of heaven” uttered forest nymph Santra, waving her right hand as a blessing for the journey. The apparition began to move upwards in the sky towards heaven. After a short displacement, the apparition slowly evaporated into fumes.

“Vanathi, Tomorrow night is the best time to push the soul of Leviathan into the tortures of hell. Next we shall turn our attention to evaporate the wizardry powers of the two witches. My next endeavor is to lock you in the magic plant in the transformation of a blossom. You are permitted to ask any number of questions to clarify your doubts before your transmutation” vivified forest nymph Santra veraciously.

“Leviathan will be in the form of monstrous twisting serpent up to the emergence of full moon night. Then he will enter into his Netherland and transform into human form to trap you into voluptuousness. When a person is immersed in the depth of libidinous, his other senses will be dormant. That is the golden time to trap him into death” whispered forest nymph Santra warily.

“Santra, I have one more doubt for clarification. After the death of Leviathan, we have to return to green Island. Do you imagine the location of the Netherland of Leviathan under the ocean?”

“I am sorry. I never heard about a Netherland. But I have inherent capacity to return along the path of my forward journey. So you don’t worry about our return journey”

“Suppose that we have to travel long distance inside the sea. Can you travel long distance inside the depth of the ocean in the transformation of a flying hexapolis?”

“In such a circumstance I shall transform into a cormorant”

“A cormorant is small compared to my size. How can a cormorant lift my weight?”

“I shall magnify into a huge cormorant capable to hold your weight”

“Santra, My dress is not fir for a tight fight under the sea. Can you bless me with better dress to protect my chastity?”

“A blouse and a panty fabricated in thick tiger skin will meet the purpose. I shall supply the dress, while you fall towards the crafty hands Leviathan.”

“Thank you very much Santra. If I fail in our attempt, the heart of my dad will burst in shock. I have no more doubt. You shall lock me in the magic plant in the form of a blossom”

Forest nymph Santra transformed Vanathi into a flower by a gentle touch on her head. She locked the blossom on the tenth magic dahlia plant, as the first step to evaporate wizardry network around the area of the green island. Forest nymph Santra transformed into a peacock, and sat on a nearby tree for the appearance of the right time for her swift action.

At early dawn of the next morning, the witches were ready to sacrifice the next damsel to their deity Leviathan. They appeared before the magic dahlia plants, and witch Lyla transformed the blossom of her choice into a damsel.

“Baby, Today I shall show you wonderful scenes of dancing nature. The serene beauty of nature will impress you to the heights of heaven. Follow me to enjoy the dazzling charms of nature.” asserted witch Lyla arduously.

Vanathi followed witch Lyla like a lamb pulled by a butcher. Witch Lysa was behind Vanathi as an escort to minimize the possibility of her escape. They crossed through a portion of the castle and entered to the long projection of the palace towards the ocean. Forest nymph Santra transformed into a spiral arm of a whirl wind and penetrated through the blanket of air around the left side of the castle. She reached the region of the protrusion, before the appearance of Vanathi on the projection. The spiral arm of the whirl wind suddenly transformed into forest nymph Santra and stabilized her position in space just below the extension.

Witch Lyla reached the edge of the protrusion, and turned towards Vanathi with smile of joy. “Baby, this is the best location to enjoy the treasure of nature. You can see the blue ocean damsel on the embracement of the pink sky monster at infinite distance. A convoy of cranes is flying in the sky in the form of a huge rainbow. In the eastern horizon, clouds are moving like dried cotton bundles soaked in pink paint. You can’t witness such splendid scenes even in a fairy land” bragged witch Lyla, stretching her right hand towards the scenes of natural beauty.

The vast expanse of the ocean surface and the infinite stretch of the sky attracted the attention of Vanathi. When she was under the depth of imaginative mirth, witch Lyla moved behind her easily like the diffusion of a gas into vacuum. She ran towards Vanathi at high speed and kicked in the rump of Vanathi with heavy force. By the high thrust of the bombardment, Vanathi rebounded into the sky towards the ocean. While moving downwards through the air towards the ocean, forest nymph Santra showed her right hand towards Vanathi. A blue beam of light that emerged from her hand revolved around Vanathi like a spiral spring and escaped into the breadth of the sky. The dressing style of Vanathi changed according to the promise of forest nymph Santra. At that instant the satanic Leviathan appeared in the ocean in the form of a gigantic twisting serpent. He stirred the ocean into heavy turbulence like the explosion of a series of submerged volcanoes.

“Lysa! Our sacrificial ceremony of today reached the stage of completion. Our deity Leviathan will take the charge of that damsel according to her own whims and fancies. Let us start our damsel hunting expeditions” cheered witch Lyla cannily. They walked towards the terrace of the castle with the magic plants, occupied the seats on their boat planes and began to row as an effort to start their journey.

The monstrous serpent twisted the middle portion of his body in the form of an arc of a semicircle of large radius to receive Vanathi with a warm welcome. Vanathi stabilized her position on the apex of the semicircular arc. At that time of haunting worries, the debut of a strange event occurred to push Vanathi into higher level of perturbation. The semicircular arc vibrated abruptly and threw Vanathi into the sky like a projectile. She scattered into the sky in the trajectory of a parabola towards his mouth. Waves of terror bombarded her nerves to push her soul to the tortures of hell.

Fortunately Vanathi dropped on the huge head of the twisting serpent and stabilized her position by stretching her legs, to avoid a slippage into its mouth. The gigantic twisting serpent started its journey to give her wonderful experiences. The breathing sound of the monster bombarded her eardrums like rumbling thunders. The fast movement of inbreathing air tortured her to suck into his mouth, like a tiny insect on the arm of a spiraling storm. The force of the out breathed air tried to push her directly into the sufferings of a Netherland. To escape from the torture of the turbulences, Vanathi began to run towards the tail end of the monster by repeated bounces.

When Vanathi stabilized her position on the tail of the monstrous serpent, she witnessed forest nymph Santra running on the wavy surface of water towards her. To bath her in the shower of highest wonder, forest nymph Santra decided to diffuse into her body. After an alignment of orientation, she merged with her body to boost the strength of her body and mind. Vanathi experienced the sudden increase in her energy level to the height of the sky. She turned her direction towards the head of the monster to swallow the serene beauty of nature. By the spread of the wings of her imagination, she confirmed that the middle of the body of the monster would be a safer location for her journey. So she once again ran on the body of the monster and stabilized her position at the middle.

After a long span time of uniform travel, a turning point occurred in the motion of the twisting serpent. The monster raised his bead above water surface and began to travel in the sky in an inclined path without wings. Vanathi wondered the twisting motion of the monster in the atmosphere, like a three dimensional view of propagation of a transverse wave. When she focused her eyes in the direction of its flight, Vanathi observed a huge woodpecker that escaped from the cage of prince Kuttuvan. The race continued for a long period of time and finally Leviathan won in the competition. When the distance gap lowered into minimum, the monstrous twisting serpent sucked the gigantic woodpecker, along with the air around the area.

Vanathi observed the movement of the pray inside the alimentary canal of the serpent, by the downward transfer of the bulging in its body. When she was floating on the waves of wonder about the superior powers of Leviathan, he began downward movement along an inclined path towards the surface of the ocean. Again the uniform twisting motion of Leviathan continued on the ocean surface for a long range of time. At that instant of dizzy mood of Vanathi, a colossal ship appeared on the sea at large distance. She felt the increase of the speed of Leviathan towards the huge ship. Vanathi sharpened her attention to witness a heavy struggle around the area.

The serpent twisted its tail end towards the ship and stroke on its side to analyze the content of the ship. As a consequence of the bombardment of heavy force, the ship fell in to heavy turbulence, as if attacked by a series of tsunami waves. The high reaction of the blow threw Vanathi into the height of the sky, like a straw under the spiral arm of a storm. By the influence of forest nymph Santra, she spinned in the sky towards the flag mast of the ship and stabilized her position on the tip of the flag mast. The passengers on the ship ran helter-skelter on the ship with cue and cry.

Wishing to enjoy higher games of the confusion of travelers, Leviathan stirred the ocean around the area, using the tail end of his body as a mechanical stirrer. When the travelers were under bursting terror, he stretched his head end into the ship and sucked the air with high pressure. Three travelers in the ship blew into his mouth with air around the area. He swallowed them in one gulp and shifted his head away from the ship. Then be twisted his tail end towards the ship. He raised his tail to the tip of the flag mast and stroke on the middle of the ship with heavy force.

The heavy thrust of the strike scattered the ship into fragments. The flag mast broke at the lower end and bombarded on the floating voyagers with high pressure, to separate their spirits from the crushed bodies. Vanathi was scattered into the heights of the sky like a twig on the crafty hand of a gale. By the spell of forest nymph Santra, Vanathi traveled like a spinning top, under the influence of rotational motion and translational motion. She stabilized her position on the middle of the twisting serpent, keeping her mind free from the scorching waves of terror.

After a journey for an efflux of time, they entered into the darkness of a tunnel. They continued their journey through the darkness of a labyrinth of tunnels for a long period of time. They suddenly entered into an area of brightness, which was the Netherland of satanic Leviathan. Vanathi saw a tremendous palace with many sky high towers of dazzling beauty. To her heart boiling wonder, Leviathan transformed into a king with diamond crown, keeping her under his embracement. She pulled her body from his hug and stared his face with controlled sensations.

“Angel, you are welcomed warmly to my empire in Netherland. The throne of Netherland is waiting for your blessing. Let us enter into our palace of emblazonment. No other castle in the whole world can match my palace in adornment. Two eyes are not enough to enjoy the interior decorations of my palace in pure gold. All the furniture in the palace are fabricated in pure gold.” depicted Leviathan to captivate her mind towards the riches of Netherland.

“Dear, your palace is excellent. The royal palace of Neyythal Land is no match for this palace of high embellishment. Let me enjoy the dazzling beauty of the interior of this palace of grandeur” elevated Vanathi elusively. Vanathi stepped into the palace and wondered about the exotic decorations of the palace with yellow metal. While enjoying the interior adornment of the palace, she noticed the absence of servant maids in the palace.

“King, do you live alone in this huge palace? Don’t you have dancing girls to entertain you, during your leisure times? Don’t you have servant maids to enhance your comforts and conveniences? From today onwards, I will provide you all the amenities available to the king in the palace of Neyythal Land” fawned Vanathi to grow trust crops in his mind about her character.

“Angel, you are a rare beauty found only in heaven. I am impressed by your extraordinary bewitching charm. I shall present you all the treasures of the world as a prize for your love. You shall take all the treasures with you during your return journey” gammoned Leviathan, playing a game of humbug to attract her full cooperation.

“Sir, I am impressed by your depth of love. I am waiting for a golden chance to present you a hot experience. You will need higher stamina to stand stable without fusion of your nerves by the hotness of my love” hinted Vanathi hideously.

“I am highly captivated by your courage and benevolence to serve a hot feast voluntarily. Let us enter into our bedroom to start the game. I shall handle you safely like a newly bloomed blossom” implored Leviathan, spreading his eyes on the artistic curvatures of her body.

“Dear, I enjoyed your games on the sea. I am little worried by your games of horror. Won’t you subject this fresh flower into such tortures of terror?” jerked Vanathi jaggedly.

“I am sorry. I will be in the transformation of a twisting serpent at the time of hunting. Inside the castle of Netherland, I am a soft king as meek as a lad. Kindly forget the hunting process to swim in the ocean of mirth.” lured Leviathan, as an effort to trap her into his love web.

“Dear, I hate narrow closed bedroom for a thrilling life game. This broad auditorium has enough air circulation to evaporate the sweat of our hard labour. Kindly furnish this hall with a bed” mystified Vanathi magnanimously.

Leviathan gazed Vanathi sharply with a face of faded color for a short period of time. Then he spread an artificial color of happiness on his face. When he raised his right hand towards Vanathi as a blessing, an artistically carved double cot appeared at the centre of the hall. A soft mattress was laid on the cot, as if by magic. A broad china silk sheet was spread on the mattress, its two sides hanging to touch the floor. A wooden frame was attached to the four sides of the cot of adornment. A multi colored mosquito net with artistical drawing was hanged from a hook in the ceiling to spread to the four sides of the bed.

“Angel, A soft bed is ready for our game. It is the right time to start our play. Come quickly to embrace me on your bosoms” nauseated Leviathan naughtily. He stretched his left hand behind the rump of Vanathi and pulled her towards his chest. Vanathi spread a flare of wrath on her face and used the force of her right hand to push him away.

“I won’t allow a hard hearted coward to spoil my purity. I am Vanathi the famous tigress of Neyythal Land. You are permitted to touch my pure skin, only after proving your prowess in a duel” ostracized Vanathi outrageously. By the spell of forest nymph Santra, the air around the area spiraled towards Vanathi and transformed into a long sharp sword. Vanathi drew the sword swiftly and sprang towards him, keeping her sword ready to insert into his heart.

