Magnetic Fortress

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Monster Cyclop

While Vanathi was sitting on a branch of the mango tree, the lioness approached the tree with a huge live cat fish in its mouth. When the lioness dropped the fish on the ground, it vibrated around the area as an effort to escape into water. The lioness pushed the fish repeatedly towards the tree, with her front legs to put an obstacle to its efforts to gain freedom. Vanathi watched the game of the lioness with the happiness of a real mother, enjoying the play of her child with toys. “Dear, you are not a heartless ghost. You are a deity of love. From today, we shall live a joyous life together, with the highest intimacy of thickest friendship”, venerated Vanathi veraciously.

Vanathi took the fish to the usual location of roasting, by the strong grasp of her both hands. While she performed she the process of roasting the fish in fire, the lioness watched her efforts keenly, sitting at a distance away from the hotness of the fire. “I wish to identify a name for you. Do you have any familiarity with a good name? Hai! I selected a sweet name to call you conveniently. From today I will call you as Nila. You should run fast towards me on hearing the name Nila. We shall stir the whole forest by the intimacy of our friendship. All animals in the forest should obey me, as the thickest friend of mighty Nila”, wheedled Vanathi, giving a warm kiss on the head of the lioness.

At that instant of growing happiness, Vanathi heard a crackling noise inside the bush at a distance. She bounced swiftly on Nila, fearing the approach of a poisonous cobra. She witnessed a white rabbit running from one bush to the other at a distance, like a little angel of heaven. “Dear Nila, the hunger of my stomach tries to eat me raw. Kindly catch the rabbit for our food. We shall claim equal share on the flesh of the rabbit”, appealed Vanathi avidly. She pointed her stomach and the rabbit to explain the concept of her requirement. After watching three such signals of Vanathi, Nila understood the meaning of her hand movements.

Nila bounced towards the rabbit, like an arrow shot from a bow at high tension. The rabbits tried its best to escape from the clutch of the lioness. In its endeavor to catch the rabbit for Vanathi, the lioness crushed the bushes around the area. Finally Nila succeeded in its efforts to catch the rabbit, for quenching the hunger of both of them. Vanathi peeled off the skin of the hare, and gave major portion of the raw flesh to Nila. She roasted the fish and the meat of the rabbit, masticated a portion of them to quench her hunger of the moment, and preserved the remainder for the next meal. “You are a talented lioness. You hoisted the flag of victory, satisfying the wish of your dearest friend. From today we are the closest friends of this forest. All animals of this forest should shiver in jealousy, wondering about our highest intimacy”, bemused Vanathi, spraying words like a shower of fragrant flowers.

With the elapse of time, the intimacy of love between Vanathi and Nila magnified, like the moon in its waxing phase. Nila remained around Vanathi during the whole day time. They roamed throughout the forest together to gain new experiences of novelty. On one fullmoon night, Vanathi was on trial to sleep on a branch of the mango tree. The fullmoon glittered in the sky like a broad circular silver plate. The milky white rays of the moon illuminated the surface of the earth to expose the hidden secrets of men. Numerous bright stars in the sky twinkled to assist the moon in her efforts to illuminate the vast area of the earth. In addition, thousands of fire flies flew around the area carrying torch lights. Due to the combined effect of those light sources, Vanathi easily observed the debut of scenes of natural drama around the area sharply.

Suddenly Vanathi heard the fast movement of a sharp rustling sound towards her. She saw two torch lights approaching the mango tree, at equal speed from a distance. She neglected the event as worthless to note, assuming the movement of Nila around the area. She closed her eyes tightly, and shifted her imagination towards the hero of her heart. She was pulled suddenly to the world of reality, from the dream world of fairyland by the growl of a tiger, at the foot of the mango tree. The tiger witnessed Vanathi as a conglomeration of tasty flesh, and jumped on a lower branch to capture the prey of its choice. Vanathi turned her eyes towards the upper branch to grasp her sword, and spear for self defense. Unfortunately the weapons of war were absent in the usual location of their preservation. She expected them around the roasting furnace. She might have neglected them carelessly, floating on excessive joy, for the establishment of thick friendship with Nila.

The eyes of Vanathi rolled around the area, to locate the presence Nila as a safety shield. The absence of Nila stressed the importance of her own efforts to preserve her health from the blood thirsty tiger. Vanathi jumped quickly on the ground, and rushed towards her weapons of war at the speed of lightning. Before her success to capture the weapons, the tiger sprang towards her rapidly, to taste her hot flesh. She seized the spear on her right hand and the sword on her left hand, and stabilized with alertness to charge the tiger. At that instant of highest turbulence of Vanathi, the loud roar of Nila vibrated the forest, like the sudden outburst of a thunder. The terrible roar of lioness acted as an inhibitor to the prowess of the tiger. The tiger saw the fast approaching lioness, lost its craziness on human flesh, and ran away in the opposite direction to save its skin. Nila chased the tiger for a distance, and returned with the shame of failure, after a long interval of time.

“Nila, your love saved me from a tough bloody fight. From today, you are not only my friends, but also my savior. Though I am a human girl, I am famous throughout Neyythal land as the most prowess damsel. I am powerful enough to save you from any peril of the world. You have only limited capacity to survive against the sharpness of human brain. But I can play miracles at the speed of lightning against the attack of any human ghost”, chattered Vanathi cavalierly.

Vanathi climbed again on the branch of the tree, and occupied her favorable seat to fly in the vast space of imagination, about her twist in intimacy with prince Kuttuvan. The friendship of Nila lighted a torch of love in her heart to evaporate the misery of loneliness. The tension that pressed her heart as a crushing load dissolved at slow rate, like a sack of salt dropped in a water reservoir. The presence of Nila always around her increased her energy level to the heights of upper atmosphere. Within a time span of one month, the bond of friendship of Vanathi with Nila strengthened, beyond the limits of imagination. She experienced the safety of her own mother around Nila.

After the roll of the wheel of time for about two months, an unexpected twist occurred in her life, like a thunder bolt from a clear sky. The monster Cyclop diffused into the area of the forest towards the mango tree, while Vanathi was dipped in an afternoon nap. When the monster cyclop dropped his foot on the hard crust of the earth, it vibrated the crust of the earth, like the turbulence of a high intensity earth quake. The trees around the area trembled, as if a monster wood cutter entered the area to cut off their limbs. The birds that twittered joyfully with their spouses in tree branches, scattered in different directions, like the arrows shot randomly by a band of hunters. A sanctuary of huge bats that hanged from the branches of a banyan tree like folded umbrellas, fluttered their wings to disturb the calmness of the area, like a pandemonium of ghouls.

The Cyclop pulled the trees that obstructed his free movement with their roots easily, like newly germinated plantlets of dicotyledonous seeds. He threw the trees on both sides of his path, forming embankments of trees on both sides. The shrubs on his path were crushed with soil by the force of his feet, like the process of squeezing medicinal plants on grinding stone by a grinding pestle. The atrocity of the gigantic cyclop bombarded the wild animals with waves of fear, which pushed them along different direction like accelerated spears. Unfortunately an elephant was trapped in the path of progress of the cyclop. The shower of trees on both sides of his path of progress lowered the energy level of the elephant. Though it tried to run fast, due to the high length of the legs of the cyclop, the elephant turned into an obstacle on his path of forward march.

In order to eliminate the hindrance on his path, the cyclop kicked on the rump of the elephant with force. By the heavy force of bombardment, the elephant rebounded towards the lake at high velocity. Neglecting the condition of the elephant as insignificant, the cyclop stepped his right foot on the lake beyond its centre. When he put his left foot on the bank of the lake, Vanathi sleeping on the branch of the mango tree, dropped on the sharp vision of the cyclop like a live play doll.

The cyclop stretched his enormously long right hand towards Vanathi, and seized her both legs together, with the application of less force. At the time of highest danger, Vanathi was in the depth of a sweet dream, playing a hot game with the hero of her heart. When she opened her eyes by the disturbance of the sweet dream, she understood her pitiable condition hanging like a bat from the hand of a monster. The waves of fear penetrated her nervous system and bombarded her brain like a series of tsunami waves. “Nila, where are you? Run fast to save your friend from the monster”, deplored Vanathi dreadfully.

The high intensity roar of Nila at a distance, pierced through the layers of air at rapid speed. The cyclop witnessed the high speed running of a lioness towards him. He was not ready to lose the live play doll, involving in a tough struggle with the lioness. So he turned direction to walk away from the roaring lioness with the live doll at increased speed. Nila ran fast towards the cyclop at high velocity to diminish distance gap of the cyclop. When the distance gap lowered to the range of direct hit, Nila sprang towards the cyclop at high force. She struck the back of the cyclop at the high pressure of her right hand, and inserted her sharp nails into the hard skin of the cyclop. She grasped the back of the cyclop, like the strong clutch of an iguana on a wall.

Nila roared aloud in wrath, and tried to tear off the flesh of the cyclop with its sharp claws. The hard skin of the cyclop acted like the rough surface of a rock, and Nila failed in her attempts to tear off the skin of the cyclop. The cyclop learnt the mental attachment between the live doll on his trap, and the lioness attacking him ferociously. The cyclop imagined that the lioness won’t allow his free movement, till the live doll escape from his grasp. As he was not ready to leave the rare live doll, he left her safely on his head that appeared like a huge rock mountain without vegetations.

Inspite of her high efforts to stand at stable equilibrium on the huge bald head of the cyclop, Vanathi slipped downwards like a girl child playing on an inclined plane. Fortunately Vananthi was successful to grasp a tuft of hair at the lower slope of the head of the cyclop. She executed simple harmonic oscillations, holding the bundle of hairs to the strong grip of her hands, and finally bounced on his bald head. To avoid slippage for the second time, she stabilized her position by the seize of the enormous horn of the cyclop, which was longer than her own height.

The cyclop stretched his right hand towards his back, and seized one hind leg of the lioness, like the grip of a strong iron chain. When he pulled the lioness with heavy force, a portion of flesh of the cyclop tore off with the claws of the lioness. Blood drops dripped from the wounds on the back of the cyclop, like the milk of a rubber tree prickled with an iron nail. The cyclop rotated twice on the spot like a spinning top to enhance the force of projection. He threw the lioness into the sky with tremendous force. The projectile travelled in a parabolic path, and bombarded on the water surface of the lake, splashing water around the area like a fountain. The high amplitude ripples formed at that point travelled on the water surface, like rapid concentric tsunami waves.

After a short period of time, Nila stretched her head above water surface, like a giant tortoise. Nila vibrated her front legs like two paddles, and swam swiftly towards the shore. She stepped on the bank of the lake, and shook her body with force. The water droplets scattered from the body of the lioness glittered like pears in sunlight. Due to the dispersion of solar white light in the droplets of water, a semicircular fringe system with colors from violet to red was formed, like a system of seven garlands of differently colored flowers arranged in order. Nila saw the cyclop running at a distance. She roared aloud to disturb the calmness of the forest around the area, and ran rapidly towards the cyclop by repeated high range bounces.

At that time of highest turbulence of the forest area, birdman Subban was on the branch of a tree watching the change of scenes in the real life drama. He valued that time as a golden time for rendering his service to the tigress of Neyythal land, to wash the stain of sin caused by his attempt to ravish her honor. The strengthening of love bond with Myna refined his mind, to know the significance of a love spring for a joyous life on the surface of the earth. His refined brain instructed that, the process of stretching helping hands to virtuous humans at distress would sow the seed of everlasting happiness in his life.

Birdman Subban stood upright on the branch of the tree, and drew the sword inserted inside his shirt at the back. He fluttered his wings rhythmically at uniform frequency, and approached Vanathi at the back side of the cyclop. He stabilized his position in the height of the atmosphere, and showed his reverence to Vanathi with folded hands in prayer mode. “Mom, I am a new birdman with refined character. I wish to help you to evaporate my sin. Kindly jump on my back to escape from the carnivorous cyclop”, dignified birdman Subban devoutly.

Vanathi stared him with faded hope. Her inner mind instructed her to believe birdman at that critical time to escape from the perils of the cyclop. “Modern men are crazy jackals before the charm of girls. You too proved your worthlessness once. How can I believe your dramatization as an angel of heaven?” enquired Vanathi, displaying a shade of trustless in her voice.

“You shall believe me hundred percent. I am a refined man, far away from the darkness of deception. This is the Oath of birdman Subban on the head of his loving wife Myna”, flashed birdman Subban frankly.

“Wow! God blessed you with a nice wife! Do she a bird women like you?”

“No mom. She is an ordinary poor girl. We have a jolly life inside the forest. We love each other more than our own life.”

“Subban, how can you help me?”

“I shall fly very close to you. Jump on my back. You shall use my sword to kill the cyclop. Even if you slipped down, I shall seize you safely.”

“Why did the cyclop take me alive with him? Do you have any idea?”

“Generally cyclop captures beautiful girls to supply as play toys to their children. After game for a long period of time, they will lose their interest in the games with the live toys. Then they will eat the live toys like sugarcane to enjoy the taste of the hot flesh.”

“Alas! What a pity! The pain of the live toy will exceed the tortures of the hell.”

“This cyclop is a foe to the human race, like king Gangan of Marutha land. The murder of the cyclop is a service to the human race.”

Vanathi flew into the heights of imagination, to calculate the probability of success in the process of killing, such a monster with high powers. Her higher level of thinking failed to illuminate her heart with brightness of victory, like a twinkling star in the midst of the darkness of the sky. “The process of killing this cyclops is beyond the level of our capacity, more dangerous than scaling mount Everest. If I approach within the range of his arms along the front, my fate will be similar to a rat inside a trap. The cyclop will crush me like a little blood sucking mosquito”, glossed Vanathi, taking a deep breath to increase her confidence level.

“Why should you appear before his direct vision? I shall fly around his back. You use that opportunity to cut off his head.”

“The process of attacking an enemy from behind is the action of a coward. I am an offspring of a noble family of prowess. I can’t attack an enemy at his back, even at the time of life risk on the edge of death.”

At that time of unsettled climatic condition, the high speed Nila reached the vicinity of the cyclop. She bombarded abruptly on the back of the cyclop like a meteorite from the sky. Due to the reaction of the heavy impact, Vanathi was rebounded into the sky like a projectile accelerated by a mechanical engine. Birdman Subban was on penance for such a golden opportunity to serve Vanathi to wipe the dirt of his sin. So he flew swiftly towards her, and held her on his shoulders. She stood perpendicularly on his shoulders, with stability like an angel of heaven, without slightest shade of fear. She accepted the sword from the hand of birdman Subban, and stabilized her mind to start a heavy attack on the cyclop. At that instant of time, the cyclop stretched his right hand backwards to pull the lioness, with an aim to kill him by striking repeatedly on the rough surface of the earth. Nila drew her claws from the flesh of the cyclop, and jumped on the ground to escape from the strong clutch of the cyclop.

The lioness roared aloud to show her wrath, and crouched to launch the third attack on the mighty cyclop. Aggravated by the atrocity of the lioness, the cyclop turned back towards her with boiling wrath. At that time of the highest anger of the cyclop, Nila ran towards him for the third attack. The cyclop kicked her with the heavy force of his right leg. Nila flew into the height of the sky like a bird without wings, and dropped on the huge spread of a tree. She was trapped on a branch of the tree, unable to launch the third attack against the mighty cyclop.

“Nila is safe on the branch of the tree. Let us focus our attention towards the cyclop. We should establish our supremacy in the forest against the cyclop”, heralded Vanathi haughtily.

“A feeling of fear is the only obstacle for our march towards victory. You fly towards the face of cyclop, keeping your sharp attention on the movement of the hands of the cyclop. I shall try my best to cut off his head in one blow”, instilled Vanathi, shifting her focus towards the neck of the cyclop.

Suddenly there occurred a shift in the concentration of birdman Subban. Before his imaginative eyes, Myna danced glamorously, like a peacock at the first drizzle of the monsoon season. There was a red glow of warning signal in his brain about his own safety. “Subban, you are the breathing air for my life. You are the only fortress of my joy. Wild animals will chew my flesh in your absence. Kindly preserve your health for my survival”, jarred Myna judiciously.

Within the time of an eye wink, there was another twist in the imagination of his mind. The cyclop appeared as a hindrance for a joyous life of long duration with Myna inside the wilderness of the forest. If the cyclop was alive inside the forest for longer period of time, he would capture his sweetheart on one day to dip him into the depth of tears. His life without Myna would turn into the sufferings of an earthworm in a torrid desert. Hence a spring of courage erupted in his heart, which accelerated him towards the cyclop with increased energy. Vanathi waved her sword with high force towards the neck of the cyclop to cut off his head in one blow. Unfortunately a twist of event occurred to push Vanathi to the dark side of failure.

The water current of a stream crossed the path of the cylop to write the failure story of Vanathi. The cyclop put his right feet in the middle of the deep stream. Due to this turning point, the level of neck of the cyclop lowered, and his hard horn occupied the position of the neck. The sword of Vanathi bombarded on the rough horn, and broken into two fragments like the shoot of a bamboo tree, the broken part piercing through the layers of atmosphere to a large distance. Birdman Subban flew swiftly behind the cyclop, and rised to higher layer above the head of the cyclop. Vanathi held the broken sword vertically downwards on the strong grip of both hands, and jumped on the head of the cyclop, her sword hitting his head with violent force.

Due to the higher thickness of the cranium, and the lower sharpness of the sword, it failed to penetrate through the head to injure the soft area of the brain. At the same time, the right hand of cyclop stretched towards Vanathi and struck her with a force. Vanathi was scattered into the width of the sky, like a thread broken kite. Birdman Subban flew behind her swiftly to pull her to safety. Vanathi stepped down on his shoulders, and stabilized her position like a hero of mythology with skyhigh talents. “The cyclop is running fast to escape from our clutches. We can’t allow the worthless cyclop to breathe long to scorch human crops. Our only aim is the death of the cyclop. Run fast to push him towards the hell of death”, lashed Vanathi loftily.

Birdman Subban flew along the direction of the cyclop with diminished energy. After a long period of time, he saw the cyclop entering into a wide cave at the foot of a huge rock mountain. “The cyclop escaped into the cave. Chase him inside the cave. I can’t sleep peacefully, if I fail in my mission to kill the cyclop”, motivated Vanathi, vibrating on his shoulders to kindle his speed.

Birdman Subban revolved around the cave, without showing any interest to enter into the cave to chase the cyclop. “Mom, it is highly dangerous for our life to fall into the trap of the family of cyclops. My wife Myna is waiting eagerly for my safe return. I can’t reject her in the wilderness of the forest”, negated birdman Subban, revolving around the area to give time for the thinking of Vanathi.

Vanathi dipped into the depth of imagination for a span of time. The sharpness of her brain instructed the truth in the words of birdman Subban. “God will bless us with more opportunities to hunt the cyclop. Let us not jump into the cavern of darkness with closed eyes. Let us wait for a blooming season to cut off the roots of cruelty”, opined Vanathi optimistically. Birdman Subban turned his direction of flight towards the residence of Vanathi with a bloomed face of mirth.

