Til' She's Gone

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Chapter 20: (Mature)

Song of the chapter (Growing Old With You by Restless Road) *Play on Repeat*. It will give you all the feels :))

I never thought that this would be how I’d lose my virginity. I mean I always thought about it. Wondering what it would feel like. Would my mate be gentle? Elias laid me on the bed and I sighed nerves settling in my stomach. He kissed me softly making his way to my mark. Fire spread into my stomach as he sucked on my mark. He lifted my shirt up and I let him take it off. I leaned up and my fingers found their way under his shirt feeling the abs ripple as his muscles flexed against my touch.

He moaned and I let out a breath. He reached a hand around my back and unbuckled my bra with ease. I tried to push the thoughts of how many times he’d done that with another female and let him take it off. I looked at the ceiling for a moment waiting for him to say I was ugly. When nothing happened I looked at him as he stared at me. He looked frozen. Like he didn’t know where to start. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re too perfect for me” he whispered. “I really don’t deserve you” he kissed me and the skin on skin contact was exhilarating. I unbuckled his pants and he kicked off the last of his clothes. Slowly he kissed his way down my stomach. And softly his hands reached my hips. He hooked his fingers around my leggings I’d been wearing. And he slowly pulled them down my legs. I sighed as cold air met my legs. He kissed the tops of my thighs and hooked his middle finger through the sides of my underwear and let them go with a snap.

They were just normal black panties. He smirked at me “these for me?” I raised an eye brown at him.

“Yes because I totally planned this”

“I figured. Don’t think I couldn’t tell you were sexually frustrated” I huffed at his words and smiled at him.

“Takes one to know one babe” he laughed at that and nodded.

He kissed me again. Taking off my underwear. I slowly reached down and gripped him in my hand. My eyes went wide.

“It’ll fit” he said with a chuckle.

“If you don’t break me with it. Jesus” I said and he laughed out loud. But I was scared. The fear settling in my stomach.

“Hey” he called to me I looked at him. “It’s just you and me. It’ll be okay. I can stop at any time”

“No I want this. I’m just nervous” I said and he smiled reassuringly.

“I love you” he whispered at me.

“Are you just saying that because I’m letting you fuck me?” I joke and he looks at me with a deadpanned expression.

“Yes that’s exactly why I’m saying it. You caught me”

“I knew it”

He kissed me again. Drawing me in through the tide only he has. He inserted a finger into me and hit a button I didn’t know I had. I moaned out. The sensation completely foreign but it felt like heaven. I moaned again when he inserted another one. Never had I even thought about this. How come I didn’t do this sooner? There was a slight pressure but it wasn’t painful. I felt the climb before I jumped off a cliff. And he kissed me.

“I could watch that every day for the rest of my life”

“I’ve never- I didn’t.” I panted and he laughed and positioned himself at my entrance. The nerves came back and he held my eyes.

“It’ll be okay we’ll take it slow” I nodded. Slowly he slid into me. I felt a pinch of pain and took a breath. He gave me a moment to adjust and sighed. He looked like he was in pain too. I’m not really sure how.

“I’m gonna move now is that okay?”

“Yes that’s okay” I whispered. When he moved I saw stars. He kept a slow rhythm at first. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist digging my heels into his back chasing that perfect feeling only he knew how to give me. He started to pick up his pace and I moaned his arm shot out and grabbed the bed frame. He groaned and panted as he moved faster.

I moaned out loud not worried if the entire pack could hear. He rolled us around and suddenly I was on top. I didn’t really know what to do so he started to move my hips. And he hit that button once again and I moaned louder. My eyes rolled back as I felt myself climbing once again. I moved faster and his moans and pants became faster. I climbed up to that cliff with him and kept this pace. Until we both fell off in a bundle of moans.

I laid down next to him panting. He pulled out of me and went to the bathroom. He came back with a washcloth in his hand. Slowly he wiped me off and I looked at him.

“Thank you” I whispered. He kissed my forehead and climbed back into bed with me. I curled into him and froze when a single thought came over me. “Oh no”

“What?” He asked.

“You didn’t put on a condom” I said and his eyes became wide. When mates mark each other the female and male both become more fertile. It’s almost impossible to not get pregnant. My mouth bobbed as I started to panic.

“Hey hey” he calmed me “it’ll be okay. We will take it as it comes” he whispered and I nodded.

“I love you” I whispered.

“I love you Allura. Get some rest” he whispered. Calmly I felt exhausting take over me and I slowly closed my eyes. I always slept well with him next to me. He held me tight and eventually sleep took over.

I love him. So much. And I thank the Goddess each night for bringing Elias to me.


So another chapter. Do we think Allura will get pregnant? They haven’t even had the baby talk yet 🫢.

Thoughts? theories? Let me know In the comments.

All the Best,


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