Til' She's Gone

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Chapter 5

“Thank you” I whisper as he let out an exasperated breath.

“No more logs” he rushed out and I nodded and began to walk beside him.

“You feel it too right?” I ask him and he stops abruptly.

“Yes. I do. It’s odd. Like-” he stops as if trying to find the words for it.

“A weak but strong pull? Like the oceans tide” I offer and he nods.

“I feel very…possessive and protective of you. It’s very unnerving. Especially when I was watching my cousin with laser eyes when he was talking to you”

“Rowan doesn’t seem to like you very much. Why is that?”

Alpha Elias sighs “we haven’t always seen eye to eye. He seems to think I’m a golden boy who never makes mistakes. Also Amelia has a thing for me” with that last sentence he wrinkles his nose in what looks like disgust. I giggled as he looked like a toddler being forced to eat peas.

“She does?” I ask and he nods.

“She’s after status. And power. She thinks I will give her that. That’s why she’s with Rowan. He is Alpha to be of a considerably sized pack. Sadly she won’t last as a good Luna because she has so authoritative influence. I suspect her mate is a warrior of medium or low rank.”

“You can tell that?”

“Every female has a type of gravitational pull or even an energy. It’s the same for you with males. You can sense authority in prospective mates. Usually males can sense a superiors energy but that is different. Lower ranking females have little authority pull. It is like when someone in the room in talking are you compelled to listen or to let their voice fade in the background. When a high ranking wolf like an alpha is talking they are designed to catch and keep attention. They have a strong pull. It’s the same both ways. I guess I feel it more due to being an unmated alpha”

“I’ve never thought about it. I can sense authority like any wolf but a pull to someone. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even feel that with my mate”

Alpha Elias thinks for a moment. “I don’t know”.

“Talk to me about this process, how does it work?” I ask him. He stops abruptly. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked so rudely”

“No, just for a moment I forgot you were-” he paused trying to find the right words.

“About to have my soul ripped apart?” He nods.

“The process takes 2-3 weeks. A witch will be invited to take part in the ceremony. Usually this witch will bind your soul with your chosen if you have one Week 1 you are taking the pills to start the process. Usually by the end of that week fever starts. Usually this is when you stay with your intended chosen mate. They help with the fever. Pain starts week 2. You will be weak and unable to shift, a lot like a human. Week 3 is probably the worst. You will become numb. Your body is getting ready for the elixir. You don’t feel anything, it’s as if your brain shuts off its emotions. It’s like a new vampire in a way. No humanity. Your last wave of pain comes 2 days before the end of week 3. Last day of week three is the separation ceremony. everyone wears black but you and your fated will wear red. The chosen wear blue. And the witch wears purple. After you drink the elixir and your souls separate the witch will bind you to your chosen using a string of fate. If you don’t have one you skip this step. And you’ll go through tremor pain after the ceremony. It’s your body adjusting to having its soul ripped apart” he explains with a dark look on his face.

“Be straight with me. How bad does the elixir hurt?” He sucks in a deep breath and stares at me for a moment. As if deciding if he wants to tell me the truth. “Please” I urge.

“To this day it is the worst pain I have ever experienced” I look to the ground. “Not having someone there to bind with was one of my biggest regrets. I had no one to help with the tremors” my heart hurt. It was daunting. But I didn’t have a choice.

“Have you been taking your pills?” He asked and I nodded.

“3 days now. Tomorrow will be 4” I swallowed the lump in my throat.

“Your fever will be steering soon. I can be your chosen I feel like there is something here. I need a Luna and you need a mate. I am willing to try if you are” he said looking at me with serious eyes.

“Okay” I nod.

“Good we need to go to the pack house. Tell the witch. I brought her with me”

“This process is…a lot more extensive than I had thought”

“It’ll be okay” somehow when he said it I wanted to believe him. But the suspicion grew in my brain as I thought about the way my mom wept when I had told her that I was rejected. The look on my fathers face was one of dread. The nurses who took care of me after the Pain of Betrayal. They all held on look. Pity.

“If I survive it, if my wolf survives it” I took a step closer placing my hand on his arm “Look, I want to thank you for everything I know this will be a relationship if convenience but still I-”

“Does he always have to be standing so close to you?” I hear a male voice grumble. I turn to see my mate walking with his intended. His eyes were darker. And power radiated off of his body. His wolf is present with him.

“Do you have to interrupt every moment I have with him?” I shot back. My body got hot as I started to pant. Sweat ran down my back as my knees became weak. I started to fall and both Rowan and Elias moved to me. Elias was faster. I collapsed in his arms and turned to him. He was like the breeze on a blistering hot day. I sighed as I curled into him. A growl entered the air followed by another.

“What in the world is going on here?” Luna asks. She looks at me and gasps. “The fever. We need to get you both into a bed and you will both need to strip”

A fierce growl sounded into the air “over my dead body” Rowan gritted out.

“Rowan” Amelia whispered.

“You don’t get a choice. You’re the one putting her through this in the first place” Elias’s voice rumbled and I let out a purr like sound, knowing it’s my wolfs half.

He picked me up and ran me to the pack house. I tore off my dress and laid in his bed inhaling his scent like my life depended on his. Forest and warmth. He slid into the bed and I wasted no time. As soon as our skin touched I let out a loud sigh of content. While he growled. Tingles and jolts shot through my body. “God you’re burning up” he said holding me closer.

That was the last thing I heard before falling into a deep sleep.

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