Leviathan pulled an identical sword from air and plunged into a tough duel to prove his valor. Due to the energy of forest nymph Santra, Vanathi rebounded around the area, like a rubber ball thrown on a rock with heavy force. The sword on her hand played games of miracle, trying to pierce his heart from different directions Leviathan wondered about the high skill of a meek human girl, beyond the level of his imagination. He grew doubt crop in the field of his heart that she would be an angel of heaven, sent by god purposely to trap him into the hell of death. So he changed his policy of attack into a strategy of self defense.

Leviathan vanished into invisible form when the sword edge approached his vicinity and appeared at another point of safety. Vanathi was boiled by wrath to the level of sudden explosion. She modified her strategy of attack to pierce his eyes. She sprang through higher layer of the sky and tried repeatedly to insert the sword into his eyes. At that time of her laborious efforts to blind the eyes of Leviathan, a strong cord dropped from the ceiling, its one end tied to a hook in the ceiling.

Vanathi understood the spell of forest nymph Santra and decided to utilize that cord favorably first to blind his eyes and then to pierce his heart. She wound the free end of the cord around her left wrist and oscillated at high speed towards Leviathan, keeping the sword on her right hand, ready to achieve her objective. Though he adopted the policy of vanishing at critical moments the tip of her sword produced many wounds on his face and chest.

To the wonder of Vanathi, Leviathan transformed into fumes, circulated in the same area as a spiral. Vanathi penetrated through the spiral of the fumes and stabilized her position at a distance. To the highest wonder of Vanathi, the fumes diffused outside the palace and transformed into giant of horrible face structure, his height crossing the height of the highest coconut tree. Vanathi ran towards him in the form of repeated bounces and sprang towards his face, to pierce his eyes. When Vanathi approached the vicinity of the monster, he stretched his right hand towards her. The right leg of Vanathi fell into his grasp of high strength. He rotated at the point thrice and threw Vanathi away with high force.

Vanathi penetrated through the layers of the atmosphere along a parabolic path and stabilized her position upright on the surface of the earth. Before her preparation for another attack, the monster ran towards her and kicked on her chest with maximum force. Once again Vanathi pierced through the height of the sky like a football kicked by an elephant. During her return journey towards the surface of the earth, one again Vanathi avoided a harsh bombardment on the hard crust of the surface of the earth. She finalized to change the strategy of attack to climb on the peak of sure victory. She threw the sword on her hand away. At a distance the sword transformed into a spiral wind. The air around the area blew towards the spiral arm of the wind and combined to form a whirl wind of higher strength. Suddenly the whirl wind transmuted into a huge spear and reached the hand of right hand of Vanathi.

By the spell of forest nymph Santra, she rised to a higher layer of the atmosphere in level with the shoulder of Leviathan. She ran on the layer of the atmosphere towards monster Leviathan in the form of repeated bounces. At that time Leviathan sucked air to swallow her raw in one gulp. Though she fall into the air current that moved towards the mouth of Leviathan, she succeeded in piercing the spear into his left chest. She hanged on the free end of the long spear by her strong grasp and escaped narrowly from the air current that entered into the huge mouth of Leviathan. The monster stopped the process of sucking air and moved his right hand towards her to pull into his grip.

Knowing the nature of the impending danger, Vanathi jumped on the ground swiftly and penetrated through the space between his legs to his backside. Before he turn to change his orientation, Vanathi crossed higher distance than the length of his arm. Leviathan pulled the spear from his chest very easily, like a simple thorn in his feet. He threw the spear towards her with his maximum force. Hearing the hissing sound made by the spear by the friction of air, Vanathi turned fastly to catch the accelerated spear. At that time of critical emergency, Vanathi remembered the love brimming face of her father, like a spark of light. “Child! Strange events beyond our imaginations may occur rarely in our life. Once I noticed a man with his heart under his right side ribs. Such a man can’t be killed by piercing the left chest” petrified prof Sukran on that day by the strange discovery of his research.

Inspired by the rare discovery of her father, Vanathi projected the spear towards the right chest of Leviathan. Inspite of his best efforts to catch the spear by his right hand, it penetrated through his right chest. After a short period of time, Leviathan fell on the ground as a corpse. Forest nymph Santra separated from the body of Vanathi and stood before her with a smiling face.

“Vanathi, you are worth to be called tigress of Neyythal Land. All girls on the surface of the earth will watch you in wonder. My best wishes are always behind you, for your walk on the steps of victory” recited forest Santra radiantly.

“Santra, I knew the level of my worthiness. Without your energy, I am nothing like vacuum. I surrender all the credits of killing Leviathan on your feet,” submitted Vanathi strategically.

“Vanathi, This is the apt time for our escape from the perils of Netherland. Our next aim is the destruction of the wizardry web in Green Island”

“Santra, our combination appears to be strong. Why can’t we extend our alliance to crush other human weeds?”

“I am ready to strengthen your prowess for the benefit of mankind” “King Gangan is a highly spreading human weed. I seek your helping hand to evaporate that embodiment of cruelty from the surface of the earth”

“A very good idea, I am ready to align behind you”

“Santra, I shall call you at the right time in Green Island. After the death of the witches, you better use the castle in the green island as your residence”

“Thank you Vanathi for your good suggestion”

Forest nymph Santra transformed into a flying hexapolis and Vanathi sat on the live vehicle in a convenient position. Their journey towards the green island started. After a span of time they entered into a dark labyrinth of tunnels. The hexapolis penetrated through the dense darkness swiftly to a large distance and a heavy wall of water surface blocked their journey. She suddenly transformed into a huge cormorant and penetrated through the water wall. After crossing the vast thickness of water wall, they emerged into the blanket of atmosphere from the ocean surface. The cormorant flapped its huge wings and flew swiftly towards the castle of the witches. After a long period of horizontal journey in the width of the sky, the cormorant landed on the terrace of the castle of the witches.

When Vanathi jumped down on the terrace from the back of the cormorant, it transformed into forest nymph Santra. Vanathi turned instantly towards the stone statue of prince Kuttuvan to glance his magnetic face. To her heavy shock, the statue of prince Kuttuvan was absent on that location. “Alas! My darling is missing. He fell into the wizardry hands of the witches. How can I breathe without my darling?” squeaked Vanathi, tear drops growing at the edges of her eyes like sparkling diamonds.

“Vanathi, Don’t disturb the silence of green island by your stupidity. Prince Kuttuvan will be playing games with his new girl friend Sheela. Let me pull him for your hug” truckled forest nymph Santra tactfully She diffused through the wall into the special room reserved for the rest of prince Kuttuvan. To her surprise, she found none inside that room. To suppress the hunting worry, she even knelt down to trace prince Kuttuvan playing crafty games with Sheela under the cot. When she returned to the terrace with faded face, a mind catching scene fell into her eyes to bloom her face like a lotus flower at sunrise. She observed a gigantic butterfly in the sky at a distance and prince Kuttuvan sitting on the butterfly like an angel of heaven.

After the departure of the witches for their daily routine work Sheela in flower state transformed into her normal state, utilizing the spell blessed by forest nymph Santra for the safety of prince Kuttuvan. She embraced him on her chest, and presented a kiss on his lips as a prize of her love, a gleam of joy illuminating her face, like the glow of a twinkling star. “Prince, I shall pull you alive from your present status of a statue. We shall play hot games till Vanathi returns victoriously. If she fails in her mission unfortunately, I will adorn the throne of Neyythal Land as the queen” vacillated Sheela venerably.

Sheela migrated towards the front door of the castle, flying on the wings of imagination for a joyous future. She observed the door closed, as a hindrance to her flight into the vast space of the imaginative sky. She applied pressure of her right hand on the door and confirmed that the door was locked. She wished to steal the magic wand of the witches to liquidate the spell on prince Kuttuvan, for her climb on the heights of happiness. She witnessed a open window at a height beyond her reach. After a dip into the depth of thinking, her face bloomed like a fresh rose. She immediately transformed into an ordinary multi colored butterfly and entered into the castle throughout the open window.

Sheela after a transformation into her original structure searched the rooms in the castle one by one thoroughly, without losing her hope to identify that magic wand of the two witches. At last she located the magic wand on the table. She kissed the magic wand and walked towards the open window. Focusing her vision through the window, she verified the absence of the shadow of mankind around the area of the castle. She kept the magic wand safety on the lower frame of the window and transformed into the same multi colored butterfly. She penetrated through the open window and transformed into beautiful Sheela. She pulled the magic wand to the grasp of her right hand and ran towards the statue of prince Kuttuvan, like a calf running towards its mother to suck milk

Sheela touched the head of the statue with the tip of the magic wand and transformed the stone statue into prince Kuttuvan. She pulled him into her tight hug immediately and shared a hot lips locking kiss. “Darling, we have ample of time for a hot game. Let us enter into the special room to avoid hindrance from trespassers” urged Sheela, pushing him towards the wall of diffusion.

“Slut! My sweety is in danger. You are craving for lust. I am ashamed for accepting your prize.” vilified prince Kuttuvan, applying a heavy resistive force for her pressure of push.

The vituperation of prince Kuttuvan bombarded the soft cornered heart of Sheela, like a sudden thunder bolt from a clear sky. She stood froze like an ice doll, tear drops falling from her eyes like rainfall. The hardness in the heart of prince Kuttuvan evaporated slowly to diffuse in to vacuum. “Sheela, I am sorry for my harshness. We shall enter into the room for a jolly trip into the joy of heaven. We shall play hot games till the emergence of full moon in the sky” wheedled prince Kuttuvan woefully.

“I won’t live with this black face of a harlot. I will commit suicide by plunging into the depth of the ocean” sobbed Sheela somberly.

Prince Kuttuvan sat on the parapet of the terrace and dipped into the ocean of worry about the journey of his sweetheart Vanathi towards the Netherland of sure death. Sheela stared his face keenly for a long range of time. She wiped her face at the edge of her shawl and planned to identify the presence of atleast a little shade of love in his heart on her. She went very close to him, within the range of sexomagnetic induction. “Prince, I am sorry for my misbehavior. I shall prove my purity of love, behaving like your own girl child. If you hate me, kindly push me away” adjured Sheeja affably.

Next moment she bounced to his lap and sat conveniently, avoiding direct eye bombardment. To her joy, she experienced no opposing reaction from prince Kuttuvan. After a span of time, she slowly turned her face towards him and gave an affectionate kiss on his forehead.

“Prince, I have a spell blessed by forest nymph Santra. I have capacity to transform into a beautiful multi colored butterfly. Kindly bless me for higher achievements.” beseeched Sheela, transmuting herself into a butterfly. She magnified her size into a gigantic butterfly, pulled the magic wand on the parapet by grasp of her legs and flew towards a huge tree at a distance. She hid the magic wand in the cavity on the trunk of the tree and returned to the terrace of the castle. She sat on the parapet very close to prince Kuttuvan, after transformation into human form.

Prince Kuttuvan diffused through the magic wall into the special room, and spread on the bed, to pray for the safety of his sweet heart. After a long wait for his appearance, Sheela entered into the room, lay on the bed very close to prince Kuttuvan and embraced him like his own little child. Within a short span of time, they dropped into the depth of a deep sleep.

Before sunset the boat vehicle of witch Lyla landed on the terrace of the castle. The first scene that scorched her heart was the disappearance of the statue of prince Kuttuvan. Attacked by the flare of doubt, she counted the flowers in the magic plants. To dip her into the depth of higher worry, she noticed the absence of a blossom. She diffused through the front door of the castle and entered into her bed room to search for her magic wand. The disappearance of her magic wand, scattered all her plans to regain the youth hood at the age of twenty. She fell into the boiling waves of high turbulence, as if attacked by an army of vampires.

Without knowing a technique to solve the problem, she waited for the arrival of her daughter witch Lysa. The disappearance of the statue of prince Kuttuvan, shifted her doubt towards the direction of Vanathi. “Alas! The penetration of the tigress of Neyythal Land into the calm atmosphere of green Island is a warning signal to the collapse of my dreams. Without the help of magic wand, I can’t give a tough resistance against the prowess of Vanathi. The only magic lantern of victory is the arrival of my courageous daughter Lysa” boded witch Lyla breathlessly. She selected the best sword from her collection and waited for the entry of the tigress of Neyythal Land.

Prince Kuttuvan opened his eyes slowly at midnight. He slipped from the bed calmly without disturbing Sheela. He diffused through the wall and sat on the parapet of the terrace, worrying about the safety of his sweetheart Vanathi. After a short range of time, Sheela opened her eyes and searched the presence of her boy friend. She diffused through the wall and sat on his lap, to study the intimacy of his heart. “Prince! I wish to serve you better. Kindly give me one more chance to float me on the waves of joy” conjured Sheela cajolingly.

“Sheela, I was under your embracement till now. You wasted time, acting inertness. Now I am not in a favorable mood to start a hot game with you” debarred prince Kuttuvan, shifting his face away from her catchy eyes.

“Prince, you always magnify negative ideas about me. Due to my little misbehavior, I lost your genuine love. I shall expose my open heartedness to wipe the stain on my face. I wish to carry you on my back to preserve in my memory as a golden chance. Will you please give me another opportunity to serve you?” enchanted Sheela effeminately.

“Carrying me on your back? Are you crazy Sheela? Do you have stamina to hold my weight?” flayed prince Kuttuvan, staring her eyes with a glare of sneer on his handsome face.

