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Bird Women Vanmathi

The natural calamity in the form of sand rain played havoc on the future of Neyythal land. Major area of Neyythal Land submerged in to the thick blanket of sand, showing the appearance of the vast spread of Sahara desert of Africa. Only less number of skyhigh coconut trees and palmya trees struggled to live, as if cut off at the neck and replanted in sand. The villas and castles of Neyythal Land dipped into the depth of sand cover. A portion of the towers of the royal palace breathed in free air, as a rest house for migratory birds. Only some hamlets at the southern outskirts of the capital Mullaipattinam of Neyythal Land escaped form the devastating hands of the sand rain.

Contrary to the imagination of Prof Sukran, the globe of the earth was on casual uniform motion. All the organisms on the surface of the earth breathed, played and loved as usual. The sunrise occurred in the eastern horizon at the allotted time, and energized the world by his millions of light hands. Due to the limitations of the sharpness human brain, Prof Sukran failed bitterly to calculate accurately the extent of the blessing of mother parasakthi.

The tigress of Neyythal Land Vanathi opened her eyes slowly, when the solar rays tried to play hot games to fuse her nerves. When she vibrated her limbs, waves of pain penetrated through her nervous system, as an effort to show the tortures of hell. Neglecting the burning pain that tried to kill her raw, she exercised the pressure of her right hand to the ground, for her stabilization on the surface of the earth. Her imaginative bird flew in all directions of her past life, to remind the depth of her loss. The accumulation of clouds of melancholy on her face vibrated her mind to the depth of turbulence, inducing a shower of tear drops from her both eyes.

At that moment of her deepest dip into the depth of the ocean of worry, the smiling face of prince Kuttuvan appeared as sunrise in the sky of her mind. She pressed her chest by the pressure of her right fingers to soften the pain of her boiling heart. “Darling, I am suffocating in the tortures of worldly hell. Why did you fly into the wonders of heaven, leaving me alone to the sufferings of life? How can I live lonely without your fragrance?” agitated Vanathi awfully.

The tear drops that dropped on the surface of the earth disappeared immediately, by the processes of percolation into the soil and evaporation into the sky, reminding her about the uncertainly of life. Her imaginative bird changed orientation, and flew swiftly towards her father, an embodiment of love. “Dear father! How can I breathe in the sufferings of darkness without your light? Did the shower of sand appear to your eyes as a dark blanket? Why did mother Parasakthi reject your prayers, neglecting your life long service? Kindly stretch your hands of love towards the earth to pull me to your vicinity in heaven. If you leave me alone in this scorching world, I will commit suicide”, brawled Vanathi, beating on her chest with the heavy force of her right hand.

Her concentration turned towards mother Parasakthi, the light of the world. “Mother Parasakthi! I respected you as my own mother. You pushed me mercilessly to the darkest corner of life. You proved your worthlessness as a mere clay doll. If you have little pity on this innocent girl, kindly kill me instantly from the torments of the world”, craved Vanathi clumsily.

All her lamentations attenuated within a short distance, and failed to strike the golden doors of heaven. She lost the trust to receive the light of blessing from the emperor of heaven. Inspite the density of darkness of hopelessness in her heart increased at rapid rate, to push her towards the tortures of the hell. “Prince, I can’t breathe alone in this world of emptiness, like a lonely tree in an island. I wish to live in your shadow of maximum security. Kindly permit me to start my journey towards the joy of heaven”, emphasized Vanathi, focusing her eyes towards the water current of Ponni River.

Ponni River danced joyfully with heavy turbulence, creating vortices on her face to enhance her glamour. She stepped into the shallow water near the shore, and began to walk towards the heavy water current, with closed eyes to escape from hunting worries of waiting perils. She was certain about her welcome to the joy of heaven, by the stretched hands of love of her father and lover. She moved towards the depth of Ponni River, flying on the wings of imagination about the enduring shower of love in her life in heaven.

At that moment of evaporating hope, the smiling face of hermit Sankarar appeared in her mind as flash of lightning. “Child, all your sufferings will vanish one day, like dew droplets on the blades of grass. You will live long as an intimate couple, under the influence of a strong bond of love”, felicitated hermit Sankarar ferventy.

“Prof Sukran is the capable person to retain your life on the surface of the earth. By the grace of god, all turmoils will shift you towards the brighter side of life”, fondled hermit Sankarar flagrantly.

Vanathi dipped into the depth of thinking, to identify the location of real oysters with pearls of love. “Hermit Sankarar earned fame as the incarnation of god by his extreme penance. Do his words of blessings burst like air bubbles of emptiness? Do the crafty hands of satan powerful to nullify the strong penance of hermit Sankarar?” groaned Vanathi, opening her eyes for the entry of light into her mind.

“Mother Parasakthi! I witness a little illumination of light in my mind. Am I saved from natural catastrophe in the form of a sand rain, for the revival of Neyythal Land in future? Will I wear the crown of Neyythal Land as the queen of my darling?” heckled Vanathi haphazardly.

“Mother! Your blessing scattered away the darkness accumulated in my heart for the entry of light of trust. I hope to meet my darling at the earliest time for a joyous future. I wish to walk along the path illuminated by your mercy. Kindly shower your grace to show the path favorable for my future victory”, implored Vanathi impulsively.

At that moment of her enlightenment, Vanathi was dipped in the depth of water upto her chin. After emancipation from the chains of melancholy, she focused her attention to study the nature of the land surface, beyond the water current of ponni river. The twist in the climatic condition of her mind, pushed her towards the shore, informing about the spread of light at distant corners. Her sharp vision of eyes focused only a vast spread of blanket of sand, like the atacama desert of Australia. The trust on a bright future activated her mind to higher energy level. She crossed the water current of Ponni River, and walked towards the south expecting a green blanket of vegetation, before exhaustion of her energy.

After the evaporation of her energy to the ground level, the green spread of foliage of a banyan tree attracted her attention like heaven, the abode of permanent happiness. Bombarded by the waves of mirth, she pressed her eyes to verify, whether the scene was apparent illusion or nightmare of a feeble mind.

A short walk for a period of time oscillated her mind on a swing of joy, exposing the vast spread of a dense forest. “Wow! The serene beauty of nature dances to bless me with a shower of joy. The world still survives beyond the destructive hands of sand rain. I wish to lead a life in the path illuminated by mother Parasakthi. God might have lifted me from the hands of death, to work for the progress of my mother land”, jollified Vanathi, a glare of mirth brightening her face like a flash of light.

Vanathi moved forward through the space between trees that stood like monsters with huge spread of green hairs, to locate a place ideal for her dwelling. During her uniform random motion, she witnessed a convoy of parrots resting on the branches of a huge mango tree. Some of them played chasing games around the tree, while others acted as good spectators, encouraging the play by their music of chirps. The flock of birds on game attracted her attention, like a batch of children playing on a playground. So she shifted the orientation of her motion towards the mango tree, to enjoy the game of the parrots with a bloomed face, like a sunflower at sunrise.

At that time of growing gleam on her face at slow rate, the convoy of birds flew away swiftly, as if a monster was seen abruptly by a bevy of damsels. The strange behavior of parrots induced a warning signal in her sharp brain. The convoy of parrots won’t fly away in excessive fear, by the sight of her motherly face that hold the torch of love. So Vanathi expected the sudden diffusion of a foe around the area. She turned her head sidewise, and rolled her eyes forward to identify the force, that disturbed the jolly game of the parrots. At that moment of her highest concentration, she witnessed birdman Subban on a branch of the tremendous mango tree. At the first sight, Vanathi identified him as the agent sent by king Gangan, to kill the hero of her heart. She remembered her help to save the birdman at his critical time from prince Kuttuvan.

The libidinous eyes of birdman Subban were froze by the perfect structure, and dazzling glamour of her skin. In partially teared dress, her body curvature sowed seeds of fire into his nervous system. His piercing eyes refused to move above the chest fertility of Vanathi. So birdman Subban failed to identify her as the tigress of Neyythal Land. He imagined her as a treasure of sensuousness. “Aaha! What a wonderful charm! Even the angels of heaven stand as beggars in front of this beauty treasure. Myna is just a pebble before this sparkling diamond. She is a wild rose, untouched by the hands of crazy boys. I should pluck this blossom of charm carefully, to enjoy its fragrance”, lilted birdman Subban libidinously. He wished to smell the fresh rose flower, without the slightest injury by its thorns. He flew into the heights of imagination about the hot experience waiting to bath him in a shower of joy.

Subban assumed Myna as a gift of god to the safety of his joyous future. When she rejected him for flimsy reasons, his heart broke beyond repair, as if a thunder bolt fell directly on his lonely life. The poison presented by king Gangan to kill him treacherously, hit his brain directly as the second thunder bolt. A deep thinking about the consequences of his transformation to a birdman, deviated his life away from the path of virtues. He was not ready to live a long duration of life as an orphan birdman, without the slightest shadow of love. He confirmed that no girl would diffuse into the life of a birdman, with a love torch to share his burdens of life.

The refusal of Myna to focus the brightness of love on his future life of dense darkness pushed him to the highest level of hatred of deception. The feeling of hatred concentrated into enmity of vengeance. The enmity on Myna spread in all directions, like the tap root system of dicotyledonous plants, to hate the feminine community as a whole. His loss of hope to exchange pure love with a girl pushed his mind into a cavern of roughness on girls. His mind idealized women as a treasure of sensuousness, and activated him towards the search for such a strange experience. He finalized that the thrill of touching the hidden treasures of a girl would be higher than the joyous life in the heaven. He wandered through the borders of forests to seek a fine experience of highest hotness.

Birdman Subban assumed Vanathi as an innocent tribal girl, unknown to hide her glittering beauty. He selected Vanathi as his first source of sensuous hotness for his hunting game. He flew a fastly towards Vanathi like a streak of lightning, and pulled her blouse with heavy force. The front portion of her shirt tore off and departed with the crafty hand of birdman Subban. In addition, her brassiere also eloped with the blouse as a paramour. Vanathi remembered the instructions of her father, as a flash of light. She assumed herself as a little girl, unwilling to wear the top dress. She moved forward at uniform speed, keeping her sharpness of mind alert, for a sudden attack.

Birdman Subban sat on the branch of a distant tree, and stared the charm of the vibrating cones. The sharpness of his eyes moved down, and froze by the imagination of the shape of the triangular plateau region. Vanathi identified the next area of attack of the birdman, and walked forward without any turbulence. The boiling hotness compelled Subban to endeavor for a higher level of enjoyment. He fluttered his huge wings to pull her lower skirt, as the next step in his hunting expedition to harvest sensuous mirth. Vanathi saw a tremendous fallen tree in the path of the birdman. She ran swiftly on the slanting branch of the tree and sprang into the height of the sky at high velocity. A heavy blow of her right hand fell on his back, like the sudden attack of an iron pestle.

The unexpected violent thrash pushed birdman Subban into the turbulence of terror. He changed direction and accelerated his speed of flight to escape from the area of hot pain. Vanathi stabilized her feet on the ground safely, and decided to teach him higher hot lesson, for his lifelong remembrance. She chased him on the ground to instruct him a warning lesson, for his refinement, along a straight line path of morality. A huge rock lay on her path of progress, as a hindrance to her victory. She ran on the slope of the rock and sprang into the height of the sky. She traveled perfectly along the path of her aim and stood, on the shoulders of birdman Subban with stability.

Birdman Subban realized that the woman, who stabilized on his shoulders, won’t be a meek girl to fall into his hands of ravishment. He tried his level best to topple her down, by flying along twisting curves of lower radii. All his efforts went futile, as she had higher stability, like the strong clutch of an iguana. At that moment of the highest shiver of birdman Subban, Vanathi drew the sword that was hidden under his dress. She pressed the sharp edge of the sword on his head. “Birdman, you are a heartless brutal just like your king Gangan. You lost your worthiness to breathe the fresh air of this forest. I will kill you little by little to show the tortures of the hell”, maligned Vanathi maliciously.

Birdman Subban put higher efforts to roll her down from his shoulders. “Vampire, don’t you have wisdom to identify your mother in a crowd? Do you forget the face of your mother that showered milk into your hungry mouth? I am Vanathi who saved you from the wrath of Prince Kuttuvan. I am your mother, as I gave rebirth to your life. You call me as your mother. I shall insert my nipples into your mouth”, nagged Vanathi noxiously. She kicked on his back with heavy force of her right leg.

“Ghost, for Vanathi this glamorous body is just a conglomeration of flesh on skeletal frame. I don’t care about the imposed nudity, like a newborn child. No angel has power to penetrate into my heart, except prince Kuttuvan in any generation of life. You run away from this forest area. If you fall into my eyes again, I will kill you like a lightning stroke”, outraged Vanathi obnoxiously. She jumped down on the ground and waved the sword as a warning signal to pierce his heart, if he put another trial to draw her for ravishment.

Birdman Subban flew away fastly from that area of burning hotness, flapping his wings at higher frequency. He hated himself, for his stupidity to stretch his hands of lewdness towards the tigress of Neyythal Land. His freedom from the hands of Vanathi appeared to be a strange miracle, beyond the level of his imagination. He believed firmly that it would be a fatal risk for his life, to loiter around the residence of the tigress of Neyythal Land. So he vacated that forest immediately, to escape from the scorching eyes of Vanathi.

Vanathi wandered through the vast spread of the dense forest with evaporated hope, like a ghost locked in a dungeon. The sex life of variety of animals added fuel to the fire, shaking the stability of her mind. Her mind repeatedly warned about the possibility of diffusion of other human beasts into that forest cover. She hated to exhibit her partial nudity to the penetrating eyes of brutal. She wished to acquire a pair of dress to screen her glamour from the rut of the mind infected men. She allowed her imagination to fly into the width of the sky to select a strategy to fetch a pair of dress.

At that moment of unsettled mind, Vanathi saw a flock of deers playing joyful games on a meadow. The hunting of only two deers would solve her problem about the searching of a pair of dress. The decision to kill two innocent herbivores for her little convenience, prickled her mind continuously like sharp spear edges. Suddenly her mind twisted to another route for its own stability. How many thousands of silkworms should be killed to fabricate a silk saree used to cover her nudity? As a spark of light, he remembered the characters of organisms in a food chain. A member at higher level of a food chain hunts the members at lower levels to avoid starvation. To live safely in a forest in the midst of wild life, the concept of might is right should be given predominant stress.

She heard the growl of a tiger behind a grove of trees, which reminded her epithet as the tigress of Neyythal land. She finalized to live as a courageous tigress for the remaining period of life, wearing the skin of a tiger as dress to prove her unmatched prowess. She waited for a favorable opportunity to hunt a tiger, utilizing the sword snatched from the birdman. The diminishing heating effect of slanting rays of sun, warned her about the spread of darkness monster to dip her into danger. The sun was on trial to disappear in western horizon. The clouds illuminated by red shades of solar light, roamed in the western sky, like bundles of silk cotton on the embracement of a flame of fire.

Vanathi wandered along the width of the forest, as an effort to discover a safe location for her night residence. After a span of time the sun disappeared into the depth of western horizon, a portion of his light arms painting spectacular patterns of pink shades on smaller area of the western sky. As an effort to oscillate her on a swing of happiness, a huge mango tree at a short distance attracted her attention, like a greenish monster. She imaged that god pushed her in that direction to protect her from crawling poisonous insects.

She hold the sword between the two arrays of her teeth, bounced high into the height of the sky like an expert acrobat, and seized a branch of the tree with her well trained right hand of high strength. She oscillated on the branch for a short period of time, focusing her aim on the next branch. She sprang to the next branch of the tree, and stood on that branch upright with perfect stability, like a circus girl. She walked on the horizontal branch towards the trunk of the tree. She sat on that branch, slanting her back on the main trunk of the tree, and stretching her both legs on the horizontal branch. Her excessive weariness due to her rolling in the life current pushed her immediately into the depth of a deep sleep, within a short interval of time.

At early morning, the sun showed his sparkling face in the eastern horizon, like a new bridegroom after a joyous first night. The eyes of Vanathi opened like the front screen of a stage drama. She spread the vision of her eyes on the structure of the tremendous mango tree that looked like a huge banyan tree, without the support of prop roots. It was the same mango tree, where she met the birdman yesterday. She identified her stupidity of wandering inside the forest for a whole day, like a bull pulling an oil press. She noticed a large number of mangoes, hanging on the little branches of the tree, like decorative ear drops of damsels. She was attracted by some ripe mango fruits in golden yellow color, like artificial mangoes fabricated in pure gold.

Vanathi walked on the horizontal branch towards its edge, with high stability without slightest vibration. When she vibrated the upper branch of the tree by the force of her right hand, some fruits fell down losing the strength of the stalks. She picked two best ripe fruits on her hands, and began to taste the flesh of fruit, sitting on a branch of the dead tree at a short distance. As the juice of the mango fruits tasted like drops of mountain honey, she ate five mango fruits, to fill the complete space in her stomach.

After the extinction of the fire of starvation, her mind searched water to quench the thirst that tried to dry her soul. She started an expedition to locate a source of water, like a thirsty camel searching for an oasis in a desert. Fortunately her expedition ended with a short life. She identified a large lake with crystal clear water, very close to the gigantic mango tree. She noticed a vast spread of sweet potato creeper on the bank of the lake. Huge fishes swam on water surface, like boats of different shapes and sizes.

