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Isabella is an orphan living amongst other orphans under the care of the glutenous Ms. Mary. After a lifetime of abuse she's ready to escape alongside her best friend Felicite. Fleeing for her life from the sadistic sheriff Alfred, she enters a whole new world she didn't even know existed. Along the way she meets a mysterious Alpha, who little did she know, fate intertwines them together. Once she learns the truth of who she really is, will she break or rise to conquer her destiny? Join Isabel on her journey as she fights the forces of darkness in a bid to save the world.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 5: A History Lesson Part 2

A few hours Later I awoke to a hand shaking me. “Hey wake up sleeping beauty, we’ll be landing in thirty minutes.” “I don’t wanna hear it Fifi, you fell asleep way before I did,” I grumbled. Sorry if I seem grumpy but I’m cranky when I’m tired. I yawn and stretch as much as I can in the cramped quarters. Fifi notices the book on the floor and picks it up. “What did you think so far? Did we scare you off?” “On the contrary I find it kind of reassuring, I mean at least I have a book to learn the basics. Here I thought I was just going to be thrown into magic lessons.” “Girls! We will discuss this when we get to the isles, this is not the place. Who knows what prying eyes and ears are on us,” she whispers.

We arrive at the tarmac exactly thirty minutes later. I watch the scenery out the windows in amazement. I always wanted to see the crags and glens of Scotland, they were so much prettier in person. “Alright when we exit the plane we will take Alpha MacNeill’s private jet to Lewis, We will go directly to the base and await further instructions.” I’ve never seen Mrs. McLeod so soldier like. I would of never guessed our sweet teacher who snuck us candy in class was anything like the soldier I saw in front of me.

We exited the plane and entered the airport, again we had no problems with security. These fake documents were created by one hell of a genius. We entered another boarding gate, and made our way to the next plane. This plane was a whole lot smaller than the commercial airline we just flew on, that being said it was a lot more expensive looking. When we entered the jet my jaw dropped. “How much money exactly does this Alpha have?” I questioned. “More than he needs, Ms. McLeod laughs.

We get settled on the lounge seat and Ms. McLeod has me pull out the book she gave me. She places it in-between us on the table. “Ok so how much did you get to read before you passed out?” “Honestly not much, I did finish the introduction but it has been a long day.” “That’s perfectly fine. At least you have an idea of the basics of how we all came to be, and where the factions stand with and against each other. The witch’s and werewolves and a pretty neutral alliance at the moment. Some packs and covens get along while other do not. We’re hoping you can change that. There will be a ball in two weeks where the Witch’s Council will all meet with Alpha’s from all over the country. We haven’t had one of those in a very long time. Right now there is some tension between the two factions, due to rogue attacks at covens globally.”

“Wait what is a rogue? I don’t think I read about those yet.” “Oh I’m sorry dear a rogue is a werewolf who has been expelled or ran away from a pack. Wolves are creatures of the pack, they hunt and live together in a big community. Some wolves who are bad are expelled, or if you lose a mate you go crazy and leave. This is where you become a rogue. Most rogues don’t have much humanity left, and become wild beasts themselves. There are a select few who still have their minds about them, but they are rare. You need to stay as far away as possible from rogues they are unpredictable, and never have good intentions.” “How do I tell apart a rogue from a pack wolf?” “They tend to have a horrendous odor, like a rotting animal. If you cannot smell them, you can tell by the crazed look in their eyes. If they are in wolf form, they often look emaciated with patchy fur.” “Mom can we please stop talking about rogues, there are more important things to go over.” “Your right sweetie we need to discuss the coven and what Isabella’s going to expect.”

“So Isabella, the airstrip in located right on top of headquarters, when we exit the plane, we will go down into the bunker. We will go directly to Phillip’s office and he will debrief us on the information we do not already know. Then I will take you girls to a room that you will be sharing for the duration of your stay. Once you are settled and are well rested, we will begin testing and training Isabella in whatever magic she is manifesting.” “Magic I am manifesting? I haven’t manifested any magic, I didn’t even know magic was real until this morning.” “That is because Ms. Mary has a magic suppressant placed upon her farm. No one can do magic on the property, since you’ve been there seventeen years, it will start manifesting quickly in the next couple of weeks. Until you have the basics of your powers down, you will be staying in the bunker. Since there are people after you, we don’t want to let you out until you have some means to protect yourself magically. After the ball, you two will be leaving with Alpha MacNeill and his warriors. They have offered to escort you to his land and offer protection, as well as, train you in physical combat. We want you to be ready for anything that gets thrown your way.” “Why has the Alpha offered so much, first his jet, now all of this, why would he do so much for me, what’s his stake in all of this?” “He happens to be a loyal follower with celeste and the King of Alpha’s, he had a vision that he was destined to help the moonblessed, but said the details were a bit fuzzy. All I know is he is a good man and he’s on our side.” As she said this, we had arrived.

As we exit the plane, I am greeted by fresh air and sunshine. “Don’t get used to it hun, Scotland is a cruel mistress, when it comes to the weather, but saying that, this most definitely is a good sign.” We are escorted to a secret elevator by a group of men in black suits, they each have an earpiece. “These are our guards, yes even we have our own guards at our base. We may be warriors, but we still need security to keep unwanted visitors out.” They all nod there heads at me in greeting, but then resume their cool façade. I gulp, this reminds me of one of those secret spy movies, I watched with Fifi last summer, .007 or whatever.