“Prince, Don’t fly into a fairy land of wonders. Be ready to climb on my back. Your journey on my back will give thrilling experience for both of us” glorified Sheela genially.

Sheela transformed into an ordinary butterfly, which magnified in size at rapid rate. The transformation of Sheela into a gigantic butterfly really pushed prince Kuttuvan into a fairy Land of countless wonders. He bounced on the butterfly immediately with a bloomed face and stood upright with stability. The butterfly began to flutter its wings at low frequency and started their journey in the sky. After one revolution around the castle, they approached the vicinity of the terrace. At that instant of their happy game, Vanathi entered the area followed by forest nymph Santra.

The happiness of prince Kuttuvan crossed the height of the sky. He sprang to the terrace and pulled Vanathi to his tight embracement. “Sweety, your victory on monster Leviathan is another laurel on your crown of victories. I wish to write thousand songs to sing your talents. God will bless me with vocabulary to compose the songs of your praise,” huzzaed prince Kuttuvan, presenting a warm kiss on her forehead.

“Darling, My victory on Leviathan is a prize of forest nymph Santra. Without her energy, the monster would have crushed me in to juice. To honour her help, we should call our first girl child as Santra” idealized Vanathi implicitly.

At that best time for mutual exchange of love, the giant butterfly transformed into Sheela. She bowed before Vanathi to show her reverence to the future queen of Neyythal land. “I thank you very much for your service. If you come to my dispensary I shall appoint you as the chief servant maid of the harem,” Jollified Vanathi, drawing her for a warm hug.

“Thank you very much for your kindness. I shall serve you as your own mother” lured Sheela, tear drops growing at the edges of her eyes as a signal of her gratitude.

“Darling, I am deadly tired. I wish to take rest for little time to regain the lost energy. I shall handle the witches at tomorrow morning.” mentioned Vanathi mildly.

“Mom, witch Lysa is absent in the castle. I hid their magic wand in a place out of their reach. Only less energy will be required to vanquish witch Lyla” notified Sheela, as an effort to enjoy words of appreciation from the mouth of Vanathi.

“Well done Sheela. I appreciate your sharpness of mind. You evaporated the risk in our task” ogled Vanathi oddly.

The series of ten magic dahlia plants on pots with abundance of flowers casted an image on the retina of her eyes. “Santra, Let us free the apparitions and damsels locked in the magic plants from the spell of witch Lyla. Give me a sword to destroy the magic plants of witch Lyla” pleaded Vanathi, gazing the face of forest nymph Santra to study the color of her heart.

“Mom, magic wand is the best to liquidate the spell of witch Lyla. I shall fetch the magic wand from the hideout,” quoted Sheela quietly.

“The fingers of our prince will play miracles to transform the blossoms,” smirked forest nymph Santra satirically.

Prince Kuttuvan stored flame of wrath on his face. Noticing the flare of fury on his face, forest nymph Santra finalized to bless a sword to Vanathi. The air around the area rotated into a spiral arm and sublimed to a sharp sword. Vanathi snatched the sword swiftly and cut off the first dahlia plant just above the pot. Due to the evaporation of the spell of witch Lyla nine blossoms transformed into apparitions. Influenced by the victory of her trial, she cut off all the ten dahlia plants, one by one. There occurred a heavy collection of apparitions around the area. The two transformed damsels aligned behind Sheela to increase their confidence level.

“Apparitions! You are blessed with freedom from the wizardry power of witch Lyla. You are permitted to migrate to the region of your own choice, without disturbing the calm climate conditions of the green island. May god bless you a seat in holy heaven” relegated Vanathi remorsefully. As an effort to obey the order of Vanathi, the apparitions rearranged their alignment along a straight line of long length. The array of apparitions revolved around Vanathi once and moved into the height of the sky along an inclined path, preserving the same order.

“Sheela! This is the apt time for your departure from green Island. You take the two damsels behind you on the boat vehicle of witch Lyla. The boat vehicle will return automatically by the energy of my spell” twittered forest nymph Santra in a sweet voice, as an attempt to defeat the song of a cuckoo.

Sheela gazed the face of prince Kuttuvan with a shade of hesitation, tear drops began to grow at edges of her eyes. She climbed on the boat vehicle and rowed the paddle. The other two damsels ran behind her and bounced quickly on the boat. The vehicle moved at uniform speed along a horizontal tract. “Darling, you are the ablest hero of Neyythal Land to destroy the wizardry network of witch Lyla. I reserve the responsibility to kill witch Lyla on your hand of highest power” ushered Vanathi, stretching her right hand towards him to surrender the magic sword of forest nymph Santra.

Vanathi diffused through the wall into the special room and spread on the bed to have a nap. “Darling, I will be around this area to energize you at critical time. You handle witch Lyla with utmost care. Witch Lysa may appear suddenly like a flash of lightning. You should be altert to give tough force to both of them simultaneously” vivified forest nymph Santra veraciously. She transformed into a peacock and sat on the branch of a tree, expecting a sudden twist in the climatic condition of the green island.

The rising sun peeped in the eastern horizon, causing a spectacular display of shades of pink color around the area. The full moon in the sky began to lose the dazzling brightness. The green island was still under the influence of the chill sea breeze. When witch Lyla penetrated through the front door of the castle, the first spark that boiled her mind was the appearance of prince Kuttuvan with a fine sword, standing on the terrace like an angel of heaven. She sprang towards him, aligning her sword in an orientation to penetrate his heart instantly. Prince Kuttuvan observed her slightest movement accurately and plunged into the duel at the right moment to evaporate her powers.

A tough competition of sword fight occurred between the two rivals. They put their best efforts to pierce the heart of the opponent, avoiding mere bombardment of swords. They rebounded around the area during their fight like two flying dragons. To avoid the lasting of the fight for infinite time, forest nymph Santra transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind and combined with the body of prince Kuttuvan. With enhanced energy of forest nymph Santra, prince Kuttuvan played games of miracle to scorch the heart of witch Lyla to the level of bursting.

As a last effort to escape from the magic sword of prince Kuttuvan, witch Lyla ran upwards on the slanting wall of the tower. To his own wonder, prince Kuttuvan chased her on the wall of the tower, brandishing his magic sword to cut off her limbs. Witch Lyla stood on the tip of the clamp at the top of the tower on one leg, and rotated at the same point, like a spinning top, the sword on her hand piercing through the blanket of air. Prince Kuttuvan stabilized his position on the layer of air at the level of the tip of the clamp and executed his maximum efforts to pierce the heart of witch Lyla. At all positions of prince Kuttuvan, the sword of witch Lyla bombarded with force on his sword and scattered his efforts to abase him to a dancing doll.

After a long analysis of the situation, prince Kuttuvan changed his strategy of attack. Suddenly, he stepped down to a lower layer of air and cut off her both legs at her ankles with a violent blow. He bounced towards her and kicked on her chest with heavy force. Witch Lyla flew into the width of the sky like a bird on wings and dropped on the tip of the broken branch of a tree. The branch penetrated threw her heart to write the tragic story of witch Lyla. Prince Kuttuvan rotated in space and moved towards the terrace. When he landed on the terrace, forest nymph Santra separated from his body and pulled him towards her chest for a warm hug.

At the time of the completion of their duty, Vanathi diffused through the magic wall. “Santra, our duty in the atmosphere of green land is completed successfully. This is our right time to start our departure towards Neyythal Land. We will remember your help to Vanguish twisting serpent Leviathan and witch Lyla with magic powers” whispered Vanathi wistfully.

Prince Kuttuvan and Vanathi climbed on the boat vehicle, and Vanathi began to row the paddle. When the boat vehicle moved forward with uniform speed, prince Kuttuvan signified fare wall by waving his right hand like the flapping of a flag in the current of air. After the complete disappearance of the boat vehicle from sight, forest nymph Santra transformed into spiral arm of a whirl wind and vacated from the mysterious atmosphere of Green Island.

Birdman Subban sensed a huge question mark, as a hindrance in his path of forward march to the peak of victory. His girl friend Myna once sang enchanting songs, like a tireless cuckoo to energize him. He felt the darkness of worry, as a solvent to dissolve his life, in to the world of emptiness. His life coagulated into a waste, like a cup of fresh milk added with a crystal of common salt. He wept bitterly for his isolation as an orphan, far away from the chortles of mankind. His eyes lost ability to show him the correct road for his journey towards success.

Birdman Subban rambled through the forest, like a fire fly without the torch of glow. Even all the birds of the forest flew away from him in terror, as if seen a bird eating ghoul. He lost the golden opportunity to live a joyous life, by mutual sharing of love and care. The spring of love fabricated in his heart for his past sweetheart, began to dry like a torrid desert. He lost all his respect on all female community, and they appeared only as a hot source of sensuous thrill.

Birdman Subban roamed throughout the dense forest, eating fruits, roots and leaves to maintain his energy level. He was washed away in the turbulence of life currents, as if both of his eyes were covered tightly by a thick dark scarf. He identified two paths to continue his life journey. First method involved the process of starting a world tour. He would get opportunities to enjoy new varieties of natural treasures of the world. There would be heavy shower of girls on his path of progress for his ravishment. As he would be on a speedy migration daily, there won’t be a chance for an organization to hunt him for his games of lewdness. The only one obstacle that stood against his selection of the first way of life was the softness of his mind.

The second way of life would be the transformation into a normal man, with the help of wings withering medicine of King Gangan. He could select a poor girl from the downtrodden section of society, and form a family of love. He finalized to beg the wing withering medicine to king Gangan, flying on the imagination of an angel to share his joy. In the second process of searching the lost life, he identified a well of death to scorch his senses. He returned with a dark paint of failure on his face, pushing his nine friends into the hell of death. King Gangan would identify birdman Subban as a living evidence for his own failure.

The high of hope in his heart slowly began to diminish. He shivered by the waves of varieties of imaginations. What would happen, if King Gangan asked him to participate in a running competition along the pavement of the moat, with some other criminals? What would be his fate, if he was ordered to walk on the embankment of lake with monstrous octopuses? What would be his future, if the king utilized him for the entertainment of his queens, organizing a chasing competition with his hound of three monster wolves?

Birdman Subban loitered through the forest for two more days with the turbulence of terror. At the end, the pain of death appeared to him better than a life of mockery in the form of a birdman. Finally he decided to swim on the ocean of killing whales to breathe the air of freshness. He flew to the higher altitude of the sky, to appear like a sparrow to the soldiers on the magnetic fortress. He began to flutter his wings to cross the security of the magnetic fortress, keeping his eyes focused on the royal palace of king Gangan. No star twinkled in his heart to grow crops of courage in the field of his heart.

At that time of maximum tension of Birdman Subban, king Gangan was in suffocation due to excessive pressure of his imaginations up to the level of explosion. In the field of his imagination, prince Kuttuvan magnified continuously into a monster to stand as an obstacle for his strategy to form a Marutha Empire. He sent a team of birdman as hammers to break the stone heart of Prince Kuttuvan. The allotted period of time elapsed for the success of the expedition. His energy level slowly lowered, due to the evaporation hope in his heart. He hated to imagine the loss of wings of his army of birdmen. The roots of imagination of his mind began to grow in all directions at the high rate of velocity of light.

Prime Minister Kanakan observed the germination of seeds of worry on the face of his favorite disciple. He wished to illuminate his face by a light of happiness, like the most powerful god blessing his devotees with boon of their choice. He started trial to focus energy to the heart of king Gangan, similar to the process of irrigation to lettuce plants at withering stage. “Lord, the golden time is fast approaching for the realization of our dream project. Energize your mind to start the next stage in our programme to form Marutha Empire” avouched guru Kanakan avidly.

“Sir, do you have any pleasant dream on yesterday night? Even your dream will germinate to bloom into fragrant flowers. I am waiting eagerly to hear the blessings of your mouth” beseeched King Gangan, holding the light of growing happiness on his face.

“Even the breeze will change direction to carry the songs of our victory to the distant frontiers of Hindustan. The most favorite time approached for the shower of blessings of god on our heads”

“A new wave of tension crushes my heart. Kindly expose the latest news without any delay of time.”

“Lord, I collected details about the birthday of Prince Kuttuvan through our espionage department. The intensity of happiness in the life of prince Kuttuvan is in diminishing stage, like the waning phase of moon. Your life is shifting towards a brighter stage like the waxing phase of moon.”

“Are you sure sir? Kindly give me higher explanation in depth”

“A consulted an astrologer about the impact of the time of birth on the future life of Prince Kuttuvan. A also discussed this matter with a team of expert necromancers. They predicted complete spread of darkness in the future of Prince Kuttuvan.”

“What do you mean by complete spread of darkness?”