Bird woman Vanmathi wandered through the dense forest aimlessly, with exhausted hope for a bright future. Her empty stomach exhausted her energy to the ground level. It sowed the seeds of burning pain into her nervous system to scorch her, like the prickling effect of thousands of sharp needles. Her personal experience proved that a life without the spring of love would give the tortures of the hell on the surface of the earth. All varieties of birds considered her as a notorious hunting bird of monstrous size. So when she tried to fly to the vicinity of convoys of birds, they scattered in different directions with chirps of warning to the neighbors. When she walked on the surface of the earth, the carnivorous animals assumed her as a new type of meek bird with tasty flesh. So they chased her without the slightest shade of mercy.

Vanmathi confirmed that she won’t live in the midst of mankind, bearing the continuous mockery. She hated to live a life of shame as a sample of scientific research. Number of questions tried to pierce her heart like a shower of accelerated arrows. “God, I stand on the sharp edge of a stake. Why should I try to save this worthless body from the tortures of death? Who is in the world to share my loving heart? Where should I go to lead a honorable service oriented life?” pattered Vanmathi pathetically.

The imaginative wings of Vanmathi flew in the direction of cruel king Gangen of Marutha Land. She planned to kill king Gangan with the hope of only low percentage victory. She was ready to sacrifice her life for the future progress of her motherland. She never expected a barren life, without the love of a child. The vampire crushed her born craziness for a child, giving the wings sprouting magical medicine wilajit treacherously. The infertility induced by king Gangan collapsed her dreams, like a castle build in the sky without strong foundation.

“God, I hate to live without the love of a child. Kindly call me to your nearness like your own child. Please don’t reject me on the minor charge of a suicide. Is there any sin in leaving my own body, as a useless wreath of withered flowers?” quivered Vanmathi, dropping tear drops like a rainfall.

Vanmathi confirmed that a hunger for few days won’t push her soul to the joy of heaven. At the same time, a good poison would help her to separate her holy soul from the body of nasty flesh. She wished to seek a permanent remedy to soften her crying heart. So she began to eat all types of fruits that attracted her eyes on the path of her progress. She ate varieties of fruits up to the brim of her mouth, giving more weightage to the fruits with bitter taste. She eagerly waited for the journey of her soul towards heaven, without slightest shade of a misery. She wished to taste few drops of ambrosia to transform into an angel of heaven.

The vertical rays of sun at noon tried to burn her, by higher intensity of infrared radiation. To minimize the scorching effect of the solar rays, Vanmathi landed on the surface of the earth, to enjoy the chillness of shadows under huge spread of trees. At that instant of evaporated hope, she dropped in the field of view of the cyclop. At distant view, cyclop identified Vanmathi as the birdman, who pulled two live toys from his mighty hands. Boiled by the hotness of wrath, the cyclop stretched his legs rapidly in the direction of Vanmathi. The speedy movement of the cyclop was obstructed by the branches of trees along the path. Due to the indomitable strength of the cyclop, the tree branches broke easily life feeble twigs. However the sound of breakage of the trees created heavy noise like a rolling thunder.

The heavy turbulence of the area attracted the attention of vanmathi along the direction of the cyclop. The direct view of the monster cyclop with one big eye on his forehead and a huge horn on the head sowed fear waves into her nervous system. She confirmed the directional motion of cyclop towards her was to inflict the torment of hell on her skin. By limitless shiver of fear, she began to run fast below the spread of trees, selecting the transportation on the surface of the earth to be ideal to escape from the terror of the cyclop. However the distance gap between vanmathi and cyclop lowered rapidly, owing to the high length of the legs of the cyclop.

At that time of burning tension of Vanmathi, a sudden twist of event occurred as a helping force to support her. The cyclop carelessly bombarded on a skyhigh palmyra tree of large cross section. Due to the tremendous force of collision, the palmyra tree lost its stability, tearing off its fibrous root system. When the cyclop moved through a range of distance, the palmyra tree dropped on him to diminish his strength. The cyclop tried his best to stop the fall of the palmyra tree, embracing it on his chest. Due to the failure of his efforts, the cyclop dropped on the surface of the ground, still embracing the huge palmyra tree on his chest like his own girl friend.

The abrupt noise pulled the attention of Vanmathi along the direction of the cyclop, and she witnessed the accident, like a flash of light. Her face bloomed instantly, as if the magnetie fortress of king Gangan exploded into fragments. The cyclop used his enormous strength to roll the palmyra tree from his chest, and succeeded in his efforts within a short period of time. He stood up with little strain and searched Vanmathi around the area, to capture her as a play toy for his children. Vanmathi used that time interval perfectly to escape from that area of heavy turbulence. She fluttered her huge wings at higher frequency, and hid her inside the dense foliage of a tremendous banyan tree with hundreds of prop roots.

Vanmathi spread her wings of imagination in all directions of the sky, and pondered the chain of incidences that turned her life upside down, like a cow that ate straw. She analyzed the significance of all turning points in her life in chronological order, to catch the depth of mirth in her life. She judged that her life was in a state of sinking into the depth of a pit of quick sand, preventing her efforts to climb on the peak of victory. She finalized to move towards the joy of heaven, leaving her body to decay on the surface of the earth, like a bundle of bagasse.

While she was a student of the residential university of prof Sukran, she was the best student in medicine, toxicology being her favorite subject. She was familiar with the synthesis of a poison more powerful than the poison of cobra. She decided to seek the helping hand of her own education, to escape from the torment of the earth. Her imagination of a joyous life with her own parents, in the enchanting climatic condition of the heaven, thrilled her senses beyond the height of the sky. The imaginations of an exciting future, evaporated the weight of weariness in her mind, and transformed her into a winged seed of light weight. She dipped into the depth of a deep sleep, and roamed throughout the vast stretch of the paradise with her loving parents.

Vanmathi opened her eyes only after sunrise. Her heart was light like the feather of a peace dove. She was impressed by the dancing styles of nature around her. She flapped her enormous wings, and stepped down on the surface of the earth at a distance. She walked slowly focusing her eyes sharply on the ground, to locate the growth of medicinal plants of her choice to prepare a poison. She collected medicinal plants and roots on the shade of a tree. Before noon, she succeeded in her trial to collect all components for the preparation of the poison. She sat on the shade of the tree leisurely, and began to separate the medicinal plants into different group. At that instant of her calm mind, a repeated cry bombarded her mind, like a thunder bolt from a clear sky. “Mother, embrace me on your chest!”

A sensational thrill penetrated throughout her nervous system, like a streak of lightning. Her face bloomed instantaneously, like a white lotus flower at sun rise. “Child, where are you?” ranted Vanmathi rapturously. Tear drops of joy peeped through the edges of her eyes, like sparkling crystals of diamonds. “Baby, your mom is alive!” roared vanmathi radiantly. She lost the control of her senses by the attack of waves of excessive mirth. She fluttered her huge wings, and flew towards the direction of sound, like a whirl wind of high speed.

On that morning time, birdman Subban embraced his wife Myna on his chest, and presented her a chain of kisses as a token of his deep love. “Dear! I am going outside for hunting some food items. Don’t try to slip down from the cottage to fall into the hands of perils. I shall return safely within a short interval of time. Don’t melt like a candle in the agony of danger”, scoffed birdman Subban, pinching her right cheek with a sparkling smile.

Myna waited calmly for the return of the darling of her heart. With lapse of time, a light fume occurred in the depth of her mind. The little fume at a corner spread throughout her heart as a hot flame of fire. She shivered in fear on the imagination that her darling was on the trap of the monster cyclop. Her eyes turned into two sources of waterfall. “Why did you leave me alone in the midst of this forest with dangerous animals? How can I breathe without the warmth of your love? Fly fast to oscillate me on your lap of love”, tattled Myna tensely. She cried bitterly as if to dissolve the hardest granite mountain.

Myna stepped down to a branch of the tree from the cottage, like a skillfull squirrel. She finally jumped on the surface of the earth, as a first step to start a searching process to confirm the safety of birdman Subban. She wandered throughout the dense forest with roaming wild animals, sobbing bitterly with leaky eyes. “Darling, Are you playing a hide and seek game to check the depth of my love? Run fast to save me before burst of my heart. I shall fall on your feet, accepting my childishness”, uttered Myna, like a child crying to attract the attention of his mother for milk feeding.

Birdman Subban collected varieties of fruits and roots that were on the list of choice of Myna in a bag. During the return journey towards his cottage, he saw the monster cyclop very close to his cottage. To divert the attention of the cyclop from his cottage, he revolved around cyclop in the sky. The cyclop stretched his right hand to seize birdman Subban with exploding wrath. Birdman Subban flew swifly in the opposite direction to escape from his clutch. The cyclop chased him to draw birdman Subban to his grasp. During the course of this chasing drama, the water current of Ponni River stood as an obstacle. Birdman Subban plunged into the depth of water, and escaped from the view of the cyclop.

The cyclop waited on the bank of the river for a span of time, to detect birdman Subban around the area. Due to exhaustion of hope for victory, the cyclop walked towards his original destination. While roaming through the forest, Myna saw monster cyclop at a large distance, like a walking mountain. Waves of fear froze her nervous system, minimizing her energy level to run fast. So she climbed on a nearby tree, and hid her body under the dense leaves. The human flavor of Myna penetrated the nostrils of cyclop, to turn his attention along the direction of the innocent women Myna. Though Myna studied the deviation of the cyclop towards her, she expected a high probability to escape from the eyes of the cyclop by the blessing of god.

Unfortunately the wish of Myna slipped into the black side of failure. The gigantic right hand of the cyclop stretched towards her, and drew the live toy on his wide palm. Myna stood on the platform of the plam like an ice doll, all her senses froze to loss activeness. The cyclop walked to a plane ground, and stopped movement to train the live toy a game, before presenting her as a gift to his children.

He raised his right palm to the level of his mouth. He lowered his left palm to the lowest possible level, parallel to the right palm. “Baby, this is a training programme for a game. You should obey my orders. If you show any negligence, I will crush you into useless plama. Jump baby, jump. You jump on my left palm,” vociferated the cyclop violently.

Myna lowered her field of vision towards his left palm. The infinite distance span of his left palm originated waves of fear in her nervous system. She lost her hope for survival after the game. To escape form the wrath of the cyclop, she jumped towards the left palm of the cyclop, the shiver of fear evaporating her trust on a prosperous future. She pierced through the layers of atmosphere for a long period of time, and bombarded on the left palm with force, like a sloth dropping from the top of a tall coconut tree. Waves of pain attacked her nervous system like a pack of hounds. When she stood to stabilize her position on the left palm of the cyclop, he planned to inflict higher pain beyond the tortures of hell on her nervous system.

He moved his left palm vertically upwards, and threw her into the height of the high with great force. While travelling swiftly towards the higher layers of the sky, she imagined her journey directly towards darkness of hell. She experienced the suffocation of rarefied atmosphere, and confirmed her certain death within a short interval of time. The speed of her travel gradually diminished to reach zero. Then she began to move downwards with increasing velocity. Her mind flew swiftly towards birdman Subban, her ocean of love. “Darling, my blessings are behind you for a joyous life on the surface of the earth. I shall wait in the gate of paradise to give you a warm welcome, after the completion of your duties on the earth. My hot kisses are reserved only for you” wailed Myna, waving her right hand towards their cottage for a happy farewell.

Myna dropped on the right palm of cyclop, like a withered garland of jasmine flowers. She closed her eyes with the numbness of exhaustion of energy. “Jump baby jump!” yelled the cyclop, vibrating his right hand to induce sensations into her nervous system. She stood up slowly with evaporated energy, shook her hands to increase blood circulation, and jumped towards the left palm of the cyclop. When she reached the nearness of the left palm, it pushed her upwards with high force. During her upward movement towards the rarefied atmosphere of low oxygen content, she remembered her craziness on the love of a mother. She confirmed her failure to experience the depth of pure love of a mother. Myna was oscillated repeatedly between the palms of the monster cyclop, and the zenith of the atmosphere like an inert toy.

Tear drops dropped from her eyes, like a waterfall. “Mother embrace me on your chest”, shrieked Myna shockingly. She repeated the cry, till her energy loss pushed her towards unconsciousness. The cry of Myna undergone multiple reflection in the brain of Vanmathi. She flew swiftly towards the source of the sound, and witnessed her child in the upper layer of the atmosphere, beyond the reach of the hands of the monster cyclop. She grasped Myna at the speed of a flash of light, and embraced her tightly on her chest as a new born child. “My child, God blessed me my own child! I love you child, I love you very much!” sobbed Vanmathi, tear drops falling down her eyes like a waterfall.

Due to the loss of the rare live toy for the third time, the cyclop climbed to the height of wrath. He stretched his long hand to seize the bird women. Vanmathi increased the frequency of flapping to enhance the velocity of her journey. The cyclop ran behind vanmathi to trap her with stretched right hand, elongating the span of his feet to maximum. The distance gap between the cyclop and Vanmathi gradually increased. At that time of diminishing hope, the cyclop observed a pile of huge logs. He lifted the logs one by one, and threw them towards Vanmathi with utmost force. Some logs were accelerated with their cross section towards her like high speed spears to crush her to death. Some logs revolved about an axis perpendicular to their length and approached rapidly to pulverize her like spinning wheels. Other logs shifted parallel to its length without rotational motion to squeeze her body into juice.

Myna opened her eyes, and studied the changing color of the climate. She stretched her hand around Vanmathi, and tightened her hug to attract the attention of Vanmathi. “Mom it is very difficult to escape from the projectiles of the cyclop. We shall avoid the hit of the logs, if we stabilize just above the head of the cyclop. I don’t like to die before enjoying the depth of love of a mother. Kindly try mom, try!” adjured Myna admirably.

Vanmathi wondered about the sharpness of brain of her child. “I am happy for your wisdom. I shall obey your instructions perfectly to save our skin. I shall oscillate my child on the love swing of my heart”, bewitched Vanmathi, increasing the pressure of her grasp to show her depth of love to the new born child.

Vanmathi saw a log fast approaching her like a high speed spear. She turned direction swiftly, to fly towards cyclop, and stabilized her position vertically above the head of cyclop. Flared by the failure of his projectiles, cyclop stretched her right hand to seize Vanmathi. “Mom, the cyclop will jump to catch us. Kindly fly to higher level to escape from his clutches. Quick mom, quick!” cried Myna like a duckling. Vanmathi flew upwards on an inclined path to certain path, and returned to stabilize vertically above the head of the cyclop. “Child, I am once again impressed by your timely cleverness. I am Vanmathi a well trained warrior of Neyythal Land. I shall teach you all the techniques of warfare”, declared vanmathi devoutly.

At that time of highest joy of Vanmathi, the cyclop jumped high into the sky with stretched hand to grasp them. His repeated trials went fruitless to boil his heart to higher hotness of anger. He then projected a huge log vertically upwards with heavy force. Vanmathi studied the exact direction of motion of the projectile, and displaced slightly backwards to escape from the collision of the log. The projectile pierced through the layers of atmosphere to high altitude, and retraced its path downwards owing to acceleration due to gravity. The log bombarded on the head of the cyclop, like a meteorite from the height of the sky. Due to the high thrust of the impact, the horn of cyclop penetrated through the huge log. The cyclop struggled a lot to push the log from his horn.

“The cyclop will take some time to draw the log from his horn. This is the right time for our escape. Let us fly towards our cottage on a tree top. We shall discuss about our future with my husband”, emphasized Myna entreatingly.

Vanmathi began to fly along the eastern direction. A long span of silence ruled them. “Mom, you are very beautiful like an angel of heaven. Your milky white huge wings give you heavenly appearance. I am jealously on you, for your fame as the first bird woman of the world. Thank god for blessing you with such a great honor”, flattered Myna, presenting an affectionate kiss on her chin.

“Only my wings supplied enough energy, to save you from the clutch of the cyclop, as my new born child. I should thank king Gangan for his benevolence to bless me with wings by treachery. Can you reject the pure love of your mom on the charge of wings?” grieved Vanmathi grudgingly.

“I am an orphan on the street of Marutha Land. I am crazy for the love of a mother from childhood. God heard my repeated prayers of high depth. He blessed me a beautiful angel as my mother. A part of my prayer will go to king Gangan of Marutha Land.”

“Alas! Do you know about the magic medicine wilajith discovered by prof. Sukran?”

“Don’t shiver by shock. I am the wife of Subban, the first birdman of the world. He was deceived by the vampire king of Marutha land”.

“You are great my child. I appreciate your broadmindedness to accept a birdman as your husband. God will bless you with everlasting joy”.

“I love you Mom, I love you very much. My name is Myna. May I know your name Mom?”

“Certainly. My name is Vanmathi. We deceived the eyes of the cyclop by our travel along a wrong direction. Where is our cottage?”

“Turn towards your left. We shall reach our destination in a short efflux of time. My darling will be waiting for me eagerly in the cottage”.

“Myna, I have a boiling doubt. What will happen, if Subban refused to allow me in your cottage? I can’t breathe without your love”.

“Don’t worry mom. Subban will dance according to my tune. According to my condition of marriage, he is actually searching sincerely to fetch a mother for me”.

“Give weightage to the promise of boys only as words written on water surface. Their tongue will twist in different directions, according to the color of the environment”.

“Subban is the gem of a person. He won’t deviate from the straight line path drawn by me”.

“How can we maintain our intimacy, if he rejected me as a burden?”

“I shall come with you to any hell. We shall construct a cottage of our own”.

“Are you sure Myna? How can you neglect the intimacy of husband for a silly duplicate mother?”

“As a beautiful girl of age sixteen, I shall easily get the hotness of any number of boys. But the sincere love of a young mother around age twenty is only an imaginary dream. I love you mom, love you very much”.

They soon reached the beautiful cottage constructed by birdman Subban on the middle of a tree. Vanmathi was impressed by the structure of the cottage. She judged birdman Subban as a talented man with many skills. He was absent inside the hut. “Subban went outside at early dawn to collect food items. He ordered me to remain inside the cottage. As he failed to return within the prescribed period of time, I started a searching process to trace him, and dropped on the hands of the cyclop”.

“Subban may have returned to the cottage, when you are on the trap of the cyclop. Now he may be on a searching process to trace his sweet heart”.

Vanmathi was at the height of weariness, owing to the exhaustion of energy. So she lay on the bed to take a calm sleep. Myna closed the door and sat on the edge of the cot to study the salient features of her structure. To the sharpness her eyes, Vanmathi appeared to be a beautiful damsel from an affluent family of high status. She wondered about the depth of love in her tone. She spread her wings of imagination in the vast width of the sky, to trace the real color of love on the face of the damsel mother. “Mom, how can you love a married girl like me as your own new born child? Did your brain infect by little lunacy? I wish to preserve you very close to my heart, bathing you on the showers of my everlasting love. I will oscillate you always on the swing of my love to strengthen the bond of affinity between us”, hammered Myna hurriedly.

