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The shifters council has fallen, and Alpha Ares is ready to fulfill the prophecy. Born from Gods and blessed with elemental gifts, the golden wolf becomes the first Alpha King after a thousand years. The human hunters are at the forefront of the Golden Wars, but something more sinister has been stirring for centuries. A plan to rid the earth of werewolves once and for all. Ares must fight to protect his mate, family, and kingdom as he discovers the full strength of his gifts, royal blood, and Lycan genes. The war will rage, and sacrifices will be made. Hang on tight as this adventure takes us to the Devil’s triangle, Calle Ocho, and the island of swimming pigs!

Fantasy / Other
Paulina Vasquez
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Chapter 1 - Planning

⚠️ Book will be complete by Dec. 5th and will be moving from this platform by Dec. 8th. ⚠️

“Lukas? Lukas, where are you?” My mate Eudora called out looking for our son.

“I’m guessing one of the grandmothers may have slipped in his nursery early and scooped him right up.” I replied and lifted my head off the pillow in time to view her robe flying open, exposing her breasts. My cock stiffened and heat surged through my body with just a glimpse of my mate’s naked body. I watched as she bent over, looking under a chair as if she would find our son hiding under there.

She rolled her eyes at me. “Stop looking at me like that. Your son is missing, Alpha.” She nearly growled at me with her sexy Latin accent making me want her even more. My mate might be small and human, but she sure is a feisty little thing.

“He can’t climb out of his crib, Eudora. Come cuddle with me for a bit before we start our day.” I nearly begged.

“Lukas, mi amor, where are you?” I heard her open and close the closet door.

“Baby, he just started crawling, while my son is no doubt a genius, I doubt very much he’s going to be able to open doors by himself just yet.” I chuckled.

“Come use your wolfie nose and sniff out the guilty grandmother or aunt who stole our son. I need to feed him.” She waved me over to the conjoining door that led to the nursery.

I groaned as I reached for my shorts and put them on. Then I walked into the attached nursery and inhaled deeply. A smile crept up my face as I recognized the scent. It was my father.

“It wasn’t a guilty grandmother or aunt after all, it was my father. Lukas will be fine for a little while longer, let’s get back into bed so I can nibble on you.” I suggested but was met with a raised eyebrow of a determined mother. “Or we can get dressed and go downstairs for breakfast.” I kissed the top of her head and she quickly moved for the bathroom to get ready.

“He could have left a note for the human mother.” I heard her huffing from inside the bathroom.

It was unusual for someone to take the baby so early in the morning since our six-month-old son is still breastfeeding and needs his mother. Grandma Dori had already started giving him mashed-up fruits and vegetables, but she wouldn’t dare give him anything until after my mate had fed him.

I mind linked my father, “Dad do you have the baby?”

“Yes. Eudora’s parents are visiting this morning and I slipped in for the baby so they could visit with him. He was already awake and pulling himself up on the crib rails.” He linked back.

“We’re getting ready to come down for breakfast. Are they still here?”

“They’re just getting ready to leave. Mateo and Paola are with them in the other room. I’ll let them know.” My father replied.

A few minutes later, we were dressed and made our way downstairs. Eudora had pulled her long hair back into a ponytail and I couldn’t resist the urge to give it a playful tug as I longed for the missed opportunity this morning to have my way with her. The elevator doors opened up on the main floor and my father stood there grinning at us with a happy looking baby. My mate quickly dashed over to him and reached for the baby.

“I’m sorry Luna. After what happened last week, I thought I’d just slip my head in this morning and check on him. He was wide awake and smiling at me. I couldn’t just leave him in his crib.” My father explained to her as he tickled the baby’s tummy. “Oh, and he also appeared to be trying to pull himself up already using the rails.”

Last week, Eudora entered the nursery for a late-night feeding and the baby was nowhere to be found. After searching in a panic, she found him curled up in the middle of the stuffed animal pile in the corner of his nursery. Lukas was sound asleep on a big stuffed golden colored wolf that Wylder had given him because he claimed the wolf reminded him of Apollo. It’s still a mystery how he managed to get out of his crib and why he was naked.

“It’s okay Alpha Mac and thank you.” She smiled in relief. “I’m just going to slip into the Alphas office and feed him.”

“I’ll bring some breakfast in for you,” I called out as my mate walked to my office.

“How are my in-laws today?” I asked my father once she was out of earshot. Eudora’s parents had taken my father up on his offer and moved from the Yucatan jungles of Mexico to the Moon Realm just after the baby was born. Eudora is their only daughter, and the joy of a grandchild gave them a reason to live after they had been attacked and turned into vampires.

“They’re doing great. They spent the morning playing with the baby, kissing and cuddling on him. Naomi has rekindled her love of photography and entered some of her works in an art show in Manhattan under an alias. The show is in three days and her photographs are stunning. Emilio is getting ready to start a flower garden around their cabin now that spring has finally arrived.”

“Guess it’s a good thing my mate can’t scent them.” I nervously chuckled and ran my fingers through my hair. We typically managed to slip the baby away from her twice a week, for visits with my in-laws.

We’ve been trying to warm Eudora up to the idea of vampires for a while now. Her greatest fears and anxiety come from the mere thought of vampires due to a childhood trauma she suffered with Paola when they were kids. While we’ve been able to successfully integrate her parents into the pack, and help change their perspective on things, we haven’t been able to get Eudora warm to the idea of vampires yet. She has no idea that her parents are still alive, live at the edge of our northern territory, and have regular visits with their grandson.

“We need to hurry up and tell her.” Apollo pushed me. “Mate will not be happy with you when she finds out.”