“That indicates the fall of Prince Kuttuvan into the rule of Satan. They predicted zero probability for his survival”

“Sir, you sprayed honey drops in to my mouth”

“Majestic King, cheer up your mind to boost the energy level. After the leakage of the death of prince Kuttuvan, we shall launch damsel hunting expedition in Neyythal land. We shall reap the bumper harvest of three hundred damsels in just two days”

“This good news thrills my nerves. I wish to celebrate this most auspicious day”

“Best wishes for your pleasant swim in the ocean of mirth. I shall send you three fresh roses”

“Alas! I hate to pay for my own death. The fragrance of one rose is enough at a time. That will help me to retain the libido without diminution”

The sweet news spread by guru Kanakan oscillated him on a swing of joy. That news maintained him continuously in a state of joy, embracing his heart like a cool breeze. He dreamt that his discovery of the concept of birdmen army caused continuous shower of happiness in his heart. The birdmen would have achieved their objective to remove prince Kuttuvan from the surface of the earth. He decided to offer a grand welcome to the army of birdmen, as an appreciation for their sky high service to the expansion of Marutha Land.

Suddenly King Gangan remembered a stock of cobra poison in his custody, to be awarded to the birdmen as a prize for their achievement. He should first bath the birdmen in a shower of praises. Then he should present the cobra poison to the birdmen, in the name of wings withering medicine, to send them as special guests to the joy of paradise. The imagination of King Gangan gave him more energy to swim in the ocean of sensuous mirth.

Birdman Subban crossed the magnetic fortress swiftly like a sparrow, and flew towards the royal place of king Gangan at high speed. Unfortunately, he fell into the sharp eyes of the soldiers on the top of the magnetic fortress. Sensing a danger from that strange bird, the soldiers changed their orientation along the direction of the birdman. They began to chase him along his direction on the ground, to bring him within the range of strike of their arrows. Birdman Subban changed his direction of orientation, and flew to lower level towards the tower of the royal palace. Though the soldiers assumed him as an angel of paradise, they were not ready to allow an intruder into the royal palace. So they shot arrows with perfect aim, which moved swiftly towards him like a shower of rainfall.

Birdman Subban observed the shower of arrows fastly approaching him to taste his hot blood, and escaped from their tortures by jumping on a lower roof. Even then, some arrows penetrated the feathers of his wings, emitting the kissing sounds of a battalion of cobras. He confirmed that if he jumped down to enter into the palace, the shower of arrows would send his soul to the tortures of the hell. He hated to return to the forest with a shame of failure. He won’t get a permission to meet king Gangan through proper channel, along the filtration process of the officers of the magnetic fortress.

An idea flashed in his brain like a spark of light. An easy process to catch the fishes in a pond would be stirring the water, to the level of suffocation of the fishes. He finalized to produce turbulence in the atmosphere of magnetic fortress to pull the attention of King Gangan towards his orientation. He began to fly in the atmosphere of the magnetic fortress, at a level just higher than the reach of the arrows. A brigade of soldiers chased him laboriously on the ground to pierce his heart. Inspite of his hunting fear to pierce his heart, birdman Subban continued his endeavor to attract the attention of King Gangan.

Birdman Subban revolved around the castle, without energy loss. All the soldiers on the security of the magnetic fort ran towards the royal castle to kill birdman Subban. The campus of Magnetic fortress changed into a pandemonium of disturbances, as if a whirl wind suddenly attacked the area. All the seven hundred queens of Marutha Land, and their servant maids appeared before their castles to witness the scene of wonder. At that time of highest perturbation of the soldiers, King Gangan was involved in a hot game with a fresh rose. Disturbed by the bombarding noises, he peeped outside through a window to study the hot sources of the turbulence. The first sight of Birdman Subban induced a lot of ideas in his brain, to annihilate the source of the problem, within a short interval of time.

King Gangan watched the inefficiency of the soldiers of the magnetic fortress for a period of time. His eyes turned into red hot by the flare of wrath. He walked with stretched legs towards the art stage and struck the bell to cause a loud noise. The high intensity of the bell froze the senses of the soldiers, sowing the seeds of terror of death. The captain of the magnetic fortress Selvan ran towards him, and bowed his head to show his reverence. “Majestic King, a strange angel entered into our magnetic fortress. He has extraordinary wizardry powers to escape from our shower of arrows” conciliated captain Selvan charily.

King Gangan stared the soldiers in a state of rest, like stages that heard a rumbling thunder. “Cowards! Worthless ghosts! Go to continue your duty. I shall speak with the angel to solve the problem” dodged King Gangan, inviting birdman Subban by waving his right hand. The invitation of king Gangan with bloomed face boosted the confidence of Birdman Subban to higher level.

Birdman Subban spread his enormous wings instantly, and fluttered them to reach the vicinity of king Gangan. He stepped down in front of him and greeted with a gleaming face. “Majestic King, I am Subban, the group leader of the team of birdmen. I returned to beg for your blessings”

“Subban, where are the other nine birdmen? Did they visit their homes to convey the news of victory to their parents? My hearty greetings for your victory. You all will get higher posts in the army with increased remuneration” extolled King Gangan expeditiously.

The unexpected words of praise of king Gangan scattered the fumes of suffocating fear in his heart. Waves of trust bombarded his nervous system to increase the sharpness of his brain. In the critical moment of emergency, a mere twist of his tongue would push him to the brighter side of life. If he get the magic medicine to wither wings, he would escape into a foreign land to lead a normal life of joy. “Majestic King, Thank you very much for your blessings. We will serve our best for the formation of Mathura Empire. The blessings of god will be behind us in our march towards victory’ feigned birdman Subban, bending his body like a bow, with folded hands of prayer posture.

“Subban, your words of victory dropped into my ears like honey drops. You are eligible to receive higher prizes for your sky high achievements. You will be raised to higher post in the administration of our magnetic fortress. I honor you by the prize of my diamond chain” glorified king Gangan gorgeously. He drew his diamond chain and decorated birdman Subban with an artificial gleam on his face. Birdman Subban shivered with lowered energy level, assuming the diamond chain as a hanging rope to push his soul to the tortures of the hell.

“Subban! I wish to bless you with more prizes for writing the story of the hero of Neyythal land into a tragedy. You shall ask the prize of your own choice. I consider this opportunity to garland you as an embodiment of victory to our magnetic fortress” hailed king Gangan, flying in the sky of happiness, for the removal of the obstacle on his path of progress.

“King, we have numerous difficulties to live a life with wings. We wish to live again the joyous life of a soldier. Kindly give us the magic medicine to wither our wings” implored birdman Subban irrevocably.

“Prince Kuttuvan remained as a hindrance for our dream to realize Marutha Empire. You lifted the obstacle and formed a golden road for our free movement to the north. I am happy to bless you with a life of your own choice” jabbered king Gangan with a sneering laugh. “Subban! Wait here for a little time. I shall bring the magic medicine immediately”

King Gangan returned after a short range of time, with cobra poison in a bottle ’Subban! You have to follow my instructions perfectly, if you wish to wither your wings. Take ten cups of water in a pot. Add this medicine to the pot of water. All of you drink one cup of water per head. The only condition for your success is that you all should drink medicine simultaneously” lingered King Gangan licentiously. The love brimming tone of king Gangan gave him an appearance of a kitten that refused to drink robbed milk.

“Majestic King, thank you very much for your kindness. You blessed us with an opportunity to experience the joyous life of a birdman. We wish to serve you for all generations of our life” mystified birdman Subban, tear drops of joy dropping down from his eyes, like drops of liquefied silver.

Birdman Subban flew back to the forest, embracing the poison bottle on his chest like the elixir of heaven. During his flight above the greenish foliage of trees, the fragrance of a jack fruit penetrated his nostrils, inducing salivation of his mouth. His eyes turned in the direction of the jack fruit. He found a crow pecking a jack fruit to taste its fleshy pulps. A sudden idea sparkled in his mind to study the effects of the magic medicine on a bird. Did the medicine had power to wither the wings of a crow? He finalized to verify the strength of the magic medicine by the conduction of an experiment. He planned to enjoy the results of his experiment of extreme novelty.

Birdman Subban flew towards the jack tree and sat on the branch with ripe jack fruit. The crow flew to another adjacent tree and began to stare him in hatred. Birdman Subban plucked pulps of jack fruit one by one and ate them eagerly, impressed by the sweet taste of the flesh. After quenching his hunger to the level of saturation, he sprayed few drops of the magic medicine on the remaining portion of the jack fruit.

Birdman Subban flew to a nearby tree, and focused his attention on the jack fruit to enjoy the twisting events of wonders. The crow cawed repeatedly to invite his friends to share the feast of his taste. A convoy of crows accepted the invitation and began to taste the honey dripping juicy flesh of the jack fruit. The most powerful cobra poison paralyzed their nervous system. The dead corpses of the crows fell down on the floor like the ripe fruits of a mango tree. The bombardment of the corpse of the crows with the surface of the earth vibrated his mind like the fall of palmyara fruits from trees.

Birdman Subban understood his narrow escape from the valley of death. “God! Thank you very much. You saved my life from the treacherous hands of the autocrat. I will utilize my life blessed by your benevolence for the service of suffering poor. Kindly guide me in proper direction to stretch my helping hands to wipe the tears of the poor” perorated birdman Subban pensively.

“King Gangan of Marutha land is a torrid desert, without the benevolence of an oasis. He will annihilate the whole Hindustan as an effort to form a Marutha Empire. This selfish vampire should be pushed to the lap of death, before his damsel hunting expedition on Neyythal Land” quivered birdman Subban, biting his teeth with force to produce a crackling noise.

The latest prime minister of Neyythal land Prof Sukran was a well known educationist. He was matchless in all forms of martial arts of that period. He was well known throughout Neyythal land as the best medical scientist. Number of magic medicines discovered by him saved millions of people from the lap of death. He was also known as the best palmist, wizard and necromancer. As a life long priest of parasakthi temple, he had power to control the blessings of Parasakthi deity.

For the first time in the history of Prof Sukran, he experienced the tortures of a sleepless night. His mind was on heavy turbulence, like water at boiling point. He was in the depth of ocean of worries, as if high speed tsunami waves were originating to bombard coasted areas of Neyythal Land. Whenever he closed his eyes, he was attacked repeatedly by a nightmare, causing a horrible dream of suffocation, as if a monster oppressing his heart. Even during the heavy work of day time, his eyes voluntarily closed to inflict the effects of such a nightmare.

“A monster of darkness engulfed the globe repeatedly in my nightmare. The harsh cry of millions people bombarded my eardrums at each nightmare. The roar of tsunami waves penetrated my heart periodically like sharp arrows. What is the reason behind these bad omens?” rattled Prof Sukran repulsively.

He squatted on the floor and immersed into the depth of prayer. “The darkness of Satan is fast approaching to swallow your country. All of you run away from Neyythal land to save your life. This is the last warning of your deity Parasakthi” warned a shrill voice that appeared to be the tone of his own mother.

“Dear mother, how can I ask our citizen to run away, leaving all their hard earned belongings? Why can’t you safeguard us from the perils by your own energy?” asked Prof Sukran with a shaky voice, distorted beyond his own identification.

“I am just a worldly deity with little powers. I can’t divert the calamities of nature. I warned you continuously from the time of sunrise. You neglected my caution as the cry of a ghost. There is only one possibility to save the culture of Neyythal land” scalped the voice sanguinary.

“Dear deity! I constructed a temple for your permanent residence. I conducted prayer for thirty long years, daily at morning and evening. Kindly show mercy to save our culture” tormented Prof Sukran, tear drops falling from his eyes like a waterfall.

“I shall give you only one more chance for the preservation of your heredity. Sow your youths in the soil as human seeds” vituperated the deity vacillatingly.

The imaginative dream in the mind of Prof Sukran collapsed immediately, like the bursting of an air bubble. He rotated his eyes to study the nature of the surrounding. He confirmed that he was on penance inside his bedroom in the castle allotted for the prime minister. He voluntarily closed his eyes air tight, put effort to continue the imaginative dream to identify its percentage of reliability. After a laborious trial for a long span of time, his mind again lost his control and immersed into the depth of another similar nightmare.

A dark dwarf man appeared suddenly in the sky at infinite altitude. That black cruel man began to run towards him in an inclined path at rapid velocity. During the elapse of time, the size of the dark man magnified fast to a gigantic monster. The giant appeared to run towards him with burning wrath to crush his head. Attacked by the waves of excessive terror, he opened his mouth to scream aloud for help. Unfortunately his tongue stuck to the palate and he tried severely to make a cry. He tried a lot to screech to attract the attention of the guards outside his room. All his efforts went fruitless, like water irrigated to thorny bushes.

At that instant of his highest turbulence, another twist of event appeared to push him into the torture of exhaustion. Suddenly the globe of earth appeared in the sky like a spinning top. The giant stretched his legs to chase the globe. When he put his legs on the imaginary layers of the sky, the castle vibrated each time, as if attacked by a high amplitude earth quake. The nightmare magnified his terror beyond the height of the sky. At the height of tormenting horror, he tried to get up from the floor to run away for safety. All his repeated trials went fruitless, as if nailed strongly to the ground.

The monster ran behind the globe at high speed for indefinite period of time. Suddenly he sprang towards the globe and stood on the globe with an exploding laugh of victory. Prof Sukran experienced the turbulence of earthquake once again, to amplify the waves of scorching terror. He rolled on the ground, like a root cut coconut tree. All his efforts to run away from the area of peril appeared to be slipped into the dark side of failure. In the depth of the imaginative shiver of the nightmare, he lay on the floor losing all sensations, like a log of dry wood.