Myna spread on the cot close to Vanmathi and embraced her softly with boiling love. “You are my newborn Child. I love you Myna. Kindly don’t push your Mom into chaos”, importuned Vanmathi impeccably. She presented warm kisses on the forehead of Myna, as a prize for her depth of love with vibrating lips and leaky eyes. Within a short interval of time, Vanmathi slipped into the depth of a deep sleep. Myna spent a long span of time, gazing the glamorous face of Vanmathi with a feeling of bubbling strangeness. She was extremely happy for the new prize awarded by god, to kill the lazy time of loneliness in the midst of the dense forest. She flew into the height of imagination to preserve the love torch on her lap, for her guidance to illuminate the path of her future life.

The eyelashes of Vanmathi flapped like the wings of a love dove. “Myna, did your husband Subban arrive safely to his residence? What is the reason for his late arrival?” jaded Vanmathi by her questions of enquiry. The questions of Vanmathi originated fear waves in the brain of Myna.

“Mom, I am afraid for the disappearance of Subban into vacuum. It is my responsibility to pull him to safety. Will you help me to trace Subban? I can’t miss my darling from the hold of my eyes”, lamented Myna, tear drops growing at the edges of her eyes like mercury drops.

“It is my highest pleasure to assist my child, to start a searching process to locate birdman Subban. Come fast to embrace my chest as my own little baby. I shall carry you joyfully to the extreme end of the world to see your smiling face”, mollified Vanmathi merrily.

“The process of grasping you like a milk sucking monkey is not a good posture for enjoying the serene beauty of nature. Kindly reserve a seat on your back for my happy journey”.

“Kindly hang on my back, keeping my shoulders on your strong grip. You shall occupy a convenient seat on my back, after I stabilize the fluttering of wings”.

“I wish to stand on your back. That will give me more freedom to enjoy the natural beauty of the whole area of the forest”.

“Kindly don’t compel to subject my new born baby to a life risk. I won’t obey the orders of my little child”.

“I have enough experience in standing on the back of Subban. I have perfect stability to balance on edges at high altitudes. Even if I slip down, you shall pull me to safety”.

“I shiver to imagine your flight standing on my back. Kindly give weightage to my opinion”.

“Mom, don’t try to insert your nipple into my mouth. I am not a baby to suck your milk. I shall wait for you on the top of our cottage. You revolve around the tree. I shall bounce on your back like a hero of the paradise”.

Myna sprang to a branch of the tree, and climbed skillfully on higher branches to reach the top of the cottage. Vanmathi stood like an ice doll without slightest vibration, thinking deeply about a strategy to trap her into her love web. Her sharp brain warned her to be careful to strengthen the mother-daughter affinity bond stronger than the husband-wife love bond. She decided to dance according to the tune of Myna to soak her completely in the shower of her love. She followed the same technique of Myna to reach the top of the cottage. “Baby, I am sorry. I won’t stand as an obstacle to your little pleasures. There is no mistake to take little risk for gaining fresh experiences of novelty. I will be behind you for all your endeavors to travel towards the joy of heaven”, notified Vanmathi, to sow seeds of joy into nervous system of Myna.

“Kindly excuse me for my little eccentricity. We shall erase the minor difference of opinions between us in a slow phase. We shall establish a tight triangular bond of love with Subban. That will add more safety factor to our colorful life”, osculated Myna on her cheek and pulled her for a warm hug.

Vanmathi spread her enormous wings and waved them slowly to float in air. She increased the frequency of vibration of her wings at slow rate to boost her velocity. She began to revolve around the tree at the level of the cottage top. Myna ran swiftly on the cottage top and sprang toward Vanmathi flying in the sky. “Mom, you fly without abrupt twists at the same altitude. You keep your eyes sharp to identify not only birdman Subban, but also the monster cyclop. I am a little child crazy on stupid games. It is your duty to save your own child”, postulated Myna prodigiously.

They extended their searching operation to the vast stretch of the dense forest. During their laborious efforts to search birdman Subban, Myna gave a sudden shock to burst the heart of Vanmathi to fragments. “Mom, I feel giddiness. I find hard to balance on your back. Kindly save me from the lap of death”, quizzed Myna, exploding into a sneering laugh. She slipped down voluntarily from the back of Vanmathi.

“Alas! My child! My heart will explode into pieces, if you play such dangerous games. Don’t lose the love of mother by your stupidity”, reviled Vanmathi riotously. She moved swiftly downwards, pulled her by the strong clutch of her right hand, and embraced tightly on her chest.

“Mom, I suffocate by your excessive pressure. Kindly leave me to bounce on your back. I just played a game to verify the depth of love of my mother. I won’t dramatize such a play again”, soothed Myna, patting on her cheek to originate waves of sympathy into her mind.

“I won’t take another risk to lose my child. You sleep calmly on the warmth of my chest. I shall search the presence of birdman Subban around the area of the forest”, tweaked Vanmathi on her rump, to warn her to behave nicely.

“Don’t torture your own child. If you trap me on your chest, I will suck your nipples to study the quantity of lactation of your nipples”.

“My child has all the freedom to play with her mother”.

“Are you sure Mummy? Don’t you hate me for my mischief?”

“I can’t hate my child, even if she sucked all the blood in my body”.

A Sudden idea flashed in her mind to study the depth of love of her mother. So she hesitantly opened the hooks of her blouse. “Mom, your bosoms are beautiful like unripe lotus buds. Actually you appeared to be my own daughter. But I am crazy on the love of a mother only. I can’t accept you as my daughter or friend”.

“I too breathe only for the love of a child. Baby, our intimacy will jump to the height of heaven, if my child sucked my nipples”.

Myna sucked her both nipples for a short span of time, tear drops running through her cheeks like a stream of water. She arranged the blouse to its position and put the hooks. “This is a nice experience for all generations of my life. I love you mom, I love you very much”, ushered Myna unflinchingly.

“Did you taste the milk of your mother? Do you wish to verify the real color of the love of your mother by another experiment?” vivified Vanmathi, winking her eyes like a twinkling star in the sky.

“No mom. I tasted the depth of your love on this worthless girl. This is more than enough, for this generation. I don’t like to play further naughtily games on this embodiment of love. Kindly leave me on your back”, wrangled Myna witchingly.

Vanmathi oscillated her like a swing and pushed Myna to her back. Vanmathi flew in the sky at low speed with minimum vibration of her wings. Myna waved her hands rhythmically assuming herself as a love dove. After a travel of short distance, she saw birdman Subban flying at a distance.

“Mom, turn your eyes to the north. Birdman Subban is fastly flying towards us like an angel of heaven”, yelled Myna, waving her right hand to attract his attention. Since he was involved in the analysis of a tough fight between a mongoose and a cobra, she failed to observe Myna flying on bird woman Vanmathi. She clapped her hands repeatedly to pull his field of view along her direction.

“Darling, God blessed me with a bird woman as my mother. She is a good warrior like the tigress of Neyythal Land. This vanmathi is the thickest friend of Vanathi. From today she will live with us in our cottage as my own mother”, asserted Myna appealingly.

Suddenly she sprang to his back with perfect stability. Birdman Subban stared the glamour of milky white bird woman with a gleam of wonder on his face. He thought about the consequences of the presence of such a talented bird woman with them in their own cottage. His face slowly faded, losing the dazzling color of happiness. “Myna, she appears to be a young girl like you. She is more glamorous than ordinary damsels. You appear to be a pebble in front of a sparkling diamond. This young girl is not fit to love you as your mother”, berated birdman Subban, staring the structure of Vanmathi with his eyes shining in greedy.

“I consider a young mother of charm as a fortune blessed by god. The sparkling diamond is ready to accept this pebble as her child. I am not ready to reject the treasure gifted by god”.

“Stupid. This girl will remain around us as an obstacle for our privacy. An elephant can’t allow a black ant into its ear”.

“There are ample of places in this large forest for our privacy. I weigh mother at higher level than my own life. You should refine your mind for an amicable settlement”.

“I warn you to transform your mind for our happiness. I won’t give you second wonder guava to retain your youthhood, and to enhance your sex instinct. You reject Vanmathi for the sake of our joyous life”.

“I will give more weightage to the one day love of a mother than hundred years of your lust. Don’t jump into the ocean of unrest, without thinking about the consequences”.

“Honey, we shall search for another older mother. This beautiful young girl will try to weaken the love bond between us”.

“Love bond? Do you refer the lust affinity as the love bond?”

“Alas! Within this short interval of time, Vanmathi succeeded to adulterate your ocean of love. Certainly she will break the family bond formed by the sharing of love. I can’t allow a python into the cage of a pair of love doves”.

“Subban, don’t sing songs of vilification on my mother. She has a blood of royal family of luxury. She is better than you in all round personality”.

“Stupid Myna, she will attract me by her glamour. One day she will push you outside our cottage to wander throughout the dense forest as an orphan”.

The latest charge of birdman subban vibrated her heart like a tremor inside the ocean floor. Tear drops began to grow at the edges of her eyes, like wax drops of a burning candle. The color of mirth on her face faded, like the color of cheap saree at first wash. The attack of fear waves on her heart vibrated her hands, like the uncontrollable shiver of a drunkard under the intoxication of opium. “Mummy, my heart will burst, if you reject my pure love. Kindly don’t push me into the suffocation of vacuum. I will jump into the cavern of death, before your deception”, cried Myna convulsively. She stretched her both hands towards Vanmathi, like a girl child craving for milk feed.

At that time of evaporated hope of Myna, Vanmathi was flying at a large distance away from them, to avoid the heart burning remarks of birdman Subban. The cry of Myna pierced her heart, like a quiver of arrows. “Child, don’t shed tear drops. Your mother will oscillate you on the swing of her heart. You shall sleep on the chest of your mother, hearing calmly the lullaby of her love”, dignified Vanmathi, flying swiftly towards her to embrace on the heart of oozing love.

Myna sprang towards her with burst hope, and moved downward towards the hard crust of the earth for a harsh bombardment. “Child, you killed your mother. A love blossom bloomed lately burnt her own mother. I won’t live in this torrid desert without your shower of love”, exploded Vanmathi erratically. Vanmathi jumped on the surface of the earth and ran towards Myna by repeated bounces on four foot like a tiger on action. She successfully inserted her head into the gap between the legs of Myna by the gap of a hair.

When she lifted Myna on her shoulder with oozing eyes, she jumped joyfully on the ground like a rabbit on a game with its mother. She pulled her to a warm hug and bathed her by the shower of a chain kisses. The face of Vanmathi glittered like a fullmoon, enjoying the smear of tear drops on her face. “I love you mom, I love you very much”, fawned Myna felicitously.

“What is wrong with you? Did Subban criticize me as a worthless vamp on streets? Don’t worry baby. The real color of love between us is more important. Thousand tongues will vibrate in thousand different frequencies to spread gossip”, groaned Vanmathi grudgingly. The cries and quick actions of Vanmathi, when she was in danger undergone multiple reflections in her brain, to show her enduring dazzling color. Her mind shifted instantly to the side of brightness of life. She finalized to maintain the deep motherly love at the risk of any treasure.

She decided to trap Vanmathi permanently into a twisted love web. “Mom, Subban is a worthless boy. He remarks you as a world beauty. He is crazy to get a warm kiss from you to preserve in his memory. I hate that womanizer craving for lust”, harrowed Myna, hissing like a dancing cobra.

“Attraction on opposite sex is an inherent character of living beings. Don’t give weightage to such little remarks”.

“What will be your reaction, if that rascal compelled you for a kiss?”

“What is your opinion in this issue baby?”

“I don’t care to share just a kiss”.

“Are you sure baby? I have no significant respect on the word chastity. If you are interested, I don’t care to spare a kiss to Subban. He appears to be nice boy. Don’t hate him for such silly matters. This minor issue won’t break the family bond between you”.

“I have a burning doubt. Why did king Gangan transform this beauty angel into a bird woman?”

“I attempted to kill king Gangan. I failed in my effort, owing to the sudden diffusion of ten guards with spears into the harem. King Gangan escaped from death in the narrow gap of a hair”

“You are great Mom. Fortunately king Gangan left you with minor punishment. He used to throw unwanted queens as food to the flying crocodiles in the moat of the magnetic fortress. He inflicted a strange cruel punishment to queen Karpagam from Kurinchi land”

“Alas! I can’t bear the shock of this news. May the soul of karpagam be at rest in Heaven.”

“Mom, did you personally know Karpagam? She was praised as the most prowess woman of Kurinchi land. She too failed in her attempt to kill king Gangan like you”.

“Vanathi, Vanmathi, Karpagam and Vimala are the thickest friends in the residential university of Prof.Sukran. We four are equally talented in all arts like four vertices of a square. Baby! How did king Gangan trap Karpagam into the tragic clutch of death?”

“Karpagam was hunted by a band of three wolf monsters grown by king Gangan. She played miracles of valor, till her last breathe. The queens of king Gangan are not tired to sing the songs of praise of Karpagam”.

“God showered mercy on the head of Karpagam to pull her to the joy of heaven. The same god pushed me to the tortures of the hell”.

“You lie on the bed to take rest for some time. I shall wait outside for the arrival of Subban. I wish to open a conversation with Subban to reach an amicable settlement. I consider motherly love as the highest gift of god to this orphan once on the street”, jazzed Myna judiciously.

Myna waited outside on a branch of the tree, praying sincerely for the speedy arrival of birdman Subban. He returned after a long period of time, with diminished hope for a bright future. He sat on another branch of the tree, just opposite to her. “I never expected such a bitter turning point in our joyous life. I can’t digest the presence of a wall of hindrance between us” knelled Subban knavishly.

“Darling, Vanmathi Mom is young, beautiful, and prowess. The presence of such a bird woman with us will add strength to our safety. In addition, she worships you as a superman, exactly like me. Why don’t you consider Vanmathi Mom and Myna as only one entity?”

“Are you sure Myna? Will Vanmathi accept my leadership?”

“Certainly. Her failure to murder king Gangan lowered her confidence level. The agony of ugly wings tortures her to accept the domination of any gibbon. She is ready to present you a hot kiss, as a prize for your kind heartedness to accept her as a member of our family”.

“Wow! This is joyful news. I shall reconsider the problem to find a favorable solution. We shall allow Vanmathi with us for one week as a test session”.

“Thank you very much darling, for your kindness. First you should keep a distance from Vanmathi mom to gain her respect. Then I shall give instruction about a strategy to diminish the distance gap of you from Vanmathi mom”.

“Honey, I accept your stipulations. You don’t make cue and cry in jealousy, flying on worthless doubts”.

“Don’t try to touch the skin of Vanmathi mom. She is the most prowess women like Vanathi. She will tear off your flesh, like a tiger on wrath. I shall change the color of the climate, favorable for your climb within one month”.

“Don’t worry. I shall wait patienty till the blossom ripe to sweet fruit”.

“I will sleep with Vanmathi mom on floor at nights. You should sleep on the floor at my other side”.

“Myna, don’t speak like a milk sucking child. I can’t remain dry daily. I can’t sleep without cooling the hotness of my nerves”.

“Who told you to remain idle? We shall play hot games at the same place”.

“Alas! Are you crazy? I can’t imagine such a filthy game”.

“Our games will start sexomagnetic induction into the nervous system of Vanmathi mom. Her stability of mind will slowly melt. On one fine night, she will be under your weight”.

“Naughty girl, your craftiness crossed the depth of hell. Are you not ashamed for your idea of bitterness?”

“Why should I ashamed for my real love of broadness? Vanmathi mom is mentally my mother. She is physically my thickest friend. My pure love will continue till my death”.

“God won’t accept such an idea of crookedness against the moral code of life”.

“God should shiver in shame for supporting the damsel hunting expeditions of that vampire of Marutha Land”.

Birdman Subban was highly impressed by the stupidity of ignorant girl Myna. The presence of another beauty queen around him, kept the nerves of Subban always on boiling hotness. Myna trapped Vanmathi completely into her love web, acting like an innocent newborn baby. Vanmathi transformed into an ideal mother of paradise, ready to sacrifice every nerves of her body, to the little happiness of her child Myna. She kept her adopted child Myna always under the warmth of her wings. She took Myna to the nook and corners of the forest for jolly trips, to enjoy the serene beauty of nature. Birdman Subban took the responsibility to collect food items for their joyous life, always floating on the imagination of a hot bath. During the long period of one month, even Subban entered into the good book of Vanmathi, as a pious gentleman of virtuous character.

The sun rose in the eastern horizon with higher glare. The gentle breeze roamed through the area vibrated the leaves of trees to attract the attention of Myna, sitting on a branch of the tree with a gloomy face. A convoy of sparrows chirped rhythmically to transfer the faded face of Myna into a fresh bloom. Myna dipped into the depth of ocean of imagination, to trace the best technique to catch Vanmathi into her snare. She decided to apply different strategies, till her climb on the ladder of victory. Vanmathi noted unnatural color change on the face of Myna. She assumed the color change as the impact of sulkiness between the lovers. Unable to bear the silence of Myna for a long spell of time, Vanmathi sat close to her to soften her mind to normal life. “Baby, don’t brood over the insult, magnifying minor difference of opinion as a bombardment of a huge rock mountain. Tiffs are common between intimate lovers. Sulking is like salt to food in due measure, sulking prolonged is like salt added in excess”, lectured Vanmathi, to diminish the worry of sulkiness.

“There is no fissiparous force between us to weaken the affinity bond. I had a horrible dream during last night. The impact of the dream scorches my mind like an army of ghosts.”

“Dreams are mere hallucinations, like mirages disturbing feeble minds. Dreams have no relationship with events of real life. Neglect them like unstable air bubbles”.

“I have seen the dream clearly like a real drama on stage”.

“Did you see the faces of the actors on stage clearly?”

“Yes mom. I saw only two characters in the dream drama. One is Vanmathi mom. The other is this stupid Myna. I can’t bear the hotness of the dream drama”.

“Did you imagine sucking of blood from the nipples of your mom?”

“No mom. You charged me for a heavy mistake. You kicked on my chest with heavy force. I rebounded into the height of the sky and bombarded on a rock. I breathed the last puff of air”.

A perfect silence of death permeated the space around the area. Tear drops oozed on the edge of the eyes of Vanmathi, like a spring at the foot of a mountain. Vanmathi began to sob bitterly, as if to dissolve the hardest granite mountain. She pulled Myna to her lap, and embraced her tightly on her bosoms. “Dear child! I won’t try to trouble you physically or mentally. I won’t breathe to inflict pain on your skin”, mourned Vanmathi mysteriously.

“Are you sure mom? Do you have broad mindedness to forgive all my mischiefs? May I evaporate the burning fear of my dream?” nestled Myna, issuing a warm kiss on her forehead.

