Wait for Me

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Chasing the past He was lost without her and crazy to get her back.

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Ch 1

"You and I are nothing but an unfortunate misjudgement on my part." Her voice hissed at me in the dark. The headlights of a passing car illuminated her narrow face as she squinted from the sudden light. She shoved her hands into the pockets of her jeans, as she angled her body away from me. Her nostrils flared widely as they always did as she tried to control her emotions.

"From the day I met you; I should have known that you would be good for nothing but a warm body under the sheets. Honestly I was a fool for thinking I could even mean something to someone... Like you." Her voice was barely a whisper but the venom she spat at me was undeniable. I stood there silently; letting her verbally assault me. I kept my hands in my coat pockets to hide their visible shaking. After all, she was right. I was incapable of giving her what she wanted.

"Say something or are you suddenly devoid of all that charm you usually vomit everyday; making every single woman, man and child kiss the very ground you walk upon?" She suddenly cried out, her voice rising with each word. I only raised an eyebrow at her which seemed to add insult to injury. "YOU DAMN WOMANIZER! You purposely charm every women that you come across! Damn you to hell!" Her voice reaching that piercing screech, women always seemed capable of producing. Another car passed by which allowed me to see her hunching her shoulders up and clenching her tiny hands by her side while she gritted her teeth.

Well I'll be damned. She's finally spitting mad, almost literally. I kept my face impassive and my body relaxed as I chuckled to myself. It was amusing to see her tiny self raise her hackles at someone like me, like a helpless kitten trying to attack a mountain lion. She relaxed her body as she realized I was not going to say anything to her and with a final huff, she flicked her hair over her shoulder.

"Adam Hawker, you and I are through. I don't want to see you. Give me my key back." Her hand was outstretched as she waited for me to drop it in her slim palm. I did as was told without flinching. "You'll find your shit on the front lawn tomorrow, if you even care about it." She turned her nose up into the air as if she sniffed something foul and stormed away from me, muttering under her breath. I ran a hand over my face and turned away from her retreating back. Well that went as smoothly as a rock slide. Miss Marzina had been a nice distraction for me but I had to put her out of mind like I had done with so many others. Granted she had been different from previous distractions. She was more cultured and sheltered. She had an air of innocence that I had coveted from the beginning. Her slim body had the right curves but not overly powering to look at. Her narrow oval face had high rosy cheeks, a cute perky nose and thin red lips. Her hazel eyes had always lit up with each emotion she felt. Her soft light gold hair hung to her shoulders in gentle waves; not curly but not entirely straight either. Shaking my head; I firmly shoved the image of her out of my mind as I turned the corner into a darkened alleyway. Scraps of trash were scattered carelessly and the scent of rotting garbage lightly tinged the cool night breeze. A single glowing lamp at the end of the street barely illuminated a rickety metal ladder and the surrounding brick walls. Glancing down at my watch, I saw that I had five minutes to spare before my appointment arrived. I leaned up against the brick wall, trying not to think of the stains that I could be leaning on and stared at the pool of light at the end of the alley. Cars zipped by without notice and strangers passed by without a glance down.

Finally the shuffling of feet reached my ears as a shadow moved beyond the light. A smile touched my lips but I knew that it never reached my eyes. I could not feel the emotions of humans as easily as Lavina, as she had brazenly said earlier - I am an unfortunate accident. I was born from and lived in chaos. The feet stopped their shuffling and the walk turned into a confident strut closer to the light and I saw grey dress pants clinging to a pair of long lean legs, black shoes encasing the feet. A grey jacket was buttoned up halfway and the shirt underneath was blood red. A black tie hung loosely from the neck and as I gazed into the endless abyss his eyes created; I felt my spine stiffen and my eyes glare at the male who stood before me.

He had his overly muscular arms crossed in front of him and looked almost human. Slick short black hair was smoothed on the top of his head but could hardly cover his large curled horns that sprouted from his forehead. His skin was a dark red hue, and sharp talons served as fingernails. Stiffly I bowed to him, even though the only thing I felt for him was contempt.

"Have you found the child yet, Rahenun? You know what happens should it live to the age of sixteen. Find it. Destroy it." His voice resembled that of a rumbling earthquake. "Don't make me regret sending you. Your twin is waiting for you, don't make her wait for you any longer within my halls."

My muscles screamed at me as I felt my teeth clench. "Yes, my Lord." I managed to mumble before he vanished in a display of thick black smoke. I swore as I swung my fist into the wall next to me. I accepted the pain as it lanced down my arm and I examined the extent of damage I had inflicted. The skin was torn and blood ran freely but I managed to not break my knuckles.

Damn me to hell, huh Lavina? Too bad I am the current lapdog of Satan's Horsemen. My thoughts turned sour at the thought of my baby sister in his hands. She was a gentle creature and had no sense of danger. What was left of my heart cruelly squeezed at her memory. I will win her back. Even though I was never given a fair deal; I will do what I must for her.

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