With hard earned energy, the sharp vision of Prof Sukran penetrated the veil of darkness that permeated everywhere, like a new moon night. At that instant of the highest hallucination, a dazzling comet appeared at infinite distance to make a destructive a bombardment, the tail end directing towards his heart. The comet moved towards him at rapid rate, its tail fastly approaching to pierce his heart, before the annihilative collision. At high altitude of the sky vertically above his head, the comet abruptly exploded into millions of fragments. From the spot of explosion, the sparks of light spread downward in the shape of an umbrella, as if there was a shower of twinkling stars in the sky. The severe nightmare vibrated his nerves to the level of bursting, as if the whole world was moving towards total destruction.

The illumination of explosion was suddenly sucked by a black hole. Once again the whole world was covered by a dark three dimensional blanket. His eyes penetrated through the spread of darkness to locate the position of the sun. After a long span of time, his level of fear lowered, like the vaporization of surface water of a lake without heating. Prof. Sukran pinched his cheek to verify whether he was alive. The penetrating waves of pain that passed through his nervous system confirmed the reality of his nightmare. However the scientific outlook of his mind advised him to neglect the repeated occurrences as the roots of superstition. At the same time, a portion of his inner mind warned him to analyze the significance of human seeds.

With a mind of restlessness, he entered into his library to clear his doubts on the concept of human seeds. He turned all layers of palm leaf manuscripts on the sciences of wizardry, astrology and medicine. In a treatise on the art of wizardry, he identified the technical term human seeds. Unfortunately he won’t identify the technology to sow human seeds in the soil. Influenced by unaccountable pressure, he ran towards the Parasakthi temple like a lunatic at the peak of turbulence. He stood on one leg, and immersed into the depth of meditation, before the gigantic statue of mother Parasakthi.

“Mother! Repeated nightmares scorch me to suck my energy. Is there any possibility for the establishment of dark rule of Satan in our world? Kindly expose to reality to save the sons of the soil” warbled Prof Sukran, tear drops falling down his eyes like beads of frozen water.

He gained no illumination in his imaginative mind. “Mother, I shall sacrifice myself on the altar to gain your blessing. Kindly show your mercy to preserve the culture of Neyythal land. May I believe the genuineness in the series of nightmares?” acerbated Prof Sukran, by his interrogation of trustless ness. His question of wavering mind received no attention.

“Mother superior! Repeated nightmares warned me about the annihilation of the world. May I know the natural calamity behind the spread of the veil of darkness in our earth? Did the deity of fire behind the destruction process?” barked Prof Sukran into the depth of tears. Two streaks of flames emanated from both eyes of the statue and they superimposed to show the appearance of a transverse wave in the sky. Suddenly the wave form collapsed and the words “No destruction of fire” appeared, as if formed by christmas sparklers.

“Mother, flood has higher devastating effect than the flames of fire. Is the water god angry on the heartless behavior of mankind? Kindly enlighten me by your grace” coerced Prof Sukran candidly. A series of artesian wells erupted abruptly and the high pressure springs traced the words “No destruction of water”. When he understood the significance of the cartography, the words disappeared like a puff of smoke.

“Almighty! I shall place my head on your feet like wreath of roses. Kindly illuminate my mind by your highest blessing. Is the earthquake plans to vibrate the earth towards total destruction?” drawled Prof Sukran devotionally. A convoy of sparrow traveled along a sinusoidal curve and revolved around the monstrous statue of mother Parasakthi. During their return journey in the form of same curvature, they rearranged in the sky to form the words “No destruction of earthquake”. After a short period of time, they again oriented to form the curvature and flew away in wavy form.

“Superior! I can’t sleep in calmness, without knowing the nature of tragedy. Kindly inspire me by your response. I fear by the shiver of tsunami waves. Does the deity of the ocean plan to immerse the earth into her depth?” enmeshed Prof Sukran embarrassingly. A crowd of multi colored butterflies roamed in the sky and stabilized in the space in a rearranged form to show the words “No destruction of tsunami”. After an efflux of time, those multicolored butterflies rearranged to form a rectangular curve, and started their journey to a nearby rose garden.

Prof Sukran lost all hopes to identify the natural calamity that was waiting to destroy the human civilization of the world. All his hope to preserve the culture of Neyythal Land diminished like the lowering of atmospheric pressure at higher altitudes. He energized his mind to raise two more questions to preserve the culture of Neyythal land against the devastating force of nature. He expected severe punishment from Paraskathi deity for his continuous unworthy disturbances. However, he was not ready to loss a narrow chance to save the earth from the clutches of annihilation.

“Mother, inspire me by exposing the secret about the disaster waiting to scorch our earth. This is the stipulation of your life long devotee without a tint of selfishness. I beg for an a award of little prize for my sincere service to the progress of human race” fawned prof Sukran fastidiously.

Unable to bear the tortures of her most sincere disciple, mother Parasakthi decided to show little pity before his certain death. The whole brightness of light around the area was sucked by her eyes, spreading a veil of darkness below her waist. The portion below the waist of the gigantic statue of mother Parasakthi completely disappeared in darkness. There was no change of shade in the statue of Parasakthi deity above its waist. All the efforts of Prof Sukran to identify the significance, for the spread darkness blanket up to the waist of the statue, fetched no fruits of sweet taste.

Affected by higher infection of fear, Prof Sukran fell on the feet of mother parasakthi and began to bombard his head of the leg of Parasakthi deity. “Mother, I will break you into pieces before my death. You should die before the destructions of human race. If you wish to be worshiped as deity of Neyythal land, show your mercy by explaining a technology to preserve the culture of Neyythal land,” fumed Prof Sukran furiously.

His repeated bombardments created a crack on his cranium and blood droplets started to drip like a leaky water tap. The force of collision diminished of the stability of the gigantic stone statue, which vibrated like a tree in heavy earthquake. At that instant of his journey towards death, Prof Sukran heard the sweet music of heaven. A bevy of twenty little angels of heaven in milky white dress appeared in the sky. They walked in the sky to form a row above the head of the statue of Parasakthi deity. Suddenly a streak of lightning appeared in the sky traveled towards the row of milky white little angels. That streak of lightning acted as an expert cartographer before its disappearance. The message “HUMAN SEEDS” sparkled on the chests of the little angels in golden colors.

“Thank you mother, thank you very much” glorified Prof Sukran glossily. “Mother! Your devotee needs grace to sow human seeds in the soil. You should bless for the germination of human seeds at the right climate” harassed Prof Sukran hysterically.

At that time of growing trust, another nightmare oscillated him like a drama of startling mystery on stage. In the evening yellow rays of sun, the surface of the earth glittered like a sheet of pure gold. The citizens of all ages were on a joyous game on a vast stretch of play ground. Suddenly the intensity of light began to diminish at lower rate. There was eruption of a noise similar to the amplified form of torrent of a heavy rainfall. Within a blink of time, the whole population vanished, as if evaporated into vacuum.

“Alas! What happened to my kith and kin? Do cruel Satan pulled them into the tortures of hell? Parasakthi! How can I sow human seeds without youths of Neyythal land” implored Prof Sukran inimically.

Waves of shiver bombarded his nervous system to collapse his mental stability. He pulled his scattered hairs to the top and put a knot to minimize its disturbance to his wings of imagination. He drew the silk shawl with broad borders of gold threads from his shoulder, and tied it tightly around his waist to boost his energy level. He revolved thrice around the statue of mother Parasakthi. He stood on one foot in front of the statue of Parasakthi in the posture of penance. “Mother, I will preserve the hard fostered civilization of Neyythal land, even if the whole world fell into the clutches of destruction. I will sow the seeds of human in the soil for preservation up to the bloom of a favorable spring season. My human seeds will sprout to grow into a flourishing civilization, based on the laws of virtues. This is an oath on the head of universal motherhood’ jarred Prof Sukran jaggedly.

Tear drops rolled on his cheeks like drops of liquid silver. He scattered the tear drops by the stroke of his forefinger of right hand. When he was in the depth of boiling worry, his attention was disturbed by the noise of conversation. He twisted his head to study the disturbing forces and observed a batch of ten soldiers approaching him. He raised his eyebrows as a question mark for their unexpected arrival.

The soldiers bowed their heads as a symbol of respect. “Lord! Our Majestic King, wishes to meet you urgently for discussion on a hot topic of high importance. Our Majestic King, observed some bad omens in his dreams. Our Majestic King, wanted to take precautionary measures against the outbreak of the devastating forces” kneeled a soldier, as an attempt to beg for his arrival to the king to trace a solution for the haunting problem.

“Soldiers, I have no time to open a discussion with our king at this critical time of emergency. A force of annihilation is fast moving towards our earth to destroy our culture. I am flying on a plan to conduct a prayer of penance in front of our mother Parasakthi to cringe for her blessing. You bring large amount of pure ghee, and slices of dry sandal wood to maintain the sacrificial torch” lured Prof Sukran loquaciously. The soldiers scattered in different directions instantly, like a shoal fishes stoned by a play boy.

Prof Sukran again turned his attention towards the tremendous statue of mother Parasakthi. The gigantic statue of Parasakthi stood strait, as to conquer the heights of the sky. He flew on the wings of imagination to trace the reason behind the disappearance of the statue below its waist. How could the statue stand straight, if the lower portion of the statue was destroyed? Even after thousands of trials to approach the centre of reality, he won’t locate the reason behind the spread of the veil of darkness. He fell into the wheel of hallucination, as if pushed on a merry go round spinning at high frequency.

Prof Sukran started penance once again, standing on one foot with closed eyes and folded hands, as a mode of prayer. “Mother, I should sow my youths as seeds on the soil. It is your duty to shower blessings on my head. If you neglect my prayer, I will cut off my own head. I will offer my head as a prize showering blood blossoms on your feet. This is the final warning of Prof Sukran of Neyythal land” muttered Prof Sukran morosely.

At that instant of unstable equilibrium of Prof Sukran, a violent storm originated in Bay of Bengal moved swiftly towards Neyythal land. Near the shore it lost its intensity and a narrow arm of the whirl wind traveled towards the Parasakthi temple. It revolved thrice around the statue of parasakthi. During its return journey it shifted Prof Sukran like a twig, and threw him on the sand at high distance, as a punishment for his efforts to disturb the dancing style of nature.

During their return journey towards the royal palace of Neyythal land, prince Kuttuvan penetrated through a dense forest. Though the black horse of Vanathi lagged behind the white horse of prince Kuttuvan by a distance gap, she maintained the distance gap within the range of her eyesight. She maintained a span of distance between them, to avoid the extension of hot arguments about the crafty hands of fate. At that instant of silence of a crematorium, prince Kuttuvan heard a horrible sound piercing through the blanket of air: “Prince! Kuttuvan! Come here,” perturbed the call, pulling his attention along that direction, like the trapping signal of a ghoul.

Prince Kuttuvan stopped his horse abruptly, and kept his ears sharp to identify the location of the source of sound. Vanathi approached him to hear the same call for the second time. “Who has power to call the prince of Neyythal land by his name? Who are you to insult the hero of Neyythal land, hiding behind bushes?” queried Vanathi querulously.

“Vanathi, Don’t vibrate your tongue beyond the limits. It is strange to call my name in the midst of a forest. Ordinary citizens won’t call me by name. I expect the debut of a wonder around the area. Let us trace the truth calmly” recited prince Kuttuvan, jumping on the ground to obey the order of the mysterious call.

“You are correct darling. The tone of the call appeared to be an order from a saint. It is our duty to obey the orders of hermits” soothed Vanathi shrewdly. Both of them moved forward to open the knot of mystery behind the call of strangeness. At that moment they heard the call for the third time, like a secret signal of a whistle. When they shifted their eyes in the direction of the call, they witnessed a huge ant hill, like the distant vision of the mountain chain of the Himalayas.

“Kuttuvan! I invited you to expose news of high shock. Only your quick action has power to save the culture of Neyythal land” transfixed the voice tantalizingly. On the peak of the ant hill, they saw the face of an old hermit, like the juice sucked seed of a palm fruit. The grey hair of old age hanged on both sides like the fibers of aloe. The high growth of anthill proved that the saint was on penance at the same location for many years.

“Holy hermit! Kindly excuse us for our failure to identify your mercy at the first call. We are extremely happy for standing before you as your own disciples. Kindly bless us with your higher power gained by penance” urged Vanathi, bowing her head with folded hands as a posture of reverence.

“Respected Saint, excuse for our carelessness. We pray for your rays of blessings. Kindly guide us to establish a rule of righteousness on the surface of Neyythal land” venerated prince Kuttuvan virulently.

“Kuttuvan! First give your highest attention to my words. You should obey my words without any bend or twist. God will lift you slowly to the highest level of victory,” whirred the saint whimsically.

“Saint! You are permitted to instruct us without any shade of hesitation. We will weigh your words as the order of god” avouched prince Kuttuvan, staring the face of the saint with a gleam of respect for his interest in long duration penance.

