The Alpha's Vessel [The Alpha's #2]

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Thea and Orpheus - Book 2 in The Alpha's Trilogy.

Fantasy / Mystery
Layla Knight
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There wasn’t much that she remembered of that night except for the fact that she was drunk beyond what was responsible.

Perhaps if she had been in her senses and not intoxicated, she could have fought him off or perhaps this was just her destiny. But it was easy to say that now, when the moment had already passed.

Glancing down at the man underneath her, glancing up at her with a pained look in his dark, bottomless eyes, she gulped and tightened her grip on the dagger that she was holding directly above his heart.

In that moment, she desired nothing more than to plunge the sharp dagger into his heart and leave it in there, even going as far as to give it a twist or two to make sure that the job was done; leaving no mercy for the despicable man and making him pay for all of his atrocious crimes.

However, it was the wave of hesitation that washed over at the last moment that was holding her back.

It was a simple task really. Killing him. Even more so since he had seemingly given up and was willing to let her do to him as she wished, but it appeared that despite them being mates, they were not cut from the same cloth.

Staring into the obsidian black pools of his eyes, she was transported back to that fateful day all those years ago where after those few fateful moments, the course of her life had changed forever.

She couldn’t quite figure out where she was or remember what happened to her friends, but all she knew was that it was late, dark and cold; her body shivering as she was dressed in only a small black dress after having lost her jacket somewhere in the club.

As she tripped over her heels while walking down the pavement, a soft giggle escaped her quickly followed by a hiccup, but that quickly ceased.

The scream died in her throat as she felt a cold hand wrap itself around her upper arm and tug harshly. She fell into the body of her attacker but before she could attempt to fight him off, he wound one arm around her middle and hoisted her into the air while he pressed the palm of his hand to her mouth; effectively rendering her powerless against him.

She kicked and tried to wiggle out of his grasp as he pushed her ahead, allowing the darkness of the night to swallow them before pushing her into the wall, trapping her between it and himself.

Her muffled screams sounded aloud as she continued to struggle in his grasp, yet he only responded by roaming his hands up and down her body.

When she heard the sound of his zipper, her body stilled and she held her breath, unable to believe that this was about to happen. When he rolled up the bottom of her dress and his fingers grazed the thin lace of her panties, she bit down on his hand and kicked her leg out but that only seemed to irritate him more as he slammed her body against the brick wall of the dark alley.

She bit the palm of his hand and screamed against it but it was no use. She tried to buck him off her but he pinned her to the wall with his hips and used his free arm to pin her hands to the wall above her head. She tried to close her legs but he forced himself between them until finally, he entered her with one quick, fluid motion.

Her assailant groaned in her ear as he reared his hips back before plunging himself deep into her again but this time, bottoming out so far that his balls slapped against the soft curve of his ass. As more grunts and groans passed his lips, the harder she cried, having giving up fighting against him but rather, forcing herself to close off and disassociate herself from the current situation.

By the time her tears had begun to dry and she slumped forward against the abrasive wall in front of her, he coated her walls with his cum, continuing to rock in and out of her a few more times in attempt of drawing out his orgasm.

A sniffle sounded aloud as relief washed over that all of this was finally over, but as his grip around her wrists tightened while he pulled out of her and his other hand travelled down her chin only to tighten around her throat, her heart jumped in fear.

When his grip tightened and she felt the breath start to escape her, she squeezed her eyes shut and sent a silent pray up to whoever was listening even though she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to live past this moment or not. However, it appeared that she had been heard as the moment his grip loosened, she gasped harshly for air; her chest aching.

She wasn’t sure why he hadn’t killed her then and there but as his grip around her throat relaxed and the pressure of his chest against her back began to fade, she held her breath in hope that she had a chance of survival.

When he reached down and tugged her dress down for her before tucking a strand of hair behind her ears, she wanted to recoil and push him off but instead, she dared not move or make a sound even though he had now removed his hand from her face.

As the sound of soft taps against the ground met her ears, she forced herself to keep her eyes shut until the sound faded and she couldn’t hear him anymore.

It was only after she was sure that he had left that she allowed herself to step away from the wall.

She sniffled as she glanced down at the ground, her panties now around her ankles. Unable to bring herself to pick them up, she smoothed down her dress and rushed out of the alleyway, afraid that he would come back to finish off the job.

Looking back now, there were a lot of things she would do differently if she – Moon Goddess forbid – found herself in the same situation but in the moment, it was almost as if she was paralysed with fear; unable to move or defend herself as he took from her what he wanted.

But now, it was her time to take from him what she wanted.

She shook her head and her frown deepened as she forced herself to escape from the nightmare that constantly plagued her mind for the past six years; since the day it had happened.

Lifting the dagger higher into the air, she squeezed her eyes closed and plunged the dagger in as far as she could. With all of her might.

It was only when her hands loosened around the handle and she allowed herself to fall to the side, effectively dismounting him and dropping herself to the ground in shock of what had just happened and what she had just done, that she knew it was all over.


Layla Knight


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