The Alpha's Vessel [The Alpha's #2]

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Chapter Nineteen


Only a few moments had passed since he had stepped into the bathroom but Thea was already planning on how to get out of here and as far away from him as possible. Sitting up on the bed, she glanced all around only to find that he had really meant it last night when he had said that she had torn up his room.

While she was sure that to most a good morning kiss seemed innocent, but Thea struggled to even stomach the thought of it. While her body yearned for him, she seemed to panic and recoil within herself whenever he got too near; two very conflicting emotions which she was getting tired of having to deal with.

When a low hum started out quietly but gradually grew louder in sound, she crawled over to the edge of the bed and glanced down, surprised to hear the vibration.

After having just woken up and in her haste trying to get away from him yesterday once they had arrived in the pack, she had left everything in the car, including her phone. While he had stated that someone would bring in their stuff, she had yet to see any familiar bags.

As the quite vibrations continued sounding aloud, Thea finally gave in as her curiosity got the best of her.

Leaning down, she picked up his trousers from last night and as she raised the material in the air, a curious expression took over her face as it appeared that the vibrations seemed to be coming from there.

Was someone calling him?

Holding her breath, Thea spared a brief glance toward the bathroom door left ajar, willing that the sound would be drowned out by the water from the shower head hitting the tiles. Once whoever it was stopped ringing, she planned on using his phone to search up their location as well as call Anastasia whose number she had memorised. If she randomly went missing one day soon, she wanted her friend to know where she was and where to come to retrieve Malik as there was no way that she would be leaving her son alone in the care of a monster like him.

With her fingers crossed, Thea sincerely hoped that the wasn’t locked or password protected but when she reached into the pocket, her lips turned down into a scowl as she discovered it to be her phone that was ringing and not his.

With her friend’s name flashing across the screen, Thea didn’t hesitate to drop the trousers to the ground and accept the call.

Since she knew that there was no way she would be able to speak on the phone without him hearing it, even with the water running and from an adjoining bathroom, Thea knew that whatever was going to happen, it needed to happen quick.

“Thea! Thank God you picked up the phone!” The relief was evident in Anastasia’s voice as she spoke. “I tried calling you last night but every time, the call kept getting declined.”

“I didn’t have my phone on me.” Thea sighed as she shook her head, not that Anastasia would be able to see through the phone.

“How is it going? Have you arrived at the pack already or did you end up spending the night in a hotel?” The questions rushed out of her mouth, clearly worried about her friend whom had been forced to depart much sooner than anyone of them had anticipated or hoped. “How is Alpha Orpheus treating you? What’s the pack like? Is it like all of the rumours that Raphael told us about? By the way, Justas and Raphael say hi!”

Thea couldn’t help but laugh in response, very amused with all of the questions that she had been bombarded with first thing in the morning. Before she could respond and begin working her way through the series of questions, the bathroom door banged against the wall as he stormed through it, only a fluffy white towel loosely wrapped around his waist.

“What the fuck are you doing?” The Alpha wolf all but roared as he stormed back into the bedroom, sending her a deathly glare.

Not trusting her voice not to waver in response to the murderous look on his face, Thea scrambled back on the bed in hopes of putting some distance between them.

“Is that him?” Anastasia asked through the phone. “Is that the way he speaks to you? Is that the way he speaks to his mate?”

Neither Thea or Orpheus were able to hear the last of Anastasia’s incessant questioning as he wrapped his hand around her ankle and tugged hard, not the least bit concerned with being gentle. As he tugged hard, a squeal passed her lips as she fell onto her back. Before she could fight him off, Orpheus grabbed the phone out of her hand before he squeezed his fingers tightly around it, effectively crushing it and breaking it into a million tiny shards.

Unable to hold back the scream that threatened to rise to the surface, she scrambled back on the bed to avoid being showered with the shards of glass however, she was still more afraid of him than she was of being cut.

“Answer my fucking question!” Orpheus reached out for her ankle once again to tug her back to him, refusing to let go.

Once she sat on the edge of the bed and glanced up at him with big, wide eyes, his hands travelled up her leggings clad legs to rest on her knees, spreading her legs enough so he could step between them.

“What are you doing?” Thea forced the words out of her mouth, trying to push him back and away from her so she could close her legs, not the least bit trusting of him to not trying forcing something on her yet again, especially with how angry he appeared to be right now.

“Are you mocking me?” He leaned down to press his forehead against hers, his grip on her knees tight as he kept her legs open. Regardless of how much she tried to fight him off, his grip was strong and unrelentless, refusing to let up any time soon. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“My phone was ringing.” Gulping while looking up at him with wide eyes, she was barely able to open her mouth to force the words out.

“And you answered it?”