She hurled a piece of pot on the water surface with force, which bounced in the form of repeated crests, by multiple reflections on the water surface. In the path of the pot fragment, large number of tiny fishes bounced towards both directions along semicircular paths of different radii, creating a wonderful appearance of multiple rainbows. “Mother Parasakthi! You showed me an ideal place for my safe residence. The mango fruits, sweet potatoes and fishes will help to retain my life. I will use the mango tree as a dwelling for my safety”, prevised Vanathi stretching her both hands toward heaven, as a gratitude for the service of mother Parasakthi.

Highly skilled damsel Vanathi lost her life of luxury in a castle of adornment, and wandered in a dense forest as an orphan on the lap of starvation. The hands of fate waited eagerly to push her into higher depth torments of a hell. She walked around the lake to identify the sources of a safe livelihood. At one side of the lake, she identified abundant growth of tapioca plants. At the other side, she noticed a huge guava tree with numerous ripe fruits. She also watched a blackberry tree in flowering stage.

There was a large growth of thorny shrubs between the lake and the mango tree, like uncontrolled robbers disturbing the streamlined life of the society. Vanathi formed a broad path between the lake and the mango tree, pulling out the thorny shrubs. She cut off a uniform branch comparable in size to her upper arm, from a tamarind tree. She sharpened both ends of the pestle to transform into a spear, to use as a weapon for hunting wild animals at critical times.

The sun reached the Zenith of the sky, and emitted vertical rays to scorch her. The surface of the earth absorbed hotness from infrared rays of solar light, and tried to burn her bare foot. Millions of sweat glands under her skin started their work to originate a series of water falls from her body. A breeze that played games with tree branches till then deviated towards her to embrace her glamorous bosoms. To enjoy the mischief of the breeze to higher extent, Vanathi changed her orientation towards the breeze. The gentle breeze achieved only little success in its efforts to soothe her body, against the hotness of infrared rays.

As the scorching effect of sun crossed the limit of tolerance, Vanathi jumped into the lake to cool her body. Little fishes disturbed her by their continuous bites, like blood sucking mosquitoes in air. Large fishes swam very close to her without fear. After the completion bath, her stomach reminded about its emptiness. She decided to hunt a fish, utilizing her sword as a hook. She stood in shallow water without motion, keeping her sword ready for attack. When a medium sized fish approached her vicinity, she pierced the fish with the sword tip.

Vanathi used her wooden spear to pull a tapioca plant. To her wonder, she found five fleshy tubers in only one plant. She took two flint stones and collected few twigs. She produced fire by rubbing the stones. She roasted the fish and one tuber in fire, and quenched the fire of hunger to her satisfaction. Then she climbed on the tree, and plucked a ripe mango to enjoy its sweet taste. She lay on the tree in the same posture as yesterday night, and began to taste the mango. Before the completion of the eating process, she dipped into the depth of a deep sleep.

After a short nap, Vanathi returned to an active life. She went to the area of tapioca plants, and collected soil in the form of a long bund using her wooden spear. She cut off the tapioca stem into pieces of about one span length, and planted them on the bund to form an array with equal spacing. Thus Vanathi began agriculture on the bank of the lake, at a location favorable for irrigation process. Before the spread of darkness at sunset, Vanathi collected five guava fruits, and returned to her abode on the huge mango tree.

The concentration of Vanathi was focused towards a process, to fetch a pair of dress for the preservation of her honor. At the early morning of next day, a golden opportunity invited her to climb on the peak of victory. At that instant of time, Vanathi was in the depth of deep thinking, growing crops of worry in the field of her mind. Suddenly a sharp growl of a tiger penetrated her nervous system, like a rumbling thunder. She was instantly reverted to the world of reality from the world of fairy land. To her shock, she noticed the growling tiger just below the tree branch, staring her sharply to capture as a prey. She snatched her wooden spear from another branch, and charged the tiger with utmost force to penetrate the head of the tiger.

Due to slight shifting of the tiger to bring her in to its range of perfect attack, her lance slipped into the dark side of failure. It wasted her energy, penetrating the surface of the earth, up to quarter of its length. If she won in her efforts to kill the tiger, she would get a good opportunity to wear new dress, to live a honorable life of her own choice. If she failed in her attempt, her dearest father would welcome her into the joy of heaven. She would find opportunity fly with the hero of her heart in the vast area of heaven, like two angels bound together by a strong love bond. So she finalized to put her maximum energy to murder the ferocious tiger.

Vanathi drew the sword that hanged on the upper branch, and held it vertically downward under the strong grip of her both hands. She aimed the sword tip to pierce through the neck of the tiger. When she jumped down holding the sword in perfect position, the tiger bounced upwards to catch her legs. Due to the dislocation of the target, the sword pierced through the rib of the tiger. In her efforts to escape from the teeth of the tiger, Vanathi slipped on the ground, like a play toy of children. She rolled away from the tiger for a distance, and rebounded quickly to stability. She sprang fast on the back of the tiger, which was on trial to scatter the sword.

When Vanathi pulled the sword, the tiger growled harshly and began to run away to escape from the area of burning danger. She chased the tiger to kill the beast in one attack. The distance gap between Vanathi and the tiger diminished at slow rate with time. When the distance gap reached favorable for her direct attack, the branch of a tree stood as an intruder to her effort. She sprang above the branch of the tree, and landed on the back of the tiger, like an angel of heaven. When she raised the sword with both hands to pierce its neck, she stumbled down due to a heavy shake of the tiger.

Vanathi treated her effort as a life struggle. So she continued the chasing programme with more energy. When the distance gap attained the range of direct hit, a slanting rock appeared on their path. The tiger deviated slightly from the rock and ran parallel to its original direction. Vanathi ran across the slope of the rock, and sprang towards the tiger at high speed. She rearranged the sword to the strong clutches of both hands, while moving in air. When she stepped down on the back of the tiger, the tip of the sword pierced perfectly through the trachea of the tiger.

Vanathi jumped on the ground from the back of the tiger and stabilized her position with high expertise. The tiger ran to a short distance with diminished energy, and dropped on the ground due to its inability to breathe fresh air. She drew a deep line on the body of the tiger from its head end to the tail end sword utilizing the tip of her. She peeled the skin of the tiger exercising heavy labor, and cut off the skin into some pieces. She dried the pieces of the tiger skin in sun light for one day. She prepared a strong adhesive by mixing the milk of some special trees. She pasted the pieces of skin in an order to form a blouse and a trouser. She warmed the dress for one more day in sunlight and transformed into real tigress of Neyythal Land.

After the roll of the wheel of time for few more days, she hunted a stag and fabricated another set of dress. Then she turned her attention towards agriculture. She collected the seeds of edible fruits and developed a garden of fruit trees at one side of the lake. She collected tubers of edible creepers and climbers wandering throughout the forest, and planted them in the other part of her garden. The area under cultivation slowly increased at uniform rate with lapse of time.

Birdman Subban shifted his residence to another forest area away from human settlements. He concentrated his efforts in skill development programmes. He easily quenched his hunger, snatching varieties of ripe fruits from trees. His speed of flying exceeded the velocity of sound. He started his hunting process first in the sky, capturing a fatty bat flying in the sky. Unlike birds, he developed the practice of eating meats roasted in fire. As he grew interest on enjoying variety of tastes, he hunted small animals enough for his one time meal. Due to his high skill in running and flying, he turned into a hero capable to hunt any animal.

On one full moon night, he observed a soldier galloping alone on a horse in full armor, keeping a strong iron spear on his hand. The armor pulled his attention, like the magnetic fortress attracting iron weapons. He flew behind the soldier, and lifted him to the height of the sky, grasping the armor at the back side. Without giving attention to the cries of the soldier, he flew into the depth of the forest. All the efforts of the soldier to kill Subban with his spear went futile. Then he flew to the higher altitude of the sky, and dropped the soldier to enjoy the consequences. The soldier bombarded with the hard crust of the earth, and lost the consciousness instantly.

Birdman Subban undressed the armor of the soldier, and killed him mercilessly penetrating the spear tip in to his heart. He then escaped from the area with the armor and the spear. He practiced to use the armor and spear to hunt bigger animals, as a skill development programme. He often hunted big fishes from the water current in the middle of ponni river, by piercing them with his spear, stabilizing his position just above the water surface.

Due to his higher ability to capture food of his own choice, he found more leisure time to think about his future. The consumption of nutritious food enhanced his blood circulation. The libido of his body increased automatically to divert his thinking towards female of higher charm. Though his first experience with Vanathi gave him a warning lesson, his higher skill gave him enough energy to trap any girl. After a thorough analysis of the situation, he planned to trap a teenage girl into his love web by hook or crook.

He fabricated a convenient cottage at the middle of a huge tree, robbing planks and doors from houses in the outskirt of Marutha Land. In his first effort to taste the thrill of sensuousness, he harvested crops of scorching failure. He wished to reap the sweet fruits of sure success in his second endeavor. Hence he planned to jump into action, after a thorough analysis of the pro and cons of the task. At the time of his deep thinking, the glamorous face of his former girl friend Myna sparkled in his mind like a twinkling pole star. A spark occurred repeatedly in his mind that a trial put on the orphan girl Myna would have lower probability of an explosion of danger.

At early dawn, birdman Subban stepped on the tree very close to the usual path of Myna. After a laborious waiting till noon, he saw Myna walking towards him at a distance. He watched the slow motion of Myna with a bloomed face, his heart beat increasing rapidly. To oscillate him on a swing of higher happiness, Myna entered into a narrow path passing through a clump of trees. Birdman Subban decided to utilize that golden opportunity to trap her into his love web. He flew swiftly towards Myna, and landed on the surface of the earth, like an angel of heaven. He spread a catching smile of love on his face, to pull her into his love trap.

The sudden appearance of birdman Subban sowed seeds of fear in the field of her heart. The sharpness of her brain warned her about the probability of eruption of a danger. So she rolled her eyes to choose a direction for her safe run. Alerted by her eye movement, he seized her right hand with less force. “Myna! Don’t worry. I can’t forget your charming face of sublimated love. I appeared to strengthen the love bond between us”, proclaimed birdman Subban piquantly.

“Kindly don’t disturb me. I have an urgent work to perform immediately. Please allow me to walk on my own path. This is my last warning”, quipped Myna, pulling her hand with force from his grasp. She walked forward at high speed to escape from his vicinity.

“I can’t live without your love. You are always dancing in my memory. You are important for me than the breathing air”, rambled birdman Subban ravenously. He ran behind her, and grasped her hand once again, to beg for the blessing of love.

“I hate to live with a birdman. I am crazy on the love of a mother. I wish to marry a youth under the care of a good mother”.

“My efforts to wither the wings failed. You should accept me in the state of a birdman. We shall adopt an old woman as our mother”.

“My marriage with another youngster is already fixed. My marriage plan will collapse, if any one saw me with you. Kindly permit me to walk on my own path”, solicited Myna, with folded hands and cringing eyes.

“Did you decide to throw me completely away from your heart? How can you think another boy in my place? Don’t you feel marrying another youth as a deception to our love?” thundered birdman Subban tantalizingly.

“I am sorry. I know no other alternative. Kindly excuse me”.

“If you are specific on separation, give me a prize for my lifelong remembrance”.

“I agree for your request. What do you want now?”

“Kindly give me only one kiss”.

“Somebody may see us. It may scatter my future into tragedy”.

“Let us move to a lonely place. I know a secret place. No one will watch us in that hideout”.

Suddenly birdman Subban drew her for a tight embracement. Then he began to fly in the sky, Myna still under his warm hug. “My nerves shiver in fear. Please leave me safely on the surface of the earth”, urged Myna, watching the fast backward movement of trees in terror.

“Don’t shout like a bitch. I will drop you down, if you play tricks. You will scatter into pieces by bombardment with the earth”, vituperated birdman Subban virulently.

“Where did you carry me? What is the purpose behind your misbehavior?”

“We are moving towards a hideout. No one will be around that area to spread gossip about us. I expect just a kiss from you for my future memory”.

After a short period of time, birdman Subban landed on a sandy area. Myna pulled her body swiftly from his hug. She stared him with burning eyes. “Don’t try to evaporate me from the surface of the earth, by the hotness of your eyes. I weigh you as an angel of heaven. Just a kiss is enough as a token of your love”, wheedled birdman Subban whisperingly.

“Kindly don’t spoil my joyous future. Please satisfy yourself with a warm kiss”.

“Please come closer. Give me a love brimming kiss”.

Birdman Subban stretched his smiling face towards Myna. Without knowing other alternative for her escape, Myna issued him a kiss on his cheek. His left hand crafty wounded on her rump, like a mountain python, and drew her towards his waist. His right hand crawled on her waist and moved upwards to climb on the peak. He began to play hot games on her bosoms. Hot waves of lust bombarded her nervous system, like tsunami waves at high speed.

“You asked only one kiss. I completed my promise. Kindly leave me alone”.

“I want a lips locking kiss”.

“No. You may try to take more advantage”.

“What do you mean by advantage?”

“You may try for a coition”.

“Coition? I don’t know even the meaning of coition”.

“Are you sure Subban?”

“I am damn sure. Just a lips to lips kiss is sufficient as a prize for our love”.

Birdman Subban noticed the diminished intensity of resistance in her tone. That gave him higher energy to start a hot game. He pulled her for a lips locking kiss of long duration. During that time, his left hand pressed her buttock and moved slowly upwards on her back. Inspired by the absence of resistance his right hand entered into her skirt and moved upwards on her thigh like an artful crab. It climbed on the Venus mound, and began to play hot games on the lower lips. By the attack of waves of libidinous, Myna reached the stage of fusion.

“Fear waves kill me raw. Kindly take your finger from the junction”, adjured Myna, pulling his right hand with force.

“Why did you stop my play? Do my finger pain you?” beseeched birdman Subban balmily.

“No pain. I fear about pregnancy”.

“A finger has no relation to fertilization”.

“Are you sure Subban?”

“Certainly. No finger has capacity to conceive a girl”.

“Do you limit the play with your fingers?”

“Your marriage is fixed on next week. Even if you are conceived by my game, no ghost will detect a pregnancy of one week”.

“May I believe your words? Won’t you deceive me with a purpose?”

“I speak only the truth. Kindly forget your worries. We shall climb to the upper limit of joy”.

Myna diminished her opposing force. Subban used her wavering mind to climb on the higher levels of sensuous mirth. While showering a chain of kisses on her bosoms, his right hand played artful games around her junction. The sensational waves of hotness boiled her nerves to the level of explosion. She lost her control, and danced according to his tune. He drew her dresses one by one, and rised to the state of boiling by her glamorous structural style. He secured maximum cooperation from her, for his entry into the hotness of her flesh.

After a long period of laborious toil, Myna was under the embracement of birdman Subban on the sand surface. “Subban, a doubt burns me alive. Will my husband identify my loss of chastity?” drawled Myna, staring his face to identify the shade of colors on his face.

“Impossible. Keep your mind calm like a free flying sparrow”.

“What will happen if I delivered a child with wings?”

“Don’t fly in imaginary fear. I don’t have wings at birth. So my offspring won’t have wings. You should believe my words as the promise of god”.

“I escaped narrowly, by god’s grace. You blessed me with an opportunity to gain a mother”, extolled Myna explicitly. After a short period of time, another doubt sprouted in her heart, like the tiny seed of a banyan tree.

“Subban, I committed a heavy sin. The punishment of god is certain on my head. What can I do, if god blessed me with a winged child?” fermented Myna, sobbing bitterly to melt his heart.

“Don’t waste your stock of tear drops. A hungry person tasting a food is not a sin. Sharing love is a common character of all living organisms”.

“God, kindly don’t disturb my peaceful life, blessing a child with wings”.

“Stupid. If you deliver such a child, I shall take him to the forest. I shall foster him as my own child. Don’t shiver to lose your own life”, growled birdman Subban gibingly.

The face of Myna bloomed instantly, like a fresh gerbera flower. She adorned her urgently with her dresses. “This is the correct time for my return to the cottage. If I diffuse into the cottage at late times, the neighbors will spread gossips to block my marriage. Kindly leave me at the place, where you drew me”, haggled Myna, pulling his hand for a warm hug.

“I expect your visit daily at evening. I shall illumine you with introduction of varieties of sex postures”, incited birdman Subban, his eyes gleaming like glow worms in darkness.

“Alas! I can’t jump into a cavern of danger. This is the last meeting in our life”

“Why? Don’t you like the sex games?”

“I enjoyed the thrill. But fear warns me to remain away from you”.

“May I meet you in your cottage at late night?”

“Alas! I shiver by your idea. I don’t like to transform my life into a hell”.

“We shall meet after your marriage. You should come here at leisure times”.

“Don’t fly on dreams. I will forget your face immediately, for the safety of my future”.

At that instant of his worry for her separation, an idea flashed suddenly in his mind, like a spark of lightning. The brightness of his future life would be intense, if he succeeded to preserve Myna with him. He stabilized his mind to handle any peril to keep Myna on his lap. The sharpness of his brain imagined different strategies to trap Myna into his love web.