“Certainly baby. I won’t apply violence on your skin, even if you cut off my flesh little by little. Today I enjoy a happy life only because of your energy. I shall sacrifice anything to oscillate you on the swing of happiness”.

“Thank you mummy, Thank you very much”.

Myna displayed denser love from that day, and Vanmathi witnessed more happiness on her face. She always noticed a difference in her behavior, as if floating in a world of dream.

That day vanished slowly, without any twist of strangeness. On the next day dawn, Vanmathi again noticed Myna in a gloomy state of higher sadness. Vanmathi decided to dissolve her mood of melancholy, by a jolly trip to the region of a series of waterfalls. “Did you experience another bitter dream at yesterday night? Let us wash the sordidness of the dream, by a joyous picnic to enjoy the dancing styles of nature”, obligated Vanmathi obviously.

“Yes mom. I am on heavy shock by the horrifying dream on yesterday. I was roaming through the forest with spread hairs and oozing tears, carrying the corpse of my darling on my shoulder”, panicked Myna, beating on her chest repeatedly at force with her own hands.

“Alas! What happened to the health of Subban? Who has courage of touch the skin of Subban, the thickest friend of Vanmathi? Did the cyclop diffuse into the area to disturb our dearest birdman?” quivered Vanmathi, drawing the hands of Myna to her strong grasp, to stop the strokes on her own chest.

“I saw the tragedy with my own eyes. You spoiled my joyous life. You transformed me into a widow like you”.

“Please believe your mother. I won’t imagine to disturb your joyous life of love”.

“You killed my darling by a heavy stroke. I hate you Mom”.

“Myna, don’t burn my heart by charges of a murder. I can’t torture the handsome birdman”

“Subban had little craziness on your glamour. He may have pressed your bosoms to study the softness. Why don’t you forgive him with a warning?”

“Your mother won’t attack Subban, even if he tried to ravish me. Kindly don’t hate your mom on the basis of an imaginary dream”.

“You should remember your words at critical moments. If you assault my darling, I will commit suicide”.

“Don’t fly into the world of negative imaginations. Vanmathi is not a blood sucking vampire to boil the heart of her own child”.

For the second time, they reached an agreement of compromise. Vanmathi put no effort to identify the brain behind the dramatization of Myna. However there was an abrupt spark in her brain at afternoon. The sharpness of her mind warned her to be careful to study the planned abnormal behavior of Myna. She firmly believed that the extraordinary dramatization of Myna was focused to achieve a goal of her choice.

“Myna, you are not a milk sucking child to prattle on the impact of an imaginary dream. I shall watch a black smear on your dreaming face. I shall forgive you for your little games of stupidity, as I value the shower of your love more than the blessings of god. If you crossed limits of tolerance, I won’t hesitate to seek the help of poison to walk towards eternal bliss”, revived Vanmathi within her mind, like the soliloquy of a heroine in a stage drama.

At night Vanmathi got an opportunity to study the real color of the mind of that stupid girl. At midnight Vanmathi was in the depth of a deep sleep. Disturbed by the stroke of a leg on her right foot, she opened her eyes. “Darling, are you boiling on the rut of lust? Do your exercise softly without creating much noise. If mummy hear your craziness on sex, she won’t respect you as a gentleman”, scolded Myna salaciously.

“I am at the height of bursting in hotness. Don’t speak to extinguish the flame of fire bombarding my nerves. I wish to continue the game up to sunrise”, trotted birdman Subban tactfully.

The sharpness of her eyes exposed a shade of vertical oscillation of Subban. A hot wave of libidinous collided her nervous system like a streak of lightning. Unable to bear the hotness of the waves of sexomagnetic Induction, Vanmathi turned her body towards the opposite side, and tried her best to dip into the depth of deep sleep. The gasping noise of the game increased beyond her tolerance, a leg repeatedly striking her leg with some purpose. Though Vanmathi pulled her leg up to the wall, the crafty leg tortured her beyond the level of patience. The softness of the leg confirmed the darkness of Myna behind the torment. “I know your mind of craving lust. You don’t stretch your hand of lewdness towards my mom. She will pulverize your heart by single kick”, ushered Myna uniquely.

After a short period of time, a hand pulled Vanmathi to their side. To study the source of the force, Vanmathi shifted to a position with her face up. A hand opened the hooks of her upper dresses. She identified the owner of the hand as Myna from the touching sensation. Then the same soft hand slowly untied the knots of her lower dresses. She wondered about the artful game of Myna, without grasping the motive behind her play of sensuousness. She decided to die for the happiness of the child blessed by god, when she was at the edge of sure death. “Mummy won’t punish you, for your little breach of morality. Climb on her to show the thrill of lust”, vamped Myna voluptuously.

“Alas! My nerves shiver in fear. I can’t touch the skin of chastity. She will send me directly into the tortures of hell”, wailed birdman Subban warningly.

“Impotent coward, don’t reject the hotness of the beauty queen. Give your right hand. I shall teach you the technique to sow the seeds of lust into the nervous system of Mom”, allured Myna alertly. She rolled him very close to Vanmathi and pushed his right hand towards her bosoms. Energized by the absence of opposing force from Vanmathi, his hand began to induce waves of hotness into her nervous system pressing the bosoms.

“Inefficient dog, lower your crafty hand to the cupid mound”, berated Myna biliously. Subban proved his ability, by melting the whole nervous system of Vanmathi, by his hot games of expertise. Vanmathi studied the perfect color of the heart of Myna. So she cooperated to the efforts of Myna to float her on the ocean of joy.

“Vulpine! Don’t ejaculate by imagination. Climb on the mountain to accelerate the game towards victory”, cajoled Myna cannily. Birdman Subban obeyed her order perfectly, and danced violently according to her tunes.

“Sssh! Pain kills me raw. Sssh! kindly leave me to breathe for my child. Sssh!” denigrated Vanmathi deplorably.

“Push, push with force to pierce the hymen,” exploded Myna emphatically.

The orientation of the mind of Myna compelled her to bear the pain of death. She closed her eyes tightly, and adjusted her position to bear the burning pain, flying on imagination on the depth of love of that ignorant girl. Birdman Subban climbed to the height of victory by repeated trials.

At early dawn before sunrise, Myna rolled to the vicinity of Vanmathi, and pulled her for a warm hug. “Mom, excuse me for crossing the limits of morality. God won’t forgive me for my obnoxious behavior. I have done this to preserve you always in my vicinity. Kindly excuse this ignorant lass for her stupidity”, expostulated Myna, giving a warm kiss on her forehead.

“I am ashamed for the black stain of lewdness on my face. You spoiled the sacredness of the relation of virtue between us. How can you call me as your mother?” flared Vanmathi feverishly.

“Kindly assume me as an insane child, suffering from negativism. If you show any aversion towards me, I will commit suicide. This is the first and last warning of your child Myna,” groaned Myna grudgingly.

The black shadow of failure on the hands of monster cyclop put bridle to the horse of imagination of Vanathi. The presence of the monster cyclop with indomitable power blocked her free movement, like the Great Wall of China. Bats hung from tree branches in an inverted position by the order of the creator. God never passed an order to Vanathi to live on a tree like birds. Hence she decided to identify another location for her safe residence, out of reach to the long hands of the cyclop. “The cyclop roams through the forest to catch live dolls. My house should be very strong to withstand the high pressure of his hands. The house should be deep enough to protect me from the flag mast hands of the cyclop. The door of my house should be narrow enough to stop the monster cyclop outside my dwelling”, hammered Vanathi, roaming through the forest to identify a residence of her own choice.

After a long fruitless research throughout the width of the forest, she finalized to use the cave of Nila as a domicile for her safety life. When she walked towards the cave, Nila followed her like her own intimate child. “Nila, I am deadly tired. Kindly carry me on your back like a horse. I shall show you higher light of love for your service”, invoked Vanmathi intently. She sat conveniently on the back of Nila, transforming the lioness to a horse for her speedy travel. As she wore tiger skin as dress, her travel on the lioness created the appearance of the journey of a tiger on the king of the forest. The darkness of the inner side of the cave reminded her about the tortures of hell. She held her sword in a vertical position, ready for attack at any instant of time, at the slightest eruption of a peril.

Vanathi vanished in the darkness of the cave, as if dissolved in a black solvent. When she penetrated the darkness blanket of the cave for a distance, she witnessed a display of dim light, like the light of wisdom of paradise. She turned Nila towards the area of brightness, to study the source behind the emission of the beam of light at that area. She observed a narrow crevice between two rocks on the ceiling, in the shape of a waning moon at its last phase. The beam of bright light spread on the flat area of rock through narrow fissure on the ceiling, like a thief entering into a house piercing the blanket of darkness. Vanathi sat on the plane surface of the floor, and spread her wings of research in different directions.

Poisonous insects might hide in the veil of darkness, to bite her at the time of her carelessness. So Vanathi wished to wage a war against the darkness monsters dwelling in the cave, to transform it into a calm house for her safe residence. Nila squatted very close to her, and began to study the color changes on her face to know the orientation of her mind. Vanathi focused her concentration around the area of the crevice to study its nature. She noticed higher area of the crevice closed by a paste of soil and stones. She diffused outside of the cave, and climbed on the rock mountain to find a solution to widen the area of the crevice. When she reached the area of the crevice, she noticed a huge collection of stone around the area of the cleft. She lifted the stones one by one, and to roll them down on the slope of the rock mountain. Her hard efforts for two whole days helped a lot to widen the width of the crevice.

Vanathi was satisfied by the higher spread of light, around the area of plane surface of the rock inside the cave. The light of happiness illuminated her face, making it to glitter like fullmoon in the sky. She shifted her residence to the cave, under the security patrol of the lioness Nila. The wheel of time rolled slowly, showing no light of brightness in her lonely life with pains of weariness. Her confidence level for a joyous future diminished slowly, to push her towards a cavern of death. Though her mind oscillated on a swing between the extremes of life and death, the brightness of a joyous heaven allured her mind towards the lap of death. Atlast she decided to commit suicide, jumping down from the top of the skyhigh waterfall.

She walked towards the waterfall, when Nila was on the depth of a deep sleep. While she was climbing on the slope of the mountain, she witnessed the gigantic cyclop at a distance. She hid behind the trunk of a huge tree to escape from the sharp eyes of the gigantic cyclop. She crawled for certain distance on four foot to deceive the eyes of cyclop, and succeeded in her efforts to escape from the field of view of the giant cyclop. She increased the speed of her travel, and reached the mouth of the skyhigh waterfall for her journey towards the joy of heaven. She wished to say gratitude to god for his blessing to lead her up to the higher level. “God, thank you very much for your blessing till now. I wish to live a life of joy in the vicinity of my loving father and smiling darling. Kindly show me the correct path to reach the pearls of my heart”, joggled Vanmathi, stretching her both hands towards the height of heaven.

When she lifted her right leg from the grip of the ground to jump into the cavern of death, a sudden twist of event occurred to change her life stream in a different direction. She experienced nausea for a span of time, and exploded into vomiting, like an outburst of a fountain from her mouth. Repeated vomiting sensation tormented her mind, as an obstacle to her joyous journey towards the everlasting happiness of heaven. Suddenly the face of hermit Sankarar flashed into her memory, like the rays of sunrise embracing lotus buds. “Child, all your sufferings will vanish one day, like dew droplets on the blades of grass. You both will live long as an intimate couple, under the influence of a strong bond of love”, lighted hermit Sankarar laconically.

The face of Vanathi bloomed instantly, like a fresh sunflower. The technique used by her to dip prince Kuttuvan into the ocean of lewidness sparkled in her memory to add fragrance to her heart. “Wow! God saved me from the hands of sand rain with a purpose. The seed of virtuousness germinated in my womb as Junior Kuttuvan. I will live longer to reap the fruits of the blessing of god. I will grow Junior Kuttuvan as a tiger of Neyythal Land”, melodized Vanathi, dancing like a peacock at the first drizzle of a monsoon season.

Vanathi moved towards the slope of the mountain, as an effort to return to her dwelling under the surveillance of the security the officer Nila. Unfortunately the gigantic cyclop appeared to block her return journey. She ran fast towards the mouth of the waterfall to escape from the strong grasp of the cyclop. The monster cyclop began to chase her, floating on imagination to use her as a play toy to his children. Vanathi reached the mouth of the waterfall, running like a cheetah to escape from the clutch of the cyclop. She stood froze at the edge of the waterfall, not knowing a technique to escape from the tortures of the family of cyclops.

“God, you blessed me with a seed of my own darling. Kindly save me from the burning mystery of death. Junior Kuttuvan should grow into another hero to renovate Neyythal Land from the hands of the sand rain”, negotiated Vanathi naively. The enormously long hand of the cyclop moved swiftly towards Vanathi to catch her as a prey. To avoid pitiable death on the hands of the family of cyclops, she jumped toward the lake at the foot of the waterfall, expecting a miracle to save the seed of her darling.

Just before the time of the highest turbulence of Vanathi, Vanmathi was on hot argument with Myna. She was flying at low altitude of the sky, and Myna was chasing her on the ground. “Mummy, I won’t play further naughty games with you. Kindly excuse me for my little mischief. Please accept me atleast as your intimate friend”, oppressed Myna obligingly.

“Little ghost, you organized your husband to ravish my morality. No child would endeavor to lower the dignity of her own mother. I can’t give you a position of honor in my burning heart”, boomed Vanmathi, increasing the frequency of fluttering of her wings.

“Mom, I committed the mistake only with positive motivation to bless you with a joyous life in future. You will remember my depth of love one day. At that period of your refinement, no one will be around you to wipe your tears”, prognosticated Myna, striking her with a tiny stone.

Myna lost her trust on the light of life. She climbed to the top of a tree, and waited a span of time for the change of the heart of her intimate mother. With evaporated hope, she jumped towards a cavern very close to the tree, to escape from the sufferings of the world. Worried by the absence of the cry of her little child, Vanmathi turned swiftly along a semicircular path. Her heart burst into fragments on seeing the pitiable plight of the baby of her heart towards the cavern of death. “Baby, you failed to study the color of your mummy. I just dramatized hatred to refine your heart. You broke my heart of pure love into tiny pieces. How can I breathe without your love?” questioned Vanmathi, tear drops falling from her eyes, like ice crystals of a hailstone.

She sprang towards Myna slantingly downwards folding her wings, like a spear accelerated from a height. Myna saw her mother moving swiftly towards her with stretched hands. “I am happy to gain the heart of my mummy. This blessing is sufficient to me for this generation. I wish to pray god for his mercy to bless me a birth as your daughter in all future generations. I love you mom, I love you very much”, ranted Myna rapaciously. She waved her hands towards her mummy with a bloomed face, like the flapping of the wings of a white love dove.

Vanmathi seized the hand of Myna, before her bombardment on the hard surface of a rock. She jumped on the rock, and pulled Myna to her tight embracement. “Silly girl, you broke the heart of your mother. I hate you baby, I hate you like a poison”, scolded Vanmathi sourly.

Vanmathi fluttered her enormous wings at low rate, and crossed the depth of the cavern. She sat safely on a horizontal branch of the tree, and preserved Myna on the warmth of her lap. “Mom, here after you don’t dramatize hatred on the head of your child. I can’t bear the rejection of your deep love. I prefer death more than the loss of your love”, trifled Myna, spreading her eyes upwards towards the mouth of the waterfall. The gigantic structure of the cyclop sprayed fear waves into her nervous system. When she rolled her eyes around the area of the cyclop, she saw Vanathi at the tip of the waterfall, and the crafty hand of the cyclop moving fast towards her to seize forcefully.

“Mummy, turn your eyes towards the mouth of the waterfall. A girl is standing in front of the cyclop at the verge of death. Kindly fly fast to save the innocent soul”, urged Myna urgently. Myna jumped immediately to a lower branch of the tree from the lap of her mother. Vanmathi sprang towards the waterfall, and flapped her wings at higher frequency to cross the distance gap within a short interval of time. To escape from the torment of the monster cyclop, Vanathi bounced towards the lake at the foot of the waterfall. Her calculation of the distance of the lake failed bitterly, due to her lack of concentration at the moment of the highest vibration of her heart. She failed to cross such a vast distance to the lake, and moved downwards with increasing velocity towards a rock for a crushing bombardment.

By the mercy of god, Vanmathi jumped on the rock at the correct time, and stretched her both hands horizontally to hold Vanathi on her hands, like a garland of rose flowers. Vanathi remained on the hands of Vanmathi, as if on a swing. “Vanathi! I am vanmathi, your thickest friend. The treachery of king Gangan transformed me into the first birdwoman of the world. My joy crossed the barrier of heaven to know your safe survival”, venerated Vanmathi, showering tear drops as a symbol of liquefied happiness.

“Vanmathi! What happened to our prince? What is the condition of Neyythal land after the shower of sand rain? How did you escape from the tragedy?” wailed Vanathi woefully.

“Only the urban areas of Neyythal Land dipped into the depth of sand cover. The southern border areas escaped from the fate imposed by nature. Only rare chance exists for the safety of prince Kuttuvan”, yelled Vanmathi, shifting her eyes towards Myna.

“Did king Gangan conduct damsel hunting expedition on Neyythal Land? How did you fall into his trap to transform to a bird woman? Won’t you put effort to teach him a hot lesson?” appealed Vanathi, pulling her to a warm hug.

“I saved Neyythal Land from the hunting expedition of king Gangam, presenting a heavy treasure of three hundred damsels, including myself as ransom. He called me first to the zenana to share my warmth, boiling on the hotness of imaginary Vanathi. My endeavor to kill him failed bitterly, owing to the abrupt diffusion of ten lancers into the harem. King Gangan awarded me pair of wings as a prize for my failure”, chided Vanathi clumsily.

“Do you have any information about Karpagam, our friend of Kurinchi Land?”

“Karpagam proved her worthiness as our intimate friend. She dropped into the hands of king Gangan during his damsel hunting expeditions in Kurinchi land. She too failed in her attempt to murder king Gangan due to the sudden penetration of a batch of guards. King Gangan utilized her for the recreational camp to be hunted by a pack of there wolf monsters. Her second attempt to pierce the heart of king Gangan too failed bitterly. She was killed mercilessly by three queens of king.”

“Alas! What a pity! I can’t imagine the continuous support of holy god to the heartless brutal. Vanmathi! Do you hear any news about our friend Vimala?”

“Vimala breathed the last due to her excessive craziness on prince Kuttuvan. The corpse of Vimala was found floating on a lake”.

“Ha! What a tragedy! Who had power to touch the skin of Vimala?”

“Vimala had higher craziness on prince Kuttuvan than you. It is your mistake to give permission to our ten members of warrior group to share the love of prince Kuttuvan, as a prize for assuring his safety. She utilized her highest skill to vanquish the enemies of prince Kuttuvan. She used your permission to trap prince Kuttuvan into an ocean of lust. The spiral arm of a whirl wind killed her cruelly, transformed into a beautiful girl, and made hot arguments with our prince”.

