Til' She's Gone

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Chapter 11

Fear thundered through my veins as my feet itched to run again. Frantically I searched the diner. I was hoping if I spotted him I would feel it. But I felt nothing as I looked upon everyone. They were all regulars. I knew all of these people. More so by their orders than names but how could someone I am familiar with do this. I am so confused. I rubbed my forehead as Nina walked up to me.

Her smile faded as she grabbed the photos looking through them before she grabbed the note out of Elias’s hand.

“He sent another one?” She asked and I nodded numbly staring at the ground.

“I’m guessing you have a hotel room?” She asks him and he nods.

“Good take us there I’ll grab Emil. Your car is the black one out front right?” He nods again.

“I need mandrake root. Wolfsbane and some kind of gem. Acolyte will work. 5 minutes. Mara will have to stay later but it’s fine Bree is coming in. Let’s go” she wastes no time leading me out the front door checking her purse.

Emil zooms to the car and Elias rolls his eyes. “Hanging out with the blood suckers now” he mumbles. Emil hisses and Spats “you’re one to talk dog” Elias growls.

“Dicks away boys” Nina chides as she looks at Emil. “Did you grab my bag?” He nods handing it to her. She wastes no time as I hear her open it. “It’s all here step on it”

I look up and notice a small black sedan following us. “Shit” I mutter.

“What?” He asks “oh hold on”

“Darren, there is a car behind us…you got it? Follow him take him back to the pack. We will be there in…”

“I can create a portal as long as you know where we are going I should be able to route it to your pack. 10 minutes.”

I held on to the seat as Elias sped up. Noticing my fear he grabs my hand instantly calming me. “I have an idea” I say. “Can we take the car through the portal?”

“I’ve never portled something that big…” she mumbles. “I’d need a power boost” she thinks for a moment before gasping. “Babe!” She hands him a knife and a bowl. He slices his wrist and let’s the blood drain healing moments after. She draws symbols “where are we going?”

“Royal Obsidian” she nods chanting the only thing I can make out is his pack name when a flash of light blinds me. 2 minutes later we are rolling up to his pack house.

“Let’s go, if he has a witch we can be tracked. We have to move fast” she takes Emil’s blood bowl and a map as well as a big dusty book and sits on the pavement. Drawing symbols in his blood she grabs my hand slicing it. I let out a wince as my blood falls onto the map. As she chants the wind howls and leaves move. She chants faster and the wind moves faster. She slices her hand and grabs Elias arm. She slices his and grabs his forearm in a fireman’s grip. She chants louder as the earth starts to rumble. The sky’s darken and turn grey but she doesn’t stop.

My blood makes a star on the map as a iridescent dome shines over the pack property. Blood drips from her nose and Emil hugs her as she pants finally stopping.

“What did you do?”

“I wasn’t cast out of my coven for being in an out of mating pair baby. I was cast out because somewhere in my bloodline are blood witches. Few get the unlucky gift and I was one of them. Blood magic wasn’t allowed in my coven. They use light magic. Blood magic is stronger. Few spells in light magic require blood. Like a rejection or a protection spell. Using Emil’s blood helped me portal us here. Using Allura’s blood helped me block the person sending her the note” she holds out the recent note covered in blood. “Sadly I think whoever is doing this has a witch on his side. Possibly a dark magic witch. I was only able to block him partially. If he breaches the property Allura should feel it.

I used my blood and Prince Elias’s blood to create the shield. No one but those who gain permission from one of us can enter. And we can force them out at any time. Down side. I have to refresh this spell once a week. If I don’t refresh it every 7 days it will weaken. I need something to keep my health. This takes a lot of mana as you saw which draining too much will cause me to die. Starting by bleeding. Let me make a call. I can get a witch here who specializes in healing. But I have to let my mana come back on it’s own or else it won’t be as strong. This should buy us some time but it isn’t a permanent fix. We need to find whoever this is and…” she stops looking at the page. When she grabbed Elias’s forearm his blood hit mine and it started to glow gold.

“You guys need to mate” I coughed and Elias looked at her like she was crazy.

“What? Have you lost your mind? You need to go lay down” I said hurriedly as my cheeks flushed.

“No no listen to me. Your bond is strong. Telepathy and the ability to sense one another. You’ve been blessed by both the goddess and her mate. If you mate they will protect you, or bless you more like. This bond will help us. You will share strength. You haven’t even mated yet and your blood shows your bond strength” she nods looking at me. She must notice the horror in my eyes as she gets up and walks to me.

“I wouldn’t suggest it if I didn’t think it could save your life. Who ever this is…it isn’t a prank or a guy who is simply in love. The feeling I felt when blocking him was dark Allura really dark. But for a moment I felt determination and anger. Some how he is very angry at you and Elias. Plus if he wants to mate you it will take longer to break a strong bond and the bond of fully mated pairs is almost impossible to break. Imagine a bond that’s been blessed by the goddess and her mate. In other words it will make his goal very very difficult”
I see the subtle smile on Elias's face and my anger takes over. "Stop smiling like it's going to happen right away"
"Are you going to think about it at least?" Nina asks hopefully and I roll my eyes.
"Sure, I'm going for a run" I say walking off. I heard footsteps and roll my eyes. "I want to be alone".
"And that is all great but right now we don't know who we're dealing with and leaving you without protection isn't a smart thing. You're pretty not dumb"
"I can handle myself"
"Oh yeah? Prove it" he teases taking off his shirt. Oh my lord have mercy. He looks like he was carved from marble. From the hard plains of his chest to his very whipped cream worth washboard abs. I fight with myself to look further down as I force my eyes up.
"You can look, I'm all yours...only yours" he whispers.
"No you're not" I say taking off my shoes.
"Alright Little Wolf, let's see what you got" he boasts.
He has no idea what he's in for.
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