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My Daddy

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This is how I got my daddy. Some parts are real but mostly made up

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Chapter 1

Hi my name is Carly, I'm a sophomore in high school. I have blond hair with purple tips, and blue eyes. I stand about 5 2. I'm very energetic and love to be outside, but I also love to cuddle and watch movies. I discovered that I was a little, I haven't got to explore much of that side since my life has been a little crazy. The only things I have for my little side is a binky, my stuffed bear and a few outfits.
My mom died in a car accident about a year ago, so it's just me and my father. He recently got a new job that's making us move to a new town 3 hours away. I'm leaving my childhood town and my friends. Starting a new school is always scary.
At the new house
Once we arrive to the new house I can tell that we live in the "richer" part of the town. After several hours of moving boxes and furniture with some unpacking and organizing, we decided to get some food. There was a family buffet not to far from the house. As we get there and seated the drinks are ordered and we are finding what we want to eat. Several minutes later we are together eating and chatting.
Dad: Are you excited about starting school Monday?
Me: I'm nervous
Dad: You're a bubbly person, you'll make friends in no time.
After we ate dinner we headed back home. Sitting in the passenger seat just taking everything in. When we get home dad told me there was paint in the garage that he bought in case I wanted to repaint my room. Since it was a Friday night and I had nothing better to do I mise well look to see if there's any colors I'd like. My dad knows me very well so when I saw the colors teal, light purple, lime green and light orange I just smiled :)
I picked up the teal and purple I also grabbed the white. I painted my door teal, my room was purple With white trim I have a bay window that I painted teal and will eventually decorate and use it as a reading nook. Painting was done i'm just waiting for it to dry so I joined my dad on the couch to watch TV. My dad got up to get a drink and brought me back a juice pouch (He knows me so well) he also put on a Disney movie. :) once the movie was over I decided to sleep on the couch since my room wasn't finished
The next morning
I woke up to the smell of pancakes. Making my way into the kitchen dad told me to sit at the table, He set a plate of two chocolate chip pancakes, that's already cut up in front of me, and set my pink princess glass that my mom got me when I was younger. It has orange juice in it. It's my favorite cup and I use it for everything. After breakfast we got my room put together so I can start unpacking boxes, while I was doing my room my dad does some other parts of the house. Skip to Sunday night...
I decided to take a shower so I didn't have to do in the morning. I picked out my outfit for tomorrow which is a pair of calf length black leggings, I have a hot pink T-shirt and an oversized white hoodie, paired with my pink shoes. Morning came and I curled my hair and did some light eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss (my normal) I got my backpack ready with all my new school supplies.
My dad drop me off because they have a weird rule where only the juniors and seniors are allowed to drive. I walk in the front door and follow the signs to the main office to get my schedule.
I made my way to first period we had about seven minutes till class starts I didn't know where to sit so I just sat in the corner in the front row by the door. As student started coming in they didn't seem to care when the teacher walked in he announced we had a new student said my name and said his name was Mr. Hunt. Class was boring that's nothing new at my other school I was in all AP classes but I didn't want to do that anymore and my dad seemed fine with it. So far I've already learned all this so everything was easy. English with mrs. Myers and math and Mr.Lee were next and just like before it was things I already knew. But I did notice things at the school were different, from being a secret little myself and the research I've done I've noticed the older boys acted like doms and their girls were a sub/little. I have always wanted a daddy. After math I had lunch I was starving. I got some pizza a salad and a juice I sat down and empty table to eat. Once I was done I took out a notebook and decided to doodle. When I looked up there was a very cute boy sitting next to me
Skyler:I haven't seen you around..
me: Today..is my ..1st day.
Skyler: well my name is Skyler and welcome
Me: I- I'm Carly
Skyler: nice to meet you Carly, he winked at me and told me he'll be seeing me around.
Skyler left and I noticed he wrote his number in my notebook I just smiled.
Description of Skyler