“I know. I know.” I told him as I stepped into the kitchen to plate some breakfast for my mate.

“Good morning baby.” Grandma Dori greeted me. “I’ve already set some breakfast aside for both of you before Wylder and your brothers get the last of it.” She said as she moved to a big tray with covered plates.

“Thank you, Grandma.” I kissed her cheek. “Have you seen Stryker this morning?”

“Your father sent him to the airport to fetch your mother and Tobias. They had terrible weather in Canada and the aircraft couldn’t take off last night. I’m expecting them within the hour.”

I nodded my head, “thanks.” My mother and Grandpa Crow were visiting with our LaRue side of the family at Crescent Moon. They had a gathering of the LaRue Alphas with my great-great-grandparents, uncles, and all my cousins. They had started in Greece with the Theodorus Alphas and met with other family packs on the European and Asian continent.

Plans were underway to abolish the shifters council which established laws, treaties, and protections for shifters to live by. For centuries the shifters council has been backed by the strongest werewolves, vampires, and warlocks to keep the harmony in our world. Many suspected corruption within the shifters council by some of the members. Grandpa Crow joined the shifters council and became the eyes and ears on the inside. Before the shifters council, the Lycan royals ruled before they died out.

Ninety percent of the world’s Alphas were now calling for me to install a monarchy for the shifter world. Our family line has produced the most powerful wolves to walk the earth. We are descendants from the Gods and blessed with elemental gifts which makes us royal amongst our kind.

I stepped into my office to find Mateo looking over some paperwork at the conference table. Paola was seated on the sofa with Eudora, talking as my mate nursed the baby. Paola and Mateo announced their pregnancy a few weeks ago. Ever since then, Mateo has not been able to let her out of his sight and his wolf, Manolo, has become extremely possessive of his mate.

“Ohh, I can smell the bacon.” My hungry mate smiled up at me as I set the plate next to her.

“You don’t have to be a werewolf to pick up that scent.” I smirked as I kissed her lips. Then I leaned down to kiss the top of Lukas’ little head. His resemblance to his namesake was uncanny, we could hardly keep my Yia-yia away from him long enough.

A knock was heard from the door as it was pushed open at the same time. “Knock, Knock.” My younger brother Zeus said as he and his twin Poseidon walked into the office.

“Hey bro, one more week until your twenty-fourth. Have you decided if we’re having a party yet?” Poseidon asked.

“You can’t just walk in here without knocking.” I huffed.

“We did knock.” Zeus replied.

“You knocked as you walked right in. My mate needs privacy, she’s feeding the baby.”

“Privacy? Feeding a baby is the most natural thing.” Zeus shrugged.

“Hey, Luna. Paola.” Poseidon nodded his head smiling at the ladies and they greeted him back.

“Stop looking at my mate.” I said as Apollo growled.

“What? I can’t see anything from here. Besides it’s not like I haven’t seen a beautiful rack before.” Poseidon grinned.

“OUT!” I roared.

“Mateo is in here.” Zeus replied.

“Yes, but Mateo is seated at the conference table with his back to my mate. He’s not trying to get an eye full.”

“It’s fine. Lukas is done with his breakfast.” Eudora laughed as she buttoned up her blouse.

“I’ll burp him while you eat your breakfast.” Paola offered.

The twins took a seat at the table with Mateo. “So about the party?” Zeus asked.

“Nothing big. Just the immediate family, pack, and neighboring friends. With all the attacks increasing and being on the brink of war with the humans, I don’t want to pull Alphas away from their packs.”

“So does that mean we’re not having the meeting of the Alphas?”

“Of course, there will be a meeting. Your mother and grandfather have been working with the leaders of the family packs to establish the agenda and prepare the fundamental principles of the new leadership.” Mateo added.

“Mom is going to call a meeting of all the Alphas the day after my birthday. We’re going to have a virtual meeting. Having nearly two hundred Alphas in one location might not be the best thing at the moment. We don’t want to leave packs vulnerable.”

“For the last three months, the attacks have been happening near the start of the month.” Mateo said.

“The hunters seem to be picking off the smaller packs first.” Zeus added.

“I don’t think it’s the start of the month that’s the pattern. I think it’s strategically planned.” Eudora said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“If your suspicions are right and corrupt wolves are involved with the hunters, they’re using the wolves’ weakness to their advantage. They must know that wolves can’t shift without a moon in the sky. The new moon happens every month and there is no visible moon in the sky. If a wolf can’t shift, they’re stuck fighting hunters in their human forms. This levels out the playing field for the hunters.” She explained.

“But they attacked smaller packs when there was a moon in the sky.” Poseidon interjected.

“Yes, because the smaller packs may have not been a threat to the hunters. Now they have to fight against larger packs with stronger warriors. If they shift in their wolf form, it’s much harder for the hunters to take them out. This also explains why they haven’t attacked packs with elemental wolves yet. You don’t need the moon to use your elemental gifts.” She finished and everyone sat in silent thought at the revelation.

Please read the below note before you continue.

** First - It’s so good to be back with you all, and I hope you’re all doing well.

Second - As most of you know, I typically write a chapter each night (after work and after the kids go to bed). I will continue to do that.

Third - I consider all of you as “My Beta Readers” - You get to read the book here as I write it, chapter by chapter. Your reactions and feedback help me craft the next chapter and the book. I have a general roadmap, but every chapter is written along the way. Sometimes I even use the name of my readers as characters!

Finally - Like my other books, this book will move to contract with Amazon/Kindle on December 10th. This means it will no longer be available here once it’s complete and under contract. Please do not wait until the last minute to read it.

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