Magnetic Fortress

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Witch Lysa

The chasing to touch competition’ between Myna and Junior Kuttuvan gained momentum, to oscillate the spectators in a swing of happiness. Vanathi and Vanmathi sat on a small rock, to enjoy the thrill of the running race. Junior Kuttuvan ran around the rock at high velocity in the form of successive bounces. Myna chased him at high speed to touch his skin. Though Sooryan was rejected from the game of highest thrill, he ran behind Junior Kuttuvan as a competitor of higher merits. With the elapse of a long period of time, Myna fell into the lap of tiresome owing to exhaustion of energy. To pluck the fruit of victory instantly, she sprang towards Junior Kuttuvan along the middle of the rock like a whirl wind.

Attacked by the waves of heavy shock, Vanathi ran behind her to pull to the platform of safety. Vanmathi spread her wings quickly, and flapped them at high frequency to catch her child on the love swing of her hands. Knowing the bitter condition of his loving mother, Junior Kuttuvan sprang towards her at high speed, and held her safely on the cradle of his hands. “Mom, don’t gaze me to pierce my heart. I put such a stupid trial to verify the depth of love of our son. I plucked the sweet fruit of the chase to touch competition. I am satisfied by the depth of your love too”, dignified Myna deftly.

“Your mischiefs crossed the limits of forgiveness. Behave properly as a mother of a child. This is the last warning for the refinement of your heart”, excoriated Vanathi, waving her hand as a warning signal for a severe punishment.

When Vanathi turned her head to the opposite side in bursting anger, the scene of a monster eagle penetrated her brain, like a flash of light in the darkness of a dungeon. “Alas! King Gangan grows another eagle feeding milajit discovered by my father. That vampire of the magnetic fortress is very close to the area of our residence. This is the right time to teach him another hot lesson to his lifelong remembrance”, fermented Vanathi frigidly.

“Junior, this is the correct time to prove your talents. Look at that monster eagle flying in the heights of sky, like a hero of the space. That eagle is owned by king Gangan of Marutha Land, the only permanent enemy of our family. Kill that bird to shower joy in the heart of your mothers”, growled Vanathi, stretching her right hand towards the giant eagle.

“For the first time in life, my mom assigned me a duty as an order. I will kill the giant eagle to prove my skill as a son of three powerful mothers”, heralded Junior Kuttuvan heroically.

“King Gangan is a heartless jackal, without a spring of love. You should be very careful to preserve your three moms in your love shade. The word failure won’t peep into your life of heroism”, instructed Vanmathi, with a stress to the word heroism to boost his energy level.

“This is a golden opportunity to climb to the heights of victory. Use the expertise of your three mothers to prove your merits”, jabbered Myna jerkily.

Junior Kuttuvan ran towards the lake like a tsunami wave at high speed. He used the series of cords to fly through air without wings. Sooryan followed the path of his brother on the surface of the earth, by means of successive leaps of large ranges. After a short period of time, a sudden twist of idea occurred in the heart of the first bird woman Vanmathi. “King Gangan is a stone hearted Vampire. Even the blessing of nature is behind him, to serve him as servant maids. I am on heavy shiver for the safety of our child. I can’t remain idle suffocating in the depth of melancholy, pushing my son towards the area of peril”, knelled Vanmathi, flapping her wings to follow Junior Kuttuvan as a force of support.

“Mom, how can you reject your child from your shadow of love? I will be behind you to pull both of you safely from the crafty hands of king Gangan”, lamented Myna luridly. She ran behind Vanmathi like an accelerated spear, and sprang towards her to stabilize her position on Vanmathi.

“I am extremely sorry. I have no courage to face the burning eyes of king Gangan. A golden day will bloom, when king Gangan will dance according to our tunes”, melodized birdman Subban, brightness of his face increasing at slow rate.

“I shall understand the color of your mind. Junior Kuttuvan has two more mothers to oscillate him on the love swing of their hearts. Let us not pay for the annihilation of our whole family. We shall fly in the sky of victory at the time of god’s mercy”, nurtured Vanathi nimbly.

The gigantic eagle of king Gangan crossed the forest limit, and began to fly above the royal road leading to the magnetic fortress. King Gangan was galloping towards the magnetic fortress, followed by his black cats of hundred horsemen. Chasing behind the giant eagle, Junior Kuttuvan crossed the forest limit, and dropped in the field of view of king Gangan. Junior Kuttuvan ran along one side of the royal road, keeping the eagle in the focus of his eyes, not caring about the climatic condition of the surrounding. King Gangan watched his movement with a wonderstruck face of strangeness. The watch dogs of king Gangan raised their weapons to kill him mercilessly. King Gangan stopped their efforts by his hand movement, to study the stupid behavior of the stranger in depth.

“Who is this idiotic youth, not knowing to respect the autocrat of Marutha Land? Does he consider the warriors of king Gangan as moths revolving around flame blossoms? Is he a lunatic to consider king Gangan as a stag in the forest? Is he a tourist diffused into our territory from a foreign country?” pacified king Gangan, analyzing the different possibilities for the eccentric behavior of the youth.

He watched carefully the direction and the speed of movement of the strange youth of high handsome for a span of time. The sharpness of his brain illuminated reason for the chasing endeavor of the youth behind his monster eagle. Flared by flame of wrath, King Gangan accelerated his horse to high speed and blocked Junior Kuttuvan at the sharp tip of his spear. “Who are you? Why did you chase my eagle?” queried king Gangan quizzically.

“This monster is the eagle of my family foe. I chase this eagle to kill mercilessly as an effort to teach him a warning lesson”, raved Junior Kuttuvan, pushing his spear asides like a weightless twig.

At the extension of the next moment, Junior Kuttuvan was surrounded by a team of ten horsemen, the sharp edges of their spears pressing his skin along different directions. “Majestic king, you move forward neglecting this lunatic as a trash. We shall cut off him into hundred fragments to give a warning lesson to the criminals behind him”, snickered captain Vindan sourly.

“Are you suffering from sleeping sickness? May my hands pluck mangoes till you cut off my body into fragments? My hands too can play higher games of prowess”, thundered junior Kuttuvan, bursting into a sneering laugher.

“Vandal, don’t jump into action in haste. Every ghosts shiver to stand before king Gangan. I can’t see roots of fear on his sparkling face. He may be sinking to the depth of lunacy. I shall smell little probability in him as a hero of matchless prowess”, ushered king Gangan with deep calmness, deeper than the deepest location of the ocean.

“Handsome! Who are you? Who gave you courage to play mischievous games before king Gangan?”

“I am Junior Kuttuvan. My mother ordered to kill your giant eagle”.

“Alas! Are you the son of my only enemy prince Kuttuvan?”

“I hate to speak about my father”.

“Are you an orphan dog? Are you a vagabond crawling on dust?”

“Don’t elongate your tongue beyond the limits. I will throw your tongue to bitches on the street”.

“Are you the naughty son of a harlot? Only a slut can’t identify the father of his child”.

“Don’t boil my wrath. I have three loving mothers, like twinkling stars in the sky”.

“Are you an illegal youth grown by three whores? Bath me in a shower of joy, exposing the names of your worthless mothers”.

“I am the pet child of Vanathi, Vanmathi and Myna”.

King Gangan dropped into heavy shock, as if blinded by an abrupt lightning stroke. “Is the youth carries the skill of three women of highest valor? Is the youth diverted towards me to suck my energy? Is he an offspring of the hero of Neyythal Land”, visualized king Gangan villainously. “Are you the son of Vanathi, the tigress of Neyythal Land? Do the bird woman Vanmathi alive till now?”

Junior Kuttuvan studied the shiver in the tone of king Gangan. He exploded in to a laugher of mirth like the bursting of Christmas crackers. “Coward, you don’t know my youngest mother Myna. No hero of the earth has capacity to stand before my Myna mom. She is an angel blessed by heaven”.

“Has Myna more valor than Vanathi?”

“She is an embodiment of highest prowess”.

“You appear like my own son. Kindly run away from this area of highest risk”.

“I am the only seed of a family of prowess. I can’t put my legs behind, as a token of failure. I won’t leave this area before killing your monster eagle. This is the wager of the son three loving mothers”.

“Little ghost, you paid for your own death. You dropped into the trap of king Gangan, like a snake entering into the mouth of a mongoose. No god can free you from the snare of this Vampire”, warned king Gangan waspishly.

King Gangan raised his right leg to kick on his chest with force. Junior Kuttuvan seized his leg, like the strong clutch of an iguana, and pulled him forcefully away from his horse. He grasped his both legs together by the strong grip of his hands, and rotated him swiftly along a circular path like a stone attached to a long string. The soldiers of king Gangan aimed their spears to penetrate his heart.

“Stupid Soldiers, don’t use your own lances to kill your king. All of you lower your spears towards the surface of the earth. Otherwise, I will throw your king on the sharp edges of your spears”, yelled junior Kuttuvan, laughing merrily with a bloomed face of high handsome. All the soldiers lowered their spears instantly towards the surface of the earth.

“This much of game is enough for the enjoyment of today. First you give warm kisses to your soldiers. Then we shall climb on higher levels of sports”, antagonized Junior Kuttuvan artfully. He threw king Gangan towards his soldiers, like the process of dropping waste food materials to the plates of beggars. King Gangan bombarded on five soldiers, and rolled them to the surface of the earth as his intimate companions.

The soldiers of king Gangan projected their spears at high speed to pierce his heart. Junior Kuttuvan grasped in air a spear, and played miracles to scatter the accelerated spears like a high speed whirl wind. He bounced hither and thither on the horses of the soldiers, like an expert gymnastic champion. He pulled the spears of the soldiers one by one, and threw them away like the process of neglecting trashes to dustbins. King Gangan watched him in wonder, as if spellbound by a high wizardry power. At that instant of the highest games of Junior Kutuvan, an abrupt twist of event occurred like a flash of lightning from a clear sky. The giant eagle traveled along a slanting path towards him without vibrating its wings, and lifted Junior Kuttuvan suddenly by the strong claws of its toes. As the gigantic eagle pulled him abruptly along his backside, the spear on his hand dropped down from his hand like worthless friends abandoning friendship at critical times of emergency.

The face of king Gangan glittered in happiness instantly, like a white lily blossoms at the time of appearance of full moon in the sky. His soldiers acclaimed the craftiness of their pet bird with applauses. Their arrays of milky white jasmine bud teeth glittered to intensify the intensity of joy around the area. The reverberation of the applauses created the noise of rolling thunders. “Majestic king, junior Kuttuvan is just a mushroom sprouted at the first shower of a monsoon season. Our giant eagle will write the tragic story of that little lad. No demon is born to save Junior Kuttuvan from the clutches of our pet bird”, barracked captain Vindan, to oscillate all of them in a swing of happiness.

All the soldiers waited to watch the death of junior Kuttuvan, like sincere devotees on penance for the blessings of their deity. As an effort to float them on the ocean of higher mirth, the gigantic eagle carried Junior Kuttuvan to higher altitude of the sky, and dropped him like a worthless twig. Under the influence of acceleration due to gravity, Junior Kuttuvan moved downwards swiftly with increasing velocity. The soldiers of king Gangan exposed higher gleam of happiness on their faces, expecting a violent bombardment of Junior Kuttuvan on the hard crust of the earth to burst into flesh blossoms.

At that critical time of emergency, bird woman Vanmathi flew swiftly towards the area, carrying Myna safely on her back. Myna was the first to witness the pitiable condition of Junior Kuttuvan. “Our son Junior Kuttuvan is moving fast towards the cavern of death. Don’t hesitate to sacrifice our own lives to save our son. Kindly drop the worthless load on your back, remaining as a hindrance for your swift action”, convulsed Myna chaotically. She leaped quickly from the warmth of her mother towards the cradle of the sky.

“Dear child! Kindly wait at the gate of the paradise for the arrival of your mom. Your mom shall visit heaven immediately to oscillate you on the love swing of her heart”, delighted Vanmathi, dropping tear drops like a shower of milk drops.

Along the trajectory of Myna, a banyan tree stood as an obstacle for her rapid downward movement. The banyan tree tried its level best to stop the swift movement of Myna, by the spread of countless tiny branches. She moved downwards at lowering speed, breaking limitless little branches of the tree. Terrified by the dangerous condition of his mother, Sooryan bounced rapidly towards the area to hold her safely on his back. During her rapid downward movement for a harsh collision, Myna succeeded to seize a lower branch safely. She oscillated on the branch of the tree for a short span of time, like a crafty gibbon. After the attainment of a favorable climate change of the surrounding, she jumped on the back of Sooryan victoriously like a hero of heaven. Sooryan bounced joyfully around the area to celebrate the safety of his mother.

Vanmathi flew swiftly towards Junior Kuttuvan, and seized his hand by the strength of her right hand. She oscillated him twice like the bob of a simple pendulum, and threw him towards the height of the sky with force, in the direction of his dearest mother Myna. When Junior Kuttuvan moved toward to the nearness of Myna, after enjoying a jolly trip in the height of the sky, bird woman Vanmathi moved fast to hold him safely on her shoulder.

“Sooryan, don’t waste time unnecessarily celebrating the safety of your younger mother. Our enemies are trumpeting like elephants on rut. A golden time approached to hunt them like worthless stags notorious for cowardice. Kindly sow seeds of shiver into their nervous system by your games of cunningness”, exploded Myna embarrassingly.

Next moment Sooryan roared at high intensity, to spread waves of terror around the area. He rebounded towards the soldiers at high speed, like the attack of a series of high amplitude tsunami waves. To escape from the horror of the lion, the soldiers charged them with a shower of spears. Myna utilized the strength of her both hands to seize the spears that approached their vicinity. She shot those spears towards the soldiers with perfect aim at high force. She succeeded in piercing the hearts of two soldiers, projecting the spears at high speed. Sooryan added fuel to the fire, by his high intensity roars and repeated attacks on them. His sharp claws drew graphs of blood stains on the skin of the soldiers. To the peak of his achievement, he crushed the head of a soldier between the pointed teeth of his jaws.

Vanmathi and Junior Kuttuvan entered into the arena as active players to increase the momentum of the fight. They seized the spears thrown by the soldiers to play miracles around the area. To escape from the soul sucking mouth of the ferocious lion, the soldiers of king Gangan scattered in different directions, like a jar of iron shots dropped on the horizontal surface of a rock.

The monster eagle revolved in the sky in a circular orbit, keeping Junior Kuttuvan at the center of focus in his field of view. The eagle waited for a golden time to lift Junior Kuttuvan again, to teach him the severe pain of bombardment on the hard crust of the earth. “Junior, don’t forget the instruction of your Vanathi mom. The eagle should breathe its last immediately without fail. You should prove your worthiness as the son of prince Kuttuvan. This is the last chance for your climb on the ladder of victory”, filliped bird woman Vanmathi, rolling her eyes to show the direction of movement of the eagle.

“I have the combined talents of my three moms. I will prove my skill to enjoy the gleam of joy on the faces of my three mothers. I won’t allow the eagle to escape from this area of certain death”, grunted Junior Kuttuvan grisly.

“Don’t try to measure with bare hands. Mere word fight won’t lift you to the higher level as the hero of Neyythal Land. You open your eyes wide to wonder the skill of your Myna mom”, hooted Vanmathi, to boost his energy level beyond the level of his imagination.

“I am a disciple of Myna mom. I won’t shiver to stand at the edge of death. Kindly fetch a sword to pierce the heart of the monster eagle”, invited junior Kuttuvan imploringly.

Vanmathi focused her eyes to trace a sharp sword, to present junior Kuttuvan as the prize of her loving heart. She saw a soldier with a good sword, running to quit the area of higher probability of death. She flew swiftly towards the area, lifted the sword by the application of little force of her hand, and kicked on his chest violently to roll him on the ground like the log of a lumbered tree. She threw the sword to the height of the sky towards Junior Kuttuvan to study his expertise in grasping the sword. Inspired by the color of her mind, he ran behind the sword at equal speed, till it began its downward movement. He sprang into the height of the sky with high skill and grasped the sword to use it as the weapon of war for his future games.

Vanmathi flew rapidly towards the monster eagle, at lower a layer of the sky. Junior Kuttuvan ran behind her with focused aim and sprang towards her to stabilize his position on the back of Vanmathi. When she stabilized her motion close to the monster eagle, he tried his level best to cutoff its neck by repeated trials. Each time the crafty eagle escaped narrowly from his aim to dip him into the depth of failure. “Son, sharpen your brain to achieve your goal. The perfectness of the strategy of your attack will fetch you the sure fruit of success”, jarred Vanmathi jerkly. Junior Kuttuvan put more trials to murder the pet bird of king Gangan. He failed bitterly to reap the corn of victory.

“Junior, we shall drop overripe fruits by vibrating the branches of the tree. To pluck better fruits of higher taste, we have to climb on the tree. Vanathi killed the first monster eagle of king Gangan by such a technique of strategic importance”, keyed Vanmathi to accelerate him to climb to the heights of sure victory.

When Vanmathi approached the nearness of the monster eagle, Junior Kuttuvan sprang on the back of the eagle with raised sword at perfect aim of highest speed. The sword on his hand cut off the neck of the monster eagle instantly, to raise him to the fame of victory. As a consequence of the force of reaction, Junior Kuttuvan and the trunk of the monster eagle were scattered in different directions. Vanmathi flew behind Junior Kuttuvan swiftly and grasped his hand with the strong force of her hand to pull him to the side of safety.

At that instant of the highest achievement of Junior Kuttuvan, Myna was standing on the back of sooryan, watching the miraculous success of her son. While dropping Junior Kuttuvan safely on the surface of the earth, Vanmathi noticed king Gangan on his horse at large distance, staring her deeply with imaginative wings. Vanmathi flapped her enormous wings at high frequency to fly towards king Gangan, as an effort to settle her earlier accounts with him. During her forward march towards king Gangan, she snatched the sword in the hand of Myna to inflict a hot lesson to him as a revenge for his earlier atrocities.

“Mummy, don’t jump into fruitless trails. King Gangan is at higher level, far beyond your reach. We shall climb to higher altitude of victory at another favorable time”, lulled Myna lucidly. She accelerated Sooryan towards King Gangan to pull her mother to the shadow of higher safety.

Vanmathi flew towards king Gangan at high speed to teach him a warning lesson. She floated in the sky like an angel of the heaven. King Gangan was attacked by high intense waves of terror, as if a fairy appeared before him to suck his soul from his fatty body. “I am extremely sorry for wasting your brimming youthhood for a long span of twenty years. What is the use of your arrival with flare of vengeance in your loving heart? Let us derive a compromise formula to reach an amicable settlement between us, to enjoy the thrill of the remaining life period”, mesmerized king Gangan, with a magnetic smile on his face.

“Don’t fly in imaginary paradise. After my transformation into a bird woman, there was heavy shower of love blossoms of spring season in my life. I am in the warm embracement of my spouse, the first birdman of the world. The girl, who played miraculous games of valor standing on the lion, is my daughter. Junior Kuttuvan, who killed your worthless monster eagle, is my dearest son. Your imaginative dream to form Mathura Empire will break like air bubbles in a region of low pressure”, notified Vanmathi nattily.

King Gangan stared Vanmathi with heavy shock. He stroke his ears softy to verify their sensitiveness. His sharpness of brain refused to grow trust crops on her words of fire. “The magic medicine wilajit has high power to destroy the fertility of living organisms. I can’t believe the source of your daughter or son”, oppressed king Gangan, with low confidence on her words of flattery.

“Vampire, the tigress of Neyythal Land is with us. She knew the formula to increase the fertility rate of human”.

“An old agreement floats between us. Did your hymen rupture? You store fire in your glamorous body even now. Shall we play a hot game to celebrate our meeting after a long period of time?”

“Ghoul, I am ready to play one round of game with you on bed. I am not Karpagam to wither like a garland of roses. I will suck your libido completely to throw you as a straw”.

Suddenly Vanmathi pushed the sharp tip of her sword to penetrate his heart. King Gangan expected such an abrupt attempt from Vanmathi to avenge for his cunningness. He raised his sword quickly to stop her sword at a distance from his chest. Next moment a tough sword fight started between them. Being a bird woman with the benefits of wings, she flew around king Gangan to play miracles. At that time of highest wrath of Vanmathi, she failed to observe the heavy alignment of soldiers on the magnetic fortress with bows and arrows. Myna noticed sharply the change of color of the surrounding in a direction against the safety of Vanmathi.

“Majestic king, I shall handle this silly bird woman easily like a dove. Kindly enter into the campus of the magnetic fortress for your safety”, pacified captain Vindan persuasively.

“Wait silently to watch the debut of a tragic drama. I will cut off her one wing to roam as a symbol of shame. God will shower blessings immediately to fulfill all wishes of king Gangan”, quibbled king Gangan, waving the sword with focused aim to cut off her right wing.

Myna accelerated Sooryan towards that area of highest danger to the life of her dearest mother Vanmathi. She noticed thousands of soldiers on the magnetic fortress, with perfect aim of arrows to pierce her heart for instant death. A slight displacement of king Gangan from the vicinity of Vanmathi would be enough to drill thousands of bores in her body, like a sieve used to separate course particles from rice flour. The sharpness of her mind rang a warning bell, like the trumpet of an elephant. So she decided to play a mono act drama on the stage of real life.