“Darkness began to cover us like a veil. Kindly drop me around my cottage”, jingled Myna judiciously. She went close to him, and jumped on his waist to grasp him safely with four limbs like a child. Birdman Subban flapped his huge wings, and lifted her to the heights of the sky. He flew towards his cottage, still floating on dreams to trace a good method to lock Myna into his life prison.

“Subban, You deviated from the path to my cottage. Do you have any special idea to show me higher mirth?”

“Don’t worry baby. I just wished to show my castle on a tree”.

“I wonder about your cottage at tree top. A visit to your cottage will be a nice experience”.

After a short flight in the sky, they approached the tree cottage of birdman Subban. Myna was very happy to see the construction style of the cottage. “Wow! What a beautiful cottage fabricated only in planks of timber! I find no apt word to appreciate your skill in architecture. I wish to spend one day in this splendid cottage”, lauded Myna, stretching her eyebrows in happiness.

“Myna, you lie on the cot to take rest for a little time. Tigers, Lions and other wild animals are roaming in the forest in starvation. Don’t try to slip down from the cottage to risk your own life. I shall return within a short time with a wonder Guava”, muttered birdman Subban modestly.

The sun disappeared in the western horizon. Due to the appearance of fullmoon in the sky there was diffused light in the sky. The wheel of time appeared to roll very slowly. The mind of Myna dropped into the waves of weariness, searching eagerly for the arrival of birdman Subban. What would be her future, if birdman Subban was trapped in a danger? How could she cross the forest with abundance of wild animal safely to reach her house? Who would show her the correct path in the dense forest to reach her house? Birdman Subban would be needed badly for safe return to her cottage.

A thorough analysis of the situation instructed that Subban was the only source of light, to diffuse the darkness of peril waiting to hunt her. Hence she waited sadly for the early arrival of birdman Subban. At that time of diminishing hope, she imagined Subban as a light house for her life boat. She waited for the arrival of birdman Subban, like a devotee on penance for the blessing of god. The time ran fast like the winner of a Olympic running competition. Myna peeped through the windows to study the safe appearance of birdman Subban. To her high shock, even the shadow of the birdman Subban was not found around the area.

At the time of exhaustion of hope, she witnessed the fluttering of a pair of wings at a distance. The sight of birdman Subban on flight focused light of gleam on her face. A spring of happiness erupted in her heart. She rushed towards the front door of the hut spontaneously, to welcome birdman Subban with a love brimming face. “Subban, why did you reject me alone in the darkness of wild forest? I would have breathed the lost, if you are little late. I hate you”, paralyzed Myna, exploding like maize thrown in boiling oil.

“I dropped into the hands of a peril. Only by your purity of love, I escaped narrowly from the danger of death. You are the only guiding force for my joyous future”, quibbled birdman Subban, using words as a hook to trap her.

“Is there any danger to trap a birdman flying in the sky? Do you dramatize to attract my love? You purposely delayed to gain another warm coition at night”, recited Myna ruddily.

“You are my breathing air. I am ready to sacrifice my life for your little happiness. I will never act against your eye movements. This is the promise on the head of our god”.

“Drop your promise on the waves of ocean. I hate to stay in this cottage with you. You are a womanizer interested only on lust. If you touch me once again, I will jump down from the cottage to commit suicide”.

“Every span of time is worth for enjoyment, like ripe sugar cane. We shall fly together in the width of the sky, like a couple of love birds. We shall enjoy the joy of heaven in the real world by our own wisdom”.

“Kindly don’t try to paint your words with honey. I won’t believe your garland of words, like the songs of poets. Kindly drop me around my cottage”.

“We shall depart this cottage a little latter. I keep a wonder guava as a prize for your love. Kindly taste this wonder guava with many medicinal properties”, stipulated birdman Subban stiffly.

“What do you mean by wonder guava? What is the influence of the medicinal properties of this wonder guava on our health?” tolled Myna, chewing the flesh of the guava. The juicy flesh of the guava tasted in her mouth like honey drops.

“Myna, The first important characteristic of this wonder Guava is its power to retain youthhood. This wonder guava will stop the processes like shrinkage of skin and whitening of hairs. For girls this is highly effective to keep the bosoms vertical without sag”.

“Are you sure Subban? May I remain as young as today for my whole life time? May this wonder guava has power to elongate our life period?” urged Myna urgently.

“You shall live for hundred years with the youthhood of today. But the hermit who introduced the wonder guava stated one condition for the retention of youthhood”.

“A condition for the preservation of youthhood is a hindrance. What is that idiotic condition that blocks my happiness?”

“Wonder guava is a rare fruit. Only one guava tree is found around this area. This strange guava tree yields only one fruit per year. For the preservation of full youthhood, one should eat atleast two fruits in successive years”.

“Can you fetch the second guava fruit during the next season for me? Is there any competition for the fruit?”

“The miraculous property of the wonder guava is not known to mankind, except the hermit and myself. As the tall tree bear the fruit at the top, hermit can’t pluck the fruit. So the next wonder guava fruit will be on your lap”.

“You should eat the third and fourth wonder guava to retain your youthhood. Do you have trust to obey my orders?”

“I shall obey your orders as the blessings of god. We shall live for hundreds of years with the highest glamour and energy of youthhood”.

Myna ogled his face with the blush of shyness on her face. She flew on imaginative wings, dreaming about her joyous life with everlasting brimming youthhood. Birdman Subban finalized to trap her permanently in his cottage, by spreading a network of higher captivating capacity. Within a short interval of time Myna gave him a fine opportunity to stretch his network of treachery. “Subban, the guava fruit is very tasty. I judge this guava fruit has some relationship with ambrosia of heaven. You should consult the hermit to trace out the truth”, vented Myna veraciously.

“The hermit narrated a story to explain magic medicinal properties of the guava fruit. Once upon a time an angel of heaven carried a pot of ambrosia through the sky. She carelessly dropped the clay pot of ambrosia on the root of that guava tree. The tree absorbed the magic ambrosia and transformed into wonder guava yielding magic tree”, wheedled birdman Subban, gazing her face to study the reaction of his knitted story on the mind of Myna.

“We shall praise that angel of heaven for her service. Is there any other medicinal property to this wonder guava? I am eager to hear all the miracle characteristics of the wonder guava,” amused Myna appreciably.

“The most striking property of wonder guava is its power to increase libido, the sex instinct at slow rate. After the consumption of two wonder guava fruits, each coition will be a thrilling experience”, bewitched birdman Subban, winking his eyes like a lightning stroke to capture her mind.

The words of explanation uttered by birdman Subban acted as an everlasting intoxicant on the brain of Myna. She went very close to him and gave an affectionate kiss on his forehead. “Subban, you spoke about a peril as a reason for your late arrival. Will you explain the nature of that danger for our own safety?” coerced Myna copiously.

“I saw a monster, with only one eye at forehead and a horn at head. That cyclop was as high as a big Palmyra tree. I appeared little as a sparrow in his vicinity. I have never seen such gigantic cyclop before”.

“I assumed cyclop as a fiction of a fantasy story. Even now I can’t believe your description as reality. Did the cyclop try to capture you?”

“The monster chased to seize me as a prey. A tremendous banyan tree stood on our path as an obstacle. I penetrated through the space between the branches of the banyan tree. When the cyclop crossed the banyan tree in a deviated path, I vanished completely from his sight”.

“Alas! The mercy of god saved our life. The cyclop may locate our cottage on the tree. We should be always alert to escape from the clutches of the cyclop. I won’t allow your free loitering in the midst of the forest.”

“That is very nice. I shall carry you always on my shoulder to make you dance in joy. We shall roam throughout the whole world, like a young couple of love birds, to enjoy the serene beauty of nature.”

“Wow! What a wonderful idea of everlasting pleasure! I love you very much for giving such exciting experiences of mirth. Our depth of love should increase daily, like the waxing phase of moon”.

Birdman Subban sat on the edge of the cot, and called her by the wink of her eye. She moved towards him with a blooming face of brightness, and sat on his lap without a shade of hesitation. Birdman Subban used that fine opportunity to his favor for initiating a hot game. His right hand moved on her front curvature to throw fire into her nervous system. As a permission for his climb on the peak of happiness, her face gleamed with high intense of joy. So his hand tried to enter into her skirt. Her right hand stretched swiftly, and pulled his hand to stop the forward movement towards a hot game.

“Intimacy of love is more important than craziness of lust. The bond of attachment between our hearts should magnify at rapid rate with increase of age. Don’t try to fuse my nerves more than once per day, by the transfer of your hotness”, deplored Myna dominantly.

“Your idea is the best for the maintenance of the libido at stable level. I am ready to dance according to your tunes. I shall work hard to add comforts and conveniences in your life”.

“I am crazy on pure motherly love. I wish to reborn as a child of a good mother. You should support me to satisfy this craziness of this stupid girl. If you try to construct a wall against my wish to earn a mother, I won’t hesitate to commit suicide to reborn as a child of a mother”, flirted Myna freakishly.

During that full moon night, Myna slept calmly on the tight embracement of birdman Subban. After sunset, she vibrated her eyelashes like the fluttering of wings of a silk moth. She detached her body slowly from the embracement of birdman Subban. She opened the front door, and focused her vision to enjoy the dancing style of nature. Impressed by the serene beauty of the surrounding area, she stepped on a branch of the tree to get a clear distant view of natural scenes. As the cottage obstructed a portion of the splendor of nature, she climbed to another branch at a higher level than the roof of the cottage. She sat conveniently on the branch of the tree, and began to enjoy the dazzling forms of nature.

After a long span of time, birdman Subban opened his eyes. He searched Myna in the nook and corner of the cottage. Attacked by waves of fear, due to the missing of Myna in the cottage, he sprang into the sky and fluttered his wings. He focused his eyes in the width of the sky to trace Myna. He revolved once around the tree stretching his vision to distance corners. She noticed his trial to locate her, and stood on the branch to attract his attention. She waited for his arrival to her nearness, during his second revolution around the tree.

As per the expectation of Myna, birdman Subban approached her vicinity, still stretching his attention towards distant scenes. “Darling, I am waiting for you on a branch of the tree. Kindly fly towards me for the convenience of a safety landing on you. We shall make a tour through the whole area of this forest”, gaggled Myna like a goose. She bounced towards birdman Subban to stand on his shoulder with stability. Though her right leg touched his shoulder, she lost stability to stand upright on his shoulder, and stumbled down towards the earth due to the action of acceleration due to gravity. Birdman Subban acted with rapid speed, and flew downward towards the surface of the earth. He pulled the right hand of Myna into the strong grip of his right hand, before her bombardment with the rough crust of the surface of the earth.

“Baby, don’t shiver by fear. Take this trial as a training programme. Your skill should cross the talents of the tigress of Neyythal Land”, heralded birdman Subban, oscillating her like a swing. He slowly increased the frequency of oscillation, and dropped the grasp when she was at the extreme point of the simple harmonic oscillation. She flew in the sky swiftly like a projectile on the trajectory of a parabola. Birdman Subban flapped his wings at higher frequency, and rushed in the direction of Myna. Myna stepped on his back safely and stabilized her position upright.

“Wow! What a splendid experience of joy! Thank you very much for giving such a joyous experience of thrill to this orphan girl. If you bless me with the warmth of a mother, I will be the luckiest person on the surface of the earth”, improvised Myna, tear drops growing on the edges of her eyes due to the attack of waves of mirth. They started their happiest excursion in the vast area of the dense forest, roaming on the land and flying in the sky.

The special assembly of Marutha Land was convened to discuss about the future of damsel hunting expeditions. King Gangan adorned the throne with a bloomed face of highest happiness. Prime Minister Kanakan and the three member team of captains were ready on their seats, to obey the order of their king. On the art stage, a five member team of young girls began to tune varieties of musical instruments. Another team of five girls enchanted a sweet song in a captivating tone. A third team of ten slim waist girls danced on the art stage according to the rhythm of the song.

“Honorable king, today is the happiest golden day in the history of Marutha land. Major portion of Neyythal land that stood as an obstacle to our damsel hunting expeditions was destroyed by sand rain. The sand rain drowned all the administrative units of Neyythal land completely. Only the villages at the outskirts escaped from the sand rain. This is the right time to start our damsel hunting expedition in Neyythal Land to capture three hundred damsels”, justified Prime Minister Kanakan jubilantly. He sat on his seat, transferring the decision making power to the king of Marutha Land on throne, with excessive powers.

Captain Vindan took that opportunity to suggest his ideas to create a favorable opinion in the heart of his king. “Respected king! The tigers of Neyythal Land are breathless inside sand dunes. The skillful organizations of Prince Kuttuvan were crushed by the natural calamity. There is no powerful tiger in Neyythal Land to resist the entry of our lions. The escaped hamlets of Neyythal Land are on turbulence without a leader to focus light. This is the best time to hoist our victory flag on Neyythal Land”, kindled captain Vindan, to quicken the preparations of damsel hunting expeditions on Neyythal Land.

King Gangan exploded in to laughter. He rose to the height of happiness, as if all the principalities of Hindustan surrendered voluntarily to his feet to accept his superiority. “Captains, Almighty blessed us with a clear path to realize our dream. The Neyythal land floats in misery, like a ship oscillating in the waves of ocean without a captain. We shall easily immerse that ship without a captain into the depth of ocean. For the complete annihilation of Neyythal Land, a brigade of only thousand horsemen is sufficient. Select thousand ruffians from our cavalry for our damsel hunting expedition in Neyythal Land”, lilted king Gangan, by his order to march towards sure victory.

“Captains, select thousand rock hearted ruffians from our cavalry. They should slaughter all the worms of Neyythal Land without a tint of mercy. They should burn all structures of Neyythal Land into ashes. Even the wind should shiver to whisper the name of Mathura Land in future”, menaced Prime Minister Kanakan maliciously. The captains of Mathura Land witnessed the turbulence of boiling magma on his face. His eyes sparkled like the luminous spot of a firefly in darkness. The hot words exploded from his mouth like the explosion of a dormant volcano.

“Captain, don’t forget the main purpose behind our damsel hunting expeditions on Neyythal land. We should select three hundred damsels of skyhigh glamour from Neyythal Land. A slight mistake in your identification process will fetch you severe punishment. This is a warning signal by king Gangan”, notified king Gangan with a flare of wrath on his face.

“Sir, we knew our motives. We won’t allow even a lamb to diffuse into the forest. We will be careful to trap all beauty queens, to prevent their suicide attempts. Due to the absence of opposing force, we shall catch a bevy of three hundred beauty angels in the first day of our expedition”, opined captain Vindan optimistically.

“Majestic King! An army of hundreds stags of Neyythal Land is not enough to vanquish a lonely lion of Marutha Land. So a cavalry of hundred horsemen is sufficient to turn Neyythal Land into a cremation ground of ashes”, palavered captain Vannan to show his higher confidence level.

“Our cavalry should play havoc in the surviving area of Neyythal Land, like the attack of an army of vampires. The slaughtered corpses should be thrown in to the houses and burnt in to ashes. Even a ghost of Neyythal Land won’t escape annihilation from our powerful hands. To dramatize such a heart bursting scene of terror in the territory of Neyythal Land, a cavalry of thousand ruffians is the requirement of the time”, quantified Prime Minister Kanakan queerly.

“I have a burning doubt, undergoing multiple reflections in my heart. What happened to Prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land? May I confirm his death, dipping into the depth of sand cover?” ranted king Gangan relentlessly.

“The capital of Neyythal Land and the surrounding domiciles completely immersed in a thick blanket of sand. There is no possibility for the escape of Prince Kuttuvan from the crafty hands of sand rain. His soul may be wandering around, weeping for the tragedy”, scoffed Prime Minister Kanakan scornfully.

“What happen, if Prince Kuttuvan was on an assignment, outside the capital of Neyythal land at the time of sand rain?”

“There is no chance for such a twist. If prince Kuttuvan is alive, he won’t hide in the darkness of a cavern. He would have taken steps to coordinate the mass of rural areas. Inspite, the rural people remain inside cottages, like corpses with lost hope. This signifies the disappearance of Prince Kuttuvan from the surface of Neyythal land”.

“Sir, do you have any idea about the survival of Vanathi, the tigress of Neyythal Land?”

“Recently Vanathi transformed into a shadow of Prince Kuttuvan. So she would be with prince Kuttuvan inside the sand cover”.

“Alas! What a glamorous angel! Her death is a heavy loss to my future”

“Let us thank god for his blessing. If Vanathi is alive, she would have ascended to the throne to safeguard the citizens of Neyythal Land. She is more dangerous than prince Kuttuvan”.

“Let us think optimistically. Vanathi is a girl of high prowess. There is no match to the valor of Vanathi on the surface of the earth. She pushed me into the darkness of shame thrice. If the sharpness of Vanathi is behind Prince Kuttuvan, no power can win Neyythal land”.

“The death of Vanathi magnified our energy. Why should we worry for her death?”

“Vanathi is a beautiful damsel, exceeding the glamour of angels of heaven. I planned to capture Vanathi during our first damsel hunting expedition in Neyythal land. I wished to kill her by repeated violent ravishments. The crafty hands of death saved her from the tortures of bitter rape”.

