Emmeline's Alpha

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Short Story A tale of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast spun together. He has only been seen in the hours of darkness. Rumors spread around about his face riddled with scars. His hair was as silver as the moon. If you see him, you won't live to speak about it. Some say he was a myth, others claimed to have seen him. His fury rains like thunder. His heart was as cold as ice. Emmeline was an innocent soul. Her heart was as pure and kind as can be. After living under her stepmother's roof for so many years, Emmeline’s life takes a slim when she meets her mate, Alpha Gideon Steel.

Fantasy / Romance
Leila Vy
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Chapter 1


I have only seen him in the hours of darkness. Rumors spread around about his face, riddled with scars. His hair was as silver as the moon. If you see him, you won’t live to speak about it. Some say he was a myth, other claimed to have seen him. His fury rains like thunder. His heart was as cold as ice.

Emmeline snapped the old textbook that she had stolen from the library shut and stood up with a yawn. Stretching out her limbs, she drowsily crawled into bed.

Her mind swirled with images and readings she just read. Alpha Gideon Steel. A legend amongst the wolves. Someone everyone feared, but contrarily, it intrigued Emmeline. Call her crazy, but she found him dangerous, lethal, but also mysterious.

The things he has done and the rumors that spread about him does makes her fear him but Emmeline has always been a doubter. She sighed and curled up into a ball, pulling her thin blanket up to her chin. Her slight form fitted into the small cot perfectly. Her bedroom was in the basement.

Her stepmother was her guardian. Her father has passed away a year ago, leaving Emmeline with the stepmother and two steps sisters. Why has she stayed even when she was of age? Emmeline had nowhere else to go.

Silently, sleep took over her body. Tomorrow was a big day. Their Alpha has requested everyone’s presence and Emmeline was excited to get out of the house for once in a very long time.

It was early morning when Emmeline stood in line with her stepmother and two stepsisters. They dressed beautifully in sundresses. Unable to find anything to wear, Emmeline put on her mother’s sundress. Its deep red color enhanced her evergreen eyes. Emmeline neatly combed her midnight hair down to her butt. Her step mother didn’t allow her to wear makeup, so she pinched her cheeks to add some color to her pale skin.

Our Alpha appeared on top of the hill. He was a man in thirties and yet to find his own mate. Finding your soulmate wasn’t an effortless task. Many people go for years without finding them, but without them it will turn the werewolf feral. Hence, people started roaming around, leaving packs temporarily in search of their other half.

Emmeline’s stepmother did not want her to find her mate. She wanted Emmeline to tend to her needs even after her daughters were mated and married.

“Do not be afraid...” He trailed on his speech, but Emmeline was barely paying attention.

Her Alpha finished his speech, and everyone turned towards the valley. The air has changed. It was dark, chilly, and ominous. Even the sun couldn’t warm the air.

A moment later, four enormous wolves emerged from behind the valley. Her eyes fell upon the largest of them all. Everyone gasped, and many cowered behind their loved ones. Emmeline’s stepmother and stepsisters hid behind her in fear.

The group of wolves trotted up to their Alpha and with a quick nod from their Alpha, the largest one of them all, which she assumed was the Alpha, stepped out of line and began walking towards them.

His large black wolf’s form was intimidating. He was frightening to look at. She watched him walked slowly amongst the line of people. When he was a few yards in front of Emmeline, he stopped in his track. His nose lifted, and he sniffed the air. A frightening growl rumbled from his chest. Everyone jumped as he searched for the scent that has caught his attention.

Closer and closer he came to Emmeline and when he was standing right in front of her, she looked him right in the eye. Something snapped inside of her and her wolf was howling with joy. The instant connection and unrelenting emotions rolling through her and compelled her to maintain eye contact. She couldn’t stop staring at him.

He had the most beautifully colored eyes. Dark pools of gray with shards of light green. Emmeline licked her lips and squirmed in her spot as she felt something stirred in stomach and between her legs. She heard him sniff before his eyes turned black.

He lifted his head and howled. In seconds, the wolves surrounded Emmeline. Her stepmother and stepsisters were pushed away. They stared in fear as the wolves pushed her towards her current Alpha.

“This is the one?” Emmeline’s Alpha asked. A short angry bark answered, and Emmeline’s Alpha took one last pity look at Emmeline before nodding.

It all happened so fast. They threw her on top of the other Alpha’s back. In fear of falling off, she wrapped her arms around his neck. A rumble from his chest told her he enjoyed her on him. The tingles that erupted from their body touching told her exactly who he was and what he wanted with her.

“Hold on!” Emmeline’s stepmother shouted.

