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The shifters council has fallen, and Alpha Ares is ready to fulfill the prophecy. Born from Gods and blessed with elemental gifts, the golden wolf becomes the first Alpha King after a thousand years. The human hunters are at the forefront of the Golden Wars, but something more sinister has been stirring for centuries. A plan to rid the earth of werewolves once and for all. Ares must fight to protect his mate, family, and kingdom as he discovers the full strength of his gifts, royal blood, and Lycan genes. The war will rage, and sacrifices will be made. Hang on tight as this adventure takes us to the Devil’s triangle, Calle Ocho, and the island of swimming pigs!

Fantasy / Other
Paulina Vasquez
5.0 52 reviews
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Chapter 1 - Planning

⚠️ Book will be complete by Dec. 5th and will be moving from this platform by Dec. 8th. ⚠️

12/10/21 - This book has moved to an exclusive published contract with Amazon/Kindle/Kindle Unlimited

Thank you all for your love and support during the making of this book. Your daily feedback as my beta readers has been an amazing and fun aspect of crafting my books.

Be sure to follow my profile so you don't miss the next book I develope here on this platform. I plan to start Alpha Chronicles end of January 2022! Stay tuned!

xoxo, Paulina Vasquez

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