“Calm down your mind. There is a gain in the loss of Vanathi. We can’t identify the significance in the dramatization of god. Let us modify the strategy of our attack according to the changing color of the atmosphere around us”, truckled captain Vindan tranquilly.

At the time of discussion of the special assembly of king Gangan, the news about the damsel hunting expedition spread through the outskirt of Neyythal Land, like the flames of a devastating forest fire. The youths of Neyythal land began to assemble as an army in the midst of a forest, aiming to organize a gorilla war. “Drive king Gangan! Kill king Gangan! Burn king Gangan!” urged the youths, thundering slogans like trumpets of tuskers.

The feeling of patriotism spread throughout the hamlets of Neyythal Land, like the attack of roaring tsunami waves. “Victory or valorous death”, vowed the youths of Neyythal land, knowing the certainty of their annihilation.

“Youths of Neyythal land! Organize under the leadership of the soul of Prince Kuttuvan. Let us hold weapons to vanquish the vampire of Neyythal Land. Assemble to save the honor of damsels of Neyythal Land”, warbled the youths to sow the seeds of patriotism in the minds of people of Neyythal Land.

The patriotic slogans of the youths poured flames of fire into the hearts of mothers. They realized clearly the consequences of damsel hunting expeditions of king Gangan of Marutha land. The mothers showered tear drops to the extent to dissolve the remaining land surface of Neyythal land. At that instant of heavy turbulence in the outskirts of Neyythal land, another call penetrated the atmosphere of Neyythal Land, like a rolling thunder.

“Women of Neyythal land! Vanathi is calling all of you for a tough fight, holding love as weapon. Rush fast to green square to save our heredity”, yawled a team of damsels, running hither and thither to spread the news to the nook and corners of the surviving hamlets of Neyythal Land.

All the female community of Neyythal Land ran towards the green square from different directions. The name of Vanathi accelerated the whole women community, including little lasses to old women, towards the green square with brimming energy.

The green square was a vast rectangular area covered with fine sand of sea shore. There was a open stage at the northern side, constructed specially for the debut of art performances. All types of artists around the area used to exhibit their talents on the stage of the green square on voluntary basis. They collected donations issued by the audiences willingly. There was an unwritten instruction from the government to the citizens, to donate lavishly to the artists according to their capacity, as an effort to encourage the growth of all forms of arts in Neyythal Land.

Five slim waist beautiful damsels climbed on the stage, and waved their hands to maintain silence in the green square. A bevy of ten glamorous damsels were assigned duty to maintain order in the square. They arranged the visitors in a regular order, to sit in the form of parallel columns. Soon the green square was filled completely by women folk and the remainder began to gather around the green square. To the distant vision, the heads of the arrays of women appeared like the flowers of a tulip garden.

At that instant of perfect silence, a damsel in front of the stage stood up like an angel of heaven. “Where is our tigress of Neyythal Land? We will obey the order of Vanathi mom only. We expect instructions from the mouth of Vanathi mom”, articulated the damsel appealingly. Her voice was reflected by thousands of women on the green square, like concentric ripples on the surface of a lake. The calm atmosphere of the green square turned into a noisy fish market.

To calm down the climate condition of the green square, Vanmathi took the leading role. “Dear friends! I am Vanmathi, the thickest friend of Vanathi. She is galloping on her black horse towards Green Square. She will be with us within a short interval of time. She assigned me the power to deliver some instructions for the preservation of the culture of Neyythal Land. Kindly keep perfect silence to hear my advices clearly”, bellowed Vanmathi beseechingly.

There was perfect silence of vacuum inside the green square. The sharp words of Vanmathi pierced through the blanket of calmness, like the ringing sound of a bell. “Friends, King Gangan is a rock hearted man without a shade of pity. During the damsel hunting expeditions, he will keep a strong sword on his hand. His sword will dance in air to cut off human heads without distinction of age and gender, like the process of harvesting ripe paddy crops with a sickle. He will collect only milky slim glamorous damsels of perfect structure”, crackled Vanmathi convulsively.

She stabilized her mind within a short interval of time. She rolled her eyes from one corner of the green square to the other corner to study the mind color of the mass. Then she continued her oration that penetrated through the ears of the mass, like arrays of sharp arrows. “Dear mothers! The special hunter cavalry of king Gangan was formed by selecting thousand ruffians from his whole army. They keep sharp spears as the weapon of slaughter. They will pierce the soft body of innocent mankind with sharp spear tips, and dump into the nearest houses like withered garland of flowers. Then they put fire into the houses to turn corpses into ash. They will destroy the remains of Neyythal Land completely to turn our motherland into a cremation ground”, dismayed Vanmathi dreadfully.

The explanations given by Vanmathi attacked the hearts of the women, like an army of Vampires. Many of them lost control, and exploded into tears. The sound of their sob turned the green square into region of crying ghosts. Vanmathi raised the intensity of her sound to calm down the atmosphere into a region of tranquility. “Dear sisters! The tigress of Neyythal Land suggested an idea to save our heredity. The glamorous damsels should surrender voluntarily to the feet of king Gangan, as an effort to save others from death. I shall stand first in the row as the representative of damsel of Neyythal Land. My friends will select three hundred damsels to align behind me as a row. All other women and girls should complete the row. No one should try to hide anywhere, to escape from the bloody clutches of king Gangan”, expedited Vanmathi effeminately.

The bitter sobbs vanished instantly, like the diffusion of darkness at sunrise. The eyes of damsels sparkled in joy, estimating the possibility for the escape of their parents, brothers and sisters from the crafty hands of cruelty of king Gangan. “Victory to Vanathi! Victory to Neyythal Land! Victory to Vanmathi!” felicitated a damsel fearlessly. The felicitation reverberated throughout Green Square for a period of time, like prayer for a shower of blessings of god.

Vanmathi witnessed the shining of fullmoon on the face of majority of women, except some mothers. The reverberation of roar diminished to perfect silence, within a short efflux of time. Vanmathi spread the vision of her eyes throughout the green square to study to mental color of the audience. “Dear friends! I shall open a compromise talk with king Gangan of Mathura Land. Vanathi believes the certainly of an amicable settlement in our peace talk. Vanathi wants perfect cooperation from all of you to save the culture of Neyythal Land”.

Vanmathi gave a gap of time for the analysis of the worthiness of her strategy. At that instant of deep thinking about the merits and demerits of the plan proposed by Vanmathi, a glamorous damsel with wonderful structure stood up and waved her right hand to attract the attention of Vanmathi. The hot words spoken by that damsel attacked the audience, like a shower of pebbles boiled in oil. “Let as file fuel wood on this green square. Let us grow fire blossoms on the piles of fire wood. Let all the damsels of Neyythal Land start our journey towards the joy of heaven, jumping on the bed of fire blooms. The brutal king Gangan will return to Marutha Land with evaporated hopes”, harangued the damsel, waving her hands like the fluttering of winks of an angel.

“Wow! What a wonderful idea to escape the sex tortures of the vampire! All our suffering will vanish instantly. The mass suicide of damsels is the best method to avoid our future entry into hell”, invigorated another damsel intensively.

There was rapid spread of new waves among damsels as a support to mass suicide. Explosive voices originated in different corners for and against the programme of mass suicide of damsels, turning the green square into a battle field.

“Worthless cowards, if our tigress heard about your stupidity, she will kick on your chests for your cowardice. If the damsels of Neyythal Land escaped from the hands of king Gangan, he won’t leave even the flora and fauna of Neyythal Land to breathe air. The whole generation of Neyythal Land will vanish from the surface of the earth”, jarred Vanmathi jerkily. The climatic color of the green square twisted suddenly into pin drop silence.

“Idiots, God created us with a purpose, for the amelioration of human civilization. Don’t turn to a plague germ to kill the members of your own family. Let us sacrifice our lives for the flourish of our mother land. This is the best time to work for the progress of our own country”, limbered Vanmathi, arranging words like the flowers of a garland of enhanced fragrance.

“Dear friends! Hear my words with utmost care. Let us drive all gents of Neyythal Land in to the midst of dense forests. Let us stand as a row on the path of king Gangan for his easy selection of three hundred glamorous damsels. Due to the absence of opposing force, he will leave the others safely. The cultural heritage of Neyythal Land will be safeguarded”, mobilized Vanmathi to march towards the victory of her plan.

The murmurs of opposition vanished slowly with the lapse of time, like the attenuation of intensity of sound with distance. All of them focused brightness of trust on there faces, impressed by the plan of Vanmathi. To diffuse the hidden fumes in the heart of damsels, Vanmathi expelled meaningful words like the ringing sound of a bell.

“Dear Damsels! We are not yielding to the power of king Gangan like cowards. We are crouching like tigresses to murder king Gangan at the time of his loneliness. I will kill him mercilessly like a street dog, before his lusty hands stretch towards you. If I fail in my mission, you should grow your children as the seeds of Neyythal Land, to corrode the dreams of king Gangan. You should maintain cordial relationship with the offspring of Kurinchi Land to attract their support. In distant future the whole area of Kurinchi Land, Marutha Land and Neyythal land will fall under the rule of the offspring of Neyythal Land”, negotiated Vanmathi nattily.

The words of Vanmathi penetrated in to the minds of the womenfolk, like a shower of blossoms of fragrance. Their faces bloomed like fresh sunflowers. Their minds flew into a fairyland of wonderful mind catching experiences. “Victory to Vanathi! Victory to Neyythal Land! Victory to Vanmathi!” pealed the damsels patriotically.

At early dawn of the next day, the special hunting cavalry of King Gangan started journey for the damsel hunting expedition in Neyythal Land. The cavalry was constituted by thousand ruffians selected on the basis of roughness of the skin and hardness of mind. Each soldier resembled a wild rhinoceros in harshness. They showed special interest to walk on the bed of corpses of victims slaughtered by them. They enjoyed a special type of foot ball, utilizing the heads of their enemies as balls. Every soldier assumed himself as the ruler of hell to harvest human lives. King Gangan was at the head of his cavalry, raising his sword for a sudden attack. He was followed by captain Vindan, dramatizing similar role as his master.

The special hunting cavalry of Marutha Land rushed forward, on the road towards Neyythal Land. The convoy of birds that flew in the form of a uniform bow scattered away in different directions, disturbed by the galloping sound of the horses. The length of the dust storm in the sky elongated at rapid rate, indicating the speed of the special hunting cavalry. The wild animals around the area ran swiftly towards denser area of the forest, as if seen an array of vampires. The beams of solar light reflected by swords and spears penetrated the stratosphere like streaks of lightning.

After a span of time, the whitewashed frontier stones of Neyythal Land fell in his eyes, like an array of white rabbits. Beyond those frontier stones, the broad road of Neyythal Land attracted the eyes of king Gangan, like the golden route towards heaven. A strange scene penetrated his eyes to bloom his face in wonder. He witnessed a long row of milky white angels on one side of the road, as an effort to welcome him to the joy of heaven. King Gangan stopped his horse suddenly, as it froze into an doll for his sudden entry into the wonders of heaven.

King Gangan was mesmerized by the appearance of beauty queens, at the side of the road in the frontier of Neyythal Land. He verified the trust worthiness of the scene of dazzling beauty, by expanding his eyes like the eyes of white owl. He confirmed firmly that the scene of attractive charm was neither a dream nor an illusion. Attracted by the gold statues adorned by dress, he illuminated his face with the gleam of a newly bloomed giant pink caranation flower. With a spread of sparkling smile on his face, he moved forward, as if flying in the width of a fairy land.

The blossoms that bloomed on the side of the road as a row, folded their palms together and bowed their head to show their reverence to king Gangan of Marutha Land. “Angels! I am honored by your appearance on the path of my travel. What is the reason for your march in Neyythal Land? I invite all off you to our magnetic fortress to shower your blessings”, quibbled king Gangan, jumping down from his horse to enjoy the bewitching charms.

“Hearty greetings to the emperor of Marutha Empire, the damsels of Neyythal Land are waiting to welcome you to our Neyythal Land”, rejoiced Vanmathi, vibrating her eyelashes like the fluttering of the wings of a butterfly. The sweet voice of that cuckoo inspired his heart, like the lullaby of his own mother. The two special words ‘Marutha Empire’ and ‘Emperor’ intoxicated his mind, like palm wine. Stone hearted king Gangan was melted by the words of praise, like an ice mountain in the scorching summer.

“Wow, a welcome address to the emperor of Mathura Empire by the angels of Neyythal Land. Aha! This is the best blessing showered on my head. I achieved the fruit of my birth today”, spiritualized king Gangan spectacularly

“Honorable Empire, we respect you as the ruler of paradise. We are waiting to surrender ourselves under your holy feet. Our leader Vanmathi wishes to bath you in mirth, by her sincere service. Kindly accept us as the servant maids of the Zenana of the magnetic fortress”, truckled a parrot, spreading a catchy smile on her face, like a lightning flash. That parrot focused quanta of light in the field of his heart and harvested glittering smile of joy on his face.

The name ‘Vanmathi’ stroke the eardrums of King Gangan as ‘Vanathi’ to cause change of colors in his brain. His mind was mesmerized for a short period of time, by spectacular dancing styles of Vanathi. The happiness of his mind crossed the heights of Mt. Everest. A special type of cyclone bombarded his nervous system and rushed rapidly towards his junction. “Wow! Vanathi will shine as fullmoon in my harem. We will fly together as love parrots above the vast stretch of Mathura Empire. I shall decorate her as the best queen of Mathura Empire”, ululated king Gangan, rotating his head to identify Vanathi.

“Vanathi, where are you? I love you as the only angel of magnetic fortress. Come fast to show your face of shining smile”, vociferated king Gangan voluptuously.

“Emperor, Vanmathi is standing first in this row of angels. She is ready to lift you to the joy of paradise”, whispered a damsel woolingly.

King Gangan turned his horse and approached the damsel first in the row. Though she was highly glamorous equal to Vanathi, his face faded instantly to expose his disappointment. “Honorable Emperor, I am Vanmathi, a close friend of Vanathi. My friend sent me to welcome you with reverence. Three hundred damsels are waiting to serve you as our god”, avowed Vanmathi, bowing her body as the arc of a quarter circle to show her respect.

“Vanathi is the tigress of Neyythal land. She won’t bow her head before king Gangan of Mathura Land, even if the treasure of Marutha Land is surrendered under her feet. Vanathi is not alive in Neyythal Land”, bawled his inner mind as a warning signal to alert him. “Vanmathi, I am happy to see the closest friend of Vanathi. A boiling doubt hunts me like a ghost. Is Vanathi alive in Neyythal Land?” clattered king Gangan candidly.

“Vanathi is safe and healthy. She will meet you in the magnetic fortress, after the evaporation of the melancholy caused by the death of her father. On behalf of my friend, I beg for the reservation of a castle in the campus of the magnetic fortress for Vanathi”, declared Vanmathi, showing her two rows of teeth that glittered like the buds of jasmine flowers.

Abruptly there occurred a spark of fire in his brain. He remembered the attack of Vanathi using cactus as weapon on the bank of lotus pond in Neyythal land. The prowess girl Karpagam, who pushed him upto the border of death, laughed in his memory to suck his blood. He climbed on the peak of doubt, thinking Vanmathi as the third tigress of Neyythal land, planning to leak into the campus of magnetic fortress to hunt him like a stag.

“I have a beautiful queen called Karpagam. She is parallel to ten soldiers in valor. I preserve special honor in my heart for Karpagam. Do you know Karpagam?” enquired king Gangan explicitly.

“Yes. Vanathi, Karpagam, Vimala and this Vanmathi are the vertices of a square in the residential university of Prof Sukran. We four excelled in warfare to equal level. God blessed with more opportunities to Vanathi to earn the name as tigress of Neyythal Land”, fawned Vanamathi, winking her right eye to shoot love arrows into the depth of his heart.

“Vanathi was my best friend, while I was a student of the residential university of Prof Sukran. We roamed throughout forest area as a pair of love doves. Prince Kuttuvan intruded into our intimacy, and separated her from my love circle. God inflicted suitable punishment for the sin of that rascal”, gossiped King Gangan, jumping down from his horse with a smile of bursting happiness.

“As sun burns boneless creatures, the hands of virtue will scorch loveless men”.

“You are perfectly right Vanmathi. A crocodile won’t go with water current without a purpose. May I know the reason for the concentration of blossoms of fragrance at this locality?”

“We are impressed by your prowess, wisdom and elegance we wish to serve you for this generation for our own security. Kindly accept us as a prize for your benevolence.”

“You are beautiful like Vanathi. I have a doubt bubbling in the lake of my heart. Do you clarify the vibrations of my heart?”

“I am under your service. Assume me as a snake, dancing according the tunes of the pipe on the hand of the emperor of Mathura Empire”.

“Don’t you hear about my powers, wisdom and elegance till now?”

“Prince Kuttuvan remained as an obstacle to the freedom of the damsels of Neyythal Land. Now that blocking force was removed by the blessing of god. So we are free to dance according to your tunes”.

“I am not an idiot to believe your honey soaked words. At the same time, I am ready to accept your service. Do you have any stipulations for your service?”

“I arranged all the women of Neyythal Land on a long row. You shall select three hundred glamorous damsels of your own choice as queens of Marutha Land. We present Neyythal Land as a prize for your benevolence. Kindly allow the citizens of Neyythal Land to live under your dominance”.