“Mummy, an arrow pierced through my heart. Your baby is moving towards the cavern of death. Kindly receive the last kisses of your child. Umma! Umma!” rattled Myna, rolling down from Sooryan like a withered petal of a lotus.

“Ha! My heart will explode into fragments before the last breathe of my baby. O God! Kindly bless my child with life, taking my soul as a substitute for year service”, screeched Vanmathi shrilly. She threw the sword in her hand towards the chest of king Gangan with utmost force, as a last effort before the stoppage of her breathing. King Gangan sprang sidewise to a large distance to save his skin. Thus he escaped narrowly to the width of a thin hair from the sharp edge of her sword that whispered like a stinging wasp.

Vanmathi flew swiftly towards Myna, pulled her to the warm hug of her chest and escaped rapidly from that area of the highest peril. After the safe displacement of king Gangan from the nearness of bird woman Vanmathi, a heavy shower of arrows pierced through the layers of atmosphere towards Vanmathi, like a hive of humming honeybees. Thus by the crafty dramatization, Myna pulled her dearest mother Vanmathi safely from the narrow edge of death.

After escaping from the range of direct hit of arrows, Myna bounced to the shoulders of Vanmathi. “Today is the happiest day in the life cycle of Myna. She proved her worthiness as a warrior of talents. Are you satisfied with the skills of your baby?” twittered Myna tactfully.

“Your talents crossed the heights of the valor of Vanathi. Today there is no worthy hero in Neyythal Land to compete with you. Even prince Kuttuvan will surrender on your feet, impressed by your skyhigh skills”.

“Don’t suffocate your child by a heavy shower of ice granules. If your words of flattery drop in the ears of Vanathi, her face will fade beyond recognition. Don’t spray worthless words to deface the glamour of the hero of Neyythal Land”

“Vanathi is a sparkling diamond. She won’t hesitate to accept the valor of my baby. Her mind is broad enough to appreciate the skill of my child. Even Junior Kuttuvan considers you as an angel of heaven in the transformation of his mother”, ushered Vanmathi, showering words like fresh blossoms with high mind catching fragrance.

The family members of Vanathi assembled on the rock above her cave, to discuss about hot problems in their life after the murder of the latest monster eagle of king Gangan. All of them dipped individually into the depth of the ocean of imagination, to fetch pearls of ideas to escape from the hunting operations of king Gangan. Inspite of their hard efforts to trace a solution to cross the expected hurdle of king Gangan, the impact of the problem magnified rapidly to the level of sudden explosion. Junior Kuttuvan was involved in a running race with his pet brother Sooryan along the bank of the lake.

“The brain of king Gangan is highly sharp, like a saw tooth that pierce through the hardest log. He is a wise wizard with the intelligence of scientific outlook. He identified the alignment of his permanent enemies into one family. His crooked brain will search a latest technology to annihilate us, in the shortest time of a flash of lightning. Our intelligence and valor will fail before his cobweb of treachery”, ventilated Vanathi vacillatingly.

“To the eyes of a shivering mind, all dark corners will focus the appearance of ghosts. I shall share the company of Subban to roam throughout the forest area as spies of an espionage department to detect any change in the climatic condition of our forest. In addition, no ghost will show courage to enter into the area of a ferocious lion. Hence no need to shift our residence to a region not familiar to us”, warranted Vanmathi woefully.

“I too shall work as a security officer for the safety of our family. I shall organize frequent patrols throughout the forest area, utilizing sooryan as the vehicle of transportation. There is little need for the shift of our convenient domicile to a new locality”, yattered Myna to strengthen the view of her mother.

“I can imagine the nature of thinking of king Gangan. He won’t sleep calmly before our complete destruction. His crafty hands of cruelty will stretch towards us on tomorrow without fail. The easiest method to annihilate us from the surface of the earth is poisoning the water bodies around this area. We should vacate this area at early dawn of tomorrow. I wish to hear the idea of Myna to select a good locality for our residence”, assured Vanathi ardently.

Myna flew in the sky of imagination for a span of time. There occurred continuous change of sensational colors on her face, like the changing scenes of a drama on a stage. Vanathi observed her high involvement in the selection process and expected a good idea to solve the burning problem of that time. “Vanathi, the mountain around the catchment area of the cascade of water falls is the safest place for our dwelling. That mountain top has many advantages for our safest residence”.

“Very good, your idea of excellence crossed the heights of my imagination. I wish to hear the merits of that locality in your own words of wisdom”

“The mountain is highly steep with sloping area only along the northern side. So king Gangan can’t surround us suddenly with a force of destruction, even if he identified our residence. We can easily escape from that area of peril along the steep sides with help of our birdman and bird woman”.

“Excellent idea. Is there any more advantage to sing the praise of that locality?”

“Replenishing water current of artesian springs can’t be poisoned for a longer period of time”.

“Marvelous judgment, can you propose any other benefit for your selection?”

“Existence of abundance of edible fruits, roots, fishes is additional benefits. The last but not the least advantage is the spread of serene natural beauty”.

“Wow! Your ideas crossed the levels of my imagination. Vanmathi, we will shift our dwelling to the bed of the series of waterfalls on tomorrow early dawn. You convince, Subban to secure his support for the change of our residence.”

Vanathi closed her eyes tightly, and dipped into the depth of imagination, to analyze future status of Junior Kuttuvan. She wished to give him field training to shoulder the responsibilities of the modern world. Her whole dream to establish a kingdom of their own in future would depend on his breath and depth of experiences in real life situations. To gain more experiences of higher worthiness, she decided to send him directly to the campus of the magnetic fortress. If he hoisted victory flag in the campus of the magnetic fortress according to her ideas, a golden time would emerge for climb on the throne of the united kingdom of Marutha Land, Kurinji Land and Neyythal Land.

“We fostered Junior Kuttuvan only as an ignorant child, imparting high energy. He should ascend one day on the throne of the Marutha Empire by the dint of his own merits. We should be behind the screen to guide him along proper channels of safety. I decided to send him first to the campus of the magnetic fortress as the initial stage of the training programme. I expect no hindrance from your side to shatter my plans of high strategic importance”, beseeched Vanathi blandly.

Vanmathi stared her with burning eyes for a span of time, and turned her faded face away from her, tear drops growing at the edges of her eyes like water drops rolling on a waxed surface. “Vanathi, your stupidly pushed our son towards the killing eyes of king Gangan. You already paid for the life risk of our son. We weigh his safety more than his achievements. We won’t allow Junior into the dangers of the magnetic fortress. He should step on the corpses of his two mothers to escape from our hands of real love”, clucked Myna clumsily.

“The wheel of time rolled to bring Junior Kuttuvan to the critical junction of life. It is our responsibility to turn him towards the best road of successful life. I am not ready to preserve him within the four walls of domestic laziness”, deranged Vanathi deplorably.

At that time of unsettled climatic condition of the real life drama, Junior Kuttuvan entered the area, and sat very close to Myna. He shifted his eyes from Vanathi to Myna, and noticed the spread of a dark veil of melancholy on their faces. “Mom, I observe a difference of orientation on your faces. May I know the source behind your opinion differences? I wish to see the same color of brightness on your faces of dense love”, entreated Junior Kuttuvan, rolling his eyes between their faces to study the color change of their hearts.

“Junior, this is the best time for your hopeful travel towards the target of victory. Your responsibilities to our motherland invite you to act skillfully in real life situation. Be ready to travel into the dangers of the magnetic fortress”, fascinated Vanathi felicitously.

“Aha! I like to taste the flavors of new experiences of life. May I take Myna Mom with me as a force of guidance?”

“No. You have to labor alone for your own progress. As loving mothers, we shall be behind you to illuminate the right path, for your safe march towards the destination of victory. It is your duty to climb to higher levels, by your sincere efforts and skills”.

“Yes Mom. I hate to notice the difference of opinion on your faces of brimming love. I will obey only to the joint orders of my three moms”.

“We wish to decorate your head with the crown of the magnetic fortress in future. We assign you some duties to gain the honor as the king of Marutha Empire. You should obey the orders of your moms without cross questions of worthless doubts”.

“I am ready to plunge into the depth of the ocean to fetch the pearls of your choice. Kindly pass orders for my expeditions of skyhigh thrills”.

“The magnetic fortress is highly notorious for thousand queens. First two hundred queens are the natives of Marutha Land, next five hundred queens are the seeds of Kurinchi Land, and the last three hundred queens are blossoms of our Neyythal Land”.

“Alas! I can’t imagine thousand wives to one king. Did the magnetic fortress hold the weight of this huge load of queens?”

“You too have three mothers. Won’t the forest hold the weights of your mothers? Inspite of millions of strangeness in this world, the globe will move at uniform rate without slightest change”.

“What is my duty inside the campus of the magnetic fortress mom?”

“There may be thousands of beautiful damsels in the campus of the magnetic fortress. You should spread your love web to trap two princes – one from Marutha Land and the other from Kurinchi Land. You should fetch them with you during your return journey”

“I have already three nice mothers. Why should we dump two more mothers in our cave?”

“Stupid son. Damsels will take more time to transform into mothers. They are hot sources of sensational thrill. You will learn the merits of damsels by real experience”.

“Why should you specify the nativity of the damsels to be selected by me?”

“We shall utilize them to dilute the unity of brotherhood existing inside the magnetic fortress. The names Vanathi and Vanmathi are enough to pull the attention of the offspring of Neyythal Land. The princes trapped by you will help to attract a portion of the offspring of Marutha Land and Kurinchi Land to our side. We shall use the state of rivalry between the three clans to climb on the throne of Marutha land”.

“I can’t achieve high with this scanty idea of confusion. Kindly enlighten me with depth of details for perfect planning of a strategy of sure victory”.

Myna watched sharply the orientation of the conversation between Vanathi and Junior Kuttuvan. Suddenly a brightness of joy spread on her face, like the patch of pink light in eastern horizon at the time of early sun rise. She decided to evaporate the hesitation of Vanathi to clarify the doubts of Junior Kuttuvan. “Junior, I shall focus light on the darkness of your doubts to boost your energy. We shall discuss the matter in the privacy of our cottage to wipe all the doubts of your mind that limits our capacity of free imagination”, gratified Myna graciously.

Before his departure to the magnetic fortress, he opened a short discussion session with Myna in her cottage. He sat near her feet, like a sincere devotee praying for the blessing of god. Myna utilized that golden opportunity to study the comparative love of Junior Kuttuvan on his three mothers. “Vanathi mom spoke about the hotness of beautiful damsels. Where shall I find such hot source in the body of beautiful damsels? Why did they preserve such hot source in their body?” heckled Junior Kuttuvan, spreading a blush of coyness on his glamorous face.

“Your uncle Subban has higher experience in the identification of hot sources in the body of damsels. He is the most eligible person to clarify your personal doubts”.

“Uncle always shows indifference towards me. He will ridicule me by words of criticisms. You promised me to clear my doubts”.

“You try to see the nudity of the damsel you love with her consent. You shall identify the hot sources of her structure”.

“Your explanation is insufficient to clarify my doubts”.

“You embrace her on your chest. That will show the hot sources in her body”.

“I want more clear instruction about the technique to identify hot source in the body of damsels”.

“You suck the nipples of the damsel to verify lactation”.

“I don’t believe your words of deception. Kindly give me better explanation to trace the truth”.

“Dear child! A mother can’t cross the lower limits. That damsel will voluntarily show you hot sources of her body. You don’t hesitate to act according to her instruction”.

“Thank you Mom, thank you very much for your kindness”.

“You are blessed by god with three mothers. Can you identify the best mother with greatest love?”

“Why not? Myna Mom is the greatest. Even the god of heaven is not a match to my Myna Mom”.

A wave of sensational excitement attacked the nerve centers of her brain like a streak of light. Tear drops oozed at the edges of her eyes like an artesian well. By the shiver of excessive mirth, she pulled him to a warm hug, and blessed him with an affectionate kiss on his forehead. “If vanathi ask the same question, what will be your answer?” interrogated Myna instantly.

“I hate to show partiality to my three mothers. I will give the same answer favorable to Vanathi Mom”.

“What will be your reaction, if your Vanmathi Mom raised such a question?”

“I won’t hesitate to give the same reply to satisfy Vanmathi mom”.

“Do you know your real mother?”

“You three are angels of heaven blessed specially by god as my mothers. I love three of you as my own mothers. I hate to give one of you higher status. I would have been on penance for atleast seven generations to gain three of you as the prize of heaven”.

“Do you identify any difference in our behavioral pattern?”

“Yes mom. The minds of Vanathi mom and Vanmathi mom are stable and steady. You are always on the shiver of fear to lose my love. I won’t reject your love, even after my death. You shall believe my words, as if carved on the surface of the hardest granite”.

“You should earn for your life inside the magnetic fortress. You should seek an employment to maintain your assumed status in the campus of the magnetic fortress”.

“King Gangan will identify me as the son of prince Kuttuvan. How can I escape from the burning eyes of king Gangan?”

“Don’t worry boy. We shall make some temporary modifications on your face to prevent identification by king Gangan. God will be behind us to bless us with victory”.

At early dawn of next morning, Junior Kuttuvan started his journey towards the royal road of the magnetic fortress, oscillating on a series of cords. Sooryan, his lion brother chased him like a security officer. While he crossed half the distance towards the royal road, the spiral arm of a whirl wind diffused in to the area of the forest, and transformed in to forest nymph Santra on the branch of a tree. She retained her original young, energetic and glamorous structure, after a long period of twenty years. She watched the flight of Junior Kuttuvan in the sky at the speed of sound without the support of wings. A gleam of happiness spread on her face, as if met the hero of her heart after a span of twenty years.

Wishing to renew her friendship with the darling of her heart, she applied her spell to deviate his movement towards the Ponni River. A series of new hanging cords appeared in the trees along the direction of her choice. Without his own knowledge, Junior Kuttuvan flew swiftly towards the Ponni River. Forest nymph Santra transmuted into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, and followed him floating on the waves of happiness. The lion sooryan watched her with bursting wrath, and roared violently to push her away from his brother of highest intimacy.

She crossed the speed of Junior Kuttuvan and stood on his path abruptly in the transformation of forest nymph Santra. Attracted by the sparkling beauty of forest nymph Santra, Junior Kuttuvan jumped before her like a hero of heaven, with a brightness of a conglomeration of thousands of fireflies in the dearth of darkness. He stared her from toe to hair with increasing gleam of his face. Though Junior Kuttuvan possessed some similarities of prince Kuttuvan, she observed the innocence of a child on his face. When she spread her wings of imagination in all directions of the space, the important events in his life appeared in the screen of her mind, like real scenes of a stage drama.

“Mom, you are very beautiful than my three mothers. Will you bless me for the success of my mission?” jollified junior Kuttuvan, expanding his eyes for the diffusion of higher light of her glamour.

“I am young and energetic like you. Why did you call me as mom? Can you justify the reasons for your strangeness?” kindled forest nymph Santra, increasing the intensity of the smile on her face. At that time of oozing love of forest nymph Santra, Sooryan bounced towards her chest roaring with great anger. Forest nymph Santra grasped his hind legs with her right hand like a little play toy. She revolved him around her twice and threw him rapidly towards the water current of the Ponni River.

“You appear to be the younger sister of my youngest mother Myna. You are the fourth women known to me. Vanathi mom spoke to me about beautiful damsels with hot sources in their glamorous bodies. I never met such a damsel in my life”, lagged Junior Kuttuvan lavishly.

“May I know the purpose behind your journey towards the magnetic fortress?”

“Vanathi mom advised me to trap two princesses in the campus of the magnetic fortress into my love web”.

“Do you imagine the meaning of a love web?”

“I shall learn the significance of a love web by my own personal experiences”.

“Do you wish to trap me into your love web? Are you interested to search hot sources in my glamorous body?”

“Mom, don’t speak against the moral codes of life. I consider you as my fourth mother”.

“I wish to share the warmth of your love. Will you embrace me on your chest and spare me a warm kiss?”

“Why not? I am ready to serve my mothers according to their wishes.”

Junior Kuttuvan pulled forest nymph Santra to a warm hug and spared her a love kiss on her cheek. She enjoyed his prize with a glare of happiness. “Did you experience a current of hotness in your body?” magnetized forest nymph Santra, winking her eyes like a streak of lightning.

“You are cold like my three mothers”.

“I accept you as my own child. I am Santra, your fourth mother. I am more powerful than your other mothers. You shall call me at critical times of emergency for my helping hands”.

“Thank you mom, thank you very much”.

“Magnetic fortress is a highly dangerous place behind an iron curtain. A trial to trap the princess of the magnetic fortress in your love web is a life risk. I knew a green island filled with many beautiful damsels. They have hot sources of higher libido. You shall first gain experiences in the green island of low risk. Those hot experiences will help you to hoist victory flag inside the campus of magnetic fortress”

“Are you sure mom? Did those damsels allow me to search hot sources for my joy?”

“A princess of the magnetic fortress is also waiting for you in Green Island. First you shall trap that princess into your love web”, narrated forest nymph Santra nattily.

“Kindly inform the route to reach the green island. I shall gain new experiences according to my own wishes”.

“Green Island is situated in the middle of ocean at vast distance from this area. You can’t reach Green Island by your own efforts”.

“How can you help me mom to travel to the green Island?”

“The green island is occupied by witch Lysa, a old women of age about seventy years. She uses a boat vehicle to travel around this area. You shall use that boat vehicle without the knowledge of that witch, to reach the green island safely”.

“A boat vehicle? This appears to be a vehicle of strangeness. Does it move on the surface of the earth?”

“A boat vehicle is an ordinary boat with a pair of paddles. This boat vehicle flies in the sky by the wizardry powers of witch Lysa.”

“Wizard Lysa appears to be a woman with extraordinary wonders. How can I give a tough resistance in case of a rivalry between us?”

“No one can fetch pearls from ocean bed without the peril of toil. No gain without pain”.

“Yes mom. I am ready to take risk for winning the prize of success”.

“There are about hundred beautiful damsels in the green island. You are permitted to search the hot sources in their body under mutual agreement. You won’t promise marriage to more than one damsel. I will inflict severe punishment on your head, if you trap damsels by treachery”.

“Don’t worry mom. I won’t breach the moral codes of life”.

“There is heavy vigilance of nearly hundred damsels in the green island. You should be very careful to escape from the wizardry eyes of witch Lysa”.

Forest nymph Santra kept her right palm on the head of Junior Kuttuvan. A blue beam of light emitted from her hand penetrated through the nervous system of his body. He experienced a sudden increase in energy of his body. He stared her face with higher reverence. He imagined her as an angel with higher wizardry powers, unlike his three human mothers holding the pure love torch as the only weapon.

“I have a doubt. Why did witch Lysa use a huge bevy of damsels as guards in her green Island?”

“The old witch has high craziness on youths having higher libido. She is on penance to regain her youthood at the age of twenty. Her deity is Lucifer, an agent of Satan. She is on a collection process to gather hundred damsels to sacrifice them on altar on a day of solar eclipse to gain the blessings of her deity”.

“Alas! What a cruelty beyond imagination! Killing hundred innocent damsels at tender age only for selfishness! I won’t allow witch Lysa to breathe more fresh air”.

“Junior, you proved your worthiness as the real seed of prince Kuttuvan. We should lift the damsels from the cavern of death. I will be behind my son to teach hot lesson to Lucifer and witch Lysa”.

“You appear to be very young like me. How did you hear about my father?”

“I am forest nymph Santra. I was blessed by god to live with everlasting youthhood, without the consequences of ageing. I was an intimate girl friend of prince Kuttuvan like Vanathi. I am your indirectly blood related mother”.

“Wow! This is wonderful news. I am extremely happy to gain forest nymph Santra as my mother. I shall give you the fourth place as a mother in my heart”.

“I am senior than your Vanathi Mom. I had blood relation with prince Kuttuvan earlier than Vanathi. So you have to give me equal weightage”.

“Yes mom. I have a doubt for clarification. Who is my real mother mom?”

“Won’t you know your real mother? It is a shame on your part to live without knowing your own mother. Actually Vanathi is your own mother. Vanmathi is just a friend of Vanathi at the residential university of Prof Sukran. Myna is mere adopted daughter of Vanmathi”.

“Thank you mom for the evaporation of the slag, floated in my heart”.

“You should give atleast second place for me, next to your real mother Vanathi”.

“I shall give equal respect to my four moms. But at critical times of a rivalry between my mothers, I won’t hesitate to consider Myna mom as my first mother, Vanmathi mom as second mother, Vanathi mom as my third mother and Santra mom as my fourth mother”.

“I am extremely happy for your broad mindedness. I consider you more than a treasure of diamonds blessed by god.”

At that instant, forest nymph Santra observed the boat vehicle of witch Lysa at a large distance, above the water current of Ponni River like the shadow of a red ant. She stretched her right hand towards the boat vehicle to divert the attention junior Kuttuvan along that direction. Junior Kuttuvan gazed the flight of the boat vehicle at lower altitude of the sky, like a chariot of heaven described in mythological stories. He stood froze in wonder without slightest movement, his mind flying in a fairy land on the wings of imagination.