Everyone turned to look at her. She pointed at Emmeline and glared. Her fury was giving her the extra strength to speak up.

“You cannot take her.” She demanded. “She’s mine.”

A fierce growl came from Emmeline’s newly discovered mate. He was not happy with the disrespect. The wolves next to him began walking towards Emmeline’s stepmother, baring their canines. Emmeline’s stepmother stumbled onto the ground as she attempted to run.

“Enough.” Emmeline’s Alpha ordered. “Leave. You got what you wanted. Do not harm my pack members.”

The wolves stopped in their steps and waited for their Alpha’s command to kill.

“Please, let her go.” Emmeline softly whispered next to her mate’s ear. She felt the tension leave his body and he nodded before growling again. The wolves retreated and flanked them before bursting into a run.

They flew through the forest for hours. Emmeline silently wished she had listened to her Alpha speech. She had left with her mate. She had no clue who he was. The sun was already setting when Emmeline’s stomach grumbled in protest. Her mate barked, and they slowed down to a pace before they found a stream nearby. Her mate nodded for her to slide off his back.

When he saw she was on her feet, he went further into the woods. The other wolves lie around her with their heads on their paws. She saw the way they were staring at her. A blush formed on her cheeks as she wondered why they weren’t shifting to their human forms.

Thirty minutes later, her mate came back with some fresh deer meat. One wolf stood up and trotted behind a tree. He came back dressed in black shorts and a white t-shirt. He was as big as his wolf—his hair blonde and golden. His eyes met hers and he smiled.

“Hello Luna.” He spoke. “My name is Drake. I am Gamma in this pack.”

Emmeline smiled shyly at him. “It is nice to meet you, Drake. My name is Emmeline, but you can call me Em.”

A threatening growl came from beside her and it was then she felt her mate laying down at her side. Drake glanced at his Alpha before shaking his head.

“Luna is fine.” He blurted. “Are you hungry?”

She nodded and licked her lips hungrily. Her mate’s chest rumbled, and she turned to him curiously. It was almost as if he was pouting. Drake began a fire and searing the meat on the open fire. Ten minutes later, he handed her the meat that was sizzling on a stick.

Emmeline ate it happily, but because her stomach wasn’t used to eating in such a large amount; she frowned at the leftover pieces of meat. She didn’t want to waste it.

Slowly, she maneuvered the delicious meat towards her mate. He looked almost surprised that she was offering him food, but after he got over his shocked; he began eating. After they finished demolishing the food, he nodded his head for her to jump back onto his back.

Drake had shifted back to his wolf form and was waiting with the other wolves. She jumped onto his back but failed miserably as she fell flat on her butt on the ground. She heard an almost snort coming from her mate and her eyes narrowed accusingly.

He dropped to his knees for her to climb on. Once she got in, they began running again. The sun was now setting and Emmeline wondered if they will ever get to their territory. They were traveling far and barely got any moment to rest. They only stopped when she needed to pee.

The sun has fully set, and the moon is now the only source of light, along with the many stars in the skies.

Emmeline yawned and snuggled further into her mate’s fur as she allowed his masculine scent, luring her to sleep. When Emmeline woke up from her deep slumber, it surprised her to find that she was now in a large, silky bed. She yawned again and stretched her body, hitting something behind her. She frowned and then she felt the arm that was now draped around her waist and the feeling of warmth seeping through her clothes.

When she glanced down, she noticed two things; an overly large and tattooed arm was around her waist and she wasn’t wearing her sundress any more but an oversized white t-shirt. She wiggled around until she was facing the person behind her. Slowly, her gaze moved up from his neck to his chin and then to his face.

She gasped loudly in shock. A small and a large size scar on his left face riddled the man holding her, but he was so beautiful. She has seen nobody as beautiful as he was. He had nice perfectly plump lips that made her wondered think about obscene thoughts. She had never wondered before, but for the first time, Emmeline wondered how it would be like to kiss a male.

Her eyes moved up, and that was when she inhaled sharply.

The man was none other than Alpha Gideon Steel. The silver hair fell in a tousled mess on his head. She wiggled out one arm and began running her hand through his tresses. Enthralled and amazed, she relish in the feel of his soft hair. When her gaze fell on his face again, she saw him staring at her. Instantly, she yanked her hand back.

“Y-you’re awake.” She stuttered. “I was just...”

He said nothing, only kept staring at her intently. Conscious now, she tried to get up, but he tightened his hold on her, pulling her back to his chest. He cradled her head under his chin. She remained still as he held her close. After a few moments, the warmth of his body quickly lulled her back to sleep.

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