“Hahahaa! You are a herd of lambs before a ferocious lion. How can you control the lion by your silly stipulation?”

“King, we beg for your Mercy. You are the real god before our eyes”.

“I shall easily capture three hundred damsels, slaughtering all others. How can you show your vengeance Vanmathi?”

“We will assume the tragedy as our own fate. We will serve you better to earn your depth of love”.

The wise reply of Vanmathi impressed the stony heart of king Gangan like solar rays melting an ice block. The hardness of his heart evaporated instantly, like the vaporization of droplets on the blades of grass at sun rise. A gleam of happiness spread on his face like twinkling of a star. “Captains, select three hundred most glamorous damsels from the row of women. The selected damsels should be admirable to act as the queens of Marutha land”, heralded king Gangan haughtily. A ray of gleam illuminated the face of Vanmathi, due to her climb on the higher level of victory.

The three captains of Marutha Land stood behind their king, and observed the conversation between king Gangan and Vanmathi minutely. They enjoyed the mono act like a drama on a stage. There was a stretch of the special hunter cavalry of Marutha land behind them, like the tail of a kite. “King, it is difficult to pull three hundred damsels in one chain. May we tie them in three chains, at the rate of one hundred damsels per chain?” interrogated captain Vindan insipidly.

King Gangan exploded into a sneering laughter. The face of captain Vindan faded instantly, like a rose flower thrown at the hotness of a furnace. “These are future queens of Marutha Land to adorn our throne. They offered their service voluntarily without our compulsion. Treat them with respect, like our honorable quests. Supply three hundred horses of our soldiers to those damsels for their easy journey to the magnetic fortress. Our seven hundred warriors should follow them as escorts,” jarred king Gangan judiciously.

King Gangan turned towards Vanmathi, preserving the illumination of a smile on his face, “Vanmathi, I need answer to one more question. You only can enlighten me with your correct answer. Are you ready to answer my question?” lured king Gangan in a soft honey soaked words.

“Emperor, I am under your service. You have right to ask any number of questions to me. I am waiting to surrender my life on your feet”, mesmerized Vanathi magnanimously.

“Where are the gents of Neyythal land? Do they hide in the middle of dense forests?”

“No King. They ran away from Neyythal land on the fear of your damsel hunting expeditions”.

“Stupid, where did they run?”

“They had gone for a voyage on ships to visit foreign lands”.

“When will they return to Neyythal Land?”

“After the dilution of your rage and you accept them as your citizens”.

The three captains moved from the head to the tail of the long row of women, and selected the first three hundred members as the best glamorous damsels of Neyythal Land. After a long period of time, the procession of the selected damsels moved towards magnetic fortress to bath king Gangan in a shower of joy.

Myna enjoyed the journey in the width of the sky, sitting safely on the back of birdman Subban. The air current stirred by the fluttering of the huge wings of Subban rubbed her body like a soft breeze, lifting her mind to higher level of joy. The vibration of the tree branches appeared to her as the process of gossip of neighboring girls, on the jealousy for her joy. The multicolored birds on the branches of trees scattered in different directions, like a fagot of sticks accelerated by a mechanical engine. Assuming birdman Subban as a gigantic bird chasing them to catch as a prey, the birds twittered aloud to warn about the impending danger to their friends, taking rest in neighboring trees.

At that instant of strange joy of Myna, she observed a convoy of cranes flying in the upper layer of the sky, in the shape of the arc of a semicire. They appeared to Myna like an array of angels of heaven in milky white dresses. The splendid scene of the cranes flying in a uniform pattern attracted her mind, like magnetic lines of force.

“A convoy of cranes flies in the sky like a garland of giant white daisy flowers. Kindly catch only one crane for my enjoyment. I will give you a hot kiss at night as a prize for your service”, nestled Myna naughtily.

“You are the angel of my heart. For your happiness, I shall pull even the paradise, utilizing my utmost energy. I will pluck a rainbow to decorate your hair. I will net a peacock to dance before you for your joy. I shall catch a bevy of angels of heaven to sing a lullaby for your enjoyment. Catching a crane flying in the sky is an easy job for this first live birdman of the word”, placated birdman Subban pompously.

“Your depth of imagination proves your skill as a poet. I am not interested to check your talent in composing songs. You fly towards the cranes swiftly like a streak of lightning. I wish to catch a crane with my own hand”, quelled Myna, staring the uniform pattern of the cranes with a glare of happiness on her face.

Birdman Subban increased the frequency of flapping of his wings to enhance his speed of flight. At the vicinity the cranes, he minimized the frequency of vibration. Myna stretched her right hand to catch a crane. At the time of her victory, the birds scattered their order, and flew in different directions, like the withering of petals from a garland of roses in wind. To soften the worried heart of his sweet heart, birdman Subban chased a selected crane continuously. After a tedious trial for a long period of time, the crane fell into the trap formed by the fingers of Myna.

Myna issued a warm kiss to the crane, and embraced it on her chest. The crane tried its level best to escape from the iron clutches of Myna. “Crane friend, don’t show such urgency to escape from my love hug. I have a huge birdman friend with high skill. His love for me is higher than the height of sky. He won’t show such force to free from my love”, reviled Myna repentantly. When she gave freedom to the crane, it flew fast towards the friends, which realigned to form the same uniform shape of a semicircular arc.

Myna again turned her attention to stare the wonders of dancing styles of nature. As an effort to disrupt her depth of joy, a shower of drizzle visited the area. “This drizzle is a symptom of the arrival of a heavy rain. Let us fly to our cottage to escape from the sickness of rain. We shall spend the time joyfully playing hot games”, smattered birdman Subban, twisting his direction of flight towards his cottage.

“Why are you crazy on hot games always? Did you take any effort to fetch a mother for me? I wish to experience the pure love of a mother. I will reject you, if you show no interest to foster a mother for my joy”, terrified Myna tactfully.

A wonderful multicolored rainbow in the eastern direction attracted her attention, like a big flower of the sky. To her eyes the rainbow appeared as the bow of god, to shoot arrow of sufferings on the satanic villains on the surface of the earth. “Wow! The beautiful scene of the rainbow attracts my heart. The rainbow pulls me like a huge garland of gerbera flowers, different colors arranged in order from violet to red. I wish to study the softness of the rainbow. Kindly take me to the rainbow”, urged Myna, dancing like a little child of lower sharpness of brain.

“The rainbow is hanging in the sky at very distance. I am deadly tired by continuous flight with your load. I can’t fly to large distance. Kindly forget your silly eager to touch the rainbow”, wailed birdman Subban waveringly.

The brightness on the face of Myna diminished slowly, like a helichrysum flower thrown on a torrid desert. Drops of tear began to develop on the edges of her eyes, like the growth of a stalactite from the roof of a cave. “You don’t have real love on this poor girl. You are not interested to satisfy my little eager. You want only the hotness of my body. I don’t believe your artificial love”, yanked Myna, as an effort to sow fear seeds into his nervous system.

“I am happy to die for your little joy. I shall fulfill your wish to touch the rainbow. Kindly stop your sobs. Your words of joy should bombard my ears, like jingling sound of a series of tiny bells”, assured birdman Subban amorously.

A brightness of joy spread on the face of Myna, like a fresh dahlia flower. “Thank you Subban, Thank you very much for your depth of love. Today night we shall play hot games for longer duration of time, as a prize for your skyhigh service”, bewitched Myna, exploding into a laugher of mirth.

To satisfy the eager of Myna to touch the multicolored rainbow, birdman Subban started his flight towards the north at rapid speed. Though the wheel of time rolled on quickly, the distance of the rainbow appeared to be unaltered. He experienced high pain in his shoulders, as if his wings would detach from his body. At that instant of highest worry of birdman Subban, the shower of drizzle disappeared suddenly, as if by magic. The brightness of the rainbow faded slowly, and finally vanished from sight, like the snowfall at sunrise.

“Alas! The rainbow disappeared like a puff of smoke. My eager to touch the rainbow vanished into vacuum. God refused to given me a little joy”, convulsed Myna crazily.

“Rainbow is not a solid particle like a wall, to experience the sensation of touch. I conducted a series of researches to study the nature of a rainbow in the past. A rainbow will be formed, when solar light fall on tiny droplets water. If little water is available, I shall produce smaller rainbow to show you the impossibility of the touching sensation”, depicted birdman Subban, changing the direction of flight swiftly.

“You have wasted our precious time and energy. If you explained this matter earlier, we would have avoided these difficulties. Why did you fail to give proper advice at the right time Subban?” enquired Myna exasperatingly.

“No tutor is required to learn by experience. You would have doubted about my depth of love, if I informed the instability of a rainbow earlier. A child learns the hotness of the flame by a simple experiment of touching with fingers. Moths have no such sharpness of brain. The moths try to kiss flames, imagining them as blossoms with fragrance. They stupidly pay for their own death”, fleered Birdman Subban, shifting his eyes towards a distant waterfall.

The bewitching scene of distant waterfall fell in the eyes of Myna, as wonderful gift of nature. To the imaginative brain of Myna, the waterfall appeared as the hand of sky damsel playing mischievous games with her boy friend, the earth. “Myna, Look at the beauty of waterfall. To the distant vision, the waterfall appears to be a cloud sprouted on the surface of the earth and spread on the vast stretch of the sky. Did you enjoy such dancing styles of nature earlier in your life?” greeted birdman Subban glossily.

“Wow! What a wonderful style of nature! Clouds that germinated on the surface of the earth spread in the sky. You have good imaginative wings of a poet. The waterfall appears to me the spread of hair of an angel of heaven showing her backside view”, hailed Myna, turing her field of view to the foot of the waterfall.

“You too have imaginative mind of a poet. The spring waters on the top of mountain combines with water formed by cooling of clouds to blow down in the form of a waterfall. The water of this waterfall has many medicinal properties, acquired from the growth of medicinal plants on the slopes of the mountain”, invigorated birdman Subban, by his brief explanation about the origin of a waterfall.

“Step down on the foot of the waterfall. I wish to swim in the lake below the waterfall. We shall play ‘swim and chase to touch game’ in the chill water of the lake. It will be a nice experience for our life long remembrance”.

“I shall cooperate with you for a game on the water surface of the lake. Do you present me a prize for my service?”

“I gave myself for your pleasure. I am much happy, as if on the paradise near the most powerful god. Will you give me everlasting love till my death? Do you reject me in the darkness of worry, like the birds leaving the dried ponds during summer?”

“During the roll of wheel of time, you will transform into a glamorous angel of heaven. My love on you also grew at rapid rate, like the continuous oozing of water in a well on a sandy soil. We will fly throughout the world joyfully, like a couple of love parrots”.

“Darling, the wonder guava has remarkable influence on my health. The energy level of my body increases at uniform rate daily. Even the thrill of coition magnifies to lift me to the height of joy. You should fetch one more wonder guava for me during the next year. Don’t forget to eat wonder guavas during the third and fourth year. Then we shall live together happily for hundreds of years, with brimming youthhood and skyhigh libido.”

“I shall present you my own heart for increasing your mirth. I shall fetch you the wonder guava fruit every year to boost the happiness in your life. We shall shift our dwelling to the nearness of the magic tree.”

Birdman Subban succeeded in his trial to trap Myna into his love web, by the imaginary idea of a wonder guava. He deceived her giving an ordinary guava fruit as wonder guava with magical medicinal properties. In future no force could separate the soft cornered heart of Myna from the love web of birdman Subban. Inspired by the utterance of Myna, birdman Subban stepped down on the bank of the lake at the foot of the waterfall. The natural beauty of the area appeared to Myna as paradise on the surface of the earth. She wandered through the area actively like a roe. “Darling! This mountain appears to me as a huge cow. I imagine the waterfall as the milk oozing from the nipples of the cow to feed its children. Are you impressed by my imaginative powers?” jabbered Myna, giving him a hot lips locking kiss, keeping him under her tight embracement.

“The pure transparent water surface appears like a sheet of glass. Due to the absence of fishermen around the area, large fishes swam in water without slightest fear”.

“Come fast to glance the swimming styles of large number of fat fishes. Majority of fishes swim in pairs like young couples of love. We too shall jump into action to defeat the shoal of fishes in swimming competition”, knuckled Myna to pull his attention to her side to start a joyous swimming game.

“This is a wild animals roaming forest area. The wild animals on starvation may diffuse into this area to drink water from the waterfall. We may expect perils from wild blood thirsty animals at any moment of time. I can’t fly swifly with your weight at critical times. Better you play chasing the fishes in the lake, swimming like a dolphin. I shall wait on the shore of the lake as your own security officer”, lectured Birdman Subban logically.

Myna observed the fairness in his argument. So she began to step her feet in shallow water of the lake, without giving any force of compulsion to him for a game with her. When she put her feet on the ice cold water, the chillness pierced through her nerves, like the penetration of thousand of sharp needles.

“Honey, you don’t have substitute dress to wear after bath. So kindly don’t soak your dress in ice cold water. No mankind will diffuse into the area in the middle of a wild forest. I shall preserve your dress stain free and safe”, modulated birdman Subban, stretching his right hand to pull her dress, a gleam painting better color to his face.

“Don’t fly on imaginative wings. I won’t give you a chance to enjoy my nudity in bright sunlight, without any expense. I know the direction of your imagination. Already your horn magnified to pierce my flesh”, negated Myna, a blush of coyness spreading on her face like a spark of light.

“Myna, evaporate your shyness. I shall close my both eyes tightly with fingers. You put your clothes on my shoulder and play joyfully in lake as a competitor to fatty fishes”, ordered birdman Subban obstinately.

Myna began to undress her clothes watching his eyes keenly. She noticed him enjoying her structural style through the space between his fingers. A pink shade of coyness spread on her face like petals of fresh saffron blossoms. “My darling loves me higher than his own life. I insulted him, rejecting his true love. I have responsibility to oscillate him on the swing of my heart. I am proud for this golden opportunity to give him little joy”, perked Myna, flying on imagination to bath him in higher sensuous mirth. She embraced him tightly on her chest, and presented him a lips locking kiss.

Myna swam on the lake at high speed, striking her limbs rapidly. Tiny droplets of water scattered in all direction, like a shower of drizzle. Multicolored rainbow of lower radius appeared just above the surface of the lake. The formation of the rainbow reminded him about his promise to demonstrate the formation of artificial rainbow to his sweetheart Myna. “Myna, turn your attention towards my direction. This is the apt time to show you the formation of an artificial rainbow. You shall verify the nature of the rainbow, touching with your own hands”, quoted birdman Subban, clapping his hands to attract her attention.

Birdman Subban sucked water in his mouth, and sprayed minute droplets of water in air. Water droplets dispersed the color of sunlight to form rainbow. Kindled by the beautiful colors of the rainbow, Myna jumped repeatedly in water to show her happiness. “Wow! What a miraculous scene of rainbow by little effort! I will produce my own rainbow and verify its nature by my own fingers. If I am victorious to catch the rainbow, I will know your ideas of deception. I won’t give even one kiss owing to your cheating”, roared Myna rashly.

Myna drew water into her mouth, and sprinkled in the form of tiny droplets, by the pressure of her lips. Next moment, a beautiful rainbow with colors from violet to red appeared before her in the form of a bow, like a miracle of god. Myna burst into laughter of mirth showing her two arrays of teeth like sparkling diamonds. Her repeated efforts to catch the rainbow with both hands failed to climb on the stage of victory. “Your idea about the nature of a rainbow is perfectly correct. I will give you a prize immediately for your wisdom. Kindly don’t try to use your three hands to spread dirt on my skin”, slated Myna savagely. She walked towards him and presented a hot kiss as a prize for his truth.

When she adorned her body with the dress, birdman Subban pulled her for another hug. She applied resistance to his efforts, and in the process of tug of war between them, she dropped on a pit of mud. She got up with exploding anger, and raised her right hand rapidly, to slap on his face with force. When her hand approached the nearness of his face, she witnessed tear drops on the edges of his eyes. She pulled her hand instantly, as if touched a hot source of fire. “Don’t shower tear drops for this flimsy reason. I only dramatized wrath of hatred to stupefy you. Really I love you very much. I shall play in the lake for little more time to wash the stain on my dress”, trifled Myna, spreading an artificial smile on her face.

She jumped quickly on the water surface of the lake and started the second round of swimming game. She began to swim in an inverted position, projecting water in the form of a fountain, by the pressure of her mouth. Her body curvatures originated a libidinous storm into his nervous system. However, he watched the bulge of the cupid mound only in imagination. He waited for the arrival of the storm of glamour, with transparent dresses sticking to her skin, for his climb on the height of the sensational peak. At that time of waiting for the attack of a cyclone of lewdness, a sudden twist of event occurred, as an effort to explode his heart into fragments by the waves of fear.

A thick horn slowly raised above water surface, to sow waves of fear in his circulatory system. A gigantic arm stretched towards Myna and lifted her on its palm to the height of the sky. Before birdman Subban studied the nature of the turning point, a monster cyclop with one eye on his forehead, and one horn on his head stood up, holding Myna on his right palm. Only the portion of the body the above the waist of cyclop appeared above the water surface of the lake. Birdman Subban judged the height of the cyclop would cross the height of the highest Palmyra tree in the forest of Marutha Land. Birdman Subban shivered in fear, knowing no technique to save his sweet heart from the palm of the monster cyclop.

