Til' She's Gone

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Allura Peterson always cherished the thought of meeting her mate. Her birth parents died a long time ago in a rogue attack. She was found in the woods and adopted by a nice family. 18, that was the scary number. A lot changes at that age for a werewolf. Meet your mate,move out of your home,and start the mating ceremony. But,sadly that isn’t how things went for Allura. Her mate Rowan Clark was in love with another she-wolf, everyone in Steel-Meadow knew it. It’s just her luck he wanted to go through the hollowing process of rejection. The Rejection process isn’t simple or done with a mere few words. It’s extensive and painful for both parties involved. Allura is in for the fight of her life when a male from another pack is tasked with helping her through it, Elias Wright. The only other wolf alive to live and go through a rejection. Rowan never expected for his mate to be anyone other than his beloved Amelia. ‘Made just for me’ popped in his mind whenever he looked upon her. But now at the 18 years party he glanced at the lost Allura and his heart sank as his wolf urged him forward. Allura didn’t talk much,after all she’d been through a horrible tragedy during the war of the rouges. No one knows much about her other than she is otherworldly stunning. What was that pesky saying again? You don't know what you have til' it's gone? Better yet, Til' She's Gone full synopsis inside

Fantasy / Romance
Liv Miley
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Chapter 1

This can't be happening, I thought to myself looking at my dress with sadness, the sleeve has a hole in it. I roll my eyes feeling the soft fabric in between my fingers. 'Oh for fucks sake' I think to myself. My wolf urges me forward. 'Yeah yeah I get it, I know what today is' I tell her knowing she won't verbally respond. The urged pulls back and I go back to my closet looking through my dresses. I am shuffling through my closet when Dianne knocks at the door.

"Allura, honey it's almost time to go. Uh, what's going on? your hair is pinned and your make-up is done...oh" she says glancing at my dress "what happened to your dress love?" Dianne asks with her eyebrows centered.

"The dryer happened, I need something else" I say with a sigh. my green lacy dress catches my eyes. It's off the shoulder with long sleeves covered in lace. It reaches down to above the knee in a triangle like fashion. The deep green matches my eyes as I hold it out to Dianne with a smile. "What about this one?" Dianne smiles and claps her hands excitedly.

"Yes! Alright spaghetti is downstairs try not to get any on your dress your brother is downstairs making a mess-"

"As usual" we say at the same time with a laugh. "I'll be down in a minute" I nod.

"Okay love" She says as she exits. I sigh thinking to myself, '18' today is the day all kids who are 18 go to a party to celebrate and to meet your mate. They have one about every 6 months. My birthday was yesterday June 6th. I take a deep breath relaxing myself before grabbing my mothers elephant necklace. I quickly clasp it and then make my way downstairs.

"Mac and cheese, Mac and cheese, Mac and cheese" Leroy chants holding his fork.

"Where's Clementine?" I ask.

"I'm here sissy" she says with a giggle her long dirty blonde hair bouncing. Leroy and Clementine are twins they turned 6 in May. they start kindergarten soon. I smile looking at her I pick her up and set her in the stool next to Leroy. From appearance you could tell I was adopted but no one seemed to care. There were a few kids in school who brought it up but it never bothered me. I never felt unwanted by my adopted family. My hair was long and black and my eyes matched my mothers, green. I was average height at 5’5 but I was a skilled fighter. My adopted father being the beta we lived right next to the pack house.

"I'm heading out" I say with a smile.

"Okay love. Clem, Leo, wish Aly good luck she may meet her mate today" Dianne gives me a knowing look and I blush fiddling with my hands.

"GOOD LUCK SISSY!!" they yell I smile and thank them before heading out.

I look down at my tan wedges with a smile, Good choice Aly good choice. I walk out of my house to the Pack Square. Lights are streamed across the court yard the gold hue twinkles across the night sky. The fountain in the middle flows calmly on top of a cobblestone floor.

My heart pounds as a sandalwood masculine scent fills the air. My wolfs anxiousness flows through my body matching my own. I looked around searching and my eyes locked with cerulean blue. Sparks cracked and sizzled along my skin my hair stands up as the current moves through my body. I make a move to walk towards him our gaze unbreakable.

I expect to see happiness, love, affection in my mates eyes but instead I see fear. I hadn't realized I was walking towards him until I was almost directly in front of him. 'Open your mouth and say something' I thought to myself. As the word almost slipped out of my mouth “Mine”. A female voice broke our trance. "Rowan" His eyes snapped to the female and filled with warmth. My heart hurt like it was being gripped inside my chest as I watched her walk up to him and plant a big kiss on his lips.

The pressure from the tears behind my eyes worsened. I wanted to cry and scream, ask for an explanation, something, anything. I was frozen with my mouth bobbing like a fish.

"Baby, who's this?" she asks and he freezes. His eyes dart between the both of us and he sighs. I shrug at him as if to say 'your court'. He grabs my hand and the females but I jump back from the shocks. He gently grabs it once more staring at where our skin meets. I suddenly wonder what it would be like if we were connected at every point and he looks at me as if to say he was thinking it too. He shakes his head and drags us over to the lawn next to the courtyard.

"Amelia she is my-" his voice falters and her eyes glisten with tears. Her red hair fell flawlessly over her shoulders and her brown eyes became wide with fear.

"That's not possible you're my- I thought we were- oh my god" tears are now streaming down her face as her legs give out. Rowan, who I recognize as Alpha-to-be. "Are you gonna leave me now?" she panicked and rushed out hurriedly.

"No no no, I'm not" he paused to look at me before looking away. His eyes became unfocused and glazed over, mind link. "Go lay down, Daniel will take you to my room I need to talk with her." Rowan kissed her forehead and whispered "I love you". I looked away my stomach twisting.

All I wanted to do was cry, but I refuse to show weakness to him. I straightened my back and looked him in the eyes. "I don't know what-" he started.

"Just get on with it" I snap and he looks at me with concern and confusion.

"Get on with what" he asks.

"You're gonna tell me that you'll file for the rejection ceremony. I'd rather you just tell me now."

"I-how do-did-uh" he stumbled over his words.

"I'm not an idiot I just want to go home" he nods.

"Lets go into my dad's office and get the paper to start the process" I nod and gesture for him to lead the way.

He looks at me for a moment and I refuse to meet his eyes. I am inches mere seconds from falling apart as I followed him into the main pack house.

"In here" he led me into a brown office. Rowan circled around the desk picking up a piece of paper and a pen. He cleared his throat refusing to look me in the eye as he signed the paper. Handing me the pen I grab it with shaky hands signing the paper.

"Okay I'll talk to my dad and-"

"What the hell is going on in here Rowan?" Alpha Matthew comes into the room with a shout.

Luna Lauren walks into the room and glances at the desk she walks forward and reads the document. She then reads who is filing "Ducky, what is this?"

"Mom" Rowan says.

"How-Rowan, you didn't" she looks at him. His eyes flitter to me his mother looks at me before stepping in front of me as if to shield me from his gaze. Rowan growls deeply as a warning.

Rowan's father stepped forward but Luna Lauren holds up her hand. "Do not growl at me. I will deal with you in a moment" she turned to me with a sad sympathetic look. "I will fix this love, don't lose hope just yet" she holds my arms and takes me into a hug. I stand there numbly in her embrace waiting for the pain to hit. Everyone in the room was looking at me. I hadn't realized I was crying until a single tear left a warm wet streak on my cheek.

"I don't think there is a way to fix this Luna Lauren. I will let you talk" I say void of any emotion.

I sit down on the leather couch in the Alpha's office hoping it. I should've known this would happen. God I am such an idiot.

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