Til' She's Gone

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Chapter 18

We have a few days left of the mating week but we’ve been so busy with Keegan’s trial we haven’t had any time alone. Emil, Eli, Nina and I were going over Keegan’s symptoms over lunch. Out of the cabins area. Warriors from Keegan’s pack had transferred here and our warriors were acclimating well.

It was crazy to think that this was my pack now. That I was ruling by Eli’s side. I really just hope that I don’t fucking it up.

“There is a book of banned spells. This sounds like one of them. Enchantress witches, the bane of everyone’s existence. Their beauty undeniable. And back 500 years ago if they found a man they wanted mated or not they took them. But it wasn’t that simple. They’d use a love or lust charm. But this seems like she wanted to kill Maria…why? Do you have a picture of her?” Nina asks and I realize until now I’ve never seen her.

Elias placed the photo down eliciting a gasp out of both me and Nina. “She looks like me” I whisper. Our face shape was slightly different and she had blue eyes while I had vivid green ones. But she could pass as my sister. It explains why Keegan had such trouble looking at me. Or even talking to me. Why he didn’t say anything when I spoke to him. I reminded him of his mate.

“I have a crazy theory” Emil says. “She looks like you, what if our crazy stalker thought she was you. It explains why he was trying to kill her. He thought his promised was already mated and pregnant.”

“If that was the case why not stop the charm once he found out?” Eli asks.

“Because love and lust charms don’t work like that. They usually have to be lifted by the person who spells them. Unless you have a blood witch like me. But usually blood witches are killed before they reach maturity. We don’t just practice one type of magic. We can perfectly all types. Including an enchantress’s magic. The only difference is we need to use blood to have power. Most witches see it as dirty and wrong. But even then. If the charm has been in affect for so long you can’t stop it unless it does what it was made to do. And in this case it would’ve been too far along. We would’ve had to break the mating bond and have them mate again but I don’t know if that is even possible. There was really no way around this.

A witch with enough anger to do this. Has to have some kind of vendetta or she’s working for someone else. As Emil suggested. Koda has been too quiet since you mated. I think this is another tactic to stall it. Maybe he initially thought she was you but when he found out. He figured that this situation would become of use to him. And he’s right. You all have barely enjoyed your mating week because you’ve been so busy with this. You could probably take off your bandage today if you wanted to. But anyway, there would’ve been nothing I could do to stop it. Sadly this is how it played out.

But everything you told me he said was consistent of a charm. And I guarantee that the witch who did it. Used the dinner to implement the charm. Amore flower is not just used in the mating ceremony elixir. It’s a strong flower that is poisonous. It lures herbivores to it with a strong smell usually whatever calls to them. And when they eat it. It kills them. Sneaky plant. But if used correctly. You can make a mating potion and a love or lust charm.

They haven’t even been used in over 500 years. The witches eradicated all of the enchantress witches because of how dangerous they are. So if this one is alive. She is very very old and has to be keeping herself young with an aging spell. I don’t have to do that since I’m mated to a vampire” she shrugged and she’s right. I thought over the information and an unsettling feeling moved into my stomach. Vampire mates live as long as their mate does usually because it’s another species who gets mated to them. So when the vampire bites their wrist as a way of marking their mate shares their immortality. I had started to feel warm so I took a drink of water and pulled my hair up.

“I want to believe him” Elias says with a sigh.

“But you don’t” I say. Shifting my hoodie trying to feel some cool air. Everyone else was sitting as if it were normal. As if the weather hadn’t just spiked. Nina curled into Emil with a slight shiver.

“No I don’t. Why brag about it? Why wait until now to say something. It just doesn’t add up”

“Not to mention he could look as bad as you told me because his primal side or his wolf is grieving. Regardless you should still persecute him. Even though the charms can make you do crazy things. There has to be a certain level of a person who is willing to cheat. It’s not like I could charm Emil and he would cheat. They’re has to be a level of desire there for other women” she said and I thought for a moment. Everything she’s saying makes sense. I shifted slightly feeling uncomfortable.

“Could he be working for Koda? It’s a far stretch I know but who else besides you has the resources and power he needs? Next to you Keegan has the biggest pack. And then my old pack. And my parents pack used to be one of the biggest. Who else has what he needs that would help him?” I thought out loud. I had to take off my hoodie I was sweating. Shifting in my seat I moved closer to Eli laying my head on his arm and feeling some reprieve.

“You’re burning up love are you okay?” He whispered to me.

“Mmm” I said and he chuckled.

“I don’t know but I’m thinking you may be on to something…what’s that smell?” Emil said wrinkling his nose. I sniffed and didn’t smell anything.

A warrior who I recognized as Brian came out with a crazed look in his eyes. His brown eyes locked on to me and he full sprinted. Elias yanked me off the bench and put me behind him. It happened in a matter of seconds. Mated warriors were fighting the unmated ones. Emil went to help as Ryan got the closest.

Elias leaned down to smell me “heat, fuck” he said picking me up.

“I’ll meet you at the cabin, hurry” Nina said as she rushed out. Slowly the fire within me burned bright.

I clung to Elias as if he were the last drop of water on the planet and I was a dehydrated man. I gripped him with everything I had as he was my only salvation through my pain.

I was out of it. Sweat slicked my forehead and the fight continued with the warriors. My hair was stuck to my face and Elias moved it. I burrowed my face into his hand feeling the reprieve. Before I nuzzled my face into his mating mark. But it was covered. So I ripped it off cherishing the contact with my mark. He growled and took a deep breath.

“How did we loose track of time?” He asked Nina.

“It’s been almost a week but we’ve been so busy with the trial that we haven’t thought of anything else. I’m guessing this was Koda’s plan all along. Use the trial to stall the mating process. But it will be okay. I’m going to spell the cabin. You guys go. Now!” She rushed spelling people back.

She used her magic chanting words and flinging the warriors back. “SORRY!” She yelled to them running with us.

“It’ll be okay” Eli whispered to me. His voice was like velvet and I purred curling into him more as if I could possibly get myself closer.

“Mmh I love you” I said in a drunk like state.

“We have to mate now” he told Nina as the cabin came into view.

“What happens if you don’t?”

“Her heat will get worse and so will that” he gestured to the fighting warriors. She nodded and flung another warrior who tried to get to me.

My heart was pounding in fear but it was hard to think about that with Elias holding me. He smelled like the forest….I love the forest.

“Hurry” he rushed Nina and they ran faster. The wind felt good and I sighed.

“Oh no” Nina whispered. There were warriors outside of the cabin. About 10 were standing there.

“Shit- her scent is strongest here. They would’ve followed it. Shit shit. There is no way I can get in there now. And you won’t have enough time to spell the cabin and fight them off” he said frantically Nina kept them at bay pushing them off as the rest watched me. Waiting for the opportunity to strike.

“Well, What now!?!” She asked hurriedly as she shoved another wolf back with magic.

“I-I don’t know” he rushed back.

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