“Talented children of Neyythal land! Fate is a mystery. The burning hands of mysterious fate are fast approaching our vicinity. Your hunting process with woodpecker monsters reached the end” busted the saint into tears, which threw fire of doubt into the heart of prince Kuttuvan.

Prince Kuttuvan drew his sword from the sheath suddenly, a flame of wrath burning on his face. “Prince! Anger is a fire that consumes the owner. It will burn his protective raft called kinsmen. Control your wrath to march towards victory” constrained Vanathi, grasping his hand with strong force like the clutch of an iguana. Repeated pulls of Prince Kuttuvan to escape from her grip, went futile without yielding sweet fruits.

“Kuttuvan! I appreciate you for your reaction, like the explosion of a volcano. Fearlessness is the best quality of patriotism for the ideal son of Neyythal land. We have no power to escape from the crafty hands of fate. The mouth of fate is waiting to swallow us in a gulp. Our death is certain within countable days like fingers of our hand. Only god has energy to save Neyythal land from the mighty hands of fate” deranged the hermit, with wet eyes, shivering lips, and shaky tone.

“Oldman! Prince Kuttuvan survives like a granite mountain to safeguard Neyythal land. If autocrat Kangan crossed the borders of my motherland, I will slice his head, like a tender coconut. If he focus his eyes on the sisters of Neyythal land, I will blind his both eyes. Even the agents of Satan can’t cross the frontiers of Neyythal land” exploded prince Kuttuvan, like a villain of a stage drama, with a spread of wrath on his face.

Prince Kuttuvan climbed on the peak of anger and reached the stage of a fuming volcano, ready to burst at any time. At the highest pressure of anger, prince Kuttuvan turned towards Vanathi, expecting a softening process like a shower of cool rainfall. He flew into the higher heights of anger, seeing her eyes dropping tear drops like a cooled rain bearing cloud. “Alas! Superstition spread everywhere like dark veil to blacken the joy of human race. Kindly brighten the intensity of scientific outlook. The crafty roots of superstitions should be crushed by a spread of scientific outlook for the real progress of Neyythal land,” flashed prince Kuttuvan flatulently.

“Prince! The darkness monster began to flutter his gigantic wings towards Neyythal land. The process of annihilation of the earth appears before my eyes like a dream in fairy land. You stop your personal works and rush towards Prof Sukran, the most famous wizard of Neyythalland. He is the only capable person to retain your life on the surface of the earth” goaded hermit Sankarar, gazing the face of prince Kuttuvan to study the orientation of his heart.

“Old man, I won’t give weightage to your imaginary words even to the size of a tiny mustard seed. I suspect you as an agent of Vampire Gangan. You both are on an alliance to put obstacles on my path of progress. I will insert my sword into your heart with the darkness of hell. I won’t forget to suck the blood of jackal Gangan to stop his damsel hunting expeditions” hailed prince Kuttuvan hectically.

Prince Kuttuvan bounced towards hermit Sankaran with raised sword as a consequence of explosive wrath. “Prince! Patience is the precious stone of this critical time. Control your mind to avoid sufferings of hell” importuned Vanathi, stretching her right hand to pull him back.

Due to the impulse of his mind as a consequence of excessive anger, his right foot stepped on the anthill. The thin walled anthill broke like the shell of an egg, owing to its inability to withstand his weight. The right foot of prince Kuttuvan slipped into the anthill, as if inside a shallow pit. Disturbed from privacy by the intruder, three cobras that sheltered in the anthill sprang outside to search for safety. They hissed in wrath and began to dance with expanded hood. Vanathi lifted him from the depth of the anthill, exerting the force of her both hands. The cobras identified their innocence and crawled away to diffuse into the forest.

Hermit Sankarar illuminated his face with a spread of smile. The color of his face slowly transformed into a shade of sympathy. “Prince! Truth is some times stranger than fiction. Truth has bitter taste like Neem seed. If we reject a medicine for its bitter taste, the infection may grow to push us towards the hands of death. Proper treatment must be necessary to stabilize our life on the surface of the earth” joggled hermit Sankarar, penetrating his heart by words of sharpness, like a knife piercing a jack fruit.

Vanathi sobbed with oozing eyes and folded hands. “Hermit! I know your holiness from my father. He acclaimed hermit Sankarar as an agent of god. Kindly don’t curse our prince by your excessive power. Prince Kuttuvan is a gem of person, comparable to an angel of heaven. Kindly excuse him for his innocence” lulled Vanathi, tear drops falling down her eyes like beads of ice.

Hermit Sankarar gazed them intermittently with a spread of gleam on his face. Tear drops began to grow at the edges of his eyes like the growth of dew drops on the surface of lotus leaves. “Child! You both are the angels of Neyythal land. No other pearl of Neyythal land is parallel to you in qualities of virtues. God blessed prince Kuttuvan with the company of tigress of Neyythal land to boost his energy. My blessings are always behind you for your climb on the throne of victory” mesmerized hermit Sankarar, spraying words of praise like a shower of fragrant flowers.

“Sir, bless us for a long life. Our victory will bring enduring prosperity to Neyythal land.” fondled Vanathi, touching his holy feet as a technique of high level prayer.

Hermit Sankarar stepped down from the anthill, with a spread of magnetic smile on his face. He sprayed fine droplets of holy water on her head from the spherical bronze flask on his left hand. He pressed his right hand on her head and sang verses of blessings. “Child, All your sufferings will vanish one day like dew drops on the blades of grass. You will live long as an intimate couple under the influence of a strong bond of love” ogled hermit Sankarar, casting amorous glance of optimism.

“Holy saint, I thank you for your kindness. Your blessing will show us the right path for our forward march towards victory, like a torch on the top of a mountain” perked Vanathi profusely.

“By the grace of god, all turmoil will shift you towards the brighter side of life. Even the waning moon in the sky will grow into full moon on one fine night. You accelerate your speed of travel to meet Prof Sukran at the earliest. Give him news about my fast approach for his assistance” quickened hermit Sankarar, waving his right hand as a symbol of blessing. Vanathi flew on the wings of joy, assuming hermit Sankarar as an incarnation of god. His words of blessing stuck to her heart like letters carved on the plane surface of hard granite. At the same time, prince Kuttuvan stood as a faded rose, growing hatred crops on the field of his face.

After the disappearance of hermit Sankarar behind the trees, they started their journey towards the capital of Neyythal Land. The white horse of prince Kuttuvan rushed through the dense forest at a velocity, exceeding the speed of his imagination. The mind of Vanathi oscillated between the high pressure at the depth of the ocean and the low pressure at the height of the sky. She was on the influence of shiver of turmoil, as if the crafty hands of fate was on continuous trial to separate prince Kuttuvan from her lap. She wished strongly to strengthen the bond of love between them beyond generations. She was ready to take any number of risks to preserve the darling of her heart in her embracement of love.

Vanathi lag behind her darling by a distance, owing to her immersion into the ocean of thinking. When prince Kuttuvan turned to study her face, he identified absence of the brightness of mirth on her face, like a child suffering from fever. “Vanathi, we are students of science stream. Superstitions won’t raise torches of happiness in our life. I suppose hermit Sankarar is an agent of Vampire Gangan. I am not ready to jump voluntarily into the darkness of hell, like a blind without the light of brain” raved prince Kuttuvan riotously.

Vanathi spread the brightness of a magnetic smile on her face, adding more sparkling glamour to her beautiful face. Her dark beetle eyes tried to catch him in her love web. Her twin arrays of jasmine bud teeth passed glittering waves of attraction to pull him into her magnetic field. Her orange pulp lips stored honey drops to trap him as a honey bee. Her fertile bosoms vibrated rhythmically to attract him for sexomagnetic induction. Prince Kuttuvan wondered for her sudden inversion, like gerbera flower dancing in breeze.

“Darling, I understood the depth of meaning of the words spoken by Sankarar only now. The weight of tension in my heart evaporated to make me fly in the sky like a butterfly.” sparkled Vanathi, vibrating her eyelashes like the wings of a humming bird.

“I don’t identify any words of scintillation in his instructions. No one can deceive my heart by a garland of words.”

“He stressed the future of Neyythal land is on my hand.”

“Stupid! Is your hand wide enough to hold the whole area of Neyythal land?”

“He displayed high respect on my father. He referred that my father is the only capable person to retain your life on the surface of the earth.”

“Idiot, do I float as a corpse on ocean surface? I want the support of none for breathing fresh air. Ask Prof Sukran to discharge his official duties with perfection.”

“Hermit Sankarar blessed that all our suffering will vanish one day. I am happy about our joyous future. Hermit Sankarar evaporated the burden in my heart that kept me in a state of suffocation”

“Vanathi, your weak mind is the reason behind your imaginative worries. Strengthen your mind for a joyous future.”

“I am happy. Hermit Sankarar blessed us with a long life.”

“Sweety! Deceptive Saints adopt blessings as a technique to trap ignorant devotees. I find no difference between the cobweb of spiders and the blessings of duplicate saints”

Vanathi locked her magnetic eyes with the iron eyes of prince Kuttuvan. Her sharp vision penetrated through his eyes and entered into his heart to sow seeds of sensuousness. The strong attractive field locked their hearts into single unit. They stared each other with boiling love, as if to fuse their hearts together. They forgot completely about the nature of the surrounding and the lapse of precious time. They needed the support of no word to transfer the ideas in their hearts and to share the sensations of their nerves.

“Darling, I believe the words of hermit Sankarar as a miracle. I can see the light of our prosperous future at infinite distance like a sunrise. I shall imagine the occurrence of a heart bursting tragedy and a helping hand behind us to lift into a life of joy” ushered Vanathi, exposing hundred percent trust in her tone.

Prince Kuttuvan grew hatred crops on his face, and accelerated his horse to maximum velocity. Understanding the boiling state of his master, the horse galloped swiftly as a competitor to its own sound. Vanathi tried her best to catch him into her grasp, as she wished to discuss lot of ideas with the robber of her heart. Prince Kuttuvan was on perfect alertness to escape from her efforts to build castles in air on the piles of words. Contrary to the natural reality of the real world, the debut of the strange drama of chasing of hero by the heroine occurred as a new wave. The deer that chased the tiger failed to touch the victory line, till the end of the real life drama.

After a period of time, they approached the vicinity of Parasakthi temple. The gigantic statue of mother Parasakthi stood like a sky high palmyra tree, giving shelter to a cloud on its head that appeared like a bundle of milky white cotton. The men on movement on the plane ground appeared like dwarf lilliputs of wonder for distant vision. When they entered into the area of the Parasakthi temple, they identified soldiers on work under the guidance of Prof Sukran. Some soldiers arranged the ghee pots, some piled the sandal wood slices, and others constructed a sacrificial pit using rectangular bricks.

Attracted by the galloping sound of horses, Prof Sukran turned to watch them. “Sir, I witness the activeness of some urgency around this Parasakthi temple. Do you expect any emergency to be solved immediately?” venerated prince Kuttuvan jumping down from the horse to show his respect by a prostrate Vanathi sprang to the floor with a face of glow to show her affection to her intimate father.

“Prince, you arrived at the apt time like a deity to bless our efforts. I am on trial to conduct a prayer ceremony to beg the blessings of mother Parasakthi” winked Prof Sukran wooingly.

“Endeavors with perfect planning will fetch the blessings of god. What is the urgency of the time for the conduction of a prayer function?”

“Dear, my inner mind warns me about the occurrence of a natural calamity. I am afraid of the spread of darkness on Neyythal land like a veil. I wish to conduct a prayer ceremony to lift the youths of Neyythal land from the impending danger.”

“Do you get permission from our king?”

“No, I find no time to convince our king”

“Neyythal land is on the control of prince Kuttuvan. Have you exerted to get the permission of prince? Why don’t you send at least the message of the news to the prince?”

“No permission is needed for prof Sukran from children to serve his motherland”

Vanathi pulled his right hand to stop his next word of hotness. “Prince, Prof Sukran will act according to the climate of the critical time of emergency. It is not wise to put obstacle on his path towards victory,” yodeled Vanathi yieldingly.

“Vanathi, you burnt my heart by your superstitious beliefs. I hate the occurrence of events beyond my trust”

“I committed mistake due to my over enthusiasm. Kindly excuse us prince.”

There was continuous growth of crops of hatred on the face of prince Kuttuvan. As face is the index of mind, Prof Sukran identified the shade of darkness in his inner mind. He appreciated the feeling of flare on his face, because he was the master brain behind the concept of superstitions of prince Kuttuvan. Because of his training programmes on the importance of scientific outlook, prince Kuttuvan developed an aversion against baseless superstitions.

“Prince, there are countless living organisms in this world invisible to our naked eyes. There are numerous sound waves that can’t be predicted by the low sensitiveness of our ears. Real experiences of life will teach you about the occurrence of strange events, beyond the explanation limits of science” articulated Prof Sukran, with a sneering laughter that added brightness to his face of wisdom.

“Dad, do you wish to assign any responsibility on me for the success of the prayer ceremony?” babbled Vanathi to keep herself as the active participant to seek the blessings of god.