“Hide behind a tree to study the nature of the boat vehicle rowed by witch Lysa. During her return journey, one or two damsels may be in the boat vehicle in unconscious state. You use your sharpness of brain to identify a method to travel on the boat vehicle without the knowledge of witch Lysa”.

“How can I travel on the open boat vehicle without the knowledge of the driver?”

“Once upon a time Vanathi was in such a critical situation. She used her brain to identify a technique to reach the green island to release prince Kuttuvan trapped in Green Island”.

“I have combined brain of three mothers. I shall discover a better strategy to travel with the boat vehicle of witch Lysa”.

“I shall bless you with the instrument of your choice at any time. You are permitted to call me any time for help, when you are in a critical situation of peril. Better you hide behind a tree to study witch Lysa with clarity of perception”.

Forest nymph Santra suddenly transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, traveled swiftly towards a tremendous tamarind tree at a large distance, and sat on a high branch of the tree in her own transformation. Junior Kuttuvan ran towards a nearby neem tree with dense foliage. He climbed on the tree to a higher branch, and hid behind the dense green leaves of the tree. After a short period of time, the boat vehicle of witch Lysa crossed him at lower level. He studied clearly witch Lysa with milky white hairs, and the empty boat vehicle. He flew on the wings of imagination in all directions, to identify a technique to travel with the boat vehicle, without the knowledge of witch Lysa. He traced no possibility to travel on the boat vehicle, deceiving the eyes of witch Lysa. Higher imagination inspired him with another idea to hang under the boat vehicle. “Santra Mom! I confirmed a safe method to hang below the boat vehicle to reach the green island. Kindly bless me with a bow, an arrow, and a coil of cord”, obsecrated Junior Kuttuvan obligingly.

The blessing of forest nymph Santra appeared, like a flash of lightning in the darkness of new moon night. He observed an artistically designed bow and a roll of cord hanging on his right shoulder, and an arrow inserted in his waist dress. “Santra mom, the speed of your spell exceeded the velocity of my imagination. I thank god for blessing you as my mother. No man in this world has such luck to share the dense love of four mothers”, perked Junior Kuttuvan, waving his right hand towards forest nymph Santra like the wings of a love dove.

To his highest wonder, he found a hole at the blunt end of the arrow. He inserted one end of the cord through the hole in the arrow and put a strong knot. He tied the other end of the cord around his waist, and waited eagerly for the arrival of the boat vehicle of witch Lysa. The wheel of time appeared to move at low speed to push him into the exhaustion of weariness. After a laborious waiting for a long period of time, the sun approached the vicinity of the western horizon. Suddenly he observed the boat vehicle of witch Lyla at a distance above the tip of a tree. He rearranged his position on another branch of the tree favorable to shoot his arrow towards the boat vehicle of witch Lysa.

The distance of the boat vehicle shortened at slow pace, to increase the heart beat of Junior Kuttuvan at rapid rate. To his highest shock, the boat vehicle of witch Lysa deviated towards a high rock on the shore of the Ponni River. Unable to bear the shooting tension caused by the feeling of failure, he jumped on the ground quickly, and chased behind the boat vehicle by repeated bounces, like a cheetah hunting his prey. Before he climbed on the height of the rock, the boat vehicle of witch Lysa crossed the breadth of the rock. Junior Kuttuvan sprang towards the boat vehicle at higher speed, penetrating the layers of the atmosphere, like a crafty dolphin piercing through the layers of water.

After tracing the trajectory of a parabola up to the vertex, he began to move downwards due to the force of his own weight. He rearranged his position in the height of the sky, and shot his arrow pulling the string to the highest tension. The arrow penetrated through the layers of atmosphere like a swift at high speed. When the arrow hit the hard surface of the boat vehicle, it transformed into a circular disc and fixed to the boat vehicle by the spell of forest nymph Santra. Due to the higher length of the cord, junior Kuttuvan dipped into the depth of the ocean, and was dragged inside water at the speed of the boat vehicle of witch Lysa.

After a short span of time, forest nymph Santra stretched her right palm towards the circular disc that stuck to the boat vehicle. A blue beam of light emanated from the palm of forest nymph traveled in a spiral path towards the circular disc and entered into the disc like a puff of wizardry smoke. Next moment the cord wound around the disc and pulled junior Kuttuvan towards the boat vehicle. Suddenly the debut of a scene of miracle occurred, transforming the cord into a highly decorated swing. The artistically adorned swing oscillated spontaneously parallel to the length of the boat vehicle.

Forest nymph Santra on the branch of a tree, abruptly transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind. She blew swiftly towards Junior Kuttuvan and sat on the swing, after transmutation to forest nymph Santra. Junior Kuttuvan gazed the sparkling face of forest nymph with wonder. “Mom, your wizardry powers crossed the height of the heaven. Will you please give a little place on your lap for your son?” queried Junior Kuttuvan quixotically.

“Your mom is waiting to gain your love to the level of Myna. I am ready to bless you with any service of your choice”, rejoiced forest nymph Santra, pulling him softly towards her lap with a face of glowing love.

Junior Kuttuvan stretched his body on the swing, resting his head on her lap of highest softness. He stared her face with a shade of hesitation, like a rain bearing cloud at lower altitudes of the sky. “Dear son! Do you wish to verify the taste of the milk of your Santra Mom? Don’t try to hide the truth by the attack of coyness” scrutinized forest nymph Santra scrupulously.

“Sorry Mom. I wish to hear a lullaby in your enchanting voice of heaven. Will you please shower your blessing on the head of this little boy?” tempted Junior Kuttuvan, enjoying the gleam of happiness on her face of high glamour.

“Did Vanathi feed you with her breast milk?”

“My three mothers inserted their nipples into my mouth frequently, to freeze my mind from the detection of the real mother, till I complete five years of age. Strangely I never tasted even a single drop of milk from them”

“What happened to the lactation of Vanathi?”

“Vanathi mom is an expert physician. She may have dried lactation using medicines to support Vanmathi mom and Myna mom. My three mothers are great beyond the height of the sky”.

“You are correct son. The depth of love of your mothers is a miracle beyond the level of imagination. Even the angels of heaven can’t stand before your moms in the density of love”.

“I am the luckiest person on the surface of the earth. Do you agree with my view mom?”

“I too wish to insert my nipples into your mouth of purity, atleast in your next generation”.

“The green island is fast approaching. I wish to hear the lullaby of my fourth mother as early as possible”.

Forest nymph Santra sang a sweet lullaby with oozing eyes. The heart of Junior Kuttuvan melted in her mind captivating song, exceeding the sweetness of the tone of nightingale. Junior Kuttuvan dipped into the depth of a deep sleep by the density of love in her voice. After a short span of time, forest nymph Santra witnessed the green blanket of the green island at a short distance. She disturbed the sleep of Junior by a warm kiss on his forehead.

“Dear son, you jump quickly on the tree at the edge of Green Island. You don’t forget to call your Santra mom at critical times of emergency”, urged forest nymph Santra urgently. She transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind towards the terrace of the castle, and sat on the branch of a nearby tree in the transformation of a peacock. Junior Kuttuvan jumped on the branch of the tree and hid his body inside the dense foliage of the tree. The swing disappeared with the circular disc, like a puff of scattering smoke.

The boat vehicle penetrated the space between branches of the trees, and stepped down on the terrace of the castle. Witch Lysa rolled her eyes to study the diffusion of any trespasser into the privacy of Green Island. Satisfied by the perfect silence of the atmosphere of Green Island, witch Lysa entered into the castle diffusing through the door of the castle. Junior Kuttuvan sat on the branch of the tree, turning his head to enjoy the spread of green carpet on the surface of the green island. Finally the typically designed castle with cone shaped towers of skyhigh adornment fell in the field of view of his hungry eyes. He stared the embellishment of the palace, forgetting even to blink his eyes.

The structural style of the artistically designed palace attracted his mind like a huge magnetic mountain. He slipped down from the tree in slow phase, and walked towards the palace like a doll under the spell of a wizard. When he approached the nearness of the castle, he witnessed a long slanting staircase towards the terrace. His wonder crossed the height of the sky, when he noticed statues of beautiful damsels on the left side of each step leading to the terrace. He walked upwards slowly on the steps, counting the mind catching statues of dancing girls. He counted ninety five statues of girls, the last five steps being vacant. He crossed the hundred steps and reached the terrace, where two identical boat vehicles were parked.

Junior Kuttuvan walked once around that rectangular terrace to enjoy the natural beauty of the green island to higher depth. Suddenly he saw a moving beam of green light, like a high intensity streak of lightning. His eyes followed the direction of the green beam of light with wonder to identify the source of light. His eyes witnessed a miniature boat in an inverted position at the top of a tower of the castle. His feeling of strangeness increased at rapid rate, when he saw a cylindrical magic Lantern at the middle of the boat. Junior Kuttuvan observed that the central transparent portion of the cylindrical magic lantern rotated to give the green beam of light its effect of revolution.

While junior Kuttuvan was watching the magic lantern with expanding wonder, a sudden twist of event occurred to push him to a fairy land at higher altitude. During its next revolution around the castle, the green beam of light fell on a statue on a middle step. Illuminated by the green beam of light, the color of the statue slowly changed into different shades and finally the statue transformed into a beautiful damsel. A long sword appeared on her right hand swiftly, like the miracle of a wizardry show. When her eyes turned towards Junior Kuttuvan, a feeling of wrath spread on her face at rapid rate. She raised her sword swiftly and rushed towards him with boiling anger.

The sharp brain of Junior Kuttuvan warned him to be alert to escape from the peril of the sword. At the moment of fast approaching danger, he saw a rope at a distance hanging from a tree branch. He bounced forward towards the rope from the parapet of the terrace, and seized the rope to his strong grip to fly forward, as a step to escape from the sword in the hand of the damsel. When he reached the extreme end of the simple harmonic oscillation, forest nymph Santra blessed him will a series of such hanging ropes from tree branches. Hence Junior Kuttuvan continued his flight of novelty, utilizing his high talent in the game of oscillation.

Flared by the flame of boiling anger, the damsel bounced on a boat vehicle, and rowed the paddles to catch him for the sin of intruding into the calm atmosphere of Green Island. She chased him at increasing speed to trap him into the sharp edge of the sword of sure death. At the verge of completion of two round of the chasing drama, the damsel saw the beam of green light approaching her at rapid speed. She sprang towards the terrace at high speed, and ran downward along the staircase to occupy her seat. When the green beam of light spread on her body, she was again petrified to a stone statue.

Oscillated on the waves of strangeness of the events he witnessed in green island, Junior Kuttuvan confirmed that green island would be the fairly land described by her mothers in fables. He waited eagerly on the terrace to witness more wonders of mind catching novelty. At that time of his highest eagerness, he saw the green beam of light fast approaching the terrace. The beam of miracle illuminated another statue and transformed into a damsel of extraordinary charm. The same sword appeared on her hand to continue the hunting operation of intruders. She walked upwards on the steps towards the terrace with raised the sword for sudden action.

Junior Kuttuvan hated to inflict pain on the soft body of that beauty angel. At the same time, he wished to search the hot sources in her body, hidden under the screen of the dress. To gain such a golden opportunity he jumped on the ground, and began to run swiftly in the midst of the serene beauty of the green island. The damsel of high glamour chased him on the ground to trap him to the cavern of death. Due to the higher speed of Junior Kuttuvan, she failed in her effort to catch him. So the spell of witch Lysa transformed her suddenly into a black panther to sow waves of higher shiver into his nervous system.

The friendship of Junior Kuttuvan with lion Sooryan from childhood, and the acquaintance with varieties of wild animals of the forest, safeguarded him from the attacking waves of fear. However he acted the shiver of fear skillfully, running swiftly like a stag chased by dozen lions on wrath. During his forward running process, he suddenly sprang upward into the height of the sky, completed three somersaults in the height of the sky, and jumped on the back of the panther with highest stability. The panther rebounded around the area to topple him down to the ground, like a rubber ball thrown with force on the hard surface of a rock. At the height of highest tiresome, the panther leaped forward towards the security of the terrace.

When Junior Kuttuvan jumped safety on the terrace, the panther transformed into the damsel of high glamour. She ran downwards on the steps of the staircase to stabilize her position on her favorable seat. The green beam of light that followed scanned her to transform into a sensationless stone statue. Junior Kuttuvan remained on the terrace to gain experiences of higher novelty. His eyes searched for the presence of forest nymph Santra around the area to verify her promise. During his searching process of high curiousness, his eyes identified a peacock on the branch of a nearby tree.

“Santra Mom, the damsels are not impressed by my handsome. They all chase me to suck my life. Why don’t you bless me with higher glamour to attract all of them at the first sight?” vocalized Junior Kuttuvan veraciously.

The peacock transformed suddenly into forest nymph Santra “Those damsels are under the spell of witch Lysa. She uses them as guards to attack trespassers diffusing into the privacy of Green Island. I shall try to weaken the wizardry powers of witch Lysa to oscillate you on the swing of higher happiness”, wheedled forest nymph Santra, adding higher love in her enchanting tone.

She twisted her right palm towards the magic lantern at the top of the tower of the castle. The high intense blue beam of light that was emitted from her palm pierced through the layers of atmosphere towards the magic lantern and pulled it into the higher spell of forest nymph Santra. The magic lantern twisted direction slightly, and its green beam of light fall on the first statue on the first step of the staircase, transforming into a damsel of higher charm. She walked on the steps upwards to the terrace. “Wow! What a handsome youth in Green Island! I won’t lose this golden chance to share the warmth of this angel. God blessed me with a rare chance before my death on the altar of witch Lysa”, yenned that damsel yawningly. She pulled him for an urgent tight hug. A current of sensational waves penetrated through his nervous system, like a series of tsunami waves of high intensity.

At that instant of the climb of Junior Kuttuvan towards the new sensational thrill, the magic lantern on the top of the tower turned to a small angle. The green beam of light fell on the statue on the second step, transmuting it instantly into another damsel of magnetic beauty. When she reached the terrace crossing the steps, she was boiled by the hot scene of rising libido. She pulled the first damsel violently from the hug of prince Kuttuvan, and spread on his body like a python of highest craftiness. “You appear to be an angel of heaven, arrived to dissolve my soul into the hotness of your body of high handsome. Suck my soul before witch Lysa sacrifice me to the cruel hands of Lucifer”, zoomed that damsel zealously.

The magic lantern continued to turn in steps of small angles. The statues got life one by one and those damsels continued to move towards Junior Kuttuvan. “Junior, vacate the terrace immediately oscillating along the series of ropes hanging from the tree tops. All the ninety five damsels are moving towards you to suck your libido. They will throw you into bagasse, if you wait little time on the terrace”, adjured forest nymph Santra, waving her right hand as a warning signal.

Junior Kuttuvan pushed the second damsel aside and sprang towards the rope swiftly. He traveled at high velocity oscillating along the series of ropes. After a high speed displacement for a span of time, he turned his head slightly to study the darkened faces of the damsels, dipped inside the shame of failure. To his shiver as a result of high shock, he witnessed all the statues transforming into damsels one after another by the action of the green beam of the magic lantern. All the damsels followed him oscillating on the same series of ropes. He moved forward at rapid speed to escape from the melting hotness of the large bevy of damsels.

Forest nymph Santra sat on the same branch of the tree with a bloomed face of mirth. “I taught Junior Kuttuvan a warning lesson for the refinement of his character. I am in a bitter condition to compete with three perfect mothers to gain little love of my son. So it is my responsibility to provide a chance to identify the hot sources of princes Ratha abducted by witch Lysa from the magnetic fortress”, babbled forest nymph Santra balmily.

After completing one revolution around the green island, Junior Kuttuvan reached the vicinity of the terrace. Forest nymph Santra elongated her lips forward, and blew a stream of air at higher pressure. The air current moved towards Junior Kuttuvan in the form of spiral arm of a whirl wind, and pushed him on the magic wall. He diffused through the magic wall swiftly like a streak of lightning piercing the layers of the atmosphere.

Junior Kuttuvan spread on the soft bed inside the room with his face up. He enjoyed the sudden shift in his perilous condition from the energy sucking arms of the large bevy of beautiful damsels. When the damsels jumped on the terrace one after another, after the completion of one revolution in the serene climatic condition of the green island, they fell into the influence of the strong wizardry spell of witch Lysa. They walked downward on the steps of the staircase in order, and transformed immediately into statues at their original locations.

The process of transformation of damsels into statues continued indefinitely at low speed. When the last damsel reached the terrace, forest nymph Santra blew air current towards her. The spiral arm of the whirl wind rotated that damsel once around the rectangle area of the terrace. Then the storm pushed her on the magic wall, like a wreath of roses. She diffused swiftly through the magic wall and spread on the chest of junior Kuttuvan with her face down, the tips of her soft bosoms burning his senses. The damsel related his magnetic smile to prince Kuttuvan, the famous hero of Neyythal Land, seen as a picture in the research laboratory of her father. Enjoying her lucky chance to climb on the sensuous peak, she rubbed her wet lips on his face and acted abrupt unconsciousness. She stretched her legs casually, and adjusted her cupid mound on the pressure of his central bulge.

Junior Kuttuvan kept his body and mind smooth without slightest tension. The hot libidinous waves began to grow in his body in quantity. He confirmed the presence of hot sources stated by his Vanathi mother in that soft body of stimulating excitement. He slowly raised his right hand and moved his fore finger on her back to identify the location of the hot source. To his wonder, every point on her skin acted as hot source, spraying flames of fire into his nervous system. He completed his experimentation process on all points on the back surface of her body.

The damsel studied his nervousness to climb on higher area of boiling sensational thrills. So she slipped down slowly from his chest. The glamorous curvature of the front surface of her body added fuel to the fire in his nervous system. Encouraged by her inertness, he decided to climb higher to study the real sources of hotness. He slowly removed the shawl that covered the peaks as a screen without slightest disturbance. The erect peaks and the downward curvature sowed seeds of higher hotness into his nervous system.

He wished to study the comparative softness of the different points of her bosoms. He progressed forward in his research in slow and steady steps, using varieties of techniques in pressing and squeezing. After completing his research work around that area, his right hand moved downward on her lower curvatures. The gentle sloping of her abdomen attracted him to study the smoothness of the skin around the area. After a thorough analysis of the slippery nature of the abdominal sloping, his hand cunningly entered into her panty and started games around the area of the cupid mound.

Unable to bear the climbing hotness, she fluttered her eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly. She watched the changing sensational color of his face for a span of time. She wished to climb on the steps of higher hotness at slow phase, elongating the time of the game. “I am impressed by your handsome. I admire you for your good technique of tuning my nerves in slow steps. Your skill in the art of sexology proves your experience in the field”, chanted the damsel cannily.

“No dear. I am a virgin soil seen no cultivation. I am on trial to locate the hot source in your glamorous body. All points in your whole body appear to be hot sources”, dazzled Junior Kuttuvan by his words of total innocence.

“Who told you such an artful idea to identify sources of hotness in the body of a girl?” enquired princes Ratha earnestly.

“Vanathi mom referred damsels as hot source of sensational thrill. Myna mom advised to study nudity of a damsel to identify the hot sources. May I pull your remaining dresses to see your total structure?”

“You appear to be strange. Do you have more than one mother?

“Yes dear. I have three mothers”.

“You are ridicules. Where is your palace?”

“My cave is in the middle of a forest?”

“Are you an aborigine? Are you a barbarian?”

“No. I am the only son of prince Kuttuvan of Neyythal Land. I was grown in the forest by my three mothers. I am an educated youth with high skills”

“I am thankful to god for blessing me with such a youth of high innocence and purity. I am happy to help you to clear your doubts. This is a rare chance blessed by god at the last moment before my death”.

Radha slipped down from the bed, drew her dresses one by one in succession, and stood before him in stark nudity. “The dress covering your body is an obstacle for your research to locate the hot sources. Kindly wither your dresses to stand in complete nudity. We shall conduct an experiment to locate all sensuous nerve centers in our body of freshness”, fawned princes Radha, spreading a catchy smile on her face of high glamour.

Junior Kuttuvan pealed off his clothes, and stood in attractive birth dress. A pink shade of coyness spread on his face, like the glow of a firefly in darkness. Artful princes Radha pulled that innocent soil for a tight embracement. Hot waves of libidinous bombarded his nervous system at rapidly increasing rate in intensity. “Your mothers appear to be talented teachers. Let us follow their instructions strictly for our easy climb to the higher levels. What is their next idea to identify the sources of hotness?” gingered princes Radha gorgeously.

“Myna mom instructed to suck the nipples for easy identification of the hot source. If I am ignorant to locate the sources of hotness, Myna mom assured help from that damsel”.

“Your mother is perfectly correct. No girl will hesitate to help you, inspired by your nobleness. Let us follow the guidelines of your mother to swim in the ocean of lewdness”.

“May I suck you nipple to measure the intensity of hotness?”

“You shall play the games according to your own imagination. Don’t keep your hands idle. The artful games of your hands will support for your easy victory within a short interval of time”.

“Thank you very much for your instruction. I shall follow your guidelines to reach the destination successfully with less tiresome”.