“Alas! Forest nymph Santra killed my dearest friend Vimala on the basis of a flimsy reason. Two fresh blossoms withered from my rose garden”.

Myna ran towards the area, like a cub chasing a lioness for sucking milk. She stared Vanathi with a gleam of jealousy. “Wow! What a glamorous women! A beauty angel in tiger skin as dress! Mom, who is this beauty queen? Is she Vanathi, the tigress of Neyythal Land?” dandled Myna devoutly.

“You are perfectly correct baby. Show your reverence to the most prowess women of the world. We should serve her for her climb on the throne of Marutha Land as the most powerful queen of Hindustan”, entreated Vanmathi, giving a warm kiss on her forehead.

“Good Morning Vanathi Mom. I am extremely happy to meet the tigress of Neyythal land. I wish to learn the arts of warfare from you. Kindly accept me as your disciple”, fondled Myna felicitously.

Vanmathi gazed her from top to bottom for a span of time. A brightness of strangeness spread on her face, growing at uniform rate like the waxing phase of the moon. The depth of intimacy of that girl with Vanmathi originated waves of wonder in the ocean of her heart. “Vanmathi! Who is this belle? Where did you catch this lark?” questioned Vanathi gleefully.

“Myna is my child. She is my breathing air. She is my savior”, hummed Vanmathi, pulling Myna to her chest.

“I knew the color of your heart. God blessed you with this wonderful prize. Preserve this prize in your heart better than your own life”, instructed Vanathi implicitly.

“Thank you Vanathi, thank you very much for your blessing. Is there any pleasant twist in your life?”

“In the midst of heart breaking worries, god blessed me with a favor. Junior Kuttuvan is growing in my womb”.

“Wow! This is the good news of joy. The mercy of god showered on our head. We should teach Junior Kuttuvan all arts of statecraft to transform him to the future Emperor of Hindustan”.

“I need your help for the safe birth of my child. Your assistance is the most important to grow Junior Kuttuvan into a real hero. Will you please come with me for the pleasure of your thickest friend?”

“I can’t abandon my new born child. I can’t breathe calmly without her presence around me. She is a little child crazy on the warmth of my love”.

“Don’t speak high about this girl. Better you bring her with you. We shall train her in all arts of warfare and give the status of Karpagam in our heart”.

“I am sorry Vanathi. Myna is a married family woman. She can’t leave her husband alone in the forest”.

“Who is that stupid youth to marry this minor girl?”

“Subban the first birdman of the world”.

“Subban is a nice youth. Myna! You are lucky to marry that youth of good qualification. My best wishes are always behind you for your joyous life for infinite period of time. Will you bring Subban to live around my residence?”

“The responsibility to take family decisions is vested on the hands of my mom. Subban will obey the orders of my mom, since she is his pet wife”.

The words of Myna attacked the heart of Vanathi like the eruption of a sudden thunder from a clear sky. She gazed the face of Vanmathi with a faded face of bitterness. Vanmathi twisted her head downwards in shame to avoid the penetrative eyes of her friend.

“Alas! A mother and daughter as the wives of single youth! Why did you jump into the stream of sin?”

“I am sorry for this smear of shame. My child compelled her husband to ravish me. Finding no alternative, I accepted Subban as my spouse”.

“I knew the strength of Vanmathi. No monster has power to ravish my friend, without her permission. Reject him to wash the darkness on your face”.

“Vanathi! You crossed the limits of your power. I wished to sit on the lap of my mother till my death. That is why I locked mom into my family bond. Don’t insert your nose into our personal affairs”, jarred Myna jerkly.

“I am sorry. I can’t dance according to my own will. The tune for the acceleration of this doll is on the tongue of my child. I shall meet you within shortest time, if my baby permits”, lisped Vanmathi, with diminishing hope in her tone.

“I shall involve my family for your service under two conditions. You have to take oath to preserve the conditions immediately at this place. Are you ready to obey my stipulations?” mystified Myna mutinously.

“First you describe your conditions. I shall take the oath after analyzing the worthiness of your conditions”.

“Firstly you both should combine together to give me expert warfare training. Secondly you should permit me to rear Junior Kuttuvan as my own child. He should call me as mother”.

Vanathi turned to the face of Vanmathi with a question mark of doubt on her face. She understood the meaning of the stare of her friend instantly. She twisted her face sidewise to hide the gathering of tear drops at the edges of her eyes. “Vanathi, don’t make my mother to cry like a child by your stupid questions. I knew our barren state, unworthy for a child of our own. That is why I put the second condition”, nagged Myna, starting with a flame of fire in her eyes.

“I watch the fire of Karpagam in your eyes. I am proud of your presence around me as the mother of my child. Junior Kuttuvan will call three of us as his own mother. This is the oath of Vanathi, the tigress of Neyythal Land”, owed Vanathi optimistically.

Myna was fully satisfied by the oath of Vanathi. She began to fly in the height of the sky, thinking about the lines of a song to be used as a lullaby, to oscillate Junior Kuttuvan on the swing of her heart. She imagined the good qualities of an ideal mother, to lock the child in the love web of her heart. Vanmathi noticed a sudden mental growth in the behavioral pattern of her child. “Mom, I decided to go with Vanathi to care our child. I expect your arrival at tomorrow morning with our darling. If you show negligence to obey my order, you will lose the love of your child. This is the first and last warning of Myna, the mother of Junior Kuttuvan”, postulated Myna, winking her eyes like a flash of lightning.

“I can’t assure you any guarantee for the arrival of Subban. He may hesitate to live under the domination of Vanathi”, quashed Vanmathi querulously.

“Don’t prattle like a milk sucking child. Subban can’t sleep without sharing your warmth. He will follow you like a tail vibrating dog”, relaxed Myna repulsively.

Vanmathi spread her huge wings and fluttered uniformly at low frequency to start the flight. “Mom, I can’t breathe without your flavor. Kindly don’t reject your child in a barren desert, without the shower of your love”, shrieked Myna, waving her hand like a kite vibrating in a current of air. She stared Vanmathi with diminishing happiness, till she vanished completely from sight.

“Mom is the breathing air for me. I wished to see the sparkling happiness always on the face of my mom. I can’t excuse you, if you try to insult my mom”, taunted Myna tautly.

Vanathi walked slowly towards her cave keeping her mouth closed, as if pasted together by a strong adhesive. Myna walked behind her like her shadow, with diminishing vigor. When they approached the nearness of the lake, Nila ran towards them, like a galloping horse. “A lion is rushing towards us to attack me. Kindly show you valor as the tigress of Neyythal Land to protect me from the clutches of the lion”, ululated Myna, hiding behind her with shivering nerves.

“Myna, don’t dance by shivering. This is Nila, my only fried inside the forest. She is my vehicle of transport in the forest. Even the cyclop will shiver to diffuse into my area, owing to the fear of Nila”, vaunted Vanmathi veraciously.

“Will you introduce me to Nila? I wish to travel on Nila. Will she allow me to sit on her back?” warbled Myna, stretching her head sidewise to study Nila.

“Move forward to the vicinity of Nila to show your love. After the development of a friendly relationship with Nila, you shall use her as a vehicle of transportation. You can’t tame her by order”, yelled Vanathi, pushing her towards Nila with a force.

“Nila, don’t tear my flesh. I am the little child of Vanmathi mom. I shall serve you to increase your comforts like an ideal caretaker. Kindly treat me as your friend”, adorned Myna, folding her hands in a mode of prayer. Nila gazed her keenly, without creating a terrifying roar. Due to the absence of any symptom of opposition, her confidence level increased to the height of the sky. She moved close to Nila and rubbed her face softy to show her friendship. After fondling Nila for a span of time, she endeavored to sit on the back of Nila. They started their journey towards the cave, Myna still sitting on the back of Nila like the empress of forest.

Inside the cave, Myna pierced the eardrums of Vanathi by repeated prattle about the merits of Vanmathi. “Mom is an angel of concentrated love. She immersed me into the depth of ocean of love, to the level of my suffocation. The treasure of the whole world is not parallel to a glittering smile on the face of my mom”, buzzed Myna breathlessly.

“Once I wondered about the beauty of many damsels. God gave me a golden chance to meet Vanmathi mom. I have never seen a dazzling glamour like Vanmathi mom. She is the only feminine sparkling diamond on the surface of the earth. If god bless me with power, I will crown Vanmathi mom as the beauty queen of the world”, commemorated Myna, illuminating her face with the brightness of mirth as a competitor to the shining of fullmoon.

“Vanmathi mom is the most prowess mankind of the world. Autocrat Gangan danced before my mom, like a spinning top. Her heart of brimming love showered mercy on that vampire. Even prince Kuttuvan will shiver in fear before the skill of Vanmathi mom”, dignified Myna deftly.

Unable to bear the tension caused by that talkative girl, Vanathi pinched the tip of the ear of Nila. The lioness rolled her eyes between the two women and learnt the response to roar at each word of Myna. She stopped her songs of praise about Vanmathi, due to exhaustion of energy caused by Nila. She finalized to sing the remaining songs on next day, and dipped into the depth of deep sleep, still flying with his Vanmathi mom on imaginative wings.

When Vanathi woke up from sleep at early morning, she witnessed emptiness permeated inside the cave. She diffused outside to identify Myna and saw her near Nila, her eyes piercing the atmosphere to trace the arrival of her Vanmathi mom. Her face bloomed with a glittering smile on seeing Vanmathi and Subban like two love doves at a distance. “I wish to show my talent to travel on Nila to Vanmathi mom. Kindly order Nila to run fast. I shall sprang on Nila with expertise. Mom should wonder about my talents”, emphasized Myna embarrassingly.

“Don’t take life risk without practice. Kindly sit conveniently on the back of Nila for a jolly trip. I shall accelerate Nila by a whistle. This is the best mode of travel for a beginner like you”, fostered Vanathi, oscillating her right hand to motivate for a climb on the back of Nila.

Inspite of her repeated instructions, Myna showed no interest to sit on Nila. Aggravated by the reluctance of Myna, Vanathi emitted a shrill whistle, to teach her a hot lesson for her everlasting memory. Nila ran swiftly like a spear accelerated to high velocity. Myna chased behind Nila for certain distance, sprang towards her swiftly with perfect aim, and succeeded to stand on her back with perfect stability. Vanathi followed them for a distance, and produced another high intensity whistle. Nila leaped forward with increased velocity. Due to the reaction of the high altitude leaps, Myna was rebounded into the sky. When she was rolling on the ground, Vanathi acclaimed for her failure with applauses.

Excited by the negative acclamation of Vanathi, Myna ran behind Nila for the second time, and sprang to stand vertical on Nila with maximum stability. At that moment of highest joy of Myna, Vanathi emitted a high intensity whistle to energize Nila to the highest velocity. After a short displacement, a high rock stood on their path as a hindrance to their rapid march. Nila leaped forward with maximum velocity to cross the rock in one jump. Though Nila was victorious in her aim, Myna was thrown into the sky, like a projectile due to the inertia of motion. While penetrating through the layers of atmosphere, she witnessed Vanmathi flying swiftly towards her at a distance. “Mom, I am flying in air without wings. Kindly embrace me on your chest before my death”, gaggled Myna, stretching her both hands towards Vanmathi with brimming love.

Vanmathi moved swiftly downwards in an inclined path, folding her wings. She grasped Myna in air, and embraced her on the warmth of her chest. “Child, why should you take risk in the absence of your mom? The heart of your mom will burst into pieces, if you fall in any danger. Won’t you need the health of your mother for your happy life?” hissed Vanmathi like an angry cobra.

“I wished to impress you. That is why I took such a risk. I won’t do more mischiefs to hurt the tender heart of my mom”, illumined Myna impeccably.

Vanmathi jumped before Vanathi, still keeping Myna on her chest, like a Kangaru preserving its baby in her pouch. “Vanathi! You proved yourself as a bad mother. You should respect my child as your own. If you try to insult my baby once again, I won’t depute my family for your service”, jangled Vanmathi jerkily.

“I am sorry. I shall love Myna as my own child. I won’t play tricks on Myna. Kindly accept me as her second mother. I shall carry her on my waist”, knet Vanathi, winking her eye as an invitation for a compromise.

“You are just our friend. The whole space of my heart was already reserved for my Vanmathi Mom. I won’t allow an intruder into the strongest love bond between us”, lisped Myna, jumping to the ground from the warmth of her mother.

“Subban, I accept you as the head of our family. You have responsibility to assure the security, and conveniences of this family. First you three put your combined efforts to transfer your cottage to the mango tree on the bank of the lake. I too shall assist you in your construction process”, messaged Vanathi merrily.

As per the instruction of Vanathi, the hut was constructed in the middle of the mango tree, with more conveniences by the joint efforts of all of them. “As a step to give a warm welcome to Junior Kuttuvan, we have to improve our food habits. We need weapons of war for our defense and training programmes. Vanmathi should soon start the training programme to your child. She appears to be a talented girl, lacking skill developments. I shall take the charge of the training scheme after the birth of Junior Kuttuvan. Being a junior in age, she will be the best mother”, narrated Vanathi, gazing Subban to study his rate of motivation.

“We have to earn coins to buy weapons, edibles and garments. Can you suggest a technique to earn coins? There is one more obstacle to buy the articles of our requirements. How can a birdman enter into the markets to buy commodities?” obsessed birdman Subban obstinately.

“I have a heap of diamond crystals inside the cave, collected from the width of the forest. You carry Myna with you up to the frontier of the forest. She will exchange diamonds for coins with goldsmiths, and purchase essential commodities for our consumption. Vanmathi will accompany you for higher safety”, pitched Vanathi, flying on imagination to provide better living conditions to Junior Kuttuvan.

“What can we do, after the exhaustion of our diamond treasury? Do we invert into the casual mode of life of a tribal?” questioned Myna, exposing a color of sneer on her glamorous face.

“We shall collect more treasure of diamonds from this forest. We shall expand agricultural practices on the fertile lands around the lake. We should focus our aim on the throne of Marutha Land. Our Junior Kuttuvan should ascend on the throne of Marutha Land as the emperor of the confederation of Neyythal Land, Marutha land and Kurinchi land”, radiated Vanmathi rapturously.

“Let us divide our duty equally between us. During daytime I will be inside the cave to assist Vanathi. You should take care of Subban during day time remaining in our cottage we shall interchange our duty at nights. I am ready to spare more time to my mom to share love with our darling”, smirked Myna with a blush of coyness on her face.

On that evening they were alone in their cottage. “Darling, you should give the next two wonder Guava fruits to my mom. I wish to see my mom young and energetic always. The third wonder Guava is enough for me to energise by health”, tickled Myna patting the front bulge under his pant.

“What do you mean by wonder Guava? I have never heard such a strange fruit throughout my life”, urged Vanmathi urgently.

“Wonder guava is a tree grown on the ambrosia of heaven. Only one wonder guava tree is growing at high slope of a mountain in this forest”

“Have you seen such a fruit? How is the taste of a wonder guava?”

“Wonder guava is very tasty like condensed form of honey drops. I tasted one big wonder guava fruit”

“Do you know the significance of the word wonder used to denote the fruit?”

“Wonder guava has high medicinal importance. The tree will bear only one fruit in one year. If a person eats two guava fruits in consecutive years, his youthhood will be retained for hundred years. The libido of his body will be kept at sky high level to give thrilling experience in coition”.

“Stupid child, don’t believe knitted stories, without scientific outlook”.

“You have less experience. Subban won’t dramatize falsehood to impress me”.

“Whitening of hair, wrinkle of skin, and energy loss due to ageing are the common phenomena of life. No organism can escape from the symptoms of ageing”.

“Mom, I am ashamed for your ignorance Subban is very talented in matters related to sensuousness. After eating the first wonder Guava, my libido jumped to the height of the sky”.

“Subban is a clever jackal. He achieved his objective by his Knavish story of wonder Guava”.

“Don’t spread falsehood to rob my husband completely from my lap”.

“You should develop scientific outlook to separate truth from falsehood”.

“You have no respect on your own husband. Do you have strength to defeat my darling in a duel?”

“I am sorry Myna. I am not ready to fight with my own darling”.

“Your artificial color bleached Mom. You are just kitten acting like a ferocious tigress”.

“My depth of love on you is not artificial. My heart will burst into pieces, if you reject me”.

“You are ignorant about the heroism of your own husband. Once Vanathi shivered in front of Subban, begging for life, only mercy of Subban saved the skin of Vanathi from death. Even prince Kuttuvan breathed his lost on the hand of Subban. The sand rain occurred only after the death of prince Kuttuvan”.

“This is the greatest joke of this century,” vociferated Vanmathi vituperatively. “My little child, kindly sit on the lap of your mom to suck the milk of scientific attitude from her nipples”, warbled Vanmathi, a brightness of mockery illuminating her face.

Myna froze in heavy shock, attacked by the tone of mockery in her voice. There was complete silence of perfect vacuum, for a long span of time inside their cottage. When she rolled her eyes towards birdman Subban, he turned his face to the opposite side swiftly, to escape from her piercing eyes. Vanmathi wiped her eyes on the edge of her saree, and radiated a love brimming smile towards Myna. She stretched her both hands towards Myna, her eyes cringing bitterly for her love. Myna ran towards her, transferred an affectionate kiss on her cheek, and sat on her lap for a warm hug.

“I am sorry for my stupidity. Subban cheated me to lock in his love web. He is the greatest deceiver of the world. I hate that embodiment of falsehood”, yelled Myna, staring him with burning eyes of hotness.

“Once Vanathi spread a rumor to study the ignorance rate of people, the gossip was that milk oozing from the nipple of parasakthi statue would increase longevity. There was heavy crowd around the area with pots to collect the magic milk. The agents of deception will flourish, till the evaporation of darkness of ignorance completely from the surface of the earth”, accentuated Vanmathi, bursting into a sneering laugh.

Subban got up slowly to escape from that area of scorching hotness. “Subban, I have no negative impression on the depth of your love. Myna is a little child with crystal clear mind of innocence. She will take some time to study the density of your love. Vanathi would be waiting alone for the play of Myna. Kindly carry her to the cave to evaporate her tension”, bargained Vanathi beseechingly.

“I won’t climb on the back of that symbol of deception. I won’t allow him to climb on me at nights. He should roam through the forest with burning hotness”, clattered Myna clumsily.

Owing to the love and care of Vanmathi and Myna, Vanathi experienced the security of homely atmosphere in the cave. Days rolled swiftly, as if on wings. After the elapse of one month, the important events of the day of sand rain flashed into her mind like a nightmare.

“Vanmathi, I wish to study the present status of Neyythal square. Will you please help me to crystallize my dream into reality?” demanded Vanathi, eyes cringing bitterly for her help.