The family of the monster cyclop had residence on the top of the mountain, where the waterfall originated. The cyclop stepped down to the valley to hunt fishes from the lake. Just before the arrival of birdman Subban to the area of the waterfall, he entered into the depth of the lake, and squatted calmly on the floor of the lake. Due to his inherent ability to withhold breathe for longer period of time under water, he stabilized without slightest vibration. Many fatty fishes swam around him, neglecting his presence as inanimate. Cyclop monster trapped the fishes one by one by the clutch of his right hand and put them into his mouth. While the cyclop was actively hunting fishes inside the lake, Myna started her swimming game on the surface of the lake.

After filling his huge stomach with the catch of the fishes, cylop noticed the movement of Myna on the water surface. He was inspired by the live toy, as the best article of play for his two children. So he held Myna on his palm to avoid injury to her soft skin. After catching Myna on his broad palm, he walked on the floor of the lake, and then stepped on the bank to walk towards his dwelling on the top of the mountain. “Subban, kindly save your honey from the hand of the giant. I shall give hundreds of hot kisses for your service”, urged Myna waving her right hand as a signal of danger.

“Don’t shiver by fear. Stand calmly with stability on the palm. I will save you from the hand of the cyclop at the right time”, vented birdman Subban valorously.

Monster cyclop noticed the behavior of birdman Subban. He raised his right leg and kicked birdman Subban on his chest. The heavy force of bombardment of the monstrous foot pushed birdman Subban to a large distance, like an accelerated log at battlefield. After a journey in air to a large distance, birdman Subban flapped his wings favorably, and stabilized his position safely in the sky, avoiding a bloody collision on the hard crust of the earth.

“Dance girl, dance. I wish to train you, before presenting you as a live toy to my children. You should obey my orders, if you like to breathe fresh air”, warned giant cyclop, which hit her eardrums like heavy thunders. Myna observed that the high width of the palm was ideal for a dance performance, better than a good stage. So she began to dance on the palm of the monster cyclop, avoiding the edges of the palm to prevent the possibility of a slippage.

“Toy girl, my children won’t like your waving of the limbs. You dance with high amplitude jumps. If you just vibrate your body, my children will squeeze you into juice”, alerted monster cyclop, watching keenly the revolution of birdman Subban around him to lift Myna from his palm.

Myna changed her dance style into repeated jumps. The monster cyclop enjoyed her latest style of dance performance, vibrating his head in a rhythmic pattern. Inorder to satisfy the cyclop to higher degree, Myna increased the amplitude of her dance. In that process of high vibration of the dance, she slipped down through the space between his fingers. Birdman watched the movement of Myna downward in the sky, and flew rapidly towards the area to hold Myna safely on his back. The distance gap decreased rapidly for the safe capture of Myna by birdman Subban.

To invert the climate to topsy-turvy, the left hand of the monster cyclop moved swifty toward birdman Subban. The giant grasped both legs of birdman Subban on his left hand, oscillated to and fro twice, and threw him into the sky with high force. Birdman Subban pierced through the layers of atmosphere in a parabolic path, and during his downward movement towards the surface of the earth, he stabilized his position in the sky fluttering his wings in a uniform pattern. At that time of evaporation of hope of Myna for her own survival, the left hand of the monster cyclop stretched horizontally on her path, and held her safely on the flat surface of the palm.

“This area is not safe for our training programme. Let us move to our residence at the mountain top. My children will train you in different games according to their own taste. A strange bird is flying around the area to snatch you from my grip. You sit on my head safely”, bellowed giant cyclop, placing Myna on his huge head.

Myna observed that the huge bald head of the cyclop was slippery. Unable to balance on the sloping surface of the head, she slowly moved on the head upwards step by step, and seized his horn successfully for her higher stability. The cyclop began to walk to present Myna as a live toy for the play of his children. Birdman Subban rolled his eyes to search for a weapon to attack the monster. He saw the growth of a bunch of cacti of at a distance. He flew swiftly towards the cacti, and pulled a cactus to use as a weapon of attack on the giant cyclop. He rushed towards the cyclop and struck his back with the cactus at heavy force. Owing to the pain of attack, the cyclop turned to capture the foe. When he stretched his right hand to grasp birdman Subban, he jumped to the ground to escape from his clutch. He ran through the space between the legs of the cyclop to his back side.

“Darling, this is the best time for our escape from the hand of the monster. I shall spring towards you. Kindly catch me safely”, crackled Myna caressingly. She bounced towards birdman Subban at high velocity. Birdman Subban utilized that golden opportunity perfectly, and he grasped the right hand of Myna strongly, before her collision of the surface of the earth. He flew fastly towards the waterfall to reach the mountain top, as an effort to escape from the hands of the cyclop.

The cyclop turned direction fastly, and began to chase birdman Subban to recapture Myna. Due to high length of his legs, the distance gap between birdman Subban and the cyclop rapidly decreased to a short range, within the span of his hand. The cyclop stretched his hand to grasp Myna. Due to his carelessness to watch the presence of a lake on his path of progress, he stumbled down into the lake. When he climbed to the bank of the lake, he saw the distance of birdman Subban was beyond his easy capture. Without losing hope for capturing Myna, he ran towards the mountain stretching his right hand favorable for easy grasp. When the reached the foot of the mountain, birdman Subban escaped by a narrow span, comparable to the width of a hair.

The giant cyclop climbed on the mountain to half its height, and slipped down on the slope of the mountain, rolling like a log of a lumbered tree. Birdman Subban watched the failed attempt of the cyclop, and landed on a rock in the middle of the stream, before its spread as a waterfall. “You saved me from the clutches of the cylop like the god of paradise. Thank you very much for your kindness”, dignified Myna giving a chain of kisses on his face as a prize for his love.

“We are at a safety spot, beyond the reach of the gigantic hands of cyclop. We shall take rest on this rock for a span of time, without the worry of the cyclop. The natural scenes of this beautiful place should remain in our hearts as an everlasting memory”, elucidated birdman Subban endearingly. He sat on a rock conveniently, stretching his legs downwards.

“My stupidity invited all the difficulties of today. Hereafter I shall obey your orders without a tint of doubt. I permit you to share my hotness to soften your mind,” fondled Myna sitting on his lap with her catching face towards him.

“Today you are extraordinarily beautiful. You are shining like an angel of heaven. I have never seen a girl of charm like you. Thanks god for blessing me with the love of a girl of such high worthiness”, greeted birdman Subban gorgeously.

“Am I beautiful only today? Do you have attraction only on my nudity? I am ashamed for your negligence to my love”, heaved Myna, dropping tear drops from her eyes like rain drops.

“You are an everlasting beauty blossom of my garden. I won’t feel hunger in your presence. Your each word induces the fragrance of jasmine flowers in my mind. When you sat on my back, I feel the happiness of flying in heaven. Without your love, I am nothing. I wish to swim on your love for hundreds of years”, invigorated birdman Subban intimately.

“You are praising me beyond the limits. A dog won’t raise its hind leg without a purpose. Do you want any thing hot?”

“You are already on my lap. This warmth is enough for my happiness”.

“Did you loss the interest on my hotness?”

“You are always new to my senses. The color of the climate is not suitable for a sex game. Still we are in the danger zone of the cyclop”.

“The cyclop can’t climb on this mountain with steep edges. I expect full security on this mountain top”.

“We didn’t see all the sides of this mountain. There may be slopes at other sides, favorable for the easy climb of the cyclop”.

“Alas! I can’t dance once again on the wide platform of his palm with steep gaps. Let us vacate this mountain top immediately”.

“We won’t get another nice opportunity to enjoy the wonders of this mountain top. Let us wander around the area to see the dancing styles of nature.”

“I agree to satisfy your wish. Let us start the searching process”.

They walked along the bank of the stream, rolling their eyes on the serene beauty of nature. Birdman Subban was behind Myna as an escort for her safety. Within a short interval of time, they were deeply involved in their work of sight seeing. At that time of their high involvement in enjoying the dancing styles of nature, the cyclop reached the mountain top along the northern slope of the mountain. The gigantic right hand of the cyclop stretched towards them from behind, and stroke birdman Subban sidewise with force. The pressure of the stroke pushed birdman Subban into the water current, like an energy exhausted crow on sickness for long duration of time.

Myna observed her dangerous situation before the cyclop, and ran swiftly towards the waterfall to escape from the clutch of the cyclop. She reached the vicinity the waterfall quickly, by repeated bounces like the kangaroo of Australia. She noticed birdman Subban moving towards her at a large distance along the water current, with less energy insufficient for a rapid flight.

At that instant of her highest turbulence, Myna saw a gigantic woodpecker grown by prince Kuttuvan into monstrous size, feeding the magic medicine Milajit from childhood. She knew about the special abilities of the woodpecker from the explanation of birdman Subban. She finalized firmly that the monster woodpecker would be only force to escape from the tortures of the giant cyclop. So she ran quickly towards the mouth of the waterfall, and sprang fastly towards the gigantic woodpecker. By the grace of god, she stepped her foot exactly on the back of the woodpecker. She rearranged her position on the back of the woodpecker, and sat conveniently on its back without causing any disturbance to the bird for its flight.

The cyclop confirmed the escape of his live toy from his grasp. By boiling anger, he kicked a huge rock at the edge of the mountain towards the woodpecker with tremendous force of his right leg. At that time of twisting climatic condition, birdman Subban was pulled with the current of the waterfall. He moved downwards rapidly with the water current up to the middle of the waterfall, and deviated slightly from his path by the application of force with the wings. He slowly increased the frequency of vibration of his wing, and flew along the orientation of the monster woodpecker. Myna watched the movement of the huge rock towards the woodpecker at high speed to scatter it into fragments. She also noticed the escape of birdman Subban from the water current of the waterfall.

Myna expected a blessing from heaven in the form of birdman Subban. Even if there occurred a twist in climatic condition to deviate the help of birdman Subban, the vast spread of water surface of the lake below would lift her to a platform of safety. So she slipped down from the back of the monster woodpecker, and moved swiftly towards the lake by the action of gravitation pull. The high speed tremendous rock accelerated by the cyclop bombarded on the gigantic woodpecker at high force and burst it into thousands of tiny fragments. The tiny pieces of woodpecker showered downwards in the sky, like the petals of thousands of withered red rose flowers.

Birdman Subban flew rapidly towards Myna, and grasped her right hand with the grip of his right hand. He oscillated her to and fro thrice, and threw her into the height of the sky. He flew swiftly along the horizontal direction and held her on his back like a wreath of fresh jasmine flowers. “Darling, I learnt your depth of love on this poor girl. I will bath you in libidinous waves, as per your expectation without any limitation to your happiness”, lured Myna luminously. The words of Mynah illuminated his face, like the brightness of thousands of candles in darkness.

The campus of the magnetic fortress was decorated with garlands of fragrant jasmine flowers, and cuttings of tender coconut leaves, like a temple at festival seasons. The seven hundred queens of Marutha Land were arranged on both sides of the royal road inside the magnetic fortress. When the procession of the three hundred damsels of Neyythal Land approached the vicinity of the magnetic fortress, royal drums were beaten on the top of the magnetic fortress to welcome the new queens of Marutha land. A team of trumpeters sang a welcome song to give hearty reception to the latest queens of Marutha Land.

The bevy of damsels of Neyythal Land was arranged behind Vanmathi. When Vanmathi entered into the campus of the magnetic fortress, the first queen of Marutha Land sprayed perfume with rose fragrance on her, from an artistically designed bottle. The rose fragrance induced a magnetic smile on the face of Vanmathi. “Sister, from today you are a honorable queen of Marutha Land. Your most important duty is to work for the formation of a united Marutha Empire. You should grow your children as embodiments of valor and wisdom like our emperor. By our merits, our Marutha Land should transform into Marutha Empire, annexing all states in Hindustan into one unit”, mesmerized the first queen, pulling Vanmathi towards the castle allotted for her.

All other damsels of Neyythal Land were welcomed by other queens, on the same technique with maximum reverence. The sharp eyes of Vanmathi roamed around the area, like a beetle searching for fresh flowers. The security arrangements of the skyhigh magnetic fortress originated waves of surprise in the depth of her heart. Her confidence level diminished gradually, beyond the limits of her planning. It would be a Himalayan task to shatter the powers of the magnetic fortress by the little mischiefs of Vanmathi sparrow. She already kindled a torch of fire in the hearts of the new queens of Marutha Land. That fire should be preserved intact for twenty more years, to explode the dream of king Gangan to form a Marutha Empire. If she fail in her attempt to murder the Vampire by the strength of her own hands, the seeds sown in the hearts of the damsels of Neyythal land would germinate to disrupt the force of unity in the campus of Neyythal Land.

Vanmathi was left in the front of the castle number 701, by the first queen of Marutha Land “sister! This castle is allotted for your residence. There is a servant maid in the castle to satisfy all your needs. Our king weighs chastity as the best ornament of his queens. He won’t excuse a queen, who would maintain friendship with another youth. Be careful to escape the tortures of the flying crocodiles swimming in the moat. The queens are restricted to enter into the castle of other queens”, notified the first queen some precautions, as a warning lesson for a joyous life inside the campus of the magnetic fortress.

Vanmathi put her right foot on the step of the castle, as an effort to glance the conveniences of the dwelling allotted for her residence. A servant maid moved towards her with folded hands and gleaming face. “Hearty welcome to the queen of Marutha Land, I am the servant maid of this castle, reserved for enhancing your comforts and conveniences. I am ordered to supply all articles of your need immediately. You may ask varieties of food items, fabrics, ornaments and cosmetics. This castle is a mini paradise for the joyous life of a queen”, owed the servant maid obligingly.

She was first welcomed into the bedroom of the castle. The vast area of the bedroom impressed her, like a playground of soldiers of Neyythal land. The special type interior decoration of the room sowed seeds of wonder in the field of her heart. She finalized that king Gangan was not a mere womanizer, but a connoisseur of art forms. The artistic forms of images carved on the frames of the teak wood cot, pushed her into the wonder corners of a fairy land. A beautiful chandelier imported from Arabia, was hung at the centre of the roof to enhance the grandeur of the room. The array of ten artistically carved rosewood almyrahs near one wall pushed her mind to higher level of wonder. The dazzling beauty of the dressing table fitted with a long china mirror added higher mirth to her mind.

Vanmathi opened the almyrahs one after another, and rose on higher steps of wonder. The first five wardrobes contained varieties of dresses, majority of them fabricated from China silk. The next three bureaus were filled with ornaments – gold jewels, diamond necklaces, pearl chains, and other varieties of common use. There was a heavy collection of cosmetics and imported perfumes in the other two almyrahs. “Wow! The wealth of the whole world is accumulated in the campus of magnetic fortress to captivate the damsels. No girl can escape from the attraction of such a heavy shower of luxury. The scientific talents of king Gangan won’t bless him with victory, as he selected a crooked route for his joyous journey”, placated Vanmathi, compromising her own mind to support her plan.

Vanmathi sowed the seeds of patriotism in the minds of the damsels of Neyythal Land. Even if her plan to kill king Gangan failed miserably, the seeds of Neyythal Land would compete with the other offsprings of king Gangan to shatter his lifelong dreams. She confirmed to play her role in the real life drama, without rethinking about the consequences. She waited for the flowering season, like a crouching tiger. Her wings of imagination never turned in the direction of fate, which waited for an opportunity to scatter her life, like a garland of rose flowers on the hands of a whirl wind. After a span of just two days, the call of fate bombarded her heart, like a rolling thunder. The call of king Gangan for the service of a hot sensuous feast arrived to push her life into the turbulence of a blossom on the crafty waves of a tsunami.

“Hundreds of queens are on penance for months for the invitation of our king, like parrots waiting for the ripening of silk cotton fruits. You are lucky enough to receive the invitation in just two days. Our majestic king indicates only the number of the castle to call a queen to his harem. You are the first lucky person called by your name. Your sacrifices in earlier generation showers in the form of blessings of our king”, quibbled the servant maid quickly.

Vanmathi selected thick inner wears and transparent out garments. She walked towards the royal palace stylishly, like a swan swimming on the calm water surface of a lake. King Gangan appeared at the entrance of the royal palace to give a warm welcome to Vanmathi, assuming her as rarely blooming Kurinchi flower on the slopes of Nilgiri Mountain once in thirteen years. “Vanathi! I came in person to welcome this beauty angel. Your appearance inspires me like the peacock seen the first shower of the season. You are a warm spring to retain my youthhood for infinite time”, rollicked king Gangan, pulling her rump for a warm hug.

“Thank you for your remembrance of Vanathi as a fresh blossom. I am Vanmathi, the thickest friend of the tigress of Neyythal land. I appeared to oscillate you on a swing of joy”, specified Vanamthi spectacularly.

King Gangan winked towards Vanmathi, with a spread of sparkling smile on his face. “You are Vanathi for my heart of love. You forget your earlier name from today. Kindly give me the joy to assume the visit of Vanathi to the campus of the magnetic fortress”, truckled king Gangan, bursting into a laughter of mirth.