Junior Kuttuvan began to suck her nipples, his left hand moving along the curvatures of her back and right hand squeezing the other bosom. Then his right hand slipped downwards, rubbed her soft slopes and climbed on her cubid mound to put fire to the nerve centers around the area. Attacked by the climbing hotness, she pulled him to a tight embracement and supplied a lips locking hot kiss. “Your spear expanded beyond the limits. In this state you can’t decorate you with dress. Do you imagine any technique to solve this problem? Did you experience such a problem at any earlier occasion?” heckled princes Radha, rubbing the terminus bud of his cock with her forefinger of right hand.

“This appears to be a miracle. I never experienced such a strange elongation in my life time. Better I shall cut off a portion to soften the problem”.

“Alas! That is very dangerous. Don’t take life risk to solve this simple problem. I have a sheath for your sword. You shall diminish the length your sword by preserving it inside it for a short period of time”.

“Aha! This is a very good idea. I escaped from mockery by your grace. Where is such a nice sheath?”

“You lie on the bed. I shall demonstrate the real life drama by an experiment”.

Junior Kuttuvan lay on the bed with high eagerness to witness the hot scenes of real life drama. Princes Radha spread on him and started the games to climb on the height of boiling hotness. She skillfully used the ideas of her married friends, instructions learnt from kamastutra of vatsyayana and sex postures of statues in temples to hoist the flag of victory. Junior Kuttuvan learnt the art of sexology throughout the long duration of night. On the next day morning, princes Radha was on the embracement of Junior Kuttuvan, as an intimate spouse under the tight bond of love.

“God blessed me with a nice opportunity to serve Junior Kuttuvan before my death. By the mercy of god, I enjoyed the thrill of sensuousness on the innocent hands of a prince”.

“Sweety, I love you very much. I won’t sacrifice you to Lucifer. I will save you from the wizardry hands of witch Lysa. The blessings and trainings of my three mothers are behind me to boost my energy to the height of victory”.

“The power of Lucifer is comparable to the abilities of real god. Witch Lysa had skyhigh wizardry powers. No mortal has capacity to break this strong alliance between Lucifer and witch Lysa”, intimated princes Radha irrevocably.

“Witch Lysa fast approaches her target level of collecting hundred glamorous damsels. Do you know the real motive behind her collection process of sibyl Lysa?”

“She has a plan to conduct ritualistic ceremony on the day of solar eclipse. The day of solar eclipse is the most auspicious day to the agents of Satan like Lucifer. On that morning at the time of sun rise, she will freeze the brain of the damsels by her wizardry spell, and arrange them on a queue in her wizardry Laboratory. She will pull the damsels one by one to the altar in front of the gigantic statue of Lucifer. She will chop off the head of damsels to complete her sacrificial ceremony”.

“Heartless bitch, what is the benefit expected by witch Lysa by the slaughter of hundred innocent damsels?”

“She boasted about her intelligence to gain youthhood at the age of twenty. She expressed her wish to enjoy the thrills of youthhood at that age of highest libido”.

“Sweety, do you know any thing about the gain of Lucifer by the sacrificial ritual?”

“Lucifer plans to masticate the brains of the damsels to add their intelligence to his wisdom. He hopes to rise above the powers of god by such a sacrificial ceremony”.

“Why did he select beautiful young girls to complete the ritual?”

“After the sacrificial murder on the altar, Lucifer will suck the soul of the damsel into his body. By this sacrificial ceremony, the energy of hundred damsels will add to the energy of Lucifer. The life time of hundred damsel also adds to the life period of Lucifer. He wishes to gain immortal life by such sacrificial rituals”.

“Alas! What a cruel plan of highest craftiness! I won’t allow witch Lysa to breathe more fresh air of Green Island”.

“I appreciate you for the broad mindedness. A virtuous man like you should live long to lift millions of downtrodden section of people from the hands of poverty, misery and diseases. You should establish the rule of righteousness on the surface of the earth, to realize the dreams of your three mothers. Kindly run away from the mystery of Green Island to save your life from the wizardry spell of witch Lysa”, jingled princes Radha, the brightness of joy on her face disappeared at rapid rate to diminish the glamour of her face.

“Sweety, my Mothers won’t forgive me, if I leave the hundred damsels to die on the altar. I will be around the area of Green Island, till the day of solar eclipse.”

“Darling, why should you wait on Green Island till the day of solar eclipse? Let us save the damsels from the wizardry spell of witch Lysa, and vacate from the mysterious atmosphere of this green island.”

“We should cut off the growing tap root system of the problem. If we leave the root of the problem carelessly, it will grow with higher energy to pull more damsels into the ocean of trouble. I expect the personal visit of Lucifer on the auspicious day of solar eclipse. I shall launch my attack on that day of sacrificial ritual to trap villain Lucifer into the claws of death”, keyed Junior Kuttuvan kindly.

Impressed by the skyhigh merits of Junior Kuttuvan, princes Radha danced according to his tunes to enter into the arena for another game. “Witch Lysa may identify my absence by the vacant step. Kindly permit me to fill the vacancy. I shall send another damsel for your company. I too shall meet you at favorable time”, lured princes Radha to measure the depth of his love.

“Sweety, I am not a street dog to run behind all bitches. I wish your screen of love always around me. Santra mom won’t select a damsel as my companion without a basic reason. Better you expose your identity”.

“I am Radha, a princess of magnetic fortress, belonging to the clan of Marutha Land”.

“Aha! Santra mom is great to select you as my companion. She has high capacity to solve any problem arising due to your missing”.

“I shall wait in this magic room for your joy. You better contact your Santra mom to know the twist in the climate of Green Island”.

“You are correct. I want to discuss this matter with Santra mom to hoist the flag of sure victory. You don’t try to diffuse outside to fall into the wizardry web of witch Lysa”.

Junior Kuttuvan inserted his head into the magic wall to study the change of color in the climatic condition of Green Island. He witnessed the two boat vehicles on the terrace of the castle, which confirmed the presence of witch Lysa inside the castle. So he pulled his head immediately into the magic room. Princes Radha understood the reason behind his repulsion and welcomed him with a magnetic smile. “Witch Lysa will take more time for her departure for the damsel hunting process. Let us start another new game of novelty to kill the time. This will give you another opportunity to identify other hot sources in the body of damsels”, muffled princes Radha, pulling him for a chain kiss.

“I am not a cock to roam behind you always with flame of hotness. Behave properly to earn the love of my heart. I wish you to act decently like my fifth mother”, nudged junior Kuttuvan noxiously.

“I am sorry darling. I understand the orientation of your mind. I shall refine my character to oscillate you on the love swing of my heart”, obsecrated princes Radha ostentatiously.

At that instant of time, witch Lysa penetrated through the front door of the castle. She stood on the terrace of the castle to analyze any change in the atmosphere of Green Island. Then she stepped downward on the steps of the staircase, keeping her eyes sharp to study any change in the orientation of the statues. She crossed majority of steps and approached the vicinity of the vacant location. At that critical time of emergency, Forest nymph Santra in the transformation of peacock identified the risk in the identification of Junior Kuttuvan. She transformed immediately into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, and moved swiftly towards that vacant spot of skyhigh importance. She transmuted abruptly into the statue of princes Radha, and filled the vacant gap without falling into the sharp eyes of witch Lysa.

Witch Lysa walked downwards up to the last step and stood static for a period of time, allowing her wings of imagination to fly in different directions of the sky. “Wow! I can smell a masculine flavor around this area. This fragrance has same taste as the smell of prince Kuttuvan. He arrived Green Island at the right time for my swim into the ocean of high libido. I am not a weak bat like my mom to fall into the ditch of failure. I will trap prince Kuttuvan in the green island to play hot games with him after regaining my youthhood”, pranced witch Lysa prodigiously.

Witch Lysa ran up and down on the staircase to study the presence of prince Kuttuvan around the area. She walked on the terrace to locate the hideout of prince Kuttuvan. All her repeated trails went fruitless to hoist victory flag. She was not ready to lose the sweet fruit of highest flavor. So she rushed towards the ninety sixth step of the staircase, and elongated the series of the statues by one. She waited eagerly for the arrival of prince Kuttuvan to lock him in her love web. After a long period of time, Junior Kuttuvan once again penetrated his head through the wall to check the presence of the boat vehicles of witch Lysa. Next moment a sudden twist of event occurred to freeze his heart. The last statue on the steps of the staircase moved swiftly towards the terrace, and transmuted to witch Lysa, a bright gleam decorating her face to the highest happiness.

Witch Lysa pulled a magic wand from her waist belt and showed its tip towards junior Kuttuvan, to trap him into her wizardry web. Junior Kuttuvan dropped instantly into the wizardry spell of witch Lysa. The magic wand of witch Lysa pulled junior Kuttuvan towards her like a spinning top. “Hero, hearty welcomes to the fresh climatic condition of Green Island. I am waiting to oscillate you on the love swing of my heart. I will transform into a glamorous belle within a short period one month. Then we shall fly together in the vast space of the sky, like a couple of love birds”, quacked witch Lysa, bursting into a laughter of mirth.

“Naughty bitch, drop your plan to conduct the sacrificial ritual to satisfy the satanic Lucifer. Kindly release the damsels locked in your spell. This is the right time for you to lead a refined life of a grandmother with a virtuous love torch”, roared Junior Kuttuvan reprehensively.

“God blessed me with this life to enjoy the wonders of the world. I plan to seek the helping hands of Lucifer to elongate the youthhood of life to swim on the ocean of joy. Those damsels are just stepping stones for my victorious climb to the height of the sky”, sermonized witch Lysa, flying to the height of the sky on the wings of imagination.

“I beg for your benevolence to bless the hundred fresh human blossoms. Kindly live a joyous life of your own, allowing others to enjoy a similar life. Our prayers will push you higher into the heights of joy. This is the right time for your refinement”.

“Those damsels are just worms on the path of elephants. No god has power to lift them to a platform of safety”.

“I have enough energy to bless the damsels with freedom”.

“Hero, don’t lose your precious life, stumbling into the wizardry snare of Lucifer. Kindly preserve your health for our joyous future”.

“Stupid witch, I won’t allow you to breathe a little puff of fresh air, after the day of fast approaching solar eclipse”.

“Let us wait and enjoy the twists of life”

“Give your magic wand on my hand. I wish to release the damsels of sublimated beauty”.

“I am sorry hero. I don’t want to lose your mind captivating flavor. Kindly utilize your energy for the safe surveillance of the green Island. On the day of my climb to the peak of victory, I shall pull you back to start a sensuous game on the bed”.

Witch Lysa touched the tip of her magic wand on the head of junior Kuttuvan. “Holy Lucifer, transform this youth in to a white flying horse to work as a security officer to the safety of Green Island. My collection process of glamorous damsels is fast approaching the target level”, twitted witch Lysa tersely.

Next moment junior Kuttuvan transformed into a milky white flying horse. “You are appointed as a watch horse to the security of my green Island. You should fly in the sky and run on the land to stop intruders beyond the frontiers of Green Island. You should chase behind the intruders and kick them into depth of the ocean. You have no power to escape from the wizardry web of witch Lysa”, uttered witch Lysa, vibrating her right hand as warning signal.

The flying horse neighed aloud to show his force of opposition. Witch Lysa swiftly bounced on the horse and sat conveniently to stabilize her position on the live vehicle. The flying horse waved its head sidewise to show its force of opposition to carry her. “I wish to go for a jolly trip around the green island to enjoy its serene beauty of dancing nature. You carry me safely for a joyous journey”, vamped witch Lysa vigilantly. The horse refused to start the movement carrying witch Lysa on its back. The anger of witch Lysa increased at rapid rate, reaching the point explosion at high tension.

“Kuttuvan, you are just a meek stag before my skyhigh supernatural powers. Behave properly to respect witch Lysa as your own spouse. If you deny my orders, I will turn your head in the opposite direction to push you into the shame of mockery”, warned witch Lysa, kicking on his ribs with force.

The horse spread its huge wings and fluttered them at uniform frequency. Witch Lysa enjoyed the flight in the width of the sky. After completing one revolution around the castle, the horse landed safely on the terrace. “I keep this green island under your vigilant surveillance. It is your responsibility to protect the sanctity of Green Island from the filthy hands of trespassers. Don’t allow intruders to pollute the purity of our atmosphere. There is a warning for your sharp remembrance. Your head will explode into pieces, if you try to cross the boundary of the green island. Be careful to preserve your health. You have to work as a watch dog only when I am absent in Green Island. When I entered into the atmosphere of the Green Island, you will be transformed spontaneously into a stone statue”, yearned witch Lysa, jumping down quickly on the terrace.

Witch Lysa climbed on a boat vehicle, rowed the paddles at uniform frequency, and disappeared slowly from the serene beauty of the green island. After a short period of time, the statue of forest nymph Santra transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, blew swiftly towards the horse on the terrace and stood in the structure of forest nymph Santra of high glamour. The horse neighed bitterly to show his worry. Forest nymph Santra identified the state of melancholy of Junior Kuttuvan to remain in the state of a flying horse. At the same time, she confirmed that the present status of uniformity will be more safe to Junior Kuttuvan in the wizardry atmosphere of green island.

“Your life in the transformation of a flying horse will oscillate you on a swing of higher happiness. I shall bless you with the company of this large bevy of beauty angels one at a time. Be ready to swim on the ocean of libidinous waves”, advocated forest nymph Santra affectionately. She pressed her right palm on his head to clear the wizardry spell of witch Lysa. The flying horse transformed immediately into Junior Kuttuvan with a smiling face of a sparkling diamond.

Forest nymph Santra pulled him to a warm hug and presented an affectionate kiss on his forehead. “I blessed you with power to transmute into flying horse and vice versa at any time at your will. You should remain in the form of a flying horse when witch Lysa is around the area to escape from her watching eyes. I will be always around you to safeguard you from any unexpected perils”, baited forest nymph Santra by a soft tone of concentrated love.

Princes Radha waited inside the magic room for the arrival of Junior Kuttuvan, floating on a better idea to trap him in another game of lewdness. Unable to bear the long enduring tortures of waves of fear, she inserted her head through the magic wall, to study the safety condition of the innocent youth Junior Kuttuvan. The blooming smile of Junior Kuttuvan thrilled her mind to fly into the higher altitudes of imaginative sky. She penetrated through the magic wall of the bedroom, and jumped on the terrace to trap him into her love web. Forest nymph Santra gazed her sharply for a span of time to study the color of her inner mind.

“Princess Radha! I am forest nymph Santra, the fourth mother of Junior Kuttuvan. I selected you as our daughter in law, only on the basis of your merits. Junior Kuttuvan won’t hesitate to reject your love torch, if you try to identify his real mother”, castigated forest nymph Santra creditably.

Princes Radha gazed forest nymph Santra from top to bottom with spread of a glare of wonder on her magnetic face. “Mom, I wonder about your sparkling beauty. You appear to be younger than myself. I am thankful for selecting me as a member of the righteous family of prince Kuttuvan. I will prove my worthiness as the spouse of highly innocent Junior Kuttuvan. You shall expect refined characters of love from me, just opposite to the greed of my father king Gangan”, dazzled princes Radha by her high energy voice of perfect stability.

“I expect a tough fight between Junior Kuttuvan and king Gangan of the magnetic fortress at the climax of this life drama His four mothers will be behind him to strengthen his energy. You should assist Junior Kuttuvan for his march towards the throne of Marutha Kingdom”, entreated forest nymph Santra explicitly.

“I will stand behind the side of virtuousness. My father has plan to conduct horse ritual at the earliest. You should select a good strategy to collapse his plan of high objective. He has highly talented scientific powers to crush his enemies, like shoals of suffocating fishes within a short interval of time” filliped princes Radha, trying to trap Junior Kuttuvan by a twisted smile.

Forest nymph rolled her eyes slightly to study the nature of stability of Junior Kuttuvan against the magnetic storm of princes Radha. She found him fully locked in the penetrating stare of her eyes, like a fish captivated by the flavour a food on a hook. She finalized that words of mouth has no impact on the brain of lovers, while flying in the height of the imaginative sky “Junior! This is the best time to impress your sweetheart by your capacity to fly to the heights of the sky. A prowess girl like Radha will enjoy the opportunity to travel on a flying horse as a rare chance of high worthiness”, gingered forest nymph Santra graciously.

“Sweety, Santra mom blessed me with a wizardry power to transform into a flying horse. Are you a trained warrior with high merits to bounce on my back, while I am in action?” hustled Junior Kuttuvan, with diminishing hope in his voice of slight sneer.

“Darling, I am the most prowess princes of the magnetic fortress. I shall play miracles in the sky, if you cooperate with me as my own live vehicle of transportation”, improvised princes Radha indomitably.

Forest nymph Santra oriented her mind towards them, to witness the talents of the most skillful princes of the magnetic fortress. At that time of high expectation of forest nymph Santra, Junior Kuttuvan transformed into flying horse and fluttered his huge wings at high frequency to pierce through the layers of the atmosphere. Prices Radha ran behind him with rapidly increasing speed, and sprang towards the flying horse at high velocity. During her forward march towards the flying horse, she folded her body to a rough ring in the sky, and penetrated swiftly through the layers of the atmosphere. After three skillful spins in the height of the sky, she stretched her body to a normal shape. She jumped on the back of the flying horse and stabilized her position on its back.

“Are you satisfied with my skill? May I show you higher talents to float you on the waves of joy?” jollified princes Radha justifiably.

“Sweety, my four mothers are highly talented women. No hero on the surface of the earth has power to win them individually. You will require more training to stand on the arena of competition with my mothers of high talents”, loured Junior Kuttuvan, flying upwards on a slanting path to rise in to higher altitude.

“Kindly fly at same altitude at constant velocity. I wish to perform more somersaults in the sky to prove my higher talents”, melodized princes Radha meritoriously. She sprang forwards into the height of the sky and stabilized her position on the back of the horse, after completing five wonderful somersaults in the sky.

Forest nymph Santra was highly impressed by the talents of princes Radha. At the same time, she wished to play a game with her to verify her courage at critical moments at the verge of death. She transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind and blew swiftly towards princes Radha. During forwards march towards princes Radha, she suddenly transformed into bird woman Vanmathi, holding two long swords on her hands of high talents in the art of warfare. “Mom, I selected princes Radha as your daughter in law. She is the most powerful princes of Marutha Land in the campus of the magnetic fortress. You should love Radha as your own daughter”, negotiated Junior Kuttuvan nervously.

“I won’t accept a coward as a member of our prestigious family with merits. She has to prove her worthiness as a good warrior in a tough duel with your Vanmathi mom. She should prove her ability to share our responsibility in the annihilation process of the wizardry powers of witch Lysa”, noodled forest nymph Santra, throwing a sword towards her in spinning motion like a wheel on rotation. Princes Radha proved the merit of her talents, by grasping the spinning sword at the handle very easily, like catching a dragon fly.

“This is Vanmathi mom, the first bird women of the word. She was decived by your father king Gangan giving treacherously the wing sprouting magic medicine Wilajit. She is my second mother on the basis of age. In reality she is the sublimated form of real love of the world. Vanmathi mom is the right person to verify your skills in warfare”, ordered Junior Kuttuvan, flying around Vanmathi in circular orbit.

“I am ready to prove my talents in warfare. I have no training in balancing at the height of the sky. Only on the strength of your love, I accept the challenge of Vanmathi mom”, prevised princes Radha plausibly.

Forest nymph Santra waved her sword swiftly to pierce the heart of princes Radha. She flew around the area tactfully, the sword on her hand attacking princes Radha in different directions, like a highly talented flying cobra. The sword on the hand of princes Radha played games of miracles, to stop the sword of the competitor. She bounced from the back of flying horse skillfully to defend her skin form the sharp edge of the sword of forest nymph Santra. During the duel for defense, she rebounded on the flying horse as if playing on the plane surface of the earth. The flying horse flew swiftly along favorable directions, to give a strong resistance to the talents of Vanmathi.

Suddenly forest nymph Santra changed her strategy of attack to teach princes Radha hard lessons of high hotness. She rebounded to the four sides of the flying horse, brandishing the sword skillfully, to draw blood graphs on the body of princes Radha. To the skyhigh wonder of forest nymph Santra, princes Radha rotated on the back of the flying horse, like a spinning top. She successfully waved her sword with high expertise, to stop the sword of forest nymph Santra in different directions. During such an active process of competition, forest nymph Santra used her left hand to grasp the left hand of princes Radha, like the strong jaws of an alligator. She pulled princes Radha with high force and threw her swiftly into the height of the sky.

Princess Radha moved fast along a parabolic path, and descended downwards to make a harsh bombardment with the hard crust of the earth. The flying horse flew downwards quickly along an inclined path, and succeeded in holding her safely on his back. The flying horse traveled towards forest nymph Santra like a lance accelerated to high speed by a mechanical device. “Mom, you crossed the limits of real love. You behave like a vampire on the thirst of blood. You evaporated completely from the love brimming heart of Junior Kuttuvan. I am ashamed to call you as my mom”, quivered Junior Kuttuvan, focusing a flare of wrath on his face.

“Victory should be the only motivation of a fighter in a battle field. Only cowards will shiver for the approach of the ghost of death. Play the game with a torch of hope or quit the battle field like the defeated soul of a coward”, raved forest nymph Santra ragingly.