“On that black day, the sand rain was followed by a heavy torrent of rain. The whole border areas appear like an ocean of quicksand. Some years will be required for hardening of the regions of sand rain. I am not ready to involve you in a life risk”, elucidated Vanmathi earnestly.

“I have no need to step on the surface of Neyythal square. I just like to watch the area, standing on your shoulders. Kindly show mercy on this orphan”.

“Avoid dancing like a little child. I can’t bear your weight for such a large distance. Please forget your stupid dream for the safety of Junior Kuttuvan”.

“Nila will carry me up to Ponni River. You need to bear my load only for a short distance”.

“Don’t try to melt this hard granite”.

“I never expected such a heartless reply from my dearest friend. If you block my chance for a little happiness, I will seek the helping hand of Subban to realize my dream”.

“Subban won’t serve you, against my opposition”.

“I will beg for the mercy of Myna. Her soft heart will dissolve in my tear. You both will dance according to her tunes”.

“You disturb me beyond the limits. Be ready for travel at tomorrow morning”.

“Kindly bring Subban with you. He will be useful at emergency”.

“If I call Subban, Myna will know about our expedition. She will dance to seek our company for the trip”.

“Let her learn about the cruelties of nature”.

“You don’t know the mischiefs of that little ghost. She will purposively jump into dangers to boil my heart. Let her spend time joyfully with Subban”.

There was no twist of climatic condition in the cottage till morning. When Vanmathi spread her enormous wings to fly, the sharp voice of Myna bombarded her heart, like the ringing sound of a series of tiny bells. “Mom, take me with you to Neyythal square. I am crazy to see the blanket of sand rain. I will experience the zenith of happiness around you mom”, fermented Myna, stretching her both hands towards her blessing.

“Children have no admission in Neyythal square. You utilize the extra time to play a hot game with Subban. My best wishes for the evaporation of the fence of opinion differences with Subban”, giggled Vanmathi gibingly. She flew into the sky towards the cave, fluttering her wings rhythmically at higher frequency.

Myna ran towards Subban quickly, and sat on his lap without a tint of shyness. “Darling, I excused you for all your deceptions. Today night I shall dip you into the depth of sensuous mirth. Kindly follow mom to gain experiences of novelty”, haggled Myna, giving a lips locking kiss to throw fire into his nervous system.

“May I believe your words Myna? Won’t you deceive me?”

“Certainly darling. We shall give rest for a period to that stupid old woman”.

“Don’t try to float me in tears once again.”

“I knew your deep love. You dramatized only to melt my heart. You are the god behind the screen, to bless me with a good mummy”.

“Thank you honey. I love you very much”.

Birdman Subban started to fly, fluttering his wings rapidly. Myna ran behind him and jumped with speed to stabilize on his back. She saw Vanmathi flying at a distance like an angel of heaven. “Darling, fly fast at higher altitude. I wish to teach mom a hot lesson for her lifelong remembrance”, incited Myna incredibly.

Birdman Subban increased his speed, and approached Vanmathi at higher altitude. Myna clapped her hands to divert the field of view of Vanmathi towards her. “Mom, you reserved permanent seat for this orphan in your heart. Your mind now hardened to reserve a seat for me on your shoulders. I won’t breathe longer without your depth of love”, joggled Myna, jumping towards her without thinking about the consequences.

“Alas! My heart burst into pieces. I can’t live without the shade of my child. God! Kindly pull me from the torment of the earth,” lamented Vanmathi, deviating her flight swiftly towards Myna. She jumped on the ground and held Myna safely on the spread of her hands.

“Mom, you bitterly slipped into the dark side of failure. Don’t try again to push your baby into the hands of boredom. The nearness of my mom is the paradise for this poor girl” mumbled Myna magnanimously.

“I am happy for my failure on the hand of my own child. One day you should climb on the ladder of fame, defeating the tigress of Neyythal land in a duel. Your mother is on penance for the arrival of that day of highest joy”, notified Vanmathi, beaming energy into her heart to boost the confidence level.

“Vanathi is waiting for us with the company of that artful Nila. She once tortured me according to the order of her master, by means of different intensity whistles. I wish to teach the stupid beast a warning lesson for her misbehavior”, objurgated Myna, waving her hands like a warning signal.

“Nila is a stony hearted brute. Don’t start your mischievous games with untrustworthy Nila. Kindly don’t pay for your own suffering”, placated Vanmathi profusely.

“Cowards die daily. Man of prowess die only once in life. I wish to lead a life of valor. Be ready to hear the song of fame of your baby”, quelled Myna, stretching her hand towards Vanathi, as a step to prove her focused interest to glance the consequences of sand rain.

Vanathi was waiting for their arrival in front of the cave. She gazed the mischiefs of Myna with a face of glare. “You carry Myna on your back. I shall travel on Nila up to the southern bank of Ponni River. Let Subban follow us like a security officer”, ranted Vanathi radiantly.

All of them followed her order and reached the southern bank of Ponni River, after a short period of time. “Vanmathi by your mercy, I secured a golden chance to observe the bad effect of the catastrophe. I weigh this journey as a first step to move towards the joy of heaven”, sobbed Vanathi, a dark shade spreading on her face like a rain bearing cloud.

“The mercy of god is beyond the reach of human imagination. I think that god transformed me into a bird woman to serve you better. One day we will climb on the peak of victory”, tolled Vanmathi tranquilly.

“God turned you into a bird woman to oscillate this orphan on a swing of love,” uttered Myna, brightness of happiness spreading on her face like a spark of light.

Vanmathi flew in the sky flapping her wings at low frequency. Vanathi ran behind her to a short distance, sprang towards Vanmathi and stood on her back with perfect stability. “Myna, Vanmathi crossed large distance, beyond our easy reach. Kindly bounce on my back for a speedy travel”, voiced birdman Subban volubly.

“I hate you like the hell. You trapped me into your lust web by planned treachery. I won’t climb on your back”.

“You promised me forgiveness. You enjoyed the warmth of my lap. You shared a hot kiss with me. Is there any strong reason for your sudden twist?”

“Dramatization of deception is not your personal property. I am a good actor, exceeding you in craftiness”.

“Honey, I dramatized due to my sincere love on you. Do you suspect the color of my real love?”

“I dramatized due to my excessive hatred on you. Won’t you believe the depth of my hatred?”

“Jump, Jump fast to leap on my back. If you perform more dances, I will throw you on the current of Ponni River.”

Birdman Subban revolved around her in air for her easy climb on his back. She neglected his warning, like tuneless songs of beggars on the street. Due to the shivering wrath caused by the negligence of his love, he pulled the hands of Myna and threw her into the height of the sky with force, like a projectile accelerated by a mechanical engine. Myna moved upwards swiftly along the trajectory of a parabola, piercing through the layers of the atmosphere of uniformly varying density. Thrilled by the joyous journey through the atmosphere without the help of wings, she applauded aloud waving her hands like wings of birds. “Thank you very much for giving me a wonderful experience. I will forgive your deception, if you give me more such tension evaporating excitements. Throw me high into the sky with your maximum energy”, wooed Myna wildly.

When she reached the nearness of water current of the Ponni River, he seized her right hand, and oscillated like a swing. He threw her into the higher altitude of the sky with high force. While penetrating through the air like a lance, Myna acclaimed loudly to celebrate her highest mirth. “Wow! what a blood boiling game! I love you Subban, I love you very much for giving such a journey with a joy of heaven”, yelled Myna, to encourage Subban to continue the jolly game for more time.

At that instant of highest acclamation of Myna, Vanmathi moved backward along a semicircular path to study the safety condition of her dearest child. The high amplitude vibration of Myna threw fire into her heart. “Baby, Stop your silly game. Don’t play for your own death. The heart of your mother will burst, if you fall into a danger”, agitated Vanmathi aggressively.

“Subban! I will kill you, if you throw my child into a peril. Don’t behave like a dunce with a hollow head. Myna is the only treasure of my life”, belched Vanmathi, waving her right hand as a warning signal.

“Mummy, save me from the clutch of birdman Subban. He tries to kill me, for refusing the jolly games on bed”, convulsed Myna candidly.

“Alas! Don’t believe this ghoul. I never imagined a stain of hatred on my sweetheart. Myna is the only angel of my heart”, deplored birdman Subban, pulling her for a warm hug.

“Vanmathi, don’t dance in the sky to expose your stupidity. The intimate couple plays jolly games in the sky to increase their libido. Why did you introduce your nose into their privacy?” excoriated Vanathi exasperatingly.

“I will dance for the safety of my child, even in hell. I won’t hesitate to kick the scrotum of Subban, to pull my baby to safety. I will put my foot on your head, if you support a thug to disturb my child”, fired Vanmathi furiously.

“Kindly continue your family struggle at night on your bed. Please turn your kindness to the bitter state of our motherland. There is a vast blanket of sand like Sahara desert of Africa”, groaned Vanathi, tear drops dripping from her eyes like a shower of monsoon rainfall.

Vanmathi turned her eyes towards the spread of sand cover. Her eyes slowly turned into a spring, oozing tear drops. “Alas! My motherland turned into a hell for the residence of ghosts. My brothers and sisters drowned into permanent sleep under the sand dune. God! Why did you allow me to suffocate in this mind burning melancholy?” hissed Vanmathi hysterically.

Birdman Subban increased the frequency of fluttering of his wings to reach the vicinity of Vanmathi. He flew parall to her at equal speed. The glowing face of Myna faded suddenly, seeing the two channels of tear on the cheeks of Vanmathi. “Mummy, don’t shed tear to dissolve the heart of your child. I breathe to bear your burden. Calm down your mind seeing the density of love on the face of your baby. I will commit suicide jumping on the ocean of sand, if you continue your weeping”, instilled Myna, giving a pinch on her cheek like the sting of a wasp.

“I have my child to oscillate me on the swing of love. I won’t cry for simple problems. Every fraction of a span of time is waiting to bath me in a shower of joy”, jollified Vanmathi judiciously.

“Vanathi, you have your own freedom to shower tear drops like a monsoon rainfall. I can’t see mom weeping like an orphan child. Don’t try to push my mom into the ocean of tears”, knelled Myna, concentrating a flare on her face as a warning signal.

The spread of tear drops on the eyes blurred the sharpness of the vision of Vanathi. She saw the gigantic statue of Parasakthi deity above her waist, like a shaky scene of a dream. “Deity, you lost power to save your own structure. I laid the responsibility to save the hero of my heart on your feet. Where did you preserve the soul of my darling to energize this worthless bitch?” lamented Vanathi lugubriously.

The memory of her loving father flashed into her brain, like a sudden eruption of an Artisian well. Her eyes oozed tear drops like a fountain at low pressure. “Dad, you saved millions of poor from the grasp of variety of sicknesses. You constructed this parasakthi statue by the sweat of your labor, and worshiped by the showers of flowers. She blessed us with the destruction of sand. Why did she abandon the loving child of my dad to roam as an orphan throughout wild forests?” maligned Vanathi, crying bitterly to dissolve the granite heart of deity parasakthi.

Vanathi spread her field of vision to the surrounding area to study the nature of vegetation of the area. Only some skyhigh coconut trees remained hither and thither in short forms, as if cut at the top and replanted in the soil. Vanmathi flew towards the royal palace to study the present status of the skyscrapers of Neyythal land. Only the towers of the royal place remained as an evidence for the flourishing civilization of Neyythal Land. When they approached the statue of parasakthi deity for the second time, an idea of novelty flashed into the mind of Myna. “Subban, fly to the vicinity of parasakthi deity. I wish to dance on the head of parasakthi deity as an appreciation for blessing with sand rain. This appears to the best technique to soften her wrath on her own devotees”, nettled Myna noxiously.

“Don’t dance according to the tunes of the little child. Don’t store sin on your head, insulting the mercy of god”, objurgated Vanmathi, raising the intensity of words as a warning signal.

“I will honor your words as the blessing of god. I am ready to jump into the vortex in water current of Ponni River to obey your order. I am waiting for more orders to dance according to your tunes”, perjured birdman Subban presumptuously.

Myna waited calmly for a short span of time, acting the innocence of a new born child. When Vanmathi moved forward to a little distance, she showed her real color of the greatest mischief. “Subban, fly towards the statue of deity parasakthi. I won’t allow you to share the warmth, if you reject my wish. I won’t hesitate even to isolate mother from your hands of craftiness. Be a wise birdman to save your joyous life”, quibbled Myna, striking him softly like a stick beating a drum.

Birdman Subban turned his direction of flight towards the statue of parasakthi, as if under the strong spell of a wizard. Vanmathi noticed his deviated worthless behavior, and flew swiftly towards him to pull him safely from the wrath of mother parasakthi. “Don’t fly towards mother parasakthi to accumulate sin on our family. If you disobey my order, you will loss my love for your lifetime”, raved Vanmathi rancorously.

The warning signal of Vanmathi failed to catch any positive response from the heart of birdman Subban. He finalized to act as a deaf and dumb to gain the favor of Myna. He learnt perfectly that Vanmathi was a mere live doll to dance according to the tune of Myna. The major wizardry power to oscillate their family decisions was on the crooked brain of Myna. So he flew swiftly towards to statue of mother parasakthi. Myna bounced on the head of Parasakthi, like a flying squirrel jumping from one tree to the other.

“Subban, I wish to dance on the head of parasakthi according to your tune. Kindly sing a song criticizing the inability of mother parasakthi to save her own children”, screeched Myna, bursting into a high intensity laughter of mockery.

Birdman Subban sang a sweet song, lamenting the worthlessness of mother parasakthi to slaughter her own children, with the assistance of nature in the form of sand rain. Myna performed a violent dance, jumping repeatedly on the head of mother parasathi, like a rebounding rubber ball. Disturbed by the haughtiness of Myna, vanmathi flew swiftly towards the area of turbulence. “Subban, you stop howling immediately. Don’t disgrace mother parasakthi. She will turn you into a deaf and blind, if you continue your torture. Myna is a little child, unknown to differentiate between right and wrong. Hence the sin of her misbehavior also will fall on your head”, terrified Vanmathi tempestuously.

Myna stopped her high amplitude vibrations instantly. Her attention oriented towards the vast stretch of sand blanket blessed by mother parasakthi. “Mom, you spoke about the leakage of a rumor. You said that the sand cover is not yet solidified to withstand weight. I wish to verify whether the sand blanket acts as a lake of quick sand”, ushered Myna, staring the face of Vanmathi to study the change of sensational colors on her face.

“Baby, no wise man will introduce his finger into flame to study its hotness. Kindly don’t behave like a stupid child without brain growth”, vociferated Vanmathi vacillatingly. Myna jumped on the sand lake perpendicularly like an expert diver in a competition. The quick sand pulled Myna into its depth, like a heavy log fall vertically in the water surface of an ocean. The sand monster pulled Myna at slow rate into its greedy heart to put an end to her games of mischief.

“Vanathi, seize the neck of mother parasakthi to save your life. I can’t breathe without my child”, whimpered Vanmathi, pulling Vanathi violently with the force of her right hand. She threw her towards the statue of mother parasakthi with force. Fortunately Vanathi grasped the neck of parasakthi and stabilized her position on her shoulder.

At that time of the highest turbulence of Vanmathi, Myna dipped onto the quicksand up to her neck. During her movement towards the tortures of death, the sparkling color of joy on the face of Myna, diminished to the brightness of glow worms. “Aha! What a nice experience to bath in a lake of quick sand! parasakthi blessed me with a good chance to dance in joy”, yarned Myna, waving her right hand above sand in dancing style.

Vanmathi moved swiftly towards Myna in a slanting path, like a kingfisher flying to catch a fish. She stabilized her position in air just above Myna and tried her best to pull her from the depth of the quicksand. Birdman Subban rushed towards the area to support the lifting process. By the combined efforts of bird woman Vanmathi and birdman Subban, Myna was pulled safely from the quick sand to the back of Vanmathi. She sat on the shoulders of Vanmathi with a face of blooming colors, like a queen sitting on the royal throne. “Mom, I utilized this golden opportunity to study the density of your love. You climbed higher level than my expectation. I love you very much”, admired Myna acutely.

“I hate you ghost, I hate you very much”, blared Vanmathi barbarously.

Birdman Subban felt pity for the bitter status of Vanathi, at that time of highest intimacy between Vanmathi and Myna. He flew fastly towards Vanathi to stretch his helping hand. “Vanathi, jump on my back. I shall take you safety to your cave”, craved birdman Subban, folding his palms together as a mode of prayer. Vanathi searched Vanmathi with burning eyes. She saw her at distance fondling with her little child. That scorching sight added fuel to her hatred causing higher flare. “Subban, I hate to see the ugly face of Vanmathi anymore. I threw her away from my heart like a withered rose. She is a torrid desert without a spring of love in her heart. I am ashamed for her friendship”, depreciated Vanathi dolefully.

Vanathi jumped quickly to the back of birdman Subban from the shoulder of deity parasakthi. “Fly fast to escape from the treachery hands of Vanmathi. She should run behind me to beg for my forgiveness. I am not ready to shower my love on those barren lands”, execrated Vanathi, breaking the strong bond of friendship between them.

“You are perfectly correct. We don’t want the dry trees, without the shade of love. I will serve you for your safety as a good boy friend. You shall believe me like a rising sun in the eastern sky”, flattered birdman Subban flatulently.

“Womanizer, I knew your real color. Don’t try to elongate your fifth limb. Vanmathi is a perfect mother ready to renounce the treasures of the whole world, for the safety of her adopted child. I am proud to gain the friendship of such a nice mother”, gaggled Vanathi inverting her opinion instantly like a gymnastic champion.

The color of brightness on the face of birdman Subban faded, like a helichrysum flower dropped to the radiation of sun. The wrath of his boiling heart increased at high rate to the level of explosion. He wished to teach her a hot lesson, by dropping her into the depth of the quick sand. At the same time, a red signal flared in his brain to warn him about the consequences of such a sudden endeavor. “Subban, don’t fall in the eyes of Vanmathi with red hand as a cruel criminal. She won’t hesitate to kill you mercilessly for your heinous crime. Your honey Myna will run behind her like a tail vibrating puppy”, harassed his inner mind hectically.

Accelerated by the bursting anger of his inner mind, birdman Subban fluttered his wings at high frequency to cross the speed of his own imagination. Vanmathi tried her best to chase them to beg for the forgiveness of her intimate friend for her misbehavior. Unfortunately her efforts failed to fetch the sweet fruits. “Mom, our Subban is very bad. He changed his color like a chameleon. Subban is a worthless beetle flying from flower to flower. He rejected his love brimming blossoms, on the craziness of the new flower”, impeached Myna, tear drops collecting on the edges of her eyes like glittering pearls.

“Child, Vanathi is not a honey dripping blossom. She is a hissing cobra. She will kill the womanizer, if he tried to touch her skin with a stare of lewdness”, joggled Vanmathi jocularly.