The veil of hatred that covered her heart evaporated instantly, attracted by the glitter of his handsome face. However, her mind inverted to normal state, by the sublimation of the vapours of hatred, within a short period of time. “Majestic king, I am ready to bath you on the shower of my love. I weigh the opportunity to serve you as the best blessing of god. May almighty bless you with countless blossoms of victory”, ushered Vanmathi uniquely. The vibrations of her lips appeared to king Gangan as the slow spread of petals of white lily on the embracement of the rays of moon.

“Your friend Vanathi had high expertise in projecting daggers. Do you have such a skill to pierce the heart of youths by daggers?”

“No king. I have only less talent in handling daggers. I have high expertise to penetrate the hearts of youths by lightning winks of my eyes. No youth can escape from the sharpness of my eyes”.

“Phew! Are you a wizard? Are you a withered rose on the chest of many youths? I won’t allow such harlots on my lap”, vilified king Gangan, spitting on her face with exploding hatred.

A feeling of loathsome spread in her mind, like the defecation of hundreds of crows on her face. She calmly cleaned the dirt of her face with tip of her saree. She hid the bitterness of her mind with the spread of a magnetic smile on her face, like an expert actress on the stage of a life drama. She busted into laughter, like the jingling sound of a pair of tiny bells. “Lord! Your face sparkles like an angel, by the hotness of wrath. The fragrance of your saliva intoxicates me like the flavor of grape wine. Thank you very much for your kindness”, wheedled Vanmathi willingly.

“Whelp, are you a mango fruit pecked by many crows? I wish to hear true story from your own mouth”, agonized king Gangan, vibrating like the turbulence of water at boiling point.

“Majestic King! I am a fresh rose, not smelled by a beetle. You shall verify my virginity by the intact presence of hymen”, avouched Vanmathi, winking her right eye, like a streak of lightning.

“I won’t believe you again. My wrath will diminish only after seeing your plight in the teeth of flying crocodiles in the moat of magnetic fortress”, brayed king Gangan barbarously.

“Kindly soften your mind. Tolerance is the master key that will unlock all the difficulties of life. You shall verify the worthiness of my words by the touching sensation of your own fingers. I shall clarify your doubts by the true words of my own mouth”, craved Vanmathi, without diminish in the illumination of her face of catching smile.

“I need explanation for your capacity to pierce the hearts of youths by lightning wings of your eyes. Don’t try to deceive me by your words of flattery”, despised king Gangan depreciatingly.

Vanmathi laughed mildly, like the sound of rolling of a handful of shells of mollusks on the slanting surface of a rock. “While I was a student of the residential university of Prof Sukran, many youths tried to attract my love by singing songs. I trapped the boys by winks and registered complaints to the principal. The university inflicted heavy punishment to the boys for their misbehavior. In this manner, I pierced the hearts of many youths by their own love web” enticed Vanmathi, bursting into laughter like an innocent lass.

“You showered fresh flowers on my head. I am afraid, whether the fruit that fell on my hand, may slip from my mouth. Now I am happy, as if the shower of milk dropped directly into my mouth from the nipple of the cow”, fondled King Gangan fictitiously.

Vanmathi was on the attack of shiver till then, as if trapped on the top of a sand dune in the middle of Sahara desert. Fortunately the mud settled at the bottom, making her life a storage dam of crystal clear water. She finalized to move forwards along a path of progress to catch the fruit of her choice. The period of lull started after a devastating storm. She wished to tear the blanket of calmness to push king Gangan into the tortures of death. Her imaginative bird flew in the height of the sky, as a competitor to the floating clouds.

King Gangan extinguished the fumes of doubt in his heart by the shower of explanation of Vanmathi. She walked behind king Gangan toward his Zenana like his own shadow. The inner decorations of the harem lifted her instantly to the heights of a fairy land, beyond the heights of her imagination. The adornment of the bedroom acted on her mind like the captivating light of full moon. “Aha! This is the real paradise on the surface of the earth. Thousand eyes are required to enjoy the dazzling beauty of this room. I wish to spend one night in this room of embellishment. I will utilize this opportunity to gain a child to share my love”, gratified Vanmathi her own mind, to walk on the higher steps of her strange plan.

The crafty hands of fate destroyed the dream palaces of millions of philanthropic persons with virtuous characters and skills. The weeds were flourishing beyond the limits of imagination, by the nutrients of the hunger extinguishing crops. The wicked worms were enjoying the mirth of life like blood sucking leeches. Hence Vanmathi decided to plunge into the dirt of the gutter to establish righteousness on the surface of the earth. “I am boiling in the hotness of your glamour. Let us fly into the height of sensuous mirth. Kindly come fast to cool my fusing nerves”, hurried king Gangan hectically.

Vanmathi illuminated her face with an artificial gleam. She bit her lower lip to catch him in her love web, like a harlot on street. A honey bee that entered into the harem identified her as wreathe of rose flowers. It sat joyfully on the tip of the bud on her chest to wait for the blooming season. When Vanmathi waved her hand to drive the bee, the tip of her saree slipped down to expose her beautiful curvature. Captivated by the glamour of the buds at blooming stage, the bee entered into her blouse through the space between the bulges. “Alas! A honey bee entered into my blouse. Kindly save me from the sting of the bee”, implored Vanathi, jumping repeatedly to drive the mischievous bee. Due to her excessive turbulence, the saree began to lose the grip on her waist to expose her glamour to higher extent.

“Don’t vibrate beyond the limits. The honey bee will sting on your bosoms. I shall catch the bee carefully to save you from the sting”, jeered king Gangan jocularly.

King Gangan inserted his right hand into her blouse and played hot games on the bulges of her chest. She vibrated beyond the limits, by the attack of hot waves of libidinous. “The bee fell into the grip of my fingers. I shall take the bee carefully outside without disturbing your soft skin”, lured king Gangan, massaging a nipple purposely to burn her senses.

“Sssh! Leave my nipple under your fingers. Try to catch the real honey bee”, messaged Vanmathi, spreading a pinkish shade of shyness on her face. He untied the knot of the bra and pulled it in his hand, like the skin of on of orange fruit. The erect cone shaped bosoms vibrated like ripe mango fruits to boil his nerves to the level of fusion. She tried to hide the buds behind the screen of her palms.

“Wow! What a dancing beauty like crossly cut lotus buds! Why did you hide the twin fulmoons behind your palm cloud. Alas! The artful bee entered into your panty at as a rival to the games of King Gangan. I will crush that silly creature like a mosquito to prove my valor”, neighed king Gangan naughtily. He introduced his right hand into her panty, and started to play hot games on the nerve centers of the most sensitive area.

“Sssh! Don’t ignite my nerves by the hotness of your fingers. Sssh! You trace the hideout of the honey bee softly, without inducing pain into my nervous system”, obstructed Vanmathi drawing him to an airtight hug.

“Let me remove the screen to locate the hideout of the honey bee. That will diminish barriers between us to climb to the height of the joy of heaven. Your excessive coyness will hinder the speed of the flow of hotness in our nervous systems”, prognosticated king Gangan pruriently.

He tore off her panty and threw it to the corner of the room. He stared her shining body curvature with boiling sensational mirth. “That silly honey bee is highly skillful. It hid in a mysterious spot to deceive my eyes. Did the lewd honey bee bite your skin? I won’t allow that bee to celebrate a joyous life”, quipped king Gangan, starting his efforts to search the bee utilizing his forefinger as a weapon.

Vanmathi was bombarded repeatedly by high speed waves of lust. She shivered like a tender plantlet in a current of cyclone. “I know the purpose behind your searching process. Are you satisfied by the presence of a hymen? Do you believe me as a virgin of Neyythal land?” rollicked Vanmathi romantically.

“You are a flawless gold statue. You fused my heart by your virtues. I will honor you as the best queen of Marutha Land. Your children will be given positions of predominance in the administrative network of Marutha Empire”, soothed king Gangan, drawing her for a lips locking kiss.

“Thank you very much for your blessing. What will you do, if real Vanathi approached you with a love torch?”

“I will dump her in the harem as a virgin till her death. You are the only light of my heart”.

“How can you adorn me as the only queen of your heart? Don’t you want the other queens to play games of novelty on your bed?”

“They are only dancing dolls on my bed. You are the only queen of my heart, eligible to decorate the throne of Mathura Empire”.

“Kindly answer my only one more question. If you give such importance to this Vanmathi, what will be the reaction of the other queens of Marthura Land?”

“I am a whirl wind beyond the control of any ghost. The queen with unnecessarily vibrating tongue will swim in the moat of magnetic fortress. Be careful to open argument with this vampire of Marutha land”, tyrannized king Gangan tautly.

“I am sorry for my over enthusiasm. I shall dance according to the rhythm of your tunes. I weigh your limitless love as the blessings of god,” ushered Vanmathi, winking her eyes like a twinkling of star to capture him into her love web.

“I waited for you with boiling eagerness to play a hot game. By your worthless conversation, the vapors of energy sublimated to lower pressure. I wish to boil like the magma of a volcano. I like to play hot games during the whole night”, vociferated king Gangan voluptuously. He drew his dresses like the peeling off the skin by a snake. When he turned to the side of Vanmathi, he witnessed her spreading on the bed, with stretched leges. The glamorous curvature of her body sowed seeds of libidinous into his nerves system.

He climbed on the mound of soft rose petals and began the preliminary arrangements to start a hot game. “Don’t act sleepiness. You should take active role in the next match. If you show inertness of a corpse, I will suck your blood through the nipples”, warned king Gangan applying pressure to pierce the hymen.

“Sssh! Pain kills me raw. Sssh! don’t torture me by your violence Sssh! Handle me softly like the petals of a rose flower”, alerted Vanmathi, twisting her legs to minimize the pain of the increasing pressure.

“Bitch, I will kill you, if you apply force against my endeavor. Adjust your posture favorable for penetration”, belched king Gangan brutally.

“My hymen is comparatively thicker. It will erupt at the time of high excitement. Kindly avoid your high pressure pushes. We have ample of time to climb on the peak of sensational mirth”, conjured Vanmathi, tear drops shining like diamonds at the edges of her eyes.

“I can’t wait more for your games of deception. I will dip into the depth of hotness immediately. I will strike on your buttock with a stick. You run fast to escape from the attack of the stick on my hand. The high pressure vibrations will rupture your useless hymen. We shall dance on the bed like a pair of twisting snakes”, daunted king Gangan deftly. A ray of wrath bombarded her nervous system that consumed the waves of libidinous running along opposite direction. Suddenly a gleam of joy spread on her face, like the gold threads in the border decoration of costly silk sarees.

The face of Vanmathi bloomed like a pink dahlia flower. She waited till then for such a golden chance to teach him a hot lesson. She began to run around the room joyfully like a roe. He stood froze at unstable equilibrium, enjoying the rhythmic vibrations of her curvatures. To induce higher vibrations at sensitive spots, he kicked at her rump with force, during her second round of running. The combined effects of the pain of the kick, the rage caused by the insult of feminine community, and her earlier plan to inflict the tortures of death accelerated her for a sudden action. Her mind boiled like the Magma inside a dormant volcano. She ran at uniform speed, without displaying any color change on her external face.

Vanmathi reached the vicinity of king Gangan, during the third round with maximum alertness to teach him a hot lesson. As per her expectation, king Gangan sprang rapidly towards her to kick on her back with higher force. Vanmathi swiftly turned towards him, and grasped his right leg with both hands. She rotated him twice at that spot like a spinning top, and threw him at high speed towards the opposite wall, like a faggot of sticks. He bombarded violently on the cluster lamp at the centre of the hall, scattered it into fragments throughout the room and collided on the opposite wall with high force. He dropped on the floor like a withered garland of roses, and moaned like a beaten dog.

“Merciless Vampire, your sin crossed the tortures of hell. You are not fit to live on the holy surface of the earth. I will teach you a hot lesson for your permanent residence in the darkness of hell”, execrated Vanmathi, spitting on his face with burning wrath.

With hunting waves of pain running throughout his nervous system, king Gangan tried to stabilize on the floor. She adorned her body with the dress of king Gangan at the speed of lightning. After a series of laborious efforts, king Gangan managed to stand on the floor with little stability. She bounced towards him at high speed, and kicked on his chest with tremendous force, like the bombardment of a meteorite of the sky. He skidded on the floor like a wheel detached from a running chariot.

“Bitch, I will inflict tortures of hell on your skin till your bitter death. I will cut off your head and use as ball for playing football. I will mince your soft body into thousand slices and throw to vultures as food”, flared king Gangan, trying to get up to attack her.

The wrath of Vanmathi crossed the highest altitude of the sky. She grasped his legs together by the strength of her both hands. She rolled on the spot like a spinning top, and threw him towards the wall. He bombarded on another wall and rolled down on the floor like a coil of millipede. “Ghost, I am the closest friend of the tigress of Neyythal Land. I too have talents comparable to the skills of Vanathi. You are the greatest foe of feminine community. Only your death will pave the way for the progress of women”, growled Vanmathi grotesquely.

At that time of the highest wrath of Vanmathi, the broken pieces of glasses of the chandelier originated light on her face. She confirmed that the chandelier would be the best weapon to pierce the hard heart of king Gangan. She ran towards the chandelier and lifted it in the strong grasp of her right hand. King Gangan noticed the orientation of her eyes, and there occurred a spark in his brain, as a warning signal of alertness. He confirmed that he would escape from the bitter tragedy, only if the helping hand of god stretched towards him. In the field of his imagination, his dream palace of Marutha Empire exploded into tiny fragments.

Every atom in the body of king Gangan cried by the attack of waves of pain, as if prickled by thousands of sharp needles. By the warning signal of the instinct, king Gangan began to roll on the floor towards the array of almyrahs. At that instant of highest wrath of Vanmathi, a door moaned to signify the entry of satan to support his agent. Ten warriors entered into the room with long sharp spears, like wild rhinoceroses of a wild forest. “Blood thirsty vampire, don’t breathe fresh air to contaminate its purity. Your bitter death should be a warning lesson to autocrats like you. God won’t bless you with a seat even in hell”, hissed Vanathi, like a cobra dancing with expanded hood. She struck the head of king Gangan with the chandelier at tremendous force, neglecting the entry of guards as a cool breeze.

The fate winked its crafty eyes as a support to king Gangan. As he rolled swiftly under an almyrah, the chandelier bombarded the floor and the broken pieces of glass pieces showered throughout the room. King Gangan rolled his body into a coil like a porcupine at emergency. “O God! I exposed my nudity without shame to kill the foe of mothers. God painted my face with lamp black. My death will declare the dark rule of satan within the frontiers of Hindustan”, inveighed Vanmathi intensely.

Ten sharp tips of spears pressed her skin from different directions. Since Vanmathi was a honorable queen of Marutha Land, the soldiers waited for the order their king to penetrate her heart. “Warriors, Vanmathi is the most beautiful queen of Marutha Land. Don’t form stains on her glamorous skin. I want to share a hot feast with her. Lock her in the stone fortress to learn a bitter lesson of life”, jarred king Gangan, emerging from the hideout without slightest shame for his stark nudity.

“Vanmathi, don’t shiver by the fear of heavy punishment. I appreciate your courage to attack the most powerful king of Hindustan. I wish another chance to hoist victory flag against the strength of your hymen. I won’t accept my failure to ravish a damsel of Neyythal land”, libeled king Gangan, without slightest worry about the diminishing of his own diginity.

“Soldiers, lock this damsel in an iron chain. Push her in the stone fortress. I shall choose the punishment to be inflicted on this girl for her refinement”, messaged king Gangan magnanimously. As per the order of king Gangan, the soldiers locked her hands in an iron chain and pushed her inside the stone fortress. They closed the front door of the stone fortress and continued their duty as guards of the harem.

During that time interval, king Gangan rang a bell to call his servants. “Maids! I wish to take a hot water bath. Prepare hot water and collect the best pain relieving oil from our dispensary. Call queen number 602 for my service”, notified king Gangan, thinking deeply to select a strange technique of punishment for the life long suffering of Vanmathi.

“I shall coerce Vanmathi to run on the pavement of the moat. The flying crocodiles in the moat will inflict the pain of torture only for a short period of time. She should experience the tortures of lonely life throughout her life. What can I do to boil the heart of Vanmathi for this whole generation of life?” pondered king Gangan presumptuously.

His concentrated thinking was deviated by the appearance of a slim waist damsel of perfect beauty. He rolled his eyes from the toe to the hair of that lean damsel with beautiful spiral hair. The only ornament that adorned the damsel was the sparkling smile on her face. “Queen, your leader vanmathi tried to murder me. I escaped from death by the narrow gap of a hair. Do you wish to kill your own husband?” queried king Gangan, keeping his face as innocent as a new born child.

“I respect you as a living god. I will work for your comforts till my last breath. I shall give my life for your joy at any time on request”, responded the damsel relevantly.

“I am deadly tired. I wish to take a hot bath, after an oil massage. Are you ready to assist me to diminish the difficulties?”

“I am ready to do any service to my lord”.

“May I know the reason for your high respect on this womanizer?”

“My life after the death of my poor parents was a tragedy. Poverty was my only companion. My lord lifted this poor girl from the lap of starvation. I will breathe for the health and happiness of my lord”, sobbed the damsel, tear drops dripping down from her eyes like flawless pearls.