Princes Radha rolled her eyes between the son and mother, flying in the height of the imaginative sky to pluck twinkling stars. Her face painted slowly the bright color shades of happiness, like the spread of petals of a Lotus at sun rise. “Darling, don’t criticize your loving mom to support a stranger. I enjoy the spirit of competition in this game of little risk. Kindly consider this game as a training programme to boost my energy level”, soothed princes Radha, raising her sword to start next phase of the fighting competition.

The huge wings of bird women Vanmathi vanished suddenly, like a puff of smoke. She abruptly transformed into forest nymph Santra. Junior Kuttuvan enjoyed the twist as a miracle with a wonder of joy. “Santra mom, you sowed seeds of hatred in the field of my heart in the transformation of Vanmathi mom. I am happy to renew my memory to give Vanmathi mom the earlier holy status in my heart. I knew your naughtiness and skills. So I give you permission to train princes Radha to higher levels”, typified Junior Kuttuvan tactfully.

Another spell of sword fight started between forest nymph Santra and princes Radha. Forest nymph Santra ran swiftly on the layer of the atmosphere and sprang toward prince Radha, waving her sword skillfully to mark blood stains on the soft body of princes Radha. She revolved around princes Radha in circular paths, like a talented player of gymnastics. The sword on her hand danced games of high talents. Princes Radha suffered a lot to save her skin from the sharp edge of the sword on the crafty hand of forest nymph Santra. Inspite of her clever strategy of self-defense, the sword in the hand of forest nymph Santra succeeded in drawing many blood lines on her soft skin.

As a last step to prove her worthiness, forest nymph Santra ran swiftly on the layer of the atmosphere in the form of repeated bounces, at high speed towards princes Radha. She kicked on the buttock of princes Radha standing on the flying horse with high force. As a consequence of the heavy thrust of the high speed bombardment, princes Radha rebounded in the sky towards the terrace of the castle. She swiftly crossed the terrace and dropped on a huge tree. Due to her own downward weight, she moved fast towards the surface of the earth, breaking a number of tiny branches of the tree. The flying horse flew with utmost speed to pull princes Radha to his back of highest safety.

The effort of the flying horse fetched no fruit of sweet taste. Princes Radha dropped into a hollow on the gigantic trunk of the tree. During its high speed motion towards the hollow in the trunk of the tree, the flying horse suddenly transformed into junior Kuttuvan and jumped on the branch of the tree just above the region of the huge hollow. When he focused his eyes to the depth of the hollow, he was shocked heavily to witness a tunnel of infinite depth in the trunk of that gigantic tree.

“Santra Mom, my sweety Radha fall into a secret passage to a nether land. I see a dense spread of darkness inside the hollow. Kindly save Radha from the hand of torturing death”, urged Junior Kuttuvan uxoriously.

That sudden twist of event boiled the heart of forest nymph Santra beyond the heights of tolerance level. Waves of shiver attacked her heart like a series of tsunami waves of high intensity. She transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, and blew swiftly towards Junior Kuttuvan. She appeared as forest nymph Santra on the same branch of the tree behind Junior Kuttuvan. “Kindly excuse me for my stupid drama. You better diffuse into the magic room to take rest for a span of time. I shall fetch princes Radha as fresh as a newly bloomed rose”, vitalized forest nymph Santra, pulling him for a warm hug.

“I can’t breathe without Radha. Don’t play crafty games to deceive my mind. I will wait for your safe arrival preserving my last breathe”, wailed junior woefully.

“Assume this incident as a twist for your climb to higher levels of joy. I shall supply you another beautiful damsel of higher charms. You start your research to locate the sources of higher hotness on the glamorous structure of that damsel. I shall bring princes Radha before the completion of your experiment of high novelty”, yarned forest nymph Santra, winking her eyes like a twinkling star in the height of the sky.

“Don’t behave like a pimp. I expect higher merits from you. I shall wait here for your safe arrival with my sweety”, accentuated Junior Kuttuvan, siphoning out the liquefied trust from his heart. Forest nymph Santra transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind and plunged swiftly into the spread of dense darkness in the tunnel.

When princes Radha dropped into the mysterious tunnel, she penetrated through the three dimensional blanket of darkness for an indefinite period of time. Then she bombarded on the slanting wall of a labyrinth of tunnels, and rolled downward for infinite distance. While she continued to move downward, the density of darkness slowly diminished like the magic influence of sunrise at early dawn. During her speedy movement at the speed of a beam of lightning, she witnessed a glittering flute of about half metre length trapped in a huge cobweb, like a cluster of glow worms.

Due to the higher weight of her body, princes Radha pierced through the cobweb like a hawk flying at high speed. The pipe trapped in the cobweb escaped from the sticky arms of the cobweb, rolled behind princes Radha like her own obedient pet. A huge suffocating fish locked in the cobweb also dropped on the wall of the tunnel and slipped downwards like a child playing on the surface on an inclined plane. After travel for a span of time, princes Radha deviated towards a branch tunnel to continue her travel for more period of time. At the same time, the pipe and the suffocating fish continued to move along the same tunnel.

After a journey for a short span of time, princes Radha reached a plane fertile area with high spread of green blanket of flora. Attacked by the exhaustion of weariness, she lay on the ground closing her eyes airtight. At that instant of highest worry of princes Radha, the spiral arm of the whirl wind arrived the area and transformed into most glamorous forest nymph Santra. Analyzing the lower energy level of princes Radha, she showed her right palm towards her. The blue beam of light that emerged from her palm circulated through her body nerves and increased her energy to the maximum. Princes Radha vibrated her eyelashes like the wings of a dragon fly.

“I am extremely sorry for my worthless training programme. I unknowingly pushed you into the cavern of perils. My tongue shivers to beg your pardon”, beseeched forest nymph Santra blandly. She pulled her to a warm hug and presented a warm kiss on her forehead with wet eyes.

“You blessed me with a golden opportunity to witness the wonders of a fairy land. Let us move forward to study the strange flora and fauna of this wonderland. I experience the safety of the most powerful god in your shade”, chanted princes Radha, in a sweet voice enough to captivate the angels of heaven.

“Junior Kuttuvan is waiting for you, showering tear like a monsoon rainfall.”

“Why don’t you supply another damsel to search hot sources in her glamorous body?”

“He is interested only on your hotness. He ostracized me as a pimp”.

“Junior appears to be a sublimated from of morality. I am lucky enough to share the love of such a virtuous youth”.

“The nature of hereditary of the seed and the worthiness of the environment transformed Junior Kuttuvan into a man of virtues. I wonder about his character to respect all women as his own mothers”.

“I lived in a hell established by a vampire on the blood of damsels in a condition of highest suffocation. I am happy for my entry into the heart of a man of merits”.

“You shall find three deities in the domicile of Junior Kuttuvan. His three mothers will oscillate you on the swing of their love. You shall experience the joy of the real paradise in the home of Junior Kuttuvan”.

“Thank you very much for selecting such a good spouse for me. Let us move forward to enjoy the serene beauty of nature”

Princes Radha focused her eyes to the distant area of the Netherland, as an effort to study the climatic color difference of that area from the green blanket of Green Island. She witnessed colonnades of strange branchless trees resembling arecanut trees. Long bunches of fruits hung from majority of tree heads the size of each fruit being little bigger than ordinary apple fruits. The ripe fruits were blood red in color, and the unripe young fruits were light yellow in color. Princes Radha walked continuously, enjoying the serene beauty of nature, without sensing the lapse of time.

“The color of the strange palm fruits attracts me like the elixir of heaven. Will you please snatch a ripe fruit for me? I wish to study the strange taste of this fruit of attractive color”, cringed princes Radha, gazing bunches of blood red fruits with magnifying eager.

“The excessive attractive color of the palm fruit creates a negative impression in my brain. This fruit may contain a poison to twist our journey towards the golden door of paradise. Let us divert our mind from those colorful fruits of less worthiness”, deprecated forest nymph Santra dolefully.

“You rejected the first wish of your daughter-in-law purposely with a negative motivation. I won’t forget this day of highest deception” excoriated princes Radha, running fast towards a nearby palm tree to climb on it as an effort to pluck a fruit.

Forest nymph Santra scanned the fruit, focusing a blue beam of light from her palm. She analyzed the results of her scanning process for a short span of time. The brightness of happiness on her face diminished at slow rate. “The juice of this fruit contains higher concentration of an intoxicant. The fruit is not favorable for our health at this time of hidden perils. Let us avoid this fruit, which may hinder out efforts to move towards the peak of victory”, fermented forest nymph Santra flatly.

“A little intoxicant is a nice experience of novelty. I am not ready to lose such a wonderful experience of strangeness. Kindly snatch a fruit as a memory for our visit to the Netherland”, groaned princes Radha, like a little girl of low maturity level.

Forest nymph Santra showed her right palm towards a bunch of ripe fruits. The blue beam of light emitted from her palm cut off the selected bunch of fruits, and pulled it towards her, as if tied to a blue cord. Forest nymph Santra snatched the bunch of fruits, presented only one fruit to princes Radha and threw the bunch of the remainder fruits away with high force. The bunch traveled a large distance in space and dropped on the water surface of a lake. Princes Radha walked forward, enjoying the sweet taste of the palm fruit. “Mom, this strange palm fruit is very tasty, like honey drops. Don’t lose the nice opportunity to enjoy this elixir of Netherland. I wish to share my little happiness with the mom of my darling”, haggled princes Radha haphazardly.

She cut off a portion of the fruit between her teeth, and inserted it into the mouth of forest nymph Santra she masticated the flesh of the fruit slowly to satisfy princes Radha. “Mom, you blessed me with a god experience in a unknown Netherland. The imprints of this wonderful experience will endure in my mind permanently without loss of vigor. Thank you mom, thank you very much”, inflated prices Radha, walking with less stability due to high intoxication.

“I warned you about the consequence of the strange palm fruit. You paid for your own downfall. How can you survive against the perils waiting to trap us, with your latest condition of high languor?” jarred forest nymph Santra jaggedly.

“Kindly don’t shiver by fear. I have capacity for my own self defense. I am not a meek girl on the street to hide behind the shadow of others”, lacerated princes Radha, utilizing words as sharp edges of spears.

“Don’t call me mom. Don’t expect my helping hand at critical times. I erased my face from your memory”, menaced forest nymph Santra mercilessly.

To teach a warning lesson to princes Radha, forest nymph Santra transformed into invisible form. At that time a strange creature attracted the attention of princes Radha. To the distant vision the creature appeared to be a dragon fly, just above the surface of the earth. The creature flew towards her, and landed before her to oscillate her on the swing of wonder. The creature appeared to be a modified form of a man. He is a dwarf of about three feet height with lean skeletal structure. He had a set of transparent wings without feathers, like the wings of a dragon fly. “Who are you? Are you a citizen of this Netherland?” negotiated princes Radha, the vibrations of shiver increasing rapidly in her tone.

“I am incubus, a demon of this Netherland ruled by Lucifer. Once I was an ordinary man lived joyfully in Marutha Land. As a judgment for my little crime, the soldiers of the king pushed me into this Netherland from Green Island”, opined the incubus oddly. The strange shrill voice of the incubus sowed seeds of wonder in the field of her mind.

“I can’t believe your knitted story. You have no resemblance with human race. May I know the crime committed by you in Marutha Land?”

“I taught different sex postures to some minor girls”.

“Alas! Are you a rapist of minor girls? How did you transform into an incubus?”

“The only food available in the Netherland is palm fruit. The poison in the fruit slowly changed me in the form of an incubus”.

“Ha! I too ate a palm fruit. Do I transform into an incubus like you?”

“Don’t worry. You have no chance to reach the stage of an incubus”.

“Are you the only incubus in this Netherland?”

“All the men dropped in this Netherland on the charge of sex scandals will transform into incubuses”.

“What is the fate of women criminals thrown in this Netherland?”

“They will be blessed with only little suffering. Their souls will fly towards the joy of heaven with in a short period of time”.

“The special privilege of offered to the women criminals appears to be ridicules. Why did Lucifer allow such a strange concession to women criminals?”

“That special concession is offered by not Lucifer, but by fate. You will soon learn the story by real experience”.

Princes Radha wondered about the strangeness of the atmosphere of that Netherland. She walked forward joyfully on the eager to study more wonders of the Netherland. The incubus followed her, flying at low level equal to her shoulder. She rolled her eyes around the area to identify the presence of any other living organisms. Suddenly a spark occurred in her brain as a warning signal. She stared the incubus with a burning doubt in her mind. “I witnessed no movement of living organisms in this vast area of Netherland. Are you the only one incubus in this Netherland?” pressed princes Radha precisely.

“Thousands of incubuses are living in this area. We follow a special order in our hunting process. The person who identified the prey will be given prime importance. The other incubus will align behind him in a queue”, quizzed the incubus, bursting into laughter of mirth.

“What do you mean by a hunting process? I s there any animal inside this Netherland”

“The incubuses are crazy on sex and women flesh. A woman will reach this Netherland occasionally. We used to chase her on a line, and enjoy the excitement of lewdness, one after another in succession. After her death we will share her flesh among ourselves”.

“Alas! What a cruelty to mother community! God won’t forgive incubuses for this heinous crime”, reviled princes Radha, running forward swiftly to escape from the clutches of the incubus. Without taking effort to chase her, the incubus raised a high pitch whistle from his mouth. Next moment the debut of a blood freezing horrible incident occurred, like a live drama on a stage. A large number of incubuses slipped down from the head of the palm trees. After reaching the ground, they flapped their wings towards the first incubus. Within a short span of time, a long queue was formed behind the first incubus.

The queue of incubuses chased princes Radha at high speed, flying in air at the height of her shoulder. At the elapse of time, the distance gap of princes Radha from the array of flying incubus decreased rapidly. The first incubus stretched his right hand towards her, and tore off her clothes one after another continuing his chasing drama. After an efflux of time, princes Radha noticed her pitiable condition of running process, wearing only inner wears. The first incubus again stretched his right hand to pull her inner wears. After some repeated trial, he was successful to draw her brassier, which fluttered on his hand like a national flag.

“Mom, why did you leave your child to the tortures of the incubuses? Kindly kill me instantly to escape from this disgrace. Can’t you forgive your child for her little mistakes?” squeaked princes Radha spasmodically.

Forest nymph Santra at her side at a distance in invisible state stretched her right palm towards her, with a gleam of sneer dancing on her face. A blue beam of light emanated from her palm revolved around prince Radha and transformed into dresses covering her glamorous body. At that moment of blooming face of princes Radha, the array of incubuses scattered their uniformity of alignment and began individual trail to tear off her dresses. Princes Radha ran amuck in a frenzy to escape from the crafty hands of the incubuses. During her trial to escape from the grasp of the army of incubuses, she jumped into a critical state, when she was surrounded in all sides by crowds of thousands of incubuses on the rage of rut.

“Mom, I understood my mistakes. I shall dance in your shadow like your own pet. Kindly bless me with a sword to escape from the tortures of those lust crazy demons”, trilled princes Radha, stretching her hands towards heaven. The centre of love in the heart of forest nymph Santra transformed her into stream of love. She instantly evaporated the crops of hatred in her mind into the vast space of vacuum. She blessed princes Radha by turning her right palm towards her. The blue beam of light emanated from her palm penetrated the crowd of incubuses, revolved thrice around princes Radha, and sublimated to a long sharp sword. She pulled the sword to the strong grasp of her right hand and waved it at high speed like a streak of lightning. The sharp edge of the sword pierced through the bodies of the incubuses on its path of motion, like a knife easily penetrating through tender bamboo shoots.

Princes Radha rotated rapidly on the spot, like a top spinning at high frequency. The sword in her hand played games of miracles, as if piercing through vacuum without any resistive force. The heap of fragments of incubuses began to collect around her, like a bed of jasmine flowers withered from the jasmine climber. She experienced heavy difficulty to fight standing at the centre of increasing height of the fragments of the corpses of the incubuses.

Princes Radha rolled her eyes to identify a better location to continue the war of slaughter, till the survival of the last soul of incubus. The sharp vision of her eyes identified a broad river at some distance from the area of the battle field. Her mind climbed to the height of joy, when she witnessed a narrow rope bridge across the high speed water current. To reach the rope bridge of highest safety, she sprang higher with an aim to cross the large crowd of incubuses. Her effort failed to reap the crop of her choice. She dropped downward to fall in the middle of the mass of incubuses on the rage of rut.

Forest nymph Santra at distance imagined the bitter end of princes Ratha. She stretched her right palm towards her. A blue beam of light emitted from her palm entered into the body of princes Radha to energize her beyond the limits. By the spell of forest nymph Santra, she bounced forward swiftly on the heads of the incubuses like the repeated rebounds of a rubber ball. She ran fast on the rope bridge and stabilized her position at the opposite end of the rope bridge. To enjoy the slaughtering style of princes Radha, forest nymph Santra appeared behind her at a distance in invisible form.

The chasing crowd of incubuses collected on the rope bridge, to trap princes Radha into hands of boiling libidinous. The narrow width of the rope bridge supported her a lot for her easy climb to the heights of victory. The army of incubuses approached her only in three columns. The sword of princes Radha pierced through the fragile bones of the incubuses, as if through a current of water. She chopped off a row of three incubuses in one stroke, and kicked their bodies into the current of water. Though the process of slaughter of the incubuses continued indefinitely, there was heavy collection of incubuses on the rope bridge up to the other end of the bridge. Forest nymph Santra identified the diminishing energy level of princes Radha.

Forest nymph Santra finalized to put an end to the torments of the army of the incubuses. She focused a blue beam of light from her palm towards the other end of the rope bridge. First little fume appeared on the rope bridge like a puff of smoke. The fume transformed into a flame of fire along the width of the bridge. After a short span of time, the bridge cut off, and the end of the bridge moved downwards towards the high speed water current at great depth. A large population of the incubuses dropped into the water current to be washed away swiftly towards a high waterfall, like withered petals of rose flowers. The remaining population of incubuses hanged in the rope bridge, like bats hanging from the branches of trees.

Forest nymph Santra focused another more concentrated beam of blue light on the nearer end of the rope bridge. The bridge cut off instantly like a miracle, and moved downwards swiftly with the population of incubuses including princes Radha. The swift movement of the bridge to the tortures of hell sprayed waves of fear in the field of her brain. “Mom, don’t you remember your child? I am flying towards the jaws death. Why don’t you lift your child to your lap of real love?” urged princes Radha urgently.

Forest nymph Santra transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind and moved swiftly towards princes Radha she pulled princes Ratha into her spiral arm, and blew fast towards the other bank of the river. She abruptly transformed into forest nymph Santra, holding princes Radha still on her warm hug. “Mom, your talents crossed the heights of the sky. Your heart is an ocean of concentrated colorless love. I visualize you as the transformation of the soul of my own mother”, vamped princes Ratha, presenting a warm kiss on her cheek as a token of her real love.

“You referred your mother with extreme reverence. A good mother is a blessing of god, like a monsoon shower of the sky. Can you enlighten me with some nice qualities of your mother?” wooed forest nymph Santra willingly.

“My mother is a virtual lady of brimming love. She was kicked into the moat by my father, on the charge of sex scandal at my age of five. Now I have a young beautiful mother in my castle. She is my fifth mother”, yodeled princes Radha, tear drops rolling down her cheeks like a summer waterfall.

“Kindly wipe your tears of oozing love. The mercy of god blessed you with four nice mothers. You shall live joyfully by sharing their sublimated love of purity”, zoomed forest nymph Santra zealously.

“Junior Kuttuvan will be floating on the ocean of worry at this time. Let us move towards Green Island to avoid twisting of events in the atmosphere of the green island. I wished to share my hot experiences in this Netherland with the hero of my heart”, allured princes Radha, running forward like little lass on a game. Forest nymph Santra followed her with slight fade on her face of sparkling glamour.

“Don’t run like a dastard roe. This Netherland is another hell of highest mystery. There is a deep and wide region formed by the dried distributary of the river. Don’t slip into the depth of the valley by carelessness”, bawled forest nymph Santra biliously.

“I will be very careful to avoid an accident. I noticed the deep valley beyond the cover of dense shrubs. Let me study the depth of the valley of strangeness”, coerced princes Radha, moving swiftly towards the edge of the cavern of death.

During her trial to study the depth of the valley, a twist of event occurred to teach her hot lessons of highest misery. An abrupt heavy landslide occurred, and prince Radha dropped into the deep valley with the mass of soil. She rolled downward like a dried corpse for infinite distance and dipped into the soil mass of the land slide, similar to the submerging of large number of trees. Forest nymph Santra transformed immediately into the spiral arm of a whirl wind and traveled downward at the speed of a lightning streak. She penetrated through the mass of land slide and pulled princes Radha safely above the mass of the land slide.

Forest nymph Santra added energy to the circulatory system of princes Radha and vanished into invisible form instantly. Princes Radha opened her eyes like a newly born puppy after span of time. She turned once around the point to study the nature of disaster that locked her into the sufferings of hell. Her eyes searched forest nymph Santra eagerly to express her grantitude, for lifting her safely from the depth of the land slide. The disappearance of forest nymph Santra from the area of the calamity magnified her guilty consciousness of disobedience. At that time of her burning mental worry, she noticed an expanding crack on the side wall of the valley. There was a spark of light in her brain as warning signal for another land slide. By the reaction of reflex action, she rushed forwards swiftly, like a spear accelerated by a mechanical device in a battle field.