“Women are soft like rose blossoms. The crafty hands of Subban will pluck it cleverly, avoiding the prickle of thorns. Even Vanmathi mom slipped into his snare. Vanathi is a lonely parrot. Subban will catch her easily by his love web”, lisped Myna, in a tone of high certainty.

Vanmathi burst into a mirthless laughter. Her face lost the color of joy, like an artificial flower fabricated from painted silk. Tear drops collected at the edges of the eyes, like drops of decolorized blood of her heart. Her tongue vibrated with difficulty to originate meaningful words. “Baby, you killed your mom by your words of fire. I danced as a harlot to preserve your love. You gave me a heavy prize for my stupidity”, moaned Vanmathi melancholically.

“Alas! Subban is at the edge of danger. Fly fast to pull Subban to the side of safety. Mom, I know the purity of your heart. I respect you more than the real god. I twisted words to expose the real color of your heart”, notified Myna, like a shower of ice crystals to sooth the boiling heart of Vanmathi.

“Don’t shiver, as if in a shower of snow. Vanathi won’t touch the skin of the husband of Vanmathi. The presence of Subban is a must for the normal safe growth of Junior Kuttuvan. Subban is an experienced kitten, knowing the hotness of boiling milk. He has no courage to stare the glamour of Vanathi”, obligated Vanmathi optimistically.

“How did Subban experience the hotness of boiling milk? Who gave him such a nice learning?”

“Child, the moths burn their wings, trying to kiss colorful flame. All modern youths consider a glamorous woman as a burning flame. I signified this concept by a different example.”

“Don’t melt like a burning candle to hide the truth. I knew the real color of Subban. He trapped me into his love web by ravishment, and by words of deception. He won’t hesitate to lock more parrots into his love web, by different crafty techniques”.

“Experience is the greatest master for the refinement of ones character. The mutual trust between family members will enhance the strength of a family bond. We should be behind Subban to strengthen his energy, like his eyebrows that remove dust from his eyes spontaneously”.

“Mom, I wish to transform Nila as my vehicle of transportation. Do you recommend me to Vanathi as a good girl to travel on Nila?”

“My recommendation may create negative reaction. Love is the strongest weapon to catch the mind of any living being. You dramatize love as a fleshy bone to catch Nila. The support of your mom is behind you to climb on the ladder of victory”.

Vanmathi increased her speed to maximum to catch Vanathi at the bank of river ponni. Unable to locate her around the area of Ponni River, she flew swiftly towards the cave with little guilty consciousness to glance her face. “Myna, I committed a great mistake throwing Vanathi towards the statue of parasakthi like a trash, in order to pull you from the depth of quicksand. You should behave properly to soften the boiling heart of Vanathi”, pleaded Vanmathi plausibly.

“Don’t worry mom. She will identify you as an ideal mother. I breached a little of the perfect characteristics of a good daughter. I shall beg for her forgiveness for my little eccentric behavior. She will forgive me to smooth the friendship with you,” quoted Myna, flying on the wings of imagination to select a good strategy to twist the mind of Vanathi along a favorable direction.

She witnessed Vanathi standing in front of the cave with burning eyes. Birdman Subban and lioness Nila were behind her, as if to boost her energy level for a hot fight. Myna finalized to solve the problem by an active dramatization. “Vanmathi, where did you come with the eccentric monkey on your back? You throw the ugly weight on your back into the water current of Ponni River. Let the fishes eat the flesh of this naughty girl joyfully”, roasted vanathi rustically.

“My baby is the wisest girl of this world. Who twisted your mind to remark this beauty angel as an eccentric monkey? If I drop my child on the water current of Ponni River, all the fishes will learn to fly in the sky by her cleverness”, sophisticated Vanmathi, raising her right hand to slap on the face of Vanathi with a flare on her face.

“Alas! My heart exploded by the slander of Vanathi. Mom, drop my body into the water current of Ponni River for her happiness. My soul will roam around mom for ever”, trilled Myna totteringly. She staggered for a short span of time on Vanmathi and dropped slowly on Vanathi with perfect plan to cheat all the eyes around her. She tried to grasp the shoulders of Vanathi, and slipped carefully to fall on her feet.

“Ha! Vanathi rolled my child into the cavern of death. I can’t breathe without my baby. God, kindly push my soul to heaven for the service of my child” urged Vanmathi, lifting Myna to her chest like a garland of roses.

“What happened to your sharpest brain of wisdom? Myna excelled in dramatization to the higher level than the best actor of Neyythal land. Don’t break our thickest friendship of love, based on the dancing styles of your gibbon”, vilified Vanathi vacillatingly.

The extreme depth of love of Vanmathi melted the heart of Myna, to induce tear drops in her eyes, like a spring in monsoon season. She vibrated her eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly. She gazed the face of Vanmathi with extreme love, considering her as the holy deity of the world. “Deity, did I slip into the darkness of hell? Did your mercy lift me to the joy of heaven? Thank you deity, thank you very much for your mercy”, whimpered Myna, tightening her embracement of love with Vanmathi.

“Dear child, you are oscillating on the love swing of your mom. You often kill your mom by your mischiefs of dramatization. A bitter time will approach you, to explode the heart of your mom into pieces. On that day of darkness, you will wander throughout the forest to search an imaginary soul of real love”, yelped Vanmathi, a shadow of melancholy spreading on her face like a black screen.

“Mom, I am sorry. I won’t roast you further in the hotness of melancholy. From today I will be your grown up daughter of love. I will serve you as your own intimate mother”, assured Myna assiduously.

“Don’t believe the words of her twisting tongue. This is the opening scene of another drama. Neglect her words as the cry of an apparition. A mischievous gibbon without the sharpness of brain won’t refine her character. This is a wager of Vanathi the tigress of Neyythal land”, blamed Vanathi, with a purpose to stop inversion of her character to higher mischiefs.

“A golden time will arrive, when I defeat you in valor competition. I will bath Junior Kuttuvan in the shower of my love. He will roam behind me, as if I am the best mother. This is the oath of Myna on the head of Vanmathi mom”, challenged Myna, pressing her right hand on the head of Vanmathi.

The special assembly of the magnetic fortress was convened on one auspicious fullmoon night. The three army captains of Marutha land entered the assembly at the allotted time. The artificial gleam of smile on their faces exposed the happiest moments of their life. In reality, they were at the height of tension, expecting sudden explosive words from king Gangan, like a thunder bolt from a clear sky. They waited for the arrival of king Gangan for a long span of time, the tension of their hearts increasing at uniform of rate. The appearance of king Gangan in the assembly followed by Prime Minister Kanakan, added fuel to the fire to shoot up the magnitude of their pressure. When the five assembly members occupied their honorable seats, a bevy of fifteen beautiful girls entered on the stage to start the entertainment programme. They showed their reverence to the assembly members, with bowed heads and folded hands.

While the first team of five girls of charm began to tune different types of musical instruments, the second team of five girls started to hum a sweet song according to the rhythm of the music. The third team of five girls danced in wavy motion to release the tension of the assembly members, increasing their amplitude of vibrations of sensational centers. The mind boiling dancing styles of the beauty angels failed to bombard the nerves of the captains, as they sat on an imaginary furnace of infinite hotness.

“Captains, I ordered for this urgent assembly session with a special motivation. I wish to strengthen our army, powerful enough for organizing the sacred horse ritual function. I expect your imaginative ideas to energize our strength, beyond the level of other principalities in Hindustan”, depicted king Gangan disparagingly.

“Captain Murugan, at present we have three types of army-infantry, cavalry and elephants. Our king wishes to improve the strength of our army in quality and quantity. He expects the first hand opinion in this regard”, elaborated Prime Minister Kanakan, gazing captain Murugan with lowering brightness of trust on his face.

“We shall appoint more able youths to our force of infantry on the basis of tough valor competitions. A rigorous training programme will enhance the quality of our infantry”, forced captain Murugan frankly.

King Gangan turned his attention towards captain vindan, a shadow of darkness spreading on his face like a black screen. “The idea of captain Murugan lacks the novelty of imagination. You think beyond the level of the cavalry under your command to collect latest idea of utility”, gingered king Gangan gibingly.

Captain Selvan floated on the ocean of imagination for a short span of time. A sudden idea sparkled in his brain, like a twinkling star in the sky of perfect darkness. “We have a long coastal line. We shall establish large number of ship construction industries along the length of the coast. This will increase our strength along the coast”, hustled captain Selvan with a tone of increasing shiver.

“Wow! It is a very good idea. Our fourth denomination of army is navy. The establishment of a huge fleet of ships needs a heavy planning. The first step in this process is deepening of natural harbors and construction of artificial ports. The second stop is establishment of ship building industries. The final step is the appointment and training of sailors. I appoint captain Vindan as the captain of our navy to start the works tomorrow itself. We shall appoint another eligible warrior as the captain of cavalry”, innervated king Gangan ingeniously.

A smile of high brightness spread on the face of captain Vindan, like the illumination of lightning. He thanked god for his shower of grace in the form of that idea of novelty at his critical time of emergency. He straightened his body like a super hero, owing to the increase in his confidence level. At that time of his regained energy level, Prime Minister Kanakan turned his face towards captain Vannan. “This is your turn to explain another new idea to enhance our strength. We have higher trust on the sharpness of your brain”, juggled Prime Minister Kanakan, pulling captain Vannan into the area of sure scorching of exhaustion.

Captain Vannan expanded his eyes to expose the emptiness of his brain. Inside the special assembly of the magnetic fortress, the revelation of an idea was more important than its worthiness. The haughtiness of king Gangan won’t allow his captains to breathe fresh air with closed mouth. It would be the need of the time to prattle anything from his mouth, if he wished to live longer. “An army of rhinoceros is the best to scatter the uniformity of enemy forces. That will accelerate the result of our efforts to pluck the fruits of victory”, kindled captain Vannan, losing his control to stabilize the vibrations of his own tongue.

“The idea of captain Vannan is not bad. It is a tedious process to collect and tame rhinoceros. So I reject the idea of captain Vannan as worthless. I have decided to organize a battalion of monsters as the fifth type of army”, lifted king Gangan laudably.

“Aha! The sharpness of brain of our king crossed the heights of paradise. A small team of five monsters are sufficient to destroy the whole army of any kingdom in Hindustan”, modulated Prime Minister Kanakan with explosive joy.

“Very less population of monster cyclops is living in the depth of our wild forests. It is a Himalayan task to capture the Cyclops, and train them to obey our commands”, negotiated captain Vindan noxiously.

“The process of capturing a monster cyclop is a more tedious battle. Our effort to trap a cyclop is mere waste, like irrigating a field with higher population of weeds”, objurgated Prime Minister Kanakan, to deviate the imagination of king Gangan towards other channels of easy access.

“I am a standard research scholar, with sharpness of brain than ordinary warriors. I decided to grow hundred children into monsters”.

“Wow! What a strange idea! How did such an idea of novelty bloom into reality?”

“I have an army of monster octopuses. Once I had a monster eagle. In a similar manner, I will grow an army of hundred monsters”.

“What a miraculous discovery of wonder! Talents of our honorable kind reached the height of the heaven”.

“Vindan, I want hundred healthy boy children about age five. Collect them from poor families, bathing their parents with a shower of thousand gold coins”.

“I shall complete the assigned duty, within a time span of ten days”.

“Select ten young efficient soldiers to work as training officers for our children”.

“I too shall complete the selection process within two days”.

“Our stone fortress in the campus of the magnetic fortress is the residential university of the children selected for the monster army”.

All the three captains gazed king Gangan with a bloomed face of wonder. They considered him as an angel of heaven, walking on a multicolored rainbow. They compared his talents to the powers of the god, the creator of the world. King Ganagn explained his procedure to produce the army of monsters with skyhigh skills. “The children should be well trained in different techniques of the utilization of their legs, hands and lancers for the first five years. They should grow as the ideal disciplined students of their masters, ready to obey their orders without second thinking”, philosophized king Gangan pertinaciously.

“We shall supervise the training program daily, to grow the children as our obedient citizens. They should dance perfectly according to the tunes of our king. We shall assure ideal discipline from them, even at the stage of monsters”, quibbled captain Vindan quaintly.

“After the fifth year, we should mix magic medicine milajit with their palm wine. We should continue the training programme and discipline teaching process for ten more years to grow them into an army of disciplined monsters”, rejoiced king Gangan, by the explanation of the new technology to fabricate an army of monsters.

“May we select a captain for the army of monsters?” sued captain Selvan subtly.

“When we use the army of monsters against an enemy, the other divisions of army are not necessary to gain a victory. Hence no new captain is required for leading the army of monsters. You three take joint responsibility for the effective function of the army of monsters”, trolled king Gangan, tenaciously. Suddenly the concentration of king Gangan deviated towards the castles inside the campus of the magnetic fortress. He turned his face towards Prime Minister Kanakan with diminished brightness.

“Yesterday captain Selvan reported that three of our castles are vacant. It is your responsibility to fill the vacancies immediately”.

“The searching process is accelerated. Three beautiful damsels were selected from affluent section of society, by the application of little force. Those castles will be filled on tomorrow morning”.

“What happened to the queens in the three castles?”

“They were pushed into the moat on the ground of heavy charges. Two queens are charged with adultery. There were initial symptoms of leprosy on the skin of the third queen”.

“Who reported the complaint of sex scandal?”

“The queens blackened their faces by the stain of lesbianism”.

“Lesbianism is the worst type of adultery. They are fit for the punishment imposed on their heads”.

“Old flowers wither to give place to fresh blossoms. It is my responsibility to keep the campus of the magnetic fortress always fresh with fragrant blossoms”.

“The story of thousand queens is your brain child. That is why I gave you maximum freedom to move in the castles of queens. The formation of Marutha Empire will sing the songs of your praise”.

As per the instruction of king Gangan, hundred healthy male children at the age of five from lower stratum of society, were purchased by the captains of Marutha Land. The training programme of the children accelerated inside the stone fortress to produce an army of artificial monsters. King Gangan frequently visited the stone fortress to study the stages of improvement in the training programme, and to suggest refinements for further amelioration of the trainees. On one fine morning, while crossing the road in the middle of the green carpets of paddy fields, he witnessed a couple of cranes teaching the art of flight to two young cranes. Those young cranes flew to a short span of distance, and dropped down near the middle of the paddy fields.

Inspired by the instructions of the parent cranes, the young cranes put trial to fly another span of distance. The efforts of the young cranes continued to learn the art of flight. While watching the incident with mounting eagerness, a spark of idea flashed in his mind to grow the two cranes into giant birds. “Vindan, I want that two young cranes. Kindly ask the soldiers to catch the two little cranes for my scientific research” urged king Gangan, a gleam of joy growing on his handsome face like the brightness of sun at early dawn.

A team of five soldiers chased the cranes, and spread a large net to catch them victoriously. King Gangan flew on the wings of imagination to identify two large cages to grow the cranes into gigantic birds, feeding milajit regularly with their food. He finalized the large cages used for growing the band of three monster wolves, below the stage of the recreation auditorium as the best residence for the cranes. As the wolves escaped into wild forest after the death of queen Karpagam, he selected that location as the ideal for the uniform growth of the cranes.

The wheel of time rolled at uniform rate, and one year passed after the capture of the cranes. They grew rapidly into monstrous size, bigger than the biggest bird roc, capable to lift an elephant like a light weight twig. At that instant of the highest mirth of king Gangan, a mind bursting event occurred in his life to scatter his all dreams into dust, like the collapse of his research laboratory of lifelong labor.

At noon of a rainy season, while roaming in his harem flying on the wings of imagination about the future of his army of monsters, he peeped outside casually through the window to study the external climatic condition. His eyes saw Prime Minister Kanakan entering into the castle number two, at a short distance from his zenana. He waited for a long span of time for his arrival to discuss the procedures for strengthening his navy. Unable to bear the elongation of wastage of time, he began to walk towards the second castle, for the first time in his life.

When he stepped into the castle, he witnessed the servant maid standing before the door as a watch dog. The sudden entry of king Gangan into the castle sowed waves of fear into her nervous system. Her face turned into the frozen face of a corpse. He saw the shiver at the edge of death in her behavior. He diffused slowly into the castle, and noticed the bed room partially closed. He peeped into the bedroom, through the side of the door, preserving perfect silence. He was shocked heavily to see his queen playing on the bed with his master Kanakan in birth dress, like the twisting game of a couple of intimate snakes.

King Gangan stabilized his mind to perfect calmness, and retraced his path towards his royal palace. “Don’t open your mouth to expose the secret of my arrival to Prof Kanakan. If you breached my orders, I will throw your whole family into the moat of the magnetic fortress. This is the first and last warning of king Gangan of Marutha land”, vilified king Gangan venomously.

While walking towards the harem, he experienced the weariness of complete exhaustion of his energy. His own master, who illuminated his path of victory, pierced his heart like a poisonous needle of deception. He spread on the bed like a wreath of withered roses. His wings of imagination flew into the height of the sky, to trace a source of light to drive away the blanket of darkness that spread in his heart. “Majestic King! I see the dark shadow of worry on your magnetic face. I am ready to serve you to the extreme to evaporate your weariness. Kindly order me the appropriate service to dissolve your tension”, witched the queen in the harem at that time, like the enchanting music of a cuckoo.

“Dear! I wish to open a short conversation with the queen in castle number hundred. Kindly ask her to come for my service immediately. I shall accept your service on tomorrow without fail”, yearned king Gangan yieldingly.

After a short span of time, the queen entered the harem with the smiling face of the shining fullmoon. “I am under your service. I arrived to relieve your burning tension by a shower of love. Kindly order me the nature of service expected by your grace”, appealed the queen, her love brimming tone inspiring him like a sweet lullaby.

King Gangan rolled on the bed towards her, and sat on the edge of the bed in a convenient position. He pulled her to his lap, and presented a worm kiss on her forehead. “I have a heart piercing doubt. Will you energise my heart by true words of your mouth of honor? I wish to hear perfect truth, far away from the smear of falsehood”, babbled king Gangan beseechingly.

“You shall believe my words. My tongue will utter only real truth”.

“I wish to hear your opinion about our Prime Minister Kanakan”.

“Prof Kanakan is a man of talents”.

“What is your opinion about his techniques of administration of the castles?”

“Supplies and services are prompt to the full satisfaction of all queens”.

“What is your opinion about his strategy of maintaining cordial relationship with queens?”

The queen rolled her eyes away from his face. After a silence for a span of time, her eyes returned to study the color change on his face. She noticed intensifying red color of anger on his face. Unable to bear the hotness of his penetrating eyes, she again turned her eyes away from his face.

“Darling, I am sorry to throw flames of fire into your heart. Kanakan is a spider waiting to trap butterflies”.

“Do you have basic reasons to support your charges of heinous crimes?”

“He approached me with a fire of cobweb to destroy my honor”.