“Prince! The prayer ceremony is organized keeping you at the focus. You both refresh in our cottage, for a short period. I expect your arrival at the apt time to participate in the prayer” conveyed Prof Sukran conspicuously.

Prince Kuttuvan walked towards his palace with diminished interest. Vanathi ran behind him like a tail to a kite. “Prince! Where are you going? Why can’t you keep me around you?” dramatized Vanathi, pulling his hand to twist him along the direction of her mind.

“I am going to the palace. If you are interested, you can follow me.”

“Darling, our cottage is very close to this area. That is why father advised to take rest in the cottage”

“There are more conveniences in the palace.”

“There is lack of privacy in the castle. I wish to discuss a serious matter with you”

“What do you mean by serious matter? Do you refer about our matrimony?”

“Marriage is not a significant matter at this critical junction. I am interested to clarify another important doubt”

“Are you sure? If so I am ready to visit your cottage.”

Both of them began to walk towards the cottage. She slowly diminished the distance gap between them. Due to the sidewise touching of their skins, the frictional force sowed waves of warmth into their nervous system. The darkness of hatred in his mind evaporated like the dew droplets on the blades of grass at sunrise. The fertile areas of oasis on the glamorous body of Vanathi attracted his attention, like a strong magnet pulling iron fragments. She shifted her right hand to his waist. She identified no origin of opposing waves. So she gained energy to stretch her hand around his waist.

“Darling, Are you angry with this poor girl?”

“Yes. I hate you for your superstitions. You believe every word of insects. Don’t you have thinking capacity to identify falsehood?”

“Sorry darling. I shall sharpen my mind on the basis of scientific outlook in future. Kindly excuse me only once for my stupidity”

“Sweety, my mind is on the attack of worry. I can’t identify the reason behind the turbulence”

“The oil stirred with soft water will float on the surface. May I give a hot kiss to float the worries scorching your heart?”

“You always dream about lust. Keep your heart crystal clear by constant prayers”

“Darling, I am sorry for my crossing the boarders of morality. You appear to be in the depth of weary. Do you want cold water to quench the thirst?”

“Yes. A cup of soft water will lower my tiresome”

“I shall give you even milk inside the cottage. At this time you satisfy yourself with just pressing the hot centers in my body.”

“Don’t elongate your tongue beyond the limits. It will be better, if you serve me a hot meal”

“Darling! I am waiting to serve you a hot mean. Let us go behind the tree to taste a hot meal.”

“Stupid! I asked for food to quench my hunger”

“Alas! I am confused by my ignorance. Kindly excuse me darling”

They involved in such type of word games, without considering the roll of time. During that time interval, she planned a strategy to trap him perfectly into her love web. She was not ready to lose the final chance to serve him a hot feast with her virginity of purity. As per her guidance prince Kuttuvan sat on the edge of the cot, expecting a tasty feast to quench his stomach hunger. “Darling, I shall prepare hot meals after a fresh bath in cold water. Kindly wait for short period of time” debilitated Vanathi, presenting a warm kiss on his forehead.

After the completion of bath, a portion of her hair danced around her face like a waterfall. To stop the disturbing effects of the hair, she tied them loosely in the middle using a ribbon. She closed her bosoms with a transparent bra, adjusted their structure like cones with piercing tips, and put a loose knot for easy pulling. She wound a china silk saree in a strange fashion without inner wears and inserted the tip of the saree to the side of her bra. She sprayed few drops of imported deodorant oil with jasmine fragrance on her body.

At that time prince Kuttuvan was on the cot, immersed in a disturbed mood, ruminating about the strange news of the spread of darkness in Neyythal land. The jasmine perfume attracted his nostrils like the arrow of cupid prince of love. The fragrance was followed by the tintinnabulation of the tiny bells attached to her anklets on both legs, like the rhythmic enchanting song of paradise. He opened his eyes like the golden gate of the heaven. Vanathi stood before him as a gold statue with perfect structure, behind a transparent veil. He flew on the wing of imagination into the height of the sky, and identified her as an angel of heaven.

“Darling, the darkness blanket is fast approaching to throw us into different corners. This is the last chance for us to share our brimming love” exploded Vanathi, showering tear drops like a rainfall.

“Sweety, don’t believe the prattle of others. We will live together as a couple of love birds for hundred years. No god has stone heart to separate our love”

“I too believe the mercy of god. In spite of my faith on your deep love, I am crazy to get a warm kiss from you as a token of remembrance”

“Don’t vibrate in worry sweety. I am ready to bath you in a shower of hundred kisses”

Vanathi exploded into laughter of mirth like the ringing sound of a bell. The wonderful dancing style of her bosoms hooked his mind to loss his stability. Her sharp eyes penetrated into his heart through eyes to sow seeds of lust. She bit her lips with a catchy smile to trap him to her love web. “Darling, Kindly give me kiss for my memory in the next generation. Your only one kiss will keep me warm for hundreds of generations” flattered Vanathi fiendishly.

She pulled him with a catchy smile and showed her lips for a hot kiss. He blessed her with a prize of an affectionate kiss on her forehead. “Darling, lips locking kisses have higher retention capacity. Kindly issue me a hot kiss on my lips” goggled Vanathi, spreading her hands on his back for a tight embracement. She preserved the contact for a span of time for the bombardment of waves of sexomagnetic induction on their nervous system.

Attacked by the waves of libidinous, prince Kuttuvan lost his control to act the stability of inertness. She utilized that golden opportunity to push him into a lips locking hot kiss. After the radiation of a portion of the hotness, he pushed her away with little force. She calculated that time as the best for a climb into higher altitude of hotness. She craftily pulled the knot of the bra at the back, utilizing the force of her left hand. The bra shifted to one side and fell down like the petal of a withered sunflower. Prince Kuttuvan gazed the wonderful scene, as the sudden appearance of two full moons from a milky white cloud.

At that time of his glare, the silk saree wound on her gorgeous body slipped down, to oscillate him on the swing of higher sensuous mirth. Prince Kuttuvan stood froze like an ice doll, his eyes eating greedily the beautiful curvatures of his body. The dazzling beauty of the love doll, fabricated by the lord of heaven, bombarded his senses like a streak of lightning. The sudden penetration of hot waves of lewdness through his nervous system pushed him to the level of boiling. “Darling, shyness torments me to the stage of melting. Don’t push me into ocean of shame” hypnotized Vanathi, dramatizing to cover the centres of higher attraction by the spread her palms.

“Wow! What a dazzling beauty of charm! You are a special creation of god at the time of his highest mirth. Your bewitching beauty intoxicates to study the softness of your buds. May I analyze the craftsmanship of our creator?” impelled prince Kuttuvan invitingly.

“Darling, don’t boil me to higher shame. I permit for only one soft touch. Don’t apply pressure to cause pain to my nerves” jabbered Vanathi, vibrating her body to ignite higher flames into his nervous system.

“Vanathi, the curvatures of your body are designed perfectly by the creator like an experienced cartographer. I wonder about the captivating power of your structure” lauded prince Kuttuvan libidinously.

He first preferred her buds to check the softness of the skin of higher elastically. His eyes roamed hotly on the lower slopes and stood freezed at the lower triangular plateau region. She watched the orientation of his eyes and spread higher blush of shyness on her face to captivate him into her love web. “Darling! Don’t shiver by imaginary fear. This bud is waiting for your embracement to bloom like a fresh lotus. You have complete freedom to wear me as a garland of roses on your chest” mazed Vanathi, lifting her legs apart for accelerating the waves of hotness to higher velocity.

Prince Kuttuvan lowered his right hand on the slope of her abdomen and climbed on the cupid mound, his forefinger playing hot games around the area. Unable to bear the burning hotness, Vanathi dropped on his chest like a soft garland of fragrant Jasmine flowers. She started her crafty play to push him into the depth of sensuous mirth. After a span of time, the moaning sound of the cot dominated the music caused by the friction of fleshes. Vanathi won in her efforts to bath the darling of her heart in a shower of libidinous waves.

The preliminary arrangements for the conduction of prayer ceremony were accelerated to higher speed. The soldiers of Neyythal land rolled around the area like spinning tops to complete the works ordered by Prof Sukran to perfection for the full satisfaction of the master. When Prof Sukran drew a line to explain the nature of the work, they fabricated his dreams into artistic works of reality. They worked laboriously without rest, exceeding the activeness of an array of ants moving in a straight line.

“Soldiers, All of you listen to my words with perfect attention. You should obey my orders without any alteration and loss of time. I predicted the approach of a natural calamity to destroy our motherland. I am on an effort to conduct a prayer ceremony to seek the blessings of god. You first mark the border of Neyythal square using chalk powder” ordered Prof Sukran, keeping his face hard as the hardest granite.

Next moment soldiers divided the chalk powder among them and scattered in different directions. With their combined efforts they completed the border line of Neyythal square within a short interval of time. They assembled around Prof Sukran for the execution of his next order. He gave a roll of silk cloth to a soldier. “Soldier, this is a letter of order to be spread throughout Neyythal land. First you all should understand the accurate meaning of this order. So you read the order in my presence. I shall explain the correct meaning, if you have any doubt” instructed Prof Sukran insistently.

The soldier held the letter on his hand with respect, as a holy treasure of god. He began to read the aloud aloud like the sonorous sound of a ringing bell with clear accent. “This is an emergency announcement of Prof Sukran. I expect a natural disaster in Neyythal land. Educated youths of both genders between the age group 18-25 are ordered to attend immediately for a prayer ceremony. Late comers won’t find place inside Neyythal square”

The words of the letter of order spread shock waves in the hearts of the soldiers. They dipped into the depth of imagination to trace the significance of the letter of order. “What is the nature of the natural calamity approaching to disturb the peacefulness of Neyythal land? Do mere prayer ceremonies have capacity to evaporate the impending danger? What is the mystery behind the call of educated youths in the age group 18 to 25? What is the reason for marking the frontiers of Neyythal Square with lime powder?” interrogated the soldiers in their hearts like a soliloquy.

Prof Sukran disturbed the veil of calmness that permeated around the area like the deadly silence of a graveyard. “Soldiers, listen to my instruction with maximum alertness. You prepare thousand copies of this letter of order utilizing the soldiers of our cavalry. Get the seal of the government from Prime Minister Office. Send the orders immediately to village heads of all hamlets in Neyythal land through the soldiers of our cavalry. This is the most important order of the time to preserve the culture of Neyythal land”

The soldiers ran towards the royal palace with the letter of order of Prof Sukran. After a span of time, a conch was trumpeted with high intensity at the top of the central tower of the royal palace. After a long period of time, the royal drum was roared as a warning signal to the citizens of Neyythal land.

When the preliminary arrangement were nearing completion hermit Sankarar approached the area to energize prof Sukran, like rising sun to illuminate the world. Prof Sukran climbed on the Zenith of joy, like a cripple blessed with new legs by god. He welcomed hermit Sankarar with bloomed face and folded hands. His eyes glittered in happiness like a traveler in a torrid desert discovered a oasis to quench his thirst. “Sir, I appreciate your efforts to deviate the expected natural calamity away from our Neyythal Land. I approached to add strength to your energy. May god bless you with sweet fruits of success for your sky high endeavor” plumed hermit Sankarar propitiously.

“Hermit, you appeared in the area of scorching turbulence, as a walking stick to a handicap. I submit the full responsibility for conducting the prayer session on your holy hands. Your words of prayer should knock the golden door of heaven to attract the blessings of god,” quibbled Prof Sukran, to stress the importance of the function for the survival of Neyythal Land.

“My best wishes are behind you to strengthen your efforts of worthiness. I don’t believe in our power to stop the tormenting hands of natural calamity. But we shall put efforts to change the orientation of the scorching hands of nature. We shall harvest the crops of victory by choosing a good strategy of attack” reverberated hermit Sankaran, jumping down from his horse to raise a torch for the successful journey of Prof Sukran.

“This prayer function is organized not to raise a dam against the wrath of nature. I plan to conduct this function to soften the nature to minimize the intensity of attack. I wish to conserve the rich heritage of Neyythal Land” specified Prof Sukran, to expose the treasure of ideas locked in his heart.

“Let us strike the golden doors of heaven by our tireless prayers. The shower of blessings will bath us at the critical time of emergency. I can see the fruits of our efforts hanging in the brightness of heaven” testified hermit Sankarar tenderly.

“Sir, I planned to verify the truth of a strange idea of novelty. This idea of human seed is a concept new to the real world. I conduct this prayer session to sow human seeds in the soil, for germination at favorable climate. I seek your whole hearted support for my trial to cause miracle” urged Prof Sukran, folding his hands as a prayer to beg for his encouragement.

’Aha! Human seeds! This concept appears to be a wonder beyond the limits of sky. I knew your mind of scientific outlook. You won’t jump into a worthless trial without a strong base. I am ready to sacrifice my life for your victory. Your achievement will be printed in golden letters in the annals of history” venerated hermit Sankarar vivaciously.

“Hermit, The news about the prayer ceremony was spread throughout Neyythal land, utilizing our soldiers as human resource of carriers. The collection process of human seeds started in this Neyythal square. The Neyythal square can accommodate at least ten thousand young human seeds” whispered Prof Sukran, a ray of mirth illuminating his face to expose his sky high confidence level.