The fragments of the latest landslide chased her for a long distance, as if to push directly to the piercing darkness of the hell. She ran fast in the form of repeated bounces, through the dense growth of bushes. Suddenly a strange crawling sound penetrated her ears to sow seeds of fear into her nervous system. While running forward blindly, her eyes focused a mysterious scene of boiling hotness in to her brain. She witnessed a long mind shivering insect, crawling towards her from the side. The insect appeared to be a series connection of twenty huge crabs, with two long proboscises at the head end and three needle shaped stings at the tail end. The blood red color of the insect warned her that the color of the insect was maintained by sucking blood from the fauna of the Netherland.

Princes Radha accelerated her speed to escape from that cruel insect of sure death. As time elapsed, she witnessed more such insects crawling towards her from all sides to suck her royal blood. She sprang forward with maximum velocity to escape from the army of chasing insects of highest strangeness. To her heart exploding fear, she stepped on a stone, which slipped away like a skate to large distance, by the impact of such a heavy force. Then she dropped on the ground and rolled downwards on the sloping floor of the bed of those dangerous insects. When she bounced on the ground to stability, she was surrounded by such blood sucking insects on all sides. To her highest worry, two cruel insects entered into her dress along two legs and began to climb upwards towards her breasts. She ran hither and thither shaking both legs repeatedly, to scatter away the insects from her body of highest softness.

At that instant of her highest worry of evaporating hope, the head ends of the insects emerged at her upper chest and their proboscises pierced her both seeks to suck he blood of highest flavor. The waves of fear tried to diminish her energy level. The current of pain bombarded her nervous system, initiating tortures beyond the sufferings of hell. “Mom, why did you push your child to the tortures of hell? Kindly kill me instantly without a shade of pain. I can’t live more without your shower of love”, dismayed princes Radha desperately.

Forest nymph Santra ran towards her on the invisible layer of air, at high speed in visible form she pulled the blood sucking insects one after another and threw them backwards to very high distance. She lifted princes Radha grasping at the back side of her shirt, and threw her to the height of the sky in the forwards direction. Princes Radha folded her body in the shape of a wheel, and pierced through the layers of atmosphere along the trajectory of a parabola. After crossing the area of the insects, princes Radha landed safely on the surface of the same valley. When she turned to search forest nymph Santra, she was just behind her in invisible form.

Princes Radha moved forward with increasing hope. A long period of time passed without any change in climatic condition. She flew into the width of the sky on the wings of imagination. Her game with Junior Kuttuvan flashed repeatedly into her mind, immediately pushing her mind to the heights of a fairy land. The energy level of her body increased rapidly, the blooms of joy appearing on her face, like a miracle of heaven. She walked forward on the imagination of highest thrills in distant future. At that time of her climb to the heights of imaginative sensuous mirth, another sudden twist of event occurred to push her to the depth of worry.

Suddenly princes Radha hear high intensity growl behind her. By the waves of piercing shock, she dropped to the ground of reality, from the height of imaginative dream. To her highest shiver, she saw a huge sarkastodan running towards her at high speed, to masticate the fatty royal flesh of her soft body. Though the cruel animal appeared to be a tiger for distance vision, it was thrice bigger than the biggest tiger. That largest creodant and oxyaenid would weigh about thousand kilograms. The heavy size of the strange animal and its high intense growl sowed seeds of fear in her nervous system. Due to the loss of coordination of the brain as a consequence of excessive fear, she ran forward to escape from the clutches of highest cruelty of the sarkastodan. During her rapid running process, she approached a region of dried waterfall.

When she reached the edge of the level, the next level of the river bed appeared to be at infinite depth, as if very close to the hell. She waited on the edge of the higher level of river bed for a fraction of a span of time, to study the behavior of the highly dangerous sarkastodan. The distance gap of the animal from her diminished narrowly, comparable to the width of her thump. Knowing her critical situation at the verge of death, she jumped to the lower level to save her skin from the jaws of the dangerous sarkastodan. The high speed ferocious animal sprang towards her to catch her in air as a tasty prey. At that time of highest emergency in the life history of princes Radha, the crafty hands of fate stretched towards her to push her to the platform of other turmoil.

Owing to its high speed, the blood thirsty animal crossed her to a distance, and moved downward for a harsh bombardment on the hard crust of the earth. At the end of the motion, princes Radha stabilized her position on the surface of the lower level, and raised her eyes to study the condition of that animal of strangeness. Princes Radha witnessed a strange tree at the side of the valley, with broad long leaves like the leaves of a plantain. She noticed the growth of a stout long branch of the tree above the area of the valley, with some thin prop roots hanging on the branch like mountain pythons. That largest sarkastodan that sprang to catch princes Radha, dropped on the branch of the tree of high wonder.

Princes Radha saw the twist of a life drama, beyond the level of imagination. The tip of a prop root grew at rapid rate and wound around the body of the animal. Three more prop roots in the vicinity deviated towards the sarkastodan and supported the trapping process winding at other places of the body of the poor animal. To raise princes Radha to the heights of terror, the tips of the four prop roots penetrated into the body of the sarkastodan and began to suck the energy of the beast. The intensity of moaning growl of the sarkastodan stood as the amplitude of pain experienced by the carnivorous animal. Owing to the high speed sucking of the juice from the body of the animal, the size of the animal began to diminish slowly.

The scene of tragedy beyond the level of imagination by mortals compelled her to escape from that area of highest horror immediately. She walked forward looking around stealthily to escape from the trap of the prop roots of the tree of highest wonder. The pressure of her mind increased rapidly to the level of explosion, on seeing the deviation of a branch of the tree towards her. When she shifted her feet to some more steps, another twist of event occurred to freeze her heart in fear. Two root tips submerged in the soil elongated swiftly to wound on her legs like two mountain pythons. Each root tip penetrated her leg thrice in the form of one transverse wave to lock her in a static position. The two roots began to suck the energy juice of her body. Her vision of blur showed the elongation of two prop roots fast towards her in air.

Princes Radha cried bitterly in burning pain. She lost all hopes for her survival to taste the thrills of joy in all corners of life. “Mom, the color of your artificial love faded beyond revival. You sacrificed your child to the crafty hands of the tree of mystery. Kindly wear me on your chest like a garland of roses atleast after my death”, entreated princes Radha, tear drops falling down her cheeks like pearls of a broken chain.

Forest nymph Santra appeared in visible form on an invisible layer of air behind her. She focused a high intensity beam of blue rays from her right palm on the root tips wound on the legs of princes Radha. By the burning hotness of the beam of light, the roots of mystery pulled their tips from the legs of princes Radha, and entered into the crust of the earth. Thrilled by her freedom from the crafty hands of the tree of mystery, Princes Radha bounced to the chest of forest nymph Santra. She wound her legs around the waist of forest nymph Santra and pulled her to a warm hug. “Mom, I love to dwell in your heart. Kindly transform me into a child, and preserve me always on the warmth of your chest. I wish to remain always in the shade of your love”, fondled princes Radha flagrantly.

“Junior Kuttuvan is waiting to share the thrills of your love. Let us move fast towards Green Island to wipe his tears. The density of love of Junior Kuttuvan is higher than the watery love of this old woman”, joggled forest nymph Santra, a brightness of sneer illuminating her face of high charm.

Junior Kuttuvan waited eagerly on the terrace of the castle of witch Lysa, for the return of forest nymph Santra and princes Radha. The wheel of time rolled at usual speed without any slightest change. The sun that rose in the eastern horizon at early dawn crossed the zenith. The slanting rays of the sun began to loss the original hotness. The imaginative bird of Junior Kuttuvan flew in different directions, to trace the reason for the disappearance of his sweet heart. Unable to bear the tortures of his own mind, Junior Kuttuvan finalized to start a searching process of his own, to trace the diffusion of the angel of his heart. He climbed on the tree branch, and jumped into the hollow of the trunk without a shade of hesitation.

Junior Kuttuvan slipped downwards swiftly on the polished wall of the labyrinth of tunnels. After a mysterious travel in dim light for a period of time, he dropped in a branch of the same tunnel, filled with perfect darkness. His slippery motion suddenly transformed into rolling motion to accelerate climbing tension beyond the level of his control. All his efforts to minimize his rolling motion went futile, like a trial to cultivate crops on the barren sandy soil of a torrid desert. His wings of imagination abruptly turned towards his three mothers, the sublimated form of real living love. He was not ready to loss such embodiments of pure love. He expanded his eyes to maximum extent for his vision to pierce through the three dimensional blanket of darkness. When his eyes accommodated to penetrate through the cover of darkness to some extent, he reached abruptly to a region of high intensity of light.

After the completion of rolling motion for a short period of time inside the maze of the tunnels, he rolled on a flat surface of bright light. A huge gasping fish and a pipe also rolled with him. Impressed by the glittering yellow color of the pipe, he stretched his right hand and snatched the pipe. He turned his head sidewise to study the nature of the environment. The vast spread of the sparkling surface of a lake attracted his attention to the peak of wonder. He moved forward towards the lake to study the reason for the strange sparkling characteristic of the lake. To pull his attention to backwards, the suffocating fish began to vibrate at high amplitude. The fish failed to catch the eyes of Junior Kuttuvan, as it was trapped behind junior Kuttuvan. As a last effort to a turn his eyes, the fish increased him amplitude of flutter and bombarded on his rump with force.

The pressure of the abrupt collision turned the eyes of Junior Kuttuvan to its side. The gasping fish melted the soft cornered heart of Junior Kuttuvan to emit a shower of love. “Alas! A fish is trapped on the surface of land at large distance from the lake. It is my responsibility to save the fish from the suffocation of death. Compassion is the best virtue of mankind”, hailed Junior Kuttuvan heroically. He flew on the wings of imagination to identify the best method to push the gasping fish into the lake. He finalized to use the pipe as a lever to push the fish immediately to the body of water. As per his decision of high merits, he grasped one end of the pipe by the grip of his both hands, and pushed the fish towards the lake with the other end of the pipe.

The fish moved swiftly towards the lake in a parabolic path. When the fish reached the point of highest altitude, a sudden twist of event occurred to push junior Kuttuvan to the fairy land of wonders. The suffocating fish suddenly transformed into a puff of smoke, and revolved thrice around him to sow seeds of strangeness into his nervous system. Then the puff of smoke moved swiftly to his front to a distance, and transformed into a bald headed dwarf man. He folded his palms towards Junior Kuttuvan, and bowed his head to show his highest reverence. “Master, I am Jinnee, a monster goblin with high powers. You released me from the wizardry spell of witch Lyla. So I am under your service. You shall assign me any duty to be completed within the shortest time of an eye wink”, implored Jinnee, in a coarse rough voice of high intensity.

Junior Kuttuvan gazed the dwarf man for a span of time with lower confidence level. A gleam of sneer slowly spread on his face with increasing intensity. “I can’t believe your words of deception. I am a common man without wizardry powers. How can I transform a suffocating fish into a Jinne of high powers?” jeered junior Kuttuvan jejunely.

“The pipe on your hand is the magic wand of witch Lyla. That magic wand has powers to perform any game of miracles”.

“I passed no order for the execution of work. How can a magic wand work without instruction?”

“A magic wand has inherent capacity to evacuate a spell spontaneously when touched. You can transform me to any shape, if you pass order touching my skin with the magic wand”.

“Who threw such a powerful magic wand as an orphan into this Netherland?”

“Your father prince Kuttuvan had a girl friend called Sheela, before a long span of twenty years. She hid the magic wand in the cavity of the trunk of the tree. She failed to judge the hollow as the secret passage to a Netherland”.

“My dad appears to be a real hero, with many girl friends”.

“You are blessed with higher luck. A bevy of damsels are waiting on a queue to share your friendship”.

Junior Kuttuvan focused his eyes towards the vast expanse of the lake. He noticed countless rows of twinkling stars on the surface of the lake. Assuming them as the reflection of real stars in the sky, he raised his head to study the nature of the sky. To his highest shock, the sky was perfectly clean, even without the shadow of a star. With a puzzled mind of strangeness, he tuned to gaze the face of the dwarf man. “Jinee, who transformed you into a fish and threw in air for continuous suffocation? How much time you suffered by mystery of gasping?” kindled junior Kuttuvan by a series of questions.

“Master, I have been suffocating in the form of a fish for the past twenty years. I lived in Green Island joyfully. On one fine morning, witch Lyla entered into the calm atmosphere of Green Island with a bevy of beauty queens. She trapped me soon into the love web of the beauty angels. I danced according to her tunes of treachery. One day she transformed me into a fish by the touch of her magic wand and dropped me into the secret passage of this nether land. I was locked in a huge cobweb till today. Your girl friend princes Radha kicked me down from the trap of that cobweb”.

“Jinnee, I pity for your long period of suffering. I have a burning doubt. How did you know all the details, while on captivity in the form of a fish?”

“I have inherent capacity to know the events around me”.

“You introduced yourself as a monster goblin with extraordinary powers. Don’t you know the meaning of the word monster?”

“You may shiver to see my gigantic structure. That is why I appeared as a dwarf”.

“I am not such a meek child to shiver to unconsciousness, by just a glance of a giant. Once I had a tough encounter with a monster cyclop. The giant breathed the last by these hands”.

“You are fit for the fame, as the offspring of the tigress of Neyythal Land”.

“I wish to witness your gigantic structure”.

Jinnee transformed into smoke, which magnified its size at uniform rate to a huge structure. Then a sudden transformation occurred to a monster goblin, with same face structure. Junior Kuttuvan raised his head upwards with some difficulty, to see the face of Jinnee. “I wonder about your huge structure. Your normal structure to my size seems to be better for the, maintenance of a cordial relationship between us”, lisped junior Kuttuvan laconically. Jinnee diminished his structure to a normal man.

“My girl friend princes Radha dropped into the Netherland by an accident. Forest nymph Santra followed to lift her to a platform of safety. Forest nymph Santra is a deity with skyhigh wizardry powers. I am on the attack of waves of fear for their disappearance. Will you please accompany me for a search hunt in this Netherland?”

“Master, this Netherland of Lucifer is a pandemonium with countless mysteries. There is no history of evidence for the escape of a mortal from this Netherland packed with varieties of life sucking traps. Most probably princes Radha would have breathed her last”.

“Forest nymph Santra accompanied princes Radha. No Lucifer has power to trap princes Radha, beyond the helping hands of forest nymph Santra. Let us start the searching expedition”.

“The power of Lucifer is beyond any wizardry spell. If you penetrate into the mysteries of the Netherland, you won’t breathe longer to enjoy the love showers of your three mothers”.

“Alas! Princes Radha is the first breeze that blew into my life. I can’t imagine a life without her love”.

“Don’t shower tear drops like a feeble minded damsel. I shall bring Radha safely, if she is alive. You should remain at this point for your safety. Kindly don’t jump into the mysterious traps of Lucifer”.

Jinnee vanished from that spot, like a spark of light. Junior Kuttuvan tilted his head downwards to escape from the mysterious scenes of the Netherland. He loitered around the area, flying on the wings of imagination about the hot sources of princes Radha. He inserted the magic wand into his waist belt. While floating on the ocean of imagination, the vision of his eyes moved towards the surface of the lake. As an effort to push him to the heights of wonder, the arrays of stars twinkled simultaneously as a call to captivate him, like the lightning winks of a bevy of girls. He stared the lake surface with rapidly increasing amplitude of strangeness. Inspired by the weakening mind of Junior Kuttuvan, all the stars twinkled simultaneously for the second time.

The stern warning of Jinnee evaporated from his mind instantly. He walked towards the lake at low pace, as if under the spell of a wizardry power. When he approached the edge of the lake, he witnessed downward steps to reach the water surface. He began to walk downwards slowly on the steps, scanning the water surface keenly with his wide eyes. As an effort to boil his mind to the heights of strangeness, the water surface appeared to move downwards when he crossed each step, maintaining the distance of water surface from his eyes constant. Waves of shiver penetrated his nervous system to freeze his senses to a stage of numbness.

At that instant of highest mystery, another twist of event occurred to push him to the heights of higher strangeness. The nearest star on the surface of the lake transformed into a gigantic bird of mystery called pabatea. The strange bird is a modified form of a bat with parrot head and eagle claws. The bird stabilized in air with slow vibration of wings, and stared him with a feeling of strong hunger. To push him to the height of higher wonder, all the stars in the same column transmuted into identical birds one by one. Junior Kuttuvan understood his bitter state closer to the claws of death. His mind compelled him to run fast to escape from the clutches of expanding terror. So he quickly crossed the steps, and turned towards his right, thinking about a hideout for his safe escape.

He ran forward swiftly in the form of repeated leaps, to escape from the sharp grasp of the mysterious monster bird pabatea. Hundreds of such birds of horror chased him in a uniform pattern on a wavy curve. The chasing drama of terror continued for a span of time, to burn his senses by the shiver of terror. The distance gap between Junior Kuttuvan and the array of mysterious birds diminished at slow rate, to increase his mental agony beyond the limits of imagination.

Suddenly the first pabatea lifted him with its strong claws. The sharp edges of the claws pierced through his skin to give him the harsh experience of the tortures of the hell. The other birds chased behind the first to seek share of his tasty flesh of high flavor. The chasing drama continued for a long span of time to evaporate his confidence level of energy. After a chain of trials to detach himself from the sharp claws of the gigantic bird of highest mystery, he dropped to the misery of high exhaustion. At that time of his dip into the depth of hopelessness, the memory of the magic wand flashed into his mind, like the climax scene of a real drama on stage. His face bloomed instantly like a lily flower at the time of appearance of a full moon in the sky.

Junior Kuttuvan lifted his right hand towards the magic wand under his waist belt. He touched the magic wand gently, assuming it as the honey drops oozing lips of his girl friend princes Radha. “Dear magic wand, transform me into a man of my thump size. The miniature man should be light weighted to avoid a crash bombardment with the hard crust of the earth surface”, muffled Junior Kuttuvan, analyzing the depth of the green blanket of the earth surface. Next moment he was transmuted into a miniature man of thump size. With a blooming face of highest happiness, he rolled towards the gap between the claws of the bird pabatea. As per his planning of high intelligence, he dropped downward escaping from the strong grasp of the bird of highest mystery.

Junior Kuttuvan moved downwards at slow speed like a bunch of silk cotton. He enjoyed the low speed journey in air, like a bird without wings. During his joyous journey through the layers of atmosphere, he noticed a winged seed floating in air like a miniature umbrella. Using his both hands as two paddles, he rowed to reach the winged seed. He successfully grasped the seed and began to enjoy the journey of high novelty. After a period of time, another strange idea flashed into his mind, like an abrupt nightmare. He moved his right hand to search his magic wand. After a laborious research, he identified the magic wand in diminished state comparable to a minute needle. He touched the magic wand and enjoyed the strangeness of his latest idea.

“Dear magic wand, transform the winged seed into gigantic size. Please bless me with my original structure. I wish to enjoy a journey in air without wings. It will be more convenient for me if you transform the seed into a highly decorated swing”, nettled Junior Kuttuvan naughtily. The debut of a scene of miracle appeared, like changing scenes of wonder in a fairy land. First the winged seed magnified hundreds of time to reach a wonderful structure, including the umbrella shaped fibers. As a second stage of transformation, the seed modified in to a swing of adornment. As the third stage of transmutation, junior Kuttuvan regained his original size. The modified winged seed moved in horizontal direction to increase the duration of his joyous journey.

After a long span of time, Junior Kuttuvan identified the lack of novelty in his journey of loneliness. There was increasing worry in his mind about the safety of princes Radha. Deciding to seek the helping hand of magic wand, he began to caress the magic wand softly with concentrated love. “Dear magic wand! Santra mom should appear in the sky immediately to sing a sweet lullaby for me. Invite princes Radha to perform a dance according to the rhythm of the lullaby. She should appear in the form of ten angels in milky white dresses”, ordered Junior Kuttuvan, a gleam of joy spreading on his face like the brightness of a sparkler.

At the start of the next moment, Junior Kuttuvan heard the sweet music of a lullaby. Forest nymph Santra appeared in the sky, and enchanted a sweet lullaby to oscillate him in the joy of heaven. Princes Radha appeared before him with a bloomed face decorated by a magnetic smile. She divided suddenly into ten identical images. They arranged on a wavy curvature and danced rhythmically according to the tune of the music. Junior Kuttuvan enjoyed the virtual drama of the magic wand, like the joyous scenes of real life. At that instant of his highest mirth, another twist of event occurred to push him again to the mysterious hands of suffering.

A heavy cyclone penetrated the area to disturb his joy. The cruel hands of storm pushed the recreational team into different corners to enhance the speed of their evaporation. The spongy umbrella portion of the magnified winged seed was tore off into thousands of white threads. The swing burst into fumes to vanish from area of the mysterious drama. Owing to his own weight, Junior Kuttuvan dropped towards the hard crust of the earth for a heavy bombardment. The unexpected turbulence of the atmosphere erased his memory of the magic wand from his brain.