He stands about 6 ft maybe a little taller, has light brown hair and blue eyes, he's decently muscular and smells amazing with whatever cologne he was wearing. He's a junior ;)
I started my way to history and sit down in the same spot I have in every class. The last bell rings and guess who walks in... Skyler
He notices me smiles and sits down next to me.
Skyler: Hi little one
Me: h-hi
I could feel myself blushing and wanting to go into little space but being in school I can't do that.
The teacher Ms. Park announces that we are working in partners for our class worksheets. Skyler obviously picks me. We get it does pretty quickly and then just sit there and talk. I found out that we also have gym together. Great! We got to know a little bit more about each other. I told him I was new to the town since I just moved here that it's just me and my dad and what happened to my mom ect.. he tells me about him and his parents and that he has 2 younger siblings. There's about 10 mins left of class the teacher starts handing out a packet while mentioning the partner project that's due next week, we will have some time in class but I'd be easier if we also did work outside of class as well.
Skyler obviously picked me to be his partner and we talked about it a little more as we walks to gym class. Gym wasn't very eventful we had the choice of lifting weights or going outside to walk the track. I chose to just walk.
Skyler asked if he could take me home, I agreed because I didn't want to walk home. He met me outside the girls locker room and I followed him to his truck. He drives a 2015 F350 that was black. I gave him my address, come to find out we live on the same street about 4 houses away. My dad was at work which is going to be normal. He pulls into my driveway and we head into the house.
We head up to my room and obviously the first thing you see is my teal door. Once the doors open you see the purple walls with the white trim. My bed is a queen sized with a white-ish pinkish bed set it's got my favorite stuffed bear named E. (I don't know why) My binky is hidden under a blanket, my princess cup is sitting on the nightstand from last night, the window was painted teal and decorated in white with purple pillows. I have a TV mounted onto the wall there shelves underneath with all my Disney DVDs on it. There's a net hanging in the corner that has the rest of my stuff animals. My closet is nothing special besides in the back where I keep my clothes that make me feel cute and little.
Skyler sits on my bed... directly on my binky, of course the one thing I didn't want him to find. He pulls it out and just smiles.
Skyler: Carly, come here
I walk over to him...
Skyler: open
As I do so he put my binky in my mouth and he pulled me into his lap. The smell of his cologne just makes me want to snuggle into his chest.
Skyler: Carly, can I ask you something?
Me: I just nod my head
Skyler: Are you a little?
Me: I nod my head again
Skyler: Use your words little one
Me: I am
Skyler: smiles. Do you have someone to take care of you
Me: No... I say in a sad tone
Skyler: I know we just met but can I be your daddy?
Me: let me think about it okay?
Skyler: sounds good princess
It was only 3:30 Skyler and I worked on our project and got some done. My dad Work until 5 and would be home around 5:30
Me: Skyler do you want to stay for dinner? I'm making spaghetti.
Skyler: Yeah sure
530 rolls around and we are in the kitchen, Skyler is just taking the garlic bread out of the oven, when my dad walks through the door.
Dad: Carly I'm home, who is parked in the driveway?
Me: dad this is Skyler he's my friend/ history partner, Skyler this is my dad Shawn. They shake hands and tells him that he only lives a couple houses down. He also welcomes him to the neighborhood. We all sat down at the table, out of habit my dad cuts up my food.
Me: I tend to make a mess with everything!
Skyler: "jokenly" maybe you should wear a bib
Me: I just laugh and said maybe.
As I'm blushing. I helped clean up after dinner Skyler went home but told me he'd pick me up in the morning. He even kissed my forehead before leaving.
Dad: did you make any other friends?
Me: Not really, I really only talked to Skyler because we are partners and we have 2 classes together. but it's only my first day I'll make more friends soon. I went to my room, I figured I'd text Skyler so he has my number.
Me: Hey it's Carly <3
Skyler: Hey Princess
Me: what are you doing?
Skyler: Just getting ready for bed, just like you should be doing.
Me: I am already for bed
Skyler: got your binky and bear?
Me: sure do!
Skyler: good girl
Me: can I ask something?
Skyler: of course
Me: are we dating or you just taking care of me?
Skyler: whatever you want, I'm not going to pressure you into anything, but get some sleep princess I'll be there at 7:00 to pick you up.
Me: Otay, good night
Skyler: good night princess
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