“Professor! Prince Kuttuvan is not found around the area. Why don’t you include him in your prayer function? Prince Kuttuvan is the ideal person to act as the best leader of our youngsters in the conservation programme of cultural heredity of Neyythal land” annunciated hermit Sankarar affably.

“Prince Kuttuvan is the centre of focus of our prayer programme. He is the hero of our future Neyythal land. He has all powers to lend Neyythal land along the road of amelioration. He will arrive at the right time to strengthen our efforts to sow human seeds in the soil” burbled Prof Sukran, a light of joy adding color to his face.

At that time of highest significance in the history of Neyythal land, Prince Kuttuvan was in the embracement of Vanathi, the tigress of Neyythal land. “Darling, are you angry on this innocent girl?” cumbered Vanathi cravingly.

“No. You captivated me like a common girl”

“Vanathi spread love web to capture the prince of Neyythal land like a harlot on the street. Do you think on this line darling?”

“I love this new experience.”

“Why don’t you give apt answer to my query?”

“You drew me to the joy of heaven”

“Darling, what is your opinion about this ignorant girl?”

“You are a talented girl to achieve what you dream”

“Dear, your brain knew the answer of my high expectation. You act as a slippery eel fish to scorch my innocent heart”

“Sweety, I am not a powerful saint to identify the picture in your heart”

“A time will arrive to oscillate me on the swing of happiness. At that time you will identify the intelligence and virtues of Vanathi”

“Sweety, don’t shed tears. I knew the purity of your heart. You dramatize every act with dream in your mind. I wish you for your climb on the peak of victory”

“Thank you very much darling. God is great to preserve me as an angel in your heart of purity”

At that instant of love sharing process, the alarm of royal drum penetrated the blanket of air. Prince Kuttuvan bounced from the cot and took his dress to run for the participation of the prayer function. Vanathi pulled his clothes and threw them at one corner of the room. “Darling, we are going to take part in the prayer meeting. We should participate in the prayer with pure mind and body to gain the blessing of god. First take bath to purify your body. I preserved three new pairs of dresses in the wardrobe. Kindly select a new dress according to your taste. I too shall get ready within a short interval of time” dignified Vanathi, giving an affectionate kiss on his forehead with a magnetic smile.

Prince Kuttuvan identified the truth is her words. He obeyed her order and then started to walk towards the Neyythal square. Vanathi ran behind him as his own shadow. There occurred a large distance gap between them naturally. The fate cachinnated aloud horribly to strengthen the distance gap between them permanently. After crossing the dense forest, they observed the movement of youngsters of both gender in groups towards the Neyythal square, like hives of honey bees. They greeted prince Kuttuvan in respect with bowed heads. Vanathi too commanded equal respect from the youngsters of both gender. The strange behavior of youths created some irksome in the heart of prince Kuttuvan.

“Darling! May I accompany you as a companion for the whole life? Why did you run fast, neglecting me alone in the street? Kindly lower your speed of walking a little” exploded Vanathi, running behind to catch his hand of enduring love.

“Sweety, you showed me the depth of heaven even at the time of turbulence. How can I hate you my sweetheart? I preserve you at higher level than my own life” fostered prince Kuttuvan flagrantly.

“If you expose your real heart, kindly give me a warm kiss.”

“Chee! All will laugh at our craziness. Why should you we lower our dignity in their eyes?”

“Why did we worry about the imagination of others? We united into one entity in body and soul”

“You are correct. Undress and lie on the shadow. We shall start the hot games of coition”

“Chee! I asked the last kiss of my lover. Why should you insult me beyond the limits darling?”

A shadow of worry spread on the face of Vanathi like a dark veil. Tear drops started to grow on the edges of her eyes, like shining pearls. Her lips began to vibrate in the shiver of melancholy. She started to weep aloud. Prince Kuttuvan fell into the attack of waves of shock. “Vanathi! All youths around us are staring as symbols of mockery. Kindly don’t spoil my prestige in the society. Stop your childish dramatization”

“Darling, I shall forget your insults, if you spare me an affectionate kiss. If you refuse my last wish, I will pull you for a lips locking kiss”

Prince Kuttuuvan closed his eyes to make the world empty. Vanathi approached his vicinity with a sneering laughter. He spared an affectionate kiss, flying on the imagination that he was seen by none. Vanathi used that golden chance to play a game of her choice. She pulled him to her tight hug and gave a French kiss of hotness. All the youngsters witnessed that scene of hot love. All of them smiled with an illumination of shyness on their faces.

At that time of intimacy of true love, the crafty eyes of fate fell on them. The leg of Vanathi kicked a portion of human feces and heavy bad smell spread around the area like rotten dead rat. Many youngsters around the area turned towards them, with a face of bitterness fading the glare of shyness.

Vanathi hindered his forward motion by a pull on his right hand “Sweety, This is the right time for our contribution to the victory of the prayer ceremony. Do you want more hot prizes for your remembrance at this time of importance? May I give higher hotness to your bosoms?” gibed prince Kuttuvan genially.

“I will climb to higher heights, if you present more hot prizes. Darling, unfortunately I slipped on human fecal matter. It is not wise to attend prayer meeting with stain of dirt on the leg”

“How can I help you to clear this riddle?”

“The Ponni River is very close to us. Kindly permit me to wash my legs”

“I find no other alternative. May I wait here for your return?”

“Don’t waste the precious time, waiting for me unnecessarily. This is the right time to pray for the progress of Neyythal land. I shall meet you at the shortest time interval.”

“Do you capable to identify me in the midst of this huge crowd?”

“Certainly. I shall locate you easily in a crowd of millions”

Vanathi diffused through the clumps of trees towards the Ponni River. At the same time prince Kuttuvan penetrated through the blanket of youth towards the gigantic statue of Parassakthi. After a short efflux of time, he reached entrance of the Neyythal square. The whole area around the entrance was flooded with the charm of dazzling feminine blossoms. All the damsels turned towards him with lightning smiles. “Prince, professor is waiting for your arrival. Kindly meet him immediately to be inspired by further instructions. He instructed us to stand erect to captivate mother Parasakthi by prayers” hypnotized a damsel by her sweet shrill voice of a nightingale.

Prince Kuttuvan observed a wide pavement upto the statue of deity Parasakthi, formed by stretching strong ropes on pillars of bamboo poles. He rolled his eyes to rise to the height of wonder. On the vast area of Neyythal square, he observed complete spread of human heads, like a carpet of multi colored gerbera flowers. The mesmerizing magnetic field of damsels was separated by the pavement from the iron hands of youths of Neyythal Land. Prince Kuttuvan began to walk towards the statue of Parasakthi, floating on the wave of happiness for such a heavy collection of youth in Neyythal square, for just a prayer meeting.

He noticed hermit Sankarar enchanting verses of prayer. He added ghee little by little using a spoon for the conservation of flame of the sacrificial pit. Prof Sukran was on deep meditation, standing on one leg to the left of the sacrificial fire. Suddenly he stretched his arms towards the face of mother deity and screamed aloud for mercy. “Superior mother! Parasakthi deity! I sowed youngsters throughout Neyythal square. Kindly change them into human seeds, capable to sprout at favourable climate. Kindly preserve the youths in the form of stone statues! All the human seeds in the Neyythal square should transform into stone statues. I beg for your pity to germinate the human seeds at the right time.”

Those words of mystery pushed prince Kuttuvan into a land of imaginary wonder. He found hard to assimilate the meaning of the words prayed by his master. He realized that his master had a super brain, illustrated by the discoveries of magic medicines, Silajit, Milajit, and Wilajit. He was not a man with a feeble brain, to put such a heavy force on a baseless endeavor. Prince Kuttuvan spontaneously raised his hands towards mother superior to pray for her blessing.

Unfortunately, a spy of Marutha Land entered into Neyythal square as a poisonous weed to disturb the positive effects of the prayers. “Alas! Gangan penetrated into Neyythal Land for damsel hunting. Chase Gangan! Kill Gangan!” shouted the spy harshly like a rumbling thunder.

The disturbance of concentration on prayer expected by the spy occurred abruptly, like the eruption of a whirl wind “chase Gangan! Kill Gangan!,” screeched prince Kuttuvan sonorously. The sound of prince Kuttuvan sowed miracles in the hearts of human seeds. Prince Kuttuvan drew his sword and started to run towards the entrance, with repeated bounces. All the human seeds shifted their orientation and began to run behind their hero of Neyythal Land.

At that instant of critical time, another twist of event occurred as a shower of blessings of mother Parasakthi. A blue beam of light emerged from the right eye of the statue of Parasakthi deity and spread throughout the Neyythal square. It froze all the human seeds into stone statues in their posture at that moment within the border line of Neyythal square, like a miracle in a magic show. Prof Sukran witnessed the blessing of god and flew to the joy of heaven. “Mother! Thank you very much for your shower of mercy. It is your duty to germinate these human seeds into flowering plants. Kindly accept me as a flower on your feet for your service” impelled Prof Sukran importunately.

The eyes of hermit Sankarar showered tear drops of joy, like a monsoon rainfall. There was a dense spread of mirth on his face, as if achieved a Himalayan task. Waves of thrill penetrated his nervous system, as if completed the purpose behind his birth. “Mother parasakthi! You showered your mercy on the head of youths of Neyythal Land. We sowed human seeds on the surface of the earth. We will die as all mortals to the attack of nature. Our children won’t decay to the turmoils of nature. Kindly bless our children with your mercy to germinate them into human plantlets” jibbed hermit Sankarar, enchanting verses of prayer to impress mother deity.

At that instant a huge aerolite entered into the atmosphere just above Neyythal Land, losing the stability of the orbit. Due to the obstruction of solar rays by the gigantic aerolite, there was sudden spread of a blanket of darkness on major area of Neyythal Land. Within a short interval of time, the tremendous aerolite appeared in the atmosphere, to a height visible to the naked eye of people of Neyythal Land. Every one observed the conglomeration of meteorites fast approaching towards the earth with wonder struck eyes. Due to friction of the atmosphere, the temperature of the aerolites increased to a higher value. As a consequence of dissimilar thermal expansion, the aerolite burst into tiny fragments, like the explosion of tourbillion in the upper atmosphere.

Due to the explosion of aerolite in the upper atmosphere, particles of sand spread in the sky and began to move downwards like a water shower in the modern bathrooms. While movement in atmosphere, the sand fragments caught fire and glittered in different colors like the crackers of modern times. At lower altitude of the atmosphere, the sand particles lost fire and fell on major area of Neyythal land as a heavy shower of sand rain. A thick blanket of sand covered Neyythal land, immersing all organisms and structures inside sand dune. Prof Sukran and hermit Sankarar were buried alive into the deep blanket of sand. The thickness of sand cover grew up to the waist level of the statue of mother Parasakthi, proving the spread of darkness seen by Prof Sukran in his repeated nightmares.

While washing her legs at the shallow edge of the Ponni River, Vanathi observed sudden spread of darkness on the surface of the earth. She heard the sound of explosion in the sky, and witnessed the sparkling of different colors in the sky. The approach of sudden noise like the origin of a heavy rainfall rang alarm bell in her brain to run for safety. When she ran quickly for safety towards the shore through shallow water, she stumbled in to water current. Due to her expertise in the art of swimming, she moved in the direction of water current for a short distance, and deviated slowly towards the shore to escape from the arms of the water current. At that time of highest turbulence of Vanathi, the heavy shower of sand rain occurred to detach her from the hero of her heart.

The weight of the heavy shower of sand rain pushed Vanathi into the depth of water current. Majority of the sand granules of the shower were dragged by the high speed water current. As a consequence of the pulling force of the water current, the water current of Ponni River was not completely drained by the sand dune. Though the depth of the Ponni was diminished to some extent, the water current of Ponni River continued its dancing style. Vanathi was dragged rapidly towards the ocean, by the crafty water current of Ponni River, like a weightless rose blossom.

At that time of the spread of devastating hands of natural calamity, the spiral arm of the whirl wind approached the Neyythal square. It revolved thrice around the gigantic statue of mother parasakthi and sat on the head of the deity in the transformation of forest nymph Santra. “Darling, your sweety Vanathi sacrificed you to the crafty hands of sand rain. My all efforts to save you from natural disaster went futile. Your sweety detached you from my lap and gave you as a prey to the sand rain by her stupidity. When will I see you on the throne of Neyythal land like a rising sun?” sobbed forest nymph Santra, tear drops dripping from her eyes like a monsoon rainfall.

She cried bitterly for a long period of time, showering tear drops enough to dissolve the huge statue of mother parasakthi. The condition of Vanathi dipping into the depth of water current due to exhaustion energy flashed into her brain like a drama of nightmare. She transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, and blew in the direction of Vanathi at high speed. The spiral arm of the whirl wind plunged into the water current of the Ponni River at a point, and emerged from a lower point preserving Vanathi in its grasp. The spiral arm of the whirl wind transformed to forest nymph Santra on the shore, keeping Vanathi under her tight hug. She laid unconscious Vanathi on the shore and vanished from the area in the form of the spiral arm of a whirl wind.

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