During his swift downward movement towards the surface of the earth, Junior Kuttuvan tried his best to fly like birds waving his hands in a rhythmic pattern. Fortunately he moved towards the water current of a river. He dropped on a broad leaf yellow in color, withered from the magic tree capable to trap living organisms, by the spread of its roots and tap roots. Satisfied by the blessing of god, he stood conveniently on the leaf dragged by the heavy water current. After the roll of a long period of time, he identified the stark reality of a great strangeness. To push his wonder beyond the levels of imagination, the water current moved from the lower level to the higher level. He noticed his swift movement towards the foot of a skyhigh waterfall having wide width.

To his highest wonder, he moved swiftly towards the mouth of the waterfall at high altitude and continued his journey along the current of water. As an effort to evaporate his sensations of wonder, a huge fish moved towards him against the current of water, like a huge spear accelerated to high velocity. The long fish appeared to be an elongated form of shark, with very long tapering beak. The cruel fish suddenly sprang towards him to pierce his heart mercilessly. Junior Kuttuvan bounced into the height of the sky to escape from the beak of that dangerous fish. After completing three somersaults in the sky, he stepped down safely on the broad thick leaf of the magic tree.

The fish of mystery chased him along the water current for a span of time, and sprang towards him as an effort to strike him down into the water current for easy capture as a prey. The high expertise of Junior Kuttuvan saved his flesh from the sharp beak of that gigantic fish.

During the third attempt of the fish to trap Junior Kuttuvan, he bounced to the height of the sky. When he dropped on the surface of the leaf, after completing three somersaults in the sky, the surface of the leaf tore off to push him down into the current of water. Then a debut of chasing scene started in the water current between Junior Kuttuvan and the fish of high strangeness. After a long period of chasing drama, Junior Kuttuvan dropped into a state of high exhaustion. Suddenly the wizardry power of the magic wand flashed into his mind, like a shooting star in the sky. A current of excitement passed through his nervous system to boost his energy level. His right hand moved towards the magic wand at the speed of lightning.

“Dear magic wand! I hate to die before completing the orders of Vanathi mom. Kindly transmute me to a flying snake to escape from this fish of mystery”, prayed Junior Kuttuvan prodigiously. On the spur of the moment, he transformed into snake with wings. He flew joyfully fluttering wings in a rhythmic pattern and vibrating his body in the form of a twisting wave. The fish of mystery sprang towards the flying snake with high speed, as the last attempt to catch him as a prey. In its effort to trap the food of different flavor, the fish crossed the border of the river and dropped on the surface the earth. The fish vibrated with high amplitude to escape into the river, to regularize the breathing difficulty.

Junior Kuttuvan in the transmutation of a flying serpent enjoyed his life like a new born child. He flew around the area swiftly to celebrate his latest experiences with high novelty. The time passed fast, as if flying on wings. The debut of another strange scene occurred to push him into the shiver of fear. He saw a long array of multicolored birds flying towards him at high speed. The birds were similar to peacocks but enormously larger in size. Junior Kuttuvan remembered the concept that snakes were the bitter foes of the peacocks. To escape from the terrifying attack of the array of strange peacocks, the flying snake flew fast in a zigzag path at high velocity. The peacocks chased the flying snake preserving their arrangements of uniformity. The chasing drama continued for indefinite period of time, till he reached the lowest level of energy.

Junior Kuttuvan remembered the extreme wizardry powers of his magic wand. Unfortunately he failed to identify the location of the magic wand. He wasted a large span of time to assess the present size of his magic wand. At the last moment, he planned to put a random trial to escape from the clutches of the array of strange peacocks. “Dear magic wand! I lost power to identify your location. I have no hand to make a direct contact with you. Anyhow I urgently need help from your wizardry wings. Kindly bless me with my original shape and size”, quavered Junior Kuttuvan, waving his tail up and down. The magic wand accepted his prayer and transformed the flying snake in to handsome Junior Kuttuvan to boil the senses of damsels. The array of mysterious peacocks continued their journey, neglecting him as a trash in a dust bin.

Junior Kuttuvan walked on the ground at low speed, thinking deeply about the strangeness of the Netherland ruled by the monster Lucifer. Suddenly he heard high intensity quacks of a duck. The intensity of the sound increased rapidly, as if to pierce his eardrums. Irritated by deafening noise, he turned his head sidewise to watch the source of the sound. He was startled heavily to see a column of hundreds of monster terror bird kelenken, a prehistoric flightless carnivorous bird. The column of birds appeared to move fast towards him with burning hunger to taste his fatty flesh. The first bird on the array of birds stretched its enormous beak towards him to catch him as a prey. Due to the penetration of waves of terror into his nervous system, he utilized his utmost energy to accelerate his speed. He escaped narrowly several times form the huge beak of the gigantic bird. By the warning signal of his own mind, he ran forward swiftly like a cheetah on action to hunt a stage, in a zigzag path to escape from the long beak of the carnivorous bird kelenken. Another running chasing competition occurred on the surface of the Netherland to pull Junior Kuttuvan to the clutches of death.

During his forward march towards a platform of safety, another procession attracted his attention like a joyous drama on the surface of heaven. A procession of gigantic Hippalectryon crossed him from left to right. Impressed by the horse and rooster features of the milky white monster Hippalectryons, he directed his forwards march in the direction of the line of the gigantic beasts of high strangeness. He increased his speed towards the velocity of sound, and sprang quickly towards the last Hippalectryon in the line of the procession. An idea of novelty flashed into his mind to utilize that golden opportunity to prove his talents. He ran forwards swiftly on the array of hippalectryons by repeated bounces, like a rebounding ball of high elasticity.

When he reached the first hippalectryon, he sprang into the height of the sky to celebrate his victory. At that time of his highest joy, another twist of event occurred to push him again into the laps of suffocating waves of suffering. While moving quickly into the heights of the sky, he witnessed the array of bird pabatea moving towards him like a streak of lightning. Unfortunately, he fell into the clutch of the first bird in the array of flying pabatea. To avoid his escape for the second time, the bird tightened the grip of its claws. Waves of highest pain penetrated through his nervous system like a current of burning hotness.

“Santra mom, your child is on the verge of death. I suffered a lot for breaching your orders of love. Kindly lift me to your lap of highest safety”, roared junior Kuttuvan riotously. Forest nymph Santra appeared on the surface of the earth like a flash of light, with a glamorous face of magnetic smile. She turned her right palm towards the eyes of the first pabatea in the array of flying birds. A blue streak of light emitted from her palm entered into the nervous system of the bird through its eyes. The bird twittered harshly by the pain imposed by the blue beam of light on its nervous system. The bird flew fast to escape from the waves of torturing pain, leaving Junior Kuttuvan like a useless garland of roses.

Forest nymph Santra stretched her both hands towards Junior Kuttuvan with a gleam of love. He moved swiftly towards her and dropped on her soft hands of highest love. She embraced him on her chest like her own newborn child. “Thank you very much for your kindness. I find no apt words to praise the depth of your love”, sobbed Junior Kuttuvan, tear drops collecting at the edges of his eyes like sparkling diamonds.

“Child, take your experiences in the Netherland as a training programme for your future efforts to hoist the flag of victory” tingled forest nymph Santra tenderly.

“I noticed strange types of organisms in this Netherland. What do they signify?”

“They are wizardry armies of Lucifer”.

“Why did the wizardry armies of Lucifer align uniform as an array?”

“Such an alignment blocks minimum living space. At critical times, the wizardry army of Lucifer will surround the enemy force like an annular ring of rapidly decreasing radius. The enemy force will be crushed at the center”.

“Can you imagine any other merit of the linear arrangement of the wizardry army of Lucifer?”

“Lucifer may have better ideas of novelty to suppress the enemy force. Our imaginative wings can’t reach the heights of the crafty ideas of Lucifer. If we are little careless, the linear arrangement of wizardry army will transform into a nutcracker to throw us into fragments”.

“Wow! Lucifer is great beyond our level of imagination. If he focuss his skills along virtuous paths for the service of mankind, he will be acclaimed as the second god. Because of the crooked nature of his mind, he earned notorious name as the second Satan of the world”.

“The environment has high influence on weaker minds. King Gangan is the living example for this black side of life. He utilizes the outcomes of scientific research to scorch the innocent mankind”.

“Vanathi mom has a great strategy in her inner mind to push me on the throne of Mathura Land. A day of high brightness will dawn on one day to wage a war against the vampire of Marutha Land”.

“Vanathi had a hidden secret in her inner mind. She expects prince Kuttuvan to sprout on one day like a hero of heaven”.

“Aha! What a wonderful idea of highest novelty! I shall wait for the blooming of that happiest day to align behind my father. I will focus all my energy to decorate the head of my dad with the crown of Marutha Land”.

Junior Kuttuvan vibrated his eyelashes like the fluttering of the wings of a butterfly. His wings of imagination flew swiftly beyond the height of heaven. One day his father would appear as an angel of heaven, like winged white ants emerging from bores on the crust of the earth during the first shower of a monsoon season. On that golden day of highest brightness, the face of Vanathi mom will sparkle like a twinkling star in the sky on a full moon day. Suddenly the faded face of Vanmathi mom flashed in his mind like a dark sun spot. After a short period of time, the darkened face of Myna mom glittered in the screen of his inner mind. He was heavily shocked to see tear drops dripping from their eyes like a monsoon rainfall. The gleam of happiness vanished immediately from his face like a puff of smoke.

He realized his responsibility as the child of three ideal mothers of sublimated love. “Moms, I shall study the color of your loving hearts. I will shower more dense love on your heads, after the reappearance of my dad. Kindly don’t dip into the depth of false melancholy on the basis of negative imaginations”, truckled junior Kuttuvan tersely.

A brightness of fluorescence illuminated the face of forest nymph Santra, like the glow of a firefly in the depth of a dense blanket of darkness. “Child, all events of life will twist in a direction favorable to the orientation of your mind. I will be behind you at critical moments to boost your energy level. Your fame will climb to the higher steps of the ladder of victory like the rising sun” ushered forest nymph Santra to push him to higher levels of happiness. Junior Kuttuvan gazed her face with a glare of joy. The glamorous face of princes Radha formed real image on the screen of his mind. All other memories evaporated into the dark corners of vacuum.

“Santra mom, what happened to princes Radha in this netherland of Lucifer? Is she safe and healthy?”

“She dropped into the crafty traps of Lucifer many times. Only my presence behind her saved her from the roots of death”.

“Where is she at present mom?”

“She is waiting eagerly for you in the magic room of Green Island. You shall continue your research to identify hot sources in her glamorous body”.

“Kindly don’t criticize the innocence of your son. My nerves shiver in extreme shyness by your comments of shame”.

“Higher expertise in research will evaporate your shiver of coyness. I shall supply more fresh blossoms to wither your worthless shyness”.

“All girls appear to me as my mothers. I experience higher joy to share their love as loving mothers. Kindly don’t thrust showers of Lewdness on my head of innocence”.

“Your Vanathi mom instructed to trap two damsels in your love web. How can you achieve such a task with this high shyness?”

“I will accept damsel who voluntarily dip me into the depth of libidinous”.

“What will you do, if more damsels oscillate you on the waves of sensuousness?”

“The importance of the time will help me to harvest the final decision”.

“You proved yourself as the original seed of prince Kuttuvan. My joy knew no bounds for adapting you as my son”.

“Thank you very much for your nice comments”.

“You appear to be waiting for some one. Let us vacate the area to avoid life risks”.

“Mom, Jinnee rolled under my feet at this area. I sent him to trace your safety. I hate to vacate the Netherland of Lucifer without giving information about our safety to Jinnee”.

“Jinnee might have dropped into the trap of Lucifer”.

“I can’t imagine my escape, leaving my friend in a danger. My next endeavor will be lifting Jinnee safely from the snare of Lucifer”.

At that instant of discouraging state of forest nymph Santra, Jinnee appeared before them, like a flash of light in his usual dwarf structure. He gazed forest nymph Santra with magnifying brightness on his face of strangeness. He bowed his head towards forest nymph Santra to show his reverence.

“Master, before the commencement of my searching process, our friends escaped safely to Green Island. I utilized this golden opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the Netherland of Lucifer. Kindly excuse me for my late arrival”, venerated Jinnee with folded palms as a mode of prayer.

“A bald headed dwarf man stands as a Jinnee with supreme powers. I don’t want such a meek creature to the young hero of Neyythal Land”, warned forest nymph Santra waspishly.

“I am the Jinnee associated with Alauddin’s magic Lamp. I selected this dwarf structure to avoid the shiver of fear in the heart of my master. I shall show my original structure, if you survive without a trembling heart”, yelled Jinnee, transforming suddenly into a column of milky white smoke equal to his size. The white fumes rotated at the spot, growing longitudinally and transversely in size at slow pace, suddenly transforming into a monster Jinnee.

“This is my normal structure. Are you satisfied by my gigantic size? Will you accept Jinnee as your close friend?” asked Jinnee airily.

“I won’t believe masculine rats. Prince Kuttuvan is my only boy friend. I adopted Junior Kuttuvan as my only son”, barked forest nymph Santra, looking the face of junior Kuttuvan to study the color of acceptance on his face.

Junior Kuttuvan enjoyed her words of concentrated love, by the spread of a glare on his face. Monster Jinnee rejected her comments like a wreath of withered flowers. He waited for the right time to express his ideas to his master. “Junior, this is the apt time for our return journey to the atmosphere of Green Island. We should reach the terrace of the castle before the arrival of witch Lysa”, conveyed forest nymph Santra convincingly.

“I have no energy to cross the labyrinth of tunnels on my own. Kindly give me a permanent residence in your shirt pocket very close to your own heart. I will render my service at times of your critical emergency”, demanded Jinnee in a coarse tone of magnifying reverence.

“I can’t bear your load for a long span of time. I won’t allow my friends to peep into my privacy. You better search for some other safe location as your domicile”, evoked junior Kuttuvan explicitly.

“I will occupy only a scanty space of your pocket in the transformation of a dwarf, comparable to your middle finger of the right hand. My weight will be less than a tuft of silk cotton. I shall vacate your pocket automatically at times of your privacy”, fermented Jinnee like a child cringing for milk feeding of his mother.

Junior Kuttuvan turned towards the face of forest nymph Santra to gather her opinion. She directed her face away from him to avoid her involvement in that notorious fuming problem. Monster Jinnee utilized that time of dilemma to hoist his flag of victory. He evaporated into white fumes and appeared on the right palm of Junior Kuttuvan in the form of a dwarf comparable to the size of the middle finger of his right hand. Suddenly he jumped into his pocket, and vanished from the external scene.

Forest nymph Santra transformed into spiral arm of a whirl wind. She pulled junior Kuttuvan into her warm arm of sublimated love. The storm penetrated through the labyrinth of tunnels swiftly like a streak of lightning. After a span of time, forest nymph Santra stood on the terrace of the castle of Witch Lysa, holding junior Kuttuvan in her warm hug. At that time of the joyous escape from the tortures of the Netherland of Lucifer, princes Radha was waiting at the terrace for their arrival. She ran towards forest nymph Santra, and pulled Junior Kuttuvan to a corner for a warm hug. “I suffered lot of tortures in the Netherland of Lucifer. I breathed the fresh air of Green Island only by the energy of Santra mom. We should remember her service till our last breathe”, gabbled princes Radha gleefully.

“Sweety, don’t utter words of stupidity to tarnish the love blooming face of Santra mom. Santra mom has responsibility to save her own children. You don’t forget to love Santra mom as your own mother”, hankered Junior Kuttuvan, presenting a chain of warm kisses on her face.

Forest nymph Santra focused her long range vision above the spread of blue blanket of the ocean surface. She witnessed the boat vehicle of witch Lysa at infinite distance, like a winged white ant flying air. “Children, Witch Lysa is fast approaching the green island. You run fast towards your allotted seats to perform your duty”, instructed forest nymph Santra imperiously.

Junior Kuttuvan and princes Radha ran swiftly towards their location, and stabilized their position in the form of stone statues, by the most powerful wizardry spell of forest nymph Santra. She verified their direction of orientation, and hid behind the dense greenish foliage of a nearby tree, in the transformation of a beautiful peacock. After a long period of time, the boat vehicle of witch Lysa landed on the terrace of the castle, like a chariot of heaven. She pulled a beautiful damsel in the boat vehicle towards the staircase leading to the terrace. She stabilized the damsel on the next vacant step of the staircase. “Damsel, this is your right location for enjoying the blessings of Lucifer. He will appear personally on the fast approaching day of solar eclipse to bless you with a handsome prince as your spouse. Till then you have to serve as a guard according to my instructions to the safety of this green island”, jollified witch Lysa, rolling her eyes to the surrounding area to identify any color change in the atmosphere of green island.

Witch Lysa petrified that damsel of charm into a stone statue by the gentle touch of her magic wand. She moved from first step to the last step of the staircase to study the shift in orientation of the statues of the damsels. Satisfied by the stability of the statues of the damsels, she twisted the field of view of her eyes towards the magic Lantern at the top of the tower. She noticed the inert condition of the Lantern, without power to emit green signals at regular interval of time. She ran upwards on the wall of the tower vertical to it, holding the magic wand on her right hand towards the tower. After reaching the top of the tower, she touched the magic Lantern with the tip of her magic wand. The wizardry powers emitted from the magic wand retained the working condition of the magic wand, removing the defects established by the spell of forest nymph Santra.

The central transparent portion of the magic lantern began to rotate at uniform speed. The first green beam of light emitted by the magic wand was focused on the statue of the damsel stood on the first step of the staircase. The beam of green light transformed that statue into a damsel of sparkling beauty. When she raised her right hand, an attractive long sword reached the strong grasp of her right hand. The damsel walked upwards on the steps of the staircase to reach the terrace. She climbed on the boat vehicle and rowed the paddles to accelerate the boat vehicle. It started to move without rowing the paddles, as if the debut of a strange scene of highest miracle in the paradise. The damsel of high glamour started her service as a guard of the Green Island to safeguard its security.

Witch Lysa imposed a rotational motion on her body like a spinning top, and moved downwards towards the terrace. Satisfied by the security arrangements, she diffused into the castle, through the front door of high craftsmanship. Forest nymph Santra transformed into the spiral arm of a whirl wind, and flew fast towards the ocean to vacate the atmosphere of the Green Island. After a short period of time, miniature Jinnee began to jump inside the shirt pocket of Junior Kuttuvan. After a number of repeated trails, he succeeded to grasp the top edge of the shirt. He slowly lifted his body to the top of the pocket. Then he hanged to the external side of the pocket keeping the grip of his fingers on the tip of the shirt pocket. He slowly moved downwards, grasping the folds in his dress. As a final step, he jumped safely on the terrace of the castle.

Miniature Jinnee walked on the terrace of the castle for an efflux of time to study the changes in the environment of Green Island, after he dropped into the snare of witch Lyla. To enhance the clarity of the field of view, he leaped on the parapet of the terrace with high expertise. The adornment of the artistically designed castle of witch Lysa attracted his attention, like the golden palace of god in heaven. During his walk on the parapet of the terrace, the array of statues of damsels pulled his mind, like a strong magnetic field. His mind compelled him to analyze the differences in structural styles of the bevy of damsels of high glamour.

Captivated by the extraordinary charm of the statues, Jinnee jumped on the terrace to be vibrated by the beauty storm of the area. He moved in the form of repeated bounces towards the staircase. He rebounded on the steps, one after another with high expertise, his eyes analyzing the curvatures of the statues with boiling hotness. When he was on the fiftieth step of the staircase, the boat vehicle of surveillance landed on the terrace like a strange chariot of heaven. Without making slightest noise, the damsel security officer on the boat vehicle jumped on the terrace, preserving the sword safely on the boat vehicle. She ran downwards on the steps of the staircase, and suddenly transformed into a stone statue on a vacant step.

At that instant of highest wonder to Jinnee, a green beam of light emitted by the magic lantern incident on the eyes of the statue on the next upper step. The statue transformed instantly into a damsel of high charm, as an effort to push him to the height of a fairy land. The damsel moved upwards swiftly along the step towards the terrace. Though the sharp vision of Sheeja conducted the sight of the live doll to her brain, the real image was formed on the screen of her eyes, only after she reached the terrace at a time lag. She turned quickly towards the live doll with a glare on her face of magnetic beauty. Inspired by strangeness of the miniature man, she ran downwards on the steps of the staircase towards Jinnee.

She pulled him to the grasp of her right hand, and moved upwards on the steps of the staircase towards the terrace. She bounced on the boat vehicle to start her duty as the security officer of the green island. The boat vehicle began to move in the sky, without rowing the magic paddles by the wizardry spell of Jinnee. She put him upright on her left palm, keeping it perfectly horizontal to avoid slippage. She analyzed the behavior of the dolman with a gleam of wonder on her sparkling face. “Dolman, who are you to peep into the privacy of damsels in green island? Why did you enter into the wizardry world of witch Lysa?” laced that damsel libelously.

“Your glamorous structural style impressed this Jinnee. I approached to convey my hearty love”, mollified Jinnee, by his timely lie of high craftiness.

“Silly dolman, you are a better match for my thump. Are you ready for a matrimonial contract with my thump?”

“Don’t insult me by the exposition of your ignorance. I am a youth with high powers. My miniature size is just a transformation”.

“I can’t believe your knitted story. If you are true to your own heart, prove your worthiness by a transmutation”.

“I hate to fall on the snare of witch Lysa. Give me another chance to prove my merits”.

“Will you transform me into a doll woman of your size?”