“Did you receive any force of coercion to twist your stability?”

“He warned me to wait for a bath in the moat of the magnetic fortress”.

“Did he threaten you with a charge?”

“Yes darling. He accused me with a sin of lesbianism”.

“Alas! What a dangerous treachery! He might have trapped many queens into his love web. Kanakan is a poisonous insect in the campus of magnetic fortress to adulterate my own generation. He won’t breath for longer time, to spoil the purity of air in the campus of magnetic fortress”, crackled king Gangan, the flame of fire in his eyes magnified at rapid rate to the level of sudden explosion.

King Gangan finalized to pull the needle that prickled his heart, without the knowledge of the needle. He spread his wings of imagination in all directions, to trace the best strategy to inflict a cruel punishment of piercing pain to the person of the highest crime. He selected the best technique to execute a recreational game, to soften the mental agony of all queens of the magnetic fortress. He completed all preliminary arrangements to hoist the debut of the live drama in the recreational auditorium. He ordered for the removal of the end wall of the entertainment auditorium to elongate the stage of the game to infinite distance.

As per his invitation, Prime Minister Kanakan and the captains greeted king Gangan in the reception hall of his royal palace. “Master, I arranged a recreational game in our auditorium for the entertainment of the queens. I invite you all as special guests to enjoy the thrill of the game. The queens are already in the auditorium, waiting for our arrival to start the game of exciting wonders”, dazzled king Gangan delightfully. When they entered into the auditorium, the queens stood up to show their reverence.

When king Gangan sat on the throne, the other members of the team occupied the chairs behind the throne. King Gangan turned towards them, with a sparkling gleam of joy on his face. “Master, a small crack developed in the wall of the tower at the centre of the open auditorium, like a devastating force to lower the strength of its stability. Kindly analyze the nature of the crack to identify the better technique to energize the durability of the structure”, embezzled king Gangan elusively. When Prime Minister Kanakan moved little distance towards the tower, he pulled a spherical calorimeter of raw clay preserved under his throne, to the strong grasp of his right hand. He threw the calorimeter containing magic medicine milajit towards the head of Prime Minister Kanakan with heavy force.

The spherical calorimeter bombarded on the head of Prof Kanakan with highest pressure. It burst into pieces instantly, and green colored liquid of milajit soaked him, like a heavy torrent of rain. Prime Minister Kanakan turned towards him with a flame of fire on his face. King Gangan utilized that fine moment of explosive anger, to press the lever for opening the bird cages. A milky white crane of enormous size escaped from one bird cage. The high flavor of milajit attracted the monster crane like the elixir of heaven. The giant crane flew swiftly towards Kanakan to catch the prey of its favorite flavor.

A spark of flame occurred in the brain of Prof Kanakan, like a warning signal. The hunting process of the former queen Karpagam by a band of three monster wolves, flashed in his mind instantly like a spark of light. He ran at high speed to escape from the sharp beaks of the monster crane. After a small time gap, the second monster crane entered into the arena, like a competitor to the first crane in the hunting process. The first crane chased Prof Kanakan with rapidly increasing speed, and lifted him immediately to the height of the sky, holding him strongly between the tight grasp of its beaks.

Majority of the queens celebrated the hot game by a shower of applauses, like a rolling thunder in the midst of a heavy shower in a monsoon season. A sudden twist of event occurred suddenly to bath them in a shower of more happiness. The first crane dropped Kanakan from a top layer of high altitude, to enjoy the consequences of the bombardment of his body on the hard crust of the earth. The second monster crane increased its speed, like an accelerated lance by a mechanical machine of high efficiency. The second monster crane caught Prof Kanakan between its beaks at low altitude of the sky, flew to a higher layer than its friend. Then it dropped Prof Kanakan from its beak, to extent the game of skyhigh thrill for a longer time.

To the highest enjoyment of the majority of the spectators, the dropping and pulling game between the two gigantic white cranes elongated for longer period of time. At the end phase of the game of skyhigh thrill, the two monster cranes pulled the body of Kankan at two ends. The fleshy body of Prof Kanakan tore off into two parts and entered into the alimentary canals of the cranes as a nutritious food. Thus the treacherous story of blood thirsty Prof Kanakan reached a tragic end. But the seeds of greed dropped into the blood stream of king Gangan, germinated to scorch the innocent mass of Hindustan for a long period of time.

When he reached his royal palace, he called captain Selvan, the head officer of the magnetic fortress. “I appoint you as the prime minster of Marutha Land. You transfer your responsibilities to Kannan, your assistant” foisted king Gangan felicitously.

“Thank you majestic king, thank you very much. I never expected such a sudden boosting in my career”, grinned captain Selvan, exposing his rows of milky white teeth like sparkling diamonds.

“You are fit for such a honor. Your education and talents impressed me beyond doubts. The queen and the servant maid in the second palace have illegal relationship. Throw both of them in the moat at late night today. This is the first order of the king of the magnetic fortress to verify your worthiness”, hooted king Gangan harshly.

The intimate parents of real love would consider the prattle of their children sweeter than the sweetest notes of flute and lute. They weigh the gruel played by the tiny hands of their children far tastier than the ambrosia of the heaven. The joy of loving parents would cross the heights of the paradise, when they heard the acclamation for the achievement of their children. A long span of twenty years rolled away, like the blooming and withering of blossoms of mind catching colors, and fragrances. During that time interval of highest significance, Junior Kuttuvan grew into a youth of high talents. The expert training by three mothers transformed him into a hero of the forest. Though he valued his three mothers as living gods, he always roamed behind Myna like a tail waving puppy.

Vanathi identified Junior Kuttuvan as a miniature of his father, when he learnt to walk on little steps. Hunted by waves of fear for identification, she limited his freedom within the frontiers of the forest. He was highly satisfied by the love and care of his three mothers. Though he was grown within the forest Myna enjoyed highly in decorating him with varieties of modern dresses. Though he had high skill in the arts of warfare, he was just an ignorant child in the knowledge of human relations. During that long period of time interval, Nila breathed her last puff of air, and her son Sooryan transformed into the pet vehicle of transportation of Junior Kuttuvan.

Though junior Kuttuvan and Sooryan grew simultaneously with strong bond of fraternity, there was a tough competition between them for dominance. Such a spirit of competition was initiated by Myna, as an effort to grow the talents of Junior Kuttuvan, beyond the level of imagination. The spirit of rivalry started as a running race to gain the applauses of Myna mom. Unfortunately Junior Kuttuvan failed daily to pluck the sweet fruit of victory.

“Mom, I will compete with sooryan, till I win the running race. Sooryan had only one mother. As a son of three loving mothers, I will gain thrice the speed of sooryan by repeated trainings. Mummy won’t lose trust on the skill of your son, disturbed by his repeated failures”, importuned Junior Kuttuvan, hanging on her shoulder like a little lad playing with his intimate mother.

“It is a tedious task for you to defeat sooriyan with bare foot. A series of long cords tied to the branches of trees along the route of your travel will help to increase the speed of your running race”, justified Myna judiciously.

Myna bought five rolls of strong ropes from the market of Neyythal land. Junior Kuttuvan cut off the cord into fragments of different lengths and tied one end of the ropes to high branches of trees favorable for free oscillation. After completing the task of hanging ropes from the trees of most big trees of the area, he involved in two days of crash training programme to gain expertise in oscillating on the ropes.

On next day dawn, the five member group assembled before the cave for the debut of speedy travel competition. Myna counted the numbers from one to three. Sooryan ran forward fast in the form of repeated bounces, Junior Kuttuvan trailed behind Sooryan by a large distance gap. Along the track of their competition, the lake stood as a hindrance to diminish their speed of travel. By a high speed leap of extraordinary skill, sooryan crossed the lake, like a flying lion with wings. Junior Kuttuvan jumped at maximum velocity to grasp the first rope tied to a tree on the bank of the lake. He oscillated towards the second rope at the opposite side of the lake at high speed, and gained success to grasp the second rope. By repeated oscillations on a series of cords, he diminished the vast distance gap of the lion Sooryan. When he jumped on the terminal point of the competition, Sooryan was lagging him by a distance.

Retracing along the same path, he jumped before his mothers, like a victorious hero of heaven. His three mothers stretched their hands towards him standing in the order Vanathi, Vanmathi and Myna. He moved swiftly towards Myna and spread in her hug to receive her warm kiss on his forehead. Myna hoisted a smile of victory on her face, winking towards them to show her climb on the peak of her wager. Then Junior Kuttuvan shared his love heart with Vanmathi and finally with Vanathi. “Son, I am extremely happy for your depth of love on Myna and Vanmathi. I won’t worry for your safety, even if I vanish in another sand rain. God is great to bless you with three mothers of limitless love”, luxuriated Vanathi swimming in the ocean of mirth.

After a lapse of few days without any frictional force in their life, a turning point occurred to show Junior Kuttuvan the extraordinary prowess of his three mothers. While he was highly involved in searching of diamond crystals, Junior Kuttuvan saw monster cyclop walking towards their cottage constructed in the middle of the mango tree. Waves of fear penetrated his nerves as a warning signal to show the dangerous condition of his mothers. He shivered severely for the safety of his loving mothers. He ran fast towards the area, like a streak of lightning penetrating through a dense fog. During his swift forward motion, a deep and broad stream stood as an obstacle against his effort to draw his three mothers, from the destructive hands of the monster cyclop.

A rope was stretched between two trees on the opposite banks of the stream. Junior Kuttuvan sprang into the sky with highest speed, and stepped on a high branch of the tree. He climbed quickly to the highest branch of the tree, and untied the end of the rope. He swiftly crossed the stream oscillating on the rope with extreme skill. By repeated oscillations on a series of ropes, he moved fast towards the monster cyclop, to pull his mothers from the nails of death. At the same instant of time, the lion sooryan saw the abrupt movement of his brother towards the cottage. Sensing some danger to his mothers, he chased his brother at higher speed. He crossed the stream in one leap and followed Junior Kuttuvan like his own shadow. “Sooryan, our moms are in danger. The monster cyclop is moving towards our cottage. Run fast to save our mothers from the claws of death”, maximized Junior Kuttuvan mutinously.

While moving inside the hut, bird woman Vanmathi saw monster cyclop fast approaching their cottage. She drew a sword from the wall, and ran swiftly towards the door to attack monster cyclop. “Mom, are you going for hunting with a sword? Don’t leave me alone to drown in the dungeon of boredom. I won’t allow you to run alone into the caverns of danger”, notified Myna, running behind her as a supportive force of highest intimacy.

Vanmathi spread her wings, and began to fly towards the monster cyclop, far away from their cottage. Myna saw monster cyclop as a huge walking palmyra tree with limbs. “I won’t give you as a play toy to the monster. Quickly come back to save your child. If you disobey my commands, I will commit suicide jumping into a cavern”, ordered Myna obdurately.

Her harsh words of order acted as an ideal brake to the movement of Vanmathi. She stabilized in air, by slow vibrations of her huge wings. Myna drew a huge spear from the corner of the cottage and projected it towards the monster cyclop with high force. The lance penetrated through the layers of the atmosphere along an inclined path, and collided on the forehead of the monster cyclop with utmost pressure. Due to extreme hardness of the cranium of the monster cyclop, and the oblique nature of the bombardment, the spear was reflected to the height of the sky.

Myna pulled another lance from the back corner of the cottage, ran rapidly towards the front, and leaped forward with perfect aim to stabilize her position on the back of Vanmathi. “Our son Junior is running fast towards the monster cyclop. You don’t hesitate to throw me away to save our son from danger at critical moment. Don’t burst our life long dream like an air bubble, by your excessive love on this stupid girl of worthlessness”, precipitated Myna, pressing her right foot as a warning force.

During his forward motion in the sky like a bird without wings, Junior Kuttuvan seized the spear thrown by Myna into his strong grasp. He continued his movement towards the monster, changing the orientation of the spear in a direction favorable for penetration into his neck. He hit the sharp end of lance on his neck, and jumped on his right shoulder to avoid a violent bombardment on the hard crust of the earth. Unfortunately the spear pierced through only a thin layer of the outer skin. Junior Kuttuvan put an effort to pull the spear, for attempting another trial to penetrate the neck of the monster cyclop.

Monster cyclop experienced little pain, like the bite of a black ant. His right hand moved upwards rapidly to strike away the injuring ant of mischief. The force of the hit of the monster cyclop scattered Junior Kuttuvan to high distance towards a rock, the spear plunging into the water of the nearby lake, like an embodiment of cowardice. “Junior is flying towards danger. Fly fast to pull him to the swing of your love. Don’t shiver for the death of your child”, quelled Myna, bouncing towards the head of monster cyclop with perfect aim. She successfully landed on the backside of the head of the monster, and stabilized her position from slippage of the bald head, by embracing his huge horn.

During that time interval, Vanmathi flew rapidly towards the rock, and seized the hand of junior Kuttuvan, before his bombardment on the rough surface of the rock. “Myna mom is in danger. Why did you throw your child into the hands of peril to save this junior? I love Myna mom more than my own life. Kindly fly fast to save myna mom to the shadow of safety”, roistered junior Kuttuvan revoltingly.

“I can’t deny the order of my baby. She has higher responsibility to protect the life her mother, by preserving her own safety. She knew that I live only on her breathing. She won’t take risk to kill her own mother” solaced Vanmathi, spraying words like a shower of love blossoms.

The monster cyclop moved forward to capture Vanmathi, stretching his tremendously long right hand towards her. At that critical time of the highest emergency, sooryan reached the area at high speed by successive long range bounces. He leaped quickly towards the monster cyclop from back side, and bombarded on his back with heavy force, piercing his sharp claws of front legs into the skin of the monster. He pulled the claws with pieces of flesh and began to climb upwards to reach his shoulder. Each time he stroke with force to increase the grip of his claws on the hard skin of the monster cyclop. Irritated by the claws of the lion, the monster cyclop stretched his right hand towards his back, and seized his hind leg with the strong grip of his fingers. He drew the lion with force, oscillated him twice in air and threw him away at high velocity. By the high force of his throw, Sooryan collided on the well of the cottage, scattered a portion of the cottage into pieces, and bombarded on the hard crust of the earth beyond the cottage.

Impressed by the beautiful milky white wings of Vanmathi, the monster cyclop moved forward to catch her. At that time Vanathi rushed towards the monster cyclop with a long spear, and sprang towards his chest at high speed. She inserted her lance into the chest of the monster cyclop and rebounded higher to stabilize her position on his head. Myna stretched her hands to seize Vanathi to safety. Unfortunately her grasp lost grip, and Vanathi rolled to his back side. However, she was successful in grasping a bunch of hairs at the lower side of the head of the monster cyclop. “I am standing on the head of the monster cyclop for a long period of time. I am happy for your arrival as a companion in the loneliness of boredom. Don’t break you legs by jumping down. A golden time will arrive to stretch a helping hand towards us”, teased Myna turbidly.

The lance of Vanathi pierced through the thick layer of the outer skin and a little thickness of the inner flesh. The monster cyclop pulled the spear very easily, and threw it towards Junior Kuttuvan at high force. Vanmathi predicated such an occurrence in advance. “Junior, run fast from this area of turbulence to escape from the peril of the monster cyclop. Vanathi is at the verge of danger. I wish to stretch my helping hand towards her”, urged Vanmathi, fluttering her wings to fly towards Vanathi. Junior Kuttuvan judged the accurate trajectory of the projectile of monster cyclop. As per his expectation, the spear moved at higher altitude towards a point at long distance, deviated completely from the target of his aim. Junior Kuttuvan ran behind the spear at higher speed, and seized it easily like a dragon fly as a proof for his skill.

Junior Kuttuvan chased Vanmathi at high velocity, and sprang towards her with high expertise, like a rebounding rubber ball. He stabilized his position on the back of Vanmathi, and rearranged the position of the spear for a sudden attack on monster cyclop. With rising wrath at rapid speed towards explosion, the monster cyclop ran towards them to squeeze them like sugar cane.

Due to high amplitude vibration of the running monster cyclop, Vanathi found it very difficult to hang like a bat.

“Myna, the strength of my grasp is lowering at rapid rate. I can’t hang like this for longer period of time. Kindly pull me to the head for my safety,” vailed Vanathi vacillatingly.

Myna sat on his head, safely winding her legs around his horn, and stretched her right hand towards Vanathi. After a laborious trial, she was successful in drawing Vanathi to the location of higher safety. Both of them stood on the backside of the head of the monster cyclop, holding the horn for higher stability. At that time of emergency, Myna saw birdman Subban at high distance moving towards the cottage. “Darling, we are in danger. Fly fast to lift us from this bald head of slippery nature”, wailed Myna waving her right hand to catch his attention.

Birdman Subban watched the dangerous color of the climatic condition, and flew swiftly towards them to stretch his helping hands. “Vanathi, junior Kuttuvan should hoist the victory flag today. You first escape from this trap to help him on the surface of the earth. I shall stand here for some more time to guide him in the sky”, yelped Myna, with a tone of order to stop a second thinking. Compelled by the command of Myna, Vanathi jumped to the back of birdman Subban to escape from the location of high life risk.

Myna saw Vanmathi revolving around the monster cyclop, at a distance away from the grasp of his hands. “Junior, don’t waste your energy in useless trials. Aim your spear to the eye of the monster in an upward slanting path to penetrate through the brain. You should prove your talents in just only one trial”, accentuated Myna audaciously.

During the next round of revolution around the monster cyclop, Vanmathi stabilized her position in a location favorable for the launching of the lance. Junior Kuttuvan acted swiftly to project the spear with high force towards the right eye of the monster cyclp. The high speed spear hit the target as per the aim, and smashed the brain of the monster, piercing through his right eye. The monster cyclop emitted a loud cry, like the trumpeting of an elephant. He moved forward waving his hands to crush his enemies like tiny moth. “Uncle, save Myna mom from the head of monster cyclop. Mom may roll down to break her head”, blazed Junior Kuttuvan blatantly.

Vanmathi flew swiftly to his back to escape from the clutch of the monster cyclop. Birdman Subban flew fast towards Myna to draw her to his chest of safe love. The monster cyclop turned direction to catch Junior Kuttuvan with a flare of fire in his mind. During the chasing programme, he approached vicinity of the lake. Myna calculated that moment as the last opportunity for her safe escape, from the dangerous clutch of the monster cyclop. She jumped towards the lake, expecting a support from the stagnant water of the lake for her survival. Birdman Subban flew towards the lake at rapid speed, and snatched her right hand skillfully, before her bombardment on the surface of water.

The monster cyclop ran hither and thither in helter-skelter for a span of time with stretched hands, and stumbled into the lake to breathe his last. “Moms, you all are great, beyond my expectation. The credit for killing the monster cyclop will fall on the head of my moms. I thank god for blessing me with three mothers of matchless valor”, cajoled Junior Kuttuvan, pulling his three mothers simultaneously for a warm hug.

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