Til' She's Gone

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Chapter 21

The next morning I woke in a bliss. Werewolves still have periods but it only lasts a day or two. Wolves usually don’t wait long until having pups I silently got dressed and almost went down stairs when I heard Emil’s voice.

“So what is your story?” Elias asks him.

“It’s a long one”

“We’ve got time”

“I was born in the 18th century in France right around the end of the French Revolution. Times back then we’re so different. My father was a Duke and a respected one. My mother. She was a house maid. They were in love but back then it was frowned upon. A man who rolled around with the help was normal. A man who was in love with the help and wanted to make her a duchess was…unheard of. Plus my mother being Roman was a whole other story. Some people loved it. Others, not so much. I was 12 and my parents were murdered. I was taken in to a local brothel run by a very weird man everyone was scared of. He clothed me. Gave me a bed.

When I turned 19 he turned me. The next century or so I spent most of my time involved with women and chasing my thirst. Alexzander and I got into an argument over a woman who was related to an old enemy of his. He kicked me out so I headed on my own journey. Got into a scuffle with a few wolves on the way. I didn’t hate werewolves. I did make some enemies within my species and then some. It was more like I liked starting shit and pissing them off because it was amusing. When vampires are new. For the first century they don’t really have any feelings. We look for amusement everywhere as a way to feel something. Usually the first one to come back is anger. Mine was sadness. I felt the loss of my parents so deeply. Alexzander my sire tried to help me he found me on the road through Germany. But I didn’t want to listen to him. So I left the first chance I got. Settled in England for a while.

I made my way to America and in the early 1900’s and worked on my thirst. Learned to control it. Worked my way up the social ladder. Fought in a few wars. I was born Aemilius Lacroix. But soon just used Emil. It was easier for some people. Eventually I found Nina in 1989. She was a spitfire woman. Still is. And I love her now more than I loved her then. I didn’t cherish her at first. I didn’t realize who she was to me. It wasn’t until she was kidnapped and almost died that I realized how much she meant to me. Her mom owned a small diner in a small town. Her sister. Rosy ended up taking it over. She has Alzheimer’s so she things Nina is her sister most days. Rosy is nearly 80 years old. She isn’t as sharp as she used to be.

We met Allura and Nina took an instant liking to her. And I like seeing Nina happy. We all became friends and then we met you and now we’re here.” He shrugs. Emil must like Elias. He doesn’t talk about his past much.

“What happened to your sire?”

“No idea, last I heard he was still rolling around with women of the night in France. But that was 40 years ago. Alexzander was a charm in his own. But he also had a lot of enemies. Maybe his problems finally caught up with him”

I walked down the stairs and Elias shoots me a smile.

“How are you feeling?” He asks and my cheeks redden slightly.

“Sore” I whisper and Emil raises an eyebrow at me. I throw an apple at him and he catches it.

“So mean” he whispers.

“Out brat” I say in a joking manner.

“I’m going I’m going. So bossy” he waves me off. I stick my tongue out at him and he raises a middle finger.

“I’m gonna break your finger one of these days” I shout and he laughs.

“I’d like to see you try” he hollers back. In a way Emil filled the hole I had from my brother and became my brother. We wolves are family and pack oriented. Most of the time our pup mates became our siblings but I never had many friends due to the fact I was the weird kid who lost her family. But in a way Emil, Nina and I were all cast outs. And we found a family in an unknown place.

“You are really close with him huh?” Elias asks cracking an egg and placing it in the pan he grabbed a few more and cracked them with a small smile on his face. That man loves his food.

“Emil is as much my brother as Blake. As is Nina my sister. They became a family for me. While my adoptive family has yet to reach out. I know Luna Lauren has told them I’m here. But I haven’t heard a word from them. It is just so ugh” I said clinching my fists. My skin became warm and started to tingle. “I didn’t know that I was so insignificant to them. I tried to contact them. I had Nina send a fire message. Did they answer? No!” I shot my hand out and a fireball came out of my hands and hit the wall. The curtain started to flare up when Elias tried to rush and put it out.

Nina rushed into the house “how did you burn the house down and you weren’t even cooking…Allura did you touch the stove again because I thought we talked about that” I rolled my eyes.

“No I didn’t I opened my hand like this and a fire ball shot out” I opened my hand to show her and another fireball shot towards her. She ducked and looked at me with a raised eye brow.

“Seriously?” She asked. And I shrugged. She chanted a small spell and the fire went out. Elias went back over to his eggs and started cooking them again.

“Uhm” Elias said as he looks at the stove. His eggs were frozen solid. “My eggs!” He wined looking like someone killed his teddy bear.

“This is new” I mumbled.

“Allura. It’s not just new. I froze my eggs. I was gonna eat those! And now I can’t because they’re frozen solid” he pouts.

“What happened in here” Emil came back with coffee grounds in his hands and saw the scene. Elias was glaring at his eggs that had ice over them. And Nina was waving the smoke out of the window by a charred curtain.

“I. Froze. My. Eggs. And Allura set the curtain on fire.” He said the last part with a shrug but he swore his frozen eggs were a crime against nature.

“Allura did you touch the stove again? I thought we talked about that. And how in the world did you burn the curtains if you’re cooking over there” he gestured to the stove and to the curtain across the room.

“Do you guys just not use logic? I closed my fist like this-” I started but Nina cut me of.

“Woah woah woah. Don’t do it again!” She rushed.

“Okay- I closed my fist and opened it and I fire ball came out” I said.

“Cool” Blake said making his presence known.

“No not cool. Now I have to make new eggs” Elias said.

“Shut up!” We all grumbled to him and he timidly put the pan in the sink and grabbed another one. Remaking his eggs but still grumbling to himself.

“Blake not to be mean but what are you doing here?”

“Oh right a Darren and Marie are at the border wanting to enter the property. They said Nina invited them” he said and my brain clicked.

The last mating pair with gifts from the Goddess. I completely forgot they were even coming with everything that’s been going on. I stood up and went upstairs. I put on simple leggings and a t-shirt and came back down. I slipped on a pair of shoes thanks to the pack females who dropped them off I have clothes. Everyone had left no doubt to go greet the couple but Elias stayed behind.

“Let’s go Eli” I said as he put his eggs on a plate.

“I just want to eat my eggs” he said looking at them longingly. I sighed and sat down. He then placed a plate in front of me and we ate breakfast together.

“Baby” I muttered.

“Hey I’m just hungry don’t judge me” he said with a mouth full of eggs.

“Okay” I said with a laugh.

So another chapter. Darren and Marie have finally arrived did anyone forget they were coming?

May Elias’s eggs Rest In Peace 🙏🏼 🤣

And we learned about Emil’s past! Thoughts? Theories? Let me know in the comments.

All the Best,

Liv ❤️

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