“Why not? Be ready to enjoy your own miniature structure”.

Jinnee sent a flying kiss towards the wet lips of Sheeja. When the flying kiss reached its destination, she was transmuted into a doll girl of his own size, he still standing on her left palm. “Sheeja, you are the first girl in my life. I am on the craziness to share the love of a damsel. I knew your life history. You should be around me for the whole generation to activate me along the virtuous channels to serve mankind”, notified Jinnee naively.

“The last days of my life are counted. The day of solar eclipse is fast approaching to push me on the altar of witch Lysa. How can I accept your offer of joy at this critical time?”

“You don’t shiver by the dream of death. I arrived here to lift you to the shield of safety. The heroism of Junior Kuttuvan is behind me to shift all damsels in Green Island to the platform of safety”.

“Your Junior Kuttuvan is petrified already to a stone statue. How can he save other damsels from the screen of wizardry?”

“The most powerful forest nymph Santra is behind Junior Kuttuvan. She has high capacity to evaporate the wizardry spell of witch Lysa at any time”.

“Wow! God blessed me an angel as my boy friend. I wish to present a hot prize for your kindness. Jump on the boat vehicle to share the warmth of this virgin”.

Jinnee utilized the golden opportunity perfectly to climb to the height of hotness. He jumped to wind his legs around her waist. He pulled her to a tight hug, and issued her a chain of kisses as a token of love. Sheeja cooperated sincerely for his acts of lewdness, dreaming about a joyous future. “I am extremely happy for your depth of love. I wish to give you a little a joy for your kindness. You shall ask any favor from me. Be careful to escape from the penetrative eyes of witch Lysa”, obsecrated Jinnee, pulling her to a lips locking kiss.

“I wish to dance on your bald head with stability. Will you give me a chance to verity my ability?” pattered Sheeja peevishly.

“My head is highly slippery. Why should you take a life risk as a game?”

“I am a good bharathanatyam dancer I wish to develop my stability at high altitudes”.

“Your wish appears to be a stupidity to my mind. Kindly try to avoid such baseless wishes”.

“Yes darling. Treat this as the first and last wish of your girlfriend”.

Jinnee lifted her on the grip of his right hand and put her safely on the centre of his head. Sheeja began to dance on his head rhythmically, slowly increasing the amplitude of her vibrations. At that time of her highest joy, a twist of event occurred to push her to the dark corners of sufferings. A gigantic hatuibwari that flew in the height of the sky above the blue surface of the ocean was attracted by the green blanket of the green island. The hatuibwari was a strange creature, having a human head with four eyes, the torso of a huge serpent with imposingly grandiose wings and two legs of an eagle. The hatuibwari flew in an inclined path towards the surface of the green island.

The hatuibwari dipped into the depth of wonder, on seeing the uniform movement of the boat vehicle without wings at low altitude of the atmosphere of Green Island. When the hatuibwari approached the vicinity of the boat vehicle, the strange dancing style of a live doll on the head of another doll attracted its attention, like a rare scene on the surface of a wonderland. The hatuibwari seized the dancing doll Sheeja by the strong grip of the toes of its right leg. The hatuibwari flew swiftly towards the ocean, her mind dancing joyfully for the capture of a dancing doll of high worthiness. When miniature Jinnee identified the loss of his honey, the hatuibwari crossed the frontiers of Green Island with his capture of high novelty.

Miniature Jinnee crossed the area of the green island in just three high amplitude bounces. He chased the hatuibwari by similar bounces on the ocean surface, which behaved as a stretched rubber membrane to the feet of miniature Jinnee. “Darling, don’t spoil your heart by fruitless repeated high amplitude springs. I shall wait for your arrival in the joyous atmosphere of the paradise”, quivered Sheeja, waving her right hand as a symbol of farewell.

Jinnee executed a high velocity spring towards the hatuibwari, and was successful to grasp his right leg above the toes. Holding the grip of his left hand on the leg of hatuibwari, he utilized his right hand to release Sheeja from the clutch of the monstrous beast of high strangeness. “I have high experience in handling critical situations like this successfully. I will prove my skills to pull you safely to my lap. We shall live a life of intimacy like jasmine flowers and their fragrance”, rustled Jinnee romantically. Suddenly hatuibwari waved its tail and stroke Jinnee with high force. Due to the heavy force of bombardment of the tail of hatuibwari, the grasp of Jinnee on the leg of hatuibwari lost strength. He moved downwards in an inverted position and plunged quickly into the depth of the ocean.

While moving through the depth of water, he rotated his body to adopt normal posture with head up. After stabilizing his position on the surface of the earth, he magnified his body to his normal size. When Jinnee retained his monster structure, his head reached the atmosphere layer, where the robber hatuibwari was flying. He ran on the ocean floor with stretched steps to catch hatuibwari, within a fraction of time period. His tremendous structure pushed Sheeja to the peak of wonder.

“Aha! My darling appears to be a wizard with skyhigh powers. This strange hatuibwari is just a butterfly in the crafty hands of my friend. I have no need to shiver in the fear of death”, soliloquized Sheeja, her face sparkling like the fullmoon in the sky. Jinnee chased behind hatuibwari at high speed, stretching his right hand towards him. Disturbed by the high speed Jinnee, the ocean water scattered around the area, like a series of tsunami waves. A large number of gigantic fishes like sharks and whales sprang in a rhythmic pattern at his both sides, creating mind catching scenes of skyhigh wonder. Within a short span of time, the tail end of hatuibwari dropped into his clutch of great strength. When he tightened the grip of his right hand, the beast screeched aloud exceeding the trumpeting sound of an elephant.

By the attack of piercing waves of pain, the hatuibwari loosened the grip of his claws on the skin of Sheeja. During her downward movement towards the wavy surface of ocean, the left hand of Jinnee stretched towards her to protect her from the impending danger of the ocean. Sheeja stabilized her position on the left palm of Jinnee, a gleam of joy illuminating her face like the glow of a conglomeration of thousands of glow worms. Suddenly she jumped towards his neck and hanged from his shoulder like a garland of roses. “Darling, I love you very much. I wish to serve Junior Kuttuvan for presenting this prize of high worthiness. We should be behind him to push him to the heights of victory”, tuned Sheeja like the enchanting song of a cuckoo.

Jinnee rotated hatuibwari in a circular path above his head for a span of time, and suddenly removed the grip of his clutch on her tail. The hatuibwari pierced through the layers of the atmosphere at high speed, owing to the centrifugal force of the rotational motion. After a displacement of large distance, she plunged into the ocean surface to escape from the scene of tragedy. “Sweety, I am happy for the orientation of your mind towards the service of Junior Kuttuvan. I shall preserve you always on the warmth of my lap. You need not work as a watch dog of witch Lysa”, ushered Jinnee uxoriously.

Sheeja climbed carefully to his right shoulder and reserved a safe seat to enjoy another journey of higher novelty. “Darling, don’t take unnecessary risk by your baseless ideas. I should be on the step of the staircase in the transformation of a stone statue, when the green light of magic lantern scanned the step. Moreover witch Lysa will easily identify a vacant step in the staircase”, ventilated Sheeja, as a warning lesson for a better planning.

“You don’t shiver by unnecessary worry. I have sharp brain to escape from any critical situation. I shall fill your vacancy on the step by a real stone statue to deceive the eyes of witch Lysa”.

“The magic lantern is more dangerous than witch Lysa. It has inherent capacity to identify a real stone statue from the transformation of a damsel. It will instantly raise alarm to warn witch Lysa”.

“Don’t worry Sheeja I shall transfer the statue of a damsel to your vacancy, when the magic light scans your step”.

“Darling, I have one more burning doubt in my mind. Do you have capacity to take the transformation of an youth of normal size on the bed?”

“Naughty girl, I have power to boil your nerves in the thrill of libidinous”

“Will you prove your libido atleast once for my satisfaction?”

“Certainly. There is a magic room near the terrace of the castle. I shall seek the permission of Junior Kuttuvan to utilize the room for our privacy. Junior Kuttuvan is a man of virtues. He won’t resist our little joy”.

“I hesitate to live in the shirt pocket of Junior Kuttuvan very close to his heart”.

“Do you have any strong reason for such a worry?”

“I am a young girl of high charm. He may try to pull me for ravishment”.

“Stupid. Junior Kuttuvan is the only son of four mothers. He has a nice character to respect all women as his own mothers”.

“I value chastity more than my life. I can’t live like a harlot”.

“You shall even sit on the lap of Junior Kuttuvan as his own daughter. You shall believe him more than your own father”.

“I am sorry. I am ready to dance according to your tunes”.

Suddenly Jinnee vanished from the scene like a spark of light. He appeared on the terrace of the castle in the transformation of a miniature like Sheeja. He bounced on the parapet of the terrace. By the strength of his spell, a stone statue filled the vacant step of the staircase. He lifted miniature Sheeja on his right palm towards the pocket of junior Kuttuvan and pushed her upwards swiftly to drop into his pocket. Then Jinnee sprang to the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan to pull Sheeja to his warm hug.

The spiral arm of a whirl wind penetrated through the atmosphere of Green Island, and transformed into forest nymph Santra on the terrace of the castle of witch Lysa. She first scanned the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan to study the condition of Jinnee. To her highest shock, she found Jinnee on the embracement of a glamorous girl of finger size. The tension of wrath increased rapidly in her nervous system, reaching the highest level of explosion within a short interval of time. She floated on the height of imagination for an efflux of time. All the events related to Sheeja flashed in her mind, like real scenes of a drama on a stage. The words of remarks made by Jinnee about the virtuous characters of Junior Kuttuvan dropped on her heart like a monsoon rainfall. The large volume of fume of wrath that accumulated in her heart sublimated slowly into a spot of irritation.

Forest nymph Santra walked downwards on the steps of the terrace to study the uniformity in the orientation of statues of damsels. Only after a series of repeated researches, she was successful to identify the real stone statue imposed by Jinnee as a substitute for the damsel Sheeja. She noticed only one vacant step in the staircase. After reaching the terrace she turned her palm towards the statue of Junior Kuttuvan. A blue beam of light emerged from her palm transmuted the stone statue of Junior Kuttuvan to his original structure. “Good morning. You visited Green Island after a long period of three days. Any how, thank you very much for your kindness. The day of solar eclipse is fast approaching to remind us the importance of our fast planning for the harvest of sure victory”, warned Junior Kuttuvan whisperingly.

“Junior, you have one more visitor in your pocket. Do you know her unauthorized entry into your privacy?” yelled forest nymph Santra, keeping her face hard like the hardest granite.

“Yes mom. Sheeja is a nice girl. She removed my long period penance for a sister. I am happy to remain as a shade for my sister”.

“You are an embodiment of love. You crossed my all expectations as a virtuous man of character. I am extremely happy to gain you as my child”.

“No mom. I am just an ignorant child. You are a valuable prize blessed by god”.

“This is the right time for our visit to the wizardry laboratory of witch Lysa”.

“Wizardry Laboratory? Where is it mom?”

“The wizardry Laboratory of witch Lysa is behind the castle. Witch Lysa will sacrifice the hundred damsels on the altar in her wizardry Laboratory”.

“I am ready. A study of the climatic conditions of the wizardry laboratory will help us to assure the safety of hundred damsels”.

“The wizardry laboratory may be packed with a number of mysteries. We have to find solutions to solve all the mysteries before the day of solar eclipse.”

Junior Kuttuvan walked behind forest nymph Santra, like her own shadow to the locality of the wizardry Laboratory of witch Lysa. To the external appearance, the wizardry laboratory was an enormous cubical building constructed by piling uniformly cut huge cubical blocks of rock. The entrance of the building was closed by a gigantic spherical polished of rock. They walked once around the building to identify any other entrance to the wizardry laboratory of witch Lysa. Finding no technique for entry into the research laboratory, forest nymph Santra finalized to depend on her wizardry power to displace the spherical rock that closed the wizardry laboratory. When she twisted her right palm towards the spherical rock, her palm focused a diverging beam of light on the door. All her efforts to open the research laboratory by her wizardry spell went fruitless.

“The wizardry power of witch Lysa appears to be stronger than the skills of forest nymph Santra. Your friend Jinnee may have higher power to lift the spherical rock to open the wizardry laboratory. Pull him from your pocket for a trial”, activated forest nymph Santra absorbedly.

When Junior Kuttuvan lifted Jinnee from his pocket, Sheeja too came out with him, grasping his right leg to the strong grip of her both hands. Junior Kuttuvan put them safely on the floor, a sneering smile blooming on his face at slow rate. Jinnee transformed Sheeja to normal size by a gentle touch on her head. He too transformed into a youth of normal size. “Master, I selected Sheeja as my spouse. She too is on your service. Kindly pass order for the completion of the task”, beseeched Jinnee, bowing his head with folded hands as a symbol of reverence.

“This is the research laboratory of witch Lysa. We wish to enter into the laboratory to assess the internal conditions. This is the right time to expose your merits” connoted Junior Kuttuvan cogently.

Jinnee tried his level best to lift the spherical rock. He failed to impose even little vibration on the stability of the rock. “Darling, the rolling friction is less than static friction. Push the rock to one side to roll it from its location. We shall try by our combined efforts”, declared Sheeja, as an immediate solution to the dragging problem. Both of them applied their combined efforts to push the rock aside. But their combined efforts failed to produce fruits of sweet taste.

“Jinnee, your high strength in monster form may be sufficient to roll the rock. Put another trial to open the door”, emphasized Junior Kuttuvan earnestly.

Jinnee transformed into monster and applied his maximum force to roll the spherical stone. To wipe the shame of failure, he transmuted Sheeja too into gigantic size comparable to him. Their joint efforts in monster size also went futile.

“Master, this research laboratory was constructed by witch Lyla. Her magic wand is under your custody. Let us try to open this rock door by the spell of the magic wand”, flurried Jinnee, to lower the tension caused by his efforts of utter failure.

Junior Kuttuvan pulled the magic wand from his waist belt and touched its tip on the rock door. A sudden spark occurred at the point of contact and it elongated along a vertical line from the top to the bottom. Next moment the debut of an unexpected event occurred to push all of them to the heights of wonder. The spherical rock divided into two hemispheres along a vertical line, and shifted sidewise as a magic to create an entrance to the wizardry research laboratory of witch Lysa. Jinnee transformed Sheeja into finger size and put her safely into his pocket. He transformed himself to finger size and sprang to the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan.

When junior Kuttuvan lifted his right leg to enter into the wizardry laboratory, forest nymph Santra pulled his hand back as a warning signal. “There may be varieties of traps in the nook and corner of the research laboratory. You should keep your each step with caution to escape from the wizardry spells of witch Lysa”, grunted forest nymph Santra grisly.

Junior Kuttuvan pulled his leg immediately, as if on fire. To verify the nature of first trap in the wizardry laboratory, forest nymph Santra stretched her right hand inside the laboratory. A batch of twenty four arrows passed swiftly from the top to the bottom at the speed of lightning of the door like a shower of rain fall. Two arrows penetrated through her hand, drilling sharp pores. When she vibrated her left hand in the space, the holes of arrows were absent. The muscles in her hand grew rapidly to close the pores without the mark of scars. “Did you derive any favorable idea from the occurrence of the shower of arrows? If you have hundred percent trust on your own wisdom, you are permitted to enter into the wizardry laboratory of witch Lysa”, hustled forest nymph Santra to study his alertness before tasking risk.

“After the first shower of arrows the mechanism requires a time gap for the alignment of another set of arrows. This time gap can be utilized conveniently for our safe entry into the wizardry laboratory”, indicated Junior Kuttuvan intelligently. A light of acceptance illuminated her face in the forms of a sparkling smile. He oscillated the magic wand in the path of arrows. A second batch of arrows was emitted like parallel rays of light. Before the shooting of another set of arrow they crossed the area safely.

After walking for a period of time, they reached a square pond of vast area containing boiling magma. A wooden plank was put across the pond to be used as a bridge. “This pond appears to be another trap of witch Lysa. Let me first verify the quality of the bridge”, justified forest nymph Santra judiciously. When she walked to the middle of the bridge, a sudden twist of event occurred to burst the heart of Junior Kuttuvan into fragments. Two sparks of light appeared between her feet and the surface of the wooden plank, as if by a crafty black magic of high skill. The sparks of light suddenly transformed into two iron clamps, locking her feet tightly with the wooden plank.

“Mom, you fall into the hands of some dangerous wizardry snare. Be careful to evaporate artificial trap of witch Lysa”, knelt Junior Kuttuvan as a waning signal to escape from the impending danger. As an effort to dip him into higher depth of worry, the closer end of the plank slipped into the magma. Junior Kuttuvan tried his level best to lift the slipped end of the plank to higher level. As an effort to break his attempt to save forest nymph Santra to the shore of safety, the opposite edge of the plank dipped into the depth boiling magma, pulling the edge of the plank in his hand too into the depth of magma.

At the last moment of her disappearance into the depth of magma, forest nymph santra raised her right palm towards Junior Kuttuvan to pull her to the ground of safety. “Mom, I can’t breathe without your energy. I shall follow you to heaven to oscillate on the swing of your love”, lamented Junior Kuttuvan lugubriously. He sprang towards forest nymph Santra, forgetting instantly about her skyhigh wizardry powers. The blue beam of light emitted from her palm, traveled towards him in the form of a chain of circular rings. The chain wound on his right leg and dragged him in air to a distance in backward direction. The free end of the chain transformed in the form of a clamp, and locked him safety in the ground.

After a span of time, a portion of the magma bounced upwards at low speed and formed a magma statue. The magma growth suddenly transformed to forest nymph Santra, with higher sparkling beauty. “Santra mom, when you moved towards the depth of the peril, I instantly forgot about my three mothers. The news of my death will break their heart immediately into hundreds of pieces. It is only because of your timely action, my mothers escaped from the trap of death”, melodized Junior Kuttuvan, tear drops rolling on his checks like water dripping from a leaky tap.

Forest nymph Santra walked on the layers of air and jumped safely on the opposite bank of the pond of boiling magma. “Jump towards me at high speed to cross the pond. I shall energize you to cross the vast distance of the pond of boiling magma”, narrated forest nymph Santra naughtily. At the roll of next moment, she evaporated her spell to remove the chain that locked him with the earth. Junior Kuttuvan ran towards the edge of the pond swiftly, and sprang towards her at high speed. Due to the reaction of the force applied by him, miniature Jinnee and miniature Sheeja were scattered in different directions. After crossing half the width of the pond, he dropped downwards towards the surface of the pond.

Forest nymph Santra energized Junior Kuttuvan stretching her right hand towards him. Junior Kuttuvan again moved along another identical parabolic path and stabilized safely on the ground in front of forest nymph Santra. The path of travel of Jinnee and Sheeja were deviated quickly towards Junior Kuttuvan and they dropped into his pocket safely, as if by a skillful scene of a black magic.

“Junior, caverns of death is common phenomena of life. The victory of our life depends on our ability to cross them by our wisdom and skill. Let us move forward to identify the altar of witch Lysa to plan our strategy of attack for sure victory”, orientated forest nymph Santra, walking hopefully to win the next trap.

Then the team of researchers entered into a spiral path of rapidly increasing elevation, thick dwarf walls at both sides and a cavern of high depth at both sides beyond the dwarf walls. Suddenly Junior Kuttuvan witnessed the rolling of hundreds of huge spherical rocks towards them on the path of the inclined plane. “Mom, death is fast approaching us in the form of spherical rocks. Act swiftly to escape from the wizardry hands of witch Lysa”, panicked Junior Kuttuvan pathetically.

Attacked by the exploding warning of Junior Kuttuvan, Jinnee jumped quickly from his shirt pocket. He ran rapidly towards the rolling spherical rocks of tremendous size. During his forward sprang crossing Junior Kuttuvan and forest nymph Santra, he magnified his size to a monster, and tried his best to stop the rolling spheres. Unfortunately, his resistive force was not sufficient to stop the high pressure of the rolling stones. The rolling stones pushed him down on the inclined path, and crushed him into the earth. “Alas! God has no heart of mercy. He pushed my darling into the trap of witch Lysa. How can I breathe without my darling of sublimated love?” quavered Sheeja, tear drops falling down her cheeks like shining pearls. She hanged outside grasping the edge of the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan.

“Aha! The stones are fast approaching towards me to push my soul to the joy of heaven. I will fly throughout the width of paradise with my darling to enjoy the wonders of joy”, ranted Sheeja rapturously. When the rolling stones approached their vicinity, forest nymph Santra bounced on the top of the first rolling rock swiftly. She ran forward rapidly on the rolling rocks with skyhigh expertise. Junior Kuttuvan followed her example, and proved his worthiness equal to the skills of forest nymph Santra. The rolling stones jumped into the cavern one after another, breaking the side walls like the fragile shells of eggs.

After the complete disappearance of the rolling stones from the scene, monster Jinnee regained energy breathing fresh air. He transformed into miniature size, and ran towards Junior Kuttuvan in the form of repeated bounces. He suddenly sprang into the pocket of Junior Kuttuvan, like a talented acrobat having high skills. “Darling, you blessed me again with life. I am extremely happy for gaining your love of high worthiness. I love you as my breathing air”, shrieked Sheeja, her face gleaming like the brightness of twinkling stars.

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