“Yes. What’s so wrong about that?” She questioned even though she knew she would probably come to regret it very quickly.

“Are you speaking back to me?” His chest rumbled as he growled and pressed his forehead harder against hers, forcing her to brace her arms behind her if she didn’t want to fall back on the bed.

Instead of answering, Thea bit her tongue even though it killed her. While she had a lot to say to him, a lot of questions that she needed answers to and thoughts and feelings she needed to get off her mind, the tip of the ice berg only being that he had broken her phone, one which she also used for work and had worked really hard to treat herself to for her birthday a few months ago, deep down, she knew that staying quiet now would be the best thing to do.

“Okay, I’m going to lay out all of the rules now so we don’t have any more issues like this in the future.”

“Rules?” Thea couldn’t help but echo back in question, shocked with what he was all but demanding of her right now.

“Yes.” He confirmed with a stiff nod of his head. “And if you fail to follow them, you will be punished accordingly so don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Punished?” She couldn’t help but echo back in response, but quickly flinched and kept her mouth shut when he growled deeply, his eyes turning an even darker shade of obsidian; something which she hadn’t even known was possible.

“I expect you to get over this as soon as possible because we need to start acting like we’re mates.”

Thea wanted to point out the fact that they were indeed mates and there shouldn’t be any reason for them to act like they were, but she dared not voice this aloud in fear of retribution.

“I’m not going to be putting up with your bullshit attitude anymore, so the sooner you get used to the fact that this is your life now and it will be for as long as you live, the better.” Orpheus pressed his forehead harder against hers, almost as if he was trying to drill everything into her head. “You are not to disrespect me in front of anyone. Regardless of what happens in this house or in our bedroom, no one outside should know what really is going on between us. Despite everything and anything, no one should feel the need to question anything about either one of us or our relationship. That includes wolves from both my pack and every other pack. Whatever happens between us, you are not to tell Anastasia or Marcellus about anything and if I catch wind of anything…let’s just say you won’t like what I’ll do to you.”

When Orpheus paused briefly, his breathing was harsh and ragged, his chest moving up and down very quickly, almost as if he was struggling to keep his wolf in control.

“I may have been able to walk away from you all those years ago, but that isn’t a possibility right now. Especially not now that we have a pup. Speaking of which, I’d like Malik to start Alpha training.”

“Alpha training?” Thea couldn’t help but question with her mouth agape. “What do you mean by Alpha training?”

Orpheus pursed his lips at the question, clearly not impressed with her question.

“You don’t need to worry about that.” He shook his head softly before moving back slightly, his breathing still rushed and haggard.

“What do you mean I don’t need to worry about that?” Thea questioned him with a sharp look in her eyes, not sure where all of this courage had suddenly come from but it appeared that when her son was in question, she was capable of going above and beyond. “This is my son that we’re speaking about so anything that involves him, also involves me!”

“I hope you’re not forgetting that he’s my son, too.” Orpheus snorted with his lips curled up into a knowing smirk. “Since he’s my first and only child, he’s going to be taking over the pack after me so the sooner he starts with his Alpha training, the better it will be for him.”

“He’s only 5!” She protested but it appeared her words fell on deaf ears.

“Like I said, the sooner he starts, the better.” Orpheus hummed quietly as he rose to his feet, crossing his arms over his chest. “Oh, and one more thing. If we’re going to make thing look as real as possible, we’re going to have to mate.”

“I’m not mating with you.” She shook her head but he merely chuckled darkly in response. “There’s absolutely no way that’s going to happen.”

“We’ll see about that.” He snorted. “I’ll give you two weeks to get used to the idea and as soon as that time is over, we’re going to mate whether you like it or not.”

“That sounds a lot like rape to me.” Thea murmured quietly in a cool and collected tone even though her heart was beating dangerously fast in her chest.

“There’s no rape between mates, remember?” He sneered at her, making her feel sick to her stomach.

Before either of them could say anything further, a sharp shrill sounded aloud and filled the air, grabbing both of their attention.

When his phone rang, Orpheus growled loudly before taking a step back from the bed and reaching for his pants on the floor, fishing out his ringing phone while the remnant of hers remained littered around him on the floor.

Oh, how she wished for him to step on a broken shard and cut his foot, but with his enhanced werewolf ability, she was sure that it would begin healing before he had time to retrieve the first aid kit from the bathroom.

“Why are you calling so early in the morning?” He barked before even glancing down at the caller ID.

With her slow and unenhanced human hearing, Thea wasn’t able to make out what the person on the other end was saying but judging by the dark look on his face, it couldn’t be good.

“Clean up this mess!” He barked at her before grabbing some clothes from the floor and stepping out of the room with his phone pressed against his ear, once again sliding the lock into place.


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