When the elevator reached the bottom floor, we exited. I noticed that we were 15 floors down. Just how big was this safehouse? “On this level is Phillip our leader’s personal quarters, his office and the meeting place, your room will be located at the back. It’s on the bottom level so it is the very last floor to go through. We tried to make it as hard as possible to get to our leader. She ushers us down the hall and to the right. I notice all of the furnishings look clean and modern, except the big white door at the end of the hall. It is really pretty and has symbols all over it.

I’ll have to inspect more later, because we are ushered into an official looking office with a handsome man with long brown hair sitting behind the desk. “Isabella this is our coven leader Phillip Summers.” The man stands up and takes a deep bow. “Miss Romanov, it is a pleasure to finally meet you, you are the spitting image of your mother.”

“You knew my mother? How? When?” He chuckles and motions for us to sit. “Well I think I would remember my own sister!” “Wait. You’re my uncle?” I can’t believe I just thought he was handsome. “Yes my dear I am, We have been searching for you since you were taken. If only we could of found you sooner.” “We? You mean the coven.?” “No darling, myself and your brother Xavier. You were too young to remember him or myself.” “Wait I have a brother too?” At this point I was speechless, here I had been wishing all my life I had a family to run to, and they found me instead. “Where is he? I want to meet my brother!” “Slow down, he is away on coven business, he has just been informed that we have you and he will return as soon as his business is complete. I should of guessed you were the moonblessed, with your lineage and all it makes perfect sense.” I looked at him puzzled, “What do you mean my lineage? Everyone keeps telling me I’m special, but no one will tell me what I am. As far as I know I’m human.” “You are in fact everything but human. We just need to see what genes manifested themselves in you. We already know you are moonblessed so we know there will be power beyond what we can imagine but with your parents’ powers thrown into the mix, you are as the prophecy said. You are the most powerful being to ever exist besides the god’s themselves.”

I’m sure at this point I looked very much like an owl. My eyes were wide open as I tried to process everything he just told me. “Everything but? Do you mean I’m a witch and a werewolf?” Yes and you have vampire and fairy blood also, on your father’s side.” I don’t know if it’s even possible but I believe my eyes just got a whole lot wider. Wait so my mom was a werewolf and a witch? Doesn’t that make you one also?” “Sadly no, I only inherited the witch genes from my mother. “Wait is she still alive, do I have any other relatives I don’t know about?” “Once again, sadly no, we supernaturals live a very long time, I’m afraid our family has been pretty much wiped out over the millennia, you, your brother, and myself are all that is left, that being said I have no clue about your father’s side of the family.”

I let the information sink in. I may have more family in the world I do not know about. I need to find out. “Wait so am I going to turn into a wolf, will I drink blood, what will my fairy powers do?” I fired off questions one after the other as I tended to do when I was nervous. “Slow down Isabella, you are most definitely your mother’s daughter.” He gave me a small smile. “I will answer your questions, but then I insist you head to bed. It is late and we have a lot of work to do. You look exhausted and tomorrow will be a big day for you.” I nod my head in agreement. “Ok you are most definitely a witch, I can see your aura from here. The other’s I am not sure. You could of inherited any of your parents’ genes. However if you are a wolf you will find out tomorrow. Wolves have their first shift on their 18th birthday, at the precise minute they were born. You were born around ten in the morning so we will find out then. I will make preparations just in case. As for a vampire, that cannot be determined until you die, and that my girl isn’t an option for you. Lastly fairies are a little bit tricky, their powers resemble earth magic but with plants instead of rocks and dirt. You would also get wings. I believe there are a few books in the library we will need to check out, also maybe call in a favor with my friend Elias he is a plant fairy. Any last questions for the night?” “Yes a lot actually.” “How about three for now, then it’s off to bed.” “Fine. First, If we can live a long time, how old are you? Second, How will I transition to a wolf? Will it be painful? And third, are the wings like an all the time thing? I don’t want to have to stay indoors to hide them away from people.”

He starts to laugh. “Well even though that was technically four questions I will still answer them all. First I am 246 years old, but I stopped aging at thirty. Secondly and Thirdly, A wolfs transition is painful the first time, but over time it becomes easier, or so I have been told. I’m not sure the specifics but I’ll call Alpha MacNeill and make sure he is here bright and early tomorrow, so he can explain more and help you through the process if it begins. Lastly, fairy wings are a manifestation of your spirit. If you have them they will retract when you are finished using them. So in other words you will look like a normal human, unless you are flying of coarse. Goodnight darling, find me or anyone of the coven if you need anything, we are your family now. With that he stood up and walked out of the room. I assume he himself was heading to bed. It was now eleven at night and I was about to pass out.

Ms. McLeod showed us to our room which was in the very back of the bottom floor. “This is so no one can get to you without going through the rest of us.” She opens the door and I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was going to be amazing!

Author’s note: I’m struggling to find just one picture of how I want the room to look, so I’ll post a couple pictures at the beginning of next chapter for reference. Thanks again for reading please let me know what you think so far, I’d love to hear from you guys.

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