King Gangan was a crafty kitten that experienced the hotness of boiled milk twice. According to him damsels were best actors on stage, preserving poison in their hearts. He weighed women only as play toys on bed. He had no mental attachment on the love drama of women. So he watched the queen with a sneering smile.

“Queen, may I consider your words as the vibration of your tongue?’

“No majestic King. My words are the fragrance of my own heart”.

“It your tongue is true to your heart, you peel off your dress”.

The queen stood like a gold statue, without slightest vibration of her nerves. After a through analysis of the color of the climatic condition, her tongue vibrated rhythmically to emit a sweet song, like the shrill captivating voice of a cuckoo.

“Lord, I want a prize from you as a token of your love”.

“I gave you all the wealth of the world. You failed to decorate your glamour by ornaments”.

“Sorry Lord. I wished to expose the beauty of my mind to my king”.

“What do you want to show the charm of your nudity?”

“You blessed me with wealth. I want a token of your pure love”.

“After the completion of the bathing process, I shall suffocate you with hot love on bed”.

“Lust is only one side of the coin of love. I am interested to experience the other brighter side of love”.

“Stupid girl, I am ashamed for your ignorance. Don’t waste my precious time unnecessarily. What is your silly dream?”

“I want the prize you wish to give frequently to your first girl child”.

The smile of mockery on the face of king Gangan vanished immediately like a spark of light. A gleam of happiness spread on his face, like the glow of a firefly in darkness. He stretched his both hands towards the queen, with a brightness of joy, assuming her as his own girl child. She dropped on his chest immediately with a face of dazzling gleam like a garland of fresh rose flowers. He presented his token prize on her forehead in the form of a warm kiss.

“Darling, I love you very much. Your love kiss will give me wonderful energy for my whole life period. I will dance according to your runes for your service till my last breathe”, tolled the queen tenderly.

The queen peeled of her dresses one by one. The structural glamour of the queen captivated king Gangan, beyond the limit of his imagination. She appeared like a gold statue casted by an expert goldsmith with perfect design of organs. The sparkling beauty of the girl stirred the dormant libidinous waves to high velocity, to bombard his nervous system like a series of tsunami waves. The hot waves of sensuousness concentrated at mystery spots, like the process of collection of water of a flood in a storage tank.

“Honey, you are a wonderful beauty queen, beyond the description of the greatest poets of Hindustan. The hotness induced by your excessive glamour begins to fuse my nerves. A shower of hot water won’t quench this flame of nerves. You are the only breeze to cool my burning hotness”, ushered king Gangan uxoriously.

The poor girl of Neyythal land diluted the agony implanted on his heart by Vanmathi, dancing like a puppet according to his tunes. She occupied a honorable seat on the throne of the stony heart of king Gangan by her sincere services. He forgot his highest status as the mighty king of Marutha Land, and carried that love dove on his shoulder throughout the area of the harem. “Kindly call me at the times of your tension. I shall absorb your melancholy completely to transform your heart to dance in joy. Kindly sleep calmly, evaporating all the worries of your heart. Next morning will dawn with brightness to oscillate you on the swing of happiness”, venerated the queen, giving a warm kiss on his forehead with a bursting laughter of an innocent child. King Gangan soon dipped into the depth of sleep, embracing the queen on his warm chest.

At early dawn of next day, king Gangan woke up from the depth of his deep sleep. His imaginative wings flew towards Vanmathi to inflict a hot lesson to fuse her nerves till the last breath. The highly skillful dramatization of Vanmathi scorched his nerves towards suffocation. He wished to push Vanmathi into the suffering of a torrid desert without love water. He spread his imaginative wings in all directions to discover the best strategy of attack to the lifelong memory of Vanmathi. All his imaginative rays finally converged on magic medicine Wilajit that would sprout wings to living organism. He confirmed that Wilajit would be best medicine to isolate her to a lonely life of hunting worries.

King Gangan mixed a jar full of Wilajit in a pot of drinking water. He called the three army captains to work as security officers for his safety. When he opened the front door of the stone fortress, he saw Vanmathi inside the spring auditorium, sitting on the throne reserved for the king of the magnetic fortress. He walked towards her with a smiling face of a sparkler. “Vanmathi, are you happy for your trial to kill me? Do you want another chance to pierce my heart with the horns on your chest? Let us start another game inside this stone fortress”, whistled king Gangan, patting her soft cheek with a glare on his face.

Vanmathi confirmed the uselessness of another trial to kill him at this dark time of utter failure. So she kept her face inert, avoiding the color of imaginations in her brain. King Gangan understood the direction of her thinking about another opportunity to climb on the peak of victory. “Vanmathi, I wish to play another game with your hotness. I wish to claim victory as the mighty king to pierce your hymen. I shall declare you again as a queen of Marutha Land, if you give me another chance to play the game”, avouched king Gangan amenably.

“I don’t glorify the collection of flesh on the frame work of bones. You are allowed to suck the juice of this conglomeration of flesh. My only aim, next to the service of motherland, is a child to share love”, buzzed Vanmathi, her eyes glittering like the eyes of a cat in darkness.

“The status as a queen of Marutha land is beyond the level of imagination of ordinary damsels. Why did you reject such a golden opportunity of life?”

“You kicked me on my rump. My dignity activated to show the resistance. An evil spirit entered into my body to compel me for action”.

“Do you regret for your misbehavior Vanathi?”

“Certainly king. Give me one more opportunity to prove my worthiness”.

King Gangan turned his face towards captain Vindan. He exposed a strange sneering smile on his face to show the color of his heart. “Vindan, kindly give freedom to Vanmathi from the clutch of the iron chain. Let us allow her to move freely inside the stone fortress. The roll of wheel of time will refine her mind to a damsel of virtues”, corroborated king Gangan contumeliously.

“She is a patriotic bitch. She loves her mother land more than her own life. Kindly don’t pay for our own failure”, deterred captain Vindan, folding his palms together as a prayer for a change of mind.

“Vanmathi refined her mind by the hotness of her experience. She will behave as an ideal queen of Marutha Land. First obey my orders without any arguments”, embezzled king Gangan elusively. The captains released Vanmathi immediately from the slavery of iron chain, as per the order of king Gangan.

“My hearty thanks for your benevolence. I expect your visit to this stone fortress at the time of your leisure. I shall surrender my virginity for your joy”, fascinated Vanmathi with a blush of shyness on her face of captivating charm.

“You take rest for two months inside this stone fortress. I shall call you back after the complete refinement of your brain. You will be supplied with food, water and garments. You use the water economically without wastage. Best wishes for a pleasant future”, guffawed king Gangan grudgingly.

“I shall obey your orders perfectly. I shall wait for your arrival for a hot feast. My best wishes for the formation of Marutha Empire”, hailed Vanmathi hectically.

Vanmathi spent most of her time doing strenuous exercises to strengthen her body. She witnessed an array of swords of artistical shapes on a clamp fixed to the wall of the spring auditorium. She utilized the swords to renew her training in the art of warfare. She waited eagerly for another opportunity to crush the foe of women community, like a crane penancing on one leg in the shallow water of a lake to catch the carelessly roaming fishes. After the lapse of about thirty days, her dream palace in the sky began to crumble into fragments. She began to weep bitterly, tear drops falling down from her eyes, like a waterfall.

She experienced the growth of two wings behind her shoulders. She learnt the special characteristics of the magic medicine Wilajit from her intimate friend Vanathi. She finalized that king Gangan deceived her treacherously, mixing the wing sprouting Wilajit with drinking water. The most significant negative impact of Wilajit was its power to induce infertility to the gonads.

“O God! You bless me with a child to love and to be loved. If you reject my solicitation as a worthless cry of a damsel, I will commit suicide to approach your vicinity. I will wage a continuous crusade against you in the form of another satan”, infested Vanmathi inimically.

The wings of Vanmathi grew gradually at uniform rate. They grew into huge size of matching color, powerful enough to pull the weight of her body. She began to practice the art of flying, to increase her talents to compete with the fastest birds. After the development of skill of flight at lower altitudes of the sky, she shifted her concentration to fly in higher altitudes of the sky. After the completion of a thorough training programme, she decided to escape from the stone fortress, to wait for another opportunity to murder king Gangan of Marutha Land.

She selected the midnight of next newmoon night as the best time for her escape. A dense darkness permeated throughout the space of the stone fortress. She flew along a slanting path swiftly to reach the edge of the atmosphere. Then she accelerated her speed along a horizontal direction to escape from the campus of the magnetic fortress. However, the soldiers on the top of the magnetic fortress identified her as a monstrous bird, and shot a shower of arrows to kill the bird. She flew swiftly to higher altitude of the sky and escaped safely from the campus of the magnetic fortress.

The shower of sand rain tilted Vanathi into the darkest corners of life. The weariness of lonely life began to torment her, like the scorching of solar ray on boneless creatures. She loitered throughout the forest aimlessly with evaporated hopes. The brightness of glamour on her face faded, like the bed of grasses on a dry soil without shower. The bitterness of lonely life corroded the confidence level of her mighty heart. “Mother Parasakthi! How much years do I bear the weight of this worthless body? I hate to live in a desert without a shower of love. Kindly call me to the nearness of my affectionate father and loving darling as early as possible”, jabbered Vanathi jerkily.

Vanathi dipped into the depth of the ocean of melancholy. She lost all her hope for a life with the light of little happiness. She searched for an opportunity to leave the burden of her body, to start a journey towards the brightness of heaven. At that instant of evaporated hope, Vanathi saw the opening of a cave at the foot of a rock mountain, very close to the lake. Her inherent research instinct pushed Vanathi towards the cave. She imagined a treasure of secrets in the cave, like the dark spots on the face of the sun. She expected a heavy prize of god in the cave, like the magic lamp of Alauddin. She dreamt the presence of a secret tunnel to guide her directly to the joy of Heaven.

The legs of Vanathi pushed her towards the cave. The rule of thorny bushes stood as hindrance for her free movement towards the cave. Vanathi knew that perseverance would be the master key that would unlock all the problems of life. She pulled the thorny shrubs one by one patiently with the force of her hand, and moved forward towards the cave to hoist victory flag. A terrible scene sowed shock waves into her nervous system to freeze her blood in horror. Vanathi witnessed a lioness in front of the cave, as a competitor to the prowess of the tigress of Neyythal land.

The lioness stared her as a duplicate form of a tigress, and showed its hatred by a roar. Vanathi stood before the lioness as a motionless stone statue, froze by the attack of waves of shiver. At that same period of time, her wings of imagination flew in different directions to trace the sources of mirth. Her imagination identified the presence of a joyous pearl inside the depth of a little pain. She decided to seek the help of the lioness to show the shortest route to the joy of heaven.

“Mother Parasakthi, millions of thanks for your blessing to focus light on the darker side of my life. I am happy to quench the hunger of this lioness with the flesh of my body. My Dad! The mercy of mother Parasakthi began to blow towards me. I beg your permission to start a joyous life with the hero of my heart”, lamented Vanathi luminously.

Vanathi dreamt about her joyous moments with prince Kuttuvan, the darling of her heart. The waves of sensuousness penetrated through her nervous system swiftly, like a current of water. Her face bloomed like a pink vanda flower. “Darling, the mercy of mother parasakthi turned towards the direction of your sweet heart. I will rush towards you instantly to start a joyous game. Be ready to wander throughout the heaven as a pair of love doves”, mesmerized Vanathi merrily.

Vanathi withered the waves of fear that penetrated her nerves, like neglecting her stained garments. She walked towards the lioness with sparkling face of joy, as if her entry towards the joy of heaven. She venerated the lioness with folded hands and glittering eyes. “Dear lioness! Are you on weariness owing to the shortage of nutritious flesh? My fatty flesh will be tasty like honey drops. The sharpness of my brain will increase your thinking capacity. The energy of my high warfare trainings will boost your strength to the height of the sky”, notified Vanathi, bursting into laughter of mirth like a Deepavali sparkler.

Vanathi lay on the floor and moved her head very close to the mouth of the lioness. She closed her eyes tightly, and began to fly in the vast expanse of the sky, with the darling of her heart. After a happy journey for a long span of time, she returned to the world of reality, and flapped her eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly to glance the wonders of the world around her. The lioness stared her lazily without vigor to taste her flesh.

Vanathi rolled on the floor to some distance to attract the attention of the lioness, and sat on the ground with a sneering laugh. “Lioness, do you hesitate to eat the flesh of a damsel? I am the tigress of Neyythal Land, who slaughtered thousands of foe warriors. I am not inferior to you in the skills of prowess. Let us prove our comparative prowess by a valor competition. Are you ready to jump on the arena to start a rivalry of prowess?” oppressed Vanathi, waving her right hand as a wager for a fighting competition.

The lioness emitted a low intensity roar, as an effort to appreciate her dancing style. It showed no interest to taste the hot flesh. “Coward, better you drop your name as the queen of forests. Don’t shiver by the skin of tiger that decorate my body. I shall kill you in only one lightning blow. Did the air of Kurinchi Land transform you into a worthless coward?” panicked Vanmathi, slapping violently on the face of the lioness, with a mocking laugh.

The lioness stood up with a penetrative stare, twisted the body to hasten the tension, and roared with boiling wrath. “Lioness, sprang forwards to start the toughest duel. I will crush your spinal cord in only one kick with force. I will stretch your hind legs to tear you into two fragments. Today is the day of your last breath. Jump fast to die by the harsh blow of my hand”, quipped Vanathi, bouncing around the area to dramatize a tough fighting contest.

The lioness again lay on the ground, keeping the focus of the eyes on her. It appeared to enjoy the stupid dancing style of that human angel. She acted excessive turbulence, like boiling water for a long period of time, till her energy level diminished below the normal value. She sat on the floor without vibration, like the calm surface of water, when the fire in the furnace was extinguished. She stared the lioness with gritted teeth. The cowardice of the lioness appeared as a world wonder to the tigress of Neyythal land. She imagined that god purposively controlled the mighty lioness to immerse her into higher depth of tortures.

Vanathi noticed an extraordinary glare of love in the eyes of the lioness. The motherly affection that occupied her heart in sublimated state evaporated slowly to increase the volume. She rubbed the face of the lioness gently with melting love. “Friend, are you on the attack of worry for the separation of your boy friend like me? Are you weak due to the attack of any sickness? Are you on grief for the loss of your pretty cub?” ruffled Vanathi remorsefully.

The lioness moaned with wet eyes. Vanathi confirmed that the lioness was suffering from some ailment. As a famous physician of Neyythal Land, she had enough talents to cure common diseases of beasts. “Dear! You lie on the ground to take rest for little time. I shall prepare the magic medicine Silajit to cure your sickness. I shall help you to retain your health. Do you accept me as your intimate friend?” soothed Vanathi, kissing on the forehead of the lioness with oozing love.

She took the coconut shell preserved on the branch of the mango tree for drinking purpose. She roamed through the forest to identify a hive of bees hanging from the branch of a tree. She climbed on the tree with perfect expertise of a gibbon. She drew a honey-comb carefully, avoiding the stings of honey-bees. She collected pure honey in the coconut shell, squeezing the honey-comb. She wandered along the bank of the lake and collected ten rare varieties of medicinal plants. She squeezed the plants on her palm one by one and prepared a homogenous mixture of medicines with honey. She noticed the lioness exactly on the same spot, and fed one third of the magic medicine Silajit to the lioness. She slept close to the lioness on the floor, and fed the other two parts of the medicine at night and next morning.

“Friend, your ailment will vanish like a multicolored rainbow in the sky. Tomorrow will dawn to oscillate you on a swing of happiness. Don’t leave me alone in the weariness of a lonely life. Kindly care me or eat me. You are the only loving friend of my sinking heart”, truckled Vanathi thrillingly.

The next morning dawned to add more darkness of melancholy in her life. She opened her eyes with more trust for the spread of the light of happiness in her future. Her eyes failed utterly to trace the shadow of love around the area. The ray of light that illuminated her heart vanished immediately like a puff of smoke. Her face faded to the color of a rain bearing cloud. “Bitch, you rejected my brimming love. You are worst than the heartless vampire of Marutha Land. I hate you as a ghost without the shade of gratitude. I will kill you mercilessly, when I meet you again. I will prove my worthiness as the tigress of Neyythal land”, ushered Vanathi, tear drops falling down from her eyes like twin waterfalls.

Vanathi walked towards the lake with exhausted hope for survival, like a corpse without soul. She jumped into the lake to dip into the depth of death. She failed in her effort to breathe the last puff of fresh air. She took the spear and tried to hunt a fish to quench the tormenting hunger. At that time of highest exhaustion of hope, Vanathi glanced the tigress on the bank of the lake. A sudden spark of joy bombarded her nervous system, like a streak of lightning. To her wonder to the height of heaven, the lioness jumped into the lake and began to swim. On the path of swim of the lioness, many fishes bounced into the sky like streaks of lightning.

Vanathi stepped on the shore of the lake and walked towards her favorite mango tree. She climbed swiftly on the mango tree, and sat conveniently on a branch to study the behavior of the lioness. After a period of time, she observed the movement of the lioness towards the mango tree, preserving a huge cat fish in the clutch of her rows of teeth.

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